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The police court is being painted.
No building permits were issued yes-
The Webster' street depot is being
Chief Galllgan , of the fire dooart-
mcnt , won nn elegant muaio box , which
was rallied off Monday in the Paxton
Sheriff Coburn ROCS to Kearney to
day taking with him two boys
named Kdward Woodward und Chria-
tlan Conneora.
The Ilorso Railway company are
building a curve tit Ninth nnd Farnam
streets to complete tholr "loop" to con-
nont with the uridgo motor lino.
The annual mooting of the Hrick Con
tractor's association , which was adver
tised for Monday night , was adjourned
until next Monday night at 8 o'clock.
A full attendance is requested.
Those who bought chaneos on getting
n SOW ) piano at the bazaar of the Omahii
guards can have their money refunded
by applying to the committee. Only
fcilOO worth of tickets were sold.
Ono hundred and tiitioly-flvo saloonkeepers -
* keepers have paid their 188S licenses.
There are , therefore , about seventy- '
eight liquor dealers who will bo shut
out of the Now Year's day rako-olf.
The Aurora society of the South Tenth
struct M. K , church will give nn oyster
fcuppcr at the residence of A. J. Har
mon , 8M Pinrco street , Thursday evening -
ing , December 18. Kveryono invited.
Olllo Vandorvoort , the Povon-ycar-old
daughter of Paul Vandorvoort , died
Monthly of ccrobro-spinal meningitis.
The funeral took place from 1110 South
Thirty-second street at'J p. in. yester
day.A runaway team caused considerable
cxcilomont near the corner of Eleventh
and Farnam , where they were stopped ,
but the wagon was considerably dam
aged. Tlio outlit belonged to Paxton &
A buggy owned and driven by n , man
named Gibbon , was wrecked yesterday
, afternoon on Ilarnoy and Thirteenth
a btreots. Tlio horse caught his fore calks
* in the slot of the cable tracks and
stumbled , with the above result.
There ia a. change in the programme
of tlio Winter gni'don. Tlio third con-
i | cert of the Musical Union orchestra and
f the regular Gorman theatrical perform
ance next Sunday are postponed until
Tuesday , December 25. On Saturday ,
December 22 , and Sunday , December
lilt , the famous pro&tieHgilalour , Prof.
Thco. Brauor , supported by M'llo La
Motto , will appear.
Personal 1'rtrasjrniilis.
A. U. Demaray , of Lemurs , Is uf the Pax-
] r , M. H , Hobcrts , of New York , is at tbo
ii M. H. Hopowell , " of Tokamab , is at the
H. H. Lord , of San Francisco , is at tlio
P. H. Cluuilys , of Blnir , JN'eb. , is a guest at
the Millard.
M. Hcattv , of Palmer , Neb. , la stopping at
the Mlllurd.
E. C. Thomas , of Chicago , registered at
the Mlllunl.
p F. U. Woodruff , of Chicago , is stopping at
the Pnxton.
Alf J. McGIon , of Now York , registered at
the 1'uxton.
Miss Meda Mitchell , one' of the prima
donnas of Henry K. Dixey's company , is at
the Cozzens.
A. M. Longwell , of Lincoln , is stopping at
i tlio Murray.
M. V. Nicholson , of Valenti'aiS , Neb. , is at
the Pnxton.
Captain and Mrs. Carsachavo returned to
Fort Niobrara.
J. II. Ewing , of Hammond , la. , is a guest
nt the 1'axton.
EH S. Harnes , of Grand Island , is stopping
at the Paxton.
A. M. Courson , of Dos Moines , is a guest
at the Murray.
Captain Cusack , U. S. A. , of Fort Niobrara ,
is at the Murray.
George A. Mead , of Sioux City , is recis-
tcred at the Paxton.
Colonel W. N. Hunter , of St. Louis , regis
tered at the Mlllurd.
V. C. Shiokloy , of Geneva , registered at
tlio Paxton last night.
John Suhumpp , of Pittsburp , registered at
the Murray lust night.
F. II. It. Mnrsdcn , of Peoria , 111. , was nt
the Murray last nluht.
Prosecuting Attorney Riley , of Sidney ,
Neb. , is nt the Paxton.
Charles II. Taylor nnd J. J. Canvcll , of
Plankcton , nro nt the Murray.
James Holland , n leading hardware mer
chant of Broken Bow , is at the Arcade.
Miss Jenny nnd Maud Plumb , from Ma
rlon , la. , arc visiting friends in tlls ( city.
Charles II. Conner , of Chicago , represent
ing the Detroit Steve works , is ut the Pax-
Henry II. Fry , ono of the proprietors of
the famous Glenrock mine , Wyoming , regis
tered nt tlio Barker.
Mr. W. II. Hull , assistant manager of the
Waterworks , loft Monday night for Detroit ,
where ho will spend Christmas.
At tlio Arcade : W. A. Stewart , Plum
CicckC. ; A. Tuttle , Irvlngton ; D.W.Leo
and B. P. Miller , Alliance ; Philip Unitt aud
Charles Saekelt. Sownrd ; W. C. Cathor-
\vood , Blair ; H. F. Warner , Hosa.
A Female nurglnr.
May Earl , a strumpet at Fort Omaha , was
arrested Monday night for breaking into the
house of CojKmil Dunn.
The failure of II. Pollock , general store
dealer In Battle Creek , with liabilities at
(2,000 is announced by Bradstrocts.
Dr. Williams' Father.
The father of the suicide Williams nrrlved.
in Omaha yesterday morning , The body of
the deceased will bo shipped to AcHtoy , In.
to Weil.
The following mnrrlngo licenses were Issued -
sued by Judge Shields yesterdays
j Glcnnn 1) . Stone , Omaha , . . . . ,23
J Elizabeth Hughes , Omaha . 10
Jlopluvln the Goods.
To-day the harness found In the possession
Ed Barrett ami Gcorgo Petty , nud which led
to tholr arrest on n suspicion of larceny ,
was roplovlned by Petty and Barrett and
taken from the police authorities. The case
will bo given a bearing before Judge Holmes
Criminal Matters.
Chnrlcf O'Urlen ' and Henry Howard are
uhdor arrest on clmrgo of stealing two pairs
of shoes and some caps from Hubln's store
on Tenth near Jackson. They are also
charged with attempting to rob Jails Nelson.
EU Coleman , Eugene O'lluru and J. W.
Dull wcrchcld | to the district court yesterday
in the bum of (300 each for robbing B. S.
Vance. The prosecuting witness Is also hold
In the sum of $ 00 , und in default also go 3
to Jail. .
Caught After rive Years.
Private John Follmuth , company D Fourth
Infantry , enlisted in this the 1st of February
16S3 , des encd nt Fort Omaha Cth of May ,
1SS3. Ho was apprehended by the Omulm
police flvo years Inter , Ho was tried before
a general court martini and plead not guilty ,
claiming that ho wns only absent without
leave. Ho has been dishonorably discharged
from the service , forfeiting all pay and al
lowances now duo.and to bo confined ut hard
labor In a military prison for four years.
General Brooke howorvor , remitted three
years of his sentence and approved , of all the
other proceedings of the court , '
IJy Whom Will flu > r i > o Worn n the
School Uonrili
Now that Uov. Copolnnd's resignation as a
member of the board of education lias been
handed in , numerous persons arc being men *
tioncd ns his probable successor. The board
Itself chooses n person to fill the vacancy
until the school election next Juno. The
Sixth ward is very clamorous for representa
tion on the board , and claims that ns that
ward comprises about ono-fifth of the terri
tory of Omaha they should have a member.
Tlio fourth ward they say has three or four
and the sixth regards this iw n monopoly.
Thomas .1. Mngrano and Frank Spore , both
of the sixth nro rival candidates for the
ix > sition , and the friends of each
are vigorously pressing Ithoir claims.
Fred W. Gray has bean asked to allow his
'Viamo to bo used for rc-clectlon , but it Is said
ho has refused to ilo so. The friends of
Henry Livcsey say , that they believe ' ho
would run again if iiikcd. Charles B'runner
Is siiUl to bo an aspirant for the ) > osltlon , nnd
is pressing n vigorous canvass of the board.
A. P Tukoy's mime has been mentioned for
some tlino as n candidate , The names of
Thomas Kllpatrlck and Judge McCulloch
nro also occasionally mentioned. Frank
Hcdman U said to bo nu aspirant for the
position also. At the next meeting of the
board a successor will probably bo elected.
Offensive breatli vanishes with the
use of Dr. Sago's Catarrh Remedy.
The Guards I4litt Officers.
The annual election of officers , civil and
military , by the Omaha Guards for the ensu
ing year was hold on Monday night at the
armory on Capitol avenue , Mr. Jesse Lowe
presided and the following olllcers were
elected i President , Jesse Lowe ; vice presi
dent , llobinson ; clerk , Nye ; treasurer , Ache-
son. The Messrs. Tyrrell , Hnrvoy , Carey ,
Berlin and Mulford were directors. The
civil ofllcers nro ox-ofllcio directors. Captain ,
A. II. SchrafT ; first lieutenant. W. A. Web
ster ; second lieutenant , Charles A , Harvey ;
third lieutenant , Hurry Mulford ; quarter
master , S. B , Heed.
The Guards adopted a style of uniform to
bo worn by the company on its trip to Wash
ington for inauguration day. The coat will
bo dark blue , the trousers of light blue with
white stripes , a black beaver shako and n
dark blue greatcoat. The trimmings , belts ,
etc. , will bo left to the committee In charge
of uilulrs , _
Stck headache is readily cured by
Hood's Sarsaparilla , which tones and
regulates the digestion , and creates an
appetite. _ _
A Consignment of I'ostnijo Stamps.
Postmaster Gallagher received a new con
signment of postage stamps yesterday from
the postmaster general's ofllce. There was
? 30,5.)0 worth of stamps nnd ? . " ,000 worth of
postal cards. With what was alrendi' in
stock at the oillco , the value of postage
stamps is estimated ut over ? i0,00l ! ) . The
above quantity is n three months' supply nnd
has increased some ; iO per cent , over the
amount on hand during u similar period last
year. There was but 1,000 special delivery
stamps required , which brought forth the re
mark from the postmaster that this system
is not nt all well patronized in Omaha. The
only material changq in tlio samples received
Is that in the -1 cent st.unps. The new ones
are of n pale pink color , u great Imorovement
on the dull green hitherto used. The head
of Jackson still appears on them.
Will you sufTor with dyspepsia and
liver complaint ? Shiloh's Vitalize1 is
guaranteed to euro you. For sale by
Goodman Drug Co.
Prominent Celestials.
The following ofllcinl representations of the
Chinese empire arrived in Omaha yesterday
morning : Lin Lang Yuan , secretary of the
Chinese legation , Lima , Peru ; Chun Sen Yin ,
Chinese consul-gcuoralf Havana , Cuba ;
Lung Ting Chan , Chinese consul-general ,
San Francisco ; Yeo King Hang , attache of
consulate. They were accompanied by four
servants. Upon their arrival they were
taken to the Millard hotel and , after
which they were given an opportunity to
view the sights of the city under the direc
torate of Chief Clerk Scott of the general
passenger and ticket department of the
Union Pacific over which they will depart
yesterday evening for the Pacific coast.
That hacking cough can bo so quickly
cured by Shiloh's Curo. Wo guarantee
it. For sale by Goodman Drug Co.
Captain Green , of the police force , and
Joseph Garneau , returned yesterday morning
from the Fort Madison , la. , penitentiary ,
whither they wont last Sunday to see onoof
the Grosses who is confined iji that prison for
receivinir the stolea diamonds from the rob
bers who pillaged the Garneau residence of
its jewels last June. AUthrco of the persons
connected with that noted robbery nro now
In states prison , but not a single brilliant of
the $3,500 worth has been recovered , The
Grosses still refuse to divulge the hiding
place of the jewels , but Captain Green and
Mr. Garneau are determined to leave no
stone unturned in their hunt for the dia
Pozxoni's Complexion Powder pro
duces a soft and beautiful skin ; it com
bines every element of beauty and
purity. _ _
No Ne\v Insurance Compact.
The meetings of insurance agents , spoken
of in TUB Bne a few days ngo , have closed
without making n new local compact. The
old agreement was not cotnsidorcd binding
because it could not enforce its terms. One
of the features of the now company was the
posting of § 100 by every agent as u forfeiture
ngainst the compact violation , but the major
ity of the agents refused to put up the money
required. _
Advice to mothers.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup should al-
way * bo used for children teething. Itsoothes
the child , softens the gums , allays all pain ,
curcsjwind colic , and is the best remedy for
-Jiurruueu. iiOo a bnttlo.
Granted by tlio
Q John D. Howe , attorney for the Motor
cojipnny , told a Biiu reporter yesterday af icr-
noon that ho would have good reasons to show
Judge Donne why the suit brought against
his company by tlio mayor of Omaha bliould
bo dismissed , The legislature of Nebraska ,
who were "bigger men" than the city of
Omaha , nuld Mr. . Howe , granted the Motor
company certain rights , and ho would show
that In the erection of those much disputed
poles the rompnny ho represented liftd vlo-
intcu none of the conditions Imposed upon
them , and next Monday is sot for the hear
ing In the district court.
Do not throw away your Imrd-earncd cash
for every now cough syrup , when that stand
ard remedy for coughs , Dr. Bull's Cough
Syrup , Is U5 cents.
"Hurrah 1" said nlttlo | girl , "I'm not to bo
kept In because of that horrid neuralgia. My
mamma bought a Dottle of Salvatiou Oil. "
Notes Ahnut the Cltv.
Citizens are paying tjio grading assess
ment and the trouble is believed to bo over.
John C. Carroll was the first to pay.
The now furniture for the postofllco has
nrrlved nnd will bo put In plnco nt once. The
oillco will bo removed Into the McGlnnls
block , Nstreet , Saturday , the 2'Jth.
The meeting of the Shnhespcnro club ,
which was to have been nt the residence of
Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank Hay ward last night , has
been postponed till Saturday evening next.
Engineer II. II. Lawrence was Li'ton ' serl
ously ill Sunday night nt the Pneltlo hotel
and is yet In n urecnrlous condition.
The funeral of the late Max DlcKmnn , who
died at the residence of his daughter and
son-ln-lnw Monday afternoon , was held at
i ! o'clock this afternoon. The interment wns
in Laurel Hill cemetery.
The new rooms for the fire department on
Twenty-sixth street , known us The Club ,
will bo ready fur use to-day.
Mrs. Frank .1. Sholony , who has been vis
iting her parents for a fortnight nt Atkinson ,
returned homo yesterday nnd was accompan
ied by Mrs. Wlnslow and child of
First class fiction , line engravingstho
latest fashion news , useful information
on household matters , etc. , make up tlio
January number of Peterson's Maga
zine. It well merits the title of "tlio
ladies' favorite , " for it catorsadmirably
to their needs.
The foundation for the Monuiouth Park
Methodist Episcopal church was commenced
on Saturday last. The building will bo
pushed to completion , and , with the ground ,
will cost ? J,50J. Ono of the lots has been do
nated by the Monmouth association. The
pastor will bo Rev. Mr. Slaughter.
Hev. E. A. Fogolstrom says that the first
wing of the now Knmnuel hospital and Dea
coness Institute is almost re.uly for roofing ,
and hopes to have it covered in before the
close of the year.
The people of the Swedish Evangelical
Lutheran church on Eighteenth and Cass
streets , the pastorale of which has Just been
resigned by Mr. Fogclstrom , have palled
Hov. Prof. Olson , of Augustine college near
Hock Island.tllo lias the reputation of being
the most pious and able Swedish minister in
the country.
From the Council UlulTs Daily
Globe , Januury 2(5 ( , 1SS2 : M. A.
MoPikc , editor of the Cambria
( Ebensburg. Pa. ) Freeman , has
been tlio jorsonal friend of tlio cditoi
of the Globe for more than twenty years
and is known , wherever ho is known , a.
ono of the best men living , lie is also
an intimate friend of Mr. Clark , of the
Nonpareil. Ho lias been unfortunate ii
the fact that his family was rnvagci
with diphtheria , and greatly distressed
Mr. Clark , having heard of his calam
ity , sent him some of Dr. JofToris' Diph
theria Cure. It was used at once , am
tlio lives of tlio rest of his childrei
saved. Letters from Mr. MePilce are
unbounded in their expressions of grati-
tune for finding some means of averting
the loss of his whole group of little am :
tender ones. Five of Mr. MePikc's chil
dren out of eight died from rlipthoru
before ho had tin opportunity of using
Dr. Jofferis'remedy. Price of remedy
S3. Address Dr. Thos. Jeileris , box 057
Omaha , Neb.
A Great Ilcail H.IB P. T. , .
The BEE is in receipt of what purports to
bo nn.autogmph letter from Phincas T.
nuni , the great Bridgeport showman. He
guilelessly asks for a correction of th-j mis
statement which lie saw in Tun BKI : runnint ,
to the effect that he had abandoned the show
business. Then ho rings in a fowcircus nil
vectives. and writes the letter with his owi
hand , with his own pen and upon his own
paper. When Mr. Barnum reads this he niiy
remit at the rate of $1.00 a line for it.
To Prevent Croup.
True croup never comes without i
warning ; a day or two before the at
tack the child becomes hoarse , and thai
symptom is soon followed by a peculiar
rough cough. If Chamberlain's Cougl
Remedy is given as soon as this hoarse
ness or cough appears , all danger am'
anxiety may bo avoided ; it has nevci
failed , even in the most severe cases.
There is no danger in giving the Rem
edy for it contains no in jlirious substance
Sold by all druggists.
I > iuitjerotisly 111.
Miss Bosslo O'Brien , daughter of themto
General Gcorgo M. G'Brien , ami until re
cently in charge of the library ofthe Bar
association , is lying dangerously ill at lici
home on South Seventeenth street. A Jo\\
nights ngo her life was dcsnairod of , but yes
terday a slight change toward Improvement
in her condition was gratefully noted by
many friends.
Grand Jury Inquiry.
It was reported yesterday that the grand
Jury was about to return two indictments for
allc'gcd election frnuds.
M. H. Ish , of the Seventh ward , was before -
fore the Jury all morning , and was examined ,
it wns thought , upon the pauper vote. It has
been hinted that Walter Wallace , of the
same ward , if subpoenaed , might tell of some
Ono word : ono stop may make or mar
one's whelp future. Dr. Jones' Red
Clover Tonio is tlio proper move when
you have dyspepsia/bad breath , piles ,
pimples , ague , malaria , low spirits ,
headache or nn y stomach or liver
troubles. CO cents. Goodman Drug.
Sporting Notes.
Frank Pnrmalco of this city nnd Kit
Baker of North Platte will shoot for $500 a
side December 81 , at 10J blue rocks tlio
weather permltingof course ,
Frank Sclqu lias been ro-c.ngnged by the
Umntm management to look utter the ball
team-for 1SSS ) .
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ntid I'ubltc I'oo < l Analysts , as the Strougnt. I'ureit and most Healthful. Dr. Price's Cream
Baking Powder docs not contain Ammonia , I.lmcor Alum , ] ) r , Price's Delicious 1'lavorinir 1U-
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Absolutely Pure.
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stiiiiiKth nnd wholcaomcness. Aloro econom
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Wall street. Now VnrlC.
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portant. Consultation free and sacred.
D-SenJ 4 cents postage for Celebrated Works on
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F. D. CLARKE , M. D. ,
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N. W. Cor. 13th & Dodtro Sts.
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tloim In the wett.
vbiit-i j , i uiuijan , ' | iitui"
o , li r. Mitn mid Illoodnnd al
Diseases of Women n Specialty.
All Illool DUeatei iiiccensfullr treiitoil. BypLllltla
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pen Private , Hp eUl r Kerroui DUeumi. Impo-
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tunes treatml with micdi'Si itn-
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Hid BKIN J > IHiABKS. : All ( Usordcrs of the
JHXUAI , OKtiANH Cllltii ; ) UId ) MANHOOD
Treatment by corresponduncu. Bund etiunp
'or '
Office Dushman Bloc * . 16th and
Sts , Omaha , Nab
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cat and appropriate holiday gifts for their boys ; what bettor or more sensible present
can you give them than a nice Suit or Overcoat ? "We are showing handsome styles for
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$2.5O buys a very nice all wool Suit or a good Overcoat with cape for small boys.
$3.5O buys an excellent Suit or Overcoat for small boys.
$5.50 buys a very good all wool Suit or splendid Chinchilla Overcoat for largo
boys up to IS years old.
"VVo call special attention to a few small lots of very choice styles of Overcoats for
little boys from 4tolOwhich wo offer at a marvelous low price. Wo are anxious locloso
them out ; they are extremely fine goods and the brief season left for the disposal of
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Next Thursday shall begin to distribute our elegant holiday souvenirs and we
will also forward one with all out of town orders.
Corner and Douglas Streets , Omaha.
Warranted almiliitclif j > nro
( 'proa , from which the excess of
Oil lias been removed. It lias vioto
than three times the strength
nf Cocoa mixed with Starch Arrow
root or Sufjrar , aud is therefore far
more economical , COS//HJ/less / / than
one cent tt , cup. It is tlelicinu * ,
nourishing , strengthening , easily di-
KrMed , and admirably adapted for in
valids as. vv ell as f or persons in liealtlu
Sold by Grocers eicrynhcre.
W , BAKER & CO , , Dorcliester , Mass ,
Those fifjuros arc more eloquent than volumes
which iniBht bu written In prubo of the peculiar
merits uossesiud by the Muifea ( ioatls.
"I iibo tlio Matffo Haiitfo constantly in my
Schools and I'rlviitn Klti'lii'ii ; It fulfills en-cry
requirement for the- most i-xaullnu work ; I
would not axchuiiKO It lor any IIIIIKU made. "
Send for onr Fnni.'ico I'livulnriuid rend what
ph. lciinspriifessori ! < , n leiitlntmechanic - , and
merchants. suy of thu MIIKUU rurnact'n Iney Inive
lnu > u. l on't put In Mi-am or Hot Water Ap-
IKirutu * . till you K.NOU uliat a HIIST-CIASS Hot
.Mr fin nan. II1 do for half thoco t.
Tin : M MIII : ; IHMinsi.r'uiiNAi KS.HK tTitn : AND
our HKuntx , and \\iurmit null one toho (
perfect satisfaction to thu | JU\OT. MAtiKK
I'llNAt'K CO. , y ' uoIW I'NIO.M ST. , notion. Wi
AUUIUH ( Jmaha , Nob.
Surgeon an ! Physisin ,
Office N. W Curner nth un.I uaujUtiSt. Omcs
telophouo , iUj ; llualdouco toloplionu.
XIIE scor xua CHILD uiuis JIESX.
13 THE
Blocks ,
11 HUT
KM' for
yi !
i F1.7Sor
, $2.10 a gooO
i uvvraga ! *
e , tent i > oit-ftte , to
Fi AD. RICIITHR ft 00. ,
810 Uroudway. ? l v York.
llcware of Praud , as my name and the price are
stamped on the bottom of alt my advertised slices
befnrc liauiiB the factory , which protect the farcra
acMinst hiijn prices and mleiior Roods. If a dealer
offers W. JMiiiisliti shots at a reduced priceor
says he has them without my name and price stamped
on the bottom , put him down as a fraud.
The only cnlf S3SiA.MlICSS Shoo Binooth In-
side. NOTAOIlSorWAXTIIltKAUtohiirttlio
teet , easy ns hand-sowed anil WILL SOT JJir.
Th * '
there u no trouble. l in laclc.ry . , mil. ruimlnc u
ci | > clly , and IIH iirrn for oicr a uor. Icmploy Mil KuljliH
nf l.ibor nuil Hie latter i I'/oUcllvc Union inrn.inil In order
tr > prre to tlifl rntmbrrf of Luliur ontinUntlnna cvPryHheit
thit tlic iniile In lrl circular ere fulie I otter
$5,000 REWARD
to my perion or rtrioni Mlio willprorf illIhf ilaleinenli inidt
IrnnMilrc'nl.r | g be true. Till I olfer | ] | liolcl r-ouj riLlil
January 111 , I8V. (
W. L. J > fifiTA ; < J. Hnirlitnii , Sinus.
For sale by Kelley , Stipo.i ft Co. and
Gco. S. Miller , 012 North 10th St.
! "BTT"R W'nliueis ofBoJyand Minds Lfteili
, ° f Errors orEiceueslnOldorVounf.
lloluil. Nol.lf JUMKKIII milT llr.lorr J. llo In kulirnt Kit
Hlrt. lbfoHtAkI.MItlKUl'HCIHUS | > ii I'JIllScf lllllir.
Abinlultlr unf.lllnt IIIIXK TII illlK > T-lri.ri1ll ! In d.r.
f. Irilir/rnim < 1 Bl.lf. , Trrrllorln , nl t rrlrn I uailrlri.
Yo > r u xrllt Ilirn. Hook , frill iiiliintloa , m.I iiriintk n ll > d
( . .ltd ) tnt. iddrm | R | KtilCAL CO. . BUtf/UO , N , T.
MIN : and WO.MB.S snccobsfully trcatoil ,
BurorinB from the ctfcft * nf youlhful Inlllrorln
( llaoii'tlon , oruro Ironbliil nltli Wuiiknosi , Nuriuin
Debility. ! / ol .Muinory , Di-ni'Oiiiluni'y , Avcmlim In
Sc.ili'ly.Kliliii'y 'Inruljii' . nr un > dliouno of Iliu l.'ciiltn-
Urinary urvuiiH.CHii liurollndu fciiliMud M't'fUy cure.
CliiiicotrmioniiLlo i'3iui-Ullf | to tl'i : jiuor.
Tlii-ro nro ninny troubled with Mo frccaiient i-vao-
llntluim of ttio liluddi'r , oltuii ucc < miiiuiiu | < { tty a 0ilKht
tnmrttiiK or hurnlnif ruimullon , mid we ikrnliiK ol Iliu
tynlern liiiiiuunni-r Hie patliint niiinnt accoiint lor.
On uxunilnlriK tliu uilnurr Oumiiltn H lony rudiment
will often bo lou nit , nml noinetliiius mmiU particli' * uf
uliiuruen will appunr.or tlio color irlll bo of u tbtu
lullkUli huu. i uln t buntflnu to .1 ilur * or torul I HP
pt'iirunto. Tliur * ) am munx men nhotile of thimllifl
mlly , lijiiorant of tbo iMuao , ulilcli in iliu second
itiiKuof noinliiHl wcakiii'n. Tlio iloctnr will truai
uiili'iin ijorfciit-curti Hi nil ncli limn und u lie.illliy
rcslirrallon ol Hi" unnlto-iirlnnrir OIJIIIK. Conmilln
tlonfrmi. hi-nil for"Voiinur.Man'ii friend , or liuUe
to Wedlock , " free to all ,
N. K. Cor. icth k Dottclua Sin , , Illock.
.Mi'iition paper.
. . l x-urt
l ruiiUlnlnic full | .altk-ul.u lv >
home eurfr * * > f rliarv * ' . Aililr - f ,
PROF.F.C. FOWLER. Moodus , Conn.
SODI5N M1NRKAL PARTI T.T.KS. which were i
awarded Ilifhinln kttltttliicttnn by n medical Jury
at the Inteiiiatloniil Inhibition at llrnshols.lmvo
proved lotion llrst-chifcs remedial iigcnt in all
Catarrhs oC the organs of i expiration und dines-
_ BOIR.N. . > llNK ArJrjiASrifjr'B3 ; arc pro-
[ | |
pcrlbed by physicians In diseases of the lungs
mill choitt unit asthma. Thu beuullt durlrod froln
their iibo Is miMirrms-ed , and oven In thu moat )
chronic eases they bootlio , case , aud Ktlinulate.
Bonn ? ; MIXHUAL PASTILMISaroprcfcro-
bo : to nil similar preparatlonM , bocnitso they nro
n natural reuu'dy , nn unadulterated product oC
the sprlnKS , lontnlnliiK In nn undlinfnlshoddo-
Ki'eo of all sanative principles , of these sprlnus.
paroil uvcluslvoly under the porsonnl supervls *
Ion and control ofV. . STOULTZINU. M. D.i
K. K. Haiiltury Councillor.
ir.llod as a solvent In coughs and cut an IIH , oven.
lit Iliu most chronic ca us. Their Hticcesu la tin *
SODBJf MINBItAfj I'ASTII.LF.H ore a super
ior ruineily In whoonlng-coiii ; ! ! and dlphthorla ;
In tlio funiior they lesson the paroxyMii of the
attack , hlloiirovontliijthelatterill ( oasewhlcU
cannot ; take hold In a tlnout not ulloctcd 1)7
PQN | | MINKUAT. I'ASTILI.US ilorlvo ih
cieavcd vnlno from the fact ot having u very
favorable intlucncu upon the oryjnj uf illgeU'
tlon. |
t-nnr.N PASTII.T.KS ought to
be kept In every home. AH mothers are recom
mended to nrgu their children ilurliifr the cold
houMm to allow a pastille ulriw ly to melt In tholr
months \vhllu out on frranilH orirolni ; to Hcnool.
HO1JUN .MINKltAII'AbTILUS are "for sale
nt ii" rly all driiRKiHts at Title a box. Hhotild your
dniKKlbt not keep thuin , kindly nddrus.i the
Soclen Mineral Springs Qompony
( Mtnltcd ) I
IB Cedar Street , Now York.
Paid Up Capllal . $100,000
Surplus . 50,000
, President.
LKWIH B. Itii : u. Vice President ,
A. II. TOUY.AM.Vnd Vice President.
W. H. B. llumiK-i , Cushiei ;
\f. V. JtOIISH. .1nil.VB.Cof.MNR.
U. W. VATI-H , : Itiiu. :
A. K. TOD/.AI.IN ,
Corner 1 . ' : n und I'arimm Bin.
A llunktiii ; HiisltiHss Transacted.
State Line.
iv , Itclfasl , Dnlillii ami Uteqiool
From Now York Every Tuesday
Cabin pam n o M"i and * .10 , ncconllDB to location
01 ( itato loom , Kxi'.iir.slou { < ; > to $ .KJ ,
i'.o to anil Iroin llnropu at Lowest late ( * >
ATSTIN 1IAUHV1N If CO. . ( ion'l Agunts ,
Kl lirouuwuy , KoYork. .
J01IK III.I'.GP. . J , Oen'l WoHteni Agi'iit ,
ini Jlundolph Kt. , Chicago.
IIAUHV U. MOOIUM. AKunt. Olilnha.
Itcduueil Cabin Katos to Glasgow Ex
Nos. 3O3-4O4-I7O-CJ04.
t3 i < iii'Ci-Mfully ! uewl muuthly liyovor 10,000
? " IjuJlea. MoKnft. Xffecluulatnll'lccsant
1 PT ix ) ic | jy msll.or at itriiKKlttx. Kenltd
'tirHcalan y pomnun hUmpsj. Aildrou
Tue CUUICA UuzuKJiL Co. , UuruoiT , Mica.
For tidlc and Ity mull bu Gooil
JJi'iifCo , , Oyntli < ( , Xe