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INowa and Notoo of the Tourists
of the West.
DClio I'nrmlo The Drntmnar Ahroiul
Uncertainties of CofTcc IMokcd
Up In the Hotel Hotundns
Omaha's Stuitlny Guests.
Tlio Parade ,
Tlio parade movement is now well under
vay ami there Is no longer nny doubt that
there wilt bo fully ns largo a turn out as
there was last year , ThocominlUoa aupoint-
cd to visit the merchants report natisfactofy
progress , nnd with the cordial co-operation of
the boys the affair will bo n grant success.
All travelers who can by nrfy possibility nmlto
Omahn on tlmtday are earnestly urged to do
HO. The uniform adopted is tha sumo as last
year light ncpllgn shirt , black pants ana
bolt , nllU ant and Japanese parasol.
How lib Got lOvon ,
D , Y. Wlieolor , the western representative
of Moycr & Co. , wholesale druggists , St.
Louis , was a Sunday guest at the Mlllnrd.
13clng handsome , fat , jolty and a good story
teller , Mr , Wheeler enjoys great popularity
among his kind of people , "I can give you
nn occurrence , " said bo to a 13 BB reporter ,
"that lins never beau In print. It has the
novotty of being true nnd implicates Clmrloy
Adams , who is welt known to all the boys.
Somu years ago Max Hazitio & Co. , of Phila
delphia , commenced manufacturing n newly
concocted perfume , xvhicli in tlmo grew into
great drmnnd and they soon made n big for
tune. Adams happened to bo one of the first
traveling salesmen sent out by the firm.
Then ho was youtur. inexperienced and
naturally timid.Vbllo ntMllwuukoo. among
others , ho visited the well known drug hou a
of Buttons , presented his card and quietly
waited to bo welcomed. Much to his
surprise , however , old man liuUons
tonk the little piece of paste-board , and
without turning tils eyes from a steady , se
vere guzo into Adams' face , tore it into small
pieces , throw them on tlio floor and said :
There , young follow , wo never buy goods
P from drummers. ' You can imagine how
completely Adams was knocked out. He
wrote to his employers and told them what
t" Buttons had done. With that the mutter
dropped and Uazlno went on manufacturing
bis perfume just the same. It became so
much in demand that no drug store could
i get along without it. Finally Buttons sent
an order direct to the manufactory. Instead
of tilling it , however , Hiizlnn tore the paper
into shreds nnd mailed them back to him
with nn accompanying note , saying : 'If you
want any of our goods , buy them from other
parties , wo can't ' deal with you. ' That , I
consider , wns a very delightful way of
( retting even for insulting a drummer. "
Iln Saw the Gcoso.
Wo wore standing , ono day , in front of a
small country store in a ono-horso town in
southwestern Indiana. Wo had made the
rounds and wore waiting for a train. The
conversation turned in some way to the sub
ject of eyesight. An old Hoosler farmer who
had been listening to our conversation
lounged up and , said : "I reckou yew foliar s
air right smart chaps a-gallavatin * roun'
through the kontry like I've hoorn toll yow
dow. but I'll 'low , b1 gosh , 'at I kin sea furder
an.1 draw a bead floor nor any ono o' yo. Jos'
las' week I wus huntin' , mo an' my gal wuz ,
daown on the ma'su over yon , an' I
tuk up my gun tew shute. 'Wot
fl'yo see , dnd7'my gal sez , sez she. 'Sool'
BCZ I ; 'Itnin't yo see thot squirrel daown
tharl' 'No , ' sez she , > 'I kain't see no squirrel.
I kin ace a ol' stump daown tliar 'bout forty
rod , ' BOV she. 'Thoyso a squirrel on thot
stuuiD , ' sez I. An' I pulled my ol' gun up to
my shoulder an1 let 'or go. Well , w'ea wo
got daowu thar , sure 'nuff , stranger , tbar
warn't ' no squirrel thar. 'T won't nuthin'
'cent a tarnal little chipmunk 'bout half's '
big" my hnn' . But ho wuz dcdstranger. .
There kaln't'nuthin' git away frum mo w'en
I shuto. "
' 'Very acute eyesight , " I remarked.
"Cutol" the old Hoosier answered. "Wai ,
Idunnb's thar war nuthin' so very outc
'bout it , but I reckon it war right smart
eeeln' . "
All through this wonderful recital George
B. , who dearly loved a practical joke and
never missed an opportunity to perpetrate
ono , had stood gazing fixedly off toward the
northern horizon. When the Hooalor had
finished , ho remarked , "Yes , uncle , that was
raighty'good 'seein' . ' no doubt , but I'll gc
you a big round uollnr that you can't tell me
the number of geese in that flock up there , "
pointing in the direction in which ho had
been cuziug. Wo all looked , but could sec
nothing. George winked. The old mac
Bhodcd his eyes with his hand and raid ,
"Wai , I reckon I kin sco the geosooasy 'nuff.
I hain't right smart on countin' nohow ,
stranger , but I ca'lato thoyso 'bout thirteen
in thot uir flock , 'z I kin sco 'em now. " W (
nil strained our eyes , and presently a flocli
kovo in sight. They came uearcr and nearer
Wo counted just thirteen. "Thunder ! " salt
George , as he handed over a dollar , "when
in blazes did those gocso come from ? I didn'
ee them beforo. " They had come upon th (
pceno just lu time to win a dollar for tin
Tim Drummer Abroad.
I'll tell you what I saw in Manchester
England , " said a gentleman who lately returned
turned from a trip abroad. "On the hate !
register ' I found the name of 'C. Sidney
Smith' , U. S. A , , ambassador to England and
Franca and S. P. D , to the czar of Russia. '
It was n puzzle to ma and I smalt a mouse
but I waited to see him before giving auy
thing uway. After a fovv hours ho called ni
my room. Than I found him to bo an ex
drummer for a Chicago crockery houso. Hi
bad saved up a fovv hundred and was uiaklni
the tour.
" 'What induced .YOU to register ns you did
I asked utter a bit.
' ' { jltnply to receive the rcspoct and con'
Ideratlou due me,1 bo mulled.
" 'Does it cheapen your bills ! '
' "No , not to nny extent ; but tt gives mi
the beat for ray money , and I have free car
riaga rides and many-invitations out to dine
Man who registers over here 'as plain Sinitl
or Brown gets only unumon. I'm off fo
France next week , nnd I shall register ther
ns "Special envoy of the American congrosi
ana Jim-dandy representative of 70,000,00
Americana. I'll ' got quull on toast whoa yoi
follows have only bacon , Well , BO long. 1'n
off to dinner with u big manufacturer , am
to-morrow I'm to rltlo out xvlttt an M. P. am
aduko. Take my advice and hitch on ;
title. ' "
The Uncertainties of Coffee.
J. L. Allwortu , representing Winslovt
Hand & Watson , Importers of teas am
coffees , Boston , was In Millara , Kan , a tov
day * UKO. Ho bus Just returned from a trl |
to the coast und reports having found buol
ness unusually promising. "Wo are havlnj
a hard time , " said Mr. Allworth , "In ou
trade , becau&a of the coffuo market , whlol
lias .boon very unsteady , "
Flu produced a letter from Mr. Watson
wboMrritca :
"Now , In regard to the market , wbllo w
can not BUO uny [ xnieiH to us In having It g
Jughor , yet wo feel that the crop condition
uro such that coftca Is liable to bo a groa
dual higher for many months to ooinu ;
you need not bo afraid to sell your good cus
iomers large bills of coffee , as. in our ludg
ment , there will ba no chance for its golm
down , but a great chance for 1U going up.
"Oa the Btreacth of this. " said Jtmaiy , "
old ono man 0,000 pounds , nnd in lew than
week the market weal ilowu. The result i
that wo will buvo to miiko him goodcousa ;
queutly the trade under auch circumitiioce
is hard to handle. "
I ) . U. Puller.
D. U , Fuller , oneof tba boat , if not th
best known traveling men doing Nobraskt
Was born at Jackson , Mich. , in 1837 , and , a
be puts it , is almost tlurty-tvTQ year * of age
Ho represents the Britton , Ilichardson t
Co. dry geode house , o ( St. Joseph , Mo. , am
Lag teou connected with U for about tw
years. Prior to this , however ( ho made Ne
braska territory twelve years for Tootlo ,
Maul & Co. , of Omaha , and visited almost
every town tn the stato. Dan
quit the last named company to
cngago In the real estate business In this city ,
nnd ho is said to have garnered nil the way
from W.OOO to tlO.OOO In cold cash. But the
grip proved to bo too strong an attraction for
him and nfter a Reason oft ho commenced the
weary pilgrimage for tao company with
which ho Is now cmrasrcd. Dan is great on
fakes , nnd ti.oro isn't a bald head restorer on
north that ho hasn't tried. And moreover ho
has a penchant for poetry , nnd ho entertains
"il friends by the hour reciting extracts from
Ilia Wheeler Wilcor , nnd so'tno of the boys
blnk of making a data for him on the stage.
Drummers' Dny.
Although nctlvo work was not commenced
n Drummers' day until late , they have ,
irofitiu by last year's experience , nccom
lishcdn great deal In the past week , nnd
now everything is in readiness nnd n grand
parade Is Injured. At the meeting Saturday
ight the executive committee stated they
had secured over 600 nntiios nnd would be
gin collecting the $1.50 assessment Wednes
day of this weeIc und that th y received an
jnthusiustlo welcome from all the wholesale
louses. Five hundred bolts , badges nnd
.larnsols have been ordered and will bo fur
nished all who join In the parade. The Omaha
'air ' association offers to issue compliment
ary tickets to each salesman admitting him-
elf mid lady to the fair on Wednesday after
noon , September 4. These tickets will bo
handed out with the badges to all in uniform
iit the headquarters In the board of trudo
building Wednesday morning before the
[ nirado. Committees wore appointed to meet
ivith the traveling men of Council Bluffs nnd
Lincoln on Sunday afternoon and.extend to
.hem a cordial invitation to join In the
urano. Meetings were called ut Fremont
lastlngnGrand Island Norfolk and Beatrice
'or Sunday afternoon , nnd a good report
s expected from each place early this week.
An ample supply of silk huts hai been pro
vided for ut tin ; sair.o price ns last year.
Traveling men's headquarters will bo estab
lished nt the fair grounds , whore refresh
ments will bo served to alt of their friends
who call. W. S. Hclphry has been appointed
chali-mnn of the committees on refreshments ,
and that doe * settle it. There will surely bo
'plenty for nil. An excellent band has been
secured by the committed ou music nnd will
bo established at headquarters. This will
certainly bo an enjoyable feature of the
The following vice presidents , appointed
Saturday evening , uro expected to do their
best to assist in securing a largo attendance
from their respective towns , as well as ulso-
where : Grand Island , F. O. Lockwood ;
Hastings , W. B. Sheldon ; Lincoln , H. Sim-
inonds ; Fremont , Ed. Lord ; Norfolk , Jay
Holphrov : Chadron , J. C. Carson ; Council
BlutTs , John Storlt ; Sioux City , Lyman
" 'aero ' ; Beatrice , II. F. Bacon ; Columbuo ,
Varies Martin ; Kearney , Alt Nye ; Rod
louil , E , T. Brown ; Nebraska City , Etiuono
Bradley ; OgUou , Utah , J. Bentty.
Each onois requested to notlty the secre
tary , M. W. Rycrson. care of Richardson
Drug company , of their accept
ance at once , that the executive
committee may'know who to depend on. The
president has appointed as marshal of the day ,
W. L. Eastman ; assistants , Tom Harvey , C.
W. Close , AuKUstMcyes , JackGarrctt ,
The secretary also wishes to state that a
notice has been mailed to ouch and every
Omaha salesman , but realizing how uncer
tain the _ mnils. are , requests all * to consider
that a personal invitation has been oxtendcd ,
whether a card wus received or not ; and it
Is hoped that every traveler will not ouly be
ou hand , but will consider himself a committee -
too of ono to see that the rest of the boys are
there , too. This is not worked up in the in
terest of nny particular ones but for all
traveling man , and they as a class can not
afford to see it anything but the grandest
feature of the cntiro weak. COMMITTEE.
At the Murray.
Promptly at 10:30 : yesterday morning In ac-
cordanca with the tlmo honored custom ,
Chief Clerk Ira Hlgby , of the Murry , began
counting the noses of his proteges among the
knights of the grip who were stopping with
him. Ho found these present :
From New York F. H. Morris , \V. T ,
Paruer , A. C. Lordly , T. H. S. Hvdo , James
Arthur Smith , E. R. Fuller , L. Schllsby , H.
L. Terrell , Thomas Long , William A. Biako ,
T. A. Hodklnson , John D. Rupolgo , A. H.
Wills , T. F. Gladwin , T. S. Wood , George
T. White , E. Cohen , M. L. Holton , M. G.
Flynn , E , Bayard.
From Cnicago George Smith , U. V.
Simms. J. H. Scott , F. H. Dayton , A. Iclnor ,
G. A. Vanops , U. G. Leicrhardt , George R.
Coyell , A. LenaUl , B. Kingsbury , U. N ,
Guriey , A. P. Richardson , W. G. McPherson -
son , C. A , Nandcn , Goorou B. Holcombo. J.
L. Goldsmith , H. M. Rood , W. A. Pichard ,
David Barry. S. T. Altman , U. S. Hunger-
ford , A. L. Gross , E. Belts. A. B. CIme , W
J. Shells , A. L. Eastman , W. H. Hubbarc
and wifo.
From St. Louts E. G. Anderson , D. Drei
fuss , E. H. A. Vanslttort , H. B. Matthews.
Everywhere F. Connor , Charles C. Lin-
ingcr , Cleveland ; F. S. Rood , Kansas
City ; Q. A Weston. Boston ; J. B. Clmso ,
Aurora ; A. J. Taylor , Rock Island ; C. W
Hare , Philadelphia ; D. B. Lyons , Dei
Moines ; C. J. Grundbach , St. Louis ; W. H
Simpson , ChicagoGeorRO ; H. B.irr , Ashland
E. H. Kelly , Springfield , 111. ; James V
HotcnHss , Pcoria ; Al Decker. Sheboygan
Wis. ; A. H. Simons , Charles Riggleman
Dos Moincs ; E. S. Stattacke , Minneapolis
C. L. Cargo , Pitlsburg ; J. J. A. Webb
SprinKliold. O.
After making the boys account for them
selves during the past night , Father High' '
gave them a short dissertation upon tin
sanctity of the Sabbath , and dismissed then :
with his blessing and a command for then
all to attend divlno service at least once dur
ing the day ,
At the Mil I aril.
"Tho boys came in great numuors to sponc
Sunday with us this time , " said Chief Clorl
Huhtt , and hero are a few of thorn :
Geo. H. Vedboth , Boston ; C. H. Walker
Boston : J. W. Fried , St. Louis ; C. W
Woodward , Now York ; A. M. Spangler
Philadelphia : E. E. Hill , Chicago ; H. Lowe
NowYoritV. . H. Wray. Chicago ; C. E
Burnett. Chicago ; Kobt. WeiOensald , Chicago
cage ; Thos. Baldwin , Qulncy , 111. ; Lutho
Hyde. New York ; C. L. Nelson. Chicago
S. L. BarUclt , Slow Yorli ; Sam1
Mofflt , St. Louis ; J. C. Asherman
JMow York ; J. Cole , Chicago : John Huveon
Chicago ; Samuel G. Goss , Chicago ; E. H
Way. Cleveland : M. Vanderpool , Chicago
O. O. Gregg , Minneapolis ; E. Valentino
Minneapolis ; Warren Smith , Chicago ; It. M
Alien , Chicago ; Eli Aldrlce , Boston ; A. J
Moffett , St. Louis ; W. B. Buck
Cincinnati : 'P. W. White , Boston ; W
B. MoKinnoy , Troy ; S. L. Kittlo
Now York ; E. K. Fassott , Chicago
E. II. Mead , Detroit ; Lee Horn , Chicago ; A
VVynian , St. Louis ; D. H. Ralph , Phlla
.delphla ; II. W. Robinson , Now York ; S. 11
Hathaway , Now York ; C. A. a'onscn , ( jhl
cngo ; R. M. Taylor , Mobile : T. L. Mulono
Mobile ; J. T. Pee , St. Louis ; TtioumsV \
Johnson , Poorla ; C. J. Cooper , St. Joseph :
0. L. Horov , Chicago ; James Kirkby ,
Now York ; A. E. Hall. Cnl
cage ; L. II. Long , Chfcatro :
P , H. Simmon , Chicago ; Hans Hanson , Cm
clunati ; C. E. Lotstmw. St. Louis ; H. G
Hart , Now Yorit ; W. F , Hynes , Chicasi )
1. K. Phillips , Now York ; G. H. Jantz , Cin
clnnati ; Daniel G. Wheeler , St. Louis ; R
H. Glllott , Chtcaro ; a M. Wonbergor , Nov
York : F. W. Smith , Now York ; C. E. Hull
Cleveland ; GuorgoM. Lee , Dayton ; Wllliau
W. Page , Boston ; R. H. Uro , Chicaco
Harry M. Gould , Rochester ; William Hoford
Chicago ; A. W. Byer , Boston.
' At tlio Pnxlon.
Day Ctorlr Connell , of tbe'Paxton , say
that tbo old friends ot the now proprietor ;
aru rallying1 around them by the score , am
yesterday the rotunda of the old standby resounded
sounded to the laughter and jokes of a smal
array of the drummers. Among them wer
noted :
Joseph G. S. Best , Chicago ; P. Mortol
Chicago ; O.V. . Poasello. Dubuque ; D. F ,
Kemp , Uuffalo ; I. Swartz , Chloajjo ; G. D
Davis , Covlngton , ICy. ; H. N. Carpenter
. _ . .
1 - .n j * * * a iuwwt U41UUC
aiwlis ; W. II. Churchill , Now York ; Isadon
Jacobs , Now Yorlt ; P. K. Ilnpsoou. Chicago
O. L. Kennedy , New York ; N. Corinth , Ir ,
Chicaso ; K L ) . Howe , Omaha : A. May
Kunvw City ; U. C. UoRera , Cincinnati ; A
tt. Coltou , OaleiUurtf , III. ; A. B. Ualinot
Chicaso ; W. G. llrower. New York ; U. T ,
Laoy , Now York ; W. Budgott , Now York
Arthur Achcson , Now YorkjD. Morgan ,
Cincinnati ; Paul F. Zoltlow , " Now York ; J.
M. Ivcs , Chlcfteo ; M. T. MccchChicago ;
B. F. Freeman , Dot roll ; D. F. Harrington ,
Now'york ; H. HafTorkorp , St. Loui ; T. J.
Barnard. Atlanta , Go. ; R J. Anderson , St ,
Louis ; Chas. Llugoafoltor , Phllndolphin ,
Pa. ; W. A. Rcmlck , St Paul ; A. O. Da-
vldls , Chlcnpo ; A. H. Castle , Chicago ; Qco.
J. Goto , St. Louis ; J. C. Whlto , Lincoln ; K.
-1. Voorhls , Trcntort , N. .1. ; E. J. Hart ,
Jhlcaco ; L. M. Westlnke , Pittsbnrg ;
K. M. Ulrdsall , Onlcaijo ; W. H. Uenton , New
Yorlt ; Oco. D. HowarJ , Memphis , Tonn. ;
T. M. Davidson , Now York ; O. ! ) . Grcono ,
tfow York ; W. D. Uradshaw , Chlcairo ;
rnmos Grant , Chicago ; C. J. O. Taylpr , Now
York ; A. Manhlmraor , Now York ; Phil
Leon , Now York ; Charles P. Goto , St.
Louis ; C , H. Kraft Now York ; H. S.
larko , Now York ; \V. 0. Hrowno , Boston ;
.Vnllixco Sherman , Now York ; Chnrlos A.
Qulcloy , South Bond ; T. S. Micks , Syracuse -
cuso , N. Y. ; Gcorco H. Mars , Chicago ; E.
" . ' . Unonlhort BufTttlo , N. Y. ; R. F. Ual-
itun , Hock Ulonu.
Do Merciful to Yourself ,
And heed the appeals for assistance put
forth by your liver , when the organ Is out ot
order. Among thcso nrc distress in the
right nido nnd through the right shoulder
blade , yellowness ot the slcln and ovoualls ,
furred tongue , sour breath , slolr headache ,
nnd ultovo all , irrcguliirity of the bowels.
The mercy you extend to the nflllctcd orfinn
Is wisely shown by u prompt course of medi
cation with Hostellers Stomnch Hitters ,
most genial of alteratives , und the hepatlo
gland early reciprocates the dnservcd niton-
lion by resuming Its secretive functions nc-
tlvely nnd regularly. Among the nccomna-
nying coed results nro renewed dlgeitlon ,
frecilom from headaches and a resumption
of activity of the bowels. All bilious sym | > -
toms disappear , and nppotito and sleep 1m-
provo. Beni-flVent nro the effects of the lilt-
tors In diseases , kidney disorder ,
rheumatic nllu > onts ana nnrvousncss.
Mosquito Can't Let Go Whllo You
Hold Your Itrcntli ,
Three or four mon were sltttncron the
pinzzn ot n sonsido cottage smoking ,
says the Washington Star. It was ovon-
ing. The slurs were as thick In the
sky aa freckles on a rod hemlod girl's
"tico. The waves came in on the beach
with u swish-swash-BWosh juat as they
have donp ovoi- since the souond day of
the creation.
Moro piercing than the song of the
waves were the notes , and more multi
tudinous than tlio stars in heaven the
number of the mosquitoes that haunted
that piazza , and every ono of them was
"looicing for blood. ' ' The raon had
ceased smoking for fun. They now
pulled their cigars to keep the mos-
quiloos away.
"Something funny about mosquitoes , "
said ono rather absent mindodly.
"Yes , rather , " was the drawling re
"Funny how much blood it takes to
fill ono of them up. "
"No , but honest , now ; do you know
that if a mosquito'd get his bfll down
into your hand ho can't pull it out while
you hold your breath ? "
"Don't believe it. "
"It is true , however , for I have tried
it. "
'Dot you the cigars that n mosquito
can take his bill out at any time ho
wants to do it , and wo will try it right
hero. , la it a go ? "
"It is , and I'll lot them try. "
A lamp was lighted , the cierars put
out , and all waited. In less tluiu a min
ute a mosquito had placed himself on
Tom's baud and began operations.
"Now , " said Tom , and placed Ihe fore
finger of his other hand down close lethe
the mosquito. It did not budge. Ho
placed his nail aurainst the abdomen of
the insect and whirled it around. Still
it remained fixed.
"You can do it every time , " said Tom
as ho killed the mosquito and draw a
long breath.
It is a fact. Go and try it.
Something to Ttcmcmbor.
If you are going east remember the
"Rock Island Rolito" run the sleepers
and chair cars of their solid vestibule
train to and from the Omaha depot ,
leaving Omaha at 8:45 : p. m.thus avoid
ing the transfer at Council BlutTs.
Three solid trains daily. , All chair cars
are free. Dining cars on all through
trains. Our trains make close connec
tion with all eastern limited trains con
necting in union depot ut Chicago ,
avoiding a transfer across the city to
parties enrouto to Now York , Boston
and other eastern cities , "and every
thing a little bettor than other lines
can offer. " S. S. STEVEN'S ,
Ticket office 1305 Parnam. Gon'l W. A.
"When Bitten by a Hnttlo Snuko.
DivS. "Weir Mitchell contributes to
the August Century a profusely illus
tratcd article on "Tho Poison of Ser
pents , " in which ho says : ' 'I am often
uskod what I would do if bitten while
fur from holu. If the wound bo at the
tip of a linger , I should like to got rid
of the part by some such prompt auto-
surgiual moans as a knife or a possible
hot iron affords. Failing these , or while
seeking hulp , it is wise to quarantine
the poison by two ligatures drawn tichl
enough to stop all circulation. The
heart weakness is made worse by emo
tion , and at this time a man may need
stimulus to walk homo. Assoon as possible
siblo some ono should thoioughly infiltrate
trato the seat of the bite with permnga-
nato or other of the agents above men
tioned. By working and kneading the
tissues the venom nnd the antidote maj
bo made to come into contact , and the
former bo so far destroyed. At this
tlmo it becomes needful to relax the
ligatures to escape gangrene. This re
laxation of course lets some venom into
the blood-round , but in a few moments
it is possible to ugain tighten the liga
tures , and ngain to inject the local an
tidote. If the dose of venom bo largo
and the distance from help great , except -
copt the knife or cautery little is to bo
done that is of value. But it is well to
boar in mind that in this country a bite
in the extremities rarely causes death
I have known of nine dogs having boon
bitlon by as many snakes , and of those
dogs but two diod. In India there
would probably have boon nine dcat
dogs. _
The four H's health , happy homos
and hospitality fostered by Angostura
Bitters. Solo manufaa'mrors Dr. J. G.
B. Siogcrt & Sons. At all druggists.
> Mmlo n Dynamo of Him.
Mr. H. M. Stevens , of Boston , says
the Now York World , is another "ox-
port" who does not believe that elec
tricity can execute a criminal. Mr.
Slovens informed a correspondent on
Saturday that ho once slipped , inspect
ing an ejoctrio light plant , throw out
his hands , accidentally grabbed the
positive and uogativo brushes of u
dynamo exuding a current of 1,600
volts , was prostrated , dropped off by
his own woighthad two doctors at work
on Ilia cold , a tiff and pulseless body , anil
for three hours declined to become con
scious. Why ? Because ho was "full
of electricity nnd insulated. " An at
tendant suggested putting him on the
damp ground BO that "tho electricity
could run out. " Tills was douo. The
electricity ' -ran out" and Mr. Stevens
rapidly recovered and grew fat , but re
mained a sort of dynamo , and still is
very sensitive when thunderstorms are
DukoNn. O5-t.
The Hambletoniun stallion owned by
J. E. MontroBO. nnd to bo Bold at auction
in Lin win September 5 , is an excellent
ropreeo ntativo ol the mightost race ol
trottera the world has over produced.
The Flno Ediflco ; Dedicated at Lin
coln Yditorday.
Scientifically DcSluhcd and Comfort-
nblo na It Is Ilc'ittitllut Iho WnR-
nor-Kcllcy $ ajso A I'ythlaa
lied Ijctcr , lnj.
LINCOLN lumBMJ Buii , }
1029 I' STUKKT , }
IjiNcot.x , August 25. I
The event of to-day wns the dedication of
.ho Central Christian church uttho corner of
Fourteenth nnd K streets. This rollplous
tcmplo , just completed , Is ono of Lincoln's
mnsnlucont church structures , raRnrded oy
many as the llnost In the city. It Is built of
whtto Mllwuukoo brick , corniced with the
red sand stones of Colorado mid Wisconsin ,
luroly modern In architectural design and
Inish , nnd possesses an exterior both strlk-
ug nnd pleasing. The interior is cleverly
designed nnd fashioned , and possesses all of
the modern conveniences. Tlioro is mani
festly nothing lacking m its arrange in outs.
This scntcnco includes ovorythlnc from
Ititchcn to vestry. The nudlonco room Is
spacious , the corridors and Rallorlos pro
portionate , the inclines "Just thu'tliing" and
the furnishings In perfect keeping with an
edifice built at an expanse of over $50,000.
IU dimensions uro immaterial. It is enough
to state that tbo church will comfortably
seat from 1,500 to 2,000 peopio. Sliding
doors separata the audience and Sunduy
school rooms , nnd they can bo throxvn into
ono by means of uoisalcst * pulleys. The , pul-
lllt is so arranged that speakers in position
can bo seen from any part of the interior
fashioned for audiences. The choir gallery
is at the right of the pulpit and
the baptistry at the rear , facing
the west. At the entrance door to
the baptistry , a birds-oyo view of the city of
Jerusalem can bo seen. This is hand-
painted and a very creditable piece of art.
The proovo in which the baptistry Is set
shows a deep blue sky ovorheud , and etch
ings of the stately palm and other dlgitato
trees on the sides. But the wood work and
plastered walls of the building are beauti
fully frescoed , and but few. if nny , liner
buildings hnvo been dedicated to the wor
ship of God in this part of the country.
1 ho day was pleasant anil the church was
crowded to the utmost. Every pow and
chair was occupied nnd a largo number wore
compelled to stand throughout the exorcises.
At lenstUvcnty-two hundred people crowded
into the church. The decorations wore sim
ple but very prott.v. A beautiful wreath
adorned n stand in front of the pulpit.
Choice greenhouse plants were at the right
loft und roar. Deft hands and good taste ,
arranged them , mid the room presented a
very inviting appearance. At the turn of
fiio appointed hour the chorus broke forth
with the sweet notes , "Old Hundred , " and
followed wltn "Woi'ttro Hearing , wo are
Dwelling , " to the familiar tune of Essex.
Charles 13. Newman , pastor of the church
then read the twenty-third psalm. Pres
ident Aylswortn , late 'of Fairfleld college ,
followed with an r 'impressive invocation ,
after which the hymn "Coronation" was
announced and the vast nudlcuco joined in
singing it.
Elder Newman then. Introduced Prof. W.
P. Black , of Chicago ] who preached the dedi
catory sermon. The spcaKer was listened to
with marked attention.
At the close of the sermon the choir sang
an appropriate hymn , when J. Z. Briscoe ,
chairman of the builUing committee , re
ported upon the condition of the building
finances. The debt , Jio announced , though
reaching into , the thousands , wui met then
and there. Th'o necoss'ary funds to pay it ofl
were pledged and promptly subscribed.
P. Rl. Ranis , of ffpueka , Kan. , delivered
the closing address of , ' the morning's exer
cises. It was also timely and appropriate.
At the close of the song service following
Hvv. Newman pronounced the benediction.
Praise service was held at 2 o'clock this
afternoon. Prof. Black : occupied the pulpit
this evening. The service was largely at
The Wncncr-Kelloy t/nao.
A well known attorney , who is thoroughly
familiar with all the facts in the case , said to
THE BUB reporter : ' 'I see that some of the
papers , in discussing the Wagner-Kelley
case , do so upon the hypothesis that Miss
Wagner is guilty of the crime of being a pro
curess and that the only reason that the case
was dismissed was that there is no statute
covering the case unless the Kclluy girl had
been actually debauched as the result of her
machinations , This Is wrong and does the
accused an injustice. The genius of our in
stitutions recognize everyone as Innocent
until their guilt has boon firmly established.
Miss Wognor is entitled to this considera
tion. There 1 nothing In support'of the ac
cusation except the Kelley girl's own unsup
ported statements , and those who have seen
both ara much more inclined to believe Miss
\Vagner than her. The impression created
on ma was that the Kollcy girl had seen ton
times as much of the world , and know tea
times as much of its vices , as did the other ,
and I lind that the sauio Impression was
made on others. In fact I simply don't bo
llovo ono word of the story i > ut up by Annie
Kclley. Shu had started to run uway , prot >
ably to ire to Denver to enter on a Jifo ol
shiuno , and Blio was put off at Culbcrtsau
without money. She mot some sympathetic
peopio from Lincoln and she gulled them
with her story. Does It look reu ° , unable that
a purely innocent girl could bo persuaded by
another to muka suuh a trip as that and foi
that pui uosoi Well , hardly.
"I sco also that imaginative reports toll ol
how Miss Wagner lured a son of a prominent
family in this city to Salt I.ako City whore
she lived with him in cr.cut splendor foi
some tlmo as his wife , and thtit thin happy
state of affairs was broken up by her demand
through an attorney for $3.fiuO , If all this be
true , why don't ' they give thonauio of the
young muni Is ho to bo protected that he
may deceive other young , innocent , und con
fiding girls whiio she Is to bo drivmi into tlio
Harlot's last ditch ) These snmo reports describe
scribe her as not only handsome , but very
beautiful , with sweet , soft , seductive , sy-
ren-lilce way , that could capture even an
old timer and load him from tha paths ol
rectitude. Those who talk this rot have not
seen the girl. She Is hot beautiful. She is
not handsome. She is hardly commonplace ,
Her lily white- hands about which they rave ,
ara largo uud course- and brown , showing that
she works for a living ,
' 1 am sorry that it/is1 o , but things have
arrived at such u statc/Jm this city that it is
only necessary to acd'usb a girl to send hoi
with railroad speed down thu road of perdi
tion , and it is tlmo to1 put a stop to It. A poor
orphaned , washing girl'is ' as much entitled
to the protection and considerations of out
laws , as the rich andjtha powerful , and I Iiom
you will print what I/say in TUB BEE , as It
seems to a defender of the poor. "
Damon anj Pythias.
Monday , August- , will long be ro
momborcd by the Pythians of Lincoln aa o
red letter uay In the exiitouco of the order ii
this city. It Is the aiinfvoraary of the found
Ing of the uniforniod a k , and will bo cele
brated with great oclat Uoducod rates havi
been secured over ull tip.roads , and a large
attendance ia oxpectedifrom outsldo the city
A chief attraction Will bo the presence o.
Justus II. Uathburn , the founder of tbo order
who will lecture at the opera homo in the
evening ,
The conduct of tha celebration of tbb
anniversary is in the hands of the followlnf
general committee : Ed. IL SlzerUkharc
O'Neill. Uobert S. Brown , H. W , Johnson.
The reception committee Is composed of th <
following well-known knights : John Jen
kins , W. H. Bcrger , Charles M. Kcofor ami
A. A. Lascb.
IJrother Hathburn , whllo in the city , wil
bo In the hands of the following committee ;
Grand Chancellor Will H. Love , llrlgadlei
General W. L. Dayton , Judge A. W. Pield ,
Colonel H. P. Doran , Colonel E. R. Slzer ant
P ist Grand Chancellors John Morrison nnc
The day will be spent In drills and instruc
tions. Grant Memorial hall , on the unircr
Ity campus will be used , The secret wort
will bo exemplified at Castle hall.
The following is the ofllclal programme :
Headquarters First Uegimeut , Nebraska
Brigade , Uniform K n1e of Knights of
PythiasTho ofllclal programme of the Uni
form Hank , KnlauU of Pythias , will bo as
follows for the celebration ot their anniver
sary :
At 7l.r n. m. the committed will moot ar-
rlvlnc divisions.
10 o'clock , school for instruction at Memo
rial hall.
12 m. , dinner.
3:30 : p. in. , school for Instruction.
A p. in. , supper.
0:45 : p. m. , sharp , assemble at armory for
parade ( Tenth ana O streets ) .
7 sharp , line of march will bo taken no
and is na follows !
From P street south on. Tenth to O street ,
cast on O to Eleventh street , south on Eleventh -
onth to M street , countermarch on Eleventh
to N street , east on N to Twelfth street ,
north on Twelfth to O street , north on Elev
enth to I1 stroot. The regiment will there
'form for dross parade ,
After dross purndo the regiment will escort
cert Brother Hathburn nnd the reception
committee- the opera house.
After the lecture at tlio opera house tha
regiment will march to Memorial hull for
one hour's Instruction In formations. It is
understood that Brother Unthburn will ulso
bo present.
After the school at Memorial hall the regi
ment will mnrch to the armory and take part
in the reception to Brother Uathburn and
break ranks.
Harry F. Down , colonel commanding.
John Jenkins , ilrst lieutenant und adju
tant. _
Compliision Powder Is an absolute neces
sity of the rcllncd toilet in this clinmto.
Pozroni'a combines every element of beauty
nnd purity. _
Ills Career ns n IJCJKT Apostle the Re
sult of n Brother' * llliic .
The brother of tlio late Father Da
mien , whoso iinmo is Augusto PamphUo
do Voustor and whoso homo ia in Lou-
vitln , FrancoBonds to the London Times
an interesting account of the circum
stances in which the celebrated priest
Ilrst wont to Honolulu. In tlio year
1803 the writer says that ho himself re
ceived orders from his superior to start
for Honolulu in the month ot October.
Ho was already n. priest. At that tinio'
his brother , Jof Damien Jot is the fa
miliar contract for Joseph , and was the
iiiiiuo ho always bore in the family
circle who wag his junior by two
years , had still to complete his
studies and receive the priesthood , ,
nnd no ono droamcd of hip departure.
But it so happened that aa the time for
sailing drew near the older brother ,
who writes of the events as "by God's
design , " foil slek of typhus fever in the
very house in which ho still lives , and
in which , all unconscious ol the future ,
ho had prepared his brother for his sac
erdotal studies by teaching him Latin ,
a language of which ho knew nothing
till ho was close on twenty years of.ago.
The doctors declared that the elder
brother's going was out of the question.
His passage raonoy on a Gorman sailing
ship from Bromprhavor to Honolulu had
already been paid. Jcf Damien , with
out saying a word to any one , wrote di
rect to the stiperion general in Paris ,
asking for the place. The return post
brought the reply during the din
ner hour. The superior was so surprised
and indeed annoyed at its contents
that ho throw the letter down on the
table before the brother , saying : "You
are very young and green , Damien , to
start before receiving the priesthood. "
The young brother thereupon snatched
up the letter and raced uwny to the bed
side , where ho kept waiving it , crying
out in a transport of delight , "I am go
ing in your place. " Then , without
waiting for dinner , ho sot oil to say
j good-by to the family.
This'was the first and most important
stop in his missionary career , but the
brother adds : "I had later on another
striking illustration of the simple earn
estness and humility of my dear broth
er's character. Some time after he had.
settled down at Molokai ho wrote , mo
a long letter , describing his life
among the lepers. At the request of
many hero I publiseed it in the French
missionary journal.- Some months af
terward. I received a sharp rebuke from
Damien for having done so. Ho added :
'I want to live and work hero unknown
to the world. ' But death has now re
leased mo from the obligation of silence
and Father Damien's English admirers
will perhaps be glad to learn that his
loiters , translated from the French and
Flemish , many of thorn dating.back to
his childhood , and carefully treasured
for years by our mother , who adored
Jof anil who died of a broken heart
whqn she hoard ho had taken the lep
rosy , will appear in an English period
ical , the .Month , for July. Yoi'r read
ers may also bo interested in the pro
jected Belgian memorial of my broth
er's life and work. Committees have al
ready been formed here and in other
places to collect funds for a Damien in
stitute , the object ot which will bo to
insure a continuation of my brother' *
wont at Molokai lUolf. Burses are to
be founded in a college that shall bo
called by my brother's name and the ut
most care exorcised in the choice ot
proper subjects for the glorious but most
difficult task of ministering to and nurs
ing the lepers. Wo naturally hope that
the country which sent out Joseph Damien -
mien do Voustor to his leper apostulato
will continue to provide not unworthy
successors of his labors , who , like him ,
will address the stricken charges not
with the formal 'My brethren , ' but as
ho always loved to say : 'Nous untroa
leproux' 'Wo lepers. ' Long before ho
contracted the malady ho wrote
to mo : 'That is a title 1 jealous
ly claim for myself and am proud to
bearit , " _
O. A.'R. Exuuruion.
From August 21 , to August 28 inclu
sive , the "Hock Island Route" will sell
round trip tickets to Milwaukee via ,
Chicago for the G. A. R. oncanpmant
at $14-50 , tickets good for rotnrn until
September 6. Choice of Vail or lake
route from Chicago.
Ticket office 1805 Farimm stroot.
Unknown Ilorjoos
Texas Sittings : The world is full ol
here worship , and many are the fortu
nate ones wo honor and revere. Some
won by knightly deeds on battlefield ,
some by splendid prowess in saving life
when periled by ( ire or ilood by every
form of daring bravery or noble effort
the list Is swelled. And a quick and
generous appreciation Is awarded all
such deeds of exceptional heroism.
All heroic acts , however , do not come
to the light of public approval. There
are unknown nnd unnoticed heroes und
heroines in private life whoso names
are not destined to bo ' 'sung in num
bers ; " whose quiet lives How on in un
eventful stillness.
But the young man who voluntarily
resigns the ambitious plans of youth ,
with all their vaguely splendid possi
bilities , to care for his aged parents , is
an obligatlan , perhaps , distasteful tt
him , seeing his"hioro fortunate brothers
and comrades winning fortune and renown -
nown that might ba his , is a here of no
humble typo.
The , girl who , putting aside her own
happy dreams of the future , dedicatee
her life to the care of an invalid mother
or crippled sister , maklnjr their HVOB
bright with the light she denies her
own , ia a heroine , though not always
recognized as sueti.
In many an obscure homo the frail
mother ia the heroic spirit , who moots
the blows of adversity with'tho shield
of cheerful Industry. Bravo and never
despairing , thankful and hopeful tc
othera , she might have poems written
of her heroism if bor station had boon
higher ia the Ojotot the world.
A DylnRVoinnn Recovers Jnnt to
Spite Her Httfttinml ,
The chuckling and other symptoms ot
satisfaction led the Oxford county man
to toll another story , says the Lowbton
( Mo. ) Journal.
"A woman upoiir way was verv stck , "
sntd he. "She grow worse and worse ,
and the doctor finally gave her up. She
had fought n good light for life , but at
last made up bor mind that she was
going to die , aivl saitl her parting
words to her friends. Lnst of all she
had a talk witn her husband.
11 'John,1 said she , 'I'm going to leave
you fore vor. '
' 'Yes , Mirandy , ' srvld ho , dropping a
' 'I ain't like some women , John. I
want you to bo happy and huvoa com
panion through mo , "
" 'Yes Minutely. '
" 'Yes. I want you to marry again ,
nnd I've boon thinking that ono of Mr.
Smith's girls would make you an excel
lent wife. '
'i 'Yes , Mlramly , I've boon thinking
of that name thing myself. '
' 'You have. ohV you bi-utol You bol
ter wait till I'm ' gone before you pick
out another wife ! Oh , you wrotcn !
Fixing your heart on another woman
before your lirot wife's under groundl
But you shan't have horl I'm going to
got well just to spite you and Ann
Smith. '
"The woman wns true to her promise
To everybody's astonishment she recov
ered und lived to attend her husband's
funeral. "
Via the Northern Pacific R. R. , nllow
the holders the privilege of stopping
over nt Spokane Falls , Wash. , and all
points \vesl , of there. The Northern
Pacific is tho' only line traversing
Washington Territory from cast to west
and. north to south. Ratcsfrom Omaha
and Council Bluffs to all points on the
North Pacific coast areas low via the
Northern Paclllo as any other line.
A null Flclilcr'a Mother.
The funeral ot the mother ot the
famous Spanish bull-lighter , Frascuolo ,
which took place a clay or two ago , has
been qulto one of the sights of Madrid ,
says the Pall Mall Gazette. The old
lady , who passed her lifo in constant
anxiety about her daring son , died
while ho was killing six bulls in the
arena. Frascuolo worshipped her and
had her buried in princely stato. Tlio
lead coffin , richly decorated with ornaments -
monts of gold , was carried to the hearse
by four ot his comrades , eight black
horses drew the char funooro , and behind -
hind it , together with Frascuolo , walked
all the most famous bull-lighters of the
town ; 1GO carriages followed , and alargo
crowd ot persons belonging to all classes
joined the procession.
September 5 at auction in Lincoln ,
Rys Duke and forty marcs , colts ,
drivers and draft horses.
Two Million Artificial Members.
It is a curious fact that there are 200-
000 peopio in the United States who
have artificial legs or hands. This num
ber does not include the veterans of the
union or the confederate army. In
New York city and vicinity there are
about five thousand men and women
and women who have supplied -the
place of lost limbs with the manufac
tured article.
Jly littJo boy , C years olil , was t Ick (
I with a disease for \ \ lilch doctors h.Kl I
I no > : .ime. The nails conic oil hU fine1 ; 1
I era , nnd the flayers came oft to the I
lialihllojuint. For 3 ycnrs ho Buffered !
| dreadfully ; Is now ( rcttliig well. und 1 1
lam satlslicd Sniffa Sprcil'.c Is tlio I
I chief cause ot hit Improvement.
Joux DCIUL , .
Jan. 12 , 1889. Torn , Ind.
_ _ I llttla boy broUo out with sores nndl _
nlccrn , thu result of tlio enllva of a calf coming In con
tact \\ith n cut fliisir. Tlio ulcers v ere deep nnd pain
ful and shon-ed no Inclination to heal. I gave him
Swift's Specific , nnd ho Is now well.
Feb. 15 , ' 89. JOUK P. IlEAitn , Auturn , Ala.
8em } for books on Blood Poisons & Skin Diseases ,
free. _ Hwirr Krccino Co. , Atlanta. Ua.
H FUJI I lie
Wcakneu of Bodjnd Hind : Effscti
notml , Hoble tXIIOOn f.llr lU.l.rrd. Ho * lo Kolirrn d
Abioluulr n f.lll.i IIOBE TBUTXKNT-HriitBU < < > * r.
B If illfj rron 47 8Ut , Trrritorlw , mil Forrlpi ConntrUi.
Son HI-IK Ihm. Boot , mil ipl all.n , > nj priwir. x J ! 4
l 4\l ) t tnt. iililmi ( Rl ! UIOlrAl n..RU"Ain H *
Brooke Ilnll , for Qlrla and Young Ladles
ShortMdgu Media Academy , for lloya and Vouns lien
Swiiuin C , Suortlp , A , M ,
Media , Pennsylvania , near Plilladolphia.
I'repartor ) anil collftfUt coutuallteraturel nKuaB
jnuale. nrt. K. y. IIUUJBP. l'rinetp -tacfciKinflll * . IIL
uIui-knearChlc ( ire )
JMtira for Ulrla and Younir Ladlm. > 'or {
catalogue nddreMU. TIIAYUItl.J. . It. , * -
ftlorgitu J'nrk , 1IL , or 7T MuJHon btreot , ClilcaKO. 111.
Conservatory of Music
Minneapolis , Minn.
PIANO liest teachers only In every . .
ment. Unaniiiihc'il opportuiilty forBturtyt
OllOAN y ) lossoua for $15. Free uilvtiutages
worth price nt tuition , All Instiuuieuta.'
Eiuigos , Mlntory. Literature.
VUIUE Seal for ralendar.
311. MOIISB. Director.
O M A HA BU8t _ IE81
QfTToIiirSlf ! LTiMiTr'
" " " ' * " '
"iiir"HKYt"v' II NT IN HTON"l'reKl3'ont ,
I.T.COI , W.VKUIIKOK.aupaflntondent.
wall-on-Hna on. Col. 0 , J. Wright. U. 8.
A. M. . Supt. j , K Hyatt , Comd tot Cadets.
CowJviiiim , 1'i.ATi'i : , COUNTY , ]
Conducted nytheSlswnofBt.lTancia. Opem
its Bl htliBoholu tlo year H pt < , ! * . Turn In
ntltutlou oUt-r * every aclvuntagu for URU.mrlng i
thorough. Chrtatlau education. Forteriua uml
partlcuhira uddreiu , BUter M Jocepho , tiupor
Tlsoroas ,
Chicago , Ilia , IciarkSt.
Tbo Regular Old-Established
Ii ttlll Treating with ISo Grsatttt
Chronic , Nervons and Private Diseases ,
NERVOUS DSntMTV , Loit Manhood ,
Fftlllna Memory , Exh u tlnff Dtilni , Tertibla
Promt , Head and Dack Acha > nd all tha cffrcta
Ictdlnu to eirly decuy knd perhaps Conaumptlon 01
InnDlty , treated ncicntlhcaUjr by oevr method * with
nevtr-fiilmi ; nucctti.
Kf SYPHILIS and rllbad Blood and Skid Dll <
ca t > prrmni ntly cured.
JiV KIDNKY.nd URINARYeomptalntt.dUet ,
Gonorrhoea , Strlctu re , Vartcoceli and nil dlseaiM
or the Qenlto.Urinary Organs cured promptly without
Irgury to Stomtch , Kidneys or oiher Orgaiu.
a&-No cKperlmtnU. Age nJexperlencelm
portant. Ccnaultntlon free and aacred.
for CelebrMtd Work * on
Chronic , Nervous and Delicate Dutatts ,
S-Tho c coilempUtlnE MsirUee send for Dr.
Clarke' ! celebrated guUlo Mole and Female , each
it cents , both 05 cent * ( it rnn ) . Consult the old
Doctor. A friendly letter or cult may save future suffer.
Inu and sname , and add golden 1 ears to lite. 4VUOOK
"Lite's ( Secret ) liners , " 50 c nls ( stamp * ) . Medlcln *
Kid writings sent everywhrre , sictire Iron exposure.
ours , 0 to 8. Sundiyi 9 to l Address
F. D. CLARKE , ( VI. D. . . . .
eoo se. ciarh 8i OHiOAGKk MJU
simuun/vN TRAINS.
Running between. Council DlulTs and Al-
brlKht. In nddUlon to the stations mentioned ,
trains stop at Twentieth ana Tvrtnty-fourth
streets , anil at the Summit in Omaha.
Chicago , Milwaukee & St , Paul R'y ' ,
The Best Itoute frum Omalm and Council
Dluffs to
Clilcngo , AND Milwaukee ,
St. Paul , Minneapolis , Cediir Rapids ,
Bock Island , Frecpori , Itockford ,
Clinton , Diibuqiie , Darcuport ,
Elgin , Madison , Jancsrille ,
Belolt , Wlnoiia , La Crosse ,
And ull other Important iiolnt * Kant , NortUeait and
. BouiUeait.
For through ticket ! call on tha ticket aeent at 1MI
Farimm itrtvt , lu lintkiT Jlloclt , or ut Uulo 1'uciBo
Do pot.
1'ullman Sloeiiemnil tlio flneitDlnlnz Can In th *
worMnro run on the rakln llnu of tliu fnlciu-o. Mil.
waukee A HU I'aul Kalmur , and erury atUntlau U
paid to pauuiitfen uy courtuout Dinuloret vf tin
cola pan y.
lt..Mllr.ll.floneral [ Maia r ,
j. F. TIIL'KKII. Aiilttint ( ieneral Manager.
A. V. it. DAltl'K.NTKH , uoueral I'Mienjn and
71ckt > t Aueot.
OtO. ] 7. UKArTOUn.AialitaatOeaeral I'MienKar
uil 'J'leket Affont.
T.J.CLAllE , Ucniral l BopirlDUadent.
" I bo lAaanr Habit. 1'o.lilTelr Car l
by AJminUtarln * Or , Ilu
Ualden Hptclflo.
It can bj Kivenlua cup of cutfeeoitoa wllliouttai
knowleil o til the periuii taking It 1 It obioluttlx lurm
Ima , anil will eitact n tjiuuiif and purnianeot cure ,
nliollier tliu patlant Ii inodurRta drlnkvrur an al-
cobol wreck. 'Jlioutaiid * uf Urunknrdi liuvo buun
mudutuiupomtumrii who liavctakrn ( lulJou MiietlUo
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