Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 15, 1889, Page 6, Image 6

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Cellvercdbr carrier In Any Part ot lie City n
nunty Cents i'crWeek.
II. W , T11.TON. . . . MANAQMH.
N. y.PlumbttiR Co.
C. U. Music Co , G33.
Heltcr , tailor , 310 Mroadwny.
Evans' ' Inundry , 724 Urondvmy.
D. W. Otis , city and farm loani.
Unity Guild will hold an important meet
ing tlili nftcrtioon at the residence ) ot Mrs. J.
J. H. Jncksoti , South First direct.
Died , tit 4 p. m. , yesterday , Frederick Cur
tis , Infant son of Hlchnrd U. nnd Mlnnio L.
Ucnnott. The funeral will tnko plneo from
the residence , No. 211 L Harrison Btrcct , this
morning , at 1U o'clock.
Hurry Lenten , Eil Carroll and Torn Mur
phy went Into Sarccnt ft Evans' shoo store-
yesterday , and while two of them attracted
the attention of a clerk the other stele n pnir
of shoes. Tlio.v wora caught by ono of tlio
Bpccinl police , nnd Judge Aylcsworth will
dispose of tholr cases to-day.
A special mcotlnp of the trustees of Fairview -
view Ccmctcrv association was hold at the
residence of Judge Cnsady. on Washington
nvenuo. yesterday afternoon , for tlio purpose
of considering matters connected with the
beautiful bui-ylnp { { rounds. It was decided
to build n now fciiL'o around the grounds nnd
spend considerable money in improving and
beautifying the nlucc.
The remains of David E. Johnson , who
died at Ute , la. , yesterday , "Red eighty-two ,
were brought In on ttiu Milwaukee train yes-
tcrdny , for Interment In Falrviow cemetery.
The casket wni taken in uhnixo by Hursiimn
& Slovens , undertakers , and taken to the
residence of Henry Manning , corner Four
teenth street and avenua O , whcro funeral
services were conducted by Dr. Uooloy.
The funeral of Nols Nelson , who was
killed uoon the railroad track , will take place
from Field & Estep's undertaking establish
ment this afternoon at ! o'clock.
All the news hoys nnd boot-blacks of this
city , will ho served breakfast this morning ,
at II o'clock , In tlia Mcrrinm block , by the
ladles of the W. C. A. They wish to see all
the llttlo follows present.
All ICnlqhts of Pythias and Pythian sif
ters are requested to bring tholr offer
ings for Memorial day. to the hall this evenIng -
Ing , between 7 and U o'clock. '
Notes and mortgages bought and sold ,
money loaned ; fire insurance. Robert
V. In nes , 80 Pearl st.
Ueisler'B Oyster Bay chop house nnd
rcstaurantday and night , COS Broadway.
Have our wngon call for your soiled
clothes. Cascade Laundrv Co.
Money loaned at L. B. Craft's & Co.'s
loan olllco on furniture , pianos , horses ,
wagons , personal property of all kinds ,
nnd nil other articles of value , without
removal. All business fatrictly confi
Buy furniture , stoves and carpets at Man-
dul's 823-325 .
, - Uroadwny.
Money loaned on furniture , pianos ,
diamonds , horses , buggies or anything
of value at low rates of interest. No
publicity ; fair and honorabledealing. .
A. A. Clark & Co. , olllco cor , Broadway
and Main , over American express.
No Explosion ?
"When persons keep coal and use our
"Sun Dial" gas stoves. Four holes ,
roaster and bakcovon. Coats 7 cents
per hour whan running full blast. Now
York Plumbing Co.
finmlua icl anil Robbcil.
J. VV. Burns , a printer from Omahn , who
. has been engaged in Council Bluffs for
several weeks past , canvassing for the World
and Republican , was sandbagged nnd robbed
in thp yard of his boarding house , 723
Mynstor street , at 1 o'clock yesterday morn-
Inpr. Burns had been to Omaha settling up
with the Republican and hud been paid his
wages , $25. Ho returned on the 13:30 : motor
train and reached his boarding place. Ho
stepped into an outhouse before retiring ,
nnd when ho came out was struck by a sand
bag In the hands of n thug and knocked
senseless. Ho was afterwards garroted with
u towel , and when found a few hours after ,
was still unconscious nnd nearly dead. The
towel was tied so tightly around his neck
thai dangerous strangulation had been pro
duced nnd doatn w'ould have resulted m a
slioit time If ho had not been discovered und
relieved. Ho was sadly battered and bruised
and was suffering severely yesterday after
noon. Ills inoiioy u'ib : taken. Ho can.give
no description of his assailants.
Try now Metropolitan rooms and table
Have your old furniture upholstered'
good as now. K. Morgan , 702 Broad way.
Woolsoy & Long paper rooms neat ,
quick , cheap. 31 Main , tel 03.
Bed ino rooflnir will last lonccr and give
hotter satisfaction than any roofing made ;
will not crack , curl or split , and makes a
perfectly solid Joint on the entire roof ,
Uirkinblno Engineering and Supply company ,
11D Pearl street , Council Bluffs , la.
Dr. C. C. Bazon , dentist , Opera house
Dangler vapor stoves at cost change
location. Shugtirt & Co.,211 Broadway.
If you want a tasty and convenient
fence or railing about your residence
.or lawn , use C. J. Bookman's patent
"locking bracket , us any panel can bo
readily taken out and firmly replaced.
Addrcbs C. J. Boukman , 7-3 Seventh
Finest Ice Cream in city. Drieabach'a
double parlors , 1)5 ) Main st.
Notice the beautiful finish given col
lars , cull's and shirts by Cascade Laun
dry company.
S. B. Wndsworth fc Co. loan money.
The Now Ogilon is catching traveling
men at $1 ! per day.
Ills Ij-iat Sloop.
Tim Bun briefly announced .vostorday
morning trio killing of nn unknown man on
the Wnbash ciosslng at Fouitcnnth street.
Tlio fact was reported to the nuthorltioj at a
o'clock , and n low hours later Coroner
'Watiurmnu had the body In charge and was
Investigating tlio cane. Wnbush switcli
on cine No. 1020 started nt the hour named to
back a freight train of sixteen cars down the
track to the transfer yards. When Hearing
the crossing referred to the brakeman on the
front und of the train noticed something on
the track. Ho signaled with his lantern to
Mop , out tlio train was going with such mo
mentum that the entire sixteen cars passed
the crossing before the stop was madii. In-
restitution then showed , the remains of a
man horribly uintllatoU , scattered along the
track. The hood was sovorort and the limbs
shockingly mangled. At the coroner's Inquest -
' quest the shapeless mans wns tdcrititlod as
tlio body of Ncla Nelson , u Uwodo , a oil
forty-two , who boon employed us a
nwltuhman a < id tr.iclt walker by the Chicago
ft Itock Ihhmd railroad , Rvldcnuo waa
elicited to nliow that Kelson had bccumo In
toxicated nnil had laid down nn the truck to
fclcrp. Tincoroner's ' Inquest exonerated ttio
trainmen from all ijlasio.
'I ho body was .l.tki n to Field & Estop's
undertaking rooms und picparcd for burial.
The rmlnuJ comp.uiy for which ho worked
owed lilu n little civur : v month's wnrrm ,
enough to pay tlio expenses , ami ho
\vili bo interred today. Ho had no rela
tives in tills country ,
Call on the Blrkinhlno Ungineorlng
nd .Supply company , 115 Potirl street ,
Council lIlnlTa , la. , und oxamlno the
ftodipo roollng. It will pay you ; sam
pled BO nt. on tippllcatlou.
Tbo Closing Features of the State
The City Authorities Permit All Sorts
of HolibliiK Giimos Kllo ! < i by Cnrs
* A I'Moixtoi
n 1'Hntor.
Ijnst Day of Uio Tournament.
The fourth mid last dny ot the tournnmont
was nil that the most critical or fastidious
could desire , BO far as the weather was con-
corned. The attendance nt Union park , al
though not unite equal to that of the two
preceding days , w.ts still very largo , con-
nlderably exceeding dvo thousand people.
Comparatively few of the visitors had loft
for homo on the Thursday evening trains , as
nil found the races ot sulUclont Interest to
Induce them to stuy to the close.
The rucos nt the pirk commenced about 10
o'clocit in the forenoon. The llrst race on
the day's ' programme was the hose race , 47
class. There were seven starters , and they
ran in the following order : J. M. Hairs , efFort
Fort Dodge ; Donnlson * , of Mason City ,
Avocns , of Avoca ; Hurdlngs , of Harlnn ;
Elsumnns of Council HlufTs ; Hopes , of Mar-
slmltoivn ; Mannings , of Manning.
The flrst four ran during the forenoon ,
nnd ' .ho otlior tliroo finished before the
free-for-all wns called In the afternoon.
The result of each run was ns follows ;
Tlio Hnlra made the run In ! 19 , nnd the
coupling In 47. The Donnlsons inndo the run
In ! W , and coupled In 40. Avoca and Harlun
both failed to-got time , ns their couplings
were Incomplete. The Uisoimtns mtvlo the
run In : i3 , and the coupling In 45. This wns
the best time over made by this team. The
Hopes made the run ln,40 , and made tholr
coupling In 4S } { .
It only lucked n quarter of 5 o'clock when
the bell tapped nt the start of the Manning
team. This wns the last run of the 47 class.
The run was nmdo In 31 % nnd the coupling
In 40. This gave the rnco to the Etsatnans ,
In 45 ; Hopes second. In 45J.nnd the Donni-
sona and Mannings tied , tor third place , In
40. They agreed to divide the purse and
took * 2 > each.
Two 100 yard foot races were run during
the forenoon. The first was between Thorn-
ish , of Lansing , Mich. , and Ross , of Wnhoo ,
Noo. It was won by Ross In 9 3-5. It was
nn interesting exhibition , being not only
very fait , but very closelv contested. Ross
won by nbout two Inches. The track wns
about twenty-four feet short.
The other sprinting rneo was between
Lozler , of Council 131 lifts , nnd Elliott , of Au-
dubon. It was nn uninteresting hippodrome ,
Lozier winning easily In 10 seconds. These
races completed tlio programme for the fore
It was nearly 3 o'clock when the racing
was resumed in the nftern < 5on. After the
unfinished 47 class had been run off , the free-
for-all hook and ladder race was called.
TLoro were two prizes offered , ? 2H ( ) to flrst ,
and $100 to second. There were three en
tries -tho Stunit Hook nnd Ladder com
pany , of Stuart ; Audubon Hook and Ladder
company , of Audubon , nnd Otocs , of Ne
braska City. The latter did not have their
truck with them , and the others ungra
ciously refused to let tuom have the use of
their apparatus. The judges decided to lot
them run through , which ttiey did in 45J
The Stuarts made the run and climb in 47 ,
nnd Audubou inV53 , giving llrst money to
The P. Lacv juvenile hose team then gave
an exhibition run of 123 yards. The kids
gave a very pretty exhibition and were loudly
A horse hose race was next given. There
was but ono entry , tbo No. 1 hose of the
Council Bluffs lira department. Chief
Walters started with his buggy at the same
time. The rnco was from a standing start , '
run 200 yards , attach to hydrant , Iny 100
yards hose , break coupling and nttach pipe ,
'iho race was n lively one. The chief's ' borso
made the run in 23J , nnd the hose tc.un in
HS f. The coupling was completed In just
one minute.
The last race of the day and of the tourna
ment wns the grand free-for-all hose race , for
which there were seven entries. They started
in the following order : Alvords , of Eldora ;
Wliitncys , of Atlantic ; Rescues , of Council
lilufts ; Dennisons , of Mason City : Kramers ,
of Kearney ; Hopes , of Marsunlltown , and
Chapins. of Union.
The Alvords made a line run in D8. but
their coupling fell wrong side up and they
used up 40 seconds before 'their wo.-k was
The Whltnoys made a llttloslower run ,
being caught in 80 , but they inndo a handy
coupling and got a murk of 45) .
The interest of Council Bluffs centered in
the next rnco. The Rescues took their posi
tion nt 0:15 : , nnd speedily ruled off the live
liest run of the tournament. They finished
with a handsome spurt in 37 , but the same
difficulty that the Alvords experienced fell
to the lot of the Rescues. The coupling fell
upside down , und ten full seconds were con
sumed before Betz finally made his coupling.
The time , ns flnullv announced from the
judges' stand , was 47 , nnd a weary lot of
Uluflltes snld good-byo to several hundred
good , hard simoleons , which went to enrich
the pockets of visiting sports. It was the
last chnuco the Rescues had to do the beauti
ful , and they wore beautifully left. Much of
the blame , if it can bo rightly characterized
ns such , was duo to the ovor-oxertion of
Botz. Instead of running ahead , ho insisted
on working the br.iko himself , and In this
manner overran the coupling several feet.
It was a sad disappointment , nnd the back
ers of the team concealed tholr chagrin ns
best they could.
The Kramers , the chamnion hoao team of
the world , nmdo a run In 40 nnd coupled in
45. Their harness broke- just before they
reached the outcome and lost thorn a second
or two. Mott , their coupler , did a handsome
piece of work.
The Hopes Snado a run in 37tf } , and with a
neat and lively couuling got n mark of 42X-
It was the liveliest race they had run.
The Chapins , the stnto champions , made a
run of U0 > i nnd coupled In 40 } , winning the
first money , $25'J ; Donnlsons , second ? 1GO ;
Kramers third , S100. That was the closing
c6ntcstof the eleventh annual tournament
of the State Firemen's association of low.i.
The J. M , Thurstnns , of Omnha , entered
for the free-for-all , but were barred. It was
claimed that it was not a regularly organ-
Ucd hose team , uml that it was comnosod
nlmost wholly of professionals , which nlono
ronstltutcid n bar , A slight kick on this
ground was made against the Kramers , hut
it was encouraged nnd no protest was made.
M. Wollmiin , jeweler , moved tofiSS B'y.
Bochtolo hptoicentral locationflrntclas
Fli-pl Kli-el l 'ircs !
Firemen nnd visitors got special prices at
Mntulnl's furniture store , Noo. Ilil'S Broad
Stranger. Council Bluffs' IB the best
city in tie ) union for snfo InvobUnonts.
Consult Rliodnbock & Peterson , S0 ? N.
Mitiu st. , for rare bargains.
Fireworks at Manhattan Beach , Lake
Manawu , every ovculna.
City fctcnm laundry , 84-Mnln , to ) . HI.
Huloldo or niurtlor.
Field & Estop , Council DlulTs undertakers ,
received n telephone mosaago from Drexel ft
Maul , Omnha undertakers , yesterday , on
notmelng the dlscovnry of the body of a innn
Ij Ing In the river ou the low.i sUIo , about
four miles nouth ol the city. County Coroner -
\v'ettcnnun was notified , and with nn un-
dorlnlror's wagon ctr.rt d after the corpse.
The tUrt was made nt 10 o'clocit yesterday
forenoon , but It was nearly 8 o'clock In the
evening inforo the party returned , utter
making u trip of twcnty.flvo miles and a
long Butrtti through the willows. There was
no per f-n to direct tUo coroner ami his party
to the locality , nnd tl-o b.iay was dlacoverctt
after a weary ecnrrh totup ! \ on a land Iftr ,
ulgh ; ailles below thn city. U was In na ad-
vunctd &UKO of deuaiui-oaltlon nnd covered
with Bwarras of Hies. TUo blucUtned mid
dist.irtcrt foaturci wor these of a rann ap
parently tlilrly-Uvo yearn old. The imir hfcd
ull lulleu from the ; ! ; , and tbo ' "
ciothmft was faded and discolored by the
sun nnd the Missouri river wind. The body
had been lying on the sand bar for
the past flvo days and had boon In the water ,
apparently , for thrco weeks. The only evi
dence the coroner could obtain beyond that
offered by the mass of putrifylng flesh Itself
was that given by n man who found the body
In the rlvor a week ago while goltjg down In
n skiff , and who pulled It to the sandbar nnd
tied it to the willows , nnd who came bacit
throe days after nnd found It still laying
there. Two days later ho reported the fact
to the Omaha authorities.
In the pants pockets wore found a revolver
nnd SO cents In money , and In ono of the coat
pockets n letter written on the business letter -
tor head ot Forbes Bros. , importers o > t Clydes
dale horses , Jefferson , la. The letter was
dated Jefferson , March 2 , nnd preferred the
charge of drunkenness against . C. SturJa-
vant , n member of Greene lodge , No. 315 ,
I. O. O. F. , of Jefferson. It was signed by
the secretary , C. M. Forbes. In another
pocket , in a mass of papers the water had re
duced to a pulp , wore two receipts printed on
llnnn paper , qlvon by the South western Iowa
Mutual Benefit association , both dated Jef
ferson , March 0 , ono to Mary M. Sturdavant
for J3.03 dues and the other to W. C. Sturda
vant for S'J.Stl for dues to the satno associa
tion. The receipts wore- numbered 0,03'J
nnd 2.090. respectively , nnd both slcncd
"H. C. Sayor , per S. Flack , secretary. "
There is but llttlo doubt that the body
Is that ofV. . C. Sturdavant. a well known
character of Jefferson , who left that town a
month ago to come to Council Bluffs , whore
all truce of him was lost. It Is believed that
he c.iino hero with a considerable sum of
money to purchase horses , nnd If this can bo
proven there are grounds for believing ho
was robbed nnd murdered nnd the body
thrown hub the river. Or It may bo possi
ble ho took his own life. It is reported that
ho has wealthy relatives living near Yank-
ton. Dak.
Tlio body was taken to Falrvlew cemetery
last evening und burled.
Free Vnv All Thieves.
Ono olUio most remarkable features of
the tournament is the vast number of crooks ,
thugs and gamblers of high nnd low degree
who huvo attended from the first day.
Another equally rcmarkablo thing Is the
boldness nnd Indeeoncy they have boon per
mitted to use In runntnc their names. There
Is not a skin game that has ever been dovlscd
that h'as not boon operated with as much
boldness ns the starter or the ticket sellers
use In dischaiging their duties. The bold
ness of the transactions has been the chief
cause of complaint , for It has been thu means
of catching hundreds \vho are ordinarily
wary to protect themselves , but were dis
armed by the buslness-llko way ttio games
were conducted and tnc prominence given
them by the management. Tim sharlcs could
show some sort of u license from the city
and the police could not or would not arrest
them , although the meanest , robberies were
committed right in tlio dazzle of thu official
Yesterday morning an effort was made by
Judge Bolton to get the thieves within the
pale of the law. Charles Scibcrt , nn Omaha
man , imagined ho was shrewd enough to
beat the follows nt their own game , and nut
up ? ( ir . The wheel turned nnd ho won , but
the fellow grabbed the money and refused
to give it up. Soibert endeavored to have
him arrested but fulled , and was hustled
away by the gang of cappers. Ho applied to
Judge Bolton. as an attorney , for assistance ,
and with the Intention of pointing out the
follow to the judge for Indcntlllcatlon , re
turned to the vicinity of the greedy wheel.
Thov were immediately surrounded by a
gang of the toughs and pushed , kicked and
cuffed. This was more than Judge Bolton's
democratic southernblood could endure , and
a lively tlmo ensued for n few moments.
The judge's friends rescued him and brought
him up town. Ho wont into Justice Bur
nett's court und swore to an information
charging a largo number of unknowns with
assault and battery. Warrants wore Issued
and a corps of constables disuatchcd to the
grounds to servo them , but every ono of
the skin games was in the hands of now
man. After patroling the grounds for sev
eral hours the officers wore unable to find
the judge's assailants , and returned the
writs at 2 o'clock unserved.
The management of the tournament are
pretty freely criticized for the license given
the sharks to rob tholr patrons. It has been
even intimated that some of the gentlemen
interested in the management were on very
intimate terms with the thlovcs themselves.
It is reported that ouo victim lost S203 , and
wont to ono of the gentlemen high up in
authority and made a lively remonstrance.
Ho proved to bo a personal friend of the
gentleman , and the matter was quickly set
tled by the gambler returning the money to
his victim. The little act from the Damon
and Pythias drama was a very pleasant epi
sode , nnd worthy of a good deal of com
mendation , but. it affords very little consola
tion for the other victims of the thiovcs who
were not fortunate enough to have some
personal friend in the management.
"I have boon at hundreds of ovor.v kind of
public gatherings from Maine to Texas , "
said a business man to a BBE reporter , last
night , "but I never saw so much and such
moan and hold thievery ns I saw at the
driving park yesterday. There were thou
sands of dollars stolen from the people , and
the thlovcs protected by the mayor's ' little
license. I have not heard n man talk of any
thing else for the past twenty-four hours
than the mayor's licensing of the tniuvcs to
rob the cuests the city had invited und was
entertaining so royally. It's n shame nnd
disgrace to Council Bluffs , and It's being
talked of in every town within 300 miles or
us. It certainly will give us a bad reputa
tion. Then there wore nt least fifty beer
booths fctarted in various parts of the city ,
with some sort of un understanding with the
city that , they wore to bo permitted to run
during the tournament. They started up so
suddenly nnd in such unexpected places that
I am confident that not ono-h.ilf of them had
even u government license. Thcso features
of the tournament wore a sad disgrace to the
city , nnd thu people who are not responsible
for it are heartily ashamed of it. "
The Cluititniiqua.
The Council Bluffs and Omaha Chautau-
qua assembly have been careful not to
advertise attractions which they can not
present. Each person nnd organization has
reported within the past few days to the
effect that they will positively bo on hand.
Get a programme from Joplln ia Co. , iiOS
North Sixteenth stroot. Round trip tickets
from Omaha , including addmisslon to the
grounds , only 75 cents. A tent and lot to
pitch It on can bo rented for the seventeen
davs for 85. Season ligko'.s § 3.
No ono can mulce money out of the Cliau-
tauqua , as the stock is non-dividend bearing ,
so wo ask favors of ull who will help on the
work , J. E. IlAUKNrs'J , Manager.
J , D. KlIMUNDSO.'J. K. li. FlItTflAIlT ,
Pros. Vice 1'res.
CIIAS. K. HANNON. Cashlar. . ,
or cou.vcir. iiMirrH.
1'ntil Up Capital , $150.000.00.
Surplus Uj.000.03.
I.lHbllltlos to Depositors. . . ' 'Si.OOO.OO.
numerous 1. A. Miller. I'.O. Olea&on , E. It.
Bhng.irt , I * . K , Hart , J. 1) . Kdnutiulson. Chns. It.
lliinnon. Transact acnoral bunking business.
Lnr est capital ami Hiirplun of any bank In
southwestern lowii. Interest on tlmo deposits ,
NowLookout Moths"Desmestes
It consists ( if snow \vliltn Hakes. A produc
tion from Coal Tar. I'KKFHOITA' IIAUM-
1.1CSS. Kri'o from oil. acid or any mibstunco
that would harm the most delicate fabric or
feather. It uvuporatou ivltnmit leaving any
rcslduu. It kills moths whllo camphor merely
drl vto them a way ,
F. JT. BKAzni : ,
Bolo Agent , Council DlntTa.
Electric Trusses , Belts , Chest Pro-
tectors Etc
, , ,
At'cnts wanted.
Council Ulufr ; in ,
7 ° ? ; r
At GfegVlS Main Si
Commencing to-ilayJnno , 13 , wo will offcrn
big stock of Dry ( Iood nta , great nacrlilco. The
goods \\cro bought of the Insurance companies
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UUJ yards ot Chnlllcfi.nt ; tic per yard , i'ou
can hardljr notice the damage.
1'rcnch Uliigtmms at U c per yard.
I.onsdnlo Muslin , flc.
0) yards of l.lnen Toweling at 8Vo nor yard.
J.lnun Towel ? , InrsuHlzo , damaged , nt tc.
Jr > i pairs 811k MUts at 76o a dozen.
l.iullos' and Cnthlron's Handkerchiefs,2 for Ic
J'lns. ] ! papers for Ic.
Ladies Oniizo Ve.sts at 80 each.
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lllckrack llrald. ' 'c.
'M pieces Ilnost i-atccn , just damp , nt 0c ! per
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Association of Council liliiffx , la. , the
jiuiiresl ( , largest , cheapest nntl best plan
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tontines its membership to Its fraternity.
W. L. IMTTOX , Prop.
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Council Bluffs , Iowa.
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tuition to transient cuxtom.
AV. A. HAYS , Prop.
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T OST Near Ilnylls pnrk , n gold breast pin'
JL/with topaz set. Kinder will bo rewarded by
addressing ll.G. Owens , Silver City. la.
J71OH HUNT On the Istof .lulv next the room
J-1 on 1'cnrl st , 20x70. now occupied by the pub
lic library. Hornco Everett.
/10WS for sale Will take pay In grading nnd
\J llllln ? at $1 per day lor min and tem , or
will take pay In painting. Horace Everett.
W A1NTED 500 pieces OK .second-hand carpot.
also all good socond-nand fnrnlture. A.
J. Mutidel , Kos. ; ! } and JEJ Uroadwuy.
EXCHANGE Several good farms to exchange
change for Council Illuiru Iot3. Johnston
& Van Fatten , Everett block.
FOR BALK No. 500 Graham nvenno. Lot
fiuxl.U New house. Will take team or
c.ittlo In part payment ; balance on ten years'
time , annual payments , s per cent payable
annually. Apply to Horace Kverett.
T\VO-Stury business house for rent , No. M )
Dronilwar , opposite Ocden house. Knmilre
at 23 Frank st. A.VooJ. \ .
AllAUE clinuco for a splendid Investment ,
loqulrlug energy rather than large capital.
A fortune for the rlurht miin. Half Interest In
the finest prnctlcm patent ever issued. Ad
dress E\van & Walker , 4 1'carl street , Council
rpKANSTEH JfNK Oulck delivery between
JL Omnna und Council llluirs. Household goods
and freight moved S'ifolv and promptly. I.eavo
orders nt Oiiuilui otllce , iiOi So. 11th st. ; Council
HlilllBT WJIam. jl. lleecrott.
t ) rinnsplondld mounlod .specimens rnre"iIFdl
A.V/UL/anil animals from every cllmo. Must
bo sold nr. onco. Single or In cases. ! ' . .1. Ilntzee ,
llrst claiii taxidermist. Council lluiirs.
EUAFj KSTATlJ lloiiKht und sold eo
chanced. Snofl U attention irlvi-n to exam
ination ot titles. W. C.-James , No. 10 Pearl St. ,
Council llluirB.
FOIt SAL12 7 room cottao , corner Tnird
avenue and nth , st. Easy terms. W. C.
James , 101'curt st.
POU HUNT Easy terms two new five-room
nouiei , itith uvo. between Hljjn and Third
sts. Sell chunp if taken tins week. Inquire
owner. J. Dickey , 74 ! ) 11. Wuy.
T71OH 8ALK Old established general mer-
-I ? chandlho business , stock , natures , wagons ,
etc. Good room and low rent , Address , J.
Dlckpy , 713H. Way
FOR HHNT Furnlsn runfurnished largo
ten-room house , bath room , tas , furnace ,
etc. . at ( II i WiHow ttvo. I'liriulro at promlsos.or
O. H. Btlllman. llrown block.
I7UIK3H milk cows for sale or trade for fat
JL'cows. Snan'shtock yards , Upper liroad-
way. Frank Swan.
FOK KENT Largo double olllco ever Frank
Levin's cigar store , UJHro adway. Inquire
of Frank Levin.
"JTHJIl "HUNT THe now 7-room houses on
X1 Third avenue , between Ninth and Tenth
streets. Inquire at 3J- corner Third avenue and
Ninth street.
Firemen and strangers visiting the city during the Tournament and
all this week , are welcome to make themselves at home at
Henry Eiseman & Go's
We. expect thousands of visitors ami have prepared for them by em
ploying an extra force of help.
We will make everything pleasant and comfortable for you.
Strangers are welcome to leave packages in our care during their
stay in the city.
Don't fail to call at our establishment. We will show you
The Largest Finest and Best
Stock of merchandise ever shown in this western country.
You can save your expenses while in the city by purchasing you
summer goods at
Eisemnn's P 1
314 , 316 , 318 and 320 Broadway , Council Bluffs ,
llclow we give names of n few of tlio many
Patrons of tlio
Insurance Co.
In Council DlniTs and vicinity. The character
of the patrons named , and tlie amount en
trusted by each to the protection of the com-
any , indicates the conlUlencu onjojeil by It at
K omo where its manner of doing business is
best knoun ,
C. I ) . Dlllln 8 40.000
Lunoy Bros. & Co 37,000
Chitrles HaiiRhn 50,000
II. I' . Morrow ID.OJO
John llennett I'.TW ' )
William O'llalleran P..OJ
Charles Shields 7,700
N. W. Nash 7r : > 0
I. A. Mllle * 0.000
( Jeorgo A. Fry fl.tXW
Henry Elseman &Co 6,00.1
Shugart.Walt * Wies ' . ' , 10
E. L. Shugart.- 45,000
Jtomnn Catholic Church. 40,0'JJ
Iloman Catholic Church , Westphalia. . . . 4P.OOO
Carroll County Court House SI.UIO
Abbott & Cooper 21.000
St. Francis AcaUcmv ! , OC0 !
Craver , Steeld & Austin 20.0X )
T. M. C. Logan ll.ixo
Deere. Wells & Co 10,200
tieorue M. Williams O.tOO
S.D.Kohles H.C01
O. H. Carnocter 0,700
.Masonic Temple 0.003
Jlctcalf Ilros 0,000
C. A. lleeLo . .V Co 5,000
S.S. Keller 3,600
NOTICE When our policy exceeds fcJ5.000.oo
on property subject to destruction by u single
lire , the excess Is re-insured in other companies.
OH , NO !
But wo do want the people of Western
Iowa to know that the
NO. 1OO MAIN bT. ,
Cor. First Avenue , carry the larpcst
stock of BOOTS nnd SHOES in this
city. That wo always load in popular
prices. That persons wanting 1'oliabla
poods can save money by trading with
us. S. A. PIERCE.
A new Clotliiup ; Store has been opened in *
Council mulls. No old stoclc or old
stjrlM. Everything stilctly llrst
ctKss. Come und bo convinced ,
1' lively one price and cash ,
THOS. omcKiu w. nr.M. I'UJE
Corner Main and Uroadway ,
Dealers in foreign tnil rtomo&tlo exchange.
Collections made and interest paid ou time de
Are thoroughly prepared to take care ot horses
and carriages of all visitors to the lake. Plenty
of sheds and stalK and animals and carriages
will bo safely cared for. Charges reasonable.
Accommodating hostlers on hand night and
day. When you drive to the Lafco , don't forgot
< AD DAD/ '
A. A. IIAKT , Prop.
Honest Watches. Clocks , Jewelry and 811 vo r
waio. All cli'anluir anil lopalrhiij under po r
Konal supervision of the propilotor. Stationer y
Toilet articles and I'orf iiinery. J''luo Wutcho H
Time Locks and Chronometers n Kpeclully.
110 UA IN bT. . Council llluirs.
ti&iffitt ;
tEtfiyasfiS s&g ! & .Htt"i *
Mnif1V'n.imft ' , - 'ftt
, W/J > * A
ow/i Dressin , OLD
SCAM LAN , FasiiiotisJ
. - -Tel.LOI. English
Hcmovcd to
ardi&Curnce Bros.Brans Muln St.
a ed&oods. 34 Pine
PinoOf.ndloj ,
E oryDay.
2 Dutlor ,
. ;
Special Sale of Embroideries.
Special Sale of Embroi clerecl
The finest line of Flounclngs in the city. The prices g unranteed
the lowest. Examine bargains marked BOc , 60c. 89c , $1.OO , $1.28
nd $1.0O.
Special Sale of White Goods.
Examine bargains marked 8c , 0 l-4c , 8c , lOc , 121-2c , I8c , 18
22c and 20c.
Special Sale of
Examine bargains marked 8c , lOc , 12 l-2e , 2Oc and 20c a y ard.
Also bargains in Tourist Ruching , 12 l-2c , IBc and 2Oc a box.
Special Sale of Children's Lace Caps.
Examine lots marked 12 I-2c , 2Bc , 38c , 37 l-2c , BOc and 7Bc.
Special Sale of Ladies' Collars.
Examine lots marked Be. lOc or 3 for 28c.
Another case of the Celebrated Fast Back Hose , lOc a pair ; ever
pair warranted or money refunded.
One case of the finest White Bed Spreads this city over saw for
the money. Full size and extra weight. The price is only $1.OO ;
worth $1.37.
Strive to come early and receive a portion of the bargains.
Leaders and Promoters of LOW PRICES.
401 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Joy/a.
N. B. Mall orders promptly ntttended to.
SIZES FROM Especially Adapted ( OP
25 TO 300
HORSE POWER , Mills and Elevators
f pcclflcatluni ) mil furnHlir.l for corapleui ulenm plant' . lleiriilntlon , Durability inmnuUieU.
Ciin mioir ktiori from uier * whuro fuel cuouuaiy ! > ccjiml with Corll Nuii-coiiilinslri ) ; .
E. C. HARRIS , Agent ,
Sontl for No. CIO Pourl Strcot , Couiioil ClulTs.
( ilutreBBorfl to Jlort-aii , KulK-r & Co. )
\ ' G1VI3.V ' ! '
HPI PI/I M PI M C Hydraulic mid Sanitary Enpincor. Plang , Kbtlnmtoa
i DiniXlnDlllE. SpeoinctUlons. Supervision of Tubllo Work. Uvovta
BulKlinjf , Council JJlulfs , lowu ,
NCP U I I P"7 JuBlIco of tUo Poaco. Onico ever American Exiirosa. No. 41
1 dU n U n < L Croadway , Council UliilTBLIowit. _
Ri QJIV/IQ / Attornoj'B-at-Lt\\v. PiTClIco In the State und Fed *
Ot OlIVIv ) oral Court ? . KOOUIB 7 ar.d 8 Shu nrt-Hono Uloclc ,
Council Hluffs , Iowa ,
ftFn H QTII I M A I\J Atwrnoy-ut-L-vW , KoonH , Sncoml floor , Jlrown
, I ILLIVrilBlouk ( , ll/i / Puurl iit , Council HlnlfN. la. Will
praptlco in Stftto and KoJorul OpurlH. ' _