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BellTtrcd by carrier in inr p rt of the city M
twenty centi per w ak.
B. W. TiLioir , . Manacor.
wimtss Omci. No. 13.
HioniEDiTOu No. .
, _ _
K. Y. Plumbing Co.
Better , tailor. Summer goods choao.
Finn coupes for ladies calling , Wm.
Lewis , telephone 138. Office 410 liroad *
Henry Wngnor is refitting his building ,
No. 101 Main street and putting in needed
Marriage licenses have been issued to
Addison Moore and Fannie Clemens , both
of Omaha.
To-night the band concert will take
place at the lake , as arranged for some
time ago , but postponed on account of
the disaster.
F. C. DoVol has commenced : in action
to fcccuro his claim of over f 100 for hard
ware furnished in the building of the
Uotel Manawa.
L. Kirscht & Co. , who recently moved
their wholesale house to Otiiahn , are
planning on soon opening a branch here
lor the better accommodation of their
customci s.
Ilaverly'a minstrels came in yesterday
morning from Grand Island ana stopped
t the 1'aciilc , they left on a Northwest
ern special at 11:10 o'clock last night lor
DCS Moines.
J. R. Snydcr has commenced a suit
against his old partner , N.E. Lcaman ,
to enforce payment of a note claimed to
have been given in settlement of partner
ship account * .
Henry Teller and M. C. Egan have
opened a flour and feed store , under the
firm name of Teller & Egan , at fto. 023
Mam street. They are also agents for
the Walnut block coal.
C A lawn social will be given under the
auspices of the Baptist church this even
ing at the residence of L. H. Croft , corner
Uill and Seventh streets. A cordial invi
tation extended to all ,
A lawn social will bo given under the
auspices of the Baptist church this evenIng -
Ing at the residence of L. B. Crofts , cor
ner Mill and Seventh streets. A cordial
invitation extended to nil.
Frank Ashton , arrested for stealing a
Watch from a boy at the transfer , had a
hearing yesterday , and was bound over
to the grand jury in the sum of $500. Ho
could not furnish any bonds.
Carpenters yesterday began work on
the two cottages to bo erected by Sol H.
Foster and M. B. Brown in Hepatta Place
addition. All ths lumber is on the ground
and work is to bn pushed on them.
On Wednesday evening Crescent City
Was visited by a young cyclone. Hay
stacks , etc. , wore turned over and con
siderable damage was done to manv out
building , attcr which a liberal supply of
ram feu.
Colonel Daily yesterday finished his
argument on ttio part of the county in
the suit by which Justice Scluirz hopes
to secure his fees. To-day George A.
Holmes will argue the case in behalf of
the justice.
A suit 1ms boon commenced by J. J.
Smith ngamst Mr. Stout , ns owner of the
Ogden house property. Smith claims to
bo owner of n chattel mortgage given by
Mr. Ninan , the former tenant , upon the
furniture , which Mr. Stout holds for un
paid rent.
Lawrence Hoist and J. J. Shea are to
have a horse-race at the driving park to
morrow afternoon at 2 o'clock. Each
gentleman is to drive his own horse to a
road cart , best three out of five , mile
heats. The horses are thought to be quite
evenly matched , and a good race is antici
A little delay is caused in the work on
the county court house by the non-ar
rival of a carload of iron , which went
astray and was sent thirty miles into Ne
braska. The car also broke down , caus
ing still further trouble. It Is now ex
pected daily , and as soon as it arrives
the tower will bo completed and the slat
ing begun upon it.
The Masonic Benevolent association of
this city promptly rises to correct the
Statement made by some of the papers
that the authorities of Kansas had
stopped the business of the association in
that state , bucausn no permit had been
taken out. A letter from the superin
tendent of insurance in that state says
"the association needs no permit to work
in Kansas , it being confined entirely to
members of the Masonic fraternity. "
A young man who is canvassing for
some cleansing preparation , got very
eraart in talking to a worthy housewife
on avenue C. Bho told him repeatedly
that she did not want any of the article
he was urging her to buy , and as he be
came quite impudent she ordered him to
move on. Then ho got mad and de
clined to move , when the woman stepped
into the house and got a revolver. One
look down its mouth caused his foot to
carry nwiiy his trembling knees most
Pacific house is the nearest hotel to the
majority of real estate offices in the city ;
| 3 per day.
At the Pacific house you will save from
BOc to | 1 per day. Try it and be con-
Pcrannat Paragraph * .
Robert B. Long was in the city after a
visit at Harlau.
John Lindt has returned from an ex
tended eastern trip.
Mrs. Tony Gorspocher is on a visit to
friends in Plutlsrnouth.
A. Patterson , of DCS Moines , was at
the Pacific house yesterday.
D. J. Hutchmson , of Shenandoah ,
registered at the 1'aeitio house yesterday.
Jake Turk returned from Minden yes
terday after the funeral of his twin ba-
Supervisor Trum was in the city yes
terday , and took a look at the work 'on
the now court house.
Deputy Oil Inspector Blanchard re.
turned yesterday from eastern Iowa after
an absence of two weeks.
Mrs. Thomas 1J. Estop and daughter ar
rived last evening from Cincinnati on a
visit to her son , of Field & Estop.
Mrs. C. H. Ferson is reported as slowly
recovering from the nervous shock
caused by nor husband's sudden death.
Mrs. Connor , mother of the Connor
llros. , on upper Broadway , has gone on
H visit to friends at St. Joe and Avoca ,
pWillium II. Wright , of Glenwood
Springs , Colo. , is in the city spending a
few days with his brother , Ed Wright.
Ho is on his way to Ohio.
Torroy Everett , accompanied by his
younger brother , Ned , loft for the east
yesterday morning. With their mother
and brother , they will pass the autumu
on the Now England coast.
Patrick Casey , ef Dcadwood , was in
the city yesterday purchasing goods
while on ills way home from the east , his
lirht visit to his old home in twenty-one
J. K. Graves , the motor railway
builder , arrived in this city yesterday
from Dubuque and registered at the Pa-
eilic house. He has nothing new in re
gard to the motor line , that Interests the
public , except the old story , and that hat
become a "chestnut. "
When you are in the city stop at the
Pacific house. Street cars pass the dooi
very fifteen minutes for all the depots.
Meals 50 cents each , ;
The City's Wise Men Deliberating Between
Lightning and Gas.
The Saloon Caaea Moved Forward
Notch * Uajr Death of Blrp. Gor-
liam Funnjr Men at the Opera
llonse I'craonaU Items.
The Light Question.
Yesterday afternoon the council met
as a committee of the whole to consider
the question of street lighting. The old
contract with the jras company has ex
pired , and the posts lighted now by pas
arc under a month by month contin
uance of the old contract. The suburbs
are being lighted by oil , a now contract
having been entered into which promises
to prove quite cheap and satisfactory.
The electric light company has pre
sented propositions for lighting the city
by means of arc lights on towers or
masts. 160 feet above the surface of the
streets. One such tower has been
established as an experiment , four
arc lights being hung at the
top of the court house , a height of 100
feet. The citizens have had an oppor
tunity of seeing what such a system can
do , and the general verdict has been one
of praise. The question has mainly re
solved Itself into one of mathematics , and
the discussion in committee of the whole
yesterday was chiefly over figures and
Thomas Oflicer and Colonel Sapp wore
the principal plcadent in behalf of the
electric light system. George F. Wright
represented the ens company. The elec
tric light company presented the pro
positions already published in full by the
BEE. It was urged that it was better to
have the lights all night , for numerous
reasons. Mr. Oflicer had figured out the
cost of lighting with oil the area covered
by the court house lights , and found that
it would amount to over $3,000 , whereas
the electric light wonld cost only
| 900. This last named sum provided for
lighting all night , and both figures cov
ered the expense for a year. He showed
that the electric light , if lit all night ,
would cost less than either oil or gas , and
the result would be much more satisfac
On the other hand Mr. Wright pre
sented a new proposition from the gas
company. It wan to light under the
present schedule for $22.00 a post per
year , including the expenses of lighting
and extinguishing , etc. Under the pres
ent mode of lighting the lights are al
lowed to burn until half-past twelve , and
then the work of extinguishing
begins , in the suburbs , and takes about
an hour , so that it is about 1:80 o'clock
before the lights in the center of the city
are all out. The gas company proposed
to light only until midnight for $20. Or.
the lights would bo kept burning all
night , except when the moon was out ,
for $27.59. Mr. Wright in defense of the
prices charged by the company , claimed
that a variety of causes mudo it neces
sary to charge more hero than in other
places cited. The price of coal , the qual
ity of gits , the payment in city warrants ,
and other matters , were urged as reasons
why Council Blull's was not a favorable
point for cheap gas.
The aldermen did little but listen to
these arguments and statements of fig
ures. They then took the documents , und
adjourned for private consideration of
them. There will be nothing done about
the matter until the next meeting of the
city council , Monday night , and perhaps
not then.
In the meantime the electric light com
pany is keeping the vicinity of the court
house lighted , so as to give the citizens a
chance to observe the result of the system
Death of Mri. J. A. Gotham.
Yesterday morning at 4 o'clock Mrs. J.
A. Uorham breathed her last. For sev
eral days death ha'd been surely approaching
preaching and for hours before it came
each moment seemed to bo her last.
Blood poisoning had set in and all hope
of recovery had been abandoned , still the
realization that the end had surely come
proved a great shock to husband , rela
tives and friends. She came to this city
with her husband , the photographer ,
about four years ago , moving here from
Beloit , Wis. They rapidly made friends
and won for themselves a warm welcome
to many homes. Mrs. Gorlmra has
been in rather delicate health for
some months past , and about a week
ago was taken suddenly and scriouslv ill.
lor five nights her physician , Dr. Green ,
remained in attendance every moment ,
and husband and friends rendered all the
tender nursing that \ \ as within human
power. Her mother. Mrs. Hall , of Janes-
vllle , Wis. , arrived Wednesday morning ,
lust in tirao to bo recognized once more
by her dying daughter , before she sank
into the unconsciousness which held hei
until death came. Mrs. Gorham's sister ,
Mrs. George Congdon , of Chicago , also
arrived Wednesday morning. Anothei
sister , Mrs. Dr. Hanaford , of Rockford ,
111. , was not able to reach hero , out hur
ried to Janesvi Ho , to comfort the aged
father , and the other Bister , whoso home
is there.
The wish of Mrs. Gorham was to be
buried in her old home , JJclavan , Wis. ,
anil in accordance with that desire , the
relatives started with the remains lasl
evening for that place. There was t
brief service at the home here , 810 Sixtt
avenue , Rev. G. W. Crofts of the Con
eregutional church offering prayer. Mrs
Gorham , besides her husband , leaves twc
children , one of whom is now at Janes
villoV is. , with her friends there.
Mr. Gorham has one brother , living ir
this city , L. B. Gorham , who is connected
with the Rook Island road. Ho , too , ha :
been in deep sorrow , having recently
lost two children. His wife has beer
quite ill , and friends were very unxioui
about her last week , but she is how re
covering , although still confined to hei
To Excursion Partiei.
The excursion steamer and barge Johr
M. Abbott is prepared to fulfill engagements
monts for excursions on the Missouri
river either day or moonlight parties
Capacity 400 passengers. For terms anil
other particulars inquire of L. P. Judson ,
IWl ) Sixth avenue.
One thousand head of one , two and
three-year-old steers for sale. Will give
credit to reliable parties. Enquire of A
J. Greenamayer , 023 Mynstor St. , tele-
Long Road With Many Turni.
Judge Carson held court again yester
day. Not much progress wus made in
the saloon coses. A portion of the fore
noon was spent in arguments over little
points in the case of George Brown ,
charged with showing contempt for the
court. Brown owns the St. Louis house ,
occupied by A. Doerflinger , and Injunc
tions were issued against Doerflinger and
against Brown as the owner of the build
ing , Judge Thornell doing this. A motion
was filed before Judge Carson to havq
the injunction put aside , so far as
Brown was concerned. It was urged
that he was not responsible foi
the acts of his tenant , and that he had nc
control over the building until he could
get the tenant out , and regain possession ,
This brings the case up to ths contempt
point , which has pot been fully viewed
yet. Oflicer Rose , of the police force ,
was the first witness called to show thai
liquor had been sold In the house since
the Injunction was issued. He had only
been partly examined when noon ao >
journment came. In the afternoon some
of the attorneys were otherwise engaged ,
and so nothing more was done , the court
adjourning until this morniug.
Dr. Jeffries' infallible prevcntative and
cure for dipthcrla can bo obtained by ad
dressing No. 817 8. IGth street , Omaha.
Price fj. Sent C. O D.
For Sale A standard bred stallion for
one-fourth its value. Will self on time.
Five years old. Will show 2.85 gait. A.
C. Arnold , Dcnnison , la.
Mr * . E. J. DyMnROp Taken a Fatal Dose
or Morphine With Suicidal Intent.
Last evening shortly after 0 o'clock E.
J. Dysinger , on returning to his homo ,
No. 543 Mynster street , found his wife
lying in an unconscious and apparently
dying condition. Dr. Etnmons was sum
moned at once , and began work
to save her if possible , but ft appeared
there was little ground for hope.
The hurried investigation of friends and
physician led to the belief that she had
taken a fatal dose of morphine , with sui
cidal intent , the supposed cause being
domestic trouble. A young lady friend
had been in soon after dinner , and was
chatting with her until shortly after 2
o'clock , when Mrs. Dysingor wont to He
down. It is supposed that she
soon after that took the morphine.
A little after 0 o'clock last night she
breathed her last. It appears from what
her husband said to the neighbors last
evening she has been in the habit of tak
ing morphine , but he claims he thought
she had discontinued its use. Ho further
admitted that at noon yesterday they had
a quarrel and his wife then threatened to
commit suicide.
J. W. and E. L. Squire lend money.
You will have no use for spectacles if
you use Dr. J. H. McLean's Strengthen
ing Eye Sulye ; it removes the film and
scum which accumulates on the eyeballs
subdues inflammation , cools and soothes
the irritated nerves , strengthens weak
and failing sight. 25c a box.
Shot In Heir-Defense.
"In the now south , " according to a
correspondent of the Boston Journal :
Returning from a drive in the suburbs
of Atlanta , I asked the colored driver if
a mounted man whom we saw in the dis
tance were a policeman ?
"Yes , sah , " he answered , and then , as
if the question had suggested the thought ,
ho said proudly : "I'U be thirty years
old next August , boss , and I ain't never
been arrested ylt. "
I was about to murmur ray congratula
tions when he startled me by adding :
"And I ain't never had one warrant out
agin me , and then they didn't ketch
me. "
"How was that ? " I asked.
"Well , I kept out of the way until the
trial , and then I give myself up in
court. "
"What were you tried for ? "
"Fur shootin'a nigger. "
I began to think that mv driver was
not the innocent lamb his first declara
tion might have led mo to consider him ,
so I asked him about the circumstances
of the shooting.
"Well , boss'hosaid"it was like this. I
was livin' on a plantation , and one day I
got into a row with another yung feller
about a gal. It was in a store , and the
first thing I knew ho hit me with a churn
handle and then I shot him. They got
the warrant out for me , but I wouldn't
ha' had any trouble only the other feller
had a good many white friends and they
pushed the case agin mo. It cost my
father $100 to got me clear. "
"Then you were acquitted ? "
"Oh , yes , sah. "
"How was that when vou say you shot
the man ? "
"O , yes , 1 shot him and hit him pretty
bad but I oft'on sclf-defese "
, too , got on - ;
and then ho added , apparently without
the least thought of the absurdity of the
idea , "I wouldn't ha' shot him only he
started to run. "
Thing" Worth Knowlnir.
That dyspepsia comes from torpid liver
and costiveness.
That you cannot digest your food well
unless your bowels and liver act prop
That your bowels require thorough
cleansing when they do not do their duty
by your digestion.
That your torpid liver needs stimulat
ing in order that it may act as nature in
tended it should.
That Brandrcth's Fills taken in doses
of one or two at night for , say , ten days ,
will regulate the bowels , stimulate the
liver , improve the digestion and drive
away dyspepsia.
The Theatrical Profession.
Merit will win and receive public recognition and
praise. Fact , which are the outcome * of general ex
perience , growing through yean of critical and
practical teat , become as rooted and Immovable as
the rock ot Gibraltar In public opinion , and hence
forth need no further guaront'-e as to their germ
Ineneu. The Indisputable fact that Swift's SpeeUlo
Is the best blood purlOer In the world , is ono of thcia
class of our people In America and In Europe !
every trade , colling and profession. Including thiS
medical profession , have borne voluntary testi
mony to the remarkabla virtues of H. & a. and
It * Infallible efficacy In curing all diseases of the
rlcal profession , who gratefully testify to the wonder
ful curative qualities of the Bpeclno in their Indl-
W < J icasfs. Their testimonials are herewith sub
mitted to the public without further comment-let
them speak for Iherusch es. The lady Is a member of
the famous Thalia Theatre Company , of New York ,
and formerly nf the Residence Theatre , Berlin , der-
niany. anil of MoVlcker-s Stock Company , of Chicago.
v" > Jf Itlntt ! ? ta ° wcl1 known member of the New
York Thalia Theatre Company. Both are well known
lu theatrical circles In this country and In Europe.
Charlotte Uunilow's ) Testimony.
NlW Yonic. May S , 1887.
Swift Specific Company. Atlanta , Da. i
Qentlcmen-HaTlng been annoyed with pimples ,
eruptions and roughness of tha skin , from bad con
dition of my blood , for more than a Tear , I used a
leadlug preparation of sarsanarllla and other adver
tised remedies to no effect. Then 1 consulted a prom-
tncnt physician , and from his treatment received
" " r--- ' -1 - - . - ' " " " ncluded to try the 8. S. 8. rera-
fy 'or Jho biped , and Are or six packaged , by a
thorough eradication of my trouble and restorin *
smootunesa to my sklu. hav made m. happy , and
I cheerfully give you this testimonial for such use
and publicity as you wUh to make of It.
153 Bowery , near Canal suvet ,
Unto Hasskerl'i Testimony.
The Swift Specific Company , Atlanta. Qa. :
Oentlemen-For two year * I nnd a severe case of
crerna. I used tar soaps , sulphur soaps , and varioui
other remedles-and was prescribedforW dumber !
SflnPif"5'lu""iJ ' ' i0""d no relief. Atlast lUete
EKE ? l .tnr Se a * " ? remedy , and seven or eight
thoroughly relieved me. and you can
UM thli otrtlncate la auy manner r < m wish.
16S7emU' < * T" " " Tt"-
New Vork. Hay S.
Treatise on Blood and Bklu Diseases mailed fret.
TB BWITT Brccmo Co. ,
Drawer 3. Atlanta. Qa.
Soli Manufacture cf
With All MODERN Improvement * .
47 ami 49 Dearborn St. ,
. FOB taUi BY
HENRY . COX , .Omaha , Neb. '
> >
Cor , 5th Ave < fc th St. , Council Bluffs ,
One of the best Educational Institu
tions in the west. Boarding and day
school conducted by the Sisters of Char
ity , B. V. M.
Board and tuition for a term of five
months , | ? 5. For further particulars
address SISTEtt SUPERIOR ,
"S . Francis Academy ,
Council Blufis.Ia.
Creston House ,
Main Street , Council Bluffs ,
Only Hotel in the City
with Fire Escape ,
Electric Call BeUs.
Accommodations First Class ,
And Rates Reasonable
Max Mohn , Proprietor
Engineer , Surveyor , MapPubllsher
Over JVb. 12 North Main Sf ,
Maps , of citlei and oountlM
> 8TOK * . JACOB
Attorneys at Law.
Practice in the State and Federal Court
Rooms 7 and S Shugart-Beno Block.
E. 8. BAttNETT ,
Justice ot the Peace ,
415 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
Refer * to any bank or business house in the
city. Collections a specialty.
Frlcc8 > Very Low ,
W. S. HOMER & Co. ,
JVO. 23 MAIX ST. ,
For Adults ,
For Children ,
For Both Sexes
When on tlia s iltry summor'n day
Ihe .unseen sc i ee H mlleuwart
NVlien ( omesHck Heada ba toopprois
Amleverr moment b-lnesill trjn .
Then TAUHANTH KKI.T/KU prorcsa friend.
Tlmt OruKultts ull can ruioiumeiid.
VulTcurealneu dajr.EVUis
'Tr ' M.combln d. Guaranlecdthe
only one In the world Ken.ratlrur
.continuous tletlrie < * Matnttu
'rarrent. BcUntlflc , Powerful , Dnralila ,
Comfort.ble and IfT ctlvo. Avoid fronds ,
BnifiIIT'8 DISEASE ig cuusocl br A11USK
AND VAHICOCELE. without detention from
business , and the Asahcl Mlnorul Sprinir Wiuor
wholmlnfr evlilonco mnllod free by ASAHEL
way , Now York.
Sliort Line
Thu only road to tnVo for DPS Moines Mar-
Bhnlltown , Q edur Hiinld ? , Clinton. Dlion , Chica
go , Milwaukee and ull points enst. To the poo-
flo of NebrnBku , Colontdo , Wyoinlnjr , Utah ,
ilaho , ixeviu'a , Oretron , WiishlnKton , nnd Cali
fornia , It offers superior advantages net possi
ble by any other line.
Among a few of the numerous points of su-
Errlorlty enjoyed by the patrons of this road
between Oraalm und C'Heiigo.nro Its two trains
adayoT-DAY COACHES , which are the Unost
that human nrt nnd ingenuity can create. Its
PALAOUE SLEEl'IKU CAUS , which nro models
of comtort and elegance. Its PAItLOIt DltAW-
ING IIOOM CAUS , unsurpassed by nny. aild Its
widely celebrated PALATlAh DININU OAKS ,
the equiilof which cunnot be found elsewhere
At Council lllufTs the trains of the Union Fuclflo
Ity. connect In Union Depot with these of the
Cblcnuo Se Northw ostern By. In Chicago the
trains of this llr.e make close connection with
those of all eastern lines.
For Detroit. Columbus , Indianapolis. Cincin
nati. Nlngura Kails , Buffalo , I'lttsburgToronto ,
Montreal , noston , Now Vork , Philadelphia ,
Dultlinnrp , Washington and ull points in the
cast , afU for n ticket /la the
If you wish the best accommodation , All ticket
agents sell tickets via this line *
H. IIuCmiTT , t I E. P. WILSON.
tienl. Manager. Cicnl. Puss'r Agent
Chicago , 111.
Western Agent , ' City Poss'r Agent ,
Oumjft ) , Nebraska.
COO Broadway , Council Bluffa.Iowa.
btAbllihed 1S5T.
Vacant Lots , Lands , Citj Itcildonccs and
Farms. Aero property In western part of city.
All eclllnjr cheap.
Real Estate & Insurance Agent ,
Koom 5 , over Officer ft Pusey's Bank , CouncI
Bai a complete line of
I * 1 1 llii
Larre hats lit white , black and all colors. Fat
tern bonnets , hnu and toques , a specialty *
No 1811 Douflas St. , Omaha.
Special adrertlsemcnts , such as Lost , Found
no Loan , For Sale , To Kent , TV ants. Boarding ,
etc , will bolnstrttd la this column at the loir
rateof TEN CUNTS PEULI.NE for the flr laser-
lonand VI v Centl Tor L4n fo.-each subsequent
InMrtlon. Leare advertisements nt our office
No. U Pearl sticct , near Broadway , Council
_ WANTS. _
ANTKU-Two flrst-clasg wnltors at Louis
A Metzgers , 826 itnd 627 Broadway. _
TVANTKD-Youny miin with 1100 capital to
1 T take half Interest In a ( rood paying busi
ness ; from $3 to f 5 per day profit and nil ex
penses to ench partner.
oanvasslntr , no street work. Travel through
Iowa and Illinois with partner. Komothlnp
now and will bear investigating. Address X t ,
Boo olDoe , Council Bluffs.
TIIOH RENT-Furmsbcd room with board , No.
av 543 Mill street Two gents or man and
wife preferred.
FOH SALB-Or Trade Complete stock fur
niture , stoves , etc. ; also building , In good
town on Wabash road SO miles from city ; no
opposition. Good reasons for solllnir. 'lurms
nsy. Will Invoice about 12,500. Address or
call on Merchant , 3J5 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
WANTED At once , good girl. Call on Mrs.
Ifaldane , corner ot Seventh avenue and
101 h street. _
10H PALE OR TRADE.-For Conncll Bluffs
property 40,000 acres of Iowa and Ne
braska land. J. 11. Ulce , 110 Mam St. Council
\T7ANTKD Situation as bookkeeper by
vv young man who can glvo satisfactory ref
erences us to experience , hnblts nnd responsi
bility. O. I ) . Bee office , Council Bluffs.
Situation as salesman In grocery
WANTED Uofcronccs given. D. U. T. , lice
office , Council Bluffs. _
soil two carriages on long time or will
trade lor noises. William Lewis.
Hides , Tallow , Pelts ,
Highest Market Frlccs. Promp
820 and 802 Main Street , Council Bluffs ,
The finest of driving horses always on
hand and for sale by
Finest Landaus
Coaches and Hacks in City.
No. 418 Broadway The Manhattan ,
Telephone No. 33
Na. 615 Main Street , Telephone No , 93.
lu Amber ,
etc.Halr On
nnments , as
well as tlio
newest nov
elties in hair
Hair goods
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Mrs. C. L. Gillette
20 Unin St. , Council liluffs , Iowa. Out
of town work solicited , and all mail
orders promptly attended to ,
Star Safe Stables and Mule Yards
way.OjiuU _ ( ii Dummy Depot
Horses and mules constantly on hand
for sale at retail or in car load lots.
Orders promptly filled by contract on
short notice. Stock sold on commission.
Telephone 114. SHLUTEU & UOI.ET.
Opposite Dummy Depot , Council bluffs.
Justice of the Peace.
Office over American Exprens.
Summer Dress Goods , White Goods
Parasols , Gloves , Mitts , Hosiery , Etc. , Etc.
Are Large and Well Selectedv
Our Patterns are Choice and Quality the BestL
New Goods are arriving and invite
Lace Curtains *
Work Done by Competent Workmen.
Mail Orders Promptly Attended To
401 Broadway , Council Bluffs ,
N. B. Special attention given all orders by
Pianos and Organs
Persons wishing to purchase instruments will find it to their interest to
call on us.
Imtrumcnti Tuned nnd Repaired. We never fall to give sittltf'nclloiu
Over 2O yeaiV Experience In Pluno und Organ Work.
Swanson Music Co.
No. 329 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa
C. or.
Real Estate Broker and Dealers
Council lUiilft Office ,
Temple. Oinuliu Office , No 111 .
North Kith street.
Particular attention given to In *
vesting funds for neil - real ;
dents. Spccitil bargains in , lota & ' ,
Acre property In Oniahu & Coun
cil Blum. . Correspondence solic
Best $2.00 a day house in the west.
Regular : Boarders : : Reduced : : Ratea
NO. 336 & 338 Broadway , council Blufis.
No. 201 Main St. , Council Bluffs , Iowa ,
Fancy and Staple Groceries
. . Both Domestic and Foreign , . .