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The electric motor wires have boon
Bttung across the Sixteenth street via
John Clnlr was sworn tn yesterday ns
assistant boiler inspector by Judge
Hon. James Whltohcad , of Custor
county , qualified as deputy collector ol
Internal revenue.
Superintendent Whitlock has sworn
out a warrant for the arrest of A. J.
Stanley for delivering soft refuse brick
to bo used for building purposes.
A mooting of the directors of the
State Development association is an
nounced to bo held ut the ofllco of the
secretary of the board of trade Au
gust 8.
Deputy United Stntos Marshal Stow-
nrt brought J. A. Gibson , ot Wilson-
villa , to the city yesterday , under ar
rest on the charge of selling liquor
without a license.
Mrs. Burmoslor appeared for the
third time in the police court to answer
to the charge of reckless driving. As
the complaining witness failed to ap
pear , she was released.
C. D. Lowsloy was at the police court
yesterday afternoon after a warrant for
the arrest of Mary Rassumsson , whom
lie charges with having stolen a diamond
mend ring valued at $76 from Evelyn
Lownloy ,
A six-vcar-old son of Dennis Kollo-
lior loll yesterday morning whllo
climbing into a wagon , the horses
starting before ho could get oil the
wheel and the wagon passing over his
body , breaking the collar bone.
Robert Stewart , formerly employed
by the District Telegraph company of
Kansas City , as messenger , was arrested
hero yesterday. The boy is wanted in
Kansas City for embezzling $16 of die
company's money and stealing a suit of
clothes. He will bo taken back to-day.
CHIT L. Carr was released from St.
Joseph's hospital yesterday , presumed
to be cured of the atlliction which
brought him there. Yesterday morn
ing , shortly after his roleabo , ho was
found upon tbe btrcets , till Icing wildly
nnd apparently half crazed. lie was
taken to tbo city jail but was released
through the ollorts of Joseph Garneau ,
jr. Carr was once employed by the
Garneau Cracker company as 11 travel
ing salesman , and has many friends in
this city.
_ _ _ Paragraph1) .
Guy Barton has none to Denver.
Air. Lieutenant Trultt has returned from
Salt Luke.
AV. A. Puxton nnd wife huvo returned
from the west.
Willintn Bussnnd.of Albright , baa returned
from Dubuque , In.
General 13rooko him returned from his
trip west with Congressman Dorsoy and
T , M. HoDCwell , editor of the Holdrodfro
Nuggetjis the guest ot the Kov : H. L. Eddlo-
George Krug. the Indofutlgnblo agent of
Aiihcuscr-Busch Brewing company , Is In
tbo city.
The remains of Lieutenant McCoy , who
died at.cnmp Pilot Butte. will bo forwarded
to his mothcra'a homo in Cleveland.
Dr. J. H. Hyde returned from New York
yesterday , where ho'has been attending
n mooting of the grand lodge of Elks.
W. H. Price nnd wife , ofOnkdalo ; H.
Fuller , of Waterloo ; A. E. Smith , of Ran
dolph , und D. S. Scltz , of Norfolk , are regis
tered nt the Arenclo.
Mr. CharlQs J. Smith , of the Milwaukee , is
In the city. Ho represents the American
Publishing company , nnd mlikcs n specialty
, of perspective llthograpl ) maps of cities.
\V. N. Noson , secretary of tlio Omnha
board o ( traie ; will start todmon n
tour through the west. Ho expects to visit
ir Denver , Cheyenne , Ogdcnf Salt Lake and
"other cities. .
. John Brntt , of North Platte ; C. M. Rlgff ,
of Beatrice ; J. M. Mursb , of Grand Island ;
C. R , I ) . LnMntyr , 'of Fremont ; W. .A.
* woodward , of York , a'ud Charles B. Allan ,
of Lincoln , arc ut the Murray.
JoluY J. Underwood , of Lincoln ; J. T.
Armstrong , of Beatrice ; W. A. Post nnd 13.
S. Peck , of Stromsberg ; P. F. O. Sullivan ,
4of"\Vost Point ; H. C. Russell , of Schuylor.
nnd Edward Force , oj Bancroft , are at the
D. A. Holmt-8 , of Norfolk ; W. F. Buck , of
Superior ; ! ! . J. Shickcll. J. H. Sutherland
nnd H. Schoror , of 'lokamah ; George B.
Franco and wife , of York ; II. A. Kerfus , of
Ravenna ; Mrn. D. Adnms und Mis. Dwycr ,
of O'Noill , nra registered at the Paxton.
Count Boronta , the husband of the famous
Mod03itn ] , was shown through Tnr. HKU
Building last evening by Mr. E. Roscwatcr.
The count expressed himself thoroughly delighted -
lighted with the magnitude and beauty of
tjils.'tho finest newspaper homo on the con
, . Mr. " Charles O. Wood , of the firm of
Webster & Wood , real estate ugenU nt
Dallas' , Tex. , who 'ins been nt tlio Millard ,
and who careo to Omaha to Interest som.o of
the largest und most progressive mortgage
companies of Omuha to enter Texas , left lor
Spirit Lake and Minneapolis yesterday.
tf ' „ Only Onojjlccnso.
> * Judge Shields yesterday Issued a uiarriago
' 'licence to the following parties :
Calvin C. Clark , York , Neb 23
Mary Slavins , Chicago , 111 31
Hopelessly Insane.
Elizabeth Douglas , the woman who created
BO much disturbance at Florence lint , week ,
has boon adjudged insane and will bo taken
to the asylum. Her condition seems to be
come moro liopcloss dully.
Omaha Minor * .
J. C. Gladden , Frank P. Gould , William
Roohfo'rd , W. H. Rtnohart nnd Willlaui
Btratirmn , of tills city , Imvo bought n gold
mine nciir Uadcrsburj , ' , Mont. , which prom ,
ises a very Holt yield. They claim to have
refused $100,000 for it , ar.d huvo already nut
in plnco the machinery necessary to work it.
Another HnHtliif ; I'luce.
Mount Hope cemetery is the latest of the
burial places which have been established
around this city , It Is situated In the north
west and on the road to IrvlnpUin. It Is
1 rtticlicd by Military n veil no ; the hilly portion
of which beyond tbo city limits 1ms been
ordered graded by the county commissioners ,
wLo huvo now a force of men upon the work ,
Wont lo the Pen.
Sheriff Cobmn wont to the state peniten
tiary with u batch of prisoners. This tlmo
bo took Wither Edwards , who goes for eight
years ; Henry H , Nolan , eight years ; Frank
Williams , llvu years ; Scott Oilman , two
years ; Huns Hanson and Frame Stone , ono
year each , Pat Horrigan und George Hub-
bard went along an guards.
A. Hit ! Heal Kxtnto Diinl.
John Wood Smith nnd Lotta W. Smith , of
Callaway , Custcr county , Nebraska , have
cold to Nclllo MoBrido , for $72,500 , allot
block 4 , and lots 1 , 3. U , 4 , 5,0. 7 , 111 , 11,13 , 13 ,
i4 , ID and 10 , in block I , Wood's Pluco. The
property Is on Sherman twcnuo , opposite the
residence- Hon. A. J. Populeton , Tbo
deed was tiled for record yesterday morn
William HUB Skipped.
L. Silver , who keeps a small grocery at
tlio corner of Sixteenth and Vlnton streets ,
is looking for William Rcnnott. Ho says
William camp Into his utoro and Induced him
to cash a chock for ? 13 on the Merchants'
National bank , which was drawn to ttio
order of Honuutt and signed by K. 1C. John-
eon. Silver afterward discovered the check
ivas a forgery.
Swift's Specific has suvcd mo years of un
told misery by relieving a partial paralysis in
> ny left slue. Tills was after I had been
treated by best physicians in St. Louis and
Chicago. The trouble was cautod by BODIO
tierrngcment of my blood , which has been
conectedby S. S. S.
T. A. SUKITAUT , Sherman , Texas.
They Will lloronftor Tnlco tlio Plnoo
of Mr. I'lpor'fl Check * .
For some tlmo past the teachers of the pub
lic schools have been paid on special chocks ot
Secretary Piper , which they had cashed atone
ono of the banks of the city.
The funds for this purpose wore obtained
From the treasurer on a warrant drawn for
Iho full amount , They were then deposited
In the bank in Iho name of the secretary and
remained until checked out as above Indi
cated. This mode of paying employes ot the
board has obtained for yours , and was con
sidered to most convenient to all concerned.
especially the lady teachers. The latter will
seriously object to the now order of things.
The council , comptroller and city treasurer ,
after having discussed the matter , have ndti-
ficil the board of education that , hereafter ,
a warrant must ho drawn for each Individ
ual teacher or Janitor to whom the board is
Indebted ,
This , of course , will filvo the treasurer
more work , but. It will bo in accordance with
the law. The amount involved average *
about 25,000 a month.
Cure Tor
G. G. Trent , of West Granvlllo , Mass. ,
writes of AI.LCOCK'S Poiious PI.ASTEUS :
For rheumatism , neuralgia , pain in the
nldu or back , coughs , colds , bruises and any
local weakness , they truly possess wonder
ful curative qualities. I have recommended
them to my neighbors with the happiest re
sults , many of whom but for AUCOCK'S
PLARTEIU would be In a crippled condition ut
homo. In every instance where they have
been faithfully and properly applied tlio re
sult has been wonderfully satisfactory.
Illp-ltnpplriK niln.
Yesterday was the day sot by Charles F.
Potter , the United States division engineer ,
to receive bids for tbo brush to be used In
the rip rnp soon to bo put in on the east
banks of the Missouri rlvor.ubovo the wagon
bridge. Up to noon only two bids Had been
received , ono of thorn from .Too Hodman.
The name of the other bidder could not bo
learned , as the engineer was , as usual , as
dumb as an oyster. The specifications ru-
qulro that the material must > o live willow
brush with butt dimensions not less than
thrco-quartcrs of uu inch or over one and
one-half Inches.
The engineer will open these bids and
send them to St. Louis , but the result will
not be known before Tuesday next.
OTo-dny , up to noon , bids will bo re
ceived for the roclc which Is to bo used in
constructing the rip-rap.
Dropped Dead.
Will Bohanan , a young photographer nt
George Hoyn's gallery , fell dead nt 1:30
o'clock yesterday , from apoplexy of the heart.
Ho was IT years old , and lived with his
mother at 820 South Seventeenth street. She
is n very weakly woman , and her physician
stated that the knowledge ol her son's death
must have a serious effect upon her.
The sudden death of Hohanan excited
little surprise among his most intimate
friends. Six or seven years ago ho overi
exerted himself while lifting heavy articles ,
and has smca shown all tbe premonitory
symptoms of heart disease. Several times
he has fallen helpless to the sidewalk , and
the last was but a repetition of former at
tacks , with a fatal result. The funeral will
bo held fiom the famllv residence at 6-0
South Seventeenth street this afternoon at 3
o'clock. The deceased was at work when
stricken down , having left homo only about
an hour previous , apparently us well as
usual. Ho was a young man , barely twenty-
two , of unusually line spirit , a thorough ' /on-
tleman , nnu beloved by all who knew him.
For over five years ho had been employed by
Mr. Heyn , who regarded him almost us a
son. Of the family only tlio mother and a
little brother remain , the father having died
some years since.
A Pertinent Query.
OMAHA , .luly 24.--To the Editor of THE
BRU ; Will some of the many boys who are
talking so much of "Drummers' Day" dur
ing Merchants' week , please inform us wticn
the committee of merchants have asked thorn
to take part In the week's work i
Is it not going a little toe fast to presume
that the drummers are necessary to make the
\\cek n success ?
Of course the drummer is noted for his
cheek , but wo had no idea ho would insist on
tbe Jobber taking him in on the pleasure that
goes with the business I
Is it not enough for the Jobber to pay nil
the protlu out this year In salary and ex
penses of the drummer , without llxing up
arrangements for a day off i
Now , for heaven's sake , boys , let up on
this diuininer day talk , and put In your tlmo
selling goods , and when tbo jobbers need
your assistance in u Merchants' week they
will call on you. O.VB OF TIICM.
That hacking cough can bo so quickly
cured by Shiloh's Curo.Ve guarantee
it. For sale by Goodman Drug Co.
"Senator" Morgan Protests.
THE BBH yesterday afternoon received
the following dispatch from Denver :
Any telegrams sent to Omaha by ono H.
E. Cole from here with my signature and
purporting to come from me , are forgeries
and sent without my knowledge or consent.
I know nothing of Cole or his business here ,
except that ho is witli Miss Williams , the
bicyclist who is contesting the six-hour race.
Still another telegram was received later
as follows :
Desvr.n , July 25. H. E. Cole is hero at
tending to his own personal business and
not representing himself as anyone but H.
E. Colo. S. C. Sim-AitD.
The Sixth ward republican club will
hold its regular mooting at the corner
ofOth and LtUco sis. this evening at 8
o'clock. A full attendance is desired.
The Old Hcxton.
George Medlock , the sexton old and gray
who has spent twonty-flvo years of his llfo
as sexton of Prospect Hill cemetery , has re
turned to his old occupation. Ho was sue
ccedod as sexton of this primeval burial
place by Rufus Prultt. Since that time the
old gentleman has reveled In trips to merry
England and luxurious caso. Prui'.t , how
ever , has accepted the position of sexton of
Mount Hope cemetery , and his position has
boon tilled by his old principal , Guorgo.
Sick hoadiioho , wind on the stomach ,
biliousness , imubou , are promptly and
agreeably banished by Dr. J. II. Mc
Lean's Little Liver and Kidney Pillots.
li-50 u viftl.
The niiiKco mid
IClopp & Dartlctt , printers , have begun
suit before Justice O'Connell against the
Eden Musco company and Alfred E. BhiU-
fuss to recover MO duo the plaintiffs for the
publication of the Munce programme.
Manager Lawlor declined to pay the bill ,
stating that Ulaufuss , who was advertising
agent at the tlmo the debt was contracted ,
had collected the money for the advertise
ments and had failed to turn It over. The
cnso has been sot for trial Monday morning
at U a. in. Hlausluss was once a member of
the Nebraska Detective association , but was
discharged ,
Andrew J. Grlsham , of Hock , Pope
county , 111. , saya : "I tried Chamber
lain J Colic , Cholera and Dlorrhoua
Remedy in my family for summer com
plaint and cholera morbus and it gave
the. best of satisfaction. It also proved
good as u provenllva of flux. I praise
it very highly and. think it is the host I
over saw for suoh complaints , " All of
the loading druggists in Omaha sell it.
ItarnucUi vs Mullen.
A change of venue has been taken from
Justice Anderson lo Justice O'Connoll'a
court In the case of Jlurnaclu agulnst Mullen.
The litigation grow out of a plumbing con
tract , an account of which appeared In THE
Ur.i : at Wednesday. The time ( or hearing the
trial has not been bet and a jury Is demanded.
Over 10,000 phyalolans endorse Plait's
Chlorides nu the proper Jiousehold. dis-
nf ecUiut.
Glvon Pespnlrlng Father by ft Wny-
tvnrd DfiMRlitor.
Clara Burchfird was the central figure In
police court. Clara was arrested at tbo In
stance of her father on the charge of being
Incorrigible. Her father. Ephrititn H.
Uurchanl , stated that ho had boon dcaortod
bv his wlfo in Glonwood , la. , seven years
ago and loft In charge of throe children. Ho
came to Omaha , found employment In the
smelting works and , for the past two years ,
had been living in the old BrownoU hall on
South Sixteenth street. Clara , the oldest of
IJurchnrd's three children , has been keeping
house for her father. Of Into , however , she
has refused to stuy at homo ] and
has boon ontronizlng boor-hall dnncqs with
disreputable companions. Her father has
made numerous but unavailing efforts to In
duce the girl to mend her \vnvs. Ho claims
that the girl's mother , who Is In the city ,
loading a life of shame , has encouraged the
girl in her downward career and has kept
nor from returning home. The girl was
found nt Mctz hall by her father Wednesday
night and when she refused to go homo with
him ho caused her arrest and attempted in
police court to have her sent to to the
reform school.
An the girl is more than sixteen years of
ago , the authorities could do nothing In the
case. She was dismissed. She guvo her
lather and the court n coutcniptous laugh as
she loft the jail to join her former compan
ions."Willyuu go homol" was a < tkeil of the girl
as she loft the court.
"Well , I should say not , " she replied. "Tho
'old ' man don't like my company , and so I'll
stay away from him and keep the company I
chooje. "
Wllllo Babblngton , a lad seven years of
ago , wivs charged with tlio larceny of a silver
watch from Anna Janson. As soon us the
jmlgo saw the size of the accused ho dis
missed him.
N. Peterson , a milkman , was lined $2 and
costs for leaving his team in the charge or a
six-year-old boy. The horses had started to
run awnv , but were stopped by Garbage Inspector
specter Goldsmith , who fllcd the complaint
against Peterson.
Four vagrants were discharged and six
drunks fined.
First n PlRiuyV mi n Olant.
We are too apt to regard a small aliment
much as wo would some pigmy , unpleasant
of aspect and prankish Indeed , but incapable
of serious mischief. Wo ignore the fact
that it grows prodigiously , strengthens in
proportion , and begets evil progeny. A lit
of indigestion , a slight bilious attack , sensa
tions of unrest and languor when tbo sys
tem should have boon braced by recent
deep , unaccountable nervousness , inactivity
of the kidneys or bladder what are these
but the precursors of obstinate and serious
bodily disturbance ! In either of the above
emergencies , common sense and experience
unite in indicating Hosteller's Stomach Bit
ters as the best preventive. Particularly
should its use bo prompt when the languor ,
yawning , chilliness down the back , and
fovorishncss that precedes a malarial attack ,
manifest themselves. Incipient rheumatism
grows apaco. Don't neglect it. So with
constipation and debility.
Rev. J. F. C'Callnaliiui Likely to Bo
Appointed by Blsliup O'Connor.
Rov. R. A. Shaffcl , S. J. , late treasurer of
Creighton college , left yesterday over
the Missouri PaciHc , for St. Louis , where ho
will hereafter bo located , ft has not yet been
announced ofticially m what capacity ho will
officiate in that city.
Father Shaffol loaves a most extensive
circle of acquaintance's in this city by whom
he has boon respected and admired for his
great zeal and devotion to matters pertaining
to religion , as also for thoraru business qual
ifications which be possess * * ! .
His successor at the college will bo
Father Mallory , who has boon here about a
month ,
His successor as vicar general of the diocese -
coso has not been announced , but it is
thought llkoly that the ollleo will be flllcd by
Rov. J. F , O'Callagban , the newly appointed
pastor of St. Cecilia's Catholic church ,
Father O'Caliaghan for many years was
the editor of the Catholic Telegraph of Cin
cinnati. He is a profound theologian , a
forcible writer and a scholarly gentleman.
The Sacred Heart academy , for day
pupils , situated on St. Mary's avenue
and Twenty-seventh streets , is an insti
tution devoted to the moral and intel
lectual education of young girls. The
course includes everything from a pre
paratory department to a finished
classical education. Besides the ordi
nary academical course , music , paint
ing , drawing and the languages are
taught. French is included in the or
dinary course.
Dilleronco of religion is no obstacle
to the receiving of pupils , provided
they conform to the general regulation
of the school. The scholastic term be
gins the first Tuesday of September.
Classes commence ut 0 a. m. , and are
dismissed at 3:80 : p. m. , an hour for
recreation being allowed at noon.
A largo force of men is busily engaged
making the excavation for the now brick
building of Fred Ames , on the southwest
corner of Howard and Eleventh streets.
Tlio structure will bo u massive ono. devoted
entirely to wholesale purposes , and ull of it
has bceu already leased. M. E. Smith & Co.
have leased the greater part of it for their
dry goods stock , which they will greatly en-
largo. _
The Blind Violinist ,
Prof. Joseph Heine , the great blind violinist
linist , his wife , Madame Ada Heine , pianist ,
and his daughter. Miss Evelyn Heine , so
prano and violinist , are in tbo city. They
give a concert in Council Bluffs tnis week
and are arranging ono to bo given m Omaha
shortly. The professor is a gifted musical
genius and composer.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of puri
ty , fctrength and wholosomenesa. More eco
nomical than the ordinary kinds , and cannot
be sold In competition M 1th the multitudes of
lor or nhortwefuht alum or phoiphate powders ,
Bold only In cans. Itoyal Ilaklnt ; Ponder Com.
pany , K& Wall btrect , Now VTork.
V ID DC Yand all urinary trouble ! easily , quick.
MUn L I ly and safely cured byUOCl'UUA Can.
stiles. Bevcral casei cured m seven aays. Bold
ut ll.W per box. all .druggists , or by mull from
Uoctuaa MTKlft , U4 WUUa s N. Y. Fulldlreo-
ft A Al ff | > and Tuition CUUKD ! uo knire ;
I. A Ilil kl < book free. UU. > l.MIlUiiaH.U. ,
Vmi V L. 1 1 180 vvibasjiav. .
uccessfully ued monthly by over 10,000
adloa. Are Baft. fftctuatand l > t < xuant
1 I T box by nmll.or at druggist * . Scaled
arHevlan 2 postage aUmp * . Addreaa
Tu iiuafx-i CumicAi. Oa , Vmaan , Micu.
For sale and by mail by Goodman Drug
( UplMU 1'azton Uotcu
Office hours , 0 A. m , to 8 p. m. Qundayi , 10 ,
m. to 1 p. in.
Spool illBts In Chronic , Mcrvoui Skin ami
Blood llsen ei.
I y Consultation at ofllco or by mall fro * .
Miullcln s nnnt by mull or express , securely
packed , free from observation. Guarantees to
cure imlclcty , unfety ami permanently.
WPDunil ! TIPRlM'rT ' Spernmtorrhcru. s mt-
NjjltVUUu UhtuLllI nnH.05Bs.NlKht ( Kmls
Ions. 1'liyslcal l > fcny. arising from Inc'.lscre
tlon , Kxcess or Indulgence , producing Sleepless
ness. Despondency , rln.p'ei on the nice. aver- .
iilon to aocloty , easily ni"tourapcd. lucK of conn
deuce , dull , unfit for Htudy or business , nlid finds
llfo a burden. Bnfrly , pcrmnnently nnd pri
vately cured. Consult Drs. lletts & Dctts , itUS
Farnura Bt. , Omaha , Neb.
Bloofl and Skin Diseases
results , completely eriullcrUrd without tlis aid
of Mercury. Scrofula , Kryslpelan. I'ever i-ores ,
Blotches , Ulcers , Pains In the Head mill Hones ,
Bjphllltlc Sore Throat. Month nnd Tongue , Ca
tarrh , etc. . permanently cured whore pther
have failed.
nll < 1 Bladder Complaints
ITirlnnu Ifrinprv ' ,
MIHGyi Ulllld'y Painful. Ullllcnlt. too rro-
qiient ilurnlngor Illooily Unno , Urlno high col
ored or with milky bedlmeut on st&mllm ; , Went
Back , Unnorrhci'n. fllcet , Cystitis. etc. ,
PromDtly and L'nfely Cured , Charge * Jtenhonii-
< SJrii1'R.Tf1rJ1'n"R."R / / . I I Guaranteed munont Cure , per- re
moval complcta , without cutting , caustic or
dlllatlon. OuruM etltctcd at homo bjr patient
nltliout n moments pain or annoyance.
To Yonnir Men aim Midflls-A d Men ,
finni ? The nwlul eHects of early
UllfiD UUIlL : Vice.Milcu bungs organic
weakness both mind mid body , with
all its dreaded llln , permanent ! v cured.
riDO PP'TIPO ArtresR tlioauhohnvo impaired
JUAUi 1)1)110 ) themselves by Improper indul
gences and solitary ImblK which , ruin both
body and mind , unfitting thorn lor business ,
tiuly or nmrim p.
MAUHIED M , N. or those entering on that hap
Pylife , invuro of physical debility , quickly ua
ouu success.
Is based upon facts , i'lr t Practical Eipe
rlonce. Second Kvory CASH 1 especially studied-
thus Unttlns aright. Tlilrd-ilc aiemcs are pre ,
pared In our lubatory exactly to suit each case.
thus atTcctlnft cures \ \ ithoiit injury
ta7 Send It cents oosttRe for cclobrate.lorks
on Chronic , Nervuuu and Dullcuto Diseases.
ThouHandncur a.MU7 A friendly letter or cull
may save you future mitToilnc and sh.iine , and
add Koldcn years * to life. t Ko letter * nn-
swereil unless accompanied by 4 cents In stnmDft.
Address or call on-
HMFarnani Street Omaha. M b.
-AIL .x
* Fi.OATIN < . ' 30JVP <
( UK6E JlZtJ >
and receive L" §
I liicl
rlR'iinintlnntob.iu tliai
U dih.iblul me fur \ \ orlc
nn.t cor.lliiLd me to my
b .d for n whole jcnr ,
during which tlmo I
could iioteunralfcmy
Imnds to my liuid , and
for 3 inontl.u could not
move in j f elf In litd , as
reduced In flesh from
} 192 to 80 His.Vns treat
ed by bett plijBlrlane ,
only to grow worse.
Finally I took Snlft'a Spcclflc , nnd soon began to
imjiroio. After awlillonsnt my work , and for tlio
pns' fl\omnntlis ln\u been ( isucll na I evcrwaa all
from the cUcclH of Hwlfl'u Siwciflc.
Jonv RAT.
Jan. 8 , J8S3.l - Ft. Waj ne. Ind.
Hooka on Blood and SUn Dlfeafca rniUlod frco. _
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Max Meyer & Bro ,
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good Pluno tor u small tuiiount of money.
PIANOS. Cash. Per Mo.
1 Knnbo Bijuaro , line tone ,
cost now , # ; ) 12x1 ro $20 00
1 Hulh't. Davis If Co. , inn MI is oo 1000
1 Weber , square 17B CO 10 ( X )
IKnibe , Himro ( I7fl 00 ] 5 00 10 ( U
1 fitelnway , aiiuuro U 5 OJ V , 0) 10 00
1 Hradburv , Kinure 120 IH ) 100) 8 110
1 W. W. Klmbull. M [ MOO 10 ( K ) 8 UO
1 Nenton tt Co. wjuare DO 00 1000 H UO
1 good square I'luno 40 00 8 00 C W
1 Estcy Organ , used 8 months
cost new , tl V ) N ) 00 1000 n oeD
1 KclioulDnor Urvan , 10 atop , Oi 00 u ou D 00
1 Sunday tichool Organ , cost
new. tl'i'i uO 0) ) B 00 r oeD
1 W. W. Klmball Organ M 0) 8 (10 ( D 0" !
1 PrlncoOrgau , Ti 00 U ( Kl 6 IK )
1 Taylor ic Farley Organ. . . , 40 OJ K DO r , oj
1 Taylor A ; Farley Organ , . , 8i 110 700 6 00
V-llainllii Organ. . . G 0(1 ( i OJ
Tim above price * are 10 per dent less than over
offered before a ml us \ \ u mutt lm e room for our
large stock of NeW Pianos vi o vt 111 gh e uu extra
10 per tent discount from above prices to any
one that Liuyn an .Instrument before Auuuut 1st.
i\eryliihtrumentguaiunteedto : bo just us re
presented. '
riiinos forroat for2.r)0 ( and upwards
tier inonlli.
Organs for rcit for $1.50 anil upnards
per month.
If you buy any of the above Indumenta nnd
you uru not fciiuuuildo will ullowjoii feumeus
you paid for ittflwnrd nny new I'luuo you muy
select. Call eurli'and get a bargain.
Cor. 16 tin and Faniam Sts.
Nos. 3O3-4O4-I7O-CO4.
_ _ _ _
DTvoucEH ATljboDUioif , "ATTOII NKrviT
LAW , 1-1 Dearborn rit. . Chicago : advlcu free ;
" 1 yearn' experience ; " bualne ( juietly and lv
gully transacted.
The Palace
A Superb Court , Perfect Ventilation , Thoroughly
Fire Proof
* > } >
Fifty-Eight Vaults ,
Lighted by Electricity , ' * V
Night @ Day Elevator Service -Ib-
Seventeenth and Farnam , offers attractions for Professional
Men , Insurance Companies , Brokers , Real Estate Agents and
Business Men , who desire elegant , 'commodious and fire-proof
offices at reasonable terms.
For particulars apply at the Counting Room , New Bee Build
Somecood Imrsnlns mnyyot bo found
aiiuiiiK our odd sUes of inou'a .stilts. Hear
In mind tlieso aru not Inferior nooils which
wo ollci' , but lli tclai > 3 111 every parliuular.
State Line.
To Glasgow , llelfust , Dublin niilJ.l\criiol ) (
- From New York Every Tuesday ,
Cabin pussiiKO KU to t'O , acconllni ; to locution of eta
room. Kzcurnlon lUtofjJ.
f EtcernRC tounil from Kuropu'iit Lowest lUtos.
AUbTIX IULDU IN i , Co. , Gcn'l AKCntS , * .
U llroailwuy. Now York.
JOllN liLECfN , Gon'l Western Aifcnt.
1GI Uundolph Ht. , Chlcngo.
HAniir IC-MoitEg , Agent. Uoiulia.
( Iteduce J Cubluratoj to QUnjo.v
G MurKiiiiI'urUlnearClilcaEn ) . ItoanllnKl
Hcliool lor Ulrla ornl Vouii.l.iullos. . I'orf
' cntolpirua address ( J , TIIAYKIt. U.
ilorfmu rarklll.ur ? ? Aludlsuu btrcot , Cmm o , 111 ,
Civil Knglneerlng. ninnlcx. lliislneHff.
1IT. HEV. K , I ) . HUNTINd'lON , President
- I/r , Cou W , VIJUIJUCK. Biiporlntomlent.
u couiw ,
tuu.ic , ntU K. r. IILLUIUI. I'l
IN wullon-Hudfcon. Coi. . C' . J , WIIIOIIT. II. a ,
A , M , , hupt. ; U 1' . II VAIT , Comd't of Cadets.
C".1 Ibe I.launr llablt , runlilTrlr Oured
br AiliiilnUccrlnu llr. llalucii'
tiolilcn bl'cclflc.
Itr n tedln-n In acupof cotteeor t < a nlthout h (
kiiuwlttiliiu of tliu pernou taklimIt ; li ubtolutolr Uarui
lu , anil will uilrit a > | > veUr an1 ! I'uriuuiiunt euro
Uether tlio patient u u uioiiujuUi drlukir or na
Hcoliolrvtk. . 'lliuu > and > of drunk ril liavo bicn
uada tompumto niun wlioliitvutiiki-uUuluttn euuclflo
n tUulr cufTfi * tvttbuut tliolrknowledrfuand to uur ! *
lUTB IIIHT HUH drlnkluif of ( Uelr own tma will 11
NKVKlt WlhS. 'JDu jr teril oncu Impreknatid wuti
lb Upuclttc. It becuinet an uttvr IniponlWlltr for the
1'juur apiiutito to exlil. For > ala Lf Kulni X Co.
HruiftfUu.Iwtb andl ouiclai > < l Ibtb and Cuut
J * t. , Ouakm A.D , JTvil r A llrg. , Council Uluffi ,
Xlti'lll correct f/icc/itmirf/diy ( u.
Jliti'iicauflce oiitliebtotiiurli ,
For Men n Mth freiervln ; , ( or
Children Invigorating , and Its-
freihlnc for All. Tl.o Celt Sumner -
ner Bevcrago InEzlitence. War
ranted Strictly furo Mid Unftr-
mentcd. An Efficient Remedy
( or DUrrbaa , Cbclern Mor'jui ,
Dyiccltry , tad all Dltordcri of
the Bowoli.
, ' 87.
JlLtsns. I.UVI.NTJIAL lluos.
DPIXI Sirs : Ilinvo tried tlio
HiiiiKarlnn lll.tcUbcrry Julco
you HU kliiilly uciit me. Ills
tlio nu plux ulliu of BiimniLT
drlllUn Itlfl frtu from alco
hol. ftllajs thirst , tones tlio
illKCBtHo oiXiUtB , lias a Una
ttromnllc llii\or. mill U Just
t ho t lit UK for ( llnrrliu'iil troub
les In the limited term. A
< 1 1 , A KS 01' IfK .WATKll
T. A .ATCIlIbON , M. D.
rpmnli bj'IJnipBl ti . , MquOC
Dealers ttlidUruc .
. . . . .
312 1st Nat'1 Bank Building : ,
Omaha , - Nebraska
l.owrntus for Cliolce Loans. Titles nnd mines
pnsioU iipouinoniptly uiulloans closed wlttiuut
Uuluy. Local correspondents \vuutud lu No
ruuKa and lown.
.A. "ST
. . .
20to60 DAYS.
This is u diHcnso wliicti lias horotofortt
Badlcd all Medical Scicnco.
ATlien Jlcrcurv , loJldo of 1'utasslum. Saraapa
rtllfi or Hot Bprlng3 full , o guarantee u euro.
Wo Imvo u Ruined/ , unknown to anyone In the
World outsldu of our Conipuunmloau that baa
lo cure the most obstinate cases. Ten days In
recent case * iloua the work. It lj the old cnronlo
deep EcutoU cases that wa oollcit. Wo Iiuvo
cured tmmlrcidu who Imve been abandoned by
I'liyelcluns. and pronouucud Incurable , auil wa
cniillengn the world to lirjiig us u caao that wa
will not euro In leas than bUty lUyH.
Hlncotho history of mealclnu a true gpeclQc
for Syphilis has boon ooujjUt for but uovor
found until our
was dUcovef ej , and wo are juytltled In Baying
it U the only Hunifciy in tbu World tnut will pu .
Itlvely cur , Imcauso tlio latest Medical Worki ,
imblUlied by the ) > o t knovrn autliorltlea. nay
ineiu waBnuverdtfiiespeolllB before. Ourrom *
edy will cure \vuru everything olae hns fallod.
\Vl\y wiisto you time and money with patent
medicines tnat never Imil vlrtim , or doctor wltb
ii ihyulclanM thnt cannot euro you , you that huvo
iit ried everything elau ulloulilcomo to UH now mid
Krt ponnanrnt relief , you never can get U ! ' >
whfro. Mark what wo any. In the end yon
miiHt take our reineily nr NCVlJIt recover and
you that huvo been iitHlcted but n whort time
ehoiilil by all moans come tn UK now , not one In
tcnof jimv caaoa over u-ct permanently cured.
Many tet help and think tboyuro freu from tha
dUeftsu , but In one , two nr thrert yeara after It
appear * ( .gain In a more horrlblu form.
This is n blood Purifier and will Cure
any Skin or Blood Disease whou
J2vor.Ythintr Else Fails.
NOTICU Woileslro toc4Utlon patients In r -
paril to pnrtloa chilinlng to line the Coolc Kent.
tdy. Our formula U not and CANNOT b
Known to linyoiio but puigulvrv.
Rooms 418 anil 419 , Pailon Block ;
MANLY pttfectljr tri-iltitU lijf the new
peslpn-Dunro nameUleo.
eil ( $ fi > t ur Itrw IMuittntfil i li *
- . - iUe. ABKilutoiciit/i VurlCO-
celo eurnl ouliuul p ln urpiitrttjon
Dealon-Oujiro Cllnluuu * lUTteuoDt 8L , liwtoai
1'uckct Mirror I'reo to Siiinkcrs of
N. W.Con , l3tH&DODG STB , OMAHA , NEB.
: c > llfuZ
* * * * w * M wikviAWMM AUAA4 JIACtil 1 * .
Uoard&Attendtnce , Beat Accommodation * In Welt ,
CO-WRITE FOR CIRCULARS on Deformities nfi
BraceiTruiiei,01ubFeet , CurT tureiofBpine.Flef. !
Tumori , Ciuoor. Oaturh. .Bronchitis , Inhs ton.
idder ,
* * * _ „ * * * ! * > v i AuauiuHiaiiii iuc m OEVBI.UI/
All Hlool Dit e lueeiiirulltreiUiL Bipblllllo I'olioa
rtmoTtdrroulbiijtiUm without ntreorj. K. Bi > l r > llie >
Trtitn. . ! ftrLou of TITili IOITKIU l'.rll i uaitit. 10 > lilt
nvtnivt e trriltd at home bj e rrti | > oBdeDce.
| , , r > i ; oloJlt uf m DHcrnudir.
On. pertoiul Inlirtlt * fltttrttt. Oil and coniult uior no A
Si'ifI.0/i ? ° rcMJl" < l " IHsiniln l > Uln rifr.our | . |
BOOK TO MEN FREE : upon rnou. ni.tii ; or
Ul Ul t A " " " ' ' " s Ilhtani. laitoimf/.B/pt.
13th and Dodge BtrctU , OKAHA , M B ,
Health is Wealth !
MUST , aguarunteea Bpocluc for Hyitcrla. ] > l/.zl-
DOBS. Cuuvulslnns , lltn. Nervous Neuralgia ,
Headache , Nerroua Prottratlon caused by tht >
a so of alcohol or tobacco , WaketulnesH , Montul
Depression , Hofi nlninf the IJraln. re ultlnKla
Insanity and leadlnuto mlnery , decay and death.
1'iomuturo Old Ago , llurrennesi. Loss of i'ower
In cither HOZ , Involuntary I.ossa * and Hpermat-
orhfua caused by njrer-exertlnn ot the liralii. l for -
or overindulgence. Kach bor rontalas
ene month's treatment. II 00 a box , nr ilx boxe
for J' > .UBont by matliirepiild on receipt of price.
To cure any case. With each order received br
tts for six boxen , accompanied with ) , we wlft
send the purchaser our written Kimrantee to ro
tund the money If thu treiitmeut does not ittract
kcure. Ouarataei issued only br Goodman
DrutfOo , . DwgRlits , Bolt AgeoU , IllQ Farnaia
* r *
_ , _ _ . _ P n r land NERVOUS DEBILITZt
CTJUE ? * "i0"1'1'1 ! ' Ml.n4t.WfMt *
UltOll , t > l * lIIUIIUf llf j
Iteil Uio > IHniiiiinit llriiml. i.lltlu tll | ttcs.oi
ore. l.jKiri u.L liruiraUt fall. . UU.
luuuil Jlruniln ) rr < l lu i.mcU > ltlM li4
lllil.luttll.Uu 'lHk uuiilirr. H < Dl4r.
. . . . < wj
Ualcbctlcr ChtuUc UuOliu