Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 19, 1889, Part II, Page 15, Image 15

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    ' *
JTIOtt SAfjK The linen residence slto In West
Jc Om ) m ; Jmt south ot Knrnvnonnth ; street :
ft corner liljxis ; with 187 feet rronlngt on
pared utroct nnd joining the li.inJome re < il >
'Aenceof Klrk ndall on tlio east , and llrndr.
KaMon nnd Martin on the south : u perfect gem
and aardon spot for nn elegant homo.
llnrnj-y an. ! " 1st treet . HlxK,7. on pavement
within Inrcn blocks ot too rmirt lieu o : room
for seven nno houses that wor.M rent ns rnpld
\r \ as coinniotoil. A cplemlld permanent Invent-
Knnmm nnd Kit streets. MxlTS , with now
threc-Mory brtcfc store building , rontoi * to good
permanent tenants. Mental receipts ei.300 per
Hlx'tcentb street near. Nicholas , frontage Al
febt to nlloyt good bnslnoi.i projK'rty.
I'arnixm jitrcot. between sstlt nd Mth. front-
ORO 44 or Win ; to alley , south front , t block
from pavement nnd street can.
I'ark nvouue , opposite Itanscom park , COxlM ) ,
price r..ono : cnsy taunt. _ _
I'nddockplnce. trackage , C0xt)2. ) 12.000 : easy
lOtb'ntroot south of Vlntonst , lot for sale or
trade forniilio. or good farm land.
B. A. Hlonmn , WlfKantam at. 537.
rpiUi motor IlnoTs built to Collier place. The
JL Holt line runs near Collier placo. The V , K ,
ft M. V.H.H. stop nil passenger train * nt Col-
Her place. Tlio liorao car Una will soonroaoh
Collier place. Ilest nmllllon In the city. 1'rlco
rs'JOto il , W per lot , ono-tcnlh cnsn , biUnnco
ono to llvoyears , McCnguo. opp. P. O. OTIC
' * Running between Council muffs and Al-
lirlKllt. Inntlilltlon totlio stulons muntloned ,
trams stop at Twentieth anil Twenty-fourth
treots , nnd nt thu Summit In Omalin.
Leave. I Arrive.
31 No.3 5:0)pml : ) > Nn. 1 U:15mn
O No. (1 ( OiAUumO No. 5 rilfiiii :
A No. 4 liliUOnniA No. ! ! . . . . 0 : : lpm
A No.ll UMSpui'A ' No.M 7l'iun '
No. 0 . . .0:10 : am No. 7 n27 nm
TioB . pm No.3 7:15 urn
JNo. 4 . U:2i pm Nu , [ i U15 pm
All Trains Dally.
A No.3 . ; lUumA No. 1 . 7:3Unm
A No , 4 . U : 40pm A Nu. U . 5:45 : pm
A No. 2 . 9:2. : " > um < A No. 3 . 0:2iiam :
A No. i . U:30pmA : | No. 1 . 8UUpm :
BIOUX OlTi" & PACiriC.
A No. 10 . 7 : < i5nmA | No. 0 . 8-35 am
A No.12 . 7OJpmA : | No. 11 . OiUOpm
A No , 8 . lX'i : pm.i | Nu. 7 . 12:00 m
A dully : II dally except Saturday ; U except
Eumluy ; 1) except Monday ; funt mull.
Tha ilinu u-lvini ubuvu Is tor Truuafor , there
vvlng t rein nvo to ten mliuitua Uulweon Trans
fer nml local depots.
Klcucmn Notion.
1. Wllllrim J. Hroatch , mayor of the CUT of
Omalm , do hereby ulve uotfca that an uunuiU
r-lootlim will bo liuld In the city of : > malm on the
rd Any of Jun * . Ito'J ( aulil ate being the tlrt
Jlonclnyln June. iss , ) toelrct Mvo (5) ) member *
of Uie board of education for the city of Omaha
to verve foru term of three year * .
That the respective pollfim places for said
lection Hhall be AM follows ;
Flrnt Wanl-I'Mlno uchool bulldliiff. Pftcltlo
treat , nourTenth Btruot ,
Second Ward-IIarlniau school building. Six-
tt'outlintmot neur Willlunu.
Third Wur.l- l ) ( > ( lt0 ; uchoa ) building , corner
Dodgu und Kloventh Jtreuln.
Fourth Ward nigh school untlillng.
Fifth Want lAke school building , corner
L&lo anil Nineteenth Ktreuts.
Blxth Wuril Omaha View school building ,
corner Toll ty-xecond und IXirby Btruetn.
fieventh waril park nvhmil bnlMliiK , corner
QVnnty.nlnth street \Vool\vorth uveimo.
I'JuUihVardIzard school building , on lurd
Btroet UttweenNluetwutli undTvi rntloth fctreeia.
Ninth Wara-Karnam vchool builalug. at
( Twenty-ninth anil 1'aruam ttrf els ,
Datod. May IHn , IN I.
lH Ai.l W.J IIHDA'll'll , Mayor
, 11. BOUTUAKIV City Clerk ,
Continuance of the Easy Fooling In
the Money Market.
Cicncrnt Trnrto Oooil In Sloflt All tilties
of HiiHlncsH A llcnlthy liicrcnso
Noted in tlio Amount of
The Ijocnl RoHiuno.
The money market continues very easy ,
nd , as the bank statements given below
how , tncro Is n heavy surplus In the vaults
f the Omaha national banks In excess of the
ognl reserve. 1'rlmo mercantile pnpor Is
cadlly taken nt 7fi8 per cent per annum.
Cxchnngo Is scarce and In demand nt $1 per
housand premlnm , Ciuncral trndo
ontlnuos good In most lines.
Soot nud shou dealers are complaining inoro
.ban others. Collections nro very fnir , nnd
lie stnto Is evidently getting Into excellent
ondltlon Jlnniiciidiy. City trndo bus 1m-
irovod inatcrlally during the pn t week , nud
is labor llnds employment , retailers will on-
oy n.brlsk season undoubtedly. Koal estate
> hews Increasing activity , and when the pur-
liases , contemplated by the United States
government , of sites for the custom
louno und postofllco and for ITort Onialia
re made , n boom may bo confidently looked
'or. The bank clearings for the week , ns
oportcd by Mr. Hughes , manager of the
clearing house , were $ li)8IHl.'JJ : , an In-
cruaso of (11-10 per cent. .Linlancos were
Money Is moro plentiful In London this
ipring than for any corresponding porlod In
rears past. Discounts In the open market ,
hrco months' bills , nro now quoted at the
rate of per cent. The conversion of the
ld 3 per cents Into the now fi per cent con
lols Is said to bo a great success.
Them is an offering of 1,000 bags of now
crop Hnizll coffee on the Now York mnrkot
understood to bo seeking bids ut Kl o cost
nnd fralght terms. Tlio prlco of fair to prime
coffee of the last crop In the Chicago market ,
's about l'J@20c per pound. During the last
, en years prices for the snmo ijinllty have
ranged from Uo in 1885 to 18o In .637. The
irc.sont high prlco is duo to shortness In the
Urazllmn crop , which Is expected to bo fully
one-half less than the usual supply. The
United States consumes about 4.000,000 bags
of cofteo every year , which is a little less
ban one-half of the world's consumption.
Prominent Chicago tea men say that the
Amoy Oolong tea spoken of by Consul
rownll as the poorest nnd most Injurious
, ca shipped from China , is simply n low grade
of Oolong , und is used largely for mixing
purHsos | , and while It is colored to a certain
extent , there Is not suflleietit coloring matter
to render It unhealthy. Very llttlo of the
Amoy Oolong tea llnds its way to Chicago.
Thera is n curious superstition among
fishermen that only once in seven years will
the mackerel catch bo abundant , and there
: ire many who positively assort that as this
is an unlucky your , n poor catch will bo In
order. Whichever it may bo , one thing is
certain , but few signs of mackerel have been
seen as yet.
Uio coffee continues to rule rnthor llrm , but
with u visible supply In and nlloat for our
Atlantic ports amounting to 01U.4S7 Oags ,
comnnred with only a SSS.-il bags a year
iigo. buyers nro slow in purchasing except
for current requirements. There nro good
suuplics on Uio , and Santos holds 3)0,000 )
bags. The Uio News says : "Thoro is n
good deal o.f reticence in modifying estimates
of the coming crop. " Tito Cafe das Agnas is
alluded to , but an out-and-out opinion as to
whether 2,000,000 bags Is too much for tlio
1SSD-90 crop Is not obtainable. At the same1
tlmo there Is no reason to doubt that much
lower estimates have boon telegraphed to
consuming markets.
Sugar Is booming under short supplies. If
the cane-producing countries in America
and India had turned out tholr usual quota ,
u notable appreciation in the value of the
utanlo might , perhaps , have been avoided ,
but it so chanced that the September cyclone
in Cuba curtailed that crop 200,000 tons , that
Brazil had u shortage of 00,000 tons , and that
thu small West India Islands were backward
nnd also produced less.
MisNKAi' , Minn. , May 15. The North
western Miller in-day says"Although
there worn fifteen mills which ran to a
greater or less extent last week , the
Hour output fell under the 100-
000 mark. The aggregate production
for the week was t'4,070 , barrels , averaging
15,078 barrels daily , against 88,220 barrels the
previous week , nnd 170,300 barrels for the
corresponding time In 18SS. Fifteen mills
are in operation again to-day and indications
point to quito u gain in the output for the
week. Most of the mills got some orders
ahead lust week and although the demand la
light now they uro grinding stronger to 111 !
thoifl. A very fair call for flour was enjoyed
up to Saturday , but local millers at that time
became u llttlo firmer in their views , und
Jobbers Imviuir tuuiporarily supplied their
most pressing needs , there 1ms boon a relax
ation again in the demand. There aro-n few
linns that report nearly ns good u trade , but
the majority any that there has been a ma
terial falling off in sales since Monday.
"Nearly lltty thousand barrels of Hour ,
mostly patent , were withdrawn from "store
ut Duluth during last week , leaving 150,000
in atoro there Saturday , Considerable hold
in store hero is also being shipped. The di
rect exports of Hour for the week were : ! 5- ,
000 barrels , against -10,5000 barrels the pro
ceeding week. Quotations : London c. i. f.
2SO pounds are : Patents , 35@i5s : ; bakers ,
tMC'j-os ; low grades , li@llis. There were
! Ml i" > ( ) bushels of wheat received for the
week ending May 14. The shipmenU were :
IVuuat , IS'.OOO bushels ; Hour , 1)4,037 ) barrels ;
mlllstuff , 2,885 tons. "
Saturday , May 18 , 1BSO.
There were not many cattle hero , and with
a pretty fair demand the buyers were not
long in clearing the yards. Ilundy tittle cattle
tlo , such ns nro wanted by dressed hoof men ,
sold stronger and perhaps 5@IOc higher. The
buyers were quoting the market on that class
of cuttle fully Hc ) higher than on Thursday.
The market on heavy cattle was not so ac
tive , nnd coarse heavy cattle were very slow.
The buyers bought them , but , as it were
under protest , showing plainly that with n
liberal run thu cattle on the roughlsh order
would bo neglected , A bunch of the Stand
ard Cattle company's cattle sold nt $3 HO , and
Homo natives brought the sumo price , but the
beef and shipping steers sold mostly ut ) . & >
Q.'l.SO. Desirable butchers' stock sold strong.
A bunch of cows with four steers sold nt
& ) , ! )5 ) , nnd everything In the way of fat cows
and heifers brought good prices , the range
iKiing eJ.2Ae8.40. A few bulls went at J'J.50
@iS5. There were not stackers and feeders
enough onwulo to muko u market.
llO' S.
The hog market was of very short duration
this morning. It opened with ovurytbing
helling ut fl.20@l.25 , und closed in a very
few minutes with everything sold. The
prices wtiro fully lOa higher than yesterday
and the market active ut the advance. Thu
ad van co was duo , apparently , to the light
receipts und the very good demand. .Sev
eral buyers who had orders to (111 ( were left
without nny hogs. _ _ _ _ _
There was nothing here to mnko n mnrlioL
I'rii-os romuiu uomlnully unchanged ,
Cattle 1.000
Ilotfit 2,000
' I'rloo .
I'rovnlliiij ; *
TbnfollowlnifU ntiblo of prloos puld In
this uiirkot for the tfnvloi of stook cioti-
tlonod :
1'rimostoors , 1300to 1500Ibs..f3.70 @ 4,00
Good Htwrs , 1UM ) to 1450 Ibs. . . it.OTi OfU.OO
Ciood btccrs , 1050 to 1300 Ibs. . . S.AO @ : t.SO
Ordinary to fulr co\v 15.00 to2.40
Fnir to ? ooJ COWA 3.40 ( fei.fa
< oodto cholefioows 8.V ( ) toll.IX )
Choloo to fancy cows , hoifora 3.00 ( ui.35 ;
Fair to K0 d bulls
Good to cliolcobulls. . , .
Ijignt stoukera and feeders , .
Good feeders , l > 50 to 1100 iba
Fulr to uholco light hogs
Fair toclioica heavy hogs. . , .
Fair to choice mlxod IIORB. . . .
Fair to medium iiatlvo sheep
( Jood t > > vholue native uhoop.
Fair to choice western stioep. . 8.05 Ql.CO
of I'riocH.
Showing the highest nnd lowest prices
paid for beef and shipping steora on the dnys
indicated during the past throe yoars. Sales
of cattle In less than car load lots not In
April TbSa. | April l 8i ) .
Note *
Doslrablo cattle highorj > . .
Hogs advance fully lOc.
No sheep to inako a markot.
H. Wllklns and Charles Macraid were over
from Council Uluffs with cattlo.
William Lancaster marketed u load of hogs
from Pickroll.
D. Wilson , South Bond , was in looking
alter the sale of n car of cattlo.
Mr. Arnold , of Halo & Arnold , was in from
Uattlo Crook looking after the sale of three
cars of cattlo.
William Johnson brought in ttiroo loads of
cattle from Codnr U'.ipids.
Patrick Hoyo came In from Wood Ulvor
with two cars of cattle.
W. Esterdoy , Man toy , was on the market
with hoRS and cattlo.
Jack L. Stevens , of Barudc , was in looking
over the yards.
H. Soldham was in with two cars of cattle
from NohawKa.
.1. D. Hntflold , of Noligh , was among the
visitors nt the yards.
E. W. Banks came over from McPaul , la. ,
with cattle.
Wavorly was represented by C. D. Jowott ,
who brought in cattlo.
Dave Brady , Logan , la. , was over with a
load of cattlo.
J. G. Widoo , of Sacott & Widoo , Elba , was
in with cattlo.
Colonel Slmrpe , secretary of the stock
yards company , has returned from the Louisville -
villo races.
Hand Frar.ior came in with some ciiolco
cattle fed on his farm near Wayne. They
brought 3.00.
Ono year aero the range of prices on hots
wasf5.I5@5.fX ) ; two yours ago , $ -1.25 ® 1.55 ,
uud three years ugo , $ ; i.75 ( 3.t)0. )
Bitcf and sblppiui ; steers sold ono year ngo
nt3.75@ .r5 : two years acp at W.CO@4.'J3 ,
uud Ihruu years ago at $ l.85@5.2. > .
The Voi-y Ijlvoly Exporlencoof a Ilun-
cr Wlm Wns Afirr CooriH.
Charles Roilloy , a veteran hunter
living on the border of Sussex county ,
yesterday had a desperate encounter
with three boars , in which ho came oil'
victor , and now has over eight hundred
pounds of bear meat , says a Newton , N.
J. , special to the Now York Times.
Roilloy heurd his dogs barking in what
is known as Townsoud swamp on Tues
day night , and yesterday morning ,
thinking ho had treed a coon , ho
started out armed only with an axe. Ho
cnmo. however , upon n largo black boar
with two cubs at nor side , watching the
dog.Roilloy at once attempted to retreat ,
hut the old boar gave chaso. Ho slipped
behind a tree when she mudo a rush ,
but. missed him. The boar then rose
on her hind logs nnd atlotnptotl to hug
the hunter , but u well directed blow
with the axe cut u vein in hur nock and
stopped her for a moment. She re
turned to the charge , but another blow
disabled her. The two cubs them came
to the mother's rescue , and attacked
Reilley in the roar. They soon bore
him to tha ground and were fast over
powering him , when thp dogs joined in ,
the two bears turning to attack their
now enemies. . '
Roilley , recovering the axe , gave the
two cuba their quletun. Ho was covered
with blood -scratches , while two ol
his doers were killed. Later on neigh
bors helped carry 'tho bourn to the
house , The old bear tinged the beam
at 412 pounds , while the tWo young ones
weighed " 00 pounds each.
The Plural of Child.
.London Hck-Mo-Up : Teacher. Now ,
Tommy , what is the plural qf child ?
Tommy ( promptly ) . Twins.
Preparing iorullruak.
London Pick-Mo-TJp : ' "Where are
you oft in euoh a duce of a hurry , Fly-
"To draw all my inonoy out of the
bank. "
"What , ia the bank going to broulc'i"
"No , bull am. "
( ( .
Sontlmontflnfluonco and Conditions
Bearish In Olmraotor.
. : jill |
ll 'I-M .
IIenvy llfbolpti of Corn Cfxuso n
Wonlc e ponluR Oats Dull mid 1
Wcnfc'Attlo Quiet nnd Steady
j -ii > Quotations.
iij I1
CIUCAOO , May 13. [ Special Tologrntn "to
TUB UBE. ] Sentiment , Influence and con
ditions were bearish to-day , yet the price of
wheat suffered very llttlo chniiRO. The
mnrkot was ineffectual In the production of
sensations of nny description , nnd operators
did not scorn to have decided convictions.
Outside of a group ot chronic
bears , the majority of the middle-
wolRht "old staffers" of the wheat
pit are "scoring for nn advance. " Every
time the mnrkot pauses utter n decline they
"nip In , " but on the lirst symptoms of renewed
nowod depression they run. They want to
have some wheat when the mnrktt starts up ,
but they do not propose to stand n loss. The
Immediate influence of such operations Is
therefore bearish. "Scoring for n rise gives
nn genuine support to the nmrkct Unless the
outside condltloun conspire to force n con
tinued advance. When the doubling up pro
cess begins , however , the market gains Increasing -
creasing momentum. The blackboard re
corded n clearing of 101,000 bushels of wheat
to-day and 72,000 bushels additional are being
loaded out to-dny. The sale of 50,000 bush-
Ics besides on a basis of 2o premium
over Juno wns reported , mid considerable
small business for account of Interior millers
wns done. Local stocks will show quito n
reduction in tho-wcok , nnd estimates of a decrease -
crease In the visible supply range from
1,000,000 to 1,503,000 , bushels. The host nu-
thorltlos llon 1,250,000 as nbout the proper
figure. Exports for the week from the four
principal Atlantic seaports foot up 714,000
bushels of wheat 230OOJ , packages of Hour.
This will make a grand total ot about
1,000,000 bushels , or moro than any
wock in mnny months. Facts con
cerning the movement of and changes
in actual property were generally bullish ,
but us regards the magnificent crop prospects
they oxcrtud at the most only u passive resistance -
sistanco , which was sufllciont , however , to
prevent a further shrinkage in values. Con
trary to expectations , the receipt at primary
points showed very llttlo Increase this week
over last and shipments are nbout the sumo.
Arrivals at Minneapolis are large , but only n
small proportion represents wheat directly
out of farmers' bunds. Drenching ruins
throughout the central western country west
of the Mississippi are reported and crop ad
vices frourtflSfnorthwest arc for the most
part vjcryT" favorable. The Ohio
vulloy tiln < J-stand moro moisture , but
the needs 4 in that direction are
In a fair way .to be satisfied. It continues to
rain in California nnd this is not good for
wheat nf"itsu present stngo of development.
The local range was very narrow to-day.
July , tho.fnv , ] { > rite month , opened at 77J c ,
sold down > to .71 40 , nnd for the most part
clung within faa of 77o. Tlio scalpers de
scribed It ns A 'stlngy market. " There was
nothing I\L \ itJor them. Operations were on
n restricted scale. Uutcbiuson was a seller
above 77c"nnd a buyer bolow. Now York
sent bearish news and sold wheat steadily
nnd in " . ftidderato quantities. Export
business , totho amount of 13
boatloads Vfus. exported , however. The
undertone to Uio local market was "unques
tionably llrra. 'On Uio surface things ioolt
bearishf'but Iherd hits boon substantial buy
ing by commission houses for the past two
or three days. The fooling booms to bo
changing and wheat is gaining friends
among the conservatives , wao feel that the
crop prospects have been discounted too
liberally. The market took on an appear
ance of Increased activity toward the closo.
July left off at 77 ] @ 77 > fc , or identically
where it did yesterday. May opened at S'J > c
nnd closed at 83 > c. Juno started nt 8U f
nnd loft off ut 81c , soiling iu the meantime
nt 8liJ e. September closed at 74-i o. The
whole list rested on the same plane as yes
Heavy receipts of corn , ns shown by the
inspection returns , caused a weakening , The
weakness was nlso helped by thomagnlflcent
weather which is now favoring the recently
planted grain , und was intensified when the
estimated receipts of 073 cars for iMonday "ao-
ciimo known. The cables reported dull mar
kets abroad , und all the governing domestic
markets were in sympathy with the weak
ness hero. The business done was con
siderably in excess of the recent average ,
nud there was n good demand for .Inly ,
and below 84c. The demand wns , however ,
largely duo to the shorts taking the profits.
Investment buying appears to bo light , and
Is doubtless discouraged by the recent course
of the market , There was a good Inquiry
and sales of thirteen boat loads at New York
for export. The cash mantel shared in the
weakness nnd declined in futures , shippers
being ublo to secure concessions of jfaGiKo
under the prices current yesterday. Spot
corn was J c lower than It closed on Friday ,
and the futures showed about the sumo de
Oats were dull und weak to } { o lower on
future account The receipts were again
large nnd the wcannoas in corn extended to
this market , which derived no support aside
from n mill buying for the account of shorts.
Posted withdrawals of 282.500 bushels ex
erted but little steadying influence , us heavy
arrivals are anticipated for next week. May
sold down to 22 > fc , with Juno nrouiid 82 > { i'fg (
22s , while July was conllned within n nnr-
row range of 2JX@-Xc. No. 2 oats to go to
store sold nt 23J c.
The provision trade acted Independently of
the hog market. The latter fully lOo higher
under unexpectedly light receipts , but It had
no effect upon produce. 'On the contrary ,
pork nnd its companion lines wcro heavy
from the start. Short ribs wore bought
pretty freely by Jones , Kcnnott & Hoskms ,
but oven of this artlclo the offerings exceeded
the demand. In all departments of the mar
ket values were depressed by the
sellers outnumbering the buyers , end ns
n consequence a doc-lino wus suffered.
The receding turn wltnessod. however , oo-
c.iaionod no stir and the cluy passed with
scarcely moro than moderate trading and no
feature of special interest. The business
transacted was also largely on local account.
For cash delivery lard was sold .it S'J.75 ®
0.77 > , 10-lb croon ham at $3.75 , and dry
salt shoulders boxed at $3,00. llased on
yesUrduya ) ! tlnal quotations , the closings
showed a not decline In pork of
lard of Oo aud liort ribs of 7 , ' " "
ifay 81. [ Special Telegram to
TUB 13isE.l GX"n.K. The cuttle market to
day may bo characterized as quiet but ntcady ,
us is usuaj Sturdily. Trade , in fact , both
the supply find demand , proved small and
about so oycnY } balanced that the pens wore
generally j ; leu red. Choice to extra beeves ,
f I.CXUrol.Iiryt-iAiillum to good steers' , 1,350 to
1,500 poi/mK ; | y.SO@J.20 ; 1,800 to 1.350
pounds , &r.70uj4.Il ( ) ; 050 to 1,200 pounds , LOO
( rfl.lO ; BtooUtsrs and feeders , g2.50@U,70 :
cows , bulUjnud mixed , tl.SO U.5C : bulk ,
> y.4.r ( rt8.BO : Tiisas cattle , $2.10@a.CO.
IIouu The market ruled active and 15c
higher than yesterday , thu bulk of the pack
ing ana shipping grades selling around &J.40.
The finish , however , was weaic , but most of
.tho supply had changed from llrst hands at
the advance noted. Sales of big 800 to 400-
pound packing hogs were around JI.JJO , while
good to cholco puclilng and shipping lots of
240 to 280-pounds , or thereabouts , sold from
ft. 35 to $1.45. principally around 11.40 , and
In excellent demand at that. Sorted light
weights mot with indifferent success uud
sold druggingly ut fJ.4SG4.50.
NEW YOHK , May 18. fSpecIul Telegram
to TUB HKK , I STOCKS Following the exciting
citing contest of yesterday nvor Transcont !
ueutul Mhareg , thu stock market opened with
a moderate volume of business nndwith
prices generally higher where changes from
the close of lost night wcro notlceM. As ex-
icctol , there wa * further excitement In
Drcgtm Transcontinental becnusn of the ,
short interest , nml a squeeze wns the first
thln < ? Id order. The utock started } ( per
cbnt over the close at OTiJt' , advanced quickly
to 37 , them to 40 , n point nt a time. Tno re
action wns oven quicker than the ndv nco
nnd It fell back to 39 nnd milled again to
411 < . Some activity nnd strength spread to
the other western stocks , nnd Now Knglnnd
nnd Heading shared In the animation nnd
strength. Atchlson , Burlington nnd Union
IMclOo moved up M\-Oi \ each. At 11 a. m.
there were some reactions , with n drop In
Transcontinental , but the list bcld bettor
thnn the first llgurcs. During the closing
hour to 12 o'clock there was another period
of strength. Oregon stock touched 43 nnd
reacted. Hurllngton & Qulncy took the load
making a not gain of 0 > per cent. Other
stocks acted In sympathy , nnd the close was
nt nbout the best figures for the day.
The following wcro the closing quotation * !
CitiCAOO , May IS. 1:15 : p. m. cloao WlioaJ
firmer ; cash , 82 } < Jc ; .luno 81c ; July , 778-lOc.
Corn About Steady ; cash , IKlKu ; June ,
33Xo ; July , 3i ; ; < c.
Oats Steady ; cash , 22 > c ; Juno , 22 c ;
July , 22 ll-10c.
liyo 4 Ic.
Darloy Nothing dolnc.
Prime Timothy 51.33.
Pork WcnU and lower ; cash nnd Juno ,
511.47K ; July , ? 11.55 ( < * lt.57 > .
Lard Steady ; cash and Juno , S0.75 ;
July , ? O.SO.
Flour Quiet ; winter wheat , $2.00 ® 1.75 ;
spring wheat , $1.80@5.50 ; rye , ? 2.1552.05.
Dry Salt Meats Shoulders , U2JG$5.25 ;
short clear , ? 0.12 > @ 0.23 ; short ribs , S5.80 ®
Uutlor Quiet ; creamery , 0 © 15c ; dairy ,
Ohecso Firm ; full cream cheddars , 7J/ @
7 > < Jc ; Hats , 7'fj47go ( ; Youu Americas , S ( < §
Steady ; fresh , ll12c. ( (
Hides Unchanged ; heavy and light sroon
salted , 5ic ; salted dull , 4 } c ; green salted
calf , Oc ; dry Hint , 7c ; dry salted , 7c ;
dry calf , 7ftSo : deacons , 23b each.
Tallow Unchanged ; No. 1 , solid packed ,
4o ; No. 2 , 3e ; cake , 4 > < c.
Now York , May 18. Wheat Itccoipts.
25,000 ; exports , 11,003 ; spot weaker nnd
quiet ; No. 2 red , 81332c m store ; 83J4
© S3 foulloat ; S24J4C ! f. o. b. ; ungraded
rod , si@844'c ; options dull , weak and lower ;
May , Sl c.
Corn Itcccipts , 1)1,000 ) ; exports , 500 ;
soot steadier but quiet ; No. 2 , 43 > e lu ole-
voter ; 42 (043e nlloat ; No. 3 , 4'Jc ; ungraded
mixed , 41 ( < $ 13i o ; options moderately active
nnd lower.
Oats Kccoipts , 00,000 ; exports. COO ; spot
dull but steady ; options quiet , wenic 'and
lower ; May , 28'4c ; July , 2sjAu ! ! sl'otNo. ' . 2 ,
white. 84a)35e ( ) ; mixed western. 2a@3 'c.
Coffee Outions barely steady ut 5 to 10
points down ; sales , 23,500 bags ; May , S10.-I5V ( $
10.50 ; Juno , S10.45@10.50 ; July , SKi.00@10.C3 ;
spotlUo , quiet ; falrcnrgoos. SIS.75.
Petroleum Quiet but steady ; United closed
at 81Kc.
Ews Steady ; western , 13 % < UUc. )
Pork Stcadj ; noxv mess , 18.00313.25.
" tardr-Dull and easier ; western steam ,
$7.15 ; May. 57.11.
Butter Firm for cholco ; western , 9@17c.
Cheese Unsettled ; light skims , 0 ( < e7c.
nkinnnupolix. May 18. Sample wheat
weak at yesterday's decline ; receipts , 110
cars ; shipments , 51 cars. Closing : No. 1
hard. 'J7 ' } c ; July , 9'Jc ' : on truck , 93 ; No. 1
northern , May , SOc ; July , S'J. ' c ; on track ,
90lc ) ; No. 2 northern , May und July , SOc ;
on trade , 82c.
niikop , May 18. Whoit Firm ;
cash , 70 fc ; July , 77c.
Corn Lower ; No. 3 , 8lc.
Oats Quiet ; No. 2 , white , 3r@J7 > o.
Rye Easy ; No. 1 , 4'tjfe.
Uarley Dull ; No. 2 , OOiiJolc.
Provlslona Easy ; pork , SU.50. _
St. Louis , May IS. Wheat Firmer ;
cash , 782ie ; July , 73e , ' < .
Corn Lower ; C4sh , 31Kc ; May,31 u.
Oats Lower ; cash , 23c ; May , 23 0 ; June ,
Pork Dull nt $12.00.
Lard Quiet nt S0.59.
Whisky ? 1.W.
Uuttcr In better demand ; creamery , 12@
14c ; dairy , Itfl2c. (
Cliiciniinti , May 18. Wheat Dull ; No.
red , 84@35c.
Corn Dull ; No. 2 mixed , 35 o.
Oats Weaker ; No. 2 mixed , 301 < ; @ 27c.
Whisky Steady at 81.02.
Kaunas Clly. May 18.Vhoat Quiet ;
No. 2 rod , cash , 70c asked ; July , 03c ; No. 2 ,
soft , cash , 70J c asked ; July , OOo bid.
Corn WcuKor ; No. 3 , cash , 27 c ; No. 2
wbito , cash , Si. c.
Oats No. 2 , cash a-alcs , 20c.
City , May 18. Cattle Kocoipts ,
35 ; shipments , 2S7 ; suptily light and
market quiet ; dressed beef end ahlpplng
steers 5@10c higher ; good to choice
corn-fed , $3.80 ( 1.10 ; common to medium ,
? 3.25@3.7G ; stockcrs and feediiiK steers , f'J.25
@ 3.45 ; cows , steady , 8l.75@3.23.
Heirs Hccoits | , 3,800 ; shipments , none ;
market strong und 10 cents higher ; common
to choice , $3.UO@ 4.27 | .
National Htoulc Vnrd4 , J2ast St.
IJDUIH , May 18. Cattle liccolpts , 503 ;
shipments , 200 ; market strong ; choice
heavy native steers , $4.00GJt.50 : fair to irood ,
83.25(31,00 ( ; stockers and feeders , $2.25 8.15 ;
rangoi-H , corn-fed , ? 3.75@3.GO ; grass-foil , 81.00
® 2.10.
Hogs liflcclpts , 1,800 ; Bhipmonls , 1,700 ;
market stronger ; choice heavy und butchers'
selections , $ l.8. > @ 4.45 ; packing , 4.2 > ; light
grades , $4.30 ® 4.40.
Olilcnuo , May 18. The Drovors' Journal
reports as follows :
Cattle Receipts , 1,500 ; market steady ;
boovcB , 84.00@4.35 ; steers , 83.(50@1.20 ( ; stock-
crs und feeders , ? J.5t @ : ) . 0 ; cows , bulls
and mixed , S1.60ji3.50 ( ; Texas cattle , $2.10
Hogs Receipts , 8,000 ; marknt strong nnd
lOo higher ; mixed , 81.80 4.50 ; heavy. $ l.20@
4.45 ; light , * l.liOSI.(15 ( ( ; skips , * 3.50@.25. !
Sheep Receipts , l,50J ; market steady :
natives , f3.50@4.SO ; westerns , $ : i.80@4.12K ;
TcxatiB , shorn , 83.00@3.85 ; lambs , 84.50 ( ( $
Sioux City , May 18. Cattle Receipts.
107 ; shipments , 2f > 0 ; market steauy and
unchanged : fat steers , $3. 00&J3.80 ; utock-
ors. 83a5@3.80feoilerBi ; 10 ( 2.90 ; oannors
and bulls , > 1.00G$1.75 ; veal calves , fi,00 ( < 4I.OO.
Hogs Receipts , 015 ; inarkotSQOlOo higher ;
light and mixed , * l.iy@1.22 > ; Tioavy , 81.20
Tlio ItnvnKes Muclo by Ijaunilrcsscs
Upon Men's Uiuloriveur.
These poor , unfortunate Individuals
who lilco inytiolf , are reduced to the dire
necessity of sanding tholr white tihirts
to the laundry I believe some ono
called it the "foundry" may have ob
served the dilapidated condition in
which they generally return , Buys a
Writer in the Pittoburg Dispatch. For
some tiino 1 was wont to send my shirts
to the stoain laundry. They usually
came back stiiTor than buckram and ol
a lively cerulean tint , strongly sugg
tlvo of Prussian. .Had this boon ull I
could have endured it. But they also
cutno. back as circumstances might do-
termlno with the ono ivory button
wrenched oft and the cloth to which it
was sewed torn along with it , or else
ono or both sleeves were dislocated al
the shoulder and left hanging by ono or
two stitches' or else the bnok of tha
shirt wns split , ns a sailor would sny ,
' 'from clew to earing' " or else the wrist
bands or necks were frayed out lu such
a manner thnt the stiff , rough edges
cut my hands or nock llko n saw. All
this , bo It observed , with shirts now out
ot the shop , so much for washing by
Disgusted by the above stnto of
affairs , I bethought mo of trying the
natives of the Celestial empire. 1 have
no prejudice against the Chinese , Fern
n considerable time my shirts came
buck in a stnto of tolerable preserva
tion , nud I began to imagine that
my troubles in this direction
were nt nn cud. Halnbows ! too
bright to last. Like till dreams
of hapulness on earth , I found
ihls also valu. The Chinese I find nro
becoming civilized , that Is to say they
have acquired the capacity for looking
nftor tholr own Interests to the oxolu-
ston of these of the outside "barbar
ian. " Civilization to them moans supreme
premo solllshiioss. This way of looking
iftortholr own interests imvy bo some
what short-sighted , out that
is of no consequence. After two
or three washings I found that
my shirts became so louder that
they would tear when the slightest
strain was put on thorn. They were
hko the Irishman's shirt , "tinder as a
ohlckon for as Quid's 'tis. " How was
this ? Mirabilo dlctu the Chinese were
ictunlly bleaching my shirt" with hy-
pochlorlto of lime , commonly called
chloride of llmol How did I find it outV
I soul a while handkerchief strongly
marked with silver marking ink. When
it rulurnud the mark was obliterated.
On examining the spot I found the
mark converted Into chloride of tilver ,
easily removed by an appropriate solv
ent. The marks on my shirt had disat- )
pcarcd in a similar way. The chloride
> f limo had so weakened the liber that
it had no tensile strength. White
shirts are usually made of cotton , ex
cept the breast and wristband , which
ire made of very sleazy linen filled up
with starch. The cotton is more easily
lislntegrated by chloride of lime than
the linen. Hence the cotton goes lirst.
Is there no remedy for this sttito of
ilTalrs ? Must I wash my own shirts or
employ a washerwoman ? Or must I got
i wife ? If the latter case , of course I
shall have to got a cheap one , since I
cannot atTord to purchase an expensive
one. Or perhaps there is HOIUO other
way out of the dilllcuUy.
Mr. Hnrris KellH Him for $ IOOO ) and
ItuyH Him llnuk.
Mr. S. G. Harris , a horse dealer of
Vinconncs , Ind. , is the owner of a won
derful dog. It is a Scotch collie , and
seems possessed of almost human intelli
gence , says the Chicago News : Mr.
Harris exhibited him to Charley
Soli wart/ and a party of friends iu Mr.
Schwartz's private olllce in the board
of trade building Wednesday morning.
flis performances they seemed to
siiow too much intelligence to bo called
tricksama.od everybody. Dank bills
ind coins of various donoiniimtioiiB
were placed on the lloor and the dog
was rennested to take his choice , lie
immediately picked up a $10 bill , which
was the largest in sight.
\Vhioh piece would you give mo ,
UoazV" asked Mr. Harris.
Uoa selected a nickel and dropped it
into Mr. Harris' hand , Mr. S. A. Kent
came in while the dog was performing
and said : "Boz , I want you to bring mo
live dollars und a half. " Boz picked up
a $5 bill and a CO-cout piece , gave Mr.
Kent an I'm-onto-you expression , and
trotted over to Mr. Harris with the
inonoy. ' 'Find Mr. Richardson , " was
the next order. Boz trotted up to that
gentleman , looked up into his face and
wagged his tail.
Boz grabbed Mr. Richardson's hand-
jorchiof out of his coat pocket and trotted -
ted oil with it. "I want 815 , " said Mr.
Kent. Boz picked up a $10 and a3 bill.
' Bring mo the rest of it. " Boz barked
and growled. His next performances
were to bring a hat from the window
anil a piece of paper from the waste
basket in the corner , and ho also gave
an imitation of the way _ tlio clown-dog
prayed in the cinus : which Boz and his
master visited labt summer. At Mr.
Harris' request that ho pray like it good
dog , iie got up in a chair , put his paws
up on the back , and , after putting his
bond down between hispawsrovorontly
closed his oyos. "Got down. " said Mr.
Harris. Boz did not stir. Mr. Harris
tipped the chair over , but Boz tooic up
his position again as soon as the chair
was righted. "Amen , " said Mr. Harris ,
and Bo/ jumped down and wagged his
tail. Boz showed them how the
bad boy winked at the girls in church ,
played bartender by giving back Mr.
Hatris his correct change after the lip-
titious purchase of two drinks , and did
other equally wonderful tricks. Mr.
Schwartz wrote out his check for $ (1,000 ( ,
which ho gave to Mr. Harris for the
dog , and Mr. Schwartz took the an-
ninial home with him Wednesday night.
Mr. Harris could not sleep , however ,
and he came down to Mr. Scluvartz'H
olllco bright and curly yesterday morn
ing and olTored Mr. Schwartz $000 if ho
would trade buck. Mr. Schwartz re
fused the olTcr , but dually toolc pity on
Mr. Harris and sent up tu the house for
the dog. Mr. Harris was proudly ex
hibiting him in the Grand Pacific hotel
yesterday afternoon , and declared that
bo woufd Qiievor part with it again.
The dog is live years old and has boon
Mr. Harris' constant companion ever
since it was three months old.
TN3TKUMKNT3 plaoad on roaorJ ( Uu-inj , '
fjBcroodoranil wife to II 11 Allnn , Ints3
and 4. blk ti , unil lots SI ami in , bile 10 ,
llrown park , w il ( 750
H Kluule to J Hhurlock , lot H , KUolo's hub
Kto South Omalm , w d 7uO
J 1' Hnloy to M J llaimr. lot 30 , blk II , Al-
hrlKlifii nutiex it u d l.IJOJ
W U Hliodus to I M ( ; a wull , lot U bile H ,
IlaiiBcom place , a c d
I , H Hoed ami wile to Hurngren , lot 13 , blk
471 , Grant View , wd ' . . 3'JO '
Omaha Hual Kstato .V Transfer company ,
to It K Webster , lota M mill 12 , bbc 4 ,
Haundors & Illnebaugh Highland park ,
wd 300
C llnrslk nnd wlfo to A Trejbul. lot H , Iiur-
kor's Allotment , w iJ 3W
A llnmlltnnand wlfo to I < Bolby , lot 3.
Co I fax sub , w d WO
Mead Investment company to Al A Cur
rier , lot U. blk t , lloillcKparJc. wil BIO
0 K Muyno nnd wlro to H K llromu , lot 13 ,
blkH , orchard lllll , tic d 1
fj 11 Huwltt and hu.itand tu O 11 ami I ! o
liallou , lota 1 and : ; , bile r > , livorlttU'lncu ,
wd 3'JO '
V t , 1'eckham to M T ItlcliiinU. w M n of
a iilot II. blk6,1'arlc JMuce. wd l.UOO
Vatrlck Land Co to Win Hhannon , lots 1
unda. blk I1B , nnd lotsll anil 4 , bile 111) ) ,
Dundee 1'lucH , w d G"DO
South Onmhn Land Co to J M ( J.inglicy ,
lota If. and 1 . blc 1.11 , Bouth 'Omaha ,
wil . 1UO
J A Krj- and wife to A U Julfrloa. w H so
IMU-ll.wd ' . 3.300
HI' Bv rltt and husband toV ! Cham
bers , lot U , llnrrOalc , < | c cl 100
Q V and I J Jlaricor tu A Jenien , w / lot
5 , blklTl , Oraudvlow. wd 110
H KountzotolMVdray , a places MxlZI
andDOxiai. In mr HM5-13 , w il C.KEJ
A Contentious toj II Maack , lots 1 to 4 ,
Consontiua mil ) , w il l.HOO
A M Ore rynnd htubund to Mutual In *
veatmont Co , lot 12 , Hang * ' sub. w d 1UO
TUB 1'fttrlcK i.and Co to K il Keith , lots
13 , U , 15 nud 10 , blk 1UJ , Lliindeu 1'Iacu ,
w < 1 f > ,2j
ti K French and wife to It Merman , lot5 ,
blk 15 , Central I'ark , w d 400
Twenty-thrco transfers.
The chiefs of state labor bureaus from al
over the country are to moot In Hartford
Conn. , for n four day's convention on Jun
21. It Is expected that the work of the con
vention will bo of the highon tinpjrtuuoj.
Flnnnolnl Mnttora Qulot nt the
Loading Couloro.
York K.xclinnno KxMblt ? Dull-
tic * * PnTorftlito Crop
Front nil Sections of the
West Produce
Cmcuoo , May 13.- [ Special Tclojjrnm to
Tun linn. ] Huslucss In nearly oil lines
hews Incronslnp disquietude nml no ohnugo
ot Importance ran bo looked for In thetonsu-
i ninety dnys. The eonaciiuonco ts'ttmt In
ho nbaonuo ot employment for funds com-
nonaurnte to the supply It Is seokliift invest-
nont In cholco paper or collateral lonns.Tho
ihnrkot for inonoy Is easy to dosorlbo. Uor-
rowers nro accommodated nt 4 ( < $5 per center
or largo sums on call to sixty dnys auil 5) '
@ 7 per cent for peed uicrenntllo nud ether
mpor. Tlio butlook for bettor riUcs
s unfuvornblo until the now < jrop
novomont roaches n sufllclont volihno
o rnuso n Inrga How of fuiuls from llmuiclnl
centers to the Interior to produoo n'sbvoro
hrlnkngo In bank reserves. In , brlof , the
ndlontlons point to the most nulot sumtnor
iionoy market Unit hns been witnessed
nmoiiR Chicago banks for yonrs. Advices
rein Atlnntlo cities Indlcnto a hko cdndltlon
of affairs there , nnd within n week loading
mslnuss houses hero hnvu received iotters
rein Now York banks ofTorinp money at
cry low rates. Capitalists evidently doom
t more desirable to place tholr funds
or the summer nt the extreme Insldo
Igiires , provided tlio security It
satisfactory , than to hooping thorn
dlo. Money on the street hns boon
offered nt ! l per rent on cholco collateral , nnd
n n few Instances ns low ns 2 per cent wns
iccoptcd. Now York exclmngo wrts dull.
J'horo wns plenty of inonoy hero , nnd nl-
hough the rates keep close to n shipping
basis , there Is no incentive to order' cur
rency shipped from the oast. Sales ranged
it 50@M cunts premium per $1,000 and closed
steady. Foreign exchange remained Blow
nt $ l.80@ .8i ( ) for shippers' sixty day
documentary bills on London. Thcrp nro
few bills making except ngnlust corn nnd
provision shipments , and not enough to cnuso
my variation In rates. There was' ti fulr
activity nti'oiig ' i mercantile houses , bry
goods were distributed liberally , and mi increase -
crease wns noted In the sales of stupid kro-
corius. Iron ruuialncd qulot nnd sternly.
This has been n bull week In Wall street and
iriccs on about every netlvo stock
inoved upward. The chief , feature
in trading was the bull movement
In "grangers. " Crop reports ' from
nearly nil sections of the west were very
favorable , indicating u largo businessfor
western roads in the future. Chicago oper
ators who huvo been on the "short" sldo for
40U1O tlmo past changed their ideas and
bought heavily to cover tholr shorts nnd
wont . "long. " Foreigners r.lso bought
freely , nnd , ns is usually the nnso with spec
ulation In Wall street , they untlclpiUod. the
future , and a shnrn upward turn in
irices jesulteti. Chicago , Burlington &
3unoy ! , Kock Island , Si. Paul and Atchlson
wore the favorites. liui-llngton advanced
over 4 points , nnd the appreciation-
others ranged from a to 3tf } points. The re
funding scheme of the St. Paul holpod'that '
property somewhat , but the advance \vas not
ns great ns on Hurllngton. There was good
reall/.lnir by "professionals" on advances.pud
slight recessions resulted , but they were re
turned. There was good buying of Oregon
Transcontinental und it advanced over 3
points. There Is a sharp tight going'on bo-
twoon. the Oregon Navigation nnd
the Union Paulllo for the control of
the Oregon Transcontinental nt the coining
election , nnd It was bought freely , ' , the
trading in it bolug larger than in any ether
stock on tlio list , but prlcoa closed lower
Ihnn the preceding wook. Oregon Naviga
tion was sold freely towards tlio close , and
it declined 0 points. The ante of the Wabash
rend to a committee of bondholders for $15-
WiO.OOO brought that property to the front
and the trading became riulto heavy In itUnd |
prices advanced 'J points. Chicago' Gas
trusts woro'bought heavily and advanced 4
points , but the free selling of "long" stock
caused n fair reaction. Ho nils were fairly
nctwu and Him The aggregate sales on'tho
Now York stock exchange for the wook.1 were
1,114,8'3 < ! snares.
Considerable Interest was manifested In
the produce market during the week .just
closed , and the undertone to the market- in
dicated an easier fooling. The .prospects' for
the growing crops nro now regarded as unu
sually favorable , the recent rains and snoiv
btorms in most sections of the west and
northwest greatly benoltttlng slnull
grains. The drouth scnro has disappeared
und reports from all quarters nro very en
couraging. The movement of gram to Hinullor
stations has boon somewhat enlarged , espec
ially of corn nnd oats , nnd supplies In/tho
country elevators are being gradually re
duced. The movement of grain from central
western markets has boon ijulto liberal , nnd
distributed to seaboard markets , ' 41111 !
throughout the interior. , The export
movement was moderately free of corn
and provisions and comparatively llgHt , of
Hour nnd wheat. The grain markets abroad
arc somewhat unsettled , with prices Inclin
ing in favor of buyers. Crop prospects
abroad nro generally favorable and , .mer
chants are not dls | > osod to enlarge tlioir up-
plies beyond pro&aiit wantii. Supplies of all
kinds of grain nro gradually Ulmlnlslilnirund
will probably continue to decline until the
new crops begin to move. The furnlers are
through with their * spring work and
mo inclined to Bell their sur
plus grain nnd llvn stock In
view of encouraging prospects. Thn move
ment of the latter lias boon quite free , es
pecially of cattle nnd hogs , and uhlppors
wnro compelled to accept lower prices.
In provisions the feeling was weak- and
prices declined materially on nil speculative
articles. The packing of the west shown a
further substantial enlargement , and thu
nggregato since the opening of the summer
season is ube ut U'JO.OOO hogs inoro than were
reported last season up to date.
The hushningors of .Australia nro
now oxtinct. They were highwayman
whom tlio iovo of ndvonturo , quitt ? ita
much as thu dosh-o for tfold , allured to
the lifo of outliiwu , BnyH the Youth's
Companion. A writer in tlio Fort-
mtfhtly Kovicw doacrlboH &omo of thorn
< IH Kiftod with courage nnd invention
worthy of a bettor calllnpr.
A Hinn.ll bund of hualmmgors in Vic
toria manufactured for themsolvcH , out
of HcythoH and plows and old iron , com
plete BuitH of armor. Kuch suit was so
liuavy Unit Goliath luinsulf might have
faintad undur its weight , hut on the
herculean fnimo of the bushranger it
fiooinud liirht , and it served itBjpurposu.
Scvoral of these suitH are in oxintonuo.
bonriiig iimrkti of in'oIToclnal pistol
Tlio hiishriingora once laid a wliolo
town under contribution. They f/iraid
shops anil bniiki ) to pay liberally for Jhu
privilege of i'onuining business. Some
of thoin were na minoratitioiiH us Italian
briganda. wlio Icncol before a waynldo
cross und ask for much booty nnd llttlo
Once a bush ratigor gave lib victim
the usual altcrnativo of his inonoy or
hlfl lifo. Wlion tlio vietlm dupliriod to
"hand over , " tlio robber Icnolt down
and prayed that it might bo put into the
trnvolor'n heart totflvo up all that ho
had , and BO xpnro the bushranger the
noucatflty of ( mooting lilin.
_ _ .
Appointed ItccoiVftr. .
CINCINNATI , May IS. Kuillo Kahu was to
day appointed receiver of the Wuldumer
Klcctrio and Magnetic llruku company , Thu
stockholder * allu'0 that the company. hiv not
mudo 0 per cent on IU stock during tlio , p
two yours. The capital Block U ICOO,000.