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Btill a Prisoner in the Well at
Hrnclnt ; die Curbing I'oitho Punl
IJfTort llilH MoinitiK Mutdcrvd
Ity n Iti-leotrd Huller hlx
the Sroond Week.
JOIIS T < I v , Neb. , July 28 [ Special Telegram -
gram tn Tun HIK. : ] Uarly this moining the
work of lescuing Anderson was resumed
The men worked as rapidly as thu circtim-
Htntictt would permit In lemoving the diit
from abo\o him. This hud to bo done with
tlio utmost caution , as the displacement of
ono boaid or the giving waj of anj part of
the cuitli In which thoeuiblng icsts Is liable
to cause the whole strut turo to collapse anil
prccipitato Anderson to the bottom , a hun
dred feet below. About all that is covering
him now arc the boiiids of the old curbing ,
that have formed Into something of a roof
and to get to him a hole must bo cut through
this. It will be aeiy dangerous task , as
the cuiblng and n largo quantity of sand from
the sides in o resting on these boauls. An
effort was m.ulo to saw the boards , but after
cutting one board the cnrhimr sank a few
Inches and considerable sand caved in. Ad-
del son asked for tools and mateiiul and lias
been working most of the daas much us
his strength would pci mil making the curb
ing ft out his platfoim and bracing the roof
I 'ood and water have been gUen him regu-
laily and ho is much stionger to dai. Work
has been suspended until daylight , when the
boards will bo cut again , and if Anderson's
curbing and bracing stand the test his
chances are good of getting out alive.
HK Men Smothered.
WMIOO , Neb , Juli - ! . ISpcei il Telcgrun
to Tin. Ill uAt ] noon to day news i cached
this place of a wreck on the Omaha Ac He
1 * publican Valley lailio.ul a quaiter of a mile
north of Upton , in which six tiampsero
ft ! killed. 1'our of the bodies weio Identified by
I ; papcison their persons as Gcoi go blokes ,
re.tldenee. unknown ; John Gieason , Harl
Talbott , a boy of about twenty , ap
M parently a German , witli letteraddiessed
to him ut Columbus , Neb ; John C Tailor ,
Louisville , ICi. , with a letter fiom his wife
ICaU. 'Jlieso four weio all well dicssed and
supposed to bo cigai makers from the fact
that each hud elgarinakers' Icntvui on their
peisons. The othei two woie pooili dicssed
mid looked like In others. llotli wcio
slender , about live feet , eleven inches liigh ,
\\llh dink complexion and smootli faeos
Thei wcro app.nently about twenti and
twonti-lhoieai ? of ago
The hands on the freight tiain , No r > 0 , in
charge of Conduttoi Comnii , going east say
the aciident , to fai as can bo asteitamed ,
was caused by a broki n w heel on ono of the
cats. Two c.ns wcro detailed , one loaded
with shelled coin , in whuh weiothesix
t lumps The car tolled down an embank
ment about fifteen feet and came to a stind
still bottom side xip. In looking o\cr the
wieek ono of the tiainmeii hiudakiik
ing In this car It was bioken
into at once and n pail of
k legs w cio seen sticking out of the coin , but
befoio the unfoitunnto man could bo restued
life was extinct ruttlicr seaich ie\ealcd
the fact that live nthois had shared his fate.
They weio stealing a ride and when the car-
rolled uown the embankment wcio sulTo
l * Lalcd , being unable to sttugglo upward
( through the corn. Cot oner Stone telegraphed
11 toMis. Tnvloi and icctivcd a dispatch s ij-
fe ingtheduul man was hei husbind and in-
stiucting him to send tlio remains to Louis
vlllo. A inmoi is alloat that the ateidcnt
was caused bi the train breaking in two and
coming together when tlio llrst section of the
tinin slackened. The eoioner'h Juri retuincd
u \cidlet of accidental suffocation in a eat of
corn and attached no blame to any one The
bodies of all but Taylor weio bulled in the
Yutan cemcteiy this ii\ening and Taj lor a
body was btought to Wahoo for embalming
before being sent to Louisville.
' 1 he Social 1)il ) .it 1 < renioitt.
FitLMONr , Neb , July 2i ! [ Special to Tire
DM : . ] The lingo amount of prostitution in
Fremont has become a scilous matter and an
upheaval is threatened. It has been many
months slnco any ai rests have been made or
anything done to check the gi owing evil , and
the result Is tliat the city Is. swarming with
prostitutes , and the better elements of tlio
Lomuiunlty .lie thoroughly disgusted witli
the negligence and indifference of the police
force in this particular. Andict the pollco
are not wholly to blame. Some time slnco
the city council held a spcei il secret mooting ,
in w lilcli it was agieod tlmt the b..wdy house
Inmates should bo assessed so much per
month and bo allowed to piosccuto their
business * . \itliout interfercnco. Only two
members of the council demuued to this
proposition. It is not known whether this
policy has been pursued or not , but the
almost holy calm that has peivnded
LH thcso elides of the tnnlghteous for sev
II * , eral months would lead to the inference that
it had , and the business has acenidingly
ilouushcd Yesterday altei noon ono liouso
vas i aided at the histatue of an adjoining
piopeity owner , and four of the Inmates
\\ciosecuied. 'J heso w 01 o t iken into pallet
coin t and lined ? : i ) oaeh and costs They
ptefeuod to go toj.ill , and accoidingly the
ijuni tctto of does weio lodged last night in
the cooler To day two of thorn wcio bulled
out. To effectualli buak up tholr nesl
County Attoinoy Loomis today had Pieil
Weis , piopilctor of the piemises oeeupitd b\
them , an ested for leasing his propeitv toi
such pmposcs. This action fiightcuer
some of the "leading citizens" who havi
leased pi opeitv for that use for years. If 11
is followed up tlieie is good reason to bollovt
that the business will bo given . x black 03 c
that will do the communlt } good
Ile.v Oriiiiiiiu l < \ > r Congres-f.
NEIIUASKV CITNob. . , July 3 < ) rSpceia
Telegram to Tan UUP. ] Tlio prohibitiot :
convention of the Fust dlsti lit mot In tin
opera house In this city to day at 2 o'clock
llov. K. 11. Giaham , of Omaha wa * oleetetl
clniliman and Tianlc Odoll. of Lancaster
Bocietary. After spending the entiio after
noon over the financial pioblcm , the convcn
tlnn , about 7 o'clock , decided upon 1 H
Gialmm as the prohibition candidate for con
gresH. The gentluinan thanUcd them for thi
honor , but icimirkcd that ho would bo moii
thankful if elected , and suggested tha
buniclent money bo uilsed to brini
thlsj desiio about. Tlio coim'ntlon wa
liarmonlous and cuthuslastio. About fou
] u ; i4red delegates wcio in attendant
nm'om' \ \ 0' " weio many ladles , Dougla
county fiJnt tmS ' Olviwl jlolcgujc A lare
" " ' " i" til
mass meeting was held this : -
city p.ult , wliich was addiessod by the iev
( irahain. 'liio delegation fiom Lnncaste
county nriivcd on aspetlul tiain and wer
accompanied by many fiifiids , and a "spechi
team" of Odd Follow s , who iauio on u \ isi
to the local order ami wcio highly entci
tallied by them , Major J. C. Wutson mulcin
the wekouilng address ,
Murtli'icil t y n Itcjcototl Kultor.
Pvw.s-ru CITV , Neb. , July Si ) . I
Tclegiam to THE Her. ] IVcuwnt
nocotid cook at the F.xeJ.anirO hotel Udl'i
t ibbed HorUin.Snmtz , the launJry girl , tt
> > li-'v , VllKnjr her nlmoat Instantly. He ha
\n-opo \ - - < Ui > her ameho rojoetc * ! hint , il
ltji1chl n\WQllld ul11 hir ( UIllcbS Rho nalrc (
MlMci'rll'ncJt.encd . hiajxu-kot knlfo with tli
of OAVrjihg ouhlH.tlircat. .
raturulug from u via
I'mmons met her in the jnrd adjoining the
hotel A few words passed between them ,
when , with a quick movement , he drew the
knife and pun ! 'ud It Intxj her breist She
fell t the ground ei'iIng "He's killed mo'
He's killed mo" " Where Is my dear mother ! "
and died in about twenti minutes
Kminons was nt once pint id under arrest
by the sheriff , and taken to Jail On the way
there ho admitted to the oaicer that ho had
sharpened his knlfo f r the putposoof kill
ing the gill. Miss bhult ? was poor but
of good lepntatlon , w hlle nmtnons was known
as a hard character Her homo was near
IJubols whoie ho had a mother living
Public feeling Is very stiong against Em-
Sinnll drain Itnincil h > Hust.
Wusi : , Neb. , July 'JO [ Special to THE
Hi.p.J 'liiu small grain , whicli early In the
season promised such a magnificent ciop ,
will bo ncaily a failuio on account of rust.
Soaio tlcldw aio not hurt , but many are en
tirely ruined and the general i ield w ill not
bomoio than half a crop Corn is gieatly
ini | loved , and though a few dai s late , w ill ,
with favotabln weather , bo a hngeciop
1'oliUtally the county Isery quiet In the
last legislature \Va\no count\ had both sena
tor and icpresentatlve , but neither Senator
rullernoi K" | > 'i'sontatl\o Slater Is a candi
date foi it clctlon , and the candidates will
In all piobablliti bo chosen from other coun
Churned \\lth Cronkeilncsr ) .
MAtniii ) , Neb , July 20. jSpccnl Telegram -
gram to Tin : Hi r. ] A party named Ud
. 'ult/ , supposed to live at Wallace , was nr-
ested icsteiday atKlsio on the charge of ob-
ahiing money under false pretenses The
hargo was pioforred by the Hxi hango bank
f this place. Full ? , at ttio behest of the
3\\ner , who already had a mortgage placed
n the team , remorfgaged them , claiming
hem us his piopeity , and the two men di-
fided the spoils A pielnnii.aty hearing was
nid to tiny , and Pull/ was bound over in tlio
sum of fcl.iUJ to the district coutt County
Sheriff Winchcll is now in pursuit of the
other parti.
1'eilcliiH Count ) fcachers.
GIUVT , Neb , July 'JO [ Special to Tin.
IM . ] ' 1 ho flist annualteacheis' institute of
ciklns county met in Giant on Monday ,
Juli 10 , with some thliti teacheis in attend
ance The institute is continuing through
the second week with an enrollment of fifty
ivo teacheis. 1'iof W. K. Andiews ol Hast-
ngs is in attendance as instructor. Pi of.
Hntknerof Lincoln addressed the teachers
> n Monday evening of this \vcek and talked
to them a .iln last evening , at whit h time ho
iilso told the yomijj ladi teachers ' Wlieu and
Whom to Wed. "
_ _
Hi ant ljiit > rpris ( .
GIUNT , Neb , July 2t ) [ Special to Tin :
Hn . ] A move is on foot now to organic a
stock company and build a 510,100 hotel.
Woik will commence at once on the Congie-
gational and M. C chinches , each costing
.r > UO Tlio dhcctois have taken the initial
steps to build a W,000sthool building which
will bo completed befoie the winter teim.
Mr. Pringlo of Atnnia andMr Pet u onof
Dcinei h ivo put in a ? " > ,000ele\atorand fiom
the piosdit outlook lot eiopsthei will do a
laigo business tins fall. HiO is Ucldiug
fiom Ifi to ! T > bushels per aeie. Wheat is
mostly in the shock and bids fair to make a
Visited I'leinont.
Fiii.Mos-T , Neb , July 2 i [ Special to Tnr
Hr.i. ] The Afiic.m M , . E Sunday school of
Oiniha came to Fremont to d ly on an excur
sion over the Union Pacilio road , arriving
iboutnoon on the belated North Plattc tiain.
There woto five o us of the visitors , im hid
ing the Lafaictto ball club , wliich phned
the Fremont Guns a match game this after
noon in tlio piescnto of hundicds of speeta-
toi s. While the Omah i people were making
meiry h uo thu Fremont Methodist Suml ly
school was spending the day at Hlalr on a
picnic , leaving tlio city at ' .I o'clock this morn
ing and lotuimng this evening at 7:110. :
\ Fremont Keslileiicc Inril. rizol.
Fur MOST , Neb , July 20 [ Special to Tin :
Hi r.J The residence of J. A. Elliott was en
tcicd by burglars this afternoon and a sue
cessful haul mado. Among the boodle so-
cut ed was ? J3 in cash , a railroad ticket , kid
gloves and n number of things of less value
The family were at homo at the time , but
knew nothmi : of the raid until some time af
ter it was made Thoiohavo boon sovetal
night buiglaiics heio of late , but this is the
first ono in the day time. Thcso bad elmac-
ters are getting entiiely too uuinoious for the
publio good. No clue to thieves has ict been
at Greenwood.
GunrswooD , Neb. , July UO. [ Special
Telcgiam to Tnc Hi n.J Au unsuccessful
attempt was made to blow open the safe in
Shaw & , Little's dry goods stoio in tills city
last night. The buiglars effected tin entrance -
trance through the rear windows. Although
they failed in opening tlio s ifc , they secured
about HOD in silks , velvets and otncr goods.
The building was considerably damaged in
theiroifoits to cITeet an entrance. There is
no clue to the thieves.
Presented With a Flat- .
WAA.xn , Neb , July 20. [ Special to Tin :
Bi E ] Yesterday was a red letler day in the
history of Casey Post G. A. R , of this place ,
the occasion be'ing the presentation of n
handsome Hag to the post by the clti/ens ol
Wni no The progi ammo for the day con
sisted of music , readings , addresses etc. ,
appiopriatu to the occasion , followed by u
basket dii.ner at the fair giouuds.
Htie. Fnoled Him.
WAVSMNeb. . , July 20 [ Special to Tin
Hi i : ] A vagrant confined in thu county Jail
tried lo effect his escape by piling up oveiy
Ihmg about the cells that would bum anil
selling it on ilie. lie evidently expected the
shci ill's vv ifo to open the door lo put out the
flames , and he would got away , but sbo lei
him i east until blio called help and seance
lutu and extinguisheel the lire.
Scnim.KK , Neb , July 35 [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Bur. ] A unrobing club waa
oig.miml heie to-night by about forty jouiin
i esubllcans between the a es of twelve am1
twenty ono to bo known as "Harrison Kids. '
A captain , first anil second lieutenants uu
orderly seigeant weio elected. Uniform !
will bo ordeied and the bojs enter the cam
paign in earnest.
A Vnluiihlo Il.trn Hiu ned.
HIIXIN xni ) , Neb , ' tly 20. [ Special to Tin
Hi.u.J A larso b.u i on the faim of J. I1
Dunlap at DwlglU , Neb , caught fire and wa
burned ieslei.lay It is supposed that tin
flto vvn.i started from an engine on thu Frc
moiit , Klklunn .1 Mlssouii Valley. Los ;
about , S-.UK ) , with small msuiauco.
A Heavy Knin at Clindron.
Cuvimov , Neb. , July 20. [ Spedil Tele
grcm to TUB BHK. ] This section was vlsltei
to night by uno of tlio fiovcivst rain stoun
ivc ? wltnojsed , The streets wcio tmnei
into < * 'lsjj turo livers. It is feared som
w from washouts
. trouble may : s
t 1 A New Colornur ° w.
FLVMINO , Colo. , July 20. [ Speciui ° iu
' .u.J Ciops In this section of Logan count :
are looking well , and th'jro U plenty of rain
Small grains are being harvested and prom
Uc u good i ield. Coin is growing very rap
Idly. On Sunday night wo had a
rain full , which will msuio us a good eroi |
Fleming is a nexv town located on the Oliuy
ciinu branch of the B. ft M. railroad , in th
\ ccntro of Loiran county , and hi a good agri
o cultural distiict , 'iha town , although 0" '
laid out , some c.x we/'lts ago , has ( * K buslncs
hoiists and otheis undorwiy. The pl.u-
u need a bank , vejieiMl Ktoro , hotel , now. '
paper , etc. Covcrnuient land can bo
\ \ ithiu a bhort dibtancO of towu.
Ilrcuer'H Hiillnt ; In ( lie Kail-
ron < J Coiiiinlsslon Case.
Mots < , la. , July 20. [ Special Tele
gram to Tnc Hi n 1 Tlio decision of Judge
Hrower , granting a temporal y injunction
against the i nilroad commissioners , did not
occasion much surprise here. Go\ernor
Larabeo said1 " 'J his Is about what I ex
pected. I had thought for some time that
Judge Hi ewer would probably grant the in
junction , and I think he ptefcts to have the
question of unreasonable rates come up be
fore Justice Miller , who , it is expected , will
pieskio at the hearing in this city August fi. "
Other prominent men intei viewed said they
thought Judge Hrowor had taken the strong
est position possible in gi anting his injunc
tion on the gioutid of the question as to the
reasonableness of tlio uites. They said the
law could not compel am body to do business
at a loss , and that It no more than fair
that a full oppoitanlti should bo glvtn to
show that the present rates were unieason-
uble On the whole , public sentiment sus
tains Judge Hiewer legal ding his decision
It \iewed in the light of a suspension of
Judgment for the pieserit rather than a \ ic-
tori , either foi the railioads or for the com-
The Hallrond Injunotloti Case.
Iov Cm , la , July 20. The case before
Judge Fail all against the lallroad com
missioners was taken up. The
ilaintiffs filed amendments to the petition and
.lie defendants an ans\v or and motion to vacate
he injunction. Tlic'i also asked time to take
cstimom In suppoit of the petition. This
icing resisted , Judge Fairall said that if the
: aso was submitted on motion to vacate for
, \nnt of equiti In the petition , there would
o no dehii longer than to prep.uo for im
rgmncnt of the law questions therein in
volved. if the questions of fin t weio to bo
lentil , time would bo given to piocuroevi
lence. The answer was withdiawn and the
motion to dissolve is to bo ho ml on the ques-
ions of law inising on the face of the
H'tition , the chief of wliich Is the constitti-
ionalitof tlio law and the Jiiusdittionof the
court to detei mine whotlior the schedule of
ates is Just and icasoiiablo and was propel U
idopted The he.u ing of these questions Is
let foi next Wednesday.
The Winonii AL Southwestern.
MVONCn \ , la , July 20. [ Spjfial Tclo-
giam to Tnr Mni , ] 12 Gieely , connected
, \ith tlio Ueiaw in e \ . Lickaw anna railioad
company , was in the citi icsteiday and said
hat his company was backing the Winon i
Southwestein , and that the load would bo
completed fiomMiiona to Council Hli.fts .
within a \ car Ho also said that the com-
ianv would build R hi am h from Sioux City
: o Intoiscct their line between this citi and
Foi t Dodgo.
Tlio Xortliu extern
Di nt'Qt r , la. , July 'JiJ The heat ing of the
Chicago , Kansas City and St. Paul case bo-
'oie tlio intcist.ito lailway commission was
ontinucd this morning. General Aliinniror
! 2liuK of tlio Chicago As Omaha , and Receiver
Iruesdal of the Minnciipoli" \ , St. Louis lail-
ead wcie ex imined , and Attoiney Hunn of
iCansas Citi made the closing speech.
O'olonel limorsoll lell\ci-J n l <
Upon His Priend'H IJIV- .
Ni w Yoiiu July 20 The home of the
.ate Cortland Palmer was crowded almost to
suffocation to dai bi friends w ho came to nt-
ttnd the funeral sei vices. The Nineteenth
'cntury ' club , of which Palmer was the
founder , was laiv'oli represented and mani
distinguished men of the countiy weio pies-
ent. The lem.uns of the deceased icposed in
i rosewood casket which was laden
withtloweis Hobert G Inireisoll delivered
in eloquent eulogy upon the lifo ot his
filond. In closing ho said : "A fiec and
independent man , ono who demanded tea-
sons , mid demanded iieedom , and giuowlmt
lie demanded ono who i of used to bo slave
or mastei sttth a man w.ii Cortland
Palmer. " Colonel Ingersoll finished hi the
reading of Palmoi's poems Holigioussoi-
\icej weio then ici'd hi Mis. Palmoi's pis
tor , IJev. Ur. Newton. Ciemation and inter
ment will occur at the convenience of the
_ _
Trades-Union Men Demand the Im
peachment of Saujer and S.ilin.
S\N Fu\stt ci ) , Juli 20. A mass meeting
under the auspices of the vauotis trades
unions of the city was held in Mctiopolitan
temple last night , which was \oi.y largely at
tended. Speeches were made attacking the
couiso puisued by the United States judges
in landing Chinese , and a mcmoiial was
adopted dechulng that oveiy legal device
was rcsoitcd to to evade the rcstuction law.
The following was adopted :
"Wo demand the Impeachment and removal
of Lorenzo S iwycr , Judge of the United
States cncuit court of the Ninth cncuit , and
of Geoi go M. Sibm , district Judge for the
distiict of Novartn.
"Resolved , That copies of this memorial be
forwaided by the societarv to tlio sonntois
and lepiescntativcs in congress from the Pu
cille coast. "
The Foi tillentlon Hill.
WAsHisaiov , July 2J. The house com
mitteoon nppiopnatioiu has completed the
foitillcation nppiopiiation bill. It piorldc *
for an ultimate cxpendituio of a llttlo more
than ? 13tKOt)00. ) Pro\ision is made for the
cie'alion of a boaid of Unco civilians am'
tin ct ) army oliieets This board is author
ized to contiact with gun makeis for n sup <
ply of twelve , fouitoeu and sixteen inch stee
i nlis The oMicndituro on this account i <
linntid to T-.roo 010 annually and the bemis
is lequncd to contiact for not less than llfij
guns for this 'Him. Outside of tills the tip
propiiation bill makes provision for the pur
ehaso of fifty eastnon moitais andtwenU
twelve-Inch ii on lilies. An appiopriation o :
sTod.OOO is also made for equpplng Watct vllcl
( N Y. ) aisenal and for the finishing of hcavj
Fatalities at Him ; Sprintrn.
Di.ii : Si'itixos , Nob. , July 25 [ Speein
Telegram to Tin : Hru J A scab iircmai
named Tlgo shot himaelf through the bowel
tills morning at 3 o'clock in the streets o
Wimoio. There is another report to tin
effect that ho was muidcicd by some om
whom ho found in hu > house.
Sash and 1511ml l < 'netoiy Ilnrned.
CincMiO , July 20 The sash and blind fuc
tori of Habor Gialmm , Fifth-ttiird am
Cliukstieets , was completely burned chl
mnimng. Loss , ? JiOW , partly insured. Tin
htiucturi ) was built for A. G Spaulding , ! res
ident of the Chicago b iso ball club , and wa
occupied hi him as a spoiling goods factor ;
until a few weeks ago , u hen Habcr & Gra
ham put chased the place
I'ostal Changes.
W \sinsoTOS' , July ,0 [ Special Tolegran
to Tin : Hi i : JTho J postofiices at Civil Point
Audubon county , and Harlow , Hall counti
la. , will bo discontinued from August r
Lncretia Ashing was to day appointed post
u.Uticss at Scariboioigh. Poweshiek counti
Inko M J. Ilobait , ieain-ncd.
HnslneH- . College Jfen.
" " * " " ' * Jul-y 20. The Huslues
Kducators' Niitloul1 l ociation ycstcrda
Ulo" " °
uloctcdformesldcntGc-oige > , . ; .
.l.iekHnnvilli : , 111. , and for vi.'o piesmC.
Gfoigo . Elliott , of Huilington , la. Cleveland
land will bo the next place af meeting.
1 hi on Troiu a Ctt ) rlaxe.
RIVMSII , Neb. , July 3 J- [ Special Telcgrat
to Tin : > ihik.-Mrs. Da\id H I'lgaul. age
ilftyttnee , wife of the county tieas
uror , aiii1 her daitghtt r A\CI thrown fiom i
cair.agu.nnd seiiousty injured. Tue hors
was ftifUtcned by another ruuaway.
Tnni nTir' AiTpm f/iAT
It la Tnkon Up In the Senate txnd
Warmly Dobntod.
Teller Itcplles and Arraljii' < tlio
Democratic ! Party For th - I'om-
tltlon It line Taken In
the Treaty.
WvinxeiTos" , July 0 In the senate a
ntimbci of bills were reported from commit
tees and placed on the calendar , afler which
Mr. Allison moved to proceed to the con
sideration of the army appropriation bill.
Mr. Allison's motion was agreed to and the
senalo resumed consldeialien of the army
ppiopi iation bill , the pending motion being
n the amendment otfeied by Mr. Haw ley ,
ppiopriating ? " > 0,000 for an armory gun
ittoryat Watoivlict aisenal , New York ;
5,000,103 for the purchase of steel
mis , > 00,000 for the purchase
f submarine mines , and * 100,000
or submaiino controllable toipedoes. The
mcndinent was agreed to without division ,
.lid aftei the adoption of n few oilier amend-
nents , the bill was rcpoited back from the
ommitteo of tlio whole to the senate.
Mr Bony railed for a sep.nato vote on Mr.
lawlov's amendment , and piocooded lo ad-
h ess the semite In opposition to it. It was
iccopted bi a vote ol4 lo 10.
Thu army nppiopiIation bill was passed.
The flshciies Ircali was then taken up and
Mr. Wilson of \landdeliveicd u speech
n favor of its ratllicalion.
Ho Justified the loiistinttlon placed upon
.jo tieati of ihlb bv the Hi Itlsh gov eminent ,
mil asset tccl Unit itti i ejection would launch
ho Anieiican people onastoimv sea of 10-
.iiliation , wliich it was vain to sai would not
e id to war. The leimblicans weio engaged
n w hat they fully knew vv as a despi i ate en-
01 piise "tlio attempt to elcet a piesident. "
I'hoi leucd that up Jii the issue of the pies
ent contest hung the life of theit pailv. How
.inliku the majestic caieei ol thu democratic
.Mtty , vvliith , being tlie p.ntv of the tonstilu
.ion as against toiigicssiomil usuip.ition , of
tome inle as against the cciilralli.ilion of
ecoiioinv , us against the prolllgato expemll-
.1110 ot labor , and as against monopolv.
mil deseived to , and had lived a poiciniiiil
life , whilst all other old pai ties hid
stranded on the shoics of time. In tlio
debate on thu tieali tlio republican senators
: md been enacting thu liiccndiai.v loleof
stnving to mouse a win spiiit among the
icople , and Iheiobi to gain llio votes ol the
leslless i.nd uneasy spiiils llnoughoilt the
and. Tlioj hud pursued the unamciicin
lolky of appealing to some of llio old woild
i ISSH n j of loieign born citizens. Tew weio
_ , o simple as not to sou tin ough their game.
They thought they could Htoim andi.uo
iigainst Gieat Hiitain to such a degree as to
LAHivhico some lush votcis that they were
jibout to tvv ist the lion's tall , while all the
lime , to the business intei ests ol tlio coun-
Ir.v , thoi laughed at the idea of their furious
til ados being moio than gasconade , without
pinch of warlike powder in it.
Mr. Fr.\o s nd Unit hu would ask the
senate lo meet at It a in. on Siitmduv ,
Monday and Tuesday and until a vote vas
roicticdon tlu , adding that shoitlv
thu tnrill bill would bo bofoio the senate and
would oceupi all its time.
Mi. Tellei commented i.pon what ho called
some of the ' romaikab'o ' statements" n. thu
.peccli ot the senator from Mainland. Ho
spoke of mi edict having gone out from the
white house that the tieaty was lo bo sup
[ ) ot ted , and said that eighteen months ago
the societal v of st.ilo had been lining Now
Unghind llsheinicn into a Hiitish nap bi
Lelhng them they had a right w Inch the sena-
lor fiom Maiiland now decline 1 that thev
never had , and winch llio secretaii of stale
liimsclf , in his lellei to the Baltimore boaid
of ti atto , declared they nev cr hud. The scna
tor fiom Mniyland , ho said , had gonosoxcial
degices beijend wliich any Hiitish
liad ever gone , in Ins efforts to defend the
tieaty. Hu challenged the senator to point
any British or Canadian authoi ity that had
taken so high and extreme a position as he
had taken.
Mi.ilson invited Teller to paiticulailro
thochaigo. it was aveiybioad statement
a statement tlio eoireetness of which ho
denied. Ho asked him lo state ono single instance -
stance in which lie ( Wilson ) had stated the
Hiitish claim moio strongly than it had been
stated by Great Hutinn or Canada
Mi. Teller said ho could not bo expected ,
after a speech ot two houis , to go over it
item bi item.
Mr. Wilson "Tho Ron.itor ought not to
make such a chaigo unless ho is prep.ued to
maintain it. "
Mr. Teller "Tho senator has taken the
oxtieme Canadian sido. "
Mr. Wilson ' ! have not. I have taken
the side which my judgment told
mo was collect. When I commenced an
examination of the question , my prejudices
wcio all against it , and I doubted whether I
could vote for it. But the conclusions lo
winch I have come have ) been the conclusions
of my own judgment on facts and the law of
the case. If 1 am vviong , I alone am re
sponsible. But ono thing is ccitain , and that
is that no fling against me1 , as having as
sumed tlio side of the enemy , will ever in
duce mo to suppress the sentiinenls of my
mind and dictates of my heart. "
Mr. Teller "I have not suggested that the
senator fiom Marvhnid wns not actuated by
piopci motives. I have not suggested that
Ho has not winked himself into the belief
tlmt tlio oxtienio demands of tlio Canadians
haxo been fnlily Intorpietcd in tlio tienly. I
know Iho piessuto under which ho his la
bored. I know the pressure under which the
democratic minority in this body has laboied.
I know that the socretaiy of slalo has con-
sidcicd it his light and duly lo wiito lettois
and lo have newspaper intei views on the
subject in older to induce popular favor lo
como lo this lioaty. I know that the presi
dent sent a message hero approving it I
know what nil that means to men who sup-
poit the administration. I know that they
may possibly see cleaili their light. I Know ,
fin ther , that on that side of the
chamber theio are men who thought
ns wo on this side think , but who
have been brought under tlie influence of the
udmmistiation to suppoit tlio tieal.v. "
Mr. Saulsbury asked Mr. Teller whether
his own poi jon.ilexperience as u member of
thu icpublic.m cabinet led him to suppose
that scnntois had been influenced us ho sug
Mr. Teller said ho had had no such ex
perience in his public lifo or in ids public
reading as Unit of the seeiclary of state
making himself an active propagandist of 11
Mr. Morgan asked him whether the treaty
had not been carried Into the republican
caucus and voted upon , and whether it had
not there been determined that thu tieati
should bo opposed by the whole lepubllcan
pai ty , and tlmt no amendments should bo al
lowed to it.
Mr. Teller replied tbat no republican cau
cus had ever pissed upon the question
whether icpubllcunstshould vote for it 01
not There never had been a lepublie-an
senator in favor of itlaud would
over have voted for itjjf it hud not como fiom
n democi atiu administration As to not al
low ing amendments U ) be offered to it , he
asked whether theio could bo any amend
ment adopted which the adminlstratloi :
would nc.'epl. Tho1 republican opposition
was not to llio details of thu treaty , but be-
causj tlio treaty was a suucndor of the
Ametlcan case.
Mr. Morgan , in reference to a point in Mr
Teller's speech as to thieats In case ofu 10
Jeclion of the ticaty , drnicd that anything
which he had said could lie twisted into i
tin cat. Ho admonished the senate that then
M , j n belief that its action might
lead to Iir"nUtlCi ! ) n d thoio v.ns ne
senator so utterly puTi'11"11 ' not to tlm1
" ' u'him ' le
such u Btutument must omj1
pity. As to Mr. Teller's intimation " 'at ' the
dcmot'iatlo senators wcro acting ugiii. * '
their judgmcnl , he dCemred tlmt tfo semi
toi s on the democratic side were as Inde
pendent ns tlio'scnjitor from Coloiado him
self. the senator was
oceupi lug ! > uch nu ul < vutcd moral tone in. tbi
scnato or elsewhere as to have a right to
question the motives of tlio gentle
men in what they did on their oaths on n
great question like this. What motive could
the democratic senators have in espousing
the Canadian side of this question ! Why
vv ere not they as much the fi lends of their
country and its honor as the scnatois on the
icpubllcan side I Theio was no occa
sion for such In Hating tluusts at the
senators on the democratic side. The senators
miscalculated the temper of the American
people if they believed that the people would
icspond to such ti ash and stuff If ho wcro
the president ho would wlthdi aw the tieaty
fiom consideration until the Hcnatots got
their minds clear enough to consider It on Its
incuts. Ho believed thai the honorable and
venerable statesman in f tout of him ( Uvarts )
would , from his knowledge of diplomacy , do
it. Ho would withdraw and send It back
after the political campaign had ended and
lifter the motives for political Htrlfohnd
After fui ther discussion the matter went
ov er vv ithotlt action.
Two pi evidential vetoes vvoie icferred , and
the senate adjourned.
WASIIISOTOV , July 20 In the house to
day , on motion by Mr Townscnd of Illinois ,
a joint resolution was passed piovidlng tem-
poiarily until September 1 , for the support
of the army.
The house then proceeded to the eonsldeia-
lion of the bill to piovido for poslofllco build
ings. Tlio report accompaiii ing tlio bill provides -
vides for buildings of uniform diameter ,
which snail bo used exclusively for postofllco
dcpaitments. The piovlsions operate only
in places where the gioss receipts amount
to fcl.KH ( ) annually for two suc
cessive .veins The exticmo limit of cost to
the United Slates for any building shall not
in nnj case exceed ? , ' 5 000. Subject to these
limitations , It provides for three classes of
buildings , vai'i ing in cost accoiding to the
amount of the gioss icceipts.
Pending action on the bill the moining
bout oxpliod and the house went into eom-
nitteo of the whole on thu Oklahoma bill.
Mi Hooker of Mississippi opposed tlio bill ,
earnestly pleaded that the government
should act in good faith towaids the In
'J ho piotcedings wcio intei uipted to en
able the house to piss n Joint icsolution to
n ov ido tcmpoi ai ili , until September 1 , for
ho suppoi t of the gov ci inneiit.
Mi llookei icsumcd his icimnks. and pio-
ested against the gov eminent taking any
ei ritoiy which had been given to the In-
ilians and conv citing it into a vvhitu man's
Lcmtoii undei the foi in of legali/td lob
beii The gentlemen wcro not faithlul
guatdians ol their wauls , he said , when they
would absoluteli lob them , and if thoi
could not lob them alive lliej wcro willing to
till them in oidci that the } might lob them
, vhen do id
Mi. Stockdale of Mississippi advocated
the bill li , said he , the ad
vocates of this bill were lobbeis
tlio linger of soin should bo pointed at
aniel Hoone The sa no lit g r should be
[ lointed at histoiie William Penn , for ho 11' st
ook thu lund and paid for it afteiwiuds
The polity of this bill was the polk y wliich
lind been followed ever since the Pilgiim
Futheis put foot on Pl\ mouth lotk. Civil-
i/atinn was tine , and It must bo accepted
btlie Indians because the Anglo Saxon nice
liad gene foith llku a flood tide and tlio In
di ins might .is well icslst the waves of tlio
ocnan as to icsist its ptogiess. Thcso people
must como tinder the laws of the United
States. The white man was us good as the
Indian and the white man had to submit to
the laws , The deuce had gene foilh. It
had been signed when the Pilgrim Fatliois
knelt on I'l.v mouth rock and devoted this now
vvoild to civilization , to liberty , and to law.
It liad been emphasi/ed when the Anglo-
Saxon Hvvung his rlflo on Ins shoulder and
in irched west , 'ihat decree was that tlio
A met lean savages must submit to civiliza
tion , and that the goveiinncnt would not
nithhold it.H laws fiom fi small poitlon of tlio
countiy and fence in a small faun for the
bleeding of savages. Tins gentlemen might
as well leeogni/o the fact tlmt it was a
condition and not a theory that tonf touted
Mr. Pei kins of Kansas cunestly favored
the bill. In the name of the people of the
west who weio without homes he asked for
this legislation. Ho emphasbcd as idle the
vehement denunciation ot the bill.isiobbery ,
and contended Unit it did not take ono aero
ot land fiom tlie Indians in violation of the
tieaty stipulations.
Mr. Cannon , of Illinois , said that ho was
for the bill. If it was a violation of tlio
ti eat \ , tieaties had been viola-ited all along
the line from the time w Into men Hist came
to this counti v. If it was a violation of the
treaty , fiom the standpoint of humanity and
civili/ation tlio govoinment must continue to
violate treaties Theto would bo no ttoublo
about this whole matter woio it not that an
individual man was put oft the Chciokco strip
at tlio point of a bayonet , while tlio cattle
s.vndicatcs fenced in six or seven millions of
aeies and letained possession , notwithstand
ing thu opinion of the attoincy gencial
that they liad no light to do so.
They vv ent to the legislatm o of the Clici okees ,
in order to eonupt it , and reached out heio
with their powei fid arms against the intciest
of white men and Indians to try to defeat
this legislation , in order that they might
keep possession of the land.
Tliis closed tlio gencial debate , and the
bill was read by p.uagraplis for amend
Mr. Carey of Wyoming offered an amend
ment in the line ol n resolution of the Chicago
cage convention , that all officers appointed
by the piesident for any territory that had
been organized for n period of live i ears or
moio should bo selected from bonalldo resi
dents of tlio tcintoiy in which they aio to
The point of older was made and sustained
against tlio amendment tliat it was not gcr-
main to the bill. .
Carey offered an amendment making it
applicable to Oklahoma only , and it was
Mr. Pai son of Illinois offered an amendment -
mont providing Unit lands contained in the
Oklahoma teuitoiy shall bo disposed ol
tinder the homestead law instead of at 1.25
per aeio , as piaposcd bthu bill.
Pending a vote the committee lose.
The foitlflcations nppropi iation bill wai
Mr. Springer travo notice that ho would
picss the Oklahoma bill to a final vote to
moirow , and if ani disposition to filibuster
against it is shown , ho will the fhst thing in
thu morning , nsk for a call of the house in
order to secuio a quorum.
Tlio house then took a iccess.
The house passed the bill authorizing the
Jniicfloftho United States cii cult and dis
trict courts to bo used Interchangeably. Alse
the bill to extend the Juiisdiction of Uu
United States circuit and distiict courts ovei
the great 1 ikes and adjacent waters.
Tlio house then adjourned.
An KiiterprlHlnt ; St. Joseph Koportci
Fined Fixe Iollarn.
ST. Josi IMI , July 21 [ Special Telegr.i'r
to TUB Hi p. ] Thu police court room w.u
crowded tills morning when the case of D.ivi
Heploglo , the stenographer who was cap
tured In the ventilator of the opera house al
the biothcrhood meeting Tuesday morning
was called. Kcploglo fought tlie case , bu
was fined $5 on a chargu of disturbing the
peace Kcploglo sajs it was the brothcihooi
men who disturbed his peace , and that h <
will carry the case to the supreme court ,
July 20. David F. Day
chief of the Division of mining statistics , ha
submitted a summary of the mineral pro
duets of thu United State ? in IbsT in advanci
of the ofliclal icport. The total value , fMS ,
150 illl , shows a wonderful gain oxer l > bi' '
and Is # U ) .000l > 00 gi cuter than the output o
Ibb5. The production of pig iioa alone in
creased moio than * " .0,000.00. (
ISunlc liurul.irH Foiled.
Cosconi ) , N IL , July 20 A bold atteinp
' .vast made last night toiobtbo Concon
bank , cntiinieo bqlng effected through a
upper window. Considerable woik was don
trying to open the vault , but the ' burglar
were unsuccessful. .
Judge Hrewor's Decision In the Case
ot the Iowa Commission.
Lrvvi N\XOIITII , Kan , July 20 [ Special
Telegram to Tin : Hii'l Judge Hrewer In
the United States circuit court to day ren
dered his decision in the famous case of the
rallrouds against the Iowa railioad commis
sioners , asking a temporory Injunction
against their schedule of tales. The llrst
question considered was whether a suit
uguliitft the i.iilioad commlssioncis to enjoin
them from putting in fono a schedule of
rates was a suit against the state within the
purview of the eleventh amendment and
therefore ono of whi-li the federal court
could take Jurisdiction , ns only
railroad companies mid shlppeia ate ditcctly
interested in thu case. The judge held that
the federal couit hail Jurisdiction. The
ixjvver of fixing i.itcs was a legislative one ,
but there is no inheient wiong in the leglsla
turo delegating this power to the eommis
sinn , thu main question being the fan ness
and justito of the into * . The question of
tlio constitutlonaliti of the commission
was ono for the snpieino couit of the
state The thiid piincipal question was
ihethor the leirislatuio had unlimited
lower In the matter of living rates eittier by
s own action 01 thiongh the agenci of a
iiilroad commission , and this the Judge dc
led. Ho held that the legislatuio has no
iglit or power to li\ rates so low as not to
'mulsh some compensation to the iiillioad
'ompanies , and compensation to the owncis
mplles revenues sulllch nt to meet , lirst , tlie
: est of sei vice : second , the fixed chaises by
vav of Interest ; thiid , something , however
mall , In tlio vv ni of dividend. Ho fin ther
mlds that while fiom the volume of the
esiimony oflered upon this application it is
ot cleaily established that thu schedule pro
iared bi the commission will fall of produc
ng theio is a probtbility
hat it will , and theiefore a piim.ny Injiinc
ion is appropi i.ito until there can be full and
'mil inquiiy. The iniltoad lompinles are
icntlv pleased. Thej dcchuo that the loss
f * r > 00 000 n diii hung upon this decision
[ 'he opinion Is of gieat length , going into ttie
ubjcct in detail to the extent of : t , . " > 00 welds
L Cia/y Coupleof Chionito Camp-
hell It CM.
Cine Aoo , July 20--Special [ Telegram to
'in : Hi i .1 Ono of the most melancholy and
tceuliar eases ever tiled in the insane couit
ifCookcountiwashe.niltodav bi Judge
'icndcignst The pntles wcie James Ste
cnson and his v\ife Anna , tin ohlcili louplo
residing at Wastiintrton Heights They in o
A ell to do people and the owncis of a coni-
' 01 table home , but both weio niraicd in u
most grotesque manner , and theii nigs hull-
atcd extieme povoiti. Ifcligion , it Is said
: iad made them both Insane Mn Steven
.on had on a skill made of hoiso hair cloth
iind a strip of the san.e matoi lal was tighllx
led about her head and over her ears. " 1
ivear it over my eats , " she said in
L loud voice , "to shut out nil other
_ ellgioii9 than mcnvn lama I'ninpbullite
Campbellito , do vou heai ! 1 an. the cieatet
of the univeise. 1 made ovei i thing and own
evciithing Don't think because I inn lagged
: hat I can t have better things , for I have
Ility million buildings , and all of them aio
'liter and bigger than any in this eitj I
tavo sailed ovei them thiough tlio air mani
and main a time. Why , I could step o\ci
this building Just as as not If 1 wanted
to , " and the poor , demented old woman's
oies bilu'litenod us she told the sloiy of hei
own fancied greatness , evidently believing
every v\oid of it. She stiVBolhed back lici
lay locks and continued her tale , her bus
i.ind beaming upon her with uduiiiation. As
she pioeceded ho nodded nppiqval and fre
quently exptcsscd ills satisfaction by
chuckles and conlli in itoiy gi tin's.
"I am fh > , CO ) veins old , " ennU-ndcd the old
lady , "Ihat is I've lived on this eaith that
"ong. "
"That's light , Judge , she is nt least , T ,000
yYais old , and she is tlio ereatot. Anvtiling
shosnys is liglit. iou can bet on that eveiy
time , " chimed in the husband.
Tlio old man was allowed to tell his stoiy.
Ho said ho was an old soldier , and was
wounded at thebatlloof Black Kivcr Hudge ,
Viiginia. "When I lay wounded on the battle
field , " lie said in ti emulous tones , "tlio spirit
ot in } vvifo came to mo and icvcaled heis lf
to mo , though it was seventeen jeais later
when I Hist met her in the flesh , but I knew
her and know she was the ciealor ot ev eii-
The jury quickly found the old couple in
sane and they were commuted to the asylum.
They Are Fired Up-m and Two of
Them Wounded.
LOUISVIII.K , Ivy. , July 20 [ Special Tclo-
giam lo Tin : UI-K. ] Aflor ieats of uninlci-
rupted lawlessness and outiapc , the White
Caps of Ciawioul county , Indiana , have
been mot by a fc.v resolute men and pun
ished. Last Mend ly night a ciowd of these
law-breakers visito 1 the housii of twognls
named Wiseman , neir Maiiotta and Cory-
don , w Iiom they accused of being unchaste ,
took them fiom homo , tied them to a lice
and biutally whipped them. Their tcieaniE
aroused some cf ttieir fiiends living in the
vicinity , who immediately took measures to
nvcngo the outiage. It is tiio custom of the
White Caps , after indulging In their bintal
ity , to rieio up to a house near b" , notifi
these living theio of the action they have
taken , and command thorn to inloim tiie
neighborhood. 'I ho fi lends of the gills
knowing this , formed tin ambush In u dense
wood bcBide the ion ! When the g ing lode
bj they Hied Into the paity , putting them tt
flight. Yestculav moining it was found thai
ono of the White Caps' men , mimed Samlets
had been wounded , and that Hiair Giegoiy
vv ho keeps a stoi o at Mai letla , must have
been hull also , as bloodv liacks weio no
tlced leading to his lesldcnco. Ho has no *
been seen since.
How Did it Happen ?
Cntcvfio , July W Hobeit Henderson , o
Silver City , Idaho , said to bo u millionaire
was found this morning in a room at the
Ogdcu house uneonsi lous and barely alive
The gas In the loom liad been blown out In
stead ot tm ned off. H w as llrst thought tha
Henderson had extinguished the light in :
piimitlvo way , absent-mindedly , or bccausi
ho was intoxicated. Tlio faot , however
that n man of so much vvoaltl
as Hendeison Is repiescnti'd to bo bhouli
put up nt nn Infeiior out of - thevuy plaee
ciealed suspicion Then It was stated tha
Hcndc'ison himself was the ptopiiotor of i
large" , well appointed hotel and would bo ox
ticmely U'llikely to unthinkingly blow ou
the gas. riieorlcs of foul play and uUcmpU'i
suicide weio evolved. Hendeison lemamce
in a cjinatoso state for hours , notwithstand
ing the efforts of physicians , and notliiii )
could bo learned fiom him. The doctor
were unable to cay whether or not Hendcisoi
would iceover
Finpcror \ \ Illium in Swollen.
STOCKHOLM , July -ttmperm * Willhin
ai lived hero this afternoon. Ho was ic
tclved by King Oscar and Crown Piinc
Gustaf The sticets of the city were ciowdci
witli people and houses weiu gaily decomted
King Oscar has confeired the grand eroa
of the Nordsjernen ordci , set in brilliant ! :
upon Count Herbcit Bismarck.
The Wenllier Indication1- ! .
Nebraska and loxvu : Fair , statlonaiy tem
pcratuie , followed Friday afternoon by loca
rains and slightly warmer , vat iablu winds ,
Dakota. Locul lains , sllglitly wausici
Botithcustui ly vv Inda.
Cleveland GOCH I4 > > t > w Voilr.
WASIIIKTOV , July 05. Ihu president lei
hero this moi nlng on the Pennsylvania-
for New ; York , accompanied by Mrs. Clev <
land , Mrs. Folsorn and Colonel Latnout.
Some Republican Members OpposO
Action For the Prosout.
Teller and Mitchell i\plaln Why
The } Voted With the Committee
I'addoek'H Pemtollloo Bill
1'olltlcnl GOSH I p.
Ci'ltlclslni ; the Coiiiinlttee.
WASIIIMITOS liuunvtr TiirOxituX Hr.B , )
filrt Poiminr.sriiSTiiFCT , >
WAHHISOTOS- . U. , July 20. \
There was ulinost unlvuisal dissatisfaction
expressed by icpubllcan mcmbcis of tlio
housu to di > i o\ertlio action of tlio republl-
can senaloiial eonfoionto lust night , vvhlcli
deteimined to report ami take uctlon on u
tin lit bill nt this session About half of the fiom the house vxent over to the
senate to expiess themselves on the subject ,
and some of them weio nioro foieiblo In their
expressions than elegant. The icpublicati
niembeis of the housu hold that the senate is
overieaehiiig its preiogallvo In leading out
on the tat III quosllon , that If it had boon nil-
visablo for Iho icpnblleans to put fui wind u
tin in bill : it this tliuo \\ould Juno boon prevented -
vented in the house us it substitute for the
Mills bill at the tlnio tlio latter was votoil
upon. They make no sceiet of the fact that
tho\ believe it is extremely imwlso to put up
a me.isuio against the Mills billbeciusua
bill as perfect as they hope to havu
lucsented can not be compiled within tlio
shoit tiiuo loft for the work , and then they
sav it \\hollj uniK-cussiiry to put the party
on the defensive , vv hen it can continue an ng-
gicsslvo campaign against the Mills' tariff
bill. Thoi s ly tli it after the republicans
luvu put tip u taiiff bill thej will have to defend -
fond it , and that itill be ciiticisjd the same
as the Mills'bill Theio is HO much com
plaint on the p nt of not only the lepublioaii'J
in the house , but many in tlio senate , that
it is not al'eve ' tlier ccitain Unit the bill wilt
be icpoitcd befoie adjouinmont
I found Sinatois Tellei and Mite hell In
tlieii scats this aitu noon , and asked tlicni
what ltd the confeicnco last night to dotor-
ininoto piesi nl n bill , knowing they
\\cio both opposi'd to that iiitloii Senator
I'dler icplied : "Wocio told in the eonfer-
CHCO that ifo did not present a bill the
pusulent would icionvcno congioss inimcdl-
atel\ after its adjoin nniont , and that ho
would ic.ul the not net on tlio taiilt qucs-
tlon. Wo wcio told fuithor that
tlio liiiu.seould lofnso to adjoin a till wo
liad tulan iiclion on a taiilt bill , and of
( ouiso wo wanted to adjourn sometime , anil
that announcement , lid Mime seimlois op
posed to lepoitlng a bill \otofoi the action
taken "
1 asked them whether , In the event of a
bill being lopoited , it will bo acted upon bo-
foio uljauininent.
"Wo me in for it no" ' , " said Senator
Mitcuell "It is u light to tlio finish , ando
must lomplLto it if it takes all the vcar.
The ob ] ( tt In itpmlmg a bill is not only to
shou tlie com ti.\ Just what the lepublieatm
pioposo in the w.ij of t.uilT letoim , lint to
dunonstiato that wo tan pass u bill in the
M.1I.IIO "
Hcpiesont.itivo Owen , ono of the foremost
lopubliean mcnibois fiom Indiana , said ot
the tlucat ol uo piesldeat : "Let him call au
extia secsiou if hoants to Wo canrecon-
\ene and immedlatelv adjoin n. I would
like linn to do it. It would emphasise the de-
teimination of the adiniiilstiul on to loicotho
passage of the Mills bill. Ho couldj
onlj call an extia session on the giound that
the accumulated stuplus in the tie.ismy is
Injuiing tlio business inteiosts ol the coun-
lii. U'o could icpli to niin bi siting that ]
ho can leduco the hill plus as ninth us ho
\ \ ishos by applying it to the extinguishment !
of the national debt. I belm\o the piesidouti
s iis that the leason that ho does not do vote <
moic of the smplus to the icdiicliou of the
debt is because he it * in doubt as to his uu-
thoiltj to do so Hosais the law authonz-
ing him to applv the sin plus to tim national
elebt was enacted in thu loim of an amend
ment to an appiopnatlon bill , and thatthero-
foio it is not like other l.i\vs. Tlio law pro
viding for the piesident'a salary was on-
ae ted in preciseli the same way mid I have
not leained that the piesident has hesitated a
Kindle moment about diawir-g his bnlaiy. Wo
do not know ] iist what wo want in the
wiy of at.uifl bill , and I think itould bcr
w isdom for us to postpone it until December ,
when will have insliuetions Iiom constitu
ents and enn act intelligently to the highest
dogieo. "
'ihobilltho republicans propose to report
will , in all piob Utility , bo u short 0110. The
piincipal changes nro a leduttion of SO per
cent on sugar and ilcc , a lediictlon to $14 a
ton on stcei lails , the abolition of the tobacco'
tax except on cleats , cigaiellesnnd cheioots ,
and the tax on alcohol to bo used in the aits.
Thtro will bo some slight reductions in the
dutj on the lower glades of woolens , but the
duty on wool v\ ill bo letaincd. The total re
duction in the annual revenues proposed will
bo about sixty 01 seventy millions.
I'Uinocu'H in u.niM ! mi i , is riu : IIOUFH.
The Paddock bill , winch iceently passed
the senate , providing buildings for postofllccs
of tlio second and third class , came tip in the
house to day mid was debated for an hour.
Whin the time expiicd for its consideration
it went over as unfinished business. Tliu
debate bi ought out the fact that the honso is
almost unanimously in fas or of the measure1 ,
and that it can bo p issed when It comes to a
vote. Thy lull is now on the calendar as un-
flnisHed business ami iiihy CO mo up at any
time in the regular otder. ' 1 hero is now
veiy llttlo doubt of its Jiiml passage at this
Mr. Mundcrsnn , Iiom the oon.ito commit-
teoon militaty iiOaiis , today lepoited ad-
veisely the Joint lesolnlion whieh icctmtly
passed the house , luithoii/ing and diiectiiif ;
the Hcciotary of war to loan tents to Ilia
Noitlnvest ballots and Soldieis Assotiation ,
of Iowa , ior reunion puiposca this fall Mr.
Miindcrson in Ins icport sajs. "Wlulo the
committee favors such action , and is icudy
to icpoit the icsiilutlon favoi.xbli , It is con-
btiaincd to submit an ad\eiMorop < rt'horcon ,
foi the icahons given in the letter of the stc- j
ictaiy of wai , which states that tlio depait-
ment has not tlio tents to lend , tlmt these
lecenlli bent to ( jottyHlmig have been or
will bo issued on ic < | uiMtion fiom tlio militia
and from the army. "
multibussiiTiir CVTTI.I : itteis'Fss.
There is nothing watover in the vague In-
sinnatlons going the round * of tlio pi ess to
the effect Unit Geneial Haiiison has had a
connection with a Montana ( syndicate. Not
long ago I called General Harrison's atten
tion to .1 statement of this kind in a news
paper , and ho said : "That Illustrates clearly
sonio of tlio injustices done by tlio tongue and
pi ess. Atou.\ ago my son went to
Montana with aory few thousand dollars
and engaged In the ealtlo business Ho was
able to buy but a small herd ,
and as It did not icqniio ' all
of his attention ho was inked to i
look after another small held , belonging to
ono ot his f i lends. Ho consented to do so , I !
do not think that all of the eattlo ho had
undei his go would have bi ought $40,000
In the maiket , I believe the cv.ttlo were
llmilly disposed of to a syndicate , but whan
they \\cro sold the Harrison connection with , J
the eattlo business ended. I was nuvor on
ofllcer in a eattlo company and never owned *
a dollar in any cattle syndicate. "
The Imports ami linnoits. \
WASiiiNoros1 , July 2 * ' . . The chief of tha
bureau of fitutlhtles , in his twelfth monthly
statement of the i car , ended Juno ! 10 , of the
imports and expo its of tlio United StatiM , ro- l |
poitnthata couinuisuii of values of Amur-
Ica'H foiciun fipimeicn for the lineal year
BhcwHiin Incicuvjof &Hu,7h : $ ( In the total
value of impoits and expoits of inciclmndlso.
Theio was a dccivato of $ : o'Os > , l J In tha
vuluoof uxpoits , but an incicasu of 4JI.W5. .
SIS In the val