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    ' $ ? f * ' > fWlPl"f JF
S ,
p ,
August 1st
Will Oflor Numerous
In every department.
In our Gent's Furnishing De
partment we will offer 25 dozen
ofMother's ' Friend Waists
At 59c ,
These are the same Waists that
other houses ask $1.OO and $1.25
We have all sizes In Men's black
"Sanitary" HalfHoso , warranted
not to discolor the feet or clothing.
Fancy Striped
Balbriggan Shirts &
50C ,
These are n recent purchase by
our Eastern representative and
psually retail for $2.OO a suit.
We offer them for one week at
BOc a garment.
- Look at our display of Gent's
furnishing Goods In our East
window and see what you can
buy for BOc.
These are made of good quality
pf Muslin , and bound with
/'Cash's" / trimming. Other houses
Hsk $1.OO for this same night
Bhirt ; our price is only 69c.
It IB Sent to Governor Thayer "With
An Explanation.
( Tlio Insult to Old Soldiers Said to
Have llccn Unintentional on
tlio 1'nrt of Those Who
Owned tlio Fine.
ItW'J ' P Sruiir : , V
LINIOI.N. July 7. J
The flag that caused such u hurrah at Me-
Cook on the evening of July 3 , which was
suspended from the Citizens' bank and the
Famous clothing house , of that city , ut the
time evoking such cries as "Shoot It down ! "
"Tear the rng down ! " was received by ex-
liress by Governor Thaycr to-day , without
explanation or comment other than the in
scription on the reverse side of the tag that
mnrlcod the Hag's destination : "Fiom Jacob
bteinmctz. "
The Hag in question , pronounced the stars
nnd bars ut McCook , and which is biiid
to have set old soldiers and loyal
ritbcns theio wild with excitement , is somo-
wliut like an old rebel Hag In design. H i-f
made of three stiipcs of red. white and blue
cloth , about two feet In width und perhaps
sixteen feet in length. In the upper right
liuiid corner Is set n squnropiece of red cloth ,
Imprinted on which is an eagle und a few
regulation stats , nnd attached to this is a
Bimill Hug of stars and stripes. Hut national
colors only wore used.
The Hag remained suspended from the
buildings stated about twenty minutes , when
it was torn down , the excitement there hav
ing grown so intense that It was un-
pafo to let it remain longer.
Btolmnct/ , receiver of public mon
eys ut the United Stutes hind olllco , und Po-
llco Judge O'Donnoll stretched the rope Hint
suspended the rug. It is alleged to huvo
lieen a dliectsluput tholovets of the na
tional ting , imd us such wns promptly ro-
penieil ,
Since the forego'ng wns written Governor
Q'hayer received n letter from Mr. Stcinnitz
explaining the circumstances from his prem
ises. Ho Rtiys that he Improvised tire Hug
because ho could not get the stars und
Ktiipi's , of suitable sue , without too great ex
pense , nnd that his patriotism might show
forth with equal zest with thu rest of his fel
low citizens on the Fouith the Hug
f - In question was hastily made and unfurled.
Ilu asked the governor to wnto him , for
| > ubl'inn , In his opinion whether or not the
the thing in nny way resembled the old
rebel slurs una bars , Governor Thaycr
pould not conceive why he should aid in set
I tling the mutter or why thu Hug .should have
been sent him ul ull und will pay no utlen-
tion whatever to the letter.
IL One is forcibly reminded by this Incident
that the loyul noith will not stand mijth'iig '
tiiat looks like the old rebel Hag
L V v living from mast or house top on
the great day of the nation's
birth , or for that mutter at any other time.
While Stcinmetz had probably no intention of
] > ievoking the .vrath of h' ' old neighbors and
11 lends , the symbol ho ' V ) to show fvrth
lus patiiotlbui wus pot /ecptiiK with good
Judgment. U Is ha' yiiut thtt citizens of
hlcl'ook have been -frei'Ating u petition
iirajlng tbulGrovcr Cleveland nliu'l cause
his icmovul from his position , und this is
probably < ho reason that ho sought Governor
U'havor'b statement that the rug und old red
Ininduna ho unfollcd wus not dUloyul to thu
fct irs und stripes.
A Niiniioiut : : coxTEMri.vrrn.
In conversation \\ith Stute Superintendent
Lune- this morning , ho said :
' Our oflirr woi K IIMV is utmost entirely
routi 10. I have been cnu-UM'd in settling
trivial disputes over school matters for thu
| w.kt fo-.v days in almost every part of tlio
fttato. This duty i crowing soicewhat irk-
votiiu. and county superintendents ought to
b : < unlit to settle these muddles , or for thai
matter Hut board of director * of tlo various
MC VT yirri/
The Most Successful Sale of
Box Robes
Ever Inaugurated in
Will be our price on every box
robe , All are handsomely em
broideredand made offineSwiss ,
Batiste , Chambray and Scotch
Ginghams. Each robe contains
1O yards of plain material and
9 yards of fine embroidery. Re
member , Monday , and for one
week , at
Nainsook Plaids ,
Plain and Broken
Monday morning we offer BOOO
yards of this 12c quality of Nain
seek Plaid. At this price , 0Jcwo
will only sell 12 yards to each
customer1 , and none to dealers.
To close out a surplus stock of
BO pieces of above white goods ,
which has retailed readily at SOc
and 38c ; we offer the lot without
reserve at 2Oc a yard. Sale com
mences Monday morning and
lasts one week.
school districts , without the aid of the state
depaitment. Hut it seems Ihat the
school laws covering minor questions
nro too obscure. For instance , com
plaint is mndo that n party has been elected
to the oftlco of school director who can
neither read nor write the English language ,
when , perhaps , the major portion of the resi
dents of the school district are intelligent ,
native born citi/ens. The pertinent question
arising is , is hucb u party eligible to the of-
llcol Complaints are continuous that district
tieasurcis arc paying off bonds , whereas
such payment ought to bo muuo by the
county treasurer. Divers other questions
more or less complicated are constantly re
ceived that the school laws ought to clearly
dell no. Now , I propose to prepare extensive
notes , explanatory of the school laws of the
state , covering all these technical questions
and have thorn become a part of the school
laws prepared for the general use of district
boards. "
The Swedish Evangelical Lutheran church
petitioned Judge Field this morning in the
district couit , praying that a second mort
gage of WOO bo placed on their property , lots
and M , In block ' .IT , to raise money to build n
parsonage to cost jiOl ) . The trustees were
N. Cl. Plerson , rims. Oiibtafson , Andrew An
derson , O. J. Olson and P. A SJogson. The
petition was considered nnd granted.
David Smith prajs that the marital bonds
uniting him to Maggie Smith may bo sev
ered. The petition recited that the couple
were married in this state in IsirO ; that his
wifein wunton disregard of their marital
relations and rights , on or about
the I'.lth of lust September , ut or near Syru
cuso , Otoo county , committed adultery with
one ( icorgo Ueasly , and for this nnd divers
other reasons the plaintiff has ceased to live
with his wife , who has left the state , and
prays for perfect freedom.
Asa H. Jones seeks separation from her
husband , William W. Jones , because of kicks
and cuffs nnd violent tibttso. She recites
that her husband has an ungovernable tem
per , addresses her with vile nnd upprobrous
cplthct-s , thus making her homo u hell on
earth , nnd asks that the mailtul bonds bind
ing them , one unto the other , bo forever dis-
The petitions In thcso cases wore ull filed
with the clerk of the district court this morn
Charles McMillan , \\orkman in the U , &
M. car shops , is the Hist victim of the p.x-
trcmo heat of the summer In Lincoln. While
utwork yesterday during the forenoon ho
yielded to the temptation und drunk immod
erately of lee wuter , und was taken violently
lently sick nt noon , just after ho had ratou
his dinner. The action of the water caused
contraction of the stomach. The circulation
was rcttaded , blood clot followed , and death
relieved him from his sufferings ubout 7
o'clock p. m. Ho resided at No. 23i3 O
street , nnd the funeral will take place from
his residence lit 3 o'clocn to-niorroxv after
CITY xiw8 : Avn NOTES.
Governor Thayer i oturncd from his visit
to Cincinnati , O , , this morning over the
Chicago , Hurhugton \ Quiucy railway. Ho
states that the homeward journey was un
comfortably warm , but that the cheerful as
surances for republican victory In Novem
ber , everywhere manifest , mudo the trip
feomcwhat bearable.
M. L. Hrown , president of the Kurokn
coal company , DCS Moincs. la. , accompanied
by his \\ifo , are in the city to attend tno
funeral of William J. Altken , Mrs Hrown'n
brother , which occurred ut 2.UO o'clock this
Vho body of W. F. W.eokloy , the U. & M.
brukcnmn , drowned In Oak crock yesterday ,
wns iccovcred nt 5 o'clock In the evening.
The coroner's jury found u verdict of
uccidcntal drowning. The body was shipped
to La Platte , near Omahn. where the young
man's parents reside , for burial to day.
Kailroud employes and ollleluls of this city
ure said to bo very rnucli chngrincd over the
uctiou of the board of tran i > ortuUon in re
ducing distance tuutts on freights. They
claim that thu reduction will bo ruinous to
the business of railway companies through
out tbo state. Hut this cry has been so
frequent whenever such action lwi been
talked or contemplated that tlio wail fails to
produce any wry great sympathy. Indeed ,
the feeling here is that a commencement has
been inado that will eventually result favor
ably for the shippernnd producer
The Lancaster county republican central
S ,
P ,
Fine Jersey
and Lace Milts
250 a Pair ,
Come In black and assorted
shades of tans , and niadoof finest
quality of silk. Note the price ,
only 25c a pair.
Embroid'd ' Jersey Mitts
Finest Lace Skills ,
500 a Pair.
Those are the balance of a man
ufacturers stock which wo closed
out at a discount of 88 1-3 per
cent off original cost. Shades
black and selected tan shades ;
pricedurlng this sale SOc a pair.
Black and Tan Lace ,
and Embroidered
All Mitts , Lace and Jersey that
we have sold from $1. and up
wards have been marked down
for this sale to 7Bc a pair.
Mail Orders Filled
Sole Agents for Butterick's Pat
committee mot yostorduy afternoon uml fixed
the llth day of August as tUo tune for hold
ing the primary elections , unit tin Kith , at 'J
o'clock i > . 111. , as the date for holding the
county convention. The ropicsontation was
based upon the vote cast for Hun. Samuel
Maxwell for ussociute Justice of the supreme
court , ono delegate ueing ultcniato forevoi.y
twenty votes cast for him.
John S. MeNair left to-day for Battle
Cieek , Mich. , to accept u position as chief
engineer on a road now under construction
from thatpomt. MeNair leaves friends ,
who wbh him well m lin new Held of labor.
Windmills For Kloctrio lighting.
Some time ago the inedibilities
of windmills for domestic electric
lighting were mentioned in scioneo ,
und lately the experiment has
boon prnetieully tried. Prof. lilyth
rend before- the Glasgow Philosophical
society a paper on the .subject , in which
he describes an experiment which ho
made last summer. the lighting of a
cottage in which ho spent his vacation
by a dynamo driven by a windmill , and
charging u btorage battery. The wind
mill used was an old-fashioned type ,
with four arms at right angles to oaoh
other , each of them thirteen feet long.
Tliero was no especial regulating de
vice. The d.\namo was belted directly
to the lly-wheel of the inill.andchargeit
twelve cells of .storage which supplied
the inde-cont lumiM in the cottage.
Prof. IJlylh had never u ed more limn
ton lainpat once , but ho could have
iiied more. With a good breeze , enough
electricity could bo stored in
half a day to supply light for four
evenings of three or four hours uneh.
The lamps u cd were of h-cundlo power.
When charging , the current passed
through a cut-out that would discon
nect thorn from the dynamo when it
ran below a certain speed ; BO the wind
mill couid bo allowed to run all the
time , charging the butlory when the
wind happened to bo htro'ng enough.
The current had boon used to run a
light turning lathe , and Prof. Bl.\th
had begun to nmlco a light carriage'
1)0 run by the stored electricity. The
paper opens to us a Held for ingenuity ,
comfort , and amusement in our home.- , .
Windmills much superior to that described -
scribed can bo readIv ! purchased , a
small dynamo can be bought or built at
little coat , and storage-batteries can bo
purchased or inudu. With them wo
could light our house economically ; our
light would bo bolter , cooler , and
healthier than gas or coal oil lamps ;
wlnlo the current could bo utilized for
running fans , sowing machines , etc.
Indeed , to the average American , with
some spare time and some small in
genuity , thoamusomontand instruction
of sucli a plant would moro than puv
for its expense- .
Tlio Dreamed Shook * .
1 have never soon published any ac
count of the effect of a dream respecting
the taking of an electric shock , says 11
correspondent. The following 1 be
lie vo to lw authentic , as it happened tome
mo :
Ono day , three yours ago , I had oc
casion to "monkey" with a Wrush ma
nipulator for charging btoruiu ; battery.
The charging current from
u sixty-Hvo-
hght Hrush dynamo of at > 00 volts , was
"on , " and 1 stood in mud soaking
through my shoes. I touched a bare
spot and sat down with considerable
force , my arm Hying out seemingly witli
Infinite power , uluioat dislocating it.
During tno following night J dreamt
that 1 had taken a oliouk , and the olfect
upon my muscles waa exactly the namu ,
my arm Hying out , and my room-mate
rocoivlng a blow which was-stated to bo
vnry uncomfortable , und the jar from
vhich luvukono'l uie.
P ,
Embroidr'd Caps
At 150.
All of those Caps have sold from
2Bc to 8Bo each during the season ;
now offered at IBc each.
All of the Caps we offer at this
price have sold heretofore at from
89c to BOc. Come early as our
quantity is limited.
Ladies' Traveling
Those Hand Satchels are made
of Seal , Alligdtor , and other fancy
leathers. Not one has sold under
$2.OO , wh'ilo ' many have sold as
high as $3.00. We have placed
them on a separate table opposite
Notion Department , and marked
them all at 93c each.
Agents for Butterick's Patterns.
The Pleasures of Wooded Doll and
Shady Grove.
Where Society People arc Passing Uie
Summer and How the Ones at
Homo ai-o Amiislnj ;
1'lcnlc at llaiiscom Park.
Yesterday afternoon and evening the cool
retreats of Hnnscoin purk echoed with the
merriment of about one hundred and llfty of
Omaha's leading society people who sought
in this delightful resort a brief respite from
the burning heat , llammoclts nnd swings bi
lbo score were put up and constantly kept In
borvieo , A huy afternoon delightfully passed
was clowned with a picnic supper about C
o clocir. In the evening a line orchestra m-
spned by the beauty of the syhan iptieat ,
tendered some of its best , an.i dancing which
commenced ubout U o'clock was continued
until ubout midnight.
Dance at Pi-ycko lirot.
The various persons In PeyekeUros. ' mam
moth establishment are eminently u boeial
lot of people , fiom the genial boss , Julius , to
the boy who sweeps out the establishment.
Pleased with the great success of the dnnco
given n couple of weeks ago , another hop
was given on Tuesday evening , which was
in every way far ahead of the llrst dance
given. Over 200 persons wcio present , und
u snlendid time was enjoyed. The paitv was
given in honor of the twenty-second birth
day of Mr. H. W. Dyuall , foreman of the
candy department , and was u complete
surprise to him. In the midst of the
festivities this popular gentleman was
called into the middle of the lloor und before
ho knew what was up ho found Mr. ( JoeU
making a very happy presentation speech
and handing him an elegant gold handled
silk umbrella us u token of the uvard of the
workmen in his ilmrgc. Mr. D.vball was
atitonished , but managed to express his pro
found gratitude. The Jollillcution then con
tinued until about } o'clock u. m. Kxeollont
lorreshmeiits wore served whenever the
guests felt so disposed.
Tlio Kourlli ut Avery Park.
A party of young people from tins city
celebrated the Fourth of July ut Mr. Avery's
purk near Council Hluffs. Tim party loft the
city nt ' .I n m , IivAvery leading the march.
The lovely grpumls were beautifully deco
rated. The gqntlemcn repaired to the lawn ,
where they engaged in u game of ball , while
the Indies arranged the various refreshments
which were partaken of at 1 p , m. The pro
grammeuis then opened by the reading of
the declaration of .independence by thu Kev.
Mr. Forbes. Tins was followed with u song
by the glee club , The pieniceM then retired
to vunous parts of the grounds , where hum-
moi ks and swings wore erected About 5 p.
m. luncheon was bcrvcd , with ull tlio delica
cies of the hcason. The day wus closed with
races , which were vorj interesting , especially
tlio ladies' race , which elicited great laugh-
turo und uppluuse. The three purges were
won hi tlio Misses Anna Cruig , HoaoTujlor
and Anna Hiixhold.
Picniu ut Paildonk'H Orovo.
A pleasant putty of } oung people under
the direction of Mrs. Harm < y loft (1. A.
HoaglUnd's ruoidcuco Wednesday morning
at the early hour of 0 o'clock for Paddock's
( jrovu , bomo ten miles outside the city
Stepnun&on's bix-in-luuid was the moue of
conveyance. The Uuy was spent in a ritto
luuinumunt uml various other sports. At
uoon with well whutted appetites the party
sat down to u most toothsome luncheon
served picnio stylo. The paitiripators in the
dulfghtful ovpnt were the 'Mofcsrs. Will
Crary , Will IXunc , Hustin , Smith. Seuvor ,
Coshllu , Patrick , W. L. Mel'tguu.
Has bound neck
and finished bottom
tom , sleeveless ;
comes In Ecru on
ly. Marked spec-
ally for this sale
at 08c each.
BalMggan Vests
Lace finished , nock and bottom
sleeves , satin facing and pearl
buttons , a regular $1.OO Vest for
BO dozen black silk plated Hose
a quality that has sold for $1.28 ;
during this sale our price will be
only 78c a pair.
These are extra length , come in
modes , drabs , and tans and of
fered during this sale at 3Bc a
pair , or 3 pairs for $1.OO.
Special sale all during the week
of Ladies' Parasols at prices re
gardless of cost.
The Misses Dowe.\ , Orchard , Williams , Hal-
combo , Ida Dixon , Yost , Laura Hoaglaud
and MM. IJarnoj.
1'iof. Fu.IickV Concert.
Prof. Fred Selliclc's concert on Tuesday
evening last , in aid of the choir fund of the
Westminster Presbyterian church , drew a
largo audience of music-loving people. The
programme , which was semi-classical , waa
an excellent one , Mrs. Sales Atwntor's rendi
tion of Mulders' "Staccato-Polka , " delighted
the uudicnco. Mr. W.V. . Howloy sang with
great taste Hotoli's "Cry of Jovo. " Miss
.lulia Nowcombc'.s nnd Mr. II. McLaity's
elocutionary cJTojtb charmed the audience ,
nml were deserving of the heaity encores
which wore responded to. The church
quartette , consisting of Messrs. Atwater
and Norns. Mrs. Atwater and Miss New-
combo , assisted by n chorus of ehildien ,
sang several numbers , and their rich harmony
added greatly to the '
mony evening's enter
tainment. The instrumental music was very
Hue. Mibs Flora Com sen , who played Ley-
bach's "Fantasle" Ua most promising young
pianist Prof Sclllck plaved .selections from
Mendelssohn's oratorio of "Athalio , " and dis
played his ability by his perfect rendering of
Mnndclssolm's "Duetto , " one of his beauti
ful "ttoiigs without words. " The ovoning'ti
entortuiiimont wns most appropriately
brought to a close by the singing of the
national hymn , the audience heartily Joining
in the singing. _
Tin : nioycllHlft Visit lllnlr.
13y special invitation twenty-llvo members
of the Omahn Wheel club visited IJlair on
the Fourth of July , bud u splendid time und
added grcatlj to the succes of the celebration
at that burg. Two of the prizes offered were
won by Frank Mitt uuer , while Guy Mead
and Frank Clarke each carried oft' a trophy.
The following wore the members of tin ) club
who took i > art : E. H , Smith , Ed. Lytlo , O.
W. and T. P. Cramer , Hart Uook , Guy Mcud ,
Harry MoCormiek , .liimcs Joseph ! , O. O.
Francisco , W. II. Koonlg , F. S. StellingV. .
( 'ooinbo , William Kuiorson , Walt Morris ,
Frank Mittauor , Kd. Howmun , F. Ficoinan ,
II. H. Rhodes , G. 11. DIcU , W. F. Crcary ,
Frank Clai ho and Perry Itadollct.
Mr. Mttlcllulil'.s Tally- lid Party.
The tally bo uui ty given by Mr. Louis Lit-
tlclleld assisted by MM , Chailoy Stephens ,
in honor of Miss Minnie Kline , of Kansas
City , wan one of the events of the Fourth
commanding general attention , being ( juito
nn imposing spuUuflo , rrsplenduut In cm-
blcumtio decoration us well as youth and
beauty of the occupants. The party con
sisted of Mesdames Li ko and Stephens , the
Misse-t Shipiiun , Klin ) , Lawrence , Nettie
and Mug/io McKay , Luke , Jones und Luke ;
the Messrs. Pickons , Jones , Mckay , Craig.
Clark Dunmori , Patterson , Howard und
Nelson. After u pleasant drive ubout the
city the party headed for Tort Omaha ,
where an elegant lunch was served.
Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Soliijsolin , 510 South
Twcnti second street , gave n pleasant party
at their homo Thursday evening In honor of
the engagement of their son Fred to Miss
Overmior , of Kansas City. Music , games
und sociul con verso wore the lending feuturos
of the delightful ocuulun. Among thosu
present were : Messrs S J. Fisher , Julius
Meier , ts. Obcrfelder , M. Oberfelder , Simeon
Bloom , S Kindskops , Khrlicn , Lund , Misses
Pauline und ( ! umo Goldsmith , Tiltio New-
limn , Hluncho llelimun , Annie und Minnie
Rolhschilds , Tillio htinuehill. Cora Hcndit ,
Chiru Rindhkop , Ehihur Jacjbs , Mrs. S. W.
Kindbkops , una uthurn
I'ulnterri' .
Sign Society.
The Sign Painters' Social association ,
which numbers among its ran Us u niiinbcr of
men of line artistic taste ? , who haudtc the
brush as deftly on the canvas UH on tin sign
board , have Hold their last session for this
season. Next fall they intend to lit up n
suite of rooms as elegant as nn > club rooms
In tlio city , und Bparo nothing to make their
sociul guthering.s In every wa > u nucccss.
At prc-ient Andruw Elton is acting presi
dent , G. F. ' Uhlmun , seu'Ctaiy , und A. O.
Rogncr , sergoant-at-arms.
SHss Dolitn'a Uirtlidny Party.
Miss Lulu Doluu , daughter o ( MaJor.Hall ,
S ,
SCRIM , 5c.
0OOO yni'ds colored nnd ecru
Scrim will be on solo Monday ,
nnd for one week nt Be n ynrd.
Lace Curtains ,
These come oxtrn length , tnped
edges , nnd selected patterns , n
rare bargain at$1.2B n pair.
Door Curtains
These are a lot of odd pairs ,
marked at this great sacrifice in
price to close the lot previous to
taking inventory of stock. Re
member the price , only $2.7C a
Remnants Furniture Covering.
Remnants of Silk.
Remnants of Plushes.
Remnants of Madras.
Remnants of Scrim. For one
week at absolutely
gave a birthdaj patty lo u number of her
young lady friends on last Saturday. It WKS
strictly u feminine affair and the girls declare -
clare they hud n delightful time Those
Picsent were- Misses Nettin Thompson ,
Mabel Taylor , Marj'uiet Hiown , Murgnict
Cook , Julia Yutes , Jennie More , Helen
Smith , May Hums , Murgniet Hull , Nellie
Nuib , May Yntes , Nina Marshall , Minnie
Doyle , He.ssic HulettnndGcorgioMucdonald
Kdnculional Society II. ill.
Masonic hall was ublaro with lis-ht nnd
resonant with music luU evening , nnd ,
despilo lite warm weather , dancing was most
pleasantly indulged in. The event wus n
ball given by the Workitigmou's International
Educational society , nnd was well attended.
Everything in connection with the occasion
was of the highest order. The music was
exceptionally line , and the supper excellent.
The ntr.tir netted n neat litllu sum for the
sociely. _
Pnrtv at Annu Vllln.
The Misses Alice und Currio Howcll gave
n dollghllul paity Thursday evening In
honor of Miss Stella MeL'urty , of Baltimore.
The uflalr was given ut Annu Villa , near the
coiner of South Thirty-seventh snd Ccntro
streets , the beautilul homo of Samuel J.
Howcll. A largo number of friends of the
young hostesses were present und were do-
lichtcd with the charming young lady fiom
Tom Pollcr's plcasanl homo on Sherman
avenue was ilin scene of u pleasant moon-
llghl picnic Wednesday evening. A platform
was erected for dancing , and neurlv one
hundred of Mr. Potter's friends Joined in the
evening's pleasures.
Matrimonial Market.
Oil Tuesday morning ut 10 o'clock , Miss
Irene Harris , ono of Omaha's most popular
school teacher1 * , was married to Rov. W. L.
lirown , of Hlulr. Rov. A. W. Luniur ofllcl-
uted in his usual quiet und easy innnnor. In
the evening the newly wedded pair Blurted
cast on their wedding trip.
General Gossip.
Major Wilson Is ut Spliil Luko.
Miss Eva Mason is ul Wall lake.
C. F. Goodman has left for Kutopo.
II. P , Lewis will summer In Hoston.
D J. A. Hoyd hns returned from the cast.
C. T. Taylor has returned from Colorado.
QGeorge 10. Pntchott is in Jamestown , N.Y.
Mrs. Hhfas leaves for her Eutopcun trip to
C. F. Goodman has loft for u trip to Eu
rope.H. W. Patrick has ictuincd from Now
D. Sopor and wlfo left for Chicago on
Dr. Dohcrty has Joined his family lit Col-
fax Springs ,
Mrs. C , W. Cochran has returned from
Springlleld , In.
James P. English and Rev. J , R , English
are in Wisconsin.
John I. Rcdick und family left for Los An
geles on Friduv.
County Clerk Kocho has boon spending the
past week in Clinton , lu.
Colonel W. F. Sapn und his son Will huvo
returned from New York
S. R. Johnsou and wife have gene to San
Pram isco for the summer.
Mia. W J. Whitchouse , of Norlh Loup , is
vi.sitmg old fricndn in the city.
Mr E. H. Scott , Mrs , C. H. Scott and Miss
Kiltie have gene to Colorado ,
Mrs Dr. Parncll has gene to Clifton
Springs , N. Y. , for the summer.
Howard Kennedy , Jr. , U at homo for the
summer from William's college.
The MUaes Tina and JIuttio McSuauo left
last evening for Garfleld Hoach.
A. D. Bratrdels nnd Miss F. Hraudoisloft
Thursday for Ihe Allantio coast ,
Mrs. Lyinun Richardson and daughter
have ROUB cast to pass tho'sumtncr. '
Mrs. D. T. Mount und Mrs. Dunham have
returned from their visit in the cast.
MM. Gcorgo A. Hoagland will sojourn dur
ing Lot weather at MutikatoMluu. .
iMorse&Co :
A lot of odd Suits that wo have
sold from $8 OO to $7.0O ; wo now
offer at $0 7O each.
Wo have O special styles which
wo will sell next weak at $1O.
These are all handsomely om-
broldorod White Suits.
Those are without question the
handsomest Suits in the city and
can only bo found at our estab
/0 / A l\/TDTTP \ / CTTTTO
lAMMll Slllb
To close out our balance of
CambricSuits on hand which wo
have sold atSB. and $ O ; wo offer
selection at$3. < * O.
$1 and $1.50
For this week we have two ex
ceptional bargains in Ladies Dres *
sing Sacques.
Made up with Lawn or Cambria
tucked front , embroidery on neck
and sleeves. The cheapest Sacqua
for $1. in the city.
Also made of Cambric or Lawn
tucked front and beautiful em
broidery on neck and sleeves. A
bargain at $1.8O.
W 1 ? Uucllsh will spend the next four
weeks at the cool lakes of Wisconsin.
Mis , A L. Uobinson of Maryland is the
guest of her sliter , Mrs. C. A. Hlngcr.
rjM's T A. Mepenth will pass the next
month with friends of Crete and DeWItt.
Mrs. L. II ICurty left Friduv evening for
Chicago , where she will visit for n weelc.
Miss Lulu Monro of Nebraska Citv is vis
iting Miss Lulu HallenUnc , 10IS Webster.
John Patrick has retuined from Ynlo college -
lego , where he graduated about four weeks
ago.Mrs. . Lymnn Richardson and Miss nicn-
nrdson have left for the cast to pass the sum
Governor Manning and wife , of Denver ,
are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. D. . J. Rock
The family of Rov. A. W. Lunmr hnvo loft
for Tckaniah where they will pass thu heutcJ.
Jules Lombard , ono of the famous quar
tette of campaign singers , was In the city
Colonel Champion Chase delivered the
Fourth of July address at Champion , Chasa
Mrs. K. C. MeShuno and children have
left lor Huffulo to puss the rciiiuinder of the
J. F. Harton hns returned from HurllnRton ,
Vt. , whither ho wus called by the Illness of
his father.
Senator Mandcrsnn nnd wiforeturned from
Crete Thursday , and loft for Washington the
following day.
A. S. Ktiger loft Tuesday evening for the
White mountains where ho will pass the
month of July.
Mrs. Jacob Williams nnd family uro upend
ing tbo summer in Chicago near the siiudcs
of Lincoln park.
Superintendent James of the city schools
has left with his family for California for a
month s vacation.
Tom Cushing Is homo from Fordhain , N ,
Y. . where ho has been attending St. John's
college the past year.
Humphrey Moynihan and wlfo returned
Tuesday morning from n three weeks' visit
with old fi lends In Chicago ,
The JioVt Deun Gardner has recovered
fiom his severe Illnchs to again resume his
duties at Trinity cathedral this morning ,
The Rov. Willard Scott loft Monday for
New York , wlicro ho has since sol sail for
Scotland. Ho will bo absent ubout three
Mrs. Cynthia Needhnm 1ms returned from
her iwo months' visit. She \\us accompanied
by her sister , who will spend the summer
with her.
Kd nnd Otto Mauror loft on Wednesday
evening to visit their parents ut the old homo
in Germany. They set sail from Now York
Isaac Knhn nnd hli bride , nftcr having
spent a month on their -wedding lour , Imvo
rolurnod U ) Omuhu , where they will make.
their future homo ,
J. T. Cowio , chief buyer for N. 13. Fal
coner , accompanied by Mrs. Cowle , is taking
a vacation ut Urand Island. Mr. und Mrs.
Cowlo will bo absent nboul ten days.
Mrs. H. J. Pcnfold , Mm Kinmu Godoman
and Musters Guy , Ray und Leo Pcnfold have
gene for u two months' "outing" on the
shores of Luke ICrio and Lake Clmtitauquu ,
Mr. II G Clark has inovod to his now rci-
Idciico ul Florence , wliero ho will make his
homo In the future , but will still continue In
business in Omuhu. Mr. Clark is taking the
initiative stop that is bound to glow popular
with well to do cituenb as the city increases
in biic.
A Cj ulonu in Indiana.
Cine too , July 7. A destructive wind
struck the town of Kdwuulhbnrg. hid. , late
last night , creating snd havoc throughout the
village. The wind wus tcrrillo , carrying
uway many houses. There is not n business
house in thu place- but thai is damaged to amore
moro or lo s extent , and the town is almost a
complete wreck. A largo und huudsoma
hotel that had just been completed und bad
not yet been furnished was moved llttocn
feet from its foundation und completely
wrecked. Soverul dwelling ! ! were unroofed
and u number of burns dastruyuJ. No ouv
injured us far a known.