Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 13, 1888, Page 8, Image 8

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Over $0,30O Paid Into the Boo'o
Hcrolno Fund.
Encouragement I-'rotn Various Parts
of Nclirnnkn Mstn of th Imtcst
Contributors The Ilojco
mill Wocblicukc Fund.
Tlio S * rot Orders ,
LINCOLN , Nob. , Feb. K ) . [ Special Telegram
to the lin. ) : ] The following sums Imvo been
rontrlbtitcil to the Hoyco funil :
> , Scottish Masons' lodfc , Lincoln ? 10
Scottish Masons' chapter , Lincoln 10
Individual contributions :
I ) . E. Cummlngs 2
K. S. Gore "
K. S. Dudley 1
W. W. W.one8 ) 1
K. A. Church 1
W..I. Turner 1
H. H. Nicholson 1
A. M. Duvis 1
Total 8JO
Valparaiso MctlioillstH.
VAI.I'AHISO , Neb. , Feb. ! ) . Totlio Editor of
tholJr.r. : Tlio Indies of the M. E. church of
this plnco itiet nt my IIO-.IBO last evening fern
n social gathering , iinil I being u brother-in-
law of the Methodists know some of their
secrets , ono of which Is where there are two
or more gathered together there also may bo
expected n collection to be taken. So after
having read u few extracts from the Uii : : , 1
projwsed u collection be taken for the un
fortunate and most worthy Miss Loio Hoyce
and Lena Woobbcoko , Hie result of which
was $1S BO , to bo equally divided between the
two. Hy request of friends interested I hold
the list and amount collected for a short time
to give others a chiuiee to add to it , and then
will forward draft for the whole amount and
list of givers. Brothers-in-law , follow on.
f It is a good cause. E. H. I'IIELV- ) .
I Latter Day Snlnln.
" ' ' OMAIM , Feb. 10. To the Editor of the nr.n :
In accordance with n suggestion in your
* la | > er , n collection was taken up Sunday
t evening , February fi , at the Latter Day
* SaintH chapel. Enclosed please find W , the
if' amount raised , which you muy apply to
NcDraskn heroines as yon think best.
I I. , Secretary.
Kor tlio Hoi-oincH.
PHTTriMot'Tii , Neb. , 11. [ Corrcspondonco
of the UiiJ : : A good deal of work for the
teacher heroines hits been done hero during
the past few days. Several subscriptions
have been in circulation hero and have been
well signed. Last night McConhie post , G.
A. H. , held a camp lire for their benefit.
The fighting chaplain , John Hogaith Lo-iler ,
was here. He is a whole circus with u camp-
mceting thrown In. Everybody was highly
entertained , and the proceeds footed up
handsomely. Other cntei taliinicnts are bet -
t Ing given for the same inn-pose , and when all
, ' * Is through I'laUsmonth will not bo behind
In her liberal donations. Wo are pleased to
f see the prand work the HII : : is doing in that
f cuusc , nnd hoj > o it may result in raising a
j fund snlltclcnt to pluco Miss lioyco and little
,5 , Lena Woebbccko beyond the reach of want.
' '
} , , Notice.
Several lists of contributors have been
omitted from this issue owing to a lack of
space. Each , however , will bo published. If
your list does not appear in this issue It will
DO published as boon as possible.
IilMtn or Contributors.
The Bur. will acknowledge all contribu
tions through tbcsi ) columns. All lists re
ceived , unless otherwise directed , will bo
published in full with the name of every con
tributor. These lists will bo published as
soon after tnoir receipt as space will per
iMiVTr.nsNP nr.coiuTous usiox.
A committee of Local Union No. 32 ,
Brotherhood of Painters and Decorators ,
have raised the sum of $21.50 for the o x-
eluslvo benefit of Lena Woebbccko. Thcr
committee turned this amount over to the
BKK last evening , but are still continuing
their labors in the good cause and announce
that there will bo more to follow. The
' . following is n list of the persons contributed :
A..1. Moreen $1 ( O.Tohn Tronlseii. . . . 2"
J. Weimlngliotr. . . I U ) U. U. r'ltlnnn r,0
.1. Wi-bu I ( ) Henry Lehman. . . 2 00
Henry Sthoenen. . "iN. | .lon un fill
J. 8. t'liristvnsen. . fiO.Ciish fin
I , . Neliu M ) A. II. McKlu 101) )
A..I. Llbby 1 00 Mrs. A. II. JIcKlo TO
J. Illlgen J ( M.L' . ( ] . Hunt 1 IK )
K. Ilonnsklll 3.1(1. ( Whltlock no
M. Diibelstuln Ml , It. Ogden no
K. Hi-ran " > Kennedy & Woods CO
.lolm llohs fiO II. A. Dublin . . . . no
K.Diihlberg Ki.l.J. llerold 2" ,
John Tnclis 2VU..1 , Wheiry )
Otto l.i'lin > A..I.Katoii r,0
W. 11.1'lietepluco. tt 'S. ' M. Sheehey. . . . fiO
Anton Stotnio no'.l. ' Smith ft )
John Schmidt fiO.l' . J. Itvlly ! T >
1'riHiK Schmidt. . . . nn
C. A.Sclnilzo M | Total $2150
To thoEditor of the I3m : : Enclosed please
find check for flO.W ) for the relief fund for
Miss Loio Uojce ; it is given by E. D. Mead-
imer'a Novelty Carriage works.
E.I.Meadimber. . 1 OOI.I. H. Muaro W
> U.1 { . Turney 1 HJ. ) t'omiers fill
D. Mi-Kenzio 1 l A. Spencer no
Fred Killer 1 fin'.l./.utes ' no
C. ( J. Wlittuing , . . . 1 UjW. ) Smith no
J. JncomiH l unit. N. Pimois 50
O.CiiNklo 1 On ( liiht Ketzer fit )
D.W./.ates 1 (0 ( It. II. Davey M )
W. K.ilcKciwIe. . . 100.1. II.rnrpenter. . . . nu
H. II. llnshiimn. . . Ml John llnrland. . . . 2. >
niiHttJtvberK fAK. Delivers 2"i
N. Cliristluinon. . . Hi'J. ' Sclicidtu 25
lMe\t-is MUI. llarmnn 2.
II. AliO > r on 'W. ' Kelly 2.- .
P. Itlnelmrt 50W. ilradley 25
M. S. Schlltz >
r. Aibeni-iiu no Total 11060
J. Holland no
AX/ITU. , xnn. , T.IST.
F.N.rnlrnmn * 1 0ill. I Ilnlbung 1 00
Kosbery lOOCusli M
II. 15. Moorehons. . 1 ttCuHh ) fO
II. IlL-nsctto llKICusli fin
II , iKUiun I CO Cash no
Dr. Bclioir 1 ( M .1. Duvlson 100
C. Cmlson M ) 0. Dodge 100
J. Frchtnil r.O
T. A. Olson HID. I.imdeis 100
lllmiulst Hios. . . . 1 UK ) . U.Hands 100
11. KtepheliMJll. . , . . fid H. Sou nit 1 ifl
Cash Mil1.Miller I in )
I. Itotit no Cash 100
CruwfordA.Wiirr'11 1 U )
A. II. CttiUou Total K200
McCooK , Neb. , Fob. 7. To the Editor of
tholtnK : Enclose d find check on First Na
tional of McCook for $ ' 4 , which I take great
pleasuieln placing ut your disposal for Miss
Etta Shattuck. These contributions wcro
loft at the McCook Democrat onlco to bo for
warded. The contributors1 names are on en
closed slip. U. B. WAIII QUINT.
B. P. Hurt 1 on.n. . K. DnrliiiKtun. . 100
J.Stelnmetz I HO ( . W.Snively..t W )
Miss lihilloin-tor 1 ( . ( ' . II. MeoWnr . . . .
K.II.Wiililnulst. . . 1 00 P. M. Klnimell. . , ,
JiimeHMcl.ntoo. . . 1 ui II.T. Anderson. . .
Walsh * lloyd , . . . 1 00 II. II. Davis
Jr Kd Uiyeock V ) ( ! . M. Chenery. . . .
f ( I. W. Raima fO i : , K. Ummiiu
K TliomuH ( llusscut. noirrunk HiirKebS. . . ,
f 3.15. Coclirun ICOJ. A.Kudil
B.Htrn > * er I tM.H.Trowbrulgo. . . .
J. H , llennett j U ) Cash
W. H. Morlim 1 i Trunk Newman. . .
Frank McAlpin , . . 1 00
J , 1 ! > ran Jennings 1 00 Total } 21 00
A. C. Kbert . 1 00
McClnrg Cracker | W. Ilombcrger. . , . ! no
& Candy Co..w.f 10 mti.fiobPl . HI
O.O.Drow . . lOJT.CmtU . 1 IK )
II.U.MiiMm . 1 WVJ. Iliimberger . . . . no
U. W. Close . 1WK ( | , Moon . 25
V. Armour . 1 00 J. Donovan . 1 <
W.H.Stevens , . . . 1(011. ( Horn . 2f
T. H.Strntton . 1 0)'M ' > rtlcSwliert. . . . W
C. K. Holtertson. . 1 WUIelle Dcloiig . 6"
O. F. Coon . 2V.nulo Swlgeit. . , .V
M. Hums . 2VI. lnCurl . M
11. Southard . 10 Mnrr llollmau. . . . a
W.Bmlth . noilelloCiibey . 60
JB.Mnuaii . 21 NorulloaitH . 2 !
O. UnriRlit . W ) Flora Smith . ft )
J. A. Keller . HI Mnttle llin . H )
K. Kesuler . no'Aunle ' Sehlndle. . . . W
J ) . McCreary . no K. A. Lord . tf
S ]
WATNB , Neb. , Feb. tjTo the Editor of
IhoHEE : EneloBC.d flnd check for ? ? , f > n
kelnc the amouilt collected hero for the Nc-
iruka herobo fund , 1'lcdsc' divide equally
I.I 1'IATTi : , SVlll'V CO.
This contribution is toward the fund for the
Westphnlcn Klrls monument collected byllunh
Patrick Dehiny , a boy of 11 years from the
children of La I'httte , Harpy county school.
Arthur Ilaclioldcr. fi Nclllo lliicholdcr. . 15
IMdlM minds nllnth | I'at Dcluny. 25
Iiyiidloy l.nce 10 Arthur ( J Delany. . 15
HertMuImiin ai U. W M. Deliuiy. . Ill
V. P. Mc'IlnnleH. . . 2' . Amber II. DeUny. f >
I' . IlllndH i5VIvln ! , Wood ; . n
I51ctnllachuliler , . 10 Uthel Wood 5
( l.C. Heed 2.5
M. Shuson 2i | Total t S Si
iHTrr.K mtF.nic LIT. - .
MlssMllleUiechoIsuo nnd Mrs. Kato P.
Hurforil collectcd from the citl/ens of liattlo
Crccic , Neb , the sum of i"i ( ) to bo equally
divided between Iss Hoyco and Miss Lena
Woebbeck. Tlio contributors arc us follows :
F. J. Hiilo J ( I ( KIM. J. IltlKlics 25
C.eo. S. Ilinford. . 1 'M 1) . W. IJrjnn no
H. 11. Maxwell. . . . 1 no U , 1) . Scott no
II. A. I'olack 1 OOT. J.IInlc fl 110
( leu. lli-iry n no ( , ' . It. ( inderian. . . . 1 (
Dr. 15. Tanner 1 00 S. MontrotmTy. | . . . 25
Jus.8. Monow. . . . 1 ( II D.ivld 1'hllllps 101
W.I , . Willis 1 Kl.Thos. . DiiKhcr 25
F. J.Tilylur 1 001' . llrechehen 1 ( H )
MlssJennieriood. 1 U ) John K ust H )
MH. Julia linur. . . no'.l. ' N. Walker fiO
H. Clans fiO.l. , H. Hostelimindt 25
John Heck 1 ( Hl'.I. ' W. Taylor 1 00
II. I.Mit-'hoop . . . . 1 lie Win , CrulB no
Ueo. II. Adams. . . . 1 0) ) .1. I ) . lno\er | 100
Cash 1 UI John Untie 100
Ca h 1 ( Kl Mrs. I , . A. Pieirer. fiO
Henry Stotej.liurg. f/ ) Cash , 10
JiiHcph Sc'.mjler. . fiO.M. M. KillUKcr. . . . no
I ; . II. linker 1 ( M.lolin Mnoie. . . . . . . . 25
A , II.CniMiimcrur. . 25 H. Taylor 25
J.T. Jlllljr S.5Cubh 25
( I. A. Sthott 25. Win. Hates 100
Win. Young ai'A.Tost ' no
C. 15. Ilnnsen 25'W. ' 13. Morrow . . . . no
W. R Iteavls 25 Frnntz F. llhyn. . . 10
( ! /Immeiinnn. . 20
1'red Hiechler CO Total JJOCO
MISDI-.N , Neb , Fob 1" " . To thoEditor of the
HII : : , Omaha , Neb. Dear Sir : Enclosed find
money order for $11.110 , the contribution of
the school children of Minden , Neb. , to the
Wcstphnlcn monument fund.WiM.M.
WiM.M. Mun > i.v.
Hey Kenneth Lucille McCiosky. fi
I.iuir.i Kinueth. . . Ida Mor e fi
IHtl llnoth n Hnth Me > 'k fi
Lnln Snjder fi Karl Foiney fi
I.tiunnuiCrald. . . Kimna llootli
llnrt Taylor , r.iyllojrers 25
lred Ayers , ' .lettlo Hond fi
Noel Mllbount. . . . 25'Cordella ' ( iraiiaiii. 10
HerlenMackoy. . . . 25TliomnH Hond fi
Hnrllo Illlhs fi'Artlmrlloriley. ' . . fi
Ccimethnillett. . . fi Hay Cheney fi
lurry MOMIII. . . iLMlnulo Miller fi
rands 1'tilvir . . . 10 MttlicI ( h p'n 10
lamlo Melson. . . . fiilenu Chapm 10
felllo Ilrown lOlhona 1'tilvcr 10
MtaPntu Id Alma Sinter 1
; inls Miller fi Ad.i llumiiliiey. . . K )
Vllllii DuiiKan. . . . fi Ili-llo llunipluuy , . JO
r'lola Martin 25Anna | llootli fi
.eiita Pornev fi'Coru ' Hill J , . , . .25
KarleMntblo fi Olive Vunlliso. . . . : ,
Arthur llootli n'Anna ' Copclnni ) , . . 10
Inzel llnrtsoutjli. T > ! 5vn 1 horn ill
'lessleMeek filHay Tliorn ] 0
Piieolledden fi llnfusShappel. . . . fi
Harry D.uilt-ls. . . . fi llrnco Meek n
'Icnrcle JncUson. . 10 I.oln Crnlic 10
Ktlici 1'arks 2'i Cnl S. UOKIT.S 2' ,
Unry Hammond. . 10 KntliorlnuMcI'licely 25
tasmusJoiBcnsen 20 Cora Illalr 10
) orn Jort-'enscn. . . 10 Iiyiili Monk 10
"ennMnikenson. . fi Fred lllitl 15
\ntonllyer 10 1'etcr I'etersen. . . . fi
lesslo Illrd 15 Alfred 1'etersen. . . fi
tlyrii Mnxou Fisher fi
llettiu I'ltzer 10.Willie CrnlBen. . . . fi
llanch ( iates fi Tims Olsen : 10
Alice I'ickttnl fi Chas Humphroy. . C
3mrllo Ilouli fi Harry Ilumett. . . . 1
: inud Denliam. . . . fi Walter Hull ( I
Jlias Ilutchliibon fi Anco Johnson. . . . 25
Mary Klik fi Vaull'itzer fi
lacobKlik fi Inn Miller fi
Nellie I'inklmm. . . fi Mathilda Hond. . . . fi
Willie I'nto 10 Carl Witta-nknecht fiO
loel Hull fi Hyuney Illlss fi
C.ull'eters fi Marv Ivlltto 10
llowutil 1'nlver. . . 11 Ira Mclntyre fi
Cazettuforco 1 ( H Maud Mclntyre. . . fi
W H.VnnHlso . . 25JolinMrIiityre..r. files
los ( Witeuknecht | 5.1 MalielMclntyre. . . 1
Carl lledden . . . . fi liattlo Chlttenden 10
1'dgar Clinpln fi I.tiln Snyder IB
Nellie llro\\n Ifi Willie Kainich. . . . 2
Mary lleyer fi Mamie. Selbeie. . . . n
Joseph lie ) or 10
si'Hi'iiisn , XKII. , LIST.
The undersigned have subscribed the
amounts opposite their names for the relief
of Miss Shuttuck , of Sowardj Neb. , a school
teacher who lost both limbs during the storm
of January 12 , IbSS.
F. A. Harmon I 2 CO'.T. Hunter t .25
W. rtmtsnnu 1 U ) P. I1. Welch 25
JolmTuincr fiO.W. Crnimnhnft. . . . fiO
J. K. \ \ llaou 1 UI 15. Illnzo no
Myrunl'nyne 1 OJ W. II. stino 2fi
T. ( Joimly 25C. ! Witter 1 U )
H. II. J mill 100C. IIIH7H 25
Frank D. Miller. . . 1 ( X ) II. ll ° ikiteail 1 IK )
Tliei-un T. Palmer. 1 00 K. ll.aalmuKO. . . . 25
1.11. Morrl ou. . . . Hi . ) . C. Column no
W. N. Thomas. . . . SfilF. Strnub 1 ( X )
( ! . C. Kuckle 2fiW. , II. Schmidt. . . 25
II. J. Crapeuhoft. 1 ( H A. F. Illno h 25
J.D. HatneH 25C. H.Walker 1 OJ
A. K. Meeger 25 O. Bhrader no
W. HlKhly B5iK. H.Sliruder HI
A. Thorp 1 OO'A. ' Heckimui fiO
I. . I.uililen no ( J.rll. Miller 1 ( )
Frank I.emon 251W. LcilKer. . . . . . . . 25
A. D.Sptrry finr. | Towmr , , . , , , , . 25
I. . llerL'land no C. ( hrlstensan. . .
,1. K. Verity Ml D. I , . Sylvester. .
II. Nenjnhr W. HocfenberKer. . M )
J. M. llently S. H. ( illlette. . . . HI
F. Smith A. A. Lord no
P. W.Merrill. . . .
A. S. Chapman. . . 110 * Total .KiOOO
The "IJec" Fund.
The present condition of the funds opcnod
by tlio HEK is as follows :
Etta Shattuck Wfi57 71
Loio Kovco 'J , ! 17 87
Minnie Freeman Wft 'IS
Westphalen monument fund US its
Lena Woebbecko fund 57H 09
Cash to special fund lf > 0 00
Grand total $8,393 43
A Tough Qttni-tetto. -
Charles Welnptrdner , Charles Smith , John
McOulro and Ted McUuIro , n quartette of
toughs , who have been for n short tlmo the
tenor of the people residing along Cumiiig
street , wore finally run in by the jiolico yes
terday , The chin ges brought against them
uro the larceny of a gold watch and twc
highway robberies , perpetrated on belatei !
citizens in that quarter of the city. It is
said that thcio fellows have been a source 01
inlltilto trouble to the police on that strccl
for a long time , by their various devilish am
criminal acts. Their latest exploit ovcurrcc
yesterday , when they wantonly smashed the
glass of a saloon wjndow on Cuniiug street.
On complaint of Cnptuin O'Brien ono
Park Green wits arrested yosterdny
ovoninp on the churgo of steuliiiK nn
ovuramt from O'Brien's homo on the
eornor of Thirteenth anil Lcnvunwortli
htrcots. Green claims that ho lini
merely borrowed the overcoat and was
only a little slow in returning it.
An nlnrm of lira was turned In from
box lit shortly before 7 o'clock yester
day morning. Knjrine company No. -
responded , when It was dibcovorcd tha' '
at'himnoy was merely burning out in ft
I'ottngo near the corner of Tenth ana
Hickory streets.
Ftiht Drivers Arrest oil.
A negro named Samuel Simpson was ar
rested yesterday for driving nt a breakneck
pace across the Sixteenth street viaduct
Frank Hush and . .loo Hlcli , a couple o
drunken fellows. , were ariested last evening
for drivlni ; fui iously down Douglas yelling a
the ton of their lungs.
SufTorlcfrs of a Son and Anrloty of a
Kxpcricnco of tlic l-'inecn-War-Oltl
Son of n Huptlut Missionary lit
a Terrible Dnkdtii
Tim find Narrative.
Hov. W. H. SwnrU , wlio until recently 1ms
been In the cmp.loy of the Hnptlst Mlsslonnry
society of Now York , us it missionary In the
neighborhood of Parkston , Dak , , about ilvo
miles from which pluco hli family rosldo , Is
In the city the guust of brother-ln-liuv , Mr.
A. L. Frank , of 1314 South Thlrty-fourth
street. A HIH : reporter called upon the rev
erend gentleman lust evening to obtain from
ilm the particulars of n son's experience and
ho anxiety of Mrs. Sw.irtz during the terrl-
ilc blizzard which swept over the wcstou the
icinorablo January 1'J last. Mr. Sivurtz
VIIB away from homo at the time , but ho per-
iltted the reporter to copy the appended lot-
era from his wife and BOII narrating the clr-
Tlln MOTIIEIl'S I.r.TTKll.
My Dear Husband : You have doubtless
cnrncd cro this all about Arthur'B sad ex-
lerlenco in the terrible blizzard. Hut the
ads have not all been told. After lying
Ightecn hours in his little filed ho was so
ic urly fro/en that ho had to inuko a debper-
ite effort to get out of the sled and onto his
cct and when ho reached the house , which
ortunutely was near where ho lay , ho
alnted. The fun A' supposed ho was dying ,
mt they gave him some stimulants which
cvlvcd him and then kindly prepared him
omcthing warm to cat and drink , and during
ho duy ho seemed to recover , but after toil-
ng hard all day trying to save his team and
then losing them , as they wcro so badly
fnwn , ho was thrown Into n fever and
delirium. Ho raved plteously about his poor
lorses , did not know how wo could do with
out a team , but t'ortilnatoly wo were able to
secure a doctor who gave him an opiate and
ho went to sleep. Ho bucins quite well now ,
though weak. How grateful wo nro over his
ccovery. Oh , how near death's door ho was.
Jut how- shall I describe my own suffering.
t seems 1 have suffered moro than our poor
) oy. I am almost prostrate. When the
storm came up wo know ho must bo lost and
til afternoon and night as the wind howled
and the storm and cold intensified. The
icxt day your brother started in searcli of
lim but the cold was so intcnso and the dls-
nncc ho had to travel prevented his return
hat day. Oil I what weary hours. The
icxt day while watching out for him wo caw
ilm coming through the Holds alone without
Vrthur. without the team , and wo knew
bomething was wrong. Could it bo that our
> oy wus buried in the snow , cold in death !
Oh , the suspense the anxlte.v of those
noinents. I thought I could not live till ho
cached the house. And I could not speak ,
feared to open my lips or to hear him utter
i word , but the children , you know how eager
hey would bo and impatient. They gathered
t the door pale and agitated and as soon us
'unclo" was near enough , to bo Heard
riedout , "Did you lindhimf" "Yes. " "la
ho itlivoi" "Yes. " Oh , the burden that
oiled from my poor heart , and as wo learned
hat ho had escaped witli scarcely any injury
t all you cannot Imagine our Joy. Surely
vo have many reasons for congratulation
mil thanksgiving to God. I foil HO sorry to
ese my poor "Dollic , " but what is the loss of
i horse when our dear boy is preserved to
isf Your loving wife. MAY It. SWAHTZ.
Parkston , Dak.
My Dear Father : You wish to know where
was lost in the storm and what my thoughts
vcro when 1 found myself lost. As you
nivo heard I started for Parkston about 11
o'clock for some coal , and when about Jlvo
nilcs out I was overtaken by the storm and
n a few minutes the air grow so dark with
ho driving snow I could not see the horses
leads , and I was unubla to see the road , so I
Iroppcd the lines and let them drift with the
storm. In a little while they began lloundcr-
n the snow and stopped. I sup-
rased I had got into a ravine but on
ixuminatlon I found I was in a corn field in
Ivo to six feet of snow. I got back into the
sled again and tried to urge thorn through it ,
> ut in their plunging one of them throw his
'ront leg over the polo and neck yoke. Then
: know it was all up with me , so I unhitched
thorn and let them go. I then got into the
sled , wrapped the robe around my feet and
cgs , put the cmiltover my head and shoulders
and laid down in ttio box and thought "Well ,
jy God's help I have got this far. and by
God's help I will get through , " and in ten
minutes I suppose I was sound asleep. This
wus about 1 o'clock in the afternoon. About
dark I awoko. I raised up and looked out
mil the bliz/ard was just getting there , and
I said "Well , this is all right , for it may bo I
will get through it all right , and may bo I
won't , so good bye to all , and oh , Ijord , help
mo , " and I laid down again. I did not feel
afraid. I was not alarmed at all , and soon I
was aslccj ) again. About daylight I woke up.
I was all right. I thought the snow had
drilted over qjo and I did not feel
cold , though I found presently that I was
badly chilled and stiff , As I got out of the
sled and attempted to walk I fell over. I getup
up and tried again , but no go. My legs were
stiff and so numb I could not move them. I
began to pound them and rub them , and by
and by I got on my feet , and us I started I
caught sight of the top of a house only about
twenty-five rods away. I made for it , you
bet , and after stumbling over four or flvo
times I got to the door and woUo up the fam
ily , and they helped mo In. lint us soon us
thuy made a fire and it began to grow warm
I was seized with a terrible pain and things
grow dark and I foil over on : i chair. When
I came to , the man gave mo some stimulant ,
and it revived mo , and when I got something
to cat and drink I was all right , only a little
weak. I guess I am the stuff they need out
there. I run into the mower once , you know ,
but the doctor managed to savomy feet. Last
summer I was In the barn when the ryclono
blow it down , and now I have been eighteen
hours in the worst'blizzard that over howled
over Dakota or any other country. 1 am
going to school now , and I expect somebody
will hoar of mo some time. Your loving son ,
AllTlIUll SWAKT/ .
The Union Pacific Ktenls ItH Way Up
tlio OnH-AVorks Alloy.
Yesterday morning at ( iM : : ) o'clock the
Union Pacltlo mnssca about sixty laborers at
the intersection of the alley between Jackson
and Lcavcnworth streets with Eleventh
street. The force was under the direction of
Hoadmuster Holbrook and immediately
stretched ties and rails al ng the -alley west
from the cast side of Eleventh street. Up to
the latter point the track had already been
laid and used for a couple of yours by the
Hlchardson Drug company and other heavj
shippers on that thoroughfare. A short dis
tance west of Eleventh street the workmen
encountered opposition They were orderci
by some of the gas company's employes to
lay no tracks in front of the property of the
corporation which lies on both sides of the
alley , on ono sldo being the generating works
and ono largo receiver and on the other
the big receiver , The tracklayers , however
paid no attention to the orders and continuci
at work putting down tics , extending rails
mid spiking them with rapidity. The gas
men then resorted to their hose and directed
it heavy stream of water UIMJII the railroui
men , but that also was without effect. As
soon as ono gang got thoroughly saturatei
with water and then frozen with a coating of
ice , another gang took its place. In this
manner the truck was extended past the
works and out of the reach of the hose , after
the men had boon subjected to the latter for
nearly forty minutes. About Stt : ! ) o'clock
the rails were hud in a very rough manner
up to the cast side of Thirteenth , and a line
of platform cars for nearly the
entire distance extended over them. Uoud
master Holbrook was like an Ice man whci
ho got through with his ducking , so much so
that it was with difficulty that he took oft his
coat , nnd when ho did it stood up as rljrk
and glossy as if it had been made of glass
Ho then dismissed his men to save them frou
colds. Besides the water , it is claimed tha
the gus employes threw several pieces of caa
at the trackmen , striking on. the bock a man
named Gorman , who resides on Thirteenth
street , near the scene.and , injuring him pain.
'ully Another mnn hnd hit.nnklc sprained
mil was taken to St. oJow.'ph's hospital ,
Vhcnco ho afterword left to go to Dr , Osil-
iralth , the ompany's .vurflcon , Mr. Hoi *
> rook , It Is claimed , wasstruck on the head
vitn a chunk of coal nnd bruited.
Holbrook's gang was succeeded at about 10
o'clock by a smaller force of men under Fore
man Carey , of the Bluffsrtvtm put the flnl h-
ng touches to the rough - > work of the morn-
ng. This over , Conductor Uussidy settled n
string of cars over the lluo ami the work was
over.A nr.n reporter called uxm | the superln-
cndcnt ut the gas works nnd learned from
ilm that the employes atiho works had acted
on their own authority , yet -what they had
lone was heartily In accord with the feelings
if the company. Ho considered the act an
llegnl one , and if ho hud been there ho
vould , perhaps , have acted even ' moro
letermlnedly than the men did yet. The
Union Pacific had no right In the alley and
mil their laying of track was wrong and
ihonld have been prevented by forco. Mr.
? rltchett , the attorney of the company , ho
said , hud been no tilled of the affair and had
said that the road in question hud no right of
way through the alley , and would in the
Horning take the steps necessary to oust it.
VIr. iiutton said the company was opposed to
he truck there bccuuso It closed the alloy up
to them. They could not unload there or
Irlvo team in or out without danger. He-
sides , it would Interfere with their
heir pipes as readily as required , and would
shut off connection with them nnd their
receiver when cars stood on
the track. Again , there wcro places
around their works near which they never
used a light , and they had Instructed their
iien never to go near them with n cntidlo.
nmp or match. These engines which would
un up nnd down there , would boa danger
o such places with their sparks , and might
MIUSP great loss of llfo and property. Mr.
Button , in conclusion , said that the company
uul no knowledge that the march was to bo
stolen by the Union Pacltlo until after the
work had been commenced. Ho said , how-
svcr , that a steal hud not been entirely over-
ookcd , because Injunction patters had been
undo out some time and all that remained to
bo inserted before making application to the
court was the time and pluco of the laying of
the track.
The 1C. of L. Social club will celebrate St.
Valentino's eve with a musquerndc bull.
Saloon keepers have fallen into line and
arc observing the 1M o'clock closing law with
out n murmur. The police say so.
Now the owner of the building rented by
ho council dent want to have the cellar used
is a lock up , and won't ' sign a lease , but as
ho city has possession it's probable they will
stay there.
There were no arrests reported Saturday
and Sunday , and the prsspcctsnrothut.Iudgo
Heuthcr will observe Monday as a holiday.
Business men on N street are rising to the
emergency or rather to the level of the roud-
wny. LJids nro uskcd for by several of theme
o learn the cost of raising the respective
mildings to a point where customers can see
heir shop windows without having to take n
tumble of about seven feet to the sidewalk.
Quito a number of convalescents will make
heir first appearance to-day. Councilman
3eary has recovered from his recent attack of
nahtria. andO. E. Shannon , of the Hoof and
lorn , is allowed to take an airing. John
Sluckoy , who moro than oncewas given up by
ho physician' ! , has ulso pulled through and
vill bo around in a day or two.
Irish National Licncuc.
The regular monthly meeting of this or-
ranizatlon was hold in St. Plillomona's hall
ust evening. Mr. T. Fallen occupied the
hair. Owing to the indisposition of the
cgulur president of the leuguoitho entertain
nent characteristic of these meetings was
icglcctcd , neverthless those present enjoyed
hcmsclves in djsoussmg the present aspect
of mutters pertaining to the league. From
ho zeal and earnestness displayed by those
tresent there is every reason to believe that
hero will soon bo n very flourishing branch
of the orguni/ution in this city. The next
meeting will bo held in the sumo pluco on the
second Sunday of Marcn ut the usual hour.
several prominent spealcors will be present
o address the meeting.
Personal Paragraphs.
A. V. Bass , of Randolph , la. , is at thoPax-
J. P. Smith , Scribner , Neb. , is at the Pax-
Mrs. J. P. Mills , of Chicago , is at the Mil-
J. II. Farish , of St. Joseph , Mo. , is at the
? axton.
Oswald Oliver , of Hastings , Neb. , is at the
? uxton.
L. Walker , of North Plntto , Nob. , is at the
W. B. Humphrey , of Lincoln , Neb. , is at
the Millard.
Clltt Wise and wife , of Kansas City , Mo. ,
are at the Paxton.
J. F. Bellinger nnd wife , of Crawford ,
Neb. , arc at the Millard.
Messrs. U. M. McLuin and A. M. Le\'y , of
St. Paul , Minn. , tire ut the Millard.
Mrs. J. H. Harris , of Clfcycniic , is in the
city , the guest of her father-in-law , J. Harris ,
511 South Eleventh street.
Mr. Henry Hardy , of H. Hardy & Co. , has
gone cast to pluco import orders and secure
novelties for the spring trade.
C. 1C. of A.
On next Wednesday the annual meeting of
the state council , C. K. of A. , will convene
in Lincoln. The order is in the main benev
olent , having twelve brunches and about < > 50
members in the state. The president is W.
Fit/gerald , of Lincoln , nnd the state secre
tary T. F. Hrennun , of this city. There is
ono brunch of the order in this city , Leo ,
which will send four delcgutes to the council.
Ho Will Ho Courteous Hereafter.
A \Vashintftoii correspondent relates
the following : The story of the little
boy who picked up a pin in front of the
wealthy merchant ami was rowurdcil for
his industry by a Sl.liOOclorkship , is now
rather eclipsed by recent incident in
Postmaster General Dickinson's career.
It happened after ho had been appointed
by the president and before ho had boon
confirmed by the bonato , during which
period his status at the postotlico department -
partmont was rather doubtful. Ono nf-
tornoon , Into , ho was about to stop into
the side entrance when the zealous door-
kcopor interposed :
"Too late. "
"But , by man. I have important busi
ness iiibido. "
"Are you a member of congress ? "
"No. "
"Have you an order from a member'1" ;
"No. "
"Can't got get in , then ; too late. "
"Well , when can 1 get in ? " .
"Dunno. " *
"Who can toll - '
"Dunno. move on now. "
It was then that Mr. Dickinson re
tired and entered by another door. The
doorkeeper in the meantime pursued
the oven tenor of his ways , satisfied
thai ho hud done the right the right
thing nnd vindicated the authority of
the authority of the postmaster general'
Not long afterward lie wivs astonished ,
however , to receive an order to call on
the now postmaster general , who had
in the meantime boon confirmed by the
senate. His ahtonishmentsintiy bo hot
ter imagined than described when lie
confronted in Mr. Dickinson the fatrnn-
gor whom ho had treated so ungraci
ously. His now chief , though , proved
"I didn't rare anything for your dis
courtesy to mo , " ho said , "but it might
have hurt the feelings of a thiru-chujS
pobtma.stor. Answer questions after
this. That's what you're paid for. "
A boy at Philadelphia dropped the
rope of his ulcd into the slot of the cable
and waited developments. Pretty soon
the cable cought the rope and the small
boy wont whsz/.ing along the street. It
was great fun , until ho reached the
curve , and then the rope broke , mid the
sled and boy brought up against a lami > -
post , and the boy { .utTored At the
hospital the young doi'iors patched up
his nose , and rctUjcod 'his dislocated
wrist. "I had iv dandy ride , " ho said ,
"but I never t'ought of do curve.
Whore's mo slcdV"
The Pacific Ocean boundary of the
United Scutes has u greater extent of
const line than the Atlantic shore. The
aggregate of our shore line of the ln-
clllc is 12.7.'M miles , while on the Atlan
tic it is 11.800 miles , and on the Oulf of
Mexico ( I,84U. It was the annexation of
Alaska that promoted the Pacific coast
to a higher figure than the Atlantic ,
Alaska having 9.830 miles of cost line ,
[ f the lake boundary is added it gives us
a total coast line not very far short of
twice the circumference of the * earth.
' IAt Halifax recently a perfectly formed
egg , shell and all , about the si/.o of a
robin's egg , was found in the yolk of iv
hen's egg.
This powder never varl03. A mnrvcl of purl-
ty. strimidlkiiml uholes < mienes-i. Moro cconom-
cul than the ordinary kimK anil cannot IIP sold
n competition wltn thn multitude of low cost ,
short \ \ eight uliini or phosphate pow tiers. Sold
inly In can . Hoyal linking 1'owder Co. , KO
Wall street. Now Vork.
Ht'innrkable for powerful sympa
thetic tornpllulilo nctlon and ab-
holulu durability. ! ) years rt-iind ,
thu le t giiiirunteu of tliu cxcul *
lencu of tlieso Initnimenls.
Third Jntllciil District.
Paid Up Capital , - $26OOOO
Surplus , - 6O.OOO
II. W. YATKS. President.
LEWIS S. KbEU , Vice-Prcsldeiit.
A. 13. ' 1'ouzAi.iN , 2nd Vice-President.
W. U.S. lluiniis , Cashier.
miiECTOiis :
Vf. V. JIonsK , JOHN S COI.T.I.SS ,
Ilanklnc Office
Cor. 12th nud Fnrnnui Sts.
A General Hanking lluhlness Transacted.
T&G & Kearney Land Office of Kearney , M
The oldest and best established Heal Ilstato
and Loan Iluslncss In Central Nebraska. 1 now
offer It for snla att.-r 14 j ears' continuous own
ership and management , on account of falling
health. Hood hotiso moporty can o with It.
Al-oiOlOJ ( ( worth of lands and Kearney city
lots If wanted. Address
Tlio Kearney IjancI Olllco ,
Kramer , Noll.
Health is Wealth !
Iit. E.G. Wrsr's NKII\R AND IlnAin TIIKAT-
MBNT , a irnnrnntPt'il ( .pcclttc for Hysteria , Dizzi
ness. Convulsions , Fits , Nervous Neuralgia ,
Headache , Nervous 1'iostrntlon. caused by the
use of alcohol or tobacco , Wakef illness. Mental
Depression , Softening of the llraln , resulting In
Insanlty.and leading to inlsery.decayaiid death ,
Premature Old Ago , Hal-rennets , Ioss of Power
In either sex. Involuntary Losses and Pperma-
torrlupn caused by over-exertion of the brain ,
helf-aliuso or over-Indulgence. Kach box con
tains one month's tieatinent. JI.OOii box , orslx
boxes for J > .UO , sent by mall prepaid on receipt
of price.
To euro any case. With each older received bv
us for six boxes , accompanied with f" > .00 , wo will
send the purchaser our written guarantee to re
fund the money If the treatment does not clfect
a cure. Guarantees Issued only by C. V. GOOD
MAN , Druggist , bole. Agent , 1UU 1'urnam btreet ,
Omaha , Neb.
HOB. 3O3-4O4-I7O-O4.
E.T.Allen , M. D. ,
Homceopathlc Specialist ,
Spectacles Accurately l'i escribed.
J.W. Barnsdall , M.O
Hotna'opatliic Specialist ,
Guncecolofjlitt and Obstetrician-
Telephone 070.
U" . / . OALBRA1T11.
Surgeon and Physician ,
Office N.'W Comer 14th and Douglas St. Office ,
telephone , iC3 ; Residence telephone , WIS , ,
Display at their warerooma , 1305 and 1307 Farnam Street ,
the largest assortment of Pianos and Organs to be found at
any establishment west of Chicago. The stock embraces the
highest class and medium grades , Including
Prices , quality and durability considered , are placed at the
lowest living rates for cash or time payments , while the long
established reputation of the house , coupled with their most
liberal Interpretation of the guarantee on their goods , affords
the purchaser an absolute safeguard against loss by possible
defects in materials and workmanship.
1309 & 1307 FARNAM QTRERT *
Catalogues and Price List upon Application.
m +
AJ ! 9 xli
nrsT nnd MOST
Sowing Thread of Blodcrn Times.
Kir.i'ATitlCK-Kocil DryOoods Co.
PAXTON , OALraoiEii & Co.
8. P. Moitsi : i Co ,
IitlllCIN& CO.
CIIAS. South Omaha , and all first-
class retail dealers.
Easily digested ; of the finest llavor. A hearty
voiaKO for n stronK appetite ; a ilollcntu drink
for the bcnsltivu. Tluiroiighly testi d ; null Itlous ;
palatable ; nnoxcolled In purity ; no unpleasant
after elfects. Requires no bolllne : .
, PA.
Pcrcherons. Clydesdales and Bhlre , also home
bred colts , Every animal utiarauteed a breeder
Our stock lias been selected with reference to
both Individual merit and pedigree. 01110 of
these horsen have taken llrst prize at the Ne
braska State I'elr , 1887. All our horses am UP-
rllmated. ondiolts of their pet can bo shown.
Prices reasonable and easy terms , is accessible
bv the three iPiidliiK railroads of the state , U. &
J ? . ; r. . E. & M. V
. Vork. Neb
1742 Lawrence St , Denver , Col ,
Of the Missouri State Museum of Anatomy , Rt.
Louis , Mo. , University College Hospital , Lon
don , Olesen , Germany and New York , having
devoted their attention
More especially thovt arising from Impru
dence. Invlto all BO sutTeilng to iorrespond with
out delay. Diseases of Inlectlon and contagion
cured safely and speedily without USB of dan
gerous drugs. Patients whose cases have been
neglected , badly treated or pronounced Incurable -
able , should not fall to write us t-oni ernlng their
symptoms. All letters receive Immediate atten-
And will be mailed FKKK to any address on re-
the Itenroducth e Organs , th * whole forming u
valuable medical treatise which should be read
by all young men. Address
1742 Lawrence St. , Ce&rer , Col.
Wt coffdTiily rcconcnrM
TOUlf ) tt lt > ct kt remedy
known to us ( ui Oonorrncrft
and Gleet.
We hue toll tonlJet.
mbl * . tnttln every CIW il
kUftt utiittctlco.
Altott * Wtk.
Bold by Dniff Ittk
frltt ! . . .
Vose & Sons
Instruments eschangod , rentei and sold on
Easy Payments , below
Instruments slightly used at
Max Meyer & Bro , ,
Omaha , Neb.
The Standard-bri > d trottliiKStalllon ALARIC
No. 2O83 by Curler ( Mro of lllvira Z\sy : \ .
Day Ilruam'J.iilJK , Afcathl : , also the ihim or
I'utronll : ) by Itysdyk'H Iliimhlotonlitn. iHb
dam Kthol Colddnst , ( lull t-Nti'i- /Ilcudlu
ioldtlnst tilul'i Old Golililnst
( : -'i ) by islreof
I.uclllu2:10 : > 4 , and Ilvo ntht-iti with records be
low \i'M \ : ) . " ( Idaiu ( tin ; /.Ik-ndlo " : ; ) ! ) bji
Importud Scythliui. ; id dum Sally Kussell ( thu
grand dam of Maud S. Si.lW3 ; ) by lloston. Aluric
was lin-d by J. C. .McKerr.m , Louisville , Ky. ,
fouled IhH ) , iJ hands hlch , weighs IIV ) p < mndajj
he Is a rich old dust in color and thu hamu
soinost and most stylish horse In the west. I la
w 111 ontshow anybody's horbo on the Htreet oe
thoHliow rliiK , has no retold but Is veiy fast1
perfectly K 'ntle on the road or In the stable , ha-fl
no vlci-.s and IH wumuitud Hound In every par
ticular , llu will bu sold very cheap , 'rhuhorsa !
Is in this city.
Address DR. U. W. HAYES.
SOtli and I.nko Strccts-
O ttf AH A
N.W.Cor. 13th A Dodge Sta
BR..A.OH2S ,
llest facilities , apparatus and remedies for sue >
cessful treatment or every fotm of dUeaseTernirf-
Ing Medical or Surgical Treatment
Hoard and attendance ; best hospital accommo
dations in the west.
WRITB FOU CIRCULARS on Deformities and
Ilraces , Trusses , Club I'eet , Curvature of tlie
Spine , Piles , Tumors , Cancer , CaUrrh , UroncliitU ,
Inlialatlon , I'.lectrlclty , Parnljsls , Ittjilensy , Kid
ney , Illadder , Kjc , I'.ar , Skin and lllouu , and all
burgical Operations.
Diseases of Women a Specialty.
All Illood Diseases successfully treated , fiyph-
ilitlc Poison removed from the system without
mercury , New restorative treatment for loss ol
Vital 1'ower. ferrous unable o visit us may be
treated at home by correspondence. All commu
nications confidential. Medlcine-ior Instruments
sent by mail or express , occtirely packed , n
marV.9 to Indicate contents or tender. One per *
fonal interview preferred. Call and consult us or
fend history of your case , and we will send ill
plain wrapper , our
Upon Private. Special or Nervous , Jm >
potency , Sjphilis. Gleet and Varicocelc , with
question list. Address
Omaha Sftdleal and ftirglcal IntttuteOT
Cor. 13lhin Dodo * Sis. . OMAHA , NEB.
_ _ . . . _ - rlr * * 3inff - T-
f ruu.ooB > blni < l. ou r nt e < Hhtl
onlr ono lathe
.conllnuon. gltctrte * HowlO
Scl nilOe , Powerful , imrtbltv
d rfT.clu. . Avoid frautfj.
Alio xuKvfuia likiTi rfiu WbEA.iH
Advertlsliit' Ima always pror is
gucccssfnl. Heforo pliiclni ; any
Newspaper Advertising consul !
41 u IB Kttfeltk Slreel , CHICAQOj
Incomparably th BMt *
: is ,