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Attorney General Leone Decides
That It Is Illegal.
An TntPrcKtlfiK Kxhlhlt to He Mnclo Ily
the Htnto I'cnchcrn' Association
District Court Cnnes Other
Lincoln News.
frnoM Tin : nni s i.ixcoi.x
Attorney General Lccso furnished the nu-
dltor an opinion yesterday on the question of
the right ot tlio Nebraska Grain Dealers' as-
Roulation to transact Insurance business in
the stute. In thu rovlow of the case und the
work done by the grain dealer ; } the attorney
general Is of the opinion , mid so" expresses It ,
thnt the association was entirely opposed to
transacting business contrary to law nnd' be
lieved they were nctlngstrictly In accordance
therewith. Tlio trouble scorns to exist hi the
fact that since the organization of the asso
ciation the Insurance p.irt has been added ,
and their constitution and by-laws as grain
dealers are unsultcd to the Insurance clause
of Incorported mutual companies. THO nt-
torney general does not llnd any grounds for
the statement that they arc doing business
under their present constitution. On the
contrary , they nro doing business In conform
ity with the act governing mutual insurance
nnd which their constitution docs not cover.
The attorney general , therefore , sny.s that as
the association Is drnftiiign now cohstltutlon
that will cover the law , ho does not bellovo
that , pending this change , the ends of Justice
demand legal proceedings to oust the asso
' KxmniTox or rnooi , wonK.
Thu state superintendent has issued the
following circular :
Arrangements are being rnnde to have n
general exhibit of school work in Nebraska
at the the next State Teachers' association
nt Fremont. I hope to secure nnd have on
exhibition at Fremont , school work from
Homo of the eastern Btatrs that our teachers
may see what is being dojiu in this direction
elsewhere. A committee will have charge
of the exhibits and make such awards us our
means will allow. The following general sub
jects are suggested and arrangements will bo
inndofor then-display : Industrial clussDrnw -
ings , wood and iron work , tools etc. , work
of state industrial school at Kearney , work
from the deaf und dumb institution at Omaha ,
from llio blind asylum at Nebraska City ,
work from the Omaha manual training
school , needlework , recipes for cooking ,
4 ' home-made tools , physical apparatus and us-
says on the trades , occupations nnd sciences.
Tcchiilcnl Class Pupils written work by
crudes on the various subjects taught , exam-
, million papers In geogrnphy , arithmetic ,
, grammar , civil government , history , etc. ,
J/ map drawing , relief maps , iwninanshlp , 'do-
| nlgns and other drawings , illustrated methods
' * of teaching.
/ Kindergarten Class For children under
{ t seven years of ago. penmanship , slate work ,
Froehel's ' gifts and occupations.
This circular is merely a preliminary notice
of the desire cxprcssed'to have an exhibition
< of this kind nt Fremont in connection with
the State Touchers' association In the spring
of ISbS. I hope tlio superintendents and
principals of graded schools will take an In
terest in this exhibit. The county superin
tendents will bo able to llnd many good
schools and teachers among these under
their supervision who can prepare something
to send to Fremont. This being the llrst at
tempt to have a state exhibit I shall bo
pleased to receive at nn early day any sug
gestions or promises of aid in the matter. I
will send out n circular early In January giv
ing moro dcllnito directions regarding the
putting together of exhibits , when und where
to send them with other details.
Gno. B. LANK , State Supt.
Jennie G. Snyder has lllcd a petition in the
district court for divorce from her husband ,
David A. Snydcr , the petition reciting that
thnt they were married In 18ST , nt Plum
Creek , Neb. , nnd that almost from that day
ho has cruelly deserted her mid utterly failed
to provide for her , for which desertion she
asks divorce nnd to have restored her maiden
uamo of 'Odello.
Ulchnrd Murphy brines suit against H. C.
Ulttenbcnder to declare void bonds given to
cover title ami payment ou certain city
property given some years ago.
The Mursollles Manufacturing company ,
of Illinois , has commenced suit against * Fred
II. Truver , Jumos K. Housholder and Samuel
MtChty to recover $11X1 and interest from
1885. The petition recites that the defend
ants have Interests In some lands and the
petition calls upon the court to determine the
interest nnd grant Judgment in the case ,
roui/ritv ANI > i-r.r STOCK ASSOCIATION.
The llfth annual exhibition of the Nebraska
Poultry and Pet Stock association will beheld
held In Lincoln January 0 to 14 , 1S8S , und the
premium list nnd rules are now printed and
ready for distribution by the secrctary , Gor-
hnm F. Hetts , of Lincoln. The premiums are
liberal and voluminous and sufllclont to at
tract n largo attendance of exhibitors and the
business men Of Lincoln have contributed
liberally In the work of special premiums.
The oftlccrs of tlio association are H. H. Wat
son , Grand Island , president ; H. J. Macy ,
Sterling , vice president : Gorhaui F. Hetts ,
Lincoln , secretary and treasurer ; M. W.
Nclhart , Nebraska City , recording secretary :
J. M. Gilchrist , Mnrshalltown , la. , Judge of
poultry exhibit.
TO itKCKivr. TIII : niMior.
Messrs. FiUgurnld , Egan and Sutton , the
committee in charge of the reception to bo
tendered' the new Catholic bishop , Kov.
Thomas ISonucum , have arranged for * a pub
lic meeting at Funko's opera house on Tues
day evening next , to bo attended by the
Catholics and citUens generally of Lincoln.
Governor Tlmyor is announced to preside and
ho will also speak In welcome to the bishop
rin behalf of the state. Mr. L. W. IliUingnly ,
of the city council , will deliver the address of
welcome on behalf of the city and John P.
Sutton will welcome the bishop on behalf of
tho.congregation of St. Theresa "church. The
i-oecption to the reverend gentleman will un
doubtedly be most cordial.
i.inniiu , coNTiunUTioNs.
Thu Lincoln branch of the Irish National
league has vollccted and forwarded In the
very ohott tlnut of a week over * 1,800 to aid
hi swelling the nnti-bvlctlon fund in rrelnnd.
This is raised by the Lincoln branch , ox-
elnsivo of the ? l,000 sent by President Fitz
gerald , and is made up of voluntary contri
butions secured without any systematic canvass -
vass for funds. It speaks well for the energy
nnd liberality of the Lincoln branch of the
Irish National Lenguo uf America ,
Attorney General Lccso and State Oil Inspector
specter Caldwcll weru passengers for Omaha
last evening ou a business trip.
Commissioner Scott , Mrs. Scott , Miss Lot
tie Ivan und Miss Maud Scott are homo from
Kearney , where Mr. Scott was called by'tho
Illness of his brother.
Dr. Gerth and Commissioner Abbey hnvo
returned from attending the convention of
live stock commissioners that has been in
session at Sprlngllold , 111. , the past week.
Notices wcro sent out yesterday by the
land co'mmlssloimr to some three hundred de
linquents on school land leases and sales In
tlio counties of Otoo , Lancaster , Merrick and
Hall. Other counties will receive like at
tention in the near future.
Governor Thaycr has Issued commissions
to the following additional notaries public :
Mntcom L. Todd , Nantaskct , liuffalo county ;
Kobfnsoit W. llurton , Hcrwyn , Custcr county ;
C. W. H. Lucbert , Calloway , Cuslor county ;
George H. Fair , Dakota City ; Gcorgo J. Kelley -
ley , Stockvllle , Frontier county ; T. D. Cob-
hey , Wymoro ; L. W. Morgan , Pullet-ton ,
Nanco county ; Gcorgo A. Clapp , Brock , No-
inaha county ; James F.Thrasher , LoupCity ,
Mierman comity ; S. H. Cam-on. Ord , Valley
gounty ; A. L. Squire , Arcadia , Vnlloy county ;
a1. II. Slowoll , Francis , Wheeler county ; W.
9. Vance , Innvale , Webster county.
llenl Kstnto Transfers.
D Wlesmnn nnd wlfo to S Urodko lot
1. blk 4 , Uush & Sclby'B addw d. . . $ ! S
S Hrodkoy and wlfo to ! * hmk Schlthln
lots 4 to 6 , blk , Hush & Selby'i add
wd 000
Frank Hilbert und wife to Caleb Win
ter , s.f n 120 ft of wK # lot i
nnpmi'sndd , wd. 1,200
W G Albright and wlfo to Milton Mo-
Dcrinit , lots tl nnd la , blk 3 aub-dlv ,
blk 37 Hlbright's choice , wd 1,000
E J Winters et nl to Aug SchatTorjHJt ,
lot 22 , blk 2 , Gate City park , w d. . . . 250
L , H Tower and wife to Hyron Ueed ,
part of sco 1-15-1U ( part of old river
bed ) qcn 1
Jay J Skinner und wife to Alice .f
Dayton , lot 0 , blk 8ft. Florence , w d. . 000
Klnorn Benkloy and husband to John
L Plerson , w k n' < lot 3 , Hnscull's
subdlv Okahomo , wd 800
Bpencer Otis and wlfo to Helen U
Clark , lots 1 mid 3 , Bnkcr'sndd , wd. ' 1,200
Charles N Folsom et nl to John
O'Hi-iirn , fiOxtiS ft In lot 7 , blk 0 and '
2m ft in lot U , blk ( ! , 1st add South
Omnhn. w d. 2,000
John O'Hcarn ' to The Public , S2x o ft ,
lot fl , blk 0,1st add South Omaha ( for
nlloy ) , wd 1
Henry Curtis ntul wlfo to John F
Uehtii , lot 1 , blk 'J , Potter ( t Cobb's
odd , w d 473
CliaiincyO Howard mid wlfo to LA
Harmon , lot 1 , blk 5 , Ml 1'Ie.isant
Odd , wd COO
Nelson Fnddcn uud wlfo to James F -
Hoblusoii , lot 1 blk 7 Central Park
mid , wd , 2f,00
8 Cunningham et id to Wendell Benson
jiowor of attorney to release certain
W J Maxwell to James F Morton , gen
eral power of attorney ' .
L Bishop ot nl to Martin Quick , n HO ft
lot 8 and . ) , blk 10 Patrick's ! ! iul add
w d 3,600
Robert A Findluy to Kichard A Morris
lot 8 blk bfi South Omaha , w d 3,000
Margaret J Coojicr , rededicutloti of
table land
Alexander Finlaysou and wife to C
Bolsley. n w X s w / sco5-13-14 , w d 40,000
Jos A Hnyncs to J O Hayncs , power
of attorney to cancel mortgage.
Ellory H Hume to Kliziihcth Mason ,
lot Ii , blk fl. Hawthorne , w d 825
Sarah B Klllott and husband to O II
fiallou et al , e 50 ft lots 25 and 20 ,
blk 17 , Hanscom place , w d 6,000
Emma Itockfcllow and husband to O
H Bullou ct al , lot 4 , blk 15 , Al
bright's nnnex , w d 1.000
H Kfllngcr and wlfetoFicd K Kfllu-
gcr , undlv l lot 1 , blk iilii , Omaha ,
wd 4,000
Jos ICotlal et al to Kruiitlska Kubovcc ,
lot 12 , blk 1 , Potter & Cobb's add ,
Wd 725
Total. . . . $71,273
F. A. Wltte , of Ord , brought in three loads
of hogs.
J. P. Widup has n car of hogs on the
Hen C. Muyons , of Wood Hlvcr , is nttho
.1. M. Cameron , of Raymond , marketed n
loud of hogs.
George Cfirlcton , of Fullerton , is ou the
F. Snydcr. of Crcignton , Neb. , has a load
of cattle on the market.
G. M. Nollgh , of Anduhon , la. , registered
at the Exchange hotel. -
Mrs. David Anderson has boon seriously
ill for the last few days.
Ono rent per pound Is paid for dead hogs
by the rendering companies.
The Pacific Telegraph company hud a gang
of men removing their poles west of the track
Lewis Hutlcr Is feeding cattle out nt Carlo ,
nnd Is looking over the yards preparatory to
The K. of P. worked In the second degree
lust night , and some of the members knajv
moro now than a week ago.
Swift Si Co. are M present killing about
four hundred hogs per day. They are pick
ing up all the light stuff offered.
The Knights of Labor social club will hold
n "Hard Times' Hall" on tho21st , nnd In view
of the hard times have placed the price of
tickets at forty-nlno cents.
J. S. Provenchen , of Exter , Neb. , made his
first venture in South Omaha yesterday. Ho
formerly sold his stock to. country buyers ,
but this time shipped on his own account.
Good cattle bring good pi Ices , but the ro-
ccnt heavy receipts of light weights has to
some extent demoralized tlfc market. Ship-
pcrs In tlmo will learn that good beeves will
ilnd as ready , sale hero as In Chicago.
The present line weather has its draw
backs , for some men sccin to think It will last
nil winter. Five of them were in a saloon
shaking dice yesterday to sec which ono
wotld pawn his overcoat to pay for the
Harry Jones started to celebrnto Christ
mas last night , nnd by 12 o'clock was in the
lock-up. Ho paid .Tndgo Keuthcr $ T > and
costs and then started out to look for his
pony , which had mysteriously disappeared
during the celebration.
Hoof nnd Horn , the new dally , will make
its ap | > caranco on Monday next. Judging
from the talent engaged it promises to bo a
success , as the managing editor , J. A.Mo -
Murphy , won n nnmo as editor of the Wuhoo
Wusp , and his assistants , A. .T. Canghoy and
O. E. Shannon , are both well nnd favorably
known here. W. A. Koot will have charge
of the advertising department.
There Is n probability that extra men will
bo put on the police force shortly. As it is
Marshal Uico nnd his six men arc expected to
patrol from the city limits to Sarpy county ,
and from the river , four miles back alto
gothcr sixteen square miles. For this thu
marshal received $63 nnd his men f-T
less the 10 per cent discount it costs to
cash their warrants They are allowed the
usnnl county fees to offset this , but the pa.\
is Inadequate to the \vork , and the number
of men , to the extent of ground they cover
Its superior excellence proven in mllllons ot
homes former * thun a fiuarter of n century. It
Is nscil by llio United Ht-iite ( loverninent. lin-
dorseil liy the hoaili of the cruat unlvcrsltlos , as
Hie Strongest. I'uroet niul Most llonltliful. Dr.
1'rlCtVa th only IJiiltliiR Powder tli t does not
contain Ammonln. Ltrae or Alum. Sold m\\y \ in
cam. I'UIRRllAKINQ 1'UWDEll CO. .
Now York. Chlcucto. . St. Louis.
Tlilrd Judicial IMstrlrt ,
- nv.aumieii Kou -
20 Cents a Week ,
Beven pnpora a wcct. Bond your order to the
olllcc ,
1029 P Street , Capital Hotel Building
The unseasonable warm weather has left a few more Overcoats on our hands than we desire
to carry over into the new year * and in order to sell them right now , we have cut the prices all to
pieces. Commencing to-morrow we , will offer our very finest Overcoats at prices heretofore asked
for medium qualities. The biggest cut we will make on our fur and plush trimmed goods. There
are not many of them , but we have a few very fine garments trimmed with good fur and silk plush.
We want to make a sweep with these goods and close them out before we take stock. We invite
those who have so far managed to get along with their old or light weight Overcoats , and whom
the open winter has kept back from buying a heavy one , to inspect these garments. They will be
surprised to see hpw little money it takes now to procure such an elegant Overcoat. This is really
a grand opportunity and the last chance this season.
In Men's Dress and Business Suits we have a beautiful stock the largest in the city and our
prices are known to be by far the cheapest. Many fine suits have been marked away down in order
to reduce stock and we will save you tully 25 per cent if not more on every suit ,
The big trade we. have had in Boys' Overcoats last week has broken up the sizes of several
lots , but we still have a fair assortment. The prices are such that we expect them to be cleaned
out soon.
Our Hat Department is known to offer better hats for less money than any regular hat house
in the city. The fine Fur Derby's which we are selling for one dollar have made a name for us.
No other house sells a hat of equal quality for less than $2 or $2.50. We have received several
new styes for the holidays. Our finest hats at $2.5O , $3 and $3.25 cannot be bought at any
other house for less than $3.50. $4 and $5. We offer in thfis department a splendid line of Fur
Caps at just one-half their regular retail prices.
The beautiful and artistic display of Men's Furnishings in our large windows will give an
idea of the variety of goods we have and the x > rices we ask. We invite those who are puzzled
with the all-aborbing question , "What to pive. " to look at our window and they will see what
we can offer in the way of presents for gentlemen. Sensible and thoughtful men prefer and
enjoy substantial Christmas gifts of this nature. There is a satisfaction in giving or receiving
a present that one can be seen wearing , a gilt that combines utility and beauty , and nowhere
else can you get such goods s.o cheap. Our popular system of selling goods at the lowest
.prices will be continued during the holiday season. We have no fancy prices and those who
purchase of us can save enough on each purchase to buy a nice presen t for themselves.
Beginning Monday we will present visitors at our store with a beautiful holiday souvenir ,
copies of which are displayed in our windows.
All goods marked in ! plain figures and at strictly one price.
Company ,
Corner Douglas and 14th , Streets , Omaha.
1119 Farnam Street. 1119
8I1.10 Which wna mndo to order by a Merchant Tailor . $0.00
84 " 0 " " " " " " $8.00
$4lX ( )
M.-'JO " " " " " " " . . 810.00
$005 " " " " " " " . Sl'-.OO
$7 < > 0 " " " " " " " . 814.00
$ S 00
$ D , JO $18.00
'AT ' FOtt
$0.80 Which was made to order by a Merchant Tailor . $18.00
$ N ! oo " " " " " . ; . 82'J.OO
81200 " " " " " " " . $124.00
" " " " " " " " . .
$28.M ( )
$1(1.70 ( " ' " " " " "
$18.40 "
$ ii7.o : ; $ J > i.oo
$30.20 " " " " " " $ IU.0 ) ( )
S35.SO " " " " " " $70.00
AT . " FOR
89.00 Which was made to order by a Merchant „ Tailor . ' . $18.00
. " " " " lf " ' " . .
$10.70 $20.00
" " " " ' * ' " . .
$24. ( K )
. " " " " " " " . .
' $28.00
$10.20 " " " u. " li " . $112.00
$18.70 u " " " " . " , " . A. . $30.00
$2i.GO ! " " " " " " " . .T. . i . $40.00
$28.40 " " " " " " " . 85I.X ( ( )
882.70 " " " " " " " . .
* ( U.OO
$3(5.80 ( " " " " " " . " . $72.00
845.00 " " " " " , " , ' . $00.00
See Them Furnishing Goods and Hats at Your Own Price ,
1119 Farnam Street 1119-
N. B. Orders by mail receive prompt and careful attention
But Work aad
( Successors to John 0. Jacobs. )
Ondertalers and Embalracrs
At the old ittand. 1407 Fnrn m St. Orders by telo-
tr pU tiollcUed and promptly atu&dod to.
'JlcklepUoue Mo. 23.
n ttuel > rcliuo an. | Kunrllanal diwr.
"tfrirumlu-HAnijHUinnch Mnllclntl.
UAISTOI C0.1 i > kl-i e. , > . .Urk.
Of tin Uodr enlarged tn ] ttrrotthrntd. Kull lurtlen-
lanieDttcalcd tiee. KUIK WK1) . CO. . llurUM ) . H. V.
IWUU e ( CTCt-Worki lodUcrttloo , etc. , nJJtcu 4tio * .
- --Dinado wllU patent tluulilo ncilnu rlj anl
- " fol'llni ' : kncu rnt. Unlit ,
\ub2Juntlal ami handsome.
) U UT ! In the l > e l llauili an < l
clivitrm. Uacqualctl fur
j tone , iuri'iu ' ull oilier * In
J Onlih atxl appearance. K
hnnrcit lluilc dealer doei
Uiibl keep tbrm. write to M
mjtut I IluttraKU Catalogue.
" 1.TOM A HEAU-T. Chloago , III *
OVER "sra8
Owing to fee lateness ofths season wo
find ourselves overstocked with fine anfl
medium priced overcoats , and in order
to reduce tlie Quantity we propose to sell
most of feein within the next 10 days ,
and liave made prices tliat will tare a ,
speedy sale :
Our $ 5 overcoats now go for $ 3.00
11 8 u 5,00
11 ( i li
9 liu 6,00
11 10 u 7,50
11 ( l il
15 ilu 10,00
11 if u
20 14,00
11 25 ii u 18,00
We have reduced In tlio same ratio
an our
Far and Fnr Trimmed
Overcoats ;
ami if you need one yon will find
this the best opportunity yet offered
this season. We have had such it
grand success of our
Sale that we have just added a few
more styles of desirable suits that
are selling at other stores all the way
from 914 to $18. We place them all
in one lot and sell them at one prcer (
JFcalso have a fine and largo as *
sortnicnt of nobby styles in suits , ,
which we are offering at cut i-rlces.
We Really Have No Competition
in Our Boys' ' and Childrens' '
For our line of
Boy's Suits Sc Over *
coats ,
Is very complete and our price of
$1 for a nobby boy's Jachct and
pants , In ages from 4 to 13 years , it- ,
hard to beat anywhere
New York& Omaha
For Men and Boy's
1308 FarnamSt.