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, 79.
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( s 1 HE nArLY B a . fl'1 E s. A , JULY 19. 1557. ta
Dellrcfcd by cnrrler rn ntty part of the city at
tm enty tents per wk.
H , W , TnTo r , Mana4cr ,
'flL1:1'IIoNCSt :
Bes1NyssOmee , No. 43.
thou Eonol No. L
N. Y.Plumbing Co.
] tester , tailor. Sunnner goods chcan.
David ' 1'ostcvin has arrived from the
A case of scarlet furor is reported at
Air Swausuu's , curner of Sixth turd 13th
Work on the now sash and blind fac
dory of Messrs. Strock Bros , is progress.
tug finely ,
1. U , 1'ctcrson and Christina Ubcl
were yesterday married byJusticc Schurz
at his ollico.
Wanted , at once , 100 to 200 barrels of
carrots. Call on or nddress J , Y , Fuller ,
30 i'carl St. , Council BhUlk.
The tricolor lawn social to ho given
by the voting ladies of the Congtega
tionrd church tit the residence of ' 1' , J.
Evans is to be Friday evening instead of
'Thursday cseui11gg , as forhierly au
Thu steamer "Lady of the Lake" will
now be supplied svlth life preservers ptir-
ohased through Messrs , Oliyer & Gtahaml ,
'limey are large ones 1111(1 have beet iq-
apected by the goveruutent , so tlmt they
' holy he relied upon.
Jack 1Vashingtou , acolored man , while
drunk , staggurel ( III ) to a private residence
denco aud nisisted on time door beumig
opened , lie trim ! to unlock it withm his
, hoot , but before he had got through
) the patrol wagon came tip mid he
was taleu in. It cost hlut $ S.1O in court
- Charlie Ileisler is lilting up No. 603
I roiulway in fine shape for his new barber -
ber shop awl bath rooms. Ile expects tO
open up there the last part of the week ,
and is Joh1J , to have as line an establishm
merit as the city needs in thus line. Ile
is already receiving his new furniture ,
itlcluding four of Molchoir Bros' finest
chairs ,
' 'Iio rowing association is preparing to
Reiul quite a delegatlon to Spirit Lake
t to attend the regatta. The club will be
' represented in the double shell race by
Sadler nut Livingstone , who won the
Moline race and came in second at Pull.
man , The excursion rates from here are
O.35 for the round trip.
Thin patrol wagon is now being used
to considerable advantage as a hell to
the police. It is a great saving of both
j time and strength , andreiablcs time oft -
t beers to cover successfully a larger tern.
I Cory. With the new alarm syston it is
w an easy platter for a policeman to turn
± ht a call , haul ( lie prisoner over to the
patrol wagon , 1111(1 gel him to jail withn
less trouble that the old way of hauling
' them along the sidewnike wth a crowd
e following asking questions. The service
can be made still more efleetuul by havuig
: a stable next to the police station , with
I' horses antt driver in readiness to start mi
the jtiiiip the moment it call conies in.
t'he water pipe in lfaylisq park rans
through it hldden ice tank so that the
drinking water is ; ( ways quite cool.
r Solna Omaha visitors wlio took a drink
of the hydrant water in the park were
greatly puzzled itt finding Council Blulrs
water so cool , and so clear , while the
Water across the river was so hot and so
muddy. They had noticed the difference
in clearness before , but the wonderful
coldness of the water here never struck
them so forcibly. They went houlo in
blissful ignorance of the fact that the
park cotnniissioners pack the hydrant
with ice iota furnish the public even
colder water Iluui comes front the northeast -
east corner of most wells.
We wilt close our store at B o'clock
every evening except Saturday during
July and August. I'AiKs t SoN.
S J. W. & E. L. Squire's abstract books
area marvel of systematic accuracy.
Have you seen their now lien book ; it ms
a monster and contains 300 pages.
Po rson a I I'A ra gru ph c.
E. Pratt is the proud father of a new
boy today.
J. Reiter , the tailor , left last evening
for New York city to purchase his hill
Airs , Frank Yenawmo was out yester
day for the first tine in three months.
Now that she has somewhat recovered
she will go east in a few days.
( 'rank B , llooro , the engineer for the
, new wagon bridge , returned yesterday
niornhngfrom Montreal , where 110 hits
been looking after the new bridge just
being competed over the St. Lawrence ,
about eight miles froth the great Victoria
bridge , This now bridge , of which Mr.
Moore 1s the engineer , costs tour and a
half millions. It will ho ready for the
running of trains next Friday. From the
r photographs It nupears to be a wonderful
piece of engineering , 4r. Moore is an
engineer of national rn ) utation and the
fact having been secured by the
bridge company lucre is one of the
strongest assurances of the success of the
cbterprisu ,
j.v _ & E 1 , . Squire make beautiful
abstracts of title and deserve the success
they are enjoying.
For rupture or hernia , call and get Dr.
Rico's new invention. It niches a nnnu
of you in five minutes. No. pain. No.
11 Pearl street.
The United Staten In Prophecy ,
Is our government noticed in the
phello scriptures ? Are we to have a
union of church and state in this nation
that shall result ht religious persecution ?
Is the spirit of intolerance already abroad
in the land ? So say the elders at the
Seventh Day Advent tabernacle on Oak.
hand uvemie. This subject was intro.
duced last night and will be concluded
tonight. It would scent that all shntfld
be interested in such questions. The
speakers handle their subjects like .lei
who think they know whereby they
epoak. Meetings continue every night
throughout the week.
- -
At the Pacific house von swill save from
roc to 1 per tiny , fly It and be con-
For female diseases and chronic ills.
eases of all kinds , call on 1)r. Mice , No ,
111'earl street , Council Bluff's , Iowa.
Ile % mist Reform ,
t pj4Tho Ifough boy , who was arrested for
stealing X83 from henry DcLong's store ,
was in court yesterday , flu is also on
the charge of stealing a gold watch from
Goldsteiu's. 'flee boy has been m some
scrapes before , and Ills friends have
begged oil from having him sent to the
relornm school. lid has caused so pinch
trouble , mid hits shown such fickle at-
tcmpts at doing better , that this time
It seems lee will have to go , lie has
waived exaniinntinn and been sent to
jail to await the action of the grand jury ,
which meets In August.
- - - -
Prospect Park continues the choicest
Inside hill lots. A big bargain to parties
for improvement.
Uthor agents many talk as hard as they
please about the liardumn l'iamo. It gets
miway with them for tilt tlmtt. These
. ianas are hard to 'beat. The Mueller
ua I Co , sell always only ttlo best.
Three New Informers Swear that Prohibi
tion is not Prohibiting ,
, t lclghbnrly I 'hht over the Front
Gate-it 6011 Goes hunting for Ills
Father wIth it Gun-The Guards
lcnefit-General Tttttlo Ilere.
New Saloon 1)ctrctlves.
There fins been little public attention
drawn of late to time saloon injunction
cases , There has been no change noticeable -
able iii time situatiomm , and matters have
uppnrently drifted along with patiemt
svaitiiig out both sides for the coming of
time 36th of July. Tlutt was the date fixed
for the court to take up the eases , and it
was expected at the time of adjournment
( lint by ( hint date time two informers would
be able to he here to testify. Unfor
tunutefy for the prosecution awl for the
Informers , the two loon were seuteuteed
in Ommaha to thirty days In jail so they
cannot be here until time first week in
Aagu3t. There seems to be no certainty
of their being here , for tlwy are tlmreatcn
cd with fresh arrest on other charges as
50011 as their time is flit. In view of the tnt-
eerlaintvof 9cclmrillg theta as witnesses the
prosecution has beer gathering up freshm
evideumees by other witnesses. There
have been three young mom from the
eastern part of time county-farniers'boys
-tvlmu have been sauupling the liquors
found an smile about the city. They were
busy during time week of the races , and
now they have signed n batch of allidaa'
vits , relmatimg thnir experiences to time
ell'ecl that prohibition is not prohibiting.
i'ho nanmes of these new witnesses are
Charles Doran , 1Vilhaa E. Alexauler
and John F , handy. It is said bent they
will be on hand without fail tvlueu ( lie
saloon cases are called up on the 23thi ,
amti their atlidavils are now of file , 'these
niidas'its will b0 tmscd to strengthen the
'tldavits sworn to by Darville tumid isle-
Laren , who are in jail at Omaha.
Notices have been served on the first
batch ( of saloon amen , thud time time depo-
silioms arc to be taken of Sniith and the
other informer who gathered time facts
last winter for the first bundle of cases.
'l'Imcse depositions mire to be taken withm a
view of havhmg the tenmporaryinjunctions
made permauint , 1'he allidavits of the
three new mfonucrs will be used to secure -
cure temporary writs of injunction
ngainst the now batch of cases. Time
sank witnesses will be used on time stand
iii the trial of the cases for contempt of
court. The serving of notices yesterday
gave rise to numerous reports m to what
hew move was beitlg taken by the pro.
Ihbilionists , but the above arc time facts
in brief.
Over the Front Gate.
Senn moutims ago Mr. Casson rented a
house : uul proceeded to occupy the preffl
ices. One tiny "Sandy Points" Adams ,
an old umui who is well known in the
coil mtumitycamc , to hint to rent the barn
out ( lie premises. The barn was not very
well fitted for residence purposes , but
Adanms wanted to reduce his expenses ,
and so Cassell let fiipi have it fora month
for : l4. There ( vas no chuimmey to the
barn , and a stovepipe had to be run
through time roof. 'l'imo owner of the
premises , learning that Cassell had sub.
let the barn for this purpose , objected ,
and as Cassell did not find the Adams
family very congenial neighbors , notice
was given then to move out. instead of
(1e1ug so they wo11tto the agent for the
Imouso and rented the barn of mint , so
that time owner was ttius securing a thou-
ble revenue front the premises. Cassell
had a lease of the entire premises and
Adaius find a lease from the same party
for the barn , Eachu felt that they bud
rights which Dmust not be in-
( entered with by the other , and
of course war soon broke out. The
trouble arose over time trout gate.
'flue Casselis resisted that if time Adams
fanmily were bound to occupy lute barn
they should not reach it by the gate
in grunt , but must crawl through
a hole in the suite fence , or go
through a rear wagon gate. After arms-
lug huinself with hums written document
he proposed to show his authority and
defy the Cassells. lie left time barn by
time roar way , came nroumil the lot to the
front , and was going to nmarch triumphantly -
antly throughm the froutgatewuen he mot
an ep1)using force in the form of Mrs.
( 'asseil , Sue had wired time gate and
stfod braced up against IL Adapts first
tried to kick it down , and then it
ble ensued. 1 hu w'onman held her own
amid the gate , too , and whet the skiremish
wits over Adams had to climb the fence ,
a defeated man. She had marks of
Adieus' lingernails upon her throat. Slue
had been hit in the stomach , amid find a
bad bruise on her side. Being a sickly ,
delicate wohmun she was compelled to
take to her bed mind remain there for
three days.
She was able to appear in court yesterday -
day against Aduus. : She unrrated
tutu circumstances , and showed time
marks on tier throat and hand as proof
of the Maurer in wluch she ltad been
abused by Adaams. Adams went on the
stand and swore equally forcibly that he
has never touched the woman , he ad-
nutted having a squabble at the gate , but
denied having lit her. Adams was
lined him $5 cud costs. Than a matte
the Ilne li liter than ho would otherwise
have demo on account of time wily both
Parties 1)ad ) been had to believe that they
had time first right to the premises ,
Whoa yon are m the city stop at time
Pseifie house , Street cars pass time door
every fifteen minutes for all the depots.
Meals 50 cents ouch.
One thousand hoed of ono , two and
three-year-old steers for sale. Will give
credit to reliable parties. Enquire of A.
J , Greenamtuyor , Creston ! louse.
A Tarnliy itow.
J. D.n'eny was before Judge Aylcs-
worllt yesterday morning for mu hearing.
Ile is time young tumtmi who cumsed : such a
stir in time neigliborhmood by shooting at
his fmulmr. It is lenrncd that young
Daveumy mid his wife ! mare find a great
dual of trouble with tune rest of the fam-
hhy. Time wife had often hmade talk about
time other members of her husbauu's '
gauntly , chargmmg them with various impurities -
purities of life , and arousing considerable -
able indignation. They would talk back ,
and her husband would stand up for his
wife as utgnhnst his own folks. A family
w ar has been going on with little pros-
iects for a truce. Young D aveny cola-
bratcd time F'ourtlm by gng over to tiuo
old folks' noose and Licking up a row ,
while drunk. A night or two ago he got
drlnik magalll , atlil Luttiilg a freshly filled
bottle of whisky started over again.
This thee ! me was just full enough to
wtllit to make up anti be friends
again , instead of fighting , but when he
came unto the house time old gentleman
rometnberhig the provioas threats con.
eluded lie had conic to carry thorn into
execuhou , lie did not give huts son time
to profFr time olive branchm of old rye , but
jumped outto hhn and threw hint out , It
was fin no gentle tuunner , either , as Is
nvideueed by time blaclened eye and
swollen lip of time young moan. Young
1laveuy gathered himself up , arnied
with a shot gun , weft hunting
for the old man. lie saw his form in'
the darkness and mired , seating mho
old man'Dadly. . The pollco took'
the enn in , and kept lupm beluud )
the bars , lime judge concluded timat
limo best way to dispose of the ease waste
to nut the young : non under # 300 bonds
to keep time 1)estce , and take front him a
promise to swear o0' drinking and stay
eimtirely away from the old Iolks. The
wife was also given a warning to control
her utlruly nueumhcr , and stop gassiping
nbnut her husbaid's relatives ,
- S - -
Battle Fine Tuttle ,
General J , dl. Tuttle , conmmander of
the G. A , it. , miepartmmetit of Iowa , arrived -
rived in this city last evening to mttlend
time soldiers' rally , which takes place lids
evening hum Dfasoaie hall. lie was
met at the depot by time cmunitteo
on invitntton aid with the Dodge Light
wards , headed by the Fifth regiment
band , as a guard of escort proceeded to
time Pacifc house where he was
received by the reception committee.
1'Imo gencral and time commultees repaired -
paired to the hotel veranda. A
large crowd filled time street anti ex-
teumled down Pearl street , After the
general humid reviewed the 1)odge ) Light
Guards the Fifthn regiment baud discoursed -
coursed a sort of national potpourri in
which ions incorporated nil the old pat-
riotie war tunes to which time boys had
so often nlarehied. Jluijor Lyuman ,
nessntan front this district , then addressed -
dressed the crowd briefly. Amen g other
thmrgs lie said twenty six yeas ago
we who are now called old veterans
were bo3 s like those 1 see before
me ht unifortu , but mt was just such boys
ss'huo main the soldiers of 1801 amdlli. , him
those youm „ cr days 1 letrmed well the
lesson to obey orders , mid it is because
of having lemurned well that lesson that I
tuppear before you tonight. I do not
want mummy of time thmlghts to which I may
give utterance here to be chargal against
the U. A , it. or the tJniotm Veteran legion ,
I alone nnn respousihlo for thou , Use-
ully I anm not a belsalionalist , have 11ot
often partmciptutcd in the old soldier , ' doings -
ings ; utd never mum such meetings as the
min rcceimtly hold oil time battle field at
Gettyshnrg , where , as corm win llubbard
so aptly- expressed it , the blue tumid time
grey met and slobbered over each other ,
't'he account of time meeting of the old
l'hhiadelphia brigade and I'ickett's division -
sion on the broody field where they
fought etch other so desperately reads
we1L It is even poetical. Too have all
read k. Perhaps you have also read
time sequel. IVhen time 1'hilmt-
dolphin brigade visited liichmond as time
guests of I'lckett's ' division , to time credit
of the cx cnnfedorate soldiers be it said
they treated them hmospitnbly , but in the
public nmeutings that were held , it was
publicly denmamded by the speakers that
time llag of omit union btu amended , that
the stars and bars of time cmmfederaey be
incorporated in the glorious old stars
mml stripes we fought to defend. And
that is time spirit of time south. 'T'here is
mot time love for the union there that
tlemen would have its believe.
And now before 1 introduce General
'I'uttlo let me tell you in v few words why
he has so endeared himself to us. When
the cohunittee in charge of time national
reunion at St. Louis proposed to
iumvite the Limn who occupies time
presidemtimt chair to smt as our
chief presidingoiVicerGeneral7'ultle was
the first .man to object , and we honor
i0rh for it , 't'housands of Iowa soldiers
have followed hnu on the nutrclm and
through many a bloody battle field , amd
are ready to follow him again if need be ,
butt we would not follow hium past the
chair in which as the revietvutg ollicer ,
sat the man wire by the grace of the
solid south , and a few accidents , is now
the president of time United States ,
Sonic have charged that we do not show
proper respect to time counnmumder iu-
chief of time army of time nation. The
charge is not well founded , we do respect -
pect the ollico of president. We revere
the chair wlmicit has been tilled by it
1Vusluingtom , a JefFrson , tu Lincoln , anti
a Garlleld , but we do not revere the
present incumhent.
And when this same man was attemut-
ing to commit a rape on the American
flag and return t0 the southh time captured
battle lhtirs and the trophies of tvur , Gen-
erul Tmttltu was the first niau to erg unit !
And now iii time nano of Abe Lneohm
Post G. A , It. and the Council of Union
Veteran Legion , aend all the old
soldiers of this vicinity uud all the
good ncopie of this city' I bid a
hearty welcome to the brave General -
oral fmttle , thin hero of Fort Don-
elson , the enn who so galiantiy led the
Second Iowa over time ranparts in a vie-
lorous charge , turd who min so mimy
fields led so plumy of our Iowa soldiers
to victory. 1Volconme , Genernl'1'uttle'
Gemmeral Tuttle then arose anti cx-
pressed Iris thanks in a veiny brief m ii-
lier.lie was lastevcning entertained by the
Union Vcternm legion , 'Po-day nail this
evening he will be the guest of Abu
Lincoln post U. A. B ,
The Guard's ncnelt ,
On 'I'hursuay night at the opera house
the Fifth regiment bawl is to give a cou
plimentary concert for time benefit of
time 1)odgo Light mar h. Au exiuibition
drill will also be given. Time following
programinte has been arranged as follows.
I'AitT I.
1. Overture-'I. Elegate".l'ettec.
Fifth regbnent band.
2. Companydrill. , . . . Iodse Lllhtluards ,
3 , Thesleual-"Euphoniunmsolo"Brooks.
Jlr. Follett ,
4 , Waltzes-"lleleaa".Pettee.
Fifth regiment band ,
5. Company drill.Uodge Light Guards ,
O , Selection-'lteeoliectlons of the War"
Fifth rcgimemt band.
7. The forge In the forest-Descriptive
Descrlpthon-Night gives way to mmorning
-Time birds awaken-Time morning pray sr-
' 1'he steeple tell strikes-'l'ime blacksmith be.
gluts his work at the forgo and anvil.
s , Company drill. , . . . . . .Dodge Liglmt Guards.
e , Cornet solo-"Sea Flower Polka"Rolhlnson.
A. A. Covnlt.
10 , Marching tnhlitary-"rhmeTurkisimPatrol"
Descrlptive of time ahil roach slid passhng of
time turkish patrol.
1'iftlu reginiett band.
11 , Contpatydrill. . , .Uodge Light ( .nards ,
1. , Gavutto-"Stephaulo".fiedgo.
Flftlt reghnnnt hand.
An Mxpensivo Bath.
On Stumday J , Ii , Aikens , a traveling
mat representing I ) . Al. Steele & Co , , of
Omaha , went in bathing mtlake Manawa.
instead of leaving his valuables , as
numerous signs direct , whim those In
charge at the oflice , tic took then witlm
hlnm and left thomu in his bath house.
Duriag his utbsence in time water it appears -
pears that sonic unknown person svout
through Iris clothes and relieved him
of X25 ,
_ _
Pacific house is the nearest ! motel to the
amajority of real estate ollices in the city ;
e2 per tiny.
Cor. 5th Ave. & 7th sb , Council Bluffs.
One of the best Educational Institutions -
tions in the west. Boarding and tiny
school conducted by time Sisters of Cline
ity , B , V , AS ,
Board and tuition for a term of live
montlms , * 5I'or further particulars
address SIS'1'1R ; SUPERIOR ,
SL Francis Academy ,
, Council , lilufs , Ia ,
ttttl C
ri1'i r& p er
' "
r '
11 _ '
" 4. . 2A4 - tlW r. . / i ca.S
0 \ ! ' '
A 1. CarrI1 , V of
i neer urVe of a u Is er
Over ? mo. 12 North ) fiili St.
cottntvmnps , of cites and counties
1n Amber ,
etc.llair On
nalnents , as
well as the
\ !
t Ilewest novelties -
elties in hair
hair genus
madeto order
Mrs. C. L. Gillette
20 Maiu St. , Council B1u0's , Iowa , Out
of town work solicited , muui all nail
orders promptly attended to.
I'rfcrs V 49g/ Lot , , , .
w , S , HOMER & CO. ,
NO. 23 .ITALY ST. . ,
COUNCIL 11 t : UF1''S , IA :
vacant Lots , Lnnds , City Itesidonces and
FnrmL Acre Property In western part of city.
All soiling ehtcup.
Real Estate & Insurance Agent ,
Room b , over Ofncer a ; i'usoy's lank , Couucl
Bluffs ,
s , } i , y
ll „
t' .
.t 1 !
_ fI I
l I i e t.t T.u.i.m. . i. t
U Ique.r r.e..n
( ) winr to tb. DIIINl1L eiJaTlt'1TT of the cloth ( which
our patents cover errlo.iveiy ) will at rreeti art
, . . . MStifIT IXTCatea
thine wore ytryuire. no b.eakme in.
by worn t.nd.y.Irnot O.nnd them. . ;
and ferrortat.te Covet ever worn. Sold by all
Olst cJ. . , dealer. .
CILOTTY nuog. , Chicago , Iii-
The only S3 SEAMLESS
Shoe in the world.
Finest calf , perfect at end Y
warranted. ConKreaeliudon .1' 0 H
.mid Lace , alt etylee top. As 't
Itylish end durable as y
those cosung Its or tG. 0 to
W. L. nnniLAS ( h anOEexcele 0V
the $3 Shoe. adicr-
aby utber ttot
t 5
, l pmitliS3 , o
9 [ x , . , . .a Ma ,
tlead a Nu.w eNul em..J
nays all wear mio W. L. nOUiLArS es SuOE.
poitsiirto V.'L . , lOVOLAS , lirockyton , malt.
For sale by Kelley , Stiger & Co. , cor.
DOdge Iumtil5thm-sts. ; henry Sargent , cot.
Seward and Suunders sls , ; S. Jonasoa ,
401 South 13th strt oL
Plesant to Taste ,
Prompt in Action
Always Reliable
It loon bring. into healthy play
Thu Torpid Liter dny by du
And iteguialoe the System lluougl ;
From erownor head to eoie er eh s.
It cures the flies , It omen , pore. ,
lost appetite II .omr.etore. ;
w't.e in ntlle. thrni hmt the lend ,
Keep TAaitLNT b 5KLTZitlt neur at band.
au a i'ad fromn aim
other , is Cup bate. with Reif.
. . . ,
keit to all p.dtiona of ha
7BVltl ywblletb.IilIIa inihecup
re a beets Int.a
.w finger.l"WittmhP light ° euoreU .lam .
nlLhelnt eccurtiiy.rand atgh.ana a r dialcy re
. . .
. mail.67n
certain. sai fk . Wd LIITOI TsLM CU. , VIu , lt. .
' '
Spaclat advortisonients , such as Lost , Foptd ;
"A0Lean , lot- Silo , To lent , wants , Itoarding ,
etc. , will ho Inserted iii lhlt column nt the low
rntcof'fEN CEN'T'S PEIt LINK fertho arst inter-
lonand rlvoConte PerLlnofoenchpubsomeant
insertion. Leave adverlisemeuts at our cOlce
Nn 18 ! 'earl street , near itroadway. Council
WANT ! .
JANTED-iInlo or fcmnlo who totdorstanda
cooking , work llKht , geltng up etunll
Orders. \ . B. , Hoe olilce , Ceencll Jtltare.
UTANTEI-Good , steady , sober barber. No.
T V All South Main Street.
W - proesntnn , Five
r years' exporfoneo , Address I ) . A. n. , lee
TENT-Coal Sheds , onlco and scales , one
ate-reomthouee. 0 , Mayne , $ "JGthave.
'l 1of SALE-Or Trade-Six sections of good
1 land in Lincoln eomay , Neb. , on U , P.
railway. Call on or address Odoll tires k Co „
103 Pearl Ft. , Council iiitiff.
Council BlulrsIowa.
EStabllSlted 1857.
lint a coutploto line of
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Lnrgeliutsluwhite , black nil all colors. Pat
tern bonnets , loud and toques , n specialty.
No 15i4 1)ouglae St. , Omaha ,
Justice of the Peace ,
411 Broadway , Council Bluirs.
Refers to any bank or business house in the
city. Coliections a specialty.
Creston Hoilse ,
Main Street , Council Bluffs ,
Only Hotel In the City
with Fire Escape.
Electric Call Bells.
Acconuaodatlons First Class ,
And harem Reasonable
Max Mohn , Proprietor
The finest of driving horses always on
hand and for sale by
Sfar Sale Stables and Mule Yards.
Broadway , Couttcll Bluas , Opp , Dummy Depot.
r ly
horses and mules constantly on hand
for sale at retail or in cur load lots.
Orders promptly filled by contract on
short nopco. Stock sold on commissioum ,
.I elephone 114 , SIn.rTm u & Bom.Ey ,
Opposite 1)ummy Depot , Council Bhli's.
X. SCII Ul f7 ,
Justice of the Peace.
Ouiceover it meri can Expmems.
Finest Landaus
Coaches aul ( hacks in City.
No. 418 Broadway-Time Manhattan ,
'feiephonc No.
Na.615 Main Street , Telephuone No , 03.
Attorneys at Law.
dice in the State and Fedt rd Courts
Roms 7 and 8 SI > ugart-Reno Block ,
xxxxal 1
xxxx d
For Everybody to Come to
rn ;
We shall close out without regard to cost .t
In Simmer Dross Goods ,
Wash Goods , Hosiery , Etc.
Come Early t
And Secure the Best Selections )
We are Headquarters for
Carpets of all Kinds.
= i niaaioattJ V idia..rS .L lROhtd ,
Council Bluffs.
. r
N B.---Special attention given all orders by ' " , l
Pianos and Organs
Persons wishing to purclmsc instruments will find it to their imterest to a
call on us.
Instruments Tuned and Repaired. Ye never Utilto , give snilsla4'tlolt
Over 20 years' Espericnco in Piano iutd Organ IVorl4 ,
Swanson Music Co.
No. 329 Broadway , Council Iflmfl , Iowa
o _ - - - - dbr ,
Real Estate Broker and Dealers
Council ahdrs Ohik'o , Dlusonto c
lbugllc. Omahul 4/11Icc , 1'o ' 111
Northl lath street.
Particular attention given to in.
vestltl „ funds far noa rest-
( testis. Special bargains fu lot. &
acre property In Onullua & Cumin-
cif Ifltdld. . Correrpondellco colic-
- - - '
Best $2.00 a day house in the west.
Regular : : I3oafders : : ReluccI : : Matey.
On Furniture , IIousellold GOGl5 ( , Stoves , etc. , to Blake room
for Fall Stoch , Goods Sold Oil If4tallnumtS ,
A , . MAND EL ) - - Nos1323 and 325 Broadway.
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
No , aoI Main St. , Council Bluffs ) Iowa
, ' ' ' , ' ' '
t COM1'LC'1'1 : iSSOR'I'MIN'1'
Fancy and Staple Groceries
Both Domestic and Foreign , . '
. . . . . , , , . . .edaaa..ose.V.Ww.e.