Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 23, 1887, Page 6, Image 6

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Delivered by carrier In any pnrtof thecltr nt
twenty cents per week.
H. W.TILTON , - JIanater.
BcPiKTPflOmcr. No. 4A
NKIIIT KuiTOit No. si.
N. Y.PIumblng Co.
New sprliiR coeds ntllo'tor's ' , tailor.
The slating of tlio government bttllil-
inc will bo done this week.
The young colorud men's club give a
dnnco tit Phuiter's hull this evening.
The water works company will lay
about four tulles of extension of its pi pus
iliis scnsoii.
The Knights of Labor arc to give a
rrnnd ball Fourth of July night in the
Temple hull.
Yesterday E. A. Anderson and Alice
I. .Stevens were happily joined in mar-
rinRe by Justice Sohiiry
The building on Hroadwiy rccentlv oc
cupied by the Central saloon is now oc
cupied ns a jewelry store.
The funeral of the little babe of Hans
Uhristofer.son was held yesterday after
noon from the family residence on Broad-
John Helm and William Stcinkopf , who
were complained of at Crescent for lish-
Incr on Sunday , had a hearing Tuesday ,
and were promptly discharged.
The Ancient Order of Hibernians and
the Catholic Knights of this city expect
to go to Omaha Sunday to witness the
laving of the corner stone of Creighton
college. A goodly number of other
Catholic citi/ona will also attend from
The benefit for Miss Nellie Hatcher
takes place at the opera house this even
ing. This estimable unit talented young
lady has been very public spirited anil
generous in making other entertainments
enjoyable and the benefit is merited.
There should bo a crowded house.
The park commissioners are to get a
high pressure hydraulic ram to lorco
water into Fairmount park. Water must
bo had there in some way for the accom
modation of those visiting this most
beautiful natural , park in the west , and
the commissioners are determined to
make the necessary arrangements.
The work on the new Catholic church
Is progressing well. The hod carriers
who struck for higher wages have been
micccodcd by others , and that cause of
delay has been done away with. The
new church is showing up much larger
than mo.Mt Imagined It would be , and will
be one of the most Imposing structures
in the city.
Arrangements have boon made to cele
brate in an appropriate manner the
twentieth anniversary of Hroadway
Methodist Episcopal church. The anni
versary exercises will begin July 13 and
will continue till the 18th. A number of
the former pastors have promised to bo
present and participate in the services.
The Mauawa railway has not pro-
pressed so rapidly for a day or so as the
builders expected. There has been some
delay waiting for iron and some other
little dilliculties. but it is expected that
everything will bo in ship-Bhape to-day to
allow of the work being pushed along
with such speed as to make up for UU
lost time.
The chariots are on the grounds ,
ready for the races. The July meeting
nt the driving rwvk will bo a memorable
one. There- was never such a list of entries -
trios , and the races will be , without
any doubt , the greatest over hold hero.
The attractions will cause big crowds to
gather into the city from all points of
the compass.
The'news published In yesterday's
BEE concerning the bridge caused no
little stir here , and much comment. It
was amusing to notice the variety of
opinions expressed by the other papers ,
who had no news to oiler their readers
concerning this Important matter. One
declared that it was not true , while the
other insisted that it was true but old. It
matters little to these evening fireflies , so
long as they can bu/z around the BEK.
This paper will continue business at the
old stand , and will bo the lirst to gather
and give the news ,
The Omaha couple who wore arrcstod
here Tuesday night , for being beastly
jlrunk on the streets , did not show up in
court yesterday morning , but forfeited
the money deposited for their appear
ance. Their arrest caused no little sensa
tion , as it was claimed that the pair were
"high toned. " The fact that they were
wolf dressed seemed to be the chief reason
for thinking that they wore "high toned. "
Good clothes , however , have long slnco
ceased to bo a guarantee of the high
standing of those wearing them. The
youn i Englishman , apparently ,
lias gone upon the records simply as "J ,
S. F. , ' whiln the woman , who was some
years his older , was registered as Mrs ,
Fitcherson. Doth begged pitcously , when
. sober enough to realize their shame , and
imulorod that the disgraceful affair be
kept quiet.
Bathing suits at Harkncss Bros.
J. W. & E. L. Squire make beautiful
abstracts of title and deserve the succtsi
they are enjoying.
For Sale.
Two drug stores in central Nebraska
Good thriving towns. Will invoice fro a
fl.OOO to $2,000. Apply to
HAULE , HAAS & Co. ,
Council Binds , Iowa
Stealing Time.
Charlo Guy , who works in Cole's liver ]
stable on Pearl street , had a $35 watcl
in his trunk. Monday morning th
watch was gone and suspicion fell upor
Joseph Adams , who had boon at work
around the stable for a few days only
He was arrested , and the ollicors found
that tlia watch had been pawned for fi
at Goldstein's. Chief Mullen claims tlia
he went to Goldstein's place Mond.v
evening several hours after the watcl
had boon pawned , and that Goldsteii
told him that he had taken in only om
watch , and that did not answer the do
scrlption of the stolen one. Yesterday i
was learned that the watoh was there ,
and on being asked for It Goldstein refused
fused to giro It up. A writ of replovir
was taken out , and the watcli siozod bj
the ofllecrs. The chief of police is afto
Goldstein for not Riving him the information
mation concerning the watch.
Latest improved gasoline stoves at 1
604 Main street. W. A. Wood.
lrs. Hanchott & Smith , oflice No. IS
carl st. , residence ISO Fourth st. Tele
hone No. 10.
For female diseases and chronio Jis
cases of all kinds , call on Dr. Uice , No
11 Pearl street , Council Bluft's , Iowa.
For rupture or hernia , call and got Ui
llico's new invention. It makes a ma
of you in five minutes. No. pain. Nc
11 Pearl street.
Bathing suit goods at Harkncss Bros.
Spirit Ii ke Blooper.
Commencing Saturday evening , Jun
C5 , a Pullman palace sleeper will Icav
Council Blutl's dally at 7:10 : p. m. fo
Spirit Lake via the bioux City route , ai
riving at Hotel Orleans at 7:80 : a. m. fo
breakfast. .
Excursion tirkots now on sale am
berths reieryed at 'ticket ofllces , 49
Uro dw y aud d i oU.
The Decision in Favor of the Local Com
pany Gladdens the Blaffis.
Tnklng n Ticker Pinna for n Soldiers'
Cemetery Vatttclinn'a FnmoitsCnr-
ringe Sold For a Hong Troubles
Among Colored Clirlstlniis.
Tim Bridge A mire < l.
The announcement in yesterday's Br.n
that the bridge decision was in favor of
the Omaha and Council Blnil's company ,
was received with great rejoicings in this
city. While the formal announcement
has not been made by the secretary of
war , yet the result is practically certain.
The local company is goinir right ahead ,
preparing to shfp material. The engineer
of tile company is now at the shops in the
east , and the contractors are started on
getting out the material. In fact every
energy is now being directed to the pre
liminary work for building the bridge.
By the 1st of July.if not before , the sec
retary of war will make his official an
nouncement , and by that time the pre
liminary work will havi-sotar progressed
that the actual construction can bo com
menced at once. Not a minute is being
loft , and the material is being got ready
to ship right along. There is
no further reason for doubt as to
the bridge being built , and
of it being built by the local company.
The contest is over , the bridge company
has tlui site , and Its plans have so far
progressed that there will uo no further
delay. Council Blull'i rejoices greatly ,
for it has feared that it would not secure
such a wagon bridge as it needed. Now
that this is assured , there will bo less op
position manifest hern towards the put
ting in of railway bridges. With the
starting of the building of the bridge the
council will at once order Broadway
paved to the river , and other improve
ments , which have been waiting upon
this , will be hurried ritrat along. There
has been no one enterprise on which this
city has hung so many other enterprises
as on this bridge. With the securing of
this the boom will take another jump.
The city lias been gaining and grow
ing right along this season , and would
continue to gam and grow , but with the
starting UP of enterprises which have
been waiting for the decision in the
bridge matter , the second edition of the
boom will bo greater than the lirst. The
projectors of the bridge enterprise have
had a great deal of confidence in the
justice of their claims to the site , and in
the integrity of the officials whoso duty
it was to recognize their rights. While
some other citi/.cns have been doubting
and wondering , they have been confident
in the final outcome , though annoyed by
the vexations delays. It has been diffi
cult to inspire othorSj however , with the
bamo degree of confidence , and hence
outside capital , especially , has wisely
wailed far the result , preferring to pay
oven advanced prices , when the bridge
should bo assured , rather than purchase
for less and run the. risk.
There seems to be no further reason
for doubts , and with the formal an
nouncement of the decision , and the
shipment of material , already being pre
pared , there will bo an increased activity
in all Hues of investment and improve
A Soldiers' Cemetery.
The veterans are completing arrange
ments for having special burying
grounds in the cemetery. Some time
ago some old cannon were obtained
from the government us ornaments for
the soldiers1 burial ground , but nothing
has been done with them. It was agreed
hat the piece of ground set apart by the
cemetery association for this purpose was
altogether too small , and with a pros
pect for getting better and larger
grounds nothing has been done towards
Mounting the pieces. A plat and plan
For improvement have been drawn and
the cemetery association has agreed to
sot apart a piece in the now part of the
cemetery. This new piece will bo 125
feet square. In the center arc to bo earth
works thrown up in a square and quite
high. The cannon are to bp sot on the
corners in mason work. It is estimated
that it will cost $400 to thus mount each
of the guns. In the center it is proposed
to have a monument , with figures repre
senting the army and navy. A largo
archway is to bo built , permitting teams
to pass through from one side of the
earthworks to the other. The plans are
quite elaborate and when completed it
will prove a very attractive and appro
priate resting place for the old soldiers
who are fast being mustered out.
A Famous Vehicle.
It is still in the memory of many that a
few years ago W. H. Vaughan , in ono ol
his trips to DCS Moincs , purchased there
a. team and carriage and proceeded to
make a great splurge over It. The turn
out was bought by him from scmo prom
inent citizen of the capital , who had used
it for his family vehicle. The price an
nounced as being paid for it by Vuughaii
was from f 1,200to $1,000. Although pur
chased , as the announcement was made
at the time , for the private use ol
Vaughan and his family , and shipped
homo as a surprise , little was scon of the
dashing turnout here. Ono of the special
features of aitractivcnoss to the carriage
was the fact that it was the identical one
in which General Grant rode about the
city of DCS Moines when ho visited there
Since the splurge made about this car
riaga there has been little heard of it , bul
yesterday the famous vehicle again ap
peared before the public. It was sold or
an oxeoution and sold under the ham
raer , the ownership having some timi
ago passed out of Vaughan's hands. Tin
famous carriage brought at auction r
trillo over $20. At last reports it wai
standing near a blacksmith shop on uppei
Broadway , there being some doub
whether it was worth hauling oil' .
Trouble In the Churob.
The colored folks of this city seem t <
behaving many dillieultios in establish
ing and maintaining a place of worship
Their loc-al churi-h history has beei
fraught with incidents showing them t <
bo long on rows and short on harmony
Lately a new colored apostle has ap
peared here , Rev. Joseph Mills , and h <
has been attempting to organize i
church. Ho has secured a carpontci
shop on North Main street , and has go
soue chairs and lamps , with other nee
essarics for holding meetings. Now soim
of the colored Christians begin a how
that ho is a fraud , that bo is taking u |
collections for bis own use. and that hi
has uo license to preach. The reverent
gentleman called at the BEE olllco yea
terday , and showed a license dated a
Marshalltown , la. , Juno 13 , 1834. He
also showed the following receipt :
COUNCIL BLUFFS , IA. , Juno 18.1837.
Received of Joseph Mijls One Hundroi
dollars , li being in consideration of th
sale of my carpenter shop , situated 01
Main street , city of Council Hlutfs.
The reverend gentleman says ho ha
boon paying money out of bis owi
-pocket. Instead of collecting money fo
himself , and he irro ! > eii a ( tin
[ treuttaent'he it receiving from those o
his own race , for whom he is trying to do
a good work. He liar gathered a little
baud of thirteen Methodists and two
Baptists , and the minority being so small
ho will probably maku u Methodist
church out of it.
Miss Ilnti'hor'H lieneflt.
This evening is to be the entertain
ment tendered as a benefit to Miss Nellie
Hatchor. An excellent programme has
been arranged. The Fifth regiment band
will take part. The Misses Mcrkol and
Miss Ida Tostovm will sing , rrank Ba-
dollet will give a llute solo. Mr. Brooks ,
the violiui't , and Miss Bebbington , on
the piano , will give a duet. Miss Hatcher
will give several readings and recita
tions , and she is of herself capable of
furnishing a full and enjoyable pro
gramme. With the assistance of the
others named the evening will bo ono of
the most entertaining announced tills
The Union Depot.
The directors ( if the Union Donot and
Railway company are requested to meet
at the ofllro of Odell Bros. & Co. Friday
evening , Juno 21 , 1887 , at 8 p. m. sharp.
H. H. Merriam , president.
Personal l'nrairnl > 'iq' '
President Brooks , of Tabor college ,
was hero yesterday.
A. Kaufman , of Seymour , la. , was at
the Pacific yesterday.
Mrs. J. M. Ourslor and mother left yes
terday for Denver , to be absent some
J. K. Graves , of Dubuque , returned
hero yesterday to look after the Manawa
railway busincsx.
Mrs. T. F. Thickstun has gone to Chicago
cage to spund the summer with her
daughter , Mrs. DeKay.
Mrs. H. Hodgson and daughter Lottie ,
of Davenport , and Mrs. N. Hodgson , of
Avoea , are in the city , guests of Mrs. J.
G. Tipton.
G. \ \ . Duncan , who was in the grocery
business here , is now located in Portland ,
Ore. , and reports that he is well satisfied
with his now home.
J. R. Carrothors has resigned his posi
tion as bookkeeper for Van Brunt tie Co.
in order to accent a position as teacher
in the Western Iowa college.
W. M. Drew , of Diihith , arrived here
yesterday morning He is a brother of
Mrs. Ycnawmc , whoso condition is quite
dangerous. She has been unconscious
for several days , and there seems faint
hope for her recovery.
T. S. Couch , of the Rock Island , has
returned from Minneapolis , where he has
been attending a mooting of the master
car builders of the United States. Ho
nKo indulged in enough fishing to bo
able to swap stories with the boys on his
It is a cause for congratulation that
Mr. H. J. Chambers has decided to lo
cate permanently in this city. He has
secured an ollico in Everett's blocK and
will enter on the active practice of the
law. Ho has a head and a heart , and
with his many friends and varied expe
rience will doubtless have a long list of
Odoll Bros , yesterday received news
from their partner , C. E. Friedman , that
his health is not improving so rapidly as
ho expected. Ho is visiting his old home
in the east , rciting and recreating , in
company with his family , but is not gain
ing , as was honed ho would. It well
wishing on the part of his many friends
hero will give him vigor ho will bo as
robust a man as there is between the two
oceans. '
On Saturday afternoon , July 3 , at 2:30 :
o'clock , the owners of Lakcviow addition
will put on sale at auction one hundred
lots. This beautiful addition lies between
W ray's and Mark's landing overlooking
Lake Manawa. It is on the now motor
line , on the best drive to the lake , and
only two miles from the postoUicc. These
lo's will doubtless sell like hot cakes.
Description of Tliouc Grnvoynrtla
AlioTO Ground Queer Tombs.
It is on a March day , soft and balmy
as a day in early summer a day when
the odor of roses and lilies , of sweet violets
lets and jessamine , of sweet honeystnklo
and chinaberry blossoms mingle and
float in cxnuisilo harmony of fragrance
over the whole of this quaint garden city
that wo start for a visit to the tombs.
Ghastly places they must bo , for they are
all above ground , like ovens of masonry ,
and they are slimy and sickening to the
sight so our idea is. But wo must see
them from a sense of the duty of tourists ,
and because there is a fascination in
their ugliness as wo picture it.
"Howwill we get into the cemotrics ? "
we ask the friend who has pointed out
the car that will take us to three of the
most noteil. _ "The gates are always open ;
there will bo no trouble about entering. "
The car starts ; she bows and trips down
the street a dear little lady in widow's
dress to her work in : vgroat olllcp , while
we spin along on our holiday jaunt to
the place of the dead. A white wall ,
gnarled oaks , with their sad funeral
moss , glossy magnolia trees , with white
buds scarcely showing in their tight
culyx-wrappings of green that is
our first outside view of the cemetery.
Then , through the open gate wo
walk into a place , level , green , mound-
less. It is ono of the older cembtories ;
an avenue of superb oaks conducts
through its center. The spectral moss
rocks back and forth across the shadowy
way. It has no rustle , no sound. It
sccras a symbol of an old yet unforget-
tinggriofj a sign of a sorrow for the
dead after it has subsided from tears and
sobs ; when silent , clinging , shadowyand
soft , it veils the world with a voiceless
melancholy , like this strange twilight of
filmy gray , unreal , enveloping stemlcss ,
verdureless , drooping above the tombs
from year to year , never decaying , never
budding , hanging between heaven and
earth , rootless' living , yet dead. On the
tombs in this cemetery are carved the
old French names , with crosses or crests ;
and on projecting hooks fastened in the
cement ot the wall hang remembrances
so ugly that even loving sentiment can
not make them other than desecrations
to the eye ; these skeleton wreaths ol
black wire , wire-strung beads that shine
with a mockery of mourning , or those
chalky white ones that seem hko clowiu
in a tragedy. How grotesque appears
humanity's expression of deepest feeling
beside the gray moss that mourns over
head and bright roses that smile from
belowl where sweet nature's sympathy
and consolation minglu in this place 6 :
bereavement , so tenderly , so tastefully
Out of this old cemetery wo go to f
neighboring ono , dazzling as this ono i :
somber. Here the moss , and the beads
and the foreign names serve to make one
feel out of this worldin a lonesome plac <
apart from one's own. But in the neigh
boring spot death is beautiful , joyous-
never a cemetery that scorned so brilliant
so clean , so clear. There is no sign o
the ancient oak ; all the trees are glossy
of leaf and perfumed magnolias tha
nutlo and shineand break out anon inti
fairest and widest of ( lowers. The gras
is not wrinkled with graves ; it is smootl
and clean , stretching out into the sun
shine without llower or hoadstono. Thi
walks are wide , woodless , formed u
finely pulverized white shells. Alan ;
these white roads , Hko dwellings along ;
street , are the family tombs , entire1 !
above ground , each separate , in its owi
unfenced yard of green. The tombs ar
eight to ton foot apart , and six or nigh
from the cdgo of the road , each ai |
proachcd from the roadway by a narrov
marble footwalk. They are of whit
marble , and shaped like small dwellings
Tl.ioy are two or three stories In tinight-
tbat is , about ten or twelve feet , and pro
portioned neatl.y , tiio roof , of marble , Is
urrcttcd , gotlnu , domed , or pagoda
Imped. Tim cllcct of the o marble houses ,
lose on cither cli'e ' the avenue , with the
ittle spaces of green between them and
hn wide unbroken back of them , the
ombs following the curves of the road.
Hid leaving in ono sheet the level ground
letwccn , give tin order and a sense of
breathing space such as our own grave
yards can never have. The marble doors
of the palaces of th % dead shut witli a
lining loe.k and bear the names of the
lead within. In the little dooryards arc
Uways flowers of the choicest kinds , so
hat the white road , accentuated by the
diite structures at a uniform distance
lack from it , is so bordered along its
dgo by these adjoining flower plants as
o make a continuous parterre of color
ho only relief in the white and green of
lie largo cemetery grounds. There are
10 flowers anywhere else. The cllcct is
xquisite the ell'cct produced by sop-
rately massing colors ; the curving road ,
vlilte as untrodden snow , the long lines
of brilliant flowers on cither side , edged
> y the wide rows of glistening marble
ombs , backed by the green grass anil
cattcring trees , which make the center
of the place a park-like expanse.
In another cemetery , a little moro tan-
'led than this , and a little less somber
hail the other , I was attracted by an im-
nenso pyramid-shaped structure of rough
; rauite blocks , some twelve or fifteen feet
quaro at its base. It was of unusual size ,
hape , and color , and stood near the en-
ranco portal. I remember that the in-
criptiou commemorated the virtues of a
lead wife , and depicted the longing of
he living consort ; it stated how long they
lad lived together , that they had no child ,
and were alltlie world to ono another
hat the bereaved husband was the last
of his race and family , and this tomb hold
nil that was precious to his heart.
_ In wandering about through the beau-
iful cemetery whciothe imposing sopul-
her stood , < ve came upon ono little by-
yay that had been newly covered with
iny shells , unbroken , and pink as the
oft flush on a baby's cheek. Not a foot
lad marred the surface , and it seemed
xlmost as if covered with pink rose petals.
) n either side the little shell walk were
ea-roso-busjics. I suppose thousands of
oses were just bursting into bloom , and
ho fragrance was most entrancing ,
wwcrful , yet inexpressibly delicate. 1
Ifted one rose after another , they were
0 beautiful and they were so many , 1
ought to have a few of them. There was
1 placard at the gate requesting visitors
o lot the flowers alone , but there was no
ustodian , apparently , and we had not
met a person in the grounds ; there were
leither workmen nor mourners around ,
nd the profusion of roses was prodigal.
Vigor and Vitality
Are quickly given to every part of the
) ody by Hood's S.irsaparilla. That tired
ecltng is entirely overcome. The blood
s purified , enriched and vitali/.ed , and
arries health instead of disease ! to every
oigan. The stomach is toned and
itrcngthoned , the-appelito - restored. The
cidnoys and liver arc roused and invig
orated. The brain is refreshed , the mind
made clear and reauy for work. Try it.
Governor Algcr tells a story about
outhern California , over the remarkable
growth of which he is enthusiastic. "The
iiitiro country , " said the governor ,
'scorns to be staked out in town lots , and
he prices procured for these lots are
omoth'iiig fabulous as compared with
ho sums for which the lauu was origin-
illy purchased. There are lots enough
staked out in southern California to pro
vide for the entire population of the city
of New York apportioned at the rate of
three persons to the lot. It would take
uoro than the combined capital of all
.ho banks of Now York to buy up these
ots. They have a story out there about
.umber which illustrates the cra/.c. It is
said that a gentleman went to a lumber
lealer and desired to buy enough lumber
to build a house. lie was looked upon
with compassion by the dealer , who said
: o him that lucre was no lumber for salo.
When he asked for an explanation the
lealer replied to him , as if ho had com
passion for his ignorance , that "the lum-
jcr was all sold for stakcsfor town lots. "
For Strains , Sprains and Bruises.
JOHN TEEMER , Champion Oarsman
of America.
"I have found bt. Jncobs. Oil of inestim
able value. "
MR. J. C. COPELAND , Editor Aitttra-
lian CyclM , Bjdncy , N. S. W.
"My trlcj clc journey of 1HOO mllwi would
nut ha\e been completed without H.
Jacobs Oil. "
MR. WM. BEACH. World's Champion
Oarsman , Uoyal Hotel , Iljdc.
"bt. Jacobs Oil cures stiffness , cramps
nnd muscular pains In training. " t _ _
C APT. PAUL HOYTON , the world-
rcnowncd Swimmer.
"I douot K'cliow I could get along with
out St. Jacobs Oil. "
MR. JOHN ROLFE , Champion Bicy-
clM , hi LI\eriMol HI .Sydney , N. 8.V. .
"After riding I , ( MI milesuHfiihttimifct. (
Jacobs Oil removed all fatigue aud pain. "
MR. E. F. PAINTER , London Ath
letic Club.
" St. Jacob Oil cured me of a sprained
tendon. "
EmVAKD IIANLAN.Champion Oars-
" For muscular pains I have found St.
Jacobs Oil inMiluablo. "
ually and ciillectltely :
Use St. Jacobs Oil for sprains , strains and
bruUes. . . .
Turf , Water and Komi , use St. Jacobs Oil
for epralns , strains and bruUcs.
Every application gives relief ; every bottle
cent na n euro ; cery bottly tc > icd ns to qunl-
tty ; i very genuine bottle bears the lirin'n fue-
clmllc signature ! e\ery home In America
know b Its \ alue ; every spoken language knows
Itan ne , eery journal praises It , e > eiy dialer
Vnrms its mtrluuirrery chemist finds It perfect.
Sold by llruggftW and Dealers. I'rlio tlfty
cent ! per bottle. lUa Charles A. Vogcler Co. ,
Baltimore. Md. ,
C. B. , ALLEN ,
EngineerSunreiQrMapPubUsher , ,
Over Are , 12 North Main St.
City and county mips , of cities and counties
1 Uu a , 1'ad different from all
othera , U cup ihape. with Self.
adJmtW Balllncenter.adanu
&Sttu.W. as2
am nnSten-fSl
W ' 1&8&ltf8SX 8S & ? '
l Diabetes ire Cured b ] the Isabel Mineral Spring Walt
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2U1 Broatlway.New York.
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. iMSTALMJtMr Tfiil 1M mVXtLY . Co. yvl , i * rle. Ffc '
Special advertisements , such M Lost , Found
loLonn.I'or Sato , To Kent , Wnntd , Ilonnllnir ,
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niortlon. LVATO itdrcrllsomonta nt our offlc
* la U 1'curl iticvt , UroaJway , Council
WANTKD A wnlter nt l.oulo A. Metzscr's ,
626 and 627 llroadnny.
OH SALE The ontlro furniture , bar roo.n
Mid kltchon utciinlla of thu St.
.outs liotiso. iniilro : ( ] of Jacob Ncumnjcr ,
' { ouinnjrvr'fi hotel , Couucll Illutl * .
THOU HKNT Conl shcdi , ofllco mid ecaleB , one
-.1 nvc-rooin house. (1. Mnyiio , Kill Ctli nve.
WANTED A Rood cook and if III for voticiiil
housework In a finnlly of four. Mrs.
Thomas Ulllcor , No. 6.1.1 Willow avonuo.
Foil BALK-Or Trade-Six sections of ( rood
land In Lincoln roiintr. Noli. , on U. P.
rnllwnjr. Cull on or nddrvsi Udell llros. & Co , ,
OT 1'oiul st. . Council IIUHT * .
WANTED A Rood ( tlrl for ( ronnral house
work. Ajipljr nt 70J Sixth avenue.
lu Amber ,
etc.Hair 0
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newest noy
Celtics In hair
Hair poods
nmdeto order
Mrs. C. IM. Gillette
20 Mnin St. , Council Bluffs , Town. Out
of town work solicited , nud all mail
orders promptly attended to.
Prices Very Low ,
W. S. HOMER & Co. ,
JVO. 23 MAIX ST. ,
Star Sale Stabfes and Mute Yards
Broadway , Council Dluffa , Opp. Dummy Depot
Hordes and mules kept constantlyon
hand , for sale at retail or in car load
Orders promptly tilled by contract on
short notice. Stock sold on commission.
SIILUTRR & HOLEY , Proprietors.
Telephone No. 11
Formerly of Keil Sale. Stables , corner
1st. avo. and 4th st
The finest of driving horses always on
hand and for sale by
Has a complete line of
f i 1 l I'll *
Largo lints lu white , black and nil colors. Pat
tern bonnets , hats and toques , a specialty.
No 1514 Douglas St. , Omaha.
Vncmt Lots , Lands , City Residences and
Farms. Acre property In western port of city.
All soiling cheap to make room for sprint ; stock
Real Estate & Insurance Agent ,
lioom 6 , over Officer ft Fuicy's Dank , Cou
Finest Landaus
Coaches and Hacks in City.
No. 418 Broadway The Manhattan ,
Telephone No. 33
Na. 615 Main Street , Telephone No , 93.
N. scjimiz ,
Justice of the Peace.
OUlceivdc American Kxpress.
Attorneys at Law ,
ctice in the State and Federa 1 Courtt
Rooms 7 and 8 Shugart-Beno Block.
Council BlufTs.Iowa.
Established 1857.
E. S. BAJltfETT ,
Justice ot the Peace ,
415 Broadway , Council Blufft.
Refer * to any bank ot butlncBS house in the
, : , clly , Collections a specialty , '
Eiseman's Peoples' Store ,
The largest department in the west will bo opened to thn nubile , this week ,
with thousands of the greatest bargains over oll'ered.
Lawns , Seersuckers , Sateens , Batistes , India Linens , Victoria Lawns Mulls.
Nainsooks , India Mulls , and every other known inako of Summer Wash Goods will
Us in this great sale at prices way below any lormcr quotation.
All of our summer stocK must be closed out during this and next month to make
room for the coming season's goods.
Lace Embroideries. White Goods , Kuchings , Tuckings , Mu lin Underwear J
Ladies' , Misses' and Children's Gau/.o , Halbriggan and Silk Underwear , Hosiery
dlovcs and Mitts , Corsets , Linen Collars and Culls , Chemisettes and mu
goods to bo sold during this great sale regardless of cost or''vu"hic7
Liberal Reduction on Domestics and Linens at
this Special Sale.
Come to ( lie People' * Store and see what we ran do for you.
Men' * Fiirnlxliliig Guodtt , Men's Hosiery ,
lUeu'a Underwear , Men's Suspenders
Men's Mght Shirts Men's Handkerchiefs.
Men's I > rc * Shirts , Men's Summer Coats ,
Men's Fancy Percale Slilrln , Men's Summer Coals and Vests ,
men' * Working Skirt * , Men's Hats and Caps ,
Ken's Flniuiel Shirt * , Men ! * Boots and Shoes ,
Men's Unlaiindricd Shirts ,
All To Be Sold at Greatly Reduced Prices During sj
This Week's ' Special Sale !
Bargains in our Cloak and Suit Department
During This Week.
Ladle's Wraps , Ladles' Jackets , Ladles' Jerseys ,
Ladles' Slmu'ls Ladles' Calico , Sateen , Lawn ,
India Linen and Gingham Wraps , elegantly trimmed with fine Embroideries and
Laces at greatly reduced prices at this week's salo.
New sample line of Wash Suits , made up , to be closed out at half price during
the week.
Come and see us and do not delay as these goods are selling at thcso reduced
prices ; come in time and get the lirst selection.
Henry Eiseman & Co. ,
314,316,318 , , and 320 BROADWAY ,
Mail Orders receive prompt attention , >
o. J- .
Real Estate Broker and Dealers
Council Binds Office , Masoiile
Temple. Omaha Office , \o 111
North 10th street.
Particular attention ijiveii to In
venting 1'iindt for lion resi
dents. Spcelal bargains in lots &
aero property In Omaha & Conu-
ell Blun's. Correspondence solic
Best $2.00 a day house in the west.
Regular : : Boarders : : Reduced : : Rates.
team , Gas and Water Pipe
No 552 Broadway , - Council Bluffs , Iowa
trail Orders tihlpped Vj n p tly.