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from Biliousness Piles
, Constipation , ,
Sick llcndnclic , Hour Stomneli , Colds ,
Liver Trouble Jmimlico Di/,7.inees
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the Ftalcmcut of n few !
I have nnd H 8 B on putlrntu conr le c.
In * from fever anil front ini-arte ; with lli
but results. J. N , OiKirv. M. 1) . .
LllaMlle , On "
. til.Wlllln While nmtctcit
with B. ruliila M'Yin yinn I prfwrlliul H. B.
B. , und lo Uay he ti a fnl mid ruumt bor.
C. W. 1'AHKIR , 41 D.
RICHMOND. VA. , Oco. U. IKS - I ha o taVen
thn o boll Ics of Hw If I'm BpcclHc for tccomlary
Mood pnUnn. It acli inuih Itoltrrllinn pot
uhurau ) other remedy I liatervorineil.
t ) \VlMFiru > . II D ,
Formerly of Sumex Co. , Va.
DR. E. J Hit * , tlio wi'll known ilruitKlsl
nil iihynlclan. of Nanhvllle , Howard Cuuntr.
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liaviiii'iiti , nnd nlll ulNoyim a wiirninty deedV
hu\ulotiint MUUIniiildulOlliiitnru within u imllin
ot two and n half lulleool tlio vo l-ollUo wu
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Itlilni ! CeiiFinl fomniircn I * In u Mill' ot MilifUn-
tlal prourenslon. Tbo dally pui < ui uru Illlnli\nli
accounta of new cntcrpilsen. ( 'Hblo < Hri.niiit IHITFC
rariicircleHratllP. Adcln > r < i COOK .tr MOIIIti : ,
Who luTO tlin LAIKiRnT I'ltUPKUTV LIST lu
1 SEATTLE , W , T.
( \ i
The largot , laitett and dne > t In the world
I'auenKor acc < iuimodtiloni ( unexrilled.
mv York lu ( lliocuir vlu I > oudnnilvrrv
n Itsr.KSIA , . . . JiTSR th I DrVilMA . . .ll'l.v 2lit
KTIIUH'IA.HIM 7th VlllCAhSU . .JUI.ath
AMIHIIIIA Jl'l V lllll I
Tbo Coleliraled i l.nnii'H and linen ! > I Jl'l.v lltli
hleainililii I tenner Meuiner lu AUU. Ktl
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or ( , 'iiiiMi > l wnfVlHinl upnanln lur ( ilai on Meiuil-
i > r . hllHiid iiiiward * foreitj of lloin beeondilaka
M ) . Ili'limi lUUlnM rvdueed rntemiiadu iiTiillablo
lor cither route , oilerli IE vxcimlonlHii tliu inulle.'u
of ( ulniilho. North undroiitli tit Ireliind.tho ItlTor *
Mrrrvr Hiiil I'lctiiictquo ( ; , . bteer.iiiii IM. Andiiir
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to any of our loial u.i'iil
> i ' a u iiiri M fium ill
ttJJfrr' , > llltr , U iip h rr. withfcclf-
r tJJunltii ; Hull In rcntt r , * tl i > t <
llH'f t all p ltlou of the hody , v > In In
tbol > nlll't"i ' ruu preeaes pack
tu Intostliioa JjiBtuu a nor-
Cliculrifree * iiiCl-liluS mibs lUif idle
Jncomparabiy tha Qeat.
Sorao Facts of the Resources and
Advantages of Fullerton , Nob- .
Crop nnd Stock Iloports or Nnncc
County For tlio Ycur 1H87
Mniuif'nctiirlnt ; nntl Com-
nicrvlnl Interests.
I'tillorton , Nolirn lcn.
Thcro is no town within the borders
of the great stnto of Nebraska of which
there lins boon so little written or stiitl
j historically orolherwisoand ) of which
so t much can truthfully bo * aid , as of
Fullerlon , the county scut of Nanco
For beautiful natural location and
richness in resources there is not her
rival in the state. Fulterton Is
located on a plnttcati at the foot
of the divide of the great Loup
and Cedar Hivcr valleys , and from her
slightly elevated position,1ms a splendid
view of the intersection of these two
rivers a few miles below in what now
becomes the Main Loup valley , widely
known for its fertility and richness of
soil. From a point a half a mile north-
cast of the town upon one of a serins of
pioinincnt blulTs is presented a magnifi
cent view of the Cedar River valley , extending -
tending as far to the northeast as the
naked eye can sec. Wending its way
down this valley toward-Fullerton is
the beautiful Cedar rivorof ronmrkablo
uniform width and consisting of a suc
cession of short bends , from several
of which where it. is less
than ; i half milo across from one bond
to another , it is fully four or llvo miles
around by the main channel. The
banks on each side being heavily
clothed with foliage of cedars and pop
lar , presents ono of the grandest pieces
of scenery to bo found any
where cast of the great gorges ot
the Rockies or the cascades of the
\lleghenies or Sierra Novadas. Hero
s certainly a Hold for the view artist.
t is unquestionably too grand and pic-
uresquo for the descriptive pen to do
doqnato justice. It is from this stream
hat Fullerton obtains her great natural
ml unlimited water power , which is
tow being utilized by means of turbine
\heels and can bo transferred by means
f electricity to manufactories in any
mrt of the city.
The young" and prosperous city of
' ' 'ullerton ' was located in 1S79 , the fol-
owing year in 1880 , they bad a popula-
ion of lifty people. In 1885 tlio popula-
, ion had increased to ! )00. ) It is now
ully lf > 00 and at the rate of increase for
, ho past few years li,000 inhabitants can
safely be predicted in the year 1S90.
L'his is certainly a most excellent sliow-
ng but nothing startling when consid
eration is given the fact that Fullerton
ins some natural advantages possessed
t y very few of our western cities , be
sides having a live , energetic , intclli-
ent , class of business men who are
walou&ly guarding her future
'n tore-tits and taking the lead in public
mprovcmciits. They now have in con-
.cinplation a mangilicont system of city
water works upon the reservoir plan.
rholiSgh blutls immediately back of the
city and overlooking the Cedar river
UTord an admirable location for a sys
tem of inexhaustible supply of resor-
\oirs , from winch they would have a
100-foot fall to the city , and about
wen ty foot fall from the city to either
.lie Loup or Cedar rivers , not over a
utlf milo distance north or south. Jt is
tlto intended to place at the dam across
.lie Cedar , where the force pumps will
jo located , a sot of Turbine
wheels from which the electric
.ight dynamos will obtain power , also
Irom which power can bo had for other
manufactories now nugotiating for loca
tion hero. This is certainly the grand
est opportunity for a canning factory ,
woolen factory , paper mills , andin fact ,
any kind of manufacturing interests , to
locate their plants whore power can bo
had cheaply , and in the very midst of
: tn agricultural countrv , producing raw
material for the manufacture of any ar
ticle required for consumption at Homo
or abroad.
mi ! CUM ATI : .
Fullerton is peculiarly fortunate in
her location. At an altitude of
1,710 feetblie has secured a
mp t exhilorating and healthful
climate in the hottest day * of
summer her nights nro delightfully
cool and the days are not at all oppress
ive because of the pure , dry atmosphere.
The w inters are exceedingly short and
pleasant , compared with tlio long , cold ,
stormy and disagreeable winters of the
north and northwoit. Sickness is something -
thing almost unknown among her citi
zens , while lung and bronchial troubles
were never heard of in this climate.
Nance county is situated in the cen
tral part of Nebraska. It is commonly
known as the ljawnco reservation. Its
length , from cast to west , is thirty
miles , its breadth ( ifteon miles , and it
contains about 1180,000 acres. The soil
is more fertiU ) and the country bettor
wntorea than any county , perhaps , in
Nebraska. The Loup Hews through
the county its entire length ; the Heaver
and Cedar cross it from northwest to
southeast. Uesides , there are other
htreams : Skccdoo , Cottonwood , Horse ,
Plum , Council. Timber and Ash creeks.
It can bo been by a glance at the map
that the county is plentifully supplied
with water from these numerous water
courses ruiiiiiiitr in all parts of the
county. Drouths do not , therefore ,
aflect the crops in this soctttm
in anv degree mentionable. The
soil of the valley is , generally speak
ing , of a black alluvial , while on the
Mefa land a rich , black , sandy loam
prevails which for crop raising is not
surpashcd anywhere in the state , nnd
for trrass and grazing purposes there is
no liner land on the continent. There
is no portion of the states or territories
offering hotter inducements to those
wishing now homos or business loca
tions than in Nanco county. Unim
proved lands ean bo had at from M to
? lt ) per aero , and some as line improved
farms us can bo found in any state in
the union ean bo had for $10
to SU5 per acre , Nanco county
has a slight advantage over her sister
counties in another respect. .Some ten
years ago the entire county of Nanco
comprised the "Pawnee Indian reserva
tion , " tolectod originally by the Indians
as such because of their knowledge of
its luting the finest land in the state.
In 1b78 the secretary of the interior
ordered the reservation opened up for
settlement and the lands gold by the
general land dopurtment , which was
accordingly done. Consequently the
purchasers" have perfect title and
are of a good elas of people , who are
able to put up substantial homes , anil
there is , as a result , not a homesteader ,
a pre-emption claim , or u sod house in
the county. The county is free
from debt , has n tluo court
house at Fultorton nnd money in the
treasury. Tlio population of Nance
county is between 10,000 and I'.OOO.
Thcro nro now forty district and two
graded schools with sixtytcacliprd and
, an enumeration or curoilmoat 3,000
chlldr6n between the ages of five and
twenty-one vcars in the county.
citor A > 'J > VrocK IIKPOIIT OK x.VN'fu
fOt'NTVj 1HS7.
The follo\ylng statistics , showing the
crops raised in the count } during the
year 1887 , nnd live stock shipped and
on hnnd during the year , have been
carefully compiled by acommltte ap
pointed by the Fullerton board of trade.
The figures hero below given are totals
of reports handed in by the farmers and
stockmen of the county. They are re
liable , and entitled to credit.
Bushels Market
nnrt Tons. Value.
Corn fi3r ! ) , > 12 $2. . > < V4 00
Wheat OJ.ioi 20.vioo
Oats 215.341) ) 4ip41 : OJ
' ' ' ' '
n , ricy..V.V.V.V.V.V.V. . ft'rfli si'sis oo
Flux 1S72I 20XXI ( 00
Potatoes 12ir ( 0,000 00
liny 10,840 07,34 , 00
Totnl 055,042 511)1,410 ) 00
Number. Vulvio.
Hojts on hnnd .Inn. I. 1S < 3. . I4.3S4 $14:1,810 :
FfttliogssouldurititflbS ? . . 12,000 144,000
Totnl 2fltSl : S237.S40
Cnttlo on hand .Inn. 1 , 1SSS. lli I ) M f .WO.ftV )
Fat cnttlo soltl in 1S7 C.OIO ! U2,000
Totnl 21,00. ! SrtJI.OSO
Work horses and mules on
farms only ' . ' .SGi . ) $3 0,7.10 ,
Impcirtcd horses Clyde ,
Slilro. Pcrclieron , 10 ;
Standard tribes , 4 14 3V > 00
Total 8,50
Mnrkut value of prain and stock
In Nance county , iiielilillti ! ?
stoiM flipped out during the
year 1SST , anil stock and
grain on hand Jan. 1 , ISsS. . . . $1.733,530 00
No. of
All kinds of grain shipped during the
year ! Sb7 3,744
Fat heirs shipped 204
Fut cnttlo shipped S17
Total cars 4,103
Making in all a train of c.irs twonty-
llvo miles long. All of this grain and
stock raised and shipped in the year
18S7 , and from a county less than ten
years old.
From present indications of crops this
year there is no question but what the
above showing will bo increased at least
! 2.j per cent in 18S8.
Fullerton is located on the main line
of the Omaha , Niobrara & Black Hills
railway , 12 : ! miles west of Omaha by
rail. This road is practically a branch
of the Union Pacilie railway system
running from Columbus to the Black
Hills , and will probably bo pushed for
ward from Cedar Rapids , its present
terminus , before the shades of another
autumn appear. The main line of the
Union Pacific overland route is
no doubt in time , to run
via Fullerton and St. Paul to North
Platto. This is almost a boo line from
Columbus to North Platte and would
shorten the present route very mate
rially. The surveys and a portion of
the grading for this eut-olT , is is under
stood , have been completed.
The Northwestern railway , also the
Chicago. Rock Island & Pacilie and the
Burlington & Missouri River road are
all reaching out into the northwestern
territory and heading for the rich Mid
dle Loup and Cedar Valley country. It
is highly probable that the latter com
pany may build from Central City , in
Morrick county , to Fullerton yet this
season. This will give Fullerton most
excellent railway and shipping facili
The Fullerton Roller Mills owned by
G. Wheeler & Co. are the largest and
most capacious ot any in the North
west. They were established in 18Srun : ?
by water power and have a capacity ol
about 150 barrels per day. The bulk of
the Hour from this mill is shipncd to
Iowa. Colorado and the Central part ol
Nebraska. Tlio mill runs night and
day , and the proprietors are contem
plating the enlargement of the building
and putting in more rollers. The fol
lowing shows the amount of grain pur
chased at these mills in the year of 18n7 :
Bushels Value
Oats at 22c l.r > ,000 $3,300
Corn at ! ! 0c 27,000 7,100
\Vlieatat55c 00,000 33,000
Toll 4,000
Total 10J.OOO17,100
Messrs. Hurley & Watts established
a brick factory in Fullerton in 1882
and since that time have been
supplying Fullerton and the adjoin
ing towns with a superior buildinir
brick. They have an inexhaustible sup
ply of line brick clay in the blulls on
Cedar river. When running full force
they have a capacity of 110,000 per day
The cigar factory recently establishes
in Fullerton by Mr. William Baxter is
among the loa'din ? enterprises of tint'
place. The present capacity is about
1.000 per day , but witJi increased facili
ties it will soon be able to supply thodo-
maiul from the northwest territory will
the best brands of cigars and tobaccos ) nno KACTOUV.
This factory is largely patronised bj
the surrounding country but the bull
of its product is shipped to Omaha and
Denver. The capacity of this mill is
about fifteen tons per day. It also turns
out meal , flax seed , etc. Messrs
Wheeler & Co. , of the roller mills , are
also proprietors of this factory.
The following statement will intcrcs
the reader. U shows the amount o
business done in Fullertoa and the
amount of capital invested for the yeai
1SS7 :
C.ipitnl. Business
General Merchandise. . $15,000 H17.00
Hlaeksmitliini , ' 1,200 3,001
Hard ware 11,000 S'.I.IXK '
Furniture 2f.OO ilXK , (
Livery 12,5(10 ( 7 , ? < X
Groceries (1,200 ( ai..VX
Drutis I'.tHK ) 2i,0X ( (
Lumber 30,000 100,00
Pumps and Windmills. 1,500 5,001
\Viinon \ \ orks liUO 8lHK
Millinery l.yji ) 4-jrc
At'i-ifiiUural linplum'ts 10,000 35,2H
Harness 2,000 & .IKK
Coiifccltoneiy S50
Juwulry and Musical
Instruments 0,300 12.0X
Meat Market 4,030 7,001
\VullUoruiK 1,110
Newspapers 0 , v > Kstato 321,41
Loans ' .Mi UK
Insurance l.'i.COO
Amount paid for freight 2l,31 ( >
Total 1147,450 * S > itVUS
Banking busines of Nance county ,
18S7 :
Capital Invistcd. $202,500 ,
LuaiiK and Dibcounts Ull.iVC }
Average Deposits W1.2I5
r.xrh.ingcs liotiKlit Uii OJ1
Sold U.M..TJJ
Tot al C-2,4'J 7'tO
From stub data as can readily be- ob
tained it it , bafo to predict that the biVi-
ness of Fullerton in IBbS will show an
increase of at least " "j or ! > 0 per cent
over that of 1SS7 , as bhown above.
Fullerton iaoll supplied with ele
vators. The principal one is that of
Fuller & Patoii , cbtablibhod in IfeSH.
with a capacity of 40,000 bushclb of
grain , and a capital investment , includ
ing their lumber and coal interests , of
Jlio.OOO. . Thi linn is among the
heaviest buyoi'b nnd bhippors of gruln ,
lumber , coal and Hvo stack In thotato.
Tliey are also largo .land owners' and
r.eal o&tato dealers.
Tbo elevator of G. Wf.c'eler & Co. ,
which is rim in connection with the
roller mills , was erected in 1M4. It. has
a storage capacity pf 'J0,000 bushels of
grain , and represents , together with
roller ni.U ? nnd ground feed factory , a
cajiitall/alion of $83,000.
Lumry Broselevator , established in
1SS7 , has a storage capacity of 10,000
bushels of grain. They are heavy buy
ers and shippers of all kinds of small
grains , also deal largely in agricultural
implements , wagons , carriagesbuggies ,
phaetons , etc. There is no firm in the
county carrying us large a supply of
theso'articles as Lumry Bros. do. Their
investment is about i25UOO.
There are three or four lumber yards
in Fullerton , all carrying a good assort
ment of different grades and kinds of
lumber , window frames , sashes , blinds ,
screens , doors , and everything in their
lino. Among the leading firms may bo
mentioned Fuller vt Paten , E. M. Lagrange -
grange and H. Stevenson & Co.
The "First National Bank" Chnun-
cov Wiltso , president ; Theodore C.
Koch , cashier ; capital stock , 8.50.000 ;
surplus , $ ! ! 0K)0. ( ) This is the oldest
bank ( by succession ) in Nance county.
Kstablis'hed in 1SS1 , itis conducted upon
a conservative policy and does strictly
banking business. The president of the
First National is one of the heaviest
land owners in the county and the stock
holders represent a half million doll'irs.
It is considered one of the leading
banks of the stale.
THI : "crmr.N" . ' IIAXK. "
E. D. Gould , president : F. M. Lagrange -
grange , cashier ; capital. $ oO,000 ; undi
vided profits. Mo.OOO. This is a private
bank , organlyotl in 1SSH. It has a re
sponsibility of $100,000 nnd is consid
ered ono of the strongest institutions in
the state. It. . does a general banking
business , negotiates farm loans and has
for its correspondents the loading banks
of Omalia , New York City and Chicago.
Fullerlon can boast of her line hotels.
The new "Gay House" erected in 18S7
of brick , upon the latest modern archi
tectural designs at a cost of $15,000 , has
thirty-live largo airy rooms ; all modern
conveniences ; line sample rooms for
traveling men ; house heated by steam ,
etc. Tills hotel takes rank with the
Pacific at Norfolk , Eno at Fremont ,
Grand Pacific at Columbus , and Frank
Gay , the proprietor , knows how to run
it to suit the boys.
The Judkins Bros. , formerly of Red
Oak , la. , are now in Fullerton running
this house. It was erected in 18bO and
s tlio oldest regular _ hotel in the conn ty.
It lins a good livery in connection with
the houso. The Judkins nro widely
mown as hotel men and keep a lirht-
class house with all modern convon-
011 ccs.
The Fullerton hotel , kept by J. A.
Knight , nlso the Commercial hotel by
Z. E. Jacks-oil , are both good houses and
get a considerable share of the trade.
There are two churches in Fullerton ,
the Methodist Episcopal Rev. J.V. .
Robinson pastor , and the Prcsbytorinn
Rev. . ) . C. Irwin pastor. The
Catholics have an occasional service
in the hall , and arc contemplating the
erection of a line church this season .
The Nanco County Journal is the
ollicial and the oldest paper of the
county. It was established in 1879 , has
always been straight republican in
politics , has the large t circulation of
any paper in the county ( about one
thousand weekly ) , and is therefore the
best advertising medium of the north
west. Mr. M. II. Barberthe editor and
proprietor of the Journal , is one of the
best informed men in the stale , and ono
of Fullerton's leading citi/.ens.
The Nanco County Signal reorganized
from the Fullerto'n Telescope in the
sprincr of ISSS. The Signal is repub
lican in politics and has a circulation of
about seven hundred weekly.
The Fullerton Post , democratic , was
established in Fullerton in 18S8 , and for
a new paper has quite a neat circula
tion of between three hundred and live
hundred weekly.
Itcnl Instate.
WiLT , O. JONI-.S.
Since the townsito of Fullerton was
laid out in 1879 there has been a steady
demand for town lots and an immense
business has been transacted by the real
estate dealers. Mr. Will G. Jones , who
established hero in IbbU , has been one
of the most energetic and m successful.
Out of the $ ; W1,11U worth of transactions
in 18VT , Will Jones handleiU170J12. ! As
will be seen , considerable over half of
the total transactions passed through
hit hands. Ho is a large owner and deal
er in lands , negotiates farm loans , etc.
N. n. H. OI > IM : < .
Mr. Odell , who docs a general real
estate nnd exchange business , is one of
the earliest settlers in Nance county ,
lie made over $100,000 worth of transfers
and negotiated over $70,000 worth of
loans in 18S7. Ho is one of Fullerton's
mo = t enterprising eitiyonsand bus largo
landed interests in the town and coun
oiiouoi : s. JI'CHI.S.VKV. :
The pioneer of Nance county ,
George McChesney , came to Nance
county some two years before
it 'was orgnni/.ed or sold
by the Pawnees for settlement , and con
sequently knows every foot of ground in
the county. Ho is doing a general real
estate and loan business , and is consid
ered ono of Fullorton's lending citizens.
M. U. llAltllKlt.
Mr. Barber , who is proprietor of the
Nance County Journal , is ono of Nance
county's pioneers. Ho is largely inter
ested'in lands in this section , and does
a general real estate , loan and coin-
miss ion busincbs in Fullerton.
This is considered one of the heavies' '
real cstato linns in Nance county
Messrs. S. and L. Unrris are widely
known in Nance county. They do i
general real e ate , loan and insurance
business , buy , sell or exchange farm 01
city property ,
Moiklejohn & Thompson are the
leading attorneys in Fullerton and
Nanco county. They also practice
largely in the state nnd United States
courts. Mr. George D. Meiklojohn , o
this linn , is a graduate of Ann Arbor
( Mich. ) law school. Ho is now
chairman of the republican state
central committee and state fconator
from his county. Mr. Albert Thompson
ib a native of Illinois. Ho graduated
in the St. Louis law school , came to
Nobnibifa in 188(1 ( , and is considered ona
of the loading attorneys in the state.
This firm also deals largely in real
estate and farms in Fullerton and Nanco
1.IVKUV hTAlir.HS.
Fullerton hus three or four good liv
ery and feed stablea , the leading ono of
which is that of J. W. Xibboll , nearly
opposite the Gay houso. This is a stable
of about fifty btuck , among which are
some line matched carriage teams , road-
bters and gaited baddle ho.racs. as line
no will bo found in any eastern city
Etnbles. Special attention is given to
traveling men at thoso' btablcs. Mr.
/-ibbell ib an 6U sott'.e'v ' , having estab
lished liuro in Ib'i' ' , t'i" ' now hus a.capi-
Ull investment ( if about iSO',000. lie
owns and control's the omnibus line and
was at the lust election mudo shcrill of
N'anco county by ono of the largest
npjorltics on the ticket.
.T. i : . Kitl.tni.KK x CO.
This firm is among Fullptt'on's
argest mercantile houses. It was
established in libO , With a
capital of 810,000. They carry a full
ino of hardware , stoves , fanges , barb
viro , etc. Mr. Kricdlcr is a fncmbor of
ho board of trade of Vullorton and is
regarded as ono of her leading citizi-ni.
Fullerton has many other mercantile
louses not mentioned in detail. She
ins fixe general merchandise stores ,
hreo grocery stores , two drug stores ,
, wo hardware stores , three agricultural
mplcmcnt stores , two wngon and repair
shops , two restaurants , two millinery
tores , two meat markets , two jewelry
stores , two harness stores , ono dentist ,
ono photographer , six carpenter , three
aney stock breeders , four painters , ono
> ! llinrd hall , three blacksmith , one
confectioner , two barber shops , ono fur-
ilturo dealer , eleven attorneys nt law ,
Ivo doctors , six masons nnd plasterers
and one nursery. Fullerton has
ono of the finest schools in
ho county. The high school with an on-
ollment of about ono thousand two
ihndred pupils Is conducted by the fol-
owing nblo corps of teachers : G. W.
Cro/ier , principal ; U. M. Henderson ,
rrnmmar school ; Miss Mamie Smith ,
irst assistant ; Miss Lena Brady , second
tsslstant ; Miss Hester Spackman , pri
Secret orders nro well represented in
Fullerton : A. lA. . M. No. Sl ! , I. O.
O. F. No. ! ) . A. O. U. W. No. ( ill. G. A.
I. No. 117 , are located there besides a
lumber of others in the county.
Any one intercftcd in manufacturing
would do well lo look to Fullcrton for a
ocalion. The country is now and far
removed from largo cities , nnd an im-
nenso home trade would result to the
manufacturer. Thcro is an excellent
ipporlunity for manufncturers here.
The wator'powor is doubly valuable in
n western country , where coal is high
liriced , and sometimes hard to
jot. Minneapolis nnd other towns of
Minnesota owe their prosperity largely
to the development of their water
powers. For natural advantages the
L'cdar and Loup are not lo bo excelled.
To the manufacturer , merchant , me
chanic , farmer , or laborer , of the ca'-t ,
who are discontented and seeking a new
location , wo would say , a most excellent
location can bo had in Nance county ; it
is a new country , wants settlers and
land can be had there on easy terms.
Any person wishing further informa
tion in regard to Fullerton's great
water power , real estate , or Nance
county lands , can obtain the same by
writing to Will G. Jones , N.B.S. Odell ,
M. II. Barber , George T. McChesney or
Harris Bros. , at Fullerton ; they are all
largely interested in town and county
property and would bo pleased to give
any information desired.
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1851 Fr Clfirko lifts mnde NERYOUH 1 > E-
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rUll IIILIl UllLli mnnhooil. nervousness.
weakness , unnatural losses , lack of Btreneth ,
vlKor or ilevelopmont , caused by Indlscretiou.
exceniies , etc. I iilunMt bovk trnt Itrnlnltfrit.
Ailvfitlsluc IIIIH nhvnjs piovcB
successful. Ilofoio plnclngnn ?
Nowspitpor AdVL-rtlelnjr consut
ill\Blnl6l\U iUt\T ,
U ( 19 Uudol k U/.U CHICAGO.
. .u I'-U.MtlC N l > IIUMMAV J U UI.4.MIUIIII.
Live stock Commission Merchants.
OfficeHoorn 54 Opposite Klclmnio Iliilldlni ; , l/nloa
ftocli Vunlf. ollth Ouiuhn , f ub
Live Stoclc Commission Merchants ,
Murkct furtilrhoil ( red on uppucatlun l-Uicktr" anil
fL'i'ilurn furnuhwl mi u ' l terms Ituieruiui't omu-
tin Nutkinal Hunk HIHI huutti Oir.nttH .Nulloum , L'lilua
Muck V..rdk , himtli Omaha
Live stock Commission ,
Hooro I'j , Kicliaiine Ilniuilni ; . Cnlua btock Yard * ,
buutli Cliuiiliu .Neb
Commision Dealers in Life Sock ,
i ' . " . ' , Uuiiutllu Kichtuigu Iliilldlrv , Uulun Stock
i , guutli txuati.i Nub.
Of Omaha , Limited ,
.w IT JJar J.
AgrTcuTttiroi impiomontsl _
DealerinAgricnltmallmpleiiiEnts , Wagons ,
dfCK anil llnr lr * . .li lc * Ptrfft.bttuccnftliatij
Utti , Omaha , Nctiratka.
' ' "
L'IN'IN'Q ER & M ET UWLF co. ,
Agricnltnrallmplefflents.Wagons.Carriagcs . .
n , Ktr. WholosKlc. Oniaha , N
\ \ hi'lculo Dealer * In
Agricultural Implements , Wagons & Bnggies
TOl , ! J , 'AO nnd ! : Jonp Strcft.Omaliii. _
pTpTw A ST * & C o7
Mannfactnrers of Buckeye Drills , Seeders ,
CultlTMon , H y llnkrt , Clilor Mills ami I.uban 1'ul-
renter * . Cur lithaiul McholH < Mriel > .
Wholc" l < > -
AgricnltiiralImplGineiitsWagoiis&Bu , gics
C < 'rurr 14th mid Nlcholin yirccl < .
Akron. Ohio.
Harvesting Machinery and Binder Twine ,
W. K Mead , Mnniuor 1111 U-nvonworlh * tOnvilm.
Alnnuftitiirrriinn IJobbcn In
Wagons s , Buggies , Rakes , Plow Etc ,
Cur. inn nn > l 1'nclilc Stfo ts , Omaha. Neb.
A HOSPE , Jr./
Artists' ' Materials , Pianos and Organs ,
161t l > ouila ! < ttrcot , Oinuhn , Nobrnfka.
_ _ Boots nntl Shooa.
( MlCCl'S Ors tO ll"l'll , JOIH'S A CO I
AKCiitafor lli'fton Iliitmcr Shoo Co. IIU3,110J Jt 1IUQ
llnrnry t-t. . Uninlm Xelraaka.
W. V. MORSE & CO. .
JolJhers of Boots and Shoes ,
1101,1103-llllj lougln St.Oiiulin ManulwitorySum
mer MIk Bloii.
Dooksotlors nnd Statlonors _ _
Succcssorsto A. T. Keiiron \ Co. . Wholesale A Iletall
Bookseller and Stationers ,
fine Wecldlnit Slntlonpry , Commercial Matloncry
li."J Douclaa Street. Oinaua.hcb.
Coffees , Splcoa , Etc.
Oinnlia Coffee aud bplcu Mlllv.
Teas , Coffees. Spices , Baking Powder ,
Flarorl UK K.tiuctl.I .i.Klry . iiiuiIIIRB. . i.iu. HH-
liinilnrnrr Htrt'cl. Omnlin. NolirR kii.
Crockery and Clnsavvaro.
.Apent fortlio Miinufacturcru nnd Imrorlcrs < if
Crockery , Glassware , Lamps , Chimneys ,
Ktc. OUl co , 817 8.13th tt. , Omahu , N'obrankn.
Imnortor ntnl lottborsof
Crocker/ , Glassware , Larais , Silverware
Ktc. 1M4 Fnrnnni St. . Now 1'nvton Ilulldlnit.
" Commlasion " and Storage. _ _
Storage and Commission Merchants ,
upeclultlc * nutler , Knn * . Clic'cnc. Poultry , Game ,
IIJ : ! Howard Street. Omahn.
Buecussors to SIcfcltano X .ucliroeier ! )
Produce Commission and Cold Storage ,
Onmlia. Nebraska.
Flour , Feed , Grain and General Coininision
Merchant. Corropondpncoaollrltcd lOllNorthlCth
Mrt'i't.oni.ih i. Nub.
Coal , Cciko and Ltmo-
Jotes of Hard and Soft Coal ,
203 South 13th Street , Oiimhn , Ncbraika.
Manufacturers of Illinois White Lime ,
Ami fhlmiers of ro l , Coke , Coment. 1'lftntor , I.lmo ,
Drain Tile , and ( Miner I'lpc onion , 1'ailmi llottl ,
txrnitm til , Onmtm , Neb. Tulcpboiio 611.
Shippers of Coal and Coke ,
2H South Uth H .Omaha , Xcb.
Dry Coodo nnd Notions.
M. E'SMITH & co. .
Dry Goods , Furnishing Goods and Notions ,
1KB ami 1104 Douclns , Cor. llth St. , Omnbn , Neb.
Importers and Johhers in Dry GoodsNotions ,
li cuts' Kuriilablnv ( looiH. Corner llth mid HoJ
MH , OmuliH , Nchruvkn.
Wholesale Dealers in Furniture ,
Kiirnam Strcrt Omabn. NoliratkH.
Oiuulin , Nebraska
Wholesale Groceries and Provisions ,
TOE , 787,703 and 711 6. Rth St. , Omaha , Nth.
Wholesale Grocers ,
I th and I-cnvotiwflrtti Streets , Omuha , Nehrnika.
Wholesale Hardware , Cutlery , Tin Plate ,
ilctuls , Pheet lion. etc. Agents for IIowe Scales'
Mluiiil 1'oudtT nnd I.yiiiun llurljud
Omiilm , NuUraaku.
Builders' ' Hardware and Scale Repair Shop ,
Hc'Cbanlcl' Tonli and lluffnlo f-cnlci. U05 IJouulai
btreet , Omaha , Nebruaka ,
Wholesale Hardware ,
10th and Harney Kti , Ornaba , Neb. Western Aecnl ,
tor Austin 1'owdcr Co. , JuUKtum bltel Nalle ,
tulrbanki btandard Htnlei.
Wholesale Manufacturen of
Saddlery & Jibbers of Saddlery Hardware
Aud leather ll'Jj ' , li'u ' on 1 H r ; lluruey Bt.,0iuabu ,
NL Urul a.
Heavy Hardware.
" " " " " " *
Heayy Hardware , Iron and Steel ,
Bprlngs , Waiion Stoek , Hardware , I.umbor , Kte.
uud 1211 Ilurnuy streetOuitha.
_ Hats , Caps , Eto.
" " " "
W. L. PARROT ! E & CO. .
Wholesale Hats , Caps and Straw Goods ,
II'JT Harncr Mroxt. OniKUu. Nch
Odico F.xturoa.
ilanu'ait ireri of
Bank , OHlce and Saloon Fixtures ,
intliii Shlfi'03rd HuokCnk i Drat rUlurc * Wall
JOB i I'artitKJim limn . ' , ( miler . ilnrnnd Wino
kiolcn. Mlrror > etc tuitury anil onlce , 17jUuuil lift
Lumber'- _
All Kinds of Building Material Wholesale
HtjptrfctanJ I'nlon raclnaTrufk.Qrnahi.
Dealer in Lumber , Lath , lime , Sasli ,
Poors. Kle. Yardf t'orner 7th mid DyuKltsj Cornt ;
Dealer in All Kinds of Lumber ,
I'ttiand California SlrecH , Omatm , Nebraska.
Lumber Lime Cement Etc
, , , , , ,
Corner fih nnJ l > ouela Sl . .Om h . _
To Dealers Only ,
Office. ItCT r'urnaro Slrcot Ornahn.
Wholesale Lumber , Etc ,
Imported urul American I'ortlaml I'cmcnt Jt
Afccnt forMllvaukvn llTilrmiltcOment
Quliicy While l.liiio. _
Dealer in Hardwood Lumber ,
Wood Carpet * ami Parquet Kloorlnn Plli ami TVi-n
_ _ Mllllnory nnd Notions. " "
Importers & Jobbers in Millinery & Notions
_ Ovornlla.
Manufacturers of Overalls ,
Jcnno 1'mits , stilus , IHe. IKBniul 1101 Douuliu Street ,
Omntm. Net ) ,
Wholesale Notions and Furnishing Goods
4(0 ( anil WiHciith lOtli PI. ,
Wuolsale Refined and Lubricating Oils ,
Jlo Orraae , Etc.Oinalin , A. II. lllfhop , Manager ,
Notions and Gent's ' Furnishing Goods ,
1KB llnrnor Htroot , Omalia. _
Paints and
Wholesale Dealers In
Paints , Oils , Window Glass , Etc ,
HH Karnitm ytioi-t. Omaha.Neb.
P opo r.
Wholesale Paper Dealers ,
Curry n nlco stock of PrlntlnE , Wrapping and Writing
l'n 3r. bpt'Clnl nucnllou uJTCn lo tnr lo < l onlcru 1
Pnpor Boxos.
Proprietor Omalia Paper Box Factory ,
os. 1117 ami IH'J ' Uouh'ln8 St. , Oniiilm , Nob.
Sash , Doors , Etc.
Wliolcialu Mannr tctirrcrn of
Sasht Doors , Blinds and Mouldings
Ilnmcli co , mh anil Itnnl htrcots , Omnh.i , Neb
Manufacturers of Sasli , Doors , Blinds ,
. ' ulillnp , "lair Work and Interior llnnl Woo I Tin.
mi. N. U. Corner Mh iiiul l/cnvomrorlli Streets ,
Oiiiiihu , I > cU.
Msuafactarere of Monlding , Sash , Doors ,
And nilnil" , Turning , Ptnlrwoil.Hank and
tltltf * VJIil UUU i'opplf tUU AYOllUO
Printers' Mntorlnlo.
' ' '
Auxiliary Publishers ,
[ x-alorsln Trpe , Pre < 'i anil I'rlnti-ri fcuppllcs. 01
Sculli I''tli irvct , Oinalin.
Rubber Goods.
Manufacturers and Dealers in Rubber Goods
W Clothing and l.uattitr UclUui : . 1XN ( Karnnra Stroet.
_ Moam Flttlng8 , Pumpa , Etc.
A. 1. . STRANG CO. ,
Pumps , Pipes and Eipies ,
Jtcam , Water , lUllrmr nnd Mlnlnc Supplies , Ktc.
' . .W.K1 \ uml Ml 1'uiniim Miett , Oiiinhn.
CHUHCHlUL PilJivi P CO7 | '
Wholesale Pinups , Pipe , Fittings ,
Steam an ' Walur Biippllo * . Ilpiulqimrtpn for Mast.
Fount & Co'n Riiinlii , 11111 nrimiii PI , Oni.ilm
Steam and Water Supplies ,
llnlllduy WlnrtMIIK ( lISnndlKOFiirnnni SOmuh [ .
li 1 Hcj5 , Ai tin , ' MuniiKer
Rngines , Boilers and General Machinery ,
Shuutlroii Work Steam Pumps. Hnw MINn. UlUilS
IhMie.'t ill mini
STIMMEL .v'co.
Wholesale Farm , Field and Garden Seeds
I'll ' and HI IJoiicx Mr , ' , t OiniiliH.
Storage , Forwnrdlng & Commission
Storage , Forwarding and Commission ,
ranch linuituof the llpirnoy DuCK7C. < > , lliUKlena
nuoleaulunnU rcuiiLlU'i iJlOanci HIS Isurd Street ,
Omalin. Tt'leiiliono No. 760. _
StackH. Bollore ,
Manufacturing Dealer in Smote Stack
UrltchloKii , Tanlm nnd General Dolh > r Ilopalrluu , 1315
Hlrrct. OinaliK. Neb
Browora. _ _
Lager Beer Brewers ,
1171 North L'tiitbtccnlh Ktrect. Omaha. Trb.
" "
Manufacture Galvanized Iron and Cornice ,
Jutm Kpunuter. l'roirlPtur | WJ llmlyu uncl lUlnud 101
North Kali btreel , Dmnhn.
Iron Works. , _
Carter li I-OM , 1'rop Miinufaeturi'rtiif all klndt
Steam Boilers , Tdi'.s and Sheet Iron Worlc
Wnrki bonth .Illli nnd II , \ M C'lotilnii.
Wrought and Cast Iron Building WorK ,
Knlnei , llrum Work Uenurul l-oundry.llaolilno nd M
Uluckemllli Work intiioand Wurkt , U. I1. Ity.
and IHh tlrtui iiruiihu _
Manufacturers of Wire and Iron Railings
Doik ItallB , Window Giiardi Hnwer Ptandi , Wlro
Mifi > . hit. IU North Kill hlrvi't.Oinuha
OM A H A sX F iFancTl R ON
Man'frs ' of Fire & Burglar Proof Safes
yanlU.Jall W'ir I'-nclnif Blgnt , Klo.
U Andrcin. I'roii r Cur 1 lib and Jaikion Sti
Iron and Wire Fences , Railings , Guards
uud Screens , fur l > anlc * ttl , * "IOJ J ru Ulonfei otct
liui > r ri > d Awiun , ' 1 o < ks.iutb Mailuni'ry aud
oik 4UJ > gulli lull hit.
Fire and Burglar Proof Safes , Time L
General AutnU for DltibulJ fcafu ft. I/5ck Cc
Y uUniUlJua\Yttlk ! , Uli f