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Ornok Hliotn at Lonp City.
Loin * CITV , Neb. , August 31. [ Special
{ Telo/ram to the BKK.J The second annual
Jntor-st.ite shooting tournament began here
yesterday morning. There are a large num-
per ot shooters In attendance. Among the
fcnost iiromlnent are the chnmutuns Slice
Judd and Doty.
r The Urst contest was ten Peorla blackbirds.
( Entrance 53.50 ; 10,30 , 20 and 10 pnr cunt : J.
W. Crablll , 10 ; J. Woods,7 ; Palmer , 8 ; Kleok ,
P : ( Jeorflc , 7 ; Walker , 7 ; Budd , 0 : Fox , 9 ;
DtaUcr , 7 : Slice , 10 ; Nlcoll , 9 ; Nookoy , 7 ;
| ) oty , 0 ; Frank Crablll , 10.
Second contest , olstht live pigeons. En
trance S5 : Budd , 7 ; J. M. Cratilll , 8 ; Woods ,
-v ; Palmer , 7 ; fox , 7 : Conlpy , 0 : Fleok , 0 ;
Ucorce. 0 ; Slice , a ; Frank Crahlll , 7.
Third contest , : fifteen blue rocks. Entrance -
trance 84 , Si1) added by citizens : .1. M. Cra
blll. ll ; Stlcc , 11 : Doty , 14 : Nlcoll , II ; Kleclc ,
: Walker , 10 ; Budd , 11 ; Palmer 10 ; Frank
rablll , 11 ; Kaiser , 9 ; Kakry , U.
Fourth contest , four pair and seven single
fcluo rocks. Kntranco S3.M , 3'i" added ny
citizens : Budd , 14 ; J , M. Crablll. 14 ; Stlcc ,
14 ; Nlcoll. 14 ; Doty , 13KCrahlll,12Georgo ; ; ,
11 : HelschcztT. 11.
First swcepstaki1 , flvo live blackbirds. En-
franco S5 : Hudd , r. ; Doty , 5 ; Slice , 5 ; .1. M.
Crablll , 4 ; Hulsezer , 4 ; Stewart , 4 ; Krkeu-
fcach , 3.
. Second sweepstake. Entrance , S3 : Doty ,
l8tiw , 7 : F. Crahlll , 7 ; J. M. CraUill , 0 ;
3udd , 6 ; dcorgo n.
Third swpcpstake , entrance 33 : K. Crablll ,
9 ; Walker , 0 ; Budd , U ; Palmer , G ; J. M. Cra-
bill , U ; Stlce , 8 ; llulsv.or , H.
lu a single match for 810 between Doty and
Hudd , Budd got nineteen birds out of
The shooting tournament closed to-night.
Btlce , of Illinois , won thn silter cup for tint
best averuco dtirinz the tournament. Follow
ing Is tha score of the lifth contest : Entrance
: i , and Sir , dollars added by cltl/cns , 10 blue
rocks : Stlce , 10 ; 1'enrosp , a : Krcanbnck , 0 ;
I'awnce , 0 : Doty , 7 ; Nlcoll , 9 : Allen , 5 ;
"Oeorne. 7 ; Gardner , 7 ; liude , 8 ; Frank Cra
blll , 8 ; Fleck , 5 ; J.M. Crahlll , 9 ; Mart , 2.-
itlco took lirst money. Nlcoll and J. M. Cra-
} IU second , Pontose , F. Crablll ana Budd ,
third , Doty and Ccorco fourth.
Sixth contest Entrance SO , $35 added by
ltlzeus , four pair of Ilvcplgpons : F. Crablll ,
§ ; Paw nee. 8 ; btlce , G ; J. Si. Crablll , 0 ; Fleek ,
t > ; Krcanback , 4 ; I'on rose , 3 ; Budd , 0 ; Doty ,
PDlxon , a ; Mart , 0 ; Allen , 4 ; Stuart , 4.-
ntlce , Budd , and Mart , tirst money ; Doty ,
fcecond ; Penroso and Pawnee third ; Fleek ,
Grand citizens purse , entrance SI , 20
pigeons , 8100 milled by citizens :
Penrosc , 7 : J. M. Crablll. 18 ; Stlcp , 80 ;
Wooky , 15 ; Nicoll , 17 ; Doty. 17 ; A. Dlxou ,
12) ) U. Dixon , ; Pawnee , 13 ; Hudd , 17 ;
Allen , 8 ; ( ioor/p. 15 ; Stewart. 12 ; Bacon , 0 ;
Odendahl , 12 ; Konlclc , 9 ; Mart , 13 : Gardner ,
13 ; Kverett , 11 ; Porter , 14 ; Dixnn , 7 ; Kaiser ,
fc : Fleek , 12 ; Craven , 13i ; F. Craoill. 15 ;
Woods , 10 ; Ilpimctt , 0 : i'om Crablll , 11 ;
Xlttcll , 12 ; ( Jrcen , 7 ; Wall , 4 ; Drake , 10.
Btlce won lirst money , J. M. Crablll second ,
J'onrose , Nlcoll and Budd third , Drake fomth ,
Contest No. 8 , entrance S3 , ten blue rocks ;
Btlro , 9 ; J. Crablll , 5 ; Ponrose , 0 ; Nlcoll , 8j
liiitld , 10 ; Doty , n ; Pawnee , C ; F. Crablll , 8 ,
( Ereanbuck , 7 ; Wood , 8 ; Drake , 4 : Bndd won
0rst money , Stlcu and Penrose second , Klc-
pll , F. Cralilll. Woods and Kreanback third.
loty and Budd shot twenty blue rocks thirty
{ yards and tied on 17.
An UiilntcrcHtliiB Game.
LINCOLN , Neb. , August 31. [ Special Tele
gram to the BKK.J The second Otr > aha ant
Jjlncoln eanio was patronized by a small au
dlence and was not of especial Interest Ir
tlio ninth Inning , was exciting foi
B period , and It looked blue for a little tlm <
lor the pennant seekers. Their hard work
however , closed the game with one ahead 01
their score , llart was wild for the Llncolns
in the box , and Dolan worked hard bohlnt
Lincoln . a o o i o 3 o o a
Omaha . 0 03000023
Kuns Earned Lincoln G , Omaha 7.
Danes on balls Hart 4 , Ilartsoni.
Struck out Hart 4 , H.irtson 4.
Loft on bases Lincoln 7 , OnmhaS.
Two-base lilts liatlcr , Walsh.
Thrno-baso hits lolan , llecklcy , Hoover
Homo run ? Alpssltt.
Double plays Walsh to AlesslttBto Dwyoi
Time of Kame 1 hour and 45 minutus.
Umpire Young.
Denver 1 ,
JlASTixos. Nob. , August 31. [ Special Tel
cgrain to the HKE. j The homo team was de
foaled to-day by a score ot one :
Hastings . o 00000000-
Denver . 0 0 o 0 0 0 1 o o
liasu hits HaHtlnca 3 , Denver 0. Errors-
IlastltiBs 1. Denver a. flatterU's Nlcholso :
find Iteynolds , Fitzslmmons and Meyers.
Kaniaa City 14 , Emporla O.
KANSAS CITV , August 81. ( Special Teh
cram to the BKK. ] To-day's game botwee
Kansas City and Emporla was no loss It
tore sting tban that of yesterday and It re
quired ton Innings to decide tha contest , th
cowboys bunchluc their hits and scoring 11 v
in the tenth while the visitors were blanket
tt'ho home to am played a rather loose lioldln
eamc , but the visitors did not hit Hol'or
hard. The following is the score by Inning *
Kansas City. . . I 00500012 5-1
ItiniHirla . 0 051003000
Karned runs Kansas City 10 , Kmporla 3
Two-base hits Howe. Three base hlts-
Jlansoll. Struck out Uy llofford 4 , bv Me
Carthy 2. Double plays Howe , llencl
and McICcon. Left on bases Kansas Clt
10 , Emporla 5. First base on balls Off Uoi
Iford 1 , off McCarthy 0. First base n :
errors Kansas Ultv t , Emporla 3. Passe
balls-Graves 4 , O'llourko 3. Wild nltches-
JMcCarthy 2. Jut by pltcher-Drivebel
Time of came 3 hours and SO mlnuto !
tlmnlre llaqan , Batteries Kansas City
aiofford and Uraves. Emporla : McCartn
nd O'Kourke.
TnpelcnO , Wichita 4.
TOPKICA , Kan. , AuRttst Hi. | Special TcU
gram to the UKK.J TopcUa won the secon
fame ot the series from Wichita with cas
The fvaturns of the game were the bcav
batting of thn Topokas anil the sham tlcldin
of the visitors , following Is the c > core :
Toixika . 1 11000331
\Vlchlta . 0 02001010
Earnt'd n\ns TopeKa 7 , Wlchlti a. Twi
base hits Ardnt'r , Kotiynn. Three-base h
Ardncr. Homo runs Halliday , Sto.irn
tj mplre Wobster. Time of gair.o a hour
National League Gixinoi.
NKW Youi ; , August 8L The cainu be
Iwoou the Ni-w York and InolanapoIIs team
to-ila1' resulted as follows :
c\v York . 3 *
Indianapolis . 0
1'itchcrs Tltcouib and MotTot. l a
lilta New 'iork 15 , tliullanapolls
Krrors Nnw York 4 , Indhinapolts t
Umpires Graham and Connelly.
rim.MJKi.i'iiiA , August 31. The K.-xino tn
tweon the riilladelphla and I'ltt burg team
to-ilay resulted as follows :
Philadelphia . 1 00100010-
rittshuri ; . o o i o o a i o o
I'ltclwrs KflrKtwon and Morris. Jj.tso hit
J'hlladolphlaO , riltsbuw 111 Krrois-l'nll
del | > hla2 , 1'lttsburi ; it. Umplro Do'wcher.
liosTON , AiiL'iist 31. The uama b <
twtwn the lo.-iton nud Detroit trains U
ra ulted as follows :
Jioston . 1 00021110-
Dotrolt . 0 0 a 2 1 o 1 1 *
Pitchers Itntlbnurn and ( Jruhcr. Hai
hlts-UetroIt 15 , Uoston 10 , Errors IK-tro
liostou 3. Umplro Powers.
American Association , -
ClNCl.VKATi , August 31. The itaino In
twoon the Cincinnati and Athletic 10,1:11 :
to-dav resulted as follows ;
Cincinnati , . . . .0 -
, Athletics . 0 , 1 0 0 0 0 o 0 tt-
TL Y LA2 < : > , 'Auiut ; 31. The' tame li
ween the Cleveland and llaltlmore teams
n-day resulted as follows :
Cleveland 0 OOOlOOOO-l
UalUmoro. . . . , . . . ! 0000100 * a
ST. Lot'i" , Aueust 111 The came bo-
wren the St. l.onls and Brooklyn teams
o-day resulted as follows :
St. Loul-j 1 0-G
Jrooklyn 0 4
LOUIHVIM.I : , Aueust ni. The game he-
wecn the Louisville and Metropolitan teams
o-dav resulted as follows :
.ouUvlllo , . . .S 1 3 0 10 0 3 1 25
Metropolitans .0 a 0 5302 0-11
The Northwestern League.
DKS MOI.VKS , la , August 31. The
Northwestern league game * to-day wo re as
ollows : DCS Molncs 4 , Milwaukee 3 , at
DcsMolnes. Mlrtncanolis 14. Kau Claire 11 ,
at Kau Claire. Duluth 1. St Paul 3 , at bt.
A AIHsourl Fnrnior Unearths a Mon-
Htcr lliiinan Skeleton.
ST. Josni'ir , Mo. , August 31. ( Special
clpgrain to the Ur.E.J At Jackson Station
n Davis county , near Uallatln , wnllo dig-
glnfi a well on his place last week. U. W. St.
[ obn unearthed a portion of a human skeleton
which Is regarded an one of the most won-
lerful finds ever made In this part of the
country. At the depth of eighteen foot bones
wore found , The thi h miMHired In clrcilin-
erence at the upper joint -'J Inches or nearly
0 Inclios through at the lower portion. Ad'
olnlng the knno the circumference was 23
nclies , whllu the knee cap alone weighed 5
louinH. An uriii and nne rib were also
> rought up and the other portions of the
flktileton will bo recovered at once as It Is
quite probahablo that they are there also.
Vs soon us the remaining portions are rocov-
untd tlmy will be brought to this city and put
on exhibition.
How the Anarchists Act.
CLIICAOO , August 31. ( Special Telegram
o the UKE. | The seven imprisoned an
archists were very grave men this morning.
A reporter , who watched them thiough the
netting of the cage for an hour , whllo they
ro taking their customary recreation , saw
no one of thorn smllo. They took exerclso
with measured , listless footsteps , up and
down the roofed jail court , or talked In sub-
luotl tones to the women folks who como to
visit them. They have no male visitors , ex
cept now and then. The remaining soclalis-
Ic and anarchistic leaders , except OILS.
llotz , never came near them , ' who
was in jail about two weeks ago.
A small party of curiosity scekors wcro ad
mitted to the cage this morning , by special
Dcimtaslon ot thu sheriff , and looked n time
upon the duath-sentenced > inen as though
they were wild beasts.
"How pale they are , " was the lirst excla
mation one of the ladies made.
And so they arc.
Sixteen months of the close conlinomont
iias told on them until their countenance ! )
lave bleached to an opaque whiteness. The
sinister companion of the prisoners , a big
irlndle rat. who was the friend of the jail , a
friend of all the prisoners , and who roams
around everywhere , came rubbing about
Fieldon's legs this morning. Ho took the
purring cat Into his arms , stroked her fur
and ticKlcd her nock. She was gan-
tly put down when the newsboy
broueht In the bundle of morning
papers with their prognostications of an adverse -
verso sentence from the supreme justices.
As their eyes caught the startling head lines
announcing their probable execution and
death , there was closer atttntion merely , but
no other Indication of feeling. An observant
turnkey , who seems to take a different view ,
remarked : "It seems to mo that the anarch
ists must have had a tip that the decision ot
the supreme court would be favorable , as
Lucy Parsons said last Suuday 'They are
looking Into the future through a noose , ' and
they are coining nearer and nearer to the
time when they will have to hane. Yet they
go on ordering new suits of clothes , chatting
with their friends and eating hearty meals.
It seems to mo they must have received some
Intimation of a favorable" result , for If they
haven't 1 can't understand It"
Jailer Kol/ has a theory that the best way
to manage prisoners Is to keep them cheer tu I.
He likes to sea them hopeful ot the future.
He Is displeased at the almost exultant tone
In which some ot the news journals have
prophesied their near execution. Ho says It
is awful for the newspapers to ire into them
every morning with columns of such mattei
to read.
A Horse Thin fa Kaoape.
ST. JOSEPH , Mo. , Augusts ! . [ Special Tel <
osram to the BXE. | Ike N. Laws , the no
torlous horse thief and desperado who wo ;
shot through the body by a deputy aherl
while resisting arrest In this city two weolci
ace , and who has since been lying at the clt ]
hosnltal at death's door , was kidnapped las
night by a party ot his friends and Ills present
ent whereabouts are unknown. Tbo sberifi
of Webster county , Missouri , was to havi
taken Laws away to-day had the latters con
ditlon permitted. Laws was a member of thi
eaug that has stolen over three luimlrec
liorses in Northwest Missouri In the last sh
months , and Is a desperate case. Tlieclt ;
nnd county Is belnc scoured In a search fo
him , but It will doubtless bo fruitless.
Collided AVIth a Wild Engine.
ST. PAUL , Auuust 31. Uy th collision o
a wild englno on the St. Paul & Duluth roac
with a Wisconsin Central train this afuir
noon both engines wore badly damaged , thi
baggage car smashed and both cnglnccrB-
SuiKson the wild enulno and Drooksof thi
Wisconsin train were so badly Injured tha
their lives are dlspalrod of. Engineer Slnki
was at fault.
Uaofc on the Hescrvntlon.
UINTAIT , Colo. , ( Via Green Iltver , Wyo.
August 31. Colorow and all his band arrlvoi
at the azency at 1:30 : lait Saturday andsa ;
they want no more fighting. The Indians 01
both these reservations were very much ex
cited until assured that the Colorado troop
would not come on the reservation. Every
thing Is quint hero at 0 p.m. The Indlai
chiefs all counsel peace ( Signed !
It. DUDLEY WILLIAMS , M. D. Agent physic
Wrather Intlloatloufl.
For Nebraska : Local showers , cooler , rarl
able winds.
For Iowa : Local rains In northwest poi
tlon. fair weather In southeast portion
slightly cooler , variable winds , preceded li
eastern portion bv southerly winds.
For Dakota : Sllehtly cooler , local rains
variable winds.
Saw Mills Htirnotl.
IIURI.KT , WIs. , August si. The saw mill
of Klmball A Clark , about six miles west o
this place , were totally burned early thi
morning. Loss , S 100,000. a
Milling in Transit ,
AIIKHDKKN , Dak. , August 31. The Ml
waukeo road has Instructed Its agents hero t
bill wheat In car-lot loads to Chicago i
iUcouts per 1UO , the same to bo milled 1
transit at Minneapolis.
Frisco Wheat Trndlnu Drltik.
vSAM FH.VN Cisco , August 31. Trading wa
brisker on thu produce oxchtngovlth value
again Mk'luly lowur. Sales of Seller 'd
closed at bi.'JJ.'ie. cer cantal.
YnehtH Withdraw Krom Ootnpetitinr
Mr.w YUKIC , August 31 , ( Special Telngrai
the UISE.J The sloops Puritan , Prlscllla nn
Atlantic have withdrawn from the Id :
races , so the contest for the selection of cou
potltors for the Thistle In the cup races I
naru\M'd to the Volunteer and' Mayflower.
Wholesale ClothlerH Fall.
TKXAUKAKA , Ark. , August 31. The fim
ot Nunsoshumfr < fc Klein , the largest wholi
sale dealers In general merchandise here
was closed out by the sheriff last night on a
tachtuonts ag
Killed by n Chinaman.
CHICAGO , August 31. While trying t
capture a disorderly Chinaman to-nlch
Pollc Ollk-er Phil Foote was bhot and kllle
by the fugitive.
Marrlnse Ijioonscs.
Julian McCnlloch yestcrtlay Isaucd th
folo ! ( npr marrin o Hcen'oa :
James w. Lyons , De i Molnos la . S
IJa M. Gllmore , Crete. Neb . 1
George 11. Atkinson , Indianapolis , na. %
( ! lara M. Safteldor , Omaha , . S
William . Bell. London , Eng . 2
bailie H.Lowu. Omaha . . 1
Oliver V. Hamilton , Uayard , la . 8
Ada A. Sill , Unyard , In. , . , ' . . ; ; . , . ; ?
The Ooodlo Senator Wllllni to Tei-
tlfy In Ills Own nnfbnne.
SAN FIIANCISCO , August 31. To-day Sen
ator Stanford began giving evidence In his
own behalf in the form of a deposition before
Attorney A. A. Cohen as to the management
of the nllalrs of the Central Pacific railroad.
The deposition Is to bo forwarded to the
Paclllc railroad commission , Cohen prefers
not to have the press representatives hear
Stanford's testimony , naylng lie will give for
mbllcatlon the .substance of the deposition
after It U completed.
Brnh , Door and Itllud Manufacturers ,
CHICAGO , August 31. The sash , door and
jllnd manufacturers ot the northwest held
nn Important mooting at the Trcmout house
.o-day. An effort was made by some manti-
'acturers to change the price list , but after a
eng debate the price list of the last meeting
was reaffirmed. The proceedings were con
ducted secretly.
AGootl Word For Chamberlain.
LONDON , August 31. The Standard , refer
ring to the appointment of Chamberlain as a
Islierles commissioner , says : Doth the Cana
dian and United States governments may
) o congratulated upon this decision , whllo
our own ministry may be commended for
.helrcholco . ot Chamberlain. Canadian In
terests will be perfectly , safe In his hands and
Americans will recognize In him a freedom
'rom prejudice which will Insure considera
tion for their case even to arguments which
will tell against ourselves.
A Splondld Cahlnnt.
LONDON , August 31. A Bulgarian cabinet
ias been formed as follows : M. StainbuloIT ,
jromler. and minister of the Interior ; M.
tfatcheylcs , minister of forelen affairs ; M.
Slollof , minister of justice ; M. Mutnkoruff ,
nlnlsierot war ; M.iivokoff , minister of
education ; M , Nlkiioroff , minister of
The KIshorlcH Commission.
LONDON , August 31 , It Is the opinion here
, hat Sir John Macdonald will bo asked to
represent Canada on the fisheries commis
sion. Sir Lionel Sackvillo-Wcst , minister at
Washington , will nlsojoln the commission.
Another Mooting Proclaimed.
LONDON , August 31. The covernmont has
reclaimed the projected monster meeting of
: ho league at Uallycare , county Clare , on
Foreign Securities to Ho Taxed.
DKHLIN , August 31. The Post states that
.lie government will Introduce In the relchs
: ag a bill taxlne foreign securities. On the
jourso to-day there was a fair Inquiry for
Ituslan securities. St. Petersburg exchanut
and Itusslan rubles continue to advance.
To Pacify the Cubans.
MADHID , August 31. If the Cuban aglta-
, ion Increases Premier Sagasta will summon
, he Cortos to meet in October to consider
what can be done to pacify the Cubans.
The Kernels of Poor Whisky.
SPOKANK FALLS , W. T. , August 31. Last
nleht about 10:30 : o'clock a meteor was seen
: o shoot from the heavens directly overhead.
It struck the electric light wires In the heart
of the city , cutting one of the wires In two
and bursting Into a thousand fragments.
Those who saw the strange phenomenon
say that whnn it struck the ball of tire looked
to be ten feet In diameter.
There was a 835,000 flro at Springfield , O. ,
last night
Teenier beat Ross at Saratoga yesterday ,
and Bubcar won against Plaistcd.
J. S. Sallsbuty , editor of the Industrial
World published at Chicago , Is deed.
Schacfer defeated Uudolph in a billiard
match at Paris last ulght Score , 3,000 to
The works of the St. Louis Car Wheel
company were destroyed by lire last night.
Loss , 33,000.
Heavy rains have fallen In North Texas
during the past twenty-four hours , causing
rlvevs to overflow their banks , and eleven
persons are reported drowned.
B. P. lltitchlnson. one of the most pronil'
nent members ot Chicago's board of trade ,
has been suspended for "put and call" trad
The syndicate operating the New York
surface railways has secured control of tht
street ratlwas In Colcago with one excep
tion , and they are bidding high for that
Senator Dawcs investigation has dlscov
ered that the Turtle Mountain Indians or
the White Earth reservation are suffering
from neglect by the government and abust
by the agents.
Ex-Governor Fester , of Ohio , has com
menced suit In the united btatcs
court to have the sale of the Mansfield , Cold
water & Lake Michigan railroad to thoPenn
sylvanla comoany set aside.
There was a largo sale ot condoned sup
plies at the Hooklyn navy yard yesterday ,
and the Standard-Union charges that tht
sale was fraudulent and conducted in the In
tcrest of a ring of naval otllcers.
President Cleveland has Instructed all col
lectors ot customs to glvo free entry to the
military organizations from ahrond who an
coming to uke part In the sonil-contennlu
ctilobratiou of Chicago , to be held shortly it
that city.
It Is reported that Chairman Fink , of tht
pastcr.i trunk lines , will shortly resign , to tx
succeeded bv Chairman Ulanchard , of tin
Central Tratllc association , while Chairman
( iullford will be made traffic manager ot the
New York Central.
The house of commons was the scene of i
lone ana loud wrangle last night , betweer
Tim Ilcaly , Halfour and Colonel King liar
man , tinder secretary. Hard names wen
called and the chairman was obliged to cal
all participants to order.
Governor Tbajrer Libeled ,
OMAHA , Nob. , August 31. Editor ot the
Bits Dear Sir : To-day for the lirst time mj
attention was called to the editorial In Fri
day's Herald , entitled : "Governor Thayer a
a Pugilist. " I wish to say that I was prescn
during the conversation and roust say tha
the editor of the Herald was sadly rulsln
formed , for there Is not one word ot truth It
the assertions made ; It Is a tissue of false
hood from beginning to end. Governo
Ttiayer was talking wltn Judge Sahlcr
Harry Stout and myself at our office door
when Judge P. O. Hawes came uo am
pitched Into the governor at once with sow
uncomplimentary remarks. Thu governo
naturally was fatten oy surprise butanswerm
in a gentlemanly way ; but as the Jtulgi
continued his tirade , he said : "Slnci
you force me to it I will toll these gentlemei
why you pitch on to me the way you do" ant
turning to us the governor said , "Mr. Uawei
asked mo for one of the district judgeshlps
which for good reasons I could not give him
You cau MO uis reason for this abusive at
tack on mo. " The judge admitted this to hi
true and thun made some further remarks
when tbo governorsaid : ' 'Good day , gentle
mini , " and as he turned to go Judge H. spoki
up , "He cannot fitand lire , ho has to turr
and run. " The governor stopped and said
"I do not wish to have any words with you
It has too much the appoaianco or a 8tree
brawl , " and as the governor had not go
through with the conversation with us tha
the judge had Interrupted , he remained ;
tow moments lotucr and left wltU a kludl ;
feeling toward alL That Is all thnro Is of It
as Mr. Stout and Judge Sahlcr rau testify
It seems to mo that some people have a BU
bltme faculty for magnifying mole hills Inti
mountains. Itcspectfullv your ? .
1333 Farnaru Sttoot.
Fourth Wnril Knpubllcana.
The Fourth Ward republican club ha
now secured a pnrmnucntroom for rnccl
ings , in the ( lurman-Auiorlcau schoc
building , No. 183 llaruoy street , wher
regular nicotines will hereafter bo hold.
An important meeting of the olub wil
bo held on Thursday evening , Scpterabe
1 , nt 8 p. m.for the purpose of perfecting
A full attendance is desired.
JOHN U. \ \ EBSTun ,
WIM NERGREN-August 31 , Hulda Marj
aged 19 years.
Funeral will take place September J , at 3 j
m. , from ISO ! South third streak ' ' ' ,
Frfendi wa Invited , . . ' . . / . ' .
The Hanrtnomo iMonumont wltti
Whloh to Ornct tXo BotillerH.
Fowler & Hclntlorff , tfio Farnnru street
architects , have ( impaired elaborate
plans for the triumphal urch which is to
DO oruoted nt tlio corner of Sixteenth und
Farnain streets In hopiqf of tlio forth
coming rc-uulou of soldiers , which Is to
lake place next weokiv The design com
prehends four pcdustnls one at cacli
corner of the intersection , sides fashioned
in imitation of cut-stono'masonry. Each
of these will bo fiffcMi foot high anil
stirmountotl with a iMWStalF twenty feet
in height and n Piecvi of ordinance. A
transverse nrch will spring from those
corners , connecting those of the north
east and south-west , ami north-west and
Honth-cast. The arch extending be
tween the latter will bo eighty-six
feet live inches , nnd the olhot
eighty-six feet , six and a bait Inches in
extent , The height of these to the key
stone will bo thirty-throe foot , whllo ,
superimposed upon the transverse see '
tlon will be elaborate ornamentation
which will Increase the height to sixty
feet. Hosting a pedestal on the inter
section mentioned , will bo four llfo-
si/.ed figures of Infantry In the attitude
of "preparing to receive cavalry , " an at
titude suggestiTO of guarding the "god-
of liberty , " whloh in Uiis instance
will bo a life-size figure in iron. The
upper and under frames of the arch will
be connected with lattice work nnd dec
otated with shields. The cost of the
structure will bn about $700. The nrch ,
it is expected will bo completed by Sat
urday next.
Uonnott'B Example Emulated by
Man Named Uartwcll.
A Montana gentleman arriving yester
day from the west told a BEE ruportei
that the money taken by Bennett , tht
I'aciiic express company's messenger , 01
at least , $8,000 of the same , was fount !
whore it had been bidden , or , ns lu
styled it , "cached , " in the hills of Ore
con , about four miles from Huntington
the termination or" Bennett's run. He
stated that there was no doubt in hii
mind that the. place of concealment hat
been disclosed by a confederate of tlu
messenger's , because a search in that vi
cinity , without a clue , would IIIITO beer
like hunting for the celebrated needle n
the celebrated hay stack.
lie states that about the same tinn
another package containing only if97 (
was missed , but that it has not voi
been recovered. It was in transit
from the internal revenue collootoi
at Boise , to the general agent at Helena
It was traced to Pocatello , and a olorl
named Thomas A , llartwoll held a re
ceipt for a way-bill from the Utah if
Northern messongor. Ilartwellwaslatei
found short $ lo7in his accounts , nndonlj
the clay before the BEE'S Informant lefi
the BCOIIC , he was found to bo 201 short ir
his accounts with a . .prior timployor , s
coal dealer named Qrqpn. Hartwell re
fused to make any , explanation of all
these dlsaopcarances , and although lu
had been elected a member of the lasl
territorial legislature.'he. could not muster
tor $500 to keep him out'of jail.
The "Ticket Punchers" Take M Da ]
The first excursion of the Harry Fil
more Division , No. 126 , 'Order of Uailwaj
Conductors , took place to Fremont yes
terday. Owing to'the threatening
weather the attendanco.w.s ! not us largi
as had been anticipated ) but it was as lini
a party as ever left Omaha. Particular ! j
noticeable were the line carstwo Pullrnar.
"drawing rooms" being included. Engine
No. 835 , with Jack Dblan at the throttle
and Fireman Joe Gould had the honor o
nulling out the train , while Mark Suitoi
"conducted the conductors. " The loco
motive was profusely decorated , being
artistically covered with flags and bunt
ing , The boiler head was wrapped ir
"red , white and blue , " plumes of differ
ent colors appeared above the cow
catcher , and in front of the hcadlighi
were the raised letters , "O. K. C , " ir
evergreen. The Musical Union band
accompanied by Julius Meyers , it :
manager accompanied the party. Tlu
following committees were in charge o
the party :
Arrangements Frank Keeshan , Thomai
Cahlll and Uoorge Mitchell.
Transportatlon-F. J. Falrbrass , W. W
Keen and Harry Oiltnoro.
Music Mars Nobbs , George Baird and J
11. llalston.
Printing Arthur Blakely , J. W. lnlo\\
andM. P. Suitor.
A number of guests were present from
Iowa. The party returned about nim
o'clock last night.
German-American School lleneQt.
This evening a number of the leading
Gorman young ladies and gentlemen wil
make their second appearance on tin
amateur stage for the benefit of the Ger
man-American school , They will appca ;
in the entertaining comedy ' 'Blindfold. '
The east comprises all the young folk
who appeared , with great success , m an
other comedy at the same nlacc abou
one mouth ago. On that occasion thi
proceeds of tha entertainment were abou
one hundred and lifty dollars. Theobjoc
of these entertainments is a worthy one
and is warmly supported by the German
of this city. As a consequence it is ox.
pectcd that a full house will be prescn
to-night. The cast is as follows :
llath Mr. Brando
Julio Miss Aueusta Pomi
Watdlne Miss Minna brand
llellmuth Forst Mr. Franki
Adolph Mr. Grub :
Olga Miss Barbara Ilubn
Kragel Mr. ,1. Peycki
Franklein Elvlva Miss Ida Pom :
Minna Semmler Miss Emma Brand
Bertha Brunner Miss Anna 1'onr
Doris Honkel Miss Lnm Scbmli
Kosehon Sommer Miss Nettie Hlclian
John Mr. Max Lent
In connection with the pcrformanoi
there will bo a concert by the Umah :
Musical Union orchestra , and the mec
will bo followed by a ball , which will con
tiauo until midnight. , ' ' , '
D. P. Headquarters Rules.
Now rules and regulations for the gov
eminent of ornnloyes arjhe Union Pacitl
headquarters were promulgated yester
day. They are uniqrw and are as foi
" *
lows :
1. Oilice IIOUM are from 8 o'clock a. m
toBo'clooK p.m. One hour is nllowei
for lunch. " '
2. Smoking Is strictly prohibited
Burning matches mu t not bo thrown 01
thn floor or in the wattle baskets. Papc
shades over gas jots prohibited ; thej
must bo glass or tm.r < 1
3. Employes must "pay " all damages t
the building , furniture , fixtures or othc
property of the company arising froti
their carelessness. '
4. Gaa must be turned off when no
actually needed.
B. Employes in entering or leaving tlu
building must do so in a quiet ami or
derly manner , and not Indulge in loin
conversation while passing through th
6. No employe will bo allowed in th
building after 11:30 : p. m. without a special
cial permit from his superior officer.
The "Dounybrook EpUodn. "
Ex-Officer O'Grady , who figured In th
little episode between Oflicor Brady an
"Roddy" McCroa on last Tuesday nigh
and who was arrested about halt an hou
later , was yesterday honorably acquUtc
by Judge'Berka for the part ho took i
th affair. Ho entered the -'souflK h
Bays , only to assist Officer Brady whc
whim bo-had secured an advantage eve
McCrca , whom ha was endeavoring to
arrest , he had his coat torn Into shrt-ds ,
and at that time was surrounded by n
crowd of people , of whom , many were
friends of the prostrate disturber.
Among the by-stamlors was Hurry
Hitguu , whom O'Grady strove to keen
from interfering with Officer Brady
while in the discharge of his duty. Haircu
wits punished by thu olllcor lu return for
a blow which the latter received from thu
saloon keeper , anil , yesterday , acknow
ledged that he had been titly treated. Ho
was arrested In thu morning and his case
sot for Friday.
The amusement prospect , for the next
week , Is considered most promising , and
the hope of liberal patronage from citi
zens and strangers during the next week
is strongly entertained. To begin with
there is the fair , the soldiers' reunion ,
the division contest at Bellevue , the
visit of the Now York Veteran ilromcn.
Pinafore at Cut Off lakn , Molntyro &
Heath's minstrels at the Uoyd. tho'Fax-
ton Cotnld company at the GrnnAopor.i
house , AV. ( J. Coupon cques-curriculum in
the exposition hall , together with a min
strel company nt the Peoples' nnd a
strong combination at the Casino.
Mr. Coup came into town last night. n.s
modest , after his years of success as if ho
had not made a reputation in a statemuch
less in both America and Europe. He
was accompanied by Frank Hurst , his
reliable agent , while Mclntyro & Heath
are represented hero by John W. Vogcl ,
The managers of the other shows have
not yet arrived here , but when they do
they will form a good sized colony.
Evans & Hoey , two of the cleverest
comedians on the stage , will be soon at
Boyd's ouorn house on Friday and Satur
day in Charles Hoyt's successful comedy ,
"A Parlor Match. " It will no doubt re
peat its former success here , which has
been simply phenomenal. Many new
and novel things are promised.MMc
and Old Hoss" will bo there. The- sale
of scats opens to morrow.
FA m wr.r.K AT novn's.
Hoyd's opera house will bo occupied
the lirst halt of the week by Mclntyro &
Heath's minstrels , one of the best min
strel shows on thn road this season. The
sterling actor , Frank Mayo , will appeal
the latter half of the week' in "Nordick"
and "Tho Royal Guard , " two great plays
which have never boon seen in Omaha.
Jurrnlln Depravity.
James Daily , a boy of fifteen , was ar
rested yesterday afternoon for being
drunk and disturbing the peace by light
ing in a saloon on the corner of Thtr
teeuth aud Vinton streets. Ho was sc
unruly that he had to bo clubbed lute
submission by Special Policeman
Pierce , before he rould bt
nut Into the patrol wagon ,
His head and face were bruised and
bleeding in a frightful manner when he
was taken into the central station. Bar
ton Hilcs , who was arrctod at the same
time on the same charges , had enticed
young Daily into a saloon , got him drunk
and then picked n quarrel with lunfl
lilies is almost old enough to bo Daily'a
A Hornn'n Rnmarkahlo Wound.
About half past eight o'clock lasl
evening , as Charles H. Guiou , of the firm
of Colpelzer & Guiou , was driving down
Sixteenth street with his fine span ol
bays , ho collided with a runaway horse
and buggy near the crossing of Sixteenth
and Nicholas streets. The force of the
collision knocked all the horses down.
A shaft of the buggy entered
the breast of one of Guiou's horses ,
passed close to the jugular vein , thence
under the shoulder blade and between
the ribs and the outer flesh clear to the
Hank , whore thu end could be plainly
distinguished by the elevation of the
flesh. The shaft had thus penetrated four
feet , and it required the united strength
of two or three men to remove it. How
ever , it inflammation docs not set in the
animal will recover.
Omaha Teachers.
The examination of teachers for the
public schools of Omaha was ended yes
terday. The examiners were William S ,
Curtis , William W. Koysor and Miss S ,
U. Davis. There were fifty-eight teach
ers examined , fifty-four ladies and four
gentlemen. They are an unusually in
telligent looking company of people , and
many of them ate teachers of hig'h ropu-
tittion , The great work of the examiners
is yet to como. As there are nine paper.
to each teacher , this will make 023 arti
cles to bo critically reviewed by the ex
An Iiis/ino Wamlerpr.
About 11 o'clock last night Officot
Curry found a man wandering aimlessly
about Farnam street , muttering savagely
to himself. The officer approached the
man , and , finding him insane , sent hfni
to the Central station. On being searched
by Jailor Crawford , $148.00 in currency
was found on his person. He gave the
name of Edward Blpnkcht , but could nol
or would not give his residence. Ho wae
locked up , and will bo held until friends
come to take charge of him , or ho recov
ers sufficiently to take care of himself.
Personal Paragraphs
O. N. llamsay returned from an extended
tended Oregouian trip yesterday
Lcvl Carter , of the firm of Coo &
Carter , left last evening for Laramie.
N. A. Knlm returned yesterday from
a month's sojourn at eastern watering
Robert Harris and family left last even
ing for Lcis Angeles , Cal. , where it if
thought the genial climate of America's
Italy will improve Mrs. Harris' declining
Rev. Mother Niotlcrkorn , who h head
of the Ladies of the Sacred Heart in the
west , mid Mndamo Mary Morgan , for
merly of this city , returned southward
yesterday after a visit of inspection to tlu
convent in this city. They will go nnmo
diately to St. Joseph ; thence to Kansas
City , St. Louis and Chicago.
Mrs. C. H. Van Wyck has started froni
her homo near Nebraska City for the easl
In response to a telegram announcing
the sudden death of her brother. Rev
Dr. Hrodhend , who died yesterday ir
Toronto , Can. , while there on a visit
Ho had been for seventeen years a mis
sionary to China nnd returned will
health impaired. Of late years he ha1
been pastor of the Bridgoton , ( N. V
Presbyterian church. Mrs , Van NVyct
has only recently lost a younger sistoi
and the the present grief id thus all tlu
moro acute ,
Yesterday was the dullest day foi
months in the United Status internal rev
entio office , only $330.58 having been col
A complimentary benefit concert wil
bo given to Mr. Naham Franko at Boyd'i
opera house to-night at which the cm !
nent yiollnist will himself perform. Mr
Franko's reputation guarantees a musi
cal treat to all who attend.
F. H. Mitchell was arrested yesterday
by Officer Clark , of the humane society
on the charge of cruelty to animals. Thi
horse he was driving was covered witli
foam , nnd on the animal's sides and baol
were numerous welts showing the bruta
manner in which ho had been beaten
Mitchell is held for trial until this morn
For Sale 5,000 tons of Spring lake Ice
Gustavo Koehler , Grand Island , Nob.
A SccontI Vein of Coal Found In the
City YcHtcrdny.
Coal was discovered near the natural
gas spring In the north cud of the city
yesterday. The exact spot sucm.s to bo
involved In studied mystery. It has been
admitted , however , that It Is on the
plateau near the fair grounds , and north
west of the sulphur springs where natural
gas was recently discovered. The parties
who discovered the carboniferous pro
duct got their first "tip" by an examina
tion of the geological out-crop on the
face of. the bluffs. The presence of a
sliiily stratum that.always overlies coal
deposits , led to the private sinking of a
drill that developed into a discovery of a
paying vein of coal. This U the second
time that coal has been discovered in
Omaha , and why there should bo so
much secrecy about the discovery Is truly
a mystery. _
AH Interesting Stilt Begun In tlio
United Htntcs Court Yentcrdny.
Frederick S. Baird. of Chicago , filed a
suit yesterday in the United States cir
cuit court against Stephen II. Elwood
nud Gusta Elwood , of Holt county ,
Neb. The petition alleges that the de
fendants at several times cave their
joint aud several promissory notes in a
sum aggregating f 18,033 to the Oregon
Horse aud Land company , of Wyoming ,
aud to secure payment gave two mort
gages of certain valuable lands in Holt
county , which mortgages the complain
ant purchased for a valuable considera
tion. One of the notes dated November
13,18SO , for $3,700 , maturing and remaining -
ing unpaid , stops were taken by Baird to
foreclose the mortgages as contemplated
by their provisions , when to his surprise
ho discovered that the Farmers' Loan
and Trust company , of Storm Lake , la. ,
had two prior mortgages covering the
identical land described in his own two.
purporting to secure the ptymcnt of
f 11,800 advanced by the Trust company
to thoEllwoods. Subsequent investigation
disclosed the fact that a number of other
companies anil individuals also hold sep
arate lions upon the same property to se
cure claims duo by the Ellwoods for var
ious amounts from $60 to 75,000.
oThe mortgages to the Farmers' Loan
& Trust company are pronounced frauds
by the bill and wore filed , it is claimed ,
simply to cloud the title of the properly
given as security and thereby depreciat
ing its sale , preventing the payment of
debts justly due. The prayer of the bill
is , that the court may determine thu
validity of those mortgages : that the
claims of each of the others be adjusli-
catcd and declared and that the com
plainants may have full nnd ample equity
in the premises by judgments against the
Eliwoods for any deficiency in the sale
ol thu property mortgaged. For the pur
poses asked all of the above creditors of
the Eliwoods are made parties to the
Coming Homo to Dip.
At a period of life when budding wo
manhood requires all her strength to
meet the demands nature makes upon It ,
many a young woman returns home from
the severe mental strain of school with a
broken down constitution , and her func
tions disarranged , to go to au early
grave. If she hud been wisely counseled
and given the benefit of Dr. Pierce's
"avorito Prescription" her bodily de
velopment might have kept pace with her
mental growth , and health and beauty
would not have given way to decline anil
Jurnra Drawn.
The following names wcro drawn by
the county commissioners yesterday for
the September term jurors. There are
sixty , and from them twenty-
four will bo selected by the
sheriff to serve. It will bo observed that
the new wards of the city and changes
under the now charter arc not followed
by tbo commissioners. The reason given
by them for this is that a county
election must first bo-hold :
John Mulvihill , George F. Labagh ,
Max Grossen , William O. Bokel , Samuel
Rues , E. Donnelly , sr. , Honrv ' Bruniutr.
Third Ward E. J. Tillots'on. J. B.
Jardlno , Price Saunders , J. C. Hubbard.
Fourth ward John F. Coad , W. J.
Wolshans , J. V. Patterson , Peter Shar-
key , C. C. Shaollur , James G. Carpenter ,
Albert Sharp , C.V. . Finn.
Filth ward B. F. Redman , John F.
Price , M. W. Doncckcn. Patrick Tighe ,
Otto Hornimg , O. T. Wilde , Thomas
Swift , W. J. Whitohousc , Bernard Mc
Sixth Ward Andrew Daublc , Dennis
Lane. Alex Richardson , C , K. CuuHnt ,
A. S. Ostrorn , C. C. Field , I. Klein , John
Douglas precinct Hans WinthorlicK ,
John M. Georgo. Waterloo F. M. Cor
liss. Valley John M. Williams.
MillarJ John Hattenback ; Chicago Eil
Ilanoy ; Jefferson Chris OutsellKlkliorn ;
George Drexel ; Saratoga John Ho/-
zard ; Florence R. M. Cowin ; West
Omaha Robert Enfcson ; McArdlo Cur-
son Rower ; Union George Knight.
In the police court yesterday , Man-
Not-Afrau'-of-Firewater ' Omaha Indian
- - - , an
dian , was up for drunkenness , but as it"
was his first offense , and ho promised to
return immediately to tlio reservation , he
was discharged. _
School Children at the Pair.
The managers of the Omaha fair hare
chosen Tuesday as children's day and
will give a free ticket of admission to
every school child. Mr. James , the
superintendent of the public schools , has
made arrangements to supply all pupils
with tickets by calling at the board of
education rooms on the corner of Six
teenth nud Capitol avenue , between the
hours of U and 1'J a. m. , and 2 to 4 p. m.
of Monday next.
Onaaixa , ISTcto.
Paid up Capital $250,000
Surplus 42,600
H. W. Yatcs , President.
Lewis S. Reed , Vice-Presidimt.
A. E. Toiualin , 2d Vico-Presldent.
W. H. S. Hughes. Cashier ,
umr-orons :
W. V. Morse , John S. Collins
H. W. Yates , Lewis S. Rood
A. E. Tou : iliu.
Cor. 12th and Pumam 5ls. ?
A General Banking Business Transaclo
N.W. Harris & Co.
ofCoqntloi.CitiM. Tonni.Wntor ,
( > I > B , btrect. K. It. CO.'B a M'fc.
laity. CoiroiiHjuUeuco sollclttd.
UIi ipfctBi arp MCUftKOr
EK TITl WiiKHIii.ilf.
a , mllUi ugUtif currtbt * of
U/tUoofh tllviik riifrit r *
oto bitlU td YlivrouiBtrmt'h C.tctric
Carnal * 5JlfiUUHtnUr ei v fcrftlll.iM iHctiti.
OruUilIiBpriBiBt eftr n ( btr ttlu Tfontctttf K' *
r vftdla tkr VBnthi frt'nl ' p -
" Oh , HAGAN'S
ll csqulnltcljr lovely , " mlil MUl Drown to tier
friends , ai ( ho ontcrnj tlio drawing room , after
taking a lone , hot , fatiguing drlro orrr a
landrrtiutr roA.l. "It l no Purr , Clronlr
nil IterrrBhluB. Inlwnj * hare It with mo.
and as 'til a Ilnrmlon I.lqulil , t coil iu
It In a moment and got imch ImUiia n lief from
the KeilnpKH , RaUBlinm * , HiillniTiirnn ,
Tan , Frccklm nnd Horrid Old Nhl
lllcmliheii , caiucd bjr a Hot Hnu and Urr ,
Ilnrah WluiU , " Lncllui ,
la for Frier , Nrcli , Arrtm ami Ilnud * . It
can't b Dutcctod. THY IT t
The Theatrical
Merit nlll win and receive puMlo rcoocnltlon and
pralto. Tautl , which are tlia oulcumo of general ex *
porlcnce , growing tlirouclt ycari of critical and
practical lest , Ixromo a > rooted and Immovnlloni
tborockof Glliraltar liiiiablto opinion , nnd hence
forth need no further guarantee M to their KODU
Ineneif. Tha Indltputtblo fact that Swlft's SpccWd
l the bolt blootl partner In the world , Is one of Iheia
Immovable Oltiroltor roik fuctn of which wohavo
KHkt.'U ] , and ncry < lnj' > rxprrlunca rwln tliUcou-
vlctloii derporand tltvpvrlu publioopUilou. Krerr
clans of our people In Amrrlca nnd 111 Europo.
avur ; trade , culling nnd profctAlon , Including Ibo
medical prufcasluu , lia\o lioruo Toluntarr lent-
monj to the romnrkahle Tlrtui'n of s. B , B. mid
Iti lufalllbli ) cntcacy lu curing all i1l8 < > a ei of tbo
blood , 'Jhcaa tvilluioulals aroon flluif \ the thou-
Randi , andoiwn totho Inspection of all , Nowoowe
Uiuollcltnl , ( wo < lllUUKlilihc.l nirinbcrt of thn tlieat
rleal pi ofo lon. who Krotcfullytctiirj to the wonder
ful cumltvo ( juiiuici of the SpTClHo in their Indl-
vldual caspf , . Thi Ir te tlmonlul ro horewlth lub-
rnltted to the puhllo without further comment-lot
thrm epoalc for thomiioltei The lady l member of
thofntnoui ThMla Thcatro Coinpaur.of Now Ymk ,
andforuinrlr nfihenesldenre Theatre , Borlln , Oer-
rrmn/.nml of HcVlclier'sMock Company , of Chlongo.
The Kentlemnn \ n well known memlxir of the New
York Thalia Theatre Company. Doth am well known
la tUiwtrlcal circles lu tula country und In Europe.
Charlolto liunilonr'ii Trallmony.
Kcw Youi , illy 3 , 1S37.
fiwlf t Speclfla Company , Atlanta , On. i
Orntlemcn-HaTlni ; been nntioied with pimple * ,
eruptions und rouKhneuof the Bkln , from bad con-
nltlou of my bhiod , for usoro than n year , I uiccl n
leading preparation or sar imrilla ana other adver *
tiled reinedlei to no effoct. Th n I consulted a promInent -
Inent physician , and from hi ] treatment recolrod
no benent. I ( hen concluded to try the a. B. a rem
edy for tbo blood , and flro or MX package * , by a
thorough eradication of my trouble and rritorW
smoolhneM to my nklu , bar * mmlo mo happy , and
I cheerfully giro you thU testimonial for tuchluu
and publicity ai you wUh la muko of It.
U3 Bowor.v , near Canal strcot ,
Hueo IlnnaUrrl'i Tfldtliriony.
Td Swift Specific Company , Atlanta. Oa. i
mlneo to try tu a. B. a. remcay , and dtreii or eUht
bottl > have tliorouKhly r n v d me , and you caa
uie toll certificate In auy manner you wUh.
Unoo lliisMint ,
. _ . . Member of Thalla-Thctr
Now York , May S. 1S87.
IreatUe on Dlood and Skin DiioaiM mailed fro * .
Tuc Swirr Dricmo Co. ,
Drawer 3. Atlanta. Oa.
S , E. Cor. 13th and Dodge Sts.
Successfully Treats all Nervous , Chronic ana
Private Diseases of
lr 8. U well known nn tha I minder of the
Monti OH ! ( Ciimula ) Medlcal'lnrtltutu und pie
i > rletor of thu Sulimoyvlllo Inllrimviy. The Ir
lini luul ! J7 yours' o.\poilonfu lu thu treutmunl
of olironlo nnd no.xnul diseases , mid his olforli
buhiK crowned by wnndurfull ritici'Ofs , ho would
call the iittcnt Ion of tlio nlllli-tud to hU lonu
stnnrllnt ; niul well oiu-icd rctiutntlou no an III
ulunt assurance of his skill nnd ability.
Spnrmntorrho'ii , I'lirtlnl Imprtonoy and nl' '
illfntifos of tlio HCTVOUS HVflti'in mid soxuul or
WI\DH speedily und ponniiner.tly cuted ,
HI , ODD AM ) .SKIS 1 > 1SK.\SKS.
SVI'III.ISAill8iM8oiuu t hutrlblolnitii niHUlli
completely cntillmleil without tlio uao ol
lucicurj' . OliniKCA iriiHiinablo ,
Who innyljiisulleiliig tioin thoalfoctsof jontti
fill folllosor Intlliuu'llons , mil do well to uvul !
tliemsulvci of thin , tlio greatest boon ever laid
nt tliuHltorot aulloriiiK huiniinlty 1 > H. 81'IN
N1JV will ( rimiuntuo to forfeit < GOO tor ovorj
cafio ( ifKoinlnal wnnknoss or private dlsousei
of any kind or clinriictor which ho utidertukct
nnd fuUs to euro.
Thnie uro many troubled with too fronuon
ovacuatloiiR of the bluddcr , otlon accoinpiinlcd
by a BllKht KinHrtltir or bnrnlnir senintlon mid
woakcnuin of the Hyfttum In n manner the patient -
tiont cannel account tor. On uxummlux tua
iirinnry deposits a ropy sodlmrmt will ottoti bo
loiind.aiKl HOiuctlmos smitU pnrtlclo of Hlbn-
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