Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 18, 1889, Page 7, Image 7

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P No luivcrtlHcinrtitu will Ijo inkcn ft > r
tliRir * columns niter tUi.'tO i > . in.
'JYrnm Cnnh In advance.
Advurtjoeinmt < i under this lionil 10 cent * p r
llnp f < > r the first lmprtlon,7 cents for enoh sub-
ficqu nt Insurtlon , nnd Jl.r/t per line per month.
Nun KertlsPinent taken tor IOM than 2. > cents
tliH fltst insertion. Seven \rorils will Isjrotintoil
totlio line ; tli"y must run consecutively nnil
Illlist bi- paid In ADVANCE. All nlfiHp
intnii limit b" linmlc'lin beforfl 12-'l > o cloelcp.
in. , nnd under no rirtumstniici'S will Uioy be
taken or discontinued by telephone.
Partlo-in'K-ertlslnjMntlia * ' < olumns nml hav
ing their answer * mldnvwod In cnro of TUB llir.
will pl n icusk for nrhe' k to 'iinbl' them to fret
tliMr letters. nsnonn will becjnlivoredexrentcm
tncsontatlonot chfk. All answers to adver
tisements should IIP mflo "a'ln envelopes
All advertisements In ttinii * rolumns nr pub-
HMied in Ijnlli niTtilng and evening editions nf
Till III t , tlir clrml I'O-i ut whi'h ajrgregit"H
more than l"l i papers dnl'y , nml Rivet the nd-
\ortlserslho ucni'flt , tint only of the < Itj i Init
iation of TIIF III r , but also of ( Vnin-il HlulTs ,
Lincoln and other ell tesnnd town * throughout
this section of the ci.unlry. _
Advertising for these column * will ha taken
on llic above mnrluiuns. nt ( lie following busl-
lies' ' ? houses , who ir" n . .thorird icu.-nts for Till-
llr.v fcjici lal nn'lii nnd will quote tliuniuo
rates us run be had at the tunlll olllro. .
" "blt.N W."llKI.U I'haWnnctst. KO SmuiiTenfh
c II \ M'r.DDV. . Stationers and Printer113
hocith liithStn ct.
811 I A KNMVOItTll , PhnrnmclYt. 2115 Cum-
lUg Stryct.
\\r J. IiroHEsrPhariiiaclst , O-il North Ifith
> > Si reel.
jTJEO. W. I'AIUI , Pharmacist. I sib St. Miuy's
\VANTKD- Position by nn experienced t :
t noKrnphor ho thoroiiRhly iindorstmids
pencinl oltlce work. W'l llrst month. Addros.s
It II Ilco. llrJ-H.T
A place In n K ° O ! fnmlly foi1 two
Rlrl.s , one sand the other Kl years old ; will
ay for their keeping. Address H 42 Deo.
U1B 111 *
_ _ _
XrorNO man. 17 years old. wishes Hltuntlon
J. \vhoInKulo house ; aomo Knowlddijn ot
imokkeeplng ; city loferenco. Address. 11,1.
KXl Fnrnain t , 175 1 J
" \ \ rANTKDSituation In n dniRstoro Dy n
, ' _ youiw niaii. speaks German , onn year's ex-
licrlonco , with reference. Address H a : . ' , llee.
r > irt
"fVANTKD situationIly voun ; ? widow with
T T a baby to ilo llRht work In ulco fnni-
IIy. Address It 39 Ilco olllcc , lUIJ-ll *
AMUST-clnss dressmaker with an eastern
experlenco wishes oinplovmont by the day
In Rooa Jiunlllcs. Call or nddresi ) lllt.IN Ifith
fit. city. ) j-'J2
\\7ANTr.D-Ilv u inlddle-aKod ladyra"posT-
tlon ni cnshlnr In rcsttiiraut , oxperlencod
nnd beat of references. Address It : . Hoe of-
Ilco. 7I IK *
w ANTliD Two yuiinc men : good wages :
$ } security reiiulroti. ICId Dodgo. It ) to 0
m iti !
" \\TANTED Salesmen everywhere for our
T adjustable door plntes ( can sell mid de
liver at once ) , four styles of door bulls , metal
and white enamel lottery hoiiao inuubors. ulc.
Knmplcs , circulars , etc , free. Now York Door
I'lntB Co. . Albany. N. Y. avMU *
"YS/ANTIJIl- ) iiTsTTreTory city nn o'wil In
T the United States to solicit subs'iptions
for the handsomest and most popular jl.liua
year mnga7inc published ; liberal InducouiontH
in ooinmlsslons , nnd handsome picmlnms. Ail-
ill ess JIngazlne , P. O. llox 177" > , Now York City.
_ _ 219 ID ?
\\rANTKD , A competent hat salesman , one
TT thoroughly nvqitnlnterl with Omaha trade ,
nnd can como with undoubted references as to
ability nm ! habits. H will be useless for any
other to n iply. Address llox 22vL city. _ . ' 10-18 "
T V ANTF.D-Dlnlngroom girl , 1001 N l Fi"stI
T >
\\7"ANTED Carpenter to do the work on sov-
T > cral houses to bo built and take house and
lot as part pnvmont. A , XX' . McLnughlln. Koom
Bl Paxton bldg. 215J
WANTED Apents for our new put outfit o-
proot safes , Hire ,28 < clSxl8 , weight noolbs. ,
retail prlco fill , others In proportion. Highest
award ( xllvcr medal ) Conleiiulal Exposition ;
rare chance ; permanent , business. Our prices
lowest. Wo are not In the safe pool. Exclusive
tcultory given. Alpine Sate Co. , Cincinnati , O.
WANTED Driver for bakery wagon. Hot-
orences required , Inquire P. F. Mulligan ,
143 ! ) Sounders st , SOS-IB
baruer wanted at once. LTa a l.lth.
174 1HJ
G OOD shoemaker wanted as partner Inquire
under Paxtou hotel. 184 1BJ
WANTED A good gardener. Apply ItSST'N"
20tlrst. . Between 13 and 2. Ir I W-it ;
r ANTED A first-class window dresser nt
Nebraska Clothing Company. 133-111
"V\/ ANTED A good man to go on the road ;
T I must bo wide awake , full or energy , glvo
acciirlty for money collected and deposit 8i5 for
samples. Call on George S. Cllno , Koom fill ,
ilrst National bank building. Omaha , Nob. 137
WANTED A stenographer who has some
knowledge of bookkeeping. Must be it
peed penman. Address , with references. 1' . O ,
drawer I" . B85
\7ANTUD First-class coat maker. Applv nt
T once to II. I * , Cohen , South Omaha , Neb.
AGENTS wanted In every town nnd city In
the west fortho Harden Hand Grnnado Vlio
Extinguisher. Apply to F. G. Crnndnll,310 South
Ifith st. 870
"M ? " ANTED- Agents In eveiy city and town in
T T the west to sell the Toy Calliope , the great
est seller on enith ; send 20 eta fur sample. K G.
Cranuall. 310 South15tli _ st. gru
men for Washington torrl-
T tory ; good wages , steady work , long Jou.
Alhright's Labor Agency. 1120 j'arnamst.
_ Kil _
SALESMEN We wish a few men to self "our
goods by MLUipla to tbo wholesale and retail
trade. Largest manufactui oi-s 111 our Hue. Enclose -
close 2-cent Mtamp. Wages ( .t per day. Poi man-
put position. No postals answered. Money ad
vanced for wnges. advertising , ete. Centennial
Man'f'gCo. , Cincinnati. O. TOVmlUf
VVTANTEO Agents for Milward'H calyx-oyoci
TI self-thrcudlug needle ; proiorves falling
Bight ; a help to good bight ; peifect boiuin/a for
canvassers ; sample pacXago lOc. Benn for
circulars to headquarters , Slayner & Co. , 1'ro-
vldonce. K. I.
TD OYS--AIU. ni&t T I. Co. , iw Douglas.
Cnrpenter to build a hoiue and
take good biisliifM lot on Saundorsstieot
us pay. Enquno222J Pierce st. 45V
" \\rANTED Live men and women toongagn In
> > an eaiy , paying business at honiu. Can
work day tlmo or evening and makeuOuto n
per hour ; sure thing ; sample and complele In *
( .trucllons j > ont for loo. Address , World Supply
Co , . Rutland , Vt. 41F2) ) > '
\\rA NTEU Rnergetlo men ana women every-
TT where for n gontcol nianny-mnklug luisl-
ness , tuuwoekly profit guurniitbed easier than
ICO monthly otherwise , Experience absolutely
iinnecensary. Pvruianont position and excluslvo
teiilUry assured. fU. ( eamplo free. Wrlto for
particulars. Adilraa.i , with stamp , Merrill M'f'g
Co. . I1VJ , Chlc-ngo. 2ti2fi ! > t
" "
T\rANTBI-Glrl ) to HOW can o"t.Chii ; . Shlw
elicit. 12010 Farnam. 2il-
\\MNTED-Wonianrook. * 10 ; 0 six dlnlnu'-
TT room girls out of city ; 4 first class cooks in
prlvnln families , * 2) ) lo Ja'i ; nlvo , sen.slblo
woman as housekeeper , only two children , $1 ,
no vraslilui ; ; 2 girls for Cheyenne , 1 for tloux
City. Uns of new places for general house
Work every day.hrco expurlenced second
RlrU ; mldduaied woman ua child's uuiac- .
> lrs.Jlroga , ailJ So. I3tli. _ l'illtl ' *
' " ' " *
WANTHD-i : llulngrb7i'in glrls7a"chTi'mbe"f
maids , olllce lady , on housekeeptT , 1 dlnh.
washer. S. E. cor. 1'JUi and Douglas , Uoom i ) ,
upstairs. II. II , XX'andol ) . 217 10
\\TANTEn Middle aged woman ns child's
t T unrse , tUito Ssmoiul glrl . 1 nica neat nurse
glil. Mrs , llregu. KlUt S ISth. _ la 1BJ
G I II L wanted forc uernl housework. Must
bo good coole. fj.fjl per weet Dane pro-
, * Apply KM North2fiih ht. 17U 16
WANTED A girl for general housework ;
( iarmanpreturivd. U12So. lltUst. 138 111 *
COMI'KTKNT lil for general housework.
* ooa wnu td. 211 S30th. IWi 1J
G" " : -v.'i B iuth. 978
lOSIPl-rrENTclrl for housework. Mrs. Thos
/'F. ' 1U1I 1007 Shcnnnu ave. 211
f \7ANTM > A druruUt to commence drug
T utoro. nbo barber to cammenca shop in u
flrst class location In South Omnlia. Fur lufor-
niutlon addrtiia llouuiu Tunibrlnck , Koulli
Omaha P. 0. U" )
- that 1
removed my offlco to rooms 317 nnd .118
First National bank bulldlntr , where I shall bo
pleased to meet them. O. . ! . Sternsdortr. Itca :
Estnte , Loan , Exchange Ilroker nud Hentnl
Agent. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ K' _
IVANTBO Seine one who has n nlro hemeT
T > to take n 0 months old baby , HO n month.
Mr ? . Kreita. 31IK 8 15th. ItO ICJ
"Vf/'AN'l ElV-WvTw meii"to u o "XVllcox's
T > Fancy Compo'ind Pllia. " Pcrfertlv safe
nnd alurays elTectiiMl.end for4i "Wnman's
Snfo Guard.X llcox Co , . Phllxdol-
phln. IH All ) ' . " 'J
\rALEM'lNIi'8 snjirthand nnd lypnwrTung
> Instltuln. no'.v Paxton building. Omaha.
Tfie only exclusive shorthand school In the
n\\a. Over ono hundred graduates In good
Munitions. Iho'choo ! is under the inanaRe-
msnt of C. r. Vnlntlnc , olllclal stenographer ot
the .lid Judicial district of NelirasK.t , mid Prof.
II. II. llnyles , , in exDorlenci'd tcadiar and ver
batim repoitnr. luy nnd ovenlnc si' Mons. Stu
dents can enter nt any time. Feud for elrriilars.
9"1 * ' ! f I ,
IJTANlirMinTiiorthatvl Vlfooi. < I7 Shorlcy
Vi blork , fcurhes standard systonn and uses
Itomlngtoii tjpewrltors. ( irculnrs free , r."J
O'MAII A Emp. ifvieau. Ill N. ICth st. Eatab-
lUhed IS years , Most reliable lit cltv.
ri Pis'
Xjr.H. Employment Olllco-317 N. IBtli st.
-i. 1 fjll f iifi *
G\ti'\ \ Employment Oltlca. Mrs. Hreitn ,
JUS S I1tli. Ucteionco Omaha National bank
513 m It
UENT- room house and barn , 17ns
Kurt st. a _ lh *
ITlOlf UENT-Soven room house , 4firt Soulh
Jl-Jlth ave , ; Iu good lopiilr. gas , water and
bath. Thomas F. Tuttle , room 21,1 FlrH Nut ,
bnnK bldg. 'Jl 1-18
houses , centrally located , are In de
mand at.I. H. Parrotto , IBOtl Chicago.
IS ( 21
1J10H llENT-Now-5 room cottage In Hanscom
JL1 place , JJD per mouth. C. F. Harrison , Mer
chant's Nat. bank. H5-1'- *
ITIOK HUNT 1KB S ! CM ft. corner house , 8
J rooms , barn , city water , largo yard. Cnll or
address "S11 1U ! a' ' *
_ _ _
mt UlTNT T-room house. 2512 Caldwcll s ( .
Kent reasonable. Apply ISI7 Izard ht. 127 2M
'lilO KENT -lil-room brick IIOURO with all
JU modoni Improvements , 2211 Douglas .st.
Henawa te Co. , 15th St. , opposite P O. " 55 10
TrTrifNISHED house for rent in Park Terrace ,
opposite Hnuaconi Park , all modornn con-
% nlKiices. Enquire , Leo i : NIchoI , Sf-th and
Leavenwortli. 'JS2
TjlOK KENT Ono 5-room house , $18. Inquire
JU 1513 Douglas. _ KIO
'I11OII KENT Nlco 5-room house , cast front ,
J ? halt block of cable cars. 112 S. ajfh t.
751 in 4t
JtOD.M house near high scnool. Heut $ .10. In-
qiilro J. F. llarton. 2-ilB Capitol ave. lilMiil *
BEAITllTL H-room house , gas , city water ,
bath loom , hot nnd cold water , on paved
RtreetH with street car , near a good school , only
J."i par month. The house Is now. Apply at
onco. r. F , Harrison , Merchants' Nat. bank. _
1710II KENT When you wish to rent n house.
JU utoro or olllcn call on us. II. E. Cole , room 6 ,
Continental block 520
TJ10K KENT House and barnHausrom place.
-T Harris , room 411 First Nat'l bk bldjr.
"I71OK KENT 0-rnom modern Improved housn
JU A 1 locality. Kent moderate. Apply M , El
gutter. 1001 Farnam ht. 52' )
POK KENT Cottages. 5looms , 272.5 Charles
st and 1521 So 5th it. Inquire U 212 , Shocley
block. MO
TJ10K KENT F.lght ( ) room tint , modern con-
U venlonces. Inqiilro 1112 S 13th st. 5'J2
F OU UK NT Cheap. 3 nud 5 room house. 1.V1J
82Utst between Center and Dorcas.
TjWIJ lENT ! 10-room house. M earn , gas , bath ,
-I- hot and com and cistern water , good cellar ,
nnd nlco yaul , $50 , a/j S 21th. Immlre..W S2lth.
FOIt RENT 10-room brick houses , rentlowi
are veiy complete. Apply on premises. Dr.
F. Swaitzlander , 2IXJI Capitol nve.
TJUIt KENT 3-room brick , 114 S 2oth st ; mod.
JU' crn conveniences ; near cable line. .1. W ,
Gillllth , U. P. hoadrjuartwrs. EBJ
i OH KENT 7-roora Hat atSCU S. 13th. Inquire
1 J. L. llrnndeis & Sons. H47
Jl"HN1SIIED rooms wlthboarcl.good location ,
Jl modern couveniencei. 2220 Leavcnwortn
E OOM suitable for house&ceplug. Oil S 15th.
11 f8 !
FOU HENT Tvvo fi-room brick cottages , only
two blocks tram IT. P. depot , city nna cistern
water ; paved streets. Mead A ; Jumle&on. 311
So. IfitnsK 231
I710U JIENT Furnished rooms , 1107 N 19th.
JL ? 2J.J 2U *
"iriOil KENT A pleasant , furnUhod front
JL1 room with gas and privilege of bath , at 2J5
8 25th u\e , nearFuruain. 1'Jl iu
1 > LEASANT furnished rooms 1017 Capitol ave ,
UW-mlo *
"ClOIt UENT Single or ensulto , handsomely
JL furnished rooms : steam heat , bath : rates
reasonable. Apply 1103 N 18th st. tlrst Hat.
fJOOMS to lent GOl S 13th St. , 2nd lloor.
JLV 207-20 *
PUIVATE 1'atnllv Bavo several choice fur
nished rooms forreut with board. All mod
eru conveniences. QI5 north ttJth street. 117-1S3
rpo KENT Newly furnished rooms for gentle-
J. men. lfil'1 Howard. kW 10
ELV'GANTfiV furnished suit of front rooms ,
with Ube of piano , private family , 1055 I'ari
ave. 770 13 *
ITIL'IINISHEU room for rent. 1701 Cap. ave.
-L1 I'll 20-
NICELY furnished rooms.largo or small.vcry
reasonable. HID Dodge. IkeGulll. 15j 20 *
N 1CELY furnished rooms , all modern con
veniences , prlco W and ill ) . 010 North 17 st.
1 (3-20 ( *
SMALL Koom , nt 130.J Douglas st. 3rd floor.
T710II KENT-A dining room and kltthen in
J-1 private boarding house. Inquire 1000 Doug
las , woijf-
NICELY furuUhed front loom , with board ,
stiltablo for 1 gentlemen , two blocks fiom
P. O. , KIM Douglas st. 1119.11
IjiOH KENT Large furnished front room ,
J-1 2227 Dodge st. 10) )
Fl'KNISHED rooms for rent. All modern
Improvements , bath furnace , etc. . 2211
" \T ICI-fiobius , ( I per week , at tha Peabodyl
J-i llth andJones streets , UiOuillS
LA KG E front room , nicely furnished , suitable
for 2 gentlemen , 1323 Fa.-nam. 715
ijirilNlfillEDoruufurnlahod room , with gas
J1 and bath , uoaid If desired , 51US. 20th at. .
opposite All Saluts' churcn. 7J7
FOK UENT-Furnished rooms In Gruenlg blk ,
ror. I Ith and Dodge sts.
Davl , Mlllai-d hotelTjlllluul room. ( KII
TTH1U KENT-.Nlcely furnished room , with
Jt'board If deiilied , g&3 , heat and bath-room ,
1707 Dodgest. 6'Jl
FOIl HUNT Two desirable rooms , suitable
foi gentleman and wlfu or two gentlemen
wlthbourd ; lefeicncos ro < iulrod. Apply Ittil
Dodge bt. j
O NfCELY rurnUhod rooms , steam heat , gas.
but a. fte. . on same lloor. S10 per month. 207
S.aith. no Hat. 4'j
XTICELYfurnUlied rooms , also front and
-L > bnik parlor ; 100 ! ) Douglas t. Kit
Fou KENT Furnished rooms 18IU Dodcre
2551-22 ?
AVENUE Kooms-At 1813and 1015Capitol ave
2 blocks from PO , newly furnished private
boarding hou uplensaut roomsull conveniences
775 g >
TjlUIINlSHKll loomn , IU 8 24th it.near Dodge.
J-1 2i < 0 F l *
ALUGE outh room ; also small room nicely
funUxhud , lovely location and every modem
convenience. 2107 Douglas. oca
BHOOMS-Sult abla for a i.oseoplngr price *
110. H1J , Pierce t. tisi
„ . . KKN'PEtoro room with basement and
ice house In rear , at 1711 Hurt at. Apply to
" " - ' ' " -
-th avenue.USft
1 0 K HKNT-Two stores. M I. and C2J North
-1' I/tli it , Inquiru at tuo building , llonry
Ofthotf. K
TiTOn HFNT-OfTiee wife tSn month , I Mnglo
JL' offices } 15 each , ftll fronting Ifith st. Hush-
man block , n. o. cor. IRth nnd DougUs , XX * . M ,
Hushmar.UH Leavcnworih. frVi
STOIIE 1317 DodRO . Inquire nt A. II. Hit-
berman , Jeweler , IJthnnct DougUs sts.
FOH IlENT-A few offlm rooms left for
rontnl , Al o n vvnii lighted room on second
floor , 4tx , in llamga building. 101
fJjVJH ItENT-Twentv acres of land with 2
-L houses , barn , Ac. Suitable for market gar
dening , close to Omaha. C. F , Harrl'on , Mer
chant's Nnt. bank. HS'lff
' | 7 < Oll KENT-Sllitnblo for llOUBOlteispiiig.
J- ' suites of from 2 to 4 rooms in all parts nf
the city , nt lowest rates. Inquire Units Kent-
Ing Agency , 1501 1'nrnum Rt t'57 f lot
KliNT-ltnsemenf. suitnlde for a plum-
or b irber , cor. 1 , th ami , Inck on sts. MM
LpHI ( KENT - \ warehouse with nigli bas-
nipnt , i entr.tliy located on Idopcndunt trnclt
froirt which cars ran bo tinloa < ledaml , Inartod
Into and from b illdlng. Immediate possosMon.
Sam .1. llo'vcll , 217 8. 1 Ith st. Ouiann , 6a >
FOK IIL.NT-Good baseiiiont , 2.'xK ; ) . HTT
UoiiKlns st. M
O \ of houses , stores , Hats or buslnem
M "ks wliiwl h rhesnnit > ranted nnd prop
erly cared forslionld H < t with us. IMrtlBS wIMi-
lnct.retit . vllltlndnur list ( ompletc. A.I' .
Tnfcey. HlU'a block. 15th nnd Honshu. SS7
. \ TAMIOT. room .t-'i ,
I in ml
. J 1'Al'l , , liso Turnain st. , houses ,
, elc. . for rent. MS
LIST your houses. Hats , 'tores , ete. . with ( J ,
J. StiTiisdorll , rnomi 1117 nnd .113 Klrst Na-
tlonnl Ijank building , Special uttcntlun Rl\on
toreutlnt ; and renta collocted. K
Wl' nlvo spc-lal attention to renting and col
lecting rents , list wttu us. II. 1) ) . Cole , room
0 Continental block.
IrVOt' \\nntyourliouses rented plaen them
wlui IJonawa & Co 13th , opposite po-ttolllco.
rplli ; renting season Is here ; brlni ; on your
-Lhou'ca ; I hnvo the customer. * . J. II , I'ur-
rotto , IBJfl ChlcaRO. 4M f U'S
" \\TANTKD Hclmble German nurse clrl , 13 tr
t * nyeais of ago. .Mis. H. C. ratteisonilJ
Knniam , HIS
GI5.N I'liliMAN and ifo want two rooms nnd
hoiu d In prlvnto family , beat of rufcrcncoi
given. Address I' 31 Ileo :5S !
A MAI.IA NHLSIN : : . examined midwife , olllco
coiner of 8th and 1'nclllc. 110 sot
W KM.H dug or cleaned , cisterns cleaned and
repaired. F. W Grosjean , 2710 Hurt st.
- *
OKLAHOMA Guide Hook nnd Mnp. contain' '
ihgfull Information as to the now territory.
Mailed to any address on receipt of 50 cents.
Tj-lor i Co. , publisher * , 521 Wyandotte street
Kansas City , Mo. ! 472Tt
ELECTKK telagraph school ; rooms , VJS A : f > '
1'axtonblk. 1 , cor. loth & Farnam sty. ; send
forclrculnr. - *
ATHANCn MnilllTM. Mine. Sandall. the
young Swede , tells full names of eallors aim
the full name of your future husband or wife ,
with date ot marriage , nnd tells whether the
one you love is trim or false. Not n fortune
teller , but n yountt spirit medium. Madame
uoes into it perfectly dead trance. Will bring
back the parted husband or lover , no matter it
they bn 10,00) miles away ; will Riiaranten to
settle falliny iinarrels. 1'arlors up stairs. 40S
North Sixteenth street , thlid lloor. UH 18f
HAVF. you a house and lot you wish to sell ?
It M > , please send full particulars to George
J. Stoinsdoiir. rooms 317 A : 318 First National
Hank IlnildltiR. who will flnd you a purchaser.
Telephone , 4111. M"i
A PHYSICIAN ot this city can accommodate
n few patients at his home , Address
Doctor , 1' K , llee olllce. 741 1"J
LKGAL papers cniofully draw n nnd acKnowl-
edccd by (1..1. Sternsdorll , rooms317 audlllS
First National bank building. K >
nilllJ banjo taught as nn art by Goo. F. Gel-
Jlenbeck , 3il : S. iuth st. 512
HOUSE or team mules wanto.l to anply as
first payment on house and lot , or rcuUlenco
lot , balance monthly payments. Write or rail
on Selby , IMI Farnam. 513
IF YOU want to buy , sell , rent or exchange ,
call on or , G. J. Stornsdortr , rooms
317 and 318 Firac National bank building. Kill
GJ. STEIINSDOUFF , real estate loans nnd
rental agent , has > removal from room li.
opp. P O. . to rooms 317 nnd 318 , First National
bank building , where he will bo glad to meet
all his old rrionds ? nd many now ones. GO !
Ai'LN K eontlo horse , light wagon and har
ness , n nice appearing rig ; just the tiling
for light w ork , or city solicitor , cheap. Call ut
MM-SIO Noith Kith street. 225 ID *
MUST bn sold by a gentleman RoltiR west.ono
bay horse , 7 years old , record JJ:28' $ , good
dilver ; also ouo top buggy ana harness .nearly
now. Call at M1B Davenport st. OKI-lot
T71HESH mllK cows with youiiR calves. Apply
-C 42U N ICtli st , Jefferson Square barn.
DU1 18 *
FOK SALE Florse and buggy , Jlii ; delivery
wagon and furniture of fi-room cottage :
cottage rents forJ.'O. 1511 California ht , U71 Ibt
"fjlOH SALE On terms to suit , the neat cottage ,
JJ 2SW Charles st. Telephone ! 7 , or W. T. Sea
man , Omaha's largest variety buggies , wagons ,
Ac. , side 10th St. , north of Nicholas st. 4 H
FOU SALE Furnlturoof a.0-room house and
house for rout , 3 blks from P. O. It. a ) ,
Chamber of Commerce. JiQlf 20t
TYTANTlID-To buy a lot In Orchard Hill ;
T > must bo cheap. C. IX Itelter , room D , SW.
corner Ifith nnd DoiiRlas. 211-18
ANTED To btiv : bocond-hand
W - grocery fix-
tines. 167 I OJ
I have several customers who want to buy
housesund lots ranging from ll.fiOj to 8.JO.UOJ.
Troperty ovvners , please send mo a full descrip
tion or what vou have for sale. G. ,1. Slnrns-
dorir. rooms 317 & 31B First National Hank
llutldlng , G'elepuono , 16-1. 805.
WANTED Furniture , carpnts , stoves nnd
household goods of all kinds. Omaha Auc
tion .Vhtorugo Co. , 1121 Faiuani. 54'J
WANTED To buy peed commercial piper.
It. C. Patterson,314 S 15th st. 83 ! )
WANTED To buy good commercial paper.
It. C. Patterson , , 'ild li 15th st. U2U
MHS. LENOHMANcanbo consulted on all
allnlrs ot Hfo tnrough the mnglo mirror.
Satisfaction guaranteed. 418 NlCthst. I'li'stalrH
1C5 2j
DK. NANNIE Y. Warren , clairvoyant , Medl.
cal and business medium. Female diseases
n specialty. 11 ! ) N iuth St. , rooms 2 and 3 , 514
STOKAGE-At low rates ut 1121 I-arnam fit .
Omaha Auction & Storage Co. M7
rPllACKAGE. Ktoragn. lowest rates. W. M.
X Hushmun , UH Leavenwortli , CIJ
TJltANCH & CO.btoroge , 1211 llowaVd.
ODELL IlltOS. & "Co. . > 'o. 3PJ So. ICth Bt.T
Chamber of Commerce building , loan money
nt 6.0'.s , 7 , TH and H per cunt , according to loca
tion of property. Uubiiroassed facilities for
placing large loans on inside bubhuss property.
A special fund of several thousand dollars to
loan on unimproved lots. 233
MONEY to loan on f urnltnre , pianos , hordes ,
wagons , etc. City Loan Co. , 113 S nth st ,
opposite Mlllard hotel. 170
LOANS on business properly , t\VOU to $ Mooo. )
wanted. Proxndeut a"i-nst Company , room
JOU. First National Uanlc building. 100
nilll' Central Loan & Trust Co. , No , 1011 Par-
X nam st. , will quote unusually low rates on
choice city loans In Omaha or Council Jllullb.
U. A. Starr , manager , 8U1-18
LAHGE loans on Improvud real estate in
Omaha. No delay on good security. E. S.
Illabae , First Natlonul IJank U'ld'g. tn 2 IS
WANTED First cla Inside loans. Lowest
sates. Call and see us. .Mutual Invest
ment Co , H1 Marker blk , 15th and Farnam , OX )
MONEY to loan ou Improved real estate by
Narthweateru Mutual Life Insurance Co.
jOWestratua ; no conuulsalona. Address How.
ard Kennedy , special loan agent , Omaha , Nub.
DO you 7-ant to borrow money ? If
so , rt.J. StOTn-sdom/rooms 317 nnd 81 J ,
nrst National banf'bulMlnc. will loan
yott any amount from I3w/j to tW.OOO , on im
proved or unlmproved.Uinahn property. Low.
cst rntcs ot Interest. llfp unnocexary dolar.
Implored centrnl buiiAfcss property loans n
specialty. Telephone 4lf fC5
DO i'Ot' want money ? Loans made on hottsa-
hold'furnltuio , | > lniy j , hone * , etc. , w Ithout
delay or removal , IVrsAis wishing a loan of
this kind will do wo'n to call nt our oillro before
dealing oisewhcro ; business strictly confiden
tial A. E , Greenwood .V.Co. , llootn I , Cunning-
Imiu block , 1,1th nnd .Inr-feini sts. 550
MONEY advanced fos flrnt-olass rml estnto
mortirnge . Cnll ou .1. II. Ktiouy .V ( o.lloom
CcH , First Nntlontl bank minding. iXX ) F 2s
\ \ ONEY to loan on furniture , horses , wngons ,
J' I rte. , or on any approved security , .t W
Itobblns , It.aM , dheely bU. , ISth nnd Howard.
OEOI'UJ'S Financial JJxchinge The fniroat ,
JL quietest , most liberal inonay exchange in
tncclty : loans made without delay or publicity ,
tuanynmouut largo or small , at the lowest
rates of Internet , on any available sucuilly ;
loans mnybopaid nt any time or renew el nt
original rates. O. llonscareu , mgr , lloom 51'J ' ,
Darker blk , IJth and Farnam , ditt
DO YOU want to borrow money ?
Keadthls :
U win snvo you tlmo ,
Hwlll save you money.
Vou can borrow from
II. F. Master' ,
successor to W. It , Croft ,
room I , XVltlmoll bid g. nth nnd Hartley sts.
* 10 , Wi , S"ii , v 10 > . ' . * . ' 0i , lool , JVM' ' , iUMin.
In fivt , nny s'lin you want on lurntttiro ,
pianos , horses , mules , wagons , etc. , on ensler
terms nnd at lower rates tiian nny other cilUco
In the Pity , without publicity or removal of
property from your possession.
It anlnMnlniont Is dtia on your property nad
you cannot nine ! It. rail mid KPO me. I wll pay
it fur you If you have n loan In any other
ollice , cnll nml get my rates. I will take It up
nnd carry It for you.
I maku loans for one to six months , ami you
ran pnv'n part at any time , reducing both prin
cipal and interest.
AH loans lenowcd nt original rates , and no
charge for papers.
All business strictly confidential. Call nnd
see me.
Don t forget the number.
Koom 4. Wlthnell block. r.Vl
rPOLOAN--A special fund of J10.0W In sums
J from $ .vwup , cm unlmprovod lots In Omaha
If not situated too far out.Odull Co ,
312 S. 10th st. 023
FIKSTmortgaco loans at low rates , and no
clcl.ijD. . V. SholesJIO , Flr.U National bank.
TVTONEY to loan on Omaha and South Omaha
J.T-L property , also on farms. C. 1' . Harrison ,
40.1 nnd 404 Merchants' National bank. 755
vrKUHASKA Mortg. Loan Co. will mate you n
JL\ loan on household goods ,
horses , wagons ,
laud contracts ,
flno jewelry or securities of nny kind
without publicity , nt reasonable ratos.
Hoom 7. llowley block. South Omaha.
Ilooms Oli-51i ) ! 1'axton bltr. , Omaha , Neb.
5" > 5
S nKSholei. 210 First Nafl b\nt before makIng -
Ing your loans. _ ! M
\1 ONEY Loans negotlatoit at low rates with-
J' lout delay , and purchase good commercial
paper and mortgage notes. S. A. Sloniau , cor.
13th and Farnam. 5 .l
MON'EVtoloauonlmprovd property nt llrst
hands. No application sent away for ap
proval. Security and titles examined free of
clmrftn to borrowers. Lombard Investment
company. 309 S. UHi at. - _ Ml
. Hnrtl * , II. n. & Loan Co. ,
J\ [
room 411. First Natlllank. Cl ! )
MONEY to loan ; cash on hand ; no dolay. J.
W. Squire , 1"13 Furnam St. , First National
bank building. -i C57
PHILADELPHIA .Mortgage & Trust Co. ,
cheap etartern mono v direct to borrowers.
Make building loans , large or small ; poifoct
titles : accept loaud in their wetiru ollico. Gee ,
W. P. Coates , representative , IJ Hoard Trade.
MONEY loaned for j'O ' J or W day * , on any
kind of chattel sosnnty ; reasonable Inter
est ; busiiiiess coundcntlal , J. J. Wilkinson ,
1117 Farnam .st. - Ctil
_ _
ONEY to Loan Lowtst rates. Loans closed
M promptly. II. 11 Coi&ll G.Contiuentnl blocK.
) 6fi-
GPEK CENT money ateloaa Cash on hand.
W.M.Harris , roonpSiLcJroiizer block , opp.
i P. O. ff. , 3 , ! )
E. COLE , eau ageht.
. 247
a5GOOJO to loan at G per cent. Llnalian & Ma-
Phoney , Koom 604. Patton block. 500
MONEY to loan. O. F. Davis Co , real estate
and loan agents , 1505 Faruam st. 507
M We are ready for applica
tions for loans In amounts from SWO to J10-
WJO on Improved Omaha or Douglas county real
estate. Full Information as to rates. Loans
promptly closed. Good notes will bo purchased
by u . Call unon us , or write. The JlcCague
Investment Co. 130
T OAN.S made nn real estate ana mortgagor )
JUbought. Lewis S. lteod.V Co. , 1521 Fainam.
MONEY to loan in large sums at tha lowest
rates ; no dolay. li. C. Patterson. 318 S. (15th.
H.E. . COLE , loan agent.
. 317
MONEY to loan on real estate ; no delay ;
mortgages bought. Jotiu F. Hammond ,
room iill Paston building. J21 f-'l *
I CAN make n few loans on first-class chattel
securities at reasonable ratos. W. K. Potter ,
room 10 liurker blk. 705
DON'T borrow money on furniture , horses
wagons , etc. , until you have seen 0. It. Ja
cobs , room 410 , First National bank building
Cor. nth and Farnam 333
JIJILDINO loans. D. V. Stioles , 210 , First
Nafl Bank. 3OT
PEOPLE'S Financial Krcliange-l/arga and
Hinall loans for long and short time , at low-
cnt rates of interest , on real estate mortgage
notes , chattels of all kinds , diamonds , watches
and Jewelry. Don't fall to call If you want fair
nnd theap accommodations. O. llou&cnreii ,
Mgr. , room 50 ! $ , IJarkor blk , , 15th and Farnam.
B tnr.DING loans. Lluahnn ic Mahoney.
"IjlEKD store No. 1 location present owner
JL.1 makes $10 1 pur month over all expeii&cs.
Prlco J500 , * 3'.0 cash , bal. ? ! ' > per month. Cooperative
erative Laud & Lot company , 205 N ICth st.
To sell half interest In S
barber shop in town of 2.0JJ inhabitants ,
going to got u ten-stall round house this spi Ing.
Prlco f05 cash. Address XV , Jackbon , hdgnr ,
Neb. 213 Iflt
9 UOOM bnrk boarding house for rent , 110.00 ;
furnlturn for sale , 1)50.00 ) ; JUHJ cabh ; bal.
monthly ; also a 10-room l > oardlng house and
goodbtnblo , rent | 50pcrUo , ; furniture , J5i".0 ( ) ;
{ 200.01 cash : bal. $25 HIT , mo. ; nlsoui-'ood 10-
room brick bouidlngnoiitc house nearly new-
including steam hunt' i''ml nil modern con
venience , rent H55.UO per < no. : furniture. * M ; " 4
cash : also n U-room fnyme house , now full of
lioaidersand roomers ; wnt JW : furniture , * 450 ;
! JUO cash ; bal , easy ; all'ttioso houses nro within
a few blocks of the P. W ml ara well located
in good neighborhood. Co-operative Land and
Lot Co. . 205 N , ICth st , -
FOU SALE Light , liMtatlvo liuslnoss hiilta-
blo for lady or gentyman , with patent and
block or goous. Addiv j { 27 , Hoe olllco.
EOK SALE Flr-st-clamfcstanrant and saloon ,
bust location in tlie'jjlty. Long Itmao on
property. Aiidross P ff.Bf ) olllce. JU'JO-1'J
FOK SALE Plan'lni ; tultl innchlnory. cheap ,
llt'j Davenport tr < | 15220 *
IT10K SALE-ThoAtley aoal inino , located nt
JL1 Alley. Marlon Co. . ItCv vltli 615 acres of the
test coal lands in lowa Moot vein of coal , fix
tures and machinery llrstaans In every respect ,
rnllto&d switch connected with works , will bo
bold at n bargain Iftaeen. within 15 days. For
particulars address M. J. XX'ard , or .1 , W ,
leneser , care of State Savings bank , DCS
Molnes , la. 134 2,1
$1,700. half cash will buy 160 acre tarui , im
proved , 1 > { miles from Long Plne.'Nub good
louse , best water.
il.WOcash for 2 four-room houses renting for
lid nor month. U resident and U buslnots lots
all Inlying Pine , l.uoo Inhabitants , 3 churches ,
brlcxschool home , waterworks , railroad dlvl-
ilou , good farming country. Yery cheap , must
> a sold. Long I'ina lirchang Hunk , lx > ng Pine
FOH HALK-Oood hotel In a town ot 1,200 , all
well furnished , for lulf cash , balance o u
time. Address box CtJ , Albion. Neb. 7iU Ittt
ITIOK 8ALE-A well established grocery busl-
JL. ness In this city. Inquire V. M. Steele &
.U. lath and llarney. _ 7U mlj
TmoilSALK-A well-established , paying pro-
JL. clucu commUjiaii business , own or inunt ut-
end exclusively to other bu lnes > . luciutra
( lUicitQt Fcaron , Cold & llolwmon. 3106 15th st.
1Rn90NAL Wanted torent.goodSor 10 roon
modern house , with barn , tor ono year o
longer , or would crchanco house nnd lot on 15tl
t , , in biisines' part nt city If suited. Konntre
rlaco preferred. Address T , nc. , of Citizens
iank. 23X-23
A NY person wlshlnc tondupe n mixlo Infant
_ please address U 40 llea oinco. 10I-1S ?
TF YOf Intend to marry or only deslro amuse
Ji mcnt Join our club Address with stamp
'Western Correspondence Club , Council Kinds
In. I'M ' in lit
G. ,1. 8TE Xs > vt , Iletl llsHto ai (
Exchange Itroker. has lemorol to lloouia
01 ? nnd 'JHrat \ National bank building.lit .
( lit * '
OMAHA Abstract company , I.MO
Most complete and carelully prepared sel
or nKstrnct booics nnd pints of ml real property
tu the city of Oinnlm and Douglas county.
MIDLAND ( luitrnmea A Trm * Co. . FA. Far-
num. Columotonhxtrxct'i furnished A tltlos
to realostnto o < cniulnudperfoctod .V gimrnntccd
All.STKArTS-Lliiahan is Mihonoy , loom 503.
Faxton block. 515
rpo I'.XCII VNH-lloti804 nnd lot * , farm
J-lnndi. iiiProliainlHo. hoi o , fiittlo , vn oni
etc t nil or wrlto t. ' . K. Heltar , loom B , oW. tor
IMh and Uonnlas 210
fTxn'ltAT ) IS 7\cie proper ! yncar SuutiriTniiEn )
-L clour.
Sovonil plocos of Improved business property
In Rood local Ion.
I lear land In lown nnd N'ebrasku.
Coiner lnomali View.
Llenr lot.s In Soiilli Umiihn nud In llnssctt. the
new county oat of Itock county , Noliinsku.
Houses nnd lots In nil parts of the ilty.
Mnnted honsoi , lots slocks oC goods , live
stork , fai m-i nnd money.
If you hm e anythlni ; Rood to trndo Rive me n
call. Orovor Sloven * .
U''U 21 IB2I rainamst. Tolopuono llffii.
OlOncies lmpro\od land , wltnln three miles
-Jot county seat , town In trmlo for uro-
icrles. general merohaitdlso , or hardwnie.
Address box rr , Shelby Iowa. tail-go *
mo nxi'IIANGK-Town loH In Soutli ChlcnRO
JL for n iooil , speedy single driver , or n tenm
ot roadsters , trotters or paceis. 11 II Helm ,
Ilarlan. In. I''O-1 '
17ANTF.D To trade lot In Council IllulTs for
goousafe. Shea A ; Gnltln. 1M 20 *
DO YOIT want n good farm. It so. write to
T. H. Kvitns. Noiden , Neb If jou have it
house and lot In Uninhii. or lots you wls > h to put
Into Hi or 1G ) acresof land , or 3i ) acres , or a
nectloti oC land you can pet It of him. If you
have a stock of Roods to trade for real estate ,
wrlto him. ( ll\o your prices and description ol
w hat yon luu o and you w 111 Rot a deal without
the aid of commission men. If you h.t\o
horses or live stock say so , satisfaction unman-
teed. f
/NK hundred and sixty acies Rood land to
V/oxclianRO for work her os or mules , with or
without harness and wagons. Addiess Ktr : > , llce.
rpo TIIADR for stock of pooils , business
JLjiroporty in Cuntrnl City , Neb. , with or
\\itliouthtoekofRioceries. Address LOCK llox
4J , Central I'lty Neb. 11' " Hit
POH THAli-A tlrst class dniR stock for
Omaha property. Turk , l'o\\Ior A , Ken-
laid , 11,07 Fitrnnm. HB-IB
fl > , OKl stock of Roods to exchatiRC for peed
Pbulldlnn lot. apply at onco. C. F. Harrison ,
Merchant's Nat. bank. 03 > in
mo 13XCHANGU A tine improved farm with
Jonio cash for irood Omnlia property , vacant
lots preferred. Western hand & Loan Kx
change , 117 South Iflth st. UT7 18
FOU UXOHANGE 210 acre * unimproved land1
' 4 mile fiom Thuinmoll , MorrKik couutyd
Neb. , to trade for stock merchandise. Address
Uox to. , Centi al City , Neor. 037-1
ONH section ( BIO acres"oE ) heavy timber land
In Hurko county. North Cnroitiia , clear of
Incumbranuo ; KOOII tltlo.Vhathavoyouto
oiler ? 0. .1. StornsdorlT. rooms 317 and 31U.
1'lrst National bank building. Tolophouo 4CI.
LEAVENWOHTH Street. J liavo a very do-
slrablo piece ot business property on this
Htreet that can bo traded for wood farming
land not too far from Omaha and part cash. It
Is wt'il rented and will pay you to Investigate.
( ! . J. Stornsdorll , rooms 317 & JUS rirst National
Uank HulldliiR. Telephone. 4'lt. Sb
fSll'JlOVKD and unlmprovod property In the
4-Rrowlng town of Creston , la. , to trade for
Omaha real estate. G..T. Stermdorir. rooms
317 and D1H , First National ban ! : bulldlnp. Tel
ephone 4fH. tC.'j
ADAMS county , Iowa ; olRtity (80) ( ) acres
cholco lancl near railroad ; all fenced
and under cultivation ; clear of Incum-
brance ; want Omaha property ; house and lot
preferred. G. .1. Sterusdorlt. rooms 317 and : ! 1S
First National bank building. Telephons 401.
merchandise stocks to tiade for
Rood Omaha property or clear farm lands.
G. J. titernsdorir. rooms 317 & 318 First National
bank building. CM
FOIt UXCIIANGK KiRhty acres of the lluest
timber laud in Wisconsin , clear of Incum-
brance. What hnvo you to offerG. . J. SMrns-
dorll. looms 317 & 31d , First National bank
buildlug. C4'J
001) farms , clear or llchtly Incumboied , for
merchnndlse i , Hvo Btocfc or city property. II.
K. Cole , Hoom U. Continental block. 57J
TJIOU TItAUE-Couucil Hluira nnd Omaha real
JL' estate for farms , lioraos , cattle or morchan-
cllHO. Host loth between Omaha and Council
lilulTa. 0. IJ. Jlayne , lith nud Harnov.
M7 m 1
SKVUIIAL very flno roslrtences in IConutzo
1'laco to trade. Wnat have you to offerG. .
.l.Sternsdorir. rooms 1117 & 318 , First National
bank biitlding. C.J2
T7IOK EXCHANGE For deshnblo resldonco
U property in Omnlia , any or all of following :
40 cholco Inside residence lots In IU stings.
100 lots In Lincoln.
L WO acres line farmlnclnnd , Lancaster county ,
Flno residence property , Lincoln.
Good rental propeity , Lincoln ,
Cnolro fancy residence , coiner. Los Angeles ,
A neat residence property In llauscom Place.
Also , some good mortgage notes.
Address , giving location nnd prlco of prop
erty , J. E. K. , care Uaum Iron Co. , 1817 Loaven-
worth. 571
\v , r HEX you have anything for exchange call
on or write us , II , E , Cola , ItoomO , Contl-
ncntal hlnrtlr. fiTJ
TT1OK EXOHANGE-Dakota , Hand county.
JL ! What have you to oiler torn good farm
here , slightly encumbered ? Dakota lands are
rising In value , and Us destiny cannot bo dis
puted , XX'ill take vacant lot or Improved prop
erty nnd nssumo some incumbiancn. ( i , J.
Sti'TOKdorll , rooms 317 and ilia , First National
bank building. WIT
FOlfHA'CYJ or exchange A line farm of
IWncre.slii Holt Co. , Neb. ; will oxrhango
for horse and pheaton or pair of ponies and
pheaton. Address K 31 , Ilee ollice , lUI-lllr
"IjlOK SALE or Exchange Good resldoncn.con-
J venlontly located , hundy to'car llne.s. XX'osl-
orn Land A ; Loan Exchange , 117 South 10th st ,
U77 W
FOU SALE-Or trade , lot B. block 0 , lledford
place , a corner , will sell cheap for cash , or
trade for furnlturn or anv personal proporty.
Omaha Auction A : Storage Co. 101 20 3
Wxlioon 10th Mt f > outli of tlio
viaduct , with small liousa and barn. 'Hits
Pioporty In the market for n short tlmo only at
the extreme low price of $1,510. Thin IstS.OOJ
lets than Its actual value , G. J , Sternsdorir ,
rooms 317 and 318 FlrJt Nations ! bauk building.
BUSINESS property. Capitol ave. lot 0 , block
76. bet. Jluunett block and iuth st. Tuko
i-ome trade , hona oiler to owner , John XX' . Tay
lor , 5 Euclid nve , Cleveland. O. iUOKWt
SALE The llawfey nouso , North
Plattu , Neb. , or will trade for good Im
proved farm or tlty propnrty. Tholuiusols
furnished and In r mini us order. Prlco ts.coo ,
subject to oncuinbrance ot $1,0) ) Address
John llawloy. North Platu ; . KD22 ?
WAVEKLY Addition. TJits property unjoins
the famous Central Park and Monmotitti
Park additions. 1 nave a number of lots In the
above addition that can bo sold on terms to
bult Special Inducements altered to those who
wlllbnllil , It will pay you to Investigate. G , J ,
Sternsdorir. rooms 117. una 31H First National
bank uullding. ( if
$100 cash , balance tU par month , will buy nw
" room house on 27th Kt. near Lake st. Prices ,
r.W. C. E. Keltei , room 6 , . vv.cor. 15th and
Douglas , 47'J uil
GJ. STEIINSDOUFF. rooms J17A.-3IS First
National Hunk liulldlug , has several places
of flue residence nml Imslnesj property to
; do. Also buveral farms near Omaha. Q'ele-
one. 401. .i u
1710H HUNT New 7 room house , all modern
J. couvcnleuc 3 , centrally located , will rout
very reasonable to tenant making good lease ,
n-roum cottage H 17th &t , 115. H-room hoine ,
J Howard uL 3 room flat H'Jl N Kill , nultsble
for light housekeeping. IIS. Apjily to Green i ,
Firat Nut , bank Uldu , Oil
llomcJl ItoiiKist ]
Ouiatin' * mojt bonutlfully situ *
nted suburb.
It Joins XX'almtt Hill on the west tnd Dttndeo
I'lncoon the north.
IttstvltMnriisy dlatAncc of the llelt Line
dci > ot.
It is wlthlua few blocks of paved streets.
Tha Metropolitan Cable line la being built to
Dnndco Place.
Wo will sell lots hero tor frO' . 13
Terms :
To parties who will bulid : One-tenth cash ;
balance at tht > cud of ten years.
XX't' have For Trade
good unlnnunboied propeity for business lot
will assttnio mortpaReor pny rnsh.
Elesrnlit jicvr cottage for nny kind ot good
real estate.
A great bargain , the S. W. corner of inth nnd
( .allfoinla streets , with tnveo hollies , } ltia > 0
takes ft.
The iiortlivvc t corner of luh nnd Dodge ,
Ji\000. very easy terms.
iiono m res of laud in Nebraska and Kansas
12 ol"gnnt uniucuiub.'rod residence lots iu
Two new brlelc residences andlots with small
lucuinbranc-o , In the best part of the cltj , will
trade nil lor ltnpro\Pd business property.
ilrenunn A Co. ,
Chamber of Commerce. Telephone-TOO ,
l S 21
IT EAD-Sholcs speclnlH-llcvtd.
t,50i ) llu > s elegant new house ou Georgia nnd
PopplL'tons nvi-s , east front and nil
oonxonlencrs , turnnre , Hiolce.
Iluys lluo sroom house on Lowe nvo ,
nil convtoncos. Part cash mid good lot in
$ ; , r > 00 Ituvs good house nnd lot on Park ave ,
near I'oppleton , U rooms and all conv en-
lences. lurnacn.
WfiU ) fan Iniv new house , R rooms , furnace
nud all coin eiilencos , in Hnuscom placet.
Hop onto this quick ,
fSftiitnys ugood 4-romu cottage and full lot.
JViOJ-lliiysan elegant house in Kotintro Place
on XX Irt st. Part and part trade * .
lO.tKM Ituys nn elegant house in KouuUo Place.
Furnnc'o nnd nil conveniences ,
llesldeuccsnnd lots in all pans of the city.
For Trado.
Three gooit brick dwellings near Park , line
house nnd lottn Koiiutze Place , flue house nnd
lot In llatwconi 1'laro.
$ HiOU ( equity In Knox county farms for good
rlear lot or lightly oncumbeiecl IIOUHO nnd lot.
Vnlved UW.
'Ihlsls arnie Iradlng chnnto , I handle nil
kinds of property and push a bargain.
Ll t your property with mo , lluslnesa Is
going to bo poo.l this year and I want iv good
list lor Hprlng , Send In your lists. D. V.
Sholcs , 210 National Hank. Ill
FOK SALE Farm ot 100 acres nolfom land
In Douglas county ou line of r , P. K. It. , one
nrilo from station ; tlr t-class Improvements. .1.
J. IlobbliiM. Paxtou hotel. 'J73 1H *
FOIt SALE Cheap Not for trade ; 54i.7f : > acres
land ( Sec 5-12-0) ) two miles from Mnrquette.
Hamilton county Nebraska. Frame housesta
ble , ; acres under good baib-vvlre fence ,
round cedar l.o-its , two stax s ; living water. 3 I-
foot channel ; 2 wells , 320-bit ml tank , corral ,
self-feeder ; a natural stock ranch ; in a line corn
Price ( about J11.50 per nero ) J0.2TO
Cash down . . : .10) )
2 and'J years'tlmo il per cent 3,2'.0
Go and look over land. Address owner. F. K.
Atkins , 1502 Larimer st Denver , Col , 070
SOPTH OMAHA I have a number of good
lots In various additions that must bo sold
ut oueo and can bo bought at prices that will
milt you. G , .7. Sternsdorir , rooms 317 and an
First National bank buildlug. H52
Ari5 MAICI5S llrst payment on nice ( t-roont
tDMouse , good location. II E. Cole room H ,
Continental block. 218
SOME of the choicest clear property In Glen-
wood , Iowa. O. .1. Sternsdorir. rooms 317
and : > 18 , First National bauk building. WV5
L OT ! f > , block I , Dupont Place. S-i-oom House In
JLJgood repair , $ I.MJ. ! $70J casn , balance easy ;
will tak team of horses as part paymeu t. ( ! . .1.
Sternsdorir , rooms ill" andU13 First National
bank building. ( VVJ
171OU SALE or ExchmiL'O Improved Block
.1 ? farm of HOJ acres In eastern Nebraska , near
market ; also now U-room house with nil con
veniences , In doslrnblo resldeuco portion of
Omaha. Andrew Kevins. Attorney. 4 and 4il
Pa\ton bloelt , Omaha , Nob. 27U
TT10U SALE lly M. A. 1'pton Company ,
J3 Investment Hankers and
Goneinl Itcal Estate Dealers ,
southeast corner IBth nnd Fnrnam.
lOuxliYi , south and east front , corner Lowe
ave. and Dodge streets. No liner resilience silo
In Omaua ; i : > 500 buys It. lllg bargain ; take it
Hero is a good homo nt n very rcaionablo
price : South front , 53-foot lot on Maple street ,
jus toast of launders and south of Kouutr.o
place ; new .s-rooiii house , good barn , only $ I,5W.
Terms to suit ,
The bust tamer In Omaha for line tenements
Is SUh and Dodgo. Wo have lU7vlJI there.
Uoom for block of seven nouses $17,000 XV o
think this is sold , however.
Konutzu Place ! KounUo Pineal Elegant
homo in Kountzo Place , Hroom.i.furnace , batli ,
hot and cold water , every convenience , good
burn , all now , nlco nnd nobby. Jil/iWl ; SI.OUO
cash , balance I , " . 3'and 4 yoara. Hey ?
41 feet bcmth oucl iuth t > t. viaduct , cut down to
grade , $ ) .30J. If you want It any clieaper take
it as a gift , Wo'll pay for recording the deed.
The Heat llargnlu
In business property in Omaha to-day Is ( V ! feet
on the a ) toot alley ontlUlh street , north of
Leavcnwortn , at S Si per foot. Four story
building going up on iffljolnlug CC ft. In the
You Fool
away your day of giaco when you do not secure
some of the bill gains wj oiler. ' 1 hey are HKO
the circus nero to-divy. hut gone to-uiorro\v.
] .32feet trackage on llth btreet. Just north 'of
Nicholas for J.Iln)0. ) Nicholas Mtieot is , and llth
htreot will be paved this vear. JMir money in
tlhs line trackage propotty.
Elegant Itesiaoiico.
Does anyone want one of the best built and
finely llnlshed house nnd barn In the city ?
llousoot eleven rooms. Darn coat over ? I.OUil.
House has every convenience. East front lot.
15 mile from court house. Aitillclal stone drive-
wny.s and walls. A complete and elegant home.
Four mantels and grates that cost ovorfi.U ) .
Improvements cost UXJO. ( Lot Is woithJO.CKJii
10 acres
? 4mllowost of Armour's. South Omaha. The
llnebt 10 ncrea in that locality. WlUjnakc 10(1 (
cottugo lotH 25x108 that will bell icailllyat $ r > 0
nnd J.XJJ. Will offer this for a. few duy at u
South Omaha.
Three beautiful east front lots , 40xir > 0 each ,
just north of Summit Park , for 11.00) ) , worth
double that amount. Speak quick it you want
this snap.
XX'lndsor Plni-e.
This year will see good transportation facili
ties to XVindsor Place. We can ncll a line homo
in this elegant addition for S3 per cent less than
it can bo bought for after May 1st.
4-room nouio , Cdiuentod cellar , brick founda
tion , cistern , full lot In Omaha View , all for
J1.IOO--WW cash , balance JII.KI per mouth.
Arcade Place
East front lot on 'Mill Hlicet , just south of
Lenvwiworth , for Il.t-OO.
Illllsido No , 1.
A rino doiiblo corner on : tli nnd Chicago St. ,
just cast of Yalea'iuausioii , forfT.-W.
Kllby Place.
TiOtfiOxlES onSaih Ht. , Just north of TJodiro ,
? l,7 ( l $ HO cash , balance I. " and II years If
liouso Is built to cou nut less than JI.Ooo.
Missing It.
Oh J you nro missing It by not puichaslng be
fore thu Hiirlnt ; tide tn-'ti in ,
South front on Sew ard street , Jn ShlnnNU
addition , JI.UUO.
Cortland Place.
A Una homo with uvory convenlonca ; Inrgo
lot , I'J.OOO ; f.J.OUO cash , balance 7 per cent.
South Ifilh Street.
Lot rnxl.Yr ; good ( Nroom houio : Ilnornsldencu
fctreet ; bainj JLO1 * ) . Lotlswoith thomonej.
South hlth Street.
We will sell a corner on lith : and CnRtellnr ,
C IxllO , for less than any Inside lot can ou bought
Sherman Avcmio ,
Ifti feet , n corner , on lllnncy st , for J'l.BXi , or
the corner lot for H.OJO.
Hnnscnm Place.
rnblolliio to llanscom Plaro this year. Wo
lave somu of the bent rcaldonci-d and sites
there ,
Famam Street ,
Money can bo doubled In two years by buying
property of us on Furnam street between aith
and -'il
Wo Never Sold n Lot
Yet that the purchaser has not made moro than
regular intercut on his Investment. That Is
because wudvnl In nothing but llrst clan prop-
trtlus ,
Morsmnn Park ,
A beautiful east front lot , graded , for iJ50 ,
4'l ' feet cast front on 37th .paved strceti be
tween Kogors'nnd WlthncH'u elegant lesld nces
uid Farnam t > t forlKK ( ) .
XX'e have the largest list and best bargains In
ho city.
M. A. Upton Company. Telephone B. l , 201
T HAYKreal and personal propeitv of nil
J klnda for trade. Pall ana sou me. ( leorgo.l ,
UniKdorlT. HoomaUlT nucl 31 , Flr t Natlntial
bank building , WJ
I71OKHALE-A nice little honiQ ou S. 10th ut. ,
-L ; tontalnlng t rooms , nil In gold ropalr , wull ,
datum , cellar. brnc. . ThU property can b )
bold on a Huiall payment down , btlanco ( IS pur
iioulli. Why-pay rent whan a goldun opportu
nity like tmi Dtaro $ you in th face ? G , .1.
Iternsdorir. roums 'J17 add 31 * , First National
jaiiK building , _ : t'i7
WANTED A nco | rcftldenco lei of 2dth
tit. nnd between Cnmlni : and Luavonworth ,
If you have any Omaha property to oil or ut u
urgalu bring It around.
(1 rover Stevens ,
2J.'fl-21 1831 Fftruam St. T l | ) hoil8 ll'Ji.
II10II SALE or TradeS new S-room hotucs
- ifrom llfbt hands , room iiJ ICauiuo blk.
HOt'S noroomMTrtOCassst . , .HO M
Hon eS rooms , stlt nnd Hlctory t. 10 OJ
Furnl lied DOUP , 4.M and ( jillfornla . U U )
Eight-room house , 2117 Clark , . , 25 Ol
Tw on-room houses , Sewnrd nnd SSth Irt 01
No.SAl South S. < th . . . WIM
llTn < e4mom .aillOfnrk . H ( W
II ou see rooms Ili7 N. li'th . W ( M
And n largo list ot other * .
12MU Geo. J. Paul , liKW rrtrnftnt St.
O Nii\vflrst-cUi \ fTnlMiedT "
O b.ilhioom , gas. water and sewer ; Ssloros ,
corner , suitable for drug More : I ba emont
suitable. for barbershop , corner X'Khnml Len\
pnworllisl.s. Inquire nt iironiiscs. zti Mi *
T/OirsA lE-At"n jncrtllcc. ISOt r.M ft ea t nnd
-L north front , corner with nnd Howard sts. ,
one block from Hoger' ? , Coo's nnd Klrkendnll's
llnio l < leni s jusi think ot II , IMxr.1) ) ft , and n
coiner , 1 10. nnd onlv ? I.M ) ' .
| K > | In Sftundei-s A lllmpluuich'ft add , Prlco
fiXii. No cash payment and bal. to suit to nuy
ono who will b.ilUI ,
New . -room hoit'o. well and cistern , on S7tlt
st. near < nr line. Prln > tinv. will tnko clear lot
as tlrt paMiient , balance to unit.
41 It business property w Illi two good 2-slory
Ptoro biilidlnit ! ? , renting for JiVX ) a year ; this M
abnt'Qaltint il.noa ' H. lleltcr , room fi , a. AV ,
cor. I.Mhnud Douglas si * . 217-
AMISS , Heal Estate. 1M7 rnrnatn st ,
lleio is iispeilnl bargain , and Itvlllpny
you to ln\estigate.
I till Lot on liith street ,
OlxUO , on prade , small house , for fl.OOrt. You
can pay
' ( cash.
and balance In easy payments If nepo sary n
good u-sldciKO win be taken In part pitjlileut.
. . Another baigaln
Is n now " -storv hou-o on Miami Mreet , onu
blivk frouioara. hon o has modern Improve
ments ; lot Is , Vi feet front ; our prloe , f l.iyH ) ; Is
subject ton mortgage f JJ..Mi ) , dt.twlng II per
t'eut Interest ; bilance ve will take as follonri :
$ - < i > 0 cash , n good resldeiici' lot or secured p.tpcr.
On \ Irglnln n\euuo ,
n spioniild lot. east trent , nud as hnudnnme a
lot as lheic < is In llunsrom Pliue , for J .l'iO ;
terms , } ioHi cash ; this Is one of the best tosl-
deiuo locations In Oiuaha.
A 7-lloom House
and barn on Virginia a\euue. In good Older ;
splendid locution ; pricn $ .iiki > i , j casn.
on Ciimlng St , ,
a lot 4 1 feet front. in fi-et deep , nnd 7 room
homo for $1,000 ; this Is the li.- t oiler for thu
money In that pan of Omaha , and It takes halt
cash to buy It.
On South llth St.
8. " > , t ) 0 buj.s full lot with it-room house and out-
bulldlngx ; this Is a bargain wull woith the
money , and tnke.s . ' , < XXcnsli ) to buy It ; bnlauco
to salt.
If You Wnnt
to buy n cheap home , on easy payments , wo
can ll.\ you out. Now is the tlmo to start In
nnd vou not only buy on lavornble terms , but
> ou snvo x'ourmonoy monthly and mnko ten
time's thu interest nuv hank can pay you , nud
your money is peifectly tutfo.
Wo have
i , - > no.OH )
to loan on city propeity nt low rates of Interest.
Wo make guaranteed abstracts of tltlo to nil
real estate in Omalm nud Douglas county.
Come nnd See I's
for by so doing jou mny do your.self some
good ; jou can see nnd post yourself onicnl es
tate and llnd out what Is going oil hero.
Conveyances alwaj son hand to show prop-
ort > .
Ames , 1507 Farnam st. l'J7 ' III
CALL on It , E. Cole , northeast corner of Ifith
and Douglas tits. , Omaha , for Edwin 1C. Al-
Hip tV Co.'s catalogues of hinds of California.
2)0 ) April ll > *
ELEGANT house nnd corner lot near f.eaven-
woith and Paik avenue , only 10,00) ) , worth
* 7WO.
A ulco building lot near sain o location nt n ,
U'feet ) tiackage on IT. P. It. II. wltnln mlle
line , * . - > , IKI ) ) .
Two elegant building lots In West Omaha ,
M.fitW each.
Good business nud residence propeity In nil
paitsof the city.
G rover Stevens.
2-M-2I 1521 Fainain St. Telephone 1123.
a > a" > CASH and JTi monthly. Including Interest ,
ipbiiys nice II room house nnd lit , vroll located.
H. li. Cole , room il , ContlnoniAl block. 21S
F suKLot i . in block 13 , noxirio. ou
llnrneyst. Foriiartlculnrsimiuiroof Wm
Mniger. Galena. 111. 1H ! m5 !
ITIOIt SALE Or cxchnngo for Omaha prop-
JL' city , s ) acres , biilttbln for platting ; will
make 4H01otsall clear ; big money In It forfomo
one who can push this ; locntad jiHt outride thu
oily limit.ot Council Illuirs. Inquire ( loo. J.
Steinsdoril , rooms 317 and 313 , Fliat National
baukbnllillng. fi l
' "oTrS virK-Lots II. Hand H. block 11 , West
bide addition. Tne < o lots iirjf > l > cl23 each ,
lay very pretty , and the ttiruo can be bought
forJI.lKM. Thuynio actually worta twice that.
amount. G. ,1. Stornsdorll , lloonis 317 nnd 318 ,
First National bank building. IKS
FOU S \ LE 7 roomed house and full lot , peed
Miirroundlug.s. on n btreet ear Hue. VX'Ill
take in exchange Nebraska or Kansas furm
property with some ineumbrance , or vacant lot
in Omaha or South Oinahn. Call and Investi
gate ) now. C. F. Harrison , 10J and 101 Mer
chants' National bank. 753
I VX'ILL i ecelve sealed OiTors to buy ths svv 2J
xl K ruet of lot 2 , Capitol add. ( o Oiuaha , up to
12 o'clock , Feb. 25. Title perfect and Indefensi
ble. All oilers of notless than tl.WJ , within ; 10
days , ns first payment , will bo cansldered bona-
tlclo and conlldontlal. The price offered , time of
payments and rates of interest will all bo con-
sldou'd In determining which , ifnny , oiler 1 ac
cept. This gives all a cluuu'o to gnt u business
lot on Fain uiiRt. ou their OVMI terms. If the
price suits. Iliokers must got their commission
from purchaser. E. L. Emery , room 10 , XX'are
TjlOll HALE CU acres. Hamilton Co. . Neb.
JInml , 13 per aero , one-third cash , balunco at
fi per tent. Address XX' . J. Wlldman , Donver.Col.
TT1OU SALE Improved clear farm of 1 < ! 3 acres
JU \lowor couiiiy. Minnesota. * 1J par acre.
Owner ciesiilng tu moro to Omuhu ; will ox-
rhnngu ror a homu here. C.F. Harrison , ilor-
chants1 Nat'l bank. H2
SP. Grand opening Spring Goods ,
Now Clmllles. satins , silks , chcbS goods ,
Muslin undorncttr hale ,
Our now embroideries nnd laces have aho
been leceUeil , nnd woshnll otter the most ex-
qnlslto rntterna over shown y us ; we mnko n
Bn' < 'l.ilty of the llQH noeltifs never hhown ucnt
of Chicago oxcojit by us. and Indies who wish to
purchase now will RCt the choicest selections.
S. P. & Co.
Ladles' Illack Hose. 25c.
Wn will rlose out all of our Me nnd file fast
blnok stockings Monday at one pri < n Sir. 'llila
oirer Inn bona lido one , and they are aiu't ) to dell
fast ; mall ordeis illleti.
New French Clmllles.
Tin-most exqulsito designs Imported direct
finm Paris , compiislng all the new colors
Yleuxiosc , Mnndailn , Gobelin , etc.exquisitely
printed. li. P. Morse & Co.
Now Fionch Satins ,
Our entire Importations have arrived nnd will
bo Bhovvn ; these displayed In our east window
are n fair uamplc all works of art.
Now Silks.
Iloth pi tin nnd fancy ; u bargain in black
annnra Hilk , worth fa.Oil , for $1 M a , yurd , and
some lovely things In check ami striped , Por-
hliui brocades , etc. , fur comblnatloiij. S. P.
Morse \ Co.
Co..Muslin t'mlerwear Sale.
XX'o Khali begin thU ialo .Monday with a chnlro
lot cjf gowns , chemise , dinwerii , etc. , at tiOa
each , worth'fie , Mr ami ) , Onrxecond lloor
11 out lui.i buen clfured , anticipating a null on
these goods.
Now Ilrond'-loths.
Some new spring cylors nuvn been nddcd to
our line of ll./J broadcloth * . Mull ou'ers will
roi ehu thu iisuul prompt answer .
O"I8-I7 S. P. Morse & Co.
.13 ItEhSMAKING.cutllng A : llttlng. lli Douglas
. 21Sml5T *
Corner IWlh nnd Farnam Streets , Chamber of
I'onnneri'o Hulldlncr.
Cajiilnl Slock $100,000
MaWllly or SlwkluililiT.s 800,000
Fire perron ! iMl'l on deposits , loan * nmrtoon ronl
pilatu uint nuctintjr. notes , w rraal , iiocki
JOHN f. MIM'.H. I'roiMenl
DKVJ'KH It. THOMAS , C 9l r.
iio.vun or HiiiKiToita.
John L. Mlloi , Krnnlui llnnion ,
CiitniT , Ji'lin II. KVJIH ,
Itnuetviitcr. Mocrl Kiirrdtvn ,
XV A L. lillibun , lioo. T . IliuU'r ,
CJuv. Alvln s.nindori , li'utcr li. Tlionim ,
Nnrnivu A Kulin , .fume * 'I liujuiigon ,
V , It. suluKuu , .lolin llua'i ' ,
Gco.C. Hu
Capiliil $500,000 .
Surj.ltis 100,000
HEI1MAN KOUNT/.K , Prosldont.
JOHN A. CUEIGHTON , Vice President.
I' , II. DAVIS. C.tshler.
W , II. MEGQUIBII. Assistant Cashier ,
NESS cUllifDSVrJtK'rnr1
TkUptr * If * r4 ditlUclltiufi'riM.U. .
I liin til Jl uu4ln nil.