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Adoption of Now Rules to Qovorn
tbo Senate Sessions.
A HIM Introduced I'lovldlntf Tor the
Wants oT the liilinhltiinti or
. Tin- State Other
Lwtoi.v , Neb , Jan 11. [ Special to Tut
VlM ! . ] In the senate this moining Mr. Han-
corn introduced n resolution that the boaul
of regents of the university make n biennial
report in place of the annual report , vvhieli
is not now received in time to bo of use to
members of the legislature. As It is now ,
Mr. Knnsom explained , the legislature ha'
> jo means of knowing what Is the condition
of the university , mid is called upon to act
blindv ) in making appropilatlons for the sup
port of that Institution.
Mr. Norvnll salu The committee on ruica
is now readjto report , that the rules of tlio
last session KOVcrn the piesent session , ex
ropt tlmt on bills , w hlch Is recommended to
t > c umcnded so as to provide that when u bill
is icpoitcd to the senate it shall bo pitntcd ,
with all its amendments , before a vole is
taken on Its final passage , also adding to the
committees of the senate a committee of five
on soldiers' home , of seven on standing
rommittccs ; and of live on industrial inntituiu
for feeble minded vouti.s.
Mr. Uaymond bald it would be in the power
thesu ninenduic'iits to
of a commilten iimi i
kill u I1"'with ' aiij possibility of piotest on
the part of the soaate. The first mid second
reading of bills receives no attention I also
object to any new standing committees The
committee on public- lands and buildings can
rcallj do the whole woik.
Mr. Sutherland thought that bills should
tcitalnlj be icported badt so as toglvomem
bcis the opportunltv to cconomuo them be
foio thoj nio punted.
Mr Nesbitt said that the object of the pro
posed amendment was to contiol expenses
lessen them. If a bill is reported unfavor-
\ \ nblv there is no object in h wing it punted.
Mr. Norval explained that thoiulopie-
Aiovs legislature had idwiiVH been , ns it is
now pioposcd to make it. bo far as tlio new
committees are concerned , theio is no in
stitution in the state , which needs to
be in the hands of u committee mete
than docs the faoldlcis' homo. Its inteicsts
should be guutdcd moio than is possible at
the hands of the committee on public lands
ami buildings.
Air. Haiisom If it takes u two tlihds vote
to suspend the rules wo could not under
this amendment have a bill piinted unless
two thiids of tlio senate shot'ld vote to have
it done. Tliosoldieis are not growing old
any faster than v.o arc , or than nro the in
mates of the other Institutions. Theio is no
disposition to ciovvd out the Soldiers' homo ;
they will bo tieated with fairness and
Mr. Haj'inond It is true that n committee
in charge of a bill has gre it inlluenco Thej-
can carry n bill in their pockets till too Into
to have it fairly considered , or suppicss it al
together. Lot us be open , fair and squuio
in the m liter , and allow each member for
himself to lend a measure bcfoio the commit
leo report on it.
Mr. Nesbitt There was a great
outcrj' n w ek ugo in favor of
the strictest economy. Now
several senators frequently Introduced bills
on the same subject anil covering the same
ground , and this me isuro gives us the op-
poi limit j' to save some $2OJO during the ses
sion by not printing then1 all , but only these
which me finally ngrecd on bj' committees
Mr. Norv al offered at. amendment "Unless
otherwise oideied by a m ijoritj- vote of the
senate , " which was adopted , and the report
llnally went tinough , extia committees aud
Mr. Taggart moved that a committee of
thice bo appointed to confer with the com
mittee ol five appointed by the house , to 10-
poit on the pi luting of the governor's mes
sage , which was adopted , and Messrs. Tag
gart , Pope and Walbach appointed as such
A motion waa offered by Mr. Ilansom that
the senate ndjourn to Mondaj1 at 2 o'clock.
Mr. Nesbitt opposed tlio motion bcciuso ho
thought this course would prolong the ses
sion unduly. The people expect us to net in
u business-like manner. Mr. Sutherland
thought it to bo the duty of the members to
remain and transact their business and get
through with it as soon as possible An
amendment was adopted that the senate ad
journ till 10 o'clock to morrow.
The following are among the bills mtio-
dutcu In the senate to daj :
Mr. Pope A bill to amend sections 1 and
B of m licie 1 , chapter 77 , of the compiled
statutes of the state of Nebraska of lbS7 en
titled liovcnuo. It piovides tuut n mortgage
i land and tiust contiact or other obligation by
which "debt is secured when land is pledged
foi the payment theieof , shall , for the pur
pose of assessment and taxation , bo tieated
us nn Intelest in the land so pledged , and
shall be assessed at the fair cash value
thereof. The value of the stock of coipoia-
tions , etc. , shall bo Its maikot value.
Moitgano's , etc , on real estate shall bo
treated as an Intel est in the propettj * af-
Ievtcd thciobv.
Mr. Coinell A bill for an act to amend
Bcctionil , mUclo-1 , chapter 30 compiled stat
utes of It87 entitled School Lands and Funds ,
and to repeal said section That on paj ment
of intci est and taxes the principil of all notes
in payment theiefor is extended to the 1st of
January. 1000 , ami on all bonds heretofore
eold the Holder shall make proof that perma
nent Impiovemcnts have been made thorcon
before such extension bo granted.
Mr. Lindsaj' A bill for an act authorising
transcripts of Judgments and decrees ion-
Acted in the stata of Nobiaskabj the cii cult
and district courts of the United States , to
be filed in the counties of said state and pie-
scribing the conditions mulct which thaj maybe
bo filed. Thai a transciint of any judgment
In n United States distilct or oiiuiit court
may bo filed witli the distilct com tin the
Htiito , and shall bo a lion on the piopei ly of
the debtor in that county.
Mr. Llnds ij A bill for an act to submit to
the electors of the state for rejection or ap
proval an amendment to the constitution of
the state to prohibit the minufucturosalo and
keeping tor sale of Intoxic iting liquoi H as a
beverage , and prov Iding for the manner of
voting on such proposed amendment. That
nt the election of Novcmuer , 1SUO , there shall
bo submitted to the \oteis of the state the
following tiniendmont : "Tho manufacture ,
salu and keeping for sale of intoxicating
liquors as a bevci ago are foi over ptohlbltod
In this state , and the leglslatuiu shall pio-
vldo by law for the enforcement of this pro
vision. "
Mr Lindsaj' A bill for nn net to amend
section 17 , of chaptur , of the criminal coda
of the compiled statutes of Nebraska , and to
repeal said 01 Ignial section It provides fern
n fine of not moro than # 100 , or Imprisonment
for not more than three months , with lia
bility to the suit of the patty Injuied for un
lawfully striking or wounding another ,
Mr Lindsay A bill for an act to amend
subdivision 10 of section tA ) , of an act enti
tled "An act to prcyado for the organization ,
government and powers of cities mid vil
lages , " passed Match 1 , 1871' ' . and to repeal
said suoitlvislnii 10 us now existing , To Ini-
pose a license tax of f3 on Uio owncisund
imrborcisof dogs , authorizing the destruction
of any dog for which the tax Is not paid , pro
viding that no person is to Keep uioro than
one dog.
Mr. Hobinson A bill for nn act to provide
fgr the allowance and recovery of un nttor-
no's fee in certain cases. Authorizing the
recovery of from fa to (200 , or1 to the amount
of 10 per cunt In any case , nor of lees than
$10 in case of tlio recovery of judgment by
the plaintiff.
Mr , Ilobinson A bill for nn act to pro-
lilblt from running at largo in this state cer
tain animals , and providing n penalty ( or the
violation tLCicof , and to repeal section-tot
article 1 , of chapter 4 , of compiled statutes of
Mr. Iloblnson-A bill for an net to amend
BQCtlon iQU of chapter IS of the compiled
ttatutcst of ltS7 , and to repeal said section.
Provides for the pel < etlon of satisfactory
ehiUntncu by those causing n survey to bo
inu do ,
Mr Robinson A bill for nn net to dellno
the boundaries of Hooker count ) . Alone
the western bnulcr of Thomas county , the
south line of Cherry county , the east boun
dary of Grant countj' , and the noithern line
of McPherson countj.
Mr Hoche A bill for an act to amend sec.
Oof the ciimmal code of the state of Nebraska
Mr. Sutherland bill for nn act confer
ring niton women the right to vote at citv
utiil villnco elections Ihe right to vote shai
not bo denied on account of sex , and womci
iimv vote at such elections the same as men
unitcr like restiictions and qualifications.
LINCOIV , Neb , Jan 11. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Bi c ] The house was n little
Into in assembling and it was 10 15 when the
speaker's gavel fell. The reading of the
minutes was dispensed with. Mr. Burnhiun
was excused on account of sickness In his
fninllj Mr Ballaid moved that smoking be
prohibited In the hall and the sergeant at-
uims bo Insti uctcd to enforce the order. Mr.
Cadj made the point that the lules alreadj
foi bid 11. The speaker said tlio sergeant ut-
aims would take notice of the fact , and the
icsoiullon WAS ; vtUd'wijr
Mi Moi rlssej introduced the following !
Hcsolvcd , That a committee of three bo ap
pointed to examine the handvviitlngof the
clci is on enrolled mid engrossed bills , and
onlv such buiclaincd as wiitenulaln and
legible hand.
Mr Meliildc favored the icsolutlon. Mr.
Caldwell moved that it bo referred to the
coiniiilttco on cniolled and engrossed bills ,
with powei to act. Carried. Mr. Mornssey
also Introduced the following :
Hcsolved , That the judiciary committee of
the house be , and are , heiobv instructed to
formulate a bill or Joint resolution for the
considciation of the house , putting high
license in the organic law of the state.
I Hisses ]
Mr Hull of Lancaster , moved to amend by
Instructing said committee to prepare n bill
putting the question in the following form.
"Shall high licenses or prohibition bo placed
in the organic la-vi"
Mr. MoniHscv said lie hoped the amend
ment would not prevail. Ho wanted the
matter to be taken up and eonsidci ed on its
Mr Hall replied that he also wished to
meet the issue squarely.
Mr. Gilbcit of York moved that the whole
subject lie on the t iblo
Messrs White and Delanev doin indcd the
roll call , and the motion cm nud bj' a vote of
77 to ' . ' 0.
The speaker icquested that all members
who had seivud on co.intj' boauls in counties
woiklng under tlio township organisation
sj stem should hand in their names so ho
could select the committee-to dialt amend
ments to the tow nshii ) organisation law.
Mr. Morrhsej moved that when the houbu
adjoin it be until - p. m. Monday.
Mr. Hill of Butler , moved to lay the reso
lution on the tible , which pievailcd.
The following bills wcro introduced :
By IJlliott To provide for the destruction
of dogs found woiijiug sheep.
lly Elliott A joint resolution to submit a
piohibitory amendment.
Mr. Hill of Butler introduced a resolution
directing the chairmen to place on the
bulletin board the time and place of their
meetings Carried.
The speaker appointed the following com
mittee to di aft amendments to the township
organization law Hampton , Hill of Butler ,
Cameron , Ticldgiovc , Hajes , Swaitzlcy and
The house then adjourned until 10 a. in.
to morrow.
The ljcjislntorH Amused.
LINCOLN , Xcb , Jan. 11. [ Special to THE
Bnc J The following humorous bill was
sent up by Ficmont Cvcrett , of Buit ,
to daj' . The leading of the bill provoked
roars of laushtcr Dempster moved that it
bo rofoircd to the committee on newspapers ,
but the speaker insisted that it should take
its proper coin so :
An act to pi o vide for the repeal of the
statutes of the state of Xebiaska and to pro
vide for all the wants of tlio inhabitants of
said state and for the adjouinmcnt of this
Bo it enacted by the legislature of the
state of Ncbiaska.
Section 1. That it Is Hereby made the duly
of the committee on mles to cicato as many
chairmanships as tboiu are mem bei 3 of tins
Sec. 2 Gach chaii man shall he entitled tent
nt least five clcaks , three of whom shall bo
ladies of nppioved beautj- .
Sec. U L\ich cleik shall be entitled to not
less than four pages.
Sec. ) . Any member who shall presume to
introduce any meabuio of economy shall be
deemed guiltj of fellony.
See. 5. Any keepei of n hotel , boauling
house , restaui ant or saloon , wno shall pre
sume to piesent a bill to any member of this
legislature shall Do deemed quiltof a mis
demeanor and punished as the house may
Sec. 0 L'ach member shall bo supplied
with nstonogiapher to assist him in piepar-
ing buncombe bills for the benefit of l < is con
Sec. 7. The sjstcm of ginnting lallvvay
passes is heioby abolished and each and evcrjr
railway unnpiny operating in this state is
hcrcbj' required to furnish a speiial train for
the accommodation of each member of this
Sec. b. To save tlio valuable time of this
legislating mctiopolltun cities are permitted
to enact their own ch u tor.
Sec. U. To settle the much-vexed question
of piohlbition , the piohibs are heieby per
mitted to ictiio to Iowa and the democrats to
Sec. 10 It being evident tint the farmers
of this state are accumulating too much
wealth , it is heiebv enacted that the price
of iurm pioducts shall in the
future bo as follows : 'U heat , 40
cents per bushel ; coin , 15 cents
pel bushel ; pork 'J cents pel pound and beef
} cents , pui pound , and if any fanner shall
pi equine to grumble at the trilling profits
made bj gram dealois mid dressed meet men
he shall be deemed guhtj of hl h treason.
Suction 11 Nothing In this net sh ill bo so
construed us to prevent any fanner fiom
raising nil the cattle , hogs and grain ho may
dcsnc , but the luising of hell is c\pics&ly
.Section 13 No bank In this stutu Blinll
hereafter lecelvo any interest on money
loaned , but if any person shall consent to 10
celvo and use such money , suck band shall
pay such poison u leasoimblo coniiiensutlon
for theii trouble in dlsbuismg the same.
Section Ki Whcicas , it is becoming ous-
toimirj for bank cashiers to emigrate to Cnn-
nda , it Is huicby enacted that no cashier shall
bo required to refund any money deposited
after he shall have ciossed the Canada line.
Sec 14 It bhiill bo the duty of every busi
ness man to sell goods at a less price than
that of any other business man , and If any
gioecrjtmm , drj goods dealer , siilooni < ocpcr ,
lumberman or coal dealer shall leain that his
competitor is selling goods at a certain price ,
it shall bo his duty to immediately sell his
coeds of the same quality for a less pi ice.
Sec , 15. It shall also bo the duty of eveij'
business mini to give such ci edit us may be
desiied , and said business man bhall , upon
no condition , nsk for his pay
Sec. JU. Anj business man violating the
provisions of this chapter shall bo deemed
guiltj' of embezzlement.
See 17 , Whereas , Lawyeis nro usually
men of such modesty thcj'iuo heioby re
lieved from the burdens of political olllco.
Sec. IS From and after the passage of
this net six hours bhull constitute a
day's work , mid duilng such hours
of work it shall bo the duty of such em
ployer , and ho is hereby icqulied to bo an at
tendance upon his luboiers with refreshing
drinks and rocking chairs , that such laborers
may rest and refresh themselves during tlio
intervals of their work.
Seo. 10. It shall bo unlawful for any
laborer to work in this state for less than $ t
per day and drinks as above specified.
Seo. 'JO. If any laborer shall bo injured In
any manner within ton miles of the place of
the place of employment his omplojcr shall
pay all jlanmges and expenses accruing from
such injury ,
Kcc. 21. The compiled statutes of Nebraska
are horebj * repealed
Whereas an emorBoncj' exists , this law
shall be In effect on and after its passage
'Ihis lealslntitre , having provided for nil
the wants of the people , Is now adjourned
TjpRlslntivo NotcN.
LINCOLN- , Neb , Jan 11 | Special to Tut
HI.C.J The house was pretty noisy to day ,
and the members seemed to have n great
deal to say to each other during the session
The nn\lous candidates for committee
clerks nro still on bund , but ate decreasing
in number.
The bill introduced bj Hepicsontntlvc
Berlin to day to prevent the garnishceing ol
the wages of cmploves of corporations for
bills duo parties and by actions commenced
in other states , was accompanied by a peti
tion containing 1,77" slgnatmcs.
Tom Cooke , first assistant clerk of the
house , has his voice under control at last ,
mid makes a very efficient reading clerk
Wllcov introduced a bill to day piovldlng
that the G A. K posts could draw upon the
county board for funds to icllcvo ncedj mid
indigent soldiers mid their families. Us
sajsaveiy similar lew Is in foico in New
Yoi k.
The fiist printed house bills made their ap
pearance to day. and nro numbered from one
to fifteen inclusive.
The Scnroli at the Heading Silk Mill
KUUMVO , Pa. , Jan. 11. No moio bodies
have been found in the tuins of the silk mill.
All the bodies of the victims in the disaster
have now , it is believed , been iccovercd , and
the seal eh was abandoned this morning.
Several of those icported j'osterday as killed
have been found to bo safe. The list of
killed is therefore i educed In number to day.
Some of the injuied will die. Aiinngemonts
me now being made for the burial of the
A coriect list of those killed nt the silk
mill , or who have since died of their in
juries , is as follows :
l > M\u Ni STOII , Jouv KLIILII ,
Kv v LEI us , Lvtnv ICi usiiNBB ,
Lutin Fir/i'vrmcic , Su.un FVLST ,
SUI 11. BlCM I , Kl.IA UhlDN VtEII ,
Soi'iiiA WISKI.I/MV.V.
More Frightfully Jlan led Bodies
Taken Ironi the Kiiins.
PiTr nuiio , Jan. 11. The woik of iccovci-
ing the victims of Wedncsdaj''s disaster is
not j et completed. Tor two days and two
nights 100 men and fifty teams luu o been
constantly at work , and up to 10 o'clock this
morning the mangled icmains of fouiteen
peisons have been taken from the ruins.
Four more are known to be still buried in the
ruins , and six others aio missing. Of the
injuied three have died since removal to the
hospitals Four others are in a cutical con
dition and will not suivivc. The remaining
thntj'-two aio all doing well , and will 10-
cover. During the night the bodies of
Chailes McUwenandtwo unknown vvoik-
men were iccovered , and at daj light the re-
minis of tlio venerable Kov. Dr. Heed , who
was in Weldin's store when the accident oc-
oil i red , wcro found on the first floor of the
building , frightfully crushed. The funerals
of four of the victims took place to-daj' , and
otheis will bo buiied to-moirow.
The damage to piopertv by the accident is
estimated at ? 1T ,000 , The coroner's jury
began its investigation at 10 o'clock this
moi nlng. _
Wrcckcil bj' a Monster Wave.
Ni.iv YOHU , Jan. 11. [ Special Telegram to
TUG Ben. ] Sailor Geoigo Thompson , of
Camden , Me. , arrived in this city to-day and
icports the loss of the biigantino Snow
Bird , of New Brunswick , her captain ,
Thomas Bennett , and second mate , George
Scott , both of Now Haven. The Snow Bird
sailed fiom L"astpoit , Me , December IS ,
withacaigo of lumber for this city. The
night of December 21 the sei was vcij'
rough. The Snow Bud was then ninety
miles out oft Montauk Point. At daylight an
immense wave swept the vessel and Captain
Bennett was washed from his post at the
wheel and was never aftei wards seen. The
wieck of the Snow Bird has not been
seen since. She has probablj' gone to pieces.
The AVost Virginia Deadlock.
CIHIILLSTON , W. Va , Jan. 11. The dead
lock in the senate continues , and as there
nro thirteen sen.itots on each side the icpub-
licans say they will not allow the deadlock
to bo broken until the dcmociats abandon
the questions now in the courts , or until
such time as the contest w ill have been set
tled. This gives n dismal outlook for much
legislation. Tho'liouso cannot vvoilt until
the senate organises. The senate will meet
at "o'clock this afternoon to organize.
State StcnoKr.ihert | > ' Association.
LINCOLN , Neb , Jan. 11. [ Special to THE
BEB ] The annual meeting of the State As
sociation of Stenographers was held hero
The business was chiefly formal. Reports
of committees were received and adopted ,
after which the following officers were elected
for the ensuing Jyear :
President , M. 15. Wheeler , Lincoln ; first
vice pressdent , A. M. Hopkins , Omaha ; second
end vice-president , U. B. Kit bjf , Lincoln :
secrotarj' , J. W. Biowster , Hastings.
Executive Committee Mullen , Beardslej1 ,
Valentino , KiibjGaston. .
K-camining Committee Potter , Moore ,
Wilson. Mockett , Pollock.
' 1 ho latest and most apjii ovod forms for
preparing transcripts for the supreme couit
woie discussed at length
The meeting adjourned to meet at Kear
ney on a date to bo fixed by the exccutlv e
Missouri Klvrr Itntos Kcvfacil.
CHICAGO , Jan. 11. [ Special Telegram to
TUB BEE 1 The Western Fioight associa
tion has decided to advance tlio into on
dicssed beef from Missouri liver points to
Chicago to n basis of 23.8 cents per hundred
pounds. The present rate is 2li cents. Ac-
Jon was also taken to provide for rate of 12tf }
cents per hundred weight on lead ami bullion
from Missouri river points to Chicago , when
.heso uitlcles ate shipped from Colorado
or Utah and nra stopped at the Missouri
river to bo refined , The association will
nect Thursday next to arrange for a proper
canvass and adjustment of coal oil rates from
Iowa interior points to Omaha and beyond.
To Itcditoj th i Ijiimtior Tariff.
WABIU.NOTOV , Jan. 11. The Post to day
says ; The members of the sonuto committee
mv Ing in charge the tariff bill , decided to offer
nn amendment , making the duty on lumber
1.50 per 1,000 feet , a reduction of 23 per cent
n the bill ns reported from the committee. It
vas at first proposed to make the duty $1 25 ,
iut a compromise on $1.50 was secured by
the senators from the noithwest. A proviso -
vise will bo insetted that this rate shall bo
conditional on Canada removing Uor expoiL
luty on lumber.
Street Car Bti Iko Avert ad.
NEW VOIIK , Jan. 11 It is reported this
morning that there is no tie-up of any of the
itreot car lines of Brooklyn , everything
icing satisfuctorilj * settled between tno cm-
iloyors and their men ,
New Nel > ranUi I'ostmnHte.r.
WASIIIKOTOV , Jan. 11. [ Special Telegram
o Tnu HIIE. ] Charles N , Coats has been
appointed postmaster at Able , Butler count- ,
Neb , vice iimer U Oalner , rcsifaod.
Gently But Plrmljf Suppressed b ;
tlio Speaker.
The Itcport ol' llio , Conference Com
inlttcc on the Oinntia Post-
olllco Kill Accepted ly
BimiuU Tun Chutu BBS , )
513 roUUTnbVTII SrilBBT ,
WASIIINOI-OX , I ) . C. , Jan. 11. I
And now Omaha Is to have .1 now govern
mciit building , sure endugu , unless Preslden
Clorclnnd interposes a veto. The house
nftor long delay , lias finally adopted the con
fcionco report on the bill , limiting the cos
to.fl.WOOO , and nppioprlatlngSGOil.OOO , to bi
made immediately available for the purchasi
of a silo and the commencement of tlio build
ing. This action was anticipated sever. !
weeks ago bv Tin : BI.B , but was delayed bo
jond the time it was expected to talco place
There will bo no dol.iv on tlie part of the sou
ate. Senator Spoonci' , who has charge 01
the measuio there , being at the head of tin
conferees , sail the conference repoit wil
ho cillcd up promptly and adopted Ho will
bo backed by Senators M.mderson and Pud'
doclc , who have worked with Representative
McSlmno like be.ivors.
A dead lock 1ms existed in the house for
moio than a week. It is conducted by
Weaver , of low n , who Is lighting for the
Oklahoma bill. Ho regularly makes mani
fold motions e.ich day when the house meets
for an adjournment , demanding the lives and
noes on eveiy vote and much time Is wasted
in loll calls. As is well known , n motion to
adjourn is of the highest possible pilvilegc
and takes pi oeedcnco over all things else. It
is always in order. Some ono supposed to be
known to Air. McSb.ino , put up a job on
Weavei to-day by which Chairman Dibble ,
of the committee on public buildings and
grounds , sccuiod recognition bv tlus speaker
and culled up the tonleienco mpoit on tlio
Milwaukee building bill. which is
identical to and preceded the Omalii
mexsiiic. .lust after ono of Weaver's
motions to adjoin n was votdd dow n , Dibble
was recognised bi the speaker. Ho said that
ho wanted so piescnt u ptivileged rcpoit.
Before ho could announce what ho had ,
Weavei wildlj exclaimed : "I move that the
housoadjoiun. " Hut the chair had iccog-
ni/cd the gentlcm in irom South C irolimi , to
makoa piivilegcd report , "and till that is
disposed of the motion of the gentleman
fiom Io\\u to adjoin n cannot be entci tamed , "
said the speaker. Up to this con
fusion had reigned for an hour. The ruling
cieated a commotion. The speaker was tak
ing the bit between his teeth and was
inning away from the usual proceed
ing. Wea\cr protnstod and there was a
livelv scrimmage , but the speaker w as linn
and the Milwaukee bill came up. After u
v cry MIDI t statement by Dibble ns to the con
ditions under which the conferees had
reached an agreement , ho asked for the
oidcrmgof the pioviqus question. At this
Junction Seuatois Mandcrson , Paddock and
Spoonerenteicd on the floor of the house.
Mr. MeShano was circulating aiound pretty
lively among the members , begging tliem to
stand by the Milwaukee bill , as by the fate
of that measuie , the Omaha bill was to faro.
The scnatois named began doing lively work
too. It was exciting 'when Weaver got up
and began to oppose the bill. Ho
said ho was not oppo ftdto at on account of
any dement , but because the Oklahomi bill
should bo fiist considered. If the Oklahoma
bill was first given a chance ho would not
object to the public building or any other
honest billTnero was a wianglo over the
revclancy of his speech to the question under
considuiation. Then Wca\cr attempted to
have the house adjourn. Failing to have his
motions recognized by the speaker he de
manded a quorum on every step , and finally
the ayes and nays on ordering the pievious
question , the object being of course to con
sume the dav before a final vote was taltcn
The speaker was prepared for such an emer
gency , howoer , and stood Hrmlv to IUR rul
ing On the vote , finally reach to agree
to tlio confeience report ) the ayes were 199
and tlio noes weio 51. So the report and
bdl passed. In a minute there were clus
tered around Weaver , Senators Paddocic and
Mnndeison and Representative McShane , all
pleading with him to lot the confercnca re
port on the Omaha bill come up , but he
would not yield He fought like a ilger.
There was a repetition of the tactics em
ployed to defeat the consideration of the
Milwaukee bill. By the assistance of the
speaker , and almost the cntiiu house , the
Nebraska quorum was retained nud the pre
vious question at last oidored. It looked for
an lioui as though 5 o'clock , the time for ad
journment under a special rule ,
would nirlvo before the final vote
could bo reached. But there is an end
to all moital things , and the ayes and noes
on the adoption of the conference report was
calied , Chairman Mills , W. S. Scott and
other distinguished domociats who have not
been seen m the house for weeks , appeared
and voted. The result was ayes , I'.Ki ; noes ,
W. So the conference report on the Omaha
public building bill , about which HO much
has been said for neaily a year pist , was
adopted together w ith the bill itself. The
Nebraska men woio congratulated on every
hand. Then folluwed u light for the conference -
once report on the San Francisco building
bill. This measure did not huvo
the active workers that the Omaha
bill did , and pending its consideration the
house adjouincd. Had it not been for the
lomnrkublo and arbitiary ruling of the
speaker and the effective work of the No-
binska statesmen named , the Omaha bill
would not have been adopted , because it
would not have been reached. It may bo
adopted by the senate to-morrow. Senators
Mamlorson and Paddock say it will be called
up promptly , and theio is no doubt whatever
that it will bo passed by the
senate , as there is little , and no
factional opposition to it there. The bill
will likely roach President Cleveland on
Monday nest , or Tuesuay at the fai thcst ,
n i id barring nccidont. Sonu question has
boon laised as to whether the president will
sign the bill. Mr McSlmno sajs ho will do
ovcrj thing possible in the waof bringing
democratic influence to bear , and Senators
Mundurson and Paddpok will see Mr. Cleve
land , and thcio is not much danger of a
vote , With the adoption of thoieport by the
senate will close one of the most persist
ently fought battles over waged for a public
measure. The. people of Omaha ought to
congratulate themselves.
A ouiinus SUIT ,
Secretary Vilas to day decided a cut Jens
case , which has been before the interior de
partment since 1872 , involving the light bo-
tweeu a settler and a 'railroad corporation for
the possession of a strip of the bottom of the
Missouri liver. The river has a babit of er
ratically changing 1U coin so , sometimes
leaving Its old bed some miles away
and cutting for luelf a new channel.
On the line between Ncbuiska and Dakota
it come within the limit of the grant of the
Sioux City & Pacific ruihoad. The stream
changed its channel and loft | > ait of its bed
high and dry. Patrick Moimhuii made a
homestead cntn of the land in Ib71. The
railroad claimed the land , and several de
cisions were tendered against Man.ihaii' The
latter claimed that tlio road could not claim
the land , because it lnd ; no existence when
thogaant to the road was made , as it was
the bottom of the Missouri river. The road
asserted that its grant covered everything
In the shape ol "land , however lony it
had existed. Many years arc spent by the
department in 'gathering testimony us to
when the navigable channel of the river had
aver passed over the land in question , and
llnally found that It had not. Then wit-
ncbses swore that the laud had grown grass
ind trees over since I838aud It being proven
that the land existed practically drv when
the grant to the load was made , tho'sccio -
tary decides that it belongs , to the railroad
company and ttint Monahun must loao it.
Ainiv ouurits.
Twojcarsof the term of confinement im
posed by the sememe ot u ( 'cucrol court
martial Uaccuibnr-l 1853 , Depaitment of th
Pintle , Is remitted in the case of Augu
Miller , late private in Battery II , Fourth ni
tllloijnoiv at Fort Omaha awaiting trans
tor to the military prison at Tort Leaver
Captain James M J. Snnno , Seventh in
fnntry , on leave of absence in till
city , will report by letter t
the superintendent of the rcerttitlni
service , .Now Yotk City to conduct recruit
tlmt tnny be sent to the Department of th
1'tivato John Mlllci , hospital corps , 01
duty ut Tort Ljon , Colorado , will bo sent t
Hot Spilngw , Aik. , to enable him to cntc
the nrmv and nnvj hospital at that point , ic
porting upon his arrival to the surgeon li
charge of the hospital
MtecEl 1 INHOU" .
Senator Mandorson has laid before tin
senate n petition f10111 the Ki.ank P , Ulnli
post , G A K. , of Nebraska , in favor of vvha
Is known as the "National Ti Ibuue" peusloi
Hon JohnM Thurston and General Pau
\ andei vooit , of Nebraska , were in thohousi
this afternoon during the light forthoOmahi
public building bill , and were among tliosi
w ho early congratulated the Nebraska con
gressmen upon the battle they won.
The follow Ing order was Issued at the post
office depai Uncut to Jay relative to the
through loglstorcd mall pouch sj stem bo
tweou Sioux City and Om.ihi. 'l ho post
masters at the Slou\ City and Oainlia onki"
have this day been instructed to dispatcli
tliiough registcic'd pouches as follows ,
Leave Slou\ City at 7 ,10 n. m , mid Omah.i
at 1 'JO p m. . via the Sioux City and Gmahr
rallwapostolllce , Instead of the SiotiN
City and Missouri Valley and Cedar Rapids
and Council Bluffs railway postoflices. as at
At their reception to dav , Mrs. Mandeison
wore a black satin dress , with gold luce cm
broideries and was assisted by Mrs Mntthow-
son , Mrs 12 vans and Mis. Blown. Mrs.
Paddock was in u toilet of black silk and lace
and was aided bv Miss Paddock , Miss Con
pock and Miss Wcaton in entcitainlng her
callers. Pmtuv S. Ilium.
Its Immediate Opening Urced by the
Dakota IjcfflNl.itiuc.
BHMMI- , Dak , Jan , 11 [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : ULE ] A memorial to congiess
piaying for the opening of the Souicscr ! -
\atlon , pissed both houses today and will
be foi warded to congi ess to night It is nd
diossed to the committee on territories , of
which Congiessman Spiingor is chairman.
The onginnl icsolutton was amended so that
the White liver shall bo the bouthoin boun-
daiyofthat poition to be opened. There
w is not a dissenting vote. The i ulcs of both
houses wore susDonded so that the memorial
might bo adopted without delay.
In convocation with members of the legis
lature , not one was found who was not in
favor of having congiess open the icscivn-
tion without consulting the Indians. While
this is the sentiment with icgnid to the open
ing of the luids to settlement , it is also the
deshc that the government should pay the
Indians mote than 50 cents per acio for the
Thcio is such a tendeacy toward ictrench-
nient on the part of the lepislatuie that
ah eady bills have been introduced for the
abolishment of the olllccs of commissioner of
immigration , railioad commissioner , public
oxamuici and repealing the law appropriat
ing moro for the pajmcnt of traveling ex
penses of the judges , and clerk hire for the
goveinor. These bills in c introduced by 10-
publicans who came to fight Goveinor
Church , and if possible postpone the session
until a republican governor is appointed.
Falling In the attempt to postpone , they
hope to abolish many of the important ofll-
ces , so that the patronage will bo removed
fie n the democrats. The bili extending the
time when the luxes of IbSh shall become
due , and on which eastoi n land owners are
largely intetested , has passed the house and
will meet no opposition in the council. In-
suianco men nio not well pleased with the
appointment of the insurance committees ,
and several of the large companies have al-
icady telegraphed their agents hero to watch
legislation on this subject.
CoiiHul Sawall before the Senate Com
mittee * oil Foreign Relations.
WASHINGTON , Jan. , 11. Consul Gcnoial
Sowall , of Samoa , appeared bofoi o the sen
ate committee on foi cign i elatlons to dav.
General Sewull was examined in secret at
great length. Ho said that the shedding of
blood since lie left Samoa had ladlcally
changed the situation there , and that if it
vveie not intended to yield to Germany en-
tuo contiolof their hinds , some uccidcd ac
tion would have to bo taken by the poweis.
He presented to the committee a copy of the
Suuioin Times newspaper , published at Apia ,
cent lining accounts of an unpio voiced and un
expected attack by a German war
ship upon the natives , and a meetIng -
Ing by tlio consuls of other nations
denouncing the net , and also misleading and
unfair statements bv a German consul.
Sowall spoke of the studied and' systematic
effoits of the Germans in sending out news
from Berlin conceinlng Samoa to give the
impiession that the American was the tig-
giebsor in every case of trouble. Gciman
oppression , ho is fuithcr said to have repio-
sentoil , as entirely responsible for any ap
parent division of natives into hostile fac
tions. Ho described Tamasa's ' followers as'
a comparative handful , who were threatened
by an unploas int dllumma If they failed to
keep up the agitation against the native gov
ernment they feared death ut the hands of
the German allies ; if they escaped , then the
same fnto awaited them at the hands of the
natives , who considered them traitors to
Attorney Oenernl Vilas ftouidcH In
Fever of liiril.
WASIIIVOTOV , Jan. 11 Sccictary Vilas ,
who had been requested to arbitrate In the
contest for the govct noi ship of the Chicku
saw nation , to-dav sent a telegram to Mossis
Bird end Guy , tno contestants , in which ho
cited the Chlekasaw constitution in icgaid
to the canvassing of votes , etc , and said that
in the execution of Its piovislons William
Bird hud been declined elected by the
speaker of thoChiekimw house , in the pics-
once of the mombeis of both houses The
governor had t ilten the oath , delivered his
mcssa o , and since acted as governor ns far
us the contest pei milled Although the 10-
turns appealed to Imvu disclosed a majority
for Guy , no right to review the constitutional
action of tie spe iker In the presence apd
with tlio appiovil of the legislature in joint
session can rest clHuwliero than In the courts
of the Chick is iw nation , oven if tnoy have
such jurisdiction.
Thi Cent nil's Ijatc-Hl PurchaHa.
MII.W UKKH , Wis , Jan 11 The Evening
Wisconsin's special fiom Pond du Lao s.iji
that it Is reported that the Illinois Central
railroad has purchased the right of way of
the pioposcd Midland roau , fiom Madison to
Fond du Lao , and thence along of the shore
Lnko Wlnnohajjo to Floienco , with a branch
line on the east side of the lake to btuigeon
bay , Many towns along the pioposeu route
voted money to aid the construction of the
road , and there Is no doubt that tills money
will bo fieoly given to the Illinois Central ,
The I'lOldH of
TOPEKA , Kan , Jun 11 [ Special Telegiara
to Tni : BII : : , ] Joseph Fields , ox-tieisuici of
Wabaunseo county , and Joseph Fields , jr ,
the present ticaaurcr , have been held tor
Drnbczdcment. The former was bound over
to the district com t in the sum of f 15,000 and
tlio latter in the sum of $5OJJ , both of vvhlih
inuonnts weie furnished
_ _ _
Grant County Heal ,
HIANMS , Neb Jan. 11. - [ Special Tele-
grain to Tim HCK | The result of the county
Beat election held yesturduy in Grant county ,
Is that Hyaniils holds the county seat by a
lousing majority. Ilvanuls is boo mini ; .
Ho Anticipates nn Kaiy Victoi-j Ove
rioUPt's ( | ( lot eminent.
Pvius , Jan. 11 fNow Yoik lleral
Cable Special to THE Br.E 1 It was one o
General Houlangcr's trl-wcekly reception
Jcstcrday As the 37th of January ap
pioaches Ihodeslic to see otho ledoubtabl
candidate is becoming moro general , and I
consequence the crush of callois Is leu'hlni
Itscllmav All sorts of people were thcro-
Workmen In tough clothing , ofllcirt of tin
Legion of Honor , women wealing sealskin
Hiitl otheis who might well hive been con
cicrges In holldiy dress , men with mudd ;
boots and dripping nmbiellas , politicians
schemers , join nulists au.v ono who , haviui
nniixe togiludsaw in GcneialBoulnngor th
man to grind it. A consequential darVe ;
summons the fortunate ones , whoso pride o :
suspense is done and who nl length ascent
a pair of stairs into tlio presence of the gen
oral. Ho scuds them up In batches of six ot
eight. Most of those who pissed thiougl
the final door did so only to pass speedily out
again , but the Herald correspondent on thlc
occasion was favored with a moro extensive
"Hli bleu , " commenced the general , "what
can 1 do for you I" mid ho commenced pacing
from ono side of the room to the other , his
soldloili figuiu well set on" by a stylishly cut
brown suit , and so walking luck waul tun ]
forvvaul , side by side , the convcrs ition wont
"What Is jour position , general , asicgaids
the Panama canal. "
"Hero it is in two words , " came the unhes
itating leply. "I hnv o no opinion to express
as to the outcome of the enteipiisc. When
the catml w 111 bo finished and w hat vvhatw ill
bo the expenses mo questions I am Incompe
tent to answer. One tlng I know. A few
months ago the dumber of deputies author
ied n lottoiy of lands for the
benefit of DeLessops" greit under
taking. If the uutliorb.itlon meant
anj thing it meant that the Trench gov 01 n
ment identified itself with the inleicsts of
the canal , and became sponsor for it Now the
same government would shiik the same re
sponslbility incuirol recoiitly , and it was
against such he irty mid illogical m tlon that
I protested , and still protest I believe In
keeping a piotuiso. 1 believe in being con
sistent two points which Fioquut's govoin-
meiit would seem to regard ns Insignificant
details in the line of policy. "
"Do jou think the piesent government 1ms
compiomiscd its interests in the general
elections by opposing the w ishcs of so huge
a body of olectoia ? "
"rioquet and his advisois have done noth
ing but play Into my hands by their i efusal
to sustain the Panama scheme. They have
nssuicd mo the allegiance of an army of
800,000 shareholder That is only ono illustration -
tration of their stupidity. By their ridiculous
energy in the Baudm affairs on December 5 ,
m tri ing to call out a mob , they lost the sup
port of thousands of Paris shopkeepois
whoso interests are centered in the main
tenance of order in the stiects. A mob is
terrible when aroused , and Floquet should
remember that it is one thing to let loose
i00,000 ! men and quite another to force them
to return peaceably to their homes. Foitun-
ntely for Paris , Floquot's plan failed. "
"Then , you feel sure of defeating the gov-
einment in the coming contest ! "
"Sure to defeat them ! Why , my dear sir ,
they will defeat themselves To obtain a
victory 1 liavo only to rest on my oais and
watch them cut their own throats The other
day they incrcised their discom
iituro by icfusing to vote the
time honored holiday lemcmbranco
for the government employes. That
eiror will cost them thousinds of votes.
Then there is the amnesty matter by which
they have made enemies of numbeiless
laborers , and so I might go on indefinitely.
I will bo elected by 100,000 majoiity ,
though the machinations of the rioquet gov
ernment may i educe it to 80,000. "
"Are > ou not afraid of their adopting violent
lent uieasuies against you ! "
The general diew himself up pioudly and
leplied with flashing cjcs , and in ringing
tones. "Let them dare to touch a hair of my
head and they will see the
result of such temerity in the
suffrages of 30J,000 Fieiichmen , who would
lise up and demand me as their i epresonta
live. I defy the whole pack to do thcli
worst. "
"What will jou do after your election in
Paris ! "
"As that is too far ahead to speak of pie
ciscly , sufficient foi the day is the evil
thereof. But one thing is ceitaln , my elec
tion in Paris will sweep all Franco like an
cloctiic shock. "
Goveinor Glide , of KunH.'iH , on tlio
Diesse-d IJ"of Combine.
'lori.Kv , Kan. , Jan. 11. [ Special Tologi am
to THE Bnr.At ] the annual meeting of the
ntate board of agriculture today , Goveinor
Glick spoke upon the "Dressed Ilaef Com
bine. " Ho lefeircd to the circumstance
that ten years ago the shipper of the west
who shipped c ittlo into ChiLago would fin d
there hundtcds of bujors from the oist , who
were reidy to buy cittlo for shipment to
eastern markets Now there w ere but two
classes of cattle , corn fed and nnr0'i > , and no
distinction was made in the price Tim
shipper now has to sell to the droxsod bocsf
men , and they control the demand In such a
manner as to bo able to fix the price abw-
lutolj. In some places , for insiiiuco in Cin
cinnati , buUheisnon * weio opened and wcro
supplleil by the Chicago dressed beef moiup
ollsts This has been followed up In Colum
bus and other cities until now the lei al
butchcis have been run out of business , and
the monopolists h ivo the field Those buj'-
eis who were foimerly stationed at Chicago
to buy have been withdrawn , and thnia is no
opposition Inner there lott to compete for
the cattle. lie pointed out as the only
method of meeting this monopoly a local In
spection , and ho believed that the present
Kansas legisiatuio would follow the e\implo
of other legislatures with u law making local
iiibpoctlon piactlcablo
tlio IHuc
CONCOUII , N. 11 , Jan U At the constitu
tional to day action was taken on the amend
ment to Htnko out tlio word "PiotesUnt , "
from the bill of rights ; also to strike out the
article ontiio and sub itituto one icpoitcd by
the committee on the bill of rights , insert
ing the following for that article : "Kvory
icligious sect , or denomination demeaning
thcmsclvo ) quietly and as oed subjects of
the .state , shall be equally under the
protection of the law , and no HUI- !
oidinatlon of any one feet or
denomination to another shall ever be estab
lished by law " An amendment was of-
foi ed to substitute t ha lopoit by inserting
u provision that the legisiatuio shall have
pow'tir to grant all religious societies w ithin
the state the privilege of selecting and con-
trading iVith their own taohois of religion
and morality , mid no one sect , shall over bo
compelled to pay towaids the support of the
tcachors of any other sect or denomination
This amendment was adopted , us > > 43 also
rcpjrt of tlio committed us lunondeJ.
A Dakota .Miner Killed.
Dr Utt eon , Dak , Jun U. [ Hpcchl Tolc-
gi am to Tin : Bun. ] August Peterson was
Killed by fulling lock at It o'clock thin mum-
Ing in the llrst level of the llitflilnnd mli.u ,
Lead City.
It la the Chief Ambition of the
Philanthropic Baron HIrsoh.
As AfTor-dlMR the Only Solution of tlio
Se.mttto I'rotiliMii and the Klc-
vation of the .Icnlsh
Kitoo .
Unroll HltNC'li'H Doetilnp.
ICupinltiM IfXt I'll I'W < fJor.ton Itrnnelt }
Puns , Jail 11 [ Xov York Herald C.tbU
Special to Tins Hic.l : For neatly tvva
thousand jcus Israel lus been awaiting tlui
second advent of the Messiah. "When will
the Messiah comol" I asked j'estordaj of a
prominent Israelite1.
"The Messiah is come , mid Is at this mo
ment In Paris , " was the astonishing icplj1.
I supposed that the poison with whom 1
was tnlklni ; intended to mysttfjmo , but ho
was soilous 1 piossed him with Author
questions , nnd an explanation followed Ilia
The Jews havu longa o lost faith in the llt
oral Inc.unation of the Messiah That
would not bo compatible with the ideas ot
modem civ ili/ution. But a now docttluo has
taken hold of the Jews all over the world
tlio doctrine of assimilation with clnis'
tlanlty-and the apostle of this doctilno ,
destined to bring about the salvation of Is-
i.iel , is now In Paih , and Is no other thau
Biton Hirsch , the well known Pmlsian
banker , who has given over 100,000 0 K ) francs
m Uussii and Auitiia towards caujini ; outt
this gloiious conception
'Will jou take mo to see B.uon llirsch ! " 1
"Ceitalnlv , " was the toply.
In n fe-w moments 1 wis seated bosldo
B iron Hit sch in his magnificent house next
the Palaiso do l ljseo Baton Hiricli is u
line looking man of medium height and ath
letic build , mid Is npp.ucntlj' about fifty
j cars old. His , cjes aio bright gioj' mid
beam full of intelligence His nose is nqul-
luo His jaw has a determined look abjut
It , and his long mllitiuj moustache is mingled ,
with groj He looks moio Hlo an Austiina
cavalij' oftlcor than a financier.
"Will J'ou tell mo nbout the motjves which
induced you to nfuko jour magnificent dona
tion in Russia ! " 1 asked.
"My idea is this , " said he , "I am a bi ttoi
enemy of fanaticism and bigoti y. The
Jewish question can only bo solved by the
disippeirincoof the Jewish race , which will
inevitably bo accomplished bj the amalgama
tion of Chi isti ins and Jews Tlio funds I
have pi iced at the disnosil of Russia are not
for the educational pui poses of Jewish chil-
dien ulone , but Cluistiiin children as well.
Theie are lr > 00WO ( Jewish eluldicn in Russia.
They nro in a most destitute condition. They
do not oven know the Russian language.
They speak a Hebi.iic fargon of their own.
They aio fiiphtfullj h indicippjd in all that
concerns oiining then bioul and making
their vvaj in life. There is a eomplota
Chinese wall around them , isolating thcui
fiom the rest of huimnity. My idea was to
knock out the corner sUmo of the wall by
establishinur schools on condition that they
bo open to Jews and Christians on teuns ot
perfect equality. "
"Does Russia facilitate the establishment
of these schools in the Russian govern
ment } "
"Unfoitunatclj' the govcinincnt seems tote
to fear that thei o is some politic il move behind <
hind the plan. I happen to possess moio ot
the so called good things of this wo Id than
ma wants icquiro. 1 carefully stu lied how
I could best accomplish an act of pure phil-
anthrophj' . I looked about and found that oa
the whole the condition of the .low ) in Rus
sia was worse than that of unv other latgo
bodv of people In the civilbod world. 1 nm a
Jew , I felt for the same race and set about
to give them a fair en inco to vvotk Mdo by
side and assimilate with the people of tro
country m which thoj' live. 1 merely want a
guaiuntec fiom the Russian government that
the funds held at their disposal shn 11 be ap
plied to the purpose Intended , namely , the
establishment of bohools for Christians and r1
Jews on an equal footing My schools thntaro
established pt G ilicivAustii i nro a success.
So thoj' would bo In Russia if the govern
ment would only consent , to disibuse itself
of the ide i there is a politic il motive la
theoffci. "
"You feel convinced that the doetimo ot
assimilation is a solution of the scmltlo ques
tion i"
"Clearly so , " said ho. "Why , jou have
pnly to look about lo BCO this unlvei sal tend'
cnov of IH'w'lein times , Tlio joungor mem *
beisofthu fami ; ; of Rothschild , Hoino ,
Commoiido , Mo-itollore , au'1 do/ons of other *
uroussimilited ; that istosiy , arc married
with the Gtammonts , Richulleus mid Ilo32
bcirys In the other stratas of society tha
same laws prevail , In St. Antoina
and Bcllovillo mixed Christian and
Jewish maul ite3 ; taKe plic-o ovoiy woelr.
The Jewish racn Is now disappearing. Tlioro
uro'numcrous instances of uonvoisloiiH ot
Jews to Christianity , but I cin not recall u
sollturj instance ot a Chiisiiin uceominfj
'onveited to Judaism Tlio salvation of tha
Jews Ibiissimihitlon. Let them bo amalga
mated by Chiistlanity mid moiged In Chris-
tinintj' . Let tlio fusion be complete. Let
the Jo wish isolation be bioken down. Lub
the Jews as a distinct set dis ippoai , This la
the tendency of the ago. This will ho a so
lution of the Jewish question and a blosaint ;
to civilisation. "
Not Inline.
CITV , Neb , Jan , 11.
to Tin : Bur ] The boaid of insanity to day
ex unliied into the condlt'on ' of D. M. Adams ,
who was biought hoio fiom Syiaciisc fou
safe keeping , having tluealunod Biilcldo.
They declared him snno mid n fiaud , ho hav
ing , accoidlngto the testimony , uctcd cray
and threatened suicide tofilghtcu his wife ,
who had left him.
Patal Koud in Illinois.
ST Lot IB , Jan. 11. A flpcclul to the Post
Dispatch fiom Vienna , 111. , says that Ias6
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Churloa Jacobs John Bridges und Charles
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ST. Louis , Jan. 11 Governor Moorchousn
has appointed u delegation of ton prominent
citl/ons of the state to repicsunt Missouri nb
the centennial celebration of the Inaugura
tion of Pi csident Washington , to be held m
Now York In April next , lie also lecom-
mended that the Icglrdatuio nppropilata
JIO.OOO to dofiay the expenses of sending two
inllitiu companies to participate * in the cere- ,
Gaud.iur'H ChalloiiKu Accepted ,
TOIIOMO , Out. , Jan. -William O'Con
nor bus accepted Oaudaui'B challenge to row
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