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Tlio interim ! revenue collections
yesterday mnmmtoc ! to 31I,140.0.
Tlio cqimll/utlon board lowered tlio
nBsofesinunt of thu I'axton hotel front
$ (15,04X1 ( to tflXXI ( , and of the Murray
from MO.OOO to ftW.OIX ) .
Judge Shields IssntHl 0110 lone mar-
rltttfo HeoiiFO yoHtorday. Tlio parties
were Edward Ktickor , njjcd thirty , and
Miss Minnie Myei'd , aged twenty-two ,
both of Omaha.
The statement that Messrs. WiffRiiiB
nnd Ltoclu ) would en a e in u political
di.Mc'iisisInn before the members of the
Seventh ward republican ulub is wren .
Tlio participants in the dibctibslon will
be Mr. Mahoney , suporliiteirtlont of the
poor farm , and Mr. 1 * . .1. ( Jualey.
I'orsonal I'nriiurnjiliH.
Mr. Louis Uurkc , of N'uith Pliittc , Is In the
city. *
Mr. Thomas Wolfe , of Uavld City , is ntthc
Mr. L. Horruin of Talmadgc , is at the
Mr. W. C. Ferguson of Atlantic , la , Is n
Windsor guest.
Mr. und Mrs. II. M. Eberling , of Stanton ,
nro Mlllard guests ,
I Mr. J. 13. SUudan , of Malvci n , la. , was In
the city icstci day.
Mr. nnd Mri. W. C. Strolim , of Ueatiice ,
pro nt the I'axton ,
Mr. J. IX ICllpatrick and family , of Heat-
rice , arc I'axton guests.
Mr. Will Smith , United States inaishal
for ArUona , Is nt the Windsor ,
Colonel W. I . Hepburn , of Clarimln , In ,
was an Omaha visitor i ustci d ly.
Messrs.V O. Henry and John Harsley , of
Palnnoiint , wore In the city yesterduy ,
Mr. J. H. Waving , U. S. A. , arrived last
evening with his family , and they ate ston
ing at thu I'axton ,
Mrs. C. M. Stuhhins and Mrs. H. L , Good
rich , wives of Fremont business men , were
In Omaha yesterday.
Mr. Edgar C. Sn.vder , of the Es-celsior ,
will leave Saturday for an extended cmstutn
trip. Ho will make a long stay in und about
New York City , and may icmain pcrnrt-
Mrs. Howe , of the county clerk's ofllcc ,
was taught in the net of swe.u Inir the other
day. She did it oftleially , however , and
Coroner Urr-xol was a party to the act. It
was Mrs. Iloue's first offense.
AVill Doubtless Die.
Mrs. N. C. Nelson , the lady who fell from
the second story of the boarding house at
Seventh ami LcaVoawortli streets , on Tues
day night , is la u vury precauous eondition
and will doubtless die.
Tlio N'cw HrldtTf.
Work on the base of the pier in the center
of the river Is nearly completed and in per
haps four weeks the second sp.m will bo put
In. That portion of the stmcturo already
fcompleted is receiving a of paint.
An Olllccr Arrcslril.
Robert F. Williams caused the arrest of
Ofllcor Hmchey yesterday on the elmrgo of
assault and battery. He claims Hint Hinehcy
iiccdlessly struck him a time or two nnd ho
intends to make him buffer for it. Put was
granted a continuance until to day.
Councilman Ford's Ilm-glar.
The residence of Councilman Ford was
visited Wednesday by burglnr who walked
off with a couple ot gold watches , ono of
which belonged to the father , and the other
to his son. 150th tiekeis weio valued ill about
$200. _
Horse Tliicf'
Ed. Hall was convicted yesterday In the
police court of stealing a horse from Willimii
Fleming and was put under SOO bonds to an
swer to that charge before the district court.
Ho had attempted to soil the hoiso for ; * " ,
and this led to Urn suspicion that the steed
was stolen and caused his subsequent arrest.
A 1'lckpoekct Hound Over.
O Ed Sampson , the pickpocket who lifted a
purse from Mrs. Charles H. Dewcy's pocket
yesterday afternoon , plead guilty to the
charge in the police court and gnvo as his
excuse that ho was needy. Ho was put un-
r dcr ? , iOO bonds to appear oofore the dis
trict court.
Attacked by n Vicious Poj * .
A little son of Mrs. H. II. Hough , residing
at the corner of Howard and Thirteenth
streets , was attacked yesterday by a vi-
ciousdo- , ' and badly bitten. The little fel
low's lower Up was almost torn off , nlid the
brute's fangs made acouploof ragged wounds
inhlschcok. Ofllcor Hinchoy w.\s \ called aud
promptly dlsuatehed the dog.
The Pnlr Premiums.
Thp Omaha Fair and Exposition associa
tion Is sending out its fourth annual pre
mium list for the fair which is to bo hold
commencing September ! J and conllnuliiK to
the bth Inclusive. The list contains about
ouahundred pages and shows that premiums
amounting to 0,000 will bo given. The fair
will bo open to tlio world. Copies of the
baok may bo Imd from the secretary , J. II ,
McShano , in this city.
Tlio Sale Kecordcd.
. A bill of sale was tiled with the county
clerk yesterday , conveying Louis KosetuumVs
interest in the furniture , and llxtures of his
hotel , restaurant and saloon at IGia Farnam
street. The consideration la $ . ' 1,000 and Oscar
Manger , to whom the property is ronvoved ,
assumes two mortgages. One is for $1,000 ,
given to Frederick King March 1H , 16 7. The
other Is for f.l.IJO ( , giveii to JosephineFrock -
man October 'J8 , 18s7. The bill of sale is
dated Mny 1 , isss , mid Manger has been In
possession since then.
Son of tliofit President.
Mr. Russell H. Harrison , of Helena , Mon
tana , Is In the city , homeward bound. IIo
attended the Chicago convention , where ho
BUW his Illustrious fatlior nominated for pies-
idout. Mr. Harrison called at THE line of
fice ycstcrdav , and presented this paper
with u splcmiid lithograph poi trait of Gen
eral Hoivjamtn Harrison , executed on satin ,
.pronouncing It a perfect like'ncss. Ho , nat
\irally enough , expresses himself coiitldent of
thu election of the icpuhlicnn nominee , but
nskod that his views bo not quoted. IIo
leaves to-day for Helena.
Important Deeds.
A quit-claim deed was llled for record yes
terday by the Omaha & Grant Smelting and
Retlnlng company to the property where thu
Garter Whlto Load company's works are lo
cated to that firm. There about three
acrestf ground Included In the tract.
, The OmaliH & Grant Smelting nnd Holla
ing company have also deeded a number of
. lots on lower Twentieth street to George
Thlllcr. The mondy consideration was
3 ,850.
Tlio Carter White Lead company also
deeded somu parts of lots on Twentieth
street near their works to Georuu 1'hlller.
.Tuo consideration was $7,000.
All O\er u Towel.
Sarah Hunuctt , tlie comely courtesan ac-
\ cvised by her landlady , Airs. Hurlclgh , of
< ' stealing some clothes from her , was given a
tflal by jury in the police court yesterday.
The only article found in Sarah's trunk that
belonged to Mrs. Uurlctgh was an old towel ,
and this , Sarah claimed , must have ac
cidentally got in while sue was hurriedly
packing her trunk. The prosecuting attor
ney torgot to pioVo that the af
fair occurred in Omiilm anil also
failed to prove that the article
\tekeii was of any value. The Jury returned
with u vcniict of "not guilty. " As the pros-
rtfcutlon was very evidently prompted by
' Bpltc , the costs of the suit were thrown upon
Mrs. Uurk'lg h , the prosecuting witness.
Indignant llnttcra.
There is a war thrcatencif among the city
hatters. Sometime since all the distinctive
dealers in chapcaux M'ucd an agreement to
close their establishments at 7 o\'lock
during the uionthi of July uiul Augus } ,
Hid for n time the cgrocmeiit was
religiously adhered to. 'Hut rcc'ontly
the store of Mr , Hudson , In the Millard -
lard , has liecii kept open after thu pie-
scribed hour , und the test of the hatters nro
Doing the can-can net In great slmpu. It Is
only proper to iidd , however , Unit this broach
Of the agreement Is belnir made by u elerk ,
Air. Hudson bimsoll being ubscnt from the
Those wlfo take Dr. Jones' Heu Clover
Tonic ilovui1 bavu dyspcpsl.v , costiveness -
ness , bad breath , piles , pimples aj'iio
and malaria , poor appetite , low bplrits ,
headaehu or kidney troubles. 1'riee 50
co ills. Goodman.
Dr. MeOrow , kidney , Rectal , it | ) i'lv-
atcdi-ea cd. Kooin 1 : ! , Liuahm in block
Smolcu Soidenber'rt ( , Figure and pet
the best-o-eent ci ur in thu world. Ahix
Mover & Co. , wholesale depot.
Tlio UNION PACIFIC , the famous
route to and from tliu I'aoillo Coast.
A Clillil l < cavcH lloinn to 13scni e it
Hinlo'ri linorlunllt" | ( < .
Henry Stork , of Tekamah , Hurt ceiinty ,
Neb , who was last weeit one of the most
wretched men in the state , ami almost heart
broken , is now again happy in the possession
of hisdaughter , Hllcn , whom ho thought was
lost for all time , nnd a luined iming woman
Mr. Stork inserted n personal something like
tlio following in Tnc IJiu : n little over a
week ago' "I311on Josephine Stork ran iiwny
from her home , Juno itf , nt Tokamab , Neb. ,
about noon , and the last seen of her was
at Hlair , Neb" After describing her
cothing to the minutest detail the following
description wrs given of the girl herself nnd
the reward offered : She is live feet live
Inches high and well built ; has dark auburn
hair and done up , at the time she left , in a
twist upon the top of head , combed down on
forehead nnd laid in four or live loupj ;
largo dink brown intelligent c\jos ,
clear cut features , dark complexion , nearly
fifteen years old , but would bo taken for
eighteen. Her parents know not why she
loft , and any inform ition to the undersigned
will no gludli received bv a heiutbroken
mother. A$100 reward will bo given for her
return to her parents. If this should meet
the eyes of our daughter ICllen , will she
come homo or let us know where she Is (
Your mothei's oheait Is nearly biokcn ,
Como homo. Henry Stork , Tokamah , Hurt
county , Neb.
Nothing was hoard ns the icsult of the
above advertisement and the diligent search
of the fond father until Monday ,
when the welcome news came
that , the daughter was found nnd was
well and happy. The joyful news camofiom
Hod Oak , Iowa. Mr. Stork i cached that city
Monday evening and found his daughter.
Tuesday he addressed the following letter to
Tin : Uic :
ItiniOiK , la , July 10. To the Editor of
Tut : OMAiivMlrn Sir : Hy the assistance
of the largo cnculation of your paper I
hnvo found my daughter , Ellen Josephine
J. S. Cook , an ofllcor of Hod Oak , Iowa ,
after reading the notice in Tin : OMn v HII : ,
an I with the assistance of one Georiru
Kunlon , a hotel man of lied Oak , discovered
the whereabouts of my daughter. She was
working for a rospi-ctnblu nnd esteemed
farmer by tlio name of J. H. Taylor , two
miles uest of Hod Oak. I llnd my daughter
well nnd in coed hands , my worst fears not
b.'iug realized , and will start homo July II
with her. l'er yours most ui atelully ,
Ilnvm SroiiK.
Mr. gtoik arrived in this city Wednesday ,
now on ills way homo with his daughter. She
is a stout , plain looking German gitl , nnd
from all appearance ( tiiito intelligei.t. She
would bo taken by the casual observer to be
twenty , \ cars old , although her father asserts i
positively that she is not yet fifteen. /
Ti.e reason she gave her father for leaving '
home was to save her life. This led to further
investigation and the child woman told her
father that Chailes Smelt/or had made in
decent pioposnls to her , bad attempted to
carry out his vile desiics bv violence ,
and when she threatened to tell her
patents lie swore to tier that if she ever told
of his advances to her ho would hill her.
Smellier is a man who has been working on
Stork's farm and living in his family since a
year ago hist October. Hois about twenty-
two years old and is a widower. Ho is a
Stout robust man nnd a good farm hand , and
o all outward appearances was very
friendly with the childien in tlie Stork
family. Ho had been in the family since the
younr girl , bis would-be victim , was n mere
child and her parents never dreamed of any
such actloua on his part toward the girl. She
ntuted to her father that his threats upon
her life wore so positive that she was afraid
to remain about the name house with him ,
oven though she did not relieve her mind of
the burden that was upon it und for her own
personal safety und for her life she concluded
to leave homo while ho was thoi o.
Mr. Stork loft for Toknmah Wednesday in
the company of his daughter. Ho was hor-
rilled when ho heard her story and learned
for the lirst time that the man whom ho has
befriended for almost two years would thus
attempt to ruin his family In this brutal and
degraded manner. He stated before leaving
that ho would swear out a war
rant for Smeltzer * arrest on the
charge of assault with Intent to commit rape.
Ho will spate no money to have the wretch
punished to the fullest , extent of the law.
Popular Excursion to San Francisco ,
Los Angeles and other points in Cali
fornia tire run over the UNION PA
The- UNION PACIFIC waa iir.-t called
the Great Overland Kouto.
II. II. AViinanll and Ills Paramour
Klcoini ; from u Deserted Husband.
Almost a year auo an nttractivo-looking
young man by the name of H. II. Wnndell
came to this city , and after being In the em
ploy of W. G. Albright & Co. for some time
was located at Albright as their agent. Ho
introduced Into Albright and South Omaha
society a pretty voung woman whom lie called
Mrs. Wnndell. During the tray winter season
they were among the leaders , and as Mr.
Wandell's ' salary was a very generous one ,
they wore able to entertain n great deal
themselves , and gave several very pleasant
paities. It is needless to sav that their at
tractive and congenial manners won
for them man } ' friends and their sudden dis
appearance last Saturday has caused a great
commotion in the land. On that day Mr.
Wnndoll announced to his friends that ho
had to leave and go to ChoAcnno on some
special business. He took his ( iwifo" with
him on tlio trip. The next day two strangers
appeared at Albright and made Inquiries for
Ajr. Wnndoll. They were told that lie and
his wife had loft the evening before for Chey
enne and would not return for some days.
The men imido it known-that they were from
Illinois nnd thai one of them wns
the husband of the woman Wnndoll had been
living with and the other was a constable
who had the tKipors in his posses
sion for Wumlell'u arrest. As ROOH
as the strangcis learned that the
couple had gone west they also made that
part.of the country the object of their search"
The lovers heard , however , that they were
being followed and to their friends In Che.v-
enno they gave it out that they wcra leaving
that city to go io Denver. Instead bf going
to Denver tnoy returned to Omaha , and
within thu past few days Wundoll has packed
his household effects at Albright , and with
his bird has down , while the ical husband is
urobably searching the boarding houses of
Denver for the wlfo of Ills bosom. The hus
band did not glyo up his name , , but stated
that his wlfo had lofthlin to go with Wr.u lell ,
nnd that over since that ,111110 he lias
been looking for tier nnd 'was not 'able
to loeitto her until a few days ago. Ho will
probably return to thjs city the last'of this
week and take u .m.\v start In his mad
search. The las-t heard of Wandell was that
ho was going to Norfolk , where ho formerly
lived. Albright says that with the exception
of some Inaccuracies there , is nothing wrong
with Wandoll's accounts.
The UNION PACIFIC ls.\hq \ oillv
rend runaiinsr through the fnmo'us Af-
jiine Tuniiul , 11GU ( ) level.
The Manitoba KloutlimV
WiN'NU'EO , July 12. The provincial elec
tions jesterday resulted in a signal victory
for the government. TJiq entirp provlncq
has been swept fiom eini to end. Out ( if
thirty-eight scats thlrty-fjvo have btefl heard
As many of our patrons eagerly look forward to our annual summer
clearing-sale of Boys' and Children's Clothing , we take especial pleas
ure in stating that the great bargains toffered for this sale eclipse all our
former efforts. An unsurpassed opportunity is offered this week to
economical parents , as we have made an effective cut in all the light
weight clothing for boys and children , and extraordinary bargains will
be found in this department.
Children's Sailor Suits , in several shade's of flannel , at half price.
Children's Jersey Suits , in different styles , plain and fancy trimmed , at
half price.
Children's very fine all wool Cassimere Suits , made up very stylish , at
Children's very fine all wool Cheviot Suits , in beautiful patterns and ele
gantly made , at $2.75.
Children's Knee Pants , in all colors , fancy Cassimeres , strong and well
made , at 25c , 35c , 50c and 6Oc a pair. Less than one-half what you
would have to pay in other houses for like qualities.
Corresponding reductions in prices of Long Pant Suits for Boys from IO
years upwards. The rush for our
Ts sufficient pioof Hint our Flninu'l mid Dress Sliirh Undenvnar. Hosiery , Ncckwcnr , Collars and CuiTs
nro sold far below the prices of otlu-r house * . \Vc luivo just opened a line of gcii'iinc Fieneh Extra Fine Flan
nel Shirts sillc striped ulid others of the most beautiful pattern1 * , and elegantly made up. Thrse Shirts are in
firoat demand now , as they are very light and pleasant to wear and particularly well ahiptcd for hot weather ;
Having bought these goods greatly below the cost of the manufacturing , wo are enabled to oiler them at one-
half the price which other fir it-class house ? charge for like qualities.
In our Hat department , wo oiler a lot of best Summer Helmets , at 50c , and thin , airy Cloth Crushers in dif
ferent slia-les - at b.'i ie price. The&e are the lightest and coolest hats for the summer.
One price. Plain Figures.
Cor. i4th and Douglas Streets , Omaha.
During July and August our store closes at 7 p.m. Saturday at 10 p. m.
Any summer suit on our tables will be sold next Saturday for $9.05. We have got four
tables left of summnr suits , not one of them worth less than § 115.00 , and many of them worth
$20.00 and $25.00. You have this one more chance at them. They will positively be the
last day we will ofTor them at this price to make a clearance sale , and then put in our winter
stock. Don't miss this opportunity. Ask those that got suits of us at our last sale. They
will tell you of the great bonanza.
Positively Open Every Evening. Positively Closed on Snnday.
Southwe st Corner 15th and Douglas Sts.
from , twenty-seven of which are for the ROV-
eminent and three for the opposition. The
verdict in Winnipeg was u rousing one for
provincial rights.
Absolutely Pure.
Tills poder novcr varies. A marvel of put Ity ,
streiiitthand ttholoiotuoue" ! ) Moio tuiiioiito
than the ordtnar ) kinds , und cuniiot be bold In
compttlt'ou ttlth the inultltudo of 1 > wcst shoit
v t'lulit alum or phosphate i > odei s Until niilii In
enntt. PottiituCo. , 1U1alltt. . ,
New Voik ,
Wcbtciu Aceutt for Chlckerlnfr , ICnabo. Voso
uml llanr llros. Vlnnos ; Story iClurk
Moaning I'lanos and ( irgiun hut little used
which will bqold this \ < cifc nt the following
ieilUQcd prices uml terms :
Down Mnnuil'l '
1 Kimbo Square , test 5C ,
UVJ . . . _ . . . . . fci-.00 J15.00
toil WfiO , ior't&iU ; ooo 1000
1 llrailhiiry S < iuare | cost $100 ,
tor Jr-0 10.00
11.1 * . Hnlo Sutiare , cost tlTJ. '
forU > 15.00 . 10.00
1 Stodtlnrd Smiure , t-tl't ,
f r * 1W 10,03 6.W
1 lluierscn Siuin\ | 8 ] > lriullil
baiualn , cost t-VW , for * A ) , 10.0) 6.00
1 Iliillelt DIIVI.S iiuato
( iuuul , cost Hiii , for iiV. . S5.0/
l.Marbliull Wemlel Upright
co-it Wt" ' * 4500 10.W
1 WluiKc I'lirlght , cost
for Htv- ' ' no : ( ) . ; 10.00
1 Klmb-ill Oigrtui'Voot'
for ' 10.00- ; 3.00
1 IMey Organ , 'cost tlWtPV ,
10.00 3.00
13la < ! oh' & " HiiiRltYi ' 'Organ ,
cost f-SlO , for * < 3 . . „ , . . . ' 10.W CkOO
Confo early ami take jour pick , llrlng this
d.itli ) 021 to nvold mistakes.
Corner lltl\ancl Furnniu Hts.
\Vill buy one of
our nobby Spring
Suits , in Worsted
fine Cassimere , or
, . _ _ Scotch Scheviotsin
/'fc B _ all the popular col-
I W ' " U ors arl < ' stv'es ' < ea' '
i H | B bargains that cannot
V H H fail to be appreciat-
l9 Eled by the discerning
1H Bd We arc aware that
( /PR Inexpensive goods
* b" " "
" "are largely adver
tised this season , but
all of them cannot !
stand the test of !
close inspection.Wc |
ask our customers i
to examine our stock , and thus , t-atisfy
themselves of its quality and our vti-
lnn \ < ri > Mms
rpHE SCIENCK OK LirB , the
great .Medical Wurlc ot the
nggon Maahood , Nervoua imrt
riislcnl DtlillUy , 1'rcmnfuro
Decline , Errors of Ymith.aiiA
tliountolil mlscrlcicontfiiuenr
thereon , Cud jiigcg 8vo , US
primerli > tIons for nil dlscjuci.
CloUl , full gilt , only $1.0) , to1
mall , Be.ilctl. Illiutrath o uniplu free to all younn
onil middle .tE l men. Scndn < nv. The Gold ami
Jen ellvd Medal a ariled to the nlithor by the Ns-
tlnnal Medical , Asfbclatloii. AdJrcts 1 ! . 0. box
1893 , Horton.JIaiui. , or Dr. W. ir. 1'AIUCKV , grtid
uatenf Hanard JIcdlcnlCoUeici5 > -utri.'iiractlcu
In Hoston , lie may tin coukuUed conlldcutlally
SjicclalI ) , Diseases of lUui Ofllce No. 4 L'ulflucQ it.
21.820,3 0
Tansill's ' Punch Cigars
were shipped during the puat
two years , without a ( Irinn-
inerm our employ. Nootlitr
hnuso in the orld can truth *
fully icakpeucu a showing- .
One nuout ( dealer ouly )
wanted In ouch ton n.
W.TANSILL & CO.,55 State St.Chlcaao.
"ilrU Aqi5cic.i rm nentcur
pnD n ll V
rim MrN UN Y f" ' ° t or railing
iUll IIILI1 UllLJr
weakneis , unnnturul loaifs , lack of'ctrcnelb. '
vJtror or development , rausaa by lnclltcretloor
excuses , etc. ValunUt > * t utitlicalntSitf.
Die ?
Health is WeaKli !
Dit , K. 0. WrST'n NFUVB AND nnxtj *
MENT , a Bmirnnteetl iixSclllc for Hysteria , Dizzi
ness , Convulsions , Kits , Nervous Neuralsln ,
tf eaaache. Nervous Prostration , mused by the
use of alcohol or tobacco , Watchfulness , Mutual
Depression , Softening ot the Drain , resulting In
Inaaiiltv , anil leading to misery , decay nuit
death , Premature Old Age , Itariennees , Loss of
Power In cither neac. Involuntary Losses and
Bpcnnatorhd-a caused by over-exertion of tlio
brain , self-abuse or over-Indulgence. Knch box
contains one month's treatment. $1.00 a box , or
six boxes for V 00 , sent by mull prepaid on re
ceipt of price.
Tp cure any case. With each order received by
ns for six boxes , accompanied with 15.00 , no
nlll send the purchaser our vrltten guarantee
to refund the money If the treatment docs not
effect a euro Guarantees leaned only by C. F.
GOODMAN , nrnirelst , Solo Aseut , JUO 1'arnam
btrcet. Oraana. Neh
"Tlio Overland Itoulc. "
Has bo arranged its Fiiinily Sloontn
Car t-orvici ) , that berths cun now bo reserved
served upon application by any tiekot
agent to M. J. OreovyPassenger Agent ,
Courieil lihilTs , Iowa. The reservations
when made are turned over to the train
conductors taking out such earn , so that
passengers can now secure berths or
dered , the fiaino as a Pullman berth is
reserved ami secured.
J. K. TUIWIVfS , Ut. . LOMAX ,
Gun. P. i. T. Agent. Ass't Q. 1' . A T. A
O.MAI1A , NDl ) .
I'ald Up Capital . . . . , $250,000
Surplus . H0,000
H. "W. VATB * . Prebldent.
li\sin : S. llia.l ) , Vlcu President.
A. K. 'loiWUN.-'ml VUel'icsldent.
W 11 S , II un n us , Castile
11. W. VATI ! . LEWIS S. Km o ,
Corner 1-th and I'nrnnm Sts.
A ( lenerul llatiklne HusJiic siTruusacted
GOLD MEDAL PARIS. pxrosiTiotf isw ,
Noo. 3O3-4O4-I70-CO4.
N. W. Cor. 13th and Dodge Sts , Omaha , Neb ,
sjsSw SFgB * . "
t : " SaiSg *
CAUTION llPMlunlnc | ) "rson , tnlclni : nclvnntnKp of our reputation ,
nro constantly stnrtini ; IIOCIIH medical cHtntilislimcntH to dpcplvo
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few works. Hownri * of thorn or tholr runner * or n pnts. Tlio Omnlin nnd Surilunl Institute IM tlio only CHtnlillHlioil tnoillual Inwtl-
ttito in Otnnlin , Dr. McMonntuy , I'rnprlotnr , When yon ninko tip your
mind to visit ttx , nmkc 11 memorandum of onr exact ntldreHM. mid tinm
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Physician anil in
Surgeon Charge
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Assisted by a Number of CompelGiil , SKillfiil anil Exjoricncsl Physicians and Surgeons
PaHicular Attention paid to Deformities DNenscs of Women , lUspn of the Urinary
anil Sexnnl Orpins I'rhnto Diseases J Kea > > es of tlie > cnons Saturn ,
Lnii } ; ami Throat , Surgical Operations Knilqisi or
1'ils , I'ilcs Cancers Tumors , Ktc.
More money itnestcd , inoiehkilllu pinMuatis'aiul buigcons employed ; more patients
treated ; more cures ellected , inoic modern improved instalments , apparatus and appli
ances than can be found in all othci infirmaries , institutes or di-pensarios in the ucst
combined. Largest nnd most complete Medical Institute 01 liosjital in the west. Fitly
newly furnished , well s\ai mid and \cntilated rooms for patients , three skilled physiciaiir
always in thu building. All kinds ol diseases ticaled in- the most bcientillc manner.
Supporters , Electrical latteriesXind ) can supply physicians or patients any appliance ,
remedy or instrument known. Call and consult us , or write for circulars upon all btib-
jectb , with list of questions for patients to answer. Thousands treated successfully by
correspondence. We have superior advantages and facilities for treating diseases , per
forming surgical operations and nursing patients , which combined with our acknowl
edged abi ity , experience , icsponsibility and reputation , should make thq Omaha Medical
and Surgical Institute the lint choice.
The Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute is conducted upon strict business and
scientific principles , and patients here receive every advantage tl-at ait , skill , science and
human ingenuity , can bring to bear on their eases. Their comfort and convenience will
always be taken into consideration.
Should } on conclude to visit us for tieatmcnt or correspond with us , you will find
that these statements ol our position , location and facilities aie nol oveidiawn in any
particular , but : re plain unvarnished facts.
Only Eeliable Medical Institute Making a Specialty of
All Blood Diseases successfully treated. Syphilitic Poison rcmoxcd from the byslcin
\\itlioutmercnry. New tcotorativu treatment for loss of Vital Power , Persons unable
to visitus may Le treated at home by Correspondence. All coinir.iinications confidential
Medicines or instalments sent by mail or express , securely packed , no maiks to indicate
contents or tender. One personal interview prefei red. Call and consult us or tend his
tory of jour ca e , and we will send in plain wrapper , our
Upon Private , Special or Nervous DUuascs , Impotenu ) , Syphilis , Gleet and Vaiicocclc ,
willi question list
My Reasons for Writing a Book linen Private , Special and Nervous Diseases ,
I have for many years- made a specialty of diseases of the urinary and sexual organs ,
have become a recognised authority upon the cuhjcct , consequently 1 rccei\e an imincnte
number of letters from physicians and allhctcd persons , asking my opinion and advice
upon individual cases. I'or the benefit of such pcrt-ons , I have wiittcn a book , giving a
general description of the most common diseases and conditions , my treatment , success ,
advice , etc. After leading it , persons will have a clearer idea of their condition andean
write me inorcintiOligcntly and to the point It will therefore be seen that our object in
writing these pages is not to furnish reading matter to a class 01 persons who out of
mere idle curiosity , but for the benefit of the many who are suffering to a greater or less
degree from diseases , or the effects of disease ; , or abuses , of the sexual or urinary organs.
Not a day passes hut we recmc many calls or letters from persons mffei ing from this
dla s of disenses , or their sequel. Man } of them are ignorant of the cause of thedifiicultr
that has wrecked their constitutions , thrown a cloud over their bright plospccts and u
shortening thcii dajs.
. .
Smgical operations lor tlie cure of Mare Up , Club Feet , Tuinorb , Cancers , Fistuln ,
Cataract , StrabiMiius ( Cross Kyes ; Vnricocele , Inveited Nails , Wens and Deformities
of the Human Uody peiformed In the most scientific manner ,
We ticat Chronic Diseases of the Lungs , Heart , Head , Blood , Skin , Scalp , Stomach ,
Liver , Kidneys , Bladder , Nerves , Bones , etc , as Paralysis , Epilepsy ( Kits ) , Scrofula
Bright's DUtase , Tape Worm , Ulcers or Fever SOICB , Dyspepsia or Gastritis , Baldness
Ec/eina , etc.
Tientecl carefully , skillfully anil scientifically by the latest find most approved
McMenatny has for years devoted a large portion of his time to the study and treatment
ol this class of diseases , and hat- spared neither time nor money to perfect himself , and .is
fully supplied uitli every instrument , appliance and remedy of value in this department
of Medicine and Surgery.
We claim superiority o\er any oculist or aurist in the west , and the thousands \\lioin
We 1mecured , after olhers have tailedsubstantiate our claims. To those afll ctcd with
Eye and Ear DUcaecs , we simply say call and consult us , get a scientific opinion , then
visit -whom } ou like , and if you are an intelligent person jou will return to us ( or treatment -
ment and cure. . . .
Our book , descrihinx the Eye and Ear and their diseases , In plain language with
numerous illustrations , are written for the benefit of patients and nhysicians who vriltc
us in regard to cases ; by reading them carefully jilnsician and patient will have a clear
understamliiii : and can describe cisce to us more mielligently. WRITE FOR BOOK
Addrcst all letter * to
DR , J. W , McMENAMY , N. W , Cor , | 3lb& Dodge Sts , , Omaha , N 3
JLJJLf rrrflilMlf Bin * HBl4 tf i4'l/fc / ifci M
. . P. * y"
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