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Seal Sacques , Novelty Silk Suits , Novelty Wool Suits , Ribbons , Silk Handkerchiefs , Mar
seilles Bed Spreads and Books.
London Dyed Alaska Seal Garments , Monday and All Next Week , We Make a Gtfand Special Dis <
play of all kinds of Seal Sacques , Wraps and Men's Fine Fur Overcoats and Robes.
And All Next Week.
The largest and most complete
line of best London-dyed Alaska
Sealskin Garments , In all the lat
est and newest styles ; also largo
line or Gents' Fine Fur Overcoats ,
and finest and handsomest line
ofjrino Fur Robes ever shown
In this city , and all at prices lower
than over offered by any other
house In this city or the world.
These furs are from the well
known house of H. Llebes & Co. ,
San Francisco , so well and so
favorably known In this city.
This display lasts but six days ,
October 1O , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 and 18.
We ask all of our lady and gen
tlemen friends to come and see
the display , as It Is the largest of
the kind that has ever been at
tempted In this city.
Silk Department.
Ono grand special bargain in
our Silk department Monday.
Only 2B Silk and Velvet Novelty
Suits In this lot.
Monday morning we will place
on sale 25 all Silk and Velvet
Novelty Suits that are worth
from $47 to $ BB , all at one price ,
which Is $25 each. This lot of
Silk Suits Is the first we have ever
offered at special sale. They are
remarkably cheap , and we ox-
poet Co sell them all In one day.
These suits come In all the best
colors , and are very handsome ,
new and stylish. They are one of
the best bargains over offered by
us at any sale.
The President's Oratory Said to Be Printed
At the Government Office.
A Rumor Xlmt fc'ranlc Ilattou Will
n Now York Newspaper
In tlio Interest or John
Can This IJo True ?
WASHINGTON , Oct. 8. [ Special Telegram
to the Uicn.l It has been charged with a
ureatdeal of particularity that the president
i ' had the speeches which ho delivered In Indiana
diana printed at the Government printing
office before ho started ou his trip. When
this charge was brought to the attention of
the public printer that ofllclal made a quali
fied denial , In which he stated that he had
never printed anything at the government
printing office which had not been previously
authorized by congress. To emphasize this
denial ho asserted that ho was careful In this
respect ; that ho did not even set up his re
port last winter until it had been ordered
printed hy congress , and asserted that lie
never prints any thine which Is not pre
viously authorl/ed by the only body which
lias power to order work done In his ollice.
If anything further were needed to show
that the public printer had told an untruth
It is found In this latter portion
ot his statement. lie printed the
president's message last winter before it had
been ordered hy congicbs , in fact before con
gress met. Then , too. ho printed 200 copies
of each of the president's veto messages
before they were sent to congress and they
have not only never been authorlml jet , but
they were not chaiRcd to any appropriation.
It l.s a remarkable fact , too , that In spite of ,
the denials of the public printer that thu
president's speeches were printed In his
ollice , there are In existence In this city
conies of not only those which h > ) has already
delivered , but of those which are still to bo
rattled olf. These are In the possession cfonu
of thu printers at thu government printing
office , who bajs that there Is a icmarkablo
similarity between these which wcro aimed
at the heads of the people of Indlauapollsand
Terre Haute , and that which H still to bo
delivered In Montgomery , Ala. It Is
ot course pnsslblo that this speech will not
be delhered now that t > o much has been said
about the cjclopfdla. Nevertheless , It Is In
existence , and It might bo produced turned
Into print at the government prlntlni ; ollice
K { ( should bo needed for any good purpose.
it may be Interesting to compare this origi
nal proof with thu sucech which the
president will deliver In Montgomery after
the chief magistrate visits that thriving
A Now York Organ For Sherman.
WASHINGTON , Oct 8. [ Social Telegram
to the UKI.I : Senator John Sherman , ot uolne to have a New York organ.
Its editor Is to be ox-Postmaster ( ineral
Frank llatton , lute of thu Chicago Mall. The
arrangements looking to this end wore made ,
It Is said , during Mr. Ration's recent confer
ence with Senator Sherman at the latter's
homo In Mansllohl , 0. Senator Sherman is
to furnish the money to cither purchase the
paper outright or to obtain n controlling In
terest. It lifts been Mr. llatton' * desire for
several years to secure thu management of
the Mall and Express , but Senator Sherman's
friends say It this property cannot bo ob
tained an ellort will be made to purchase one
of the morning papers , falling in this a new
paper will be started. The object will bo to
boom Senator Sherman for the presidency.
1'ostnl CtmiiRCs.
WASHINGTON , Oct 6. ( Special Telegram
tothbllKE.I Adam Fisher was to-day ap
pointed postmaster at Kamsay , Kossuth
county , Iowa. \ Ice CliarlcK H. Peet , removed.
Star schedule changes lu Iowa West
Union to Watuonm : Leave West Union
dally , except Sundays , at 7 a. in. ; arrive at
Novelty "Wool Com
bination Suits.
We have a lot of Novelty Com
bination Suits that we do not In
tend to carry In stock. We are
determined to sell them and have
made the price to do It. Our cus
tomers know when we do not
want goods In stock that there
will bo some great bargains
offered. This lot is no exception
to others that we have sold be
fore , only in this Instance that
they are cheaper and more de
sirable than any of the former
lots sold.
It will pay any lady that has
the slightest Idea of getting a
dress to examine this lot of Nov
elty Suits. To say that they are
cheap only half expresses It. "We
guarantee to our customers that
these Suits will never be sold any
Combination Suits.
1O Novelty Combination Suits
at $7.BOj reduced from $19.BO.
2O Novelty Wool Combination
Suits at $1O ; reduced from $23.
4O Novelty Wool Combination
Suits in plush and bead effects at
$18 : reduced from $37.5O.
2O fine French Novelty Com
bination Suits at $10.BO ; reduced
from $4O.
88 fine French Combination
Suits In plush effects at $2B ; re
duced from $42.
VelveteenSuitings 25c
We have a few odd pieces and
colors of velveteens , that we
have been selling at BOc and GBc
on Monday , the price will be 2Bc
per yard.
Waucoma by 12 m. Leave Waucoma dally ,
except Sundays , at 1 p. m. ; arrive at West
Union at Op. m.
Falrlicld to Salem : heave Fairilcld Tues
days , Thursdays and Saturdays at 2 p. m. ;
arrive at Salem Mondays , Wednesdays and
Fridays by 11 a. m. Leave Salem Mondavs ,
Wednesdays and Friday sat t2 p. m. ' . arrive
at Falrliclu Tueadajs , Thursdays and Satur
days bv 11 a. m.
In Nebraska Culbortson to Waunota :
Leave Kstell Mondays , Wednesdays and
Fridays at 8:15 : p. in. ; arrive at Waunota at
0:15 : p. in. Leave Wauneta Tuesdays , Thurs
days and Saturdays at 7 a. m. ; arrive at Ks
tell bv 10 a. in.
Fullerton to Glen wood : Leave Fullerton
Tuesdays , Thursdays and Saturdays at 7 a.
m. ; arrive at Ulenwood by 11:50 : a. in. Leave
Ulenwood Tuesdays , Thursdays and Satur
days at 12:30 : p. m. ; arrive at i'ullertou by 5
p. m.
Star service changes In Iowa Sioux City
toUorrectionvllle : Curtail service , October
24,1867. to begin at Movlllo and omit Sioux
City , decrcailnz distance twenty miles.
Moorhead to Soldier : Modify order of June
0,1887 , by making the distance decreased six
instead ot eight miles.
German Garp ,
WASHINGTON. Oct. 8. [ Special to the
HKE. | Ten years ago there was scarcely a
single si rclmon of the German carp In the
waters ot the United States. In Germany ,
France , Kngland , Austria and other European
countries this fish has been a common article
of food for years. About ten or twelve
years ago I'rof. llalrd , of the United States
fish commission , determined to try to Intro
duce the llsh Into this country. Ho Invited
Dr. II. IIcsscl , who had been connected with
the German fish commission for many years ,
to come to this country to take charge of the
United States propagating ponds and to try
to Introduce the different species ol carp into
the waters of the United Slates. From that
time on the number of carp has constantly
Increased , until to-day they are found in
nearly every state In the union.
The United States earn pnmls are located
about a quaitcr ot a mile to the southwest of
the grounds surrounding the executive man
sion. They cover In all about thirty-live
acres of land , and are kept In admirable con
dition. Just at this time Dr. Hessel is pre
paring to make the annual bhlpments , and
lor this purpose the larger ponds hare been
drained oil and the llsh collected Into long
tienches , from which they can bo readily
gathered Into buckets. They aio carried
from the pond to the shipping loom of the
lisli comuiHilon , and fiom them they are
transported to the dilfrrent sections.of the
country. There will bo shipped during the
present month some where about three hun
dred thousand of these fish tn various sec
tions of the country. Maryland as the hrst
btato supplied , and the results \ > ere so balls-
factory that Virginia , Tennessee , North
Carolina and other states soon scut lu ap
plications fur supplies ot the lisli.
Lr. ) He eI is always at the ponds ready to
give Information to visitors , and ns he is
thoroughly versed In plscaculture , his talks
upon bshy subjects are alway.s entertaining.
When > our correspondent called upon him
to-day the doctor was found nursing a
broken wrist which he had seemed while
trjlng to jump from a car a day or to ago.
Ho \ \ as ready to talk about bis pets , howe\ ,
and proceeded to give the required Informa
tion. "It l < ) wrong to call tlie e lisli nil
German carp , " bald the doctor. "They are
found in all parts of Km ope , and are are as
much French , or Austrian , as German. We
havu thieo species here , namely , the leather
carp , which Is entirely devoid of scales ,
the mirror carp , which has a few
scales resembling small mirrors upon Its
Rides and the scale cam , which Is covered all
over with scales. They all belong to the
same family ami are all excellent iood lisli.
They are not noted for their gauiey qualities
and alfurd little sport to the angler who
fishes for the pure lo\o of the sport. Hut for
the farmer and the workman who bait their
lines for the food which \ > ill result , they are
excellent Usli and will repay the small outlay
necessary to prepare a place for the iish ,
which will bo sent by the lib ! ) commissioner
upon application. "
"Uo\v many thousands of the fish do you
distribute each year , doctor. "
"From to 400,000 at present Wo
distribute them at four months old , and by
this time they are trom Unto to live Inches
long. "
"At what ago are they ready for the frying.
pan1" !
- "We haw h ad them weigh thipe pounds a
Silk Handkerchiefs ,
Monday we make a big sale of
handkerchiefs , all new , desirable
goods , at special prices. We call
special attention to the Ijno of
gent's initial hemstitched China
silk handkerchiefs at 68c , worth
$1 ; and the SO inch China silk
hemstitched mufflers at $1.2B ,
worth $2.
BO dozen mens' Initial , hem
stitched , China silk handker
chiefs , all letters at 68c , worth $1.
2B dozen colored China silk
hemstitched handkerchiefs , a
beautiful line of shades at 68c
worth $1.
28 dozen China crepe hemstitch
ed handkerchiefs , largo size , all
colors at $1.2B ; worth $1.78 ,
2B dozen Japanese silk hem
stitched handkerchiefs in hello-
trope , absinthe , pink , cardinal ,
blackcream and light blue.These
are the finest quality of hankker-
chtftfs made and they are worth
$1.7Bon Monday the price is$1.2B
2O doz.en ladies' large size silk
mufflers , in cardinalblueorange
and cream at $1 , worth $1.BO.
BO dozen ladies' 3O inch white
China silk muffllers at $1.28 ,
worth $2.
Owing to the rain on Saturday
which prevented our customers
attending the ribbon salewe will
continue it on Monday.
one i year of age , but It usually requires about
two > ) ears to bring them to marketable size.
under oidinary conditions. They grow to a
very large size. It is not uncommon to lind
them weighing twentv , or even twenty-live
pounds and we Miuo Rome in these ponds
which will weigh thirty pounds. "
"Have the carp given general satisfaction
In this countryV"
"Generally , yes. They are rather coarse
llsh , and they will feed on anything. Where
they are raised in running streams or in
clean water ponds they aie very nice. If they
are turned Into mud-holes they will have a
rather strong flavor If eaten directly fiom
those mud-holes. In nearly every instnnce
when complaints have been received that the
lisli were not of a good llavor iiivestuation
has shown that they lia\o been laised lu poet
ponds. If the Iish are removed from these
peet ponds a fresh water bath for a day or
two before they are cooked nil this unpleas
ant taste will disappear. Those who Keep
carp In peet ponds should bear this In mind. "
"Upon what do j ou feed the Iish in these
ponds ? "
" 1'rlnclpally upon a paste made of four
parts corn meal and one pait Hour. This Is
cooked and thrown to them every day. In
the fwll we feed a great many pumpkins.
Thfy are very fond of these articles and In
lact they will thrUe upon any kind of vege
table matter. Hero are some other fish closely
lelated to the carp family , " tontmued Dr.
llcssell , taking his caller to a pond In which
wein some beautiful Iish about fourteen
long , and of a rich gold color.
"They are golden Tench , or 'Schleie , '
as they are called In Germany , and aio
excellent food iish. These others which look
so much like them are golden Ido , from the
Ulver Danube. They look like the common
gold Iish seen In aquariums , but they aie ot
a dlltereut family entirely. You will notice
that the common gold fish seems to delight
In stlrlng up the mud from the bottom of the
water , but the golden Ido likes to have the
water in which ho swims as clear as possible ,
and ho never makes any commotion. The
tench or schelie has not been very exten-
snely Introduced Into this country as jet ,
but If any one wants to try to raise them
they will bo supplied. "
Military Matters.
WASHINGTON , Oct , 8. | Special Telegram
( o UKI UKI : . | Captain John 1 * . Itogers ,
military Etoie-keoper , has ocen appointed Inspector
specter of certain quartermaster stored In
this city for which Major F. Tucker , pay
master. Is responsible.
First Lieutenant It. I' . Hrown , Eleventh
Inlantry , has been giantcd twenty days'
Getting Heady for the Cairo Walk.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 8. { Special to the
llin : . I On Tuesday next the colored popula
tion of Wasclngton will turn out en masse
to a very recherche affair which annually
ilriuvs an enormous crowd. This alfair Is the
yearly cake walk and this year it Is to come
oft In the old skating rink on K street. Mr.
George 1'olndexter has captured the cake on
Euvrial occasions. Ho will try hard to carry
oil the prize this year. Mr. Polndoxter , who
Is as black as the ace of spades , is from an old
'i Blnla family and delights to put FF. . V.
on his rards when ho calls upon the ladles ot
the same shade of color as himself. Two
years ago this gentleman was Inveigled Into
a mesalliance with a young lady who occu
pied a position as nurse girl at 54 a week.
Cake walking social circles have recently been
startled to their center over the report that
Mr. and Mis. 1'olndexter had fallen out and
that they no longer traveled together. Mr.
1'olndcxter himself occupies an exalted posi
tion. Ho Is daily perched on the high seat of
a beer wagon as ho mnKcs his rounds among
the saloons. Ho was seen this evening
from the direction of 1) street with a big
package under his arm. Hois well knoun
to the newspaper men , ai ho was formerly a
uiesseiuer on "the row. " As he extended
an Invitation to ynurcorrespondent to "come
down to do walk , " lie explained that lie had
lust been down to Mr. Klsenberter's wh : a
ho had Bpcured an elosnnt claW'Simmcr
coat , only slightly worn arouni the elbows.
Ho stated lurther that L - had engaged the
nuest colored lady \Vnshlngtnn to a > d him
In capturing that ciKc , and that lie did not
propose to al w "no swell nigger to walk
awiiy from lum. "
Mr. J.'oindextcr , however , will not have a
waij ; over this jear as among the recent ac
quisition * to high toned colored society In
Washington , Augustus Do Wolf Urooks , of
AunoArundcl , Maryland , has just been en
gaged at a big salary by one ot the prominent
Ribbon Day.
Standard Books ,
Household Editions.
Wo offer Monday our entire stock of
satin und gros grain ; eros grain with
picot and crown edgo. Those ribbons
come in every slmdothat is inado and in
widths 7 , 'J ' , 13 and 10.
These prices will only bo for Monday ,
no goods exchanged that uro bought at
this sale.
No. 7. , best quality of satin and gros
gram ribbon in every shade at 12jc per
yard , worth 17c.
No. 0 best quality of satin and gros
grain ribbons , every shailo that is niado ;
also picot and crown edge gros grain
ribbons , all shades at 17jc , wortn 25.
No. 18 , best quality of satin and gros
grain , nil colors ; also Crown and 1'icot
edge gros grain ribbons at 22cj all colors
worth 85c.
No. 10 , best quality satin and gros
grain ribbons ; Rlso Loop edge , Crown
cdeo and Picot edge gros gram ribbons ,
all shades at27jc , worth 50c.
90o. ' - :
WORKS , 8 VOLS. , < JLOTli at $3.50.
List price is $13.00. '
WORKS , 8 VOLS. , CLOTH AT , list price Is $12.00.
handsomely bound , household edition
at $1.33 ; regular pricei'J.50.
Shakespere cloth , 'household ' edition ,
at 43c , worth 7oc. . ' '
BOUND , at'SSc ; worth 75c.
hotels as boll boy. Sir. Brooks
1ms tlio reputation of having cap
tured every cake that has been of-
ferretl In tlio "walk" in Annapolis and
vicinity for the last ten tears. Mr. Urooks
\vlllKl\o Mr. Poindextera severe tussoll lor
tlio prl/o tills year and besides the t\\o
prominent society leaders there are at
least twenty others who propose to take that
cake if uracciul walking will do it.
The Fidelity's Finances.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 8. The comptroller
of tlio currency has received from David
Armstrong , the iccelver of the Fidelity
national bank ot Cincinnati , full schedules
of ttio assets at the date of the failure June
21 , Ibb7. The schedules place the nominal
valu < ) of assets as upwards of 85,800,000 , of
which more than half are classed as worth
less or doubtful. The apparently valid
claims upon the bank tiled but not yet proved ,
are about 3,800,000 , while there are amounts
in deposit aggregating 81,500,000 ,
Subscriptions to the Increase of tlin capital
stock amount to 81,103,000 , but less than half
tills amount was paid In money , and oven if
what was so paid should llnally be adjudged
to constitute the liability of the receivership ,
It will bo nearly all offset by assessments on
the original .stock. The liabilities to depos
itors are about 500,000 , of wlilch n little over
SCO , 000 ap | ars to be held locally.
lianks and bankers appear as creditors lor
more than 3,000,000. but some changes may
bo made In these figures. On account of the
doubtful value ot assets , and large claims In
dispute , It Is Impossible at the present time
to make an estimate of what dividends may
bo paid ultimately. The cash on hand and
tlie amount ot assets undoubtedly good , war
rant a present dividend of 25 per cent , and
the iccelver has been instructed to prcpaie
checks and schedules at once.
lirltish India's Wheat Production.
WASHINGTON , Oct. S. The report of Con
sul General Bonham , at Calcutta , British
India , treats at length of the wheat interests
of that country during the liscal year ending
March 31 , IbbO. Tlio area de\oted to wheat
was about twenty-seven million live him-
died thousand acres , and tlio total yield
2bi,000,000 ) bushels. As compared with the
wheat of the PaciUc coast Indian wheat Is
inferior , but when exported to Kurope it is
mixed and ground with wheat of superior
o.ualltv , oy which process a fair rank market
able grade ot Hour is obtained. The method
ot cultivating the soli Is In the main tlui
same as It was centuries ago ,
and there seems to be great
dllliculty In Inducing the farmers to invest
in modern agricultural Implements , and yet ,
wuh all the Minplo and pH'matlvo methods ,
Indian farmers can , In tuo opinion ot the
consul general , successfully compete with
those of the United States In the production
of wheat by reason of extremely cheap labor ,
etc. Exports of wheat 'fr,6m ' British India
have Inci eased from ffy.WH ) ) cwt in IfcCS to
21,000,000 cwt in IbfeO and the Increase of 1888
over Ibb5 amounts to about 5,000 OOD cwt.
Furthermore , wheat-growing In India Is yet
in Its liitaucy and lts > luither development
depends principally upon the means ot tians-
l > ortatlon to the seaboard.
McbrnRkn niul , lown I'cnslons.
WASHINGTON , Oct , . . ( Special Telegram
o the BKE.I 1'ho 8 following Nebraska
pensions were granted to-day : David
Thompson , DavcnpoiL ; J9hn Hyan , Belvl-
dore. Reissue and Increase , Sharp Hogarty ,
Iowa : E. M. Ross. Toledo ; William B.
Hawkins , MontezumaRobeit ; Piley , .Marlon ;
Joseph i' . Norris. Dolplios ; LeartSer T , Orn ,
Bloomlield ; William \Y..odford , Nllilala ,
William II. Conrad , Jlntioy ; Allison itrvan ,
Montc/uma , Ir.ere'a'e , Stephen Cleveland ,
ifed Oalr ; , lohn A. Smith , Kort Mndbon ;
J''eir , 15. fakiiiner. Ottumwa ; llivii II. Neely ,
Maplcton : Abranam Wood , Kxlinu : Mlku
Walkny. I'ralrltbure ; bainuel 0. lienjamln ,
Osceola : Thomas Maunell , iJurJliiirton ; Fer
dinand Dauber , Honapartp ; licnjatnin
O'llanger , DesMotnes : Horatio D. Parxons ,
Spencer ; Joseph H. I'ntlo , \ inton ; iMine
II. Hlgifs , Ottumwa. lleissue : Ueorgu 11.
Ferris , Norwich ,
a Clerkship.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 4 [ Special Telegram
to the BKE.-Kdward | J. Young , or Ne
braska , has resumed a clerkship at Sl.SOOln
tlio surgeon gcnoial's ollice.
Linen Department.
We have received n large Im
portation of fine Hemstitched
Linen Sheets with Pillow Cases
and Pillow Shams to match.
These are the finest goods that
havejever been shown'.inOmaha. |
We will take great pleasure in
showing them to our customers.
We have just received 6 cases
of fine Marseilles Bed Spreads
which we will sell at the follow
ing prices : $1.98 , $2.19 , $2.78 and
$0.78 which is just half what
these Spreads are worth. These
Speads were bought by us under
peculiar circumstances , and we
give our customers full benefit of
our bargain. We could sell these
spreads in our. regular trade a
double what wo will sell them at
Monday ; but wo are going to sell
them at ridiculous prices , and sell
them with a rush. We do not
expect to have any in the store
Monday night. Remember , Mon
2 cases 11-4 fine Marseilles Bed
Spreads at $1.98 ; worth just
at $2.19.
2 cases 12-4 fine Marseilles bed
spreads , a largo assortment of
patterns at $2.19 , worth $4.8O
The Demaiid For Money Quito Active
From All Sources ,
Kates of Interest Still Continue to
Bo Well Maintained Ilojf 1'ack-
Ine in the West Progressing
In Commercial Circles.
CHICAGO , Out. 8. ISpcclal Telegram to
thoUi5K. | Thedemand for money continues
quite active from all sources and bankers are
able to place their available funds readily and
at good rates of Interest. The feeling Is very
linn In the loan market and the Impression
prevails that the money market will gradu
ally work closer within the next sixty days
or when the packers seek financial assistance
to take care of hogs during the winter packIng -
Ing season. The close of lake navigation ,
too , will no doubt enlarge the stocks of grain
hero , consequently more funds will bo
required In that branch of the produce trade.
The demand from speculators for loans was
fair and parties who were able to piesent un
doubted collaterals were successful in ob
taining all the favors requested. Consider
able money was forwarded to the interior ,
but scattered rather widely throughout the
west and northwest Lumber dealers were
borrowing rather sparingly. Manufactmers
were presenting some paper for discount , but
generally for small amounts on short dates.
The wholesale merchants are somewhat
pressing In their demands , but they are
generally accommodated on the strength
o their active fall trade. Collections are
only fair. Country meichants are a little
slow In liquidating their bills. The financial
outlook on this market is not regarded as dis
couraging to active business during the bal
ance of the fall and winter , and whllo the
money market may show a Httlo stringency at
times , bankers will be Inclined to accept less
outside paper than usual and concentrate
their favors among1 local customers and bor
rowers. Katpsof Interests are well main
tained at C@7 per cent on call and O C53 per
cent on time loans. Very little paper Is ac
cepted under 7 per cent. On the street there
Is considerable mlsculanoous and outside
paper offered , wlilch commands still higher
rates of interest. In eastern financial centers
considerable stringency prevails and borrow
crs are compelled to pay C@8 per cent. For
eign markets , too , exhibit considerable stead-
cbs , with interest rates favoilng bankers.
New York exchange was In moderate supply
and better demand. The market ruled
stionger and rates were advanocd. Sales
wcio made between banks at 2.r70cents
discount per Sl.Ouu , and the market closed
steady , at esyiio cents discount , Foreign
ox-change was rather quiet. Offerings were
fair early In the weeU and urlces favored
buyers. Latei tiia market was steadier and
prices liuprarecl slightly. Shippers' sixty-
day documentary bills on London changed
U.ncls at SM.7ti ( l.7i ) , > j' , and closed steady at
S4.7b > ju ( 1.78 % , The New York btork market
has exhibited considerable activity during the
past week , and prices for most of the leading
properties ruled withconsiderable Iriegular-
ity within a siu.iM range , llallroad stocks
attiactedcniiilderablu attention , withUead-
inir , St. 1'iiul , Delaware , Lnekiiwanna &
Western , Now York it New England and
Northweitern meeting with the moitJuvor.
Wall si reel operators traded with con slirrrable
freedom and outside operators' gave a lltllu
more attention tn the market , particularly
for HpecUl'ies. ' Foreign itreculaturs traded
moderately. On the whole , the lange of
prices has , with few exceptions , lavored the
buying Interest. Thu earnings of thu lead-
lug railroads uro lighter than for Home time
past , which Is regarded AS an clement of
weakness in view of thu rather unfavoiabln
outcome ot Home of the leading crops. Sales
on the Now York Htock exchange for the
wpek aggregated l.bftJi000 shales. Thofollow-
at $2.78. :
1 case 12-4 fine Marseilles bed
spreads at $2.78 , worth just dou
at $3,78.
1 case Marseilles bed spreads at
$0.78 , worth $7.8O.
1 case 12-4Turkish Bed spreads
at $2.BO , worth $8.
12 mo.
125 Different Volumes.
Handsomely bound In cloth ,
black and gold.
At 26e Per Volume.
That Beautiful Wretch , Three
Feathers , Tom Brown at Oxford ,
Tom Cringle's Log , Tour of the
world in 8O Days , 2OOOO
Leagues Under the Sea , Two on
a Tower , To the Bitter End , Un-
perTwo Flags , Vanity FairWa-
verly , Wanda , Willy ReileyWo-
man's Temptation , Young For
esters , Nolande ,
Adam llodo.
Adventure * Among the Indians.
Admiral's Ward.
.A.sop's 1'aliloa.
Airy Fairy Lillian.
.All in nGixrdon Fair.
Anderson's Vnlry Taloi.
Arabian NlRht's KutortiUnmont.
Arumlol Motto.
Hojoml Pardon.
Called Hack and Dark Day * .
Cardinal Sin. ( AU
Cast Up Hy tlio Son.
Charles O'Malloy ,
Christmas Stories.
Childionoftho Abbey.
Complete Letter Writer.
Cruise oC the Illuck Prince.
Daughter of Heth ( A. )
l > oop Down.
Doorsln > or.
Dickens1 Child's History of England ,
Dickons' Slioitor gtorl
UiCknn. ' sjojy Toiler.
Don Uulxoto.
Dora Thorno.
Klirlit Yours1 Wanderings In Coylon.
KrHtifc' , the Bold.
Ing were some of the principal stocks dealt
In and the numborof snares of each dlsporcd
of up to Saturday morning : Canada South
ern , 10,820 ; Delaware , Lackawanna * West
ern , 111,2'JU ; North western , 70,71)1 ) ; Heading ,
4i5,020 : ; St. Paul. 313,297 ; Omaha , T.-iai ; Union
I'aeiuc , 17,070 ; Western Union. : x .lS4. With
the occurrence of a holiday on the occasion
of the visit of the president , there has been
a slight check In business In a general way.
Speculators are not Inclined to do much bus
iness during the holiday season and re
ceivers and shippers at the same time are
somewhat guarded In their operations ,
liowcver , there has been fair business trans
acted in all branches of the produce trade.
Deliveries on October contracts were com
paratively llxht , excepting of wheat , and of
Unit article only moderate. Foiolen markets
have exhibited a little more strength lor
most articles and seaboard mtirketa have
shown more steadiness. The lirmuess in
freights , however , especially to foreign
markets , has interfered with business to
some extent. A tair number of orders were
received from consuming marKets , but in
manv cases they were limited
to ligures below the views of sellers. The re
ceipts of produce have open moderately free
and shipments quite liberal , especially of
grain , lard and meats. Prices havu ruled with
some Irregularity , but fluctuations were con-
luied within a narrow ranuo and rather In
clined In favor of the buying Interest. At
tention is given largely to London deliveries ,
both m grain and provisions. ( Stocks of grain
are not enlarging to any greater extent than
usual at this season of the year , and the sur
plus of provisions shows only a fair reduc
tion , as arrivals of eattle and hogs have been
sulliciently laicn to materially incicaso the
manufacture. The exuort movement in grain
and provisions is well maintained , but It Is
supposed to be largely on lates of freights
contracted for before the leount advance.
lEeeelpts of grain and live stock at interior
points have been moderately free , though
complaints of lacK ot cars prevail in some
sections. Packing of hos In the west Is pro-
greasing favoiably , though business at pres
ent Is more concentrated at the leading
points. The aggregate returns show a
further reduction In the number as compared
with last season , but the quality is somewhat
improved , so that the aggregate production ,
will vary little from that of last bcason.
Nntlnnnl Ijoimuo Gnmos.
PiTTsnunc , Oct 8. The iramo between
the Pituburg and Chicago teams to-day
resulted as follows :
Pittsburg 0 03000310-7
Chicago I 00010104-7
( lame called on account or daikncas.
Pitchers Mori Is and Italdwin. liaso
hits l'Ht.sbincir > , Chicago 14. Kirors Pitts-
burg 3 , Chicago 'J. Umpire Daniels.
Kr.w YOIIK. Oct. a. Tim game between
the 1'hlladolnhU and New 1'ork teams to-day
resulted as follows :
New York 0 0001200 3
Philadelphia 5 1000000 0
Came called on account ot darkness.
Pitchers Weldman and Fergiibon. liaso
hits-New York 11 , Philadelphia 'A Krrors
New York 5 , Philadelphia - . Umpire-
\VASIIINOTON , Oct. 8. The game between
thu U'abhingt'jn and Boston teams to-day
resulted as follows :
\Vashlngtoi 5 002110-0
lloston 0 i 0 a 0 0 1 I
Pitchers- Whitney and Kadbourno. Ilase
bits Washington 14. Uoston 10. llrrors
Washington ti , Uoston SJ. Umpire loea- )
iNinAN'Ai'oun. Oct. 8. The came be
tween the Indianapolis and Detroit teams
to-day lesulted as follows :
Indianapolis 1 000300 7-U
Detroit. . 0 2 1 0 1 1 a 1-0
Camu called on account of darkness.
Pitchers hhruvu and Conway. Haso hits
Indianapolis 11 , Detroit 10. Krrors Indianapolis -
apolis 0 , Detroit 7. Umpire Valentine.
American Association.
l'niiAiKU'iilAOct. 8. The game between
thu Athletic and liiuoUlyn teams today
resulted us follows :
Athletics. 0 1 1000300-5
Uronklyii 1 20002000-5
Came called on account of darkness.
llnooKi.V.v , Oct. b. The game between
the .Metropolitan and it.iltuuoru teams to-day
resulted at ) inflows :
Metropolitan 0 000000 0
llaltlmoru 0 00021 1-10
Game called ou account of daikness.
ST. Louis , Oct. b. The game between
the St. Louis and Cleveland teams to-day re
sulted as follows :
ht. Louis 0 00010001 2
Ulet'cluud 3 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 q-4
r.tlinu Ilrnnd.
Kolli Holt
1'urn l.uave * .
1'iro llrlgadn.
Vivo Years Itoforo the Mast ,
Tile 113.
For I.llliw.
Guy Hlvors.
lluy Mannorltiff.
Oroon I'nsttiro * nml I'lccndlllj.
Orlnim's Popular Talus.
( Inlllvor's TrtuuU and llaron MunobauMf
Half Hours with Oront Authors.
Half Hours with Clioat NoxellaU ,
Hull Hours with Great Storr Uor * .
Hurry Lononuor.
Her Mother's Sin.
lluntlnc In the Irant ! Wcut.
Imitation of Christ ,
l.ndlo * ' r.tlquclto.
I.ndlps' Vflinlly 1'liysloinn.
l.ust DUVH of rompelt
Ladles l.lmlorcs.
Lmlv Andlov's Secret.
Liist of the Mohlcana ,
Mmlcnn Violet.
MarkScauorth ,
Mncleoil or Diiro.
Mnrturot and Ilur Bridesmaids.
Maid of Athens.
Mill on the Klou.
Molly Unwn.
Mrs. ( ioolltuy.
Mysterious Island.
Oht Myddleton'B Money.
Oliver Twist.
Our Mutual Friend.
Outre Mrr.
Partisan ( The ) .
I'oterTho Whaler.
Phantom I'ortuo.
Plltfrim's Progress.
Uoil Krlc.
mild and Hound lu Ceylon.
Uohhtsnn Crusoo.
Hound the World.
Hob Hoy.
Hory O'Moro.
Halt Water.
Hartor Ucsnrtus.
Scotish Ctilela.
Scout ( The ) .
Slmdows and Sunbeam * .
Sliiuidon Bells.
Sketch JJo-jfe.
RtoddnnVs ItondlnirB nncS llocltationg.
Strange Advimtuius of ul'huoton.
Swiss Family Itobln = on.
Thiulilousof Wiirsixw.
LOUISVII.U : , Oct. 8. The game betweea
the Louisville and Cincinnati teams to-daj
rohulteri as follows :
Louisville 1 150001 4-11
Cincinnati 1 010004 0 i
RaccH at Latonln.
CINCINNATI , Oct. 8. The weather at La
tonia was line and the track good.
One mile : Malaria won , Loman second ,
John Mori is third. Time 1:4-1 : % .
Seven fnrlones : Kstrallawon , Glen Hall
second , Catalpa third. Time l:2 : ! > i.
Five furlongs : Hlggoyet won , lloloa
lirooks second , Orange Uirl third. Time
Six furlongs : Duhmo won. Jim Douglafl
second , Evangelino third. Time 1:17 : > .
Mile : Alary won , Valuable second , Clarion
third. Ttmu-1 ; > .
Tlio ilei onto 1'nrk Mooting.
JKIIOMK PAKK , Oct. 8. Seven furlongs ;
Grenadier won , Mamie llunt second , Collar *
third. Tiinc-l:3l& :
Five furlongs : Leo 11. won , Belinda
second , Speedwell third. Time 1:0. : .
Mile and furlong : Kingston won , Laggard
second , 'Diadem third. Time 1 ; 57 f.
Mile and three-sixteenths : Klchmoud won ,
LellXbeeonJ. llnrved third. Time 4J:05 : } $ .
Milo and sixteenth : Choctaw won , Phil
Le bccond , Maggie Mitchell thhd. Time-
Steeple chase , full course : Jim McCiowan
won. Little Fellow bccond , Sain F.mery
third. Time 1:10. :
Ijnnt I > ny ofht , Louis Itncow.
ST. Louis , Oct. 8. The fair association's
trotting races closed to-day.
2:3' : ) class trot , purse § 1,000 , divided : nilly
G lirst , Little Thora second , Daisy Wllkes
third , others distanced. Host time 2-21K. :
Gasconade stakes , gooo , for three-year-olds ,
foals ot lbS4 , SOW added : Susie S won ,
llimrle. second , liuii llurthird , lirosvn fourth.
Uest time 'JUO. :
In the third hoai distance was waived and
Susie S was sent to beat the Ihree-year-old-
record of'JilUX hy Patron. The finish In
this heat was vuiy exciting.
Courtney nt UN Old TrlokN.
EI.MIHA , N. V. , Oct 8. The bccond race
between Courtney and liuliear took place on
the Susquehanna at Owego to-day for a
imrso of $1.000. The KniMislimnn bea
Courtney , leading him the entire three mllea
and coming home about three boat lengths
ahead. The race was regarded by the spec
tators as uhippodrome. Thu time was given
Won tlio Fljjhr On n Foul.
PHILADELPHIA , Oct. 8. Charles McCar
thy and James Connors fought a vicious six-
teen-round battle ta-night nearthlnclty , with
skin gloves. Connor was awarded the lighten
on a foul , .both men wore severely pun
Htcainahip ArrlvnlH.
NKW Vonif , Oct. 8. ( Special Telegram
to the UKI : . ] Arrived The F.trurla , from
Livuni-oor , , Oct. 8. Arrlved The Iowa ,
from Boston.
SOUIIIAMITO.V , Oct 8. Arrived Tlio
Edam , from Now York , for Amsterdam ,
PLYMOUTH , Oct. H. Arrived The Wester-
land , fiom Mew York , for Antwerp.
HAVIIK , Oct. 8. Anlvod The ( lascoulina ,
from New York.
I'M Mou'i nOct. S. Arrlvod-Tho\Vlelaud ,
from Now Voile for Hamburg.
Dcntlt ol' K. Frlttnr.
Yesterday Mr. K , Fritter , a prominent Odd
Fellow , died In this city , He came lifiro n
short time ago with his family from Colum
bus , O. , and Intended to enter upon the prac
tice ot law , which was hh profession. The
deceased was lifty-It\o jears of ago and is
spoken of by those who Kntiw him as n
worth ) cltl/en. lie will bu burled to-day
with the honors ot the order ( o which ho be
longed. _ _ _ _ _
TUB cui.Ti'itii : > audience wlilch assembled
Tuesday ulu'ht at Lyon A. Healy'H piano warerooms -
rooms could not but prove an Inspiration to
the musical thomus rendered by Mrs. Muento-
ferlng. As a iilaniittu Mrs. Mui-ntoferlnc
possesses wonderlul technlijue and skill In
iimnlpiiUtlon , Tim proL'ramiim Was well
lendercd and the loveia ot uxiellunt muala
are indebted to this lady lor a mem pluasaul
and ugrueablu t-veulug.