Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 08, 1888, Page 7, Image 7

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Advertisements under this hond 10 cents per
line for tlio first Insertion , 7 cents ( or each suit-
sequent insertion , und II. rn > , line per 'month.
No advertisement taken for Ic&s thnn 2."i cents
thn llrst Itimirtloii , Seven words will bo counted
to tlio llnu ! they niiiBt run consecutively and
mint bo paid in ADVANCE. All ndvertlse-
jncnts mtiKt be hiindcd In before \'i-t\ o'clock p.
in , and under no circumstances will they be
taken or discontinued by telephone.
1'nrtlos advertising In these columns and hnv-
lug their nnswersnudre-ined In euro of TllKllKK
v 111 plciiso nsk ( or li i heck to enable them to get
their letters , us noun will bo delivered except on
presentation of chock. All answers to ndver-
tl cmont8Hhouldlx ) t-nclosed In envelopes.
All advertisements In these col 1 1111:1 = 1 nro pub
lished in botlt nun Mini ; mid evening editions of
THE IlKK , the rlroulutlon of which nggregntes
more thnn Ifl.OOO pntiers dally , and gives thu ad
vertisers the beno lit. not only of the city clrcu-
Jut Ion of 'I'll r. HBK , but also of Council HlillTft ,
Lincoln and other cities and toyrns throughout
.hi * M-ctlon of tli ! country. _
Advertising for these columns will bo taken
on the nl > ovc conditions , at the following busi
ness houses , who are nuthorlred agents tor'J'HK
llEK special notices , and will ( junto the same
rales as can bo had lit the main office.
It ASK & EDDY , Stationers and Printers , 113
South 10th Street.
, Pharmacist , 2115 Cum-
S. IngStrett.
WJ. HUGHES , Pharmacist , f24 North ICth
EO.Tv.'pATui. Pharmacist , 1809 Bt. Mary's
WANTEO-Sltuution In wholesale or retail
IIOIIHO as book-keeper , assistant bookkeeper
er , clerk or traveling salesman ; have experi
ence lu liunUvnre and groceries ; can furnish
references. Address 1' , euro A. A. Illckel. J.DJ3 8
l.'lth ht. fi&o t
TJ\f ANTED Situation A competent young
TT tnun desires situation ; bank proferiod ;
Olio year's experience us cashier : good refer-
cnce. Address U II. lice olllee. ' 157 8 *
A YOUNG lady who Is n stranger In the city
wishes employment ; will Scotch merchants
please asHlHt. U III Hue olllce. H52 .
" \\f ANTKtlly active and steady young man.
TT situation where ho can work for his board
and attend bchool during the day. Ap ply DO" N
Oath. 6i7
A N experienced farmer wishes to tuko charge
JAot a stork farm on salary until spring , then
on shores If agreeable ; good references given.
Address , 1012 1-auiidors St. , Umaha , Neb.
' 638 8 *
" \ArANTED-Poslllon an stenographer and
TT typewriter Heferences given. II. H. Kel-
oy , Mina Springin. . 008-12 *
'lA/'ANTED A position as salesman In a dry
TT gootlH or general store ; ton yeur.s'exper
ience. Hefcrences ( uinlshcd. Address Lock
llox .Tin , Grand Islund , Neb. r.OV7 *
\\fANTED Position on a dally or weekly
TT paper , by a young man , well iMucnted and
pxpeili nred in newspaper worn. No objection
to leaving the city , ( 'Q , lieu. fib8 7'
SITUATION wanted lly a young iiiau of .sev
eral yearn experience In a general store , a
pltnatlonas rlerk In grocery or general
jttore , ( lood references gl en. Not
out of employment , but would like n
chiingo. Address L. , euro 1'Ilot , lllalr Nob.
4 l 0 *
"lyANTKD Agents for the best novelty ot
T T tno ago ; needed In every house ; no com
petition. Do not miss this chance. Address C ,
Jo Duo olllco. b71 Ut
W /'ANTED Three good news agents. Apply
It. H News Co. , Lincoln Nob. 070 U
\\TANTKD SS men mmrrv work , il.BO mid
TT $175 day , Fine paid. Whlto's olllee. 1HIN
30th. cli77J
" \\rAN'IED-A steady man. Appl y Commer-
TT i lul Employment agency , u. w. cor. lutli
nnd raiimm , 2nd floor , room o. cfs bf
WANTED An oxperlenced dry goods clerk ,
Address pmsonully dm Ing tno hours ID to
12 nnd I to 0 p. m. , 713 N. lUth at salooh.HP
( HP 7 *
"VATANTED A Holier , industilous harness
TT maker , nblo for light nnd heavy work.
Steady oniploj mont for the right man. It. Dick
& Son , Crete , Neb. U12 8 *
WANTED A boy about 111 years of ngo to
worklnn phvstclnn'B olllcoouo ; who speaks
German preferred. Apply 2208 Faruam. OHIO
WANTED W ) tracklayers , free fare , ut Al-
. brlght's Labor Agency , 1120 Farnam Bt.
WANTED First-class gentleman stenogra
pher for out of city. Valentine's short-
linuil Institute. C20 8
WANTED A first class dress good salesman.
Euquiro of J. L. Ilrandeis fc Bous , 13th aud
Juckson BW. tllo-
* \\7"ANTED-n first-class bread bakers. Gullck's
i bakery. U12 P ttivet. Lincoln , Neb. 05 7J
"ITT Lr ANTED A good sowing machine Salesman
TT Jor country work. 13.11. Daley. Geuovu ,
, 5U7-10 *
W ANTED-Situation by oxperlonced lady
stenographer ; city roicrcnces. MlssM.S , ,
WANTED I want several Mtve men with
irom JIO to $ "A ) to huiidlo the best soiling
patent uver Introduced. It Is a tlmo nnd Inbor
hnv er for retail dealers and un active , energetic
pulesmnn uau I'lour $ ' < * > to f.M per day. If you
vvuut n prolltnblo business and know a good
thlntr when you see It , call mid tnvectlgnto this.
Wo sell no territory , but are helling our goods
us last as wo can turn them out nnd will give
exclusive county rights free to successful snlos-
iiien. Call ut room 105 , Paxton block. ti'-O 7
WANTED Live agents. Write secretary
Hutlalo Mutual Accident nnd Sick llonollt
association. Hiiirnlo , N. Y. 000-10. )
\\TANTKIV-A good rag carpet weaver. Btondy
TT > employment the year round. Address
Nebraska Caipct Mills , 7th and O sts , Lincoln ,
\\7ANTEIJ-AKentB to represent us In every
TT city and town In Nebraska nnd town. Per-
innnent Position. J. SI. MqClave & Co. , room 50 ,
llnrkcr _ lllk. Uinnlia , Nob. iUW 7 *
ANTED-MIlkir. 4115Snundors. 322
\\rANTED-Twelvo or fifteen millwrights nnd
TT carpenters at once , to work on the H.
llvikmnn Hour mill nt Oakdulc , Neb. II. C.
bleaker. aifij
\JUANTED MPII for railroad work m Wash-
TT Ingtou teriltory. Tiumstcr.s , pick uud
fihov ol meu , n\ men nnd rock men , big waves
and long , Btcndy Job. At Albright's Lnbor
Agency , 1120Fuimini st. KI1
"IWANTED A llrst-eliiss experienced window
T dresser. Imiulreutthn Fair. 583
8 ( iL10lTOHS wanted for n largo mnnuractur-
lug company ; refeiouces ro < iulrod. Addrosa
Hex a7. ! Omaha. _ t4i7 _ sM :
" \\rANTED Energetic men and women every-
T I where tor a genteel money-making busi
ness , ( at weekly pi oflt Eiiaraut ul easier thnn
( ( O monthly otliuiulsti. Experience nbsolntely
uniiecessury. Pejmnncnt position uud e\clu-
hive territory nfBured. J2 Biimples free , Wrlto
for paitlculnrs. Address , with stamp. Merrill
Blf'B Co. , l > Kl , Chlcngo. 4ti7blli'
A OENT8'WANTED-K5 n month nnd ox-
J : - penses paid any active person to sell our
poods. No capital required. Salary pnld
monthly , expenses In ndvunce. Full iiurtlculara
free. Mnndurd Silverware couipnuy. liostou ,
Jlims. to Slip
B OYH-Asn. Dlst , Tel. Co. , 1304Douulas. till
\\rANTED-A good teacher of experloiico ,
TT for primary trades. Address O 15 , Dee
olllco. _ _ _ tai K
\l r ANTED-A good girl at 1004 Dodge sf , gooil
TT wagespuld. tlio 7J
\VANTEIJ Laily stciiogrnpher. Address , O ,
> -A llee. U21 8
-.J Stioim couipcteut woman foi
COOK and laundress , for family ot two nl
Ami' > station , fifty miles vyest ot Omnha on th
U P. Cnu take woman and child. Address It.
H. Uleu. Ames , Nrb. , or apply at 2200 Miami
( it. . Omaha , from 10 to 12 on Friday nud Hntur
LTANTEP-Glil for general house work , UKX
, 020
ANTED Girl forpcncrni housework , Gci
T man or Swede preferred , 2514 Douglas.
" \\rANTEll-A Booil slrl for general nouse-
\\urk. Go < id wages paid. Knqulro at2tl ! ]
/Bt. ' . iw
Mary's ave. _ _ _
CiTEAOV employment given Immediately tc
lOrellablti und incrsetic lady canvassers ro
plUIUL- tills or other ton us. No capital neces
sarv. Goods sell the year round. Heferenc *
required. Adaress Western Agents Buppl )
Co' , 23 : . Fifth ave. . Chicago. 111. 4iU b *
a scrub Avomcn , K per vfek. i
hours -work per day Mrs , lliegn. 3Hi8 !
16th. COO 15'
I \ T A N'tlili-A middle'nEod woman to keet :
' > housa for nianwlth3 children. Mrs. A. P ,
Wooil , lMb2othst. : ' 013 It
WANTED-Lady agents for the ladles' friend ,
llnrkcr block , room 21. 208 S 28 *
WANTED 1 nurse girl. 1 typewriter. 2 sec
end girls , 1 housekeeper out city , 1 laundry
clrl for lllalr , ll week , 8 w'altfrs. S dishwashers ,
fid ulrts gen'l work. Omnha Euip. llurean , 11 ? N
16lTi , Ofi7 7J
WANTEIJi-GlrlTor en rarhousowork. 1017
N 22ndst. BK 7 ?
"I VANTED A Good girl for general house-
T > work. Apply at I.BU Capitol avo. BI'J 8 *
\VANTED-fl women cooks. } 2Jto WO ; girl
TT for family of 2 In country , } 4 ; 2 dish
washers , J" > ; woman to wash every Monday ,
ll.wi ! 0 girls to work on farms nnd In country
town' , girls who wish places out ot city tocoino
nnd lenru tholr addressep , an wo have callers
every day. Also , M grmd strong girls who want
places in private families. Mrs. llrcgn , UU'i S
IMh. oca st
WANTED Good girl for gcncrnl housework.
Apply nt once nt CU S 22d st. C187t
WAtlTED-Glrl for gonernl housework , n w
cor. Uth nnd Lenvenworth. ' 4"fl
WANTED A nent nnd competent Gorman
girl for general housework ! must bo good
cook nnd laundress. 718 N. 21st st. C54U
ANTED-Good girl. N. E.cor. Park avo.
and Pacific. 2nd door from cornor. 401
WANTED-Nurso girl , 212 Somtb 30th st.
681 7
\\rANTED-MIddloagod lady with good ref-
TT erencns as housekeeper and take care of
two little children ; will keep girl for second
workj good wages and n good homo. Apply at
WANTED Good girl for general house-
work at COB south Illtn St. . upstairs. 512
V\TANTED Thoroughly competent cook nnd
TT laundress with references. Apply be
tween 0 nud 11 a.m. nt JlcCord , Ilrndy & Co. ,
corner 13th nnd Lenvenworth sts. Kl ) 7
ANTKD Good girl lor housework. BIOS
1'Jth. ' iifiO
W ANTKU-Second girl. 17 1 Daveunort. -
_ _
WANTED A thoroughly competent girl for
general housework ; references required.
Apply at No. U70 North 28th and Indiana avo.
Mr.s. Slinerul. LOTi
WANTED Girl for general housework , 101
Capitol ave. 15" )
WANTF-D imiTng-room glrlaniTdrsTiwasF-
er. 'J22N. Idthst. IJi"
WANTED Dressmaking nnd plain sowing
to do nt home. Cull ornddiosa tOJ N 17th.
WANNED Some young men who deslro
homo comforts ut reasonable prices , to
room and board , 2118 Grace st , near table lino.
" \\TANTED-5Icn who have been successful In
TT selling fnrm machinery , sowing inn-
chines , etc. , etc. . to cnll , nnd work torus. Ill ) }
pay. Midland Manufacturing Co. Olllce , Una
lloor Hosenbery's factory , cor. 8.151handMarcy
sts. , Omaha , Nob. 467-tiJ
MENDING und darning of gentlemen's cloTP
Ing nnd denning of suits neatly done ut
1710 Puss si. 421 b ?
WAN'l ED Horses to board , Hnckcyo Sta-
bios , lath between Huriioy nnd St. Mnry'B
nvo ; llrwt class accommodations ; best bo\ stalls
In the city ; terms reasonable ; telephone. 841.
U2 s2l )
XGAGEMKNTS to do dressmaking in fuirT
Hies solicited. Miss Sturdy , 2017 Leaven-
worth st. 102 s 21 *
WANTED It you have nny lands , lots , or
houses nnd lots to sell or exchange for
other property , call on me or write. lean llnd
you a customer. C. C. Spotswood.COjHS.ltth.
WANTED Tlio public to mnko good use ot
The Don's message boxes thioughout the
city. 100
"IIMU'-T class board can bo had by the w euat
J3 17(8 nouglaBrtt. _ lw..20t
\A7ANTii-TttBlo : boarders nt lUO'J "Douglas !
T T 47
NEIIHAS1CA Employment olllco. No , 317 N.
ICth Bt. ' Male anil female help supplied.
Privatefamilies n specialty. 13.WJ
MALKor female help furnished In or out of
city , private families a specialty , II. 11.
Wundoll. 4U8 N. ICth St. , 2d lloor. 221
/CANADIAN employment otllce. Mrs. Ilrega ,
' 311i ! S 15th. Itufereuce Omaha National bunk
SID s7 ! *
IhavoSorlO puitlos who "want
to rent JIO to S'O houses centrally located ,
by Sept. 15th. Submit what you havo. C. F.
HariUon , 418 S. liith st. ! 109
IOlt lir.N'T 2 hoiiscH , 4 rooms each , in rcnr
of 112 ! j llth at. F. J. Haitman. tfi.-JSJ
FOU HUNT houses Now 4-room cottngo $12.
rive room cottage , water closet , 210.1 Culd-
well , tX.ra
Five room cottage ono mlle ( rom post olllco
on N. 20th st. S20.
Bovon room house , bath , range and furnace ,
Karnntn street store , four floors.
Faruam stieet store , lurgo cellar.
.1. II. Kvans , 1310 Dodge. CC2 U
FOH HUNT Kow house In Ilanscom 1'lace ;
furnace , bath , gas , \c. ; elegant location ;
neighborhood ningnlUcont ; coiivenlont to two
lines of horbo cars. Also .Vroom house.llilO.Tack-
son st. , ? 20. 8-room hoiiBe , Windsor 1'laco , &S7.F.O.
K. r. Soaver , room 40 , Darker bluck , 019 u
OU KENT A n-room lint nt 903 Ninth st.
Call or address E. A. Marsh , as above. G43
17KJH HENT 7-room cottnge , completely fur-
JU nlshed , cheap , 3013 Lcnvenw orth st. 67 i > *
F I OH KENT A C-room house. K9B21st , bet -
tren Leaven worth and Mason , 814 11 ?
FOKHEiNT-Flatofflrooms , B W cor. Itith
and Lenvenworth. 01111 *
" | T\OS \ KENT A frroom house. Kent moderate
JU to a permanent tenant. 2tOU Franklin st.
Enquire , llrst house north. tt l 7t
FOH KENT Flvo loom house , Lenvenworth
st. and 41st. , * 12. J. W. Eller , room 7 , Iron
bnuk building , M3
171O11 KENT-nirnlshed , n It-roomed cottage ,
J- best locution In city , near 2 street car lines ;
only 7 blocks from P. O. Address , C 7 , Heo olllce ,
5S3 ! l
rpIIIIEI. newhomes elcpantly finished , nil
JL modern Imp , Apply to O\voii JlcCattrey , 212 {
Harnoy. ; noj b
1J10K KENT A now dwelling house on weal
JL ; side of 25th. north ot Frankllng st. , Parker
addition , roiiblstlng of nine rooms , modern im
provements , bath room , hard nnd soft water.
A ten-room house on the alley rear of Mason ,
between 10th nnd llth sts. , convenient to the
rnlou Pacific nnd 1) ) . & .M. depots , with hard
nud soft water In yard , mo Jerii improvements ,
well adapted for a boarding houso.
Six uowly furnbihed store rooms , with cellars
undernentli , well lighted nnd boated. In the Lin-
ton block , l.itli and Mason sts , lunuiro of .lohn
Hamlln , 311 South llth st , 419-11
KENT 5-rooni house , 1121 N Wth st.
402 o *
EOH HENT 8 room modern Improved house
AI locality nt moderate prlco. Apply SI.
Elgutter. li > Jl , Fnrnam. 4tO
FOH KENT House , 13 rooms , furnished or
unfurnished , suitable for boarding , or Jilco-
ly arrniiBed for two famllloi , W3 Park avo.
] 487 M *
EOH KE.NT-Nice 7 room house , 1131 N 17th st.
Inqulrn 21tl S lath st. 4:12 :
"ITIOH ill.NT live room cottage , cast fronl
JL1 blO s 1'jth st. liumlro room 14,303 n 10th st.
TI1OH KENT Nlco 7-room house , 1134 North
JUnthBt. Inquire31BB. 13th st. 432
ifoit KENT I have about n dozen houses
X' ranging from three to thirteen rooms thai
can be rented nt living prices. If you want to
sent n house , call and sea mo. George J , Sterns-
dorir , room o , opp. p. o. use
I7UW KENT -Cottago , four large rooms , 101 !
J _ Bouth 2oth sj. 313
TilOK KENT New two-story seven room house.
JL' cellar , large attic , cistern , well , coal house
and stable ; all new nnd well fenced , on Slllltary
road in Clifton Hill , 2 * | miles from postofllce , nt
only t2-i per month. A. 1 * . Tukey , 3. W. cor. 15th
nnd Douglas. a7tl
Itl'.NT b-room house , sewer , gas , hoi
nnd cold water , bath room" , new and com
plete , JIO per month , ready Sspt. I. Apply at
ouce. 0 V. Harrison. 418 8. mh at. 4&.I
1J/OK KENT-or Bale-Js'ew cottage , lledfori
JL1 place , on easy payments. Enqulio 41. li
Hoeder , room 4Ca Paxton blnoE. 215
IliOlt KENT Nent 7-room house on Davenport
JL1 Bt.mur high school , rent (10 A month , llren-
uan i ) : Co. , C'huiuberot Comtuerce. 1st
WOll KENT Cottage , 6 ro'oms. very desirable.
JU 1212 2th tt. , near Seward bt. Inqulro 1400
Capital ove. tr'i
fjiOll HENT An T-room lint.
elegant - . Inquire
JllatTheFttif. . . tin
kr ( JI-ff-J. ,4- * I
IjlOK HENT- New nve-room cotlnae. 2i | bloc
J-1 oil Fnrnnm car Hue. Inquire , 3l4 B 12th st.
FOH KENT Ten-room new house , wth gnu.
water-power , furnace. Ac. , Ac. , by .CM and
llnrnoy. * IO per month Doxlor L. Thomas , at
Nebraska Savings bank , 10th nnd Farnam. HO
"Tito ! ! HUNT Nent J20 coltfiKS , Apply at once.
JL1 C. F. HnrrUoy , 4 315th _ st. f 7
T71OK KENT 10 room modern house J.15.00. 9
JL1 room ditto , f.K.00. 7 room ditto. rJi.OO. Other
louses , Mores nnd olllcos. 0. K. 'Ihompsou.
heeley blk , 18th nnd llownrd tn. _ mil
FOK KENT iVroom cottnpa centrally located ,
Mend it Jamison , ill ! S. luth. KM
KENT Six-room cottage , 1315 Ilnrney
JU st. , fcXi per mouth. ii'il
FOll KENT New 8-room house on f'umlm ?
st , near Lowe nvo. Terms ren sonuble. Ap-
lilUlck. | . Spotswood , DOiJi S Iflth. 722
1710H KENT At very low rates , residences of
X1 10 to U rooms lu now brick row on Cass and
21th BIS , , on 21th street car lino. All modern
Improvements. Apply H. T. Clarke , 25th and
Cass or nt I'nlon Ti list Co. U22
EOH UF.NT Elegant 10-room modem house ,
near High school , J.V ) . (1. ( E. Thompson ,
Bheely block , Uth nud Howard. 701
FOH HrtNT Now cottngo , 7 rooms , nil mod
ern improvements. Inquire lll'J Farnam
st KM 7
FOK KENT When you wish to rent a house ,
store or olllco call on us. H , E , Cole , room
0. Continental block. 213
POH KENT A large front room nicely fur-
lilshed , suitable for two or three gentle
men ; nlso first class bonrd by the week nt 1703
Douglas st. tiJVI lo
IjVW HENT Hooms with family , table bonrd
JU 17U3 Dodge St. ( I1C 124 :
Tjl HO NT rooms , single or en suite. 1718 Dodge ,
- - b2t 12 $
ROOM or suit of rooms for ront. lie I Fnr-
nam st. KCO
YBKY desirable front room , furnished , nil
modern conveniences. 2107 Douglas KJJ
OH HUNT Furnished rooms , 1204 Fnrnnm.
623 10"
17IUHN1SHED room to let , 210) Douglas ,
> JUi10 *
FOH HENT A nlcelv furnished room , with
use of bath loom , in u convenient location
to a pentlemuu of good habits. Kofereuco re
quired , 013 South 20th st , corner St. Marys nve.
TJ1OH KENT Furnished room with board , 1011
JU Douglas st. 37U 0 *
" 171OK KENT-2 or 3 nice largo roomsfurnished
JL1 or unfurnished , with board in private fain-
lly. IMPS 15th st. Cfll 7 ?
IpOK HENT Two nicely furnished rooms.sln-
' glo or Insuite , No. 212:1 : Webster st. 471
TIKJIl KENT A largo pleasant front room ,
JU 17UO Chicago St. KOI
17IOH HENT A handsome room with alcove at
-L1 253J St. Mnry's nve. 117
"TJ10H HENT Newly furnished , clean rooms.
J-1 nil modern conveniences ; 1 block from P ,
O. 1013-1(115 ( Capitol live. 421 bt
FOH HENT Newly and nleelv furnished
looms , with llrst clnsss table bnnrd. Al'o
bonrd by du > or week If desired , 1T \ Daven
port. llf'j 7"
"PLEASANT furnished rooms , 1WX51'nrnnmst.
J H.VS B.20J
rnilKEE furnished looms , 013 S 15th.
-1- 3fi7 14
I7UMI KENT nirnlshed rooms in Oreunlg blk
JL1 cor. llith nnd Dodge sts. Inquire of Qeo. H. .
Davis. Jlillard hotel billiard room. 217
FOK KENT Elegantly furnished looms with
board , luqulro 1GUJ Douglai. 331
TTUMiNlSHED rooms , 11.1 S 20th.
JU1 8Q > B 21 *
I710H KENT Front room , largo uud nicely
J- ' furnished , located near the nigh sciiool , lu
the highest uud coolest section of the city ;
cublo line und horse ears pass thtf door. En-
qulro ut 222 , ' ) Dodge near 2Uh ai. boO-
KOOMS Including board in the Young Wo-
mcu's homo IViO Dodge st. Keferonees ro-
quired. . MO
NICELY furnished rooms $1 per week or 5J.50
per month , 002 , BOlandOOJS. Isth st.
4U s17 *
1810 Dodge.
ROOM nnd board , 1812 Chlcngo st.
18780 ?
TTOK KENT Furnished room , modern con-
JL' venlences. A. Hospe. i ; Douglas. 174
DES1KAHLY furnished rooms , Blugio nnd
double. Gentlemen preferred , 1WM Capitol
nve. 2UO
T AHGE nnd small room suitable for gentle-
J-i man , vt 1th or without board , 1812 Dodi'e.
FOH HENT 0 or 4 unfurnished rooms nt 623
S 2Hh st at moderate pi Ice , or will rent same
furnished. 012
FOH HENT To the right party , 8 rooms on
1'aik.uvo. Heut taken in board. HODoug -
Ins st. 5H ) 8
TTNFUHNlSIIED-SultabloforhousokeepIng :
U Three ( .1) ) rooms , lo.'S North2Ut st . . .Jll OJ
Three (3) ( ) roouiB. 11UHS S. 7th st 1100
Three CD room cottuge.'JIst and Paul st 1260
Three (3) ( ) rooms , 701i ! PnclllrBt 1100
Three (3) ( ) rooms. 1122 North21st st 12 CO
Three HI ) rooms , 1015 North 20th st ii : Hi
Three CD rooms. 707'i I'ncitlc Bt 1100
Four (0 ( rooms. 417 South 18th st ' 18 00
Apply to .ludge Hentlng Aponcy , Herald
building , S. W. corner ot 15th nnd Harnovst.
YI3UV desirable unfurnished rooms , single or
cu sulto , lr , Otterbourg , 10th uud Hurney
Sts. 4W ( 9 ?
7 > OK KENT-Splondld building sultablo for
JD drug storo. well located , lu Hustings , Ne
braska. Address , Gazette-Journal , Co. , Hust
ings , Nebraska , G24 10
POH HENT On Cuni/ng / st. store nnd living
apiirtments , nlso livery stnble. Kmiulro of
Harris K. E. & L. Co. , Hooiu 411,1st Nut. bank. 1
CO. )
tOHHENT ApnrtofSOSNICth st. 62710
TT1OH KENT Nicely furnished olllce. ground
J-1 floor , half of 300 S 10th st. opposlto Chamber
of Commerce , M. A' Upton Company. OU9
O FFICE5 and basements for rent , corner 13th
nud Jackson sta. Mrs. F. Lnngo. 801.
17IOK HENT Storeroom. No.214 S. llth st. Ap.
JU ply ut 1110 Honnrdst. 250
"IJIOH HENT Two stores nnd lints , corner 28th
JU and Dodge sts. Potter & Cobb4088
FOK KENT Etpro-room under Omaha llnnk-
Ing Co. . cor. 15th and Harney. sultublo for
money loaning or real estate business. Paulson
A ; Co. , No. nil , room f , Faruam st. U52
"f/IOK KENT Fine retail store room with
JL ! largo basement , ? 90 per month. C. F. Har-
rlson , 418 S. 15th st. < 8.l
rilWO choice store rooms in the Her building ,
JL between Howard and Jackson sts. Apply
Hnymer * c Her store , 624 B ICth st. 473 slu
FOH HENT Double store room , suitable for
clothing , groceries , dry goods , etc. , locution
first cluss. Address X 01 llee olllce. I'.U
STOKE for rent , llll Fnrnnm street. Inqulro
of Nnthan bhclton , nt 1505 Farnnm street
OH HENT-Ofllco suite 125 month , 2 single
olUces $15 each , nil fronting IBth St. , llnsn-
mnn block , N. E. Cor. 16th nno. Douglas. W. M.
Ilushmnn. 1311 Iienvenworth. 249
mWO stores , 22x.W , just completed , with lints
X ot seven rooms nbovc , with water and gas ,
first-class finish , Cth nnd Pacific sts , , low rent.
Apply to EUlnt'er Ilros. , U12 B. 10th St. , Omaha.
GEOHGE J. STEHNSDOHFF , room , opp. P.
O , , w 111 hereafter gtvo special attention to
renting houses , stores and Hats. If you want
your property rented without delay nud to reli
able tenants , do not fail to list the same nlth
him. sso
171011 quick rental and peed tenants list your
JL1 houses with H. H , Wandell , 403 N. Ifith st ,
2nd lloor. ; ri :
/7J. E.THOMPSON.Shcolyblk , 15th & Howard.
iit tii'5 '
\VE KlvB special attention to renting aud col-
> lectlngrentft. list with Us. II. E. Cole , room
0.Continental block. bl
F l OU want your housei rented place them
with llenawn & Co. , 15tn , opposite postotnce.
T , < J8T At Hnruum's show , a ladlus' gold
TrnK.BlSA\alcu wlth Bll ° rt chain , monogram
, l\fw' . 1'lueral reward for return to 0.
. w. cor. 16th anil l > o Klas , up-
TOST In Omnhn or fair grounds Ihurndny. n
Indies' black silk wrkp. Finder will be liber
ally rewarded by lenvlng game nt Hub ro'tau-
lunt. Ill South Uth bt.
IOST Orny CliatnoH ikln ling containing JW ) .
- Finder suitably rcwnided by lenvlns at llco
olllce. ofu 8'
LOST-On the 4th Inst. , black Spaniel pup
with stump tall , in the neighborhood of
Park nvo , nnd Mnson streets ; tinder will bo ro
wnrded by Icavluj ; him nt BtO Park nve. 6'J2-7 ' *
rpAKEN-lYomaith nmrcss sts Tuesday
JL night , at about V o'clock , a dark bay horse
with new top buggy , red running gear. A suit
able reward will bo paid by leaving nny Infor-
mntlon of some nt Neb. Pnvlnt-s llauk , Ifith and
Farnaui sts. W. A. L. Gibbon. CM 7 *
TIAKEN UP 3 year old cow , led nud white ,
H14 N. 22nd St. U1-7-14-21-2S *
FOUND Mileage book on Chicago. Milwaukee
and St. Paul railway. Cnll on Edvnid Olo-
BOII , 1010 Fnrnnm St. 040 7 *
HORACE , when you stop at 310 South 15th fit.
see F. .1 McCarthy. lie olTers ROIIIO good
real estate bargains or trades In Omaha and
South Omaha. Hollos. i)71 ) U *
AKY STHONG , M. I ) . , rooms 3 and 4 Jacobs
block , cor , Capitol avo. nud 15th st.
IF you vvnnt to buy , sell , rent or exchange
cnll on or address George J. Sterusdoru ,
room C. opposlto P. O. 231
T3KHPONAI/ you hnvoii personal Item , or
JL any communication , drop it in onu of Tlio
Ileo's message boxes. 103
FOIt SALE Pony , harness and cait , cheap.
N. W , cor. 29th and Seward sti. ii 0 l
FOlt SALE All or pnit ot furniture of n llrst-
class boarding house full of bonrdeis. H
53 , llee. 3H ( 7 *
FOK 8ALE A Snyder make open buggy ,
cheap lor cash , or will trade for top buggy.
Oco. J. SternsdoilT , room 0 , opposlto P. o.
Foil SALE Planing mill machinery. Call at
1403 Davenport st. Omnhn. 310
171OK SALE-Icoln cuflot Gilbert Hios. .
JU Council HUills. Min.i.ii
FOlt 8ALI. All kinds ot home grown trees ,
sullublo for this climate. C. O. Howard \
Co. , Omuha. 'Mi S''S
A span of horses , harness and wagon for sale
on the Installment plan or otherwise ; will
trade for real cstato or commercial paper , or
w ill rent same to the right party. Slomaii. room
4ftj 1'axton block 1M )
TfOll SAlitt Cheap for cash , a peed loiul.ster
JL' 7-year-old und almost new Columbus top
buggy and liainess ; It you want n flno looking
rig It will pay you to investigate. OeoicoJ.
Sternsdorff , I loom , opp. I" . O. hVI
GAS llxtuies for Palo cheap. Have a largo as
sortment of the designs lu gas llxturos
which I will sell at rost. M. C. Free , Hiiccessor
to J. C. Klllott , agent. IMlii rarnain St. 278
"IjlOlt SAliK A new 0 fceat Ilockaway cu ; Hugo
JL1 at I.eo & Nichols' Ihery barn. Tweiity-elghtli
audlioavenworth. Teleplioue 81) ) . 417
rpllO'rriNO : standard bred mares
JL in foal to fashionably , ! bred stallions ; a ( ew
choice young muies aud goldlngs , broken to
harness and suitable for track or loud , .lohu
W. Watt , Moorelleld , NqT ) . 78(1 ( b"t
JH. SMITH , the expert accountant , gives in-
Btructlons In bookkeeping , and assists In
procuring situations , Itoom S48 , Itamgo block.
tdl li *
WI2 have n party who will build a line 1 waie-
house on splendid tratkagu nnd J lease for
term of \ ears. Will build to Milt business ot
lessee. Apply to HlrkIiiiUor& llulmer. Itoom
18. Wine building. Iil7 10
III AVi : a fil ft lot ou 1'arnam street between
-bth and 2Jth sts , u splendid location ( or u
livery burn , wnlch 1 will lease cneap and build
to suit los eo If deslied. ( leoige J. Stcinsdoill ,
IJooiuO , opi ) . P.O. ' ! W )
_ _
rpflE banjo taught as an nrt by Goo. ! ' . Gellen-
- * - beck. 8iW llamuy St. IW
TT101I.O\V the rush tcFvtali. 1. verybody is
-i-1 buying a Salt Lnko City $20 town lot at 310
S' 15th st. 'Jo early for choice. 2JU
GKO1K1E J. Sterusclorir. room rt , oppislte P oT
lias bomovery deslrablelotx lu vailons parts
of the cltv that can bo leased on reasonable
terms. Will build to suit lessee. iW )
TDAHTIE3 having real citato thev w Ish to sell ,
JL or houses they wish to rent w ill llnd ready
ciistomors by culllug on Slomau , room 405 , I'ax-
ton block. UM
OUSE torrent ; fuinlturo for sale or trnde.
1015 Dodge. W/J
SEND your orders for One family nnd gentle
men's wnshlngiind Ironing to Wing Sing , C09
North ICth st. ; will call for clothes In any part
of the city and tnnko terms on nppllcatloii.CuOs20
WOMAN'S Exchange , 1C17 Fnrnam st. Lunch
dally , supper Saturday nights. 1)10 )
A UCTION and Storage Wo are prepared to
ti-recelvo consignments of furniture und other
poods for sulo at auction at our lurse salesroom
No. UJi Fnrnam st. Cush advances made. Wo
have also the best ot storage fucllltlos. Outside
sales attended. Omnha Auction & Stornge Co. ,
t'uS ' SU
H OMR for Destitute Women and Children ,
18 Hurt st itto
IF you navs anytnlng to trade call on or ad-
nressaeorge J. StornsdorlT. Itoom o , oppo
site _ postollico. 1G7
E. THOMPSON , Hoom 112 Sheely block.
' . " 55
STOHAG Eat low rates in new building. 314
South l-'lh street. 2tkl s 80
OTOHAHE-Snfo , dry and clean nt low rates.
Oltlildell & Uiddcll , 1112 Howard ,
A UCTION nud Storage We me prepared to
Xirecelve ronslgnnipnts of furniture and other
goods for snle or Btorngo at our warehouse , 1131
Furnnm Bt. Outside unction sales attended.
Omaha Auction & Storage Co. _ ! > 57 SO
fll HACK AGE , storage. lowest ratej. W. M
JL llushman , 1 111 Loavenworth. 254
SIIOHTHANDnnd Typewriting-Vnlontlnn's
> hnrthaud and 'J'ypoH-rltliiu lusiltute. Larg
est nnd best equipped lu the west , ( iraduntos
nil occupy good paying situation Duy nnd
evening sessions. Students ran enter nt uny
time. Seud for circular. New Pnxton bulldliijf ,
Omaha. 1122 O 0
BENSON X-CAH.MICIIAEL fumlsh romplcte
und guaranteed abstracts of tltloitonny
real estate In Omaha nnd Douglas couutv upon
short notice. The most complete set of abstract
books in the city. No. 1WJ rarnain st. 2UU
MIDr.ANOaiiaramee.nnd Trust Co , . 150 , " , l-ar-
unin Complete abstracts furnished , & titles
to leal estate examluecl , perfected JL guaranteed.
_ _
OlildAdns"wantixT i vnnt "to "buy
flovon or eight tUoliBnud dollars worth ot
short time mnrlKngesi. Cull at noon or n o'clock
or address George Glouser ; 112i Cupltol ave.
Oil ! )
WANTED A second 'hand , 6 or C ton stock
and groin scale. Address llox 2tf , Mul-
vern , la. _ i , _ U72 U'fJ
\\TANTED-lhaveoii9 , party who wants to
TT buy house anil lot in Kountzo place for
cash Submit an offer If you want to sell. O.
F. Hurri'on.418S. 15th Jr.l _ 309
WANTED-1 nave ilptrtlcswho want to bur
house and lot worth , I.OM to } ftliOO , cen-
tinlly located. J500 to tl.OOJ cash , oalnure
monthly. Submit nn offer. 0. ! ' . Hurrl-
son , 418 S. 15th st. _ gifj
W ANTED To liny or irado for u good build
ing that can be moved. Please call on
or address George J. Sterusdoru , room 0 , oppo-
TT7"ANTED Household furniture , etc. , Omn-
TT ha Auction & btorago Co. , 1121 Fnrnnni ht.
IF you nave Improved business or residence
property that you wish to sell , call nnd sea
me. George J. Bternsdorff , room , oppoalU
poatol'lce. | i
MONEY tolend on improved real estate , no
commission charged. J. II. l.vnn * . 1510
podge , _ BO-J n
\\7F.IIAVE8omo private funds to loan on
JT improved city property or to invest in
choice short time notes. Lhumii i It ) an. room
6 , U. H. Nut. Hank. oaa It )
T CANS on Omaha city pioporty or improved
JU farms nt lowest rates. Central Loan nnd
. , 331 1
M : ONHr : tanned ntC. F. Heed A Co.'s Loan
office , on furniture , pianos , horses , wagons ,
porsortal tiroperty o ( all kinds , und all other
rttcles of value without removal , 31 ! ) 8. 1 Jth.
All business strictly confidential 1ST
MONBYTo Loan -lly the undersigned , who
has the only property organized loan agency
lu Omaha. Jx > ansorIO to flOOmado on furni
ture , plf > aof. organs.horscs , waKous.machluery ,
etc , , without rtajova. ! , No delays. All business
Btrletly conlldentlal. Lo n,1 DO inado that any
part cau be paid at anr time. etoU unyment re
ducing the co < t pro" rnta. Advances ins1' " on
line watches and diamonds. Persons should
carefully consider who they ate dealing with , as
many new concerns are dally coming Into exls-
Je 'nee. ' Should you need mon"y call and see me.
W. 11. Croft , Hootn 4. Wlthnoll butldltic.lMn and
H rney. e.
_ _ _
T ,000 to loan on Inside property. Porno
llrst mortgages ( or sale. Nathan Shelton.
. 'I rarnain t. 7f > 3
MONKVtoloan In any ainonut , olthor for
building or otherwise , at lowest rates of
Interest and on short notice. 1) . V. Shales , room
810. rin-t Nat'l bank , cor. lath and rarimm. 8TJ
HU. IUKV ! 3i SooTo loan on city property
and improved ( arm land. Frcuzar block
! TTo
rplli : Uinalm Financial Eiclionge , Itoom 15 ,
J- Darker block , southwest corner of 1'ar-
cam and liith sts.
Makes a specialty of ahort-tliuo collateral and
real estate loans.
Money always on hand in sunn of 1100 and up
ward * to any amount , to loan on approved tt-
Secured notes bought , sold or exchanged.
Clear rial estate and cash to exchange ( or
good first or second mortgages.
Loans made upon laud 'contracts , stocks ,
bonds , trust deeds , llrst or second mortgage se
curity. without publicity , delay or red tap * .
Financial business o ( any kind transacted
promptly , quietly und fairly. Itoom 15 , llarkor
block C'orbctt. Manager. _ -70 . .
' to loan-casn on hand W.
M. Harris , room SO , Freulzer block , opp. 1' . O.
iVj'XjO ( to loan on business property at an ex
$ tra low rate. Kor particulars see W. M.
Harris , loom 20 , Fieiizer block opp. 1' . O.
I.OMAN , room 401'axton building , loons
money on cltv property and farms. 1'artles
wishing to build will do well to Bee him Slo-
man , room 40 , ' , 1'axton block. _ QUO
made on real estate and mortgages
IOANS ( . LonU 8. Heed & Co. , l.'C'l Fnmaiii.
_ "HI
G OOD city and farm loans wanted by A. K ,
Hlley. 1J19 Farnam. _ _ S81 _
BUILDING loans. Llunhnn & Mnhoney.C51
, to loan nt il per cent. Llnahan < fc Mahoney
honey , Hooiu 50il 1'axton block. 282
LOMAN , room 40 , ' , Faxton building , will
. , make loans In any amount , for short or long
time. Short tlmo collateral loans n specialty.
Loans made on real estate. Commercial und
1st mortgage paper bought and sold. All busi
ness strictly conlldentlal. Come and see mo.
Slomnn , room 4Q. ' > , t'avtou block" . I'.K )
MONEY to loan on furniture , horses , wagons ,
etc , , or on any nnnroved security. J. W. Hob-
bins. K. 20fl Sheely blk. Ifith nnd Howard. 233
MONEY to loan. Long time. George J. Paul ,
1000 Fnrnainst. 290
ONEV to loan. O , F. Davis Co. , real estate
and loan agents , 1-iOfi Farnam st. 201
DON'T b ow money on furniture , horses ,
wnconi , etc. , until-you have seen C. U.
Jacob.-i , room 410 , I'list Nutloual bunk building ,
cor. 13th and Furnani 278
MONEY to loan ; largo nnd small sums nt low
rates , for short time , on real estate or
chattel security ; second notes bought ; all nnnn-
clnl business strictly confidential. People's Fl-
nnuelal Exchange , O. llouscnrenmanager ; room
Mi ! Ilurker block. 15th and Fnrnam. 507
fl'iXXUO ! ) to loan on Omnha city property at
4'per cent. G. W. Day. so cor Kx. bid. 2S3
MONEY to loan on furniture wagons , etc. ,
without removal or on collateral security ,
IlUJlness strictly conlldentlal. A. E. Oreenwooa
Ic Co. , It 1 , Cunningham block , cor 13 & Jackson.
MONEY to loan ontiorsus. turnlture and other
personal pioperty or collateral. Rates mod
erate ; business confidential. Office S. W. cor
ner IMh and Douglas sts Entrance on 15th st.
The 1' Investment Co. 250
MONEY to oan ; cash on hand ; no delay. J.
\ \ . Snulro , 121'J ' Tarnam St. , First National
bunk building. 279
B EAT. estate loans , lowest rules. Odoll llros.
& Co. . 312 S. ICth st. * ' 2i7
K1MHALL , Champ laud Hyan make loans
on city property tit lowest rates , optional
liaj mcnts , cash on hand , no delay. Mortgages
bought. Itoom 0 , U , S. Natloualbank. _ _
EASTEHN money cheap. City und country.
Onice Philadelphia Mortgage and TiUbt Co. .
room VI , Hoard otTrnde Geo. W. 1 * . Coates 202
fiATTELnnd collateral loans , M. J
HIS , Uthst. Itoom 27.
M 1ONKY to loan on Omnhaand South Omaha
property. C. F. Harrison 413 s. 15th st. 2i'6 '
. 8 per cont. Money to loan on rapro-
$ v d farms or city property. James A. Wood
man , at the old fire insurance omco of Murphy
& Lovott , 220 S. 13th St. 2 7
A HAKE business chance Wanted a partner
with money or security , ( a doctor pre
ferred ) to u holesale n line of exclusive druggists'
goods. JI.OOJ worth now manufactured und
u-ndy for unle. Prollts. $100 per day. Address
fully with reference. W. It. V. , lt' 0 Farnam st.
( J3030
FINE faun for halo within one mile of Cnth-
olio college at Yoik. Addiess Heal Estate ,
box 1)37 ) , Yoik , Neb. ( to ! U ?
BAHDEIt shop for sale , small cupltnl re-
gulicd. Address 012 , Hoe. OU Oj
Foil SALE My half Interest In nu estab-
INhed llro luhiirunco ngency. 8200 required.
Address 0 11 , Hoc. C3li-8
FOH SALE cheap Itestauraut doing n flno
business on 414 Noith IGth , No cash re-
quhed to right parties. Possession given nny
tlmo. Must ho sold immediately. C37-7t
MEAT market for Halo. Ono of the best pay-
Ing stands In the city. Very low rout ,
Address 1811 St. .Mary's avo. 627,11 *
Foil SALE-or Kent Hakery , Ice crenm and
lunch business ou n good corner. Apply 2:109 :
( 'liming st. 570 7t
FOll SALE A tlrst-ciass grocery stock , cen
tral locution. largo and paying business.
Satisfactory reasons for desiring to sell Nusou ,
Itoom 19 , Chamber of Commerce. 5S7
"IJ1OU SALE Kestuurunt nnd bakery. Host
-L ? chance you over naw. lluslness booming ,
tow u booming. Good reason * . Address A. E.
llnyden , Ciete N'eb. 1KI1 7J
T710H SAI.Ii- First class stationary , coufec-
Jtlonery , tobacco , clgui'H und oyster parlor.
Address .1. A. Sober , Anhoo. . Nob. 4W lit
TJ10K SALE-Ilestnurant with confectionery ,
J ? clgprs nnd tobacco. Good location. Ad-
dre-s II 07 , llee. 4VS a *
TJ1OH SALE The best located nnd best
J. ' eiiulpiicil bakery lu the city. Long lenso.
Must bo sold. Addtuss C ! l , Iloo olllco. 600 b
iTvm SAI.E-ARI stock of hurdw are ut half
X1 pi Ire. Innuln nt 13JU South 1'Jth st or of
Lee Clnrk , Andrec Co. 605 8
T71OH SALE Abstract books ot Omaha nnd
X' Douglas county. This is nn established ,
rapidly increasing , business , paying a
lingo Interest on the Investment. For books
und good will of the business. Omaha real es
tate or secured puper with a fair cash payment
will bo taken. Ueoigo W.Ames , 1507 Furnum.
jlOH SALE or trade A valuable invention.
- Will sell same cheap for cash , or w ill trade
Sloman. room 4il ( Paxton block.
E OK SALE-Good will , futures nnd stock of
one of the finest groceries west of Chicago ,
ith n trndo ot f70,000 per you.- . Nothing but
cash or first class unlurumbored real estate will
be considered. Address 04 , Heo olllce. D24 13
FOH SALE At 1C earney. Nob. , the turnlture
and lease of Grand Central hotel. The sec-
IjlOHSALE A w on-established whole. rieand
J ? retail tobacco and cigar business. Coving
n good iobbliij-trado In city nud country ; busi-
nes-4 i located ou one of the principal business
streets in the city. Good reasons for selling.
For partlculai s address X 63. Hea olllce , 612
OK SALE-Or trade , for ggiod'productive
property , one of the best uotels in Omuna.
Addiess. X of , llee olllce , , 171 B S
' \VANTED Partner to take charge of a biisT-
T ness. Hmall cupltnl required. Call room 21 ,
Darker block. U71) ) 7t
IjAOlt SALEl'hoan for cash , N. V. Hotel and
J-'Iti-stuuraut , 71W N. 10th St. ; good business ;
desirable locution ; reason for selling , huvo
other inslnes * to atteiuVto. Cull on or address
E. A. IHS N. luth st. Omaha. 631
IT'OK SALE or exchange The stock ot a char-
JL tered member noldltm the choicest oil lauds
inltattlesnako district , Wyoming. Address D
07. liee olllce. yaa 8t
1710K HALE-ijult Lake lots $20 each , at niO S.
K Uthst. 426
TJ10K BALE At n bargain , a stock of general
J.1 morch ndlso in a live town. Address Loclc
IJox D , North litnd. Neb , U15s3g
DIIUO "tore , fstaollshedMyrs. thlscltyU
cn li. rare bargain ; address X Cl llee. 2IVn9 *
13AW1ES wishing to purchase real o tnto
Jor seeking Investments of nny kind will do
well to cation Sicilian , room 405 Paxton block.
I71OH 8ALE-l.lvery otablo , stock nud Hxtures
J. ' complete , nil nearly now , rent reasonable ,
centrally located. Add ! ess A 14 , Hco ofllce.
474 s 13 *
IF you hnve good clenr fnrm land or city prop
erty to exchange , cnll nud ace mo , Geo. N ,
Hicks , llnrker block. 1148 B
EXCIIANOE-Cholce improved farmlands -
lands In Nebraska for Omaha residence prop
erty or stocks of clean merchandise. Call or nil-
dress W. A. Frye , H 1 , uvv. cor. 16th * Fnrnnni ,
628 03
1T10K THADE Three well-located houses nnd
J-lots for good Nebraska land , Improved or
unimproved. Mint bo unencumbered. Address
H G.S , care Omaha llee , giving inscription and
price , 470 i )
TTIOIt EXCHANGE-Flve room house and lot
JL ? 60x175 feet , on South lpith st , Nlco homo.
Wnnt nil fO ncre farm. C. E. Monghcr , room 2 ,
over Kaymond's jewelry store , V20-12J
TJEXCIIANGE-East front lot , 1 blocVToTl
paved st. , for cheap western land.
House lot In Kountro place for fnrm.
Flue east fiont lot. 1 mile from court house ,
for horse and phaeton.
C40 acres ot Franklin Co. , Neb. , land for house
and lot
Lot nnd store bulldlng.cloarof encumbrances ,
for good cheap western lund.
House nnd lot lu good Iowa town , clear of in-
cumbrancen , for house nud lot In Kotintzo
llansrom place lot and 12,000 cash for house
nnd lot In western pnrt of city.
Chns. H. Woolloy , 418 South 16th st. 484 18
I II AVE renl aud personal property of all
kinds for trnde. Cnll and see mo. George J.
Bternsdorff. room 0 , opp. P. O. 31-0
mo EXCHANGE Lots for lands. Paul , 1009
JL Farnam. 39t ) U
WHAThave you to offer for 1.2SO acres of
Umber landl u West Virginia , clear of In-
cumhrnuce , perfect title , George J. Storusdorlf ,
Itoom 0. opposite P. O. 231
A HOTEL and saloon centrally located to
xl-trado for city property or fnrm laud. Goo.
J. 0 , opposlto P. O. C80
TVANTED-ltrlck tor clear lots. C. F. Harri-
TT son , 418 S. 15th st. 309
WHAT have you to trade for 60 acres or land
unlncumbored In Juncan county , Wls , ,
,1 miles from county seat. U. J.
C. opp Postolllce. 1U7
" \yANTED Laud for lots. Paul , 1008 Fnrnam.
aJ. STr.KNSDOKFF , Itoom B. opposite P.
O , , has some choice farm land to trade
for city property. Will assume light lucuni-
brauces. 231
WANTED A good horse , buggy nnd harness
In exchange for South Omaha lots. G orc
J.StcinsdorM. room ( I. opp postolllca. 230t
rpllADES made In real estate and personal
JL property. See exchange book. CO-OD. I *
nnd L. Co. 20a N. 10th st. 2U'J
V\THAT have you to trodo for some north-
TT western oil stock ? Address U 0 , Ueo olllco.
WILL give you a ; oed truao tor an eight or
ten room nouse and lot. George J , Sterns-
dorff , Hoom 0 , opposite P. O. 231
EIGHTY (80) ( ) acres of nnd adjoining Lake
Munawa , Council , Bluffs , la. This tract
will make 400 beautiful lots and is free from
encumbrance. What have vou to offer ? George
J.Sternsdorlt room a , opp P. O. 107
DH. NANNIE V. Warren , clalrvoranv. Med
ical , business and test medium , magnolia
free. Foicale diseases a specialty , lit N. 16th
Bt..ltooins2&3 Tel. 944. 2.VJ
A HA Hi : chance The tmutlful grove
und grounds on Vurlc Etieet , Just out-
sldo the oily limits , in West Omuha ,
and neai Iv opposite lltisT's hotel wlllboollered
for sale this week. This property Is undoubt
edly tno oest situated lor summer giirdeu and
picnic purposes of any around the city , and If
properly handled , can bo mudo the great sum
mer resort around Omaha , and a live , enter
prising man can make a fortuuo out of It.
This valuable property will bo ollored for sulo
l > y Hicks , the real e-ituto agent , room 40 , Mar
ker block , and If you want to get hold of one of
the biggest chances for making money ever of
fered , w o advise you to call and see him nt once.
IF you have good property for sale , list the
same with Geo. N. Illcks , room 40 , llarkor
block. _ _ 048 U
TJM1H SALEoroxcnange Form of 431 acres In
- - ' Marian county. Neb. $1,000 encumbrance.
Want small unencumbered farm in eastern Ne
braska. Dr. Hodgman , Hurrblk. , Lincoln. U
BARGAINS We have tno extra bargains for
this week. Ouo at $7,500 and the other at
f.600. M. A. Upton Company. _ 679
FOH SALE Or exchange , 3.000 acres choice
well Improved farming land in northern Nebraska -
braska , in lots to suit purchasers. Addioss L ,
cnriuM Lyons. O'Nell. Neb. 49,1 1U
_ _
TTIOH PALE Llogunt house and lot lu Wind-
J- . ser place , owner non-resldont who wants to
put his money elsewhere and will faell right. 0.
F. Harrison , 418 S. 15th st. D09
EYMOIJH PAHK-Thls beautiful suburban
property is now on the market. Seymour
park consists of about four hundred nnd eight r
acres of woodland mid law n. situated on a nigh
cmlncuce. commadluK a magnificent view or
Omaha ami surrounding country. The entire
property is covered with thousands of beautiful
torest trees , consisting of oak , hickory , walnut ,
ash , maple , box elder , oatalpn , black cherry and
other varieties. Suburban tialtis now running
on licit Line Hy. nllord quick und easy transit
between Seymour park and the business center
ot Omaha. Magnificent lots In Blzu 10'lx20J ' ( eet ,
( routing on broad avenues can be sold at prices
innglng ( rom $100 to ? GCO. One , two and three-
aero lots can be bought ( or one-half of the cost
of MI ordinary city residence lot. Now is the
tlmo to secure a choice residence slto in this
beautiful suburb. We will bo pleased to show
this pioperty at any tlmo and cordially invlto
all those seelclng a homo to call at our olllco and
make airangoments to go out with us to see
Seymour park. E. F. Seaver , room 40 , Darker
block. 048 0
GI LT-EDffE bargains Parties wishing to
make good Investments in Omaha or South
Omaha pi oporty , to sell or trade a good farmer
or buy n good established business in any line
in this city , call upon F. J. McCuithy , 310 S. ictli.
477 Ot
T71OH SALE Full lot and large 2-story housa
-L ot 7 lurgo rooms , good well , collar , cistern In
the kitchen , good neighborhood , street cars.
chinch , school and store close by. All new nnd
complete , 42.0JO. Small rash payment , balance
monthly , .lust the place lor a man of moderate
means and Urge family. Cnmo and son mo
about It. 0. F. Harrison 418 8. nth st. b32
anco easy. M. A. Upton company , if )
TriOH SALE Choice section of fnrm lund at
J- ' price that makes it ono of the best Invest
ments on the maikot. Gee , N. Hicks , room 40 ,
Darker block. C4t ) 0
T71OH SALE New 8-room house , all modern
L' improvements , near corner Woolworth aud
Virginia nvcuues , Ilanscom Place , J4.600. 0.
I' . Harrison. 118 S. 15th st. _ < 83
TTIAItMING In eastern Nebraska pays now.
To those wanting to. go on a farm wo can
tell lipw to K 5 K533 land with very little money.
Tiio day that this can be don * will soon b
passed. M. A. Upton Company. 807
T71ARMS Wo have some of the finest Improved
J-1 farms In Missouri Krnsas Iowa
- , , and Nebraska -
braska ( or sale , M. A. Upton Company. C79
171011 sale or trade for good inside real estate
Jor good secured real estate paper 6'iO acres
otland. Noincumbranco. About 8 miles from
Duluth. Minn. , anil about 4 miles from Superior
City. Wls. ; this will bear close Investigation ;
remember Duluth and Superior are the two
coming cities. H will pay to investigate this.
Slomau , room 4U'i Paxton block , 090
OUTHOMAHA-Lot 14. block 77 , B. B. corner
2 th mid M streets , 6-room house , J10.000 , H
Lot II , block 7R , 8. E. corner 23th nnd M streets.
.omt. 5i cash. House on this rents $15.
If these corners were on N street they would
neli for KJU.W.U each. M will be a better street
tnan N In a year from to-day. Each ono o (
these corners will make seven business lots. M.
A. Upton A : Co. _ bai
FOH HALE-Uy J. II. Evans. 1510 Dodge.
New 4-room house , monthly payments , ! ) , MX ) .
Now 4-room house , monthly payments , JI.ROO.
-room house and lot. In mile circle , on cable.
Fine lot. Huascoin Place , nt grade , J.&OO.
Corner in Hawthorne at grade , gl.COO.
East front on Suunders. line fruit , { 2,000.
1 have plans ( or handsome cottuge to bo built
on corner in Hanscom place ; will be sold on
monthly payment plan.
A share in Park llulldlngassoclatlonpaldup ;
handsomely wooded lot ; invcutlgatel
Fine U-room house and food burn , Park avo. ,
Several halt lots in easy reach of U. P. shops
and street cars , on easy terms.
Good , flrat-clas farm land in Col fax , Kear
ney , Ilutfalo. Dawion , Keith and other ( .ountles.
A Una tract , aw ncrea. choice hay l nd , 1 mile
from county scat and station , fenced , well uud
wlnd-mlUi deoidml bargain.
I make a specialty ot choice Unas in eastern
part ot state.
0. D. ISYWis , 1510 Dodge it CCS U
GJ.RTKHNPOOIlFr. roomfl opposite poifr
onice , will Mil you a good 4-room house
on 10th treet , 3 blocki south ot car Hue , by par *
ing tM rain , bnlnncn monthly payments to
suit , Thti l.s a splandld opportunity for , * UT *
one wanting a cheap lioint. 231
DO you want a gilt edged Investment. Ilehd
our list of choice Omaha properly.
Bargain 70x140 feet , turner Lake nnd 18th
street , with onn nice house tuid room for two
more , pnco tnixu.
Hnrgnln-Coruer 22d nnd Lenvenworth sts , ,
52xl-M feet , with three good houses , bringing la
rental of from IVJO to i.OOU per yenr.
Price for n few days , only IU.5WI.
Choice five nnd ton aero trncts in West Omaha
near licit Line railway. In n tlnn stnto at culti
vation , especially ndnpted for elegant fruit nnd
vegetable gardens' Magnificent view , high nnd
healthy location , and only twenty-live minutes
rldo to business center of city. Call and got
prices nnd terms.
Hnrguln-06 feet on 1,1th St. , near Pierce , with
small cottage , can offer fora fe.w dnys nt M.OCW.
This is n first cluss business propcity.
Hnrgaln Choice ten-aero tract near Uelt
Line Hy , In West Omaha. This land Is in n
flue stnto of cultlvntlounud especially dostrablo
for fruit nud vegotnble garden. Till * property
is ono of the best Investments In the mnrket to
day , Magnlllceut view , splendid location , H
can be divided Into fifty nlco lots that will
sell Inside ot live yours for I40J or $500 each 1 can
oiler the ten acres for the next ten days for
1,1,500. There is no safer or surer Investment
than well located aero property , and It will pay
you to Investigate this.
Hnrgnln-Splcudid business lot on M street ,
nonr U. P. depot , tor a few days nt UOCO ,
Geo. N. Hick ? , Darker block , southwest corner
nor 15th and Farnam sts. 043 9
OH SALE I will sol you a complete and
beautiful homo forty (4U ( ) minutes by street
car and 20 minutes by nud buggy from
15th and Furunm for what you would nave to
pay for a vacant 40-foot lot In Ilanscom Place
or equally good addition ; my horse nnd car
riage are nt your service to show you this prot > -
urty. Come In to-morrow aud see me about it.
C. F. Harrison , 418 3.15th st. 184
OH SALE-Houses on lull lots from WOO to
Jo.000. on mothly payments. Now Is your
tlmo to get n homo In splendid locality. Come
nn Invest Igao. F. K. Darling , 1521 Farnam.
SALE A beautiful residence lot In Isaac.
& Seldeu's addition ; If you want a bargain
investigate. George J. Sleriisdorlt. Hooiu 0 ,
opp. 1 * . O. 681
TJIOH liALE Or exchange. We have sorat
JD good Omaha real estate and Nebraska
farms , which wo will sell cheap or trad * for
stock of clothing , furnishing goods , drr poods ,
boots audshoes , groceries or hardware. Scale *
Inger llroa. . 014 S lOthst. COB
UJWJO buys n full Tot und good 4-room cottngo
Pcasv terms nnd good location. 1) . V. SJiqles ,
room Vlfl . , First Nat'l bank , cor. 13th and Far.
ULUFFS We have some lots at
V /tho east end of the now bildgo that can bo
bought at n figure that will make purchaser
monuy.M. _ A. Upton Company. 679
. farms Wo have some good 100
NEIIHASK.A up the Elkhorn valley with $400
and $500 long time mortgages against thorn ,
that from JOO to fMXcash ) will buy the equities ,
Now Is the tlmo to Invest In Nebraska farm
lands , although Belling cheap they nro valuable
and moro productive than eastern land vuluocj
at four or live times our price. M. A. Upton Co
1T1OK SALE Houses of live and six rooms ) .
J- Your own tcims. Paul , 1000 Faruam st. UVO 0
' NLY a few lots loft lull. & M. park addition
to South Omaha. What have you to offer ?
George J. Sternsdorlf. Itoom C. opp.P. : O. 231
I HAVE a few choice lots In Orchard Hill left
which I will sell cheap nnd on long tlmo.
Slomun , room 401 Pnxton block. WO
71OK SALE-lly lextcr ) L. Thomas , at No
J braska Savings Hunk , 10th nnd Farnam ;
SO percent oil value.
lo full lots at grade 0 blocks from postofllce
block , South Omaha , $500 ench , terms to suit ;
who wants llrst choice ?
u lots on Farnam street , cast ot Dundee i . „ ,
north or south fronts , $ lr > 00 each and less.
5 nicest full lots in Bedford Plnco.south fronts ,
choice $700 , terms onsy.
10 nicest coiner lots and adjoining in Lincoln
Placevery cheap nud terms to suit.
r > nnd 10 acre timber tracts U miles from Omnha
P.O. , ( inn perncre.
f- aero tracts by Florence , can't bo boat for
smnll fruit , $80 per acre.
I on the above ns w ell ns lots In vnrlous nd-
dltions. Including 0 lots on West Broadway ,
Council lllulls.
See motor n bargain.
Dexter L. Thomas , nt Nebraska Savings n nle ,
Boaid of Trade building. C3i >
I WILL sell n limited number of lots in South
Omaha's D.'M. . park addition for the low
price of 810. Hemomber n warranty de d given ,
with each lot. This ealo only continues a fayy
days. Cnll quick nnd got llrst choice. Sloinan ,
room IO.Puxton block. 000
FoOmaha " or trade SO aero fariii near
Omaha ; good Improvements ; plenty of
fruit ; terms reasonable. Heal Estate Ex >
change. 2002 N st , South Omaha. _ HI 15
BUSINESS Kith street , corner. 4 blocks from
Farnam , for > j less than It is worth. 06x139
ou Capitol ave , butwt-on 15th ami Kith , at lesa
than value. M , A. Upton Company. 079
Nntlco to Coal Dealers.
Sealed proposals will bo received at the office
of the County Clerk up to 9 o'clock n. m.Soptem-
bcr 8th , ms , for soft coal to bo furnished Doug
las County for winter of 18889 , as tollowsi
For Poor Fnrm , 160 tons moru or loss to bo de
livered on side track near Poor Farm ,
For city poor , 600 tons moro or less , to toe de
livered lu lots of y nud > , i tons.
( Vrtllled check of 850 to accompany each bid.
The board reserves the right to accept nny or
refuse nil bids , JI. D. 11OOHH ,
a-4-d-Ct County Work.
To Plumbers nnd Steam Heaters nnd Manufac
turers ot Electrical Apparatus.
Sealed proposals will be received nt the offlo
of County Clerk Douglas County , Nebraska ,
until 0 n. m. , Sntiirday.-Soptember 8th 1888 , ( or
Bteam Heating. Plumbingand to. , for the new >
County Hospital llulldlng. Plans and spocltlca-
tlons can bo seen nt olllco of County Clerk.
Certified check of t , > 00 to accompany each bid.
The board reserves the right to reject any nnil
nil bids.
. , M. D. KocnE , County Clerk ,
n. S3-mtt e-to s. 8.
Notice to Contractors.
SEALED bids will bo received at the o dice ot
theSecrotnryof the Hoard of Education of
the School District of.Crete. Neb. , until Sept.
13th , 18(8 , nt 8 p. m. , for the erection ot the.
Crete High School , in accordance with plans and
specifications to be seen at the First National
Hank , Crete , Neb. , or at the onice ot Fowler It
Ilelndorff , architects , 1004 Farnam street.
Omaha. Said bids should corer brick work ,
cut stone , plastering , galvanized iron , and tin
work , slating , mill work , cnrponterlmr. paint
ing , and all other work demanded , except steam
heating , and the furnishing of all the materials
required for the entire completion of the build
ing. A cortlOed cheek must accompany each ,
bid. The board reserves the right to reject any
nnd all bids. .
IJy order ot the Hoard of Education.
W. T. HUCIIANAN , Secretary.
Notice to Contractor * .
Sealed proposals will be received ut the offlca
of county clerk until Un. in. . September 8. ltH ,
for removing 2,000 ynrds ot earth , moro or loss ,
nt intersection ot road running through center
of see. 3.J-I8-1U and the Fremont , Klkhorn ft
Missouri Valley railway company. The board ,
reserves the right to reject any and nil bids.
8 6-dlt-mS.e M. D. HOCHE. County dork.
Notice is hereby given that nil baggage being
in my possession over thirty days , will ba sold
to pay charges on the same. If not railed for
on or before the first day of October , I8K when
the sale will take place nt the .Southern Hotel ,
corner Oth and Lenvenworth streets , Omaha !
Nebraska. KIDS DEHECK , Erodr.
August 3-s7-H [
Bettia Stuart Institute gi
Will commence ! U21il reartiiiptombor Utli , KM. AU
Tantnccs uiiBiirpaiiHil. llonin crmfortu ! OH refit
tmlnluti. ApplT to tr . M. AUKEUllosits , I'rlnolpat
* * For circular * address H. HOOTII , Chicago , 111.
Civil Engineering. CHsslcs. lluslness.
IlT. HBV.F. D.llUNTINGTON. President.
Lr. COL. W. VEKIIEOK. Bupeifutendeut.
Mor unP rkne-rChlca ( o ) . I
U Scbwil rorQlrls and YouiiRLnrtloi , Keri
Cltnloftu * addreM . TIIAVKIl. 1,1 , . l.1
Morg u 1'atk.lll. , or > 77 41 aiou Bireet , CWcogo , III.
South Wllllumstottii , nerkshlre county.
Mnss. A prlvnt * school for boys. Prepare for
college , scientific school or business. Forty-sev
enth year begins Thursduy. September I3th ,
For catalogue address UEO. F. MILLS. '
Morgan Part Military Academy
The llfst Hoys' Hoarding School In the West.
Sixteenth year begins Sept. 18th. Send for cat * ,
lotrue to CAIT. ED. N. ItlllK. TALCOTT. Bupt. .
' -a ' nor" ' ° ' .
-A Full Corpi of ISiperlencod In.
1 for Initrurtlon ,
fotnfnru. nil Ctirlitlan I
, III.
Pecksklll-oii-Hudion , N. Y. Peud for cat * *
. JNO. M.' , M.A. ,
_ . \ / * , & * - JL „