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    TWELVE PAGES. THE OMAHA > SUNDAY BEE.77ic ncc'f ll'iint M LnrucClrcnl ! Ct fo > ( umii.i most < itlnnmi1 < e9
'Lo Brav General" Now Poses ns a
The Navvies Are Forced to Abandon
the Strike.
* . _ _
Mmo. Adam Gives Bismarck a Piece
of Her Mind.
One of Two Ijovo Smitten
Mortally Woundi-d In a Duel
NB'I Other Interesting GosMlji
' * Prom t ho French Capital.
IS.SS , 1i j < Jaii\H \ ( JnnliH ilentirtt. ]
1'Aiits , August 18. [ New York Herald
Cubic Special to Tin : Bin : . ] After n few
days of glorious sunshine a storm burst over
us. The rain poured down in torrents. It
thundered and lightened. Thu whole celes
tial chess board was upset in a moment and
wo went back to the old , dull , cheerless
monotony. On Assumption day thu weather
was particularly wretched and many a pleas-
nut trip to Enghlcn , St. Cloud and Montmo-
rciicy had , at the last moment , to bo aban
doned. What the country lost , however ,
Purls gullied anil the cafe keepers hud more
work to do tiiiin the waiters could attend to.
Piquet and billiards wore substituted for
the expected' picnics and boating
excursions. Assumption dny has
loiig since lost Its Napoleonic
sense , but is still one of the great secular and
religious fetes of the year in Franco. After
thronging the churches the Parisians filled
every corner of the few theaters which re
main open , while the circus and hippodrome
were bright with the bcatnliic faces of count
less Marios who shared the honors of the day
with the virgin. The Bonapartists and
Boulanglsts jelcbrnted Assumption by ban
quets in Paris and various parts of the
Baron Haussmnun took the opportunity of
issuing from his retirement to make a
speech tit Sallo Wagrain , in which ho
proclaimed the beauties of coups
d'etat , especially the one with which
his own name is so closely associated. Mean
while Boulangcr was posturing and perorat
ing at Amlons to the reactionaries , of whom
the Temps says ho is a docile instrument.
Ho still writes "Vive la Hepubllquo" beneath
his electoral addresses , but , to quote the
Temps once more , the only republic ho un
derstimds is ono in which ho himself would
bo dictator. Paris has been charting -'lo
bvnv general" mercilessly this week for
posing as the target of imaginary assassins.
Nobody can bo persuaded that the shots were
aimed at the general. Most of the reporters
praicnt think the alleged assassin flrcd to
save himself from assassination , and some in
oliuuto that the Houlangists got up the whole
nffalr in the hope of reviving their leader's
popularity. The general , however , affects to
till2 his escape as serious , and Is making the
mojt of the situation. In an interview after
the t-agedy ho struck n martyr attitude. "
"They llrcd on mo , " said ho. "I am sorry
for the three good people who wcro hit. Had
tho-e been no victims I should not have
cared. I have boon under lire so often that
J don't think that I'll dlo that way. I regret
it for there's nothing moro' glorious than to
fall facing the enemy. "
Au attempt was made to Invent another
assassination at the Arnicas banquet , and u
fli'sponito character with another loaded re
volver In Ids pocket was stopped at the door
and disarmed. Hut the best Joke grows stale
Wlti | repetition. Assassin No. 2 didn't oven
ralso si smile.
Tiio'navvies' ' strike is at last over. The
men have gone back to work disheartened.
At n mooting In Paris the other day an in
cident occurred which summed up the social
I question In u nutshell. After an Incendiary
speech n navvy present was hoard to ox-
clulm :
"if the strike fund does not pay us 5 francs
n dtly I'll go back to work. "
IIo was instantlycompcllcd to explain his
rcnitirk from the platform.
"I'm the father of nlnmlly , " said he. "I've
four children. I haven't n sou In the world.
Are wo to do no work for nyear to cornel"
The citlwn was expelled with contumely ,
but from pity for his hard condition thu
meeting did not Jump on him.
.luliotto Lumber , alias Mmo. Adam , has
liurlcJ di'Uanco at Bismarck , whose organ ,
the Nm-d pcutbcho AllgeWina Xritunjj ,
wai rildo enough to deny the authenticity
of u stoat report to the cmporor published
in the Nouvelle Uevuo a fortnight ago.
She pledged her word and honor that the
document was genuine. She vows she has a
photograph of the original in the chancellor's
"I Iwvu piuofs of M. do Bismarck's lies , "
wjllts MI..C. Adiun"and if vanquished other
firms and pens would rise to threaten the
most uudachms liar In two worlds. In the
report I published , the authenticity of wh'.ch '
M. do Bismarck falsely disputes , the chancel
lor Hud to his emperor , for the Bulgarian
documents wcro real when he Induced ICulscr
William I. to swear to the czar the documents
wcro false M. do BUmurck lied In getting
Krnpcror Frederick III. to aftlrui
to the riir that the Bulgarian
documents wcro forged .rlthout any
proof or * nn of such a thing. The preul
chancellor Germany lied , but M. do Bis
marck must not fancy lie's dona with mo yet !
My attitude dercmlst on that of the Germai ;
press. It I am utf.ehed , I shall hit back. "
The latest Julian reverse In Africa has ot
cauf < > d grout sorrow here , and C'rlspt must
feelra'.l'ci unhappy If he re J * tout of tin
Ironic articles which nro being penned on the I
Boulevards for his benefit.
"M. Crlspl can't even wash his hands
of Massowuh , Pontius Pilnto like , "
remarks La Llhcrte , "for ho Is n
notorious advocate of the colonial
policy. Heforo they go to Tripoli the Ital
ians will liovo to think of Massowah , where
they scorn loss llko conquerors than casta
ways. "
Many tourists will bn Interested in hearing
that , though Mine. Palouzo has Just been de
clared bankrupt , she is not going to sell the
tnacnitlccnt Chateau dc Chcnoncea. It is an
open secret that the Huron Kelunch and the
Duode In Hoehefoucald d'Oudeuuvlllo of
fered a couple of millions for it , which she
refused. Appropos of the chateau the Due
du la Kochofoucald , who has Just completed
the restoration of his own historic seat ,
the Chateau do Bonnevlllo , in the
Department Sartho at n cost of over half a
million dollars , is about to cclcbrata the
event , In good old style. Oxen will bo roasted
whole. There will bo greased poles and
races , and all the tiddlers within ten miles
around will bo engaged to set the duke's ten
ants to footing it on the greensward , and , as
the windup , there will bo n sensational
balloon ascent.
The government is about to issue a decree
ordering all towns in Franco to adopt Paris
time , which will henceforth be known as
" 1'heure nationale. "
A mad man rushed into a Paris police sta
tion Tuesday exclaiming : "Save mo from
the executioner. The scaffold's ready in the
Place Maubert and 1,000 people are waiting
to see me executed. " Ho was taken to nn
An extraordinary story from Cannes made
a stir this week. Two young ladies of good
family , who were said to have fallen in love
with the sumo gentlemen , quarreled and de
cided to settle the dispute by a duel. The
meeting came offpistol shots we i e exchanged ,
and ono of the fair combatants was mortally
A man named Gciscinbergcr , passing him
self oil as a notary's clerk , has Just been ar
rested for obtaining money under fulso pre
tenses. His address , written on a piece of
paper , was snatched from him as ho was
about to sw'alloiv it. On calling at the priso
ner's home , M. Goron , chief of the detective
force , was amazed to learn that Geiscm-
berger was known in that quarter as doctor
and had long been practicing with consider
able success. He had not a diploma , which ,
perhaps , accounts for his having never lost a
patient. Doctors , as a rule , are
greater at naming diseases than curing
them , but u German doctor believes ho
has dist'overcd a remedy for aneurism.
In a paper read this week before the academy
of medicine , ho counsels tiio treatment of
the disease , which ho assimulatcd to tubercu
losis , with iodide of pottassium , taken in
moderate doses for u long period and care
fully administered to prevent gastric intolerance
erance or idiosm. He declares that this
treatment not only arrests the disease , but
if continued long enough absolutely cures it.
M. Sonsoogno has dclluitely determined to
give us a season of Italian opera in Paris
next year. IIo has rented the Gaicto from
April 15 to Juno 15 , and is now in a
treaty with Maurice Grau with regard to
the engagement of Pattl. The cntlro com
pany of the Costar.zi theater , Uomo , will bo
brought to Paris and M. Sonseogno will
shortly apply to the minister of line arts for
permission to perform several of the most
favorite works in the repertory of opera and
opera comiquo , in Italian , among them "Tho
Hugenots , " -'Miroila" and "Lakme , " in all
of which it is hoped Mme. Pattl may sing.
But whether the diva and nor present im-
pressarlo can bo induced to consent to the
arrangement Is doubtful.
"Lucrctla Borgia" Is to bo revived at Porto
St. Martin with Mile. Tcssandler in the title
part. At Auibigu wo are promised n now
drama by Jules Mary , adapted from that
writer's novel , "Kogcr la ildnte. " There
are two novelties in store at the Folios
Dramatlqucs. Audran's operetta "La Petite
Fronde , " and u musical farce by Ferrier and
Vnrnoy entitled ' 'Hiequct a la Kouppo. " The
title of the Palais Uoyal ttevuo will bo "Lcs
Joyeusetes do Lanve. "
Sarah Bernharut was driving u tilbury at
Cuntcrct's the other day and tier sister ,
Jeanne Bernhardt , was riding In a four-in-
hand behind her , when , in trying to turn a
corner , the four-in-hand almost foil over a
cliff. Seeing her sister in danger , Sarah
pluckily Jumped off the tilbury , caught hold
of the heads of the leaders and forced them
back fioin the precipice. Thanks to her
pluck several lives weiw saved.
Another veteran actor has gone over to the
majority. Landrul , who was for forty-two
years u leading comedian at the Gymnase ,
fell down In a fit as ho was leaving the
Parma Casino Thursday night and died next
morning. During his connection with thu
Gymnase ho had created 101 parts.
Much stir having been caused by Mgr
Lnvlgerlo's denunciation of slavery on the
Congo , I called on Do Brozza , who Is at pres
ent In Pans , to learn wlutt ho thought of the
xcrious charges made by the cardinal.
"Tho statement , " remarked M. B razza
"tnat slavery nourishes on the Congo in a
most deplorable form Is unfortunately too
true ; but when the Cardinal LavlKcrio at
tempts to throw the blame on the Belgian
government or any other power which has"
established a proloetorate in 'Africa , he Is
allowing his zeal to run away with his Judg
ment. Tins presence of a handful of clvilUcd
people in u region twenty times as lurge us
France , U hardly calculated to do away In a
faw years with all the unibarous abuses
which have prevailed therd for centuries.
During sixteen years pissed among these
tribes no. subjei't more deeply occupied uiy
inin-1 than tlavory. 1 had -own most inter-
mid iuiUrr.c'.iYo expcrici cc . Once
I bought , ubout forty bavei ! , whom I
kept for n few months under the
care oi Intelligent overseers , \\ItL the hope
of preparing their mluds for the cxpeilmcul
which I iirjpospil making. Then 1 save them
| their liberty and tmlgucd them a tract of
j grouvdvlh.liul ! * u-Va wetpcns where they
might live happily and In safety with their
wives and "children. Instead of so doing
they took the first opportunity to run away
to the very places where they had previously
been slaves and where they straightway
wcro made slaves again. So I had wasted
my money and time without furthering the
interests of these benighted beings. Con
vinced by the failure of these experiments
that philanthrophy can accomplish little
without the aid of education , I made n moro
successful attempt under different conditions.
I bought about three thousand men at the
rate of 10 centimes each and conducted them
to the coast where I left them to work n
couple of years. Then I brought them back
inland. Their return to their old home , in
spired ns they wcro with new ideas gained
by their sojourn among olvillzing influences ,
had such a beneficial effect upon the rest of
the trlbu that slavery has since entirely died
out ninong them. They had seen that a ball
of rubber at the coast would sell for
moro than they received for a slave in the
interior , but n ball of rubber cost practically
nothing in their native woods. Therefore it
was vastly better , instead of selling their
able-bodied men for a few sous , to load them
with rubber balls or other products , march
them to the coast and ttierc sell their burdens
for a hundred times what the bearers them
selves would have brought if sold at home.
As u result of this reasoning slavery was
completely abandoned among this tribe ,
which since devoted nil its energies to
trading. What the negroes of Africa need
moro than uuything else , more than preach
ing , or prayers , or bibles , Is an encourage
ment to engage in trade. That is the great
civilizing influcnr'e. "
aTlio Cluny revue will this year bo entitled ,
"La Tour Prendcs Garde. " A second
"Ulcquet a la Kouppo , " sans music , by Theo
dore do Hanvillo , will bo produced at the
Thcatro Llbro tins season , besides the Jon-
court Bros' "Patrio en Danger , " a King
Lear by a trio of young writers , M. Jean
Lorrain's "Yantis , " Euiilo Bergerat's "Lo
Cupltaine Francaise , " and half a dozen other
dramatic curiosities , including , maybe , a now
piece by Xola.
The report that Mr. Edward King is in
New York Is not believed here. Ho is
known to have been in London about five
weeks ago , but since then all trace of him
has been lost. His two twin sisters , the
Misses Fisher , lovely girls about eighteen ,
have , in thu meantime , been left entirely
destitute. Fortunately kind trieuds have
not been wanting. Every ofiort has been
made to discover some trace of Mr.
King. The morgue has been searched
and the police registers examined ,
but all in vain. Mr. Kim- having
failed in bis chemical paper business some
six months ago has attempted to save him
self from ruin by borrowing money on every
side. It is thought that despair may have
driven him to flight. Seine think ho has
committed suicide. Curiously enough this is
the second time ho has disappeared. On the
former occasion ho was found in the Latin
quarter where ho had sought refuge. This
was in the early spring. After
that ho seemed to take courage , rented an
apartment , cared for his sisters , and devoted
himself to his Journalistic work. Then with
out n word ho disappeared a second time to
the surprise and regret of his friends.
If the latest eccentricity of the young- Ger
man empercr were intended to ex
cite the French they nro a sig
nnl failure. The exact text of the
most sensational passage of the Frankfurt
on-Oderspeech has reacnrd Paris. : "Dauber
herrsch nur clno stimmo das man liobor
18 arnicekorps und 12,000,00'J ' einwohner nuf
cine strccko liege hisscu wurdo ols aueli nur
clnen stein von dcm cirungencn wcgnehuicn
lassou. " Exasperating as this very uncalled
for declamation must bo to French pride , i
has been received with singular coolness. A
few papers ironically point out that one part
of the kalzcr's speech is disrespectful to th
memory of his father , the peaceful Emperor
Frederick. But the comments go little
Meanwhile the kaiser seems to bo wearing
his young soul out in aimless martinet , in
spections of his army. The other day after
reviewing some of his troops ho remarked
"My lads if you did no better than tbis in
real war you would all now bo sausage
meat. " A few days after ho surprised the
Potsdam hussars and chasseurs by having an
alarm sounded at 4 in the morning. All sol
diers who showed the slightest remlssnes
were sevlerey repromanded. Several ofllccrt
were placed under arrest.
Among the latest American arrivals ar
Dr. and Mrs. Noftel , of Now York ; D. Cutlin
of St. Louis ; the Bishop of Maryland ; W. C
Daly , the actor ; Mrs. Belle Arnold , of Min
neapolis , and Judge Van Brunt. Mr. and
Mrs. Klchard 1C. Fox have loft for Geneva.
Twelve Hundred of Them Pay Ttielr
Respects to General HnrrlHon.
IxniANAroMS , August 18. ' .Tha commer
cial travelers of Illinois and Indiana paid
their respects to General Harrison to-day.
At 4 o'clock the delegations , consisting of
ubout twelve hundred men , marched to Gca-
cral Harrison's residence. The spokesmen
for the visitors were Congressman J. H ,
Kowcll , of Uloomington , and Julius C , Starr ,
of Peoria. General Harrison in his rcsponso
referred to the attributes of a successful
commercial traveler , and then touched upon
the tariff issue. Ho said :
"Do not allow nnvona to persuade you that
this great contest as to our tariff policy is ono
between schedules. It is a question between
widc-apart principles , the Intelligent rccogul
tlon in the i framing of our tariff laws of duty
to protect our American industries and main
tain the American scale \\ngesbyudcquato
discriminating duties on the ono hand , and
on tlu | other a denial of the constitutional
right to make our custom duties protective
on the assertion of n doctrine that free com
petition with foreign products is the ideal
condition to which ull our legislation should
tend. "
Dcnth of K Bf. TullUJ.
Sr. JOSEPD , Mo. , August IS. * [ Special Tele
gram to Tni : BEU. ] F. M. Tufts died at his
homo In this city to-night at 7 o'clock of par-
nlysls. Mr. Tufts was city auditor of St.
Joseph for four.vcurs. his term of offlco expiring -
piring last April. He was owner of the
Gazette from IS73 to 18T8 and moved to St.
Joseph from Platte county where he was col- | l
Iccto : for u number of year * .
Relations Between tbo Powers
Again Somowhnt Strnlnod.
Emperor William Drops a Very Sig
nificant Remark.
The Lattcr's Pretentious Said to
Have Aroused the Kaiser's Ire.
The Tension of the Situation Tlircnt-
cnlim Kuropo Moro Tlmn I vcr
Sweeping Changes In
the Army.
The Kuropenii Situation.
HKHI.I.V , August IS. fNow York Herald
Cable Special to Tun BdE.l The emperor
launched today at the headquarters of the
First infantry. In n speecn In response to n
toast to his health ho said that Germany would
keep what she had gained , and expressed n
conviction that the army was able to meet nil
comers. The language of the emperor , al
though no immediate mcnaco , is not to bo at
tributed to liis habit of expressing himself
bluntly. Ills speech ut I 'mnkfort ' was pre
meditated , if not verbal y prepared. The
emperor's ire has been e : cited by the Kus-
sian government permitting or inciting the
press to raise the Sehleswig-Holstcin question
with the additional contention that tlio czar ,
as a representative of the house of Holsteln
Gottorp , claims special rights to support the
claim of Denmark. Tlio press concur in
regretting the futility of the Peterhof and
Copenhagen visits. It says that within four
weeks after the interviews between the czar
und Emperor AVilliam the tension of the
situation threatens Euroixs more than ever.
Sweeping changes in the command of the
army are impending. Nine moro gen
erals , nine nontenant generals and a
number of major geiicrah * will retire.
General Von Schellelidorf's successor
as minister of war will bo General
Von Caprivi. General Von Schellendorf gets
command of the First unity corps. Feverish
activity pervades every /department of the
army , otwlthslandtng wide operation
and brusque character , oi-theso changes , the
war office is confident teat the army will
bo kept every moment wo Mu'tiaiuL * + * * "
Signor Crispic , thc Italijui prime minister , is
timed to arrive at "Carlsbad on the 20th inst.
Ho will remain in Germany five days and re
turn to Homo on the uOtb , In order to accom
pany King Humbert on his trip.
The programme for Emperor William's
reception in Vienna at tlio end of September
is as follows : Ho will remain in the capital
for u week's round \rovlews and banquets ;
ho will bo accompanied by the empress if her
health permits ; ho V > ill indulge in
hunting excursion In Styria and on his re
turn will proceed from Vienna to Italy via
Innspruck , the empress returning meanwhile
to Berlin.
In Berlin official circles ; it is rumored that
Prince Bismarck proposes to mark the per
fect entente by 'accompanying Emperor
William to Vienna and HJino.
Prince Bismarck had W th him during the
week at Friederichsrullo Herr Von Hcrr-
furth , the new minister of the interior and
national leader ; Herr Von Hqnnigscn , whoso
visit is associated with tku near elections for
members of the Inndtagy Only once before
has Herr Von Bcnnigscn obtained the rare
honor of being a guest oi Prince Bismarck
and that was at j'Vnrgin in 1878 ,
when negotiations were ji'ocecdingfor a rep
rcscntation of the nationals In the ministry ,
The growing conlldenccvf the nationals in
the result of the elections tends to the ex
pectance that Herr voiij [ Bonnlgsen will ob-
tain office.
The North Carman azette , which has
hitherto supported the n\ \ .lonnls , is taking an
independent attitude , an having changed Its
tone advocates a eontiu auce of the cartel
but warns the conj iOrvatives agains
agitating in conjui .tlon with thi
clericals on the qucj tlon of increased
grants to the schools v jth increased priv
ilcgcs to the clergy for ci jitrolllng them.
The /CeittinjrattiSbutes the change ti
the influence of the eiopcror , whoso sym
pathies with > io couservVtles remain strong ,
As long as the nmintj nunco of the carte !
remained uncertain thfe overtures of th
national liberals to the ptogresslvists for con
certed action with Richter and the othe
leaders of the progressivlsts were declined
Kichter declared that the party would not b
mixed up In electoral intrigues , but woul
net upon the basis of its well known priu
ciples , believing it would thereby best preserve
servo both Its interests dud its honor. Th
irreconcilable attitude of the progrcsslvist
at the same time checked the approaches o
the loaders of the center , who , while coquet
ting with the ultra-conservatives , wore
throwing out feelers toward the progrcssiv
Ists. The sum of ( the position Is
that the elections will proceed upon
tlio same basis as the hW election. The
national liberals will bo illghly strengthened
but practically the balance of the parties
will remain unchanged. Herr Llebknccht's
return to the relcbstag from the Sixth dis
trict , or Berlin , is fully assured. The efforts
ot the government to ' obtain a candidate
supported by thp coaliUoji vote of the na
tional liberals and progrcsaivists uro Increas
ing , but their chance of success Is slight.
The socialists are hopeful of an increase of
3,000 votes. The anttseailtlcs promote the
candidature of a man with Christian bocial-
Istio views. The election will bo watched
with Intense interest everywhere , as the
test of the growth or decline of the so
I ciallst.
Tbo centre. i of Ueruiau Catholics will
meet nt Frlbourp , In Creisgaii , In September.
The two leading questions to bo discussed
nro religious orders and the regime of
The recent visit of the duke of Nassau to
the king of the Netherlands resulted In an
agreement of betrothal between Princess
Wllhelmlne and the hereditary prince of
Nassau. The marriage , which will take
place when the princess reaches a mature
age , Is designed to keep Holland and Luxem
burg united with the Nassau heirs of Luxem
Dr. Sehwclnfurth appealed to the East
African association to assist In sending nn
expedition for the relief of Kinin Boy. IIo
promises certain success for the expedition
and says it will open to Germany command
of the trade of the Soudan. Dr. Schwcln-
f urth wants T > 00,000 marks , and that amount
will probably bo obtained by public
subscription. The emperor favors and
will protect such nn expedition. Ho to-day
sent to the committee on the organization of
the expedition an expression of the warmest
sympathy with the enterprise.
Hoffmann , the poet , and editor of the Gur-
tcnlaube , is dead.
The Austrian antl-semitic , HcrrSenoncrcr ,
after serving his term In prison , will settle
in Dresden. He will take out naturalization
; mpcrs in Germany ana preach his anti-
Semitic doctrines.
An Affair Thnt IH Puzzllnc the .Min
neapolis I'ollcr. , Minn. , August 18 , fSpeeial
Telegram to THIS Br.ts.j A singular and
mysterious affair , and ono behind which the
authorities think there is n crime , came to
he knowledge of the police to-day. A few
days ago Miss Gates , daughter of Seulluni
jatcs , u wealthy farmer living at 'JI''O Crys-
al Lake avenue , observed the movements of
two men which aroused her susplclnn , and
liter caused the other members of the house-
: iold to suspect that everything was not right.
rXbout Ji o'clock in the afternoon Miss Gates ,
while standing on the piaz/u , noticed n man
driving a bay horse attached to n buggy turn
from the highway onto a side road that leads
nto the woodland on Mr. Gates' property.
This road is used but seldom. The young
lady paid no special attention to the man
until she saw him turn n second time and
drive into a still moro secluded road , or more
properly a pathway , on her father's ' farm.
Ho was soon lost to sight. Later in the
afternoon Miss Gates saw this same
man , with the same horse and buggy ,
again turn into the sida road ho hud another
man with him. A trunk of uverago size was
fastened back of the seat. About fifteen
minutes later the inmates of the Gates house
hold noticed smoke coming through the open
windows of the house. The smoke was ac
companied by u very unpleasant stench.
Looking towards the woodland across tlio
highway a volume of smoke of considerable
density was seen to rise. Tho-muell was so
unpleasant that the windows of the house
were lowered. Late that afternoon Miss
Gates made n discovery which explained the
smoke. She became satisfied that.a human
body honiOen'cKhintcar' A-iWftIon of 'the
trunk was not totally destroyed and there
were several pieces of badly burned bones.
There was also a lady's collar button and a
piece of red cloth , evidently u portion of u
dress. The young lady informed her brother
and sister of the facts and the three visited
the place. The young people did not dare to
remove any of the bones , and were convinced
that there was something wrong. When the
spot was visited later the ashes had been dis
turbed and tbo portions of. dress and piece
of trunk removed. The police inspectors
will moko an effort to unravel the mystery.
Startling Developments Concerning
Their llloody Work.
Ind. , August 18. Startling
revelations are being made concerning the
operations of the White Cap organization. A
detective , whoso name is withheld , Joined the
White Caps in Harrison county for the pur
pose of securing evidence for the suppression
of the organization. Ho savs that the oath
demanded of every candidate is blood
curdling in its provisions , the penalty for a
violation being instant death. The candidate
must swear that ho has been accessory to
some crime , which is held over him to pre
vent treachery. These stages having been
passed , the purposes of the order are un
folded. Thoio consist of the enumeration of
a list of mock moralities and the punishment
of citizens for alleged offenses without appeal
to law. The order numbers about two
hundred members , among whom are many
prominent citizens. The state authorities
are at work and startling disclosures are
looked for.
The General Passenger Agcntl.
CHICAGO , August 18. The committee of
general passenger agents appointed by the
western lines to prepare a revised form of
passenger agreement and rules concluded its
labor to-day , and their report will bo for
warded to the managers of the western roads
interested on Monday. The committee Iw.
been ut work over two weeks , and it Is
claimed that the report is ono of tlio strong
est agreements over formed for the preserva
tion of tariff revenue. A meeting for its
consideration has been called for August US.
A meeting of lines between Chicago and St.
Paul to consider the westbound situation lias
been called for Monday next.
They AVID Undoubtedly Itncc.
NEIV YUIIK , August IS. The new Inman
line steamship , City of New York , sailed to
day on her first passage eastward , and th
swift Cunarder , Umbrin , with n record o
the next fastest , also sailed to-day , aboil
half an hour before the big Ininan steamer.
While the officials on each vessel have dis
claimed any purpose of racing across the
Atlantic , it is generally believed that ttio 1
hindermost boat at the finish will carry a
much disappointed captain and crew.
Killed for Thirty CcntH.
CHICAGO , August 18. An attempt to col
lect a debt of thirty cents resulted In the
death of Bernard Heilly tonight. William
Burns , u worthless character , claimed that
Hoilly owd him the amount mentioned. Ho
appeared with a constable and enforced his
demand , when Kollly advanced on him with
a revolver. Hcillj's brother-in-law attempted
to wrench the weapon from the excited
man's grasp , when it was discharged , the
bullcv passing through Hcllly's brain , kill
ing him instantly.
An Escaped Convict Arrested.
HANNIIIAL , Mo. , August IS. J. T. Fore
man was arrested last night for stealing a
horse in 103. Ho was found guilty at the
time arid sentenced to the penitentiary for
six years , but escaped/rom thu guards and 1
his whereabouts \yero not known until yes
terday. Ho was taken to the penitentiary.
A Brewery Seized.
MILWAUKEE , August 1J. Joseph Wolf's
beer brewery was seized to-day by levcnue
officers and ho and his wife arrested , charged 1
with having systematically robbed the gov
ernment for years by means of fulso returns.
The Weather Indications.
For Nebraska and Dakota ; Local rains ,
warmer , variable winds , becoming south
For Iowa : Local rains , genei ally warmer ,
variable winds , becoming generally eoutU-
easterly' .
Record of Events Transpiring In the
Gorman Capital.
Wilhclm Strikes a Responsive Chord
In Every Subject's Breast.
Effect of Von Moltko's Resignation
on the Imperial Army.
To Him Will be ANsiKiicd the Task of
Instructing the Younger Olll-
ccrH Anitisliifj Court DC-
Delighted With Their Monarch.
irnpi/Hulit / l&ss I > n James OunloiiJnincfM
BUIILIN , August IS. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to TUB Bnu.l The kaiser
seems , at Frankfort , again to have voiced the
feeling of nearly every Prussian , and to have
expressed the feeling so decidedly that there
is universal delight at having so able n
spokesman. The talk about returning Al
sace-Lorraine has always been exasperating
to the Germans. The recent gossip about re
turning portions of Schleswig-Holstoin lias ,
to Prussian cars , been oven worse ;
in fact , almost high treason. It Is
ridiculous in itself , but dangerous be
cause exciting dangerous hopes In the
neighbors , and giving cause perhaps for
some future breach of peace. Now the em
phatic imperial declaration that a single clod
of Alsace soil is worth the lives of eighteen
army corps , if this price must bo paid for re
taining it , falls on delighted ears , and the
sentiment is drunk quietly In wlno over all
Germany , but especially by all Prussians.
The long , anxious wait for the great strug
gle which most Prussians deem inevitable
before a long line of Prussian emperors
can bo Insured , seems to have
tuned the whole Prussian people to a pitch
which makes them vibrato in unison with the
kaiser's words. Certainly , if the feeling lasts
which has been raised by this Frankfort
speech , the Prussians would go into a
struggle for any German province almost as
If it wcro a holy crusade instead of a war to
retain what Prussia won by war.
Moltko's resignation is of course under a
"iiVoiy'tiiscin So'aYlLrwhK3hfna'ono fares'to *
write a word against the old hero. In gen
eral the feeling is ono of pleasure that
ho still retains the power to rectify
army errors "or abuses , and of great pride
that in Moltko the Germans nave a servant
willing to train up successors , and even ,
while able toork , great enough to sur
render high honors , In order that these suc
cessors may receive final and practical trainIng -
Ing under his own eyes. Perhaps the most
noteworthy remark is that made a year ago
in this connection by this famous personage ,
"Suppose , " said he , "thero Is a war. A
winter campaign would kill off at
least a dozen officers of the highest
rank in the Gorman army. Among
these would bo two kaisers , Wilholm I. and
Friederich III. , so that In the face of an en
cmy the new officers must accustom them
selves to all of the most important business
of commanding. Tlio throne must bo twice
transferred , and yet they say wo are eager
for a war. "
Since then , as the kaiser's speech shows ,
arrangements have been completed for the
relief of every officer unfit for active work.
The field marshal only sets the example of
training successors , which is being followed
In nn humbler way by scores of
his subordinates. With the now off !
ccrs and new tactics go many
small but important changes ii
equipment. Ono city , for instance , supplies
30,0000 of a now nattcrn military cloak ,
which is BO constructed that two cloaks , but
toned together , form absolutely n weather
proof tent. The trials of those tents have al
ready proved their value. Trials are also
being made of now scdclle. Detachments o
cavalry , with saddles of various types , uro
being now galloped in war rig nil over the
empire , each detachment having saddles o
eacli typo , and each commanding officer being
required to report on tlio qualifications of cacli
The courts this wock have given an un
usual number of interesting decision. ? . Fo
instance , n woman appealed against a 2 marli
line for throwing an orange skin on the pave
mcnt , her i.U.a being that she did It thought-
lessly , not Intentionally. The Judge raise
the fine to o marks , because , as ho explained
all orange peel accidents are caused thought
lessly , and that the fine is a warning as mud :
us a punishment.
A doctor with a Philadelphia diplom
was lined 30 marks for hav
Ing signed a prescription fur poisonou
medicines. It has been decided that an en
gngcmcnt of marriage implies no legal rich
to force either of the engaged couple to marr ;
each other. In love attairs , too , there ha
been in Wleibadon another judgment ex
traordinary , not In Itself , but rather for th
circumstances of the suit , made , St aeems , by
n girl in her mistress" rmiue. She ac
cepted by letter advances and final !
the proposal of a rich young fe
low , but always with the
that awing to the cruelty of lier parents h
must never address her In public. Finall
| canio letters tolling of how , 'or his snko , he
parents were starving as well as ill-troatln
her. Somehow there was u KjggcHIoti o
money. The lovelorn youth depleted hi
j bank account to enable the maU to auji
her mistress with dainties. All wen
well. The maid was accumulating
fortune , but by mistake a letter was
wrongly sent to the supposed Ill-treated
heroine. Tbo girl was hiKh-tplrltod nod
thought herself grossly Insulted. She In
sisted that her parents should have the writer
arrested , and then the whole stovy came out ,
mid the maid , who throughout had forged her
mistress' name to the passionate love letters ,
gets only three months' Imprisonment.
He Says It IH to Kxtract ( tin Boastful
Spirit From John I/ .
( CnpirfiMW : / by Jumti litntlimfrmict ( . [
LtvEiii'ooi , , August 18. [ New York Her
ald Cable Special to Tin : Ucn.J Among the )
passengers by the Elmlra today was Kllruln ,
booked for his homo In America. Ho de
parts with Klchnrd 1C. Fox's credentials lit
his pocket and with his knowledge. At tha
Herald ofllco In Paris $5,000 are ready for
Sullivan whenever Sullivan's ? 5,000 are
ready for Kllrain , or for anyone else if Sulli
van declines. In his baggngo are presents
received last Wednesday evening nt his
testimonial benefit In Washington ,
hall , Battorsea , where ho was sum
moned uy several ex-champions , from
Mr. Fox ho received n cane unj gold chain ;
'rotn ' Pony Moore n gold locket , from George
A'aro a hoof in the shape of a silver cuff box ,
and also the Police Gazette diamond belt.
Kiirain in an interview with the Herald
'Orrespondent ' said : "Sullivan had better
not challenge mo. I would not have taken
urthcr notice of him , ns I have been firmly
jonvinced that ho did not mean to light ,
3vcn now I don't think that Sullivan will
light. His challenges have been nil humbug , ji
"or what Is n challenge without n deposit of
money ) Sullivan often got bombastic , but
he never had the courage of his opin
ions so as to stnko any money.
When I get back to my own country I shall
go in strict training under Howell and
Mitchell. I have now been in England
learly u year , while my Intention was only
to stay two months. I liked the country and
iavo made many friends , but I shall bo glad
when I am beak HO that I can try and extract
the boastful spirit out of Sullivan before thu
very eyes of his own people "
To a Herald correspondent Jem Smith
said ' 'I don't believe
: that Sullivan meant
business by his challenge , and only made ono
because ho found his prestige in America
! iad almost departed. Instead of being a
great fighter John L. is only a big talker.
Ho overestimated his abilities and ho would
speedily find his mistake when ho met KH
rain as I met him. "
Charley Wilson added : "I qulto bcllova
that there nro a number of Americans so
wearied of hearing Sullivan's claptrap that
they would not bo sorry if ha
was defeated in any impending
fight. H is my opinion that Kilraln ,
when again properly trained , will speedily
tttoslohp Li.'who l . .Jverywellin. nn exhU *
bltlon of sparring , but when It comes to [ cov
ering a worthy opponent's deposits in order
to secure n fight ho would rather talk than
net. Who ever heard of a magpie having a
light with any other bird } A magpie , how
ever , chatters , and every sport knows that
the gamiest cock is the bird that only crows
after he has put his spur deeply into another
Yesterday's Investigation By the Con *
grcrfHlonal Committee.
NEW YOIIK , August 18. Mary J. Klmball
testified before the congressional committee
to-day. She said that while working in the
Hewitt flax nulls nt Belfast , Ireland , she was
furnished with a ticket to this country by
Mr. Setton , of Harbour's mills , on a promise
to repay him after her arrival in America.
On arrival she was conducted to Paterson
and given employment in Harbour's mills.
Mary Murphy , a twister In Barbours mills ,
rfaid that she came to this country eighteen
months ago , and that since coming she had
brought cloven relatives hero on tickets
given her by Mr. Sctton , for which slio Is
still paying. Seven of these people are now
employed in Harbour's mills.
John Murphy , a flax spinner in Barbour'a
mills , had received four tickets from Setton ,
upon which four friends have couio to this
Sarah H. McGoggen works in Harbour's
mills. July lust she received eight tickets
from Superintendent' Sctton on the "install
ment plan. " With these ho brought the
members of this family to this country. Six
of them are working in the mills.
Thomas Mitchell , watchman at the mills ,
brought his wife and eight children from
Ireland in the same manner. Five of his
children are working in tha mills.
A Sensational Suit Filed In the Courts
lit Ht. Joseph.
ST. JOSEPH , Mo. , August 18. [ Special Tel
egram to THE BEU. ] A sensational null was
filed in the circuit court to-day In which'
Kutio Lonhardt , daughter of John Lcnhardt ,
a wealthy German , who died last Juno , asks
to have the court take charge of her step
mother's estate on the ground that It was
obtained from the deceased by a systematic ,
defrauding for moro than three years. It is
claimed that Theresa Lenhardt , the widow
of the deceased , induced her husband , who
was at thu time of unsound mind , to make
over to her six months before his death ,
property valued nt 5,000 by telling him ho
was about to become Involved In litigation In
which Judgments would bo rendered against
him , and that his property would bo taken
to satisfy it unless lie convoyed it beyond tha
reach of executive process. Another allega
tion Is to the that
effect by conniving with a
leal estate agent $18,000 worth of real estate
In the city was fraudulently convoyed to the
.who. It Is averred that at the time of tha
death of the deceased there was g 1,000 on his
person , which the wife seized and secreted ,
and that by her continual fraudulent trans
actions $75,000 In money and real estate was
Mills Speaks on the Tariff.
Cnni.E8Tox , W. Va. , August 18. Senator
Blackburn , of Kentucky , Hon. U. Q. Mills ,
of Texas , und Phil Thomson , secretary of
the national democratic committee , arrived
this morning. A largo crowd gnthcrud to
near the speeches of the distinguished visit
ors ut a democratic mass meeting hero to-
nlirlit. UcprcHcntativo Mills was the princi
pal speaker. He delivered a lengthy npeoch
on the tariff question , expressing his well
known views on that subject. *
KancliiTH Ijyneliod by Outlaws.
HftMinonic , Ariz. , August 18.--Wllllara
Nailer and Louis Nugler , i anchors und
stockmen , have been lynched by outlaws In
] 'luaant Valley , and W. Mcltalgoy , an em
ploye on the ranch of the Ancu Lund and
Cattle company , has arrived here , having
been driven from the ranch by the outlaws.
This is a continuation of the fight botwueu
the sheep and cattle men on the To nto basin.
The Gartcnlnnbo's l-'dltnr Dend.
BEIII.IV , August IS , Hoffmann , the pott
and editor of tiic Gartcnlaubo , is dead.