Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 03, 1889, Page 6, Image 6

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J illu red by carrier In Any 1'nrt of ho City n
' ( wf-nty Cents I'crWeek.
TKUiM10Ni:3 : : :
NUIIIT r.niTiiii. No. si.
N. Y. Plumbing company.
Coal nnil wood. K. lO.Mayno , 010 B'wny.
Two drunks comprised the full grist
In i > olico court yesterday.
There will ho a incollnjr of the W. C
A. Monday uftoriioon nt U o'clock sit
Mrs. .J. P. Cnwidy's.
The lodge of A. O. U.W. , No
271) ) , lins MjlfM'lod T. T. Snow us Us retire
bfiitnllvo to the grand lodge , which
moots tit Mnrslmlllown February 112.
The Ladics'Ald society of the Ucruan
Baptist church will give a supper ai
their church homo Thursday evening
February 11. Oystcis will ulbo be
A tombola will bo given by Mr ? . Oauli
and .MrH. F. A. Conovoron next Tuesday
evening nt MM. Conovcr'n , No. 811
Third uvomie. All friends of St. Paul's
church nro cordially invited. Adiniu-
fcion CO conls.
The mooting of the board of trndo
next Tuesday night IB for the purpose
of adopting important amendment-
the constitution. and all members are
requested to be present to consider tlio
matter , which is of sulliciont interest to
all to mnku it a special object to attend.
The German Hclmet/cn vcroin of this
city will give their lirst masquerade
ball "Wi-dnobday evening , February (1 ( ,
ntMn.sonic Toinplo hull. A noveltj
will bo introduced presenting line ,
pU'iibing , Hhort theatricals between the
regular numbers of thoMnneos , at differ
ent limes during the evening.
K. T. WiNon , the young follow who
was brought back from I'lattsmoulh a
few dajs atro , was yesterday arraigned
for forgery before .ludgo 'Aylcworlh.
lie was clmrgcd with forging the name
of Jacob Neuina.\er to two orders which
he deposited with Olllcer Ptisey. Mr.
Pusoy failed to identify the man , and
he was discharged.
The only case called in the superior
court yesterday was that of Hudie vs
"Wesley and Phillips , to ireovor dam
ages , duo to siu/ing property belonging
to piaintilY and selling it for the debt of
another , to whom the property previ
ously belonged. A motion for a con
tinuance was overruled and the case
eot for trial at 10 o'clock next Thursday
Soyeral names have been made public ,
as bnmg among the aspi runts for the
postmaster's position. Another one is
added to the list W. O.Virt. . no
petition hns been circulated in his be
half , but it is understood that a strong
pressure in bis favor , is being brought
to bear by the business men. with whom
ho has been bo long and prominently
Nebraska will bo welcomed with open
arms to the Iowa lircincn's btate tourna
ment to bo hold in this city in June , and
liberal prizes are ottered for the teams.
The committee oilers i'MO for hose
teams , and $1 50 for hook and ladder
teams. No entry fee is required , the
only condition being that three teams
shall enter , and thib is assured. Uotb
these races will occur on Wednesday ,
the second day of the tournament.
There is grief for another innocent
sucker. Ho went into "The Turf" yes
terday afternoon to "buck the tiger" in
his lair. Before ho came out 7io felt
the animal's claws. He lost what little
money ho had , and then wanted to
whip everybody in the house. In the
midst of his demonstrations ho was
tapped over the head with a club and
his scalp laid open. The crowd which
auickly gathered was dispersed by the
policol but no arrests followed ,
The report that there is any danger
In allowing the man Carter , recently
one of the smallpox victims , to go at
largo is denied by the city physician.
Ho and his children arc now at the res
idence of Mrs. Iluntloy , on Ninth av
enue , and the citi/ens in the neighbor
hood yesterday surrounded the place
and ordered the inmates to stay inside
for fear of being shot. Their "fears of
contagion were allayed , and they then
allowed the parlies more freedom. The
recovered patients have had all their
clothes tliQ"oughly fumigated and dis
infected , and the authorities say all
danger is past.
Alderman Knepnor and Dr. Cook had
a lively tilt at the citv building yester
day regarding the allowing of a bill
presented by the latter against the city.
Ho insinuated that it would have been
allowed had it neon in favor of Kuepher ,
and the little alderman promptly re-
eon led the insult in Queeiibborry style.
The parties clinched , but were promptly
Beparatod by Alderman Lacy. Expla
nations followed , and it was decided
that there was a mihundcrstanding and
that no insult was intended , and the
pugilists shook hands and the brco/.e
was over. It was warm while it lasted ,
and quite intorcbting to the few specta
P Marriage licenses were issued yester
day to Nels C. Chribtonbon and Chris
tiana Nelbon , both of this county , nnd
William E. Baldwin , of Saunders
county , and Anna E. Armstrong , of
Lan castor county , Nebraska. The lat
ter couple were each seventeen years of
nge ; and came to this city to obtain a
license because they could not obtain it
at homo unless one of the parlies was
of ago. They were armed with alllda-
vits from their fathers , giving their
consent , and tha necessary permit was
granted on that account. 'Later in the
day Jens Thomson , of this county , and
Ingor L. Hanson , of Humboldt county ,
nnd A. C. Luke and KllaTroninino , both
of Omaha , were issued the necessary
Dr. Cleaver , 20 North Main. Tel. 147.
Song recital by Mrs. Wyman next
Thursday evening. Admission 60 cents
to all , except members of the Ladies
Musical society who use membership
The London "Tailor's" is the place to
got your clothes made. 037 Broadway.
Ilr.vo our wagon call for your soiled
clothes. Cascade Laundry Co.
\V. S. Cooper has cash on hand to loan
on approved city property , No. 130
Main street.
IIouscs and lots to sell on monthly
payments by F. J. Day , 80 Pearl st.
1'orsoiiiil I'nraeraphs.
6. P. McConnell leaves this evening
for Chicago , to bo absent about a week.
Master Eddie S. Togall lies very 111
of ( over at the residence of Mr. Ferry
McCollum , 812 Avenue E , Council
Bluffs , la.
Charles P. Braslan will return to this
city to-morrow from Minneapolis , with
his family , nnd remain hero until the
Manawa improvements nro completed.
Mrs. John Llndt , who was called to
the bedskloof her father nt South Bond ,
Ind , , about three weeks ago , sent word
yesterday that lie was failing fast , and
could survive but a short time ,
Prominent Citizens Express Tholr
Faith in the Bluffs.
Nell Voorhls Drops Dcn't A Needless
Fire Scare Dig Deal In Dirt
Ihc llcnlili of
the City.
Tlio Testimony Aeommilnf 01.
Testimony as to the ultimate supre
macy of Council Bluffs is not lacking.
Gentlemen whose associations with and
knowledge of the city give them un
usual opportunities for estim.itiiig the
certainties of the future , continue to
give their reasons for the faith that is
in them. The following interviews
present important points as showing
the advantages of the city in all the
directions indicated.
* *
N. A. KIYI : ,
of Keys Bros. , who are just completing
one of the largest carriage factories In
the west , was asknd :
"What were your reasons for moving
from Ucd Oak to Council Bluffs1:1" :
"Well , we have several reasons. Our
business bad grown so that its necessi
ties required a change of location. We
visited Davenport , Keokuk , DCS Moincs ,
Sioux City and other places in Iowa ,
besides largo places in other .states.
Our decision in favor of Council Blulls
was not without carefully looking over
the ground. What do wo gain by the
change1 ; Well , all the railways which
reach this wo'itorn and northwestern
territory terminate here. Our ship
ping expenses on raw material and
mnnufaturod goods are loss than they
would bo .my where else. The cost of
living hero is very low , which is a ma
terial point with employes , Hero wo
can got just such help ns wo want , and
when wo want U. Why , sir , as a desir
able point for manufacturers Council
Bluffs leads the entire west. I have
conversed with the members of many
agricultural implement linns , and I am
sure that within two years many of the
companion , which now have warehouses
here , will move their factories to this
place. Yon .see wo are in the center of
a rapidly growing territory , and here is
wlioro eastern as well as western manu-
fnctnrorb will come , at least those that
depend upon the west for the consump
tion of their goods. "
* *
i : . A. WIUKIIAM ,
of Wickhatn Brothers , contractors :
" \\Xiiid live times the business in 1J-88
that we did in 18S2. Since the hist dale
there has been a steady increase , and
last year wo did a big business. I tell
you. There was tin immense amount of
building done , but not so much as there
will bo this jcnr. The contracts wo
luuo already made , and the work in
sight convinces us that Council Blufls
will improve more this uar in its busi-
ncsa blocks and residences than it has
overdone before. "
cashier of the Citi/ens' State Bank.
"We st.irted here eight years ago with
a capital of § 76,000. This wo have in-
crcasod to $150,000. nnd have a surplus
of $ 5,000. You know we do a strictly
commercial business , and we are doing
three times the amount that wo over
did before. "
'How did your business last year- com
pare with former vearsV
'You know last year was an 'oft" ' ono ,
but our showed a steady and
healthy increase throughout. "
"What about the future prospects of
the city ? "
"Tho outlook for the city is first class.
From what I know of the future prob
abilities as well as the present condi
tions , I believe there is no place which
jives so good promises of financial suc
cess as Council Bluffs docs. "
* *
of Benson & Carmichacl , Omaha : "We
jegnn investing in Council BlulTsrcalty
list two years ago. At that time there
, verc very few buildings of any kind be-
, wcun Sixteenth street and the river.
That entire tract has been platted and
) laccd on the market. Yes , much has
jcon sold. Most of the purchasers
xiught to build on , and now this entire
tract is dotted all over with cottages
ind other buildings. With Broadway
paved to the river , and the electric
notor line in successful operation , one
ins easy access to either Council Bluffs
or Omaha. "
"Of course you have made some
nonoy ? "
"Certainly. We put our money hero
, o realize on it , and the prospects have
icon more than realized. "
"Then you think Council Bluffs prop
erty .1 good tiling to have ? "
"I don't believe any locality , east or
west , presents the inducements to in-
vottors which Council Bluffs docs. Wo
ire buro to have an East Omaha on the
own side , or a west Council IHulTs , just
ns you wtah. There is wlioro themauu-
acUiring plants will bo. Some tire
ilready there , and othcrx will follow. "
* *
) f the Council 1 ! hill's Carpet Com jinny :
'Council Bluffs is sure to trot thoro. I
itivc always had fath in the ultimate
riumph of energy , push and porbover-
cnco over tlio old-fogyUin and slothful-
iebs of a few doubting Thomases , who
mvo been hiding their money in a
Blocking and their light under abusbol ,
earful that the miirch of progress and
; enoral prosperity would rob them of
, lioir coveted title of 'leading citizens.1
"Wo have boon charged with almost
unucy for our belief in the ultimate
success of an exclusive carpet lioiibo in
so small a town , presuming that a half
nilliou people were necessary to make
t a success. Hud wo taken their ad
vice we would have closed up long ago.
jut wo had faith in Council Bluffs and
ts people. They havij patronised us
Ibornlly and the year just elobod bh'ows
in increase in our sales of over to ! per
sent. The prosperity of the city will
ncroaso. Mark it. All the indications
joint that way.
"I am a firm believer in the future of
Council Bluffs. Why ? Moro reasons
, hau I can now ntuno. First and mnln-
y , on account of the btabillty of its
luslr.cFH men and business institutions.
Men who have been here any considor-
iblo length of time have mndo monoy.
J'lio advantages of the city as a mauu-
acluring and distributing point ; the
ow price of real estate as compare'.1 with
.hat of other western cities ; tlio desir
ableness of the city as a homo , and the
character of the people are some of the
reasons of my faith in Council Bluffs.
Wo have a great future before us. It
cannot bo otherwise.
K. J. DAY ,
dealer in real estate : "Why , sir , the
) ooplo who como hero to buy property
ire actually imrnribod nt the extremely
ow prices iiHked for it , and really , I am
surprised myself. But these prices
won't lust long ; there is v marked ad-
rnncc over the prices of n year ago , ns
well ns in the number and amount of
Miles. There Is n mint of money to bo
mndo in Council Bluffs realty , and these
who invest now will , of course , icnp the
grrntcst benefit. The year opens
splendidly , nnd the city's record of 89
will not only eclipse all previous rec
ords but will exceed our most sanguine
expectations. My sales for January ex
ceed these of a year ngo.
of the linn of Wright , Baldwin & Hal-
done , attorneys : " 1 firmly believe In
the ultimata supremacy of Council
Bluffs. Tlio outside world is just be
ginning to understand and npprocinto
the advantages the city presents for In
vestments. The business record is phe
nomenal. Failures ? Why , there are
nono. In ton years the percentage has
been less than one-sixtieth of ono per
cent. 1'ouucil Blufls cannot help but
grow , all kinds of business is conducted
biifcly and profitably. Manufactures are
sure to come. This is the center of the
great northwest in which a vast empire
will develop. Council Bluffs will bo its
market and center of supplies. The
future of the oHy ? Whyi sir , it cannot
bo estimated and we will live to tee its
greatness. "
.MlHTAT.r ,
member of the city council and board
of health : "Yes , I have had a good
opportunity to watch the progress of the
city closely. Us growth has been won
derful. In the ube of the people's
money 1 bay most emphatically the
council lias been both economical and
judicious. Improvements are going
right ahead. 'Highly-nino will bo the
greatest year Council Bluffs has over
bad. "
"The health of the city ? Why , the
death rate 1ms been less than ono per
cent. Tlio city has novcr had an epi
demic of any sort. This is largely duo
to our excellent climatic conditions.
The air is absolutely free from all ma
larial inlliioncox. These and other ad
vantages tire giving to Council Bluffs a
reputation which will make her tlio
first city in the state. "
"I did not know my.solf until recently
the amount of the horticultural pro
ducts of this immediate country. Why ,
in three townships , contiguous to the
Bluffs , throe hundred people are en
gaged in this business. These men en
gage from one to twenty-live perbons to
assist thorn in their work. Their pro
duct will aggregate $000,000 annually ,
all of which comes to Council Blulls.
Their sales will vary from $1,000 to
io , < )00 ) each. It is an immense bisiness
and is growing constantly. I am now
gathering statistics wb.ich 1 will publish
after awhile , nnd if they don't burnriso
tlio natives , then I am no prophet. "
V *
OIIOIKU : itrnio.
"I have just returned from visiting
eastern cities. I found that there wore
many eager to learn of _ tlio west , and
especially about Council Bluffs. They
all knew about Omaha , but mostof them
have an idea that the Bluffs is only a
little place , located somewhere near
Omaha. They were surprised when I
showed views of buildings here , and
gave them the facts and figures. Coun
cil Blull.s needs to advertise more. A
live representative .should bo sent cast.
All that is needed is to let the capital
ists east know the exact factb , and thev
will jump at the chanecb presented hero
for making money. "
All grades soft coal , C. B. Fuel Co.
J. G. Tipton , real estate , 527 B'dway
Let every one attend the annual con
cert hero of the Ladies Musical society
next Thursday evening , at the Congre
gational church.
The District Court.
The district court was in session yes
terday morning , but adjourned at noon
until Monday morning , as Judge Thor-
nell wished to spend Sunday with his
family at Sidney. The squatter cases
wci-c on trial , and will bo continued to
morrow , when the final testimony will
bo introduced , and the arguments com
menced. The grand jury reported , and
returned two indictments , after which
an adjournment was taken by that body
until to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock.
The indicted parties are Allen Price
and W. II. Pontius , charged with ob
taining money under false pretenses.
The hibtory of the case appeared in
these columns a few days ago. The
pioseculing witness is A. B. Perkins ,
who signed n note for $5(50 ( for property
bold by Price to Pontius , and which the
witness alleges was not worth a fourth
of that sum. Tlio bail of , the parties
was fixed at $800 each. They secured
the necessary amount and wcro re
All grades hard coal. C. B. Fuel Co.
S. B , Wadsworth & Co. loan monoy.
. - .
Boston Post : "Mrs. AVymoro mndo
her debut before a Boston audience at
the first symphony concert this season.
She has a smooth , rich voice and sang
with much bettor taste and express
Sudden Death ,
About half past 10 o'clock yesterday
morning C. 15. Voorhis , familiarly
known as "Noil , " an old fireman and
well known resident of this city , was
stricken with heart disease while nt
work on the Merriam block and died
shortly after being , removed to his
homo , " 51 Vine street. Ho was appar
ently well up to the tlmo of his sudden
attack , and tlio grim messenger came
without the slightest warning. Tlio
deceased was thirty-eight years of ago ,
and leaves a wife and child to mourn
his loss. Ho had resided hero all of his
life , and for the past twenty years had
been connected with the fire depart
ment. Ho was ono of the leading mem
bers of the old volunteer company , and
later passed into the paid sorvico.
Until a few months ago ho was actively
connected with the department , being
for years ono of the most faithful and
rcopocted members. The arrangements
for the funeral are not yet complotjd ,
but the old Volunteer Rescue company
will probably take charge ot it.
Pickled tripe and pigs' feet at Tib-
bitts1 , 816 Broadway. _
Dr. C. C. Hazon , dentist , Opera house
_ _
The Ilonul ol' Health.
The board of health hold a short meetIng -
Ing at noon yesterday. It was called to
investigate the complaint of Mrs ,
Fonda that Mr. Carter had broken the
quarantine in that section by going to
his old homo near the transfer and re
moving clothing. Dr. Soybort stated
that ho had soon to the matter , and
had cnubcd the clothes to bo thoroughly
disinfected , and had given them to Car
ter himself. As it was shown that the
complaint wns groundless , the mooting
ndjournod without taking any action on
the matter.
Send nil orders for bottled beer to L.
M. Flnkelstolu , Omaha. ,
Tlio Chlmofl of tli
Quarterly meeting services nt the
Broadway M. E. church to-day. Preach
ing nt 10:30 : it. in. by the pastor. Iov.
W. E. Smith , P. E. , will preach nt 7:80 :
nnd administer the Lord's supper. Quar
terly conference Mondnnovcning. Love
feast meeting at 0:30 : p. m. In tlio lec
ture room. A very iutobesllng mis
sionary meeting will bo hold at the
church Monday eve at TWOJp. m. Miss
Wilson nnd MfasGrllllth , outgoing mis-
sionnries to C'hiun , will bo present nnd
sponk of their cull to the work. The
public cordially invited.
Services nt the Probvtorlan Har
mony mission todn.nt'.Il . ' . ( fclock , con
ducted by Dr. llarluneo ; Sabbath-
school nt 4 o'clock. '
Congregational Preaching this
morning and evening by the pastor.
Morning subject , "Tho Power of Faith. "
Evening , "Tho Only Foundation. " A
cordial Invitation is extended.
Beroan Baptist church The pastor
will preach at 100u. : ! ! m. nnd 7'HI : p. m ,
The Sunday-school moots at II : 15 n. m.
Prayer meeting on Woduosdaj even
ing. All are Invited.
Bethany Baptist church , corner of
Bluff and Story streets. Servicesnttho
usual hours , 10:30 : a. m. and 7UO : p. m.
Sunday-school at 8 p. in. Young pee
ple's meeting at 0 : ! > 0 p. m. Rev. E. N'
Harris pastor.
First Baptist church The pastor will
preach at 10tO : ; a. m. nnd 70 : ! ! p. in.
Sunday bchool , 11 ! in , Young people's
meeting , 0l0 : ! p. m. All cordially wel
comed ,
Presbyterian Preaching ns usual ,
both morning nnd evening , by the pns-
tor. Sabbath school nt 1U o'clock.
Young people's meeting nt ( > : ; i ( ) p. m.
Strangers nnd others cordially invited.
Try our XXX bottled beer. Special
rates on all orders from Iowa.
Boston Herald : "Mrs. Wyman has a
voice of a singularly pleasing charac
ter , thoroughly well schooled and ad
mirably bulled to meet the bovorebt do-
matidb of the concert stage. "
" "CU ViJo Allnut Nothing
An alarm oHlre wns tiTr'ncd" in about
o'clock yesterday morning from box HI ,
at the corner of Main and Broadway.
The call brought out the full depart
ment in short order when it was found
that the alarm was a falbo ono. It had
been turned on by some of the Nonpa
reil printers who were on their way
homo , and supposed that a light that
they saw on Main street was caused by
a lire. The large bell at No. 3 hose
house continued to ring until nine
rounds had been sent in instead of four ,
us it should have done. This was
caiibcd by a little defect in the box , that
failed to allow the button to work
smoothly. The continued ringing
caused several people toM gather in the
street , under the improghion that a
largo lire was in progress in the busi
ness portion of the city. The defect
was remedied by the electrician who
soon arrived at the box. ' I
Notice the beautiful finish given col
lars , cuffs and bhirtb by Cascade Laun
dry company.
Gns IB Cheap !
And gas fixtures arc cheaper at the
N. Y. Plumbing Co. , 114' Main fat. A
discount of thirty per ecu from list
price will bo given for thirty days.
Death oT Mrs. Ilu
Yesterday morning , , 8 o'clock-
Mrs. J. B. Rue passed , away after a
lingering and painful illness. For
twenty-five years she had suffered from
consumption , and this it was which ter
minated her existence. She is ono o'
the pioneers of Iowa , having come to
Mount Pleasant in 1835. In 1870 , with
her family , she came to Council Bluffs , '
where she has since lived. Her
eighteen years of life hero have borne
a fruitage of universal love and respect.
She was married to Mr. John B. Rue
on Juno 20 , 1843. Her husband and
four children survive her. These arc :
Mrs. C. G. Robinson , of Fcrnwood , 111. ;
Mrs. George Motcalf , Mrs. F. .1. Day
and Mr.'William B. Rue , all living in
this city. Tlio sympathy of all ib ex
tended to them in their allliction. The
details of the funeral will be arranged
as soon as absent friends can bo heard
Parties having temperance billiard
halls and restaurants will do well to
take the exelubive sale of my temper
ance beer. L. M. FINKELSTEIN.
Another K\K \ Deal.
An immense amount of Boston capital
is being invested in Council Bluffs re
alty. A deed was filed yesterday , con
voying to Samuel B. Pierce , of Boston ,
fifty-six acres of land between this city
and Manawa. The consideration was
The Light guards have secured G.
Paul Smith , tlio lightning crayonist
and impersonator , for two evenings' en
tertainment Friday and Saturday of
this week at their armory in Masonic
tomplo. The South Bond Times bays :
"Mr. Smith has no superior in his line ,
and these who miss his entertainment
miss a rare treat. "
I have moved my otllco to Omaha , at
which all orders will bo received and
Irom which all deliveries will bo made
by wngon. L. M. FINKII.STIIN.
The School Board ,
An adjourned mooting of the school
board was hold last evening for the
purpose of electing three teachers
and transaction of some business of
minor importance. A full board was
present. The following ieachors were
elected : Mrs. Nichols , 'Miss Britton
and Miss Melntosh. Tlip board then
adjourned until the next regular meet
ing , to Do hold Monday evening the
18th iiist.
„ _ C
L. E. Roe , dentist , No. 27 Main St. ,
over Jacqunmln & Co.'s jqwolry store.
Bargains in real 0811110111 all parts of
the city , W. S. Cooper , 130 Main btroot.
t _ i _ „ . _ . . . . .
"A Dark Secret" was presented at
Dohaden's yesterday afternoon and
evening , and the same grn'nd success
scored us on the previous levelling. The
house was packed at bothjpocformanccs ,
and the management reaped a heavy
financial harvest. The pompany goes
from hero to Omaha , whnro they play
at the Grand the entire week. They
will have many Blullitos in their audi
ences , as three performances have not
satisfied many of our theater goers.
Blank books mtido to order. Can fur
nish patent binding for parties wishing
the biime. Call and BOO samples nt room
1 , Everitt block , Pearl street.
MouKiioufei : & Co.
Heating stoves at cost to close out.
O'Doll & Bryant.
The night transfer street cnr will
leave Broadway , at the Methodist
church , at 8:55 : nnd arrive nt Pearl
street junction at 0 o'clock p. in. , arriv
ing at transfer at 0:20 : jt. in. This change
commences to-duy.
Fuel Merchants. Watch TheSlGNS
, _ No,3l SoufhMainSt , of the TIMES' '
Courteous Attention. * Painted by * rt ,
"in We invite - your Promptoettvery patronage. * RJ2. MILLER -f E.B.GARDINEIR . ,
/VO. 104BFfOAD
N09.II&I3 Pearl St . \
- wcU nps
&mk rW , $
/XmBKto& & Sfito
hamberofGomattcefOJ Peor/t. >
OF THE . = -
, An old established Boot and Shoe business
in Council Bluffs , Iowa.
The Phillips stock of Boots and Shoes at
413 Broadway , is for. sale and the store will
be rented. Best stand and trade in city.
Nearly thirty years in one location. Present
stock from $12,000 to $15,000. For further
particulars apply to GD. . Phillips , at the
store , or to N. O. Phillies , one of the execu
tors of the J. M. Phillips estate.
N. P. DODG-E , Executor.
Especially AO.ipto-1 for
POWER. Mills and Elsrators ,
Specifications nnd estimates furnished for complete steam pl.ints. Ilofpilution , Durability Guar
anteed. tauBhow letturs iioia uaeraJieio fuel Economy U equal with Corliss Non-CondeiHlns.
E. C. HARRIS , Agent ,
Send for Catalogue. No. 510 Pearl Shoot , Council Ululf- } .
Mr. anil Mrs. John SIvoi-s stalled Monday
tor Florida , whom tliov will sjiond two or
three months visiting her parents.
Mr. nines , n blacltbmith of Oakland , was
so badly hurt by horse that ho has been
compelled to wullc with crutches for several
The teachers' mooting hold at the school
building on the 20th was quito well attended
for sucii n cold day and rough roads.
Miss Mary Curse , daughter of James
Carso , living southwest of Oakland , died on
the 21st from tlio effects of fever , from which
she had suffered since early In the fall. The
f uncial was held at tlio house on Wednes
day , the services being conducted by the
I'r'esbytorian minister of Carson.
Mr , and Mrs. Judd have returned from
their tour to Now Mexico ,
Mr. C. Jordan , from Washington territory ,
visited Mr. and Mis , Orr.
Money loaned on furniture , plnnos ,
diamonds , horses , bungles or anything
of vnluo at low rates of interest. No
publicity ; Mi * nnd honorable dealing.
A. A. Chirk & Co , , ollleo cor. JJroaUwuy
and Main , over American nxproas.
Men with teams desiring 'work will
report at Lake. Manawa Monday morn
ing , at my ice chute. 1vill pay (15 (
cents per load for hnulinp from there to
my ice houbo. JAb. T. STKWAUT.
Kx-Cadot Wlillfalcer a Ktanisnmri.
Ex-Cudot Whittakor , the colored
youth who attracted uo much intention
nt West Point hovoral yeam nye by
being found tied , with hi.s earn out , is
now a , < aliticiiin iu'South Carolina. Ilo
hau had aspirations towards a Feat in
congress , but latterly ho looks to Pres
ident Harrison for ollleo. In speaking
about a colored man for the cabinet , ho
bald : "Tho time has not como yet for
a negro to bo in the position , Jt would
Injure the republican party , for it
would bring about disbonbions all
through the party , north and south. I
believe that within the next twenty
years the negro will bo reprerented in
the president's cabinet. "
The Chautauqua ciivlo will meet
Monday evening tit the board of trade
\\rANTKD-5iilcsmnn and Kulrtladj of good
i character and ability , no otliura wul ap
ply. Address .M , ( ] . , lite olllcc. Council Illnili.
" 1J1O iriTTlNT TliijTlnetTirtory til U k him o i ooin
J. ' No. 407 llro.iihvny. 'Jhn loritlon In olio of
tin ; boht In tlio city , 'llm liuildlnic IMS lie-on no-
tu pled fey ilia last twenty years by .Miller VVi. ,
lianhMire , und \\oulil lie \eiy duslr.ible lora-
lloti fnra liaitlnaia business on tout account.
Julm Ilenn'-tt.
LOST At the opera homo , unlink boa , I'loaso
nil urn toHunnson MunluCo. , No , .KJ Ilioad-
way and ruielvo umm J ,
ANTIUl-Two cooka and dining room girl
0. II. Dexter , room - ' , No. as I'eurl t
- propurty in extn.mgo for
WANTKD-Clty Johnson .V Van ratten , UJ
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
XTOriCK of ilUsoliition of co-part.
inot ship. Notice In hereby Khun
tliit the copaitnershlp heretofore uilst-
lim between Ilia iindiirhlgned under the
llrm name of I'araons .V Keller , for thu puiposn
of ilo\elujiln and oiiuiatliiK a sand iinil uravtl
iilt ni'ui Illnion , In > | 11H county , Iowa , in tlil
clay dibsohcil by niutnul lOtiHcnt. Wltnoanour
hands tills 1'Jth day uf jHiuuiry. A. I ) . . , "j " NS '
V.I. . KliM.KII.
rut HUNT TiwollInK homo ( .f 0 roonin. No.
ITliT Ninth : icnne. . riortli of 1'lantera hotel ,
A. .1. Stopneiiiion , VM ti. .Mrtln at.
KI ) fronroom to 1 ori
No. lUiT Mh avt-nne. nar transfer.
OUSAI.K ) lorHe7anJiln Wjomlntf. Tlireo
I7 Hundred head of horxas , marui and coltH.
UanKftacIlltlea llrut clasii. As prt payment
will tuke Council UlulTJ property. Oeoryu M'H-
calf , 14 1'eailt-t. _
WHA'CJB ITA stock of Clothlnir. Hoot *
iUlTHluio , Hats and Caps , dents' 1'iir-
llnods , Dry OooiU. Invoice UO.xiO. (
What tiav you to oiler1UI Ilroadway , Council
IHiUTBJnli _
FOIl 8AI.B My IIOIIKO and lot , corner Bccond
n.v nti anil Ninth ntreeti aUo Iiointe and lot
C-'T ; 'u til avrnun ; teims easy. I. A. .Mil. Milt.
jt.nO ti
Who Will Save You Money
fij to. CO.'S
House , SL'3 '
W ItroAiluar. W 5 *
QQ Council lllullh.
. .a w
Is -I 2 CT3
As I jnovo by
' ? -
- - - M
Lanzondorfer & ffO f r R3 . . > " . rn .
* * W * -
III 2 ? B
Sirohbehn ,
\n. CO
Particular attention given to Embalming.
A p. ] .l \ . Iiiln il. , Council ESIulfr.
riiriiltinoro.UrliiB ] uuutly dono.
Ollico uilln uticndcil piamiitly dny nnd nlRlit.
Ami K < ; I ( lit ; l > L'sl filling Suit
jou uvur luul ,
No , 637 Broadway , - Council Bluffs ,
lowaCaltle , Fedo. Iowa Corn !
And will meet any lionnitoompctHlononprlcot
for 1 IIHI-I lauii Al
1UO HrunilWAy. - - TclcplKiiio 1O1.
TIIOO. Ornrm. w. H. M.
Corner Main and llroad\vay ,
ni-aleiH In forolxn Mid domeotlo ekvlupKe.
Ccllrrtiong uiado an 1 luteruit paid on tlmo dt > -