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. -Boulangor , Bismarck nnd Battonborg
Rule the Day.
Dr. Mackenzie's Hopeful View of the
Knlucr's Hcnlth-GllllR'B Amer
ican KxchniiRO In Jjluldn- |
tlon Foreign Cables.
AH Been Across the Clinnnel.
LONDON. April 13. [ Special Cablegram to
the HER. ] There Is still nothing hut Hou-
lander nnd Hlsmarck lu the Ktiropenn papers.
Reports from the department of Nerd show
that the electoral campaign thcrchns reached
lever hcnt. Meetings are being held every
where , nnd thoy-nro generally attended by ,
scenes of excitement nnd turbulence- with nt
vast amount of uolse , the flinging of the ,
"Uevcnant Hovuo" nnd wild interruptions.
The current seems to bo running steadily in
the direction of Uoulnnger. The bulk of his
vote will bo cast by the Honnpartlsts , who of
"themselves are in n majority in the depart
ment. Ho Is also supported by the radicals
ns n body nnd by a certain section of the
socialists. The opposition to him has crys
tal izcd around what Is known as the
opportunists , but probably contains n good
many legitimist Oricanlsts , In odd conJunction -
. Junction with the larger and ultra wing of
the anarchists.
Every Houlangist speech Is made up of
equal parts of eulogy of Uoulangor nnd at
tacks on Jules Ferry. Thcso latter never
fall to bo received with deafening yells of
A Has lo Tonklnois. " A study of these
speeches nnd the popular Interjections help
to solve the problem why Uoulangor is so
much stronger In rural Prauco than in Paris.
The country is deeply Interested In the
nrmy , which annually drains off the pick of
Its sons , nnd hates Jules Perry because ho
sent'thcso sons to dlo and suffer In Asia ,
while It loves UoulanRcr because ho , as
minister of war , tried to make their military
services moro comfortable. Busy , volatile
Paris docs not especially miss these of Its
children who nro drafted off into the ranks ,
or pay special heed to them when they
return. But It Is different In the villages
nnd on the farms.
Nothing Is talked of in French political
circles but Sunday's election and what will
follow its expected result. There arc all
norts of rumors of Botilanger's intentions.
The most circumstantial is ho will take his
place iu the chamber , make a speech de
manding the dissolution of the chamber nnd
a revision of the constitution , and then resign
nnd stand for the next vacancy , repeating
these tactics till the dissolution is forced ,
when ho will run in every department pnd
secure the popular voto. Already in various
departments 230,000 votes have been cast for
him. The department of Nerd ; will raise
this to nearly 400,000. All this lias suddenly
bccomo gravely ominous for the republic.
Bismarck has not won his fight. This is
evident from the fact that ho gives no word
Of rebuke to his infatuated partisans of
Brcstnn , Lcipsig nnOJpresden who arc holdIng -
Ing nicotines and circulating petitions
asking the kaiser on no occasion
to lose the services of the chan-
cllor. Such an agitation is unworthy
of the great man , as it is unneard of in a
monarchical country. It is noteworthy that
the national liberal party is foremost in this
undignified work.
There nro no trustworthy accounts of the
progress of- the dispute inside the palace of
Phnrlottcnburg , but there is n growing be
lief that Bismarck will got the worst of the
contest , and a woll-dcilned rumor that Prince
Hohcnloho Stradtheldcr of Alsace-Lorraine ,
lias been offered the post of chancellor in
succession to him. There are numerous
signs also going to confirm the existence of a
tedious political divergence between the
kaiser and the chancellor.
The count of Paris was in London to-day.
I understand that there is going to bo a
family conclave of the Orleans family at
Sheen house , Twickenham , on Sunday , to
settle the attitudes of the princes toward
Boulangcr , and 1 am informed that It will bo
attended by n man who has close relations
with Boulanger nnd is in his confidence.
Hopeful View of the ICniser Case.
ICojwtoM llSSbyJaincti ( Ionian Ilcniictt. ]
HUIIUN , April 13 , [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to the Ur.K.l I am informed
by an entirely trustworthy person , who has
just had n long conversation with Sir Morell
Mackenzie that the ' favorite
, emperor's phy
sician talked freely and hopefully about his
patient. What ho said is about ns follows :
"Notwithstanding all that has been said ,
there is no certainty that the disease is cancer ,
nnd it Is almost certain the emperor will live
longer than is generally thought possible.
prof , Waldoycr , it is true , declared the dis
ease to bo cancer , but In his microscopic ox-
nmlnation ho found nothing moro than Vir-
chow found , and VIrchow decided ngninst the
cancer theory. When Virchow and Wuldo-
yer disagree the rest of us have n right to
USD our own Judgment. I , for my part , have
novcr said to nnyono that the disi'u- , ; s cftn.
ccr. Those who most Urmly maintain the
cancer theory nro surgeon's like Prof. Ucrg-
nj'U ' ! , without special skill or experience In
throat diseases , and who have for the most
part earned their reputation on the
battlefield , whcro there is little chance
of obtaining skill in treating the throat.
As opposed to current opinion ,
one of the greatest authorities on the throat
recently carefully examined my patient and
declared ho cannot find a trace of cancer. If
the disease is not cancer , howovcr , It cannot
bo taken for granted that the clangor is past.
It Is imposslblo to state how long his majesty
can Hvo. Wo know that there is not the
slightest trace of disease below the Incision
In the throat. If the emperor could have ro-
mnined In San Koino ho would now , in all
probability , bo far advanced toward recov
ery. His strength , ns It is , ho weakened by
lack of fresh nlr. The orangery In which ho
got his only exercise during the cold weather
is a sunless apology for conservatory aivj.
lighted only from one siMj. Nevertheless , I
nm so cC-Ventcfl with his condition that I rc
Inaln In Berlin only by the ouiiwor's special
request because , like mnny other pa
tients , ho learned to trust ono puysl-
ciau and is reassured by his pres
ence. For this reason I shall re
turn to him after my trip to
London , As I shall coiuo back whether my
patient is hotter or worse , you need not ex
pect him worse simply because I do return.
There is no truth. is the stories regarding
periodicity m this throat trouble. There are
tips and downs of course , as with all patients ,
but it passes human skill to predict cither.
The emperor eats solid food m the ordinary
Way , and docs not , as the newspapers seem
to think , depend cither upon liquids or upon
llnoly chopped up solid.
The Bubstanco of the above can absolutely
1)0 depended upon , though I cannot , of course ,
under the circumstances , tjuarautoo that Sir
Llorrt'U'a exact words are used. The revul
sion from hatred for Sir Morrcll Mackenzie
to admiration for him and ills
scientific acquirements _ ls n very striking
tribute to him as a man and ns n specialist ,
A month ago there were some people whc
th'ougtit ho would never B ° t out of Berlin
llvo ; now that the- reaction hascomo , the
factor's only danger comes from German
cooking : . Merely as a matter of curiosity ro
tjnrdlng the change Of feeling , I have kept a
list .of n few of those who have recently dined
or otherwise entertained the plucky English
man , Among hl $ hosts have been such men
as HclmshoHz , lti Bois , Recommend , Profs
Lcydcn , Munck , Hoffman nnd Oussorow , and
even Dr. Hahu , who was formerly the most
vigorous believer In external operation nnd
treatment , _
A Winner's Drnmntlo Demise.1
lOipl/rtO/if / JRSS JJainc | * Oonlon ffcnnctf.1
LoNnok , April 13. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to the Br.n.l Mail advices
from Melbourne bring the news of the dra
matic death of Fredcricl , the singer , so well
known in America. Ho was playing at the
Princess theater , Melbourne , In the opera of
"Faust , " and the character ho personated
was Mcphistophclcs. The fiend and Faust
hnvo to descend on a slide nnd disappear from
the stage to these regions that Dante has
described wilh so much effect. When Mr.
Fredericks head was almost on n level with
the footlights ho must hnvo felt a mortal
pang , for ho was.scen to grasp at the cdgo of
the open' stage , and a moment after ho fell
from the moving trap on which ho was stand
ing and expired. Whan ha was berne to the
green room the verdict was death from heart
Another dramatic.lncld'cnt occurred at the
. funeral ; "The body was bolng interred in the
Church of Englan'd portion of the general
cemetery , where" n grave was prepared close
to these of other actors , nnd Uov. T. II. Good
win was present to conduct the service.
After the completion of the second prayer ,
nnd whilst the coflln was being lowered , the
reverend gentleman , who from the outset ex
hibited great emotion , sank on the mound.
Many thought ho simply did It to rest , but
these near observed that ho had fainted. Ho
could not continue the service , which was
concluded by Mr. Charles Warner , the well
known nctor.
Ho was an Englishman , thirty-eight years
of age , nnd leaves a widow , Miss L. Men-
moutti , of the snmo company , and two chil
Gllllji's American Exclmngo Foils.
ICopyrtaM f S3 by Jama Oardon Tlcniittt.l
LONDON , April 13. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to the Bun. ] The head of
the linn of Cooper Brothers , professional ac
countants , U George street , London city ,
was this morning appointed professional
liquidator of Oillig's American exchange by
Justice Stirling , of the high court Judiciary.
Affidavits disclosed that its business con
sisted of three branches 1 , a banking busi
ness ; 2 , reading rooms ; and 3 , storage olllccs.
In connection with the first branch letters of
credit were still in circulation nnd
though it is not proposed to issue
more , it is necessary some ono should
look after the drafts now coming in nnd also
to deep the reading rooms open for n time because -
cause of the inconvenience to customers if
they could not got letters which were being
forwarded to them at the rooms. It is like
wise requisite to keep the storage odlco open
until the articles stored therein had been ap
plied for. It is timely , perhaps , to odd that a
great opportunity exists for such an institu
tion in London , conducted by a reputable
person for the benefit of tourists and not for
his own. Ono such ought to bring n good
profit The liquidating exchange was founded
upon a prior one , which disastrously failed
also on the peculiarities of its banking man
agement. _
They Have No Love For Gould.
LONDON- , April 13. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to the BEE.The Financial
News copied this mornlngtho entire editorial
on Gould in the Herald of Aprils. When the
usual crowd came around to Capel Court aud
the Bartholomew house in Throckraortou
street , nearly everyone had a copy of it.
The Anglo-American Times of to-day , a
weekly much read for its stock news of Wall
street , thus comments : "Ono of the most
amusing hunts of the time promises to bo
that of the Missouri , Kansas & Texas
bond and stockholders after a $2,000,000
surplus that existed a year ago and has mys
teriously disappeared. They wonder what
has bccomo of it , and are organizing n search
to llnd out , as well ns to learn the causes of
the remarkable depreciation of their securi
ties. It is timu the hunt began , but the idcn
of looking around for a $2,000,000 surplus af
ter Jay Gould lias liovcrcd about it for n long
time wlir strike most people as funny. " Ho
is at present as much canvassed hero as ono
the four political busy "B's" of Europe
Balfour , Boulanger , Bismarck ami Batten-
berg. _
Concerted Opposition Proposed.
LONDON" , April 13. [ Special Cablegram to
the Bun. ] At a meeting of the National
liberal club to-day , Uight-IIon. .1 nines Stans-
iicld presiding , it was resolved to urge the
government to extend debate iu the commons
on the local government bill.
John Merlin undertook to move the reso
lution in the house. All the speakers ex
pressed the opinion that the feeling
was growing , especially In the rural
districts , that the bill was n sham and
a rank lory measure , and that its apparent
democratic character was the veneering
which at first deceived the eye.
Prof. Stewart said the that the bill
omitted to deal with out door chlofs while It
proposed compensation of publicans , was
sufficient to warrant n strontr cppOoition to
its adoption. A committee was appointed to
arrange for concerted action by the liberal
party in opposition to the bill.
llerllu Uriil"H. !
HEIII.IN , April 13. [ Special Telegram to
the HBH. ] A communication published In the
North-German Gazette reflects upon the
gross improprieties of the French address
presented to the empress by the Polish
ladles , who nro thorough mistresses of the
German tonguo.
Newspapers editors In Russian-Poland have
been grunted permission to receive foreign
Journals , except Austro-Hungarian Journals ,
direct instead of through the press censor.
ST. Pr.Tinsiiviio : , April 13. [ Special Cabin-
gram to the Bun. ] The Moscow Gnzatto
says : "Prince Bismarck exsSsjt tli im
portance of the Bntf.iourgTueldcnt ; , aud in
doing fjo SuinmwiU an error , as Hussia's
whoto attention ia directed westwards , not
eastwards. " '
In tiio Commons.
LONDON , April 13. In the commons this
evening , on n motion being mudo by Smith
that the county government bill bo given
precedence over thq private member bills ,
Labouchrro offered an indignant protest say
ing that Smith was hurrying the bill to prevent -
vent the house- taking time to consider its
merits. Smith's motion was carried.
Kuatdn's Ivqai Negotiations.
ST. PuTniSBcno , April 13. The chief
director of the Comptolr de Compete- -
Paris , bos arrived hero to conduct negotia
tions for the advancing of n loan to the
Russian government. The press censorship
suppresses all telegram * referring to the
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla.
When Baby was sick , ve pate ber Cajtorla.
When ttlio vu a Child , she cried for CastorU ,
Wbea Khe became Miss , Bha clung to Outoria ,
tV"ten theluut Children , die CMe them CdatcrU.
Jainos Russell Lowell Discourses on
the Independent in Politics ,
< T. S. Clnrksoii Innista Tlint Toivn'fl Del
egates Will Giro Allison Their
UnwnvcrltiRSupport Vor tlio
Presidential Nomination.
Ttic Iiulcpnnilnnt in Politics.
Nr.w YOIIK , April 13. A largo nnd dlstln-
guished gathering was present In Stcinway
hall to-nlsht to hoar nn address by Hon. .ins.
Kusscll Lowell on the "Independent In Poll-
tics , " delivered under the auspices -of the
now Reform club. Mr. Lowell was Intro
duced by Ansou P. Stokes. Ho said In pnrt :
In speaking of the "Indopon'dont In politics"
it Is my intention to treat tlio' subject In Its
general rather thun special application. If
ono would know the dlffcrenca between the
statesman and the politician let him corapnro
Burko's vldw of the American- troubles with
those of Dr. Johnson. Never did two men
show more clearly the quality of tnio states
manship than Senators Fessondon and
Truuibull , when they dared to net uidej > cn-
dently of party in the impeachment coses.
against President Johnson. They saved us
from tiio creeping paralysis which is
gradually benumbing the political energies
of Franco , lu our early days wo produced
statesmen not endowed with Uurko'a genius ,
but comparable with him in breadth of view
nnd perhaps his superiors in practical
sagacity. 1 bellovo there Is ns much Of the
raw material of statesmanship among us as
over. If the parties will not look nftcr their
own drainage there must bo somebody who
will do It for them. This duty can bo done
only by men who have deserted from the In
terests of the party.
The independents hnvo undertaken it , and
with God's help they will carry it through.
A moral purpose multiplies us by ten , ns it
multiplied the early abolitionists. They
emancipated the negro , nnd wo mean to
emancipate the respectable white men. I am
struck with the fact that wliilo wo produce
great captains nnd political managers , there
Bcems to bo n pause in the production of the
leader of statesmanship. I am thankful to
have been neon temporary of one. and among
the greatest , wnom posterity wlH recognize
ns the wisest and most bravely human of
modern times Abraham Lincoln. What will
bo of immediate advantage to the
party is the llrst thing considered ;
what of permanent advantage to the
country the last. Both parties have
been equally cuilty , both have evaded the
living questions of the day. Parties being
necessary , there must be politicians to repre
sent them. There should bo n neutral body
largo enough to moderate between both , and
to make both marts cautious in their choice of
If wo have not got nil that wo hoped from
the present administration wo have got more
than wo expected. Wo have compelled a
discussion of the question , aud have so much
faitli In the good sense of the American people
ple as to feel sure that the discussion moans
Two grcatqucstions hnvo boon opened anew
by the president which really resolve them
selves into ono that of the war tariff. I
say of the war tariff , because it is a more
electioneering device to call it n question of
protection or free trade , pure and simple.
The advocates of protection have been un
wise in shifting tlio ground of debate. They
have sc.t many people to asking whether
robbing Peter to pay Paul is a
method equally economic for both
parties. The tendency of excessive pro
tection which thoughtful men dread
most is that it stimulates unhealthy homo
competition , loading to over production and
to disasters which are Its tainted offspring.
I can not take n cheerful view of the future
of Now England when bur leadlnir industries
shall bo gradually drawn to the south , as
they will bo , by tlio cheapness of labor there.
Favorite Son.
CIIICAOO , April 13. J S. Clnrksoii , of DCS
Momes , chairman of the republican subcommittee
mittee , wns in the city to-day inspecting the
nuditorum building. He said the pressure
for convention tickets was unprecedented.
Mr. Clarkson loft for the cast to-night to con
fer with Senator Allison , whom warmly
championing for the republican uomlnatlon.
"All the talk about the Iowa delegation not
being for Allison , " said Clarkson , "and that
ho is set up ns n man of straw while its delegates -
gates nro really for Bliiinc , is'nonsense. .
\Vo are enthusiastically for Allison
and will have 8,000 men hero during the con
vention In campaign uniform ull Allison
club men. I have not abated one particle of
my ndmir.itlon for Blaine , but I know he is
entirely out of the question. No. there is no
possibility of Ulaino'ti nomination .in any
event. Ho has put himself beyond the reach
of nomination by his own motion miudi-sire. "
Adverting to Allison ngnin. Mr. Clarkson
said : "Colliding is for Allison , and Conk-
ling isn't going to die. We can't spare him.
I believe in the party using all its loaders. I
am u I ( mine man and it Conkling man. Yes ,
the Allison people feel very comfortable
about Now York. Tlio ImsinCbS interests
have confidence in Allison. "
Tired of 'Prohibit Ion.
POIITI < ANI > , Mo. , April ia. [ Special Tele
gram to the Bcu.J It Is predicted by those
who hnvo Btudlcd the growing sentiment in
Maine ugalpst prohibition that his state will
have n high license law within thrcft years ,
tma that the pioneer prohibitory state will
withdraw the slvingent restriction OP. t 3
li.'inor trafllo which hnvo mndo It famous.
The recent defeat of General Nc.U Dow , the
"Father of Prohibition , " in his race for the
nmyorality of Portland , is pointed to us n
very significant demonstration that the people
ple are sick nnd tired of Dow's doctrines.
When the most prominent temperance advo
cate In the world , nt the head of both the
democratic and prohibition regular tickets ,
not only fails of election. in
his own city , but his nomination
has the effect of putting up a majority for
the candidate representing free rum nnd
non-enforcement of the law double- that
which ho ever received before , tlicro-m good
ground for the high license prediction.
The movement against the liquor law has
bus recently taken dollitito shape , nnd n
strong combination has been formed of those
Interested in repealing the present statutes.
For some months the hotel proprietors ami
restaurant keepers have beau organizing re-
crctly to act in co-operation with the liquor
dealers. Besides this , n 'r < * > ! r ! ± lo uut-
rViiGjopposition ! to thellquor law has
Just como to the surface in the shape of the
Personal Liberty society. Unlllw the secret
organizations of these who carry on forbid
den trafllc , the members of this society nro
prominent business and professional men ,
nnd among the number nro several clergy
men. _ _ _
Minister Pliclps nt Homo.
Nr.w YOIIK , April ia. Edward J. Phelps ,
United States minister to Great Britain ,
arrived this morning on the steamer Aller.
To nn Associated Press reporter ho said
his visit had no political significance what
ever , and ho had como over on purely private
"It has been rumored you hove returned
to accept the chief justiceship of the United
States buprcuio court , " ( suggested the
"There is no foundation for the report. "
replied Mr. Phelps. "Tho chief justiceship
has not been offered mo , nnd I hnvo no
aspirations in that direction , and have no
intention of leaving my present oftlco. "
Mr. Phelps said the KngliEh people did not
appear particularly interested in the Usher-
ics question. So long as the Canadians were
satisfied it waa all right.
The Tribune , m an interview with Phelps ,
lias the following : "Tho Enclish people uro
beginning to think , " said hp , "that frcctrado
would be bed for them on account of the al
most certainty of industrious nnd enterpris
ing Americans driving them out ot market
altogether. " _ .
WlH Not Interfere.
NewOitLEAKa. April 13. Judge Voorhlcs
to-day denied the petition of the republican
party for on injunction restraining the regis
trar of voters from appointing certain boards
of commis'sldnortf t'o serve in the comrng elec
tion , on which biJrinls the republican party is
withoutrepresentation. . The Judge holds
that it Is not component , for the court to inter
fere by injunction . - llb the preliminary prep
arations for clectidljs.
A PKOPifefil/Kll'S PMOI1T.
The MfMiomiric& Struck By n Onlc
Which XWxWy Destroy * Her.
CIIICAOO , April 13. The propeller Mcnonv
inee , from Mllnrauljicc , nearly foundered lu
mid-lake to-day , with n heavy load of passen
gers aboard. Abotit opposite Gross Point
the flues suddenly fii-oko down , nnd the water
began to rusli Intq Ipo vessel. The passen
gers hcnni the nlarinf , nnd scenes bordering
on the panicky eri uod. A perfect gale wns
blowing , nnd the waves dashed high ngninst
the vessel ns she Iny helpless , so that the
fires in the engines were put out. Two
hours hard work by the crow flnhlly got the
propeller started nqain , nnd she reached
Chicago to-night safely with her badly scared
Divorced nnd Jealous.
SAN FitAxcisco , April 13. At Emeryville
to-day Louis Hnnscn , whoso wife recently
secured n divorce from him nnd nftorwards
mnrricd J. Q. Gardner , went to a hotel
whcro they wore .stopping nnd in n fit of
Jcnloksy shot them both. Ho then turned
the weapon on himself nnd fell to the floor
uoad. Gardner and his wife may live.
Put Both Kycn Out.
ItAXSAaCrrr , April 13. [ Special Telegram
to tlio Bin : . ] Willlo Jones , aged olbvcn ,
placed Hmo In n can nnd filled it with water
to see it boll up and raised the lid when the
Hmo exploded by its own heat. It threw the
water and Hmo into the boy's eyes , causing
the loss of both , Ho Is n son of J. M. Jones
of the firm of Jacob Bold & Co.
I'olsoncd His Whlukcy.
YELLVIU.H , Ark. , April 13. [ Special Tele
gram to the Uti.1 : Charles Lowe , the
eighteen-year-old son of J. M. Lowe , was
found dead In his father's homo. Investiga
tion showed hu had been poisoned oy
strychnine. Three boys nro under arrest
for the net. Charles had Incurred the dis
pleasure of these boys and It is thought they
placed strychnine in whiskey nnd caused him
to drink it ,
Crazy Over n Nohrnskn Girl.
KANSAS CITV , Mo. , April 13. [ Special Tel
egram to the HII : . ] John Lindroth , who
claims to hall from Dayton , was found wan
dering above West Kansas City in n demented
condition. Ho seems to bo crazy about n girl
named Mary Nelson , of Stcelo City , Neb. Ho
was scut to the city hospital.
Cltnrucd With Hap" ! .
ncM.criu.ii , Kan. , April 13. [ Special
Telegram to the Bin : . ] John Luun , a young
man of former good character , lies in jail
charged with assault with intent to rape
Lizzio Adsitt , aged twelve. Ho is confined
nnd held to the grand jury indefaultof $1,000
He Rol)9 u Shoo Store in llio Enrly
Kvcnfiif ; .
As the foreman land night watchman of
Hainan's livery ba v/HS South Thirteenth ,
stood in the doorway of that stable about
10:45 : last evcn'ng tlniy saw u fellow sneak
up to Austin's shoo stbre , almost directly op
posite , break ono of-'tho panes of glass in the
door nnil then sucak away ngnin. There
were u number of people passing to nnd fro
on the street nt the > time and the strange fel
low was soon lost to view. Fifteen minutes
Inter the clatter of breaking glass again nt-
trnctcd their attention , and looking across
the street they saw tlio snmo strange fellow
emerge through the -broken pane with his
arms piled full of shoo boxes. , ORicer Sheep ,
who was sauntering j-lowly on his boat , less
than a block below , , did not hear the noise ,
nnd the thief went .south as far as Howard
and then turned west nnd disappeared.
When ho reached the corner of HowarJ nnd
Thirteenth the policeman was less thnn half
a block nwuy. The follows at the barn said
nothing of the affair until Sheep happened to
wunder that way , and when they told him he
rushed immediately to the scone , but no trace
of the burglar could be found.
District Court.
Thomas Tronborth , an employe of the
Union Pacific railroad company.was recently
sued before a justice in Counin'l Bluffs and
a Judgment rendered against him in favor of
L. C. Johnson , who at once garnishccd his
salary , amounting to j&50. An injunction re
straining the company from paying over this
amount wns yesterday granted by Judge
Donne until Monday at 10a.m. , when tlio case
will finally bo disposed of. Treubcrth claims
to bo the head of n family , nnd that his wages
are not liable to seizure.-
In the ejectment suits of Matilda TC. Gar
diner vs AUolph H. Gladstone , Ada P. Drake
VB Henry Frederick , the jury brought in a
verdict for tlio defendants.
A si\ur : > VEHIIICT.
Judge Doano adjourned court yesterday af
ternoon until this morning and directed the
Jury in the case of Buchanan vs Stover to
bring in n sealed verdict which will be opened
on assembling nf court.
Prank M. Kennedy yesterday applied for
nn injunction to restrain the Union Pacific
railroad from paying over to Calvin U. Couns-
man $30 , gurnislieed by him from the wages
of Kennedy , who is In the employ of the
company. Thcsaniishco action was com-
iiieiicedin Colorado.
County Court.
IIAN KN VU COlllilt , ET AI < .
Jungo "Shields yeslerdny" rendered n
Judgment for plaintiff in tlio sum of f05.-l ; !
in the above aiso , which was nn action
brought for amount dno us damages.
At 'J p. in. the case of C. & D. Hutchinson ,
ot id , vs'J. C. McOuckor was called , in which
plaintiff sues for f 1W.50 , duo us commission
on the sale of real estate.
Police Court.
The ominous gleam in the eyes of the court
as ho took his seat yesterday boded no
good for the suspected parties who vroro to
appear before him , and thus it proved for iu
loss time than it takes to tell it. J. M. Kinney
was fined $1 nnd costs for peddling without a
license. Peter Groin and Mat Judson , two
very knotty-looking pilgrims who nbsorbod
too much stimulants and had circulated in
various back yards in tlio city hunting for
beer , were fined $10 ouch which they paid.
I. Kroltzer , nn lowan who came hero Jor
relaxation and enjoymentwas mulcted $3 for
drunkenness. . , M
Soil ! over the hill Henry Klloy , vagrant ,
twodayi. ; Win. Scott , vagrant , three days ;
Moso 1 Cohorts , vugrnnt , ton days.
Discharged Mat Gallagher , drunk ; Dan
Collins , ditto ; James -Alossa. . Tlio latter
is another Iowa man , and when asked if he
had any visible moans of support , flashed n
heavy gold ring , a watch find -fiO in money ,
und remarked : "I rather guess I have. " The
court waived him out and the last seen of
James Uo wus flouting in tlio direction of a
chop house. < >
Charles Horton , a vagfwas given sixteen
minutes to get out of town , nnd Pat Clark ,
who claimed to bo a city ofllcial from Lincoln ,
was ordered to cross the line of the city
Hmtts insldo of two hotiM and not to return
until ho could bringa marriage certificate.
After advising Fannie , Harris , Hullo Hur-
ton and Kinmu Cum ing , three bawds who nro
somewhat derelict in paying their fines , to
whack up ns curly as 4p. . m. to-day , court ad
journed with a bang und his honor started
out to get a breath of air.
Worked the Corn Onmo.
The old , old game of the corn wagon was
successfully worked on two different grang
ers yesterday by n couple of sharpers. They
first pretended to buy the granger's corn nnd
would take him to a remote part of the city
to have him unload. Hero was an empty
wagon and ho was told to throw his corn
into it. After making the traiftfcr , ono of
them Jumped into the wagon with him und
told him ho would go with him to have the
wagon weighed and would then pay him for
his corn. While on the way up town the
stranger Jumped from the wagon nnd disappeared -
appeared up an alloy , nnd the granger on
KOing to the vacant lot where ho .had un
loaded the corn discovered that the wagon
with hU produce was missing , The police
are after the feUtnvi
Curtis arid Donnor Hnvo n Rattling
Millnt Dulutlu
John Wards WrAiiRlo With the Now
York Management The Aiuer-
IcniiH Unmercifully Drub the
AVcstcrns at Kniibna City.
Curtis ) Vhl | > R Domicr.
Dn.t'Tit , Minn. , April 13. [ Special Tele
gram io the Bnn.j Six hundred people wit
nessed a rattling light this morning between
X P. Donnor and J. W. Curtis , for $250 , ten
rounds , ( Juocnsbury rules. The men have
had several fights before which ended in
draws , nnd bad blbod stirred up n good
match. Iu the first round both men sparred
cautiously nnd but few blows were struck ,
Curtis having the advantage. It the second
round Donncr got in several good right
handers , which Curtis returned , sending
Donnor to the ropes by a hard left-hander ,
just ns time was called , lu the third round
Connor got in n 'cleaver , n light upper cut ,
but n trifiu short. Curtis landed twice on
Conner's nock heavily with his loft , nnd
both men were winded.
The fourth and fifth rounds were light
fighting nil through. In the sixth Curtis
punished Conner badly , hitting him eight or
ten heavy blows on the face and head. Both
men were bleeding. In the seventh round
there was considerable clinching , nnd Con
ner did some good work , landing on Curtis'
ribs nnd neck. Conner went to the ropes
from u hard rlpht-hander from Curtis nt the
closo. In the eighth round there was con
siderable hard , close lighting , and in u clinch
the referee wns thrown and both men rolled
over him. Conner wsis very groggy but
time saved him from n knock-out , in the
ninth , but little fighting wns done. In the
tenth Curtis gave Conner two hard left
handers on the neck nnd utmost finished him
and the referee gave the fight to Curtis.
Both men showed heavy punishment , and
Curtis' right eye wns closed nnd Conner's
lip split. After the fight was over it was dis
covered that Curtis had broken his loft hand
iu the second round.
The Denver Go-As-Yoti-PlcnHc.
DiiNVKn , Colo. , April 13. [ Special Tele
gram to the EEC. ] Since the commencement
of the six days' walk four of the men ,
Strokle , Messier , Buchanan and Robinson ,
have dropped out. The other seven nro still
swinging nround the track nt the rate of
from twelve to sixteen miles an hour. Nolan
is still holding the lead , ns he has done since
Messier dropped out , with Hart only n few
laps behind. It is the opinion of some that
Nolan will weaken before the cud is reached ,
as ho shows some signs of distress that may
lead to a complete ureak-dowu before mid
night to-morrow.
The winner is Hart , if he chooses to make
it , but those who nro posted say a good deal
depends upon the amount of money bet on
him. It is freely intimated that ho would
jiot hesitate to embarrass his admirers if
there was enough in it. At the present
time , however , there is no indication of a
sell out , and until Hart displays an intention
to throw the race he will be given full credit
for excellent work.
Vint seems to bo growing in popular favor
although 2i > miles behind the leader. In the
opinion of some lie will brace up at the end and
win the race. He looks fresh , carries him
self like n man who possesses every confi
dence of winning , mid if ho holds up may
pass them all. Score at midnight :
Miles. Laps.
Vint 393 10
Norcmac 3.'i7 7
Hart V 419 10
Stnnton 337 11
Nolan 4111 - 11
Huffman 333 10
Smith Ur0 10
Ward nnil the Giants.
NR\V Yoitic , April 13. [ Special Telegram
to the BEH. ] Ward's scathing letter pub
lished in yesterday's papers has elicited much
comment among base ball people. The pen-
oral opinion seems to bo that Ward Is trying
to work upon public sympathy. President
Cay said to-night : ' 'Wnrd has misrepre
sented the club and the club's earnings , nnd
I nm surprised nt his letter. Wo have not
made in several years what wo made last
year. We have paid Wnrd 5,000 a year for
the last throe- years , and that is a larger sal
ary than 11 paid any short-stop in the coun
try. Wo will not pay him $ . "i,00 ( > , and neither
will wo release him. He says we only paid
-J'200 lo get up the old nine in this city. Wo
put out $2HX ( ) before we look in a cent. "
Hutllold will play short in case Ward does
not sign. Kocfc is still out , but will s > igu in
a few days.
AIISOH'H Smile Broadens ) .
CniriAoo , April 13. [ Special Telegram to
the Br.n. ] The White Stockings have re
turned from their long trip , having reached
town this morning. Alison grins and rubs
his hands whenever the recent games with
the Browns are referred to. "I know , " said
ho , "that with the men I had wo could knock
these fellows out for a majority of the three
games , even though Cctroit had been taken
into cam ] ) by them , and 1 did Just what I
thought wo should do. Comlskoy bus got a
peed nine this season , and 1 should not bo
surprised to sco St. Louis fool Homo of Its
old plaver * who are wearing Brooklyn club
uniforms this year. "
The innnnirn Spi'iiiR arnfitiiifj.
LONDON , April 13. At the second spring
meeting nt Lundown park to-day the great
Landown hurdle race , two miles , was won
by C.T. . Blake's five-year-old bay horse ,
Conservator. In the mammoth hunter's
steeplechase , three miles , Cawson's four-
year-old bay colt , Coronet , won.
Sr. Louts n , Detroit 1.
ST. Louis , April 13. The gauio to-day re
sulted ab follows : St. Louis 5 , Cetroit 1.
Batteries St. Louis : Hudson andMllligan ;
Cetroit ; Gctzein and Sutclill'e.
The KansiiH City Westerns hose.
KANSAS CITY , April 13. { Special Telegram
to thoBiii1. ] In the gametoday between the
Western association and American : ; rein-
lion clubs the score rojulUni m favor of the
Amc.i ; iit. Tlio Westerns scored one run in
the seventh inning , thn.Americnns three In
the second , five In the third , three in the
fourth , two In the fifth nnd ono In the sev
enth. making the result 14 to 1 in favor of
the American association. The winning club
In this scries of Hvo games takes the entire
pate receipts. Four thousand people wit
nessed the game.
Local Sportltm Squills.
The bnso ball nine composed of members of
the Couglns county bar , who nro to meet n
team comjiosed of the newspaper fraternity
nt an early date , nro said to bo practicing
The pamo between St. Paul nnd Omnhn
tliis afternoon promises to bo n peed ono
nnd the attendance will doubtless bo largo.
A great majority of base ball enthusiasts con
tend that the homo team will have a walk-
A movement Is on foot In which .1. , T. Phil-
bin , Jnck Morrison nnd Frank Hnnlon nro
the prime factors to orpnniro a club for the
purpose of leasing Cut-Off lake nnd convert
ing it into n pleasure resort. The promise o f
the lease has already been secured.
Prof. Ed Miller has of late rose from his
couch very early and betaken himself to parts
unknown , returning usually nt breakfast
time. It was supposed for a time that ha wns
perhaps going into training njrain but It
transpires that ho has only recently pur
chased n Columbia bicycle nnd is trvlng to
loam to ride the "pol darned thing" so that
he can make n race with Ed Rothery.
Horrible Vnto of An Imported Bur-
Ilngton Oiinrdlnn.
The lifeless body of Therold Lund , n Pin-
kcrton. policeman ngod thirty-eight years ,
presented n horrible sight under the flicker
ing glare of the headlight of switch engine
No. < . > 9 of the Burlington as ho lay prone on
the ties of the Pacific street bridge nbout 10
o'clock last nlcht. His uniform was satu
rated with his life's blood , his limbs were
mangled nnd crushed , his face wns devoid of
all sombhinco of humanity , nnd his skull
battered to n pulp , permitting the brnin and
secretions of his head to flow nnd drip into
the abyss many feet bolow. Under the bridge
lay the upper part of his head.
Lund came hero from Chicago among the
first of the Plnhcrtons when the strike on
the Burlington broke out , nnd has been kept
continually on duty at this point. Last
night , together with n fellow Pinkerton by
the nnmo of K. S. Corr , ho wns stationed on
the bridge to watch nn outgoing freight nnd
see that no violence was offered the
trainmen. Ho nnd Corr were standIng -
Ing on the south tracks of the
bridge fully absorbed in their duties , nnd
were not anticipating nny danger from their
stnndi > oint. All at once the sound of grind
ing wheels fall up the ears of Corr , who ,
.glancing to the west , observed a switch en
gine backing down upon them nt n high rate
of si > eed. Grasping the situation nt a glance ,
Corr cried out to his companion to follow
him and jump. Seemingly , Lund did not
understand the orders , but rcmnined at his
post , and while Corr was on his awful flight
to the rocky abyss , Lund was being ground
up under the wheels of the engine. His
agonizing cries nnd the motion of the onginc
attracted the attention of Hcnrv Smith , fore
man of the engine , who signaled the ciiRlnour ,
Frank Phelps , and the engine was slacked
up and stopped , nftcr dragging the un
fortunate man some forty feet. Ccnth wns
almost instantaneous.
Particulars of the cntnstropha wore sent to
the acpot , nnd the rest of the Pinkcrtons and
railroad attnchcs turned their attention to
looking after Oorr , who was found
lying insensible under the bridge. His
nose wns broken nnd his face terribly
disfigured. Ho was moved to his hotel and
medical assistance summoned. Ho is
thought to have suffered internal injuries of
n serious character. Coroner Croxcl was
sent for to remove the remains of Lund to
the morgue.
The decasod has a wife nnrt two children
living on Indiana avenue , Chicago , nnd the
sorrowful tidings of the loss of a husband
and father were forwarded them by tele
Lund has been in the service of the Pink
crtons n long time , and up to the time of his
transfer to Omaha had been on duty nt the
board of trade. Ho is a Cane by birth , wns
of pleasant , affable disposition , nnd greatly
liked by the officers associated with him.
Give Them the Go-By.
The public lire advised to give the po-
by to articles claimed to possess the
sumo qualities as , or are proiTorod in
stead of SOZOCONT. That incompar
able preservative and restorer of the.
teeth , is like itself , and nothing else.
Purchase that alone.
A Boom For ImprovomenlH.
The First ward republican club Is mixing
ward politics and public improvements nnd
the members propose to meet weekly hence
forth for the promulgation of the good word.
A starter was made at the hall of the club ,
on the corner of Tenth and Lonvenworth
streets , last night , when Chairman Butler
presided over a representative gathering of
partisans nnd taxpayers. Councilman 1 Ins-
call cut quite n figure in the proceedings , nnd
promised to lend his enemies in bringing
about the desired results. The principal im
provement in view is to prevail upon the
Union Pacific and Burlington railroads to
build n viaduct over the crossings of their
roiids nt Tenth street , and if tnoy will con
cede to this the cable and street car compa
nies promise to extend their lines. Mr. Ilns-
call spolto hopefully of such n result , nnd
said that had life been spared the departed
Thomas.I. Potter the viaduct would have
been built this summer.
In Memory < > ( 'Lincoln.
TIe : CXcivises at the ueorgm avenue school
to-day were particularly inU'restingi'lIii accord
mice with the request of the board of educa
tion the teachers of this school have been de
voting all their extra time during the past
two weeks in arranging a programme and
preparing their pupils for participation in the
same ,
Awarded ller$5OOO.
KANSAS CITV , Mo. , April 13. [ Special
Telegram to the Bui : . ] To-day a jury
awarded .Mrs. Frank Lamay a Judgment of
J ! > ,000 iijjnlnst the Missouri Pacific for killing
her husband May ii4 , JH--0 , on the levco near
the foot of Culuwaru Htroct.
C.'MI riclp I hi ; Unrorliinntn ,
NiiwYoiiK , April 13.-J. Godholp & Son ,
shirtimikcr.s , assigned with preferences
am .milling to about 1120,000 ,
lood Pur ©
\Vo bellovo Ilood'a Harsaparllla Is the very
buiit niedlcluc tn tuko tokuop the blond pure and
to cspel thi' ierni3 ot ticrofulu , bull rheum , and
other poisons which cause so much fauircrmx ,
lunl Huoner or Inter undurmina the guncrul
health. Hy Its peculiar cnrntlvo power , Hood's
Sarnupavilln Mrengthcus thu system ivhllo it
cradlcutos ( Unease.
"Hurly last sprint ; I was very much run down ,
had nervous hcadacliij , felt inisorabla ana all
that. I to ! ; nooiVs Sarsaparllla and \vas much
Vwiicilttml by it. I rocummond it to my friends. "
Mns. J. M. T.m.oit , 1118 Kuclld Avimue , Cleve
land , Ohio.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
'Tor n first-class spring medicine my wife nnd
I both think very highly of Jlood.s .Snriiapurllln.
Wo both took it last spring. It did us n great
deal o : good nnd wo felt better through the hut
weather than ever before. It cured myvlfo of
Blck headache , from wWeli BUO has euirerfd a
great deal , and relieved mo of a dizzy , tired feel
ing. 1 think ovt-ry ono ought to tale ; somcthlm ;
to purify the blood before thu hot weather
comes on , and we shall certainly take Hood's
Sarsaparilla thu spring. " J. H. I'EAIICE , faupt.
Graulto Hallway Co. , Concord , N , U ,
Tor a peed spring medlcino wo confidently
recommend Hood's Hdrnaparifla. Ily Its use the
blood Is purified , enriched nnd vitalized , tlint
tired furling in entirely overcome and the whole
body given strength nnd vigor. The appetite i
restored nnd bluvrpened , the < lire ( < Ulvr > onriui > '
are tonedand the kidneys and llvur iuvJiro" * .
Those who J vi rve.-r trlofl Hood'a Hurtm-
jianim should do so this uprlnpr. H U n thor
oughly honest nnil rollablo preparation , purely
vegetable , uixl contains no Injurious Ingredient
whuti'ver. Thousands testify u its pucullur
curutivo power.
PurJfloa the Blood
"Iliad erysipelas In tlio worst form , being
nearly covered with bllstcrH. My huslmnd
heard of Hood's S r > upnrlllu anil liibUted on my
taking It , though I hud llttlu faith. J hud taken
but n few doses , when 1 began to fool better ,
nuil in a weuk J wus sure jt waBilolng me good.
1 continued to take it according to directions
and when the first bottle wns jfouo I was entirely
well. 1 have not been tioublod by erysipelas
since. " Mus. J < . lUco.s , Drlmflclil , Mas. * ,
K. H. If J'ou decide to take Hood's Saisa-
parillo , do not bo Induced to buy tiuy olhir.
Hood's Sarsaparwa
Sold \ij \ * 1I druggists , tljilxforli. Prepared only by
0.1.11001) & CO. , Lowell , Mais ,
100 Doses Ono Dollar
Sold \ > l all tfrucKliti , Hi ill for 14 Irepmd4nljr B ;
C. I UOOP ! t CO. , Umcll , Mitti
JQO Doses Ono Doli&r
Whont Surprises the Bonrs By Opou-
Ing Strong ,
The Shorts Quito Downhcnrtrd Onta
Participate In the Upxvnril Move-
incut I'rovlslotiR Strong
Hogs Still Active.
CIIIPAOO , April in. ISpccInl Telegram
to the Hr.E.1 A most decided change in Mo
sentiment of wheat traders had been wrought
over night. At the close of the short sdiWlbn
yesterday the market wns I'.ttroinolJrenle
nnd nobody seemed to want nny vlioat , The
prediction of lower prices to-day was vpry
general. This morning , at from XQ to Jjo
higher prices , the market wns buoyant liii'd
active , with not n great disparity between
supply nnd demand. A number of efreuiu-
stances had combined to bring about this
result. The llrst quotations for Kngluh con
sols showed another decline of 4 points , Mid
although there wns n slight recovery later ,
yet the full of 8 points in two days revived
the talk of the unsettled condition of foreign
politics. On the other hand , it wns said that
the decline In consols hud no political
significance , but wns simply the effect of
the English chancellor's refunding scheme.
Moreover , cables , although firm , showed no
advance In the pneo of wheat nnd foreigners
were selling futures both hero and In Now
York. May wheat opened nt TS. 'c , worked
down to 7So , then up to TS'tfc , down to 78 > jio ,
up to 7SKe. back to 7Sii78k'c ( ! , up to 78J < a
again , closing nt t o'clock nt 78'c. Juno
wheat opened at TP'sc , ( told nt TlUVffiTSTio ,
closing at 1 o'clock nt 70'e. '
Corn was again the liveliest market on the
floor. Heeoipts were IIS cars larger than ex
pected nnd grading wns bettor than of Into ,
but these things seemed to bring no comfort
to the bears. At Dost receipts were smalt ,
especially of contract grade , and tlmro were
other circumstances calculated to innko the
shorts buy in their corn as soon ns possible.
One of them wns an advance in the price of
cash corn in New York to-day nnd n report
that n largo slleo out of the small stock
hero was to bo sent down to New York
by rail to 1111 contracts there. Tliero
was also n report that some strong houses
who had corn cribbed in the country proposed
to put the price to COc , at which they were
willing to bring in corn and deliver it. This
rejwrt was strengthened or porhnps It WHS
originated by the fact that ono of the
largest receiving houses was the biggest
buyer of May future to-day. Mny corn
opened at 54' c which was J c above last
night's closing , nnd lifter selling at Wo early
worked up to Me In n short time , fell to i > 4 < vr
&f > Wc , advanced to 55 ? < , c , fell to M @ 54-ic (
cgain nnd closed at 1 o'clock ntMVc. Juno
com opened at KJJfo , sold from 63J c up to
" ' ? AC , nnd closed nt I o'clock nl Me.
The speculative oat market followed corn
in the upward movement , the advance being
unusual in extent for that ( inlet and
ordinarily uneventful market. May oats
opened nt 'ilj'i'c , lulvnnecd to it'-J e , und
closed nt 1 o'clock nt ! U > 4C. Juno oats sold
up from JtlJ o to "We , closing at ; ilo nskod.
July oats opened ut JUlie bid , sold up to ! t2jkfo
and closed at ! tlj c asked. August oats sold
up from 27J6Q2SC to 2SJ (223 ( c , closing at
In provisions , a strong feeling controlled
the day's market. Pork was simply held by
n syndicate and failed to receive as much at
tention ns short-ribs and lard , which were at
times fairly active. Higher prices , however ,
wore the rule and , based on last night's clos
ings , the 1 o'clock quotations showed an ud-
vnnce of lOGtr.'Xc on pork , 2 > c on lard and
< iJ10o on short-ribs.
ArrcuNOox Sr.ssiON. Wheat firm ; Mny
closing at 78 AVJ7S ( > ac , July SOc bid. Corn
firmer ; May closing at Mi e , Juno fil'fc ' ,
July 54' c. Oats steady. Pork was C > c
higher , closing at $ U.lfi for April nnd May ,
$1-1.1 K for June , and $14.22V for July. Lard
was stronger nnd 2) c higher , May closed nt
S'.O' c , .luno $ r.72i e , July ? 7.72 > jc , uud Au
gust $ r.S2'i.
CincAOO , April 13. [ Special Telegram to
the Bnu.l CATTLE Business was equal to
the extent of the supply , which wns light.
AB to prices , there was little or no change
with the average of yesterday. The quality
of stock was not up to an average , there
being only n few loads of really good steers
among the arrivals , Texas furnished only a
small number to-day. Prime butcher's stock
yet remains steady , but the time is rapidly
approaching , unless the run of natives is un
commonly light , when such must Bell lower.
The first big rush of Texans will send
prices down on the ordinary run of butchers'
stock. Steers , 1350 to l.r > 00 Ibs , tl.-inirefi.OO ;
1200to 18T > 0 Ibs. M.UO@-1.50 : OM to 121X1 Ibs ,
* 3.y5 < 1.00 , Stackers nnd feeders , $ 'J.40 a
3.70. Cows , bulls nnd mixed , ? l.iO ( ( ' < 3.Gu.
bulk , f2.-5S)2.S ! ( ) ( ) . Texas fed ulcers , $3.30 ( . fl
4.1 ! > ; cowB , $ I..ri2.JO. r ! .
lions Business continues active , again nd-
ncIiiK ! > @ 10c , with fancy heavy malting
? 5.r > 0@r > .7r > . Best heavy made $5.40M5.0.'i and
common f5.40rf2r > .50. Anything In the way of
light , averaging 170 to ISO Ibs , sold at $5.50 ®
5.55 nnd lighter at ? 5.2 ( ) .
Nr.w YOIIK , April 18. { Special Telegram
lo the Bii.l : STOCKS The bulls gain con
fidence slowly , but the bears remain un
daunted despite their inability to control
1'iual i\vo dnj's , News from
the outside wns light , and price changes
were duo almost entirely to tl o action of
room traders , who operated cautiously and
kept the market within narrow bounds , fluc-
lualions , even on the moat nctivo stock , not
exceeding 1 point. Grangers were stronger
mid J-jWrt points higher. Missouri Pacific
broke % points , but rallied % . Gould IH said
to decline to purchase it at thu present prices.
If that be true operators say it is not policy
to buy It with any degree of freedom. Coal
ers advanced % < # % , aud YamliTbilts
Western Union developed decided
lt.V. Q' > Ul'i 1- : 'Ci"jivd to Have bid 70 for the
Ki.000,000 of stock hold by the Baltimore ft
Ohio iu payment for the Jailer's lines. The
market developed strength as the day ad
vanced , and although bualncHS did not im
prove the close was nt the outside of the day
on a majority of stocks , showing an advance
extending to \ % points , Heading leading.
Luekawunna was up % St. Paul % , North
western ? f , Lake Shore % , Canada Southern
% . Union Paeiflc and Western Union wore
Htraiiy. Missouri Pacific was % lower.
Trading with Chlcaso houses was blow , there
being too much action in grain forsiicauiuuirH
to give stocks moro than passing altcntion.
Sales wore i3.rlf ! , > r > shores.
Govr.UNMi'NTs. Goverjijrxiirt bonds were
du'u inn steady. "
IT. R.4sroistered. ISl'/'O.'N. ' W. . . 10T in coupon. . . IS)1 ) * ! dojirefH-rod Hlf }
U.H. 4".Bre 'l trcd.ldfi',4 ' N. V.Central 103
- . 8 Vis ajiiiioiuI.lli H O. II. N M
1'artllc Us of J'.T I0
rniuuln. Houthurn. 1'uclllR Mall ai
Central I'aclilo VM O. It.tcK. . . , . . . . . . .IHH
riilrnjro U Alton. . . I'nllmimi'uluctCaiiaiH'
C.JI.&Q 1IH Heading X
J ) . , I. . & W Jtorlc iblund Itt/ )
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