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c THE Blfffe : FlttPAY. AUGUST 9 , 1889.
bycftrrlfr In Any fart of he City
1 wcnty Cents I'erWfrek. _ „ .
U.W. T1J-10N. . . MANAGER.
KIOIIT Kuiroit , Ko.ZL
N. V. P. Co.
Oleason conL
Gypsy encampment to-night , \
C. 11. Muslo Co. , 533 B'way.
Ilcltcr , tailor , 810 Brondwny.
Evans' laundry , 724 Broadway.
D. W. Otis , city nml farm loans.
Boston store leading dry goods tiouso.
Strcotsvlllo citizens are clamoring for po
lice , protection.
Dr. D. B. Judd Is putting up several hand-
como cottages on Lincoln avenue.
A marriage license wns issued yesterday
to G. A. Lang mid Mary E. Johnson , both
of Omaha.
A frame building on North Mnln street ,
occupied by negro nnd white prostitutes , was
partially destroyed by fire. A couplu of the
negro women narrowly escaped death In the
County Attorney Organ is doing the hand
some on account of tbo recent arrival of a
young but promising law student In the
Organ household. Ills picas thus far ha vo
been Invariably successful ,
Unity Guild will hold n sociable this even
ing tit the residence of .Mr. Charles Swan ,
corner of StutHinun nnd Pierce streets , enter
tained by Mrs. Prescott , Mrs. Kunyan and
Mis * Swim. A cordial Invitation extended
to all.
The Ilyors of the Stewart stable nro being
hoard from at Chlc.iRO. Vcnjjeur , a very
promising three-year-old colt , won a
three-quarter tnllo dash In ll7Vi : ,
carrying UU ! pounds. This is not the
first race Won by horses of this stnblo
this season , ns the Stewart colts have al
ready showed the way out In several races ,
besides Qnlshinp second and third in a num
ber of others. It is u noticeable fact that
they are nut running unplaced.
Walter Davidson was sent to the county
jail yesterday for thirty days , bvSiiuiro Hon-
drlcKs , for the larceny of a watch nnd sev
eral trinlicts from mi employe at McPhcr-
eon's greenhouse In the 6nstern part of the
city. Hn claimed to bo a great Sunday
school worker In the MetliodUt church , but
the court was of the opinion that he haa
been working the ungodly to too great an ex
tent * and thought it best to lay him away for
a whllo to keep him out of mischief.
In the superior court Corn Bailey Is light
ing the monthly fltio Imposed on women of
the town for "vagrancy. " In Juno and July
she was not fined. She was arrested for
"vagrancy" this month and was Wednesday
arraigned for trial. Her attorney demurred
to the complaint , as not specifying uuv net of
vagrancy. This was overruled. The de
fendant alleges that she is not a vagrant.
The city authorities say that If defeated In
this action they will have her case before the
grand Jury.
A prominent citizen nnd business man of
Council Bluffs , who has taken quite an Inter
est in the little hero , Jimmy D.wls , nnd has
already contributed liberally to the fund now
being raised , states that ho would bo ono of
fifty to contribute 10 each , or ono of ono
hundred to contribute (5 each for five years
toan | education fund for the bravo little
Jlmtnlo Davis. Are there ninety and nlno
persons In Council Uluffs who will join him
nnd contribute a similar amount !
The "uhigrcs" are appearing In and about
Council Bluffs for the lir&t time. Many here
do not know wnut they arc , but If given half
a chance the chores make themselves very
familiar. They uro minute Insects of the
flea family. They penetrate the skin and
speedily rear a numerous progeny when
once located thoro. Unless promptly re
moved they cause troublesome sores , and
during their residence under the victim's
skin they drive one into more profanity than
even a bawky stove pipe. Numerous com
plaints are being entered against tTTern.
Dexter , employment.
Dwelling for sale on easy payments. Also
building lots at lowest market prices. Call
and examine our list. E. H. Shcafo & Co.
J. G. Tipton , real estate , 527 B'dway.
Steam and hot water heating , first-class
plumbing. Work done in both cities. John
Gilbert , 618 Pearl street , Council Bluffs.
Personal I'uracraphs.
Miss Kittle D. Sabel , of Cordova. Neb. , Is
visiting with her aunt , Mrs. S. J. Klein.
Miss Molllo Huyless. daughter of G. W.
Bayloss , of this city , is expected to arrivu
from Kansas City in a few dnya.
County Auditor Hondrlclcs returned homo
yesterday morning from u ( tying westward
trip. Ho went as far us Uospor county , Ne
Mrs. Acderick Rapp , living on Broadway ,
ban received word that her mother was
killed while walking on tho' railroad track in
Mobcrly , Mo. She nas gene to attend the
C. L. Winter , of Now Brighton , Pa. ,
nephew of W. L. Bedlson , Is seriously ill at
the residence of his undo , No. tlOfi Fourth
avenue. Ho Is a member. of the Knights of
Pythias , and Is being cared for by that or
O. C. Troxell. who has been with Deere ,
Wells & Co. for several years , severed his
connection with that firm yesterday , to become -
como general western agent for J. I. Case &
Co. , Kaclno , Wls. His territory embraces
nil of the states west of the Missouri rlvor ,
and ho will have exclusive control of their
coeds In that part of the country. His
headquarters will be at Omaha. Ho has a
host of Irlcnds In this city who will rejoice
at his success.
G. P. Snooner , paying teller at the Citi
zen's bauk , is suffering severely from an
injury suttulned while driving a nail Into nn
can plank a few days ago. The hammer
slipped and struck him on the Instep , inflict
ing a severe bruUo , but it was supposed to bo
nothing serious. The injured foot , however ,
began to swell and became very painful , and
Dr. Montgomery was called to attend him.
Yestoiduy there were strong tendencies
toward lock-jaw , five or six severe spasms
taking place. Later In the day the danger
ous tendency was overcome , and there are
prospects of bis speedy recovery.
Gypsy encampment to-night ,
Tlmt DKputeil Waterway.
"If the citj owns eight feet of the lot upon
which T. H. Evans is building on Main
street , and the waterway from tho. alloy to
Mam street has been obstructed by him , as
was stated In the council on Wednesday
mirht , why don't the city ofllccra prosecute
him for the obstructions ) " inquired a citizen
ycatoruuy. "It places this great city In n ro-
umrkablo position , to say the least that can
bo said about It. Tha presumption Is that the
city Is either afraid of Tom Evans or has setup
up nn absurd claim to u piece of valuable prop
erty to vthlch It has no shadow of u title.
is equally absurd to notify him that both him
self and bis contractor will bo hold responsi
ble for any damueo that inay arise irom a
flood. The proper way to do/if the citv's
promises are good , is to pitch Evans' build
ing In the street und make him pay nil ox-
pciiscs. Hut the truth U that there has been
some oambv puwb.v work lu connection with
this waterway of which , everybody is
ashamed. The street could have been
opened three years ago at a cost of f l.bOO ,
but how it would cost ten times that amount.
It would perhaps bo good policy to open it
even at that cost , for public convenience de
mands a street thore. "
No Explosions
When persona keep cool and use our
"Bun Dial" gas stoves. Four holes ,
roaster and bakooyon. Costs 7 conta
per hour when running full "Must. Now
York Plumbiiiff Co.
Residences and vacant lots for'salo In all
parts of the city , In monthly payments. A. A.
& Co.
Those having bouses to rent sea us Imino-
diatcly. A. A. Clark & Co.
E. II , Shoafo fc Co. glvo special attention
to the collection of routs and euro of prop
erty lu tun city nnd vicinity. Charges mod
erate. OWce Uroadwuy and Maiu streets ,
\ip stairs.
The Republicans Select Delegates to
Go to Dos Molnos.
What They Sny bf thp Oiihill-
cintcii A Nnmo' data Its
Owner'luto Trouble.
Ttopnhtlcnn County Convention.
The republican county convention to oicct
delegates to the stito convention at Dos
Molnct , on the Hth Instant , was called to
order by T. P. Treynor , chairmnn of the
county central committee , nt ! i o'clock yes-
tcrihiv afternoon. 15. E. Hurt , of Council
Uluffs , was elected temporary chairman , nnd
F. .1. Stlllman , of Avoca , secretary. A com
mittee on credentials was then appointed as
follows. H. J. Chambers , Council Bluffs ;
U. Clark , Ncola ; W. C. Davis , Washington !
O. M. Witt , Nooln ; G. M. Putnam , Qrovo ;
Wooster Fay , Keg Creek.
Committee on Permanent Organization
H. H. Smith , Harden : S. 11.1-Yurn , Pleasant ;
J. U. Ulako , Knox ; W. D. Dlmvtddlo. Wash
ington ; Theodora , .I.icob Sims nud
Walter I. Smith , Council Bluffs.
To fill In the time during the absence of
their committees Judge Uccd mid C. M.
llnrlo tnado ntlrrlnir ami eloquent addresses
urging the rupubilc.uis to put forth their
usunl efforts In rolling up lurco majorities nt
the next election , notwithstanding the hope
lessness of the outlook for the democratic
The committee on crodcntlals ropqrtod that
several townships wcro not represented In
the convention and othois partially , and upon
motion the delegates present were permitted
to oust the full vote of each township and
The committee on permanent organization
in ihulr report recommended for thin nud
future conventions a new method of organi
zation. The apparent object la to reduce the
chances for bickering and clnshlnc to u mini
mum , and Jo " nway entirely with the dis
graceful scenes that have occurred in past
conventions. The plan Is to divide the
county Into seven districts , and as there are
134 delegates in the county there will bo 18
delegates to a district. Each district will
name ono assistant chairman , who will have
charge of the camnaign under the
direction of the chairman of the
county central committee , and also appoint
ono member to each of the following com
mittees , f. c. | credentials , resolutions , organ
ization. The intention of putting the ap
pointive power in the hands of the district
committees is to do away with the one man
power , nnd as 13111 is ye save , prevent the
"temporary chairman from being the con
vention. "
Considerable opposition w.v made by D. C.
Bloomer and Judge Heed , the fanner saying
that ho bad attended republican conventions
for thirty-five years nnd this was the first
time he over hoard of inharmonious action ,
and no was strongly in favor of continuing
under the old system. Judge Heed opposed
It on the grounds that this convention had
not the slightest right to ndopt resolutions
that would control the organization of future
conventions , and he offered amendments cut
ting out the words "future conventions , " but
on motion It was defeated. The report | of
the committee was t'uun voted upon and
adopted. The temporary organization was
maud permanent.
Under the new rules the committees to
name delegates to tho-state convention and
the committee on resolutions were appointed.
The. committee to select delegates
were as follows : S. B. Frura , a. A. Jones ,
J. H. McArthur , U-iClark , Hi Coffcon , H. J.
Chambers , J. C. Mitchell , I. M. Tr-jynor.
The following delegates were named as
assistant chairmen of the various districts :
First , J. B. lilake ; Second , L. M. Putnam ;
Third , J. II. McArthur ; Fourth , H. J.
Irwln ; Fifth , H. J. Chambers ; Sixth , M. E.
Meyers ; Seventh , F. S. Thomas.
Unon vota of the convention , Theodore
Guittur was elected chairman of the cuunty
central committee.
The following delegates wcro selected to
go to state convention : Hon. J" . U. Heed , E.
A. ConsignH. . V. Battcy , J. L. Balr. J. C.
Bradley , G. M. Putnam , William A. Mo-
Grew , E. W. Gregory , H. B Crofts , E. J.
Kinney , E. P. Brown , K. Clark , A. W. Matson -
son , H. J. Chambers , H. Coftccn , J. Sims ,
Colonel W. F. Sapp , J. J. Steudman , C. ivl.
Harle , J. D. Edmundson , I. M. Treynor , A.
T. Fiicklnger , George F. Wright and Cory
Resolutions endorsing Governor Larrabco
and Spencer Smith were adopted unuui-
mously , after which the convention ad
Horses I'or Sale.
Will give time. Also new and second-hand
buggies at Kiel's stable.
Fine jewelry , w.itches nnd diamonds ;
cleaning and repairing at E. Burhorn.
S. B. Wadswortb & Co. loan money.
Baths nt Munawa Beach , near hotel. Sep
arate bathing rooms-for ladles and children.
Winter & Monroe , sign painters , 410 B'way.
The Gypsy encampment which was to have
opened last evening has been postuoncd till
to-night , when. It is hoped , the weather will
bo more favorable.
City steam laundry , 31 Main , tal. 141
Have your old furniture upholstered good
as new. H. Morgan , 733 Broadway.
A AVolfCliaslnp Club.
Tom MoDormott has rcturnca to his homo
In Ottawa , 111. , but ho left his kennel of fox
hounds bohhut him. They are in churgo of
W. H. Ware and Colonel D. B. Dailey , two
enthusiastic wolf hunters , and nn attempt
will bo made to organize a club here to pur
sue the sport. The plan Is to make the mem
bership fee $5 , and it is desired to have about
fifty members. The club could then have a
run whenever any of the members desired ,
and the dogs would be on hand , some person
being employed to care for them.
The abundance of wolves in the county Is
assurance that there would bo no lack of
sport. The farmers assert that the animals
are becoming very bold , ana are raiding
hen-roosts with alarming frequency. Dur
ing the run of an hour and a half Tuesday
morning the wolf chasers started sixteen
wolves just south of Lake Mantuvn , and they
are reported to bo fully as abundant in vari
ous parts of the county. The farmers take
much more kindly to the idea ttan might
bo supposed. and several of thorn
have promised to turn out whenever the club
visits their neighborhood and join In the
chase. It is claimed that the wolves nro
riuIdlytlncrcasinp ) In numbers , us the bounty
offered by the county , H per scalp , is In-
BUftlcicut to Induce hunters to devote much
time to them. It is highly probable that a
wolf and fox bunting club will soon be
organized , and wolf hunts will then become
of weekly occurrcuce.
J. H. Smith , drugs , medicines , paints , oils ,
glass. COO Main , near John Morgon's.
Swanson Music Co. , H35 Broadway ,
Go to M. Keating for drugs , 503 Broadway.
Money loaned tit L. U. Craft's fc Co.8
loan olllco on furnlturo , pianos , horses ,
wneons , personal property of all kinds ,
and all other articles of value , without
removal. All business strictly con 11-
Prosprau of thn OiinUldntos.
Now candidates for the office of sheriff are
developing daily. The Influx of delegates to
the republican convention yesterday after
noon discovered two moro. They are Gus
Lavcnbur , of Hnrdln township , and Hugh
Goss , of this city. S. B. Frum was also on
hand looking after his Interests. Still there
u plenty of room , but it will undoubtedly betaken
taken up , as It Is yet early in the fight and
the greater part of tbu county is yet to bo
heard from.
The wheel hories of both parties are very
free to express themselves , and discuss the
merits and prospect * of tbo various candi
date ! ! with great franknen and evident
gusto. Said ono of the democratic leaders
jcstordayi "It l altogether lee early to
maKe any urophccy us to the full nnd Html
result , but sotno things nro already patent to
n careful observer , O'Neill will certainly
get the nomination for sheriff , and U Just as
sure to bo re-elected.
"For treasurer , nr bettor man than John
Plumor could bo found , but ho has alroadv
hod the oltlco two terms nndhorcnllv doesn't
need It , It doesn't pay him to stay there , for
ho could nmko moro uionoy outside. How
ever , I r.tthor think ho will bo n cnndld.ito
unless some ono else turns up , in which ctiso
he will stop down and out of their w.iy.
"For auditor It Is rather difficult to foresee
the result. The republicans will bo qiilto
llnhlu to get ono of the office * , nnd It U hnrd
to toll which one. Ira Hondrlcks has u
great many friends , nnd has given good sat
isfaction , as far as I have heard , nnd ought
to bo his own successor. There Is some
thing rather odd about politics in this county ,
and U is very difficult to form an accurate
Idea regarding the result of an election.
"When the republicans were in power
they never mndo n clean sweep , nnd since
the democrats have secured the upper hand
we have never carried everything with the
exception of a very few times. The repub
licans always innnago to elect the clerk or
some other officer. Both parties have held
good , round majorities , but the' result Is the
namo. The fight Is so close on this account
that some ono has to bo traded to olcct the
rest of the ticket. With my acquaintance
through the county , If I was running for any
county office , I would much rather be on the
republican ticket than on the democratic , us
the situation stands to-dnv. In the first cnso
I xvould fight for myself , but in the latter I
would have to carry along all the rest of the
ticket. I am n democrat , but 1 know that It
will take n hard fight uud lots of work to fill
all the county otllces with democrats this
fall. "
A republican , who is as high in party as
the democrat above nuotod , expressed the
following opinion regarding his party can
didates : "S. B. Frum will bo the possible
nominee for sheriff. He could not bo elected ,
for certain developments of the past few
yeiira has not helped him with the republi
cans. Ho would mukn a IliMt class clemo-
crnthi nominee , but would not suit the nro-
hlbitionlst clement. Captain J. T. Ander
son ciui secure the nomination for sheriff if
he wants it , as he can get the whole ulty del
egation nud cnouch of tlio county to lay over
thn other candidates. I hardly think ho
could bo elected , however , and Frum would
stand n bettcr'show nt the polls , ns ho Is bet
tor known through the comity. Nothlnir
can bo told nbout the candidates for the
other oulccs , but wo will manage to squeeze a
man into some of them. "
Desirable dwellings lor rent nt
prices. E. H. Shoafe & Co. . rental ugents ,
Broadway and Main streets , up stairs.
Wanted , ono or two good teams ns first
payment on house nnd lot. Sufficient time
given on deferred payments. A. A. Clark &
Whnt'H In n Name ?
Mr. George W. Losoy , of the Council
Bluffs Portrait company , was mnch sought
after by the reporters yesterday , nnd all on
account of the following dispatch from Na-
pervllle , III. , which appeared in the Chicago
News of the Oth inst. :
"G. W. Losey , n painter and paper hanger ,
has eloped with Miss Jennlo Thompson ,
daughter of Supervisor Thompson , an ex-
mayor of Naporvillo. * Losey came to Napcr-
ville two years ago and made n dash in soci
ety. Ho won the affections of Miss Thomp
son , but her father objected to the match on
the ground that Losoy was , an ho termed It ,
'a hih-toned paupar. ' Several weeks niro
the girl wont to Elgin to visit friends.
About two months ago Losoy left town , 09-
stensibly to accept a position with former
employers in Omaha , Neb. Instead of go
ing to Omaha.ho secluded himself , and , by
preconcerted arrangement , mot Miss Thomp
son clandestinely nnd went with her to Beloit -
loit , VVis. , where they were married.
"The affair bos created quite a sensation ,
both because of Miss Thompson's position in
this community and because , since Loscy
loft here , unothcr young woman has been
hero claiming to bo his betrothed and'seom-
ingly very anxious to see him. Ho had made
her believe , It is said , that he owned ono of
the finest residences In Naporvillo and would
soon wed her. Falling to keep his word she
came to see what was the matter. "
There nro several facts in addition to the
similarity In the names which excited a
great deal of speculation on the part of the
newspaper men and gave rise to a belief
that the parties wcro ono nnd the same.
In the first place Mr. Losey came to Council
Bluffs nbout the middle of June , which ac
cords very well with the dale of the disap
pearance of his namesake from Napervlile.
Ho loft hero fn A month npo , going to
whoro-lw mnrrlod returning
Chicago * - was ,
hero with his t/Mdft three woolts ngo. He la
nlao a painter , or .moro properly speaking , n
portrait nrtlst.nvhich strengthened the be
lief of the nqvrft gatherers that they had
stumbled upon'hrntorlnl for a sensational
item. Mr. Losay.ivas ODl 1I3V yesterday
denying that hojwns the Losoy referred to
nbovo. but tookitho matter as trojd nuturodly
as could bo expected.
This Is the sbb'And ' time that another G.
W. Losoy has qhjiaed him a great deal of an-
noynuco. A few scars ago the "othor fol
low" bought a store nt Wlnona , Minn. , nnd
gave u forged cjipdt In payment. The pa
pers published it"dnd , for months Mr. Looy ,
the portrait palater , who had n largo num
ber of acquaintances In that section , was
kept busy proving thnt ho was not the
Wlnona forger. Notwithstanding his former
experience , ho is not pleased with his present
unpleasant notoriety simply because ho has
"been there before. "
Ills wife's experience was no moro pleas
ing. She WAS sought out nnd qubzcd by the
scribes regarding nor antecedents , past life ,
present state of affairs nnd Intentions for the
fututo. She stood It until she was nearly
distracted , when she Inquired of her husband
what the matter could be. Soon nttcr the
whole affair unmo out , to her Infinite relief.
Both regret the undiio prominence into which
they are brought , but insist that the story Is
new to them nnd ono In which they are not
concerned in the slightest degree.
Soldenborg's 5o Figaro nt the Four-win.
For sale Ono Gar-Scott ton -horse portable
engine ; In good repair. Apuly to Weir-Shu-
gnrt Co.
Kelley it Younkormnn sell groceries
Chase nnd San born coffees a spccluly.
Slips of the Tongur.
A friontl of mlno was nttondiiifj ser
vices ut u certain Baptist church in
Washington , says it lottifl1 in the Snlotn
Gnv.otto. The tnlniator was a very do-
Hborato speaker with a broad month.
The sermon wns about the death of
Moses. In the course of it the urcnchor
bcfrnn a sentence ' 'Biddy diddy" nnd
again halted. What could it bo ? Ho
niado u second nttompt ' 'diddy biddy"
and again halted. Stranpo. Lubri
cating his lips ho made a third attempt
and succeeded ' 'Did ho bid adieu , "
etc. A clergyman in Ohio said : "For
now we see through a dark glassly , "
and the same muti spoke of some ono
poinpr "heedlessly" to destruction. A
Providence minister once said : "Turned
hisoyless "siglitballs up to heaven. "
TTTXNTEl ) At once. Bgcnts to EoHoltToiTIiSl-
T ry or commission. Good reliable inou
only. Permanent situation nnd good s ilarv to
the right parties ) . Address Council limits I'or-
trattCo , , Council Itluirs. Iowa ,
OR I2XCHA.VOB An equity in afnrnmear
tlui city for city lots. Johnston & Van I'nt-
ten , Kvcrctt block.
niAIUjR boarders wanted at 122 Benton street.
JL Good board at reasonable rates. Mrs. 1. W.
RHAI. KSTATHAMouKht and sold nntl ex
changed. Spncl il attention clvun to exam
ination or. titles. WVC. James , No. U ) 1'earl St. .
Council BlulTa. " ' '
In the city. Gilt edged opportunities to immo
oil teinvebtpjsauJ lu iiMjjiaf s.
41 $ BROADVV- . .
AS ent American nuilillnt ; nnd Loan Associa-
on. No. 01'carl St. . Ul'-bTAlllS.
Hero Mill and Power Sfisller
, Badger , Appleton -
ton Feed Glitter and Wood Saw.
* "
* * LA - * * ' * * --4Kfe
Newly Furnished
Connected by Motor
\jf /1 with
Located on Lake Marmwa , the finest Waterlrjg jPlncoand Sum mo
Resort in the west , Beautiful Boating Tund Fishing.
Unparalelled Bathing Beacn. ,
n kii I Special Bates to Parties and Families. Oor-
UaVi | rospondouco-Sollcitod.
It is a BEAT-ALL , because it never brcnks , splita , crncka or curls.
Becnuso it is indostructlblo in the weather , aim will undergo no chungo jn
in any climate ,
ItecfuiEo it is more durable than any ether roof mndo , iron , tin , alnto or wood.
Because it can bo quickly put on without skilled labor and is cheaper than
Uecausp it has been proven by the severest trials and has never failed.
For further information apply to
Boom 6OO First National Bank Building , Omaha.
Council Bluffs office , 115 Pearl Street , .
itQ | llQ | < ( O ijt Q | | | Q lt | Ql 1' ' O tI [ Q tji Q ijii Qitj | O til O lit Q P O ' ] O
216 Main
No , 27 Ma'n St. , Over Jacquomln's
Jewelry Store
I have the largest and
finest Block of hair goods
west of Cluonco , nnd I
huvo determined to close it
nil out with the Intention
of going out of the busi
ness. Ladles who dcslro
nni thing In my line \vill ho
Riven nn opportunity to
buy It at less than half the
usual prices. The goods
nre llrst class , nnd nil orna
ments , etc. , mndo up In the
latest styles.
Orders by mail receive
prompt attention.
Nil. SO Main St. , Council Hlufl"H.
Centrally loccted. Hrst-class turnouts ,
fresh horses and new carriages. Not an old
rlf , ' In the stablo. Special attention given to
funerals , and reduced rates for carriages for
this purpose.
purpose.W. A. HAYES , Proprietor.
Telephone 77. ! iiu Uroadway ,
The best Is Generally the cheapest. If you
would bo a tlrst class book-keeper , teacher ,
penman , or repoi ter und typewriter In u reason
ably short time attend the
Send for catalogue giving full particulars
roo. W. S. 1' , Council lllutrs la.
r' THE-
THEjflBhife , : :
NO. .3B MAIN ST. , 1
Money loaned on furniture , pianos ,
diamonds , horses , buggies or anything
of value nt low rues of interest. No ,
publicity : fair and honorable dealing
A. A. Clark & Co. , ouico cor. Broadway
uhd Main , over American express.
'Jnos. IV. H. M. PUSKV
Corner Main and Uroidwaf ,
Dealers In foreign end donvistlo exchange.
Collections madt and Interest paid on time de-
1'res. Vice I'rea ,
CIIAH. U. HANNON , Cashier.
raid UP capital . jim , < moo.
Mablllty to Depositors. . . .TJS.lflO.00.
Dini'.OToii" I. A. Miller , I'.O. Gleason , K. li ,
Blmtjart , K. K. Hart , J. D. Kclmundson. Clius. It.
Ituniiou. Transact general baukm buslnesn.
Largest capital ana burping of any bank In
gouihweBtoru Iowa. Interest on time do poults.
ST. nuns
CounciljBluffs , la.
Conducted by the Sisters of Charity ,
An excellent educational Institution , fur
nished utth all modern Improvemtmts for
boarding nnd day school. The acedeinlo year
conslau of two sessions , beginning on the first
Monday Jn BcpWmber nd Fubruarr , respect-
T HMS-Iloard and tuition , per session. 175.
For further particulars address
Bliuor Superior , tit. Francis Academy ,
Council Hlufft , la.
V U ft A Ji'
Especially Adapted for
IIORSE POWER Mills and Elevators
Specifications and ostlmtues furnished tor complete steam plants. Kegnliitlon , durability
guaranteed. Can show letters from users where fiu-1 economy
with Corliss Non-Condciulng. Send for uatnloj-uo.
E. C. HARRIS , Agent.
No. BIO Pearl Street , Council Bluffs.
etertnaranfirCouncil Bluffs
No.3i | Broadway.
Superintendent ,
Council IlluffH , : ; Iowa ,
Conctt estimates of cost
euurantecd. SpuciM attention
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IIIKH , public liiid private.
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liulldlntK. county court
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