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An Enthunlnatlc Republican Muss
Mooting at Rochester.
The Plumed Knight I'nyn Hln Rcspectn
to Governor Hill , or New York
KnormoiiH Number of Vetoes
by President Cleveland ,
Republicans at Rochester ,
ItOtBBSTKii , N. Y. , Oct. 2' ! . The city is
crowded to-day with republicans from all
over the country. Senator Hiscock and Mr.
Dcpcw arrived early this morning , nnd
James G. Hlainc about 1 o'clock. Ho was
accompanied by Hon. J. M. Tliurston , of
Nebraska ; General Adam King , of Mary-
V\nd , and John Van Voorhls , of Rochester.
1)0 ) party was received at the Central depot
/ the committee. About live hundred
fieoplo had assembled at the depot. Hlaino
spoke about 3 o'clock at Franklin square ,
but owing to its raining slightly the crowd
was not as largo as expected.
Mr. Hlaino spoke as follows : Mr. Chair
man I beg to bring to your attention and to
the notice of the audience the statement
made by Mr. Hayard in n speech two weeks
ago. 1 quote his exact words. He said :
"I want you to think of the progress of the
United States since these tarilt laws were
tnudo and what the consequences are to the
various inventions that have como Into play
Binco that tariff reached its present proper
tions. Hero are some liguros that I bc
ltovo to bo reliable. They como from high
authority , Mr. Edward Atkinson , of Massa
chusetts , who Is our leading statistician and
an upright and honorable man. From IsTO
to Ib77 the population of the United States
increased 55 per cent , but in the same time
the dairy products of the United States-
cheese , butter , milk and all that is created
by a dairy increased 7 per cent. In those
Hcvcnteen years the products of cotton in
creased 112 pur cent ; the consumption of
wool increased 100 per cent ; the production
of pig Iron Increased 2S5 percent ; the con
struction of railways increased 23J per
cent. What has been the reason of the
population Increasing in so small n proportion
tion to all these vast forces which are so
needful to us. It proves to you that the
country Is making more than the people of the
country need or can consume. " In reply to
Mr , Bayard , my llrst remark Is that it is n
great deal better for the people to have moro
than they can consume than to have less
than they can consume. Mr. Bayard seems
to think that it is an evil omen if the wealth
otho , country increases more rapidly than
its population. Pray , how early In our his
tory would ho apply nis principle that wealth
must develop only as population develops (
I do not , I confess , quite comprehend Mr.
Bayard's drift , for my own understand
ing has been that , according to the simple
rules of political economy , where n nation
is increasing in population more rapidly than
in property , there must soon bo suffering ;
but whore the acquisition of properly out
runs the ratio of increase of population. It
means that the nation is growing powerful ,
wealthy and great.
As Mr. Bayard has Indorsed Mr. Atkinson
ns a statistician and economist , I beg leave
to use Mr. Atkinson's tigures and to tell Mr.
Bayard where the largo proportion of increase -
crease of wealth has gone under the pro
tective tariff. Mr. Atkinson stated in July
last that since IWsi the wages of foremen ,
overseers and other specially skilled work
men have advanced 103 per cent ; the wages
of average mechanics , carpenters , machinists
qnd the like have had an advance of IH ) per
cent' ; factory operatives and others of
like grades of skill in mechanical
nrts have advanced 78 per cent ,
nnd the wages of common laborers
C ( ( per cent. You will please observe that
these are not ndvnnrcs over the wage rates
of some foreign country , but over the wages
paid in our country a quarter of a century
ago , and that thcso advances How directly
from the protective tariff. Mr. Bayard will
bee , then , from the authority ho endorses ,
that tills largo increase of wealth has not
cone merely to enrich men already wealthy ,
but that it has gene in u larger degree than
was over known before in the history of this
or of any other country , Into the pockets of
workingnicn. If I had been searching for
witnesses by whom the value of the tariff to
the worklngmen of the country could bo es
tablished beyond n.doubt , I would have sum
moned Mr. Bayard nnd Mr. Atkinson to the
Btaud. JVIr. Bayard further gives the pub-
llo warning that if wo do not take
rare wo shall produce in this country ns
much in seven months us wo shall need in
twelve months. Wnll , that Is the last thing
that should alarm the American o.'oplo. That
fact shows above all things our power to
Hhorten the hours of labor.
And now let mo turn to another topic.
While I was In Indiana I had the pleasure , I
had the honor , of frequent notices on the
stump from his excellency , David B. Hill.
The principal subject ho appeared to have
como west to lay before the people of Indiana
wns thnt I hud driven on Mr. Carnegie's
coach when in Scotland ; that I had returned
homo on an English steamer and had im
ported thirty-three trunks , "all full of clothIng -
Ing , " ns his excellency averred. If ho had
taken the pains to inquire of Mr. Carnegie
ho might have learned the cost of his coach
and the color of bis horses , and thus
been better prepared for his Indiana
campaign. If ho had asked mo about
trunks I would freely have given him n list
of all the pocket handkerchiefs , stockings
and cravats that I had Imported , and would
have informed his excellency , by way of giv
ing him an object lesson on tariff , that arti
cles ot that kind are about the same price in
London ns in the United States , ns I nuvo no
doubt that he denies to do mo exact justice.
I would have further informed his excellency
that ho mistook the character of the steamer
I returned in , inasmuch ns she belongs to a
company of American stockholders , nnd I
would hnvo further Informed him that ho
overstated the number of trunks , which was
in all twenty-two instead of thirty-three ;
that these trunks belonged to six persons In
stead of all belonging to mo nnd that the
other packages were made up of steamer
rugs , sUuiuiur chairs , umbrella covers ana
hat boxes and ono case containing photo
graphs. Among these photographs were
several views of an English ass , which
I had brought witn mo for an
. agricultural friend for the purpose
of comparison with the American
species. I "would have cheerfully given the
governor n set if I had known ho was BO
curious about my affairs , so that upon his
next tour among the county fairs he might
liavo exhibited n specimen and illustrated
how admirably the English nnd American
nss drive in pairs. I was thoroughly Im
pressed during the governor's tour in In
diana witli his lofty appreciation of national
issues nnd of the valuable ntd ho must bo
rendering the cause of President Cleveland.
Ho does not grovel in dust nor spend his
time in petty nnd pitiful personalities , but
takes n largo nnd comprehensive view of
public affairs , so as to embrace the side way
oniusoments of remiblicnns who go abroad
nnd also an inventory of theirbaggago when
they return homo. Ho sees in such matters
material for discussion of the great ques
tions connected with our foreign ro-
latlons. our tariff and revenue systems.
In Indiana , however , where the people
speak with great plainness , they did not
jtako the governor's view of the mutter that
1 did ; but they declared with western di
rectness and impressive bluntness thnt his
epecchcs thcro were "just about the gov-
irnor's sire , " if you know what that
When speaking to his'own people In New
York the governor rises to tha dignity of
' different themes and great moral questions ,
inch as the liberty'of the saloon , and the
hlcuslngs oi a free people , of the universal
diffusion of whisky ; or ho may still farther
' enlarge his thcmo to maintaining the splrll
of liberty that has belonged to the Amorl
C4Ui people ever sluce the declaration of Inde
jiendeneo-lho spirit that permits great
freedom in handling other people's ballots
at elections. oUo which must not bo curbed
'by stringent statutes enacted by intcrmed
riling republicans , and ' will not bo so long as
the ( overuor yogscssc' * the veto power , lot
ou cannot fall to see that the veto power Is
ho governor's strong point. Ho Is running
i race with President Cleveland on the veto
lower. His opportunities nro not BO frequent
is the president's on the larger stage of na-
lonal affairs , but the governor manages to Im-
irovo hlsopportunltlcs wonderfully. When I
vas in the west President Cleveland's record
vns 210 votes up to thnt time , but while I
was coining from Chicago to Buffalo ho
added , I believe , seventeen more to his list
md the returns may not yet bo nil In , If
.ho New York legislature were in session
ho governor might hnvo un opportunity for
rivalry , but he Is compelled with chagrin to
; ivo up the race nnd leave the president
victor not only over the governor of New
York , but over all of his predecessors in the
presidential chair for the last century.
Paid Their HcspectH to Mrs. Ilarrlxon.
I.vitiAxu'ous , Oct. 21 Inclement and tils-
igrceablo weather prevailed hero to-day ,
jut it did not prevent an enthusiastic delega
tion of sixty Indies from Terra Huuto from
calling this morning upon General and Mrs.
ilnrrlson. Their reception by General nnd
Mrs. Harrison was entirely informal. No
speeches were indulged on cither side. Each
'air visitor was Introduced nnd conversed
with General Harrison , while Mrs. Harrison
accompanied them through the parlors and
related for their cdillcation a history of sev
eral antique pictures and curious relics of
ho campaign of 1810 , and presents to tbo
general since his nomination , with which the
rooms abound.
In the afternoon General Harrison came
lown town , visited his law oflicc , and after
wards called at republican headquarters and
leld a brief conference with Chairman Hus
ton , and several prominent republicans from
the First , Second and Tenth congressional
listricts. _
Great Preparations for Imbor Day.
INDI , Oct. 23-Hepublican ICniglits
of Labor and others having in charge the
lomonstratlon to take place Thursday , the
25th , known as "Labor Day , " report suc
cessful progress. The chief organizer of this
lomonstration is H. D. Luyton , of Pittsburg ,
nn active and prominent ICnlght of Labor ,
who has been quietly canvassing Indiana for
two months in the interest of the republican
A telegram from General B. F , Butler , re
ceived to-night , states that ho will bo un-
iblo to bo present Thursday , ow-
ng to legal engagements in Bos
ton , but . ho intimates that ho
will visit Indiana before the camp.ilgn
It is definitely announced to-night that the
nitsido speakers on that day will bo Scna-
.ors Blair nnd Spooncr , Hon. William Me-
[ Cinley , Congressman Burrows of Michigan ,
Hon. W. C. ICenworthy of Iowa , ox-general
secretary of the ICnlghts of Labor , C. II.
Lichtmaii , Hon. Henry Hall , of Mercer , Pa. ,
Kcclcs Uobinson , nnd a do/cn or moro local
speakers. General Harrison will review
the parade , which it is anticipated
will bo the largest over seen in
Lhis city , and has promised to attend the
romllnson hall mooting in the evening and
make a brief address. Two additional mass
incctinsrA will bo held in other halls.
Next Saturday has been set aside for rail
road men and has boon named "Railroad
lay. " A largo attendance is promised by
ocal railroad clubs. Thcso demonstrations
will practically close General Harrison's
No nisHciiRlon in the Party.
Oonr.xsuuiin , N. Y. , Oct. 23. Governor
ilill to-night closed tiis speech hero with
these words : "They tell you thcro is dissen
sion in the party , when the fact is the party
in this state was never more united than at
the present. They toll you that Gov
ernor Hill's friends are "knifing" President
Cleveland and that President Cleveland's
friends nro "knifing" Governor Hill. It is
all bosh. Friends of the st'ito administra
tion , friends of the national administration ,
democrats all , let us set asldo all fooling and
march like Macedonian followers , shoulder
to shoulder , to the polls , and again wo will
[ ilacu the Empire state in the democratic
column for Cleveland and Thurman. "
Trying to Beat Mills.
, Tex , , Oct. 23. [ Special Telegram
to TIIK Bun. ] The union labor and nonpartisan
tisan party of the Ninth congressional dls-
trici held n convention hero last evening for
the announced purpose of nominating a can
didate for congress. The following resolu
tion was unanimously adopted :
Whereas , There is an independent candi
date for congress from the Ninth district in
the person of Colonel A. Jones ; and ,
Whereas , Another candidate would Insure
the election of Hoger Q. Mills , whom wo re
gard as an enemy to the interests of the people
ple and good government ; therefore bo it
Hcsolvcd , That this convention decline to
make any nominations.
Texan Tough" Arrested.
Rio GUANHK CITV , Texas , Oct. 23. The
recent , threatened rise of the Mexican cle
ment , which caused so much anxiety and led
to the sending hither of state rangers and
several sheriffs of neighboring counties with
largo posses , has resolved itself into the
arrest of twenty-ono of the turbulent crowd ,
who virtually hold the town. They were ar
rested on the charge of conspiracy with in
tent to murder , brought up for examination ,
nnd balled in sums of $ ! > 00 to ? 5,000 to appear
at the next sitting of the district court.
Editor Garcia , who was shot by Customs
Inspector Sobreo in the difficulty which was
the occasion of the trouble , is bolicved to be
near death's door.
A Well-Known Contractor Doad.
NEW YOKK , Oct. 23. [ Special Telegram to
TIIK BKI : . ] Bernhard Scott , for many years
constable for the oaipanolinjj of coroners'
Jurors at Elizabeth , and who was well known
as a street and sewer contractor , was seized
on Sunday with congestive chill while dressing -
ing himself to go to church , and expired a
few hours later. Ho leaves two daughters
and a son.
Will Make a Fant Run.
NEW OIIMIANS , Oct. 23. [ Special Telegram
to TIIK Bii.l A contract was signed to-day
between the Illinois Central railroad company
and George H. Murray , agent for Gilmoro's
Twelve Temptations company , by which the
former agrees to run a special train from
Memphis to New Orleans in eight hours , an
average of Hlty miles nn hour , the fastest
time for the distance ever made in the south.
Makes a Match.
NEW YOKK , Oct. 23. [ Special Telegram to
Tun Ben. | Tom Lees , the Australian mid
dleweight , and Jack Fallen , the Brooklyn
strong boy , met nt the odlce of Richard 1C.
Fox yesterday nnd signed articles for a ton-
round glove contest , to occur between
November 18 and 30 , in this vicinity. The
match is for the gate receipts.
A Railway Change.
NEW You * , Oct. 23. [ Special Telegram
to THE BEI.J W. W. Sterns , late of the
Now Jersey Central railroad , assumed the
duties of superlntcndentoftho Erie road yes
terday , J. H. Barrett , his predecessor , has
been promoted to superintendent of trans
portatlou. _
ICinpross Frederick Indisposed ,
BERLIN' , Oct. 2J. [ Special Cablegram to
THE B BE. ] Empress Frederick is Indis
posed. She was unable to visit tne empress
to offer her congratulations upon her birth
day , or attend Uio family dinner. Her
daughters congratulated the empress on her
Ho RcgiBtcrrd Illegally.
NEW YOIIK , Oct. 23. George Gordon , a
trump who had registered illegally , was sen
tcnced to Sing Sing for two and ono-hal
years ,
An Kpidcmio of Diphtheria.
ATHENS , Oct. O. , 23. Tim public schools
closed yesterOuy on account of the prcva
lence of diphtheria. There was a death Fri
day last ,
IP it TII AH Ttin in fMii i o
Some Startling Statistics Prom tbo
Surgeon Qonoral's Report.
A Remedy Suggested Preparations
Tor Irrigating the Arid Regions
Under the Congressional Ap
propriations Colonel Cody.
A Long Sick Lint.
WASHINGTON , D. C. , Oct. 23.
The statement contained in the annual re
port of the surgeon general of the army to
the effect thnt the average number of men
on sick leave in the nrmy of the United
States is greater than that of any other
nrmy In the clvili/cd world except Great
Britain created some astonishment when
published hero yesterday , but the statistics
show the accuracy of the statement. The
average number of days lost from sickness
by each Individual In the rank and lllo of the
army was fifteen nnd six-tenths. Great
Britain nlono shows n higher ratio. Ono
reason for this high rate of Illness Is doubt
less the condition of the medical corps of the
army. The actual number of officers in this
corps , from the surgeon general down to the
assistant surgeon , is 101. This includes
medical directors and medical Inspectors
and all the high officials of the corps who
do not perform active surgical duty. Of
this number sixteen are ofllcially dis
abled , eight have already been recom
mended for retirement and beside the
sixteen there nre twenty others who nro
what may bo termed chronic invalids. That
Is to say they nro disabled so much of the
time that they are physically Incapacitated
from looking after the health of the men of
any Important post , and are assigned to
cither smaller posts or as assistants to other
healthier surgeons. The result of all this
illness is that the medical corns Is crippled
by the practical loss of thirty-six of its men ,
and the troops are not able to secure the at
tention which is due them when ill. The
thirty-six should be placed on the retired
list , but the retired list is already filled to Its
utmost capacity , and besides this , West
Point graduates so many men each year who
must be provided for that the places on the
retired list are generally given to the men
who are in the way of thcso young subalterns
who cannot bo assigned to the medical corps ,
inasmuch as invalid ofllccrs on side
leave draw full pay , whereas officers
on the retired list receive only
three quarters' pay. It is urged that con
gress would bo performing nn act of economy
if It would authori/.o the examination of the
retired list to a sufficient degree to enable
the invalids to bo weeded out of the active
service , thereby creating places for stronger
men who could perform the duties to which
they are assigned.
Major Powell , illrcctor of the geological
survey , says that ho has sent a number of
parties into the country at the headquarters
of the Gila river in Arizona , the Rio Grande
del Norto in New Mexico , the Walker river
in Nevada and the head waters of the Platte
and Arkansas in Colorado for the purpose of
making maps of the country from which
water may bo drawn for the great irrigating
reservoirs which it Is proposed to establish
for reclaiming the arid regions. Ono hun
dred thousand dollars was appropriated for
Lhis purpose by congress in the sundry civil
bill , but Major Powell has not yet fully de
veloped the plan under which ho will proceed.
Colonel W. F. Cody , otherwise known as
"Buffalo Bill , " arrived hero from Richmond
yesterday and left for Now York to-night.
From Now York ho will proceed at once to
Nebraska. The colonel lias not yet decided
whether to take his show to Paris , where ho
has a very flattering offer , or remain in this
country during the next season.
The comptroller of the currency has ap
proved the selection of the Chicago National
bank of Chicago as a reserve agent for the
State National bank of Lincoln , Neb.
Nebraska nnd Iowa Pensions.
WASHINGTONOct. . 2.1. [ Special Telegram
to THE BKE.I Nebraska pensions : Gcorgo
W. Winand , Baavcr Crossing. Increase
Fletcher S. Biddlc , Arcadia ; Alfred Mosley ,
Shicklcy. Original widows etc. Annie R. ,
mother of William H. Lane , Pleasant Hill.
Mexican survivors John Hitter , Cowles.
Iowa pensions : Original invalid Henry
Tuttlc , DCS Molnes ; Thomas Holland , Morn-
ineSun ; Philip L. Stech , Now York. In
crease John Dutchor , Homer ; Ichabod S.
Presser , Hartlett Station ; Francis M.
Walker , Pleasanton ; Peter G. Lamb , New
ton. Original widows etc. Mary W. ,
mother of Elliott H. Callender , Lyons ;
Mnrenrct , widow of August H. Older , Coun
cil Bluffs.
Nebraska and Iowa Patent * .
WASHINGTON , Oct. 23. [ Special Telegram
to TIIK HUE ] Iowa and Nebraska patents :
Gustavo Andreen , Omaha , mechanism for
operating shutters ; Edward U. Collins ,
Konesaw , Neb. , combined sand truck and
weighing scale ; Alvin Dcwitt , Elliott , la. ,
reel for fence wire ; Eli G. Heller , Hastings ,
Nob. , letter box ; John G. Henderson , Kco-
kuk , In. , roll paper holder and cutter ; John
Thomas , Cedar Rapids , la. , harness pad ;
Archlo L. Whitticr , Russell , la. , machine for
reeling and unreeling wire : Daniel Wilde ,
Washington , la. , grain weighing machine ;
Willford W. Yokom , New Hartford , la. ,
assignee to F. C. Austin , Chicago , 111. , steam
Jon Dickinson's Stumping Tour.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 23. The postmaster
general went to Now York this morning.
From there ho will go to Detroit , whcro lie
will deliver a political address next Satur
day. Ho will not return until after election.
A New Nebraska Postmaster.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 23. [ Special Telegram
to THE BKE.J Gancollo C.Wright was to
day appointed postmaster nt Scotia , Grccloy
county , Neb. , vice Lawrence J. Fraycr , re-
Mr. AdkiiiBOn's Reply to Ills Wife's
Petition Tor Divorce.
IsniANAi'OLis , Oct. 23. [ Special Telegram
to TIIE BEE.J Some weeks ago Mrs. Flor
ence Adklnson , the well known equal suf
fragist , died a suit against her husband , un
attorney of this city , for divorce. Ho has
filed a reply , which constitutes ono of the
most peculiar documents over submitted by
a defendant. Ho says in part : "I was thrown
upon my own resources at an early ago and ,
becoming acquainted with my wife , who was
older and moro experienced in the ways oi
the world than I , she ensnared mo into mar
riage. It was an unreasonable ,
unnatural , unnhilosophlcal , unhappy and an
Illstarrcd marriage. She thought women
should not keep house , cook , wash , sew or
mend ; they should bo doctors , lawyers , pol
iticians , electors , congressmen , sheriffs ,
pence Justices , and sit on Juries. Accordingly
she refused to cook ; in fact , practiced what
she preached ; followed mo disguised in wigs
nnd male attire , and frequently Interrupted
mo when I was making speeches. " Ho then
records numerous instances of 111-trentmont ,
saying that slip wanted him to have his lifo
Insured , and then die , so she might get the
benefit of the insurance ; that she drove him
away from homo on .different occasions. It
conclusion , ho says the divorce suit brought
by her is a conspiracy to rob him ; that t > ho
is Already boasting bovv she is going to carrj
tbo cose by storm by tragic picadloi ; . .
Two Young Spnnifli JQIooiIn Settle n
Dispute- With Pistols.
Ifonvrfu/if / JSSS t > n Jamet ( Ionian Itennttt 1
BIAIIHITZ , Oct. 23. JNew York Her
ald Cable Special to > Tnn BEE 1 A very
exciting duel c.iinc off here last night. Two
young Spanish gentlemen at a soiree in the
villa of Baron do Boo got Into n warm dls-
mtc about a young Spanish lady , and a duel
jccame inevitable. Duelling pistols wcro
obtained , and the two gcntlemci walked
out Into the garden , nnd six
.ightcd . candclabrus wcro so placed
as to enable them to see to aim.
Two balls wcro exchanged by candlelight.
Ono of the ndversarlcs was shot through the
right shoulder , but not seriously wounded.
The seconds were his highness Prince Olden
burg , of Russia , a cousin of the c/ar , Don
Alfonso do Allamu , nn officer in the cuiras
siers , the Comto do Lesser , brother of a rich
Spanish banker , nnd the Due do Tnmnncs , n
? randco of Spain nnd a nenr relative of ex-
Empress Eugenie's father. Biarritz Is de
lightfully warm nnd sunny nnd seabathing is
still In full swing.
To Inquire Into Her Sanity.
[ Cojiitaht HAS t > u J < im' O mlon ilemi'tt.l
PAiii , Oct. 23. [ New York Herald Cable-
Special to Tin : BEI : . ] Mrs. Bloomfleld
Moore will shortly undergo n critical exam
ination by Paris specialists to prove her com
plete sanity. Testimony will be used nt the
trial in Vienna In her suit to recover pos
session of her Insane daughter , the divorced
wife of M. Dcblldt , a Swedish diplomat. The
Swedish guardian of Mme. Dobildt claims
that Mrs. Moore is mentally unbalanced and
not the proper custodian of her
daughter. Among other things she
charges that she gave Immense sums
to Keely , the visionary Philadelphia inven
tor. In nn interview with n Herald corre
spondent to-day Mrs. Moore gave the his
tory of her troubles with her daughter's bus-
Dand. She denied that she gave SoOO.OOO to
Keoly , and said altogether the sum was not
over ? 'J5,003. Part of this sum was to have
been used to found n library in memory of
her father at Westlleld , Mass. The rest was
saved from her husband's estate. She says
she is living economically now in Paris and
saving money
The Von DerKinanii Interview.
[ Copi/rfuM 1SS3 by James Ciordan li'iinrtl , ' ]
LONDON , Oct. 23. [ New York Herald
Cable Special to Tun BEC.I The Daily
Chronicle says : "Tho Paris Now York Her
ald of ycsterdny contains the onginnl text
nnd translation of u statement made by Prof.
Yon Borgmann admitting the authenticity of
the communication mode by him October 13
to the Berlin correspondent of the above
named newspaper with reference to Sir Mor-
rcll Mackenzie's book on Wednesday last.
Our correspondent telegraphed that It was
something more than.infurrcd in the German
capital that the interview-as it app3arcd in
the Herald was nn invention. Prof. Von
Bcrgmann's statement , which , moreover , is
witnessed by Mr. Coleman , secretary of the
American legation in Berlin , will probably
convince those who doubted the veracity of
the report of the groundlessness of their sus
picions. J
The Pnrnoll Commliulon.
LONDON , Oct. 33. Qa the "reassembling ot
the Purnoll commission to-day the attorney
general continued with the presentation of
the Times' case. Ho said Parnell's ' support
ers hud been trying to exhibit him us ono
who stood aloof fromianti-rent nnd plan of
campaign agitators , but the fact was as far
back ns 1SSU Parnoll had led the anti-rent
movement , and In a speech in County Kerry
in that year ho had told his hearers thnt the
land league had plenty of money to defend
those tenant farmers who refused to pay
their rent. Ho referred to the Barryclough
meeting in 1SS1 and siid at that time Parncll
and his colleagues did not conceal their sym
pathy with the leaguers' emissaries in crime.
The attorney general reviewed the history
of the league and quoted from the alleged
Parnell letters which' appeared in the Times.
Ho said that before the case was over all the
circumstances under which the Times
became possessed of the letters would bo
explained , and the names of the persons from
whom they wcro obtained would bo made
known. He declared that before the letters
were published they were compared with
other of Parnell's ' writings , and it was
agreed that they wcro undoubtedly speci
mens of his penmanship.
The French Chamber of Deputies.
PAHIS , Oct. 23. General Boulanger was
present in the chamber of deputies to-day.
Baron Soube.vrnn stated that the enormous
proportions of the public debt demanded re
ductions in government staffs , and the sale
of state railways. M. Roche , reporter of the
budget committee , declared that the criti
cisms were exaggerated. It was not French
expenditures alone that wore increasing.
All European budgets were augmenting.
Europe has been transformed into u vast in
trenched camp. Franco wns not free in her
movements. She was-bound by the fatality
of events , nnd it was impossible to isolnto
herself ns un island before the menacing
coalitions. He appealed to the patriotism of
the members of the Chambers to pass the
budgets. Roche's speech was greeted with
cheers. ;
The Wurteinuerg Court Scandal.
BEIH.IN , Oct. 23. The Neueste Nachrlch-
ten , of Munich , publishes a sensational nr-
ticlo in relation to the Wurtembcrg court
scandals. It denounces the favoritism
shown by the king of Wurtemberg to three
Americans , who , is gays , by means of spirit
ualism have gained nn enormous influence
over the invalid monarch , which they nro
using for blackmailing purposes. It says
that 0110 of them , who was formerly secretary -
tary in the American , legation at Stuttsgart ,
has recently been ennobled.
No Occasion For Alarm.
I3r.Hii.v , Oct , 23. The Post says there is
no reason for alarni-ovcr the reported prepa
ration for the transfer of Russian troops
toward the Austrian anil German frontiers.
It is asserts thoRussian government de
cided upon these movements last spring. It
also says the probability ; of any Russian warLord -
Lord Dlllorij'e Tenants.
Dtrni.iN , Oct. 23. ' [ Sjieplal Cablegram to
Tin : BEE. | At a mooting'of league delegates
nt Ballyhaunls yesterday it was decided that
Lord Dillon's tenants .should offer to pay
their rents less UO per cent. If the offer is
refused they aro'advjf ed to demand a reduc
tion of 40 per cent nnder the plan of cam
paign , and to pajf nothing until the evicted
tenants have been reinstated.
The Marriage Abandoned.
VIENNA , Oct. 23. ji'ho New Free Prc so
says the idea of msrriage between Prince
Alexander of Uuttonuurg nnd Princess Vic
toria , sister of the Gannon emperor , has been
abandoned , j
A Hlg HtriKo Threatened.
LONDON , Oct. 23. [ Special Cablegram to
TIIK BEC. | An agitation for an Increase of
wages is being started among the Claycross
coal miners. Thousands threaten to strike ,
Parncll'a Mbcl Suit.
EniNnuita , Oct. 23. The action for libel
brought by Parnell in the Scotch courts
ngamtit the London 'Times was opened hero
to-day , ,
The Sago of Arbor Ledge Is Doing
Opening of the Doraey-Wcathcrby
Debute A Cutting AtTrny at Ua-
kuta City Fremont Has aNew
Now 1 tunic.
Democrats Fighting Morton.
NEIIHASKA CITV , Nob. , Oct. ' , ' 3. [ Special
to Tun BUE. ] The light in the democratic
ranks Is dally becoming moro bitter and con
sequently interesting. While Nebraska City
and Otoo county nro enthusiastic for J.
Sterling Morton for congress regardless of
party limitations , that gentleman finds his
most bitter opponents in his own party
through Jealousies or fear of an honest man.
Ucccntly Mr. Morton called the attention of
the department at Washington to the un
necessary delay in the completion of the
government postoflleo in this city and the
consequent dissatisfaction to the citUens
Tito assertion was made , and investigation
proved it , that the delay was often inten
tional and deliberate to prolong n pet
government job for the superintend
ent of construction nnd his assistant.
The department ofllelal was heard from on
the subject , and in consequence Mr. Morton
has several members of his party in this city
who are betting against his election , and are
working hard to bring It about.
In conversation with Tills Hin : correspond
ent Mr. Morton stated that from undoubted
information he learns that Internal Kcvenuo
Collector Calhoun is working against him
with might and main , and using what influ
ence he has in his olllciul capacity to this
end. Calhoun's clerks and deputies have
been given the cue , and some who have re
cently lost their situations assert that it
was because of their love for Morton.
Calhoun 1ms always been Morton's most
bitter political and personal enemy , caused
by an ungrateful ambition through lack of
ability , to attain the position in national polit
ical eminence reached by his rival. Mr.
Morton says ho considers It a compliment to
himself to have it known by every decent
democrat throughout the district who it is
that fight * him in his own party. Ho says
ho should feel disgraced to have some of the
alleged democrats in this city nnd district ,
who arc now opposing him , hurrah for Mor
ton. On the whole the light on Martin by
his own party is decidedly interesting to re
The county campaign is also waxing de
cidedly warm a'ld everything is favoring the
republican candidates. The legislative ticket ,
with one possible exception , will bo elected.
Every day adds to the strength of
the tickets. The Hon. Paul Schminke , al
though "out of politics , " could not resist the
temptation to tuko the sturnu again and is
doing effective work for the ticket among the
Germans. He has brought out the record of
sonio of the democratic legislative candidates
in a manner that is politically paralyzing.
He has learned that the pet candidate on the
democratic ticket , u brewer , was forced to
leave the state of Iowa less than two years
ago because of indictments by the grand jury
for violations of the prohibitory laws , and
that one indictment and line cost him 91)0. )
The Superior Celebration.
Sr E ion , Neb. , Oct. 23. [ Special to THK
BEE. ] Following Is itfa ; prosramm.ajfgj-jy
Q.A ; ; H reunlon'and' fair to' 'be"lield hero
October 23 , 24'arid 25 In honor pf the arrival
of the Fremont , Elkhorn & Missouri Valley
and Santa Fe railroads at Superior :
Tuesday , October 23 : 7 a. in. , reveille ; 7:30 :
a. in. , roll call ; S a. m. , breakfast call ; On.
in. cannonading ; 10 a. m. , general assembly ;
music , Northwestern band ; music , vocal ;
prayer , Uev. Vincent ; music , vocal ; address
of wclcono , E. E , Adams ; address W. C.
Henry , department co tnmandcr12m. ; , dinner.
Afternoon Trotting three minute class ,
purse $100 ; lirst $00. second $30 , third $10.
Runningonehalf mile , two In three ; purse
$ : > ( ) , lirst $ 'i5 , second $15 , third $10. Trot
ting , 2:40 : class ; purse $100 , llrst $00 , second
$130 , third * 10. Five p. m. , exhibition and
drill by Superior Light guards ; S p. in. ,
camp lire.
Wednesday , October 24 Reveille , 7 a. m. ;
roll call , 7:30 : a. m. ; breakfast call , 8 a. tn. ;
cannonading , 0 a.m. ; general assembly , 10 u.
m. ; music , Northwestern baud ; music , vocal ;
prayer. Rev. Whitmor ; music , vocal ; ad
dress , Hon. James Laird : dinner. Afternoon :
racing ; 40 : ! p. m. , general dress parade ,
old veterans ; camp fire , 8p. in. ; old songs ;
short addresses.
Thursday , October 25 : Koveille , 7 a. in. ;
roll call , 7:30 : n. m. ; breakfast call , 8 a. m. ;
cannonading , ! ) a. m. ; general assembly , 10 a.
m. ; music. Northwestern band ; music , vocal ;
prayer , Rov. Whitmor ; music , vocal ; ad
dress , JohnM. Thayer ; dinner ; races ; strike
Another Hank in Fremont.
BBEMOXT , Neb. , Oct. 23. [ Special to THE
BEE. ] A now banking company was or
ganized in Fremont last night. It is com
posed of a largo number of the solid business
men nnd farmers of this section as stockhold
ers nnd will begin operations with a paid-up
capital of $100,000. The new concern is called
the German-American bank , and is being or
ganized under the state law , with the inten
tion of eventually making it n national bank.
The oftlcers elected to man the new enter
prise are as follows : President , E. Schur-
man ; vice president , C. Christcnsen ; cashier ,
Junlus Rogers ; board of directors , the fore
going olllcers and Manley Hogers , William
Huwe , W. C. Halbpy , H. Archer , J. H.
ICochnhack , J. 1) . McDonald and Junius
Hogers. The bank opens for business next
Monday. This gives Fremont four banks ,
with a total paid-up capital of $4(10,000. (
Republican Hnllles.
STUAHT , Neb. , Oct. 23. [ Special Telegram
to TIIK BEE. | The largest nnd most enthusi
astic political demonstration ever held in this
town occurred here on last Saturday night
under the auspices of the republican clubs.
After a torchlight procession un attentive
and appreciative audience of at least live
hundred persons , including many ladles , as
sembled at tha opera house , where addresses
wcro delivered by Hon. L. I. Shannon , the
republican nominee for state senator from
the Thirteenth district , Hon. A. E. Hlco
and Colonel 1) . W. Johnson. To-morrow
night the republican club , with four horse
teams , flags , banners , u log cabin , torches
and music , goes to Atkinson to participate in
a grand rally , where Senator Mandcrsoii and
Hon. G. D. Meiltlejohn are advertised to
Died From an Overdose.
FHEMONT , Neb. , Oct. 23. [ Special to TIIK
Hiram Ward , aged about sixty-live
years , who lives with H. S. Peavey , his son-
in-law , in this city , died this afternoon from
the effects of an ovcrdoso of morphine. Yes
terday morning he was found in bed , uncon
scious , by his daughter. After a long effort
by his physician to restore him to conscious
ness ho was sufficiently nroufccd to bUte that
ho hud-taken an overdose of the drug by ac
cident. He has been In the habit of taking
small doses of it almost dally , and it is sup
posed that the overdose was taken when ho
went to bed the night before. Ward was un
old soldier , who was badly shattered by
Tilt ! Dorany-Wcathcrhy Debate.
ST. PAUL , Minn. , Oct. 23. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB Hci.J : The first Dorscy-
Weathcrby Joint political debate occurred
here last night. The speakers had n crowded
house. Dorsoy downed his opponent nt every
turn and made n speech which was well rg-
ceived hero. This county is good foir.800 republican -
publican majority this full.
A Perkins' County Itpir.
Git ANT , Nob. , Oct. 23. [ Special Telegram
to TUK JJjjB.J-N lias Just reached -tills
place from Highland precinct , n remote part
of this county , that nt n school meeting Sat-
irdny an affray occurred between J. H.
Masters and A. H. Jason. Masters drew his
revolver to shoot Jason. So fur as learned
lobouy was killed.
Will Support tin ; Democrat.
STIUTTON , Neb. , Oct. 23. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Hir. : . ] The republicans of the
iixty-seveiith representative district met at
iVmuiotn In mass convention to-day to con
sider the matter of putting an Independent
candidate in the Hold against C. W. Meeker.
The meeting was composed of all shades of
lolittelaus. and resulted in little good , but It
vas agreed that the nntl-Meokers should sup-
iurt the democratic nominee.
Pled of Ills In.nrlpn. |
Fiir.MONT , Neb. , Oct. 23. [ Special to Tim
Hr.n.1 Ono of the men , Thomas Hoc ,
voundcd in the Hooper catastrophe of Satnr-
lay evening , died last evening nt about 0
o'clock , making four victims. Daniel Lcnlg ,
ho other wounded man , Is in n very critical
condition and there is small hope of his ro
covery. _
Not llio Flroman.
HASTINOS , Neb. , Oct. S. ) . [ Special to Tun
lii : J The S. S. Green , of Ashland , who
vas killed In the wreck near Axtcll Sunday
light , was a stockman riding in the caboose
of the llrst section and not a fireman on the
engine of the second as there stated. The
name has not been learned ,
A Cult Ing AITray.
DAKOTA CITY , Neb. , Oct. 23. [ Special
i'ologram toTm : HKI : . ] A serious cutting
affray occurred at Homer to-day , in which
"Jeorgo Lampson received seven gashes
icross the breast and abdomen from n knife
n the hands of Chris Christoplierson.
llutlcr at MoCook.
McCooK , Neb. , Oct. 23. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Hni : . | Ex-Governor Hutlcr
ipoko hero this evening to n fair audience.
[ Us theories on taxation llnd many believers
icro and the labor vote will bo largo.
Two or Them \Valvo Examination A
Howard For Dougherty.
ncADWoon , Dak. , Oct. 23. [ Special Tele
gram to TIIK HKK.J The preliminary exam-
nation of the train robbers terminated to
lay by the attorneys for the defense waiving
further examination. Nickorson nnd Telford
were held each In $5,000 ball to answer at the
coming term of court. Young , as an acces
sory before the fact , was held in $300 bail.
The evidence was very strong against them.
Superintendent I. J. Grier of the Homstako
company comes out to-night with an offer of
$1,000 for the wounded bandit Dougherty ,
dead or alive.
Steamer Sunk.
New Youic , Oct. 23. The steamer Atlas ,
of the Atlas line , bound from Port Lemon ,
iuvlnglcft that port on the 13th inst. , was
sunk this evening oil Vescy street. The
steamer was struck on the starboard bow by
the ferry boat Central , and In ten minutes
the Atlas sank. The ferry boat struck the
steamer bow on. The only thing to bo
seen of the sunken vessel nro the topmasts
nnd funnels. The Atlas was coining up the
river nt slow speed. There was n fog nt the
time. Tho" steamer was about tt)0 ) yards out
from the docks. The bow 'Qfj ' the Central
crajhed Into AH 9 an on ttttiU"11 } ]
pfttoblUco so many piece * of TjoaroV For ni
second or two the Atlas trembled artd then
began to sink 'bow llrst , so that soon the
propeller was out of the water. When the
collision occurcd all hands on board the
Atlas were ordered on deck. The cngineor
obeyed the summons without stopping the
engine , so that the propeller whirled round
in the air. In this position the steamer re
mained for about live minutes. The vessel
then plunged forward and went down , ap
parently settling on an easy keel. As the
bteamcr begun to sink the crew and nil
hands took to the rigging. Just at this
Juncture a tugboat steamed alongside and
took off all on board.
Warrants for Railroad Men.
MAUCII CHUNK , Pa. , Oct. 23. The district
attorney of Carbon county shortly after mid
night last night issued warrants for the ar
rest of Henry Cook and Thomas Major , en
gineers ; John Mulhcarn and Joseph Pohl ,
lookouts ; James Hannlgan , flagman , nnd
Charles Terry nnd Joseph Kcithllnc , conduc
tors , charging them with gross negligence
and willful misconduct , which resulted in
the killing and injuring of many persons.
WII.KKSIIAHUI : , Pa. . Oct. 23. ICnginecrs
Cooke and Major , Comluctors Terry and
Kcitlilliia and James Hannlgan , brakcman ,
who wcro found guilty of negligence by the
coroner's Jury investigating the Mud-Hun
disaster , were arrested hero this morning
nnd taken to Mauch Chunk.
Held the Conductor Responsible.
PiTTSnuno , Oct. 33. The coroner's jury in
the case of tbo recent railroad disaster at
Washington , Pa. , rendered a verdict last
night , placing the responsibility the acci
dent on Conductor Heck of the shifting en
gine nnd charging him with involuntary
manslaughter in causing the deaths of En
gineer Noonan and Fireman McAullffo. The
coroner has issued u warrant for Heck's '
Train Wreckers at Work.
ST. Loris , Mo. , Oct. 23. A month since
an effort was made to wreck the Wabash
western passenger train nt a point near Mexico
ice , Mo. , and the attempt partially succeeded ,
several passengers being seriously injured.
Now comes two more attempts of a like
kind nt the same place , the Chicago , ft
Alton being chosen this time. Last night
the engineer of ttio Chicago ft Alton pas
sengcr train discovered the obstructions in
time to save his train. They wcro removed
and the next train warned. When the seo-
end tram reached the spot it was found that
the obstructions had been replaced. Detec
tives arc hunting for the ticnue.
Conn Alter the Money.
BOSTON , Oct. 23. Inspector Watts , of the
police headquarters , armed with n pick ax ,
shovel nnd diagram , started yesterday for
Montreal. . It has leaked out that ho has
gone in search of the pot , which was secrctet
by "Old Joo" Fowle , nnd which Is said to
contain $8,000 in gold , the result of-Fowlo's
various swindling operations In this city.
Sent Utck to China.
SAN FIIANCISCO , Oct. 23. Fifteen of the
flfty-ono Chinese who wcro released from
the steamer Hclzle last week on the plea
that they were merchants , wcro remanded to
Cliina to-day by United States Circuit Judge
Sawyer , nt the request of their attorney
who admitted the men could not bo clussct
as merchants.
Conspirator * Sentenced.
Duni.iN" , Oct. 23. Twelve men were to-day
sentenced to six months with hard labor In
SVicklow Jail for conspiring to compel a
farmer to leave his farm. Two arrests have
been made in connection with the murder of
Hruen on the 22d inst. at Collonoy , county
PrnlHcd lly the Popo.
ROM if , Oct , 23 , The p.ip3 , in donating
$ 0,000 to the anti-slavery movement , has
written to Cardinal Lavigerio In terms of
praise and encouragement of the scheme , in
which he was commissioned by tbo pope to
Invite the co-operation of Europo.
Three Moro HudicH Recovered.
HOMK , Oct. 23. The bodies of a lady and
two Belgian monks from the Protrasanda
monastery at Naples have been found at the
scene of the land slide near Potoiuu. Two of
the injured have died at the hospital , 'making
'iVho wcro killed. , - . -
"Pnpn la In CautuUi , Toll Mnmu Not
to Worry. " 1
The City Treasurer of Cleveland ;
Leave * for Parts Unknown With
Ilia Poukctft Full of Money
Other Moudlcrlcs ,
A Olgnntlc Steal. j
Ci.r.VEi.AND , Oct. 23. Thomas Axworthy In
city treasurer and very prominent , both as u
business man and a democratic politician. It )
Is a common remark that whatever ho
touches turns into gold. Ho lias vessels ,
real estate , coal mines , iron ranges and other
valuable Investments. He has been absent
for sonio time nnd rumor has been busy
with his name. Saturday the mayor's clerk
submitted to the city board of revision n par-
tlal report of his investigations into the bust-
ness methods of municipal ofllclals. Still
Axworthy was out of town nnd yesterdny
morning the Inquiry wns , "Whore is the city
treasurer i" His business and official associ
ates declared ho wns in Now York nnd was
stopping nt the Windsor hotel. A
telegram of Inquiry was sent
to that hotel and the answer returned
that Axworthy hud arrived September 21) , Inf
the morning , and had departed in the even
ing for Montreal , Quebec. There all tracci
of him were lost. Meanwhile his bondsmoii
began to investigate. They are United Statca
Senator Payne and J , H. Wade , jr. , and are
pledged for $ T > ( K > , OUO. They , together with the
lending city officials and attorneys , were In
consultation all night. Each refused to say
a word about the meeting. The finance coin-
niitteo of the common council , after n hasty
examination of the books , state they believe )
that the loss to the city by reason of Ax
worthy's disappearance is JSUO.OOO. SenatoB
Payne nnd J , H. Wnde , Jr. , the bondsmen ,
early this morning Hied petitions nnd affidavit *
in the common pleas court , praying for an aw
tnchment against Axworthy's vessels , row
cstato and other property. The schooner Re
public and three quarters Interest in the )
schooner Page were attached and his money
and stocks in local banks wcro garnlsliccu.
The sheriff is now attaching tha
real property of the missing treasurer , in
cluding his ( arm outside the city limits and
his summer residence on Lake avenue. Tha
National Bank of Commerce also began sultj
for $ f > , OJO to recover a promissory note they
had discounted. It is said Axworthy had
$200,000 with him.
Lnto tills afternoon it wns announced thnt
of the $ S7ii,8b7.0-l turned over to the treasuroo
and by him deposited in the bank , only $147-
450.05 mummed on deposit. The shortage ,
therefore , amounts to $42ti,437.5'.t. The pot
lice pension fund and the firemen's ' relief
fuml.whlch were unsecured by bondaro gone ,
and over $102,000 of the board of educatioii
fund goes into the shortage. This last item ) ,
is secured by n separate bond of $250,000 ,
with Silas Chamberlain and T. P. Iiandy ns
It is believed thnt Axworthy's vessel
property and real estate will inventory
nearly foW.OOO , and the bondsmen ,
nro secured , The city will probably
lose nothing as the bonds are good. No
trace of the missing man has been secured.
It is assorted that ho 'is in Liverpool , Ent-
land , on his way to Belgium , nnd thnt ho la
well provided with ready'mnnoy. ' Acnble-
grainJinownyto--havo'beon-from him , was
received by ono of his married daughters oh
Saturday last , dated Liverpool , which re.\d \ :
"Papa is in Canada ; tell mama nbt t'o
worry. " '
It is rumored , but the rumor lias not boAi
conlirmoJ , that Axworthy lost heavily in the
recent wheat squtc/c , and that he was in tllo
Gogebic iron crash for n largo sum. Tlw
common council met to-night to trtko nctidni
in the premises. It was decided to declare !
the office of treasurer vacant , and that will
bo done as sooi : as the proper resolutions can
bo passed , when a temporary treasurer will
bo appointed to fill out Axworthy's term. '
Stole to Keep From Starving.
NEW YOIIK , Oct. 23. [ Special Tolograin )
to THE Bii : : . ] Michael Evers had stolen
sonio gloves Irom the Bee Hive in Newark ,
and while attempting to soil them on the
street was arrested. Ho had committed tha
theft because his wife and six children in
New York , whore ho lived , were starving ,
and ho had no food to give them. Ho had
never stolen in his lifo before , and only thd
hunger of his family could induce him to.
commit such an act. Even as the unfortu
nate man was speaking his wife entered the
court room with tears streaming doxvn her
face. To her breast she clasped a baby. Be
hind he/ were live other children , all emaci
ated. Evcrs could hardly control himself at
the sight of the family , and tears welled up
in his eyes. Judgment was not passed upon ,
himself , and ho was r > vi'i md bacK to the pen.
Gigantic Rallrou. . < > iuiil Discovered.
EAtii.i : PARH , Tex. , Oct. 23. A wholesale )
system of freight robbery has been discov
ered on the Mexican Central railway , which
has been carried on for the past two years.
The total loss to the company is in the neigh
borhood of ioO.OCO. Three conductors ,
brakcman. nnd u former agent of the road
are In Jail , and twenty or thirty moro em
ployes of the road are likely to bo arrested.
Another Defaulter Arrested.
EAST StniXAW , Mich. , Oct. 23. Albert
Shaver , ex-county treasurer of Clare , Is un
der arrest on the charge of appropriating be
tween Sl.OOO and $1,300 of county funds dur
ing his term of office In Ib84.
On the night of May 14 , 1684 ,
Shaver was found bound and gagged in hm
office , and ho declared ho had been robbed of
$4,000. His story wns not generally believed ,
and the present arrest is the result of inves
tigations binco mado.
Bedell Pleads Guilty.
NEW YOIIK , Oct. 23. James E. Bedell , tha
real cstato clerk ot the law firm of Shlpman ,
Barlow , Laroquo & McFurland , whq
robbed his employers' clients of about
{ 2 < > 4,000 on fraudulent deeds , was ar
raigned in the court of general sessions
to-day , Thcro nro fourteen indictment *
against him and ho pleaded guilty of forgery
in the llrst degree. Ho was remanded for
sentence. Bedell will bo used as n witness
in the trial of Emerson < fc Goss , policy deal
ers , witii whom ho alleged ho spent ovetf
$120,000 of the proceeds of his thefts.
A Swindling Farmer Skips.
Fniious FAM.S , Minn , Oct. 23. Ole C.
Lomsdnlcn , one of the best known farmers
in this vicinity , nnd ono whoso credit has
been heretofore perfectly good , has loft the
country. His liabilities are estimated ub
$50.000 , and among his creditors are three of !
the city banks nnd n number of local money
lenders. Lomsdalcn is thought to bo worth
$70,000. It is learned that ho disposed of all
his grain and live stock at a sacrifice prior V
his departure.
Will Vlsl&t. Pan ! .
DST. JOSEPH , Mo. , Oct. 23. [ Special Telegram -
gram to THE BBH. | A special excursion
train of tour buffctt sleepers and n dining
car loft St. Joseph at 0 o'clock to-night for
St. Paul over the Chicago , St. Paul & ICan
sas City railroad. The train was placed at
the disposal of prominent St. Joseph business
men , the city council and officers , and the
n wspapcr men , The train will nrrlvo at St.
Paul to-morrow afternoon nnd will bo met
nt the union depot by a delegation of businessmen
mon , nnd conducted to this board of trade.
Friday the party will visit Minneapolis , nnd
will start for St. Joseph Saturday afternoon ,
A Mall Clerk Arrested.
NEW YOIIK , Oct 23. John II. Wilkins ,
clerk in the railway mall service on the Noy '
York ft Plttsburg railroad , was arrested
hero to-day , charged , with an attempt to rllU "
a letter , , ' . ' . , . >