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Omaha's Phenomenal Pltohor Wins
Another Gamo.
fllonjt City Narrowly Encnpcs n Shut
out nt tlio JlnndH of b'oolo' *
J'cts Standing of
the Clubs.
fitnmllntj of the Clttu < i.
Following Is tbo standing of the Western
association clubs , up to and including yes
terday's games :
Omtihn 03
St. Paul 03
Sioux City OJ
Minneapolis. . . Cl
Denver OJ
DCS Moincs.X ( )
St. Joseph 59
Milwaukee 03
Oinalin 8 , Hloux City 1.
Sioux CITT. July 19. The Corn Iluskcrs
failed to hit Nichols , but otherwise played a
magnificent gamo. Flannagan pitched his
third consecutive game to-day , the other
pitchers being crippled. Score :
BIOU.X cirr , OMAHA.
r. b. o. n. r r. n , o. s. a
dine , rf. . . U u I ii ( K' J 1 I ) 0 U
HrnMtnn,2l > . . , .0 143 0 Cle e.lMuMti..J 2 .1 2 U
rowell. II V U 1U 1 ( ' trnu.'V rr I 1 .1 U ( I
( U U I U 1 Crook * . 21) z 2 2 II 1
Urmllor. 3b. . . 1 Wulili , U 1U11
llnrlccn.ei 0 1 u 1 AndrewsII.0 4 & U U
( 'rotlr , o 0 U 3 1 0 Nnule.c. . . .11 1 It I U
Jorno , If 0 II ,1 U tiCnniivan.if U U U U U
r'tnnnunn , p..0 U I 'I UUInrk.p 0 1 I 1 U
Totals 1 42IU 3 | Totall 61388 83
cuouxcitr. . . . . . . . 0000000-1
0 0 0 0 3 0 8
K.nrnort riinn Sioux I'ltjr 1. Oraalin 6. Two-base
hllK UurkiM , Clureland 2 , Anttrotr * . Thrce-bunu bits
Crooks. Huso * utolen yioui Cltr 2 , Umahn 3.
Double pl r Cleveland to Crooks , l-irst base on
balli-Slotir Cltr 1 , ( Imnbn 3. Struck out-Ur ! lanna *
can, I'anseil bnlls-Crotty 2. Wild
iilten s FlaniiHRanZ. Time of n nie 1-.4U. Umpire
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Denver H , St. JOHOI > | I O.
ST. Josni'H , Mo. , July 19. Denver fell on
Crowcll in the third Inning for six hits ,
wlilcli won them the gamo. The came was
full of bii30 hits and errors. Flood was sub
stituted in the fourth inning for St. Joe aud
pitched woll. Score :
r. ll. n. n. r. h o. a.
CartwrUtU,31).l u 1 1 1 Diilrmnli- , 3h..l 1 72
OurtKI ? I U 1 1 ( I McUlpllnn. : . ' ! > . .2 1 S 2 1
Ardncr.L'li U X 1 .1 U 'I'rcnilwnjr. rf..l : l 0 II U
ilrtJiirr. 95 S 3 1 II O.Unwo , It ) I 1 1U 0 0
Krlcir , It ) 1 2 11 I I While , 1 1 2 0
llotnlW , CC..O 2 1 II U U 2 1 U 0
Hlit'llhiKse , C..I 1 H U 1 l.'olnn. c U 1 & 2 U
Knell , rr II I U U IMirnbrouKh.p 11 21
Crowall. | 0 U ( I U Huguii , p I 1 3 U U
Flood , ] ) U 1 U U
Totals . 8 1227 l
Totals C 12 SI 0 ( ,
11V 1N.VIVI13.
Bt. Joieph. .1010002 1 1-n
Hcnrer . . . . , .0 1 5 0 U 0 2 0 8
lliinn enrnexl Denver 4 , St. Joseph 1. Two-base bits
llono , Wlilte , bllch , Anlner. Krelp. Struck out lly
DiirrjIirniiKli ; CroMi'MII , Kland S. liases on bulls lly
DnrnbroiiKli 6 , C'owoll I , Kloml 1. Jinublo pliir Me-
( Jarr to.\nlner to Krclu. i-tnlcn bnies McClellan ,
Dolan , .MeOnrr , Knell , Parsed balls Dolan I. Time
2 hours. Umpire llrloUy.
Des jMolnos 7. St. I'aul S.
DES MOINBS , July 19. Errors on tbo part
of the visitors and Hunching of hits by the
locals in the sixth , gave the game to DCS
Moinns to-day. Score :
Dta HIOIVKS. l ST. i-Aur. .
r.b. o. no. r. Ii. a. o.
ration. If 1 1 1 ullnnrpvlb U 1 2 U
Kluiiimn,2t > . . . . ( l 1 & X I Murphy , cf. . . .0 II D 1
Wliltvloy. CI..U U .1 U uMtolllv , . ! ! ) u u : i u
runncll..lli. . . .U 0 I ! B 0Wcrrlrk,2b..O , 0
Trnllley. If 2 1 1 1 U Ciirroll , if I 8 u I
Hmltli. lb 1 U 8 1 U.Miller , us I ) I . < l
Coil/.o 1 1 : i : i 1 Italy. II II 1
MHuiillnr.s.l 114 lljtriiiiuhtoii.t ! . . . ! U o i
.Hurt , p 1 121 U.Miiln. , p u 2 3 I
Totnls. .7 0 27 13 21 Totals 2 7 27 11 7
11 v ixsusns.
Pen Molnca. , .0200 1 4 U 0 0 7
St. t'uul .a 0 U 0 1 0 U 1 It3
Huns eirned DCS Molnen : l. Two b : se hits Hurt.
Umies. Three buso lilln Ualjr. lla a stolen 1'at-
ton 2Carroll 2. Double pliirs Maeullar to KlUHiuan
to Hinltli , Main * \Verrlck to llunus , Werrlck , to
llawus to .Miller. llHsei on bulls Hr Hurl 2 , by Mains
0. llaaos Klrcii for lilttlni ; nuui .wltli ball Ujr Mains
) . Struekout Jtlalns 2. I'asacd balls-
. . . . . . Wlul pitch M.illu. Umpire Hurst. Time
1 hour , ; ii minutes. .
AlinnonpollH 7 , MllwuukROl.
MINNEAPOLIS , Minn. , July 19. Minneapo
lis again defeated Milwaukee to-day in ono of
the most exciting contests of the season.
Score :
BtlMMAUV. , | a
Huns earned Minneapolis G , Mlliraukai 1. Two-
base hlU Urlschel , Mliinotrm. Home runs Jant-
zon.Mlnnelian , Morrinsey. lUtes stolen lly.lifls-
choll' . Double pla > s Miller to Mlniiclian llunrubun
to llenKloaU ) Mlnnebnn , Juntzon to Mlmichan.
liases on ball -llr Knouf 2. lilt by
ritrhor-Shocli. htmek out lly Mltcbfll n , by Knouf
2. raiiscUballs Mills. Left on buses Mlnnuiipolli li ,
JIHwiuikeu 7. Time 1 bournuUlUiulnutei. Cuiplru
The Nntionnl L
HOSTOX , July 19. Kosult of to-dny'
Chicago . 1 0002801 * 1
Boston . a 00120000 0
Hasn hits Chicago 13 , Boston 7. Errors-
Chicago 4 , Boston S. Batterins Chicago ,
Toner and Farrell ; Boston , Undbouruo and
Bennett. Umpire Powers.
NKW YOUK , July 10. Result of to-day's
Ramo :
NowYork.4 0 1 ' 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 1 S
indian'iu.i ' i o u n a o o o o u a
Uaso hlta Indianapolis 12 , New York 11.
Errors Indlunapolii 2 , New Yorlc 7 , Bat
teries Now Yorlt , Cruno and Kwing ; In-
dlanaDolis , Qutzuln and Bucldoy. Uuipiro
McQuald. _
"WASHINGTON , July 10. After playing four
innings lu the rain the umpire called the
'Washington-Cleveland gnmo with the score
etundini ; Clovulmul 0 , Washington 0.
PniLArir.i.i'iiiA , July 10. The Philadelphia-
.PlttHburg . gnmo was postponed on account of
wet croundH , _ _
Ainntcur ( iniues.
UTICA , Neb. , July 10. [ Special to Tun
Ben. ] The game of ball botwoeu Utica und
Scward , ulaycd on thu lattor's ground this
afternoon , was won by the Utlca boys by u
score of 7 to C > . Utlua so fur has not lost u
came thU season , and has played some good
ones , *
Auiiuun , Nob. , July 10. JSpoclulTelegraui
to Tun Bun. ] In a game of busu mil at the
ball park to-day between the Auburn und
l ulls City clubs Auburn won oy a score of
8 to 0. Another game will bo played hero
to-morrow by the same ulubs.
KBAIINBT , Neb. , Julv 19 , ( Special Tele
gram to Tin : BEE , | To-day the Grand Is-
laud team played with thu lionm team on the
nssoclatiou grounda hero , this being iho last
in a series of guinea for iho statu champion.
chip. Grand Island won to-day , the score
landing 5 to 4. As Kearney wan two games
uhoad before ' this , the championship remains
nt homo.
lUAiiioun , Neb. . July 19. [ Special Tole-
grum to TUB UHK. | Tlio Lixfuyettea , a col-
orcd nine from Omaha , played the Madison
club hem to-day. The ronull was n victory
for thu visitors by a score of 29 to 12.
i * OIIAIIIION , Nob.Juiy 19 , [ Special Tole.
rratn to Tim line. ! Thu second game bo-
twcon ChqdroD and O'Neill to-day resulted
lu a victory for Chudrou by a score of IS to 7 ,
ilnrcoliaok Ulaillntur * .
Thcro will be u tort of a revival of the old
Olyuiulun games In the horol-sok wrestle
1'Ctwcorl Prof. Lloyd and Major Knston nl
the Coliseum this ovonlng. 'i'hoso twc
athletes nro well known as the chnmploi
horseback wrestlers of the country , If not ol
the world , and their match this oven.
Ing will bo ono of the most thrilling specta
cles over seen In the Coliseum. The match
it for (150 a sldo , nnd Is for blood , as Prof ,
Lloyd has already beaten Kaston In a match
Homo months since nt St. Louis , nnd by n
piece of foul work , to Knsten claims , and ho
avows his Intention of squaring up matters.
The mon , arrayed in tights , nro mounted on
steeds matched ns to size , and at A idgnal
from the rofcrco they dash furiously nt each
other , and endeavor to throw or pull their
adversaries off their horses. Grrcco-Koman
nnd catch-as-catch-cnn are the styles permis
sible , nnd nil the dangerous locks nnd holds
go. Often both men nro struggling for su
premacy on the back of ono horse , whllo the
other runs wildly about the arena , and nlto-
gethor It Is a thrilling nnd exciting spectacle.
Both men , Lloydjind Hasten , are splendid
sDecimens of the physical man. Knston Is n
model nll-round athlete , nnd In wrestltnghns
but few supcrlqgp , llo Is backed In the pres
ent match by n well-known Kansas City
sporting man.
Prof. Frank Lloyd li the horseback cham
pion wrestler of the world , and has a long
list of victories to his credit. Ho is n won
derful horseman , nnd says he has a "clucti"
on Knstcu.
Tlio men nro both In fine condition , nnd the
match will bo a stubbornly fought ono.
Cricket Tills Afternoon.
There will bo a cricket match played this
afternoon at the fair grounds between the
Omaha Cricket club and an cloven captained
by Wallace Broatchi Mr. B rout oh bus suc
ceeded In getting together a good eleven ,
sonio notable players from Chicago nnd St.
Paul boin. " nmnng them. The Omaha chlb
will bo compelled to put forth their best licks
Lo maintain their supremacy. The game will
begin at 3 o'clock sharp.
Ills Mother Lying at tlio Point of
New YOIIK , July 19.-- John L. Sullivan
njf Ivcd at the Pennsylvania depot nt Jersey
City by the united express at 3 o'clock to-
inulit. Thcro wore two friends with him ,
nnd tho.v got him into a carriage and across
Lho Cortlandt street ferry. Sullivan wits
The fnct of Sullivan's presence In the city
loon became noised about and nil of the
Icadlnc sports started in search of rum , but
fallod to lind him , Mike Sullivan , John L.'s
brother , who has boon stopping at the Vnn-
dorollt hotel for the post we ok ,
liud intended to lenvo for Bos
ton last night , but the news of
Ills brother's intended arrival in Now York
[ ircvcnted him , nnd ho spent the night In n
fruitless search for John. Young Suffivan
was very anxious to see his brother and tuKo
ilm home at onco. Ho said :
"My mother nt present lies between llfu
nnd death , and heretofore wo have kept this
nformatlon from him , but now it is abso-
utoly necessary that ho should como homo
at onro. "
A largo party of friends aud admirers of
Sullivan waited ut the Vanderbilt hotel un-
.11 midnight , valnlv hoping that ho .might
irrivo , nnd planning the reception to bo
riven him at the hotel. Piiil Lynch , one of
ils friends , missed the train that Sullivan
irrived on und looked for him for several
lours , but was unable to ilnd him , nnd at
midnight suid that Sullivan und Johnson
would probably remain quiet until it Wus
definitely understood whether Sullivan
vould ba delivered to the .Mississippi nu-
hontics on a requisition or not.
Later-It transpires that Sullivan was lu the
A'nndcrhilt while many of his friends wcro
scouring the town , for him. Hu says he will
go totBoston to-uiorrow. A few intimates
were admitted to hit room. To n reporter
hat was shown in Sullivan explained that
10 wauled him to state that ho was sober.
md he incidentally said ho bad not been
drunk in Chicaco.
iititcticll SKltm
NEW YOUK , July 19. An Item appears this
evening to the effect that Churllo Mitchell ,
vith Mike Donovan , has skipped to Canada
rather than run the risk of arrest in this city ,
vhora he has few frleuda among sporting
lien -who would help him in a pinch. Ho de
cided to cross over into her majesty's domin-
on. When Mitchell arrived from the west
on Monday , ho went , in company with Frank
Stevenson , it is said , to the law ofllco of
3eter Mitchell. The two were soon closeted
vith the lawyer , and in the conversation that
allowed Mitchell's fours of arrest were
ully stated. On Tuesday ho kept well
under cover awaiting developments. The
irrival of Detective Norris with requisitions
rom Governor Lowry , of Mississippi , in
creased Mitchell's fear , and un'othor secret
-iait was paid to his counsel. When it was
earned beyond a doubt thnt Norris was bent
upon arresting the trainer of Kilrain , and
.hat . the New York pollen were assisting him ,
Mitchell's fears were undisguised. Ho saw
n prospect a long term of imprisonment in a
trange country , and skipped.
Brighton IJcnch Races.
BIUOIITON Bmcii , July 19 , Summary of
o-day's races :
Three-quarters of a mile Ueclaro won In
:17 : , Prince Howard second , King William
Three-quarters of it milo Guosnl ivon in
1:10 : , Ddlcsinuu second , Long Jack third.
Ono mile Toatruu won In 1 M2J < i Kudiirer
second , King Crab third.
Ono und an eighth miles Brian Boru won
n l:57Ki 'J'tti Booker second , I-eloeos third.
Ono mile Brotizomnrto won in 1:4' : %
Pericles second , Theora third.
Park Itnnea.
CHICAGO , July 19. At Washington Park
o-day the track was heavy , There was an
attendance of U,00d. , Silmmary :
Five-eighths of a mile" Fonso won , Cecil
B bccond , Ircno II third : Timo1:07K. : .
Five-eighths of n mlle Scrra won , Mt.
-.cbauon second , Fluuibcau third. Time
1OS. :
Three-quarters of n mile Cutulpa won ,
ilavillah second , Spinnetto third. Time
1:20. :
Throe-quarters ot u mile- Florence E
won , Carus second , Hudru third. Tir&o
1:31. :
Dearborn handicap , mila and an eighth
fllndoocraft won , Castaway second , Gany-
mudo third. Time 2:0- : ' .
Milo heals Dud won both heats , Leidor-
trnnz second in each , and Arundol third in
the lust heat. Time 1 :50 : and 1 .49 } * ,
MI13 and one-sixteenth Los Angclo * won ,
? uccn of Trumus second , Harry Glunn
third. Time 1:554-5. :
Th ii Kmmlnir It
ST. P.VUL , Minn. , July 19 , [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Uui : . ] St. Puul U to have two
running meetings this ynar. The summer
noetmg begins next Tuesday , and the Twin
Jity Joi'koy club this afternoon signed n oon-
ruct with the State Fair association for u
'all meotlni , ' , to begin September 0.
Interrupt oil Bv V'looils.
PCOIIIA , 111 , , July 10. The July races hero
veto abruptly terminated to-day by u Hood ,
vhlflh washed tbo park fern-en nnd debris
rom the bridges down on the truck. It will
require tlii'un weeks to repair thu damage.
Tlio Knulisti Tnrj ;
LONPOX , July 19. Kandown park races ,
ullpsa stakes. 10,000 sovereigns , mile and u
iimrter Ayrshire won , Kldorado second.
Seclusion third.
United With thoK. ofU
CHICAGO , July 19. The crx'ecutlvo board of
the Knights of Lubor Uilry granted a char
or to the Ship Calkora' nUU Caruentars"
Notional Trade assembly , thus ( Mining
about U.OOO members. Thu disputes pf
.ho . carpenters' assembly wore uonyldcrod
at length , nnd the board finally rccom-
nendod tliu union of thu Knights of Labor
carpenters with the "United Carpenters'
council. " Thnv suggest that tno two ele
ments bo under the control of nn advUory
committee to ba mndo up equally from each
Xm > Climiiploti Co.nt. Cutter.
CHICAGO , Jinx iu. At to-day' session of
; ho National Tallow onventlon Mr. James
Voale , of Dooatiir , ill. , . „ „ awarded first
irivi m the ojnt cutting contei.
A Double Domostlo Sensation ot the
Nebraska Capital.
A Successful Assembly Meeting In
I'rogrcs * nt Thnt 1'Jnoo A Col
lision nt York Other
Nebraska Nctvfl.
A Disgraceful I'nrnllcl.
LINCOLN , Nob. , July 10. | Special Tele
gram to THE HUB. ] There Is a double sensa
tion In Lincoln to-night "of n very singular
aud unusual character , The homos of two
Iowa railroad men have boon despoiled and
broken up , and the seducers in both oases
arc the uncles of the husbands and both
families Included n little boy nnd a httlo girl.
Doth those husbands wcro In Lincoln to-day
looking for their wives nnd children. One , a
Mr. Stanford , of MarshoKown , la. , tolls the
story that ho and his wlfo Magglo have lived
together In the happiest state , and uoth wcro
proud of the little folks who had como to
bless their homo. Lost winter his undo cnmo
on a visit , and almost immediately began
to apply his seductive wiles to
break up the homo. The husband ,
though uneducated , was nn fool , and on ono
or two occasions had words with the villain ,
which once resulted In blows nnd the driving
of the uncle from the houso. Last week ho
loft town , promising to stay away la the i u-
Lu re , but the sequel shows thnt his poison
Itad did its work nnd tlio happy homo was on
the verge of bcine broken up. The other
day the wlfo made ready to visit some Kau
nas relatives , but , before leaving , came to
her husband , crying and kissing , him fer
vently , telling him to bo careful of him
self and not get hurt until her re
turn. The little savings ot $ SO
she wanted to divide with him , but ho snld
no. As she had always kept the money she
should keep this. Ho went about bin work ,
but the neighbors told him of their suspicions
of nn olopomcnt. Ho looked and all of her
effects wore gone. Ho vislted'tho depot and
two boxes of household goods had been
shipped by J. Wilson , the uncle , to A. M.
ford , Lincoln , Nob. Ho telegraphed to the
Kansas people ana learned that his wife was
not thoro. Ho Lincoln , but has not yet
found the erring pair , though they have been
seen together.
The other case is exactly parallel , except
Lhat he has secured the little girl and irivcn
her to a family , whcro she will bo woll.takon
caroof. For her sake , however , neither bor
name nor the name of the Iowa homo is
Iionc IMno's Assembly.
Loxo Pixis , Neb. , July 19. ( Special Tele
gram to Tim UEK. | The assembly workers
nnd teachers have boon organizing nnd ar
ranging their classes nil day , and the fact
that there are a great many attending the
classes gives It the appearance of a success
ful result. The work began in earnest this
morning , leading out with an excellent ad
dress to the class In theology from Dr. E.
IVIcCllshoa on the subject of "Miracles , "
which was very much appreciated by
the class , fur they always like
to hoar the doctor talk. During the foro-
loon ilioro wcro also classes in botany , po- science , geology , and the Chuutauqua
formal union , and all promise good results.
Mrs. C. M. Woodward , state organizer of the
W. C. T. U. , Is hero and doing as good and
effective work , as she generally has the
liulillcatlous of doing. At 11 a. in. Kov. E.
A. Whitman , A. M. , of Madison , Neb. , do-
Ivercd a lecture , his subject being "Nature's
Answer to -Evolutionist und Materialist , "
uul the subject was well studied and do-
.ivurcd , but was a little dry to a great many
icoplo on account of a great many
technical terms necessary tobo used.
At 3 o'clock Kov. T. 15.-'L'amur , D. U. ,
of Omalui , was to deliver a lecture , but bo
did not arrive , so his place wax supplied by
liov. L. N. liorry , of Fremont. Ho took for
ils subject , "Advertising , " which was a
, reat to all who heard it , on account , of the
lovelty and iho wit and humor that perme
ated the whole discourse , in the evening
Hon. J. L Nesbitt , of North Platte , delivered
a very forcible and instructive lecture , his
subject being "Tho Grip of the Nations. "
A Collision nt York.
Yoiii ; , Nob. , July 19. [ Special Telegram to
Tim BEE.J The west bound passenger train
and au cast bound freight , with engines No.
J2 and ' . . ' 27 , collided ut this place at 3 o'clock
to-day on the H. & M. railroad. The freight
engine was considerably disfigured , but is
able to run , whllo the passenger engmels
Jcidly damaged and unable to stir. Eight
'might cars aru broken , three of which are
: ouipiotely demolished. No one was injured.
i'hu fault rests with the freight crow , who
tried to do u little switching ,
i'lattsmoitth'H liloctricity.
PLATPSMOUTII , Nob. , July 1U [ Special
.0 TUB HUE. | The Opporiuan Electric
Light Manufacturing company is rapidly
rushing thu work on its factory , and will
teen commence the manufacture of the Op-
jcrman incandescent light on a large scalo.
The factory is u large , two-story brick.
structure , situated in Hloliio Place , near tbo
present terminus of thu electric motor street
r.iilway , nnd will cost $50,000 when com
pleted. The Opnerman incandescent light
, vis ; patented by Mr. E. L. Opperman , who
3 a thorough electrician and ono of the
.argcst stockholders of the company. About
ivo hundred of these lights have been con
tracted for by the citizens for private use ,
md twenty arc lights will grace the princi
pal thoroughfares of the city , Tbo company
ivill manufacture the electricity for the
.ights and will also supply motor power for
the street railway , 'iho polesuro being
rapidly placed in position for the electric
lights und mot'r street railway , aud it is ex
pected that everything will bo completed
and ready for ouerutlon by. the middle ; of
August. Several miles of new truck uro
midur construction , and the city will soon
tiuvc n first class street railway service.
A JJoyV Jlorrihla Vato.
GIIAMD INLAND , NOD. , July 19. [ Special
Telegram to Tins BEB , | J. V. Lamnioru.
living ulno miles north of this city , saw h'is
twelve-year-old son killed and bis body hdr- '
ribly mutilated so quickly that ho was unable -
able to render any assistance. Ho was plow-
lug In iho road , the father holding the plow
nnd thu boy leading the team. The horses
became frightened and run , knocking the
boy down , and when the plow , which was
lurlicd out of the father's hands , passed over
him the sharp point struck him in tbo
stumach , completely disouibowoling him.
Ills Mental Condition ,
F.UIUIUIIV , Nob. , July 19. [ Special
Telegram to Tim HKK.J A board of physi
cians appointed by Judge Morns went to
llio homo of Jpscph Nichol to-day aud made
an examination ot his physical condition.
Nichol souio tiino ago sued tbo Grand Island
mllroud for $30,000 for IUiged injuries.
Those appointed are Doctors Irving ; of
Hastings. Conrad , of Crete , Paddock , of
Wilbur , Hart , of Lincoln , and Dodge , of
i-'ulrdury , ,
Drowned at David City.
DAVIU CIT * . Nob. , July 19. ( Special to
PJIK HUE. ] About ouo-half mlle east of the
city Is a small etroam which composes the
lead waters of the Dig llluo river. Lost
evening sevonal of the boys and young men
vent there to batho. Ono of them , William
Murphy , one of the tinost young mon In the
city , was drowned by making an effort to
cross. Ttio body was found after repeated
search about 'J o'clock this morning ,
A Ilurtflur's Poor HUOCCVH.
ttiWNuc Car , Nob. , July 19 , [ Special to
Tun llKE.J The grocery store of J. tStor -
rcmeler was burglarized last night. The
hlef entered through the cellar by cutting a
lolo in the door und unhooking the latch. In
breaking open the money drawer hu found
15 cents , and In leaving ho left n good hntchot
The * toro84 mdoublnono , and the Great Vn.
rlety occuptpfcJmlf of it , The sum of $1.0i
was takort from iho Variety. .
Do A tli ofa Cnttt County Citizen.
PtATTsWwwi , Nob. , July 10. ( Special
to TUB UKihld-C ! . j. Horning , ono of the old-
01 1 and &styr63poctod residents of thle
county , dlifl thls homo , three miles south
of town , las nlght , Whllo sitting in a chair
Tuesday morning , having Just finished hla
brcukfiiAt , he was suddenly seized by n stroke
of DaralysliJ f rpm which ho did not r'ecovcr ,
although cociciousucss prevailed until Ins
death. r
Otoe Cu.'rfty Teachers' Institute.
K iyiTY , Neb. , July 19. [ Special
to TUB HifB.rhQOtoo County Teachers'
Institute closed a two weeks' session at Syracuse -
racuso to-night with n concert , social nnd a
gcnoraV Rood timo. There was a grand
parade in the ovonlno ; In which about one
hundred anil fifty school teachers partici
pated. The institute was ono of tbo most
successful and protUablo over hold In thli
county. . _
\Vestek-n Nolrnslcn Camp Meeting.
ICiuuxlir , Nob. , "July 19. [ Specjal Tele
gram to Tun BUB , j The Western Nebraska
Camp Mooting association commenced Its ten
days sorfos of meetings at the lake last night.
Sixty wedge tents nnd a largo pavillton tent
deck the hlllsldo overlooking the lake and
country > U'lio attoiulnuoo has been , good , nnd
a number of prominent divines from abroad
are hero.
Minus ivTIimnb.
ALBION , Nob. , July 19. [ Special Telegram
to Tun UBC. ] While D. J' . Gates was en
gaged In breaking a colt to-day ho mot with
painful accident. In holding the colt ho
had wrapped the halter strap nround his
thumb , and the colt pulled back , tearing the
flesh completely from the bone. Dr. Smith
imputated what was loft'of the thumb and
Mr. Gates Is doing as well Us could bo ex
pected. _
A Dntl Blacksmith.
NKnitASKA CITT , Nob. , July ly. [ Special
to Tun BSE. ] A blacksmith named Clary
onme here sometime ago and persuaded ono
) f our bucluess men to erect a largo shop.
Ho then borrowed some money nnd ordered
a lot of tools from Omaha. Yesterday ho
llsnppearod , leaving his family behind , and
his creditors in the lurch.
Thrown Prom a Cultivator nnd Killrd
KKXNAHD , Nob. , July 19. [ Special Tele
gram to Tns UEB. ] Whllo the seventeen-
vear-old sou. of Thomas Wright was coming
lorao from the field tits team tooit fright and
ran uway , throwing him off the cultivator ,
lilhug him instantly , Ho was found by his
little brother between 4 and 5 o'clock.
* _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
A Hluhwnrinan Kollncl.
BKATaicn , Nob. , July 19. | Special Tolo-
jram to THE BEE. ] Jninoa Smith , a stock
auyer , wasstopped by a highwayman at Bear
> cok last night. Smith pulled his pistol ,
jut the fellow llod and got out of sight in
the brush. Ho' said ho would BOO Smith
A Hcatrlq'jterohant AHsaultod.
BBATIIICE , lieb-c Julv 19. ( Special Tele
gram to TUB BKKJ } Walter Scott , a leading
merchant , wasTtp aultcd in his stable last
night by tiomo'sbpilndrol whllo putting up his
horse. Scott Wept back to his house for a
pistol , but tholaksallant had disappeared.
AVater HonilH Carried.
TUKAMAII , § etu July 19. [ Special Tele
gram to TiiBytliijB.l Iho special election
held to-day to aiototon the proposition of is
suing water Udnds resulted in favor of thu
bonds by a rno'J&rity of 157.
. .
r \ ,
vy- _ -
Four Denthn in Two Days.
WATEHLOO , I3ay. July 19. [ Special Tele-
cram to Tun 'BKn.J Four persons have
been killed liv iisiylcinity since yesterday
morning. ( Jpliu np.oa colored man , was
tilled by .tno cars 'on the Burlington , Cedar
Hapids & Northern- , railroad a few miles
south of hero. Mrs. 'Francis Seuffort was
sunstruck whllo in the field in Barclay
township , this county , yesterday afternoon ,
md died soon afterwards. About the sumo
) Imo a stranger who was working in the
lelds about eighteen miles southwest of the
city was fatally sunstruck. Tnis afternoon
Arthur Brown , a six-year-old boy , was
billed near this city by the caving in of a
gravel pit.
An Elevator Iturned.
DBS MOI.NES , la.- , July * 19. [ Special Tolo-
; rnm to TUB BEU.J A flro at Dysart , in
Tama counfv , this morning destroyed Li-
quin's grain elevator with contents. Loss on
luilding , machinery and grain , $10,000 ; in
surance , 1,500.
A V let i in of tint Hear.
KitmnKCK , la. , July 19. | Special Telegram
.o THE BEE. ] Yesterday afternoon a Gor
man boy named Albert White , whllo shock-
ng grain on the farm of Henry Closson , six
niles south of this place , was overcomeby
the heat and died instantly.
The Colored Jnil Breakers.
NEW SHAHON , la. , July 10. [ Special Tulo-
; ram to Tins BKR.J The two colored jail
ircaUcrs of Oskaloosa wcro captured hero
yesterday about 8 p. m. , while sheltering in
a box car standing on a side track.
Cherokoc'H Opera House Destroyed.
CiiEKOKB'ii.-la. , July 19 [ Special Telegram
x ) Tun BEE. ] Wednesday afternoon the
opera house and other adjoining buildings at
this place wcro ' burned. Loss , 50,500 ; in
surance , $700 !
A Keller That lib is Hiding to Create
a SmiHntlon.
JACKSON , Mich. , July 19. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BEE. ] The people of Jackson
are deeply Interested in iho fate of Prof.
tlogan , the aeronaut , who started out Tucs-
lay in Now York In Campbell's air ship.
Opinion Is largely divided as to his fato.
Many think 'lie has gene down in the ocean ,
whllo others are of the opinion that ho is in
ildlng somewhere for the purpose of crcat-
ng a sensation nnd securing advertising ,
still others bchuvo ' Jilm safe , and that
10 will turn \ up all right
in a ipw'y , , days. Jlogan is
xnowti to bo a man Vf iron nerves , and no
matter in what predicament ho finds. himself ,
never loses hU self-control. Ho was deeply
nterestcd lu this hlr ship , nnd before leuv-
ng Jackson cxpmssod the utmost conlldonco
n its success , yesterday afternoon Mrs ,
iloguu received t alisjutch from Campbell as
'allows : ( * - if
. "Huvo heard frifujjjlogan. lie Is all right
md may bo hcro pHlfiy. Whan I hoar fur
ther particulars iyilliwlro quick. "
Late last , ufxh/jdiro. Hogini had heard
nothing fyj-tliei-.j syo Is nearly prostrated
with fear and anxiety , but still hopes.
Tlio Irish EdltoWtrlnus the Cliartro of
Slander AcnliiHt tlio Tory Uliluf.
LONDON- , July VjtiTlio trial of the action
of William O'Brlon against Lord Salisbury
or slander began ( .oay. 'O'Brien testified
hat ho never iucltAl to murder or robbing
dither upon the platform or in his paper ,
United Ireland. Ho never advocated crime.
Counsel for Lord Salisbury cross-examined
O'Hrion and niuiod . .to show that the wit
ness * editorials and Bpeecties juatlllod Salls-
iury'8 language.
V Sugar Corner loured.
Nuw YOIIK , July 19. The belief thnt the
vast quantities of refined sugar that have
icon piled up in the city storage warehouse
along the Brooklyn water front during the
est two years have boon corralled
n vlovv of a squeeze by the
nanagors of the sugar trust , has
bund many supporter * in financial circles.
) n the stock oxchangu the opinion prevails
hat tho. trust lias been engineering u cornur
u sugar , and that era long the pricu of the
refined urtlclo will bo sent up | IUo a sky
Hlppolyto Bntronohod Within nMllc
of Port-uu-Prluco.
Ponrs of ntoody Work Cause tlio
Unllrd States NavnlI'oroo to
JL'rcjmro n > r Action A
Ilrltlflh Threat ,
An Oinltioud Outlook.
YOIIK , July 10. The Times corre
spondent writes from Port-au-Prince , July 7 ,
ns follows : Port-au-Prlnco , within the last
few days has boon In a stnto bordering on
frenzy. Hlppolyto 1ms assnultcil the oxtrcmo
outworks. He is bo I up held In chcolc at the
present writing. Lcgltlmo Is Impressing
Into the ranks every man capable of carrying
a rifle. The minister of war has executed
some prisoners with his own hands , Hlp
polyto Is burning farm houses and villages In
tbo very sight of the city. All foreigners
have been threatened with extermination ,
but the United Suites navnl force on hand U
preparing to take the city if nocctsnry.
The Koarsnrgo and Osslppoo are In Rood
shelling positions. All the Runs are
ready for firing. A system of signals has
been established with the American consul
ate and the moment the danger ( lag is ex
hibited picked Infantry companies from the
Koarinrgo nnd Ossippeo will Jump for the
boats. The captain of the Urltlsh cruiser
declares that It ono Englishman Is touched
ho xvlll open every pun in Ills batteries.
Hlppolyto's nearest position Is within al
most n mlle of the city. Ills rumored his
lorco numbers 10,000 men. It Is now a ques
tion of but a few days before the
end u at hand. I'ort-au-Prmco
knows It , nnd men. women and
children are preparing to die with Lcgltlmo.
The recline against the foreigners Is ono of
bitter hatred , and It needs but a spark
to turn the whole nntlvo population
Into a frenzied mob. Admiral Uhorordl
considers himself able to protect every Amer
ican resident.
The present state of affairs Is the out com o
of nn aggressive movement made by Hlppo
lyto on Juno 80. Ho throw a body of men
into a position distant flvo miles from Logi-
timc's works. At once great excitement
prevailed lu Port-nu-Prlnce , and the conster
nation became so cencral that had
Hippoljto then pushed ahead 'ho
would have met with comparatively
little resistance. His advaucc , which was
made in the early morning , was hcrnlucd to
the city by boncon llres burning from hill
top to hill top , together with , the general tir
ing of signal nnd alarm guns , followed by
tlio beating of drums and the sounding of
bugles. Women und children rushed out in
the night air , screaming with fright. Dnv-
llght finally broke and revealed the city in a
condition bordering on a panic. All day
long the uproar continued , Hippolyte still
refraining. As night gradually came on ,
confidence was in part restored and fewer
troops were to bo found back In the city.
Toward evening the greater part of the
transportable property had been gotten
out of the city , nnd as night advanced
strange nnd pitiful scones wore presented
by the crowds of women nnd children hud
dled together in the small plain west or the
city. Hero they remained the entire night ,
the children clinging to tlielr mothers and
all sending up a cry which sounded on the
night air liku a great wall.
During the early part of the second night
and aeain toward the approach of the fol
lowing morning , volleys of musketry could
bo heard in the direction of the front. The
morning revealed Hippolyto's position within
nearly a mile of one of the outposts. His
position is now still nearer the city.
On tho-1th inst. Lcgltimo succeeding in
getting most of the pcoplo back into the city ,
alonic with their effects. On the afternoon
of the 4th Hippolytc mndo another snow of
attack , and as ho advanced toward the city ,
burned several houses to terrify the be-
siegedi The advanced works of Lcgltlmo
opened llro on the head of Hippolyte's
columns , which was joined in Dy the puns of
Lepitimo's vessels. A determined show of
resistance stopped any further advunco on
the part of the northern leader , and with ttie
exception of securing a better vantage
ground , no marked change was noted.
At 5 p. in. on the 5th Hlppolyto threw out
an extended skirmish line , supported by
strong infantry columns. The forts immed
iately opened with great vigor , and all along
the line Dcffz's infautr.v commenced a rat
tling fire. The resistance was apparently
too strong , nnd Hlppolyto recalled his troops
to the rear of the Intrenchmcnts.
On the Oth all was quiet. To-day dcsultorv
firing occurred along thn lines , but no ad
vance was made. Hippolytc is now in force
almost wlihln a mile of the town. The nco-
Die of Port-au-Prineo seem to have little
confidence in Lugitimo.but they stick to him ,
believing it must bo either success for
Logitiino or death for them.
Vice President Talks About
the Itnilroad Situation.
NEW YORK , July 19. Speaking of the ru
mored sale of the Chicago & Alton , VIce
President McMullan said last night that all
the rumors wore absolutely groundless. "It's
all tno work of Cnlcago inventors , " ho de
clared. "We have not sold nnd wo don't in
tend tp soil. As for the proposed railway
trust among the northwestern lines , I think
it would bo the " best possible arrangement
for settling tho"difficulty , but It will prob
ably never bo effected. A trust of all the
farmers in the country will happen before
tnat comes. "
"Will the Alton restore passenger rates
between Chicago and Denver ! "
"Wo will very willingly when the provoca
tion which caused us to make the .reduction
Is taken away. Wo haven't yet announced
wo will definitely do so. It is the name with
the restoration of freight rates from the
Missouri river , and as forttfu latter I don't
think our rate nn live stock so low coi-
rcspondlngly astho tariff of lines east of
Chicago to Now York. "
A Joint Circular.
NEW YOHK , July 19. Tlio joint committee
of the trunk lines and the Central Trafllc as
sociation Issued a circular to-day that on
August 1 rates upon nil grain and the pro
ducts of grains classified as sixth class , with
the solo exception of unground corn , will bo
restored to a basis of 25 cents from Chicago
to Now York. The rate on unground corn
to bo continued on tlio basis of 80 cents until
otherwise agreed. .
* r
Tito Kiilllon Unto.
CHICAGO , July 19. Chairman Walker , of
the Inter-Stato Commerce Hallway associa
tion , to-day rendered a decision in regard to
the adjustment of rates on bullion and ere
from Colorado points to the Missouri river.
Ho advises the restoration of the bullion
rate to $3 per ton , und decides thnt with such
a basis in uffect the ere rate should bo f5 per
Must lluii'iiuc Hatoi.
CITY , July lit The Missouri state
board of railroad commissioners has decided
that all railroads In the state must reduce.
rates on grain. 1(1 ( per cent on llvo stock und
25 per cent on ami. The now rate is ordered
to go Into effect as soon us tlio railroads can
publish the now tariff sheets ,
Unto IleHtnratiim I'oHtpontd.
NEW YOIIK , July 19. Commissioner Ulan-
chard , of the Central Trafllo association , said
yesterday that the restoration of grain rates
had been postponed from July 23 to August 1.
This U duo to the fact that go many of tlio
rouds gave notice of cuts after the Jiultlmaru
i Ohio difficulty had been adjusted.
anil Hankers Confer.
NEW YOUK , July 19. A conference of rail
road presidents and bankers was hold to-day ,
It Is understood tbo question discussed was
the boycott on the Chicago & Alton railroad.
No conclusion was reached.
A nis Mill Hurnoil.
ALPHA. Mich. , July 19. The large mill of
W. L. & II. D. Churchill was struck by
lightning this morning and burned to the
ground ; loss , $10,000. ! !
nv THE
An Agotl Ijatly Meets With n Proton-
My I'ntnl Accident.
An nocidont thnt will probably terminate
fatally occurred at Thirteenth nnd Capitol
avenue last evening. About 1 o'clock Mrs.
Morccr , n lady of seventy- four years , started
across Thirteenth street and hurriedly
passed In front of a street car. As she
passed by the car she was struck
down by the horses attached to
an express wngon on the other
sldo. A The horse * trampled her under foot ,
and the wheels of the heavy wagon passed
over hor. She was picked up quickly , her
hip shattered , loft arm brouon In two places
and the bones horribly splintered , nnd driven
to her homo nt 209 North Tenth street.
Hlood poured from her mouth nnd
nose arid her acony win al
most unbearable. Dr. 'llnlph thought she
could not live twenty-four hours. A year
ago she suffered n similar nccldont , nnd was
confined to' ' her bed three months In cense
quence. The driver's name Is Uro , nnd the
old lady exonerated him from blame , saying
the thing was purely accidental.
Himton ItcMlcnn the Ghnlrmniifllilji.
INDIAVAVOMS , July 19. At n called meet.
Ing of the state central republican committee -
too to-night , James N. HiiBton , treasurer of
the United States , presented his resignation
of the chairmanship. Hon. Lewis T. Mich-
snor , gtnto attorney general , was unani
mously chosen to the vacancy.
Mrs. hogim Uncle l < * rom Kuropo.
BwYonic , July 19. Mrs. General John
A. Logan arrived from ISuropo to-day nud
loft for YouuRstown , O.
The Correct 8 nlioro of Woman.
Says Mnrioti Harlnml : "I would
guard ono point jenlouslr. Kightly
Illlcd , there is enough in tlio sphere of
wife , housokcopor , mid mother to satisfy
any woiimn , wlmtovor lunybo her aspir
ations. OI all forms of whining eontl-
uiuntality I 1m vo least patience with
the cry for a higher mission than that
of homo-'iniihihfr and child-rearing. As
the sum of over thirty years' observa
tion of this form of Intellectual unrest
nnd the perusal of hundreds of letters
from malcontents 1 assort , without fear
of contradiction , that the unfortunates
who raise the lamentations are , in the
proportion of a thousand to ono , those
who are the least lit to take the lowest
seat in the woman's kingdom. "
Mntlu Her n Hermit ,
A woman who claims York as her
homo , but who refuses to reveal her
name , is creating a , sensation in Upper
Lancaster county by her hermit life In
the woody retreats near Falmouth ,
whore she occupies three caves in ono
of the wildest and least frequented spots
iii this boctiou , says the Philadelphia
Times. She is suupnsod to bo a relig
ious fanatic , and hundreds of people
have ventured into her forest homo to
oxumino her romantic habitation. Her
cave is divided into three compart
ments. The llrst is three feet wide ,
eight feet long and six feet high. In
the rear of this is a second cave eight
feet long , eight foot wide anil seven
feet high , in which she prepares hoi-
food gathered by long foraging in the
neighborhood. Back of this is a third
cave nine feet high , six foot wide and
ten foot long , in which is a rude bed of
loaves and an olu blanket to protect her
' .rom the cold.
A florflo-ltncini ; lnchr * a.
The lady who owns nni rears horses
under the name of ' 'Mr. Manton" the
merry duehesa who is irreverently
known at Nowmarkot as "Hob" even
the dowager duchcba of Montrose , cave
her evidence in the Chotwynd-Durlmin
turf scandal on Sunday , savs u London
letter to the Philadelphia Bulletin.
Thrice married , this Inst tiino to a imiu
almost young enough to be a grandson ,
the duchess has long been a puzzle to
students of women und the source of
their power over men. She is not liaSd-
some ( I can remember when she was ,
though ) , she is old , and her tastes are
distinctly masculine. She is wealthy ,
it is true , but moat of her wealth cfuiio
to her on the death of Mr. Sterling
Crawford , her second husband.
Wherein'then , lies the attraction:1 I
felt that I had divined some of it on
Saturday when the somewhat 1111 wieldly
lady began to give her testimony. She
has a delightful voice aim a style of
sneaking which , added to a finished
elocution , is full of charm.
Stnrz & lior's liner.
StorIlor's Vienna export bottle
beer for family use. Ucor delivered to
any part of the oitv. Telephone 171.
a he nntliinu-Mank Fail.
A now wrinkle that broke out this
week is for ladies to wear masks in the
water , says a Santa Cruz letter to the
San Francisco Post. The masks are
either black or white , and made ot
chamois skin. It is exasperating to the
spectators to see the fair bather , witli a
liguro lilco Venus , trip along the sand
witn mask on nnd no way of finding out
who who is. It is currently remarked
that the masks are worn as n protection
to the comploxionsand not , from a seneo
of prudish modesty. Some of the
wicked , it is said , have started pools on
the esplanade , the bets being us to the
identity of the maskers ; b'Jt this is be
coming unsafe , as it in hard to unravel
the secret of who is below the masks.
The gangers are chewing gum and
bathing tickets. A bather with a lnuid-
boino figure is so closely masked that
her identity has not , yet been revealed ,
and the curious are on tlus ragged odgu
of anxiety to know who she is , but they
can't lind out.
Women as h\vliniinrH.
The women who Bwim well , and their
number Increases every season , lind it
ono of tlio most difllcult things to learn
in the whole round of athletics , and
ability in this line represents a great
deal of hard work and persistent en
deavor , nays the Now York World.
Nothing but the most tremendous ear
nestness of intention and long and per
sistent practice over enables a woman
to throw a ball , for the reason of
the length of her clavicle ,
which makes it extremely dilllciilt for
her to use her arm in the way required.
And so in swimming ; Her head being
heavier for her si/.o and her lungs
smaller than tlioso of a man , her con
stant tendency in the water with every
Htrolio la to pitch forward on her head.
The shape of her body alfeo increases
this tondmicy , and the .smaller sl/.e ( if
her lungs gives her much IOHH buoy
ancy. All these she lias to overcome
before she canloaru , to boa Hwiiiiinor ,
and a girl who is a good one clcsorvos a
good deal of credit.
Po ltlTo1y Cured lij
theio Little I'llls.
Tlioy also relleTo Dis
ITTLE tress from nyipepsla.
Indigestion and
Hearty I'-atlcg. - /
feet remedy l' > v J > i i
nose , NauseaDroivsl
, CadTa toln thcl
Tain in the Side , TOJi
PID LIVER , &e. Thor reguUto the Boweli j
ad prnront Constlpavlon and I'llei. Th
raallpjit and eaileat to take. Oolj one pill i
done. 40 in a rial , rurtly Vegetable.
IS cent * .
Vitality nnd Vlpor nro quickly clvon to
every tuirt of the body by Hood's Sarsnparllla
That tired feeling ! < entirely orerroino , the
blond U vnriltod , enrichwl und vluilr.iMl , the
Btomncli i. tout-it nntlstroiiKthunvd. thanppetllo
restored the Icltlnoys nnd liver Invigorated , the
lirnln rofroi'liod. the ivliolcsvstumbuilt up. Try
Hood'n Snrnnimrllla now.
Hoocl'BSarsapnrlllnHioldby druggists
Prepared byC. I. llooilrt Co. , Ixwoll , Mas * .
( Opposite 1'uxtou Hotel. )
Ofilco hours , 0 . m , fb S p. m. Sundajs , 10 a.
m. to I p. m.
ypeUUUu in chronic , NervoiiB Skin and
Illood IM'Sca'-es.
J tyConsnltntlon at olllce or by mml frc .
Medicines Mint l > y mull or o.xpnwn , securely
pnrkoil , frcu from obHurvntlon ( Junnmtei's to
curp nulrlcly , snfoly ami purnmiitmtly.
ritniT s mt.
HDlMmiTQ ITV Spermutorrhir-a ,
rlbllYUUu UbDlLlll nnl l.os3 s.NlBlit llmla
lion ? . I'liyslcnl llfcny. urltlng from ImUncra
tlon , KXCCHS or Indulgence , prodnrliiii Sleepless
ness. Despondency , l > linp'e < on the face , aver
sion to society , easily nlscournced. Inct of conll
donco , dull , unlit rnrHturi.voclmslnvs * , mid tlnils
life n burden. Snfuly , permanently Mid pri
vately curud. Consult lira. Delta & Belts , HW (
Knrnmn St. . Omaha , Neb.
Blood and Skin Diseases
results , completolv crinllcated wltliout tlio aid
ofMcrciuy. Scrofula , Krystpiilas. Kover Sores ,
lllotclies. Vlcers , 1'Aini In tlio Head und Ilonos ,
Syphilitic Sere Throat , Mouth nml TOIIKIK * . C.i-
tiirrh , oto. , permanently cured Mliero othori
have failed.
lirtnOTT Tfl'lllQUT nml Ulnildor Com plu mts ,
aMuYUlllld'y ' IMInful. Dilllciilt , too fro' '
qnont llnrnliiRor Illooily t'nnw. Urine high col-
nreil or with milky sediment on itnmllni ; , Weak
Back. Monnrrliii'a , fleet , Cystitis. otn ,
Promptly nnd Pafoly Cuied , Clmrecs Itoiisona-
STRICTUllS ! SS ciero. :
moval coniplot * , without cutting , cniwtlc or
aillation. Cures oITcctecl at homu by pntlont
v tthout n momontH pain or aunoyunce.
To Yonnf Men anH MiflillG-AsciI ; Men ,
finP fFIDP 1 < lle nwrnl oirects of curly
A UUnfj Ulltlt VIco. which unnRi organic
weakneai. ( both mind and body , \Uth
all Its dreaded tils , pertnnneiillvciirud.
MDrritmn Adross UIOHU who have impaired
DDllU thcmielvei by Improper liulnl-
ceiu-es and Bolltary ImblLs , wlilch rulu both
body and mind. uiilUtliig them lor biuiueia ,
itudy or marring' .
M AiiuiKi ) JlKN. or thosiB entering on that Imp
pylifo. aware of physical debility , quickly &a
18 based upon facts , flr t Practical Kxpe
rlcnci ! . Second KvarycaiulM ospeclally tudleo >
thus starting aright. ThirdJlo'Uclnos nro pro ,
pared In our labatory exactly to suit each case ,
thus atlectliiK euros wltliout Injury
tdS Se. ! ! ! ! licenti post&so for celebrated works
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TliousiiudH cnr 1. JiS A filendly letter or cull
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add goldmi year * to ] ir . CyNo letters an
swered unless iiccompanlod by 1 cents lu stamps.
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' UK * . nE'ETS A KliTTS ,
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Country alone.
The Best Fitting and Best
Wearing Corset Ever Made.
Nos. 303-4O4-I7O- .
Best Boston Twine
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