Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 19, 1889, Part II, Image 9

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Resume of the Base Ball Situation
and Prospects.
The WJicolors nnd Their Wheels
Tournaments nnd Runiorfl of
Tuiirnninenta Challenges
and Counter Challenges.
Results of the Pour-nail Rule.
rMionoincmxl pitchers this season are a rar-
/ty , Indeed. They uro all getting it in the
ncek right along , from the incomparable
Keofo and Clarkson , down to the most obscure -
scuro twlrlcr In thu minor leagues and asso
ciation. The lilts are averaging ubout ten a
game nil through the base ball belt , aud it Is
seldom that any pitcher holds the opposing
team down to a number of hits under eight.
'Thin ' must all bo attributed to the four-ball
rule , as there is nothing else that could have
brought about such a condition of things. It
would bo absurd to claim that there
has been such an improvement in
the batting ability of the profession ,
for that Is an impossibility. AH that is
o bo acquired In that line tins been acquired
long since. It Is not the siced ; , or the drops ,
or in nnd out shoots that is proving the pitch
ers strength to-day , but cool judgment , a
knowledge of butters and the delivery of n
ball that suits them least. A twlrlcr that
docs not loose his head , but nt all times re
tains the oven tenor of his way , is the man
In the box to pile up the victories. While the
four bull rule has undoubtedly increased tbo
batting , u long erled-for Improvement , it has
nUo brotiaht about moro bases on bull * . In
thn eighteen games so far played
in the Western association , .17:3 : men
huvo been given their basns on balls ,
nnd n goodly number of these at the hunus of
Omaha's pitchers nt that. Notwithstanding
this latter drawback , the base ball publto is
Immensely pleased , for the more men who
get on buses the more inspiriting , the more
exciting nnd Interesting the game. U is quito
probable , however , at the next nnnuiil meetIngs -
Ings of the two leading associations , the
American and the National league , which
malco nil the rules nnd regulations ot the
great game , that something or some way
will bo devised und adopted to' relieve the
pitcher of the burden of the handicap ho now
Buffers. Pitchers all over the country are
kicking hard , and many first-class authori
ties aver that many of them are pitching wild
ball purposely , so us to render the four-bull
rule unpopular. However , it will slick , and
twllers , If there are any of this kind , uro but
culling off their proboscises to spite their
lovely countenances.
1)1 HI ) AT THE llIiUWS.
'Ono of the CJrcatent Runntni ; Iloi-seif
ol' the AKC ,
The Cznr , the phenomenal three-ycnr-old
colt , that died at the Union stock yards ,
Council Bluffs , Monday , of pneumonia , be
longed to Theodore Winter , of California ,
and was valued at $ 'Cii , > X > .
On the slope the Cznr was considered the
finest nud inpst promising three yenr-ofd In
the world , Ho was a beautiful chestnut ,
with -8UinU star and four white stockings.
Ho Etood fifteen hands und three inches high ,
nnd pulled down the scales at 1,11X1 pound * .
Although of u liner coat und different color ,
ho bore a utrlKiug resemblance to his famous
brother , Emperor of Norfolk , nnd many
connoisseurs of fust horso-fldsh con
sidered him several seconds luster
thau the latter. As a two-year-old ho
throw out a couple of curbs which interfered
much with his training , anil ho was started
only twice , but won on both occasion * . Ills
llrst start wus for the I'alo Alto stakes , a
handicap of a milo f5r Uvo-yoar-olcls. In
that event ho curried 110 pounds , and ran the
distance In IM1 , bcatuiK WildOuU , Shannon
Hose and three others. At San Francisco ,
November 13 , ho carried 115 pounds ana won
the Equity stakes , thrco-quurtors of a milo ,
after running a dead heat with the SVun-
dorer , Kiss-Me-Quicic gelding. The time
wns 1:15 : 1:15 ; Flood Tide , 115 pounds ;
Jac.k Pot , 107 ; Gnngmedc , 115 ; nnd Calient ,
1.0 pounds , also started. His two staVts
this spring made htm u formidable candidate
for the American Derby. April 2) , at the
Bay District track , San Francisco ,
ho won the Tidal stakes , ono
mile and u quarter , In 2:10' . His
stable companion , Don Jose , was only a
head behind and a neck i if advance of God
frey. Lorronto was un indifferent fuurth ,
nnd Flood Tide. Joe Hedge , Louis R nnd
Wild Oats as named. The performance which
established him us n leading candidate for
the American Derby was his victory in the
Pucilic Derby , ono mile und a-half , run April
-'J. In this race he defeat eel Lorrcnto , Wild
Oats , Joe Courtney und Godfrey , and ran
the Derby distance In 2:30 , which was the
best record for an event of the kind until
Spokane's 2U4) : ) < j was hung out ut Louisville ,
a week UKO last Thursday. His death tukes
from the ' . oming American Derby ono of its
chief elcmonts of interest. Thn Czar was
engaged at St. Louis In the St. Louis Fair
Derby , the Chicago Horseman's Grand
Challenge Foal stakes and Charles Green
stakes. At Chicago , In the American Derby ,
the Sncridan stakes nud the Drcxcl stakes.
Mr. Winter still has Don .Toso und Burham
in the American Derby , nnd many Cnlifor-
nians believe Don Jose ovcry bit us good us the
C/ar has shown himself , but this is highly
The C/ar was by Norfolk , dam Marianand ,
a full brother to Emperor of Norfolk , the
winner of the American Derby in 1SSS. His
breeding on both sides was llrst-clnss.hls sire
being by Lexington nnd his dam by Malcolm
out of Maggie Mitchell , by Imported York
Among the Am Hour.Wheelmen.
The runs called for the Uth , 12th and 1Mb
insts. have nil been postponed on account of
ligh ) winds , rain , or rougli roads. It is to bo
hoped that the two rucH of the 10th will be
held under the most favorable circumstances.
In the morning , at tHO ) , the club goes to Flor
ence , nnd during the afternoon , at 8 u in , , to
The first lot of now uniforms bus arrived ,
und are mucli admired by all. This ono
question wo have all hoard so much in the
vi"U'horo do from ! "
country , vi/ , you come
it is hoped will bo minutely answered by the
word "Omaha" on the cap. Of course , there
are many times when you will bo asked what
O. W. C. stands for , but Uion you can turn
up the luppelof your eo.xt whenever you see
a country cousin In sight , nud so avoid that.
Guy Mend has taken up safety riding , nnd
claims ho can do n well , if not better , ou it
than on the ordinary ,
Tho' following runs nro culled for the
months may and June :
Muy 10 J " In-i Florence.
19b > . m. ! BollRViio.
May S3 Council Bluffs. *
Muy SO Missouri Vnlioy.
Muy ; iO ] > . M. , Mnnawn.
Juno ' . ! Ono hundred mile run ,
Juno II Glrnwood.
June M Moonlight run to Manawa.
June 10 Springlicld.
" ' " " "
' - '
. ,
1 ° jp. m. , Manuwti. .
June -KIoronco. .
Juno ! 10 Fremont.
Tbo O. W. C. rouJ officers Intend to drill
their men on every run ; last Sunday there
was some very pretty drilling done on. the
Council Bluffs Iridfre road ana admired by
all wl'O siiw it.
Too bad the Omaha racing men could not
attend the Chicago tourney. It Is thought
by those who kuow that they would have
carried away all first prizes of the opeu
Young Pixloy , the only starter from
OmtUia , Is doing remarkably well. The lad
1.1 not , quito sixteen and promises well for
thy future.
The early closing movement this season Is
to bo inmost universal , hardly a wholesale
house of uay standing remaining open Satur
day afternoon. To uld in furthering this
movement thn Popa Manufacturing company
of Boston , have Issued n hand&onio litho
graphic ni > noMncijmcit : card which gives thu
hours of closing , nnd can conveniently bo
hung In the window or door. These cnrds
nro sent free upon application.
W. S. Doano , who passed 'through Omaha
last full on his bike , is hoard from in Bos
ton , doing some wonderful hill-climbing on
Corey Hill.
Mav 30th the great Pullman road rnco will
take place at Chicago. The en
tries hnvo already reached the number
of sixty. The prize list is made up
of bicycles and valuable gold mcdals'donated
by the different manufacturers.
Croakers read tho. following and
ask no more : "What is the L.
A. W good for. " H. S. Bridge , a
cyclist of Cincinnati , was run down by a
roud hog. The local L. A. W. consul at once
brought suit in tbo sum of ? , 'tOUO , damages.
This prompt action on the part of the coun
sel brought the road hog to his senses and ho
compromised by paying all expenses aud a
good sum for damages to Mr. Bridge.
Homes Aeatnnt Wheels.
The great six-days' race bicycllonncs
against equestriennes opens up at the
Coliseum ono week from to-morrow after
noon. Work on the turf track in the big
building commences to-morrow , and oy Fri
day evening everything will bo in readiness.
Marvo Beardsloy , who will manage the
horsewomen , expects them hero by Tuosaay ,
and will keep them training continuously
until Sunday evening. These riders are
Miss Lbzio Williams nnd Miss May White ,
of Los Angeles , Cul. , nnd nre both well nnd
favorably known. Miss Williams recently
won n splendid live-milo match race for $ .500
a side from Miss Myrtle Peck , the
champion lady rider of America , ut
Los Angeles. Time , 0:97. : She is
a great rider nnd coniiduntly expects to bent
the fnir wheelers easy. Muy Whlto is also
quite a celebrated long dlstnnca equestrienne ,
nnd has run some notable races. They will
have twenty thoroughbred runners hero
from the Crystal Lake , Knu. , stock farm ,
and expi-ct to given , grand exhibition of their
wonderful ability as champion riders.
The bicyclers nro Beauty Baldwin , Kittio
Brown , Jussu Wood und Jcsso Oakes , who
will return here from Now York about
Thursday. This quartette is riding In
splendid form nnd assert that they can easily
bent out the Cullforiiinns. The race is for
31,000 a side- and the gate receipts , and will
bo mi event well worth witnessing.
The Autumn Ilacos.
The llfth annual fair of the Omaha Fair and
Exposition association will bo hold at the fair
grounds , this city , September 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 and 0.
This'is the great annual agricultural exposi
tion of thi ) state , and in whlcu every busi
ness man ana uvtory farmer should taka a
lively interest. It is also the greatest live
stock show held west of the Missouri river ,
and as such is bccomlnir f vnous all through
the western states. The racing programme
this full is confidently expected to eclipse
that of any previous year , as the list of en
tries will bo three-fold luiger than over
before. All the well-known hortes In
the western country will bo hero , und there
will bo some very interesting sp'eclal events.
Thu management hnvo also determined to
add many now features to tbo list of attrac
tions , aud will spare neither pains nor ex
pense to nmko the occasion commensurate
with the importance of our great and grow
ing stato.
Church HOWD'H Hordes.
At the sale at Cleveland lost Tuesday ,
Church Howe < & Son , of jVuburu , this state ,
purchased thu following lino" horse flesh :
Bwanson , blk. f. , by ProphetWilkcs , dam by
Belden's Humblctonlan.for 350 ; FuimioBel-
den , blk. m. , byllelden's Hatnblotputqn , dam
by General Harris , flOO ; Pearl , br.'t. , by
Middleton Cnlef. ctatn Gcnna , ijJVO ; Dyna
mite , b , til , , by Hylas , dam a Morgan mare ,
J-CO ; Gcraldluo , b. m. , by Jay Gould , dam
Nancy Claggct , $190. In addition to thcso ,
they also bought a couple of yearlings.
The nnyinonU Cjitn Club ,
A lot of ambitious young shooters met ut
tbcofllco of It , Blughnm & Sons , corner ot
Thirteenth and Harnoy streets , Friday
g' , und organized the Kayrnoud Guu
club. There are ten charter members , ' in
cluding Charles Bogar'dijs , W. W. Biughatn ;
Mark Perkins , H. AyVca'Fred Monttnorency ,
Frank Chandler anil * Hugh McCaffrey.
Charles Bognrdus wa , etected president ; W.
W. Bingham. vice-president , and Mark Per
kins , secretary and treas'urcr. The weekly
shoots will bo hold eVery Saturday after-
noou , on the now grounds back of the county
hospital. C. S. Raymond , after whom the
club was named , tins' counted a handsome
gold mcanl for the tirst prize for the best in
dividual average made during the season.
On thoOsnkiB.
Messrs. W. G. Albright , Jeff. W. Bedford ,
George Ames , J. 's. ( McCormlck , Marsh
Kennard , C. W. Uudd.'JS. T. Duke nnd W.
J. Hnhn nro oncamn'od on Lake Osakis ,
which lies about ono hundred
and llfty miles north of Minneapolis , Minn.
It is a lUlilng party nnd they expect
to bo absent until Jtho first week in
Juno. Lake Osakis is a beautiful sheet of
water , embedded Hue a silvery gem 'in the
heart of an emerald forest , and is fairly alive-
with the choicest varieties of the ichthyolo-
gical family black , "rpuk nnd yellow bass ,
pickerel , muskalounpe , croppies and trout ,
all abounu hero in great numbers , and fur
nish the most exhilarating and exciting of
sport , The woods , to6 , round-about are full
of deer and grouse dud smaller fame , but
ns this is the close shooting season not much
of anything will bo done in this line , but the
whole time devoted tojtho flnny tribe.
tiorono Shows Up Woll.
Marvo Beardsloy drove Charlie McCor-
mlch's black mare , iLorenc , on the fair
ground track ono dajr last week a milo in
2:21 : , and ono-quarter of a milo in S3 seconds ,
n 2:12 clip. The milo was the best that has
been shown this spring , und Ucardsloy says
that Lorono is as fasti if not faster than she
over was. McCormlck's horses are all show
ing up magnificently under Beardslov
thorough care , and. during the coming sum
mer campaign more Uian one of them will ba
heard from , _ _
State Bnortflnion's Toiirnny.
The fifteenth annual tournament of the
Nebraska State Sportsmen's association will
bo hold ut Norfolk , oominoiiclng next Tuns-
day and "ontinulug1 until Friday , inclusive.
'It is to bo held under the auspices of the
Norfolk gun club. The grand championship
medal shoot takes' place Wednesday , This
medal , whiclt long to the association , was
won by the u coln .eom in 18SI ! ; by the To-
kamah team m 1834. and by the Omaha team
in 18S5 , 18SH nnd 1883. Purmoleo and Budd
also shoot a 100 bird niatcti for St" > 0 a sldo on
this day. The Platiswouth silver cup will
bo shot for Saturday. * This trophy is now
held by the Omaha team ;
The Senator , on His Km :
CIIICAOO , May i7. Tp'Uio Snorting Editor
of THE BKU-Sir ; In jjour Sunday's issue 1 ,
noticed a largo paragrapii to the effect that
Miss Williams the ; Omiha so-called bicycle
"wonder" would shortly' eiigago in a match
with Miss Lotto , Stanley -who Is now in the
east in the Now York /BOO and bids fair to
bo beaten , 100 miles.j Do Miss Williams
and her backers and numerous managers
wish a soft mark for a/match I It seems so
In soliciting Miss Sanloy ( for a race. I
take exceptions to the title Miss Williams
arrogates to herself as "champion of Amer
ica. " . The' cnampUm of ; America ( and thn
world ) is Miss Jeislo Oakes , of London , who
won the Chicago race , would have won the
Omaha race , but for her fall , as everybody
knows , nnd is now winning and beating all
records in the Now York raco. Miss Oakes
has swept all before her , und can sweep all
female Americana on wheels oil her track ,
and this claim by ( bo soumlnely infatuated
and blind admirers of MUa wjlllauib , whom
J glvo credit for hpr great speed will , result
in a rude awakening whepever the little
Britisher meet&xthe American girl. To be
sure Miss \VUllams IE speedy , and why
ghouldn'tsbo bql Trained dally on the same
coed tracK , while Miss Oakes i winning
championships against untold quantities on
strange tracks' , , with a change ot diet , differ
ent climates , etc. , which uiy experienced
trainer nnd athlete knows to bo injurious.
If Miss Onkcs had these ad
vantages , a comparison of speed
in the Indies would be like comparing Spok-
nno ( winner of the Kentucky Derbyto ) n fat
roadster so far would the Omaha " 'wonder"
bo loft behind. Miss Williams' backers
need not look to Now York fern match as I
shall be in Omaha in a week's time prepared
to put up cash for Miss Oakes to contest any
kind of a race against all so-called "won
ders. " Yours in the race ,
Exposition Building , Chicago , May 17.
Lottie Stanley Coming-
Lottie Stanley , who holds the title of
female bicycle champion of the world , will
arrive in this city ubout Thursday , together
with the Tom Eck combination. It is quito
probable she will have a race or two on her
hands bcforo sbo gets away from Omaha.
From the Diamond.
Denver will release Healy.
Cleveland still has his eye on the ball.
( Hl'o-day's game will be called at 'J o'clock.
Omaha plays at Sioux City May 23 , 29
and 'M.
Kansas City Is turning out great ball
Dalrymplo is doing about all of Denver's
heavy batting.
Like Joe Quest- Davy Force is proving a
failure ns an umpire.
St. Pnul says that Omaha is her only rival
for thu pennant.
Willis and Naglo will bo Omaha's battery
this ntternoon ,
Tbo O malms have good utility'players in
Mcssitt nnd Coonoy.
Big George Wilson , of last year's Oninhas ,
is catching for the Jersey Citys.
Thu Omatins wcro u trlllo weak In their
stick work on their recent trip.
If Willis had u little bettor control of th
ball ho would bo as affective as the best o
Andrews is playing an unusually fine game
ut first , but ho does not seem to bo hitting
the ball.
"Jocko" Fiynn , who was with the Omah.i
last season , has Joined a sonu-profcssiona
team nt Halifax.
Norfolk hus signed the Lciutvlllu battery ,
Edgiugton und Wilson , with whom they hope
to knock out Grand Island.
Milwaukee has released Klusmnn. und
Denver bus signed him , and he Is playing n
line game for the Mountain City team.
Thu four ball rule has hit the null on the
head. Tills is proving ono of the greatest
batting years in thu history of the gamo.
Minneapolis will probably got Bill-click yet ,
but wlfnt she wants with him , is the question
puzzling Omaha base ball connoisseurs.
Next Wednesday will bo ladies' day nt the
bull park , and u great crowd of the fair sex
nro confidently expected to bo on hand.
Kirby , released by the Philndolphlna , has
signed with the Mllwuukocs. Ho will prove
a power for the unfortunate hour jerkers.
Cleveland has settled down to splendid
work. His playing in the last few games has
been brilliant. Ho Is the most reliable batter
on the team.
Tbo Sioux Cltys say that Canavan Is play
ing the best game of any outfielder in the
Western association. Ho is not Holding very
well , but batting hard
Bad luck still pursues thu Mllwaultccs.
but it Is dollars to doughnuts that they will
yet gather thumsolvos togotbor and hustle
the leaders In the raco.
Walsh Is doing yoomun Rorv'co ' at short ,
but as yet nns not cot his optics squarely on
the ball , When ho deut look out lor three-
baggers and home runs ,
The Corn Huskera again this afternoon
and Monauy. Then come the St. Joes , Tues
day , Wednesday and Thursday , and Denver
Friday , Saturday und Sunday ,
Kid Nichols has his tlrst game yet to lese
for the Omnhas. He has been hit pretty
bard at times , but is using excellent Judg
ment at critical times. Hence his success.
IfcDes Molncs says she will positively vote
against any Increase of the salary limit-
that her cxpenscb now uro us much as she
can stand. Still they are desirous of improv
ing their dub team , but how is It to bo donnl
The western association race is becoming
very interesting. Some people seem to think
St. Paul has n walk-over , but this is not n
fact. Omaha is playing great ball , despite
hur reverses , and it is very probable that In
the eourso of another fortnight she will over
take the Apostles.
Grand Island is mopping up the ground
with everything that dares tackle her. The
players uro ns follows : Hourke , pitcher and
short ; Snyder , catcher ; Heady , first ;
Hughes , pitcher ; Pond , second ; Camp ,
third ; nnd IIIcKenbergor , Hayes aud Qninn ,
the outfield.
Jnck Crooks is making an excellent captain
for the Omaha club. His work is already
utmarcnt. Aside from being an enthusiastic
player , ho watches nil the points of the gumo
very closcfy , and seldom fails to nmko the
proper piny. Another good fo.ituro about his
work is that ho encourngos the pitchers and
inspires them with c-onlidonco.
Old Buffalo is plnving a remarkable third
b.iso for the Omaha team. He is admirably
suited for the position. Ho Is n magnificent
thrower , and us quick ns u cat In "handling
ground balls. Since the opening of the
season ho has made plnvs that would even
cause the { matchless Jerry Denny to turn
green with envy. Omaha is fortunate-
having n man who Is so capable of playing
the position , which Is conceded to bo the
most difficult to 111 ! of any on thu diamond.
Canavan Is Droving thy phenomenal fielder
of the Western association. Some of his run
ning catches hnvo been of the miraculous
order , nnd there is no ball comes to his terri
tory but what ho is likely to cut , no matter
how far or how hard ho has to run. So fur
ho heads thu association In fielding nnd ranks
way up among the battora. Ho Is belce'a
most valuable find.
When the conttnct of pitcher C. A. Nich
ols , late of the Kansas City Western club ,
with Omaha wns announced , thu St. Joseph
club entered a protest because he , nlong
with Ralph Johnson and the other Kansas
City players , wns transferred with the fran-
chlso of that club to St. Joseph but refused
to Blgn with St. Josoph. Secretary Sam
Morton appealed to nnd decided that
Nichols was disqualified from playing with
Omnlm. An nppeal to the board of arbitra
tion was then imido nnd Chnlrmmi Young
overruled Morton nnd decided that thu sign
ing of Nichols by Omnlm is not an infringe-
tmmt of any of the regulations of the base
ball law , but , inasmuch ns the board of di
rectors had voted to itllow St. Joe to pur-
chnso Kansai City's franchise nnd team it is
n breach of courtesy ,
MiHcellunooiiH SnortN.
Jim McHsoneor , the wrestler , loft for Denver
vor last night. Iio spout u couple of weeks
here endeavoring to get on a go with some
local knight of the mattress , but they wore
all either broke or afraid of him ,
It Is quito probable that William Muldoon
and Torn Cannon will wrestle , mixed styles ,
for a purse , nt the Coliseum Home tlmo In
Juno ,
The LoFovro gun club will hold their
next weekly shoot on Tuesday afternoon , on
the Omaha gun club grounds across the
One week from Wednesday next nt Nor
folk , and during the fifteenth annual state
shooting tournament , Frank Parmulou of
this city , and Charlie Ilndd of DCS Molncs ,
the champion trap shot of the world , will
shoot their 100 live bird shont forfJJO a side ,
I'ho Chicago Inter Ocean of yesterday con
tains a lifu-like portrait ot "Senator" Mor
gan , the English champion rider , a well as
un extended notice of his career as both
amateur and professional. It is very com
plimentary to thu genial Senator , but not
fulsomely or , undeservedly so.
Joe Strauss inudo four clean hits out of
live times at the bat off of ICnoll down nt Si.
Joe , Thursday , His timely hitting did much
toward winning the game ,
Hard-working Jack Crooks mudo Omaha's
only two errors Thursday , but if every man
takes the chances in a game that Croo Ic
docs , nothing on earth unuld bat tho-a ou
of | hu pennant.
T o Omuhas mudo 0 hits , 5 runs and 2 o r-
rorafThunday , to St. Joe's 11 hits , 4 runs
und u errors. Omulm won both garnet
btrictly on their merits.
Over In Chicago they have dubbed Will
Pixlo.v , Omaha's plucKy little bicycle rider ,
the "Omaha Wonder. "
The Williams-Stanley race IP stilHn stntf
quo. It is hardly probn ble now. however
nftcr the poor showing in the Now YorK
race , that Stnnlov will hnvo sufficient
temerity to run Ufa local champion. '
Misses Llzzla Williams nnd May White ,
the Los Angeles. Col. , horsewomen who ara
to ride next weak against the Indy wheelers ,
will arrive to-morrow night. :
Miss Lily Williams is quite anxious to.neet
Jesse Oalcos in n match race to come off at
the Coliseum after the hoiso-bleycle chase ot
next week.
"Life With the Trotters , " a valuable vol
ume on thoroughbred trotting Block , being
canvassed for In this city by J. C. Holcomb.
is meeting with un extensive sale. It would
bo a 'difficult matter to enumerate all the !
good features of the boolc , nnd without unV
dcrtnkimj any extended criticism , it can ba
safely recommended to all professional followers - <
lowers of trotting , for it is both instructive * ' :
and entertaining. ; '
There Is considerable unlawful netting *
being carried on at Cut-off lake , and if thcraj )
Is such a functionary ns a fish and gatnm
warden in this city , ho will find much vvorly
for himself by n visit to those waters any off1 ,
these pleasant afternoon. Nebraska hast
low enough fish as it is , nnd without nrotec-i
lion it will not require n very long time to ]
deplete her streams and lakes. ,
Questions null Answers.
Whnt do you think of Boston's chances td )
take the league ( lag j How many times havrtt *
the bean caters won the champlonshipl ! '
When was the National lunguo organl/odJ
Ans. Good ; they lead nt present. Thrcoi
times. In 187 < i. /
A botn B that Omaha will beat St. Joe 2 to ; *
1 ; the game results Omaha 1 , St. Joe < M
Who wins * Smnrty Hunter , city.
Ans , A wins. Ono to nothing is a bettor ' ,
score thnn two to one.
Jim , John , Jnko and Jack nro playing ,
poker. Jim deals and John opens ujack-poUj :
Jnko picks up hh liaud nud finds ho has only'
four cards. Is Juke's baud knocked out , orj
can he cull for a now deal ! Fort Omaha.
Ana. It is n misdeal , Jim loses his deaW
and John must proceed to dcul the car dm
over again. Jake , of coin-so , docs not IOHO i
his hand It was no Jnult of his that Jim did * >
not giva him five curds ,
Who hud the greatest per contago of games
won of the Western , association pitchers last
season ! What has become of Sum Moflltb
und CiiHslun ? B. P. I' . . Omaha.
Ans. Lovott. Moflltt is mining In Wyom
ing and Is wild to he getting rich. ( Jusslan is _ , ' ,
playing with the Jamaica Plains team , near
Boston. ;
Which do you consider the best ball paper , ' ;
the Sporting Life or Sporting Nowst . ;
Header. 4
Ann. The Sporting Life , tun thousand
times over.
Will you please inform me who nt the pros. * <
ont time holds the record for six days go-as- A
yoii-pleuso nice , and what it Isi Amateur.
Beatrice. V
Liltlowoot ] , 023Jf. j\ \
To decide a bat will you ploaio stito in %
Sunday's sporting columns whether tliurg , ' <
hus over been u ball knocked over the Omaha
center field lenco during u game of ball )
Where was Jack Dcmpaoy born. In this „
country or Ktirflund C. H. JohiiHon , city. ; .
Ans. No , Nultnor , ho was born in Iro- b
What Is Lottlo Stanley's eight-hour six- * '
day record , and her ono huiidruj mile rec- ,
ord. Han the match been mudo between her *
and Williams } Byker , Omaha , !
AIM. Don't know. No , but probably will T
bo. , , .
* '
Hammer Lime Send on your challuneo "
accoinpaniud by u respectable forfeit ; that' * '
the only way to show that you moan busi
ness. Don't know anything about Jlmmlo
Lin J say ut present , whether ho la In training
for a fight or not.
Will you please give mo the whereabouts
of Hartor nnd O'Lcary , Omaha's slur 16S7
battery ! -Arllo Athcrlon , Oniutm. ,
Ana. Harter is m Qulfioy , III. , playing
ball. O'Lcary U In thu soup.