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Qoncrnl Harrison Promises to Bo
the Republican Standard Doaror.
Xo the OlUclnl Message Conveyed to
llliu nt lilt Home in Indian-
J apolls by the Notification.
4 , Notified.
July 4. The notification
committee representing the late republican
cDnvcntlon to day ofllelally Informed General
Harrison of his nomination. The committee
met In the parlors of the' Deimon hotel nt 10
a. m. Hon. M. M. Estco , of California , wan
made chairman , and A. H. Potter , of New
Jersey , vice chairman. At 10I0 : ! the mctiH
bers of the committee , escorted by the local
committee , took carriages nnd were driven
to General Harrison's residence , where they
\ > cre received by Russell Harrison and Cap
tain M. G. McLanc. The member * of the
committee wcro escorted late the band-
Homely decorated parlor and were seated in
n semicircle. At 12 o'clock General and Mrs.
Harrison , accompanied b.v Mrs. J. N. Huston
and Mrs. Johu C. New , entered the parlor
nnd took a position facing the committee.
General Harrison looked pale nnd care *
worn , hl > expression being one of deep seri
Chairman Estco stepped forward and said :
"General Harrison , wo are commissioned by
the national republican convention to
ofllelally notify you of your nomination us
the republican candidate for president of t he
United States. In doing this wo may bo
permitted to remind you that your selection
met the hearty apprt val of the whole con
vention. It left no embittered feeling tor
lukewarm supporters , and Its action voiced
the average and best Judgment of the con
vention. Nor was your nomination duo to
accident or the result of hasty or inconsider
ate deliberation. It Indicated that you pos
sessed In n most eminent degree these pecu
liar qualities wL'lch commended you to the
people's favor. In the hour of our country's
peril you cheerfully accepted an humble
position In the army , went whore your coun
try most fieedcJ you , and by long and faith'
ful service rose to higher commands am !
resumed graver responsibilities. Elected to
the United States senate , your enlightened
and conservative statesmanship commanded
the respect and inspired the confidence of the
American platform adopted by the American
people. The convention marks out with
clearness and precision the creed of the
patty. "
After a moment's silence General Harrison
replied as follows :
"Mr. Chairman and gentlemen of the com-
mittco : The official notice which you have
brought of the nomination conferred upon
me excites emotions of profound thought and
of somewhat conflicting character. That
nftcr lull deliberation and free consultation
the representatives of the republican patty
the United States should hnvo concluded
that the great principles enunciated in the
platform adopted by the convention could bo
in some ine.ihuro safely confided to my c.iro
is nu honor of which I urn deeply
sensible , nnd for which 1 am very
grateful. I do not assume or believe that
this choice Implies that the convention found
in me any prominent Illness or exceptional
fidelity to the principles of the government
to 'Inch wo mo mutually pledged. Mysat-
isfiu with the icstilt would bo altogether
spoiled If that result had been reached by
any unwoi thy met hods or by the disparage
ment of more eminent men who divided with
mo the suffrages of the convention. 1 accept
the nomination with so deep a sense of the
dignity ot tlio olllco and of the gravity of its
duties and responsibility as to altogether exclude -
cludo any feeling of exultation or pnue. The
principles of the government and the prac
tices In the administration upon which the
issues aic now fortunately so clearly made ,
nro so important in their relations to
national and to individual ptospenty , that
wo mav cxDcct an unusual popular
interest In the campaign. Rolling wholly
Uliou the considerate Judgment of our fellow
i citizens mid gracious favors of God wo will
confidently submit our cause to the abitra-
ment of a free ballot.
"Tho day you liavo chosen for this visit
suggests no thoughts that nro nut in harmony
with the occasion. The icpubliean pai ty has
walked in the light of the Declination of In
dependence. It has lifted tlio shaft of pa
triotism on the foundation laid ill
Hunker Hill. It has made the more
P"rfcct union by making all men
free. Washington and Lincoln , Yorktown
and Apponmttox , thu Declaration of Inde
pendence and thu prolmniitlon of emancipa
tion are naturall.s and worthily associated in
our thoughts IT day. As ' eon as
uia.y bo possible. I shell by letter comuwinl-
r.ito to > our chairman a mete formal accept
ance of the nomination Hut it may but bo
proper to say that 1 have already ex.uulned
t/o platform with some care , and that its
declarations are in harmony with my views.
It gives me pleasure , gentlemen , to receive
you in my homo and to thank jou for the cor
dial manner in which you have conveyed
your oflieinl message. "
Long and hearty applatiso re-echoed
through the house as Gen. Harrison con
cluded his address , and , reach
ing forth , ho cordially grasp.-il the
extended hand of Chairman Kstoo , who
then presented him with an olllcinl copy of
his notification. The formalities of the oc
casion having concluded General Harrison
Instantly became the genial host , while
Chairman Estco , nctinj ; as master or ceremo
nies , intioduced each member of tno co-n-
mittee. General Harrison then iniltcd tlio
committee to pai take of an elegant lunch
which had been spread in tlio Bpatioua din
ing room adjoining the library.
ri ' The committee go east te-nleht and will
meet in Now York on Saturday , for the pur
pose of making ariangcments to notdy Hon.
Luvl I1. Morton of his nomination us vice
\vnsTnitx INTKHKSTS.
A Coiihlderauly Hediiocd Output Oiir-
iiiKtliu Past We lc Crnpf.
CiMiss'A'ii , O. , July 4. [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tni ; IJr.B.j The 1'rico Current to
morrow will say : There has been considera
ble reduction In p.icking operations in the
west the past week , the totnl number of ho/s
handled being ll > UKX ( > , against lS-'iK)0 ( ) the
preceding week and 1(50,000 ( for the corresponding
spending time last \car , making n toUil oi
2,1 > ; & , GOO since March 1 , compared with .V.isV
Ot 0 a year ago. For thu month of Juno the
totnl packhig was about S'JO.OOO ' hogs , against
1)10,000 ) last year. During July last year the
totul pac'.fing wuBWO ( , < HH)0r70 ) | > er 3iit com
pared witti Juno. It is not likely that Una
number will bo exceeded this month.
Corn Is doing well In nearly or quite all
poitionsof the west.
Spting wheat is being favored and without
unusual draw backs in thu future crop iiuy
icach piopot lions exceeding last year. Win
ter wheat is now being harvested in southoiii
Ohio and Indian Territory. It is not un
likely that the results nm\ show n better ag
gregate than could reasonably have been ex
pected on the outlook u month ago.
Sherldiin Improving.
riit.K\\AiiK ) HnikKW.vriu : , July 4. General
Sheridan's physicians Issued the following
In lletiii ntllu. m i The symptoms of pul
monary congestion have rapidly subsided.
General Shorldan'ti condition U decidedly
better than utter un.v previous ntUick. There
is no threatening of heart failure.
Killed on CliuTr.iclc.
ST. Josui-ir , Mo. , July -4. [ Special Tele
gram to Tut : HUB. ] An old innn named Tom
Call , a deaf mute , was killed today by u Chicago
cage , Kansas & Nebraska railway trnh
1 near Wathena , ICan. , west of this citv. . He
was walking along thu truck. His faimlj
fit ' > uctir SuYuuuah , Mo ,
' i
o -
Fonnally Opened hy Governor Kora-
kcr nnd tlio .Machinery Started ,
CiNu.vjmi , July 4. The streets wcro
nllvo with strangers this afternoon. At 0
o'clock the gates of the exposition were
thrown open. At 11 o'clock the formal
Opening exercises bbjmtt nt Music hall. The
stage was filled with the May festival cho-
rous and Cincinnati orchestra. The entrance
of Governor Torakor , Governor Thajer of
Nebraska. Governor Gray of Indiana , Gov
ernor Heaver of Pennsylvania , with their
brilliant staffs , nnd Hon. John Sherman and
Hon. Hcnjamin Huttcrworth , was a. signal
for Hearty applause. An eloquent prayer
wns offered b.v Rov. George P. Thayor.
Governor Foraker made the welcoming
address. Ho begun by nnnilmr the irovornors
and others who were present upon the plat
form. When ho named the last on the list ,
'that ' Illustrious son of Onto. Senator Shcr-
imn , " there was a tempest of applause
vhich bid fair to interrupt the proceedings.
Governor Forakor made the point that this
Deposition was national in its churiutcr , in-
cmlcd to bo illustrative and commemorative
f the progress of Ohio nnd the central
states in the past century. It was but a few
ulnutes of 12 o'clock and President Allison
nnounccd that they would wait for the
Ignal from Mrs. Polk tostarttho machinery.
Suddenly a gong in the ball sounded. A
ripple of npplauno answered the signal , nnd
Governor Forahcr explained to the audience
' .hat the gong hud been sounded b.v elec-
rlclty touched by the finger of Mrs. polk at
tier home in Nashville. Then the little ten-
car-old daughter of President .lames Alli-
on , stepped to the side of the stimc , and ,
ircssing nn cloctrlo button , gave twelve slg-
ials on the gong , nnd put In
notion tlio ponderous machinery of the
xposltlon. President Allison then formally
leclared the exposition open. After this
irief addresses were made by the gentlemen
lamed , Governors Tlmyer , Gray mid Heaver ,
Lieutenant Governor Ur.vnn , Hon. Hcnjamin
Duttcrworlh and lion John Sherman , and
ho ceremonies wcro ended. The great pa-
ado started promptly at 2PO : and moved
vithout serious delay over a six milo route.
t required two hours to pass a given point
, nd was witnessed throughout by delighted
F11I21) MAUSDUN'S AVlljIj.
t Will IJ < 5 Contested liy Hlw Daughter
on tlio Ground of Insanity.
Nnw YOIIK , July I. [ Special Telegram to
Tin : UEI : ] Blanche Miirsden , daughter of
JYod Marsden , the playwright , who suicided
because of her alleged unnatural conduct
nnd disowned her in his will , intends to con-
est the will. Her portion of the estate is
ralued at S-0,000. She alleges that her
athor used cocoaine ami was not accounta
ble for his acts. She says : "I am prnc-
.ically without resources. What is more , 1
nave u name which has been dragged in the
: iiIre. It was the constant ertort .111 my
former homo of certain iKjrs > ons to convert
he trivial follies ot a i oung girl into acts of
itudied depravity. My father was a
nonoiminiac on the subject of my personal
character. Yet the blame was not his so
nuch as mj mother's. They never lived
i.ippily together. She detested the very
.irofession in winch my father won fame and
a competence. Actors , playwrights and Uo-
"lemhms in general were an abomination to
icr. Six years ago my father attempted
suicide. IIo latterly became addicted to the
excessive use of cocoaine , and consumed on
nn average n full bott.o a day. It
incod his mind , and ho driven at last tea
a condition bordci Ing on insanity , which re
sulted in my expulsion iiom tlio parental
roof and his suicide. "
Among the witnesses which Miss lilancho
ivill produce is a prominent Harlem phy
sician , who claims to liavo two letters | > ciiiied
by Fred Marsden containing a revelation
which places the blame upon Mrs. Marsden ,
, vho always "nagged" him eouceimng
lilunclie's conduct.
Thrilling 13\i > ericiico of a "Q" Fire
man at St. Joseph Yesterday.
ST. Josrji'ii , Mo. , July 4. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Uur. } Twenty thousand peel -
l > lcMcut to the plcmu given by the trades
mid labor assembly nt the fair grounds to
day and saw a bloody not. Dick Ilarrigan ,
iv butcher who had taken no p.n t in any of the
melees , was shot through the lung about 4
o'clock this afternoon and his recovery is
loubtfnl. Golden Ilolmau , a newly em
ployed Chicago , Hurlingtoa . "c " Quincy fire
man attend the picnic the brotherhood
men determined to run him off the ground.
Holman showed fight , but tlio urotherhood
men gathered around him crying "Kill the
biMu 1 ' Holman started to
run and a croud of pcilmps a thousand
men started after him. lie hud
only one avenue of escape and that was the
fair giouad stable-i , and drawing Ins revolver
he shot over the ne.uls of the crowd mid
opened his way. A ii.ob surrounded thesUill
in which ho hid himself when Holman opened
the doc'jr. and with pistol in hand made the
mob phb him passage way right through
them. Ho then ran toward the west exit and
fired into a crowd which had run to ho id him
off. One of the shots struck and the
crowd scpciutmg Ilolman made his escape
from the grounds and gave himself up to a
policeman. Hinrigan , who is a boy nineteen
years of ago , was taicou to his. home. Attend
ing physicians nio unable to btato what the
result of the wound will bo. Four other
scab engineers and their sympathizers were
pummelled by the strikeis.
. :
CKNISllAlj SPOUT. OnwdH at the Dendwood Tour
nament The WlnnerH.
Drivmvoon. Dak. , July 4 [ Special Tolo- to Tun ULK } In the aOJ-yard hub
and hub race to day , for a purse of 5103 ,
the Deiutwood running team defeated the In-
lU'pcndent team , of Council Hiuffs , by less
Hum two feet Tima ' "J soromls. It is
claimed that this is the best time on record.
In the Chlncbe hub nnd hub rare , between
the Hi ICeo and Wing Tsuo , 00 yards ,
for a purse or i'.M ) , the Hi Kee team won.
Time ai ) } $ seconds.
There will be a coupling contest in the
opera house to night between Cor
nelius of thu Council Hlufts independents and
Molt , champion hose coupler of the world ,
for of JflOJ and tlio entire g.ito receipts.
There wore fully six thousand visitors
present to-diiy , anil as many exjtuctcd to
morrow , as the programme is to bo contin
ued. Tl.o parade Wius the greatest affair
over witnessed in the Hl.vck Hills , and the
oration of Colonel W. R. Stculo was. a line
Two Drownliit Iat l > es Molnes.
DKS MOIMS : , in. , July 4 , [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : HII : : ] Herman Cooper , a well
known working mm of this city , saw his
boy wading in the Des Molnes river this
afternoon when he stopped out of his depth.
His father Jumped to snyo him and was
drowned , but the boy was rescued. A seo-
end drowning occurred south of tlio city ,
A twelve-year-old boy named Miller , while
bathing this iiltcnioon , lost his footing and
was drowned.
A Heavy Storm.
MASON Cirr , la. , July 4. [ Special Tele
gram to Tim BKK.J A very heavy storm
swept over the north pat t of the county late
yesterday afternoon. Corn fields were lev
eled , a number of houses unroofed , and binall
grain badly dama od. The rain mid wind
woio accompanied by thu heaviest , electric
slot m known here for years. Many horses
and cattle In pastures staudlng near who
fences were killed.
Illoxvn up by Powder ,
DKKISOX , In. , July 4. [ Special Telegram
lo Tm : UKU j Four boys were seriously in
jured andiiUtlgurod for life by the explosion
of seventeen pounds of powder at a bham
battle to-day. _ .
Many Blnckstonltvns Assemble to
Hoar Judge Cooloy'a Looturo.
The Fourth Intioihiccd In the Usual
Manner at the Assembly Grounds
Thirty Igc Cream Victims
Stale News.
The Ore to Chniitnniiin. |
ASIHMIII.T Giturxi ) ? , CitnTn , Neb. , July .
[ Special to Tin : HKI : . ] The lecture of
Judge T. M. Cooley , chairman of the Inter
state commerce commission occurred ycstcr-
tcrday afternoon nt U o'clock. About ono
hundred lawyers from different parts of the
state formed n part of the largo audience
that assembled to hear the eminent jurist.
Many of the most prominent members of the
bar had seats upon the stage , mid among
them wns Senator Mandorson , who was the
principal orator of to-day.
Judge Cooley chose for his subject "Fa
miliar Principles of Government. " Ills lec
ture was n learned and exhaustive treatise
of the organization and growth of govern
ments and the relative merits of written and
unwritten constitutions. If Judge Cooler's
ceturo was too far reaching and profound
Tor the mental ix > wcrs of the majority of his
iiudionco , it was certainly full of Interest for
ill members of the legal profession , and
especially interesting for those who had been
ils old law students nt the University of
Michigan , many of whom were picent in
.ho audience.
At I o'clock Prof. Holmes' advanced uor-
nul class met at the hall In the grove. In
studying the books of the JJiblo this class
lias now como to the "doctrines throughout
the teachings of Christ. " Christ has given
His followers ten great doctrines. The first
live of these : The doctrine of the king
dom of heaven , of the way of salvation , of
the new birth , of Messiah's king , and of the
law of love formed the subject of this after
noon's lesson. The second live doctilnes
"will uo discussed to-morrow morning. Prof.
Holmes makes frequent use of the blaclt-
boaid , and now and then during his recita
tions ho pauses to review what has Just been
taught. These brief reviews nro always
given in concert , and invariably show ex
cellent drill on the part of the teacher and
the best of attention and studiousncss on the
part of the class.
The chorus class met at 4 o'clock , and people
ple from all over the grounds gathered in the
pavilion to listen to the reheaisnl. This
class now numbers over two bundled , and is
doing excellent work. At the beginning of
each rehearsal Prof. Palmer gives ten min
utes' instruction in the principles of music.
Ho is very popular with his class , and is
noted for his extreme punctuality.
Ho sees to it that his singers begin
the hour's practice on time , that they
keep time in nil their singing and stop work
when the hour is spent as promptly as they
began. The drill goes on without delay or
diminution of interest or attention from be
ginning to end.
During the afternoon the M. E. Church
Chaiilauqua association hold u meeting in
theC. L. S. C tent. Dr Hurlbut gave an
IntcicitniK t.dic , and tlio committee , on con
stitution reported progress. It is now an as-
suied fact that the Methodists will erect a
a j.1,0110 assembly headquarters building dur
the next year.
At 4 o'clock a meeting was held to devise
wajs and means of securing the money yet
needed to pay for the headuimrtcib building
which they have lately eieeted.
At 5 o'clock the C. L. H. C. hold a business
meeting at the hall in the gtove. Or. Hurl-
but , chairman of the meeting , was -ked nu
merous questions of interest to the circle.
The class to be graduated this year is quite
large and the exercises of recognition dny
piomisc to surpass anything of the kind ever
seen in the west.
Tlio lecture at 8 o'clock in the evening was
given by Dr. llurlbut , principal of the C 1- .
S. C. Theoponiii/excreibes consisted of a
vocal solo by Mi . J.P Dorr , of Lincoln , and
a violin solo by Miss Youne , also of Lincoln.
Bath Indies were awarded an encore. Dr.
Hurlbut was then introduced and delivered
his icctuio on John Knox.
The beginning of the address consisted of
a brief summary ol the life and character of
the noted Scotch icforuicr. Although of
humble birth Jimd unofficial position , Join
Knox was moro powerful than even the
proud queen whom he opposed. Ho was the
greatest statesman of his time , and he lift'-d
his country fiotn feudalism and broke tlio
power of the church , that for IK U
j > cars hud governed Hejtlnnd. Dr. Hurlbut
is an eloquent spiiker , and lias a clear , ring
ing voice tlint is pleas-nit to hear.
At It ; iO the Lawyers' union held n stock-
holdeis meeting in the lawyer's headquar
ter bnildinir. President Thurstoii mid Vice
President .Sawyer Ix'ing absent , the meeting
was called to order by the secretary , anil
Judge Morris was made chairman. Tlio fol
lowing oillcerb were elected for tlio ensuing
year : President , Judge Hroody ; vice presi
dent. G. M Lambeitson ; secretary ( .1 cargo
II. Hasting ; ttcusuior , Judge Morris. Judge
Morris was tlio only olllcer re-elected. The
treasurer m.ulo a statement of tlio financial
condition of tlio association. As tlieto is
Btill a delli it , Judge Itopcwcll suggested that
these present take some stock in the asso
ciation. Senator Manderson followed am :
smvcbtod the rovivm , , ' of tlio state bar asso
elation with tin annual meeting at Crete
Subscription to block taken an.l in a few
minute * 100 was r.iibcd. President IToss
stated that Judge Cooley would accept noth
ing but his traveling expenses for deliveiing
his address. A resolution was passed thank
ing Judge Cooley for his nddiess.
The morning of the day wo cotohruto
dawned With clear skies and a gentle broe/o
but soon grew stewing hot. At ft o'clock this
morning the tent dwolk-is were awakened bj
n fumlado of fire crackers , the small Iwy's fa
vonte instrument of torture. About the
same hour the G. A. 1C. department band
which arrived on the grounds last evening
assembled in front of the G. A. 11. headquar
ters and rendered a few excellent selections
A brass band and a lot of boys , each with t
bunch of firecrackers , are not promotivo o
Blmnltcr , consequently tliero was moro early
rising this morning than tent-dwellers are
usually guilty of.
The prayer meeting this mnining was lei
by Dr. Dtiryea , of lioston , who arrived upoi
the grounds yesterday. In speaking of the
gieat events which wo eelcbniU ) to-day , ho
said , wo should not only think of the pntrio
tibia of our fathers , but also of the goodncs
of God who gave them the victory. Ho couli
think of no better motto for to-day than the
ono inscribed in the benl of Massachusets
"Tho Ixird our God will bo with us us lie wa
with our fathers. "
At 0 o'clock. Prof. Holmes met his nil
vanced normal class at the ball litho
the grove. The subject of this lessoi
was the last 11 vo of tlio ten treat doctrine
taught by Christ , viz. : The doctrlno o
providence , of prayer , of the Holy Spirit o
the rcsurrcctiou of the body , and of the flim
At 10 o'clock Mrs. Elizabeth Lyslo Snxon
of Memphis. , Tcnn. , delivered a lecture a
the hall in the grove. Her subject was
"The Gtcat Hoform. " Her address covered
the progress of woman from the time of St
Paul down to the present. Paul , she
claimed , believed in the Hoiaan law in re
gard to women , ana not in the higher law o
Christ which fully recognizes her spirituality
and values her companionship. Cominj
down to the present , ulio claimed that nil or
ganued efforts of women liavo been for phil
uuthroplcs , and that the ballot in her huuda
would only increase her efforts for good In
conclusion , she said that civilization has ever
gone down without the public efforts o
wpmen ; that American civilization now de
mands sown uew elcmtval M Us vmbllu life
and that this clement can onlsbo furnished
ly the motherhood of the country.
At 11 o'clock , In the pavilion , Prof. Holmes
lellvercd his lecture on "Alfred , the Saxon. "
The story of the Norman Invasion , as told In
bis lecture was so vivid and comprehensive
but the audience gained r. clear knowledge
of the struggle between the Normans and
ho Saxons mid of the life nnd character of
ho creat man who was the simper of Eng-
ami's legislation through all the succeeding
centuries. No one can hear these lectures on
Cngllsh history without marveling how Prof ,
ilolmes can condense so much Important fact ,
.hrilllng narration , kccyi aiinalysis of charac
ter nnd shrewd comment Into the small space
of an hour's lecture.
The principal feature of to-day's exercises
was the address by Senator Manderwn this
afternoon at 2 o'clock. The senator had an
Immense audience. Since early this mornIng -
Ing a stream line of people i > ourod In through
Iho gates , and it grew larger as the dny ad
This evonlii1 ! was hold a concert of war
songi and lire works. Several bands were
hero nnd the Flambeau club of Lincoln as
sisted in the p.Motcchnics. The noon train
fioin the east brought sixteen coaches and
two ( liglneo , currying 2'PO ( ' people. This
small ariuv of excursionists has Just entered
the giounds and dispersed in search of rest
and shade. The number of people on the
grounds to-day is estimated at 10,000. Every
ulindy place Is filled with loiterers , and
crowds wander hither and thither taking in
the sights mid sounds of the Summer City.
The following is the programme for
Thursday , July 5. Editor's ' Day :
KouiiNooN'i 0.30 Prayer service.
8:00Chorus. : .
SlX : ) Intermediate class ,
! ) :00 : Children's class.
IHKI Advanced normal class. "Christ as
n Teacher. "
10:00 : Normal class. "The Institutions of
the Bible. "
10:10 : Temperance class. "Juvenile work. "
10:00 : Singing school for beginners.
11.00 Lecture , Prof. Holmes : "William
Tyndale. " Reformation.
2:00 : Lecture , Hon. J. S. Clarkson , of
4:00 : Chorus.
4K : ( ) Normal class. "Tho Management
of the class. The Week-Day Influences. "
4:00 : Advanced normal class. "Tlio
Christian Church , Its Elements and His
tory. "
4 iOO Primary teacher's class.
5:00 : ( I )
8:00 : Lecture , J. T. Duryca , D. D. : "Mind
and Uralu. "
Thirty Ice Cream Vlctlino.
DAVID CITV , Neb.-July 4 [ Special to
Tin : UKU. ] There nro now in this town
sonic thirty cases of rather severe sickness
supposed to bo the result of eating ice cream ,
as all who are sick are similarly afllicted and
had partaken of ice cream at the restaurant
of Lymmi Urown on the ! M instant. The
doctors say the symptoms indicate a poison
of some Kind , us they all suffer from cramp
ing of the stomach and bowels , vomiting and
purging , which Is follovvol by prostration tea
a considerable extent. While all seem pretty
sick it is believed that none ol the cases will
prove fatal. What there was about this
cream diffcient from any heretofore made , to
cause this sickness , Is n mystery , as Mr.
Hrown is a man of experience in making It ,
and this is the first to produce such results.
The G. A. U. at Valentine.
Vu.uxiINC , Neb. , July 4. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : 13nu. ] The reunion
of the G. A. H. of northwestern Ne
braska began here today' with a number of
posts in attendance. Today about 'J,000
people are in uttemlancs. Tne fair grounds
are crowded with strangers and the day has
been celebrated in a manner to suit tho-mcit
patriotic. The oration' ' by Colonel L. W.
Osborn was one of the finest of that gentle
man's efforts , holding the vast audience forever
over an hour. Hon. L" 1C. Alder is speaking
tonight. The reunion will-continue until the
Oth , and is a splendid success.
Go eva Kcpuhllcana Katifv.
GKXEVA , Neb. , July 1. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : Hii.J : : The republican ratification
meeting last night at the armory was favored
with a line address by the editor orator , E.
M. Can-oil , of Hebron , followed by E. M.
Hillings and W. V. Filield , each of whom
was listened to with appreciation by a
crowded house. Republicanism is on the
rise in Fillmore county. At the call for
voters for old Tippccanoo seven old veterans
arose. _
School Itonds Sold.
Divm Cm , Neb , July4. [ Social to Tun
HUB } The school bonds voted by the school
distiict , embracing the town ot David City ,
amounting to * UV,000. were sold bv tiuj Con-
linl Nebraska National bank at ! ) ! ) ' cents on
the dollar. They were payable in ton ye.irs
with a 0 per cent semi-annual interest at the
Piscal agency in New York.
A Switchman Fatally Crii'ghotl.
Coti'MmM , Neb. , July I. iSpceml Tele
gram to Tin : ULI : ] George Loiin , a voting
man about twenty five years of ago , night
switchman in the Union Pacific yards , met
with a fatal accident this inorniiiir while
coupling eais. Ho was caught between the
bumpers and horribly mangled , from the ef
fects of which ho died two hours later.
Prostrated by Heat.
COLUMHU3 , Neb , July 4. [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tin : UEC. ] George Faiichlld , book
keeper in the employ of Speico & North ,
was nro4trated this afternoon by sunatroko.
Ho is lying In a precarious condition ,
though hope for him Is still entertained ,
Welcomed Home.
Cor.L'Miirs , N.ib. , July 4. [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tin : Hni : . | Arnold Ocholrieh , a
prominent young business man of thU city ,
with his young bride , returned this evening
tits p. m. from an extended vihit to Ger
many , Ho was met at the depot bv his
many friends who extended him a loyal
Indications of a Serious Agitation Hy
the Telegraphers.
Nmv YOHK , July I. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : Hui.J : There are indications of the
revival of the agitation by the tolegraphcrs
of the country for the amelioration of their
condition. Considerable activity has been
manifested for some tim in the ranks of the
Telegrapherb'brothel hood. A secret meet
ing of the delegates from several sections of
the country took placa m this city last week.
It is understood that it was called by Tom
O'Reilly , who is the reoagnized repivMuiUi-
tivo of the organized oiicrators , and many of
these who participated In Uio strike of lb .1
were present. It was admitted by many of
the prominent members of the fiatornlty who
wcro spoken to that tlio mccllm. [ was called
to consider the present platform of the
brothei hood ; to prepare a statement of griev
ances which will bo submitted to the local
nsscmblles under the Juiisdiciloa of the na
tional assembly forapproval or rejection , mid
to define u permanent policy to be persist
ently pursued in nn effort to improve their
condition , A special circular has been dis
tributed to the craft urging all to join the
brotherhood. The general impression ino-
Vinls that the telcginph operators nro deter
mined to avail themselves of the busy , rush
ing , restless activity and excitement of a
presidential year. They will ask reasonable
concessions from the companies ut u moment
when they cannot bo well ignored.
Thu Thiindei-cr'N Libel Suit.
LOVDON , July 4. The trial of the liffel suit
of O'Dounell against the Times was resumed
to-day Attorney General Wobbler read let
ters wfth u view of showing thuMhe league
instigated the Plurmlic park murders.
Tim Jlalonii JiurbtH.
Si'iiiNonr.i.1) , ill. , July 4. A local aronuut
named Woods made an usseiition hero today
in a hot ulr baloon. When he bad reached a
height of about ftOft feet hjs baleen burst.
Strange to euy. lie eawu iln\vu iti safety. .
Democratic Sontimcmt nt the Gettys
burg Reunion.
V Cnndld Opinion or tlio Kopuhllcnn
Nominees Kljilitlnn the Union
Pacific Hill Politics vs. I OK-
Islntlon Flncrty Again.
CoiintliiK Noses nt Oottysnure. : TiuOMuti : Ur.s , )
fii ; ) FouiiTEr.NTii STiicr.T , V
WASHISOTOV , D. C. , July I. I
Quito a number < of the statesmen and
soldiers whoattendol the reunion ot the
survivors of the battle of Gettysburg , re
turned to Washington this evening. Not
withstanding the fact that the blue and gray
net on the field to assure ono another of
fraternal of friendship and good will. They
report that much was said of polities and
that republican candidates have received nu
encouragement which will them and grow to
the end of the campaign. They say they
were surprised at the expressions heard
from democrats and ox-confederates in re-
fercnco to tlio Cleveland udmisistratlon. ANew
Now Yorker says that in returning a vote
was taken on two cars occupied by the Irish
Lirigado resulting In 10J for Harrison and ! ! 0
for Cleveland. In n car where the "Louis
iana Tigers" were a New Orleans regiment
Harrison received bo votes and Cleveland
01) ) . This gentleman said he found
ninny democratic ct-unloH soldiers who said
they will vote for Harrison and Morton on
account of Cleveland's ' vetoes of the pen
sion bills. There were about 100,000 men on
the battle field every day , mid since many of
them were democrats a splendid opportunity
was offered to get the bend of the political
tide. New York republicans are giving no
tice to the democrats that if they are figur
ing on u walk-over In the Empire
stuto and ate calculating that an
cilort will not bo made by the
republicans to carry they are going to bo
woefully mistaken. Mr. Morton told a gen
tleman yesterday that the republicans intend
to make an organi/ation that will bo as
nearly perfect as possible , and that as soon
as Chauncey Dcpcw , who is on his wuv to
Europe , returns In September there will bo
started a republican campaign camp-lire on
every hill-top in the state. Mr. Depcw and
M. . Morton will take the slum ] ) together ,
and ex-Senator Warner Miller will be at Uio
head of the state organisation.
JJO I'ACIPIC 11UI.10U ) li:01SI\TIOV. :
Representative Anderson , of Iowa , backed
by Heprcsciitativo Anderson , of Kansas , says
he intends to keep up the dilatory tactics ho
followed on Monday to defeat consideration
of the bill to extend the time for paying the
Union I'ncitic indebtedness , and that the bill
will not bo considered at this session. ' 1 here
is no doubt that ono member can defeat the
passage of the bill by consumption ! of the
time before the me.isuro is reached. An
other eflort is to be made to take the bill up
u week from next Monday , whlcli is com
mittee suspension of rules day , but the day
will undoubtedly bo occupied by dilatory
work unless tlko friends of the Pacific rail
road withdraw. Puiui S. HUATII.
Cfovelniul Grows
July 4. [ Special to Tun
Bin. : ] A democritie member of the house
was at the executive mansion the other day
talking to Mr. Cleveland about the approach
ing campaign , when the charade * of the
two republican candidates came up. The
president stated he hoped his party would
not mistake itself in estimating the strength
of Harrison and Morton ; that both men had
clean and strong characters , and were im
mensely popular m the states ; besides this ,
they would grow on the people as
the campaign progicbsed , and there was
nothing except general principles
to be brought ngahibl them , and these prmci
ylcs weie laid down m the ulatform. This
member of coiigie-s tolls mo that the pics-
dent is anything hut c.isy of mind on the sub
ject of re-election ; that while ho has an abid
ing f.uth m his platfoim , and believes that a
majority of the people favor uuiieiil revisions
of thu tariff and a strong tendency toward
free trade , ho thinks the icpublicans will
woilt up n wonderful feeling among manu
facturers and laborers.
The president thinks lie is going to have
thu fiiimors with him and the non producers
in the largo citves. Tins is where ho
bunks his success. Ho believes that
thu farmois are in favor of making
ruids upon the manufacturing inter
ests because tbev have uo dnert in
terest in manufactures , while they are lan'o
consumers of ina'iufactnied articles. Ho
s.i.\rt the lloiubliiMiis | will liavo up hill work
demonstrating to the farm.-rs tliat tliu Mills
tariff bill is , as claimed by the Republicans ,
dinmetiicully opK | > sed to their individual in
terest. Mr. Cleveland said in his conversa
tion that he had no dcsno to run around over
the country dmimj the campaign ; but that
he intended to visit u number of sections
upon request of socket ics , and tlint ho would
not only be seen but heard. Mr. Cleveland
intends to make his journey late in Uio cam
paign , so that his presence in localities will
arouse enthusiasm in Ins party Ho con
tends that ho will make no political speeches
and cays that piUtK-s nro Judued by their
plntfoims , mid candidates by their common
sense ,
All Almorbed In Politics.
WAMIIINOIOV , July 4. [ Special to Tun
Hm : . ] Interest in congress is diverted to-
waul politics. Tlwro is mw no hope for any
general this
session. Tlio work of the committees is
done , and the result is upon the calendars of
thetwo houses. The HJiinto ls far ahead of
the house in clearing up its work. The senate -
ate calendar has but aixUwn pages , while
that of the house has considerably above ono
hundred. Tl ey have Introduced already
uUont fourteen tlvousand bills in tills cssion
Tlioi o has boon action by committees on about
ano-tblid this number , mid the two houses
will tnUo action UIMJII ono-half or one-third
of those acted upon b.v the committees so
tha.t b or 10 per < cut of the measures pro
posed w ill become laws. More than half of
lliCM piobabiy two-tlurds nro pension
bills for individuals. There Is no proHjiect of
any general pension legislation in this
congress. The scheme of Chalrimin Mutson
of the House conunittoo on invalid pensions ,
in ] iroHslng ] consideration of the the bill re
pealing thu limitations of the arrearages of
{ tensions has alreiuly fallen flat , and no one
believes that anything will bo done with it.
Only about one-half of thu congressional
districts throughout the country h'ivo mudu
nominations , and probably one-third or one !
fouith of tlu'in will not not noininato until
about the tinio congress ndjouins , which is
now believed to bo about the second week in
August. This causes great anxiety among
many members in the house , and they will
bend every eiTort to get away as soon as pos
sible. If it were not for the pending tariff
bill there would bo absolutely no interest
taken in the proceedings of the lion so or the
senate beyond private bills , and there nro
not many members wqo have measures of
local interest now. Thu discussion on tiio
tariff bill , of course , keeps up interest to a
considerable extent , inasmuch as almost daily
articles In the bill are reached whu h have u
local bearing to almost every member. II
the taritl bill should be disposed ofl us antici
pated by Mr. Mills , within two or three
weeks the interest In the house will go out
like the bottom from a tub ,
Only Half Fare.
The Wabiibli ruilwuy will doll tickets
on July < ) d and 4th , good to return July
5th , ul the above rate. For ticket ? anu
Iufo.-nis.Uoii call at 1502 Furnnin st.
Yesterday's Winners In the National
Ivenmic Contests.
CIIICAOO , July 4. Hcsult of the morning
game :
.Jhlenpo 4 4-tO
Philadelphia..0 00130050-3
Pitchers-Crock for Chicago and Uufllnton
for Philadelphia. Huso hlt Ulilenpa 11 ,
Philadelphia 10. Errors Chicago 6 , Phila
delphia 4. Umpire John Kelly.
PiTTsm-nu , July 4. KesUltof the morning
; amo :
I'ittsburg 0 a 0 8 t 0 1 a 5-11
Washington. . . 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Pitchers Morris for Pittsburg , Ollmoto
for Washlmiton. Ha o hlts-Pittsbur < r id ,
Washington H. Errors Pittsburg ! , Wash-
ton ! ! . Umpire Kelly.
INDUSrni.ii , July 2. Hosult of the mornIng -
Ing game :
lndlmiiiKDlls..2 ] 0 a 0 I 0 0 5 H-14
Hoaton 0 0 'J 0 0 0 3 0 0 1
D Pitchers Hey lo for Indianapolis , Had-
tHwrno for lloston. ltn ohits Indianapolis
IT , Hoston I. Krrors Indlauapolla 0 , Hos-
ton 0. Umpire Clarkson.
American Association ,
Ctv < ixvvii , July 4. The morning game
was called nt the end of the fourth inning on
account of rain. The score was : Hroohljn
. ! , Cincinnati 0.
ST. Louis , July 4. Hesult of the morn
ing game :
St. Louis 2 00003000-1
Athletics 1 3
LOUI MM.I : , July 4. Hcsult of the morn
ing game :
Louisville 0 3
Baltimore 3 0 0 3 3 0 0 3 l >
IAXS CITY , July 4. Hcsult of the morn
ing game : Kansas City S , Cleveland B.
Lei IHMI.I.I : , July I. Hesult of the nftcr-
noon game : Louisville 4 , Baltimore 1.
CINCINNATI , July 4. Hesult of the nftcr-
noon game :
Cincinnati I ; )
Urooklyn 2000004 * 0
ST. Louis , July 4. Hesult of the afternoon
game :
St. Louis 0 00110000-2
Athletics 1 n 0 0 0 I 0 * 11
1C\xs\s CITV , July 4. Hcsult ot the after
noon ganio1
Kansas City 1 0500330 3-14
Cleveland 1 303001 3 0-10
Geneva 1-1 , ColnmlniH " .
Gr.xnvA , Neb. , July 4. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : Hmi.l The Geneva Leaders van
quished the Columbus baseball club by a
score of 14 to 2.
Dcnlson o , Carroll 1.
Dcvisox , la. , July 4. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : HIM : . ] The Ucmiison club bent the
Carroll nt Carroll , by u score of 5 to Is.
Johnston 1 < > , IJOIK ; Pine O.
JOHNSro.v , Neb. , July 4. [ Special Tclo-
gram to Tin : 15i i : . [ Tlio game played hero
to-day between the homo club and Long
Pine resulted In a score of 10 to 0 in favor of
The Victim oC Tuesday Nlght'H Shoot-
iiiK Afl'ruy Passes Away.
Listening to the music of the bands that
were celebrating the nation's bnthdiiy , John
Kyuii , the victim of Tuesday night's shoot
ing affray , passed silently away. Ho died
about HI o'clock yesterday mornlmj , and had
been unconscious nearly tlio cntlie time.
Only ouco did ho appear to recover con
sciousness , and that was when Father
Morlarly leaned over him to give the con
solation of the church. Ho marie no state
ment and did not appear to know by whom
be was shot. Coroner Urcxol was nt once
notified , and after hearing the evidence the
Jury returned a verdict that the deceased
had come to his death from a pistol shot
wound , said shot coming from a pistol in the
hands of F. M. Ortlneer. with malice afore
thought. The latter was at once removed to
thu county jail , and the body was turned
over to Heafy Heafy , undci takers.
Tlio deceased was twenty-lour years
ef ape mid came from Peoria ,
111. , where his parents still reside.
He was always sober and industrious , and
never known to have been engaged Inn quar
rel. During his stay in South Omaha lie had
made friends of all with wlvom ho came in
contact , and they expressed their sympathy
in n practical manner , for in less than two
hour * they hubsciibcda suflicioiit amount to
pay nil ex ] > enscs incurred in sending the
body home. O Ulcers Kcduioud and Maloney
started the list , ami were noon followed by
others , mid to-day the remains will bo for
warded to hi'i former home.
Francis Meyer Ofllnccr , who is charged
with the crime , has made no statement , and
refuses to say anything about the shouChig.
Ho has nlwaj s been looked upon as a quiet , in
offensive man. Ho is a teamster by occupa
tion , ami also the keeper ol n boarding-
house. It was at his house Walter Parker ,
the young man who was so severely bcaldcd ,
died lust week , and it is also said ho has
been drinkmg heavily since then.
A Traveling ; Sliin'H Hilc. .
O\tAiiA.Iul.v 2 To the Editor of Tm : IJni ; :
Wishing to go from Pacific Junction , In. , to
PliittsmouUi , I tendered the conductor my
mileage ticket , asking how much they took
out. The conductor told mo thirty-one
miles. I told him 1 wished to go to Plaits-
mouth only , and to Omaha in the afternoon ,
and he told mo that it would bo just t'ao
same again to co to Omaha , thus foicmg me
fiist to pay the regular fnro (7b ( cents ) fioiu
Pacific Junction to Omaha , to ride from Pa
cific Junction to Plattsinouth , uistanco live
miles , rate \2) { cents per mile ; then
blurting from Pluttsmoutli they nmko
mo pay again from Pacific Junction to
Omaha , making a total of ? 1.0 ) for tlio
twenty-s.x miles. Now 1 am informed that
If 1 hud bought a ticket across the bridge nt
25 cents and then a ticket to Omaha , it
would have been the most economical way ,
costing IK ) cents , or it ] j cents per mile. Now
this unquestionably pa.\s them well , and if
bo whlo they still take adv.mtago of tlio
uninitiated to the tune of about iA per cent
profit ( or steal ) over and above their own
inllulwl estimated value for the bamo ser-
In my opinion thu tima 1ms cjmo for Intel
ligent , thinking pcoplo to cry a halt. The
yoKe tl e farmers have had to submit to U
being forced now upon other people.
i uni informed that a shoit timu itgo a gen
tleman refusing to pay thu extra demand.
either from luck of funds or on nccomit ot
the rank imi ! put off the train ,
and when he again boarded It the conductor
took his hat and dei > osited the wuno with
the company's trusted agent nt Plattsmouth.
Now if thin hridgo Is such valuable prop
erty as to Justify 1 % cents per inilo from
Piielllc Junction to PJattsmouth , why do they
classify it the s.imu as their other ro.ulbed in
paying taxes and insist that the same tax
only shall bo paid ( and I believe a recent de
cision of tl < e couit upholds them in it ) . Now
if this Is Nebraska law , it is not tlio kind
founded unn | justice and your legislators
should rectify it , that is , if it Is not too late.
377 Hroadwuy , New York.
Gent's Watch .
Now block of watches direct from
factory. IliiiulbOino btyles and low
priced. Cuniiiiiu Honors knives and
foaka $1.05 per tot. Fine watch repair
ing u specialty. You can btivo inonoy
by trading with uu. Ihiiuly , Jojilin &
Co. , 10111 Funnim ut.
JMIbhonrl Pacific ) Hallway
Will Hill tickets at ono fnrofor Uio
round trip on July < i and -1th , good to
return until July r > th. to KuiibUB City
and HI. Lou in inuliieivo. Ticket ollieo
N Kcor 18th and Farnain Bts.
For Hour ,
Jno. I , Rudiuk has for rout hlt > ele
gant place oil Saundorsfctroct , to ollior
with Uio furniture thoroln. Call anil
sec him before' ho goes uwuy.
Grand Island Overrun by the Fos-
tlvo Drummers.
Throughout ili Suite Pntrlotlo Xc
brasluuiM Crlobriito the National
Dny with Mimic , Oratory ,
Flags " < ' ' ' 'IPO Crackers.
Pntrlotlo Pilgrim * .
Ouvvn ] sitNii , Noli. . .Inly 4. [ Special
Telegram to 'I'm : Urn : ] Tim knights of the
( rip swooped down upon this little city In
largo numbers during the past , fo\v days , ntul
with the icport of the morning salute ol
thirty guns t sunrise they arose and Immo-
dlntcly took possession of the city , the freedom
of which hml boon bestowed by out-worthy
mid nil ilny long they liavo made the \Vllklu
ring with the bombarding crachors mid other
explosives peeulnr to the ilny. Kaeli arriv
ing trnin biought With it n merry bund ot
men nrrnyed in loug linen dusters
mid lull white haw , the Insignia
of their calling , until nt noon the
city was fnlrly alive with them , unit Jollety
mid good-fellowship was the order of the
dny. Over four hundred members of the
Traveling Men's association wore present.
And they , In connection with the citizens ,
iinulo It tlio moat memorable occasion In the
city's existence. At 1-iiO n ptoccsslon
was formed In fiont of the Palmer bouse ,
with representatives of the T. I' . A , at the
head , followed by a largo number of lloiita
representing the business interests of thu
city , making n continuous line tnoro than 0110
uillo in extent mid of a character whlcli
would do credit to a much larger city.
The line of march led through the prin
cipal streets thcneo to n beautiful grove n !
Hhoit distance from the city whore numer
ous speeches were listened to mid all
classes of sjwt Indulged In , Including
wheelborrow , saclc and other races. At
0 : ! H ) orders wore again given to fall In line ,
each man being supplied with u quantity ot
jackets , and to the music of the band and
mid the cheers of the ciowd , the
procession moved up the street.
Myriads of brauliful coloiul lights
burned ) iighubo\o thethiong. At a stand
erected on a prominent corner , the grand dis
play of the evening occurred , ntlOi.'K ) the
members assembled at the 1'almer In the
spacious dining hall in which was
spread a magnificent banquet to
pail.iko of the richest oC
the bo.uil anil listen to the following toasts :
"Oniiiha ami C'.r.iml Island , " by F. .1. Look-
woods ; "Knights of the Grip1 Dr. Jones ;
"The Press , " Mr. Klllott ; "Our Commerce , "
Ucv. Uomstock ; ' "I'ho Ladies , " W. F. Allen.
The company then repaired to the Grand op
era house , where u ball Is now in progress.
At CoIiunlMm.
Cot.u\inri > , Neb. , July 4. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Hun.J That patriotic citizen ,
Mr. Filrpatrick , gave the peolo | ) of this city
n Fourth of July colcbtntion , a notice of
which recently appeared in Tun Uii : : , not
excelled since tlio settlement of the pi ice.
The exercises wcto held in Frankfort )
square , Willie Cooliiigo , ono of the high
scliool graduates , delivering the oration.
Hvron Millett , of Denver , delivered a short
address. The entertainment was furnished
for old and young , ending with a llreumu's
ball at the opera house in thxj evening.
At Gcno'i' '
GUNOV , Neb. , July 4. [ Special Tclogranf
to Tm : Hia.J : This village is Just com
pleting with a brilliant display of fireworks ,
the Brainiest and most successful Fourth of
July celebration over held in the county.
More than three thousand people have been in
attendance , and the streets nro still crowded
with pietism e-scckers. AH exclusion trains
to the city wore crowded to their utmost ca
pacity. Grand parades , choice music , bnso
ball games , hoiso nrlng , theatrical perform
ances and various oilier amusements have
inado the day ono never to be forgotten by
Genoa people and their visitors.
At Sidney.
Slnvnv , Neb. , July L. [ Special telegram
to Tin : Ui.K. } Two thousand people assem
bled at the fair grounds today to listen to au
able orator , Hon. W. L. Giccne of Kearney.
It was full of interesting topics and his audi
ence was carried bv storm. General Henry
A. Monow presided m his usual excellent
milliner. The afternoon spoils consisted of
horse and foot races. To-night the grand
pyrotechnic display was a splendid feature.
Trio weather was beautiful.
At ilohnstown.
JoiixsTowv , Nob. , July -1.-Special [ Tolo-
pram to Tin ; Bii.J : Tlio colcbi.Uion hero to
day was a Krund success. At least 1,500 people
ple were in ntt'mlmicc. Long Pine's hoolc
and ladder mid nulil In companies and hr.m
band woio , and also button's baud from
_ _ _ _ _
At Geneva.
GiivNeb. : : , . , July 4. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : Uiu ; ] Geneva people and handrails
from the surrounding country to-day had the
pleasure of listening to Uio eloquent oration
of 13 , M. Carroll , and his words went deep
into every patriotic heart within thctoimof
bib clear voice. About ten thousand were
present. All pronounced the iiidustihil parade -
rado a grand success.
At Niihrtihkn Cy. ! (
NnmusKt Um , Neb. , July I. [ Special
Telegram to Tin : Un : . ] The Fourth was
quietly observed hero to-day. The prohibi
tionists celebrated in great htylo and red loin-
onalo flowed freely. II. C. Hctmlsloy , ot
Kaiibas City , was the orator of the day and
other and lessor lights spread patnotium and
prohibition. Thuio were line private dis
plays of tliewuiks in the evening.
Assaultrd HlH FfrnVH'c. .
Lon George , who assaulted County Attor
ney Simcral , has Ixxm guilty of enough mis
deeds to miiko a strong ease for thy doctrlno
of total depravity ; but ono of the meanest
was poriKitr.itcd Tuesday night. IIo haa
two wives , and after he snc-coHsftilly played
Uio sick dodge and got out of Jail ho went
hack to Ills first HPJUHO , who m known aa
Jesslo Taylor. Shu lives at Fourteenth and
Webster Btroots. Tuesday night a couple of
olllcorn were m that neighborhood in chaigo
of .1 drunken mini , when they heard the loud
screams of a woman. They turned tholr
prisoner loose , and after going two blocks
they located the outcry in Jessie's house.
They found the woman with a face beaten
almost to u Jelly. Kho said she had bcon as.
h.iultcil by George in a Jealous rugo over the
attention of another man. Hlio also accused
him of robbing her of a diamond pin worth
fcJOO. George fled before the arrival of thu
Prostrated hy 11 out.
About six in the cveningOniecr Cullen had
a prostration that the physicians consider
dangerous. Ho chased a fugiltvo five or nix
blocks on Twelfth Btroet , and on returning
to his beat ho sat down. Passers by noticed
that he appeared to bo sick , and the nowrt
icached Captain Cormuck on hm way to thu
fetation. Tliooflluir was taken to a store ,
stimulants administeitxl and the city pby-
bicinn called. Hu Was delirious , with now
and then n moment of mason , and when re
moved to tlio station the physician worked
over him for uu hour or two. Ho gradually
recovered and late in the cnlng he wa
ublo to go homo.
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