Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 27, 1889, Page 7, Image 7

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    : KIE OMAHjA. . DAILY BEE : UESPAY , > TJGUST 27 , 1880.
No ncivortlBomonte will bo token for
thoeo columns after I2:3O p. m.
Torma-Cosh In advance.
Advertisement * ondfr this heart 10 cents per
line for tba tint Insertion. 7 cents for each snlv
requenl Inxonlon , and ll.r > oper line per month ,
No Ddvertlflcmcnts taken fo- logs than 25 cents
for first insertion , Seven word * will be counted
to Hie line : they must run ronicoutlvely nnd
must bo pnm In ADVANCE. All advertise
ments must be handed In before 12no o'clock p.
m. , nnd under no clicumstancos will they be
taken or discontinued by telephnno ,
Parties advertising In these columns nnd hav
ing thntr unsworn ntldrefttcd In care of Titr. DEB
will please ask for a check tponablo thorn to get
their Irltors , as none will be delivered except
on presentation of check. * All answers to od >
YcrtlBemonM shtuld be enclosed In envelopes.
. All advertisements Inthcso columns nro pub-
llnhml In both morning nnd evening editions ot
Tun HKF. the circulation of wnich aggregates
tnorothnn 18,000 pnpcrs ilaliy. additives the ad-
vortliorn the btneflt , not only of the city rtrcn-
intlonotTiinllhK , Iviit also of Council lllunx
Lincoln nnd other cities nnd to\nii throughout
this hgctlon of the country.
Advertising fortheso columns v/lll be taken
on the above conditions , nt the following busl-
peas houses , who are aulhorlzad agents for TUB
JIBE special notices , nnd will quote the snuie
rates ns can be hod nt the main olllco.
/-I HASH k FTDY , Stationers and Printers , 113
VJBoilth 10th Street.
SH. FAHNBWOHTH , Pharmacist. 2116 Cum-
tnlng Street.
J.I lira HES , Pharmacist , 02 * North ICth
HO. W.PAKR , Fharmnclst , 1800 St Mary1 *
' , 2203 Farnam Street ,
TXrANTii-81tuntlon : as salesman In boot
VT and shoo store or clothing ; 0 yenra experi
ence , AddrcsH lock box H , Nuola , Iowa , < MlI-2tiT
ANTKD-SHuatlon of nny kind , h TO had
elBntyoarn vxporlonco in hardware busi
ness , nml can do any kind of olllco worlc , bestot
refeioucos , no objection to country. II Sa Duo.
WANTRD Situation In store , ofllco or nny
other place , by young man that speaks
Kngllsb. Bnedtsh , ( lerniim and Danish , and
writes n goo < \ hand. Address D. P. , KWN. S3
Btr. 5iat )
WANTBl--Jn store or onire situation by
young man not afraid of work ; salary no
object. Address T. , South Omaha. Nob.
" young men at light work , call
this week , loom 17. ZM N. l th. 301 33 ;
A * 'ANTED | A bright. Intelligent odlco boy ,
' apply 14'.2 Douglas Bt , room 2. bo tweou fie
and o p. m. , and to u a. m. 38 0 'M *
WANTED Laborers at lowering the Odd
Kellowi 1ml ) building. E. F. ilnsloy , con-
tractor. Lincoln , Nob. 374-Jfrr
WANTED Lady agents for ournowMdn-
tosh waterproof Kaglau. Very stylish ;
cloth outside ; nothing like them in stores.
Agentn have big trade. Prices ou "Daisy" hose
supporters greatly reduced. Wo glvo agents
the greatest chance ever offered to make money
this fall on our full line of fust soiling goods.
Address with stamp , E. II. Campbell , 41. Han-
clolpli struct. Chicago. 3.U-7 *
IV ANTED Salesmen everywhere for our ad-
T i justublu all metal door plates , ( Can sell
and deliver at onco. ) Made of nickel , gold or
eolla bronze , now goods Just out , profits large
and sales rapid ; no house canvassing. Write
for particulars. N. Y. Door Plato Co. , Newark ,
N.J. .14.1 31t
ANTED At the Fall , an experienced wln-
dow drcssor. 3 > bt
\\TANTED Intelligent , capable man for
TT factory work. State ago hnd wages ex-
peclod. Addrosa G 70. tula oluce. 323 20 *
" \7irANTED Several good boys , ages from 18
Vtola. . Address O 71. this ollleo. 3J1 so *
ANTED A gis and steam fitter. Apply
atonco at Atlantic foundry , Atlantic , la.
243 20
GOOD reliable cunvasscrs.steady employment
withTho Singer Mfg. Co. , 1518 Douglas st.
S22 3 IJ
ANTKD-25 railroad laborers for U. P.
comp any work , at Albright's labor agency.
11 JO Farnam si. 101
WANTED Goodman In every town. Salary
paid weekly. Andress Sherman , Tangeu-
t > or g fc Co. . ICO W. Lake St. , Chicago. CC5-J1T
ANTED At the i'ftlr , flrst class salesman
In clothing department. oCH _
"IVTANTBD good reliable men for dectlves In
T T every commuulty ; paying positions. Address -
dross Kansas Detective Ouicuu , lock box 239 ,
\Vicnlia , Kan. 110 26t
WANTED Agents everywhere for storeos-
coplo view H of the Johnstown ruins. Lib
eral commission. hlto & Mlnckler. tale
ogents. Fort Wnyno. Intl. 213 27 *
WANTED Attho Fair , on or before August
30 , Jlrbt class , experienced sileamtn In
shoo department. Must bo ublo to speak Oer-
man. , . 3.
WANTED For Washington Torrltory-tio-
inakorB , choppers , carpenters , rock men ,
graders and tracklayers , at Albright's Labor
Agency , 11JI Farnam st. 221
WANTED-Salesmanto carry full line Call-
fornla fJluves on commission for this
territory. Hcfcrences required , Havmond ,
Squire & Co. , San Francisco. Cal. 21Sl *
7.1OKDKH81nBdayHi " 1 average 10 orders In
IS calls. " These extracts from agoim' let
ters ; ugents wanted In Nebraska. Address with
stamp. C. E. Oaborne. lleatrlce , Neb. 1)41 ) g 17'
WANTED A good olllco man to no east ;
must Invest aa.fiOO ; must bo a good business
man. Address the ( Jeo. 8. CUne Publishing
House. 315 to 021 Wabasn eye , Chicago , 111.
to travel for thr Fonthlll Nurseries ot
Canada. Wo pay SiO to $10 ! ) a month and
expense * to agents to soil our Canadian grown
Stock. Ad , Etono & Wellington , Madison. Wls.
twU * * o
TANTKIIJ-Attho Fair , a first class gents'
furnishing goods salesman. JM
- . Jlaglo cigar lighter ,
every smoker uuri. lights In wind or rain ,
lasts 11 to time. Samplu liu , tw o for2V ; , dozen ,
II. oy .mall. Stamps taken. Austin & Co. ,
Providence It. I , 46'Ja-B
' ! ' /ANTRli 129 weekly ro/rofei | > tatlvt , mule
f > or fenml1. in every community. Ooods
Btaplei household necrxslty ; sell at sight ; now
. salary paid promptly , nnd expeusus
ndvanc 0. FtfllpnrtlrularH nud valuable sample
cu o Krce. Wo mtan just what wo My ; atldiess
at onbo. fcttindtupd miverwuruCo , Iiobton , Mn s.
" 1X7 ANTED A girl to assist In general house-
VV > strrk. IcOi ) Ilurt st. 367 2Ct
WANTKD A good girl for I'eiioral house-
tfofk nt tu. ' South JJth at. 872-'n
G1KL of la for housework ; can go home
nights I Oer man preferred. iSJl Capitol ax o.
IttlS 27 *
WANTED A competent rtrl In small family.
Call In morning. UU1 Boutli 28tli t > t , X3 ,
r ANTED For general housework , a girl
who Is neat and can cook. Apply , 1S23
Coiby gt. itlH-81 *
7ANTKD Good xvalst ana skirt makers
UJCiHiltol _ ave. 3t& 27J
WANTED All axperlencod saleslady with
city reference. Address P. O. box G.W ,
Omahn. 3:2 27
TTrANTUlK-'lhreo or four girls or'boya to
T T w ork u Hhor : time each Uav for t heir board
at Metropolitan dining uall.jiui N.Wh Bt. 340 27j
\\rANTED-4 cooks for private families In
T > clty.Ki exch ; cook for Stantou ; on for
Creston , t-SOt URlrlsfor Wymote. ti and flirts
nil paid ) stenographer for city , ISO ; hoiisu-
kwoper for German , good wages ; i chamber-
imiftlB ; J dish wanlien ; IV ) ulrH for geuerul
Mprk. Our family places are the best lu rlty.
Omaha Bmp. II lire an , 111) N. ICth. 33il 16 \
"VVANTl'.D Utrl , small family , good wages.
VV Apply 1112 8. lUth at. iMi
\\rANTftD-airl , fainTlyot two , must bo com-
IT imtc'utCOOKJ references , ll/JJsUOth ave ,
. 2M 271
WANTED Four good looking young ladles
for light employmmit clurlutf fair wvee.
Clooct wages to tight partle * . Address II 23 ,
W ANTED Girl 12 yearn of ace to uniube
and taie for chlldreu. tVli Ueorgla nre.
% VANTKII A nrtt glrll must be a good cook
TT and laundress , und well recommended ;
wBfs f 11 per month : elcht In famllr. Call at
room 10. totitlnental bulltilni ; , or addresu box
SSI. Omaha , J. 11. Dumout.
WANTED-lood eook and waiter at sau
Uutnlug street 3IO-2tjt
\\rANTED-A girl for urneral housework !
\ } ( Kl N. aitu st. cor CaliforuUc 1T3
W A NTnn Germ n Rlrl to do cooklmt an4
washing. best ot wages paid. InaulroJ ,
L. Itrsmlels , .24 B l th st. 233
ANTED-'forcnT about fept. ehouoo of
TorH rooms with modern oonvonlcnoos.
W. a Hyatt , U * B. Nat bonk bunaing.
ANTHD-lly nn pxporinnced gardener , to
loasofor olio fir Inorn yeMs developed gar
den grounds. Address P. O. box 52J. liest city
rcfcrenceit. Ifti-CTj
AN TED-To rent , ft 5 to 7 room cottage
with yard , sliado aud fence , uonr Park ave ,
nnd IfUh Bt. car lino. Host cnro of property
guaranteed. Address "H 30. " lloo olllco.
KKNT Pretty ' 7-room house , b nthlaua
gas. 2210 California st , . * 1\ per mo nth. In
quire Hlngwalt llros. . 37 llarkor blocs. 131 20
KD To" rent , n medlum-flzod store
room. Hiiltiblo for retail purposes ; cen
trally located ! Doelnnlne about ( Sept. I. Ad
dress iioo oiiico , 1121 _ jnn 20
" '
"VfTANTKI ) FirriiUhcd cottngo , r. ofiTroolns'
Tt by family of 3 , from Bept. 1st. Address
O 29 , Ileo office. 877
TpIItST tUSs day board. Inquire 1GU9 Douglns
WANTKDTwo rortmn anil board for family
of four In a peed locality. Price must be
reasonable , ( lood references fnrnUhod and re-
quired. Address " 11 31. " llee onico. : i7.-J ! ) *
ANTED-'Ithom nnd board , permanently
In private family , between Loavonwnrth
and Faruam streas , west of aith street , by a
young ladyv btata price , must be reasonable.
Hood references furnished and required. Address -
dress H 17. Ileo. lll3-3tir
D UKSSJIAKING In families , 027 So. Kth. nvs.
C19 Bitt
T7 < NaAOrMKNTS to dortressninklnK In fnml
Jlillps solicited. Miss Sturdy. 51U 8 asth St.
THOU KENT Fine 11 and 13-ioom houses with
JU all modern Improvements , Cass street , be
tween 24th and 2oth sts. , at low rates. H. T.
Clarke , 2120 C3S St. 2fS
HALF of n 0 room cottage , cellar , cistern and
city water : ou pavomcut and car line ; nlco
trees and large yard. Kent , 111) . II. H. Mo-
Mahon , cor. cf tilth and Arbor sts. 27 * 20
FOIl 11KNT Nlco , light a room basement.
83T 8. ' 2d Bt. llOd-Sr *
"C10K KENT 7-room , S-story house , barn for
-L ? 4 horses If desired. For forms for the winter
cull on or address C. Harrison , Merchants'
Nat'l Dank. 180
THOU KENT Two newS-rooranpusos ( nobaso-
-L.1 mono , every ooavenlonce less .than mlle
from I1. O. , reacheil by three lines of streetcars.
Will rent very low to suitable tenant on yr's
lease. Apply , 1)01 ) South 2dth st. or Dan II.
Whcolpr , Jr..OoUBlasanOlHh st. 3&0
F OH UKN'P Ten-room brlcfc bouse , all con-
vonu-noes ; 2ftJ3 Faruam , Cor , 27th ave.
Tnon URNT-Td responsible family without
JLJ children , for terms "of years at low rental ,
d destniblu residence , furnished or unfurnished.
21th and Cans1 streets , or Ws > ulil sell at low
pi Ice. Hoggs Si IlUCISaal Estate. 1103 Farnnni.
OR KENT 2 flats , one 6 rooms , ono 0 rooms ,
to parties without children ; modern conven
iences. Also for rent or sale on easy terms , 3
new 5-room cottages. ' N. K. Adams , u. o. corner
22d and Miami sts. 15.127 ?
'K ' KENT 4-room house , 618 Williams st.
FOK KENT Anew C-room house , south 8th
and Center streets ; well and cistern.
FOH11ENT Six room house , 8. E , corner Ihth
and Chicago sta. IW
FOIt KENT 12-ioom. nouso ; furnace , barn ,
larga full lot. 1917 Casa st. IWJ
fOUSES for' rent Wilkinson , 1417 rarunm.
TJ1OII KENT 1-room cottngo near FortOma
JD ha , ? par month. Self for $1,100. I ) . V.
Sholea. 210 Fii > t Nntlonal bane. EJ5
Foil KENT 7-rooin houje , SJth and Canltol
nvo. lutulro,2Si Dodge. . 811
"VTEXV flvo-room cottage for lent , lluosell ,
1 > ITatt & Co. , 310'S. IBta st. ' - HOfl
SIXnow houses , J > to 8 rooms each , price very
low. Call upon or address , .Nob. Mortgage
Loan Co. , room 018 Pixtoir bl'u. 1 J
IT10II KENT 7-roomed house , city waterbath.
JL ? large cellar , etc. , 2S2U Franklin ot. Apply
room ( XO M erchants Nat'lhank bldg. 870 3Sf
Foil KENT Two nine room brick houses on
Park avenue , with all conveniences. Also
nine room frumo house on amo street , W ith all
conveniences ; price V5 to * 45 per mouth , D , V
bholes. 210 rirst National liauk. Sil
TOIt KENT Itesldence , 2100 Douglas st. . new
-I ? hoiibo , all modern improvemunts ; not a
basement house. Enquire of Moritz .Mover ,
Cor. 16th and I'aruam. G2J
H IOUSE ( forront , 19J3 Doilgo.
TJ1OH KENT 7-room Hat. & ! > per mo. nhova
JJ The Fair , Uth and Howard. Innuire ThaKnlr.
TT'Olt KENT--10-roora brick house on 20th st.
JJ nearLvaVpmvortli. Al > l > lyntNo 837 S. a
WILL lease for ouo or more years a largo 7-
ruorn house with all modern conveniences ;
is jilcoly painted outside , hard-llmshml 'nsule ,
nicely papered , two large bay windows ; three
blocks tiom court house--r 0l SSUth. M
TT1011 KENT A detached 0-roora house , all
JL ? modern conveniences. Enq.2. > 21 Capitol ave.
T71OII KENT 10-room house , stoftm heat , all
J. improveuibnts cheap root. O. K. Thompson ,
room -H , Shoelr block , luth and Howard.
F IOIt : HENT 5-room cottage. 10 ! ) Bo. 28th st.
" Hlilgxvalt Ilroa. , Koom 37. Darker block.
TjlOK KENT Sept. 1st , afi-room cottage , with
Jt ? bath-room and Bt.Mary's ax-o
aud LeavenworUi. David Jamluson , 314 B. IGth
TTlOlt HENT Flue Inrgo rnsidencp , hard wood
JU finish , all conveniences , low rent tn private
family ; 10 N. 10th st. W84
TTIOK HENT The fl-room Hat occupied by Dr ,
JLJ Ollmcro , 2d lloor. No. Ifll I Howard st. In
quire ot ( lea. Hlg ir < 9 , Hill Howard Ht. 183
THO" HENT Six new fi-room cottages , ready
J-1 ou or before BOptember 1 , 3ith and Half
Howard stremc , healthy location , n ar I > 'iirna7n
cnra. llont. each $15 per month. Editable tor
small tidy families. John H. F. Lchmnnu , 62
B. 17th t. 441
F OK HENT-Furnished rcoui , at 2215 Dodge
street. 3)9 )
TTIOK KENT-Ntcely furnished room , with
JL1 board , in prlyaU family , for two vouni
men , only A blocks from P. O. . on cable ; al
modern conveniences , Address H 22 , Uee.3.W
_ _
T710H KENT Nice furnished rooms , ve'rj
J } reasoiiable. 417 N 14th Bf. 27C-2ot
OOM with or without board , 1812 Dodgo.
TOOM8 with or without board , gas bath. CO
JL\S. Uth. 2d lloor. S l 2Ut
FOK HUNT Nicely furnlshod front parlor
W > 8 N , 11th St. 28U 2Ct
T710K KENT Two well f urnUhod connectlni
JU front rooms , together or separately. Al
conveniences. Private family. Win. 11. Hurry
1178.2ithst. 333-27J
171011 KENT Two nawly furnished fron
J.1 rooms , No , 11H B 25th at. _ L20 !
KENOV-VurnUhod rooms , 22 < ip Indge.
17OOMS nildboard for 3 gentleman ; a deslra
Xlble locution. 623 P. 2.Hh ave. 11)828 ) *
171011 KENT-r3 front rooms , cor. 20th and
X1 Loavenworth. furnished to Suit occupant
modern conveniences. 122 20r
TTUItNIHHKD rooms , gas ami bath , inUi Har
J ? uey st. 123 2ti ;
T71OK KENT 2 nicely furnished rooms with
JU board , llontlumeu ouly. 2015 Douglas st
II14-JU *
ST. OLA IK European hotel , cor , 13th ant
Dodgu ; special rata by week or month.
POIl KENT Two parlors front and back on
nrat lloor , ulbo single rooms with board
AU modern covvulvnces. llXXI Dou li CSi
FUKNlBIIEDor uuturnlshed house forron
lu Park Terrace , opposite llunscom park
all modern ronvanlencea. luqulre , Lee Si Nlchol
th aud Leavenworth. 2SO
17IUIIN16HKD rooms with all modern con
X1 vuuleuc sfor gentlemen only , 17W Dodge st.
ITIUK HUfiT-Eleuunt furnlsued room fo
JUalnglQ gentleman only , 7il 0. l th St. . ror ,
I.uaveuworth. yoO
l OIl KENT Tire furnished room * , on bt
J1 Mary's Rveuue. Ta gentlemen only , bu
minutes walk of biulneoj center. Keferencd
required. luqulre ut stor , 210 and tt3 a , 16th st.
P D3mAIirHrooms cheap , on car line , 1119
LN. . 18th St. 98J-S17
tJIOELY furuldhod snlt ofrooms and one sin *
sgloroom. All modern conveniences , prlvat
umily. Sill Farnam st. C3. " >
G OODroomvrlth batli. BloaaitU tt. 229
[ 71URNISHBD Front room , 10l3 Farnain.
L ? W. a 27 *
3OI7TI1 front room , monls In the houso. 10X 1 ( >
-JCapitol avenue. K8 !
ill KENT-Two furnished rooms , an north
a : 7th ! st. Hcfurence required. 371-3 1
TTtOK HUNT Two largo and one small room
X1 for light housekeeping. SUO Donglas st.
171011 KKrJl tTnfurnlshedrooins'suHaolBfor
JU housekeeping , insultps of : 2 to 4 ; convenient
location. Hull's Kcntlng Agency , IIXXS Far num.
ffolt HE h T Btores'niunrvlriaTroonTsoT ) Cum-
JL' Inast. Also house on Cais * t. llnrfls , room
II. IBI Nat. Hank. i l
[ JUU KENT A largo wrirehousft on Jorie's jit
J bet 1 3th und 14th , threa stories and boso-
ment. 41 bv iw foot , well lighted ami very
tronnly built , suitable fnr he vy ninchlnery
'or ' manufacturing piirjw os. wilrlea e for five
or more yearant reasonable rent , liimilra ot
lenry : A. Mom tin. 4IJ 8. 13th st. 33.1 fit
liflVuTmiil IlUirXJ Ku-
tiulro or It. N. Wlthm-ll. room IT. Stt !
I71OK KENT Flue bilck store roomi on 8 l.tth
L1 St. . No. Oin. 17 , IU1' ' , otc. , Onn r-room out
age , l2lflon Mnson bt. . in good order. ' 'Inmtbre
o : John Ilnmlln , 1)17 ) 813th st , nil HI
TTIOH nKNT-Storo room , tor. SJth and N nts , ,
4- ' South Omaha. Host locution In city for
gents' furnishing or dry goods ptore. Inquire
of J. J. Mahouoy , room GOu Paxtou lilt. 4T.-sl :
HO ItRNT Desirable war hou'fo room on
L track. Apply to C. W. Keith , ilVl'noltlc St.
A 4il
rOH UnNT-Tho 4-Btory brick HulMmR with
\\llhuut power , formerly occupied byThe
itec Publishing Co. . 913 Fnraum st The build-
us hns a lire-proof cemented liasomont , com-
iltitostuaiu lieutln ? llxtures. water on all the
loora , ens , etc. Apply at the olllco of Tlio Uee.
OU HKM' Tao corner room under the No-
lirusVn National bank will noon bo for rent ,
the Equltablo Trust Co. removing to larger
Tlio npace Is about double thnt occupied by
the C. . it. V Q. tlccet olllco. Tne Door la tiled
nil tue room can bo made desirable tor a It. li.
* .cket or broker's olllce ,
11 For particulars apply nt bank. CSJ
A ISBLF.CT school for children , wider the
Kclectlo system at taught byProf. . Hlch-
ards.V. . I ) , a , will bo opened Sept. V 18JU.
Homo comforts can bu had in builillajt. Tor
Further panttulnra address Mrs , W. . ItU Cap
itol ave. . SU 3i
MEN of rollned taites ciH bo snItoCw1tn K
box of choice cl nr * Imported by W. 15.
Hamilton. Darker block. . . . - i , BO )
ya will buy lease and furniture ofjff-room
house , H7 N. nth ; -
ECONUMIXK In fuel by coycrinit your-Btnun
pipes with fossil meal nou-rouductliiR cov-
erliif ; , the moit ollfclcnt and cUrnpest of- nil
covcrinss. O. O. McEwan , western agout , Itlll
Howard ut. -.liaJl
THIS banjo tauRht M an art by Oco. F. Qollcn
bflck. Apply at lloo olllce. * 'J-'JJ
T7IOH KENT Ono barnj 11 stalls ; largo yard ;
J-1 clean and convenient ; cmuiiro of Frost &
Harris , Irani st , bat. Sd ! nadt d ata : , 'Jot-
A UK you looKlnR for an opportunity to en-
-CS-gaco in tha mercantile busmpssr.ltgocomc
andseeus. W. H. E.iJI.K.Hoom.H'JChamber
of Commerce. Tel. IHO. "t 013
CESSPOOLS , cisterns , privy'xaqlts , etc. ,
cleaned ijuletlv , quickly , cheaply .and clean
ly ; all work done by odorless pump- Odorless
Sanitary Co. , 14U > Farnam struut. Tel. ? J\
$ " > .0i UENVAKl ) for the return of nucjcelats
ultha chain attached , uhlch uin'tosl on
Saturday e'v enlnK bctneen Dodye Et.nnd Caa <
ou dSt. Itotuin to Nebrasku N. Hank uiul
receive the above reward. Aug. 2.'s 'bO.
Co. . 1305 fain am st. D. U. Lyons. 32U 27
LOST Ked setter bitch , and red and white
setter do . unswerine to the nam S of ( Jlpsy
and Dick. Liberal rowan ! will bH puul for re
turn of the dogs to Lieut. L. K. \ obsCer. ' Ft.
Omaha. -25I.S * "
LO3T Sultable reward for-returrf" to llvci-y
stable , n. w. cor , St. Mary's nvo. and 17tli St. ,
of a largo dark pocketbook 'oontninlrnr-inonoy
and papers nuly of value to o\vner 172M ,
| OST Lnrgc. youn-jclosa-lmlretf Si.'Tlenmrd
J-J dog , vollow with white breast , anil feet. Jte-
turn to 11 JO Georgia are. , or DO I DaugUv ? and got
re vnrd. 6JU
JUST English Jlastiff. Kcturnto 4W'Piiitton ( '
block and cot reward. . a 241-
WA NTnnTo buy a snmll harness stock In
Nubiaska or western Iowa. AdarusS lock
box It , Neola , la.
\ \ * ANTED furniture , carpets , stoves nnd
' ' household goodi of alt Kinds. Omaha
Auction A , Storrgo Co. , 11J1 Furnam , 17
s iTOKAOE : at loxv ratoa at 1121 Farnam bt ,
Oinaim Auction ana Stonige Co. a'
MOIUIISON SsELY-Storago and forwarding ;
special arransemeats for commlsMl6n'"mer-
chants , 121J l.oavenwortli ; tel , 41 ! ) . , Omaha.
s TOKAOE ; and forwarding. We collect and
deliver goodH of all descrlpt'ons ' , merchan
dise , furniture and baggage in cheapest rutex
for storage for any length of .timo , vaus.aad
wagons to be had ut shortest Uotico. wltu rare-
ful men for moving. Packing nnd euliiiitu ?
from our own warehouse done on moderate
charge. Merchandise loaded and unloaded.
Warehouse on our own tracks. Olhco 217 8 Htu
Bt.toophono ; ! III. HowallKCo.S10
rpilAOKAOK storage ot lowest rates , W.'M
JLllushman 1'JII LeavenWorth. - ' KiS
MHS. Ecclos. the famous fortune teller and
clairvoyant ; bunlnoss , love , mnnlage nnd
changes , OJ. S 13th st , next door to Iturkor hotel
FOHTCJNK Teller Mrs. Lonormun can bo
consulted oil all airatrn of life , Hallsfao-
tlonguaiantced. No. 310 N. 15th st. icl-S. '
DH. NANNIE V. Warren , clairvoyant. mdl-
calami business medium. Female diteaseti
a specialty. 110 N 16th. st. rooms 3 and 3. liO
QTANDAltD Shorthand school , Paxtoa blk. ,
OWncccssor to Valentino's ) the largest exclu
sive uhorthand school tu tbo west. Teachers
are verbatim reporterx. Particular attention
paii ! to typewriting. Mcclmulcal construction
of machine taught by factory expert , Circulars ,
WHITTLESKY'8 Shorthand School ,
block. Send for circulars ; Lord's prayer
la shorthand free. 470'jr '
/"VMAIIA Husmeas Cuilegr , cor ICth and Capl
v/tolave. Shortnaiid-jThe largnst and most
BiicceHsful shortnand departmnut In the stats.
Standard methods taught. Munnon'n revUetl
of 'W a specialty. Call or write for terms.
| jlOK 8 ALE A handsome boil room sct.cnaap.
-13 Inquire at Olii N lUtu bt. , Home bakery.
T710H BALE Two-cnalr barber shop , good lo-
J-1 cation , uddresu Crawford. Neb.for terms ,
A. O.'Jatro. . 3 a3 ; " ( T
171OII BALE-Flrst-clasB Safety bleyrler Call
JJ or address It , C4U H 25th t. 3)7-27 *
T7IU ( SALE Kitchen and household furnl-
J- tare of seven room house , very low. House
torrent. MU S. SS'ith bt. VaiosT
1J10H SALE The turnlturoand lease of a six *
JJ room boarding bouse. 2J lim class boarders -
ers , paying fl a voek. ( "all on or address U ,
H. Moore , care of Neb. Furniture & Carpet Co.
tOfl and ooa N. 11 . Kit 2tl
POIl SALE Mosler safe , outside mdasilre
ment e4x3 x29 , good condition. Ei ) < iulro
Gotham cigar store , a.e , cor , loth niid Dod e8ta.
17011 * SALE Furniture complete for house'
JC keeping , either by the piece ur all together.
Inquire 7W14 N , 10th st , 3d lloor , room u.
Fen BALE Fine young driving ware ami
rotulcurti iiUo canopy top nurry and old
buggy ; cheap for cosh. BoJO Uouglaubt.
POU BALE Cash or time , Sgood teams , wag.
onaand haraei 03 , J. J. VVilklnson. HIT"
Fniauist. VbO
FOIl 8ALK A Rooilfllogto driving hors 8
years and sotind.7 iirt K new platform
spring wngoantid Elnglo harness on easy terms.
Apply > t4UtlN.30th. L J72ttf
TOOK 8ALK Cheap. kiuMlJftj , 1711 Douglas.
X "ii. SS
SAXT5 Good toaVm/lack carrlag * hornet
and 3 team milieu. Will sell cheap. It. N.-
iVlthnell , room U , Wlthrfoir niock. sot sst
17IOK 8ALK Fresh Jereoyeow and heifer calt
JU K. N. Wlthneli , room IJfWlvhneil lllock ,
" - 203 28 *
TTIOK 8AIE Thro Thatcher furnaces , good
Jnsnew. Apply 2313 IVirnam st. gsogj
171011 SA'LB Cheap , omyigooxl square box top"
JL : buggy. Inquire ut. iXiia Hurt. 770 8tit
pOU SALH A IK-horse-power Porter ongmi
U in good condition , wamht J.1W pounds cyU
nderllxlil. For particulars npply to Iho Ilc4
onice. 703
l/UNKSr carriage team Instate , ditrk browns
JO tulllOhamK weight I.1.V ) . Inqnlro W.I ) .
Mlllard , S , K. cor ICtn aud Douglas , Omaha.
7ffl ) s U
f NK tireph > of safe ; lightexpr6sswngonncwt
Vyrour hornes.ranglngfrom NKtol,3 ) ( ipouniK
w 111 bo sold verv cheap. Nebraska Mortgage
Loan Co. , room 618 , Paxton block. 88u
TV riDLAND Guarantee 4 Tnist Co. , N. Y. MM
J.'J-bldg , Complete abstracts furnished and titlol
to real estate eaatnlned.perfcctoil&guarniitcod ,
M ONRVto Loan CliattoK collateral estate.
Koom 101 , Morchatita' Nat'l bank bulldlne ,
201 s'ilj
BUFOHH mutlnp cli.ittel or collateral loans
It will pay yon to ee The Western Inrost-
mentCo. , 100111 4l2Hee blrtp. loU
pIIIIiAIKIjl > HtAMnrAR { & Trust Co. C tir.
X nlsh cheap cetera manor to borrowers ,
nirclmso Hociirltloi. perfect tltlot , accept loans
nt their western olllco. QoorijeM' . Coatcs ,
room 7 , Uoard of Tratlo. 234
MON13V Inmtert on ctiattel securities ana jow'-
elry. UoonUll. Hheely block , Omnha No-
Lrasku. 1' . II. Jerome. 437 a st
MONlTY to loan ; casa on hand : no d'oiny. Jj
\V. Squire , 1-1U l''arn m St. , First National
bank bull
PI11ST mortgngo loans at low rates and no
delay. 1) . VT Hholes. S10 J'lrat Notional
bank. Sil
mm : KtKII01lN Loan Co , plvo money In any
JL amount on Rood security , furnlturo In use ,
horses , etc. Low Interest. Over oiumerclnl Na
tional Ilanlc , lUttx and Douglas. G'3)-a7 )
fON EV to loan on any security
L for abort time , at low
rates. J < owesirat ; i
on personal
The Henderson Mortgage Investment Company ,
room * > , 1'axton block. 2t > u
BU1LDI NO loans. D. V. Sholcs. 210 first
National Iranfc. -281
M ONRY to loan , o. P. Davis Co. , real estate
nnd loan agents , 15U.'i 1'aruam st , 277
estate and mortgages
bought.Lewl3 S Heed.&Co.H IJHoard Trade
MONEY' to loan on furniture , horses , wapon * .
etc. , or ou uuy approved security. .1. W ,
Uobblns , Hll'iJfarnam street , 1'axton hotel.
SEE Sholcs. room 310 , First Nat'l bank , before
making your loans 281
MONKY ionncd for 30 , W or 03 days on uny
kind of cnattel security ; reasonable inter-
cut ; conlldentlal. J. J , Wilkinson , 3117 i'nrunm.
RRS1DENUK loans < { J5'.to 7 per cent no ad
dltlonal charges for Scollimlsslons or attor
neys' fees. W , II. ileikle.jfirst Nut bank bldg.
Qjroo.COO to loan ut I ) pet tint Llnahan & Ma-
QJhoncy. room fiOfl Paxtblt bloak. 287 _ _
BUILDINO imd other rtnl estate loan.sV.M. .
Harris , roomM , Frcuker block , opp. P. O.
MONKY to loan on real * estate security , at
low list i atcs. notortvHBBotlatlnglonus see
Wallace , It. ill' ' ) , lirown bflff. luth & Uouglaa. i. 3
WANTED First claftsjluslde loans. J.owe
rates. Cull and BC * us } Iutual lurcst-
inunt Co , II 1. llirker bltc Jytn ana Farnam. ! ii8
MONEY lonnod on ifShnltuie , her < < a and
\\agons : rates rcaaomblo. City Loau Co ,
11SS. llth Bt. . opposite Jiniaul hotei. ! i7C
MONHY to- loan .on horses , vraspn ? , mules.
household voiJQS , plarl8-.YnrKfth ) , diamonds ,
lowest rates. Vile nm organized tohnollicoln
ttie city , ilake loans for thirty to three hun
dred and siity-flvo rtayst , which can bft paid in
part or whole , at any time , thus lowering the
principal and Interest. Call anil see us when
you want mdney. We con aFHlsf vou promptly
and to your advantage without removal of
property or publicity. Money aln ays on hand.
No delay In making loans. C. F. Iteed k Co. ,
illO S. ISth st. oyer Ulngliam & Sons. a
MONEY to loan on furniture , horses , wagons
or securities of any kind ; commercirl and
mortgage notes bought at fair rotes ; all busi
ness transacted confidential. Collateral Loan
Co. , room Kl , Itamge building. _ 713
6 Per Cent money U. 332 , K. 5T. Lire Ins. Dldg
M ONEY to loan on cllj' or farm property ,
Geo. J. Paul. 160J Farmm Bt. H
TAO YOU want money ? If so don't borrow
Jxoeforo getting my rates , wblch tire the low-
st on uny sum from 31 up to 8:0.000. :
1 make loans on household Roods , pianos , or
gans , hnrsesmule , w.igoiis , warehouse receipts ,
houses , leases , etc. . In any amount at the lowest
possible rates , without publicity or removal of
1.011113 can be made for ono to six months nnd
ynu cau pay u part at iitir time , reducing both
pilnnpalami Interest. If you owe a balance
on 3 our furnlturo or horses , or Iiai e a loon on
them. I win take It up and carry it for you as
long as you ilrslro.
If you need money you will find It to your
advantage to see me before borrowlnu.
11. 1' . Masters , room -I , Withnoll building. 15tn
ami Hnrncy. 283
MONEY to loan We make liberal advances
on all klmls ot furnlturo. pianos , organs ,
horses and wagonx , without lomoval , without
publicity , and at lower rates than can bH had
elcowhcro in the city. Payments can be made
at any time , which reduce both principal nud
Interest. Long and short time givuu and lib
eral extensions madu.Ul Luslneen strictly
confidential. Iloforo you borroworrenew your
loan cull and get our rate * , Hawkeyu Invest
ment Co. , room"vl , : lrt lloor. Douglas blocks. w.
cornov l th nnd Dodge streets. OJ s-Sl
KEYS'JONB Mortfiagn Co. l oans of $10 to
31.0JO ; got our r.xtes before borrow Ing nnd
save money ; loan on IioMed , furniture or any
approxed security , wlthimt .lubliclty : notes
boucht ; for new loan , renexvai of old and lowest -
est rates , call K20jSheeloy blk , 15th K Hoxvard at.
MONEY Ixians negotiated at loxv ratea with
ou tclelay , und purchase goods , commercial
paper and mortgage notes S. A. Sloman. cor.
lUih and Farman. 2.73
NEBHASICA Morr. I jan To will make you a
loan on household goods ,
horses , wa gous ,
land contracts ,
fine jewelry , or Becuntlps of nnv kind
without publicity , at reasonable rates ,
Koom 7. Kowlev block. South Omaha.
Hooms C18-519 , Paxtun block , Omaha , Nob.
WANTED To meet liln experienced man
who ran hold a crowd , to co Into country
and asxlst in givingentcjrtaiiimentsasa moneymaking -
making Hchomn. Btate.vwore you can be BO en.
Address 11 SO. Ileft. Qj 300-2 ;
$ V 0 will buy lease anfl Turnltnre of 1R-roora
housa , 117 N 14th ; ronrm 317 2Tt
TjlOU 8ALK-A Ilrst ciasyiiank outllt with
JU bulldlnu. In a gruwltiR Nebraska town ,
where 3 per cent per month earnings are guar
anteed on Invest inents perfectly fcouro. For
particulars Inquire of or ntldrcss "Hanker , " 1101
bheeley block. Oinahu. N'ijuf 32i ZJt
"fTIOll BALE A llrst cUpnrJiop huimu , the best
JU location In the city , -doing a good business ,
Hood ronxons for selling. " Time limited. Ail-
dross H 24 Ileo for furthiij'p.rtlculara. : HJ--7 >
FOH BALK Clean t fc frrocerles , cash bnsl-
ueas , half trade. Add. 11. 10 , Hoe. 3 3-20 *
171OK KENT Well furnished hotel In good
JU town , Kens low. J , U.JJell , York , Neb.Q
TJ10K BALE A first class bakury an J confoc-
JU tiooery.wlth I'stabllsliixltnido.ainl good cen
tral location , on 10th St. : will invoice at less
than real value and sell thu whole or halt In *
U-rost to a good man.Iddrevs H 8 , Ileo.
17IOK BALE A grocery store nt Florence ,
JU Neb. , dolnicabusldossof * * ) to 10) a day ,
will sell building and lot ; look this up before
you buy anywhere else. Cowan tc. Hall.
nOTEL for rent ; the only hotel In tow n. Ad
dress lock box U , Nortli Htmd , Neb.
BUSINESS chance Saloon , good location.
cheap rent , will sell cheap to those meaning
butlnejs. Address IU6 , line olllce. 2iM S7T
A SPLENDID chance for au active and good
tXbusluess man with capital ot about & .UOO
In a welt established and prospsrlnK manufac
turing enterprise. Will b r the closest inves
tigation. Address , 118 , llaa olllco. aa tu ;
A OIQAK and fruit stand ( lorng good Dual *
-ti-nesa for sale ; teed ruasons uelltn ? . 206 H.
Utk , '
EOIl B A JT SMoon tn good location , doing n
nm-clnisymTlmr liiHinoss , wlliaoll cheap
for cftsh. O 6T. ea oftlco. laa\tst \ _
17\Oll \ SA LE Cheap Il\rb ( r shop nna 4 chain !
JO good locution : paying business. M. II , Floral
lngtTetflNeb. COM7 *
EOU8ALB A well built up brick yard. 270
feet from side track ; two stationary kilns ,
ttro drying sheds , brick machine now. house ,
stabla.'nlnd mill , water tank , lead piping , to-
netherwlth live nrres of land. Trice ll.WU Address -
dross a Y. Kaul , Madison , Nob. 8S ! 23
thnnoo drug stotk for sale In central part ot
pomnho. sales for last two years bMwrfln
llf.KXnDdtlPX ( ( > ] . Jtent only 3-t'i per month )
must have halt cash , balance in secured notes
or clear lots in Omntm ; this Is n snap , Stringer
& 1'enny , Douglas block. 08 28
taken hMt Interest In a wall rstnbllshdd
( train and Hoed business. Address lox ! 11 ,
( IreetxMOod , Nob. lb.1
FlYlllTALlT Elflvator at Ookdalo.
tlan for brain , live stock , lumber and coal ,
J'or panloulars write A. TruosdelU Fremont ,
4 sl7f
WANTED A partner m a brewery ilolmt a
good Ini lnosS in a prosperous Nebraska
town. ] : nqulroat room 14 , Cliainbor ot Com-
morco. Tel , 1410 , 675
T7IOK SALE or Trade for Oranhn property
JL' established busluosa. Ilex olS Omaluv ,
17XiU"TXClA"Nlii-tJienrriot tn 60maha ; to
JU tfnOft for residence lot In Omahn ; nssumo
dlrtorcuco. C , r. Harrison , Merchants Nat.
Hank. ! ! 7
T71OII SALE or Trndo-nmilmro of 10 room
JU hou e ! house for rent. If sold will take
ono-lmlfot purchase price In board androonii
or will U tU > fur anything of cash value. H 2 ,
Hoc. 332-20 *
\S7"ANTUD To cxcnanqo , largo lot ot clpars
T for real oatotior n stock of merchandise.
Address IOCK boxl ) , Marccllne. Mo. 3US2St
WANTED To trade n good Jersey cow for
n second-hand two-seated buggy. Address
11. A. W Mercury office. 2V4 27 *
WANTKD To trade for a stock of groceries ,
cash and lota ou O. St U. U. motor lino.
Lots will bo put In at their cash value. W. K.
E. &M. R , , Koom J4 Chamber of Commerce ,
Tel. 1440. flltt
M1O EXCHANGE-Tho undivided ono-holt m-
JL tflrost inCRI ; 1 > 100 ncrcg of a good farm , lo
cated In Pulaskl Co. . Mo. ; about oec-hatt in
cultivation , the balniico good llmbar ; about
ten acres in orchard ; two other small orchards ;
four fair Houses ; abundance of good spring
water , and laying about ono mlle from good
business town on railroad ; full and unlncum-
bnred title. This farm Is In a good settlement
and healthy locality.Vo will exchange for
general merchandise or hardware. Call on or
address W.B. ( Uordon & Co. , Steele City , Neb.
TX7'rAT have you to exchange xor nu wiulty
T T.ot about Jl.-flX ) In n lot and two houses In
South Omalia ? H 1. Hoe Oltlco , 26
\\J II AT have you to offer In exchange tor my
TT $1,0,10 equity In my double house on
Lattirop Bt , neur IQtn , or lor my & > .OJO equity In
my ilonbio house on Spencer st. near 22d , or for
myffX > equity in my double house on Wlrt st ,
enstofZlth , all wlthmodernimprovements , nil
encumbrances 5 years at 7 per cent. Do farms
will bo considered. W. T. Soanian , east side
1'ith ' st , north ot Nicholas st , Omaha's largest
variety of wagons and carriages. Tin
HAVE house nnd lot clour of encumbrance
worth JJ.lOO , In exchange for Douglas
county bine stock at par value. Stringer &
fenny , Douglas block. ' 265 Mme
mo EJ\'CIIANO E Wo have a good farm of 120
JLiicres lay ing close up to the town of Steele
City , Jefferson Co , Neb , About 70 acres in high
state ot cultivation. This Is river bottom land ;
soil can't lie boat anywhere ; 25 acres good tim
ber ; balance in good pasture ; all fenced ; never
falling water ; this U anrngnlllcent farm , with
house , stabling , und 8nice lots in town go with
farm if desired ; titles all perfect ; wo want In
exchange , nlco , clean stock of morchandlso or
hardware. Call on or address W. H. Oorden &
Co. , Stcelo City. Neb. 617
EXCHANGE An elegant trace of laud
containing 129 acres , in Antelope county ,
Nob. , with ordinary Improvements.
A quarter-section in Hand county , Dakota ,
partly improvod.
Eighty acres near Council llluffs , ta.
liouse and lot on South Ittth st.
Lai so amount ot Oil Mo.unl.iln and Petroleum
company oft stock. Will exchange for good
or the erection of some houses. Ueo.
5iroperty . l t National bank building. ! ! ? 3
R 8A L tf Finn lifgh east trout MFfootTlot
on.Uh ) , ilenr' Lcnvenwortn. grand shade
trots , only 31J70D , J ) cash , balance easy.
; w -foot north fronts , couth of M. Hogor'a
Place , most.sightly legation in the city , tluo
uhailo trees , etc. ouly
24 feet oil S , 10th by 12J deep. J1.100.
Good uow cottage , easv walk to shops , JVVX ) .
Choice and chca ) > losidenco property In all
locnlltlos , SeemyHlgns.
I nave several rood lots near cars on which
owners will build to suit purchasers , terms
Choice lots and improved lots In Hatiscoui
1'Jacn. biirgaina on easy terms.
J , B. Evans , 30d New York Lifo nutldlug.
. 28728
T7\OK \ SA LE Cliolco property. Bee slnga. J.
JU 11. Evans. , 3J8N. Y. Life. 2W 2J
Foil R AL R sou aero farm , well stocked w 1th
cattle nnd hogs. Will hnll cheap tor cash.
It. N. WUhnen. lt/17 Wltlinoll Hlock. ao > 2it
JJr'OK 8AL13 Cholco property. "Sue bigns. J ?
JJ IJ , Evans. 3 > W N. Y. Life. 288 20
A FINE corner for $ . ! .r,00 on Wlrt St. , ( Count7o
Place ; the only one for bale on tnat street ;
build when you get ready nnd any value
residence ; easy terms : you will never get this
chance again ; on thu base street In Omaha. F.
K. Dai ling. Ilarker block. 26H 20
JIOH SALE Choice propoityj sue signs. J.
U H. Evans. 3JS N. Y. Life. 2s SB
SOME excellent batgains on Motor Ky. , Jl.iXX ) ,
i..lOO. $ J.VdO. comers. Those lots worth don bio
a year from now ; easy torms. 1K. . Darling ,
Ilarker block 2MJ 20
FOK BALE House and lot , cast front on r > th
bt. , tour or live lots south ot Leaven worth , fur
enough away to escape epeclal city taxes on
Loavenworth st , ; grading , paving , gas aud sewerage -
orago ail complete on Leavenworth ; house is
modern ; splendid grovn of trees about the
premises ; price $3noo. O. JJ" , Harrison , Mer
chants'I\ . Hank. Kn
-l will give aniplo
JL ground , with splendid trackage facilities ,
on the Fiomont , Blkhorii & Mlesourl Valluy
rnlhoad , or on the Missouri 1'acine ( Holt Line )
railway In Wontlawn , just outside the city
limits. In West Omaha , conveniently situated as
rt'Karcls access totnebU ! > lue 3 cuntur of Omaha
and South Omaha , to parties for the locution of
any of thu following Industries :
Fur nituru' ' Factory , llutton Factory ,
Shoe Factory. Lard Hennery ,
Btarch&fllucoso W'ks , Hoan Works ,
Paper Mill Purifier Manufactory ,
Plow Works. llroom Factory ,
Harvester Works , AVoolen MilL
Nail Works , Oatmeal Mill ,
Knitting Mills , Itox Manufactory ,
Sash. Door nnd mind Wire WorLs ,
Manufactory , MncJUue Shops ,
Floui and Feed Mill. .
Ot any good manufacturing plant. Westlawn
is just outside the city limits , and Industries
planted there will escape hoavv city taxes.
Ityounrd thinking of locating in Omaha it
will pay > on to investigate this ,
( loo. N. Hicks , New York Life building ,
Omaha. 71W
IjiOK SALE Clieap hotisflto ha moved. 10DJ 8 ,
L1 82(1 ( Bt. , 187 27 *
Ml SALE 2 houses on lot C7'xK2 ' } oil s o cor.
, i and Vlnton. inqtitro within. lot
ONE of the two house nnd lot bargains 1
have been oilerlngou.Georgla ave.north of
LeavenworthIs now weld and occuplmlbecause
otmy very low price. The south liouse ot the
two htlll remains a bargain oiun to somebody.
First comes , Ilrst servi-d. To be appreciate 1 it
nooiliuo be examined luternally. 1 positively
will not rent it , though several times olfored
J.W per month. Price , on very easy terms , Jfl.OtW.
W. T. Seaman. < it hide loth st.tiorth of Nlch-
olas htinnlm'8 largest variety of wagon * und
cu rrl ag us. 2UJ
and Investigate homo of the
wu hu > e to otter.Vo are contln-
ually listing new properties and "If you don't
see what vouwant ask for It. "
For jiule or exchange ouo of the Uncut res
taurants in Omuha at a bargain.
Wo have several line hotel properties to trade
for land or other good valuox.
An elevator property with largo dwelling
house , at n bargain , Elavator complete , wltM
horse \io\vnr , scales , olllco ftirnlsheil , etc , A
dun opening for n practical grain dealer.
Houses and lots in ull parta ot Omaha for
sale and exchange ,
1 or uxchauge , for Omaha property , } , OUU acres
of school land Jeaso.'inono of the bust'counties
lu the fit ate.
A tine residence property In Omolia View for
sale at a bargain.
From $75.UUU to $100,000 worth of flm-class
notes to exchange for Omaha property.
For exchange for Omaha property , ono of the
best funnHln Hock county , Nebraska , together
with mock and machinery necessary to carry
ou the place. Old age and failing health of the
ow ner It reason for selling :
A Hue Wheeler county farm , well developed ,
good soil , for exchange for oniuba property.
281 acres of fine land in northwestern Iowa to
exchange for Oraana property.
For tale or exchange for western lands , city
property , merchandise or live stock , a tine hotel
property In loxva town of O.DUO inhabltiuus.
Leading hotel pt the place anil doing a fma
business. Furnishes meals for two passenger
trains dally. A snap for the right man.
Wo have unsurpasse , facilities for dUl'osln ;
of property , having some Ml agents scattsrei
over lour or live stales. Liu your proper !
with us if you wish a quick turn. W. U.K. i.
M. K. , Koom 14 , CuafflLer of Commerce , tele
phone Uiu. tM
171011 SALE Choice proportr : sooslirns , J ,
JUll. Kmnt. UORM. Y. Idfe. ! SS
PANDSOME residence lot. 75 ft. enst front in
Lone of the best neighborhoods , lefts than n
mile southwest ot court honso. willtako another -
other building lot tn part trade. F , 1C. Darling ,
Ilarker block ? 260 SO
" | ? OR BALK At a bargain , n fine/ driving
JU mare , suitable for lady or gentUmnu ; also
n good hnnd-mado phaotcn with harness ; must
CM ) sold luimodlately MM Ice. w hole rig , liOJ. In *
quire W. M. Yates , Nubratka National bank.
T7WK BALR-Lots In Stewart Place , will fur-
JU nun hionoy for bulldlnx house , aud pay.
monts monthly. Hero U n chance to secure a
homo. Harris , Koom 411.1st Nat , Hank ,
Foil 8AMi Two of tno best located traoKitgo
lots on the northwoit coruer ot 2l t ami
Itnnl troeU , site liixltj toot. For prlco and
terms Inquire of the owner , EJwanl Speller ,
berg , 1013 Nortli 2lat streo : _ aw slu
17IOII BALE llisy tcrin.s , KountiniiTaca.
JU Two homes , each 8 room * . n rli ? IOW ,
Two homes , each n rooms , sach M.flOJ.
ave homos , each 11 rooms , each jr.HiW.
All with modern convenience.
All I area value at the price.
All within ix t > quaro of th < < motor Una.
Don't lese these opportunities.
For sale l > y the owner. W , T. Seaman.
Ese side Iflth st , north or Nicholas St. .
Omaha's largest variety of wagons and car-
TlOll SALR-ROOO acres land tn Nebraska )
f.OiHfl toot lot at n Micrlllelng price. Intiulre
1413 S nth. eo. ILPotoison. HN-sl
T7IOU SAL15-n ( ) longtime nnd easy payments.
JU hatulsome , now. w ell built houses ot 8 , a ami
10 rooms. All conveniences , good neighborhood )
paved streets , street cars aud within walking
distance of P. O. Nathan Shclton , 1014 Farrmm.
milF. motor will go to tnu state mute Institute
X this fall , consequently whoever buy * any of
thlsproportyxTlllaoublo hlmnonay rightavrny ,
nucrcs close to lustltuto $ Iw > J per acre.
Lots tn Orchnnl Hill * .VJO each.
Walnut HIIUIUO oarh.
Highland ParkilRJoach.
rlovonlnlo $ VH ) each.
llrvkor Place JIV ) each.
Sauivlers .V Hltnobr.ugh's $ fi.W each.
fctilncor , v Penny , room 2i\ Douglas block ,
cor. Ifith and Dodge. 3.W Ul
TjlOll SAL1On easy terms , now B-room cot-
JU tago , cor. lot , near street car lino. Address
T 1CH0-room cottage , near high school ; lot 31
. xl32 , WriOO ; this Is a bargain. C. F. Harrison
risen , Merchants Nut. Imuk. 1ST
JT1HNGKU & PKNNV. DouKlas block. 8. E.
corner 10th nnd Podge sts. , ro ftl estate
agents , Omahn property to exchangofcr clear
farms , and clear farms to exchange for encum
bered InsldoOmAlia unimproved property. Call
onus ) wonresureto have sometnlns : that will
Biilt you. Wo have 1Q.OJU ncrea ot clonr farms
for sale or exchange In Nebraska.
Uood resldonco property on sale , Borne of
these are real bargains. Very easy terms on
lots to people who \\antto bullu. Come and cce
ui and bo convinced. Wo want 100 acres of
good Improved land In Western Iowa ; will as
sume nn Incumbrance , In exchange for a good
residence property , lightly encumbered ; farm
must be A 1.
Strlnircr& Penny. Douglas Illock.S. E. Corner
10th and Hodge. 140 ! . '
KOUNTZI3 I'DACr. 0-room house , barn nnd
ovcry convenience , for Sr.OOJ , easy torms.
Address for particulars. K Gi. Uec. S S
T71OH SAI.R HouHe ana lot. east front on Vlr-
-C ginla nve. , 2W feet 8. of Woolworth avo. . lot
MrlM ; house has ti good rooms besides largo
aittlu ; water and sewerage on , the street ; prlco
for n short time , ? .I , ! > W : when the Motor Line
runs to the park the lot alone will be worth the
money. C. F. Harrison. Merchants' Nat. llnnic.
TjTOIl SArjR-5n.7i : acres , sec. 5 , tp. It. r. 6w
JJ Hamilton county. Nob. House , stable , SJO
acre ! " fenced , living water. Price , JJ.OJ ) . F. 1C
Atkins , ownir , railroad bldg. , Denver , Col.
THAVE some llrst-class rental propertr for
Xsale cheap xvlthln ono mile ot pastoliicp , on
pnvcxl streets and motor line. Tuos. V. Hall ,
Jll Paxton block. 5b8
FOK SALE 8-room house and 20 feet front
age on 17til near California st. ; ground abut
ting Icon Itlth worth * VW per foot ; lor a little
home and us a speculation It Is woith consider
ing ; pricBfj.lui , 'J cash. 0. i' . Harrison , Mer
chants' Nat. Ilank. SI3
BOY a homo In the center of the city , on
monthly payments. I will sell you a lot in
Aldino square , oullau housoof any kind , worth
from SIM ) upwards , nnd you can pay for it
monthly , quarterly or yenrlv. Aldlne square
Is on Craco stieet , betnocn "id and ld streets ;
It has oil thu advantages such ns paved streets ,
sewerage , water , goK , and is a nrst-class local
ity. Call at 1G91 Furnnui street nnd see plans
of buildings and got llgures. D. J. O'Donahoe.
rpHL best money's north of nonsoandlotnow
J. for Kale In Omuhn In that which lam now
completing near KUli st , , on paved Wire St. , in
Kountro place. S bedrooms , a parlors , dining
room , kitchen , 2 bath rooms , II water Closets ,
largo laundry , stationery wash tubs , furnace
and coal room nuU cellar , elostric bulls nnd
speaking tube. 1" closets. Price only J7.500 on
terms to suit , liikowlso a duplicate adjoining
at samoprice. W. T. Seaman , east side IHth at.
north of Nicholas sf. Omaha's largest ; variety
of wagons and carriages. 230
SAE-23. or M feet of lot 0 , blocK 7
at S'j > C per foot. This is \ \ ithla n quarter of
n blocc ot the now P. 0. site , and will be worth
H.MX ) inside of a year.
The e M lot B. block 101. cor. Iwuglas and 10th
sts , 41 Beaten Douglas and Cfi on lOtli , price
JT : > , ( XX ) . JIOCOO casli , balance In five equal annual
Tlio so ' 4 uw > i soc 0. t II , r 1 ! ) o , Douglas co. (
price $12 ( HP. $ ) , ( ) U3 casli. balance easy.
Jot.7. blk J'iO , BouthOmana , prlcoJl.200. terms
easy. W. K. K. &M. E , loom 14 , Chamber of
Commerce telephone 1410. 747.
17011 HAM ! y-room liouse , barn nnd lot ,
Jllanscom Place , at a bargain. Harris , Room
411,1st Nat. Hank. 67 < J
T71IHST National safety deposit vaults. Safes
JJ to rent W to 8J5 u year. ! M7 8,13tli. UlJsllSafes
G1.OUR HOTKI , Newly furnlshod and luted
up throughout : centrally located : * ' per
day. lUO131iJ13ia Douglas at. 181
MUItUAV HOTEIj Newest , latest and only
tlrst-class hotel in Omaha ; $ J to 41 per duy
13. Sllloway. proprietor. 179
WINnsoil HOTEICornor or 10th and
Jnck-Hon KtreetR , 3 blocks from Unlo
depot , lluct W a uay house In tne city. 180
HOTEIj HAUKRIt-lU rooms , elegantly fur-
nlshod. (1 and W.50 per day. llth nnd at , , Omaha , r. A. ilaluh , pruprletor.
lUO-na ?
Omaha , Neb. . August 15 , ICbO. Scaled pio-
posal . In triplicate , -will bo loct-lvedhero until
two o'clock r. M. , Ltmtral time , September in ,
1S3D , nnd then opened , for construction ot one
brlcK fitoifliouso nt ( junrterinaster'M Depot , In
thlHclty. I ) . 8 , rcnervcs right to reject any or
ull bids. Pull Information futnlahod on appli
cation to this olllce , wlieni pinna nud llli'a-
tlons of the building can bo Been. Knvelopes
containing proposals should bo rani ked "Pro-
poxuH for brick storohonse , " nnd addressed to
U'M. It. IHHillEH , Ueutcnant Oilonol and
Deputy QmuU'rmustor Oeuerul , IT. 8 , A. , Chlof
guiirlcrmuster. '
Norton to Contrnatnrj.
Sealed proposals will be received at the ofllco
ot thu County Clerk , Douglas County , Nebraska ,
until 2 p. m. , Saturday , Septombef Mtli , lav.i ,
for the erection of seven (7) ( ) twenty foot spans
trestle work , over the J'nplo , bottveon Beotloua
maml-T. towiiHhln 111. range 1'i
Plans und sieclllcntlons to bo found In founty
ClerKH ollicc. All bldx to bo accompaulvd by
certified check for 8" > J.UO. Tlio county reserves
the right to reject any or all bids
[ RKAfl M. D. HOCIIE , County filerk ,
a 'Qdt
Notion to Contrnoton * .
Sealed proposals will bo received at the odlce
of the County rletk , DouglasCounty , Nuhrasku ,
until > o'UoUc p. m , , haturuny , Huptombur llth ,
ItH' , for the erection of IIvoCii twenty foot span *
trcRtlo nork , on road known UK I Jr. Minor's
Itoad , between sections 1 anil2 \ , tonshlp U ,
range U ,
PluiiMandspccltlcntionstobe found In County
Clerks olllco. All bids must be accompanied by
cut-tilled check for * iO Urt. The County reserve *
the right to reject nny nud all bids.
* IBEAIVI SI. D. ItocilB .County Clerk ,
n'Wd21t t
Nncico of Stock HubscrlntloiiH.
Notice ls hereby given that thu hooks of th
Omaha , Lincoln A : Uult Hallway Company will
bo opened fur the purpose of reovlvlng sul > -
ecnpllons to the capital Ntock of aald company
on &nd after thooooend day of Bepttmiber. 1831 ,
at No. 1 > 5 1'arnam street , In the city ot Omaha ,
N0arteaktahls ! > t day of
(1. A. WUt.KAI' ,
.1 , ti. IR 1IKVOI8K ,
II. HlM.nWAV ,
SI. P.O'Illllfcy ,
1'ropooals for JltilltlliiK a Soliool
S HALED proposals for the roctlon of A school
house In District No. a ) . Union Precinct.
Dmiirlu4 county , will be received by the District
Hoard , until Kn clock Saturday , August lllut.
'Iho pluus anil specltkatloiifi maybe hud at
tno resldeuto of the Director.
ily o nil rot the DUtrlct Hoard ,
VMTI lleiHB , Director ,
I lortuc * 1' . u. , NeD.
Important Fncls Mndo Knorrn to the
Snioklnp 1'ulillc An Intorrloir
Mr. Tnuslll ,
Of R. W. TnnslH & Co.-Ho Bsplnlns the
Origin and J > OToIo monl of Hh
Immcnsn Ituslucss.
Itclntes the Cni cs of His I'licnometiill
Denver ( Colo. ) llcpubllcan , Juir 7.
So innny CHUBOB luvvo boon nsslpnod
for the tmuGcsj of the colobnxlcil "Tun-
sill's Punch" clgnr , that a Ko nbllcnn
reporter. Icnrnlnp of Mr. Tftusill's eo-
journ nt the Albany , called on him to
nscortuln for the bcnollt bf smolfors a
true oxplunatlun of these causes. Mr.
T.mslll oxprosscil n rontltnosa to com-
munluuto on this subject , and the ro-
portcr nlioit his questions.
"Have yon any objootlon , Mr. Tnimlll ,
to giving the roiulura of tl o Houubllcaii
an inahlo vlow of the success you huvo
attuinud in your business ? "
" \Vcll , no. I can't say that I have , "
was the reply. "Slnco I haVe no
methods of coiulucting business ami no
sucrets to withhold from the inibllc , I
am perfectly wllllnp to prallfyyou to
the extent of my ability. To connnonco
with : After Iho great Chicago Hrn ot
' 71,1 became convinced that thuro wnaa
largo and increasing demand , a tidal
wave , as It wore , for a flrst-chifis flvo-
cent cigar. How to produce such' a
cigar and market it profitably \viis the
problem to solve.
'I urns a young man at the time and
full of ambition. After carefully study
ing the condition of the trade , J Bottled
upon a plan to accomplish my object.
But bo ( ore I glvo it to you , lot mo explain -
plain the situation its it existed at that
timo. The average retail dealer in
these days never thought 11 posdtblo to
sell n ilvo-cont cigar at loss" than 100 per
cent protlt , while the average wholesale
dealer or manufacturer nmclo a profit
varying from $10 to $15 per 1,000 on
that class of goods. Such five-con t
cigars , of course , wore made of very In
ferior domestic stock.
"Now I concoivnd the idea that by re
ducing uoth profit and slightly increas
ing the price , and at the same time
making a cigar that should contain the
choicest Havana filler , and then plac
ing it in the hands of prominent retail
dealers all over the United States with
an exclusive control or agency for the
same for their towns or neighborhoods ,
they , through the superior quality of
the cigar , which at once commanded a
largely increased trade , could alTord to
sell it at a reduced percentage of profit.
In other words , I first raised the price
of the goods to the retailer , and at the
same time I reduced my own profits
more than one-half. This dilTcronco
enabled mo to furnish an Havana filled
cigar that could be retailed for five
"Then I personally traveled over the
United Stales and established my agen
cies , relying chiolly on mail orders ,
thereby dispensing with double 'drum
ming1 and the jobber's profit , thus
otTccting a great saving. I uhargod
nothing for my services , and eold my
goods at less than ono-half the profit
mudob5' my competitors. In taking this
stop I trusted solely to the intelligence
of the smoker and dealer for my recom
pense. , .Had I not done so the namo-of
the 'Tansill'a Punch' cigar , like the
names of my thousand imitators , would
have boon obsolete long ago. "
"Has your faith in the intelligence of
the smoker and dealer been sustained1" }
"Yes , far beyond my most sangulho
expectations. And us the business has
grown from year to year , I liavo appro
priated a percentage of iny profits for
advertising. I might add in this con
nection that I have just placed con
tracts for advertising 'Tunsill'a Punch'
in nearly 7.000 duil.y and weekly news
papers with a combined annual circula
tion of over 600.000,000 copies. Prom
this it can bo soon that my faith in the
merits of my goods and in my methods
of Boiling them is stronger than ever
before. " '
"Hns your plan of doing business met
with the nppioval of the merchant ? "
"My success emphatically answers
your question in the afllrmatlvo. Could
you but road our correspondence you
would then rcalizo how our agency and
goods arc appreciated by both dealer
and smokor. Aa to the value of our
agency , I will glvo you an illustration.
Nine years ngoV. . M. Dalo. a Chicago
druggist , was trying to establish atrauo
on a five-cent cigar. To accomplish
thib ho was paying $38 per 1,000 for his
leading five-cont brand nnd retailing
but 200 of them per week. I gave Mr.
Dale the agency for 'Tansill's Punch'
fnr bis neighborhood , and hit ) trade
steadily increased from year to year
until it.readied the enormous number
of 27,000 'TanBlll's Punch' per month ,
while his aggregate sales , all at retail ,
mind you , of that single brand have
largely exceeded 2.000,000 cigars. I
could cite you similar illustrations in
almost ovcry part of the United States. ' '
"Then I understand. Mr. TatuMll , that
your plan is to soil a first-class cigar at
a small profit and rely upon the lafgb
volume of your trade for the results ? "
"That is it , exactly. " ,
tHSTlWAUJNTB placed on record
J. yesterday. .
V A lloiiHon and wife to Joliu T Hopkins ,
lot in , blic n , llrlgs ' I'lacu , wU..w.j. . ' 2,000
John 1 Kfclltlc to M A Wolf , lot S , blk f ,
Dale Chatham , w U. , . . , , 1.2iO
D U Arch or undulfo to WO Noonan , und
U lots 7 to 1bik 1 , Kent's add to south
Omulm , vrd 1,500
W K Potter and wife to a T 1'ottor , SIU n
in seHoDI-15-l.l , wrt , 10.U24
S .1 1'ort to U 11 .lacobtf , mid JJ iota -1 and 10.U24M
2 ! , lilKt"Hnmmlt " add , wd ; M
V ( ! l.antry and wife to K llrudshaw , lot
10 , blk 1 Id , IMoronce. q o d 1
pjeaxuiit and , xv tl , , 300
JO Hxorthetal to I * K Dunbar , lot 17 , blk
2 , bnundurs .V Hliiiobaugh'u Mt Pleasant
add , xv d 060
G S llunawk and wife to M A F Austin ,
loto , blk 3 , Crelghton Httlglits. w d , , < . . 300 *
K H Koad and wife tn Mm A O I lay \varil ,
lot 14 , blk 1' ) , Albright's annex , w d. , . , . 000
JonuLoreiiz to Mrs O Deereun , pt lot I ,
blkij , Elkhorii , xv < ! . . , . . , ,
K oiloyttolt Llirltt , iotn , blk S3 , Morse
& Ilrumitr'smid. xvd aw
A W Pierce nnd wife to A B Patrick , lot 10 ,
blK H. Patrick's "d add , a o d 3,000
J O Hnrtmun to H llnrtmaii , B xl3f , 0 ] tn
He HW27-IHJ , xvd , 1
Aug Hurtman ana xvlfo to F Krug , 1188 ft
lot I , blKl , lmpr.uxomont Association
mid , xvd , 1,728
Sixteen t runs fora , (
The folio/via * p3rnlt 'VJM
Uulldlnu Iii poitor ! Whltlnok yoiterdoy :
L. 3 , Ncdd , one-itury frame dwollliiir ,
Tvreiiljr-second noarllraco . . .I ftKO
W. II. Millttrd , ono utul oiie-lmlf-story
fr m burn , Twenty-fourth nud How.
' ' ' ' J.OOO
Kounue'M'eiiibVVa'l Ex angetlcai 'Lutheran
church , two-story brick carriage re-
poHltory , filxtoenth aud llnraey , , 5,000
K. H , Lawrenceoue-ntory frame cottage ,
Thirty-eighth and Ko er . . . . . . . 1,000
Jaiuc'S A. ( Irllllth , ouo and one halt story
frame resldoiice , 1'ark avcuuo neur
Jack&on . . . , , . , , , . . . . . . . . S.00
petur Colsetn , ono ana one-lmlf-titory
frame dwelling , st , Lawrencu near Call-
lornia . . , . . . . , . . , . . , . , . .
Tor BO lulnor ptirmltu , . . , . 275
Nlue permits , 'nggreuatlua , . , , . , . . , , , I