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Delivered by carrier In Any Part of he City a
TwcntyOnts I'erWeek.
IlCFIINr.Rft OmCE NO. 43.
n. Y. Plumblntt company.
A tnarrlngo license was Issued yestcrdny
lo E. L. Uavls , of UmahD , nnd Koxoy Wcv
toy , of this city.
There will bo ft meeting of the P. E. O.
ocloty nt Mrs. Dr. Hnnchetl'a on Fourth
street , this afternoon , tit D o'clock.
The choir of St. Francls-Xavlcr's church Is
preparing Mlllard's mass In 13 flat for
Easter. The music on that day will bo qulto
k feature nt this church.
At the annual encampment ot the Grand
Army of the Hcnubllo nt Burlington , Dr. P.
S. Thomas , of this city , was elected medical
director. This Is another compliment to a
citizen of Council Bluffs.
A party about twenty-llvo young people
lurprlsoil Miss Dora Hood nt her homo on
Plorco street last evening. A few hours
were' very cnjoyably spent In various kinds
of social amusements , after- which refresh-
tucntsruro served.
The coeds stolen by Noland are being recovered -
covered In all parts of the city , principally
from the sporting fraternity. A watch was
yostcrciuv recovered from William Probvtlo
"Dutch lllll. " who had received it from ono
of the Plorco street denizens , who had
secreted some of the plunder.
It seems that Charles I3aughnwho became
disgusted with tbo special assessment taxes
of Council Bluffs a few years ago. and re
moved to Kansas City , is now coming back.
Ho will erect n $3,000 rcsidonco on North
Madison street , and return to his llrst love ,
Council Bluffs , who will welcome him with
open arms. Charley says the Kansas City
boom was a great "catcher , " but it did not
wear worth a cent , and Council Bluffs Is
good enough for any man who Is willing to
remain on earth.
Notice to Wnrcr Consumers.
Water rents are now duo nnd payable
at ofllco , 114 Muln street.
Blank books mndo to order. Can f ur
njsh patent binding for parties wishing
the saico. Call and eco samples at room
1 , Evsrott block , Pearl street.
Moitr.iiousE & Co.
Rooms to rent In the Merriam block.
8. B.Wndaworth & Co.,230 Main street.
Kcmcmbcr !
The blue ice wagon sells pure river
Ico. Your orders solicited. Satisfac
tion guaranteed. Telephone 1G2. Of
fice 6021st avo. , under Citizens' bank.
Have our wagon call for your soiled
clothes. Cascade Laundry Co.
Attend the millinery display to-day
at Friedman's.
J. G. Tipton , real estate , 527 B'dway
Personal Par.igrnphs.
C. J. Blanchard.formerly of this city , and
now of Minneapolis , Is in the Bluffs , and
will remain about a week. Ho finds It very
convenient to stop hero occasionally in the
midst of his travels.
Rev. Q. D. William , of the McCormick
theological seminary , Chicago , has arrived
in the city to take charge of the Presbjterian
Harmony mission nnd will preach to-morrow
nt 3 o'clock. Mr. William will also aid in
evangelistic work in other parts of the city.
Loans on city and farm property. Best
terms. A. M. Hutchlnson , 017 Broadway.
Headquarters for builders' hardware ,
Odell & Bryant , 513 Main street.
Pattern hats and bonnets displayed
to-day at Friedman's. * *
Real estate loans , F. J. Day , 39 Pearl.
S. B. Wadsworth & Co. loan money.
You will find plat and tickets for re
served seats for Dr. Tovis & Co.'s "Car
avan of Songs nnd Scones' ' at Bushnell'b
book store , Main street.
In Police Co.nrt ,
Thrco drunlts.who danced Thursday night ,
paid the piper in police court yesterday
Two vags , who were unfortunate enough
to strike Council Bluffs without gond and
substantial testimonials of previous good
character and healthy financial condition ,
wore turned over to the tender mercies of
Qfllcer Tyson , who will pivo them employ
ment at his real estate agency.
Lou McCoy was placed In duranoo vllo on
the charge ot keeping an assignation liouso
on Lower Broadway. She denied the
charge , and alleged that she was conducting
both herself nnd her house In a proper man
ner. It will bo remembered by readers of
THE Bun that Mrs. McCoy is the woman
who figured m the district court several
months ago , as a party hi a case Instituted
by her husband , who desired to secure pos
session of his little girl , alleging that the
mother was n common prostltuto.and unfit
to liavc control of the child. The court
granted his request , and the sheriff took the
child from the mother nnd gave her to the
father. Mrs. McCoy stated to the police
ludgo yesterday that she was bound to have
her child and , as she was living a virtuous
life , would appeal to the Judge of the district
court to rovcrno the decision of a year ago ,
and return the child to her custody.
For & 25.00 The N. Y. Plumbing bo.
will put a load sorvi'co pipe nnd hydrant
in your yard ; also 50 foot extra hose.
Call at once at 114 Main street.
Buildings loans. Odol ) Bros. & Co.
Money loaned on furniture , pianos ,
diamonds , horses , bugglos or anything
of value at low rates of interest. No
publicity fair and honorable dealing.
A. A. Clark Ss Co. , olllco cor. Broadway
and Main , over American express.
The Veterans at Home.
Tbo Q. A. H. veterans returned yesterday
morning from Burlington , and report a very
enjoyable and successful encampment. Ono
development connected with the event Is to
bo regroted. The veterans gave thU city
nn opportunity to have the encampment for
next year , but no effort was made by tbo
board of trade to secure it. It would have
cost from 1,000 to f5,000 to have secured the
encampment of IBOi ) , nnd the city would have
benefited by five times that amount. The
attendance exceeds 0,000 people , and the
direct financial pain woulti have been con
siderable nsldo front the attendant advertis
ing , As it Is now , Dea Molnes will witness
the next reunion of the veterans.
. . . .
Wonted Quo or two good residence lots
within tlvo blocks of pottoDlco. Must bo
cheap. Apply at once to S. B. Wnasworth
& Co , , 30 Main stroot.
Dr. 0. C. Bazon , dentist , Opera house
block ,
Monov loaned at 1 * B. Craft's ft Co.'s
loan olllco on furniture , pianos , horses ,
wagons , personal property of all kinds ,
and all other articles of value without
removal. ' All business strictly conn *
Notice the beautiful finish given col
lars , cuffs and shirts by Cascade Laun
dry company.
A cordial * invitation to nil to attend
the millinery display to-day * nt Krioil-
RlttU' ,
Tbo Woman Shot by Noland Clings
Strongly to Llfo.
A Ilnranr For St , IJornnril's Hospital
Accident to a Thonclitlcaa
Clmrlty In
Noln nil's Victim
The cnso ot Klttlo Edwards , the woman
who was shot by the sulcldo , John Noland ,
several days ago , is attracting considerable
attention among the modlcal men of the city.
When first visited by n physician , the latter
declared that she could not live twelve hours.
However , she did llvo twelve hours , and has
been constantly Improving over since. That
thin should bo so seems very remarkable ,
considering tbo course taken by the bullet ,
which was of thirty-two cnlibro.
It entered the skull nbout half an Inch
above the loft eye , passed through the brain ,
nnd the physician Is of tbo opinion that ,
after striking the rear wall of the skull , the
ball plmiccd downward , and Is now located
about two inches to the rcnr of the base of
the left car. The patient has lost fully four
ounces of bruin fiber and several small
pieces of ttio skull. The woman has recov
ered consciousness , and is able to converse
with her attendants ami mnko known her
wants. If she recovers , It will bo little loss
than n mlrnclo , yet her physician says that
slid luis n fair show of recovery. It. Is a case
yery rarely mot with , nnd will go on record
as ono of the remarkable affairs that are
found in the annals of surgery.
St. llornnrd'H Bnznnr.
Preparations nro nearly completed for tbo
bazaar to bo given for the benefit of St. 13or-
nnrd's hospital , during the weak beginning
April 22. The affair promises to bo
the most successful ono of Its kind over hold
in this city. Many alcgant and useful arti
cles bavo been donated by kind friends , * and
there will bo an abundance of well filled
booths under the management of the various
societies. A valuable cot will bo disposed of
by tickets at $1 oach. An elegant gold watch
will bo voted to the most popular youg lady.
A beautiful dressing > case , the finest over
brought to this city , will bo sold by tickets.
A very line diamond ring and numerous other
articles will also bo disposed of. Thcro will
bo a snoclal attraction for each evening ,
Among them will bo a grand concert in which
Mrs. Arnold , Lieutenant Klnzlo nnd Mr.
Lombard , of Omaha , will participate. Tbo
opera "Penelope , " full of fun nnd humor ,
will also bo given by homo talent. The
Arlon club , of Omaha , has kindly consented
to assist. Everybody Is Invited to help along
this worthy charity , both by tneir presence
during the bazaar and their contributions ,
which will bo thankfully received by the sis
ters of the hospital.
Bnilly Bumped.
A passenger on the clcctrio motor line mot
with a severe accident yesterday afternoon.
As an cast-bound car ncarcd Twenty-third
street , about 4 : 15 o'clock , 13cn Johnson , llv-
inp nt the corner of Twenty-third street and
Avcnuo D , stopped to the front platform ,
opened the gate and stood on the stop , in
tending to got oft at the crossing. Ho closed
the gnto after him , but It pulled through ,
throwing him from the step. Ho fell back
ward , his head striking the end of ono of the
Ho was partially stunned , and assisted on
board again and brought up town to the of
fice of Dr. Bellinger , who dressed the wound.
Thcro was n terrible s'calp wound , the cut
bolng fully tlirco inches in length. The skull
was not fractured. The unfortunnto man
sustained several painful bruises about the
back , but will entirely recover In u short
1 1 mo. No blnmo for the accident can attach ,
to the company , as the forward platform is
reserved for tbo inotorman , and is not for
the use of passengers.
Civil and Uncivil.
In tbo district court yesterday the case of
Orahl vs Shoa was on trial. Grab ! holds a
mechanic's Hen on Shea's rcsidonco. Shea
settled In full with the contractor , and sup
posed the sub-contractors were settled with.
The case was not completed when court ad
During the afternoon three prisoners con
fined In the county Jail were ordered ro-
loascd. Charles Ummuin , who has boon in
carcerated for the past six months for com
plicity lu the larceny of a , watch chain from
Robinson Bros. , was ono of tboso released.
His pals were sent across the state.
Charles Perry , the ether ono released , was
indicted for forging a chock on D. F. Eichcr.
Ho Is a colored man , and was steward at the
rooms of the Council Blufis club at the time
of his arrest.
Tha third was E. A. Raymond , who was
indicted for adultery with a woman who is
now living with her husband in Omaha. The
husband was the complainant anil prosecut
ing witness , but bo now refuses to return to
Iowa and testify against Kaymond. This
took all the wind out of the sails of the pros
ecution , and nothing remained but to dis
charge the prisoner.
Sweet Charity.
To the Editor of TUB BEG : I can not quite
understand that article In your paper nbout
mo. All I can make out of it Is that some
respectable German citizens of Council Bluffs
want to find out If I spent any of the dimes
and quarters they contributed toward Gor-
Icke's ' funeral for boor. Please toll thorn
that I hadVlonty of money of my own to refresh -
fresh myself on that occasion , but If any of
thorn begrudge the dime or quarter they can
como to mo nnd rccclvo that big sum back
any time during my life. Once more I thank
all contributors and remain , Yours Sincerely ,
The Now Motor Lino.
A petition to the city council bus bcon pre
pared by the projectors of the now motor
line , asking thnt certain streets in this city
bo declared by ordinanceoucn to tbolr tracks
and tliu operation of their lino. The princi
pal routn will bo from the end of the Union
Pacific brldgo up Ninth avenue to Third
street , ftouta to Tostovln , east to South
avenue , thcnco toward tbo Deaf and Dumb
instltuto to tun city limits.
Several other streets nro asked for , among
them being Eighth strcot , from the north to
south city limits , but this is strongly objected
to by property owners. The route above
stated Is the key to the whole situation , bow-
over , as from the terminus on South avenue
the Chnutauqua assembly grounds nro easily
accessibleby v/uy of the Mosiiulto creek val
ley , and Manawa Is close at hand on tbo
Thus the line would reach those desired
suburbs , ns well as covering the ontlro south
ern portion ot the city , aba branch lines
would roach to the north. The parties inter
ested talk freely regarding the line on this
sldo , but are silent whan the brldgo is men
tioned. A deal is on foot to securu a leaseof
the roadway of tbo bridge , and until some
answer U received the Interested parties ro-
fuBQ to mention It.
The Incomes of Autors.
The minor members of a dramatic
company nro paid nbout as well as the
members pf the staff of n successful
metropolitan newspaper perhapsmoro ,
says the Philadelphia. Press. The stars
fnro better than the editor-ln-ohicf.
But so many of the stars are spend
thrifts notoriougly "Adonis" Dixoy
and Stuart Robsoii * It is impossible to
give the average incomes of Mrs. Lang-
try. Mossra. Booth nnd Bnrrott.bocuuso ,
"while they draw crowded houses in ono
place they plat to omjity seats in
another. Kyrlo Bellow receives $350 a
\voak for forty weeks ; Churlos Coghlan
the snuio ; Mary Anderson's profits this
season will bo unusually Inrgo , about
84,800 a week for forty weeks , or $192-
vvcolc from the Gaiety company , and
wiia offered $800 a week by Rudolph
Aronson ; Ellen Terry is paid $000 and
George Alexander 8200 u week.
Wliy Bless Yotn the Fair Ktil To
Welders Don't Even Wlnoo.
A reporter for the Cincinnati En-
qulror recently visited the dissecting
room of tno woman's medical college
there thus describes the sights there :
On the common wooden table lay n
It was that of n woman past middle
Around It stood seven women , whoso
yonrs ranged from eighteen to forty-
live.They wore long aprons thnt came
from their noclcs to their heels , their
bonnets were off nnd they were eagerly
working over the remains with their
heads oont close nnd their nlmblo
lingers moving back nnd fro , ns if they
wore plckintr out nuggets of gold. .
Ono of the Indies , short nnd plump ,
with her hair done up pompadour , and
n nluIn gold ring on her loft hand and n
seal amethyst on her right little linger ,
wns nt the head of the table , nnd as she
stood over the head of the corpsowhoso
ghastly features almost touched her
lips , she pcorod as If looking into the
very Intricacies of the head and faco.
In their loft hands
THE -VVOMKN AM , HAD nxcnnfl
or forceps , and with those they deftly
grabbed the llcsh , and with n scalpel In
the right hand they slit little cuts off
from the skin. Then muscles were
grabbed by the forceps that they hold ,
and , lifting thorn up , all the material
was cut from them until Iho muscles
stood out like n long string.
The women were dissoctlng.
The scene wns in the garret of the
Female Medical college , on Qoorgo
A small cannon stove nt the foot of
the body wanned up the room sulll-
oiontly , and when the blnzo wont down
bits of material thrown in flashed up
with n siz/.lo and n glow.
Ono of the pung ladies had just como
from some town in Kentucky. She hold
her forceps at arm's length nnd stood
npart and off from the stiff ns though
there was something corrupting about
it. She hnd n long nose nnd bright ,
black eyes , and snnppcd out with vigor ,
"Oh , mercy , I shall
"Oh , yes , you will , " said the amiable
nnd scholarly demonstrator. "Don't
be nfraid ; get right up to the material.
There , do you know whnt that muscle
"No , T do not. "
"It's the Sartorius. It enables the
tailor to sit cross logged , " nnd grabbing
the muscle that runs from the hip down
the inside of the thigh to the knee-cap
she pulled it , and up came the foot nnd
nnklo of the corpse close by the Ken
tucky girl's hond.
The lady was working on n corpse
all by herself. Its sides had been tak ° n
out , and about all there was loft thnt
hnd not boon chopped up or hacked to
pieces was the loft kneoi nnklo nnd
foot. This looked white , but shriveled.
The demonstrator , Dr. Lewis , were
anapron like the ludios , nnd hold the
scalpel and forceps like an expect. Ho
adu long
And sinew , every artery nnd nerve ,
and as ho selected them out of the dif-
horont parts of the body nnd asked
"What is this'r" "What is it functions11"
' it soon became evident that dissection
was no child's play , and that ono of the
first requisites was a prodigious mem
There was no odor in the dissecting
room no putridismoll of dead nnd de
caying matter. The corpses had been
carefully embalmed , so that there was
not even the faintest aroma that could
otTcnd. '
A noticeable feature of the dissecting
room was that the women nil appeared
In earnest. There were no jokes , and
each scorned bent on learning , no mat
ter how disagreeable the work. Several
of them had been nurses and were used
to the sick , the dead and the dying , and
some of thorn had the appearance of
women who would scream at a mouse ergo
go into hysterias at a ghost.
The demonstrator at last took a posi
tion nt the head of the body , and , call
ing the attention of nil , said : "And
this is for all of you , " proceeded to make
ti couple of
and pointed out the dolloronce between
laryngotomy nnd tracheotomy. The
ono wns performed above Adam's apple ,
the other bolov. Ho soon found the
artery that had to bo tied , but some
thing took to bleeding , and hence the
danger , then picked out each of the
muscles and hung a jaw-breaking Latin
name on to each that made the young
ladles say "OhJ dear , " and ono of thorn
got her anatomy , and , shutting her
eyes , repeated it over and over ngain so
ns to tack it fast on the tablets of her
The demonstrator minutely described
the operation on the Emperor Fred
erick's throat , and explained what Sir
Morroll Mackenzie aid , at which the
medical world stood nghnst. The
wns something that astounded the ro
portor. Neither of them had the dried-
up , mummified appearance so common
to material that is ordinarily found in
the dissecting room. The features of
each were preserved so that identifica
tion could have boon a matter of no dif
ficulty. Though the whiteness has a
dead sort of paleness devoid of that of
the living , beneath the flesh of which
courses the warm arterial blood , giving
the flush of health nnd glow of vitality.
Ono of the lady students cumo in late ,
nnd she neither took oil her hat nor put
on an apron , but , removing her gloves ,
took up a pair of forceps and scalpel and
preceded at once to scraping the flesh
oil ono of the logs without any hem
ming or hawing. Perhaps she had just
como from a late breakfast. At any rate ,
the work seemed to have no more effect
on her than making a bed or washing a
pan."Doctresses do well , " said the doan ,
Dr. Rood , as ho passed rapidly through
the room. "Why , n young lady who
graduated two years ago , and who was a
fine anatomist , settled out in Washing
ton territory , and now she writes ano
"Yes , but this'handling of dead
bodies there's something ghastly anout
it , especially for u womanV"
"No , there is not not a bit of it.
That is all mawkish sentiment. There
is no reason why a woman should not
rrmlco as good a surgeon as a miui , with
perseverance and intelligence , Why ,
the orriporor of Hayti was operated upon
by n woman surgeon n few months ago
in Paris. And the time is fast approach
ing when to ladles will bo delegated
certain delicate surgical operations ,
which possibly they may bo fitted to
dexterously perform. "
How a Railroad Man Saw the Ghost
, of A , A. Tnlinuie.
"No , I wouldn't ride in that car If the
inducements were a free ride from San
Francisco to Now York. It is an un-
luoky vohlclo. "
So spoke Colonel J. H. Woodward of
the Wabash road , according to the Sun
Francisco Examiner. IIs attention
had just bcon called to n dispatch in
ono of the morning papers stating that
O. M. Hays , general manager pf the
W abash road , had u few days ago placed
kis private car at the disposal of the
family of Russell Harrison , son of the
president , to convoy thorn from Omaha
to Indianapolis , "tfio generous offer
was nccoptcd , nnd Iho trip proved thor
oughly onjoyablo. 'Tho dispatch had
evoked reminiscences in the mind of
the colonel. "Hays ! car , " Bald ho , "Is
never mentioned wmong cortnln mon
without recalling queer memories. I
am one of those men' .
"Tho car is an olegnnt piece of work
manship and was built expressly for A.
A. Tnlmngo nl the time thnt ho wns
general manager of Gould's Missouri
Pacific system. Later on , when ho became -
came general manager of the Wabash
system under Its receiver , ho still re
tained the car nnd traveled hundreds
of miles in it.
"In the summer of 1877 ho wns tnlton
ill , nnd ono day started northward from
St. Louis in this car , bound for n short
vacation in Michigan. The train had
hardly reached Peru , Ind. , when ho
suddenly died , Hays then became his
successor and the car wns assigned to
his use.
In Mnrch ot last your I wns In St.
Louis , nnd wns Invited by Hays to
travel to Chicago with him in the car ,
und Chnndlor , the gonornl passenger
agent of the road was in the party. Wo
pulled out of St. Louis in good style
about 1U p. m. , and were soon humming
merrily along. Probably an hour after
starting Chandler retired , nnd Hays
pointed to the bedroom nt ono end of
the cnr nnd told mo it was nt my ser
vice. I wns tired nnd prepared to tnko
n good sleep. I locked the door of the
room nnd turned out ono of the two sus
pended lamp lights. I foil asleep al
most instantly.
' 'How long I had bcon asleep I cnn-
no't toll , but I was nwakonod by someone
ono pressing hard upon my nrm. My
first thought wns that nf thief had got
Into the car , nnd entered my room. It
wns ns dark ns a closet , nnd I distinctly
remember that I had not turn eel out the
lamp. I foil convinced that a thief was
in my room.
"These thoughts passed through my
mind quick as n flash , nnd yet all this
time I felt the mysterious pressure on
my arm. I was frightened , hut did not
utter a word , except when first being
disturbed , to ask , 'Who's thcro'i" nor
had I jumped out of bed. My head was
propped up Und I wns lying on my loft
side. The pressure of the intruder's
hand wnsnn my loft shoulder.
"My feelings may bo imagined. It
seemed that some ono had administered
chloroform to mo , and as Its influence
was dying nwny I was making n dospor-
nto ollort to throw off the spell of the
"Suddenly I saw standing before mo ,
by the side of the bed , the figure of a
man. I thought it must bo nil n dream ,
and with my right hand rubbed my eyes
vigorously. Just then the figure said :
'So it is you , colonel , that I moot hero. '
Then I recognized the voice and figure
of Talmnge.
"I hnd known Him well when alivo.
Ho was my brothcr-ln-lawnnd for .years
wo had maintained relations of friend
ship. I cannot givo'you ' an idea of what
my thoughts were' a't thnt moment , I
did not say n word. . I could not speak.
Tt was not on account of fright. Some
thing seemed to .havo taken away my
will power. I toll like ono entranced.
"Tho figure that stood before mo wns
that of Talmngo as * I had scon him a
hundred times in life. I wanted to
utter a kindly greeting , but was para
lyzed. Ho scomtid as if trying to
stretch out ono of 'his ' hands for mo to
grasp , but when I tried to reach out my ,
right hand 1 foil flat on my back in the
bed , perfectly helpless and totally unable -
able to raise my head again.
" 'Colonel , it wagon that bed that I
died , and had to lo'avo all my people and
friends. ' With" thq36'words his figurts
disappeared. Silently ns it had como
into the room' it departed , and all I
could hear was the clatter of the car
"I lay awake until the first rays of
dawn , and then got up. I found myself
as week as a babe. I looked at the door
and found it locked as tightly ns when I
retired on the preceding night. Both
lamps were out , and' ' the only explana
tion I have ns to why the light went out
is thnt it wns turned down so low that it
was put out by the jolting of-the car.
"You may imagine I did not feel par
ticularly refreshed that morning. My
mind was troubled , and ray face showed
iU The hour was early and no ono was.
up except the colored porter. Ho had
been with the car two years or more
with Mr. Talmage. Ho noticed 4ho
troubled look in mjrfaco , and expressed
surprise at my getting up so early. "
"No , I did not sleep well last night ,
Jim , ' I said by way of reply to him.
"Thon with a nervous twitch of the
mouth nnd in n frightened whisper , ho
asked , 'Did you see Mnssa Talmugo's
spirit last night , kurnelV'
" 'Did Mr. Talmago die In that room ,
Jim ? ' I asked.
" 'Yes , kurnol' and free or four pee
ple dnt have slept in dat room since don
nave told mo doy BOO Massa Tnlmngo's
spirit. I done don't like to go in dnt
room nftor dnrk , kurnol , ' wns hlsVoply.
"t then related my experience nnd
told him never to mention the matter ,
nnd this is the fint time I have spoken
nbout Itsinco. "
A Mtisonlnr Christian.
What a brnvo , muscular looking
Christian Rov. Robert Collyor is , says
the Now York Star. I enw him lately
coming out of his Church of the Mes
siah , nnd ho looked like n sturdy yco-
mnn of n past generation. Ho is a
marked contrast to many of his pulpit
brothorn. There is very little of the
regulation evangelist style nbout his
dross or figuro. Ho is n modest man too ,
in his ways nnd lifo. Ho lives in n
small brick house on East Thirty-ninth
street , and , unlike many of his fash-
ionnblo brethren , no butler guards him
from intrusion. Ho requires no card or
password from the strnngor who calls to
see htm. His house is open alike to the
poor nnd rich to the poorest , indeed ,
in preference to any ono olso. Ho has
n good salary , ho lives moderately , but
ho never saves a cent. If you would
know why , watch his doorstops for n
single day and note the mon and women
to whoso appeals the great hearted
preacher listens and 'responds. Then
you will not wonder that ho has no bank
account on this earth" .
The High rnlms of Coy.'on.
Ceylon people nro interested in a rlv-
nlry ns to who shall find the highest
palm troo. An English railroad builder
named Cantrcll made the llrst record nt
110 foot , but Mr. Pnton-Crny has just
shown a palm 117 foot high and takes
the medal.
TTlOn KENT Two dwelling houses , fi and 10
-L rooms , nucl two contrully located unices In
Council lllulfs. lloraco Kvorott.
FOU 11CNT Nino-room Swiss cottage In
.lames bloc's nn Third n\onuo , ootwoon
KlghtU and Ninth street ? .
OTtcn Sealed bids for the plant of the
Cpuncli 11 hi Its Knltt'na company , either
In part or entire , will bo received oy tno co m-
pnny up to April 15,1SSJ. Wight to i eject any
anil nil bids reserved. .
WANTED A girl for general housework at
Atlantic houso.
ENGINE FOU BALK-Ono0x12. twenty-hor-o
1io\ver. mostly new. Unlnu Iron works ,
No. 1307 , 8(1 st.Council Hind's , In.
FOU HKNT-Omce No. 3 , over Ualrd's con
fectionery store , latelv occupied by Wm.
Ward , architect. Horace Ilverett.
FOIl KENT Cheap , two handsome , now sir-
room cottages , north of transfer. Council
IlluITs. Inquire Bland Itlsator , 6th ave. mid
Electric Trusses , Belts , Chest Pro
tectors , Etc ,
Agents wanted.
C. B. JUOD ,
Council UluITd la ,
No. 27 Main Street ,
Over Jnequomlii's Jcwcllry Store
Tnos. OFFICEIU W. n. 31. Posey.
Corner Main and Broadway ,
Dealers In foreign uid domestic exchange.
Colluctlonb made and interest paid on time de
Wool & furs ,
Highest market prices. Prompt returns. No. 820
and ts ± J Jlalu-Bt. , Council Bluffs , Jowa.
b Ion Ought to'
_ _ _ _ mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
0 a
i nte
Hydraulic and Sanitary Engineer. Plan * , Kbtlmtites
i Specifications. Supervision of Public Work. Brown
Building , Council Bluffs , Iowa. _
Justice of the Peace. Olllco over American Express , No. 419
N Broadway , Council Bluffs , lo vtx. _
J ? . C I M Q Attorneys-at-Law. Practice in the State nnd fed-
Ot OllYlO oral Courts. Rooms 7 and 8 Shugnrt-Bono Block ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa. _ _
DIIDl/ET S , TIMI CV Attornoyb-at-Law. Uoora 10 , Shufart Block ,
DUni\L & IIINLLT Council Bluffs.
Curtain Department.
Curtain Scrim , from ; c up.
Lace Curtaining , from ice up.
Lace Curtain Sets , from 6gc up.
Window Shades , with Hartshorn Spring Rollers and Fix
tures Complete , 330 up , in about ij > different colors.
Curtain Poles , with Handsome Brass Fixtures and Trim *
i , 5oc up ; sold elsewhere for $ i .00.
Wasii Goods Department ,
White Cross-Barred Muslin , 6j c up.
White Lawn , extra quality , IDC up.
Zephyrs , Stripes , extra fine , IOG ; worth 150.
French Pattern Sateens , extra quality , ia c ; worth 190.
Toil du Nord's , handsome styles , 12 * 0 ; worth iSc.
Zephyr Ginghams , select patterns , 150 ; worth 220.
Fancy stripe and regular made Balbriggan Hose , i2 c ;
worth igc.
Extra weight , fancy stripe , regular made Hose , IQC ;
worth 25c. ,
Regular made Black Hose , extra weight and quality , 170 ;
worth 250.
In Children's Hose we have an immense line. Prices to
suit all. Guaranteed the best value and finest selection in the
city. . . .
Ladies'Jersey Ribbed Vests , isc and 190 ; worth 250 and 330
Muslin Underwear Dep't.
Ladies' Corset Covers from 15c up.
Ladies' Chemises , hnndsomoly trimmed and well inudo , 23c up.
Ladles' Muslin Drawers , 23c up.
Lndios' Muslin Skirts , SUc up. .
Ladles' Muslin Night Dresses , 60c up.
In the above we show the finest selection to be found
either here or in Omaha , and our prices we guarantee to be
lower than either. Call and get prices and judge for yourself.
Leaders and promoters of low prices , 401 Broadway , Council
Bluffs , Iowa.
SvO . Vy OXS. . . Ni SSti
HfSv O * ! > < v. v t -
Under IstNaVIBIf
SS&mritM ? sjis
f < K\cy Kitchen
ds. jic FlnoOandlos ,
505Jfit.Afe.Bet.M3in & Pearl- Every Day.
& Butler ,
Especially Adapted fof
25'TO 300 LIGHTING ,
HORSE POWER , Milts and Elevators
E. C. HARRIS , Agent ,
Send for Catnloyue. _ > No. BIO Pearl Street , Council Bluffs