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A Qonornl Oboorvanoo of Nebras
ka's Arbor Day Assured.
The Pnrt ttio Seliool Children Can
IMny Illds For Street l'nvln
Opened Police Court
nntl Other Notes.
[ most Trir. nr.E'a iixcot.s ncnr.A.u.1
Governor Thai cr' % Arbor Dny proclnmfi-
rccommctidntlon to "i'lnnt
tion , mid his torso
trees , plant trees , " promises to bo inoro gen
erally observed tliaii ony llko Arbor lav
proclamation hcreoforo : Issued In Urn state.
Stale Superintendent T-mio bns taken active
fitcps to Imvo tlio scholars In the stulo ob
serve the day , and tlio clrcul r sent from his
ofllco a short tluio ngu rdatho to tlio obscrv-
nncc , has met with gratifying recognition
from every section of tlio state. Mr Lane
expresses the belief that the childi en of tno
public schools In Nebraska will plant inoro
tieen the present year tlmii the schools have
over hcrctoforo planted , and ho has just Is
sued a supplementary circular In which ho
invites especial attention to the work and to
the public exercises that may bo held In con
nection with the planting.
Mr. Lane in his second circular sajs :
Tiio gcncinl response to the suggestions
contained In the circular Issued from this
ofllco with regard to the observation of
Arbor Day leads mo to hope tlmt this year
will witness tlio planting of thousands inoro
nf trees , at tlio homes of tlio school uhildien ,
by tlio romlslilo and on tlio grounds of school
houses , so that every school yard in tlio slate
will soon have an Inviting sluulu
"Where many branches meet-
So grateful when the noon of summer
Tlio vullois sick with "
In observing this holiday it will bo well to
associate thu date April 'A5d ns being the an
niversary of the birth. ( April23 , IGftl , ) nnd
the death ( April 2J , 1G10 , ) of the poet Shake-
Nebraska claims the honor of being the
homo of the originator of Arbor Day Hon
.T. Sterling Morton therefore it is fitting
that the children of the state commemorate
the day ns one to bo given ovar to the plant
ing of trees , shrubs nnd \ incs , and the mak
ing beautiful of tlio surroundings of the
Hohool nnd home. Encourage each child to
ic.ill7o that in planting a trco lie not only
bcnellts himself , but coming generations
inny rest beneath its welcome slmdo and
bless the hand that planted it.
"This little ncorn , turbaned llko a Turk ,
"Which with my foot I spurn , may bo an oak
Hereafter , tossing In Its arms
The cradled nests of birds. "
Let each child cliooso some ono In the field
of history , poetry , art or science whoso
memory ho will consecrate , and so perpetu
ate the nnmo of Washington , Grant , Loiran ,
Longfellow or Morse , by dedicating Ins tree
us n living monument to "those names that
were not born to die. " Thus cultivating his
patriotism and love of the beautiful and the
If in tlio village or country schools , the di
rectors or boards of education wcro present
nt the exercises on the school giounds , to ill-
icct the planting of thcso trees In a system
atic and artistic manner , it would do much
toward making the grounds attractive and
pleasing. It is suggested that tiecs bo plant
ed by classes , in clusters known ns Authors'
Gioup , Soldiers' Group , etc. , thus investing
these trees with n personality that will recall
the names and deeds of each of the men
whoso "niemoiios are of living green. " The
fjlrls cau plant rose bushes , shrubbery and
vinos. >
As far as possible let the child bo induced
to bceomo interested in the preservation of
whatever Is planted. Thodovcloplngof such
nn interest and the formation of the consequent
quent habit will constitute a high type of
moral education.
It will bo wise to accompany the planting
with appropriate excicises. Thcso may pleas
antly and pi olltably Include the leading or
reciting by the teacher or pupils , of seine
choice selections in poetry or probe , bcaiing
upon the beauty and value of trees. Among
the selections adapted to this put pose may bo
Hnmod the following : "Woodman , Spare
U-hat Tree , " George P. Moirls ; 'Tlio Plant-
Ingot the Apple Tree , " William C. Ho ant ;
"A Flower for the Window , " Leigh Hunt ;
"The Voice of Spring"Mis. Heinous ; "Sow
ing and Harvesting , " ( this may be sung ) ;
"Tho Hlrthdny of Spring , " Hoi ace Smith ;
"Tho Ube of Flowers"Maty Howitt. Many
other appropriate selections may bo found ,
n few of which with slioit quotations aio
It will bo seen , therefore , that If the rec
ommendations of tlio state superintendent
ore generally observed , that , arbor day in
this jear ISbS will bo both largely and up-
in opi lately observed and the way paved for
it to become the children's day in tlio je.xr in
the future.
ntns FOII iMVim
The bids for paving in the now districts In
this city wore opened bv the boat dot public
woiks tester/day nftoiiioon in tire piosuncoof
nn interested gathering of biddeis Tlio
contest was almost entirely on cedar block
pavement or concrete , although the offeis
for brick pavement numbered three.
The bids on the block1) or concioto wcic ns
.7 i : Hiloy , Omnlm ? 1 ! HH
Stout & HuckHtaff. Lincoln yin-j :
Kelley < S. O'Shca , Manitoba 1 ( iJ
Hugh Murphey , Oninhn ITS
Joint KitzKCimil , Lincoln l.T 'ii
John Lnnhoin , Cieto ITS
A , J Mcllean , Chicago 1.07
AIoAdams it Amborg , Chicago 1 < 17Jrf
0. H Smith & Co , UhliMgo l.TJ
1' Mngear , Lincoln 1 (51 (
The estimate for cedar blocks on concrete
ns furnished In Ihoadvuitlsuinunt for bids by
the bo.iid of public works , was $1 TO , and it
will be seen that the competition was lively
nnd that some KMiiarkiiblo low offcia wcic
inado for thu work , the bid of Kelly &
O'Shoa , of Manitoba , of $1 03 bolng the
lowest. Hiils wcro made for cuibingnnd
gnttding by all the above parties , but there
was a lens vnuunco In them than in the often
on blocks
1'or biick pavements on concioto thoic
woio tinco bids , as follows :
.1 11 btockwoil. Lincoln , f2 73.
John Fitfgciald. Lincoln , ; .
John Lannam , Crete , F : t3.
Tlio Haibur Asphalt Paving company prc >
routed the following bid on sheet asplmltum
ft'or n guarantee of llvo years , JJ.05 ; guar
antee fpr ten ycais. $ ! J (5. (
The board of imblioorks will proceed at
once on the woik of ilgines on the guttoiing
nnd curbing nnd make their lepoit to the
II O'Homko , n former H. &M. brakctnnn
svho vas in rested on u charge pi eferred In
ulotoctiro Plnco , was up vcbtcrday , but tin
Bearing was continued until 2 p in to-day.
Tuo men named Huff urn and Marcy visi
ted tlio house of Frank Clark the other evenIng
Ing , piesiimuhly on n lark , for while there
they 1) i oho a 65 mirror and the madam pi o
furred charges against them In police court
They paid the bill and the c.ibo was ills
Five cases of drunkenness weio in couiI
yesterday and disposed of with tlio usua !
lines nnd costs.
Two young children from Omaha nppouret
at the station Sunday on their way to tin
llomn of the Friendless nnd wcic taken then
ty an oftlccr.
KBW NOTAiw-9 ,
The following notaries public were com
missioned by Governor Thujor iesteriiny J
II Spelts , Grunt , Pet kins county ; (5 P. D.iv
import , Crawford , Duwes county ; J M
Mahcn , OjMllala , Keith county , Willian
liaii-J , Omahu , F. W Sherman , Imperial
Chase county ; Harvey Huuilor , Kandall
Choienno county ; O. II. Heaver , Orleans
llnrlan county ; James O. Maker , Phillips
Hamilton county.
Thn Capital City republican rlub will nice
nt the district couit room on Wedr.esdn ;
evening for general business Oppoi limit ;
will bo taken on the occasion of the weotiiii
for congratulations over the lepublican sue
cess In thu municipal election , and a numbo
of republicans in the city will address th
Tills evening the regular monthly intfetini
of the Lincoln medical society will bo held a
the looms of Dr. Lane The feature of th
iicctlng will ho n paiior read bv Dr. A. S V
o , of. Asulaud , on the ptiysicUu'
relation to the liquor question. A law nt-
tendance of physicians in the city Is assured.
In district courtyestcrdny Judge Field wns
engaged In hearing the case of David M.
Harsh vs. Mrs Helen Leslie , the case occu
pying nil the morning bourn of the court In
the Inking of testimony The Judge hopes to
close the present term of court the present
"There is ono peed evidence In real estnto
matters nt the present time , " remarked a
real estate denier , "and thnt Is that the crao
for laying out farms within sight of the city
Into town lots has ceased , Insldo property
( cols the peed effect , nnd the attention of cit
izens wilt ho turned awny from wildcat
schemes to transactions In propoaty that is
legitimately city property
Bishop Worthington , of Omnlm , passed
the Sahlnlh ilnj in Lincoln , holding services
In the different Episcopal churches. At the
church of the Holy Trinity in the morning
twentj two persons were confirmed , nnd in
the evening ut the church of the Holy com
forter cloven persons wcro continued und
received into membership.
A large number of Masons will Journey to
Orand Island to day , nnd the members of
the mystic shrine degree of fctho So-
crostros temple will attend In n bodv.
Mrs John D Knight , wife of the pop
ular Register of Deeds , of this county , returned
turned Sundav from a winter's sojourn In
the south , greatly improved in health.
It Is n Curious Knot
That the body is nowmorosusconllblo to
benefit from medicine than ntnny son-
son llenco the importance of taking
Hood's Snrsnparllla now , when it will
do you the most good. It is really won
derful for purifying and enriching the
blood , creating'nn appetite , nnd giving
a healthy tone to the whole system. Ho
sure to got Hood's Sarsupurlllu , which
is peculiar to itself.
County Court.
Tim ovsi : DISMISSUD.
Judge Shields hoard the case of John Sin-
dcrson ot al. vs. John Mulvihlll ct al. for the
wrongful issuing of an attachment , nnd it ap
pearing that there was no cause for action
he case was , upon application of the defend *
nt , dismissed.
At2 o'clock the cnso of Michael Cunnlng-
lain vs. the Hussoy & Day coinpinv , lu
, \hlch plaintiff asks Judgment forfrl.OOO for
injuries sustained while in the defendants'
employ , was taken up nnd is still pending.
The case of Gcorgo Post vs. Gcorgo Waddell -
doll , hi whlcl ) plaintiff asks Judgment for
* J20.1S , will be the first ono called to day.
SUITS riLin. :
Samuel N. Dell asks judgment against A.
i. Logio for $ J10 00 and interest for labor
performed nnd material furnished in icpair-
ng a store building.
SUIT loiissjTTiinuNiov IUCIPIC.
Patrick Hrodcrick wants $2,000 damages
'rom the Union Pacific railroad for the
hi caking of his right arm by n stone falling
upon him while at work on the Thirteenth
street viaduct two years ago.
IN HUIIT cou.vrr.
Judge Hopewoll is dispensing Justice in
Hurt county this week.
Richard Hrachmullcr , in his petition filed
yesterday , prajs that the court compel
August Huudmark to make an accounting
and formal settlement whereby the plaintiff ,
the defendant and Henry Wise can equally
enjoy the lease of a certain piece of land m
block 12 , Shull's second addition.
District Court.
nnrouc JUDOI : DOVNB.
The case of Joseph Chavat vs the Union
Nail nnd Steel company for $4,000 damages ,
s still pending before Judge Doano and will
not reach the jury before to-day.
Judge Groff jcsterday listened to argu
ments on several motions. The principal
ono of which was the ono in thu case of Goo.
hristcnsen vs the Union Pacific railway
company in which the defendants ask to
have the case dismissed. The arguments
wcro continued this afternoon.
nci'oitR .IUDOE WAKiir.nv.
The case of Lei en A. Stanley vs Charles
. Hounscl is still pending before Judge
WaUeley , and will continue until to-day.
Michael Cunningham's suit of (1,000 against
the Hussey & Day company for injuries re
ceived by the caving in of a ditch for which
ho says they wcio responsible , was begun
with Jury before Judge Shields yesterday
afternoon. _
Anil Stniuls a Fair Show of Going
Over the Koail.
Gcorga Maiming , a ranchman whoso lands
lie in the northwestern part of the state ,
reached this city in company with his wife
Sunday afternoon. They had been cast
and wcic en route homo. At the St. Paul
depot Mr. Manning went out to see rabout
thotiansfor of their luggage , leaving his
wife in charge of their valises in the waiting
room. Ho had been pone but a few moments ,
and when ho returned Mrs Manning inlet -
lot mod him that while she was engaged In
queiichiiig her thtistat the cooler somebody
hud stolen his valise. The gentleman was
much disturbed at this pleco of infonnation ,
as his valise contained $3,000 or f 1,000
uorth of valuable papcis , besides $10
or ? 00 woith of clothing nnd
other articles. Losing no time , Manning
huiiied off for u policeman , and meeting Of-
llcer Graves acquainted him with the facts in
the case. Two hours later Graves marched
into the ccntial station with Henry Uurlte ,
whom lie arrested upon Sixteenth street in
the net of selling Manning's property.
linilce , who is-not unknown lu police circles ,
was niralgncd yesterday but asked for a
continuance of his case until this nf-
tcinoon , which was gi anted Ho says u
man gave him the valise and asked him to
sell Its cimtonts for him
Uuikc gave nn accurate description of the
man , saying ho was ; i smooth faced fellow
about twenty live , was rather good looking.
short In statute , had a scar on his chin and
were n "popper and salt" suit. Ho had met
this party before nnd was on speaking terms
with him , but did not know his nnmo. Ho
said this follow mot him on NInth'and Faiiinm
and asked him to sell the satchel for him ,
piomising to p.ty him a liberal commission ,
liuikuat flist lefused to do so , fearing the
property might hnvo been stolen , but the fol
low quieted all suspicions nnd assured him
eyeri thing was all right. Hurko took the
satchel and was caught by the police.
Thoofllccrs were inclined to doubt Burko's
Btoiy and matters began to look rather
black for the young fellow
until last evening , when a fellow
was caught stealing a satchel at the U P.
depot something after the manner in which
Mr. Manning's was taken. As soon as this
fellow , who gives the name of .1 W. Llddoll ,
was binught into the police station ho was
Instantly i ceognized by Hurko as the follow
\\lio had gl\on lil'ii tlio satchel to sell. The
police noticed that the description given by
Hin Ko tallied w ith Ciddell's appearance oven
to the scar on his chin. Liddcll Is n smooth
appearing fellow and dresses well , but the
oOlcers believe that ho Is a dycd-ln-tho-wool
crook who has served his term In the pcnl
tontiary. _
Vordlot ol'tlio Judges
Of the American exhibition "Cash-
more Bouquet toilet soap unexcelled in
quality aim fragrance , "
Matter In tlio Mulls.
Q. W. Livingstone was brought in frorr
Clmdron yesterday , charged with sending
obscene matter through the malls. Ho was
arraigned bofoie United States Coimmssionei
Dundy , but was given a continuance until
the twelfth.
Give Them tlio GoBy. .
The ptihlio arc advised to give the po'
by to articles claimed to possess the
tame qualities as , or are proffered in
stead of SOZODONT. That incompar
able preservative and restorer of the
tncth , is like itself , ami nothing clso ,
Purchase tlmt alone.
Clcnr Itelonseil on nail.
Clear , the Pleasant Hill postmaster whc
bus been lodged In the county Juil owaltinp
tnal for robbing the mails , bccuicd bail and
was i olc&sed from custody j cstorday.
"Hrowu's Bronchial Troches" an
wldelj known as n admirable remedy foi
HronclilUa , Hoar&enuss , Cough * , and throul
trouble ! ,
J. D. Meldon of Chndron , Nob. , Is visiting
friends in Houth Omaha.
Ground wns broke for the now Armour
building at this place ycstcrdity.
Twenty carsof stock , consisting principally
of hogs , arrived over the Union Patltiu up to
noon to-day.
J. U. Vnti Duscn will hereafter compile Uio
South Omaha local for the World , vlco St
Clnlr transferred to Omaha.
Charles M Woolcott , one ot the first resi
dents of South Omnlm , hut now of Denver.
Col. , Is visiting old time acquaintances nt
this place.
There Is n current rumor afloat to the ef
fect that Mayor Sloan will ndhoro to thoSun-
dav closing law ns regards the saloon t radio
In South Omaha.
M. Urcnnan , who wns hurled from a
dummy train on the Union Pacific , by being
struck by n pier supporting the Uurlingtoti
tracks Saturday , is recovering rapidly.
The Union Pacific Is milling two more spur
tracks to its service in the switch jards. It
Is nlso intimated that the Burlington will in
crease Its track service here nt an early date.
The authorities hnvo thus far failed to lo
cate the Individuals who burglarized Carroll
& Co.'s store on N street lust Wednesday.
A thorough senich Is being made by Marshal
McCrackcn In suburban dlstticts for the per
The Union Pacific placed Its new cars in
service on the suburban line Sunday
They hnvo a scaling capacity of fifty-seven ,
are cnno mounted and nro models In nearly
every resect , The mechanical worlc wns
executed by tlio Pullman company.
The school board has announced the np-
( KJlntmcntofMiss Ousick nnd Mrs. IJeati us
teachers In the public school at Albright nnd
Miss Hoffman as teacher la the Twenty *
seventh street school nt South Omnha , The
now school building at Albright is rapidly
ncarlng completion und when finished will bo
the best equipped building of this class In this
locality. It is constiucled for the ( impose of
accommodating the pupils in that district.
The school on Twenty-seventh street will
bo to opened. H was closed at the time the
city high school was opened over a jcar ago ,
but the attendance has grown so largo that ,
inoro room Is needed. Consequently the
board has decided to open up the old build
ing in question for scholastic ( imposes.
The city council met last night , nil mem
bers being pi cscnt. Major George , who oc
cupied his chair nt the sldo of the piesidcnt
of the council , was among the conspicuous
characters in the gathering. Ono of the
lirst matters brought up before the
council was that peitulnlng to the school
board election. A lively tilt ensued between
Mr. Mac Murphy , ono of the now members
of the school board , and sovcral mmnbors of
the city council. Mayor Savngo reviewed
the case , stating that the canvassing boaid
could not center upon any definite icsult on
account of the irregularity of the ballots us
regards the term of such candidate. Nu
merous cases were found where on one
ticket a candidate was elected for u thrco
years' term , nnd on another the sauio
for a two jcar term. This complexity , ho
stated , led the board to believe that the mat
ter could only bo adjusted in the couits.
After a series of wrangling the council de
cided to refer the count to a now board , to bo
composed of members of the new council.
At thu conclusion of this Mayor Savage , in
giving place to Mayor Sloan , addressed the
meeting as follows :
"Gentlemen and Members of the Old
Council : I Intended to give you a brief outline -
line of the condition of South Omaha My
business , however , in connection with my
duties as mayor has occupied the major patt
of my time. We came licio and found this
hollow , now comprising a prospcious city ,
about the same as our Maker loft it or , I
might add. a little bit worse off , for wo
\\erolndobt. Wo liavo struggled along un
der great disadvantages und to-day wo tuin
it over into your hands as a prosperous city
a city fust becoming the leading stock mar
ket of the west and ono whore the busy
wheels of industrj- and enterprise arc con-
stnntlj- action. Hull am sorry to saj- that
there still remain certain barnacles which
have a tendency to Impede our advancement.
Wo hnvo to our credit and at our seivlco the
sum of SO.OOO to bo used in public improve
ment , when we are and was entitled to f 18,000.
Hut in conclusion I will say that whatever
has passed from our hands in the line of
public improvement has been in good faith.
And while in ofllco any mistake
that I might hnvo made came through
ignorance and not from my knowledge
to the control j' . If I have made enemies
through the execution of my duties I ask
forgiveness. Thanking you for the many
favors I have icceivcd and for past cour
tesies shown me , I turn over my olllce to inv
successor w ith the kindest feelings toward
nil. "
The next movement taken was to swear in
the now members of the council and they
wcro swoin in as follows : Aldeimcn Toe-
sober and Smith escorting Aldci men elect
Yetler and Fcrlno ; Aldeimcn Uafferty and
Garj'cscoiting Alderman McMillan ; Alder
men Geary and Glasgow-escorting Smith and
Hayliss ; Aldermen Looschor and Hurko
escorting Alderman O'Kourke. Aldeimcn
Glasgow and Geurj' were then appointed to
escort City Cleik Hector bofoie the major ,
who propounded tlio oath of oftlce In a
similar manner Aldeimon Glasgow
and Geary cscoited City Ticas-
urcr Geary , who nlso took the
olUehil oath. Following this was the appoint
ment of the cntiro council as a committee to
escort Mayor Sloan to the chair.
In tinning over tlio olllce , Mayor Savage
made a few brief remarks to his successor ,
Mayor Sloan , who , in turn , madoabiiof
reply , stating that ho was thankful for the
nonois confeirud upon him nnd that while in
olllce ho would endeavoi to disclmgu the du
ties incumbent upon him with fairness to all
and partiality to none.
Tlio following of the new members then
( lied their bonds with the citj' cleik and weio
approved by the mayor D. P Hayliss , with
.1 Lovj' , William Stewart and James A Sil
ver ns sureties ; L H. Fono , with S 11. Fcno ,
John A , Uoo and S II. Hilggs as suieties ; J.
J O'Hourke , with John J. O'Homko
and Thomas Dowling us suieties , P. M
Smith , with Fred M. Smith and D. L.
Holmes as sureties. Tlio remainder of the
members wcro then instructed topic-pare
their bonds and liavo them leadyfortho
next meeting of the council. Major Sloan
then Hied his bond with the council with M.
J. Uolsrotf and Hollis H. Hoglo us suicties.
On motion by Aldeitnan McMillan , Alder
man Smith , Hayllss and O'Uourko wcro ap
pointed a committee of tineo to investigate
tlio books and condition of the munieipil
Judge , city treasurer and citj' clerk , the same
to report thu result ut the next meeting of
the council.
Alderman Smith then introduced the fol
lowing resolution , which was unanimously
passed :
Whereas , Oa the 3rd day of April , 18S3 ,
Harry C. Hostwick recovered Judgment
against the city of South Omaha
in the district cout t of Douglas county for
the sum of IS , 100.03 and costs. Now , there
fore , bo it
Hesolvcd , That the order to enable the said
city to pay said judgment , the major be and
Is hereby instructed and empowered to bor
row a sufficient amount of money at the
lowest possible rate to pay said Judgment
and costs for a space of time not exceeding
the close of the next fiscal year.
On motion of Alderman Smith the city
attorney was instructed to draft a resolution
dealing the ofllco of street commissioner ,
whoso salary shall bo regulated by the coun
cil and mayor. After accepting the bonds of
the vni lous officials the council adjourned to
meet Thursday evening at 7:30 o'clock , at
which time Mayor Sloan will announce- his
appointments ,
An Absolute ( 'urc * .
is only put up in largo two ounce tin boxes
ami is an absolute euro for old sores , burns
wounds , chapped hands , and nil skin erup
tions. Will positively euro all kinds of piles
MUNT. Sold by Goodman Drug Co. at 25
cents per box by mall 30 cents.
lUcIinril Davis anil Mrs. Woods Ar
rested anil Hold at tlio Station.
OfllcerWard whllo engaged in "fly" work
on Wednesday last observed a suspicious
looking man accompanied by a woman and a
little girl , enter ono of the lowerTonth stiee
Junk shops. The oftlcer followed him Into the
establishment and , being in citizens dress
his presence aroused no suspicion. The man
asked to ECO some tovolvers , and after some
dickering purchased ono ana the party left
the stoic. The oftlcor followed and overtak
lug the man asked him who ho was and lila
bualcoss. Ho said bis. uuiuo was Klchan
Johnson nnd that ho wns n former. Ward
then Inquired what ho hnd bought the re
volver for and ho replied that ho was going
to move to o ranch upoti the northwest bor
der , and ho thought It would bo n handy
thing to have about the house. The officer
wns not wholly satisfied , but ( bluing the tn.n
unloaded nnd no good grounds foi f it , r
Investigation , ho took n good look a' '
low and allowed him to depart f
On Friday night last , as was detailed In
thcso Voluumns a fdespcruto attempt was
made to murder J nines' Milton Ivor 119 nt the
brickyard south of the Cltv by his soti-in law
Hilly Woods Officer Ward was ono of the
detectives detailed to look the matter tip ,
after the flight of Woods , but as is already
known nothing was ddrclopcd that tended to
throw additional light upon the murderous
assault mndo upon Kerns. Sunday after
noon , however , the detective obtained information
mation that Woods had returned to his homo
on South Thirteenth street , and thither ho
proceeded to nrrcst him.
Heachlng the dwelling ho was admitted ,
and found , as lie supjwscd Woods engaged in
a pleasant tete-tcte with his wife , but was
much surprised to see in him the man Hlcli-
nrd Johnson , who ho had interrogated on
the picvious Wednesday In retrnrd to the re
volver ho had seen him purchase at the Tenth
street Junk shop.
Ward immediately placed his man under
nrrcst nt the same time asking him if ho
was not Woods Ho replied that ho was not ,
that his name was Ulclmrd Davis and tlmt
ho was a friend of the family The oftlcer
then related the Tenth street incident and
asked him whv at that time he gave'tho name
of Johnson. To this Davis did notseo piopor
to replj" . butoccupicd his time In protesting
ngalnst his arrest Ho wns very "foxy , " but
not "foxy" enough , and thinking that ho
reallj1 had the would-bo muidcrer of old mnn
KOI ns "dead to rights , " the officer put the
biacclots upon him and rang
up the patrol wagon. Upon
its nrrlxal , being convinced that
Mrs Woods was accessory to the crime , the
oftlccr placed her under arrest also and the
-twain was hurriedly driven to the station
house. Here Davis was specdilv identified ,
and Detective Ward's astonishment was un
limited when ho was Informed that ho was
not Woods at all , but Davis in rcalltj' . How
ever , Officer Ward hud done a good piece of
work , ami was fully satisfied , for It turns
out that Mr. Davis is a very conspicuous fig
ure in this whole bloody and muddled affair.
lie wasaiiaigncdbefoio Judge Uerka yester
day moining on the clmreo of shooting with in
tent to kill , and pleading not guilty , usUcd
for an immediate heating. This , however ,
was denied him , on the grounds ol nn accu
mulation of business upon the hands of the
county attorney , and the extremely piccarl-
oils condition in which ICerns was rcpoited
to bo at the hospital ycsterdaj' . In the
event of his death , which Is In nowise nil-
piobablc , the charge against Davis will bo
bo changed to that of murder. In consequence
quence of this status of things the court de
terred the piolluimiuy hearing until Wed
nesday morning next , and remanded
Davis to Jail without bail. Mis. Woods was
nlso placed in confinement in default of $300
as a witness bond.
It nil looks vcrj' much now as If some high
ly sensational particulars will bo brought to
the surface at the trial of Davis , who is sus-
picioncd of a deep laid conspiracy with Mrs.
Woods. This much is known at any ratetho
two weio old sweethearts before the woman
had known her husband , nnd Davis has been
suspiciously interested in the affairs of the
Woods family for solne months , and was
daily fracUiiing tha tl-ommandment , which
spctificiall v enjoins thd coveting of another's
A Hi.c repoitcr saw" Mrs. Woods at the
station vesteiday. She is more than a
comely woman , slight , but graceful in foim ,
with Jet black hair and ojes , nnd refined
fcatuics. She was plainly but tastefully at
tired , nnd deported herself with i cmarkublo
nerve and assurance. In fact , she was a
trifle defiant , and upon the scribe's sugges
tion of the probability of the ubovo stoiy.
her eyes fairlj- emitted , perceptible rays , and
she indignantly dcnle the whole matter.
"Hut j'ou know Davis ! " queried the re
"Of course I do , " witU acerbity.
"Anjthing good of hint ! "
"Yes , that's all I do litiow of him , sir. "
'Havn't heaid from J our husband' "
"No. " ,
"Likely tot"
"That's my business. "
"Good morning ! "
' "Morning 1"
Police Court.
"Pat Clancy I"
Saug out the court as the usual largo
Monday moining mob of prisoners filed into
the dock , and like crows upon a fenrc ,
peichcd themselves into uw-s along- the
rickety benches.
Clancj' , who at one dixj' wns a notorious
riacksman , gopher and thu f , is now an old
dccicpul man , and that hunted look , that is
inseparable with the hardened crook , was in
his sunken ojcs ns he shambled forth into the
magistrate's presence.
" ' charged with . "
"Clancj , j'ou aio vagrancy.
"I can't help it jour honor , I was only
passing thiough on inj' waj' to SiouxCity. . "
"Hut the last time you weie heie Hold jou
to get out of Umn and stay out. "
"Well , judge , give me ono more chance ; I
haven't done umthing in jour town , and if
jou'll let me go , I'll get out and never show
iiji again "
"That's what j'ou said before "
"Hut I am sick , Judge , and although I liavo
led a desperate life , 1 liavo lefoiined I'm
slxt\-iiiiio je.ii1 > old to-moitow , jour honor ,
and I-think uncler the ciiciim&lanccs jou
might let mo go "
"And so I will , " added the court , and Cl m-
cy's fate lit up with Joy , "let j'ou go to
You can iclobiate jour sixty-ninth blitlulav
for the space of twenty dajs"and theio was
a wicked gleam in the old buig's nvcs as
Johnson hustlea him back to the Jnilbuds'
nr STOII : A wuu > .
James Clark enleied the loom of Minnie
Hecslcj' . 10-jrNoith Twentieth street , Sunday
evening and made way with her plush vuap.
Ho was ucnt up for twenty live dajs.
Its superior excellence proven In millions of
homes for more than a quarter of u century Its
Is used bo tlio United brutes ( ! eminent Kn-
dorsed by the heads of the Orcit I'nlvorsltles i\
thoHtrotiBest , Purest and Most Healthful. Dr
1'rlae's ( 'ream Unking I'owder docs not contain
Ammonia Mine or Alum Sold only In cans
New Vorlc L'hlcaco St. Iouls
WEAK nbniiiuathr *
F t.o i Sifc- itfiixiiiTu
_ _ Ihli p fi&cpurpoi .cuEtnr
tlnuvvi. mild , teething currc&la of
„ ItnltctlUrough all wtak pin.rtrtor *
jfcto health tad Vigoroui Stttigih .l cuio
, * * -fiU Inituur ct wt furfin is" ) In ctitu
v > iiuinlio r ric.lhirL.luvotii ctiupcx
lUS/nden ClVct'/lVc" 189 Li8iUcit * Chiciga
Notice to ( iradliiK Contractors.
Hiils will he received at the ollico of the under-
stRueil. Until April 15th ult . for the fllllui : of 23
lots , llrlt'gd Place , ou the North and South side
of Fartmm bt.
Total amount of earth required , about 3" , { XM
'ubic ' ynrda. For particulars , call ut room JO ,
Ilrottn block. 1' . M. Kun.
Omaha , Neb. , April 2J , 1SS3. Architect.
prd7t > !
What slmll wo call
this codger ? Whrtt Is
the name they dub ft
follow who llvca on
muscle ? They say ho
belongs to n club. Ho
bows nnd says : "llow'd
do. sir ? " They say
ho s n genuine tramp ;
ho was once a regular
bruiser , but now * he's
_ n commonplace scamp ,
( l ij Referring to bruiser
- - nnd bruises , or what
a mnn does with n
club , if nny mnn care
fully uses St. Jacobs Oil , tried with a
ub , ho will surely find comfort and
onso. U will cure ns certain ns fntojaml
then you can go ns you plcnso nnd devour
vour work early nnd late. As , for in-
itnnco , n , iilijsiuinn says : "Sylvnnia ,
Dhio , Juno in , 1S87 , Our postmaster
tore hafl n severe hip wound ; ho uses
St. Jacobs Oil and cannot do without it.
T. B. tlomkft. M. D. " From the Asois-
tant General Superintendent Third
Mvlslon Postonico , Now York , N. Y. ,
comes the following : "Tho reports from
ho several superintendents nnd clerks
vho hnvo used St. Jacobs Oil agree in
irntslng it highly. It has been found
elllcnclous for bruises , cuts burns , sore-
less and stiffness of the joints nnd mus
cles , nnd affords u rondy relief for rhou-
natic complnints. W. II. Warning. "
Mr. I. M. Dickbonropowell , Pa , , writes
February 21 , 1887 : "Wo hnvo used St.
Jacobs Oil In our family for several
years , nnd consider il the best remedy
'or bruises , cuts and swellings. It is my
special remedy for cramps nnd sere
throat. " Mr. Joachim Witt , Evnnston ,
Ills. , writes Febniary 11,1837 : "Somo
Lime ago I fell from a building nnd wns
M'uiseu very b.ully. I tried St. Jacobs
Oil , nnd in ono week 1 was cured. This
great remedy is the best pain cure in
the world. ! > Mr. Christoph Fink ,
Hampton. Iowa , February 0 , 18b7 , writes :
"St. Jacobs Oil is n wonderful remedy
tor bruises and imvnyslinilarcomplaints.
1 can recommend it in every nay. "
The Foreman of the Pennsylvania
Freight Warehouse , Mr. David Barlet ,
Jr. , writes February 11 , 1SS7 , from
Dollofonto , Pa. , ns follows : "I can
truthfully say St. Jacobs Oil Is the best
remedy for bruises , cuts or sprains. "
LJruises , sprains , cuts nnd wounds ,
whether by accident or design , nro , ns
Lhc foregoing show , cured promptly nnd
permanently , and there is no reason to
doubt a sure cure in the cheapebt way
For Sale by
Goodman Drug Co.
notlio vlrtlmi7eil by linpoitcr' ' ) nnil frauds
who uro Hooding the mail.i.t with woithlcss iml-
tntlons ot Benson's Plaster. Uheso
"pirates" who sock to lloat tlitlr worthless
products on tlio icputatlou of Benson's
Plaster icsort to many tricks fov which their
class Is fiunous , nml If bujeis 1110 notoxceeil-
liigly tiutlous they froiiuently lliul themselves
\lctlinlzed by unscrupulous dealers who iildaud
nbet lu htich deception for n dl\lslouo tlio
prollts. Honest denli n will unlto withphjnl-
clans In lecoiiiinendlng Benson's Plaster
as superior to nil other external remedies lor
couch1) , colds , pleurisy , rhest palus , backache ,
kidney allectlons , malaria. rlumimitlMii , wla-
tlca , lumbigo uml athes uuil pains of eveiy de
scription , bllAUUHV i JOHNPOX.
i-olo Mnimtuctutuis , Now Voik.
PeirlioroiiH. Clydcsdixlos and Shlro , also homo
hred colts l'ery animal Kiinrantueil a breeder
Om stork hns been selected with mforonroM
both individual mm It und pcdlitrou. Some if
these horses have taken llrst prize at the No-
brahka State I'elr , 1S87 All our horses nro ac-
rllmatod and rolls of their ( jet can bo shown.
1'rlres reasonabln ami easy tei ms Is acpesslblo
bv the three le uJJujf railroid * of the slate , II. it
Grab Orchard
A. reaiTTVz : orn i : r-ozs
Dyspepsia , Sick-Headache , Ccnstipaiioo ,
OLD nv Ait DHUcaiftTB pAMpHitT ay MAIL ritir
Crab Orchard \Vator Co , Louisville , Ky.
Iteinarkablo for powerful \mpa-
tlirtl tout ) pliable action and all ;
aoluteUurablllty .lljiar.s rrujril.
the bent ( .nmranleu of the oxoil-
knSJ oTthusB justruinenta
* l
Its main lines anil bronchos Include CHICAGO ,
ana ccoroa of Intermediate ciUos. Cbolca of
routoa to and from the FacLQo Const. All trans
fers in Union depots. Fast trains of Fine Day
Ooacbos , elegant Dining Cars , tuaenlfloont Full-
man Palace Bleopors. and ( between Chicago. Bt.
Josonb , Atchleon and Kansas City ) Reclining
Cnalr Cars. Do a to Free , to lioldora of through
Crst-closi tlckota.
Chicago , Kansas & Nebraska R'y
"Croat Rock Island Route. "
Extends West and Bouthwost from Kansas City
andBt. Joseph to NELSON , UORTON. . BELLE-
mjTCniNBON. OALDWELL , and all polnta In
and beyond. Entire paosenscr equipment of the
celebrated Pullman manufacture. All safety ap
pliances and modern improvomonta.
The Famous Albert Loa Route
Is the favorlts between Chicago , Rock Island ,
Atchlson. Kansas City and Minneapolis and St.
Paul. Its Watortown branch traverses the eraat
of Northern Iowa , Southwestern Minnesota , and
East Central Dakota to Watortown , Spirit Lake.
Sioux Falls and many other towns and cities.
The Short Line via Benoca and Konkakoo offers
lupcrlor facilities to travel to and from Indian-
opolis , Cincinnati and other Southern points.
For Tickets. Mniio , FUdom. ordeelred Intormn-
Uon. apply at any Coupon Ticket Ofllco or address
Qea'l Manager Qen'l Tkt. & Paso. Agt.
Omaha ,
And Chica
The only ronj to tnko for DiMMoIno * , Marxlmltonn-
Collar Unpltlii , tliiitmi , Dlxun. Clih HUD. MllMruukuo
ami nil point * Kant , 'lottic ptnploof Nt'linskn into *
rruln , Wroniln . Utnli , Irtulin. fscindn. Oregon.Vaati *
Int-'lon unit Otllfonilu , It iilfurs miporlorudv inlavn )
not pot ll > lu by any other llnu
Ainoiiu n low of tlio numerous ( mints nf superiority
onjojeil by the pulrons of ibis ruml between Ornnlia
unit Chle.ii-u , itru In tni > train * n day nf DAV
COACI1I > , wlileli are Ilin Dnpsttlint liuiiinii art nnd
lriKCiiult > cancrualn lUl'AhACB'il.l.EI'INii OAKS ,
which urn mo lull nl oonilort anil uleiuuiie Us I 'AH
1.OH DIIAW1M. 11OOM ( "AlliiiiHiirj > H i'd by iiny ,
iindtlswldel ) ( lobrnl 'il I'VI.A'IIAI , IlIMNOCMlN
tlio uqinl nf nlilclt cannot bo fnnnil elsowtiero At
Cnnncll llliifTH , Uio tmliis of tlia L'nlon 1'iulttc Itnll-
n > cnnntct In union ilvjiot nlih thn'p of the ( 111-
nik'n.V .Snrtliwoslnrn Hy. In Chicago the trnlin of
tills llnu mnko cloio connoLllon irltli thojo of till
otlur Kimcrn lines
I nr Detroit , rnliinibiin , IndlnnHpolls ( Indifniill
alh , llulfnlo. I'lttsburk' , 'lornntn , Munin tl ,
. unrk , I'lilliuloljilil i , Ilultliiton > , Wiiih-
Ink'lon , mill nil polntt In the l.itt Auk lor tlckuulu
" "
If you wlih tha 1 nil Rrcnrmnoil.itlon. All ticket
Rccnit M II tli kcu via tills Ilim
if. I1UC.I1IIT. 1 ! 1' WILSOV ,
( JLII I MnnitKor ( iuu'l 1'ass'r Auoit.
inicAnn. n is
\V llAIirnciC.f.en'l \\VsltriiAKont.
U. I' , KlMIIAI.Ii lli-ki t Acont
< J K \ \ Ksr , < lly 1'iisHciio'cr A jent.
1401 1'nrimm Ht , Umulin , Nob.
Epps's .Cocoa
"lly a tlmroiiKh knuirloilxi ) of Ilia n tit nil lavrs
whkli govern Iho npcrntlun of dlfemiun and nutri
tion , nnd l > y laruful itppltLixtlun ot thu linn proiiertic *
ol well kOluLlud Coioi , Mr. Hiiu | li i prnvliluil our
lirtaklaHtlatdea with a delicately Mmori'l hovcra/o
which inuy AUVO us ninny heavy ilnttur s blllt * Itli
by thu juultluuii use o ( nuch tirtfth 3 of diet thai a
conittltmlon m ly bu eralunll ) built up iinlll ilrniu
rnnuuh to resist every tundi'nv to dUeniH Him *
ilrudt of unbtlu nialuillim are lloatliiK "roiiiul im ready
Inallark wlieruvor tliura l > a weak pnliit Wo mar
( sinpu ninny a fnliiUliuft by l-i. pioi ; inir cUiin wi.-ll
forllllwl wlih nurn blnnO und a properly nourliuol
Irniiii. Civil bi rviiutiiitutui
Mailualiuply wllh bolllni water nr milk bold only
In hull pound tins l > y ( iroiora lubulod tliill
JAMES EPPS& CO „ "W-'rM ' ?
Or tlio Liquor Habit , 1'oslllrely Ctircd bj
Admlnlbtvrlnt ; Dr. Ilalucs' ( Joldcu
H can bo Kivou lu cup of tolfee or tun with
out the Knowledge uf tlm jiurson talcing it ; ubMi-
lutuly liiirmlos-i , and \\111 clfectn puriiiantunl
upctny cure , whothur tlio ] > atlent ! * u mortnrate
drinker or tin alcoholic w i ock. ' 1 hom-untlii ot
druulciirda liavo lieuu nuulo ttuipeialo null who
luiu taken ( iolden Sjieclllc In llitlr cotroe with
out thulr knowluilun uml tmliiy belu\uthoy !
thulr own free will It never
full ! ) . 'lliOMJHlein onru < Hl nlth the
hpoclllc , It beconiBS un titter iinimiiUillltv for
tlin liquor nppotlte to exist. Tor sale by Ktiliu
\ Co , 16th uml DoiiKliv * sts. and IHth uml Cum-
Ini ; Kts , Oniiilu , Neb. ; A. 1) . J'ostur i Urn ,
Council itlulfs luwa.
Pro'prletGr Omaha Business College ,
Book-Keeping , Penmanship ,
Commercial Law , Shorthand , Telegraphing
and Typewriting-
Send lor C > llect Journal.
S K , Uor 10th and Capitol A-renuo ]
TRD , who In hli FOL.I.Y and K1NOR ANt'R
hno TRIFLEO away hli VIGOIt of IlOI Tt
niNI > u > d MANlIOIin.cAUiltisexbauitlnB
draltx upon the FOUNTAIN * ! of 1.IFE ,
nKAI > A(11IE. I1AOKAOIIE. Dreadful
Dreami. VPEAKNKSH of Hemorr , IlASIt *
the FACK. nnd all the KFFEVTN leading to
TION or INNANITT , ihonld consult nt once
the CKLKBRATEO Dr. anrko , KttalilUhed
l&M. Dr CUrko ha * mutlo NEIIVOUN nK >
HI I.IT Y. VIinoNIC nnd all DUcuci of
thd UENITO t'HINARY ' Orgniu a Life
ll'.udjr. It mukca NO dlfTerpnco WHAT you
bftTe taken or WHO lias fallud to euro J ou.
A9-FEM AL.EM EUlfcrlng from dlecaiiei pecu *
liar to their lox can oomult with the azmirtnco
of ineedy relief and cure. Bond 1 cents poitago
for workg on your dleeanes.
* S-8ond 1 ccnta postage for Colcbrplfd
TTorkn on Chronic , Kervnn * and Moll-
ente Dliouoa. Connultatlon , pcnonnl'y or by
letter , rtron. Coniult the old Doctor.
TbonianUa onrcil. omren and pnrlqra
prlintn. aTho o contemplating ManUg *
end for Dr. Clurbe'a celebrated gulae '
Halo and Feranlo. each 15a , botj ) Via.
( itamm ) . uofore confldlnir your caic , doniuli
Dr. dl.AHUE. A friendly letter or oill mty
UTO future luHartngnnd abame , and add roldbn
yean to Ufa. 9 > Book I.lfo' ( SccrtQ i >
rero , " We. ( itampi ) . Medicine and wrltlngi
iwnt eTorynhero , tecuro from xpoanr .
Houn , 8 to S : Sunday.v u to 12. Addrcit ,
P. D. CLARKE , M. D.
IPO So. Clark St. . OUIOAGQ , ILL.
ov Tiirc
Chicago , Milwaukee & St , Paul R'y ,
The IJcbt Route from Omaha nnd Council
llluirs to
= = = = THE EAST = = -
Chicago , AND Milwaukee ,
St. Paul , Mlnnennolls , Cedar llnpltls.
Kock Island , lYepport , Itockford ,
Clinton , Diibutiuc , Dinenport ,
Elgin , Madison , Jancsrillc ,
Hcloil , lYinimn , La Crossc ,
Anil nil otlior Important points I'nst. Northeast anl
Kor throucli tickets cull nn tlio tlcltot anent at t ) l
1'nrnaiutrcct , In Darker llkick , 01 * at Union 1'adHo
I'nllniBnSlocpcr * nnd the finest Dlnlne Cars In the
worM nru run nn till' iniiln line cif the UblroKO , Mil
vrnukic .V ht 1'iiul Itiulvtnj. uml over ; attontlofiU
imiil to imsscnxers br courteous employes ol the
It MII.I.KH. OcneralMaimcor.
.1.1 'I UCKICll , Ai'l'lilntdnnirnl Mnnagcr.
A. V. II. CAltl'UNTKIl , Ucnoral I'Mssunscr nnt
( iico K IIICArKOUD , Assistant Ucncral rasacnsor
ninl'IKkol Aci-nt
J.l.OLAUK tloncrnl Superintendent ,
J , S. ( S D.
1142 Lawrence St , , Dcnvor , Col ,
Of the Missouri State Huslum of Anatomy , 81.
Louis , Jlo , UnUeislty OolleRO Hospital. lion ,
don , ( llesisn , ( icimauy and I\e\v York , having
du\oted tiiUrattcntlon.
More especially those iirislns from Impru-
deiuu. Invite all si ) milleilnij to loriespond with
oiu delay Diseases of Infection Had coiitnfflou
tuieil salely und speedily without use of iian-
KOIOUS drups. I'litlentH whoso cases liavo boon
iieulected , bull ) tieated or pionouuccd Incur
able , should not lull to write us conccrtilngtholr
symiitoins. All lettcta receive immedlatu utten-
A ml will be nailed I'HHK to anj nddresa on rp-
rdiitofouo ceiit stamp. " 1'iaillcul .
tlons on N'er\ous nubility nnd Physical Rxhaus-
tlon , " to Hliich lu added an "Kssay on Mar.
rlaft $ > , " with Impoitant chapteis on dlnpasog of
tlie Hfiioiliirll\i ! [ ( OrRaiiH , the whole forming n
\nluiiblumrdlcaltrcatlsi ) whldi should bo read
bj all ) 011113 "ion Address
1742 LaTrronco Ct. , Denver Csl.
. aiiuiitt. . . . . .
Paid Up Capital , - $2BOOOO
Surpfus , - BO.OOO
H. W. VATKS. President
LEWIS S. UEEU , Vlce-1'rosldout.
A. i'J'ou7\i.iN.-nd : Vlto I'rosldnnt.
\v. li.H. iiuaiirs ,
Cor ith nnd I'.iniam Hto.
A General lUnklic
Wo Nocollntu with Authu > iUk lor cutlru
ItEUue ul
A lull IlliO of riiuli.-n
l'jr 1110 lu MirUinvg ( > t ObVKbWCl l.fciul
Aooounta GolloHotJ and OeneraS
KurO k ttitutii r i
nv > ! Witvf CrtbOuK
nd C1 U
f.bltt dla ttry c&lt V