Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 03, 1889, Page 7, Image 7

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No ndvprtlsomentfl will be tnkcn for
ilicso coin in IIR nftcr 111:00 : p. in.
Terms CftRh In ndvnncr.
. Advertisements under this head 10 ce . . par
line for the Qr t Insertion , 7 cents for eacu nub.
neqnent Insertion , and Jl.riOpor line per mouth.
No advertisement taken for less than 25 cents
tor tlrA Insertion. Seven words will bo counted
\o \ the Una ; they must run consecutively and
must be paid In ADVANCE. All advertise *
ments must bohanded In before 12:30 o'clock p.
n , and tinder no clrcumstnncoi will they bo
taken or discontinued by telephone.
I'm tic a advertising In theio columns and haT >
Ing thdr answers aodresitcd In care of Tun HRB
win picnvi ask for n check to enable them to set
their letters , an none will hedellvcrcd except on
presentation of check. All answers to ruhor-
UtCRunts Rhould beenclosed Inenvelopes.
, All nilrrrtlsomcntH In these columns are pub
lished jn botn moiniuq and evening cdltlrnis of
Tun lire the clrctilntion ot which aggregates
more tlmn ic.cxo papcra dally , nnd gives tlio ad-
vcrtlsrra the bnncllf , not only of the city elicu.
lotion of THE Hr.K , but nlco of Council Hluffs ,
Lincoln nnd other dtle.s nml towns throughout
thin to t loll of tha couutry.
Advertising for these columns will be tnken
on the above conditions , at the following busi
ness bouses , whoaroauihorlredugontsforTiiB
JIK ) fs'wclal notlcox , mm will quota the same
rates ) as can lo hnd at jhp main olllco.
JOHN wruirLLrPh Taclst.'aioSoutu'Tentu
OH ASP. & EDDY , Stationers and printers , 113
South Kill Street.
B H. PAHNBWOHTH , Pharmacist , S113 Cum-
IngHtri-ot ,
J. HUGHES. Pharmacist , C24 North ICth
GEO. W. PAHH , Pharmacist , tM St , Mary's
WANTKI ) Situation by nrst clusa candy
luuKtr In rolall catabllnlimcnt ; good
band on bonbons , caramels , butter cups. Ilos-
ton chips , nnd all Now York novelties In cnn-
aios. Aildietui.l. A. Hauillton , 4C.8 .Lust Town-
gend gt. , llultlmoro. MO. 1KJ I. "
"VX7"AM'iD : Jiy n country young man , n situ-
TI ntlon ns > cnnchman ; undeistands taking
care of homes. If not found cnpablo mid In
dustrious no pay will bo required. Address ,
Marlon Abbott , Kile City P. O. , Douglas Co.Nou.
330 tit
POSITION by stenographer nnd typewriter.
WagcM moderate. Addicss.J.T.M. , postolllce.
1,14 4 *
WANTED situation ns drug olork by n
younttman of 114 yoursoxporienco ; steady
liobits and good Bnlesinan ; not registered. Ad
dress W. H. it. , Hex 101. llluo Springs , Nob.
"OKSPECTAHLE married person wants dally
JLvcmployment ns useful help lu household
dutiesor can teach young children : thoroughly
dompstkiated. Address D ! t. . I tee olllco. 113-3t
AN uxperleucod grocorwants a situation as
traveling salesman In northern Nob. Ad
dress D 1J Hce. _ 030 4t
TJ1XPEHT accountant wants complicated
.U'books and partnership matters to ajust.
Address C13 , lice. COSJyli-t
) Two men with fair education to
VT act ns county managers. Deposit of S 'u
required. Salary $75 to J10U p r montb. Cnll or
I address Davis & Shnhaii , 519 Hamire lilocu ,
124 4
WAKTIID W stone cuttern for cuttfng curb.
C. 1) . Woodworlh , 1'iU DouglriS. 143 _
AN'ILD A llrst-class balesman for gen
eral dry goods ; stoxe near Omaha ; must
talk gi" man. J > 1'0 , lioe olllco.
rANTED 2. " ) to 30 teams at Floience to
haul sand. Anioilcan Waterworks.
1U 4
ANTED Several good bojs for factory
work. Address OSS , Heo olllco. 147 41
w- Agents , both sexes , to sell the
Handsome Tidy Holders , 40) percent
crotlt. One mxniplo pnlr mailed for It ) cents In
stamps. 1' . O. Hex > Carroll , la. HIM *
"VVAN'IED MPH to soil Shetland mountain
> ponies. Bnmplo pair free on business
like conditions. Largest nerd fancy spotted
ponies In America. Letters nnswcred if a self-
uildresaod stoinpod envelope Is enclosed. Pro
prietor "Shetland Pony Knuch , " Vun llniib ,
lloxar coiintv. 'lux. 1MK1 *
SOL1CIT.OHS-10 llrst-clnss men irhnted , rnf-
orencn required , at room C , No , 141'J Dodge st.
3. J.llovti. 105 at
P ANTK1) An experienced milker nt 4115
bnunders st. 104 St
WANTED 4 colored waiters out of city , fore
paid ; ! ' garden hands ; 4 farm hands ; ex
perienced man In livery stable. Mrs. IJregn
B14M 8 lith. H3 at
WANTED Hcgisterod phainmlst , onewldo
awaku and well posted. Position perrna
ncnt for rlglit man. Address D 23 , lice ollice.
107 1
W ANTED Two men of good address to ran
MISS and sell goods. Callnt 1019 Howard
street. 114-3 ;
MEN to travel for the Pomhlll Nuiserles o
Canada , Wo pay $30 to $110 a month nml
oxpousen to agents to acll our Canadian grown
stock. Ad. Stone & Wellington , Mndison , 1is ,
WANTED llallrond laborers , rockmen and
track layers for Washington Territory
wages ami steady work , at Albright' !
abor Agency , U-'O 1'arnam st. b92
' ANTED At once , an onergotlo salesman
I' in every town to sell teas , colloes , spices ,
extracts , b.iklng powders , groceries , etc. , to
I'E hotels , lestaurnnts , farmers and other large
consume ! nt wholesale prices ; uxcluMvo ter
ritory gl\on. Address the Edgworth Mercantile <
tile Co. . 1447 Statu uti Clilcago. 838 r.-
E V\ANTED A good olllca man to go east
V T must Invest $ ,500 : must be a good business
man. Address the Goo. 8. Cllno Publlshlnp
House. 315 to U21 Wabash avo. , Chicago , HI. 791
"I/yANTlJD Haiiroad iabonts fur new worK
.V in Wyoming. Teamsters , whcolor holdeirt
Jilck nud shovel men , nnd rock nnd tunnel men ,
Steady worc and good Job. Per trausportatlo
apply nt Albright's labor agency , 1120 1'arnai :
Bt , Omaha. 70J
"XIJANTED K5 weekly representative , mal
or female , in every community. Good
Staple ; household necessity ; sell at bight ; n <
peddling ; salmv paid promptly , nnd cj > pense
advanced. I'ult particulars and valuable samp !
case IIIUP. Wo mean just what wo say ; nddrus ;
ntonce , BTANDAHD SILVEH WAHE CO. . llos
ton. Miss. fc84
S7"ANTHO-Good girl. Small family. 41
N. ffld St. 1GO-3J
_ r pirl w anted at 212H Oodgo st.
good girl to do kitchen work. Nimo nee
pply without good references.
VtrANTRO Girl for general house work
I'i Jl > German preferred. 715 N.23rd st. 140 4 *
S THONG girl for general housework. 40 S.
2Jd street. 1SJ-4J
WANTED A girl for general house work.
] uqulloj NT.LEdliolin12544 Chicago. 1US 6
WANTKI ) Sensible middle-aged woman as
housekeeper for n widower ; must get
breakfast ready by 0o'clock ; good w ages. Mrs ,
WANTED i good cooks for private board
ing houses , $ JJ to 125 ; 4 laundry girls , H
coed girls for < ountry , competent girl forilapid
City , Dnk. , { LM ; slanndressuD tor Wyoming. i-M ,
fare paid ; Ml for general housework. Mn > .
llrogn. 'ill i B. lUh. 117 g *
WANTED First class cook and laundress ;
alto second girl. Apply at 4SI north : Brd'
Bt. , com or Can * . Hl-U
WANTED A girl for general housework ;
good wages , Mrs. H. W. Cremcr. lixi Wob-
oter fct1 _ _ _ _ _ ' ' _ _ _ 10J 3 }
WANTED Ladles at ot.ce at 11CJ st.
Ml 6t
WANTF.D A nnrso for a child 2 years old ;
must bo ot good illcnosltlon. IntelllKont ,
neat uud willing , UJOiiSt. tlary's ave. 8-io
WANTED compotout girt , one who nn-
( itrt > tands cooking , waihlog und ironing
thorouahly ; noothur nooiLnpply , Jlrs.M. Hell-
jnan. goUO Bt. Mary'B avo. * 7M )
TXTANTED-Glrltoao tocond work and take
\ \ cure of clilhl three yra old ; noue but competent -
i potent need apply ; German pipferrod. ! ! 40ii St ,
- Klrl to coot , wash and
WANTKD-Gotxl . M. llushman , eli S , 17th.
to do dressmaking In fami
lies solicited. JIIss Sturdy. IMsgvth ave.
TVOSSMlriNlCK ha removed berdiessmnlc nr
J.ij.parlor > > fromiuisilowurd to ir-'ll.etivenwth
Blie' will be pleased to UavecuAtumeis call.
TflHST-clttsa day board ,
WANTED-3 or 3 furnlihol room * for lluht
lionsekeepliii ; by youni ; irnrtiwl couple ,
Btate tonns and oTocation. Juifren PUl ! >
WANTED For August and Fcptember ,
rooms andlonrd ror gentleman , wife and
daughter In country house , shaded and pleasant
and easily accessible from city. Hest accom
modations only wanted , for which good price
will be paid. Address , with particular * , D 29 ,
llee Onice. lh-4 *
_ _
"TIKI It JIENT A nlceft-roora cottage with many
J- ' conveniences , KH 8. 17th ave ; rent moderate.
Adply K4 8. lUll St. 071
T/lOIl HENT-1 3-room house , 13239 Wobitor St. ,
JL1 hard and aott water , 1 block from street car ,
> H per month. VM aj
T7IO H HENT-Dcslrabloomco , 1517 Douglas.
L 103
T710H HKNT 7-room Hat , modern convent'
JL1 cnces , Lange block. 613 3. 13th st. 091
fTidft KENT Furnished house t immediate
JL' possession. CalliM So. ffith st. 7W 1M
IrriOH HEM' Xlco 8-room Hat , newly papered ,
- f--lBa _ Howard t , in meat mnrnet. fS >
TTDlt HENT 7-room corner Hat. l tn nnd
JJones. . 00
I7\OH \ HENT 14-rdom house. 1811 Cumins st. ;
-L good bnrn nml sheds ; modern Improve
ments ; cheap to right parties. G , L. Grtcn , 310
B. liAll hi KXt
2 SEVEN room houses , 814 and 618 8. ad , near
Mason. Enquire at 84J 8. SJd _ 81U-7
1DESIDENCE3 in the Wm.J.Pnulblockcor.lOth
JLXand Chicago Most modern and attractive.
Will bo ready about July 10th. Apply , Paul.icoa
Farnam. 443
1I71OH HENT Furnlshod house tor summer ;
-L ? convenient , desirable location. Address D-'O
Ueo. bos 4t
jH HENT Now lt-room ) bilck ; nil inodorn
J ? Improvements , on 17th st.between Nicholas
nd Paul , at only $10. A. P. Tukoy. 15th nnd
Jouglns. 115
JT ° " HUNT 5-room house , 2534 Chicago st.
1011 UKNT-3-room house nt COS N. 13th st.
lT\UUNISlliihimse.20th \ : and bt. Mary'o avo. .
-U townttlll Oct. 1st. 7 rooms , bath and
"aundry to family without children ; references
required. David .lamloson , .114 S 15th Bt , 6Ti :
71OII HUNT Neat 4-room cottage , city water ,
- 1'i miles from 1 * . O. D. a Patterson , 314 a.
2tli. 1J3
T7IOU UKNT-fi Ilooms and kitchen at 1111
J-1 Dou gins st. , or U nud 2 rooms front. 128 % ; *
rplIN rooms , perfect repair , modern convcn-
-Llpnces. walerrrnt paid by owner. 2.'liand !
KISLeavenworth st. w'i per monlh. llughO.
"lark , loom 7 , Chamber ot Commerce. 137-0
FOU ItKNT Neat cottage. K0por month. C.
T. Hnirlsoii , Merchants Nutlonal Dank.J51
T710U IIKNT 0-room cottage , city water and
-t ? gns , nicely sltuifel within block of cable
nnd liorsu car line ; nn tiJo. Inquire 143U N. ISth.
1M 4 *
TOOK HENT 8-room house , evervthlng
JL1 modern , near cable , C minutes walk from
' . O , K , ihelton , 1503 Parnam st. 1414 ?
TTlOlt KENT Now 7-room house with city
-I ? water nnd bath. Acply2S2a 1'ralikUn nt. or
loom C03 Merchants' National"balik. 1317t
FOH HENT A. detached P-room house , all
modern lonveniencos. Enq.2oJ3 CnpltOlnvo'
hotel on Ilroadway anda'th st. .
V Councll Illulls. for rent and furniture for
sale. Inquire 111 S. 14th St. , Mrs Schul ? ! .
oil KENT 14-room brick dwelling , nil con-
venlences , 5 blocks fiom P. 0. 21UN. IHthst.
HOUSE'for lent. InquireSVSJ Dodge st.
7'730t '
"IjAOK HUM' A nicely fmulshed house In most
Jt ? dislrable residence location in thn city , on
street cor line , llfteeii minutes walk. Will
tate pint of lent in board nnd room ; want
man nnd wife ; no children. Kofercnco required.
Dnvld Colo.310 S. 15th at , tl !
house to rent till Oct. 1st.
looms , bnth nud laundry to family without
children ; lofotences required. Dima Jamie-
son , 311 S luth st. S'i-
TJ10H HKKT 3-room fl-room .
- or - cottngo. ou
JJ pavement , car line , largo yard , city nud cis
tern water , shade trees ; rent $10tmdI8. Co-
oppfati\ Land le Lot Co. . 2Q'i N. ICth st. 6 10 30
OK KENT Dwelling , 0 rooms , good stable
and nil modern tonenioncos , Cupllol nve. ,
2 blocks from High school. D. J. O'Donahoe ,
1C01 rnrnam st. 6SJ
G1 .OOD loom with bath. 010 S. 23th st.
FOlt RENT Furnished cottogo of 6 rooms
L. A. S. Loan & llental Agency , cor. 10th and
Howard sts. H5
T7IOHHENT Furnished room , with board 17S4
J ? Dodge. 8K4
FURNISHED rooms by day. week or niontt
bt. Clalr hotel , cor Uth uud Dodge. 8K !
OOM with or w ithout board. 1812 Dodge.
l 0
JTIOH KENT llooin. 1821 Howard.
I/IUHNISHEI ) or unfurnished house for rent
J. in Park Terrace , opposite Hanacom park ;
all modern conveniences. Inquire Lee , '
Nlchol , IHth and Lea\ anorth. . b'JS
ri O HUNT New furnlshod rooms two blocks
JL frompostoDlce ; housu has nil modern Inv
provcmcnts ; board It desired. 1015 Capital avo.
TjWH KENT Ilooms , with llrst class boaraif
J-1 dejtred , 018 S. 19th St. 009 0 ?
" \XrANTKD-3 young men to take room am !
TT good board In pri\-nte family ; everything
llrst-class ; all modern conveniences ; only
minutes' walk from P. O. ; pilce $25 per mo .
best of references required. Address D ll.lloo.
"IJIOH HENT Large east front room , gas ,
U bath , etc. , OU N. Uth St. 881 2 ?
TJ1OII HENT Nicely furnished rooms with or
JL ? without boat d. 1721 Davenport street ,
S5J 4t
"I.J1UONT room near postoHlce , X3 N. 17th.
"C1011 HENT Furnished room , 171- Douglas st.
FOH HENT Large furnished fiont room , also
front nnd back pnrlor niifuiul < ned with
board. I.nqiilre at 1U10 Capitol A\enue. tt07
O HOOMS Light housekeeping , S14,131t ! N. 18.
- 715
FOH HENT Fmmshod room with orwilh
out board. 1C11 Douglas st.
TJ10K HENT Elegant south room for gentle
JD man. 1707 Dodge st. 843
F 10U linNT Furnished room , M3 Dotlge st.
F I Oil KENT Furnlshod rooms , 2209 Dodge.
710 n
TTHIH HENT A large and small well furnished
-L front rooms , all modern conveniences , and
board , 2u'05 Farnnm. C'JU'TO '
FOH HENT Two parlors front and on llrst
lloor. All modern cownlonces. 1001.
S"E loom and double room , every con
veulcnco , 190S Capitol ave , .78
> OOMS and board , lud and lua So. 25th st.
.X 270 July 8 f
"VTICELY rmnlslied looms , board If desired
i > gas , bath .electric bolU , etc. 1G09 Douglas
TjllIHMSHED room for rent utter Juno2J
Ju 2024 Hurt zt , 1W
tit. Inquire at store. &J5
POH HENT Until October 1 , large furnlshod
house , call 204 S. 25th. 'VM
X'TIOK HUNT S lloors front half Hemls build'
X' Ing , power , hoot , eloctilc light. luquliootDco
of llemU Omaha Hag Co. 157 JyJl
TOH HEM' Tlio 4 story bricK building with
JU or without power , formerly occupied by The
llee Publishing Co. , 910 1'arnam t. The Unllu-
ing ha a lire proof cemented basement , com-
plato Bteaiu heutln ? ttxtures , water on all the
iluoie , gas , etc. Apply at the onico of Tlio Hue.
T710H HKNT-Store :8xM : : HIS Jackaon st ,
-U Enquire 1114 Jaekaon. 899
TJ10H HENT-btoreroonis at Nos. 1PU aud 1917
JC cumlut ; bt. tJ.1par month each. Potter &
Cobh. IfiUl 1'arnam. ail 'J
OFl'ICE To rent Furnished elezuntly pr
uufuruiahed. Uushmnn block , N. 1C. Cor.
IB and Douijlas. C48
Foil HENT-Comfortableetore rooms in tlio
Her building , eujCU : good location for har
ness ( hop. AUo , two baseineutis llghl andalry ,
44x U ) , under hardware utoru : good location for
tin fihop. Apply ( o A , C , Huymer , hardware
store , \ler \ bullcJlntr , corner Jackson and Kith st
TT > OH HENT-Stororoomsat Sot. lOli'and 1917
JU cumlng st. feu prr month each , potter it
Cobb. UXJI Fiuiium. 811 a
* f jlOH UENT Stores and living looinj ou Cum-
Jin HI , Also house on ( "Jus nt , ll&rrl * , room
411 , l t Nat. Hans. , S.q
T71OH HENT-Btontrooms at NcsTjtlli end 19IT
JL ? CuuiinL'BU l- " < pr KJuth earn. Potter A
Cobb. HOI J arnaia. Ill a
/AMAHA HuMness College , cor. 16th and Capl.
wtol avo. Shorthand Tno largest and most
ducccasful shorthand department in tlio state.
Standard methods tatiaht. M union's revised
of ' 9 a specialty. Call or write for terms.
GOLLA1KUAL Hank , 312 U. ICth sU , Chnmbo
of Commerce. Ix > aus money on chattels and
articles " ot value. _ _ _
"jf'.OOIv llBUU-ror rent List your houses
J-l with me. I have plenty of customer * .
, .LA. Wlchterman , 207 N , IBth st. O.MM1'
"ASTIlN O ( Tone , coTloctc J and dolivoro d Gy
Mrs. Andrew Sorcnson. 3519 Parker t.
< _ fi72Jyl8
GEO. H. JONES , plumbing and gas titling
drain laying , sewer nnd water connections
a specialty , 1414 Dodeo Btln basement. Omaha ,
. _ I _ 118 Jy 3
rpHE banjo tnught as nn art by Gcp. 1" . Gel-
JLlenbcck. Apply ntlleo onico. W > 0
AHS for 'orders Wanted Ilia mutual
Hesorva Hmil Life association dcslrus to
employ ono special ngent In each city nnd
county in the United States , Canada , Great
Ilrltafn nnd France. It also has excellent open
ings for good business men mail of these coun
tries as managers , general and district agents ,
Compensation liberal : results certain : position
permanent. This company furnishes life In.
surnnco at one-half the nsuul rates. It baa
iiln-ady paid 8lx nnd one half million dollars
in death claims. It has more than two million
collars cash surplus. It is tha greatest success
over known In life Insurance. Address or call
upon E. U. Harper , President , or N , W.
lllo s. Vice President , Homo oitlco , 38 Park
How , Now York , or upon nny General Manager.
_ :64-o
UPHOLbTEHING , drnplr.g nnd repairing.
Mattresses mndoo\er , 1'lrs t class work ,
tensoimblo prices. 11. Lehmano , 219 N. 14th.
707 Jv24
LOST A nmnll black nnd tnn do ; answers
to name of "Susie ; " Under will bo suitably
rownrded by leaving at 3004 Farnutn fit. or Asst.
Oon'l Mgrs. onico U. P. Hy. 127-3
T OST Monday afternoon , n lady's gold
Jmntch with chnlu and locket , between 15th
itnd I'arnnm nnu 171 h nnd Leiupuwortli. Hcturn
o olllco of a. 1' . Morse A. Co. nnd locolve reward.
JTHAYED Saturday afternoon from North
OOmahn , going south , n brown mare , with
unto foct , star in forehead , n barb wire cut on
oft front foot. " Finder please return to City
table , Cass and luth st , and receive reward.
101 v
1AICHN UP Nearlttuer'B brickyard , dnrk
-bay horse , with halter and long rope
on , luqulioSSth and Miami sis. N. Olson.
MHS. Perceval ot California , 100T Douplaa Bt. ,
fortells the future. Ladles and gentlemen.
TTMHHELLAS aud parasols covered and ro-
"LJ paired , 217 S 15th , Iloyd's opera house block.
In lubber store. H. Halor. 900
STOHAGE at .low rates nt 1121 Parnam at. .
Omaha Auction and Slorago Co. C01
TIHACICAGEatoiago at lowest rates. W. M ,
Hushman. Ull Leavenworth. 902
T3HANCH A. Co. , Btoiage , 1211 Howard.
S'lOHAGE and forwarding. Wo collect and
delh ergoods of all dcscrlptlon .merchandlse ,
furniture and baggage nt cheapest rates for
storage for nny length of time. Vans und
wagons to be had at shortest notice , with careful -
ful men for moving. Pncklng and shipping
fiom our own warehouse dona on moderate
charge. Merchandise loaded and unloadod.
Warehouse on our own Irnck" . Olllco217 S. 14th
St. ; telephone 114. Ilowull&Co. 001
DR. NANNIE V. Warren , clairvoyant , medi
cal and business medium. Female diseases
11 specialty. 119 N ICth st. rooms 2 nud 3. Iflj
ITANDAUD shorthand school. Paxton block ,
uccelsor to Valentine s ( ihorthanil insti
tute1 , the largest best equipped shorthand
school in the west ; is under the personal su
pervision of Joseph P. Megeath. an ox-ollicliil
ipporter and state agent of the Hemlngton
Standard typewriter , nssl ted by experienced
leibatlm reporters. Mechanical couatmctlon
of machine taught by t nctiry expert. I'articil'
lar attention paid to typexvrltlm ; . Stenogra
phers'supplies for sale. Circulars free. DJ * )
WANTED-Good lubber tire , nlckle plated ,
new or second-hand Columbia or Victor
bicycle with ball bearings. O. C. Otis. Asylum ,
Neb. 151-2'
WANTED Furniture , carpets , stoves and
household goods of all kinds. Omaha
Auction & Storage Co. , 11J1 Farnam. DOS
WANTED To purchase , In Nebraska , on
established bnslne s ; groceries , general
merchandise , or confectionery preferred. Ad
dress F. G. II. . Wymore , Neb. 840 3
/ 1AHH1AGES , Horses. Oow. , etc. ,
\J For Sale.
Having derided to remove to California I will
sell the following articles very cheap :
1 now Studebuker family carriage.
1 three-spring polo phaeton.
1 two spring phaeton.
business buggy.
1 single cutter.
1 now Drunsivick & Balke combination bll <
liard and pool table.
3 good black her os , will all work single or
double , and nil well matched ,
1 fresh Jeisoy cow and cult , ono of the best in
the city , a pi izo winner.
1 yearling Jersey cow.
1 fresh common cow.
1 peed "Slnnltou" family Kitchen range and
one laundry stove ; one ilrst-class refrigerator ,
with several other articles. 'Hie abo\e can be
been fnr ono week at 332 So. 37th st. If not sold
by that date can be seen at my brickyard , cor
ner 22nd and Hickory sts. 1C2-4
ir. N. Withnell.
O NK hundred tons of Ice for nxle. Address
John Olsou , btromsburg. Neb. Hex 2.1.
FOH SALE Team carriage horses , pricefciOO
C. F. Harrison , Mcrclianta' Nnt. Hauls.
WANTED To soil flno upright piano , book
case , refrigerator nnd other furnlturo : because -
cause giving up housekeeping : every thing llrst
class and almost new. UJJ N. 27th a\e. 1 29-lt
iytOH 8ALK Good family horse nnd phaeton
J-1 Inquire , 1 < J09 Chicago st. 1153'
FOU SALE At one-hnlf value , 3 line pee
tables. Enquire at 1001 S. 1 ith st. 14S-2 *
IjiOH SALE Handsome pnrlor billiard table
J $50 , cost 8100. J. W. Qrinith , U P n'dquarters
1)98 )
TT10U SALE Oood team , wnmn and narnc-ss
complete , cheap. J. J. WlUlnson. BH8
IOII SALE or Trade Pine > oung snddlo
pony. D. II. Hall , 24)0 ) Hartley nt. 787 4T
MIDLAND Guarantee & Trust Co. , 1605 Par
num.Dimple-to abstracts f mulshed andtltles
to real estate oxnnituedperf ciud & gtiarantoed
\fOKRY to loan ou furniture , horse" , wagons
JJl-ctc , , or on onj * appioved aecuilty , J. W.
Hobblns , 141Ui Vanmm stieet , Paxtou Hotel.
TV10NT.Y loaned for 30 , CUor ) days on any
liL kind ot chattel security ; reasonable inter
eat ; confidential. J. J , Wilkinson , 1417 Fnrnani
_ J Oil
ONKVtoloan. Harris U.K. i Loan Co.
room 411 , First National bank. 913
MONEY to loan on horses , wagons , mules ,
household goods , planos.organ ! ) , diamonds ,
lowest rules. The flrst organized loan ojlico ir
tha city. Make loans for thirty to three hun
dred and slxty-tlvo days , which canbepulclln
part or whole , at any time , thus lowering tno
principal and Intorejt. Call nnd see us whei
you w ant money. We can asslst j ou promptly
nnd to jour advantage without removal o
property or publicity. Money always on hand
No delay In making loans C. F. Heed A. Co.
319 S. UtfiBt. , o > erlllugham& Sons. U13
"OKSIDENCB LOANS-OS J to 7 per cent , no ad
JAiluionul charges for commissions or attor-
neyu'feos. W. 1 ? Mettle , First Nat onnk bld'g
PEOPLE'S Financial Exchange-The fairest
quietest and moat liberal ihonoy exchange in
thetlty : inonoy loaned without delay or pub
llclty. in any amount , largo or small , at the
lowest rates of interest , ou any available , se
curity ; loans may bo paid at any time or re
newed at original rates. O. Hoiucaren. Mgr.
room 57. Darter block , 15th and Varnum. 1)15 )
T .OANS on Improved and umlmproved prop-
JUerty at low rates. Odell llroi & Co.,3123 IDili
MONEY loaned on furniture , horses am
wagons : rates reasonable. City Loan Co.
118 U. i3th st. , opposite..Miilard hotel. 4iM
MONEY to Joan at Jew rates by Excelsior
Uad Co. , 1110 South' 1MU street , Omaha.
MONBY to loan on coed llrst mortgages , 1m
proved or unimproved property. Slort-
S K bousht ana sold. Wullace , room 810
rowu UullUlDir , Itth and Douglas. (23
DONT borrow moneyJijn farnlture , her es ,
wagons , etc. , or c611uerals ! until you see C.
) . Jacobs , 411 First Nrttiirmil bank building.
_ _ H = L _
VTONEY to loan onnnyi security
J.U. tor short tlmOv nt low
rates. LoweJt/raTes
on pcnwvijrt
The Henderson M orrgnffQ Investment Oom-
mny , room 400 , Paxton mock. coo
DEOPLR'8 f inanclaV WchanKO Largo ami
Ju small loans for lonir nnd short time , at low-
st rates of Interest , ofircal estate mortgage
otos. chattels ot all kinds , diamonds , watches
nd Jewelry , Don't fall to call If you want fair
nd cneap accommodations. O. Houscarou
Igr. , room 67 , liarkor blk , 15th aud Parnam.
| > > nt&
_ _ _ _ _
" 1 F. nAUHISON lo'instnoney , lowest rates.
. . ; _ - .j _ 030
MONEY IiO ns nogotUted at low rates w ith
out dflay , and purchlVso goods , commercial
inner nnd mortgage notes. S. A. Sloman. cor
Sthjxml Farnam _ 017 _
BUILDING loans. JJ. V. Sholes , 810 Plrst Na-
tlonal bank. ttM
M ON BY to loan on real estate nt low rate.
J. D. Zlttlo , 4JO Paxtou block.
O LOAN $2.000 on Rood , nrstmortgapo. In-
JL quire of J , T. Jlatuow , room SU , gneoly lilt.
MON1JV to loan on real estate security , at
lowest rates. Do torn negotiating loans sco 31U.llrowii bldg , luth ADoiiRlaa. 1X11
P\O YOU want money ? If co , don't borrow
jJbefore gottlnR my rate"which arc the low
est on any sum from It up to # 10,000.
1 make loans on household goodn , olanos , or
gans , horsc.smulcs , wagons , \ > arohouse receipts ,
louses , leases , etc. . In any amount , nt the low-
sst possible rates , without publicity or removal
of property.
Loans can bo made for one to nix montnn and
ou can pay n part at any time , reducing both
irlnclpal and Interest. If you ouo n balance
in your furniture or horses , or haven loan on
, hem , I will take It up and carry It for you as
eng as you desire.
It you need money you will flnd It to your ad
vantage to BCD mo beforn borrowing.
II. F. Masters , room 4 , Wlthnell building 15th
nnd llarnoy. im
BUILDING nnd other real estate loans. W. M ,
Harris , loom ) , Frenzor Block , opp. P. O.
fjlIHST mortgage loans at low rates nnd no do-
JDiny. D. V. Suoles , 210 rirat National bank.
WANTED I'lrst class Inside loans. Lowest
mtoa. Call nnd see us. Mutual Investment
? o. . U. 1 llarker blk , nth and Fanmm."i '
MONGV to Joan. O. V. Davla Co. , real cstato
and loan ngonta. 1'ilfi Tarnam st. DJil
MON13Y to loan ; cash on hand : no dnlay. J.
W. Smilrv , ISluFarnam st. , 1'lrst National
m-nK building. l'-7 '
I CAN mnko n few loans on flrst-class chattel
securities nt reasonable rates. W. 1C Potter ,
room 10. Barker blk. 0-8
TITONKVto Loan Wo nro ready for nppllca-
J--Ltlons for loans in amounts from tJOO toll\-
000 on Improved Omahit or Douglas county i eal
estate. Pull Information as to rates. Louim
iromptly cloaed , Oood notes will bo purchased
> y us. Call upon us or write. The JlcCague
Imostrnent Co. 018
17"KYSTONU Jlortgago Co.-Loans of JIO to
JLVJl.oou ; got our rates before borrowing and
save money ; loan on horses , furniture or any
approved security , without publicity ; notes
l > ought ; for n w loan , renewal of old and low-
eat rates.cnlllCMS , Sheeloy bin , 15th.VHowaid st.
Oil )
51II5 Sholcs , room 210 , First Nntl bank , baforo
in aklug your loans. \ > X )
B UiLDlNO loans. Lluahan & Mahonoy.
LOANS made on rcpl oatato nnd mongagcs
bought. Lewis's. Itced Co , U1) ) . Hoard of
Trade. ' r l J
$300.00. ) to loan at 0 .per. cent. Llnauan & Ma-
honey , room 501 Paxtbn block. U21
"VTEUKAfalvA JFortg. Loan Co. will make you a
A loan en huUbcUold goods ,
horses , wagons ,
laud conti nets ,
flno jewelry , or socnHtios of any kind
without publicity , at reasonable rates.
Room 7 , Uoivley block. South Om ilia.
Itooms 518-5IU , Paxton bioci , Omaha , Nob.
k n -
GC. & C. M. Anthony ? D12 1'lrst National
bank building miiKufloixus upon tarms in
Nebraska and Iowa aud ( improved Omaha city
property ; money ready : title and security
passed upon here ; no delay ; favorable rates :
call or write. KM Jyl7 rri
p iHlLAPELHIIIA JIqrtiaso ( & Trust CO. fur
nish cheap eastern nMney to borrow crrf.tmr-
chase securities , perfect Utles , accept loans at
thelrwostern ollice. * George W. P. Coates. robin
7 , Hoard of Trade. 03,5
MONKY to loan onrurnlniro , chattels or real
e state. Lowest rates on good loan ? . J. I ) .
Emlngor. 1417 Farnnm. room .1 lit" Jy3
TJ1OK SA LE- Some A1 second mortgage pnror
JJ at a liberal discount. M. A. Upton comn.iny.
IGth uud 1'aruam. 1,12 Q
WANTED A partner in the hardware bus !
ness In good town , must have S'.TOO c.i h ;
good business opportunity for young man who
understands the business ; present propilotor
wlslws to leave the city. Inquire Hardware ,
Arcade Hotel , from 9 to 12 a. m ,
T710K SALE An established coal nnd feed
J3business.Addressp 22 , Heo. _
Qjn.OOO , half cash nnd half trade , AS 111 secnro
iDagrooablo business ( monopoly ) , reallzlus ex-
Iraoidlnnry eash earnings of Jlu.OJO yearly. In
vostlgatlon solicited. Address D 21. Hoe.08t)2
08t)2 ) ?
FOIl SALE Grocery Etocc , ilxtures , and do
llvory outfit in city ; price trom SVtiO to
$7,000. One ot the best in the city. Cash nud
good paper. Co Operative Land and Lot Co. , 205
N. 18th Bt. 092-2
"I7UIU1T. confectionery nnd cigar store , in flrst
X1 class locution ; will neil cheap. C09 N. 10th
Bans *
BAKEHY for rent or Bale.must go out.of busi
ness , l.OCO inhabitants , railroad division ,
west ot Omulia. AddroaM D 12. Heo. C55
FOH SALE-Now , clean , hardware Block and
building , 81bOO not prollts IbSJ. Average
sales April and May , 1889 , & 21 per dny. Llo-
gaut location , J. A. Campbell , Howard. Nob.
J5.000 dnis store for cash and real t-stato ;
Jtown 15.00J. Honeatoel , Grand Island , Neb.
833 10 ?
FOH SALE or Exchange Harbor shop.centor-
ly located , doing good business ; owner has
outside Interests that ruiod his attention ; will
take good clear or small incumbcrod lot as part
payment. 1'or particular * call at CIS and 019
Paxton block. Omaha. 818
TjlOH EXCHANGE A line farm of 200 acres in
JJ Polk county , NOD. , 4 miles from Clarkx ,
Nob. , to cxch'iugo for cattle ; hO acres under
cultivation , house , barn , wagon nciilos nud
good feed lot. 'Address 0. Oskamp , 2215 Wob-
Btersj.jJmaha. Neb. 915
T71OH EXCHANGE-Kor desirable residence
J- property in Omaha , nny or all of follow ing :
40 cholco insldo residence lota in Hasting * .
luu lou in Lincoln.
( UOacieHiluo farmlngland , Lancaster county.
Pine residence property. Lincoln.
Good rental property , Lincoln.
Choice family ro3ldouco corner , Los Angolcs.
A ncnt residence property in llanscom Place ,
Also some good mortgage notes.
Address , giving location and price of prop
erty , J , E. B , , euro Uauin Iron Co. , till Leaven-
north. , i a
T71OH EXCHANGE Three line tree claim re-
llnqulshmonts InWtJtl
- - county , Colorado ,
for stocks of merchandise. Addretia S. C ,
Chaae , Wallace. Llncdlfl'fpunty. Neb. 051
ri OTHADE Good hqiyte.nnd lot for a farm
J-la Iowa. Address OM , Uoo olllce.
102 3t
" \XrAXTEt-To trndjs , ft-ttna piano for a horua
IT and buggy. Inqalnnu. 1514 Dodget.
'pHOa'OGHAPHEHS' ( Jnull ( ( ( JUtures for Halo
X or trade , invoice JbOO ; for particulars call or
address Emma TorplnEnL'/with Mrs , J , llensen.
ElllllJI 0lWff
FOH EXCHANGH-Alvjilosant tract of land
containing ) > ncruj , lu Antelope county.
Neb. , with ordinary inyjcpveinenU. '
A quarter-section lh"TTaud county , Dakota ,
partly Improved. orilvj
Eighty acres near Council IllulTs , la.
House and lot on Soatfn'lGtli Bt.
Large amount of OU ItoiYntaln and Petrollum
company oil stock , WIh | exchaiign for good
property or the erection of some no uses , Cioo.
J. btoi-nsilorlf , 1st National bank building. .
WR9TUHN lauds , farms and city property
for stocks of goodn. Iloom 2 , UOS Farnam
nio PJCCHANOE-For cattle or horses , 480
-L acres of laud near Illtf Springs , . Duel Co ,
Neb. D. H , Hall. 8UWHarney st. 7D8 4
TO Exchange Casn and clear property for
merchandise , or merchandise for cash and
clear property. Address Look Hoxll. Gnthen *
burjr. Neb. OtO jy 2 ;
T WOULD lue to trade a good two-story hou 6
J-and lot OU1W feel , wltnlu one block ot Park
ave. and Park school for vacant east front lot
lu Haujtcoui place. Will assume some lucum-
brauce. Address , 045 Hoe ollice. BU7
TIM ) EXCHANGE for Omaha property , one o {
-L the bust Improved farina la Iowa , only one
mile from totvu of H.OJJ Inhabitants. W. H. H.
Jc M. I ! . , room 14 , CUauiber of Commerce. 1V4
rpHE motor line Is built to Collier plaeo. t Tlio
Jllelt line runs near Collier place. The P. K.
.V M. V , H. H. stop all passenger trains t Col
lier placo. Tlio horse car line will soon reach
Collier place. Host addition In the city. Price
9 W to $1,900 per lot , ono tenth cash , balance one
to llvo years. McCague , opp , P. U. Kg
| IOH ) BALU-a genuine bargain -Cottage aud
J- ' east front lot. at grade , seworand waier.flno
old onk shndo trees , near zUh and Hnrney ,
lluop. J. iL.Iivons. Hnrkcr blocki 111-4
* TOOir"8AL15-io room TIOHSO. lot 60xW , easy
. . M. Hushraan. 1311
onworth. G43
OH , como nnd Invest In one of those nno cot
tages In Urcuard Hill on the highest nnd lln-
est view , built and furnished vritn nil inodorn
mprovemcnt ; we will sell on cnsy term : n very
small pn > mont required. Wo also have other
Ine bargains. Especially wo call Attention to
.ho best investment In renl ostntu In the United
Hates , and that In on the Maxwell land grant In
flew Mexico , for Sale by Excelsior Lanu\V Honl
Kstnto Do. , 310 South 15th it. , Omaha. V4I
BARGAIN Part of the DI ik Klmball estate.
CO feet on ISth street ruunln through to 17th
avo. One 13room house , all modern conven
iences , and two 0-rooin houses. Total rental
(1,50) ( per year ; price tn.OJi ) . M. A. Upton
Company , futh itnd I'nrnani. u.17
"TTlOKSAliK llo.vitlfulS room house , all mod-
JL1 cm Iniprovomonts , IncludluR splondld fur-
nacc. nenrllnnscom pnrk. btist location In the
city rorpchool.rhurch nnd street car privilege ! ;
wtco U,000. 0.1' . Hnrrlsau , Jlorchnuts Nntlonal
bank. vus
rplIK boit money worth of house and lot now
X for sale lu Omaha Is wnlch 1 am now
roiuplotlnft near 2lth st. on paved \Vlrt ft In
Kountzo 1'iiico. 8 bodroomi , a parlor * , dlnlns
room , kitchi'ii , 3 bath rooms , 3 water clo Nets ,
lame laundry , stationary wash tub * , furnace
and coal room and cellar , cloctrlo bolls and
speaking tutio , 12 elosota. Vrlco only tr.OOJ on
terms to suit. Likewise a dupllcntn adjoining
at same prlon. W. T. SonniMi , cist sld Iflth Bt.
norlh of Nicholas i > t. Omaha's Urgoat vatlaty
ofvaj no and carrlnKOd. SOI
SKNl ) for olat of Collier place , and wlinn
drlvliiK for tecrention follow the motor line
poles on IGth at. nnd AmoV nvc. , unit see tlio
woiKlerful Improxcmcnts thnt have taken plico
Just around the bat-rucks , and remember that
Collier place la the key to tnu situation , lluy n
lot now for the low prlco-aud nt the easy terms
they are being offered , nnd wo tire satlsllnd.
One-tenth cash , balance ono to live years. Me-
Cnguo , opp. P. O. UK )
llll factories within naav reach of Collier
JL place will employ u Inrito force of men. fo-
cuiou hotibO uud enjoy llto. 1'ilceof lots SW )
to tl'MO. one-tenth cash. Send for plat. Jlc-
Capcue , opu. 1' . O. 039
H ILLSIDE No. l-Spcc'.il ' bargain for 10 day ?
on south front lot , Cnss anil : ilst streets.
A. Upton Company , Ifith He I'anmm. 7TJ-1
T71OH SArjU-oU.TI ncre , sec. 5 , tp. 1J. r. Cw. ,
J-1 linmlUuii county , Nob. llcuisu. stable , iWo
acres fenced , llvlm : water. J'rlco. JUXX ) K. 1C.
AtKlns. o\Mier , rullrond hld . Denver , Col. 910
S HOLES Special List We push uppoial bar-
falusnnd advurtlse thorn. I.l'-t with me.
tine east front lot Hi Hanscom place nt $1,000 ,
8"0 CAsh. Jecltled bnrg lu.
Flno lot on l.o\\ ne , iJ,7i"A
i"OJj buys n house and lot in Hauscom place ,
noithof Poppluton avomio
The old .liihn Dlerks manufactory plant on
Missouri PaclUc railway. 4 miles southwest of
city , with S acres of giound and 3 lnrgi < 2-story
for HtXB. A tluo opportunity for
aome ono.
llinvo special Inducements la houses nnd lots
In all parti of the cltv , oltlior for sale or trade.
fall and be shown tnem. I < io not try to net
you In to show yon trash , but handle only good
uroperty and deal squarely. D. V. Ssholes , 'Jl
1'list National bank. Ull
FOIl SALE The llnost residence HltoInVcat
Omnhaj list south of Iiumvm < > n3 > thst.u ;
corner lli'ixlS" , \ > lth 1ST feet fiontai o on pa\ed
street and joining tlio hnmlsonm rcsldenco of
Klrkonniill on the oust , and Ilrudy , Husson mid
Slarttn on tliu south ; it perfect gem and garden
bpot for an elegant homo.
Jlainoynnd-'lststrects,14l\li57. on pavement ,
v.Unln throe blocks at the court house ; room
for sovun llim houses that would rent ns lap-
Idly as ( oinploted. < V , splondld permanent In
vestment. '
rariwn mid 22d Btreeti ? . fiOxllJ , with now
three-story brick store'bulldlng , lontoil tofjood
permaiioiit tunnuts. HonUl ieceint3 M.UiO per
year. Sixteenth btioetk near Nicholas , frontage
01 feet to alley ; good buslniMs piopoity.
I'aniam stiett , between 3bth and J'Jth. frontage -
ago 43 or PSxUJ to alley , south fiout , 1 block
from pavement nnd sti eet oars
1'ark momif , opposite llanscom parK , 50x150.
price $ .2,000 ; easy terms.
1'addock pjace , trackage , 00x113 , 82,000 ; easy
Sixteenth street , south of Vlnton street lot for
sale or trauo for mdse. or good lann land.
S. A. Sloman , laui Karnain st. 13
T7\OH8ALE-Lot45block8 \ , Ilnnscom Place ,
- ? A0 ! ltl , past front , and ovorlcoklng the park.
S 1,250. An elegant iayinir lot In r > aundi > ra fc
lllmebaugh's add , near Military ave. , for * 700.
Kust front lot on Lowe nve. , near Daveuyort St. ,
f I.SO. ) . VV. H. Gates S\V. corner lith nnd Doug
las Bts. ont-2
I7IOK SAIJ5 On longtime andeaiy payments.
J- handsome , now , well bullthouses of tf , 'J and
10 rooms. AH convenleiKOH.good neighborhood :
pa\ed streets ; street .cars unil within walking
distance of P. O. NathanSnelton , 1503 '
) H SALE Iluslness corner. MO.OOO. C. F.
Harrison , Merchants National iianic. 135
price $1,500.'f500 cnslil
/ OM fund see ins and investigate somootthe
v liaigalns wo have to oiler. We ara continually
listing new properties , iud "if you don't see
M hat yon want ask for it. "
We fmvo merchandise to trade for land. We
have liorM-s. cattle and mules to trade for
land. Wo have a brleic nud tlio factory doing
a thriMng business to exchange for western
Three new , 5-room cottages at Albright ,
within 10 minute's walk ot terminus of hourly
dummy Hue , for sale on term ) that will only be
fair rent.
An olovntor property with large dwelling
house , nt a bargain. Elevator coiupleto. with
horse-power , htaloj. o.llco ftirnlahuJ , etc. A
fine opening for a practical gialn dealer.
One of the best Impioved rnrms in the state
will bo exchanged for insldo Omaha property.
Two line residences in Popplotou park , on
motor line ; will bo sold on easy terms.
Huusos'aiid lots in all parts of Omaha for
Bale and exchange.
1'or exchange , for Omaha property,1.0 0 acres
of Hchool laud lease , In one of llioboat counties
A line rosldoncft property m Omaha View for
sale ot a bars vln.
Prom J75 , < nd to $103,000 worth of llrst-class
notes to exchange fnr Omaha property ,
Merchandise to exchange for M cash and b u-
nnco western lands. This is ono of the Ilnpst
opportunities ever offered to convert land Into
cash. Investigate this.
1'or sale , itt u baigain , hotel nnd livery barn ,
In a good Nebraska town. This is n line opuii-
lug for a practical hotel man.
Tor exchange for Omaha pioparty ono of the
best farms In Hock county , Nebraska , togothitr
with stock nnd machinery noroisary to carry on
the place. Old ngo and fulling hotilth of the
owner is reason tor uollln ? .
Tor sale , < heap , a roitaurant in oua ot the
best locations In omalm ,
2HHcres of line land In northwestern Iowa
to exchange for Omaha property. *
Wo have unsurpasied facilities for disposing
of property , having some CO" ) agents scattered
overfouror llvo states. List jour property
with ua If you wlsli a quick turn. W. It , K. x
M. II. Chamber of Commerce , telephone
phone 1 HO. CCU
/CONTINUOUS sidewalk to ColHsr place. Got
v/nrlco3jaud tot mi McCague. 019
rnilK tlnoft drlvo in tno city la ot Collier "place
"OAHE Chance I will aelt a now house , all
JAmotloin couvfiilcncos , large lot , clu ant loca
tion , fioi cash , 8yo.\rri time on bnl ; furfuither
partitulais cull on L' . Himuan.lti ) , Continental blc
751 "t
" 1710H SALE Lots In Stawnrt Place on Lowe
JJ avo. ; .Metropolitan Cable passes property.
0-room house und barn , Hauscom J'laco. i ,
lunis s mid lots on Cn > s 8t. , on easy term * .
lst Nat , Hauk. _ ZO
"TTlOHSALE-Onoof the most dnslrablo fcedinj ;
J. farms in Nebraska. Bltuuted 'A ' mile from
depot , ulno from thoshlpp'ng ' ymds of the
Cou\uri > o Cattle on Ulkborn Valley H. H ; it con-
talna 2-K ) acres , withUECOf i"o ! arrei uddi tlmml ;
uvciythlug new and : barn Oilxlloa tt. ;
water In abundance. H. a ManvUle , Uldeu ,
Neb. _ 75J
TT1OHSALE At a bargato. One twelve ana
-U ono nine room house in Kotint'.o jilare , ou
2ltn street , oppoiita the tlno residences of Hod-
ick and McCreury. with 78 and DO feet of ground
with each house to alley. Each liouso h i furnace -
nace , gns , gas llxtuios , BlntdeH. all
plumbing , hot and cold water , elegant
large ri/oms. allpapurod ) i ndsomely through.
out , good barn with un h hoiiso , and an elegant
lawn all nodded. I am prepared to otfer spl n-
dld inducements an to price , and terms. Call
and let ma drlvo you out. You ran move into
those houses without a dollar of expense for
anything. ' 1 hose miut ho sol J soon. See mo at
ouie. D. V. Bholes , ail ) Firm Nat'l bant. 177
of the tno house and lot bargains J
_ ave been ottering on ( loargli avo. north of
LcavenHortn , l novr sold and occupied , because -
cause of my very low prlc . Uho Houtn house
of the two "till romulni a bargain open to
ftombody , Flrtt cornea , tlrst served. To bo ap
preciated it needs to bo examined internally. 1
positively Hi not rent It. though several times
otr r d tU > per month. Pncu only $5,000. on
very easy terms. Prireaftor July 1 , HOJU. W. T
Heamau , eo t Hlclo iCiliat , north of Nicholas
st , Omaba'i largett variety of wagons and
carriages. 618
GAZE at thU. 120x157. fronting three streets
Northwest corner Uitli and 1million. ! Omy
tl.Oa Whewl what a baryain , U. A. Upton
Company , ICtti and Fornam. 8211
_ _ . BALK The finest residence In Orchard
Hill can bo bought at actual cost ; owner
leaving townt house has 10 rooms with bath
room nnd every modern convenience , lot 00x110
all nodded ; large barn and nice shade trees ; In
fart a perfect homo ! call and lot ni show you
this. Arnold & Co. , iloom 637 Paxton block.
SALE Or Trade 36-room cottages , 28
L room "story houses , tn the fliic't locution on
\alnut Hill. Inquire of U Q. Merrill , 4Uh
nd Hamilton sts. 769 I *
r0ll SALH-Kisy term * , Kountyo placo.
n , -Iwout no .cach8-rooms. nch 14.000.
Two homos , oncli d-rooins , each W.OiX ) .
? Tiohm" ' ? * ch Brooms , each J .OO *
with modern convenience.
All largo value at the prlco.
All wltlilii a square of the motor lino.
Don t lose those opportunities.
FOT dale by the owner. W.T. Seaman.
East side tnth st. , north of Nicholas gt. ,
jOmnha'a largest variety of wagons and car-
Tnkon VIli.
At Pox & Hensman's dairy.mllo { sonth of
ickormnn Place , rod cow with white fnco.
_ J1323-Jy. .9-10'
Notion to Con immoral
UTH OMAHA , Juno 15 , ] NO.-So lf lpropo-
r sals will bo roccivod at the city engineer's
onico by the committee on rludiicts , streets and
allejs , until noon WiHliiosdny , July B , IRb't for
ftirnlshluK all thu material aud performing all
ho wont for curbing and paving N street from
Twonty-faiirth street to 'wenty-soventh street
with cypress block * , approximate rstlmiuo
VJiO lineal feet of curbing , nnd 0,51(1 ( squnro
atd < of iiavinit. AVork to bo completed w Ithln
oitydilysaftera contract theielor binds und
akes ctloi't. All bids must bo accompanied by
i\cortlllod check for vo\ said checks to be ro-
limed on nil bids not accepted. Estimated cost
of such work is HV-'H. The right to reject any
and all bids Is reserved. Plans and specillcn *
Ions can bo scon at thoonglnoer'ttvlllco ,
dim. Com. on Viaducts. Sts. anil'Alloys.
Matter of nppllcntlou of Peyton & Owen for
permit to sell liquor ns Druggists.
Notice Is hereby glvon that Peyton * Owen
did upon the 1st , day of .Inly A. 11. , tlio their application to the lloaid of Klro
and Pollcu foinmlsoloneit of Omnhn , for nor-
nilttosdl Malt. Spirituous and Vinous Llquora
ns Druggists , for mcdlclnnl. mochnnlcnl and
ihemlc.ilnurposos only , nt No. 2401 Leavnworth
htreot , 7th Ward , Omulia. Nebraska , fiomtholst
lay of January ISMi to the 1st day January 18W ) .
If there bo no obloctlon , rcmonstrniico or pretest -
test tiled within tw o w ooksf roiu r > th dny of July
A. D. 1SSU. the salil pcrmll w 111 bo granted.
2-i ) PKXTO.N AIOWV.N. Applicants.
Mnttcr of application of Michael Million for
liquor license.
Notice Is berebv given thnt Michael Mullen
lid upon the 1st day of July , A. D. 18SD , lllo
ils nppllcalloutoihu Hoard o 1'lro and Police
Commlssionera of Uinahn , for license to boll
malt , tmtrltuous nnd \ luous liquors at No. 301
N'orlh luth street , Knutth wnrd , Omaha. No-
Diaska. from the llrst day of Jouuaiy , 18 ! > . to
the llistdhy of January , I X ) .
If there bo no objection , remonstrance or
protest ftlrd within two \\eoka from 1th day of
July A.D. 1SSU , the said license will bo granted.
2-9 MiciiAiu. MULI.UX , Applicant.
Pronosnls for South Ouinlvi
Sealed proposals will bo received up to 1 p. m.
luly 10 , lit ? * , for J70.0UO funding liouds ; 7 bouds
ofil.OOO each , e per cent interest , payable an
nually ; bonds payable tonyoais after date ; In
terest cupons attachctl Al > o > n Issue of bonds
nro made payable at the llbcal agency of tha
atnto ot Nabiiiaki , In the city of New York , both
intoiest and piinclpnl All proposils to bo
senlod. dlre < ted to the undersigned and endorsed
"lllds for llonds , "
The committee on Ilnaucq retains the right to
reject Any or all offois. Hands cannot bo sold
less than par.
Juud 15. ED. JOHNSTON , Clialrman.
i'hcr'H Sale
In the circuit court of the United States , dis
trict of Ncbi.i.sta. '
I The KltCaiter I'attlo Company
< vs.
( The Harlem Cattle Compxny.
Upon application of the Kit Oartoi Cattle
company and other creditors Intel a-ited in the
property in the hands of i ; 1) . Webster , re-
ceh er , it is upon due consideration of the court
hereby ordurod that the receiver nhall ndvertiso
for bids foi.all of the hurd of caltloaua horses ,
ab awholo , and also for all other pofeoail piop-
orty In his h.inds as receiver. It H further or-
dortd thnt bids may bo made for nnyoftho
herds or parts thereof sapniatoly. or any of Iho
horses separately , either by holds or any num
ber of cattle or horses nj the purchasers may
doslro to bid upon , and that such bids in the
sovernl manners in which they may bo made
shall bollledwlth the clerk of this court with
the terms of proposed purchu and the
luuioj of bidders within tvronty days
from the dnto of thia order , tor the
npuroxolorrc-joctlonof this court , and if nny
or nil of thu bids are rejected by the court the
receiver shall proceed to gle notice for ten "lays
to sell thoKild piopcrty at public auction In
detail for the cattle and hordes individually for
cash to the bidder.
It is further ordoied tb.\t all bins shall bo
Bent to the clorn ot this court scaled and ac
companied with 10 percent oCtho amount bid ,
ullhorincash or certified check on responsible
L.IIIKH , ns a condition ot thulr bids being cntei-
taluod mid considered by the court.
Itislurther ordered that , in older to facili
tate the bidding on till i property In the hands
of the receiver , ho shall give notice of this order
In ono paper published In Hllchcoclc county
NobrnsKii. and in ono d.iily newspaper in the
illy of Oiualm , nnd In ouo lu the cltvofLincoln
for two weeks , and also by Hand bills properly
distributed , nnd setting forth terms nnd condi
tions or this order. D. S. DUN DY. Judge.
'ihe pioperly mentioned in the above order is
described ns follows :
Yearling bulls , number , 11.
Uwo-ycar-oM bulls , number. 3.
Three years old and upwards , number , 2.
Yearling hellers , number , 8.
Two-year-old heifers , number , 14.
Three year old and upwards. cows.nnmber.SO.
Cows with calves by their side , number , 20.
IIOJ JO 1 ulll ,
Yearling bulls , number. Zl.
Two-year old bullnnnmlier , 1.
Threo-j ear-old bulls and upwards , number , 0
Yearling heifcrfl , number , Si.
Two-yenr-riidhelfeis , number , 10.
'luroo year old nud upwards , cowsnumber.33.
Yearling bulls , numoor , ; w.
'J wo-ycnr-old bulls , number 0.
Tliieii-j ear-old end upwards , number , 11.
Yearling hclfera. number , 44.
Two-year old heifer * , number , ,10.
'Iluco-yi-ar-old and uw nrds
; COWH , numbor,55.
Cows with calves by their nldo , iiumbor. 60.
Also n largo number of thoroughbred trotting
homos , consisting of :
Stallion-1 , ninnlii'r , 2.
Hiood mares , number , CO.
Colts , number. .El.
Consisting of stallions , number , 2.
MIUIM. number , K
Tliobe lieaiLs contain some of the finest ani
mals of their classes in the country , and are all
pure blooded.
Also n large number of draft brood mares ,
work hoisos , saddleponlos , a herd of about 'M
common range cattle , nnd a lot of wagons , liar-
nubsis ami oilier farming implements und tooln.
All lildnimtBl bo made ou or before the 14th
day of July next , uud must 1)4 III oil with Elmer
D. I'rnnU' . clerk of the United btatos circuit
court , district of Nebraska , at Omaha , Nno , ,
nnd must bo ni-companli'd by cash or cortltlcij
chocks amounting to 1'J ' per Lent of the amounts
ot the bids. E | i. WKIISTEH ,
He < elor of the Harlem Cuttle Co.
June 29 ( I lit
A ( it Kit * .
Notlco is hereby glvon that sealed bids will be
rccoivodby the clerk of Adams County , Nebraska -
raska , nt Ills olllco Hosting * . Nebraska , on or
buf nro twnlvo o'clock noon of July Jth , 1839 , for
thupurcu.waof Hdvonty llvn bonds ot the denomination -
nomination of ouo thousand dollars each to bo
isaued by tdoCounty of Adims In the Stnto ol
Nebraska , toboilutod.luly Int , 1S39. nud to bi
] > a > nbloutthu Msfnl Agency of the State 01
Nebraska , City of Now YorJf , State of Now
Ynrktuenty years after the data thereof ra-
dcuinnblent nny time on or af tor ten years from
thodato the-eof nttho option of fulif county Oi
Adams and to bear Inteli-stnt the rata of llvo
purcentper itniium payable mutually oil the
Hist day of July in each year , for which Intercut
( ouponj Hhull l > a uttachoa payable at thu tUai
Hlghtrf resurvftd to reject nny and nil bids ,
Hyordproftholloardof Supervisors , MnyOth
1BS9. , L. II. P/uriiinrir.
[ BIAI. : . ] ( Guilty Clork.
_ JoiiN A. CASTO. County Attomuy. iii21dtoJri
fiotloii lo UiintriuitorH.
Healed bids will be received until July 15
forthoertctlonof a three roomed Jilg'
building at Stellu. KHmrdson County. , , ou
lilds will bo rf culled for building comnlcto
nbovo foundation , walls , ( contractor to rmiiiuli
( jvoO'thlng ) . Aluoforullworlcinuiislilpanamu-
rtccori to plans nnd specifications for
sumo , which may be seen at Htolln , Neb. or
ou"co of 1' . M. Kill * . Omaha , Nob. UulMiSg lo
be i ompletud by Beptember 15.1H-/J.
ITie llo rd loiorvcn the right to reject any or
all bids.
jy 3.7 Director hcliool hoard.
1 uitiur.ic-1 om'iu or
And HubUr Uaa Balloons , JewelrTi /
Notloit , , NoTfllHi , 4e. , c. , at ( IB
I lowett prlcu. Ooodi ier8ticciinia.Hk
i Ati < U < mriri aid As'oti Cano RackiJ
auaTuuunrUllKIllon knllt :
( UHjKieo. bUKiKUUlU , a
Tnuiuui. i nuuui r.
Dally Ktcopt Sunday.
JSunuivy Only .
Da. . , .
tDally Except Sunday.
' M1SSOUHI PAOiriO. I.oavo Arrlvo
Depot 1'ith & Wubdter tl * . Omaha. Omnhn.
Day 10W : : n m fli'iO n m
Night Uxpross 8TO : p in r > :30 : p Jin
C. , It. I. * 'Arrlvo
Depot luth and Marcy * ts. U in nil a. Omaha.
Dos Molncn Accommod'n CIB ; n m on : ) p m
Atlantic Kxprrss ! > ; | -t a m 0:3) : p m
1'ast VosttlmlodKxpress , 4:1.1 : p m | < :3J : a m
Night lJxpro ! . . BjlJ. 1U ! a
C. .t N.V. . It. II. "Lenvo Arrlvo
Depot 10th Maroy sts. Omaha. O mull a.
Chicago Kvpross , Dally. . 0:15 a m 7:0 : } p m
1'nst LlmltBdj Dully . . . . . : lp m Id : .M a m
lho I'lvor. " Dally. . . . . . . : I1 p in S-M a m
Depot llith & Mnrcy sis.
No. 8 8l. U lxp. Dally. _ 415 p in
RiouxriTY * PAOiric Irtt.lVO
Depot l h& Webitornts , Omnhn. Omiha.
Bt. Paul Express . . . . . 7-1 * ) p in SIO : n m
F. , B. ft M. V. It. It. I Arrlvo
Depot 1'itn & Webster sts. | Omnhn , Onmnn.
MlastlntrsA-IUIcnillsPasI II ; 0) n m 11:11 : pm
{ Norfolk Passengtir . . . .I 5:1 > p m 10li : n m
HunnliiR bntweun Council Rlutr * uad Al
bright. In addition to the HUHo-is in"iulopoil ,
trains stop at Twentieth nud T euty-fourtU
streets , and nt the Summit In Omana.
AlI I South i Silos- Omaha Urans- < road
bright Omaha ley. Depot , for.vuy. .
A. M. A. M. A. M. M. A. M. A.M.
Bt1 : fiW : | 0:00 :
6:00 0:10 0:15 :27 : nT5
7.0-J 7TO 7:15 7.l ) 7:32 7:15 :
7:50 7M 8:07 8:15 8:03 : 8:10 8:2J 8M : 85 : 0:07 : 0:111 0:27 :
0:01 : 0:10 : USD
0:11 : 0M : 1U:07 | 10:151 : lOsf iO:35 :
10:05 : 10:10 tn. > l4llr
10.50 11:07 11:151 11S-
11:50 : llsM . M. . M. I P. M. P. M.
P. M. . M. U:07 : 1UI5 , 12& 12:23
12i 13M 1:07 1IV irt. 1:35
lfO 1M 2:07 : S : U'i7 2:33 :
2:50 : afx : > .1.07 3:15' ' 3i7
: ilC 3:15 : 3-J7 .
3:50 : 3W : 4:07 4:15 : 4:35
4A ) 4Ui : 4.n : 4:15
4:50 4S5 Bi/ : : 6t5 ft:27 :
0:20 5'J. : ; 6.37 5:43
tj50 ; 5:5 * o-w B:15 n:27
0:10 7U7 : 7:15
7:60 7E : 8:07 : MI1
8:50 SA'S ' 0:07 : 0:15 : 0:21 : ! ) :55 :
0:50 0.55 10 : 10:11 10 : ° 7 I0r
10:50" ll:07nr : , 11:0 11:4. ; 11:50 :
12:10 : Hill 13 .24 aui'lv. '
lra\e. | Arrlvo.
No , 2 . 5OJpm : I ) No. 1 . 0Ham
C No. 0 . 0.H : ) um 0 No. 0 . fi15 ; pm
A No. 4 . lOsOJmnlA No. 3. . . . GUpm
A No.Il . 0:15 : nmA No.ll . 7luin ;
No. 0 . 0:40 : amlNo , 7 . ! l-'I am
No.8 . 3:11 : pin No. H . 7:11 : nin
No. 4 . :2 > pm No. 5 . 015 pm
All Trains Dally.
A No. 2 . U10 ; nm A N < > . 1 . 7:01nm :
A No. 1 . OMOpmiA No. a.r. . . . .5Hpm :
A No. 3 . 0Vin in I A No. 3 . fi0 nra
A No. 4 . U:10pml : A No. 1 . CUuiu
B10UX C1TVT ic PACIi'ltt
A No.10 . TrtJfiunilA No. 0 . 8:51tin :
A No.1. . 7OJimA : | No.ll . D00pm ;
A No. 8 . 4:31pmA. | No. 7 . U : ra
A dully ; II dally xcopt Saturday ; C except
Sunday ; D except Monday ; tail mall.
Thu time ( 'lvun abavu is fur Trausfor , there
being from nvo to tun mluutes between Tr.ia * .
fer and local cleuota.
ToUlnbgow , Htilfnsl , Dublin anil Lherjiool
From Hew York Every Tuesday ,
Cabin puaiagij riS to IU ) , nccorJIn/j / lo location of it a
room , Vxcurtluu bA loi. .
fitecrogo to uuJ from liurupa ul l/owo t Kate * .
AUHVIN IHi.imi.s & o > , r.on'l Au "t > ,
U IlruaJiray. Now Vork.
JOUN lll.uui-x , ( 'cn'l Wci > iern Avont.
Ibl lUiillilph St. , Chicago.
IIAHIIV 15 , Jluiiis , Agont. Umalia.
_ HulucodC.ibiurftte to } % / > v _ _ ; UHltlon.
Noo. 3O3-4O4.-I7O-6O4