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The First Ho Has Tnstod In Six
Long ? Days.
Mrnxp.Archer Finally Gcln AC-OCSM t < i
the IMIDI iHonctl Alan and llcnchcH
Him l-'ooil anil Drink Other
Nebraska Novvn.
Anderson HnH .1 Chill.
JOHNSTOWN , Neb , July 2V1 1 Special Tclo
ram to Tin : lU.i' . ] At (1 ( o'clock thisuven
Ing John Anderson win still in the well
Last night he had a chill and complained o
frclliiL ' , cold , but by rubbing his limbs am
getting ci re-illation started he soon tillitd
The new well is down fifty eight feet am
Iho diggers aio al woik tunneling to the oh
well They think they will stiiko In ubou
three feet below the man. Fioni this tunne
thcv aim to let the boatds extend out neat 1 ;
across thu old well so as to form a platform
Anderson says if they do this ho can conn
to thorn. Tlio grrnt dnnifor will be Urn
when they strike the old well it ma ;
give way nnd let sand In 01
tlie man and smother him Instantly 'Iho ,
talk with him fiequcntly and ho gives then
his viuvvs as to the best way to work In
day ho asked about bis slock and wanted t
know who was attending to them Whoi
asked If ho would like for them to put a pip
to him in the old well and try to gel food am
water to him , hi" answer was "no " Ho sal
It was too iisk } and ho was unwilling to Ink
such chances for a few luxuiics 'Iho ma
scuniH to bo in good spit its , and though tli
chances arc against him , It ma } bo pos-mil
to get him out alive.
At 10 o'clock to-night word reached her
that the tlL'gcis weio frightened out of Hit
now well Just as they weio auout to leai-
thu old one. Andoison told them thai hi
hours wet o getting shoit and if the } luseue
him it must be done soon. Hearing thh
Atelier , as a hist icsort , wen
into the old well and bega
woi king again. He soon discoveied Ihcr
was only tvvcnt } sue inches of sand an
boards to go tlnough. After getting the san
nwav ho raised ono boiud and gave Andurso
food nnd water , the Hi st ho bus had for st
dins. The first thing given him w.\ \
a wet rag then a botlle of watt1
nftorwhlcli a hard biscuit. Anderson san
the wet i tig was Iho best thing ho bail tasted i
Ins life The } h ivc let a i opo d > vvn to him an
ho has tied it around himself , but the } linv
concluded to wait for da } light bofoio doin
nil } thing more.
'I lie Ijouu Pine Clinutaiiriun.
ARM'Mmv Git'iUMi" ' . LONCI PiM1 , Neb
Jul } 'Jl [ Special to Tun Hi i. ] The set-on
session of the Long Pine Ch.uttauqim pi.ict
cully came to a close } estei day , but the. oat
n many of Iho IccluiefH and mombui
still tenting on the giounds , uluctant t
leave the wooded eldl and the clear , wholi
soiiii' water to go back to their homes Th
Mission has reached bcond the wilde1
dreams of the most enthusiastic So lit
antl Intellectual were the Icetines delivctc
this time thai the whole assembly felt lili
Dr. Evans , of Chicago , the suporintendei
of this Clnintauqua did when ho said hi1
night thai ho hoped Iho day would nevt
como when Ihis assembly would ever win
any of the "" from the east , lint won I
always pick cm western talent. Tlioio woi
well delivered lectures yesteidii } by Dr. M
Cllsh , of Chicago , 111. , Dr. Dunn , of Hill
dale. Mich. , ana Dr. Evans , of Clncag
During the gioatcr pail ol tlio day ti
different to.ichois were holding uxnmiimtioi
of their respective classes. At II o'clock 01
of the best studied and host delivei oil le
turcs during the session was given by Jol ;
Askln , of Keiunoy , Nob. Ho took for h
subject "Shelley. " mid like his address la
} oar on "Victor Hugo , " it was perfectly su
united with tno brightest gems of taught
' 1 his VVIIR Itccnf'olllon day , r.nd the pervh *
began In the evening with an addtessl
J 1) ) Stewart , the ohlesl and most prominci
C'lniutaiuiua workci in thostatoof Nohrask
Mr Stcwait begun by giving a shuit hu o
of his connect on with this kind of woik , 1) )
Binning with the first in New Yoik. He tin
piescnted Mhs Lon , of Hay Springs , Nol' '
with a diploma showing that she hail p ishl
a very satisfactory exainln ition in the lite
in y imU scientillo dep.u tinont of the gcnei
Chautnuqua of New York. Tills IOUIMJ i
quiio-fa four } cars' ntmly , and Miss L.vons
the first to graduate in noithwestoni N
biaska. Ho then pro'ontecl other diplom
to a great number of the Hist anil secoi
normal achohus for good standing in the
( hisses. Kusolut n is vveie passed by tina
tpinbly thanking Dr. Evans , supci intention
Ueoigo W Martm. piesidcnt ; J. I ) . Stowai
loiuluctor , nnd and all the lectuters , teac
ris and musicians for the eat nest woik tin
have dpno this } ear and the good they Inn
ilono for noithvvoHtern Nebraska by Uicatit
such n gtand institution here. Preside )
Mai tin then , In a few well chosen word
thanked ono and all for the amount of mte
cst and enthusiasm manifested by the poop
nf this section of the state and gavoasho
Instoiy of the inception and giowth of th
assembly The Hind act vvas the electing
lt'V ! J G. ivan , of Chicago , BUpeiintcnde
foi the ensuing } cur.
1'or t-jtnte liand Co
W nee , Neb , July 23 [ Special to tl
Hi.i : . | Saunduis has a candidate for nstn
onlco in the pnison of Captain John Stcc
wl o Is seeking tlio icpublican nomination f
htato laud commissioner. Captain Stem is
good , capable business man , and served fo
years in the tinny , coming out with the itu
of e.iptaln. Ho foimerly lived inOmaln , ai
about nineteen years ago held thu office
city tic-usurer there. Later he moved
Fiemont , and nine , \cais ago came to Walir.
wheio has sineo rosnted. Ho survctl HI-VCI
yeaisns postmaster heie , and was afte
\\auls appointed postoflico i
spcelnr , which position ho held for sovet
} eaiR. 'J wo years njjo ho was befotothoi
publican state convention as u candidate f
the nomination for secretary of state , ai
sovcial .vcam ace was up for the nomliintii
for state auditor. Captain Stcen is a genii
\volleducated gentlenian , well qualilied f
the position. Ho is a Scandinavian bv birt
nnd something of a leader among the Scum
The Bonier Stone Imhl.
IISTISOS , Neb. , July 25. [ Special To !
gram to TUB Hi n. ] The corner stone of t
Nebraska as } lum for the incurably insn
was laid this afternoon by the giand led
A. F and A. M. of the state The Mison
fiatcrnity , headed by n band of mus
imirched in procession and the Itnprcssi
ccicmonlcs of the order vvcto conducted '
John J. Wemplo , past grand master , In t
IMCSCIICO of many people who went to t
grounds on a special train unit In carnagi
Attoinuy General Lceso nnd Joseph Sco
of thu public lands mid buildings comuilttt
\vcio pictent. A. V. Cole , of Junlatn , e
Hveivd n brief ndthcss. The south a
inlddlo wings of tlui building are now 01
story high and the walla ofthulwoadi stories urn tn bo put up in the nc
fmireoks. . The building is beginning
inaUo u line appearance and people hciu a
proud ot this slutu Institution
Ciops hi Picice. Coiinij- .
Pi.o.svu.w , Neb. , July ? S. ( Sporlal
TUB Hr.K.1 The condition of cinpa lull
Ounty 1 * veiy , cne'otiiaj'liig. , ! { } o is nc.ti
111 cut uud ulll be a t'COii } iclJ. Sau'.i t'rt
3f nil kintls Is well filled. Oats will yield
from twenty to sixty bushds per acre. Wheat
will avcrago about fifteen bushels per acre
i fc- ; choice pieces going twenty-five tc
thirty bushels per acre Coin , though back'
ward , Is making a very rapid grow lit , ami
with an ordinary season will all get out ol
Iho way of frost before fall In places there
Is some complaint of chliu h bugs , but then
is no great fuarof serious The ha }
crop is Immense this year A great numhci
of car loads of hnv wore baled and shipper
last winter and spring from Plulnvlew.
Wnlioo WiintH the Ihir.imument.
WMIOO , NVj , Jul } 23 [ Siccul to Till
Hn1. ] At a largely attended meeting of tin
boaid of trade last night measures wen
taken lo sccutc Uiu encampment of the nn
tional guard. A committee was appointed li
confer with Governor Thaver and other
having the location of the encampment h
charge , and to ofTor whatever inducement
vvt ro netess.irv to seenno it Wahoo is situ
atoil on thu H .t M. , Union Pacific am
Northwestern railroads and cm bo reiwhei
b } ovui v company nf militia in the state witli
out a transfer Hesidos this there are mnn ;
cxi client place-s near the city for an uncatni :
Cherry futility Tonoher * .
VU.KXTISINeb , .luly 25. | Special Tele
gram to Tin. Hi B. ] The Cherry count ,
tcachets institute is in session here with
roll call of foi ttwo t , and many other teacl
ers expected. The Instruclois an1 Pr ifesso
McGcnlttc of N'ellt'h , Piofessor O'Sulhvati
Prolessor King , Miss nmaline Pee and Mrs
Helen Hoinb.v Great Interest Is tidngtakoi
In the Institute under the able nmtiau'otneii
of the instructois and .Superlntendeti
Konntl Dead in IIIn Wagon.
HAsiisrn , Neb , July 25 [ Sped d Teh
gram to'I'm Hri : ] John Miller , aged abon
fifty years , an Adams county fanner , rctuii
Ing to day fiom Juniata whiro ho sold a loa
of hogs , was found dead In the wagon b
another farmer n nn 'd Hnirtiu. Ho hud con
plained of sickness on his way to market an
at ted strangely In town. The cause of th
death is unknown. Sheriff 15.itluss , the ac
ing coroner , holds an inquest to night.
Died on tin ; Train.
UniTiiirr. Neb. , Jul } 2" ) . [ Spec ! il Tcli
gram to TinHIT. . ) Dais } Tlo , (
Mri. Jennie T > lo who keens n bo u din
house hero , tiled suddenly on board U ;
Union Paeilic tiain tins nftei noon at Holme
ville She had Just stalled fiom homo a fo
minutes before to go to the homo of a frien
in Holinesville The cause of her death
unknown , The hotly was brought hero ti
nlpht on the evening train.
Fonrs 1'or tin * Safety of Troops Sen
up the Skcoiiu.
Orrvvvv , Out , July 2 i [ Special Tel
pram to TUB Urn ] Theio his baen som
serious blundeiing in forwaiding tioops i
Skccna Poik , Iho si-one of the Indian u
rising in Hntish Columbia , which , aucotdin
to advices received from tin Pacific , mi
icsult in the complete nmiilidition of the o'
partition with the foico now on its vv i } ' up tl
Slteena river. Too late the nulilia depu
ment hero disunvored tint it hail male
teiri'jlo ' blnnilt'r in the route of tr.insportiu
the tioops up the hkeena liver , which h is
be unitei taken in einoe * throng
a country lopoitcil to bo vvnoll
alive with hostile Indians , mini
with Wiaeliester rillcs and strong ! } (
trenched along tlioi iver on the high and it ;
pitgnable bluffs which bound itoneithi
side. Tlio Nass river tonto would ha' '
taken the expedition tin ough a countrv n
infest-d witli hostile Indians up to within
shoil dial nice from where it was oxpcctt
the first engagement would take place. U
stateil by t radius iccently down fiom tl
scene ot tioublo that the Indians aio ac
ivoly pieparing to icsist an attack , an
aio entionehing thoinsclves all along tl
river , from which pisuion twenty India1
could wipe out thu whole detachment witho
lear of losing a man.
The 'Spotted" American.
Ni vv YOIIK. July 2"i. l Special Telegram
Tin : Hri : J Chailes Underwood O'Conne
of tliis cit } . icpoited by a Quecnstown di
patch as being shadowed by detectives , le
hero for Iicland two weeks ago in coi
puny with W. S. Kelly. He came he
an exile for fifteen years. Ilia term
enfoiced expatriation ended shortly befo
his dep irtuto for Kuropo. Ho held the olll
of head cleik of the natui.dilation burc.
sovcial jeais , and is fiftyfourears of I\K
O'Connoll s ft lends say 1m has not been co
nectcd with an } of the lush societies f
eight or tune } ears , and has oxpirsscdhn
self as diflci ing w illi Parnell. Clerk O'Co
nor , of the Giand hotel , wheio Capta
O ( . oniiell has his bachelor quintets , s.i\s I
trip is one pure ! } for health , He has h ,
fever , and spends two months evciy sunimi
out of town , Tlio clcik doseiibes thoei
tain's life ns u ( inlet one- , not even disturb' '
much by American politics , ccitainly uol !
an } Irish nioveinent.
Mil-am Blhloy'ri Will.
HOCIII--.TI n , N. Y. , July 21 [ Special Tc
pram to Tin Hri.J : The will of the l.i
Hit am bibley has boon probated. The val
of the estate is not specified , but on good t
tli 11 Ity it is said to bo { 10,000,000 , in re
estate , railroad bonds and bank stock. T
will leaves the testator's residence , valued
2iHiOK , ) , to Mrs bible } with an allowance
* 2-lUOlla jour. Two neic-es , Mis Smith a ;
Miss Atkinson , get M > ,00) ) in cish when
age. Coinell umvoisity gets ? ! U,000. TV
nephews get the land on which they 1m1
beun living. The residue of the estate is
be divided by the executors.
cil the Iti Kn.'l.
Joi.iiiN" , N S. , Jul } 2) [ SpecialTolegr ,
to Tin : HUB 1 The big log i.ift was launch
successfully yesterday at Two Uivers , in t
presence of l.OX ) people. The construct ! '
of the monster was begun on February 2(1. (
is .VJ7 feet long , W feet vv ido and :15 feet
diameter , tapering to 10 feet at the ends ,
contains 20UUU pieces of lumber , avoragi
thirty eight feet in length , making UK
'JOXt.WO fctl supcrllcial Ills Iho larfc't
Hliuetute ever launched ,
Con Ifinn Arrested.
Cuicvno , July 25. P.dwaid Corngan , t
old hoiseman nnd piopiic-tor of the vVi
Side driving park , who slugged a man wi
n loaded cano yesterday , was ariested U
moining. Coingan promptly gave bail
Jsuo. U was ascertained this morning tli
the injuicd man was not in dangur uf d } li
Tlmo Hrlnus Itlg Cliante-i.
I'uiscRTOS' , III. , July 25. The dcmocrr
of the seventh congressional district li
evening nominated O. G. Lovojoy for cc
gross. The candidate is a son ot Ccngre
man Lou-Joy , the noted abolitionist.
The luisfl Three. .Milllon-i.
H\V\NA , July 25. Advices received he
about the recent Hies at Port au Print
say the loss by that of the Ith ins * , , was f
000,000 Tim Iho was of inccndUry oiigi
13-jlwecn 300 and 350 houses were burned.
Wanted to Kill Ferdinand.
Soru , July'iJIt Is learned that the o
Jcctof tlie p'ot which vvas discovered
Ilustchuk was to murder Princci Fcrdlnati
Two of the ringleaders , HoguctutI nnd Ivn
off , have been urrcstcd.
GlndMtono'ti Golden Woddlnc.
Loxiip.v , July 25. Mr. and Mrs. Gladsto
celebrated their golden weddinp to di
Tistlii'onia't In the shape of lutters , ) c
gr.ims rnd intEonts i > oureil in upon them
I the
Provisions of ConRrosaman Dorsoy'e
Bill For Thotr Roller.
It Will Soon lie Itoaily For tlip Prcsl
tlent'H Signature Status ( if Oilier
Nebraska .Measures The
Ijiiml Fight Again.
Camp Sheridan Settler * .
51l ! Foi'iin.KN'Tii STHFKT ,
\V\siiisiTov ( , D. C. , July 2.
The liouso has passed Mr. Uorsoy's bill fo
ho relief of settlers upon the old C.imi
3hei Ulan inlllt.iry reservation In Nebraska
i'ho bill will eonllrm the title to several linn
hud seniors on the reset vallon uiul will pu
xtiest disputes whieh h.ivo caused mucl
vexation .uid trouble. It has been customary
for eont'ress to order the sate of unnoee sur ,
nilttary reservations This action of th
louse is adep.irtuie from the regular onlc
which will set an important precedent for fu
tuie congressional action , fliero Is littli
doubt that it will pass the senate. The bil
was slightly amended by the commissionc
of public Kinds and , as it Ilnally passed th
house , piovides that all entues or llUny
under the homestead or pie cmpllo ;
laws allowed by the district land o
lices ut Valentino of lands within th
limits of the former Ca up Sheridan militar
icseivation , situated in township : il , noith o
ranges n and tti west , prior to the rccaipt b ,
them of instiuctions from the commissione
of the general land olllee , dated July2 , | ssi
me confirmed ; provided that the person
milking such tilings or entries possessed th
necessary iiimlilleations and have sineo tli
filing or entr } , as thu ease may be , full
compiled with tin * law goveinm0' entries <
like character upoa public lands in cases o
illinif under the pre-emption law made upc
lands In tills ab induned reservation Th
limitation of tlurt\ months pi escribed b
section 2Jii7 , levised statutes , shall not 1
on foi ceil 1ml pi oof and pa\ment must t
made within six n oaths from the passage (
this act.
Tin. n VTT--MOI nt imiDoi : nut.
Tintontoience committee on the Platt
mouth bridge bill has le idled an agicemon
Tlie house recedes f i om its position and .n
copts the senate amendments , which aio in
m.itoi The bill will receive Until action i
a daj or two , and then will go to the pies
dent for his signntinc.
loxmiPMi , os SUIII\SK\'S rouiiT nil , ! , .
In the house to-day , the bill providing fe
, i icorgani/allon of the fedetal courts I
Noln.islv.i was icpoited fioni the senate. 0
motion of Mr Doisov , the house not
com iirii-d in the sen.ite amendments , and
umfeienco cominittee appointed Tli
speaker named Hogois of Arkansas , Heinlci
son of Noith Caiolina , and rullcr (
Iowa , conferees on the part of tli
hoiiue. 'J ho nnlv ( | uestion now is whether t
not Keame.v is to bo ictained in the bil
'I'ho < onfi-i ecs on the p.ii t of the house s i
thiy mil Htand linn f ( r the Jlvo tioinl
n. lined in the anginal bill .is repoited in Til
Hi.u'-t dispatch last night The Nebrasli
delegation will do evciything possible to n
lluenro the confet once committee , after tl
conferees on the p.ut of tbo senate ha\
been named , to give the th o places 01 iginall
asked lor.
cm lire rtxo NEiiinsivA i.vvii TITM s
Mr Doi soy , who , smej the pissngo of tl
tarifl bill , seems to bo permitting no glass t
glow under his feet , but is rushing around i
alivols manner to hcenio legislation on N <
br.iska measures , has s < ciucil the p issago I
the house ol bills perfecting the titles of It
acies of land each to UYstlv Montgomor
and William II. Tibbelts. The bills wet
some time ago icpoi ted from the commute
on pi unto land claims ,
To the git1 it stnpiiso of everybody aioun
the capital to day the house committee o
agrk nltni o set nsulo its action of S iturda
on the food adulteration and laid bills an
agiectl to leport to the liouso one bill to pr <
vent the sile , manufactuio and transport.
lion of adulterated irtieles ol food drm
and di utis and another bill imposing a lav i
2 mills a pound upon compound laid an
icgulatmg it > sale , impoitation and export.
twn l'ne action of tlio committee on Satui
d.iv postponed until next December both f
these subjects. Some of the mounters of tli
coininiUto who are opposed to the agitatio
of tin. question nt this session on ncco'in
of the bad blood stined up ever n
appealed to the speaker to know whothe
liter a cominlittec has acted upon a measui
and the three dajs dm ing which a motion I
reconsider have ulnpsed , the lommitteo e.i
sot usido its action. The speaker said th ,
this could not bo done ; Unit inasmuch i
four cnli'tulai d lys have olapicd since la
S itiiuhiv. the committee must stand by | i
work on that dnv. It is foaied that the ng
tat Ion of tills question iit pu-sontwill le.i
Goitnnn } , Fiance nnd othoi countries to ft
low Iho suit of this government and lcgii
late upon the subject , and the legislation i
those rrovcinments will bo for the oxclusk
of all Ameiuan hog pioihiets. Membeis i
the committee \\lio voted to icport the"
bills to-day explain their action by savn
that a gieal piessuroiis being hi ought '
bear upon them by fai mot s , and th it it
not intended that the bill shall be taken t
in the house at onco. The } say that tl
\\oik of to dais simply to fm ify the fan
eis , but itill i aiso a big row if thcso bil
should bo called up for debate on the floor
the houso. Puitnv S. Ilium.
NehraMca and low.i Pensions.
Wviiixoiox , July 2 i , [ Spec ! il TeloRra
toTnrUu1 I 1 'elisions gi anted Neuraskan
Inci case Joseph G. Gilbcit Holihcg
William A White , Divenpoit ; Kohinson
Johnson , Snnfoul ; Christopher C Cieac
Kdgar Uoissuo and increase Charles 1
nglrston , Cieto.
Pensions for lowansUestoratlon
Humphrey Mount , Turin Incroise Wi !
lam II. Walton , Fontanello ; Alcv St. Chil
DCS Monies ; Henry C. Draper , Okoboji ; .
F Wood , Union ; Gcorgo M Hod , Wapoll
Sheldon Tobey. Maishnltown ; John
Hem aril , Pioils ; Lev ! P. Huntzlngcr , Afto
Lewis ( iiiitnijer , Putnam ; Albran
Mosiow ; John A. Drummond , Pillsbui'
Keisstio Flovd W. Poster , Wavcrly ; Alon
Abcrnetliy , Osigo. Heissuo and increase
Henri Dunn , Cleai fluid. Mexican widows
Maria 1. . , ( insane ) widow of Henry I
Urown , Ml. Pleasant.
Postal Changes.
Wi iiiNnTov , July jjo. [ Spacial Tolegra
to Tni ; HhK J The following Iowa poi
masters were appointed todiy : Mattho
Johnson , Iceland , Wlnnebago county , vii
Ole Thompson , resigned ; Clmrlcs F. Alox.i
dcr , Potter , Tama county , vice Uert L .A
len , icsignotl.
Postofllccs have been established at ; Dik
Hitchcock county , Neb. , and William \
Ciouih appointed postmaster , and at Hi
Hitchcock count } , and Albeit II. Haller n
pointed postmaster.
The jKistonicea at Jacobs , Dundy count
and Uouio , Holt count } , will bj discontinue
fiont Anrustn.
Marl ; Lawton was to-day appointed pos
muster at Darnall , Keya Paha county , vl
Nelson 1) ) . Murui } , removed.
\Vt njMTov , July 23. In the scnatoto-tli
Mr. Cnlloir. offered u preamble and resol
tlon recitlne the published statements th
the Minneapolis , Sault Sto Marie t Atlnnt
railway huf passed into the control of t' '
Canadian Pacific railway company ; th
two railways control all approaches
he bridge over Sto Mnric's river on the
boundary line bc tHe < "i the United States
ind Cannda ; that the ownership of Urn
bildge Is also In the hands of thu Canadlat
'acitlc , and that , by virtue of this monopoly
ho Canadian 1'nclflo lallway , opeiated It
ho intciest of a foreign government , Is abli
0 Ignore and defeat the operations of the
nter-stato commerce bill , and directing UK
committee on inter-state commerce to Inqulri
Into these matters , nnd whether any logisla
Lion Is neccssur } to protect the interests o
the people of tlie United Spates , and proveni
1 diversion of commerce from Its natural ant
Icgitlmato channels and to prevent the mo
tiopolbing of tralllo by a foreign eorpoia
lion.Mr. . Morgan asked that the resolution g (
over until to-moi row , as ho desired to otTei
an amendment to It. So ordeied
The senate then resumed consideration ol
the nnvnl tippiopriation bill , the pendlni
question being an the striking nut of the bil
the item for the expenses of the commlssiot
to locate a tmv } J aid and docks on th'j C5ul
Mr Allison moved to reduce the ntnnun
of the appropriation from SoO.OOO to S10 001
Mr Mitchell moved to add to the clause i
like provision for selecting a sight on thu Pa
citlc coast , In Oiegon , Washington territory
and Alaska , $ , 'i0)of , ( thoappioprintion to b >
available for that purpose Agreed to
Mr Plumb moved to reduce the appropriu
tion from $ , " > 0KO , ( to $ lfiMM. ( Agreed to.
Finally the amendment was rejected , s
the provision was retained in the bill , moil
tiled , and on motion of Mr Hogan , by Inclutl
ing the Mississippi river. The clause no\
appiopriates fl\U.M ) for the expenses of
commission of three ofllcois , to bo appointe
by the secietary of the tinvy , to repot t as t
the most desirable location on or near th
coast of the Gulf of Mexico , or on the Mil
sisslppi river , for a navy vuid and docks fo
shipping , and for the expenses of soundin
and surveying and estimating , an
provides for a like commissio
for the northern Pacitlo cons
$ - > , UOO of the tlf.OJO to be apqltcablu foi tin
put pose.
'ilie no\t vote was on the amendment t
strike out of the bill the words "at least on
of said vessels shall bo built in one of tli
navy yards of the United States. " Tli
amendment was ngtccd to and thu bill wn
The senate bill npp-opriating $7" > ,000 for
public building ut Allenknvn was passei
The Allcntown bill vetoed by the irciidut
appropuated ? I < ) ( ) , ( OJ
The ' entile then piocecded to p iss the pr
vato pension bills on the calendar , and til
posed of all of them 1'JT ' in fifty minutes.
The scnato tlion adjournol.
WVSIIINOTOV , July 25 The communic ;
tion icceivcd in the house yestcrd ly froi
the sect clary of thu trcasur.v lohuivo to tli
use of the Wellaml canal and icferied to U
committee on foieign alT.urs , was this mori
ing refened to the committ'o on the mo
chant marine and ilshories , with authority t
repoit theioupon at any time.
The house then proceeded to the consider ,
tlon of the bill icported from thu commute
on private land claims.
Mr binith of Arizona ottered an ameiu
ment exempting Ariroua from the piovisioti
of the bill , contending that It would prove
gloathaidbhip to bona lldosettleis in tin
terntory. They would bo compelled to rus
into court at the Instance of land giant con
p inlos , and oithcr surrender their land c
p.i\ out their inlieiitatica in lawyois' fees.
Mr. Cieary eonlonded that justice to th
people of Arizona , Now Mexico , an
Coloiado , as well as justice t
the United Staten government. d
inandcd that the pri\nto land claims in tli.i
ti'iutor.should . bo settled , mid nrgned tin
the pentling bill presented the best piactic.
metliod of settlement.
Mr. Thomas of Wisconsin npposed th
umt'inlmcnt , asseiting that in An/ona tn
most bold , reckless and gigantic schema t
robbti.hud . been attempted in iclatio
to land grants. An amendment \ \ .
adopted i educing from foity to twont
\enia the period of continuous occupane
whicli shall bo evidence of titio owno
Air. Smith's ameiulment exempting A-
7ona from the provisions of the bill wa
agreed to , and the bill as amended w.i
The house then wont into committee of th
\\hole on the Oklahoma bill. No irontlema
was piepaied to proceed with the discussioi
and the committee linmedi itolv rose.
Several mumbors with bills sought t
secure recognition for unanimous censer
Irom the presiding officer. A couple c
private bills successfully ran the gauntlet c
objections , but no measure of public in
pot tanco was passed , and the house tools
A uooicnuv
One Girl Killed : iml Several Ollici
NLYOIIK , July 25. An old armory i
Kim and White streets has been used fc
commeicitil puiposea for some yeais , thoup
still owned by the city. This tiftcinoontl
gallery along one side of the building cc
lapsed and fell , catrymg down with it lh
heavy folding machines and about fifty gir
and women. Over t\\o hundiod ( jiils at
women were at work at the time in the bull
ing , and they fled panic strick' ' n to thostree
An effort was at once made to got 01
those confined in the ruins. The \\OIIK
\\cio sin k'kin.j and fainting , nnd shrieks in
moans of pain nnd [ flight came from tl
meek. Uloc-k's woio rigged up and tli
\\ai\i of iemo\al begun. The main hall w :
Occupied by the Mi Williams palntlnj coi
piny. The Lovell M iniifnctuiing comjiai
of book printers and binders occupied a wli
gatlorj around the hall fiftocn feet fiom tl
II lor. In the gullory were the live hca\
foMing machincb and tons upon toi
of printed matter. The live heavy ioldii
imu limes hank tlnough to thu flo
of the hall. The floor j iolded and the ma (
ciushcd through to the ground floor. S' '
gnls who had been working at the imichim
went down in the \\ivi-k. The icst manage
to escape1. Mnr.v Hagnell , of Hrooklin , l.i
dead , her hands cuitclung a pieeo of tt
sheet she was holding when the crash cam
Two other girls hod tallen in such av ;
that the- debris formetl an aicli over tin1
hcaJs. They were unhurt. Mis. McDomi
was badly bruised.
Whisk ) Itcs Hunting Tor Gore.
Lot ISMLI r , July 25. United States Mr
shnl Uoss received a letter to-day from
deputy ut Harlan ua } ing that ho Is in tl
court housu with 100 armed men with Wi
chcsters and will try to hold it , though tl
wlnskyites are arming anil tin eaten to ha1
blood for the destruction of tholr property.
July 25. Prank Ardrary , tl
largest drnyago contractor In this city , h
failed , and Judgments aggregating t0,0
have been entered against him His llabi
ties aiuustimutctl ut between tM ) 0K ( ) at
yjO.HK ( ) . The assets uro about tiJ.OLH ) . T ]
cause of the fall me is not knoun.
Dillon Ortlerctl Itcleased.
Dt nt.iN , July 2. " > The exchequer court In
granted a conditional order of habeas corpi
for the release irom misiu of Jonn Dilloi
on the giound that owing to Informalitii
the county judge \ho bcntcnced him on a
peal has no Jurisdiction to relicar the case.
The Story tVns False.
MosTiirvt , , July 5 The statement co
talncd in n dispatch sent from Three Hlvoi
on the 20th mst to the effect that fourtcc
men had been droned in the Mattuwo
river about fifty miUs abovu Piles , proved i
have been cntiiely unfounded.
flloro Vcllow .lack.
AV VSUINGTO.S- , July C5-Surgeon Gcncr
Hamilton to-clay iccelvcd a telegram fro
Tampa , Fla. . stating there were two no
cases or fever at Plant City , but none i
The Buvllugton Roqulrod toMuko in
Uuconclitlonal Surroudor.
AssuraiH.-es Kccclvinl Prom the Unst
crn Mun of Continued Klnnncliil
Sujiport A Conletlertitlon
ol' IJrot licrhoodH.
The ISrotlierliooil Convention.
ST. JosTn , Mo , July 23 [ Spclal Tele
gram to TUB liKp. ] After two das of dt :
L'usslon nnd vvrangllng , the meeting of th
brothut needs of locomotive engineers an
tlremun , brakcmcn and switchmen t
Xoith Amctlca , has adjourned. None of tli
high officials ot the brotherhoods were prev
out , nnd the general supposition is that th
action taken will meet with their disa ]
proval. In short , It was decidetl by n iTnan
tnous vote this aftei noon that all offers (
compromise on the part of the Huilini
ton should bo rejected , and that nothing hi
an unconditional sui render would bo coi
sldcred. As vvas surmised in the mornln
dispatches , there vvas n pressure brought 1
bear by which the four great raihoti
brolherhoods will be amalgamatci
How and wheto the confederation wi
take place will bo loft to U
Inothothoods in convention the brakemen
and switchmen's ' brotherhoods to meet i
September , and the ilremun's and engineer
in October , with an advisory board sulecte
ft nm iVologatcs in each older.
There Is no longer any reiiion to doubt tin
Chief Arthur was not consulted in icgardl
the step taken , and that the men , weary wit
the long light which promised to bo sue
hopelessly lost to them , took matt'Ms ini
their own hands and mot and decided upon
plan of action. Hogo and Murphy , wl
were so conlldentl } expected , did not arnv
but their presence would have made1 htt
dlfloreiico , as the men were determined
There was an intuiostlng financial matte
to bo settled , and that was whether the ens
cm men , as the papeis had statetl , woi
tired of paying their assessments to stipiui
the stiikei1 * . This question was discussed i
the meeting , and by a unnniinous vote '
continue the strike the castein men gave e
presslon to their sentiments.
W. F. Merrill , genoial manager of tl
Kansas Cit } it St. Joseph , Chicago , Hurlm ;
ton & Quincy and Hannib il .V St Joe , in i
interview to night said :
"Thuio has never been any such compr
miso submitted to the men who sti uck Fo
rnary 27 as that spoken of at the mcetin
You may sa\ that the Chicago , lUiiliiigton
( Jninc\ will not consider a compromise whit
means an } thing more or less than an unco
ditional sun cutler In fact , we will eotnidi
no piopnsition whatever shoit of them r
tut ning to work at the old wages. Wo hir
a full supplv of eiigineeis antl tlienian at
aio as well piopared as over wo were to dri business. When wo took our now nit
wo pioinised to stand by them , and this v
pi oposo to do if every general ollleer of tl
comp my resigns and tlio load goes into tl
hands of a receiver , which is not at n
likely , I can assuio you. Wo will stand 1
our now men at all hazards. "
Trliils Commenced nt Aurora.
Autoiu , 111. , July 3 > The court room t
day was ciowdctl to witness the opening pi
cucdings in the Burlington dynamite co
spiiacy cases , 'llio case of Haureiscn ai
Smith was taken up on warrants sworn eon
on July 11 , dunging them with placing d } n
mite on Chicago , Hurlington te Cjumcy trad
on Juno 11.
The Contcressional Coinnilt tec llu ii
Its Iniiiry | In Now York.
NBVV YOIIK , July 2" > The congrossiom
committee , appointed to look into the itnni
gration affairs of the country at largo , beg.i
its work this moining. Chalimtin Ford i
Michigan , Congressman Mot row of Cal
forma , .mil Hic'mid Guenther of Wisconsi
were the only members of the commitli
present. None of tlio commissioners of on
gration were present at the opening of tl
inquii.v , nor was anono clso thereto icpi
sent C.i tlo Garden. Tho' first witness w. , a passenger agent of the Hamburg Hi
of steamers. Ho gave a short description i
the companj's business and said the cot
p in } 's agents sell tickets fiom any point
Curopo to tin } point in this country. Uvi-i
man who buys a ticket has to picscnt a pat ,
port showing that ho is allowed to emigra
and has not committed any ci line. The coi
pany , ho said , takes gioit pains to Inspect n
passengers iiitndorthat none shall con
over who would not bo nllowod to land.
Coverly was the second witness O.XMI
ined. Tlie committee devoted special atte
tion to the Mediterranean business done I
his company. Ho stated that fiom Ibbli
18s" , inclusive , about tvvcntv live thousai
Italian emigrants had been bioutrht lioio I
his lino. About T3 per cent of the passcnge
from Italian puts , ho said , i dimmed in No
Aitliur Lcderer , passenger agent of tl
Ked Star line , was nexl called His Hi
runs between Antwerp and Now York. I
said that from ISSt until lt > s" over ono Ini
died thousind emigrants were biought
this pint by his line.
After some other uiiiinpoitant tcstimoi
the commission took a icccss.
Louis do Hoblan , agent of the Havre lit
of steamships , was the first witness calli
al tor icccss. Ho stated that the majo
ity of the stceiago passengers w !
c-oino by his line are Swedes. The compai
only has dealings with ten or twelve loc
nt'cnts , and no tickets are issued to them
bl ink His line sells vei } lew picpaid tic
cts because tlioir rates are higher than in
ether line The rite by his line is $ JO fro
Paris to Ni-w Yoik , of which the agent i
ccivcs ? j ( VI ICis } holds the age
who soils the- ticket icsponsihle for the p.i
senger , and if the emigiant is not allowed
land heio the agent who sold the tick
must pa } tlio company the return passa
A. M Undoihill , of the Gulon line , sn
that his line hail bioughl thus far in ! >
about l.UOO emigrants , mostly Kngllsli , ] n
Scotch , Hungarian nnd Germans , b
no Italians. All cmigiant pnsscngc
tue examined ut Quecnstown and Livcrpc
by a govoininint officer. The majority
p isscngers coining over on the Guion line
lo points in the notthwest
Theodore Chr.uler. the emigrant passens
agent of tlio Not th Gerinaii Llod line , s.i
that a majoiity of emigrants biought by tl
line wpto Hungaiians They came on ] n
paid tickets sold bv local agents , mostly
the Pennsylvania coal legions.
J. I. ICuile , agent of the Fabro line , slat
that about one third of the tickets sold 1
his line weio pi cpaid , and about 75 per cc
of these aio sold in New York. Tlio n
lority of the Italian emigrants , ho said , we
beyond Now York , Ho claimed that t
Italian bankets realized very little from tin
commission on passage tickets because t
competition is so strong thai they give pj
sengcrs llio benelilof llieir discount.
Iho commission Ihen adjourned to I
College .Men.
MlKxi.U' , July 21. The Husincss HO
catots national association today elect
Gcorgo W. lit own , of Jacksonville , 111 , J
president , and George W. ICIllott , of Hurlin
ton , la. , vice president It WT decided
hold the next meeting al Cleveland , O.
lSiiriticttliif | * American AnthoiR.
LOVIIOX , July 23. A bun pucl was glvi
this evening in honor of American authoi
Prof. Hryco and James Kernel I Lowell we
the chief speakers Tlio queen and pi esitlc
Cleveland were toasted.
Another Irish M. P. Arrested ,
LONBOX , July A1) . James J. O'ICelly , t
well-known Journalist and mcntbcr of pat 1
nient , was arrested Jioro yesterday even !
for oubnsoa under tbe crimes act ,
A National CoiiM-ntlon In Which Itc
vnUors Are llsoil.
Ivntivu' , July 25. The negro demo
crat national conference convened in th
rooms of the Hendricks club this morning
Sixtj four delegates \\ero present. J Mlltoi
rurner called the conference to order , tun
in his opening address stated that ho hiv
issued the call in compliance with Insttuc
lions from the chairman of the national com
mlttco. Ho explained that the call forth
con fcrcne't ? had been Issued because ho be
lleveii it was time for the negro voters t
aosett their mulct standing , tit least
of thu primary pilnclples of Ameiican miv
crcigntj The elevation of Cleveland to th
ptcslilcncy , ho mild , bail biought politlc.i
emancipation , \\hlih was felt bj no one mnr
than the negtoes , and they hail the hunt st
nnd i outage to meet Grovcr Cleveland's at !
ministration half way.
Charles II. Shclton of Granvllh
Intl. , \\ns Introduced us the tempt
tiny chiinman. Shclton was chosen b ,
the unitrurner democrat * at the caucus las
night Shclton , In the course of his spcet li
mentioned that Itiis through the aid o
democintie soldleis that he had escaped Int
Ohio \\liilen slave. He belle\cd that th
confcrcnco would eventually be the means c
settling the ncgio problem , unit it was th
purpose of the delegates to hieaklmt th
republicans call the solid south.
Hesolutions cntloisingCle > elnndiind Thin
mini were adopted by a unanimous volt
The balance of the session was in
cupied in a wrangle over the form !
tion of a committee on pcinnincti
otganinition. The chairman nnnouiife
the appointment of the committee and th
dared the eonfeienco ndjouinrd until
The afternoon session was given up to
discussion of the report of tlie tommlttoe o
permanent oigaiiizatlon. The con.mitte
ptcspiited nnijoiity nnd minority leport1
Thomas Drown , of Spiingtieltl. Ill , pn
sunted the inajoiil } icjoit. which teeon
nicntled Prof Peter H Clinic , of Ohio , fe
permanent chairman' Thomas Foitnnc , <
New York , pei manent fecictiuy , ami 1J
Pajne , of Illinois , for seigcant at aims
Joseph Hanscr , of Illinois , picsentt'd th
mlnoilty repoit , which named J Milto
Turner , for permanent clmiiman. Motion t
substitute the mlnoilty for the nmjniiu n
pott biought two thiids ot tlio delegate * I
their feet and pandemonium leigncd C 1
J Taylor , of Kansas City , ex minister to L
beu.i , stionglj ui'tied the elei
tion of Clinic , that ne1
convetts to democracy should not I
put in chaigo of the ship lie ch.unctorize
Pi of Clitk , is | the "noblest Koman t
them all " Gieat lonfusion ngain picvailct
Turner llnalH oDtametl the floor , ami , n
plying to Tajlor , called him a n itional 1m
teen , which tlnuw the conf renui in a stal
of excitement , and n genei il discussion fo
lowetl. Late in the aftoinnon Uio piovioi
( | ucstion was moved , ami altei mini } uboiti\
elToits the man slint ol' tldiate tin
ottlercd the soL-iet.trj to call the loll lj
st.ites on the motion to substitute tl :
minmitj for thn in.ijouty teport , wlnli1 tli
dele-gates would use anil announce thui
vote. Thogicatist tonfif-iun pievaih-tl i
Tinner ilcilined to vole and asl < o I tliat hi
name be passed , It \\.is neatly ( i oMoc
when hecictaiy Plnminer announced tin
the veto stootl a tie J'J for Claik ami ! U fc
This annoinu'cinent w is the si.rnul for a
npiistng that toi a tew minutes bid fair t
enctuholm nnd ti.itnplu in tin' dust half
do/en lepoitots at the pn'ss table 'I nut
uas a wild tush tcnvaid Phininifr , and cm
ol "Piand , " "riiluf , " and "Vou ic a liar
wore roaied fioni all puts of the 1ml
Filends of Chirk gatlioretl around Plumm j
nnd tlio Tin nor men shook their ( Is
angiily at Plummcr , tlcnouncing Ini
in vehement and piofano toim
Finall } W T Scott , the Caiio editor , wl
\\as eot.spicuotisly ondctivoi ing to piotei
and dofentl Plnnimer , was sti nek in tlio fat
b } some one Tins was an insult that on ]
blood could uNcngu , and Sc'ott die
n to\ol\vr fiom Ins pi c.tet an
selcctet ) ilail Agent Ogilvii- , t
Columbus , O. , as his vl < tun. Muttci
w ei e now at a white heat Local rpei t.itoi
made a iiish foi the door and tumbled pj
moll clou n the stihs. In the me uitiin
Ogihie and h ilf a dti't'ii otheis Iwddt.uv
their lireaiinsand blootUhed hoemcd mini
nent , when a coloied police oltlccr luslied n
ami , with assist ii'ieo , s'imcd tl
Btruggling combatants into the il
rectors' loom in the icir , \\hi'io tin
InelTectively tried to "hoot ono nnotlie
Scott and Ogilvio weio placed under ai res
but the ollicer was pip\ailed 11)1011 ) to idea1
them. Chairman Slielton Ilnally dcelaii
Peter H. Clark , o Ohio , as the ptinmnu
incsiding ollhor of the confeience , whu
then adjoiiinctl amidst confusion until
o'clock to-mono w.
ij Cabins antl Ciilor It.irrols.
, July J5 An excursion froi
Paris , 111 , under the auspices of the John 1
Logan club , biought a delegation of aboi
ono thousand to call upon General Hiunsu
to day. Thu special tiain of sixteen coarlu
was deel.c I out with stieameis and
fiom one end to the other , while the coae
occupied b } the Tippoc.inoe veterans w.
decorated nt each corner and on either ei
with sheaves of iroldcn wheat , typical of tl
lives of the oiglily two velerins within Tl
fe.ituic of the train , however , was
flat car in the icar , onluch \ \ ,
mounted a log c.ibin. Abo\o tl
cabin , en a pole , was nttachnl a t hi
barrel , on uliic'i two coons di < poili'il thu
solves. Piotruding fiom the ic ir end of tl
cabin W.IK an ancient countiy an\il , whu
awoke the echoes along the i onto fi run 11
nois OwiiiR to the number of visito
it uas aiianged that Goiicial llani'-t
should iccoixo them at UuivtiMl.p.nK , ju
buomlthu business pieuiuts of the ed
St.Uo benator George 11 litiLuno , on bch.i
of the visitois , delivoietl a congiattilatoi
addit ss
dcncial Harrison teplied nt consul' '
able length , lefeintiK to the k
cuhin tl > ih ol the \\est , tl
marvellous giowth anil de\olopmt
of Illinois , and spt\ii ) ! in the highest piatse
the brilliant civil and nnlitaiy icionl ol ( ! r
oral John A. Logan , At the conclusion
the spt t cli making , the gencial pass -tl 01
hour in shaking hands antl making the ] u
sonal acquaintaniu of the veterans in t ]
delegation The members of tlio hdg
County Tippccamiu club were tendeietl
special icception tins aftirnoon b } thu ol
ct'ts and mcmbeis of thu Marion ( Joun
Tlpiccanoo club. Ovei two huiulicd mi
scvontv .veais of ago and upvvuids partu
paled in the galhei ing.
'J In * Minnosotn
&T PAIL , July ' > . The Ihst business I
fore the prohibition convention this inornii
was the platfoi in , which was adopted su
Ktantinlly as read. The democratic and r
publican parties are held Jointly responsili
for thu liquor crime. H declines that the a
nounced intention of the icpuhtican p.ut }
remove from tob leco anil intoxicating bcyi
ages the internal lovi'tiuo taxes , and mai
taming a high protective tariff upon nrticl
of necessity will result in cheap whisky ai
tobacco ami hiih priced clothing , which
opposed to tlio bust interests of the pcop :
Hugh Harrison , of Hunnepin e'ounty , w ,
nominated for governor by nc. Initiation. Tl
ticket was completed us follows : Sccretn
of state , Peter Thompson ; tl ( .usurer , Jot
H. Allen jattoiney ( juneral , Chailes U. Sh.i
non , _
llciihlican ] Coiuotition.
July 25 The republican sin
convention ussen.b'.cd ' to-day with Hei
Lewis Finch presiding ns temporary cha
iriun. Motions to appoint the usual eoi
inittccs vv oio adopted , after which the (0
vcntion took a recess ,
Tin ; Woalhur Indication .
Ilcbrr.sUa : Fnir weather , Btationary tci
pci aim c anil variable winds.
Iowa : F.i'i1 weather , pteivded Viy loc
rains , slightly warmer , followed Thursdi
nfglit b } bt.uionar } lempurntuio , tmd va
able winds ,
Dakota ! Fair wcnthcr , preceded by lee
rahu , slightly cooler , vanublo winds.
Another of the Ohlcngo Anarohlatlo
Conspirators Arrested.
Tito Prisoner Claims Ho Sold the Kx
ploslvo to a Nebraska I'nrtncr
and Not to the Im
prisoned 'Men.
Gnnsnillh Hcvlo Ijoclccd Up.
CnirAoo , Jul } 2.'i To day another of thfl
anarchists , who sought revenge upon the
rcpie"-entntlves of the law In the persons ol
Hontleld , Gar } and Giinnell , was attested.
A gunsmith named Kudolph Scvio was nr-
icstcd before da } llghl Ibis morning , and ls >
now behind the piison bars under bonds ot
$ , nOt > Ho Is chaiged with being the mail
who futnishe-d the dvnamlto to the eotispirn-
tois who Intended to assassinate- the three
law officers most piomlnenl In Iho Hay-
nmikut pio-tecution. Sevic nokuovvl-
ctlge-s that ho has been Illegally
dealing in d ) namltc , and ho
has sold over , fifty pounds of explosives to
v.uions persons within a } ear. Ho admits
having sold onl.\ ten pounds to Chicago ini ,
and asserts thai ho never Knew or cannot
remember who they vveie. Inspector Hon
tleld says he has proof that ton pounds. If not
inn re , went to Ilionuk , Clnipck and Chle
boun It is definitely known that Suvlo
bought on Mnv 'M fiom the Alnuiican
Powder compiny in Chicago twenty-
five pounds of dvtmmitc It Is ten
pounds of this pun huso that has
been traced to tbo tccently arrested
tlio of assassins Sevic claims thai ten
pounds of thu twentv live went to a fanner
In Ncbm-dcn. On the thltd of June ho pur
chased twenU live pounds mine , which ho
claims to have sold ton fanner in Mlnnenotti
but is unable to give his name or loc-nto him ,
Honlleld Is poillivo that Sevic was in
league with the iliuo dnamitein arrested a
few tins ago and mild them the explosives
with w Inch thev expected to destiny Judges
< ii iniicll and ( ! , nv. , Si \ Ic is a Molicnihin ,
twent.v eight } c us old and of Intelligent im-
pe-.naiiie Ho mulct stands and speaks but
little P.nglUh.
Inspottoi Honlleld hist night captuied sev
eral mfeinal machines They aio of zinc ,
four and a half or live inches in height , of
lindrie-al . shape and two anil a half Inches
in diameter. Inside of these cvlinders nro
olheis ol equal height and about an inch in
diameter. Thesu inside cylinders aio tilled
with tliiiimite , mill between them and the
outMile iovcling the- space Is Illli d with
hiiikun glass , had sings and bioken lion.
In the tops of the inside cvlinders fulminat
ing caps arc plated , with fuses attached , In-
"peitor Hnnllclil will not say whether or not
tin so machines weio found in Sevie-'s house.
Sev ic's 111 test was kept set tet until the
moment when ho was ari.ngned in court
this morning Meantime ho liiid been sub
jected to vigoious pumping by Inspector
lloiniclil. ' 1 he pioceodings In itiurl occu
pied but ti few minutes and consisted of
simplv putting the c.iso on record and fixing
the blind hc-avv entfugh to hold the gunsmith
and lontmnlng fuithcr piocccdmgs for u
week The grand jury altcadv impaneled
to take up thu case ol hovic s allived co con-
spnatois will long bcfoiu that time , Ills ex
pected , have indicted all conceined in Iho
diabolical plot.
Uhe police fti } that the discovery of the
bombs , which aio doubtless tno piodnclof
Sevic's h.uid woik , is an impoitnnl link In
the chain of evidence against Hionek.Chapolc
nnd Chleboun. ' 1 ho bombs were the inven
tion of Ihone-k , mil their maniifnctitio by a
prictical gunsmith goes fin In Mi sw the deep i
laid eonspiiniy 11 is Ihought b } Iho pohcu
th it mine of Ihesbomlis aio in exist
ence , as theio U no oilier piobablo Ihcorv lo
explain thu use of lurgo ( juaiililies of d.\na-
nnte handled by the Hoheiniaii gunsmith.
This afteinoun Sevic was catiicd wilh
Hionck , Clmpek antl Chleboun befoiotho
giand Jury , who immediately took up the '
ease. The pioceedings were ( .minded w'lth
the utmost Jealousy. The first half hour
was occupied by Inspector Honlleld In un
folding to llio Juiy the details of the con
In eouit to-day Inspector Honlleld np
pe.ued as prosecutor when Kudolph Scvio
was biought in The Inspector said ho was
the must dangeious ilyn.imiter In the city.
Honllclil gave a full history of Sovic , and on
his motion the case was continued ono week
in bonds of $ T,000.
"Tlietc Is i.o doubt of Scvie-'s connection.
With Ihe eonsimaturs , ' Honlleld sad nub- '
seipienlly "i'ho identity of * tlio dynamite
itself proves that Sovic is a filond nnd
countrvmaii of Hi onet , Chleboun and Cha-
pck. Tins comes pietty near establishing
bovh's count ction with thu plot Tlio bombs
liitulc fiom the dvniniite wcie of a dovillsli
p tttein , and one of them inlghl have killed
llltv nun '
liidieiineiils for conspiincy to commit mur
der were found by the giand jnrv today
agiiinst the loin anaiclnst consplratois. lu
the moining Captain Honllold was on Inntl
with the informer , 1'iank t hi-boun. Other
witnesses vveie pit-sent , but Chhbum was
the most impoitunt ono for the state. His
stoiv was a complete confession of the plot
and lie also told of the visits to Gilnnoll's '
and Gary s houses on July ! 1 and I. The
state has his confession In mil and It in ex
pected that Iho ovule wo agan st other con
spuators is so complete as to unit tint con
Opet.itlons Show u Km ther Ilcdno
tlon The Cron Outlook.
Ctsiivsxn , O , July 2.1 [ Sjiecl.d Tolo-
giam to Tin Hi r ] To moriow's Pi ice Cur-
icnl will say Pa-king oporilions have been
fuithcr roduc d the past week , the total for
western pa K ng being 110,1 U ) hogs , against
l.ri.OOJ Iho pie-ceding week , mil li < UOUO , the
loiicsponduirr time last } ear , fiom March 1
to date , } , ? M , ( 0) ) m/alnst 3-T > i.otn ) u jear ago
a diuieaio of 100,00) ) . The quality now
imuketctlhows some dolorku.itinn al sov-
cial points although Iho general avcrago Is
very giiotl ,
'Iho mogiusK of glowing ctops has gen
erally be-cn " .itisfactoiy , Jn limited nro.u in
the corn boll Ihcre is now more or loss need
of lain , but then-is no suffering as
ycl. and tins en p as a whole in maintaining
its high pinmiso. With a snllleiuiicy of
moistino and seasonable conditions other
wise for n few weeks the ciop may bo confi
dently expected lo equal Iho piodi clioti In
Ivl , or to exceed it The present outlook
appeals to bo for a ciop of about 1.150,000
bushels on a continuance of favoi.iblo condl-
tiins Tlio past week has developed nothing
unfavorable to the progress of the Hpring
wheat crop , and its sttilUK may bo said to bo
unchanged , ns a whole. Of the vv Inter wheat
crop liltlo can bo said nt this Jtiiutino in ad
dition to what has piccoded , ns wo have no
evidence of an outcome other than the pio-
vious calculation suggested.
Ivcs Sued Kor n HoHi-d Hill.
CisrisvAii July 23. ! } . jN Kotii , ol thtt
St Nicholas hotel , sued Henry S Ivos to
day for a I o.ud bill of f 00 incut red in 1SS7.
Ives sat > thai the bill tdionld bo picscntcd lo
thu Cincinnati , Haml'.trm & Dayton railroad.
1 his afternoon Alhei I Ncttor brought suit
against Ives and bt.incr for JrSO.oOO. which
ho dnims Is duo him on a sjlo to them of
$250000 of Cincinnati , Hamilton &Iatoa )
stock. i
Killed hy u llnrso'ri Kick. /
CiiKrKN.sKVyo. . , July 21 - [ Sper-ial'i'dc
gram to TUB Hi nOn ] Sunday kst Kltnotf * *
Dean , n jouni ; man cmplocd al the Post
Poicheion HOI-BO association ranch , vvas
klcKcd by n stallion. Ills Injuries resulted
in death. Dean's family rcsld'-s In Kurgan ,
vheio his remains will bo sent .
Colonel StovcrtNoti Dead.
NBW Yoitt. , July 23-Colonel Jp.mts
Htovinsoii , of the United Slules ( jeologic
burvuy , ( Jivd to-day.