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Uganda's Monarch a Prisoner and
His Brother Reigns.
Stations Bui ncil nnd Converts
to Christianity Killed A Hippo-
liotnimis InkcH n Hnml
In the Slaughter.
Annrrny In Africa ,
n , Jnn. 11 , Advices have been re
ceived from the Interior that In October last.
Mwanra , hlngof Uganda , plotted to destioy
Ills body guard , his Intention being to aban
don them on nn open island in Lake Nyanra ,
whore they would starve to death. The
guards , who had been forewainctt of the
Itlng's Intentions , escaped and returned to
the capital anil inndo an attack on Mwanra's
palace. The king lied to escape the fury of
Ills guards , and his brother , Kiewewa , was
enthroned In his stead Klcwown has ap
pointed Christians to the principal ofllccs , This
enraged the Ainbs , who murdered many of
the Christian ofllcialBand tcplaced them with
Mohiuncdaiis. The Arabs burned the Kng
llsh and Prcnch mission statimis , nnd killed
niiinj' of the converts to Christianity. The
mission boat BU imor , in whir li some persons
\vhohndbcenconvcittd bj I'lenth mission *
arics weror fleeing , was struck bj' a hippo
potiunus and sank , five of the converts bcliif
Mnnv letters from Kmln Boy nnd Hcnty
M. Stanley were dostnned by the burning of
the inissionaiv stations 'I ho missionniles
have touched Usalbvio In safetjMwanga. .
who Is n prisoner nt Magn , has appealed
to tlio English mlsslonnlics for assistance
The Ai ubs have written to Missionarj Mc
Kay , exulting in their triumph and propho *
Bvlnir the extinction of all the mUsion sta
tions in central Africa in icvengo for Bng-
land's anti-slavery policy They huvopio-
rlaimcd Ungamln a Molmmcdan kingdom ,
Kplbrrcd to Cnidlnnl Meluhors.
UOMI , Jan. 11. The propaganda , after
hearing aigumenls on both sides In relation
to the complaint of Irish bishops In America
tliut Ceiinan Catholics residing in the mainly
Irish districts insist on having special par
ishes of then own , with Get man priests nnd
schools , bus instructed Cardinal Mclchcrs to
jirepaie for the pope a repot t on the subject.
The selection of Cat dlnal Melehors Is thought
to indicate a decision in favor of the Ger
JloViin Not the Kipper.
LONDON , Jnn. 11. The Brad ford , York
shire , magistrates to-day iclcnsod Barrett ,
the milkman , who was chaiged with the
inuidcr of oight-jear-old John GUI , whoso
liornblj' mutilated body wns found in an
out-house , December ii'J. No evidence could
be found against Barrett.
Dr. Mnf'cot7lo ! Consnred.
LovnoN' , Jan. 11. The Hoynl College of
Burgeons , bju vote of 21 to ! ) , has passed
u resolution censuring Dr. Mackenzie for
publishing his book on the case of the late
jSmpeior Fredoi ick.
IteportH of ii Buttle Confirmed.
Sinvm , S. S. W , Jan. 11. The reports of
fighting between the Germans and the fol
lowers of the deposed King Matafa in Samoa
liav e been confirmed.
Uo\v in tlio Hungntiau Diet.
VIENNA , Jan. 11. [ Snecial Cablcg'ram to
Tun BKU.I In the lower house of the Hun
garian diet j-cstordaj' Count Czakj' , the new
minister of education , refcinng to the gov
ernment's refusal to insert a clause In the
nrmj- bill declaring it unnecessary to pass an
examination in German , defended the gov-
einmcnt on the ground that its promised ex
emption , backed bj' the emperor's promise ,
was sufllcient without the insertion of the
clause referred to , the adoption of which
would lead to a similar demand on behalf of
nil tlio Austrian provinces. Ho was intcr-
luptod at this point by shouts of "Gennan-
170" and "Gorman minister. " Minister
Cikjhowever ! , continued , saying : "Tho
ability of the country to defend itself is a
matter which takes precedence of education.
Every ono is n better Hungarian and a bet
ter patriot the better ho knows German. "
Hereupon there arose n deafening uproar ,
which lasted live minutes , but Count Ciaky
Btuck to his guns , and was eventually re
warded for his pot sistonco by cheers of ap
proval from members of the ministerial
Tlio Council Bin Us Man Puts Nolan to
Sleep in Kluveii Rounds.
KAXSA.S CITY , Mo. , Jan. 11. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Br.i : ] A desperate prwoflght
took place near this city caily this morning
in the presence of flftj' sports between
Tommy Blocks , of Council Bluffs , la. , and
Billy Nolan , of this cltjr , icsultlng in Brooks
winning the fight by a teuiflc ilght-hander
und a knockout in the eleventh round.
Brooks and Nolan fought near hero about
ono j oar ago , at which time Brooks won in
the Bccoiut round by dealing Nolan a blow la
the side that broke two of his ribs ,
To-day the men met , both in the pink of
condition nnd both bent on victory. Brooks
stripped at 1-7 pou nets und Nolan at 13-1.
While Nolan was In excess of the standard
for a lightweight , Brooks made no objection
evidently being of the opinion that lv. ) could
TV hip him if ho weighed a ton , Tno fight was
With bnro Knuckles , AIu-tjuis of Quconsburv
regulations an < l'va3 lo a finish for n purse of
1500. From Ihe opening botn men fought
tPTi'incally , and both administered
terrible punishment. Brool-s knocked
Nolan down lu the second round
by a right-hander on the nock.
In the fifth i ountl Nolan caught Btooks
heavily In the ribs , but the latter countered ,
and with a well-landed blow on the wind
pipe with his loft sent Nolan to the iloor.
This came near ending the fight.
However , Nolan got up , though groggy ,
nnd fought shy of his man. In the eighth
round Biooks again caught him In the ribs
With a swinging right hand blow which stag
gered him , and again followed him with on
upper out , sending him to the lloor. The
repetition of this lound in the eleventh was
What gave Brooks the victory. Both men
sparred cautiously , when Brooks led out
straight fiom the shoulder , catching Nolan
on the side of the neck with his right , which
Bent him heavily to the lloor. Ho fulled to
orlso at the call of time , ami remained in n
semi-conscious condition for about seven min
utes. The tight was awarded to liioolcs. .
Opinion of Itnllrnnd Mini on tlio Pro
posed Now AjTOOiiionl ,
CHICAGO , Jan. 11. The only Important
western lines not represented at the Now
Yorlc meeting of rullioud presidents nnd
bankers were the Chicago St Alton nnd the
Illinois Coutial. Both President Blackstone ,
of the Illinois Central , and VIce President
McMullon , of the Chicago & Alton , said to *
day that they regarded the plan as a good
ono , although they were not quite r udy to
say that they would sign it. They wcro
ready to maintain rates under nny scheme
that may bo proposed , out the peculiar posi
tion which the Chicago & Alton occupies , by
force of circumstances , mav prevent It from
endorsing the provision , which prohibits the
payment of commissions. General Manager
Jeffrey , of the Illinois Central , approved of
tlio plan of the presidents , and said that as
bis road had strictly obeyed tuo provisions of
tlio intor-stato law. from the tluio it became
ofTootivo , ho was clad to see other toads do *
elding to pursue tuo sauio policy ,
Tlio Ohio Giinutauqnn.
AKitOK , O. , Jan. 11. The annual meeting
of ; the trustees of the Chautauijutt assembly
wns held here to-day. The report of ths sec *
retary and superintendent shows : Receipts
for 1633 , $ saU9 ! ; expenditures , * 03WI ; bal *
Nice , fv,238 , which was expended lor Im *
broveinents. The assembly's Indebtedness
U $ .M,769 , $ TBOO in mortgages having been
paid la the past year. Ottlcer * for the ousu.
Injj j-oar were then elected ,
The Thrco tircnt Companion Begin to
HlaiiRlitcr Hales.
Cntetno , Jan 11 The war between the ex
press companies is growing lively Kites
from eastern points to St Paul , Minneipolls
and nil points on the Missouri river has been
cut from ? I to f I 75 Prom Chicago to the
same points the rates arc cut from ? J to $1 ,
and at many other places rates nave also
teen cut In proportion. Vieo President
Crosby , of the United States Express , stated
that the war grew out of the establishment
by the American Express of an open rate of
7."i cents from Now York to Chicago and of
W from New York to St. Paul Other com
panies following suit. The Ailams then cut
the rate from Chicago to Omaha nnd St.
Paul to * 1 , nnd the United. State * Express
agent made eastern rates to correspond.
Barrett , thongentof the American Express ,
denies that tlio war is duo to his company
having established a 75 cent rate.
Ilobni IROD'H Pitnor Usurped.
IM > MN VPOM , Ind. , Jan. 11. The fifty
sixth general assembly of Indiana convon cd
yesterday The democrats in caucus had do
lei mined to rcp ° at their action of two , \ears
ago nnd refuse to lecogniro the authority of
the republican lieutenant governor , Hob-
crtson. Accordingly 1 u-go crowds g.itlioied
about the senate chamber in the morning in
anticipation of seeing a potsonnl encounter ,
Colonel Hobertsou uriived ctrlv and Wfls de
fused admittance by the doorkeeper. Under
the law It Is the duly of the stata auditor to
organl/o the senate in the absence of the
presiding ofllcer. When that body convened
JudgoMiUhell , of the supreme court , asked if
Auditor Cnir was present. Mr. Cnrr stopped
out , and bi icily Hinted that the constitu
tional pi csl < l ing ofllcor w.u at the door de
manding admission , nnd he would not usurp
his power. Senator Johnson then submit
ted a icsolution directing the auditor to
older the doot keeper to admit Mr Robert
son. Ho put the resolution to a vote , and
amid terrible uproar and confusion declared
it can led , but it had no effect on the demo
cratic doorkeeper. Judge Mllcholl and the
democratic somilois then pioceeded to or
ganization , the republicans icfralnlug fiom
voting. Senator James r Cox was chosen
president of the son.ito , nnd took the chair.
The tepublicans pi otested against Cox tak
ing the oath , but Judge Mitchell adminis
tered It and then left the chamber. The
minor olllccs wcio filled ai.d the senate ad
join nod.
The legislature reconvened at 10 o'clock
this morning and the scene around the cham
ber was n mild i cpetitiou of yesterday. Col
onel Kobertsoti. nccoinpiiued by Sen
ator Demott , appiouchod the door
leading into the senate chamber
and Hobertson came near slipping
in , when the watchful doorkeeper inter
cepted his passage. Hobortson again do-
mnndod admission , stating that ho was lieu
tenant govci nor of Indiana.
The doorkeeper replied "Colonel , my or
ders to keep jou out are still in foice. "
The lieutenant govoinor was couipslled to
icmaiii on the outside. Nearly tlio oath c
morning session was devoted to triviil mat-
teis. Picsidcnt Pro Tom. Cox presided with
out a protest from the republican members.
At 1 o'clock the senate adjourned to moot
the house in joint session at 2 o'clock and 10
coive the governor's message. The house
was in session but a few minutes , completing
its organization , and then adjourned till
2 p. m.
- Hairlson'H Visitors.
INDI WAi'oi is , Ind. , Jnn 11. General Har
rison's out-of town visitors to-day were not
very numerous , but they came from widely
diflcient sections aud on political ei rands.
Biiiningham , Ala , sent another delegation
in the persons of Colonel G. P. Kliklaudand
Judge Straiten. Their mission was to pre
sent the name of ox-Governor William II.
Smith as a suitable representative of the
south in President Harrison's cabinet.
another visitor to the city , but who did not
call on the president-elect , was. J. Poi tor , of
Chicago , for seventeen years pioinincntly
identified with the treasury department nt
Washington He has just returned from n
trip through Colorado , Texas and Arkansas ,
and as a result of his talks with leading re
publicans in those states , ho to-day sent the
piesulcnt-ckct a atronc petition favoring
ex-Governor John T. Houtt , of Denver , for a
cabinet place , It is understood that Gov-
cinor Houtt would make an excellent post
master-general , haing once filled the post of
first assistant postmnster-peneral.
Other out-of-town visitors were P. E.
Tate , of Clay county , Tex. , who is a can
didate for the oflico of United States marshal
for the not thorn district of Texas. Tate
once icslded in lown , anil it is understood
that he has Senator Allison's endorsement.
Captain W. S. Lurty , of Harrisonbuig ,
Va , arrived this evening. Ho is the van
guard of a Vligmia delegation uow on louto
to urge the name of General Mahono as n
cabinet officer.
Novel But Katnl Duel.
LOUISVILI.R , Quo. , Jan , 11. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB Bci : . ] This village is much ex
cited over a duel which took place in a Held
near here. The combatants were named
Frechette and Carpentior , and the affair
arose out of a quarrel m which a young
woman Hguied. It was proposed at first to
fight on the banks of n nelghboiing river ,
using stlckb or any other weapon that came
to hand , until ono of the men succumbed ,
when his adversary was to throw his body
Into the stieam. Tills seboino wns abandoned
sit last and the two . \ouni ; men went into an
adjoining Held , wheic thoio was a most
brutal scene. Many blows were exchanged
and Carpentler received a terrible wound on
the head , having been struck with an iron
bar. Ho cannot iccover. Frechette has es
caped to the United States.
The Duchess ueds Monoy.
NEW YOUR , Jan. 11. [ Special Telegram to
Tin , Brn ] A petition has been nuido to
Surrogate Ransom byHobeit Sowcll , repre
senting the Duchess of Mailboiough , nee
Mrs. Louis C. Hammorsloy , for nn order re
quiring the executors of her former hus
band's estate to pay his client $ . ! 00,000. The
duchess , in her petition for this allowance ,
stated that the income In the hands of the
cjiceutois was JjOOJO a year. She also as-
boitcd that she was entitled to this sum ,
whether her former husband's will was ad
mitted to probate or not , Thu duchess in
tends to use $ ir > ,000 of this sum in purchas
ing a residence , and the balance to defray
the expenses and sustain tuo lank and social
position which bho has usaumcd. Decision
was icsorvod.
The president to day sent the nomination
to the sonata of Henry W. Blackwlth , of Illi
nois , to bo United States consul to Bermuda .
Mrs Matthews , wifu of Associate Justice
Matthews , oftha mipiouio court of the
United btutos , said this afternoon that the
statements published regarding the serious
condition of her husband weft entirely false ,
and that Justice Matthews was better and
stronger than ho has been since his illness.
The following nominations of postmasters
were made to-duy : Fredoilck B. Phelps ,
Lancaster , WIs. ; Scth Smith , Manning , la. ;
Samuel W. Sunnier , Clarion , la. ; 'James A.
Totton , Griswold. la. , James K. Latchoin ,
Montczumu. In. ; George L. Bokor , Biitton ,
Dak. ; Ole Shager , Parker , Dak.
Another Thvon li Line.
JAXESVILMJ , WIs , Jan. 11. A surveying
corps of the Chicago & Northwestern started
from this city to day to look over the ground
for the proposed Johnstown & Lake Geneva
extension. It Is believed that the line will
bo put through , thus affording another
thiough line train Chicago to St. Paul.
Positively cured by
' ( huso I.iUle. IMllb.
They ako relieve Dli-
trws from D'&pensla , In-
ITTLE UlnesUoa ncdToo Heart }
Eatlnj. A perfect remedy
edy Jor Dlnlacss , Nausea.
PILLS. Drovrnlnas , Had Table
In the Mouth , Coated
Tongue , Pain In the Mde ,
regulate tbe Bowels. Purely Vegetable.
Weaver Continues His Filibustering
In the Houao.
A $000,000 Appropriation A recil
Upon liy the Committee Prog
ress oT the Debate oil
the Tni-liriUll.
WAStnx'OTtw , Jnn. 11. The senate , after
waiting some time for a quorum to appear ,
resumed consideration of the tariff bill , the
pending question being the amendment
ottered bv Mr. Plumb , to strike out of para-
gra | > li < Ti7 the words "except when frozen or
picked In ice , or otherwise prepared by any
process for preservation , " so as to lot the
paragraph read simply "fresh fish" ( free. " )
Mr. Plumb spoke la support of his amend
ment. which was also favored by Mr. Hoagan ,
but opposed by Mr. Hoar.
Mr. Hale then moved to strike out the par
agraph , which ho said would leave till fresh
Hsii under the duti fixed in another part of
the bill a half cent per pound and then
New England would fare no bettor In that
tcspcct than any other part of the country ,
Discussion on Mr. Halo's amendment wns
continued at great length by Messrs. Blair ,
Spooner , Stockbridgc , Palmer , roller , Alli
son and Evnrts. Finally air. Plumb's
amendment was withdinwn.
Mr. IIulo's amendment was agiccd to
ye is 'JS , najs 13.
On motion of Mr. Allison , paragraph 003
( leather , old scr.ips , ) and 040 ( mica nud mica
waste ) , woio struck out of the fieo list.
All puagiuphs relating to oils were laid
aside Infoimally so us to have the verbiage
Having i cached paragraph 700 , as to cedar
and other woods , m.inuf ictuicd , Mr. Altlrich
moved to strilto out the words "osier or wil
low , " stating that the object was to put them
on the dutiable list at 10 per cent. Agiecd
to.Tho end of the fieo list having been reached
at paragraph 795 , Mr. Allison said ho sup
posed that the senate would finish leading
the billeatly to niottow ( administrative sec
tions of It. ) He would propose , ho said , to
spend the icmainiler of the day on the
omitted paingraphs In the free list ,
alter which he would propose to
take up the paragraphs na to guns ,
cutlery and a few miscellaneous articles
Mr Weaver took the advantage of the half
hour dobito allowed upon the Milwaukee
bill to deliver u speech in favor of the meas-
uie In behalf of which ho has been making a
nllibustormg light for some days past. The
will of the house and the wishes of the coun
try , ho said , had been disiegardod and
ti am pled m the dust by a smal1 minority ,
winch was opposed to the Oklahoma bill.
Mr. Mason of Illinois made a point of order
that the gentleman was not speaking on the
subject before the house , nud the speaker
pie torn , Mr. McCreary , sust lined it.
Nevertheless , Mr. Weaver managed to get
in a few sentences in behalf of the Oklahoma
bill.No quorum voting on the ordering of the
yeas and nays on the adoption of the confer
ence report , Mr. Weaver again raised his
point of otder that a quorum was necossaty.
The speaker overruled the point and the
conference repot t was agreed to jcas 70 ,
mi vs. 51.
Mr. Dibble then presented the conference
icpoit on the bill for the erection of n public
building at Omaha , Nob. As agreed upon ,
the bill appiopriates0 10,000 ? 100OilO for the
purchase of a site aud $ JOO,000 to commence
the building.
Mr. Weaver permitted the report to bo
agiccd to without foicingayoi and nnv vote.
but when Mr. Dibble rose with another con
ference ropott , ho raised the'qucstion of con
sideration , and pending this , moved to ad-
joui n
Mr. Dibble raised a point of order that the
latter motion was not in order , but yio point
wns oveiiuled by the speaker , who hold that
pending a decision of the question of consid
eration , it was competent for the house to
adjourn. He also hold in order a subsequent
motion that when the ' . ase adjourned to
day , it bo to meet on Monday next Tlio
latter motion was defeated. Mr. Weaver
then withdrew Ins motion to adjourn , and on
his motion the house took n recess , the even
ing session to bo for the consideration of pri
vate pension bills.
items of that character. Early next week
he wished to ptoceed with the "wool nnd
woolens" schedule , which had not yet boon
Adjourned. _
WASHINGTON , Jan. 11. Haidly had the
chaplain of the house closed his petition with
"Amen , " when Mr. Weaver of Iowa came
forw.ud with a motion that when the house
adjourn to day it bo to meet Monday.
Messrs. Crisp and Weaver were
tellers , and the count proceeded slowly.
After the count had proceeded for half an
hour without a quorum malting its appear
ance , Mr. Randall demanded the yeas aud
nays , and they were ordered. The motion
having been defeated yeas , 2 ; nays ! i2S
Mr. Weaver , who had voted in the negative ,
moved a reconsideration. This was ruled
out of order. Mr. Weaver then moved to
take a recess until 1:30 : , which was also
ruled out of oracr.
The journal was then read and at its con
clusion Mr. Weaver began once more his
round of dilatoiy motions. They were
finally interrupted by Air. Dibble of South
Carolina , who came forwaid with the con
ference icpoit upon the senate bill for tlio
election of a public building nt Milwaukee ,
Wis. , which , notwithstanding Mr. We.ivers's
protest , the speaker ruled of higher pilvl-
lego even than a motion to adjourn. As
agreed to in confcience , the bill provides for
the erection of a building at au ultimate cost
of $1,200,000 , and the icpoit having been
read anil tlio pievlous question demanded
by Mr. Dibble , Mr. Weaver moved to ad
join n. The speaker decided that as the
lulesgavoa conference icpoit precedence
over a motion to adjourn , the subsequent
motion to adjourn could not deprive it of
precedence. This ruling did not facilitate
matters much , as at it o'clock the house had
been bo far unable to reach a vote on the
conference tepoit , owing to the tactics of
Mr. Weaver.
Mr. Weaver , of Iowa , was not present
when the house met this evening , but Mr.
Kilgoro was on hand to block legislation by
raising the point of no quorum , on a motion
to go into committee of the whole for consid
eration of the piivate pension bills.
A call of the house was 01 doted.
Mr. Mason , of Illinois , moved that nil ab
sentees bo excused witli thu exception of Mr.
Weaver , of Iowa , and that that gentleman bo
compelled to bo present.
"Oh i No I We don't want him , " said sev-
01 al members.
Mr. Mason said that he would yield to the
desire of the house and withdraw his motion.
The call continued until 8:30 : when the
house adjourned until to-mono w.
Moru Yard Iloom at IMattsmouth.
PJ.ATTSMOLTH , Nob. , Jan. 11. [ Special to
TIIK BucJ The B. & M. has a largo num
ber of men engaged In grading lots west of
the present yard , nnd it Is the Intention of
thu company to convert it into an addition to
their alt cndy extensive j ard hero.
Street Hallway CoiiHolldntlon ,
A sensational dispatch was published last
evening in a local paper announcing that the
cnblo tramway company and the street rail
way companlos.had agreed to consolidate ,
and that the bill Introduced in the legislature
by Mr. Funcko of Gogo county , permitting
street railways to consolidate , was drafted
with the idea of carrying out the plan.
As a matter of fact , although us published
sometime ago in TIIK BEB , negotiations for
the consolidation referred to were long pend
ing , it is learned there has been no agree
ment signed by the ofllcor * of the two com
panies looking towards a consolidation.
During the negotiations of last summer ,
it Is stated , it was discovered thut ad
ditional legislation would bo neces
sary in case a perfect consqltdatlon was re.
quired. The matter , when brought before
tbq street ear people of various cities of the
state , resulted in the drafting of the present
bill , which simply provides a way bv which
street railways now existing or which inuy
bo created may , when they so decide , con
solidate with other HUM ,
That's AVIint KillVor Holiloii of Kcnr
niAgiccd For.
Knutvcr , Neb , .tan. 11. [ Special toTnr
BEE.V ] O Holdcn , thu democratic cdltoi
of the Courier , sued W. L. Orccn , n demo
cratic politician , for $ l'j ; , duo for ciinpalgn
service" ! Qrcou plead the inymcnt of $200
to Hohlen out of the IcShano barrel , vvhicl
vvai the aprecd prloo for Holdon's Influence
Holdcn admitted celling1 JJOO from McShano
nnd the Jury found Hint lie could recover no
more. It was nplonlo-onjoyod by the ropuu
Means. II. A. Mqgre , Mnrston & Novlns
Hortmnn & Urjden , U. V Cant & Conner
nnd Woodruff appeared for the plulntlff , and
Norrii Brown nud ilonn Hasro for the do
fondant. All the lawyers were republicans
Diitttl City Xotut.
Du'ii ) Cm , Neb , .r.ui. 11 fSpoeial Tele-
grain to Tun Hiji-.J Quito a ripple has been
caused in llnnticlal clicloi hero by ttio resig
ncMon of M. Oould , cashier of the Continl
Nebraska National bank. Mr Oould his
nlso boon connected with the Nobiwkn Oil
Clothing comp my , and was ono of D.u-ld
Citj's moat rniorprlMni ; JOUIIR bimincss
men. Ho will probably return to Omaha ,
where ho is well known.
A young nun by the name of Weil Kin ?
was badly hurt vestoidny in lumping from t.
bus nt the H Ac M dopot. Ho Jumped on a
niece of iron pipe , which rolled , thiowliiK
him violently ngunst the corner of the plat
form , fracturing his Icnoo pin and cutting a
frightful push In his foiohead. IIu wns re
moved to his homo in n senseless condition ,
fiom which ho did not ralli for some time.
Ho Not Frivol' "Woman SiifTrnuc.
LINCOI.V , Neb , Jnn [ Tele
gram to TIIK HDP 1 The Judiciary commit
tee of the house killed the municipal suflr.igo
bill granting women the light of voting at
city elections. They have a unit in the
opinion that the scheme is not constitutional.
The committee also disposed of bills
of minor impoitanco , and will approve the
moasuio prohibiting non-rosidont nllons from
acquit ing title to real csUtc in Nebraska.
The committee on privileges and elections
began work on the Omilm contest cnsos to
day , and will push their investigation with
the lo.vst possible delay. An o.irlv ropoi t
inuy bo looked for , probably novt week.
County Commi-isiniu-rn to Slept.
Pr.TTSMOCTH , iSob. , Jon. 11. [ Special to
Tin : Hit : ! ] The county commissioneis of
Ciiss nnd Otoe counties have Issued the fol
lowing call to all commissioners In the re
spective counties of the stnto :
There will bo a meeting of the county com
missioners fiom the several counties of the
state of Nebraska , nt the Capital hotel , in
the city of Lincoln , on Wcdnesdav , the Kith
day of January , at 2 o'clock p , in. , for the
pin pose of locotnmemling changes in our
road and revenue laws to the piesont legis
lature now in session , and such other busi
ness us may be of interest to counties nnd
county ofllcers. You mo caineatly toquesicd
to be present. A. 1J. DKKSON ,
' Chairman Co. Com. , Cass Co.
Chairman Co. Com. , Otoo Co.
Itoclc County News.
Hvssr.TT , INOU. , Jan. 11 , [ Special to Tun
I3in.l Hock county iS'organbod ' , the onicers
Tualilled and the temporary countv scat lo
cated at LJassett. Everything is limning
smooth and lovely. The first mectinp of the
board occurred yosterdav. . Januaiy 23 is the
dr.y set lor the uoxteloction to vote on per
manent location , and with Bassetl's central
location Bassctt will undoubtedly bo the per
manent county seat of Hoclc county. H.issett
is building up. The merchandise establish
ment and the land and loan oflico of llock
Center have moved liu and the bank , late of
Newpoit , is to be moved hoio in a few days
A New ncntrlcu Institution.
UEV.TUICP , Neb. , Jan. 11 , [ Special lele-
f iam to Tiii ! Dec. ] The Heatiico Heal Ks-
tate and Trust company has just been or
ganised hero with C. Ki Mnync , of Omaha ,
president ; .T. E Illley , 'vice ' iresidont ; N. N.
Urumbick , sccictary1'and L. 11. Spencer ,
treasurer. Capital , $200,000 JJrnmb.iek
and Spencer own several additions in the
south part of town , which the corparatiou
will Doom. They will occupy the handsome
ground lloor of the Padlock building. Mr.
Mayno will attend to the Omaha oftlce. The
other gentlemen will bo here , which is the
principal place of business.
Fell Over tlio Balustrade.
ST. PAUL , Neb. , Jan. 11. [ Special to Tun
BI.I : J Yesterday a live-year-old , daughter of
George E. Dean , cashier First National
bank in this city , while pitying up stairs in
the house of A. E. Cady , leaned too far over
the bannister and fell directly down into the
hall below. She struck upon her head pro
ducing concussion of the brain , and icmnlncd
for some time in au unconscious condition.
Hopes aie now entertained that her injuries
are less serious than they wore at lirst be
lieved to be.
A Snloonkeopor's .Lloen-ft Rooked.
HASTINGS , Neb. , Jan. 11. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun HUE. ] At a special session of
the city council this aftoinoon testimony
was taken to show a violation of the city or
dinance by L Fiollng , saloonkeeper , and his
license was revoked. The action was taken
in dellance of an injunction restraining the
council from such proceeding. The case has
aroused considerable mtcicst , ana is the talk
of the town to night.
A Ranker's SHicnio.
Neb. , Jan. , 11. To the Editor
of TUB Bi'c : S. C. Smith , cashier of the
Fust National bank , is now trying to get n
Jill put through the legislature to abolish the
three days of grace on all sight drafts , notes ,
etc. The object is to get protest fees if the
draft is not paid on pi escalation to the
drawee. The picbcnt law allows thrco dnys
trraco after presentation befoio the ptoicst
fco can bo collected , The bill is solely for
the banks and against the people. X ,
The Ic Palace AluiHloneil.
ST. P\ui. , Nob. , Jan. 11. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB UEK.J At a meeting of the car
nival dlrectois this afternoon It was formally
Icclded to abindon the project of having an
co palace and carnival this winter , owing to
the mildness of the weather , there being
neither ice nor snow.
in a Hiiniiuuy.
HASTIVOS , Nob. , Jan. 11. [ Special Tele
gram to Tim Bi'i'.l Mrs. J. II. Spicer , wife
of the clerk of couits , was violently thrown
from n buggy to-day. She remained uncoil-
sious for half an hour , but her injuiics are
not thought to bo fatal ;
Is that Impurity of tha Wood which produces
unsightly lumps or s\sollliigs In the neck ;
which causes running .sores on the arms ,
legs , or feet ; which develops ulccra In the
eyes , ears , or nose , otlori causing blindness or
deafness ; which Is thd origin of pimples , cancerous
cereus growths , -huiaorsj" which , fasten
ing upon the lungs , /aues / ; | consumption and
death. It Is the mosfcouclcnt of all diseases ,
and very few persons are entirely free from It.
Dy taking Hood's Sarsaparllla , which , by
the remarkable cures It has accomplished ,
has proven Itself to bo a potent ami peculiar
medicine- this disease. If j ou buffer from
scrofula , try HooU'a Saraaparllla.
"Kvcry spring my wife anil children Invo
been troubled with scrofula , my little boy ,
three years old , being a terrible sufferer.
Last spring ho was ono mass ot sores from
head to feet. "U'o all took Hood's Sarsaparllla ,
and nil have been cured of the scrofula. My
little boy U entirely free from sores , and all
four of my children look bright and. healthy. "
W , II. ATHEBTOJf , I'assalc City , N. J ,
Hood's Sarsaparilla
BoMbyalldrugKUti. Sl.nUrurJJ. Prepared ontf
\tj U. I. HOOD > l CO , Aputliccarict , Lowell , Man.
IOO Doses Ono Dollar
Work on the Wluona Bond Bolua
Vigorously Prosecuted.
Dttlmquo JoMtiors Petition Ooncrcss
to O | rm tlie Sioux Reservation A
Vlrc nt AViivcrly Iowa vs.
Chicago Packers ,
ThoAVhioim Afc Southwestern.
TOUT UODGE. la . Jan. 11. [ Special Tele
gramtoTiin UiiChief | Engineer Wheeler ,
of the Wlnoitu & Southwestern , was In the
city jcsterdav preparatory to commencing
survey for crossing the DCS Molnes rivet
hoi a and extending the roiil to Omaha ,
which , ho sni 6. will bo the Hi st destination.
The suivoy to Mason City will bo completed
to-morrow night. Work is being pushed on
the Wlnonn tunnels.
MASOV CITY , 1 1 , Jan. 11 ( SpaciM Tele
gram to TUB Hm. ] Chief Engineer Wheeler ,
of the Wlnona & South westcin railway , with
hi * tosso of men , is making usut voy between
this city and Osngc , which completes their
line from the present toi initial of the load ,
twentj miles southwest of Wlnona , through
to : i juiu tmii with the Mason City & Fort
Dodge , \\liioh road will form a paitoftha
wiiiona X Southwestern Among those who
are most Intimately eonreeted with the pro
ject there is no credit given to the statement
made a few days a-fo that the to id would di
vert nt Uolmond , going to Sioux City insteid
of to Omaha It is believed the road will
make Omaha Us toimmal point , as originally
intended. _
Oofomllnfj tlio Homo Packers.
Dns Moivi'o , la , Jan 11. | Special .Tele
gram to Tin : line ] The railroad commis
sioners have pi cparod and will send out to
morrow , n circular designed to ehcckmato
the Chicago bo ird of trade if It enters a pro
test to the inter state commerce commission
against the railroad rates given to Iowa pork
packers. This circular is addiessed to Iowa
packers , and asks them to give the number
of hogs packed annually , the tales of freight
they pay , and any other , inform itlou in re
gard to the magnitude of thuir business.
The Iowa commissioners understand
that the Chicago boaid of tiado
on behalf of the Chicigo packers , wil.
complain that the railroads carry the dtessed
meats to Chicigo cheaper thin they could
cirry the hogs , and thus disci iininate against
Chicago packcis. His trilcthat such rates
nro guon Iowa pickers to help them develop
this industry , and the Iowa commissioners
nro going to defend the rates in this respect.
Tlio growth of the picking business in Iowa ,
especially nt Sioux City. DCS Monies , Cedar
Kapids , Ottumwa and Keokuk , has been so
great as to inlet fere quito scuously with
the business of Chicago packers , nnd the ad
vantage which the railroads have given the
Iowa packers has made this result possible.
Tlio Nntioxnl Alliance.
DHS Motxiis Jan. 11. The National Farm
ers' alliance closed its sessions to-day. Steps
were taken tow.uds a consolidation with the
Southern Farmers' alliance. Resolutions
were adopted declaring in favor of a foifcit-
uro of all uneained railway land
grants and a repeal of nil laws
granting such ; a governmental tele
graph ; the early construction of the Ilennc-
l > m canal ; that the in tot -state commerce law
bo kept intact unless changed by more re
stuctivo measures. A memorial to congress
was adopted that the government should
Issue monei ditoct to the pooplc instead of
through national buiks ; nlso that United
States sciutois should be elected direct bi
the people. J. Buiiows , of Pillcry , Neb. ,
was elected piesident ; II. L. Ducks , of Clear
Luke , Dak , vice ptesidont ; August Post , of
Moulton. la , scciotaiy ; J. J. Furlong , of
Austin , Minn. , ticn-iUier , and Alviu , D
Chase , of Waiertown , Dak. , lecturer.
oii Brokers Ijlcct Ofllcers.
BLHUNC.TOK , la. , Jan. 11. The annual
meeting of the Buillngtou N > ard of trade
was held to day. The otlltcris for the ensu
ing jear ate as follows : Piesident , P. M.
Crape ; first vico-piesidcnt , A. A. Perkins ;
second vice president . ! . S. Sclnamui ; duco-
tors , E. II. Carpenter , L II. Drake , II. C.
Dayton , J. L. Ivolley , W. W. ICmnear and A.
3 , Hutchinson ; committee on appeals , J. W.
[ Jurdetto , George ICnechbaum , H. Ewmger ,
C. W. Smith , and James Praino ; board of
ubitration , J. S. Schiamm , L. II. Diako ,
H. C. Dayton , C. B. Clapp and J. II. Troxel.
The Salt Lake Jt Los Angeles.
Siot.Cirr , la. , Jan , 11 [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Bcc. ] Although publicity has
jeen avoided , it is afloat that on Wednesday
ast the contract was awarded for the build-
ng of the Salt Lake & Los Angeles rail-
oad. This toad is to be built in connection
with the road which is now in process of
construction west from Ogilon , Utah , to
other Missouri river points , The two roads
will form ono continuous lino. The Salt
jake it Los Angeles line is located through
i totritory in n large part of which con
struction can go forward in tlio winter
season. _
The Diiliiuiiie Jobbers.
DL'HUQUE , la , Jan. 11. fSpcual Telegram
o THE Biu. : ] The jobbers and manufae
mersof Dubuqne , representing S10OJU,000
capital , to night forwarded to Senator Alli
son and Kcpicscntitivo Ilandoisun a peti
ion favoting the opjiung of the Sioux rescr-
iition , Ex-Senator Kooutz , of Chamboilaia ,
Dak. , attended ti meeting of tlio board of
rado to day when the icsolutioa cudoisiiig
lie petition was adopted.
The Oowrlo Ion.
POUT Down1 , In , Jan. 11. [ Special Tele
gram to 1 UK BKI : ] Excitement in the Gow-
10 scandal case is slowly subsiding. The
Congregational church authorities , of which
lenominntlon Banker Swuv/oo nnd Mrs.
Council are prominent mombois , nro investi
gating the c isc. Although it could not bo
'oiillcd , Mrs Council is to d iv icpoited to
itivo made a confession admitting the truth
of the chin gos ptofenod ,
HK | Coiinrlenco Pricked Him.
M\\\.s , la. , Jnn. 11. George L.
Nason , n farmer ol this county , walked into
ho sheriffs ollieo last night and gave him
self up , confessing tlio forgery of his
Jiotbor'n ' name to three notes , two of iSOO
each and one ot S1TO , which ho had sold to
wrties hero and nt State Center. Nason is
low in Jail awaiting trial , but his mind is
Klre at AVnverly.
WATBIIMIO , In. , Jan. -Special [ Tele
gram to Tin : BUB. ] At Wavorly this aftor-
10011 , an empty warehouse belonging to the
joard of tinde , was buined. Loss 10,000.
So insuiancc.
Doulluld and Schunclc ainlcu a Pro-
jiostil to tlio TlmcH.
Cult tno , 'Jan. 11. Last night Inspector
Jonflold and Captain Schaack sent a note to
the Times saying that In the ordinary process
of law It will bo months before n decision
can bo reached in their case nnd offering to
submit the whole matter immediately to
thrco of the circuit judges of the city , they
o be selected by u full bench , and decide the
matter , If the throe , or two of them , find a
single charge against the ofllcors sustained ,
lonflold and Schaack bind themselves w nt
once retire from ofllcu and dismiss all pi o-
cecdings , civil nnd criminal , against the
J'imcb and its editors , The Times to-duy
declines the offer , saying that crime can
not bo couipioinisod , and that the offer is
simply a scheme to stem us far us possible
ho tide of public opinion against the com-
ilalnuuts. The Times claims that the plan
seeks to stop Its investigations now , vutlo
every day now evidence is accumulating.
A Hank UlHuontlniiof ) .
Cl.AHKdov , Neb , Jan. 11. - [ Special to
CUB BBB , ] The Clarkaon State bank , of
; iurkbnn. Neb. , have concluded to UUcon-
luue their banking business February 1 ,
Knnpri Knlm Uxlinnstcd Krotn Ills
Wheel The Unknown' Dash.
JCnnpp , Ashlngor , Morgan and the Un
known , wcro the only starters yesterday in
the great six-day bicycle race at the Colos
seum. I'ek did not appear upon the track all
day. Dlngloyaiul Mlle Armnlndo came enduring
during the evening and rode for an hour.
Dinplo.v has no show to bettor his condition ,
fifth place , and is sivlng hlmsolf , as ho is
matched to ride Pi luce n rac-j of ilfty tulles
next Saturday night. Tlio position of Ivnnpu
the loader nnd the Unknown second , showed
no change at the close last night , though
Knnpp gained two laps on the boy hi biuo
during the afteraoon , while he was off the
track. Those the Unknown iccovorod. one
while Knapp was changinc wheels , and tho"
other bv a magnificent spurt Just before the
closo. Morgan , who wns live laps behind
Ashlngor , nnule tinny an offott to make
Uioui up on the Ohm champion , but could
not succeed At 130 when Barker , the
amateur , cimc on and sot mi eighteen mile-
nn-hour pace , Morgan stirtod to trail him ,
hoping to wear out Ashinger , but after riding
nt this clip for fetty live minutes was com
pelled to leave the track , while Ashlngcr
kept on and rolled up llvo miles to his
ctodit. This gives him a ninety on thlid
At the close last night Knapp fell from his
wheel , ami had to bo carried from the track
to his tent. If the tnco had lasted half an
hour longer , the Unknown would have
placed enough distance between them to
have won the race without a doubt. 'I ho
contest to morrow will bo a hot one. The
Unknown Is out for tlrst niono\ , and will
make the pace n fust ono , and Knapp v111
have to be on his mottle to hold his lend
It was expected that Darker , the am Hour ,
would bo the dark hoiso lu the four-hour
contest , but ho failed to moot the expecta
tions of his friends , and loft the Uaek nt
b t > , after putting : i7 miles and t inps to his
credit. Ho rode himself out in the Hist hour ,
making eighteen miles Below Is the score
of the amateurs who have competed thus far
Miles Laps.
ricschcr ( H . )
Tagger f\ \ 8
Holton 3 | 1
Knstmnn ( U S
Barker ; ir 4
Hhodes is the entry for to-night , and Is ex-
peeled to surpass the best recoid.
The following Is the score for the profes
sionals ;
Miles Laps
Knanp 5 7 ' .I
Unknown f > 0" 1
Ashingoi 5 1
Morgan 5SI 0
Dinglov 457 0
Aimaiinlo ; ! ii" > 5
Efk lii ; 'J
The audience hut night was the largest
and most appreciative of the week. AU the
contestants received bouquets from fair ml-
miicrs To night is the close nnd It prom
ises to be u memorable one in six-day
racing ,
Hiding Kor li'iccdotn
The military people nt the fort aic deeply
interested in the bicjcle race. Sergeant
Reading , "Tlio Unknown , " Is chief musician
in the band , and is the subject of the gain-
.soii talk. The officers and soldiers fool very
pioud of the giand showing of their rcpie-
seutative. L-ist Juno Nod Heading for the
Hist time mounted a wheel , and in keeping
with custom succeeded in smashing his
bicycle the first day. Ho now carries a seat-
on his loft knee which commcmoiatos his
Hist effort. Two months later ho placed
himself undei the management of John S.
Prince , who piophcsiecl fiom the beginning
that with praetico nnd Ins qualities ho would
no doubt make a splendid bicyclist. In bep-
tembci the band was sent to Not folk to take
pait in the Giand Army encampment and
from thoio ho was next oidcrod to Kouinov
nnd did not leturn to eoneieto ami asphalt
pavements until October. Prom this month
ho has kepi up his practice whenever the
weather would permit. Ills friends have no
hesitancy in claiming that their Ned lias had
no more than four months tiding His moH
sanguine luliniieis claim fli it place for him
and bet their unney freely that he will at
le.ajt take second Whatever the result may
be Ned Healing as tlio "Unknown" has
alieady made a name for himself. His
modest and gentlemanly bearing throughout
the race has won for him many friends
among the city people.
The Chicago Oojj Fanciers.
CIIICVGO , Jan. 11. Some months ago n
number of leading breeders and owners of
dogs in ibis section held a meeting and
formed a Maseoutali IConnel club , with John
L Lincoln , jr. , as secrotaty. It has been de
cided to hold a bench show In Apiil ncMt ,
and the enthusiastic .responses which liavo
been received from prominent exhibitors nnd
others indicate that it will be highly suc
cessful and second only to the Now Yoik
show. In most of the details it is patterned
after the New York show , and the pienuuin
lists aio almost identical , some few changes
being made for local Inteicst. Ihe silver
medal prizes will bo very handsome and will
bear the seal of the cluii the thrco headed
dog Cerberus. The details of the design
were drawn up by L C. Earle , the animal
An Insnni ) In\cnor ( Suicides.
ST. Lot id , Mo. , Jan. 11. Henry Kruse , the
man who shot Ward McManus yesterday ,
committed suicide this afternoon in a cheap
lodging house in this city. It is thought
that ho had been rondeicd insane by the
failure to secure money with which fo push
his car motor.
Sla' ° u"V' --.jcK a " " . I '
M VoVsOt * u"V'ne .f.QS
S i - iiiS'i ' ) !
® &gSSR&s8r
, Gftt SVin" -
llotn Mu-cs iaWenessJOaUs
Thus the * * Mustang" conquers pain ,
PJlakes WiA&M & or BEAST well again !
If You Are Ssck
With Hcaduche , Neuralgia , Iiiirumntlim Pjfpep
Bin , lUlloiuncu , Wood Humors , Kidney DISCOK- ,
Constipation , Female Troubles , Kever nnd AKUC ,
Blccplcssncbs , 1'artlal I'oraljali , or Nervous I'roa *
tratlou , use l'alno' Ctltry Compound and bo
cured In each of these the cawo (3 ( muilal or
physical ovcrnork , anxiety , exposure nr malaria ,
the effect of which li to weaken the nervous EJS-
tern , resulting In oao of these diseases. Hcmoie
the CAUSE with that great Nerve Toiitc , nud the
RESULT will dltappear.
Paine's Celery Compound
JAB I. . IlowEN. BprlDgfleld , Muas , writes :
Tulno's Colnry tom-xjund cannot be extcllid a
ftNcno 'Joule In my case n ( Ingle Ixittlo
wrought o great change ily iitrvouBiiiM tiitlrely
dlsftw-eared , and with It the rcsultliiK aubrtlon
oflbe itomach , Jicurt und liver , nnd Iho whole
tone of the ijbtemwa * wonderfully InvlBOratul ,
I tell my friend * . If * ick us I liuvo Ken , 1'uUiu'B
Celery Compound
Will Cure You !
s i ssy
For the Ayed , Nervous , DcbHItated.
Olovolruid's Motives In Ronupolut-
Chief Justice Vincent.
He Hnj'H Tlmt Ills Itomnvnl From
Ofllcc n ( ! ro < m Injustice )
ntul Offers tn "Mnko
Cleveland Itcpontn.
WMHIVOTON , Jan. 11 lu April , 1H" , the
president appointed William A Vlneent
chief Justice of the territory of New Mexico ,
and In November ol the same yoir ho vv.ia
removed. The Judcro C.IIIID to Washington ,
where ho leat no.l that the chow against
him was the nppointinrnt of Stephen Dor-
soy to bo a Jury commissioner. The judco
vv rote a IOIIR letter to the president , claim-
Intf that Injustice wns done him , and the lift-
ter has now taken aetion in the matter , ui
the subjoined eori-ospandeneo will showi
Executive MaiiMoii , Washington , Jan S ,
ISMI. Hon.Villlam Vineent Dear Kir I
have nlwnv s s.iiil to i our friends , ns well 119
to you , that jour removal from ofllet > na
Judtfe for the teiiitorv nf Now Mexico did
not In the least linplv imj dun go of
dlshonestv in capacity or judicial
misconduct In the condition of nffans at time 1 deemed it my dut.v to ptomptly /
pursue n comsr > so unfortunate for you , ainl y.j
which was adopted l > v mo upon the meio /J /
showing of the fuel ullocod without linpiny
as to j our motives and pin poses My notion
was unfatilv harsh , Init 1 thought it was Jus-
tilled. Often since thn * time , as nil the fuels
attending upon your otherwise unexceptional
judicial eu-eer have en mo to my knuwlop-O , I
nnvo heon pressed bj the lepresentatlons of
your fiiomls that jour loinoviit had subjected
j-on to suspicion which was unjust and tut- anted
So far us I am eoneei tied , notwithstanding
nil that has p.isscd , 1 am at this time vvlll-
Injr to uxpross my lontldenio in
jour ability and uprightness Thcro is now
n vacancy in the twof justiceship in Montuiuu
So far UH icifiiuis jour iltupu : I nhould ho en-
tliolv willing to see j'ou in that i > lru-e I
vviito to usltou , theicforo , vvhethoi , in tnku
1 should think it well to do so , I am .itliberty
to submit vonr name to the senate lor tlmt
ollleo. I in iho this proposition with n ies i-
vation for UMSOIIS not in the least connected
with your personal qualifications , and 1 shiill
bo plad to know jour vluvvHtipou the sub-
Joel us soon ns possible You ! B truly ,
GHOV i it Ci.rv EIi .
To this Vincent to-dnv reiltod | as lollovva-
AVA'-niNOTOs , n C. , .Inn. 11 To the Presi
dent Sir ; Your letter of the -th lust , ' u > n-
dcrinir. me the i > o8ition of ehiof justice of the
supreme court of Montana , i cached me
duv befoio yesterdav , and Iris received my
cm of til consideration I nm frrateful for
this expiession of jour confidence nnd
esteem , and accept the tender of this linpoit-
aut oflko as a complete vindication ot my
course while chief justice of the supreme
coin t of New Mexico The net for which
j'ou i amoved mo was talcen In the exercise of
Judicial disetotlon nftei the utmost delibera
tion ; was dictated uj iho purest nnd best
motives , and owing to the iiiilortunato couj
dition ot nlTairs m Colfax county at
that time , was absolutely neecossarj" .
In oiiler to rostoio peace nnd
good Older. The result Jnstilled tnv method
of attnmiiiK that end , nnd proved it to have
been the best and only ono that could linvo
been adopted , and 1 have tilwnj's believed
that when jon piopcilj' undeistood the mat
ter .you would treat mo in the manlj and generous -
orous manner Rin estcd in your eomniuulou-
lion to me. While I have a hhrh _ appiecmtion
of the honor j-ou would do mo , 1 am lelnct-
nntly constrained to icfuse the use of mv
iiaino for the judgi'shlp of MonCina , for thu
reason that I could not , vv ithout mnkiiif- the
Kieatest suiihee , abandon my home , pi.IP
tico nnd other mton-sts in New Alaxiro.
whore 1 have lesided for seven years , and
expect to roinuin permanently. Arorj' respisct *
It was half p ist 9 o'clock last night whan
the curtain rose on the first act of Cellici's
comiqAcr.i , "Dorothy , " but the iiudianco
was IpM n at u icd and made all allowances
for delayed trams They were repud for
their patience in one of the flnest opcr.itiu
pcrfonnances over pioduced before nn
Omuhn house. The music of the opera 13
very taking and the pirhoslratiou pMfoct.
In the cast the company boasts of
Miss Juliette Cordon , with n smooth and
well roundoil soprano voicn , Miss Jessie Bartlett -
lott Davis , a vor.v sweet mcr/o t > oprtno ; Misa
C.ulotta Maconda , a phenominally deep
contiiilto , and among several other malu
von cs these of Mi Kugnno Cowlcs and the
old favontc , H C. Barnibee Tins answers
for the excellence of the performance and
nothing moio is to be added beyond the fact
that the chorus is perfectly trained ami
Equally balanced and that the house was
jammed from pit to gallery Altogether thu
Uostonian engagement is the musical event
of the season. The CDinpiny uppours this
afloi noon in "Don P.asqualf , " and in the
Murdered hi n Brawl.
Sr i.voi'iisi < u , Mo , Jan 11. [ Spot-mi Tclo
jriim to TIIK BUB ] In a bar room light hoie
last night , George Halllns , a prominent citi
: cn , was stabbed thiough .the biam ami
mortally wounded by < i ntiaiif'er who after-
ivards escaped.
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Garments Renewed ) CENTS.
A Child can use them !
Unequalled for all Fnncy nnd Art Work.
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