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A. Tohat Locnl Orennlsotlpn-Hon-
orlug the Tourist
A. Splendid ItpipoiiNp AV. C. T. Ilonrd
A .Suggestion .Small Order *
Omalm'H Sunday OIIIUH
Thawing Out Samples.
A Toast.
Could I sip of the nectar the gods only can ,
1 would 1111 up the glass to the brlin ,
And drink success to tliu traveling innn ,
Anil tliu liouso represented by him.
And could I but Uncturo tlio glorious draught
With the smiles IIH I drink to him then ,
With thu laughs ho lias laughed and the jokes
ho has told ,
I would 1111 up thu goblet ngalti ,
I would drltilc to the sweetheart who bade
him good-byo ,
With u tenderness thrilling in bll < u ,
Ho thinks of her now , us hi.- ) heart heaves n
sigh ,
Recalling the sweets of the hiss.
To the purest of hearts and fairest , of hands
I'd drink with my IIOIKJS and my prayers
That tlio ono nho must trust Is a traveling
man ,
Who will shato nil her Joys und ht-r carc.i.
I A fiulil drink to the wife with her babe at
her knee ,
Who awaits his return bye and b.vo ,
Who opens his lottcra'so tremulously ,
And reads as the tours 1111 her eyo.
[ would nimlt to the feeble old mother ,
Who Bits by the llresldo alone ,
Who murmurs und wocua o'er the stocking
she knits ,
As she thinks of her wandering win.
I'd drink long Ufa and hoaUh to llm friend
Who meets him with many n cheer ,
To the generous hands the strangers extend ,
To the sojourucr wandering hero.
And at hist , when hoqiiits this rnrthly abode
And has paid tlio last faro that ho can ,
"Mine Host of the Inn , " at the end of the
road ,
Will welcome the traveling man ,
A Ijiioul I'ost.
At the annual convention of the T. P. A ,
hold in St. Louis In Juno last , Mr. O. P. I'in.
doll was rc-oleeted president of the iissocia
tlon and placed on a salary , lu consldorn
tlon of this salary , n very generous figure bj
the way , President Pindoll was to "take tin
road January 1 in the Interest of the nEsocin
tlou. " In accordance with this Mr1 Pindel
began his now duties the first of the year am
is now "doing" the southern states. Hi :
mission Is to establish local posts of the T. P
A. and ho will visit every city in the coun
try where there Is u distxisltlon among tin
commercial travelers to org.inUo. Any clt ;
whcro fifteen traveling men mnho theii
headquarters Is legitimate prey for the na
tinnal orgnni/or , and the number of loca
posts is oxpceted. to mcrcaso very rupldl ;
from this time forward. The promotion o
BocliU good fellowship being the ehiof aim o
the T. P. A. , its oflleers can readily fratcr
nlzo with the sectional organi/ation of drum
liters , and Mr. Pindell stulca that ho ban beei
most cordially received wherever ho has moi
tlio officers und members of such bodies a :
the Western Commercial Travelers' ussocia
tion. It Is not likely that Prosl
dent Pindull will omit In his tour the city o
Onialm. On the contrary it was stated b ;
Mm in a recent conversation with an Omahi
traveler that this city would certainly re
celvo a visit from him , as Omaha as a jobblni
center was prominent throughout tin
country. When "tho T. P. A
drummer" docs visit Omaha i
is not likely that ho will meet with any o |
position In his effort to establish a post ii
this city. Among the number of traveler
who represent the commercial Interests o
Omaha uro many with the ability requlslt
to inuho such an organisation n success. Th
promotion of good fellowship Is not alone th
object of such an organization , Whllo it wil
cduco all the kind and brotherly feeling
possible in such an organization , It will fin
ulsh u resort where the many things alTcci
Ing the Interest und welfare of the travelln ;
man can bo discussed and steps taken t
remedy the wrongs and Inconvenience h
cidcnt to their ntTuirs.
There nro many propositions which mny b
K made which whim acted on will prove ben <
ilchtl to the commercial traveler ; and it wl
bo noticed that In nearly every instanc
these propositions affect matters in whit
every clti/.cn is interested. The orguniz.itic
of the Omaha traveling men will bo ben
lleinl to the citizens generally ns well as t
the fraternity. In conversation with u nun
.11 IHT of leading traveling men , a represcntati\
. of the HKIJ was assured that there would I
little trouble to orgaul/e a post in this cit
us tlio greatest ot interest in the iuatt <
would bo manifested by all concerned.
Honoring tlio Tourist.
It is n pleasant custom now being observe
by many of the hotel managements throng !
out the country , Unit of giving banquets I
the commercial travelers of their rcspectii
Boetions. The hotel derives more pitromi {
nnd benefit from thcso travelers than fro
nny other class of people and these rccogr
lions have been fully appreciated by tl
pucsts at the banquet table. The number
traveling sah-imen who como to Omaha ai
Iiatroniio the hostleries of this city is exccc
liigly large. It will bo strange if an cnU
prising hotel management of Onialm do
not , in tlio near future , tender these touris
n banquet. It is all the go now and tl
Omaha hotel cannot alTord to bo behind th
of other prosperous cities.
Tlio Capitalist of lilgtown.
The friends of Captain C. V. Hainafor
nnd he has many of them , toll of an interes
Ing experience which happened to this ge
tlemaii in southern Iowa in the early part i
December. Mr. Unlnsford has for four you
represented the house of Peycko Brother
nnd is to-day traveling for Pcyeko Urotho
company over a territory where , by uprig
dealing , ho has maintained a flattering trad
On one of the first Tuesdays in the moir
of December Mr. Ualnsford arrived atiism :
village in Iowa , nnd utter registering at tl
only hotel In the town , proceeded to visit li
p.Urons. The house of F - & Co. is t
only establishment of any importance In t
place , und it did not take long for thotravcl
to sell u very satisfactory bill to this fir
This completed , he found that ho could
get away from , say Higtown , until noxtnoi
nnd with characteristic contentment t
genial traveler proceeded to make himself
Inline at the store of his patron. Now , C ;
tain liainsford knows one or t'
tilings , but is not especially (
bervunt only when , occasion demands
Not In the least eu lions , ho did not not !
that during all the lima ho was helling 1
bill u well ( IresM'd stranger was an allcutl
witness to nil the proceedings , Hail ho be
observant lie would have noticed that nil t
tlutu ho was in the store tltU stranger hep
curious gaze upon his ample form. It u
Into in tlio afternoon when "C. V. " was <
Joying his cigar nnd endeavoring- ku
warm by un untlijuatcd stove , that u lull
the trade ooeurcd nnd Mr. V - , the soul
member of the firm , came around to ci with him. Seeing tlio stranger , Mr.
turned to the traveler and remarkr
"B.iinsforil , are you acquainted with A
Henry W - 1 Mr. W - , Mr. Hulnsfoi
Mr. H. is tx traveling man. Mr. W. is t
capitalist ot Higtown. " Now if there is ai
thing Hnlnsford 1ms n weakness for it i
capitalist. Ho is never moro at homo th
when discussing the tlniinclal qucstli
menus for reducing the surplus , el
imd It wn's with unusual cord I
ity that ho seized Mr , W
hand. Mr , W. himself wns equnlly gl
to meet the traveler. Ho hud many wa
friends In the fraternity , ulwuys found th
well-Informed gentlemen nnd wns pleased
become acquainted with ono of the class.
did not take long for the commercial tn
elor to perceive that the now ucqualntni
boio a troubled look us if burdened w
some hidden sorrow ; but this he uttribul
to | H > rhnps some family ufllictlon or coin ]
cnted disease ,
Quito u pleasant hour wns spent by I
two in exchanging mutual views and
pleased was the traveler with his new
( jualntunvo that ho invited him to take b
. . -
. . * * * U5i
per with him. Mr. W declined , how
ever , nnd "C. V. " proceeded on his way to
the Inn , where ho did full Justice to the hos
pitality of 'mine 'host. It was perhaps 8
o'clock that ex-enlng when Mr. Hainsford
wns seated In the "ofllce" Of thp hotel , that
Capitalist W made his nppearnnce.
In response to un Invitation to bo seated the
capitalist declined nnd asked If ho could tres
pass on the tlmo of the traveler for about
thirty minutes. Ho deslreil to sco him In
private nnd would not trespass longer tlinn
absolutely necessary.
The accommodating Hainsford was only too
glad to comply und taking u candle Invited
the capitalist to his room. Arriving In the
apartments set aside for his use the traveler
handed his visitor the only clniir In the room
and seated himself on the bed with n "now
what can 1 do for you old follow" expression
on his genial face.
"I wunt to conilde In you , " exclaimed the
capitalist In husky tones ,
This was somewhat startling to the travel
ing man und ho moved his rotund form un
easily ns visions of some horrible tulo being
entrusted to him ro , c before him. With com
mendable firmness , however , Hainsford
refilled , "confide away , "
From this on the events of the night are
more llko a vision than reality to the traveler.
An absolutely accurate uccount of those
events will perhaps never bo received and
they are given In us brief form und
with as strict ndhcrcnco to facts us is inmi-
ble with the data at band.
"As you must bo aware , " continued the
capitalist. " 1 am possessed of considerable
menus. For some time pnst I have hud u
premonition that I shall soon die. I nm not a
man of family , though 1 have many relatives
who would llko to secure my property. They
arc not entitled to it by reason of their treat-
mcntof mo in the past , nnd I wish to urrnngo
so that they shall not secure a cent. To do
this I desire to make my will. There Is only
one lawyer In this town , und him I do not
trust. 1 appeal to you us a now found friend
to aid me. Certainly with your knowledge
of fiscal affairs and general Information you
can frame my desires on paper so that my
hard-earned money shall go where I want it. "
This was u startling request. It happens ,
however , that Uulnsford has some uciiuunt-
iiuro with legal forum ; In fact it is stilted thnt
Vthi'ti his parents realized the Impropriety of
making n minister out of him they started
their young hopeful In n legal course , and lu
this way the gentleman became somewhat
acquainted with the forms of law.
Obliging in all things , the traveler agreed
to undertake the tusk , und from the folds of
his the cuirttullst drew forth pen and
paper , Uainsford took his seat at the
table and the stranger prepared to walk the
room. It is unnecessary to go Into details.
With masterly skill the commercial traveler
drew up the preface to the legal document ,
which assured a curious public that the de
visor wns n mnn of sound mind , etc. , und
then prepared to take a list of the legacies.
These will bo us interesting to the public ns
they were nstounding to the trnvelor. To
tlio county commissioners ho bequeathed
in trust $10,000 , to bo used in a movement to
discountenance sowing tens among women
over tweuty-llvo years of ago ; to the Hunker -
or ' association ho entrusted $2,000 to bo usoo
to reward with u comfortable funeral bunk
cashiers who die tills ftldo of the Canadian
line ; to a prominent citizen of the county he
gave in trust $15,000 to bo expended hi curing
Sarah H. Crluipsoii , u local spinster , of stutt
ering ; for the erection of a town pump in
Uigtown he gave the liberal sum of (500 ; out
of his abundance ho remembered the com
mercial traveler with no sparing hand , J5.00C
was the amount ho donated for the agitation
of the subject of better rates to the traveling
men. These rates to bo u faro of 0111
cent per milo und permission to carry 2000
extra pounds of bnggngo. In addition to this
ho gave t-0,000 to aid in the erection of a
homo for retired und destitute traveling
salesmen , to bo located In Omuha. To the
secretary of the treasury ho entrusted $10,000
to bo paid out as a prize to the person offering
the best means of reducing the sur
plus in the national treasury ; contestants
for this prize to bo over the ago of llftcon
yours , bunk cashiers , coal barons und news-
p.ipcr reporters not eligible ns contestants.
As nn Incentive ho bequeathed In trust to thr
Western Commercial Travelers association
| 3lX ) , ( ) ( ) to bo by the board of directors distri
buted into thrco prues llrst $15,000 , second
SI 0,000 , and third $ T , OUO ; to bo paid out as r
pri/.o to the thrco commercial travelers wno
during a period of live years subsequent tt
his de.ith should sell the largest amount ol
goods west of the Mississippi river.
And so the distribution of wealth went or
until nearly f lf > lOUO ) , had been disposed of am
the capitalist turned to the man of eommem
nnd rcmnrked : "Aud now I'll Ux you foi
"No ; no , " exclaimed Buinsford , I won !
take a nlcklo. "
"How iheiican I pay you for your trouble ? '
"I don't want any pay , " said C. V. , "ii
you've got un extr.i couple of thousand t <
spnro give It to build a school house here
Lord knows you need It. I won't tnko
darned nlcklo. "
" \fery well put down your $3,000 for i
school house in Uigtown. "
The legacy went down and the instrumcn1
was finished , barring the acknowledgomen
and witnessing of the sumo , which the cap
Italist said ho would do before n Justice th
next morning ; and bidding his traveling f ricm
good night withdrew , leaving the tired mm
of commerce to dream of the events of th
The next morning Bainsford nrosi
bright and early und ufterllnishinghis oreuli
fast wont out in the "oftlco. " Presently ;
citl/cn entered and remarked , "Well , pee
old Capitalist W is no moro. "
"What , " exclaimed Uainsford , "you say h
h dead I"
"Yes , died last night nt 12. "
Drawing on his coat Hninsford hastcnc
to the store of F & Co , where mcetln
Mr. F , the senior partner , ho asked to sc
him in his private ollleo.
"I say F , they tell mo Mr. W 1
dead. Is it possible ) "
"Yes , poor fellow , ho died last night at 1
o'clock. He's better off. "
"Hut , nay. let mo tell you In confidence ,
wrote his will for him last night , nnd ho wn
to have signed and acknowledged it till
morning. "
"Wrote his will I Great Crcsar , man , th
fellow didn't have u cent. Hccn living on th
charity of his brother-in-law hero. I forgi
to tell you why wo called him the capitalist
"Why was itl" gusi > cd Hainsford.
"Ha imagined lie was ono. Crazy as a loon ,
replied F.
Uuinsford fabled. '
' ' A'Splendid itespotiso.
At a banquet given the traveling men <
the northwest January 8 , in'St. Paul , Mr. .
C , Applegillo responded to the toust "Tl
Commercial Travelers , " In the followin
words : "The commercial traveler is tl :
offspring of the evolution of ideas in con
merco. lie occupies with a graceful hautci
a position in the universe around which rt
volvo the constellations of finance. Tli
sturters in the race for gold wait for nini t
give the word.
The speed at which the world moves , 111
quality and degree of its SUCCORS , depend
upon his diligence. In these days of nrbitn
tlon and hignly developed diplomatic servid
there is no more striking example of the su
cess of the system than Is furnished by tl
unprecedented growth of the fraternity <
commercial travelers during thp quarter of
century that has elapsed since' its inceptloi
Doubtless n largo majority of the able ;
diplomats of the ago. hove Mood withoi
recognition in the ranks of the commcrcii
traveler. They have been men , too , wlv
their patriotism stimulated by a propt
pecuniary consideration , would joyfully ha\
sncrlllrod themselves by consenting to ndoi
this department of their country's scrvic
When such a condition ot ulTulis us this
possible of existence it Indicates some radlc ;
defect in the civil service Hut , gentk'inc :
the day star of hope Is visible iu tlio horizo
. our deliverer is at hand. Wo have with i
I : to-night , as ono of our most honored guest
r. a statesman of no small caliber and inllucnc r.d. who , doubtless , having now had this matt <
in properly presented to him , will desire i
iny greater boon than the privilege of devotii
u what remains to him of a well-spent life
in the achievement of so lofty an ambition i
inn , that of scoui ing to every common-la ! traveli
. ' . , duo recognition of his talents at the hnndb <
ds the general government.
- sid "Standing scntlmiMlkc upon the hlghwt
idm of progiess , the mminprcinl traveler nink <
idm the era when the ill ones of the past we
m succeeded by the lustlcis of the present ; tl
U ) pathway behind him , ns far into the past i
Itv history enables us to discern , is thick
v- htroun with the empty shells of the birds
vca genius who uro now sonring into the rualii
th of discovery , delving Into the debris of tun
nnd the accumulation of exploded theories
conscientious search for grains of truth ,
wandering , grip in hand , over the bro ;
lie domain of his majesty , the storm king , In
so moro or less successful endeavor to razz ]
10.- dnzzlo the unsuspecting granger merchni
Since our eminent brother Do Laitro cross
ttic raging St. Anthony In n dugout In ' 07 , the
fraternity hns grown from thrco or four
pioneers to an army exceeding l.OCOmon
representing mercantile interests locntcd
north of Chlcnpro ; since that many change *
hnvo been wrought touching matter * of
Import to the commercial traveler , but gentle
men , ns heretofore , Jncks or better are still
necessary to the successful opening of a
"Jack | K > t. "
"The commercial traveler Is ono of the
most conspicuous und Important features of
the advancement of the rontury. Conspicu
ous because omnipresent and so entirely cos
mopolitan ; luit > ortutit because ha furnishes
so largo a proportion of the railway nnd
hotel pntronngoof the country ; conspicuous
bccnuso every whcro heard ; Important bo-
causoeverywhere felt ; conspicuous because
ho roams the country with nn nlr of holding
letters patent to no smnll portion of It ; im-
txirtnlit because ho leaves a cash trail behind
him In keeping with the width of the swath
ho cuts ; conspicuous because to him the art
of kicking is by no means u lost nrt ; ImiKirt-
tint because no guest knows qulto so well as
hohow to express his satlafaction with fair
treatment ; ho Is conspicuous finally because
when through some misdeal ho llnds himself
in n village church , ho looks as If ho realized
that ho had been steered against a brace
gnmo ; ho is Important then because ho U fro-
imcntly the only mnn In the house who , when
the collection Is taken up , chips In us If ho
hud a cold thousand In his Insldo | > ockct nnd
was prepared to bet 'em to u standstill should
they give him provocation. Among all pro-
fo slons that of the commercial traveler is ,
by its chief characteristic , raised Into pre
eminence : the preacher with his prayers , the
lawyer with his lies , the doctor with his
doses retire Into the oblivion of Insignificancy
before the dug/ling splendor , the Impressive
ponderosity , the transcendent Imcomparu-
blllty of the gull of the commercial traveler.
"Tho distingue and utterly Irresistable hotel
clerk , who all the ladies say is inirfoctly
lovely , bows In tacit admission of the iiinuto
knighthood of the commercial traveler.
"To the rural merchant our traveler an
swers as a substitute for an International
gazetteer , Is considered undisputed author
ity In law , politics , love and religion ; In fuel ,
hais a perambulating cyclopedia of events
past and present , to his customers , nnd at
times when it seems to him expedient ho es
says the role of astrologer and , giving rein
to the Pegasus of his imagination ho horoscopes
scopes startling advances in the near future
in the commercial value of goods ho Is en
deavoring to unload. The well-known rep
utation of our traveler for sagacity serves to
protect him from the assaults and machina
tions of semi ! of the deadliest enemies of so
ciety ; the confidence man marks him down
and passes by on the other side , while that
Inhuman creature who vacillntntes to nnd fro
In the train , vending indegostiblo and nervo-
shattprmg literature to thounsalted , disturbs
not bis meditations. No class of society is
to the "tender "
moro nusceptlblo passion"
than are commercial travelers. At times
they seem to fall about us "like loaves in
wintry weather. " Time , however , is the es
sence of the drummer's contract at lovemaking -
making , and , ns is frequently the case with
his dinner , ho must bolt it or go hungry.
"If our traveler bo a married man ho com
mands the respect of his neighbors and tlio
love of his wife and babies Is his. If hobo
smglo ho stands 'way up in O' in the regard
of his liest girl , while ho is considered u law
ful target for the smiles und blandishments
of the rural beauty.
"In conclusion , I hope that every member
of the fraternity hero present will so conduct
himself us to gain and merit the respect nnd
confidence of his employers , and by upright
ness of demeanor 'win golden opinions from
nil sorts of people,1 that when his lust trip
has been made , his last earthly uccount ad
justed by the square of virtue and honor ;
when the mist that rises ever the vcrgo of
life has wrapped him in its folds , nnd he has
turned his face , radiant with hopeful long
ing , toward the eternal holiday , ho may need
no further passport into the realms of the
beyond than the blush of modesty so char
acteristic of and so unerringly proclaiming
the commercial traveler. "
W. G. T. Board.
At the first regular monthly mooting of the
board of directors of the W. C. T. A. held in
St. Louis the following applicants having
conformed to the requirements of the consti
tution wcro admitted to membership : How
ard U. Ackcrman , Patrick J. Brown , Robert
Hurnio , Charles C. Hrooks , Henry E. Tan
ner , Elishn P. Jackson , Emll j. Kramer ,
Joseph M. Levy. John F. Lynn , Edwin
Massii. Allln Mollicr , Henry E. Nuffz , Lnw-
rencu S. Pearson , Fielding A. Randall , Dan
iel R. Super , Robert C. Scott , John Weisert ,
Charles F Plumer , Hurry B. King , all of St.
Louis ; Gcorgo H. Hrnsh , Montreal , Canada ;
AV. W. Humphreys , Memphis , Tenn. , Charles
H. Glllham , Quiucy , 111. , Charles Evortz ,
Washington , Mo. ; Augustus F. Nell , Quincy ,
111. ; William L. Dates , Washington , Ark. ;
Charles F. McLnln , Toledo. O. ; George H.
Linderberger , Louisville , Ky. ; Samuel N.
Loxvis , Scdalla , Mo. ; Isuau M. Lcfllngwoll ,
Clinton , la. ; William A. Kromor , Emnoria ,
Kan. ; Philip G. Johnson , Independence ,
Kan. ; Louis N. Holberg , Mucon , Miss. ;
Clarence R. Hambleton , Keolntk , la. ; Cor-
win E. Goldsmith , St. Joseph , Mo. ; John A ,
Randolph , Denver , Colo. ; Lyons Snunders ,
Fort Smith , Ark. ; Freeman O. Smith , Little
Rock , Ark. ; James D. Rogers , Kingston ,
Ga. ; Joel A. Ray , Canton , Miss. ; Horace B ,
Thompson , Hannibal , Mo. The president
appointed the following committees :
Finance I. R. Trask , S. C. Bunn and
James D. Mnlin. Beneficiary James F ,
Coylo , George W. Wilson nnd Mark Taylor ,
Printing D.W. Caruth.W. E. Schwoppo nnd
A. F. Shapleigh , jr. Total membership tc
date , 2,032.
A Suggestion.
M. B. Roberts , a traveling man of tin
northwest , makes the following suggestion
"My suggestion is that the several rollronc
companies issue a 5,000-milo ticket for ? 100
good over any road , and to avoid impositioi
they require each purchaser to paste In th <
cover of the book his photo , the company' ;
stamp to bo stamped pait on the book anc
jwt on the photo , so that the conductors cat
sco that it is properly stamped , and cat
identify from the photo the owner nndholdoi
of the ticket , and if others present the ticko
they can take it up nnd avoid imposition
Tills plan has been in practice by the govern
ment for the use of the railway mail service
so that no ono could ride in the mail can
without this idcntiflcutiun , and I understam
it hns proved very satisfactory , thus cut
ting olt any chance of parties not entitled ti
these ticket buying a piece of u ticket am
using It to us much advantage as a comtner
cinl man , whom the companies are willini
should hnvo this advantage. I hope thii
much-needed arrangement can bo satisfuc
torily made. "
Oinatm'H Sunday Guests.
There was a largo and Jolly crowd o
knights of the grip nt the hotels yesterday
A majority of the boys were caught out Ii
the blizzard of the past few days nnd the ;
report having had a pretty tough time of it
They put in the creator part of Sunday thaw
ing out , nnd will to-dny swoop down upon th
merchants of Omaha with their samples am
Inducements to place their orders now.
The arrivals at the Mlllard were : Gcorgi
Solbort , New York ; W. S. Emery
Grand Rnplds ; S. Danzlngcr , Milwaukee ; L
H. Slmltuck , Chicago ; W. Scott , Chicago ; S
H. Hutlmwny , Now York ; T. Klmball , Nev
York ; John Tcbbotts , Chicago ; H. 1' . Glen
son , Boston ; Frank Nowhouse , Phllndclphla
H. Leigh , St. Louis ; R. M.Cherrio , Chicago
C. Dobrincr , St. Joseph ; O. Leister , Moline
C. D. Luce , Chicago ; W. O. Evnrts
Milwaukee ; John B. Warner , Boston
G , B. Sdlter , Burlington ; W. D. Hunt , St
Louis ; J. Flanagan , Chicago ; H. D. Martin
Indianupolls ; H. Schokcr , Bnltimoro ;
Tleknor , Philadelphia : A. B. Cole , Gram
Rnpids ; H. C. Stewart , Dos Moines ; H. W
Gordon , Rochester ; F. C. Butler , Newark
N. J. ; A , M. Krinstcin , Chicago ; W. H. Rob
crts , Now York ; J. C. Singer , Chicago ; S
Emst , New York ; H. Douglas , Chicago ; H
C. Black , Dayton ; D. V. Bishop , Chicago ; L
J. Leon , Now York ; E. V.Johnson , Chicago
J. V. Berg , Chicago ; Mat Jucobson , Phllu
dolphla ; A. Linderbaum , Now York ; S.I1
Skinner , New York ; R. Dodd , St. Aaul ; F
T. Sherwood , Chicago ; O. R. Price , Chicago
J. B. Magulre , Chicago ; S. Bass. Cincinnati
H. A. Thaycr , Chicago , L.J. . Stitch , No\
York ; H. M. Crane , New York , A. W. Buck
Chicago ; R. H. Gilmore. Chicago ; Krna
Chirk , Minneapolis ; P. H. Dean , New fork
R. A. Donnclson , San Francisco ; R. W
King , New Yorn ; Dawson Mayer , N
YorkjM. Cohen , Chicago ; R. S. Huwki
Albany ; W. O. Stevens , Boston ; H. M
Goold , Rochester ; J. L. Huno , Boston ; fc
W. Gerold , Chicago ; F. S. Miles , Chicago
W. N. Foster , Chicago ; C. Hrackobusli
Chicago ; F. > Barnar , Blooralngton ; Oharlc
Eastman , Chicago ; G. Bean , Chicago ; C. \ \
Hubbard , Sioux Fulls ; W. H. Turnei
The guests at the Paxton were as follows
J. M. Wolfe , Chicago ; . J. L.Bcll , New York ;
W. H. Todd , TIV.V ; J. B , Fluey. Pittsburg ;
O. W. Solomon , St. . Louis ; , William F. lieu'
ilchoufcn , Newark ; 0. H. Kirk , Chicago ; J.
W.Ellsworth , Cleveland ; J. F. Wertz , Boston -
ton ; J.H. Dean , Chhuffo ; . G. W , Perkins ,
New York ; Charles Rundrctz , New \ork ;
E , B. Parker , Boston | 1) . Witfikowslty , Chicago
cage ; E. F. Whlthkowsky , Chleigo ; L. A.
Kohn. Chlcaco ; A. A. tinindlll. Now York ;
C. D. Miller. St. Louis ! F. W. Slovens , Chicago
cage ; G. W. Wheeler * Chicago ; S. I.
Pope , Chicago ; C. 1) . Gurrctt. St. Lonla ;
O. M. Lowery , New York ; E. W. Cudahy ,
Chicago ; I ) . Morgan , Cincinnati : U. N Fenn ,
New York ; C. G. Codmnn , Boston ; M.
Salinger. Philadelphia ; , M. M. Miller , New
York ; Win. G. Fiilrl iih ( , New York ; O. H.
Harvey , DCS Molnes ; f.Tiutlun , Now York ;
A. J. Hedge , Chlenpoj H. E. Cobb , Chicago ;
E.Dellslo , New York ; It. H. Douglas , Chi-
rage ; E. A. Smith , New York ; 11 , L. Kink *
mnn , New York ; B. G. Yocom , Duliith ; B.
Phillips , New York ; II. C. Morchouso , Mis
souri Valley ; T. H. Lark. Missouri Valley ; H.
H. Osgood , Chicago ; L. F. Blue , Now York ;
C. M. Lunduor , Now York ; F. B. Clark ,
Chicago : P. Meyer , Chicago ; O , G. Tuttle ,
Painsvllto ; H , L. Dougherty , Blnghamton ;
J. Hlekok , Now York ; F. Charles , Bliighnin-
ton ; M. W. Cane , Now York ; II. Broben-
stool , Rochester , N. Y , ; H. Hurolton ,
St. Louis ; I. L. Tucker , Now York ; M.
Fohln , Now York ; M. I. Larson , Rochester ;
G. J. Spitz , Boston ; W. 1C. Kent , Chicago ;
A. Achcrson , New York ; H. M. Guylord ,
Now York ; D. A. Halt , Now YorkJ. ; T.
Bonobough , ChcagoG. ! ; D.Chasan , Chicago ;
J. C. Hocicstoff , St. Louis ; E. C. Michrior ,
Minneapolis ; Chas. Smith , Now York ; H. L.
ShaulTer , St. Louis ; H. C. Cutter. Boston ;
C. Hemp , Now York ; H. A. Fitzgerald ,
Now York ; J. E. Glaus , St. Paul ; F. B.
Newell , Peoria ; C. F. Knnpp , Jackson ; A.
Martin , Denver ; J. A. Mathews , St. Louis ;
T. J. Bowman. Lo Mors ; C. H. Smith , Chicago
cage ; I. H. Green , Chicago ; I , H. Rich ,
It Is stnted thnt since the ndvent of fnst
trnins ont of Omnhn the Jobbing trade of this
city has Increased materially.
A movement is now on foot for a 5000 milo
interchangeable railroad ticket for the use of
members of the national ussoclatlon. The
proposition hns already been mndo to the
railroads. In the event that the railroad com
panies comply with the request of the asso
ciation , this ticket will bo sold to members nt
the rate of U cents per mlle und will bo rcc-
ognired by conductors on nil railroads in any
one trutlle association.
The thirteenth nunual convention of the
Commercial Travelers' association of tlio
state of Indiana was held nt Evansville Jan
uary 0 ; between 12,000 und 15,000 were in at
tendance , great preparations having boon
mndo by the local society to welcome them.
Every part of the state was well represented.
The visitors were received at the depot by
the local members of the association and sev
eral bands of music. A grand reception und
ball and banquet took place after adjourn
A corrcsponcnt in the St. Paul Globe has
this to say of a well known Nebraska trav
eler : "Nick Sloman , notSlowinan , hns been
getting olT ono of his dynumito Jokes. Now
ho can do it us well ns nnybody , Nick came
from u town some hundred miles cast of
Oniuha , but ho has been out in the great
west so long that ho ceased to bo a tender
foot yours ago. The writer knew him when
bo was about knee-high to a tond. Ho
comes from a class of natural born traders.
nnd will got there as persistently as anyone. "
The commercial trllvclors of St. Louis
want a club house and'havo ' devised n novel
plan for the fulfillment of their hopes. They
propose to name their post after .tho firm
which shall behave most liberally in helping
' : o establish tlioin in suitable quarters. Tlio
iroposltlon looking to , this , and which re
ceived most favorable consideration was the
sale of associate memberships in the T. P. A.
at } 25 each , such memberships to bo honor
ary nnd to bo taken by ( members of the flrms
not eligible to active membership. It Is esti
mated that 3,500 will fit up u club house in
fitting style , and for the present the local
post would bo contented with a routed house
or flat ; but its members confidently expect
to own their house and furnishings , as do the
local posts of other large cities , within a
short tlmo.
Sam Jones in a tahV'dellvercd ' at Kansas
City recently , said : "Lhoard a commercial
traveler sav once that a follow wcntwithhim
selling a different line of goods he gave this
for a truism the follow commenced cursing
and cursing and ho suld ho traveled with him
a full week , aud ho didn't sell a hundred del
lars' worth. 'How is it , ' ho st Id , 'that I can
not sell goodsl' I said 'I expect the reason is
you take it out in cursing. ' [ Laughter. ] At
the end of the second week the fellow quit
cursing. That week ho had sold thousands
of dollars worth of goods. Ho had quit curs
ing. 1 woula not patronize a house that
would send out such black-mouthed drum
mers. [ Applause. ] What do you want to go
around the country tingeing the atmosphere
of the country for ! You nre sent out to sell
goods nnd not to dofaino the word of God. It
has boon a long time since you fellows caught
it this way [ Laughter. ] God help mo to rub
it in on you till you feel like a dog. "
[ Laughter ] .
For fear of losing a day's work , mnny
persons put off taking physic until Sat
urday. The bettor plan is not to delay
but take it as soon ns needed , it may
save you n hard spoil of sickness. If
you want the most bciiolit from the
least amount of physio without causing
you any inconvenience , los > s of appetite
or rest , take St. Patrick's Pills. Their
action on the liver nnd bowels uro
thorough , they give a freshness , tone
and vigor to tlio wliolo system and act
iu harmony with nature.
A Wealthy Darkey.
When the Now York papers a few
days ago rcforrcd _ to N. W. Cunoy as
being the wealthiest colored man in
Texas they had evidently not hoard of
the Lincoln family , now residing nt
Dallas , six children in all , who have
como into possession of $48,000 , giving
thorn the snug little sum of 88,000,000
Ono of the heirs to this immense
property is in Galvcston , and a NOWE
reporter looked him up _ yesterday , as
much much out of curiosity to sue n
a negro possessed of such enormous
wealth as in search of an item.
The following item from n paper pub
lished in Paris , Tex. , in connection
with the information thnt ono of the
city , is that which directed the rcdortei
in IUH search :
"Tho Lincoln heirs ( colored ) , living
in Dallas , who a year or so ago hocamc
the wealthiest colored people in Amer
ica , have recently como into possession
of all of their property. The amount
duo them was on deposit in the Bank ol
England , and aggregated the enormous
sum of $48,000,000. ( Forty-eight million
dollarsl This has been divided nmoiifi
the heirs , Abraham , Ed , Bur , Mat , Fannie -
nio and Lulu , each having received
58,000,000. Eight million dollars ! "
The party in Galvcston bears tlio illus
trious cognomen of Abraham Lincoln ,
Tie was traced to ay colored hoarding-
house on Twenty-fourth street , between
Postolllco and Church , but not hoing
found in , ho courteously responded tc
the request of the News man to call i\1
the oflieo , which hcrdld last night , com
ing in ns meekly ns'though ho wanted
to borrow $1 instead of owning $8,000,000 ,
Abraham is a young man , appnrontlj
not over thirty-live years of ago , of ii
saddle-colored complexion , mid evi
dently a man of moro than the average
intelligence of his race. Ho has crcdon
tials , printed letter-heads , etc. , whorcir
ho in styled Governor Abraham Lincoln
showing him to bo the manager of tin
AVhon asked by what moans sucl
enormous wealth had boon acquired bj
his family , ho replied that its was an inheritance
horitanco from his grandmother , Kannj
Ellis , who resided at Dallas when she
died , a year or two ago. Fanny Ellii
was a Juoxican woman , aud some fortj
years ago her husband acquired immense
mense- wealth in speculation in Moxicai
woman , and f-oino forty years ago hoi
mining claims , which was deposited ii
the Bank of England. Preceding tin
late civil war they bought and holt
slaves , and among one of their purchase
from u slave tradol- was the father ol th <
six children who have re
cently como into possession
of the J-18,000,000. The father
Innrrlcd the daughter Of his mistress by
whom ho was sot free , and the six chllu-
rott being the direct isstio of that marriage -
riago , establish the chain of direct in
heritance. Some litigation was noccs-
8ury in establishing their claim , ami it
was only a few days ago tlmt they ac
quired actual posMjsslon ol their fabu
lous Inheritance.
Abraham Lincoln is bore , ns ho saya ,
with the view ot probably locating at
\Vhon asked if ho had malum ! any
plans for limiting this vast estate , bo
replied that they hud decided lo invest
it all on January 1 iu United States
boiuln. Tlio interest on Iho bonds , said
ho , will give UH mete limn enough lo
live on , with a good margin for specula
tion without touching the principal. It
is alto ti safe investment and carries
with it au immutiitv from luxation.
Men Who Itun tlio Dyers.
Chicago Ilorald : The shirting otft of
so many limited trains lo the west has
caused quite ix shaking up among the
locoiuollvo engineers of tlio Chicago
roads. Not a few ambitions have boon
stirred only to bo disappointed , for only
ono onirinoei1 in a. hundred of these
anxious to got u run with the flyer
could bo accommodated. Only half a
dozen men on each road could gain the
honor which a hundred craved. A run
on the limited is about the top notch of
locomotive engineering. Yet these
who wore lucky enough to gain the
prizes find their tasks anything but
cosy ones. Tlio now fast , runs out of
Chicago nro not so very fast , but they
are exceedingly dillicult to make oil
schedule tlmo. This is because of the
largo number ol stops which it is neces
sary to make on uccount of railway
crossings and other obstructions.
The schedule tlmo of the now trains
between Chicago antV Council Bluffs is
rather les than thirty-ilvo miles an
hour , but In making the trip engineers
often find it necessary to steam ahead at
the rate of fifty to sixty miles. Between
Chicago and the Missouri river a train
must como to a halt about thirty times
for railway crossings or other causes
that may bo dopondpd upon day after
day. In addition to thcso certain stops
nre several contingent ones , making an
average of probably forty full stops on
roulo. As each full stop i * equivalent
to the loss of four or live minutes at the
least , a litllo calculation shows us that
the time spent in slopping und starting
amounts to nearly thrco hours on the
trip. This brings the running time up
to almost forty miles an hour , aim
113 along a goodly portion of the line
it is impossible to muko any such
speed , on account of stoop gradients and
passing through towns and cities at
street grado. the engineers find it
necessary tospood up to sixty miles an
hour on the most favorable stretches of
the road. The fsist runs out of Chicago
are all night runs , nnd it is the night
run that trios the ongineor'ti courage.
Driving ahead at a milo a minute into a
sea of darknoHS which human eye can
not pcuolrato is work such as no cow
ardly or even timid man could perform.
Among engine drivers there are bold
mon and timid men , but only the
former were selected for thcso fast runs.
A timid man , prone to shut olT steam for
every shadow soon on the track , or for
every imaginary danger , for engineers
are called upon continually to beat back
their own apprehensions , could never
muko time on n run like ono of the
limited trains to the west. Some of the
best and bravest engineers in the world
are on thc&o foot-plates , and in this cli-
miilo and under the disadvantages besetting -
setting thorn they will find enough to
try their mottle.
A Dog Mall Carrier.
San Jos Times : Dorsoy , the Scotch
colloy , who has just had his picture
painted , enjoys the dibtiction of being
the only regularly employed canine
mail carrier in the world. Dorsoy , has ,
for upward of three years , carried the
mail between Calico , San Bornando
county , and Bismark , a mining camp
between three and four miles distant.
Calico is a station , and has a post ofllco.
Bismark is without stage or post ollleo.
Without the aid of the dog many a
minor would have a hard time getting
his mail , ns the country is
very rough and stoop in places , and
most of the year the weather is
very warm. Dorsoy belongs to the post
master at Calico , and in his youth was
not regarded above the average pup.
The picture shows him to be about the
average sixo , with very intelligent oycs ,
black and white color , shaggy coat and
bushy tail.
The way the dog became a mail car
rier was as follows : Ono day the post
master wanted to send word to his
brother at Bismarck , but did not want
to make the trip. It occurred to him to
try the dog. He wrote a letter , tied it
around the dog's neck , pointed the ani
mal's nose toward Bismarck and told
him to go. Uo trotted off a short dis-
tauco , and then turned about to sco
what clbo was wanted. Some of the
binall boys showered stones at him , und
he ran on to Bismarck. Next day lie
returned with an answer tied on his
neck , and he showed that ho had been
well treated. The experiment was re
peated , each time with nuccess and ad
ditional dignity on the part of the dog.
As soon as it became known that Dor
soy could bo depended upon , requests
were constantly made by the miners to
tend theirmail by him. The loads soon
increased and it became evident that
they could not tie on all the letters.
The minors then ordered a1 handsome
little mail bag and fitted it to the dog's
shoulders. It is fastened around IUH
chest by one btrap and around his
body , back of his fore legs , by another.
Ho has never misnod a trip for about
three years , nor lost a letter. Now ,
when the stage < comes in ho gels up ,
stretches himbolf , walks to the po t
ollleo , waits to have the mail strapped
to him and starts oil'as soon ns ho is
told all is ready. Ho will make a long
detour to avoid meeting a stranger ,
seeming to realize the importance of its
mission. AH might bo expected , Dor-
boy is a great favorite with all who
know him in that boction. The picCuro
should bo in the postolllco department
at "Washington , to show thp expedient
used to transport the mail in the west
ern frontier.
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P. D. CLARKE , M. D.
186 So. Clarlc St. . CHICAGO. ILL.
: . TUB
Chicago , Milwaukee & St , Paul R'y.
The Best Route from Omnha and Council
Bluffs to
- = = = THE EAST = = -
Chicago , AND HilTrankcc ,
St. Paul , Minneapolis , Cedar Rapids ,
Itock Island , Frceport , Rockford ,
Clinton , Dnbnqae , DaTcnjMtrt ,
Elgin , Mndison , Junesiillo ,
Beloit , Wliiona , La Crosse ,
And all oth r Important point * Eait , Northeast and
For tbrongh tl keta call on the ticket wtont at HOI
Farnam itreot. In Ilizton llotel , or at Uuloa 1'aclOo
piillmtn Bleeper > and the flnott nintng Can In the
world are run on tha in lu line of the Chicago , Mil
waukee A. Hi. Paul Itahwnr , and ercrr attention Is
am to paiiengen l > r couricuut euplo/es ol thi
B. MII.L.KR , Oenernl Manager.
i.V.TUCKUlt , AailitantUeneral Manager.
A. V. It. OAItfKMTEB , Oeucral 1'anonjer and
QUO. h.HKAFFORD , AiiliUnt General Fuienger
nd Ticket Agent.
J.T. CLAllE , Ueneral SapartatendenU
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olHce ,
1029 P Street , Capital Hotel Building
TruicoratneU. (
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" "
D , 111 ,
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dlopcnsQ with thotrius rod.hulldulth n shnllow
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ity to iinnoynnco from \vuter nnd diingcr ot
freoztnglu v Inter.
RKCONn The novel nmnncr of suspending Its
lover : , under the frame , mid application ot our
now Improvocl pIvot-Riinrcl , niTords n
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Other 8c le-i protect their banrlnRR , only ,
by the timbers used in building , , while the
Victor , nlono , has u special contrivance , In
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01' IMI'OllTKD
Clydesdale Stallions and Mares ,
At Railing's ' Bam , Lincoln , Nell , ,
FEBRUARY 1 , 1888 , AT 1 P. M.
At which tlmo nnd plnce I will soil to the highest
bidder 18 head of choicely bred nnd grandly
formed Moron nnd ptnlllons , nil Imported from
Kcotliuul iu August , every nnlmnl warranted to
be n brooder. Thu stallions , HOIIUI 10 In number ,
rnnio In ages from ! Mo 11 years ; their ancestors
will bo rocognl/.i-d by breeders us being some of
the moil noted animals recorded In the Cljdes-
dnlo Ktml Hook. They nro ns well formed us
they nro bred , and cimnot fall to plense tlio
breeder who utipruclnleii style with good notion ,
IIVTKO boliu urn ! muscle ami uconstltntlou hnrdly
equaled and not excelled by nny other breed o (
llraft IlorbC.s.
TKUMS OK SALE-lii mouths for bnnknbh )
paper though longer tlmo will bo ulvenwheu
desired If nppllentlon Is made before snlo.
l < 'or Cntiilogno uppljr to RM. Woods , Lincoln ,
Neb , after January 0,18fvM.
V. il. WOODS. N. T. I'AHKKU ,
Ain-tlonetir , Importer nnd llreedor ,
Lincoln , Nob. . Hlmcoe , Ont.
I'ercheronB , Clydesdales nnd Shire , nlno homt
bred cults , Kvcry nnlmiil KUiiranteeu u breedei
Our stock hns been selected with reference tq
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