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The Grim Monster Again Visits the
Court of the Teutons.
The Nolile Gcrninn Monarch PJISSCH
Into ICtornlty a Kcw Months Alter
Ills Father Incidents at
the Dcntli lied. ,
The Knlficr'H SiitTcrltiKN Ended.
[ Cnpi/ri0ht tffa tin Jainrt ( luntnn llmnrtt. ]
Brut iv , Juno 15. [ New York Herald
Cable Special to Tun Hr.K.l Yrstcrdiiv's
dispatch closed nt midnight with thoempcior
slowly sinking nnd the sad watchers around
him. Ho seemed to bo no better nor worse
until dawn came. Then he began to show
that ominous restlessness which physicians
rccognlro as u mortal sign In extreme illness.
Not that ho was In pain , or ho illd not evi
dently suffer at all. Tha ominous restless
ness Increased , nnd once more the room was
peopled with his sad family. Next to
her mother stood his daughter Sophia. She
yet held in her hand the paper which he yes
terday placed there on which ho had written
with faint writing , "Remain ns noble and
peed as-you hnvo been In the past. This Is
the lust wish ot jour dilng father. " Now
nnd then u stnllo flitted over the emperor's
face which wore nn expression showing
The last nourishment ho took was an
orange ; the last present ho received with n
grateful smile was n basketful of water-
lillles , such ns ho was wont to find in the
Havel when ho bathed there every summer.
Ono of the last slips of paper on which ho
wrote wns addressed to Dr. Hovell , whom
ho nskod how hlsjmlsc went and whether he
wns satisfied. After thutthu breathing be
came fainter until It wns scarcely percep
tible. The emperor took the chancellor's
hand aud ccntly taking the
empress' trembling white hand laid
it into that of the powerful
minister. The preacher of the garrison ol
Potsdam had been admitted nnd administered
the last sacraments. Mattel s w cut sadly on ,
iho physicians watching sharply until 1C
o'clock eamo when nnd what follows came
to mo from nn oio witness. SlrMorrell
Mackenzie stepped out , walked rapidly to
Crown Prince William , who was waiting for
htm , uild nfter n few hut rted words they went
mi ! RMpnnou WAS nur VTIIINO ins LAST ,
His head luised by largo pillows , Ijis wan
hand on the white coverlet nervously twitch
ing , thecmpiess ut the lower end of the bed
knelt and remained In that position dm hip
the last hour , watching the faint gasps oi
breath. At the foot of the bed knelt his foui
daughters , Prlnco Henry and his two daugh
ters-in-law. Thu chaplain softly murmured
the litany. Some white loses weio on the
coverlet. At some distance wci c the mem
bers of the household. Every flvo minute'
Sir Morrcll and the other physicmns standIng -
Ing behind him felt the emperor's pulse , ami
iho expression on his face show cd it wnc
growing weaker. The breathing grow slow
and so faint that the phvslolnn was obliged
to place his ear close to the etnpeior's lips.
At II o'clock Sir Motrcll signed to the
empiessvvho fervently kissed tbo hand ol
the dying ompcior nnd it was ousotvcdhe
drew it to him and kissed it , his last act. A1
11:13 Sir-Mori ell took out his watch and do-
clai ed'
i.n u inn t'AssMi i WAV.
Thaeiown piinco and now empeioVgave
Whispered ou'.cis. Two adjutants left the
room and ut U-15 , while the silent thiotig *
watched with bated bie.ith the impelia !
stundaid was lowered to half mast , n slgt ;
which the lovcicnd ciowds out
side acknowledged by bowing Iheii
heads , many classing their band ;
as if in ptiiyer. An hour afterwards Piiuco
Histnurck spent tivo minutes in thu Ucatl ;
chamber. Ho held an houi's conference
With the new Empoior William. The second
hour ho found the dead emperor dressed in 11
loose vvhito coat , a linnet wie.ith on hi'
* bteiist just above the bunds , which are folded
over a cavalry sword. Only the foichcud ,
oi os and nose uro visahlo , the mouth und
chin being loveied up.
Some details maj be added to the pnitlcu
Jars of the hist hoius. Whenever conscious
ness returned his hands nought that of the
empties. Ho pressed tl cm softli and held
them. Ho would not quit his hold until u til
of coma oveicaino him. His eveiy looli
showed ho was fully aw are of what wal
passing mound. Indeed his incs had such un
eloquent cxpiessiou bis veiy thoughts scemc-i' '
levented. Ho breached his lust
QUIKrl.V A.N1) I'AIM I f-M.V ,
the Immediate cause of the death being pie
nounced paralysis of the hums. Unfoitun
ittely the douajjer cinpi ess , his mother , die
Hot univu from linden.
There vv ill not bo a post moi tent , mid it ! i
not jet cei tain what the funcial coiemonj
Will be , but it Is understood the ciupcior him
hclf w ishcd It exioc'dliiBly simple It is piob
nblo that after l.vlng in state for t > duy or twc
in the guiiison church at Potsdum.vvhero 10
pose the remains of FicdciiU
the Great , ho will bo laid in PricncnsMishe
which stands within the pounds and eon
tiilns the ashes of his two sons It. any iasc
thoiu will bo no obsequies In HciUn or any
thing like the funeral pomp which matl.ccl
Iho passing away ot Kebcr Wil
helm. Possibly the remains will bt
laid out In state tomoirow li
IhoMuIchlto hall of Filcdc-iiclislnon bofoti
entombed In Fi Icdi-iiskin-hc.
The deep affection of Hcilincrs for htn
showed itself In many ways. Most of tin
.hop * wcro shut or dt aped black utid sorrow
row was visible on many faces. Many
wcro filled with tears mid mourning Is i
cvi-ri whcie to bo SIH-II.
llinvc Just Icuinud from nn authoritative
souice thatu I'ond-ienco of Emperor Wi !
Ham H with Hlsmnick today losultcd li
drawing : up a progi-uuuno defining the In
tcrnattonul policy of Gcimany This ii
to remain w lihout change. H w III i-oiitltuu
based on the it cat lea of the tiiplu alliunn
und will aim to picsoivo genwal peace uni
ehcilsh the union of the thieo ullled pow
The Bcrllncis did not fall to notlio that Uu
old Emperor Ficdenvk ami his father died 01
uFHdny , and that Ut-0 Prince Fit-dei id
Chnilcs also dfcd ut the sun-e C0'e ns Empcrui
, Fredci Ick.
The seinl-om > ! al Post snjs the Kmpcroi
Frcdi-i uk was n still gtc.Uor heio pn a blcl
bed than on the Jmtlo lielJ , wucio | .e lookei
most gallantly Into the e cs of death.
Tuo semi oftlcial Nerd rjou'scher sais foi
s -
( m until nation -r ktanauig ut , the - blvr of i
high hearted ruler whose form Uluuiinatci
by splendor the glorious history of our time
Ho was truly princely nnd of hciotc mould.
'The people will never forget the favorite
: ) rmec , L'nser rrltz. "
The Vasslscho believes that the nation will
bo llllcd with the spirit emanating from nil
Lhe words nnd deeds of the deceased mon
Eugene Klchtor , In his rrehennlpo Ecltune ,
writes : "Tho Emperor Frederick Is dead ,
but only to live on ns Unser Frit ? forever. "
The National Xcltung is the the only paper
which strikes n discordant note , remarking
tlmt the deceased definitely concludes ono
epoch nnd that iv now era Is now about to
A siu.r STORY.
It is likely some newspapers or correspond
ents may rev ive the ehestnutty stones nbout
the Influence of the Countess Wnlderso ,
once the morpnntlc vvlfo of tha septuagena
rian Prlnco Frcdrlc of Schlesvvlg Holstcln , ,
grand uncle of the now empress. The
countess will bo remembered by many old
Now Yorkers ns Miss Mary Lee. It may be
said she will now become the power behind
the tin ono vv 1th the now emperor nnd empress ,
who , by the way , also becomes nn Empress
Victoila. This Is well known In proper
quui tcrs to he a great mistake and n silly
story. Equally silly w Ijl bo any story of nil
estrangement between the now emperor and
his mother. Ho never wns n demonstrative
child or man. His hauteur and coldness is
constitutional. Almost tha sumo cause that
inudo Lord liyroti peculiar made the present
cinpetor ns a prince peculiar. In birth
his left arm was Injured , nnd it 1ms
nlwajs been practically paralyzed , so that he
was obliged to almost wholly use his right
arm. This defect more or less soured his
disposition and In very early life , say Her-
liners , parental or mutcrctml sympathetic In
dulgence tended to make him headstrong
nnd wilful , but ho Is as utTectlonato with his
mother ns ho can bo with anybody , nnd there
is no reason to suppose his dislike to Eng
lish wujs taints his estimation of her or ever
her motherly Influence.
The Neue Fi clo Presso of Vienna , received
hero to day , seemingly rev ivcs the stori
that the throat affection was the result ol
youthful Indiscictions. It publishes an old
lotier from Prof iiillroth , dated March U7 ,
in which the eminent physician expresses hi !
conviction that In concealing the true nature
of the emperor's malady Sir Morrlll Mnckcn
7io was actuated solely by motives of dell
cacy , policy and humanity.
[ Frederick William Nicholas Charles Em
pcror of Germany was the eldest son of tin
late Emperor William , who died on the Oil
of last March The Emperor rrcdctick wn-
born at Potsdam on the anniversary of tin
battle of Lcipsig , October 1 , ! * ' . Hi-
father was the son of Ft edcnck William II !
nnd of Princess Louise of Mecklenberg
Sttclitz and brother to the Into King o
Prussia , bom March 21. , 1707. His mothci
was the Princess Augusta of Snxe-WIomar
His parents wcro married itf Ib29. HI1
mother has always been an outs'poken cnemj
of Bismarck and bitterly opposed to hi1
policy. It issald that the relations betwcci
liis father and mother wcro of the most un
pleasant kind nnd thit of Into years theii
only mccttnits wet oof the most formal ser
nnd onlv occurred once in each twenty-foui
hours , In the emperor's ' study.
His military education was begun before
he wns nine jeaisold At ten ho was made
a sub-lieutenant and invested with the otdet
of the lil.ick Eaglo. According to the tra
ditlons of the nice of Hohcn ollerns he wa-
taught two of the trades , that of hookbindci
and carpenter being selected. His tutor vvai
the eminent Dr. Curtlns. His boyhood wai
chiefly spent at Hnbelsberg. near Potsdam
the place of his birth and dentil. On the 7tl
of November. 18411. ho entered the Unlvcr
sity of Honn , for the purpose of completing
his military education. In 1 50 ho lltst vis
Itcd England. It was dut ing this visit thai
ho fltst saw Victoila , pimccss lo.val o
GicatHiitaln , whom ho nfterwat ds ( Janunrj
35 , 1S55) ) married.
Ho returned to his native land nnd resumct
his studies at Bonn , winch he completed ii
1W3. When ho had completed his militat :
studies ho was commissioned ns captain it
the Fust foot guaids. Ho passed tinongt
vatlous grades and when the war bioko on
between Prussia and Austria he held tin
rank of In that war he successfully
led his army of l3.iMU ( ) men tlironirh 'hi
passes of thoSudptic Hills amid pioat dlfnVu'
ties and dangcts. Uynseticsof biillinn
opointions his nnnv forced its way over tin
mountains and through the passes , bcinj
foiccd into severe actions nt Trailtevan
Nachod. and vai ious other points. His objcc :
\\astoforma junction with the nimy o
Piinco Frederick Cluules , Uefoioholuu
succeeded In doing this General Uotifdelc hat
made ptejmratlons to attack the latter with i
superior force. The battle of ICouIggintz
.Tilly : ! , Ibtitf , was the icsult. The Empcioi
Ficdeilck ( then the crown prince ) sur
piiscd the Austrlans in the middle
dlo of thci battle , struck tin
heart of their position nnd decided tin
fortunes of the day. An unlntetiuptct
setes | of victories followed his inntch fton
Miletln to IConlggrntnnd ( Irmlyostabllshci
his imputation as an ahlo commander. Hi <
achievements in the Franno Piusslan wai
at o a conspicuous pait of the history of tha
mcmoiablo conflict He was in command oi
the third Got man aimy on thoHhinoftontlei
in Jul.v of ISiO This nim.v consisted of some
thing ovt'r two bundled thousand men nit [
about live hundred pieces ot mtillory. Will
this force ha , on the -Hit of August , nttarKci
the position of General Uonnv at Weisitcn-
berg and captured It after u desperate nni :
bloody struggle. Following up his victory
ho , on the second day thcrsaftcr , made battle
tlo with the combined fotcr-x of Gone i alt
MacMnhon , Failly and Caurobert atWoeith
and compelled the Fic-nch to abandon theii
position. At the battle of Sedan , Septembe-i
1 , his tioops und those of Prinro FrcdciM
Cttaileu were engaged n aiiist the gteater
pait of Mao Mahnn'ffoites. . The Gei 111,1111
succeeded in rtosslng the liver Mouse. Thl1
oxticmely dlftlcult and dangerous oiicratiot
wasetrectcd by Pjinco William with his
PiuKslaus and Wurtembetgets , Puhhlng oi
townulh Pans ho cntciod Vet sullies Scptcin
beriOiind thiew udditionul tioops uioutu
the Infested i-npltal andiemalnca In tuo vi
cliilti until the conclusion of peace , On
October 'J3 of that jcar ho made a mar
blml of Prussia and on November is a llch
nmishnl of Prussia. Ho Is the father o
seven chlhlton , the oldest of which , Pied
rtUl , William Victor Albeit ( born Januaij
37 , 1R3U ) becomes eirperor of Germany ,
To the dead empeior the uidfcal pcar <
party , the ppiwacnts of lllsmarek. lookei
with roger hope for icliof frciin adherence tt
the systems of u ujvono ge , u sybteui that
t'C\v ( loci thut thev luivo outgrowji and deslK
tn cast oil a * a TV-'Un out trjinipnt.
In him they hoped to find s } < adci
who would Inuug-urato nii e.-a In which Uu
coinpcser , the scientist , the ujthor and tin
hU8lMndai u would tnkr'su icilor to tin
blatter of munk .rjtof cunuc n gjd ; oUifi * en
gl iw of df > tttl ) . Htit they urofcuul to fuc <
the uncertain future with a monarch whoir
they assert is dcforn cdjn body und diseaset
in u.lii'1 , vvUose chief cb'ara'ctci.&llu tccai t <
be open Insubordination to his father nnd
\lllnlr.ous nbuso of his mother Instead of
being permitted to pursue the paths of peace
and progress with their beloved "Unscr
Fritz" who lies dead nt Potsdam ]
Sorrow or Sister Nations.
Lovnov , Juno IB. Much sorrow Is ex
pressed at the death of the cmpcrijr of Ger
many , who was very popular In this city.
Flags mo flj Ing at half mast , nnd blinds In
many houses are lowered. Queen Victoria
telegraphed n mcs ago of sympathy and sorrow
row to the Empress Victoria.
Flags on the American nnd other delega
tions mo at half mast In consequence of the
death of Emi > eror Frederick. The bells on
Westminster Abbey wcro tolled this after
noon. When the news of the emperor's ' death
wan rccclv ed nt the German embassy the
blinds were drawn. The Prlnco of Wales
will start for Uerlin to morrow evening.
Gladstone and scores of other prominent
persons called at the German embassy and
left their cards.
The lord chamberlain Is In communication
with the court at Uulmornl upon mcasuics
regarding the period ot public mourning.
The period of mourning will ba prolonged
for sotno time as ho wus the son-in-law of the
queen. A number of publlu and private en
tertainments have been stopped.
VIKNVA , Juno 15.An orde.i ; has been
Issued closing ttio ro > nl theaters on account
of the death of Empeior Frederick. Tno
emperor , Francis Joseph , telegraphed to the
German embassy his . deep and heartfelt
grief , Prlnco Hohcnlohc , ns chief chamber
lain , called nt the embassy personally to ex
press his condolence.
PAHIS , Juno 15. The Paris newspapers ,
without exception , deplore the death of Em
peror Frederick nnd ilny n tribute to his
manly qualities and liberal ami peace-loving
disposition. Picsident Carnet today tele
graphed a message of sympathy to the now
German empeior and the cabinet ministers
left their caids nt the German embassy.
ST. PI.TI iisnunei , Juno 15 The higher
ofllcials of the foreign onice , leading diplo
mats and members of the German colony
visited the German embassy to-day nnd ex
pressed sympathy for the German impciial
WASHINGTON , Juno 15 Intelligence of the
death of Empcior Frcderlclc was iccolvcd bv
Sect-clary IJayard this morning by cable
from the United States legation at Hcrlin.
The secretary immediately informed the
president and sent the following telegram to
Pendleton , minister nt Berlin : "The presi
dent desires j on to expi ess tin ough the fot-
cigu olllco the respectful sympathy felt
throughout the United States for the Gei-
tnan nation in the loss of their cmpctor , who
has nt last i ieldcd to death with such lofty
counge and calm resignation to the divine
decree. "
New Youic , Juno 15 Flags of the city hall
and departments were not placed at half-
mnst to day when the news of the death of
Empeior FredeitCk was iccelvcd. Major
Hewitt said ho did not feel justified in order
ing them up.
Omaha Guarantees Ono Hundred
Thousand Dollars For the Next ,
CINCISVATI , June 15. [ Special Telegram
to THE Uri : . ] At the session of the grand
lodge to-day a resolution to reduce the mini
mum limit of ago of admission to the Pythias
brothel hood from twenty-otto to eighteen
was defeated. An amendment to the const !
tutlon passed providing that no grand lodge
shall be established where the Jurisdiction
inembcishtp is less than COO. Aiesolutlon
to abolish the led collar was defeated. The
supreme lodge adjourned over until Monday
mot mug to give the committee who arc in
vestigating the Pennsylvania tioubles time
to piep.tro.i report , The investigating com
mittee sit all day to-moriow. St. Louis pe
titioned for the next conclave
Omaha guarantees the eider ? 1UU,000 to
meet the expenses of the conclave
if that city is selected for the place of its
meeting. At its meeting to-day the Ohio
brigade redistributed the state , making ten
legiments instead of seven. The thei mome
tcr to day climbed into the nineties , but the
drilling foi the pnzes con'lnucd Some of
the knights appealed to sutler terribly.rlhe
pri/o seems now to bo between the Ivokomo
division of Kokomo , Ind , nnd the Dearborn
division of C'hlcigo. Each feels confident of
w inning. One of thosuprcmo icpresentatives
said that this was the greatest event in the
histoty of the Older. This was also the most
successful conclave ever held and the most
onjovable for all concerned To night a num
ber of the bands fioni the outside contest for
u pi 1/e of fliOO The concert was u grand af
fair , All the Nebraska knights have not do-
pal ted yet. They BIIV they anejoi ing them
selves bo much that they hate to denial.
t - -
Wt nixuTov , Juno 15. After n struggle ,
lasting half an hour , over thu aider of busi
ness , Mr. Tow nshend's motion to consider
the army appropriation bill was defeated ,
and tin ) house prooer-upd under tljo reijular
oidtr hchig business on the piivato calen
dar , Townshcnd gtv ing notice. thut he would
call up the appiopriatiou bill to-morrow.
Many hours wcro spent in consideration of
pilxuto billi , hiivcial of which \\cio passed
The house took n tecess till S p , m , when
private pension bills were considered
Mr. MeCteaiy of Kentuik ) obtained unan
imous consent to inttouuco the following. .
lMolved , That wo have Iteaid with pro
found . hof , tha death of the emperor
Ho was u fricnillv advocate of a fiicndly and
liberal policy in Germany , and we express
our iosuitful ] Hvmpathy to the Germai ) na
tion in the loss of their great and icnovvned
ruler. Passed ummtmoiiHly
At the evening session of the houto forty-
nines puvati ) pension bills were passed and at
10. UO o'clock adjoumcd.
I'oslnl Thief
, Dak , Jiinu 15 [ Special Telo-
gnim to THE Hi K ] William H Webber ,
aged twenty-two jcats , foimctly deputy
postmaster nt Spcaiflsh. was ni rested in this
city to day by J'ostofllto Inspector George H
WiUctbury. V.'cbbei Is charged with having
rifled live registered letters jmsslog through
the Spcaiflsh odico and stealing their con-
tentf , amounting to14 'Iho postolllco itc-
paitmcut have been working at the ciiso for
oviirura"iuid had an unbroken chain of
evidence w hen the niiest was made The
pijponer , who was mutuedonli a few dn s
ago to un cstlmublo joung l.idy of Stuigis
( Jthus sicited u full confession miidu in
y , riling und now languishes In juil in default
of f 1,1X0 bonds. Sintcnco will bo passed ut
thenppioaUilngtorm of the United States
court , the punishment being fiom ono to ten
icais foi each ojfcnco.
Wcnttior liulicntioiiH.
For Nebraska und Dakota : Light to fresh
souther ! } winds , becoming westerly , cooler ,
fair weather ,
For Iowa- Light to fresh southerly winds ,
gtr.t U' icmjwrature , co.M ! ioiial light local
rains ,
A Rah } Choki'd to Death.
FIIFMONT , Neb , June 15 [ Special Tele
gram to Ins Htn J The three-year-old
dauuttrr of J. U. Scely , i iiscity , was
choked -to death thU ufU-rnoTa by swallow
lug a email sciuvvbich lodged luhcrtluoat.
Ohlcnero Already Packed With En
thusiastic Politicians.
Xlinrslon Tallied orstronjjly For the
Temporary or Permanent Cimlr-
inaiiRlilp Good rcclliiK He-
fore Hie ( Jront Frny.
ChlcnRO Crowded Already.
CIIICAQO , Juuo 15. [ Special Telegram to
Tim Ui.E.J If tlio waves which now nro
beating upon the Chicago hotels nro only the
forerunners of the surges of next week , the
city thicntcns to bo engulfed with the com
ing multitudes. Specials and excursion
trains by the score have landed to-day thou
sands of visitors and delegates to the conven
tion. To-morrow will sea n still greater In
flux , Including the eastern and southcin del
egations , while Sunday nnd Monday will add
many additional thousands to the number.
And j et the city scorns already full. The
hotel i otundas glvo bdrcly standing room tc
the crowds. The sheets nro nllvo
with bcrlbboned visitors and delegates
resplendent with badges. Hacks , car
riages , horse cars nnd cable lines
nro doing double service with the multitude
just beginning to arrive. No other city but
Chicago could stand the strain nnd not stag
ger under it , but Chicago seems equal to the
emergency nnd promises ample room to all
who are to follow. It is n genteel , quiet , bill
earnest gathcting. The enthusiasm hns not
jet broken out with brass bands mid ban
ners , but it is none the less present , though
surprcsscd. The most marked feature of the
situation Is the friendly feeling between the
followers of the various candidates nud the
earnest pledges thut there will bo no soreheads
heads whatever may be the result. The
neatest appionch to apcrbity Is between the
henchmen of Gicahum nnd Hariison , but
this promises to wear away before the ballot
ing begins. The St. Louis convention has
put new hope Into republican hearts , and the
news from Oregon , joined to the dulj in
creasing reports of heavy democratic defec
tions in ull the industrial districts , mo taken
as presages of cei tnln victory in November.
1 he greatest activity to-day hus been mani
fested nt the Gresham unu Alger headquar
ters ' At the Hi st the reports as the day
wore on wcro not as satisfactory as antici
pated to the Greshara managers. Artivlng
delegates , who found Chicago pressing in ad-
vunco every advantage for Grcshum , ex
pressed themselves emphatically In indignant
protests That the undue zeal of the Gresham
boomcis has injuicd the Judge's pruspccts is
generally conceded , und there is u manifest
disposition en the part of his friends to undo ,
if possible , the mischief. ' General Alger's
canvass is showing greater strength than ex
pected , especially among the Grand Army
men , who seem to have very generally es
poused bis cause It is backed with the
largest barrel , the loudest shouters urul the
best buttonholcts of thut of unv other candi
date. And it seems to gain now impetus with
each arrival.
SenntorSliermnu's f n'enda to-nicht have lost
none of their confidence"Woshall nominate
the senator on the , third or fourth ballot , "
said Hen ' ' 'and
llutterwortliMlus'evenUig , wo
shall do it because % ho republican party is
determined to win wilt , their ablest man. "
It is noticeable that General Sherman's sup
porters look for un increasing vote fdr their
candidate"Tho semttor will not start with
less than 2sU aud not more thai. 3JO , " 10-
mai kcd one of his managers this evening ,
"and he will gain steadily on every ballot
until elected. "
There seems to be nothing in the Depovv
movement. The general Imptcssloti is that
it is only a mask for a Hlaine stampede ,
which when sprung will not bo a sur
prise. The remonstrance ot TUG Urn , which
has been given a wide circulation , has not
been without effect in opening thoejes of
delegates to the anti-monopoly piotest vvliich
the noi thvvcst would raise against such a po
litical uluiidcr
The auditorium bujldlnp- , which on its in
terior looks b.uclymore than Deguu , has its
great convention hall nearlcompleted. .
The immense room is a mass of bunting , portraits
traits , banners , and state and national em
blems. Galleries completely encircle the
plntfotm , nnd the floor , rising to live tiers opposite
posito the Htago nud Unco in height behind
iniid the piosccnium arch In its unfinished
state the auditorium looks like an enormous
house decked out for un approaching carni
val. Seats will bo provided for 8MX ( ) people
nnd cveriiword will bo distinctly audtblo in
ovet v part of the house
The Nebraska delegation and many mcm-
beisot the icpublican club arrived today
and are quartered ut the ne-wGoro house mid
the Grand Pacific. The delegation announce
that thin ate for power und ptestlge , and
will look how the cat ciouches before assist-
ngherto jump. They are in King John M.
I Thuiston for temporary chaliman and
Patrick Eagan for a place on the committee
on resolutions- Their desire to draw nil ele
ments to the support of their delegation
ticket makes the delegation very non
committal us to canttulnlcs Their point
gained , thc.v may bo expected to bo more
communicative. Senator Allison is liKoli to
get u vote on at least ono ballot from tlio
delegation , which Is'friendlv disposed to the
senator ns u neighbor Senator Sherman
looks for three or four and the Algcr men
aroequallv hopeful. A. M. Henry , foimerly
a hiwjer in Omaha and a broUici-in-law of
Goncial Algei , Is woildng hind for the In
forests of his relation , and so is Aichltcct
Myci s , w hose poi tly foi m swnv s to nnd f t o
in the con idois of the Grand Pacific.
Tlio National Committee1.
CIIICAOO , Juno 15 The republican na
tional committee met to night. Hofoio taking
up the regular business Mis Isabella
Hcccher Hooker , "the well known woman
sufTiugo advocate , was granlcd ten minutes ,
nt her request , to present her ciiuso to the
committee , Shu uphko clearly nnd well ,
mousing enthusiasm by un offer that If tlio
coinmltUM' would Insert a woman suffrage
plank In the platform BIO vv ould guarantee
women speakers In tha coming canvass who
would put the icpubltuan party In power to
stay. '
On motion of Conger of Ohio next Mon
day was fixed UH the date when each
stuto delegation should meet and select u
chairman of tlio delegation und ono member
to servo us vtco pietiiuent and ono each on
the committeespu credentials , permanent
oiguiilzatlon , ' uiles und order of business ,
plutfoimnnd resolutions and u member of
the national republican ( ommltteo.
Cotigci fro in the sub-iommittea appointed
to ptepaio the roll of tlio convention , re
ported thcto wrro a number of contcMtanth
for scuts in whii h the papers indicated the
icgnluntv of the set of delegates placed
upon tha rolls presented Ho said that on
thopnpcison IIlo aud statements made to
the sub committee it was deemed
utiwiso to dk'iido respecting the con
test in the District of Columbia
and tlio 8iibommittco iceommended that
both delegations bo aduiitted to Feats on the
floor und neither bo entitled to vote until the.
light to seats hail been dcteimined bv tlio
convention There weio no contests In the
tli t and fouilh districts of Virginia. In the
ionte t m the other eight distiicU the torn.
mUtco recommended that both delegations
be admitted until their rights wcro detci-
inltied by tlio convention In regaid to the
delegates at-lurgo from Virginia , tlio com
UX' voted to recommend that thudelepctes
bo admitted to seats as contestants.
The Virginia contest became a matter of
vigorous discussion , Ljucb of Mississippi ,
Hooker of VwmontanvJ othcis Uking part ,
After nn hour's debate , Evans of Kentucky
moved as an amendment to the report of the
sub committee that the cntlro Mahono dele
gation lie placed on the roll. 'Iho motion was
defeated bv n vote of IS to 12.
Thu claim fiom Dakota for ten scats In
stead of six in the convention then eamo up
and cnnscd n lively debate. Tlio Idea was
that Dakota is rightfully n stnto and entitled
to full representation as such , The proposi
tion did not involve any enlargement of Da
kota's vote in the convention. It wns u mat
ter of seats , not votes. The committee euvo
the larger number , nnd thcrcfoio Its moral
support to Dakota's claim to statehood.
The report of the lommUteo to prepnro tlio
convention roll wns then unanimously
adopted , the only change bolng that in re
gard to Dakota.
Law son moved that the several state dele
gations bo nuthorlrcd cnch to appoint n mes
senger , except the stntcs of New York.
Pennsylvania , Ohio and Illinois , which shall
each npKlnt | two , nil to have the privileges
of the floor and bo under charge of the
sergeant-nt-arms. The motion was adopted.
General Charles Fitzsimtnoiis , sorgeantrut-
nrms of the convention , was then
presented to the national committee by
Mr. Clarkson nnd warmly received.
Telegrams wcro lead from Creed
Haj ward of California and M. D. Foley of
Nevada , stating that the Pacific coast dele
gates desired to present the name of Morris
Esleeot California for tcmi > orary chairman ,
nnd requesting that action by the national
committee bo suspended until the coast dele
gation ui rived. The request met vv ith no ob
jection ,
Adjournment wns then taken until 8 p. in.
to morrow. .
UTho success of the efforts to hnvo the ten
delegates from Dakota put on the orilclal roll
of the convention wns largely duo to the
strong and effective light made for it by Air.
Clarkson , the Iowa member of the commit
tee.It hns been decided that the convention
will bo oixmed by singing the "Battle Hyniu
of the Itepubllo" to the tune of "John
llrown's Hody. " Miss Pauline Uommeiss ,
of the Chicago Third Prcsbv tenon church ,
will bo the soloist , nnd the whole convention
will join in the choius.
Gossip From tlio Chicago Gathering.
CHIC \oo , Junoir > . The probability thai
John M. Thurston of Nebraska would be
made temporary chairman of the convention
and Wurticr Miller of Now York pormanenl
chairman , becnmo this evening almost n cer
tainty. Those who were unacquainted wltli
Thurston , had apparently settled upon
Patrick Egan , ex-prcsideut of the Irish Na
tional league und dclcguto fiom Nebraska ,
as the most available man. One of the na
tional committccmen remarked that the se
lection of Egun would be a stiokoof policj
tlmt would be of good service to the party In
the camp ilgn nnd boa well deserved honor te
the position of trust ho hus held among his
compatriots. Mr. Egan wiis seen this even
ing and said while ho appreciated the honor
sought to bo bestowed upon hint by his
ft lends , the Nebraska delegation would be
solid for Thui ston.
At Generul Harrison's headquarters to
day , it was emphatically denied that theie
had been aeonloienco between the friends
of Harrison and Gresham. John C. New
said : "No confluence was held nnd none
sought for by the iricmlsof either candidate ,
'ihero is nothing to confer nbout. Wo arc
making no light on Gresham , nnd so far as
wo know' his friends are making none on
Harrison. The business of the Indiana dele
gation is to curry out the instructions of the
republican state convention and do what we
can to secure the nomination of Harrison ,
The impiession that Indiana has two candi
dates is not a coricct ono. Gresham doubt
less has many friends among the republican
pai ty in Indiana , but tbo sentiment expressed
at the county and state conventions and the
instructions given arc for Hurrlson. Those
instructions Indiana will earn , ' out. "
Hon. T. C. Phut ot New York urrived to
night. He was called upon by a rcpreseli'u-
tiveoftho associated press with n view ol
obtaining the temper of the Now York state
delegation. Mr. Plntt said ho had no information
mation for the public und ho meant thereby
that nothing concerning his delegation could
definitely bo told.
"Is jour delegation practically united11
uskcd the reporter.
"Yes , " said Mr. Platt , "I think so. The
four delegates at-largo will confer on Mon
day and if they are unanimous I have , nc
doubt the entire delegation will join them. "
"How many delegates has Dcpow now , do
jou thinki" was nskcd.
"I have no knowledge , " wns the answer.
"Possiblj all of them. I think he can have1
the mnjonty if ho will accept the nomina
tion "
I'ho icportcr then turned his attention tc
William Walter Phelps , of Now Jersey. Mr ,
Phelps believed the general situation strictly
complicated and retailed that ho could throw
no special light upon it.
Delegate H. A. Phillips , fiom Itoscoe
Conkling's district , said : "Yon ma v suv em
phatically that Depcw will have sixtj of 0111
seventy-two votes. If Depew is not a candl
date our choice will bo for the man who cm
win. "
A prominent ex Congressman ft om Now
York ( who desired his name withheld ) said :
"Tho second choice of our di'legutes is John
Sherman , Hiscock and Platt are ut heart in
favor of Algcr , but if Dcpow will ucccpt he
will hnvo pincticullv a solid delegation. II
Now York doesn't gt-t first place it will saj
what western state shall. "
The Nebraska delegation in point of pref
erence is nn unknown quantity. Editor Itose-
watcr , of THU Hi r , and ex-Senutor Saunders -
ders are authority for the statement that the
state will give Allison u complimentary vote ,
uftei which It will break nnd go no one know t
\\heto. The fi lends of Sherman and Algei
are positive thut the Nebraska delegation
will bo divUled between the Ohio man and
Michigan's ex-governor.
Gieshinn's friends held another meeting al
their lieadquaitcis to-night After tlio ad
join nment two gentlemen , both i hiinimont
of Hlaiiia and Greshum , who undcitook tc
discuss the meiitB of thn candidates , eamo tc
blows This the outgiowth of the HHiliit
talk which was indulged in to night. Them
wcio inoro flguies shown than heictoforc
giving the estimated stiength of thodlflciunt
candidates , whlih nil seem to show that
theiowus no solution to the situation but
the magiu name of Hlalnc It was alwayt
Insisted that Hlaino was not u candidate ,
could not bo owing to his letters , but this al
most In efutahlo statement did not cem tc
down the jilumed knight's ghost.
Gresham being the lo < ai candidate , has the
luigest number of hoomcis. Hairison an-
poiirs to have the next bust following ii :
point of numbers. Algol's headipmrtert
was the Mecca of the evening , and piobublv
more visltois fiom inoro states called
there than ut any other place. Shcrman'e
headquarters presented u somewhat cheer.
less appearance , pilnclpully because it is lo
cated on the thiid floor and but few of the
Ohio delegates huvo arrived ,
Tlio ItctlicHdn Kpi'lu H CclrlmmlH Yell
For AVfsconMn'H Governor.
WAt'M'siu , Wis , , Juno in All the pnnci
pv buildings hero wcro handsomely decorated
to-day In hojioi of the twentieth anniversary
of the discovery of the famous Wnukcsli i
spiings by Colonel Hichurd Dunbar Sovciul
thousan d people participated. Shortly iif tci
1o'clock a tiain from Madison hi ought
Govcinoi Husk and other state ofllcials As
vatGonor Husk appealed on the platform
of tha car , Cuptain Elihu Enoi
jumped upon a step and cillcd for
tin eo cheers for old Jerri Husk.
These were glv en and the vaptaln mounted
the plat f oini nud called for three cheers for
the next piosident of the United Stolen ,
meaning Governor Husk A train fiom Chicago
cage was loaded with politicians , umong
whom wore ex Goveinor Foster , Lieutenant
Govctnoi Smith , of Illinois , Secictnryof
State Gnrtln , of Indiana , CongiossmanTovn-
bend , of Ohio , Soiutor Farwell , of Chicago ,
Colonel Fied Giant and Congressman Dick
Gucnthcr A" procession was foi mod und
mmched to Hetlicsua park where nddicssca
w oio delivered bv D H Summer and 1' W.
Haifht After the ceremonies at tha park
there- was a banqjjet n the Fountain house ,
Ilrlcuatcs Kn Hontc' ,
PJTTSIIII.O , June 15 , The west n trains
\veiocio\\dedtodaywith distinguished re
publicans en route to Chicago. There was
n disposition among eastern men to maintain
n strict silence rcpnnilnK nil expression of
opinion on their choice.
Judge Pajson of Illinois , thought the only
real strong candidates wcro Sherman and
Greshnm. A number of others were to bo
used ns foot stools until the proper time cnmo
to vote for some lending candidate.
DINVIH , Juno 15 The Colorado delega
tion to the Chicago convention left heio this
evening. The Colorado men nro for Hlntno
llrst nnd last , but , said a delegate just before
the train pulled out ! "If wo find It impossl-
blo or unadvlsablo to nominate Hlaine , 1 am
for Dcpew and 1 know that five of the dele
gation aio Dcpow men.
CIIICAOO , Juno 15. [ Special Telegram to
Tun Urn. ] The city , is beginning to bo
crowded and no hotels makes promises niter
Monday for uccomtuodatloiiB not already re
served. The best political prophet Is ull at
sen as to the Impending result. That Sher
man is far In thO'lcud ; that Gresham exhib
its unlocked for sticngth ; thut Allison's
friends show n confidence which seems to
bo based on private information not
known to ttio general public all these
facts are admitted. It is also generally
assumed that the choice of the convention
will bo made on the floor of the convention
nnd not In the hotel corridors or rooms of the
delegations. It Is anybody's race nt this
moment , with the over threatening possibility
that a deadlock may cause n stampede to
Ulalno and veto his letters of declination.
Sherman nt present has the largest
and most enthusiastic body of
members. A score , of senate employes me
already on the ground posting up his pie
turcs and assui Int ; all comers of the certainty
of his election on the third or fourth ballot.
They hnvo been counting until within n few
da.v son four votes from Nebiaskn , but now
leave your state out of th i calculation which
gives the Ohio statesman HIX ) votes on the
first ballot. Senator Allison's friends con-
fldcntly expect some Nebi nskn votes at the
outset nnd so do the supportcis of Grosham.
Egnn's announcement as published in the
morning papcis that the majority of the No-
biasku delegation were for Ulalno ilist , last
and all the time , excites surprise. If the Nc
braska delegation will present Egan's name
for chairman he can Imvo the honor , and
thiough him the hish-Amcricun republicans
will receive n deceived recognition. U is
said hero that Thuiston will bo the choice of
the delegation lor chairman.
Clinuncey Again.
Si iiAct'sr , N. Y. , Juno Ti. [ Special Tele
gram to TnuUu : . ] ChuuncoyM. Dcpow said
to a reporter this morning that ho was u can-
dtduto for the presidential nomination , but
in case , on his airival at Chicago , ho found the
granger element of the west too sti eng against
his eaudidiicy ho would bo in favor of any
candidate who stood the best chiinco of re
ceiviug tbo united support of the republicans
of the count i. v , no matter who ho was. Mr.
Depew said tlio Intel ests of the paity weic
more to him than these of himself , no matter
what tbo sacrifices vvoio.
Discourteous to Sir. Drake.
Cmcioo , Juno 15 John U. Drake , of the
Grand Pacific hotel , savs that the report that
ho icfused to allow Blaino's picture to bo
hung in his hotel misrepresented the fuels.
Mr. Di ake bus n\jv \ oys been nnd is now a
great friend of Hl.iine , and consequently ho
could have no objection whatever to the
hanging of his picture. The whole dlfllculty ,
Mr. Drake sajs , arose from the discotntcous
way in which the request was preferred.
DcHcrtcd lieKiBlutlon llnlfn.
WASHINGTON , Juuo 15 There were many
vacant scats on the republican side of the
house to duy. It is estimated nbout cightv
representatives have gone to Chicago or ure
about maldng arrangements to do so. The
attendance on the democraticsldo was not
much better , and practically business could
only bo done by unanimous consent , any
mcinbci having it in his power to suspend
proceedings by making * the point of no
quorum. Such an incident happened at the
very outset , when Townsend , sin.n ting under
the defeat of his motion to take up the iirmv
uppropi intlon bill , mudo the point. For half
an hour lie resisted the appeals of ne.nlynll
the members to withdraw his point , but fln-
ull.\ yielded to the spe.ikci's plain intimation
that nothing could ba done if he pcisistcd.
The Trims-Continental Meeting.
ST. PAUI , Juno 15. Some twenty repre
sentatives of the Tians continental nssocia
lion were hero this moiniiig when the ad
journed meeting fiom San Francisco was
called to order. No business was transacted
and an adjouinment was taken until lOo'clock
tomoriow , when the tialllo managcis will
have the Hoot. The question of passenger
business will probablj not bo taken up until
the middle of next week. The most Im
portnnt business to bo cousldcicd is the
ruling of the Intel -state common o commis
sion in the mutter of the Denver shlppeis ,
which involves u general icconstiuction of
taiiffs and classifications.
The Workiiieu'H Jiiullcc.
ST. JOSEIMI , Mo , Juno 15 [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Hi K ] There were about lK > 0
strangers in St. Joseph to day to attend the
Ancient Order of the United Workman jubi
Ice , which was 11 pioiiouiiccd succens , The
addiess of H. H. ICein of St. Louis this af
ternoon Is particuhnly complimented In
the pri/o drill the legion from Woberlv got
lltst money , f5J , Atehison , Kan , si'ioml , In
dependence , Mo. , thud , und Kansas City
fourth. The legion from Hopkins , Mo , was
ruled out on a toe hniculity. The day was HO
warm thai the patudc was not what it would
otherwisirhuvo been The theiinometer reg
istered 07 above /era in tiio shade at" p. m ,
Klolo ii HOI-HO Hunch.
Wit'liiTt , Kim , Junoj 15 [ Special Tele
gram to Tut : HIH. ] Thieo deputy she-tiffs
aru In this cltj fiom Honham county , Texas ,
looking fora gang of horse thieves. The
thieves aio accused of stealing 2iKi ! ( hews
fiom ono lanch In Honham countv The an
imals were ull recovered I'xcopt nbout thirlj
which were either stolen or stampeded In the
chase which followed Theto were eitrht of
the thieves , all of whom huvo been captured
except two who wcio tracked to this city.
Tito Convention Cut Kiom Ht. I'nul.
Si. Pvui , , Juno 15. A meeting of the rep
resentatives of the Chicago lines , except the
Hutlingtoii , wns held this moiningto discuss
the matter ol i educed lutes to the Chicago
convention. The meeting resulted In u deci
sion to stand by the i ate of SIO to Chicago
nnd i etui n Geneial Passpngur Agent Ken-
von said subsequently that the Huilint'toti
will muintuln itsfl jato.
Until Tried and Ono Biicocrdcd.
LOIISVII I.B , Juno 15 , Jacob Dall , who has
conducted a grocery business heto for fifteen
years , shot himself dead to day in the pies-
once of his wrfo. Both Imvo been In falling
health fur some time. Mis Dall later tncd
to kill herself with the pistol.
Closed tlio Convention.
ItANbAs Cirv , Juno 15 [ Special Telegram
to Tnu HEETho ] stuto convention of the
Woiiien's Clnibtian Tcmpotanco Union
closed with the election of
neio to-dai of
ficers. Mrs. Clut.i Hoffman of Kansas City
wns chosen president.
Fatal Slot in In Oregon.
POHTLANII , Oro. , Juno 15. A disastrous
wind storm and cloud burst w as it-ported
to day at Arlington , Oio. Seven buildings
wcio wrecked nnd two or three llvoh lost.
Tlio > Couldn't AKII'CI
New Yoitu , Juno 13. The jur.v in the Dlss
Debar reported this evening thut they wcio
nabh to ngric , aud locked up for the night
Washington's Llfo Gooa Traveling
Towards the Lnko Olty.
lie Feels Certain of He-Mini ; His Iclc
Ration Unllrond liuketH For
Kvcnhody The Dark
Horse Stnhlcs.
"Washington nn Onsln.
WASHINGTON' Himtuu TitnOvmu Uns , 1
WASHINOIOV. D. C. , .luno 15.1
This was the dullest day In Washington
since the convention of the Fiftieth congrcs- *
In December. Tneio wns scarcely n stranger
at the hotels , while the con Idors of the capItol -
Itol wcro almost deserted Ex-Coiniri-Rsmnn
John S. Wlso , of Ulchmond , nnd his nnti-Ma-
hone delegates from Virginia wore the only
men who gave llfo to an.v thing. Mr. Wl o
gathered nbout him quite a crowd in the corridor
rider to the main enttnnco of the house ot
representatives as ho discussed the outlook
in general , nnd In Virginia In particular.
Wise Is joung , well educated , expcilencedf
full of energy mm making it lively for the
old leader of the republican natty in the state
ImmCdliucly below Washington and across
the Potomac. Ho expressed the fullest con-
fldenco In ills ability to gain recognition for
his delegates , most of whom are white and
opposed to Sherman because Mnhono U for
the Ohloaii , and vv ho will support Harrison.
During the conversation , in which several
republican congiessmcn took u pait , ono of
the Wise men , a mun black ns midnight , said :
"Captain Wlso Is sure to win. Wo will Ube
bo admitted at Chicago. Wise has the best
icpublliatt following in the state nt his back.
Ho has most of the white men , vvlillo Mu-
hone hns the niggers "
v ui.-ii iiTPD IIOINH. .
Ver.\ few lepiibllcan members from states
having candidates before the Chicago con
vention weio In their -scuts In the house
to day. None of the Maine men wcro in
their scats and none fiom Penns.vIviiula.
Kcnncd.v and Honieis wcio the only Ohloans
in sight. Faiquhar , Laidluw , linker , Savvjcr
und Weber lepresenti-d the huge number of
icpublicnn members fiom New Yoik , and it
is undci stood thut ono or two of them will
leave to-moi row. General Hiowne , General
Havc-y and Cheadlo weio the only icpubll-
cans from Indiana in their seats , the others
hnvltiKgonc to work for Haiiison. Urowno
and Chcadlo woio among the most enthusi
astic Huirison men lu Washington nnd lira
loft heio to look after this end of the lino.
How ell was the only Illinois icpubllcan who
showed up in the house and Huriovvs and
O'Donnell rcpic-sented the p.nt.v fiom Michi
gan. Four ic-iniblicuiis leiiuun f torn low a ,
Ionian , Holmes , Sliublcs und Conin'i , but it
isundeistood thut ull of them will start to
Chicago to morrow Theio were no promi
nent uemociatsotiKhc floor
About U o'clock Senator Savv.v or of Wis
consin eamo over from the senate side. The
senate was not in session to duj , and seating :
himself on the lounge in the center of the
republican lobln , smoked and tallied over
the outlook. Ho was the onli relief from
the monotony. Pihate bjlls wcrouiidcr con-
sidciation und no intetcst attached to the
ptoceedings , and ns not over one-third or
one-fourth of the members wcro present moat
of the time , no measure could be passed ax- ,
ccpt by unanimous consent ns the raising of ]
the point of no quorum urcsent invariably ,
defeated whatever was under consideration. ,
Several bills were discussed , but when there
was objc-i lions they wei o laid ov cr. The day
was absolutely tin own away.
The feeling st ill prevails umong the re
publicans , as well as the democrats , that unless -
less the convention is on Us guard , and thcro
is n combination or understanding to defeat
it , a deadlock will arise which will call for
Mr. Hlaine , and he- will bo presented with a
vengeance Theic mo few icpublicnns in
the city who di'slic this event , and it may bo
that their mulct ) to averttlns action affords
thu ieal basis for then repeated pic-dictions
thut Mr. Hlaiuewill bo nominated ict. "Iso
nebber seed so many free rinhoad tickets in
ull mj 'fipcncnee , , " paid n < oloicd delcgato
this mornitijr ns IIP mopped his blow ami
picked up his grip for bin joining to the
lailwuy station ' ! specks , " continued ho ,
"Dat nil ob do inllroud companies arc in
ftivoi of all olj do candidates , way dey baud
out do tickets for Chicago. "
mi tmtiiiousR srMiii :
Senator Cullom nnd n few othcis who ox-
ped to leave to nlglit or In the morning for
Chicago weio bus\ during the daj nrianglng'
for their dcp.n tute , and as tlu-v flitted past
one another they made brief obsei vat Ions as
to tbo outlook. The piesldentiiil quantities
who huvo not been mentioned us out-and out
candidates believe thcto ate gu-at possibill-
tics foi tlio Hold , anil these who aio manag
ing the stables where the daik hoi sen ma
kept mo inaiiufuitiirint ; us much electueity
as possible to bo tin own on the convention
when the moment arrives for thuotcitioa
of lightning rods Goveinor Porter
of Indiana , Govmnor Fomkr-i and
Kc-presentutlvo McKitiley of Onto , Sena
tor Hiscock of New York , William
Walter Phrlps of New Je-rse.v , and again
George W. Citilds ot Philadelphia rno being ;
discussed as piomlHlng lolts who ate quar-
tcie-d in the daik hoi HO stable leady to ba
flushed onto the ttatk at the first moment.
There Is quite a feeling for Senator Oullom.
MIH. Logan , who is walking for General
Algcr , Is lepoitcd to bo in favor of Senator1
Cullom In the cveijt her Hist choice cuimoti
bo nominated , mid she believes she will bo
nblo to cieato a stampede for the senior sen
ator fiom Illii.oia If tlieto Is a deadlock.
Pi 111:1 : S. HCATH.
Nebraska and lima PonsloiiN ,
Wvsmsmov , .luno 1.1 fSpecinl TolcKram
to TUB Ui'ii.JTho following pension * weio
gianted Ncbraskaim to day Oi iginul invalid
Johnathnn Giiinm , Tecumseh Inctcuso
( Spcdal net ) Wilson Molcn , Fallbuii ; Ed-
wuid P MeCormick , Oukilulo , Alo\audcr
Swallow , Hnivnrtl , Paul AnilcrHon , Hia/lo !
Mills , Alon/o Whcaton , Oi leans. Helssuo
and Inciousa Edvvurd H II Mi Night , Glcn-
dulo Oiiginal widows. otc.--Satah , mother
of William Miller , Tecumseh ; Haiiiet ,
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