Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 26, 1888, Page 8, Image 8

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F * -
The hiternnl revenue collections yes
terday nmounted to $9,771.02. !
\VllHnm Hart , n suspicious character ,
wns turned over to the United Stntca
marshal this morning on n charge of
counterfeiting , lie find a conslderablo
qttnntlty of the "queer" upon his per
I'crsonal Paragraphs.
O , M. Anderson , of Ncllgh , Neb. , Is nt the
J. 0. 13ush , of Sidney , Nob. , la nt the
W H. Kelly , of Lincoln , Neb. , Is nt the
A S. McKay , of Friend , Is registered nt
the I'nxton.
Charles E. Hanson , of Kearney , Nob. , Is nt
the Pnxton.
John M , Hagan , of Hastings , Neb , , Is nt
the 1'rtxton.
J. Fred Anderson , of Ncllgh , Nob. , Is nt
the Pftxton.
Plerson D. Smith , of St. Edwards , Nob. , Is
nt the I'axton.
T. 1' . Livingston , of Platt-smouth , Neb. , Is
nt the Mllhird.
J. .T. Dunn , of Kansas City , Is registered
at the I'axton.
C JUdpo Little , n leading attorney of Kansas ,
is In the city.
C. N. Urough , of Salt Lake , la on a shoit
Visit to the city.
John C. Hipby , of LJcatrico , Is In the city
and Is nt tliu Paxton.
.1. H. Hollows nnd wife , of Weeping Water ,
Neb. , nro nt the Mlllnrd.
O , U. Thompson , of Grand Island , Is In the
city nnd Is stopping at the 1'nxto.n.
Charles Conner of Chicago , representing
the Detroit steve works , is in the city.
Colonel John Douiphnn , of St. Joseph , is in
the city and Is registered nt the I'axton.
F. Q. Crnndnll , formerly called "Shorty. "
who peddles pills for lilakc , Hruco & Co. , In
Town , was In the city yesterday.
C. F. Little , editor and proprietor of the
Insurance Messenger , ut.lunction City , Kan. ,
is In the city in the interest of his paper.
A. J. Lewis , formerly with Hlnkc , Hruco
& Co. , but now with L. F. Hess , of Ked Oak ,
In. , took In the citj yesterday in n mild and
becoming .nanncr.
Hon. O. H. Looker , secretary of the Mich
igan Mutual Lifo Iiifttminua company , of
Detroit , Mich. , Is in the city on business con
nected with his company.
Councilman William Kiorstcad has re
turned from Chicago , having been absent
from his neat during the consideration of no
Important business in the council.
O. A. Knthbun , who has been attending
Cornell collcgo for some time , arrived homo
yesterday nnd will spend his summer vaca
tion in Omaha , returning in September.
James McNnvin , agent for the Tcinplcton
opera company , arrived in the city last night.
The organization tippers in the Grand oper.i
house one week , commencing Monday ,
July a.
J. E. Strong , one of the popular and happy
clerks of the Mlllard , has resigned and leaves
to-dny for Krnsns City to 1111 the chief clerk
ship of the St , James. Mr. Strong has the
best wishes of a largo number of friends in
his now position. Ho has chartered one box
car to carry his effects to his now homo. His
brother , W. A. , succeeds him , nnd has
already adopted that genial sirilo and win
ning way of Jim's.
Stopped tlio Union Pacific.
The extension of the tracks of the Union
Paclllc westward from Twenty-fourth street
j through the property of the Omaha tile nnd
f brick company has been stopped by an inJunction -
* ' Junction and the road will bo extended fur
ther to the north.
Knrly Closinj * .
C. E. Slfsbco , of this city , is working up a
movement among the storekeepers looking to
' } a general closing of stores nttJ.-30 or 7 p. m.
g > every day of the week except Saturday. He
jg is meeting with signal success , thcro being
hardly a man who will not agree cheerfully
to close early iu case the reform can bo made
Farewell IVirty.
In honor of the departure of Mrs. D. Ulack
to her former homo , Mrs. A. Brown and
friends gave Mis. Blade a delightful picnic
at Pries lake. Among those present wcro
Mr. and Mrs Blnck , Leah nnd Hey Ulack ,
Mr. and Mrs. E. Simons , Mrs. H. Kcllner ,
Miss Carrie Kellncr , tlio Misses Gladstone ,
Messrs. Gross , Huttenstnin and Gladstone.
A Pleasant Atfiilr.
A largo pai ty of friends of Mr. and Mrs
Benjamin Edholm gathoro.l at their rcsi
denco , No. 2930 Charles street , on Saturday
evening for the purpose of having a good
time , and in this they were not disappointed ,
The host nnd hostess , evidently taken by sur
prise , were nevertheless well prepared and a
pleasant evening was spent in dancing and
other amusements.
Fare-well to tlio Doctor.
The turnverein hold a koinmers this
evening , In Gcnnnniu hall , in honor of Dr.
Woodburn , who has been n member of that
organization for some time and who is nbout
to leave for the Hosebud agency where ho is
to net ns physician. Ho leaves hero on next
Friday morning , reaching A'lilcntlno Satur
day where an ambulance will give him a ride
of forty miles to the agency.
St. iToo'ri Ite.sponsllimty.
The turnverein of this city will take no
steps to secure the turnfest which Kansas
admitted its inability to hold , the objection
being that the time in which to prepare is
too short. The burden of straightening out
the dilllculty will probably full upon St.
Joseph , where the vorxvort is now situated.
At all events , the local turners will call no
epeclal meeting , the regular one for the pur
pose being held on the second Monday of
next month.
Tlio Fire llcportcr.
There Is nothing now under the sun , hut
licro is something never befoio introduced
In Omaha. It Is the llro reporter , to whoso
hcndriunrtcrs all alarms of lire come. In-
Bluntly the horse is hitched to a light
f xvngon and driven nt great speed to the resi
dence of the owner of n burning building or
stock of goods , xviio is notillcd and taken
rapidly to the lire , that ho may give tlio lire-
men information ns to the Inside plan of the
building. Tliu llro reporter will bu found of
1 great service In a tluio of need.
The I'lnkioH are none.
The Plnkcrton police ( I ) have departed ,
i They have pulled their freight aud are noxv
'f' ' sunning themsolx'cs along the docks nt Chi-
jfc cago. That Is the men nro the ordinary
re uicn , Captain Foley nnd Lieutenant Watson
f ? nro now ilshing on Lake Michigan while
i Cajitaln O'Connors is at hciulimnrtoni on
j , Fifth avenue tolling Btoilcs ubout the blood
thirsty Inhabitants of Omaha , Sergeant
Bhalloy is exhibiting the notches nn his club
to shoxv how ninny men he has whuckcd over
the head while absent , nnd Johnson is writ
ing out nn oxpeiiftu luvount in order to draw
the fM which ho paid in JudgoBerha's court.
Mcnnxvhile Stove Molio is ull the protection
the H. & M. have Ion.
Dyiinniltn For tlio Piers.
The payment by the Union Pacific of the
damages to personal property subtnlncd by
the officers of the Fifth Infantry has Impelled
the transportation companies to feel that the
road Is icsponsibla for the same nnd they
have accordingly hired Mr. Woolworth to
look nf tor their Interests. The Union Pacillo
company is in a quandary how to get rid of
the sunken piers In the Missouri. They are
ofraid to use dynamite , which would shatter
the obssructlons in a shoit thno , but not
without Injuring the piers of the new biidgo.
It looks to them us If a caisson would have to
bo erected around each , which menus n great
deal of expense.
AVhy Hryant ID Sail.
"I see by rending TUB HBK nnd liavo It
from a man on the inside that General Loxvo
has sold that corner on Sixteenth and liar-
jiey streets for nearly $200,000 , " remarked
John 0 , Bryant as he meandered into the
office of the secretary of the bord of tiado
yesterday. John looked a plcturo of disgust ,
ilch he heightened by'remarking , ' 'U theio
Lundy A ho would like to maul ,
< iek and mnko n foot ball of mo In general
ust trot him in. In 1S.7J I did n month's
work for the general nnd ho owed mo WO. Ho
proposed that I take two of the loU ho is rei > -
rcsentod to have Just sold In payment for the
debt , nnd I went up anu looked at them. I
tore my clothes In the bramble bushes , nnd
was so thoroughly disgusted with them I de
manded my money , which was promptly
paid. Hut such Is life ana the world Is full
of fools , " ejaculated Mr. Bryuntns ho started
for his homo in Waterloo ,
No Itoycntt.
The announcement of a boycott of the beer
of Metz Brothers of this city , nnd Anhouscr-
Uusch of St. Louis , because both of thcso
firms nro putting up buildings on which cur
rent rales of wages and not these
demanded by the bricklayers' union
nro being paid was entirely
without foundation. This fact was attested
by President Frost , of the union , as well as
IJan O'ICcefc ' , who nns boon acting ns chair
man of the conference committee of
the bricklayers' union. The ofllcers
above referred to wcro eager to
make the denial mentioned. Both
Anheuser-Busch nnd Mctz nro nutting
up beautiful buildings , that of the former
with others already built , costing about
SIOO.OOO , while that of Metr. on Thirteenth
street , on the slto of the old Bohemian hall
will cost about * 10,000. These buildings will
ho n credit to the city , nnd their projectors
liavo always been known ns willing to pay
the highest current rates for labor. Wotlc
on the Metz building was resumed to-day.
Savs the Mont , Waw Good.
J. J. Heal , the meat market man nt Tenth
nnd Uodgo street , called at TUB Bir. : office
this morning nccompinied by Meat Inspector
Farr , and stated that ho desired to correct
an item in Saturday's line relative to the
condemning of some meat in his place of
business on Friday. As will bo remembered
n reporter accompanied the meat Inspector on
Ills rounds Friday. At Beal's was found a
liver hanging in the ice box together with n
liieco of meat , both of which had green mold
upon them. When the Inspector loft ho told
the young man who attends the shop that
"lie should attend to that right away , " to
which ho replied "all right. " The inspector
supposed , of course , the meat was spoiled.
Now comes Beal and tlio inspector and say
that the piece of meat in question was not
spoiled while the liver was , owing to water
havtni' leaked upon it. They also state that
the liver was removed immediately while
the meat was sold , and to prove that It was
good they offer in evidence the following let
ter :
To the Editor of Tun Hen : I want to say
that your article in Tin : Br.i : of the 2id !
does J. .1. Boal great injustice and In
jury. The meat alluded to I know was not
spoiled as I have ordered tea pounds of saino
for my own use. I have bought meat of J. J.
Beal for six years and have been almost
daily in his meat market and grocery store
and can safely say that n more honest and
conscientious merchant I have not met in my
fifty ycatH experience. H. N. WILSON.
Please to bear in minil , more particu
larly if you nro n lady nnd superintend
the culinary department of your house
hold , that Vtin Du/.er's llnvoring ex
tracts arc not only pure , being derived
from sound , ripe fruit , not of chemical
origin like many others , but also eco
nomic , because they tire to highly con
centrated that it requires only the
smallest appreciable quantity to impart
the right lltivor. Besides this , these
extract bottles contain a surplus in
quantity , another item in their favor.
Grocers everywhere sell them.
Dr. MeGrow , kiunoy , Rectal , & priv
ate diseases. Room 111 , Uushman block
Smoke Soidouborg's Figaro and got
the best 5-cont cigar in the world. Mtix
Mover & Co. , wholesale depot.
Oltl Man Kerns in the Role of Kidnap
The Kerns and the Woods of unsavory
memory are laboring again to make them
selves conspicuous. Mrs. Woods , the wife of
John Woods , who was recently sentenced to
the penitentiary for four years for attempt
ing to blow his father-in-law's head off , made
her appearance in the police court
this morning and filed information
against her foster-father James Kerns ,
the identical individual Woods tried to
bounce over the Jasper wall , charging him
with abduction. She alleges that Kerns nnd
another disreputable character mimed Gal
lon LSarr c.imo to her house on South Thir
teenth street late Saturday and forcibly took
from her bed her little si\--j ear-old
daughter Ottie , and despite her
pleadings and remonstrances , carried
her off. The child only had her
nightclothes on , and Mrs. Woods seems
greatly worried as to her welfare in the
hands of such a reprobate as she considers
Kerns. It will bo remembered that Kerns
claimed during the trial of Woods that ho
was the father of this child , and while Mrs.
Woods acknowledges that she had been crim
inally intimate with him , she docs not know
whether ho is the proprietor of her
off-spring or not. Lot that he as it mav , she
deems herself the only lawful custodian of
the little girl , and she wants Kerns hunted
down and sent to join her husband in the
pen. She fuithcr informed the police that
she has information that the old man has
gone to Bellcvuo or somewhere in that
"The best on earth" can bo truly said
of Griggs" Glycerine Snlve a speedy
cure for cuts , , scalds , burns ,
sores , piles , totter and till skin erup
tions. Try this wonder healer. " 5 cents.
Guaranteed. C. F. Goodman.
C. Leo Stnub , Architect nnd Supt. ,
oflieo KU9 Howard ; 1(1 years' experi
ence. Fine , stylish buildings a spec
Tlio Union Pacific Hnllwny.
lias arranged to &top all suburban
trains ntQ btroot , South Omaha , to bet
tor accommodate the constantly increas
ing suburban travel.
CD III ) , Til 12 IMIUTI2.
Tins Fellow's Fatlicr-ln-lii\v Tjnocni ! ! ;
1'or Ills Child anil Graiiiluhlldrcn.
Tin : lii ! : : some tnao ago published an ac
count of the suspicious burning of J , C.
Curd's photograph gallery on the corner of
Thirteenth nnd Williams streets , of the still
more suspicious settlement of the insurance
upon the same , and still later , the villianons
desertion by Curd ofliis | wife and escapade to
Denver with a prostitute known as May
Vaughn. Mrs. Curd , with her two children ,
beautiful little ones , was compelled
to go to her husband's patents
in lown. She Is deaf and dumb ,
though verv beautiful. Her father is Colonel
It. O. , president of the Burnlmm
Loan and Investment company , of Waco ,
Texas , and almost a millionaire. Ho op
posed the marriage of his daughter to Curd ,
and since their marriage has contributed sev
eral thousand dollars to enable them to llvo
when the Inability of the husband to make a
living threatened them with starvation.
When Colonel Burnlmm heard of
the futo of his daughter , ho
came to this city to bring her homo
and on Saturday night last loft for Iowa
\\hcra ho Is in hopes of finding her. Ho will
return hero with his child and
grand children on his way to Texas. Curd
is now in Colorado with his unholy compan
DrinK Multo.
Tlio Indies of Hiuiseotn Park M. E.
church ill hold u strawberry nnd buttermilk -
tormilk soeiublo in their church par
lors corner Woolworth nvonuo and
29lh street , on Tuesday evening Juuii
2'3. ' An interobting programme has
Leon prepared for tlio occasion.
-.Notes Aliout the City.
South Ouuilm democrats will rally about
7:30 : to nfht ul tha police station , hctu-r
known ap tuo city council chamber. Aitci1
Last week wo have supplied thousands of Customers with thin Coats nnd Vests ;
they are going oil with a rush and every day's business , especially last Saturday , has
taxed our capacity sorely ; but success only stimulates us to stronger and more liberal
efforts , and while we are just now having the biggest run in Summer Clothing , we do
not neglect our other departments.Ve \ open today and place on sale for this week
two new styles of very fine Men's Cassimero Suits , which at the price we have marked
them will make a reputation for us , an the cheapest clothing house in the United States.
Ten dollars for a good suit having become such a popular price with us we have decided
to mark them so , although this is just one-half the value. Both styles are excellent ,
one a darktho other a lighter shade of grey.elegantly trimmed and made , and the goods
are of fair weight , thus making them suitable to wear along in the fall. They are the
biggest bargain ever shown and are in every respect equal if not superior to the other
Ten Dollar uits of which we sold so many this season.
Wo have just opened an enormous assortment of fine pants , which wo marked
$2.50 , $3.00 and $3.25. Every pair is unquestionably a big bargain , as they are very line
all wool goods in splendid patterns of stripes ; they fit as well as any you can have made
to order for three times the money , and at the price wo have marked them , you buy
them actually at 50c. on the dollar.
In our Childrens' department we offer this week , so me extraordina
ry bargains in Blouse Suits , just the thing for hot weather , for boys
from 4 to 1O years. One blouse and pants at95c ; a good looking and
strong suit , another fine blue flannel suit with silk embroidered col
lar at $1.35. Still another extra fine flannel of a beautiful shade of
chocolate color at $2.75. None of these suits could be had at any
other place for less than double these prices , Another big offering in
this department , is a strong and good wearing knee pant suit , in
beautiful checks which we have marked down to $1.50. This suit is
a big bargain and we have only marked it down so low because the
largest sizes are sold out.
One Price Only. No Deviation ,
Cor. I4th and Douglas Streets , Omaha.
they rally they will chose delegates to repre
sent the Magic city at the North Omaha
dome ci atiu blow-out.
Ilobcrt Stewart , a twelve-year-old Al
bright boy , cut himself severely on Saturday ,
and will probably loose a foot.
About twenty-live ears of hogs and eleven
of cattle were received at noon to-day. Hog *
were about 5c higher and cattle a little slow.
The Ancient Order of Forresters ha\v now
a foathold in South Omaha , and those inter
ested are asked to meet at the Knights of
Pythias hull next Wednesday evening.
While fishing for drift wood at Bellevue
yesterday , homo South Omaha men found u
llo.iter. The body was liadly decomposed ,
and the ijndcrs at once telegraphed the cor
oner for instructions.
Peter Hanson recovered from Hess &
Flynn this morning in Justice Levy's court.
It was for the use of sc rapors and other ma
terial loaned by the plnmtill.
James Sullivan , charged with the theft of
SKI fioin Ed HoHon , was allowed to go this
morning as there was not oulllcient evidence
to convict.
Thomas Ilurk , charged with being a vag
rant , but supposed to have been implicated In
the theft of homo hams , was dismissed this
morning after having been in the cell since
Saturday night. He was lirst arrested on
suspicion Friday , discharged Satuiday after
noon and immediately re-arrested. As ho
could 11 ml no bondsmen he remained in jail
until this mornins when ho was allowed to
go for want of evidence.
Father Moriaity is sparing no pains to
make his Fourth of July picnic a success. A
special tram has been engaged to bring out
the Hibernians and other friends from North
Tom Ilannon , contractor , and Mike Fla
herty , bar tender , have gone into the grocery
business , and open out on Twenty-sixth sticet
near H.
Complexion Powder is an absolute
neecbbity of the refined toilet in this
climate. I'o//.oni's cointiincb every el-
oinont of beauty and purity.
Kiiilroiul N'otoi.
The Union Pacific road on Saturday last
ran a fruit tram of fourteen car" fioin Chey
enne to Omaha at a rate of forty miles per
hour , the fnsto-it freight time ever made west
of the "Missouri. Tlio run from Grand Isl
and to Coiinctl Blurts was made in fourhours
and four minutes.
II. Johnson , general freight agent of the
Union Pacific , goes to Chicago to-ni ht.
Mr. E. McICeon has been appointed travel
ing passenger a cnt for the state of Kansas
for the Union Pacille , to talco effect July 1st.
The freight agents' annex to the transcontinental
tinental association meet in Chicago to-mor
row. Provided , of course , that the members
can bo dragged away from the convention.
An Absolute Cure.
Is only put up in large two ounce tin boxes ,
and is an absolute euro for old sores , burns ,
wounds , chapped ban Is , and all skin crui > -
tions. Will positively euro all kinds of piles.
MENT. Sold by Goodman Drue Uo. at ! ! o
cents per box -by mail ! ) U cents.
Drink Malta for the nerves.
There will bo a meeting of the Eighth
ward republican club at Hchrocder's hall ,
corner of Saundcrs ami Cnmmg sticets , this
( Tuesday ) evening at 8 o'clock. Important
business is to como before the club. A full
attendance Is desired.
.TIMIS AM.IN , President ,
Sir.\s U. Liur , Seeiutiiry
. Absolutely Pure.
This iiowiler never varies. A marvel of purity ,
ntrcugth < nd vf.olC30inene s Moro ecoiwmio
than the ordliuiy kmds. ukul cannot bo sold m
on petitionT.lih.hoinultjtudeif ! low tmt.bliort
elnlit alum or ph-j pUul puv der . .Sold iiuli/iri
tnnt , KOVAI. UAK U I'onuEU.Co. . . , m Wull i-t.
She Tried and Knows ,
A lending chemist of New York
says : " Xo plastci-s of iticli mciit as
tlie A th-lo-pno-ros Plasters hnveurur
before hccn produced. " They tire
n novelty bec.iiisithey nrc not innde
simply toell che.ip , tliey arc ( lie
best that science , tkill and money
can pin < luce , and will do what is
claimed for tliuin. For bprains ,
nche"ieakncss , lameness , etc. ,
tliey aio tincqualcd.
tat Fiitlun St .Rindiitkr.O , J > 'ov.21 ' 87
'lliu Atbliii'liiiroH ' lila tfr nctril Ilka
inairlp. It Is the > > nt I ever tiiut nnd I
li.ive nwil many klndc. Our itruirrist
said "nl'ihteiM ' nrcalluliout the PTMIO" but
1 Oim'r think t-o nov , i gpnriTu-d my ai in
nnd slumliltr In .luly. nml it lion bien
pnliiful Hluce , but it cUxR not piln inuat
nil now. Mrs. AMtus MAGIIJ.
ASTSend G eents for the Ix-iintlfnl roloic < l [ Jo
ture , " JIoorNh Maiden. "
And for this very reason there Is
notto-ilay a remedy within the
TRUE reach of the public more highly
pjlzo.l for Its value In the house
hold , in
MERIT hlilp and fa-torj. than HK.N'-OV'S
I'l.IKH as a remedy for uch"s
and pains of OM-ry kind. In
I'uiiKhs , C olds , lloai'sciii'sx , pleu
WILL risy , Cncst l'iilii , Illu-nmutlhin , and llackiuho , li.v-oVs { :
I'l.tsn.ii Is lei utilized by physi
cians and public us an external
ALWAYS ifinedy with out an equal. It nets
piiiniptly. pic is.intly anl effect
ually. TO secmo Kooil ivsiiItH
always a k lor HL.N'-O.S'S nnd
WIN take no other plaster. Many
woithicks plasters 1110 olfeied on
tlio rupntitlon ol UI.NMIN'S. but
caret ul bnycis w on't be ileceh ed.
Chicago , Milwaukee & St , Paul R'y ' ,
Tlio Host Honte from Omaha and Council
UlnflV ( o
= = = THE EAST
AM- ) Milwaukee ,
St. Paul , Minneapolis , Cedar Rapids ,
Koi-I ; Island , Freeporl , Kockford ,
Clinton , Dnlniqne , Dau'iiport ,
Elgin , Matlihon , .lanosvllle ,
Belolt , AYinona , Li : Crossc ,
AnU all other Importniit jiolnts Kail , Norlboast nnd
Fortlirnuzh tlckutu mil 0,1 the ticket aijeitiHIY ) !
PuniHui itrtvt , In llarkur Illock , or nt Union 1'nciac
I'ullmimFlccpcr and tliu im ! > st DinlnKCars In ( lie
world nru run ou I IIP main line of lue Cblru o , Mil
wiiukiu A. M rnul ItullHH ) , unit evt-r ) utu-ntlon It
pulil to imsteiik'i'rs by luurlvuua euiplOca ci Ujo
H 1IIM.KII. Cencral Manoycr.
J. K ' 1 l.l.'Kint , Aiilftaui ( ji nornl M.inucr.
A. V. K. UAKI'KN'ffcil , iin ) ral I'nuenjer anil
( HCO lUWlCAriOKI ) , Amlitiint General 1'uueuRfcr
and 'llclet A c'Ut
J.T. CljVUIi.OrncrnlSupcrlatc-ndcnt.
Paid Up Capilal . $ 'jr.)00 ( ) ( )
Surplus . r > 0,000
II. W. Y\Trn. I'rpRldent
I.uwihS HIMI : , Vlco President.
A. i : . TOU/.M.I.N , "ml Vliol'icblilunt.
W. U. K. llL'Olli > , Caililo
Dilll.c/ioiiP :
W. V. JIOIISK , Jltll S. COM.IN'S ,
II , W , YA'ir * . I.UVMS S. ItKbll ,
Corner IStli and I'umnm Pts.
A Generul ItanKlnu llusliifshTransacted
Grab Orchard
ammrurr .iyiv m n" *
iTi-vor ertT-jcs : srcrj
Dyspepsia , Sicli-Headaclie , ConEtipaiicn ,
Crab Orchard Water Co. Louisville , Ky.
E.T.Allen , M. D. ,
Ilomoionutbls Speciallat ,
Bpecudw Accurately I'rescrlbed.
w. j.
Surgeon and Physician ,
OlEceN d lJ"'t.-i < sSt. . OfB
, 515.
1 buy ono of
our nobby Spring
Suits , in Worsted , '
flue Cnsbiinoro , or1
Scotch Cheviots ,
in till the popular
colors nnd styles.
Henl bargains thnt
cannot fail to bo
appreciated by the
dihcorning. W e
are nxvnrc that ix-
I'lM'KX.sivi : goods
are largely adver
tised this season ,
but all of them
cannot stand the' i '
© test of close in- |
spcction.Vo aslc our customers to
examine our stock , nnd thus satisfy
thunifcclves of its quality and our
To liavo your friends como to
As Kustern lines will bell tickets and ran
Union Pacific
"Tliu OvcrlaiKI Koulu. "
I'ntil July 1 , IPS'1 , titkuts mid for these excur
sions will bo good thirty duj'H for the round
trip and can l > e uncil ten ilaH going. When pur
chasers are ready to return. tlius tickets will bo
good live daj-s for that purpose. It purchasers
wisli to stop nhoit nf destination on our lines ,
ftgentswlll stamp tickets good to leturn from
MH'h point.
J.S. TiaimU'S. G n. 1' . &T. Agent.
i : . II.OMAX. . Ass't 0.1 > . & T. A.
Or the Liquor Hnliit , 1'ositiu'ly Cured bj
Administering Dr. Haiue.s' Golden
U can be given In a cup of coffee or ten with
out the Knowlcdgoot the person taklnu it ; abso
lutely Imnnluf-K , und will ellect a permanrnt nnd
speedy euro , whether the patient U u moilrratu
drinker or nn alcoholic wreclf. Mhoiisumls of
clnmkiiids have been made tcmpcruto men who
IIHVO taken ( jolden Specific In their coffee with
out their knowledge and today bellovo they
( litit drlnkliic of tlmlrown flee will. It never
fulls. 'Uio hyMem once impregnated With the
Spec illc , It becomes nn utter Impossibility for
tlie liquor upprtito to exist. Kortalu by Kuhu
& . Co , 15th and Domjlus tan. , ana Ibth aud Cum.
Inubts. , Umiihafb , ; A. I > . I'obter & IIio.
* V > utcil l-iluUi > , Iowa.
Epps's Cocoa
"llr a tlioro\ik'li kniiwiedfo of itio nittural
ruiue. i mi torTifeuniiiiu
Mudu limply wltb bulling nuter or tnlllc. faolJ Duly
i bull pounit tint by Growers lauelea tbui
. / . oimthlt Chemists
"Tlic OvcTlanil Home. "
Has so arranged its Family .Sleeping Cai
service , that bcrthfc can now he reserved
upon applicat on by any ticket agent to M.
J. Greevi , Passenger Agent , Council Blulls ,
Iowa , The reservations when mads are
turned over to the train conductors taking
out suci | cars , so that passengers can now
tccurc berths ordered , the fame as a Pall-
man berth is reencd and tcciired ,
J.S TKUHKTO , 15. 11 liOMAX.
Gt > . iV.VT Aeent. AsVt 0 I' , \ T A.
N. W. Cor. 13th and Dodge Sts , Omaha , Neb <
CAUTION DcslK'iliiK iiof niis , tnlcltic ndvnntiiirn ofoitr rnjiutntlon ,
nro constantly ptartlnu UOKUS Mcillonl KstalllnliinciilH ) to tipcolto Htrun-
Kt'iM visit lot : tiiu city. 'IhuHo protentleiN ustinlly tllMnin | | < nr In n. few
\vockc. JliMvnro of tlii'in or iliolr riiimorn tip IIUCIHM. The Oinilin : fllntl-
Icnl nnd Stinrlonl Institute is the only ontnblHIiril nicillcnl litMtluti' lit
Onuilin , Dr. iMcMi'iiniiiy , l'iojuictor.Vlicn you make up joiniiiliul to
VIMH us uinlcu a iiioimtrumhitn or urn- exact adUrcHS , nnil thus snvo
trouble , ( Irlny or iiilmakes.
DR. J.l \ McMENAMY , Physician and Surgeon in Charge- -
Twcvrv vnAies > HOSPITAL AJVI > vitit ATE PKACTICJB.
Assisted iiy a Number of Competent , SM111 and Excellence ! Pliysicians anil Surgeons
rurticulnr Attention paid to Deformities Discuses of Women , Diseases of the. Urinary
nntl Sexual Organs , 1'rhatc Diseases , Diseases of tlio Xenons Sstcm ,
Lung nutl Throat Diseases , Surgical Operations , rpilepsy or
Tits , 1'iles , Cancers , Tumors , Ltc.
More money invested ; more skillful physicians anil surgeons employed ; more palients
treated ; more cures effected ; more modern unproved instruments , apparatus and appli
ances tlian can be found in all other inliimaries , institutes or dispensaries in the west
combined. Largest and most complete Medical Institute 01 Hospital in the west. Fifty
newly furnished , well wanned and ventilated rooms foi patients , three skilled physician ?
always in thr building. All kinds of diseases ticated in the most scientific manner.
ffc Manufacture Surgical Bra for
Supporters , Electrical IJatterics , and can supply J physicians or patients any appliancci
remedy or instruimnt known. Call and consult us , orritc for circulars upon all sub *
jccls , with list of questions for patients to answer Thousands treated successfully by
correspondence. We have supeiior advantages and facilities lor tieating diseases per
forming surgical operations and musing patients , which , combined witli our acknowl
edged ability , experience , responsibility and icputation , should make the Omaha Medical
and Surgical Institute the first choice.
The Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute is conducted upon strict business and
scientific principles , and patients he-e rcccixc every adxantnge that art , skill , science
and human ingenuity , can bring to bear on their cases. Their comfort and con
venience will always be taken into consideration.
Shouldon conclude to xisit us for treatment or correspond with us. you will find
that these statements of our position , location and facilities are not overdrawn in any
particularbut arc plain unvanishcd facts.
Only Reliable Medical Institute Making- Specialty of
All Hlood Diseases successfully treated. Syphilitic Poison removed from the system
without mercury. New restorative treatment for loss of Vital Power. Pcthons unable
to visit us may be tieatcd at home by correspondence. All communications confulcn-
tiiil. Medicines or instruments sent by mail or express , securely packed , no marks to )
indicate contents orscndor. One personal intei view preferred. Call nnd consult us elf
send history of your case , and we will send in p'ain ' wrapper , our
Upon Private , Special or Nervous Diseases , Iinpotency , Sjphilis , Gleet and Varicocela
witli question list.
My Reasons for Writing a Book Upon Private , Special aufl Nervous Diseases ,
I have for many years made a specialty of diseases of the uninary and sexual organ *
have become a recogiii/ed authority upon the subject , consequently I icceive an im
mense number of letters from physicians and nfllicted persons , asking my opinion and
advice upon individual cases. Kor the benefit of such persons , I haxe written a book , giv
ing a general description of the most common diseases and conditions , mtreatiiient uc-
ccss , advice , etc. After reading it , persons will have n clearer idea of their condition
and can write me more intelligently and to the point. It \\i\l \ therefore be seen that our
object in writing these pages N not to furnish reading matter to a class of person * who
read out of mere idle curiosity.bnt lor the benefit ol the many xxho aie sulfciing to a gi eater
or less degree Irom diseases , or the effects of diseases or abuses , of the sexual and uiinary
organs. Not a day pastes but \\ercceivc many calls or ietteis from pcn-ons hi.flcrinj ;
from this class of diseases , or their sequel. Many of them aie ignorant of the cause of
the dilliculty that has wrecked their constitutions , thrown a cloud over their blight pro * ;
peels and is shortening thir days.
il . ' m ! ± Vr ! ! ' lh"i"ni. ! ! . Heart. Moid. Illuo.1. . Skin. 8-alp. , Btomeli. Wver. KI.J. .
rNiiv m . . 't- , in 'Yiufj M- , l.pll-p.y 1 1 ItHcruf ; ulu. lrjny ) , | , Ililtflifh DUoaw ,
Tape nos n ; iMccra or Tovur Wei , DjHiwUorOdbUUH. HaMuo . li Jiau. etc.
" - " Hi ! l mid ti itm nt of thUi lu-i nf illbuuaes. and
U tlmi-l"
EUH M dited ur nei ther a HruaiiortloiioJ " " .u. . . . > torfeu hli.- if. an 1 iM'ly ' < 'U'i.H ' ' I with < nery lustrum
oppHunce aiiu Turned" valu" In ihU ih.pait.u.-nt . . of iluUlUno tiad Sur ry.
un ullht or ( vui M In the \t i st. and the thousands i
all lulfcr * ( < >
DR , J . W , McMENAMY , N , W , fior , 13th & Dodge Sts , , Omaha , Nofi