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Grover Grooming Whltnoy for the
Now York Governorship.
CoiiRrcBHinnn Morrow Snys tlio Const
Is Satisfied With Harrison's
Itceord on ClilncRO
tlon Capital NotcH.
UIU laq nn Opponent.
B13 KouKTrnNTHSTiir.RT , >
WASIIINQTOX , D. C. , Juli" 3. i
Thcro are reports hero of n strong move
ment to make Secretary Whitney the demo
cratic candidate for govcinorof New York ,
In order to strengthen the presidential ticket
In that state. It In conceded that Senator
Wnrncr Miller will bo the republican cnndi *
date , and that the campaign will 1)0 fiercer
than it over has been. Governor Hill Is not
believed bv the administration to bo ns
strong bcforo the people of New York as
Secretary Whitney would bo. It Is stated
that Mr. Whltnoy would bo very glad to
mnko the race , i'nd that his nunouncamcnt
several days ago that ho would lotlro from
the cabinet was made nt a tlmo when ho
thought his nomination for the governorship
wns probable , nnd ho intended it to pave the
way for his retirement from the cabinet and
His entry Into the politics of his own state in
n inoro positive manner thnn ho has been en
gaging in It during the past three
jcnrs. Friends of the ptcsulcnt say
that If It were not for the
fact Hint Governor Hill Is consldoicd very
strong with the saloon nnd whisky elements
in New York , the administration would pit
Whitney ugainsjL him for the nomination and
conduct the campaign independent of the
Hill hosts.
CLLKlllliTINO Till : DAY.
Ncitbcr house of congress will bo In scss-
slon to-morrow. The Fourth of July is n
legal holday hi the District of Columbia.
The departments will also bo closoil , and
theio will bo u day of rest If n ot of jollifica
tion. A largo number of the legislature
Have gone to the reunion at GoUisbuip , Pa. ,
while many othcts have accepted invitations
to deliver orations at various points in the
country. Many excursions down the Pa
tomacand over the iiiilroads will be tun , nnd
it is probable that the clement which gives
Washington life will bo out of the Distiict of
Columbia on the Fourth. About twenty
mumbciBof congicss went to Now Yoik
this allot noon for the puiposo of attending
the centennial celebration by the Tammany
society of the declnintionof indcpcdencc.
IM UAL , IIAIIUISON'S ciuvKtii : m conn o K.
Today's New Yoik Tiihuiie has u lengthv
interview with Heprcsenttve Monow of Cal-
ifoinla on Genetnl Harrison's Chinese icc-
ord. As stated in these dispatches some
timengo , Mr. Mouow , in the curly part of
this spiing , when Goneiul Hairiion was Hist
spoken of for the picsidcutial nomination , nt
the rcijucst of his filends in California ,
looked up tlio Indianlan's ' iccord on tlio Chi
nese question. Mr. Morrow , since the nomi
nation of General Hniiisou , has ngain gene
over the congiessioniil iccords ami Journals
IB" of the senate committee on foicign lelntions ,
nnd in this interview lie gives in detail overv
nctlon of Gcncial Hiiriison on tlio Chinese
question , both while the various mcnsuics
that were proposed when ho was in the sen
ate committee , nnd while they
were before the senate for con
sideration. The iccord proves
to bo ono which prompts the Tubune in an
nouncing that it gives him more Hticngth be
fore the cojntry than if he never had any
thing to do with the subject at all , becausa
. it shows that ho is a caiolul thinker , a sound
reasouer and is an ardent and consistent
liicnd of the American luboior and is op
posed to the impoi tation of Chinese labor.
The Tribune regaids General Harrison's at
titude towards Chineseimmigintionussuong
I ns that of any other prominent man in the
republican party , not excepting Mr. Blame.
' Mr. Moirow says Geneial Harii-
'I son fuvoicd additional legMallon.
nnd in a conversation Ho h id
with him in ISbfl , while they were on their
way to attend a dinner given by tlio Clover
club of Philadelphia , General Haiiison told
Him , ( Mr. Morrow , ) that ho was not only in
favor of fui ther legislation in rcstinmt of
Chinese immigration , but that he was in fa
vor of u HOW lieaty that would pi ovule for
absolute exclusion This was more thlin two
j.cnisbcfoio Geneial Haulson's was
mentioned in connection with thepiesidency
General Huiiison was a membci of the com-
tniltco on foielgn lolations and is on recoul
in favor of the bill ptoposcd by hcnatoi
Mitchell of Oregon , which is con-
eidcrod the most oxticmo anti-Chinese
emmigrnlion mcasui'o ever intioducod In
congiess. Mr. Morrow cites tlio Congress
iomil iccord a number of times to pto\o his
statements. Tlio iccoui , ho Ba\H , shows
General Hin risen to bo in favor of a clean
cut abrogation of the existing treaty with its
anoying limitations and excluding the China-
men absolutely , which ispicclsely the post
tlon occupied by the senators and lepicscnta-
tivcs fiom the Pacific coast. Mr. Mouow
pays that us picsident , Geneial Hariisou
would cnfoico the treaty and hatover leg
islation congicss might enact to rcstiict Chi
nese emigration.
Mis. HolvnA. Lockwood , cindulatcof the
equal suffiago paitv for the presidency ,
pioposcs to take the field in por.son about the
middle of the pic- > cut month und make a
canvass of eveiy stale. Unlike the other
candidates , she will expect an admission fee
fiom these who desiio to hoar Her
bppccli , for she is after money its
well as clory , nud will make
this campaign pay her ns she
did the last. Bclva x.iis that nho is mote
confident of election this time than she wo *
in I'-hI , nnd promises to give both Cle\chiml
nnd Haiiison positions ii : her cabinet. She
nn\s Unit slio hits no paithulur objection to
either tlio icpubllcan or the democratic can-
tlldato. bcuauna both hu\o good wives and
nro influenced bi them , but she thinks that
the time hus come when a woman can be
trusted to Mcci the ship of state Ml s Lock-
wood is a republican hi oveiy essential po
litical clement.
C. 13. Panning , ChinlosOgden and Jainoa
D. Slot CUP , of Oiiinhn. are hore.
Miss Caiollna Childs , of Nebraska , Has
been reappointcd to a cleilishli ) In the post
ofilco dopuitment.
Thin mcnum's Critic says : "Congrcssmnr
ICcrr , of Iowa , fumillirly known ns 'Man
nfiuld-to cut-Ills hair , ' appeared on the llooi
this mot niug with His hair trlmmod. Some
of his Intlnnito fi tends who passed him ii
tlio lobby failed to rccoguiro him on account
of his changed uppuaiancc. "
Pi ititv S , HEATH.
ln\cstlKiitlnu ; Fraud * on Indians.
WASIIINOTOX , July 3.The senate soled
committee on Indian tradyrshipi icsumod It !
investigation last night Into the charges ol
fiuud in the letting of timber conducts 01
the Chlppcwa Indian lands in Wisconsin
D. L. McKay , state lumber Inspector o
Chlppcwa Palls , testified as to the valu o
the stumpigc on the Indian reservations it
that dUtilct , ono of the charges bciu }
that the indiaiii on tlio Chippewa
powa i < se-i vtitlon wiu-o not paid the ful
vahio of tlielr timber. The witness din ing tin
lest season puichakoa about \OLX,000 ) fceto
Umber for other persons on the Plambcai
river , The average shipping prlco liai
been about fi jwsr thousand , or twcnty-llvi
cents nioiot.ian Agon' Gregory Imd stutoc
wus the highest price over juiid any Chip
pew a Indians for stuuipago.
William McKiunon , ol Chlupcwa county
Win. , lostitlcd to having goue on the Flam
beau rcsci vutlon , for the purpose of making
contr.uU with tl.u Indians , He g4\e the In
ai.uia about Jl.UJO under vcibal ngiceuicnts
enJ wlteu Uo uske-d Agtut Giujiory abou
o -
making contracts wns told they wcio not le
pnl. Afterwards Gregory let Sherman and
others make the contracts.
I'ntcnts to Western Iiuentors.
WASHINGTON , July 2. [ Special Tele-
ginm to Tun Bnr.J Itnbcrt Btotherlon ,
jr. , Albion , Neb. , device for conveitlng mo
tion ; John B. Olive , Jefferson , In , book sup
port ; Alien Fatrchlld , Mcchanicsvlllc , In , ,
Horse hay-rako ; Molccr F. Holmcr , Mcclnin-
icsvllle , In. , car stoves Henry T. Henderson ,
Keokuk , la .washingmachine ; IraT .tuques ,
nR&lgtior of ono Half to C. H. Hunt , Lincoln ,
Neb. , mowing machine ; Peter U. Martin.
Dubuque. la. , fire engine lighter ; Ethelbcrt
J. Moore and A. It. Paultts , Vllllsea , la. ,
fastening block for guard rails , switch rails
or fiogs ; Dau'l W. Shlek , assignor of ono-
linlf to J. W. Uubel , Ottumwa , In , vending
apparatus ; Chnstln M. Snyder , Mount Pleas
ant , la , ventilating gate for open air kilns.
Army Orders.
W \SHI\OTOV , July 3 [ Special Telegram
to Tin : Bnr. ] Private Hoboit White , troop
A , Ninth cavalry , now with his troop , Is dis
charged the service.
Paragraph 10 , special orders No. 120 , Juno
1,1883 , directing the transfer of Piivnto
Robert Hess , company 12 , Seventh infantry ,
to the hospital cotps is revoked.
I'ntents FOP NcbrnHkntM.
WASHINGTON- , July 3 [ Special to Tun
Bi'i : J The following Nebraska patents were
Issued today : Uobort Brothcrton jr. , Al
bion , device for cdnvcrting motion ; IraT.
' teqtiles , Lincoln , mowing machine ; Samuel
.Vorkuinn . , Beatt'co ' , safety expiess car.
WASIIINOTOV , July3. In the House to-day ,
on motion of Mr. ftlills of Texas , it was ordered
.hat when the house adjourned this nftcr-
loon it be to meet on Thursday next. It was
ilsongrccd thnt thotaiiff bill would not bo
called up for consideration on ThursJay.
The house then went into committee of the
whole , Mr. Springer of Illinois , In tbo chair ,
on the tariff bill.
On motion of Mr McMillan of Tennessee ,
the duty on cast polished plate glass was left
Mr. McKlnley moved to increase from $0
, oT ) 72 per ton the duty on pig iron. Lost.
Mr. McKinley mood to restore the present
rate of duty on iron railway bars weighing
more than tweuty-fivo pounds to the yard.
Lost.Mr. . McMillan moved to strike out the clause
mposing a duty of $11 a ton on slubj and
billets of steel ana to icstoro the present rate
of 45 per cent nd valorem. Agreed to
Mr. Moillt moved to increase from $20 to
* 2t ! per ton the duty on chaicoal bloom iron.
Lost.Mr. . McKinley moved to restore the exist-
ng rates on bar iron.
Mr. Baino of Pennsylvania , In suppoiting
the motion , e\piessed himself as opposed to
u i eduction of the tarilT , and us in favor of
the repeal of the tobacco tax and the tax on
alcohol used in the arts. This , Ho thought ,
would i educe the surplus as fur us it Hliould
bo icduced if the government intended to
do Justica to the widows and childicn of the
soldieis of the war. He said tlio two tickets
before the country to day represented two
ideas the lepublican ticket that American
inaikets nio lor Ameiicans , and tlio other
that the American m.nket should bo open to
the wet Id.
Mr Scott of Pennsylvania charged the re
publican paity with having deseitcd its
platform of Ibbl fora revision of tariff , nud
with going before the counti'i in Iv S asking
the people foi their suffrage on 11 principle
which it had nevci befoioadvocated. Under
tno cry of piotection for American indus
tries nnd labor the republican puty pioposed
to carry a tariff system which would protect
in,00,000 ! ) wage workers us ngamst 10UUJl/00
wage woikors.
Mr. Heed of Maine said the American pco-
. ) lo wei c producers , and it was for tlio bene
fit of the American people who were con
sumers that the pi oduccrs , who were also
Americins , should ha\o American imukets.
Scott said that 10)OJ ) , laborers had been
thiown outof woik duiing the past week in
the protected industiies which the republi
cans stood up to defend. l't
been diivcn out because their omployeis hud
attempted to make a 10 per cent i eduction in
their wages. Why should the manufaclui-
cis of Pennsylvania demand that their men
submit to this reduction *
After long debate McKinley's motion was
\oted down.
On motion of Breckeniidgo of Aiknnsas n
duty of 4 mills per tioutid was imposed on
iron or steel , flat , with longitudinal ribs for
the in inufaoturc of fencing.
Having connected the consideration of
four pages of the bill , the committee rose.
A con foi euro was nrdciul on the liver and
haibor npptopiiation bill , and the House ad-
jouinod until Thursday ,
Tlio City UenutiCully Decorated for
To-dnj's Oi-lebintion.
, July 3. Cincinnati is a glow
ing garden of national colors to-night. Never
in her History has such a general dceoiation
of buildings been made. The flig supply , as it was , was exhausted in many
lines early in the dui , and iccoutso has been
made to iini thing that would give
led , white nud bltio coloi s. Equal
ly numerous piovision has been
made for to night's midnight jubilee of noise
hud fireworks , with liiiging bells , booming
cannon and nil pcivadingtin hoiris
Mrs 1'ollr , of Nnshillc , Tennessee , widow
of President James 1C. Polk has been se
lected to st.nt the machinery of the exhibi
tion Showill iiicompllsh it by picssing an
electrical button in her homo at Nnshillc. .
Goveinor Thojer , of Ncbiasicii , with sev
eral members ot his HtiitT , aio heio to take
pait in the opening ceremonies.
General Slicildnn'u Condition ,
DcLAWAKii BnetKUAii'ii , Del. , July 3
The following bulletin was Issued this o\eu
Ing : "This inoinliu : General Sheridan hai
an attack of pulmonary congestion. It was
moio oaMli contioiled than on nny other pie
vious occasion. At this hour , b p in. , he Is
resting rather quietly. His rcsph.itiou is
about 3) , and iiiegular. His pulse is W nnd
his temporatuio { > ' "
Asm in PAUK , N. J. , July 3. Dr. O'Hielly
ono of Gcncial Shoridun'st phjh'cli'iiB , telegraphed
graphed Dr. Pnpner to night to como to Doln
wuie Bieakwator at onco. Dr Pepper wil
st.nt at S a.m. on a special train ( Q Capo
May , wheio ho will bo met by a government
A Deep Wnter Comcntlon.
POUT Woitnt , Tex.full 3 , A drop water
convention was called last month bj thu
Fort Worth hoard of tiuiio to meet heio 01
July 10 Thu object U to mjino upon the
most available point on the Texas cous
wheio a deep water poi t can ho hud nt the
least cost. Itlslcainod that delegates wll
be present fiom Minneapolis , Denver , Iscw
Orleans , Lincoln , Neb , and the smaller tow us
of Coloi ado unit Nebiaska.
Another "Short" BanUcr.
JEHSEi Cm , N , J , , July 3. John H. Van-
dcrn , for the past ton yeais employed at the
Second National bank , wont to the Cutskills
on a vacation on Satut day last. Since then
Ids lie-counts Have bjou overhauled nnd a
shortage of at least 715,400 has been fas-
A Double Tragedy.
IXIJUNAI-OLIS , July 3. At Trafalgar ,
JohtiEon county , thia morning , Samuel N ,
Henderson shot and killed his divorced wife
and then killed himself.
Uhc Knglisli Tin-C.
LOVIHI.V , July 3. 1'ho Newmarket July
incotinc July opened to day. Donovan wan the
1'renoli 'Jhentci Uiuncd ,
PAIIS : , July 3. The Theater dts Bouffes at
Bordeaux Has. burucd. Loss , i.CKX OOJ fram. * .
_ l
/ 'tptiTp nmi r < i Mi ptpr ?
An TJnplonsant Feature of the Oroto
This nnd Other Interesting Topics
Discussed nt Yosterdnj's Session
Bloody Fight nt 1'lntts-
inoiith Stnto News.
The Crcto Ghnntnmin.t.
GnouMns , CIIF.TP , Nob. , July
3. [ Special to TUB BEh.J Llfo In
: cnts would bo vastly . moro com-
tortablo If canvas walls were non
conductors of sound It Is nn indisputable
fact that there nro a few people who como
: o the assembly merely to Have n good time ,
nnd that in Having this good tlmo they are
utterly regardless of the lights and com
forts of these who hax'o the misfortune to bo
their neighbors. It is surprising How many
joung people can not have what they call
"a good tlmo" without nn astonishing amount
of noisy Jabbering nnd senselesj Hawhawing ,
all pitched in a key so loud nud shrill that
the very echo would awaken the seven
slecpeis. THE lire correspondent has dis
covered what St. Paul meant by his "thorn
In the llcsli. " Ho was living in a tent , and
had for near neighbors a trio of gills from
Beatrice , gills who had arrived at that
giggling , spooney , scicaming tlmo that
sometimes , not always thank Heaven , lies
between sweet and modest girlhood and
sensibleioung womanhood. These girls Had
a habit of spending tlio first two-thirds of
every night in hammocks with their best
> oung men comfot tably ensconsced by their
side , and their Ins me scicechiiig nnd insane
small talk kept the weary St. Paul from
sleeping the sleep that would otherwise
have been his portion. No wonder Ho com
plained of such a thorn in the flesh. Poor
man , he had uncoinplnlnlngly met and over
come the world , the flesh nnd the devil , but
the nightly turmoil of that trio of Beatrice
giils und their best fellows was too much for
At the New Yoik Chautauqua , wo are told ,
they have a rule that all lights must be
extinguished and all noises must ccaso after
10 o'clock at night. They have also vigilant
policemen to sco tlmt this lute is obeicd by
the tent-dwellers. This is the kind of a rule
nnd the kind of policemen wo need at our as
sembly. It Is to be Hoped that cro another
jcar the management will see that this "long-
felt want is supplied. "
Prof. Holmes' lecture on " Alfred , the
Sa\on , " ut 11 a. m. iestcrday , excited much
favorable comment. This eaily monatch is
agicat favoiitowith Prof. Holmes , and ho
gav o to the subject his best cIToi t. Here
after Tim Bievv ill contain daily a si nopsis
of these lectures on IZnclish history. As
they Have so much Interest for the hundreds
ot people who daily gather in the pavilion to
hear them , n catcful synopsis of them can
not hut be interesting to readers of Tin : Bi n
At 2 i ) . m. icstcrdny the pavilion was Idled
with people who desired to hear the readings
of Pi of U. Lo Cumnock , of the Not thwcstci n
univcisity of Illinois. Prof. Cumnock is said
to have no supsnor as n reader in this coun
try. Ho is well known throughout tlio
cjuntry and for several i cars has taught elo
cution at the Now York Chautauqua. His
etToits iestcrday weio highly uppieclated
and cnjoictf by his Huge audience. The pro-
grammo was opened by a solo by Mrs. J. P.
Door of Lincoln , accompanied by Mrs. P. V.
M. Kaimond , also of Lincoln. This was
unanimously pionouncod the best exercise of
the kind that has ever been heard upon these
grounds Prof. Cumnock then lendcrcdtho
following selections :
Tlio White Squall Thackcry
A Man's a Man lor a' That Bums
A Criticical Situation Mark Twain
n oiatoncal selection fiom Wendell Phillips
CliaiRO of the Light Brigade Tennison
The Foxes' Tails Anonymous
A Similar Case ( ciicoie ) Anonymous
At 4 o'clock Dr. Palmer and his chorus
class hud their second ivhcaisul in the pa
vilion. The largo platfoim is no longer
largo enough to accommodate the ctowd
of singers , but this difficulty is to
bo remedied ore nnothei rehearsal by its
material enlargement.
Colonel Cow den's class met at this same
hour in the normal Hall. The subject of the
session was "Tho C mons of Scripture , " and
the hour was spent in classifying the hooks
of tlio Old Testament , and nssigning them to
their icspectlvo ponods. The advanced nor
mal also met at 4 o'clock. This class is
studying the books of the Bible They Have
now completed the Old Testament and taken
up the New. The lesson ycsteidav ufteinoon
was "The Early Yeais of Chust. "
An examination of the assembly register
shows that onlyu small number of these who
como upon the grounds take the trouble to
comply with the request of the management
and icgister tlieii names. The scciotary's
register contains onli about fifteen thousand
These fifteen thousand people icprcseiit fif
teen different states and ono terntori Colorado
rado , Minncsotn , Iowa , MUsouii , Illinois ,
Pennsylvania , Dakota. Kansas , Ohio , Indi
ana , \ \ isconsin , Washington , D. C , , Ken
tucky , Massachusetts , New York and No-
bi aska. The W. C. T. U register contains
about one hundred and fifty n imes and two
additional states Michigan and California.
This makes in all sixteen states
one ton Itory and ono district icpiescntcd at
tlio seventh session of the Nebraska assem
lily. Dr. Huilbjt. socictary of the C. L. S-
C , arrived iestci day morning. At 5 o'clock
all membcis of the C. L. S. C. met at the
hall in the giovo to Hear him talk upon the
subjects of inteiest to the circle. Ho was
given a heaity gieetmg , and expressed Him
self as greatly pleased with the signs of
grow tli and prosperity visible In every do-
pal tmcnt ol the Nobinska assembly. Ho
then gave a biiof histori of the Chuutauquu
oigani/ation of this country. It begun in
lb t > , and had about tlirco hundred chat tcr
mcmhcis It Is now ten years old and has
a mcmboiHhip of 70,00) ) , besides some foity
thousand who Have cither finished the course
01 given it up. The societ.v in founded upon
thico gicat principles ; Fast , overibody
needs culture und evcrybojy should huvo it.
Thcie nio many who think that the advan
tages of education uro for but the few ; that
the masses nro better off without It , us it
onlj makes them dissatisfied with their lot.
Against this Idea the C. L S. C. is ar-
ruied. It believes thnt both the rich and
the poor should bo cultuied , The rich need
culture that thoi may know how to use the
money they have accumulated , and how to
get the best out of life. The poor need cul-
tuio because it will lift them up , will make
them better and happier and make their
w 01 Id hugcr and brighter. Ono who loves
good books need never bo lonely or without
something of worth to think about , no mat
ter how huniblo nud retired his lot in lifo
tiia.v ue The books thnt a pci son reads w ill
genuiallv show what kind of a person Ho is.
Hi Hutlbut then plctuiod the daily rounds
of souio of the luboiiug classes , especially of
fin mem' wives. Uho nvcr.igo woman who
docs her own Housework may look back
through all the duis of foity icars of Her
life and every Monday of these all was a
washday. The drudging monotony in the
lives t' ' t many working people live is
enough to drive -them ciazy. Good books
vv ill provu tliu best antmOte ln- the w orld for
such toilsome monotony.
'Iho second piinciplo on which the C. L.
S. il. i& founded Is that even body can hav o
culluio. In this country , and especially in
the west , cdjuition is to chcip and oppor
tunities nro so many , almost e\ cry } oung
man can go to college ; and these who cannot
gotocollejicuuii iolu thoC. L. S C. , which
will fin null jrany advantages. Very few
realize the an ount that can bo done by the
devotion of un I our a dai to the purpose of
The third principle of the C. L. S. C. is
that cuituio should fiibt Ioncral , ana then
special By tbo tlmo pne has gone through
the general course ho will bo apt to Have
found some ono thing that he desires to mnko
special. Ho who begins rcullng will gener
ally end by studying. Of the23,0X ( ) who Have
finished the C. L. S C. couise very few Have
stopped reading ami stmlimg. Finally , the
U. L S C. believes tint our cuituio should
bo under Christian auspices Christianity is
nothing unless It makes ono wiser , broader ,
nun o generous nnd gentle.
In closing Dr. Hurlbut expressed His great
plcasuioin seeing so many nt this assembly
engaged In Chautnuqua work , and to
know thnt on Kccognltlon day fifty-
four will present themselves for-
graduation. Ho was pleased to s ly that this
was the largest class that his yet graduated
at nni western assembly.
Mrs. Mary South rope , of Michigan , lec
tured in the pavilion nt 8 o'clock last even
ing. Bofo'otho lecture began President F.
I. Foss mndu a stntojtcnt of the financial
standing of the nssoniblj. Ho also said that
the growth of the assembly seemed to the
management to demand addition tl build
ings. The attendance Has almost doubled
that of last v car , and the moiioy that bus
thus far come in is nearly twice ns much
as eiimo in dining tlia sumo tlmo last icar ,
Tlio tuistees would like to erect dining the
coming icnr a Hotel costing $10 OOJ , nud a
$ ( ! O')0 ) pav ilinn like the ono at the Now Yoik
Chautnuqua It Is thought best to procure
the money for those buildings by a fuithor
sale of stock Some of the stockholders nro
not wilting that stock continue to bo sold at
par , but tno m ijorlty are willing that for the
picscnt the prlco leman $10 per share.
Stock can be bought nt nny time by applying
to the president , secretary or superintendent
of giounds. Many desirable lots are yet for
sale , and can bo also had hi applying to the
above parties.
After this announcement and a solo by
Miss Hambliu , Mis. Lathrop wns Intro
duced and began her lectuto. No particular
subject wns announced , but the general
theme of the nddrcss was a discussion of the
causes which hail brought the tempcranco
question Into the province of government for
settlement. The main reason was found in
the fact that other menus have been proven
wholly inadequate to meet tlio demands of
the ciso. Mrs. Litluop then gavon brief
review of the agencies that have thus far
been emploicd. The church has long been
more or less active la the temperance move
ment , but has accomplished comparatively
little because of divisions about petty sect
and denominational questions. The Washingtonian -
ingtonian movement and the crusades both
did n good woik , hut both Have had their
day. Other menus have been tried , but nil
have fallen short of ultimate triumph. Mrs.
Lathrop maintained that the tempcranco
question Has not suffered any loss by
coming into the realm of political discussion.
In conclusion Mrs. Lathrop said : "Tho
saloon is entrenched like Gibraltar in the
wrong attitude of the government , but I believe -
liovo the child Is bout that will sco the
closed door of the lastBaloon In our country. "
Mrs Lathrop has been called the most
logical of all the speakers on the temperance
question. She certainly is both eloquent
and able. Her largo audience showed gieat
appreciation of her lecture. To judge by the
frequent applause the audience was largely
made up ot prohibitionists.
The ti.iiO piaver meeting this morning wns
led by Colonel Co wden and the subject for con
sideration was the icsults of faithful Chris
tian work. A gentleman from Illinois gnvo
the key note to the meeting by saying that ho
thanked God for this grand assembly of the
united Christians of Nebraska. He hoped
that here all would receive such a si n it of
love and Helpfulness that all would go home
and shako hands over the things that divide
the cliutch and unite in tlio things that are
for God and homo and native land.
The various classes Held their usual fore
noon scBSions , hut moskof the class exercises
wcio omunttcd this aftoreoon because of the
lawycis' programme. At 10 o'clock the
ladies of the W. C. A. mot in the hall in the
grove. Brief addresses on the flower mission
and the home for the fiiendlcss weio made
by some of the moi o prominent ladies who
arc iuteicstcd in these subjects
At 11 o'clock Prof. Cunnock gave bis
second reading. Prof , Holm's lecture on
English history was to Have occupied this
hour , but it was postponed until the same
hour to-utonow. Prof. Cunnock chose
for his second reading the follow
ing selections : Extinct from Wen
dell Phillips' oration on "Ideals ; " "An En
counter With an Interviewer , " Murk Twain ;
"Connoi , " aimonimous ; "Hoiatio at the
Bridge , " Macaulcy ; "A Geaigia Scimon , "
from Ford's "duly History of Illinois ; "
'Cuddle Doon , " ( cncoie ) Alex Andeison.
To day is lawyers'day and the legal fra-
tci mty of the state had charge of the after
noon exercises. Judge Coolev , w Ho arrived
last evening , delivered un addioss in the pa
vilion at 2 o'clock.
Dr. Hurlbuit delivered a lecture on John
Knoin the pavilion in the evening at 8
o'eloeK Tic Methodist ministcis had n
business meeting nt the C. L. S. C. tent at S
o'clock. The Picsbytcriuns mot at their
hcudqu.utcis at 5 , and nt the same hour a
meeting of collcgo students nnd graduates
was held at the Congregational headquar
ters Miss Mills , of Gates college , Nebraska ,
who has been spending a few days at the as
sembly , left this moirflng for her home in
Mis. Cotton , of Nebraska City , the Misses
Many.ud , Jeniilo Smith , of Lincoln , and
a Konllcman of Dcwitt have all de
cided to provide themselves with assembly
cott iges ere another year.
Dr. Dwioruirived this morning.
Mis. G.ijloid , of Omaha , reached hero
this morning.
Hon. John M. ThUrston presided at the
meeting this afternoon.
Tennis and boating are favorite amuse
ments witti tlio iounu' people.
President Fosj , Supciintcndcnt Water
man mid their assistants deserve much praise
foi the readiness nnd kindness with which
thej meet all the demands made upon them.
Following is the progiammo for Wcdncs-
dav , July 4 mi'lonal day :
( i 3' ) Pr.ii er seivice ,
8 oo Choi us.
8 0) Intermediate class.
U:00-Cliildren's : class.
0 00 Advanced normal class , "Tho Teach
ings of Chi 1st" ( continued ) .
10:00 : Singing school for beginners.
10 00-Norinal class , "Tlio Bible from
God. "
10 00 Tcmpsranco class , "Homo Protec
tion "
11 00 Lecture , Hev. Willard Scott , "Get
ting Ahead. "
2 00 Senator Charlss F. Mundorson. Sen
ator Joseph E Hawley of Connecticut is ex
pected with Senator Maiiderson ,
8 UO Concert of war songs with bnof ad
dresses , in chaigo of General W. C Hemy ,
coinmander-iii-chief of G , A , H of Nebraska
U.30 Ciiand display of fireworks , of
the flambeau company , and other atti ac
After the L'aoklng House.
KrAUNEt , Neb. , July 8. [ Special Telegram
to Tun BM : J A meeting of subscribers to
the subsidy askoJ by William Hecht to in
sure a packing house in this city was called
this evening Tlio amount is raised , nnd
Uoss Gamble , W C. Tillson and B. H. Blck-
nell appointed tt-ustccs to negotiate with Mr.
Hecht und partloi Interested in the enter
iirKo Tlio building will bo icady hi Novem
ber 1 , with a capacity tmfllcient to handle all
the cattle and hogs raised in Buffalo und ad
joining counties.
Dodco Count } Teachcra.
FUFMONT , Neb. , July 3. [ Special to THE
Bfci' ] Tlio Dodge countv teacheis' institute
opened yesterday with an attendance of
about fifty , which number it is expected will
bo increased to 100 after the Foutth. The
assistant instructors secured by Supeiinten-
dent Claicndcn are : Mis Irene Cookc und
Mrs. Hdwards , of Lincoln , Prof. George A.
Kollai , of Hooper , und Prof J. A. Dowdon ,
of Noiti ; Bond The session will continue
for two weeks. An important thing to bo
undertaken will bo * ? arrange a uniform
course of study for the publlovhools of the
Addro > bsd By un Ainerloin.
LOXDOV , July i ) . The bishop of Minnesota
preached a sei uion to day to" the delegates
attending the Episcopal coofureucu at Lain-
belt ,
High Ohnrch Dlgrnltnrlos Assoniblo
at Lnmboth Palnco.
lit Ilnnsoni Cabs mid "Gro\\l-
ci-s" Die Araliblsliop or Canter
bury I'rcslilps I'rcsbjtcrlnnsnt
JJvotcr Otlicr I'orclKii N'cus.
[ Copyi lyWSSS tiu Jamtt Onnloli IlcnntU.1 "
LOMIOV , July 3. | Now York Herald
Cable Special Telegram to Tin : Urn : ] A
greater contrast can hardly bo conceived f
than between the service in Westminster
Abbey last night , with all the pomp nnd cir
cumstances of the place , the music nnd
crowds inside and outside , and to day the
quiet celebration of the holy communion In
the chapel of Lambeth palace , n building
little known , oven to Londoners. It is of
especial interest from Its associations to
bishops , for In it all in milto comparatively
modern daj s the ui ijorlty of Anglican pre
lates , whether homo or colonial , were consecrated
crated to the hi h oftlco , nnd hero the ilrst
Amelia in bishop was consecrated.
The bishops began to arrive about
half past 10 , and cannot bo accused
of coming In state. Thcio wcio only
thrco or four can luges , the majority favorIng -
Ing hansom cabs , while a largo number
walked ticross Westminister bridge , Bishop
Potter coming in what Is sluuglly called hero
a "growler , " with no signs of publlo ex
citement. The third Lamboth confcienco
was opened , and nearly all the bishops who
have accented invitations were present.
They robed , in the guard room.
The Junior colonial prelates walked
llrst in the procession. The tall
and commanding foim of the archbishop of
York towered above his biothren , but it is
noteworthy how many moio intellectual
pi elates Durham , Gloucester , Bristol , Hipon
were small of stature , and the plclato is
not tall. The Amciican bishops walked by
the side of the homo prelates and In the rest
of the procession , preceded by Sir John
Dcanc , the vicar general , Sir John
Hassard the principal rctristcror
General and Sir John Hanham , the nppaiuor
general , c line the Archbishop of Canterbury ,
having on his sides the Archbishop of York
and the Bishop of London , ana followed by
the Dean of Windsor and his other chap
lains. The scene in the cliapcl was unique ,
tlioio being nearly ono hundred nnd llfty
bishops present from nil parts of the world ,
exercising their functions when nt homo
under iv variety of most dissimilar cncutn-
The "Vcni Creator" was the introit and
the Archbishopof Canteiburi was , of course
the cclobiant. After serv ice the nichbishop
cntci taincd his Hpisiscopil bi cthcrn at lunch-
con and the Hist session commenced nt half
past" with nothing occui ling to day of mo
The pan- Anglican conference has a rival in
the pan-Prcsbi tenon council , whoso pioceed-
liigs began in Exeter hall to-day und to which
some three hundred representatives have
been delegated from all p irts of the world.
An opening soimon nnd a garden party at
Argyle ledge were included in the coming
programmes for rcln\ation.
'Ihc Times Mbcl Suit.
LONDON , July 3. The attendance on the
second day of the trial of the libel suit of
Trank Hugh O'Donnoll against the Times
was greatly diminished. The case for the
plaintiff was closed after some inconscqueii-
ti il testimony bad been introduced , taking
only a few moments. Attoiney General
Webster opened for the defense , and sav
agely attacked P.unell and the leigue , and
following the general lines of the Times ar
ticles that gave nsj to the suit. Paiuoll en-
lined the couit just as Webster was alluding
to him , and the court at that moment ad
journed for the day.
William nnd Hussln.
Bruux , July 3. It is behoved that after a
definite understanding with Kussi i has been
established I mpcior William will piopose
that the European powers i educe their
armaments. Empoi or William will nt i ivo at
St Pcteisbuig August 3 , the czarina's fete
Tlio Viitlcnn Alarmed.
RoMr , July 3. The libcial successes In tlio
municipal elections in Italy have alanned the
Vatican. The pope , who is opposed to the In
tel vention of the clergy , will counsel them
to abstain from future elections.
To nscorl flic Emperor.
BniiMX , July 3 An order 1ms been re
ceived at Kiel to Have several war ships In
readiness to escort Umpcior William to
Ivioustadt about tlio middle of the month.
THI : iiAiuusxr CASK.
A I'loliablllty That tlio Mimic-rein
Will He Granted 11 NCMV Trial.
MISXK\rous , July U , [ Speciil Telegram
to Tun Hie. ] As the lilth of July ap-
proaccs , the day on which the llanctt boys
aio to bo cxcuted , the interest In the proceed
ings being tak en in their behalf In the su-
piomo court Increases. Yesterday the cu-
preme couit adjourned. It was expected
that the motion for a new tiial would Lo
iniido this spring. But Mr Erwlnhas not
yet perfected his appeal , and consequently it
will bo necessary to postpone tiio argument
until next fall Thcio is no likelihood that
the boys will hang on the lith. The papers
in the case aio now in the hands of the
printer In a few days they will bo filed in
thosupromo court Then Mr l > wm will
ask for a stay , uud m all probability it will
bo granted , ,
n.vrns TAK.rT A "ruMitMa.
Tlio Tariff on Dressed Beef Itcaolirs
ItM Io\\fht Notch.
CnicAoo , July J. In accoidanco with the
general expectation , tlio rate on dressed
bcof today fell to M cents per hundred ,
Chicago to Now York , the lowest into over
made by any tallroad on this article of freight.
On Boston business the "i > ; ; cent rate was
maintained The rate on movlsioiis was
fin ther reduced to ' „ ' . % emits to Now York ,
and "T' < i cents to Boston , while in oulcrto
maintain the nuthorUed diffuicnces between
the live stock nud diesscd bcof rates , a
further icducilon was made on cattle in car
loads , bringing the rate down to 131J cents to
New York , hut leaving it at 14 > < i cents to
Dismissed From tlio Hoard.
WASHINGTON , July 3 General Gcorgo C
Rogers , of Kansas , member of the board of
pension appeals of the interior depaitmeit ,
has bid ! dismissed and Jtimes A. La.'oy , of
Missouri , has appointed to the vacancy.
Vllu' : .
MiSNhU' , July 3 The celebrated
ciimiuul libel c.ise of Postmaster General
Vllas against William Welch , of this city ,
was discontinued to day.
Cnrpoi Mills Silit lo\u : .
CLINTON , Mass. , July 3. The Bigelovr
Carpet company's mil ! * , emplojisg 13,000
hands , shut down to duy on account of
scai city of woik.
ICnnsns t Nolirnskn nnd
Chicago , Itock Island At Colorado.
DFNMI , Col. , July 3. A certificate of in
corporation of the Chicago , Kansas & Ne
braska railway company with the Chicago ,
Hock Island & Colorado Hallway compiny
Was filed with the secretary of state jester-
ilay afternoon w 1th a capital of Stt.OJO.OOO.
The certificate sots forth that the Kansas
company owns the lines of road now con-
stiuctcd and being constructed through east
ern Kansas. Tlio main line commences to oi > -
crate at St. Joe nnd runs in a southwesterly
diicction thiough Kansas ton point on the
south line cross nnd by the 101st mcredlnn.
Several branch lines will bo constructed , ono
of which will commence nt llorton , Brown
county , and run west to the onstern line ot
Colorado , w hero It will connect with the
Coloi ado company. The Colorado company
will construct a Hue to the latter point to
Pueblo and Colorado Spi ings , nnd the cntlro
line will be known as the Chicago , Kansas &
Nehiaska Hallway company. Tlio principal
place of business Is Topoka. The directors
tholltstycur moC. II. Jlolson , H. A. Par
ker , John O. Sebastian. Danlul Atwood , H.
V. Mori Is , GcorgoV. . Samuel and M. A.
Lowo. _ _
Glljlj AND 111S milDK.
The Soldier or I-'oituno Kvldcntl )
Makes n Good Hiirunln.
Niw Yonic , July 3. [ Special Telegram
to Tun Bi.r.J After abiief honeymoon of
two dajs , W Keating Gill , the far-famed
husband of Miss Gw'inno , iptnrncd to his
old haunts In uptown Bioadway icstciday.
Ills bride of six days is still at Naiiacansctt
Pier with her sister , Miss Cotto Gw imo.
The details of the marriage are shrouded In
ns much inj story as ever. The fact that Gill
Is now n biothcr-Iu-law of Mrs. Coinclius
Vauderbllt has not \ct affected the size of
his head. Tlio long confeicneo had bi the
big brotliT with Gill Satuulay culminated in
the lattoi's favor. The Gwj lines and Vim-
derbilts , Step papa Matthews und the whole
clan nro to recognlra "dear Edith's" hus
baud as ono of them , and unless the much
discussed benedict's traditional good luck do
setts him his row hencofoith will bo a smooth
ono to hoe When n goodly portion of the
glorious "four hundred" retuin to town m
the fall the nuptials will bo publicly solemn-
i7cd. Gill leaves town again to dnv and docs
not expect to again return to the city until
ho does so In tiiutnph with iMis. Gill on his
arm. _ _
A United Stntc < ) MnkcH lllniHelf
mi Obnoxious Nuisance.
DENVI u , July 3. [ Special Tclcsram to
THE Bi i. ] A big sensation has been caused
heio by a low in theofilcoof the United
States icgister of the land ofllce , which oc
curred yesterday afternoon Prank J. Molt ,
the register , has been drinking heavily of
late and intruding his attentions m a disi-
giccable manner upon two or tin co employes.
Among the-ic is aioung man named J. G.
Moore , w ho is employ ed in the oftlco of the
iccci\er of public monies , adjoining tlio oflleo
of the icgister. Yesterday afternoon when
the clerks were about leaving Mott iiindo an
assault on Mooie. Mooio diew a icvolvcr to
defend himself nnd Mott pulled his own and about to use it when the other cleiks in-
teifercd and sepaiatcd them. The h is
been kept \ cri but was given away by
ono of the cleiks Moti is being taken eaio
of by his li lends.
Satisfied With Republican Nominees.
Pmsntmo , Pa. , July 8. [ Special Tele
gram to Tint Bui : . ] The scheme for a
national convention ut Washington of coloied
people to detcimino their course of action
in tlio picsldentinl campngn has been aban
doncd , the reason for which is stated by
Walter Brown , ono of the leading spuits in
the enterprise , as follows : "Tho republi
can candidates are so acceptable to the peo-
plcof my lace tint there Is no trouble to de
termine how to vote. We are thoioughly
pleased with Hanison and Morton and will
support them almost to a man. 1 h ivo lottci s
f i om colored people in nil parts of the
countiy saying that the icpublicaa ticket
suits them and they will vote for it. In the
south paiticul.nly Haiiison is stiong , nnd
if the coloi cd people bo allowed to vote they
w ill carry at tin ee states for the repub
licans. I learn that the coloied men in the
south arc organl/ing to nssci t their i iglits nt
the polls , and 11 intei fi'ied with there will bo
tiouble. Mink that. "
For Defrauding tlio Gneminent. .
PlTTsntito , Pa , July ,5. Hieliard Nevms ,
jr. , ox-resident govern ucnt aiehitect of the
United States couit house and postoillco now
being built hoie , has been nrtcsted upon
charges prcfci rod by Unite 1 Stile ? Special
Aeent Brooks , of making fraudulent claims
ngainst the govci iiment. It is claimed that
Ne\ins iiiin oved and presented false billsfor
w oik on the couit house and postonlco ul
leged to have been douo bi one. 13 Donovan ,
but which was never pei formed. Donovan ,
it is alleged , never signed tno bills , and his
name was foi god to them T'ovins usMiils he will bo able to sutisfuetouly explain
the chmges.
This ultoinoon Richard Ncvins , jr. , waived
preliminary lie. 11111 nnil gave bail in the sum
of o,003 , for ti ml at court .
Ynlo'rt dew GoiiiK to lO
NinIUvi.v : , Conn. , July 3 [ Special Tel
egram to Tin : Bur.Hermann ] Oclriclis ,
icfeicc of the great Yale Harvard , will
take the Yale crew to England to get up a
match with the Cambridge cicw. The de
cision has not i ct been reached by the ci ow
Oeliiclis will pay all excuses. GH Caiter ,
whowas Yale's stui board stioke , has been
piesentedhi his father with ? . ' 5J &IOJ lor
each length Yale was ahead ot dm.ud at
the finish. Cmtcr comes fiom Honolulu
Ho has been chosen captain of the cicw
for Ibb'J ,
_ _
Great CropH in lown.
SIII.VANDOAII , la , July 3. [ Special to TUB
Bin : ] Thoiyo Imi vest began IIPIC iester-
day. Pall wheat Is almost j oady for the
sickle , ami oils are beginning to ripin. The
small giain ciop in better than it lias boon
for n numbei oficus The ciop is so
heavy that it has been bcddi'd some bv the
Into rain , but not to any considerable ostcnt
Corn is n little lute , but is gi wing rapidly
nnd gives piomiso of an abundant yield.
The farmer usually has one or moiu poor
ciops , but such , it seems , will not be the case
this i ear. _
Will Trj to Break the Will.
Niw : YOIIK , July 3. | Special Telegram to
Tun Her ] Blanche Maisdon has deter
mined to tiy to b teak the will of her father ,
riedeiick Marsden , the playwiight , made
disinheriting her cnt'.icly bho alleges that
ins cruelty and not her misconduct was the
cause of her leaving homo , him also alleges
that iio was incaniblo of making i ; will on
account of insanltv. She will endeavor to
get a share of Marsdcn's f 100,000 estate.
An l Mcnulvo Cave-In.
PiTTsiitno , July 3. A Clnonlilu Scranton
special remits an extensive ) cavoinnttho
Bellcyuo slope this morning , foicing the
minois to fly for their lives. So far ns
known one man nnd n number of mules are
crushed. So\cn laborer ! ) uiu missing , The
BUI face show t , the effect for n long distuiieo ,
doing coimdvrablo damage to piopcity.
( excitement prevail * ,
Stood tlio Trip
s , Del. , July -Tho United Sta'cs
steamer Swutara with General Shcndaii
ontKMid uirivcu off Di'lawaso brcakw lcr
this moi nlng. Gcucial Shciiun stood the
tiip fiom Hampton Uor.rts veiy well , Itn'iifh
ho is somewhat fillgued b\ the ship's mo
tion , Tltuic has been a co uUeraUu mound
The Rnilrorul Question the Ono o
Greatest Concern.
The University Investigation So Kne
Proves tlio HuniidnloMH Charges
to be \ \ tlliout Foundation
A Smallpox Hcnrc.
A Iionjj Struggle
Dns MOINI , In. , July [ Special to Tin
BM : . ] The railroad problem In lown Is Just
now the ono of popular Interest nnil to man ; ?
people the one of greatest concern. Tha
railroad commissioners liuvo been onjoliicil
by the courts from putting Into effect their
now schedule of rales. llicy nro therefore !
waiting for the llrst opportunity to assort ,
tholr rights In coin t , nud see what can b < l
ilono to cimblo them to c.n ry on the flghj
tlicy linvo begun. The rnllionil officials on
tlio other Imiul nro claiming at least n tenu
pornry victory , nnil they hope n permanent
ono. They expect to light the tnrlff through
nil tlio singes of litigation to the supreme
court of tlio United States. They nrguo that
bcforo n llnnl Rcttlcinont Is i cached a chnnga
In cither publlo sentiment or In the composi
tion of tlio bouul of eommlsslonois will huva
tiikcn plnco tlmt \ \ 111 bo so fuvorublo to thont
Unit they can accept thb Munition then wltli
sntisfa lion. The eommlssloncis thomselvci
mo placed in u peculiar position. On tnuond
haiul the lallioud officials nro Insisting-
Hint they lia\0 been nrbltrury
and unreasonably sevcro oven to the
extent of practical confiscation of tholr prop
erty , On the other hand some shippers nro
complninhnr Unit the commisstonets have
raised rates too high mid mo mining thclc
business instead of improving it. It is true
that in some classes of freight such as coal
shipped for shoi t distances , the tariff has
been iiiiscd considerably. From less than
! ! 0 cents under the old tailft it is now laisoil
to neatly M ) cents on shoit alstiincos. Ot
course , It is much lower for long distances
the commissioners believing that in this way
about the i ight average would bo reached.
But mltio operators who ship for short dis
tances nro complaining bitterly and demand
ing a i eduction. It ( teems to bo understood
that nil of the railroads of the state , both
these Incorporated under Iowa laws am }
those incoipor.itcd In other states but doinff
business hero , will unite to icsist the sched
ule. There is a prospect of a long and bitter
contiovoisy in the courts befoio u result is
i cached. Tlio Hint Hearing will bo boforq
Judge Hrc\\er nt Le.ivenwoith next Friday.
The invt'stig.itlon nt the state university
at Iowa City still drags ita slow length along
and with no uppai cut benefit to the public.
A gicat many old women's stoiies liuvo beoa
investigated and found as foundationlcss an
usual. The pel sonnl enmity of tlio deposed
Prof. IIciniKbs to ins l.tto associates , par-
tieulailv Dr. Peck , seem to bo at the bottom
of about all the chaiges thnt m o now being
investigated. When two doetois full out 16
is very easy for one to nth up a great deal ot
scandal about the other , oven without nny
foundation for it. So sensational chmgosarO
being continually innclo and disproved in this ;
investigation , at an expenscto the publlo ot
about > MU. ) It is to bo hope that if the invcsJ
tlgation lias no other effect it will nt least )
result in retiring to unenviable obscurity the
men who have been responsible for all of the
slander and scandul that have been railed
about the university and Us honored and
faithful oflicials.
Tin : "MUi.rov AT ST. LOUIS.
The stuto board of health 13 in n very ex
cited state of mind. Tlio icason for its in
dignation is the neglect of the Missouri
authoiltlcs to make public the fact that )
Hinallpox was i aging in St Louis dining the
dcmociatic national convention in n malig
nant and dangerous form It seem that an
ngi cement lias for some tnno existed between
the boards of health of the uitrctent states
that whenever cases of contagious diseases
became known in ono fitato they should bo
piomptly lopot ted to the other boat ds. Most
of the states have Kept the au'i cement , but
the Missoui 1 author ties failed to do their ,
duty , and it is linown now th it finallpoxliaa
been prevalent in St Louis for KO01 ul weeks.
and the inferciico is drawn the authori
ties buppresscd the news in oulei that people
hhould not bo fiightenod into staying away ,
fiom St. Louis dm ing the convention. Tlio
Iowa authoiltlcs mo vcij nt this ,
bieaih of faith , and liuvo oxpiosed thorn-
selves to the Miisoun oillccis in veiy vigor
ous langii.igc
nil ui.i'i in ICVN srvTr COVVUNTIOV.
The date for the republican state convention -
tion is lixed for August 2-Jd , which is carlleo
tli. in the coiivciitlon has been hold for sev
eral yoais As the geneial ciiuip ii n usually
waits upon the state campaign , it is dcsiicd
to have the coin ention cat . Hint tlio
woik of oigniUntlon may bo begun earlleri
than usual. The convention will have to
nominate three railroad commissioners to
huciecd the present commissionei s who woio
appointed to onico. This will bo the llrst
time that commiosloncia have been named
by convention , and much intetcst is being
taken in the iesult It is undei stood that
each of tlio piesont commissioners is u cand
idate for ic election. Hut as all of them
live upon the same line of road , (
and us ono is a demociut , it la
not lil.elv that they will all suc
ceed themselves. Commissioner Smith of
Council HiulTri , Commissioner Campbell at' '
Newton and Coininissioiei Doy at Iowa
City aio all on the line of the Kookh
Island , and puoplo living on other loadsiircf
inising the point that they mo likely to'
f.uor unduly the load which passes their ]
own hollies Other candidates muutlouoif
foi the position mo Mr. John Mahln , editor
of the Mimcutlue .Touinal ; Ml. James Wil *
son of Tama countv , fonmulv JinotiiUfr ol
couplet * and also i.iilioad commissioner , and
Mi II U Wheeler of Sio county , picsidonti
of the State society. It is prob ; ,
able that Secretary of State Jackson \ \ 111 ba
lonominatod by acclamation. There will bo )
n contest for the tnwuiorship between Cap
tain Twombloy , the incumbent , and General' '
Hccson of Mnnh illtown. The only immca1
mentioned for supiomo couit judge ut pies-j
cut 1110 Judge Seovcis , the incumbent , Judge ;
Given of the district couit of tins city , and
Judge Granger of Alliimnkco county , j
nvrni ING Tin. , riu.i.T. 4
It is lomaikcd that no\oi before have so.
many ratlllcution meetings been hold so soon ]
nftti the nomination of a lepubllcan ticket
as this year. This Is p.n ticuhu ly true of
Iowa , where the noinlnation of Harrison and
Morton have given universal satisfaction.
Old politicians say that there has not boon
so inuob enthusiasm manifested BO cailyin
the cunp.tign for many years. In nil parts
of tlio Htato ratification meetings have been
hold nnd pi epai atlons uro being imulo for i (
very lively campaign. There uioso many
hoosleis living in Iowa that thcio is n veiyj
largo and cnthusiastio clement to stait with
thoroughly enthused with nntlv o pi ido for the
success of a Tippccnnoo ticket. The demo
crats have gl\on up all hope of making Iowa' '
even a doubtful state thU jear ,
Tlio Hit ; HonllliiK U40B.
BOSTON , July U The cnliKs in the pro
fessional scullers tin eo mile uieo heio oa1
July 4 , are ; Hamin , Now Voik ; P , II , Con- ]
ley , Portland , Mo ; McKay , Hi lifax ; W. P.I
Conley , South lioston ; O , Toole , Woicceter ;
A. Tiomondons JUeteor.
Mii.vtvKU' , July 3 A special to the
Kvcninff Wisconsin from Applcton , Wis. , *
says : At10yeslcidny : ? afternoon nl'omen *
deus meteor was observed to passacr estha
southei n Sky from cast to woit. It rivaled
the sun in brightness and loft u long train ot
sp irks in its wnko. The incfnr moved very
slowly und wi evidently at u vci y gi tut ,
height. It was visible for half a lalnutu uud
Hually faded u\vay without uoUtt.