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    ( i * THE OMAHA DAILY EEB : rUESDAY MAKCH 22 , 1887 ,
Delivered by cnrrlcr tn 11117 pnrtof the city M
tw tntjr ccnU per week.
H. W. TILTON , . . . Jlanntcr.
BCPIRTPS Orncr , No. 43.
NIOIIT Lumm No. 33.
N. Y.ritimbiiiK Co.
The now council moots to-night.
Now spring uoods tit Holler's , ttiilor.
George \V. Thompson i\tCo. \ . runl ustutc.
Adilitloiml Council HI nil's local on
ecvimth jinuo.
Sec W. C. Stacy & Co. , No. 9 .Main , for
bargains In real estate ,
J. W. < Xt K. L. Squires' abstracts arc
( firing good satisfaction.
Wallace Patterson and Frank Airy
have received tlieir new bicycles.
Alilertnan Lacy is preparing to build
three houses at once on Third street.
Hy the change in the police depart
ment Ofllcers Dyer and Tamisca now yo
on day duty.
J. T. Hurley , the well known railroader
reader , is building a house on liroadway
near Fifteenth .street.
Squire's park addition is a mire invest
ment. Pacific avcnui ) will bo built up
with store buildings within a yrrnr.
The United States courts meet next
Monday with Judge Love and Judge
Shlrus presiding. The dockets aic pretty
Fifty-two lots were sold in HCIISOII'S first
addition by ( J. J. Colby to parties in
( Jale'sburg and 1'rincotoii , 111. , since
Frank Lovinc has added to the attrac
tions of his cigar store a larjro assort
ment of walking sticks , there being an
endless variety for young-and old. Some
of the canes are very nobby. are reported to the board of
health two cases of diphtheria , one case
of .scarlet fever , and live eases of measles.
Contagious diseases do not get very much
of a hold in Council Binds.
The institution for the deaf and dumb
has used during the winter , 1.163 tons of
coal as compared with 1,1)37 ) tons the
previous year. Those who have attended
the tires the past season have evidently
been economical.
An attempt is being made to .secure the
release from jail of the colored boy Wil
son , sentenced for nine months for steal
ing tin overcoat. It is said that the boy
is ( lying from consumption and that close
confinement will shorten his days greatly.
The county physician , the district attor
ney and the sheriff have joined in a state
ment justifying the request tor release.
Charles Walker was yesterday arrested
for assault on complaint of Ins father.
The old man says ho has been boarding
the boy , although the fellow is big
enough to care tor himself. lie could
not put up any longer with the boy's ac
tion and when ho tried to assume the
mastership of his own homo the young
man pounced onto him. Such is the story
of the fattier , who seeks protection in the
illiuinio McDormolt , of the OgJen
house , is making a marvelous record wi'li
his wonderful new wheel. It is prob
ably the only bicycle of the kind in the
west. It is called the "tairy Antique , "
probably on account of its wonderful
leather weight and its ancient look. The
journals are as delicate as those of a
watch and when it needs repairs none
but a jeweler can attend to it. lie is fast
becoming an expert on it and will soon
give exhibitions to introduce the new bi
cycle in the interests of the manufac
There is a healthy change from the
rage for progressive euchre clubs here.
The later and the bettor is the forming
of literary clubs and reading circles. A
number of these have already been
started hero , and they are becoming
quite fashionable. Many of the members
are pleased to get a smattering of litera
ture , and so long as it is the fashionable
thing it will bo popular. Some earnest
souls go into those organizations with a
determination to make as much improve
ment OH possible mentally , and to gain
real culture ana knowledge. Even with
, , the most tllmpsy of motives actuating
i some of the members the now rage fit
i. certainly an improvement over most of
the society rages.
One of those brought up before Judge
Aylcsworth yesterday charged with being
drunk claimed that Ofliecr Stevens had
no business to arrest him as he was per
fectly sober , having not even taken one
drink. Ho begged to bo released , as ho
was innocent of the great transgression.
Judge Aylesworth told him that if this
was the case the officer had certainly
done a great wrong in arresting him a
wrong which coukl not be passed over
lightly. Ho would have to keep the man
in jail as a witness against the ollicor.
Ho was therefore taken back to the cell
room , there to wait until the officer , who
is on duty nights , had had his day sleep
and could appear in court. By the time the
officer got around yesterday afternoon
It bad dawned through the befuddled
brain of the victim that the idea of his
being held as a witness was but a bit of
the judicial humor which bubbles out at
times. .When confronted by the ofllccr
who arrested bin ) ho was willing to plead
guilty , suddenly remembering that ho
aid have a drink or two. and might pos
sibly have been a little dazed.
Let us figure on your roofing and tin
work. Cole & Cole , No. 41 Main street.
Electric door bells , burglar alarms and
every form of domestic electrical appli
ances at the New York Plumbing Co.
Kidded Hy Kids.
A bold robbery is reported as having
taken place in broad daylight in Garner
township , the victim being a farmer , C.
K. Julian. Ho is said to have been con
fronted as ho was returning from a meet
ing of the Salvation army , and made to
turn his pockets wrong side out , thus
being relieved of about f 0. There wore
three of the highwaymen , and from their
appearance , though masked , it seemed
that they wore boys. It is reported that
gang of boys , who have been imbibing
freely of Jesse James literature , have
been committing depredations of this
ort lately on several timid farmers. The
juvenile gang will probably tackle the
right man some day , and will then realize
their foolishness. Julian is said to have
had more money in the. watch pocket of
his pantaloons , but this was not shelled
Substantial abstracts of titles and real
Mtate loans. J. W. & E. L. Squire. No.
101 Pearl street , Council Bluffs.
New styles carpets and mattings at
Ilarkness Brothers.
March In Iowa.
"A little wintry for this time of year. "
"Well , so it seems to mo , but on the
Rock Island tram coming in this mornIng -
Ing I met a man , a traveling man , who as
we stopped at Earl ham , remarked : 'Earl-
ham ! I tell you I'll never forget Earl-
bam. I nearly froze to death here a few
ago. It wai on the 23th day of
Cian . I drove over from Wintorsot ,
and the thermometer was 14 ° below
ero. I nearly died. Yes , sir , it was the
Wth day of March. ' "
No , it isn't BO awfully wintry for this
time of year in Iowa.
A new lot of jerseys just placed on sale
mt Harkneu Brothers.
The Knights Ask the Council to Make
Contractors Employ Home Talent
1' Session of tlie Now City Pnrlla *
in out Humors of n Juvenile
Gang Dirt Plying
on tlio Iiovcc.
Protecting Homo I/ntxir. .
The two assemblies of the Knights of
Labor have united in a resolution re
questing the city council to take action
protecting homo laborers. Their peti
tion is to have all contractors doing mu
nicipal work agree to give the preference
to worklngmcn who are permanent resi
dents of the city. In times past con
tracts havd been let for city work , and
the persons having the contracts have
brought in their laborers from elsewhere ,
given them the work and the pay , while
workingmen living hero have been
obliged to remain idle. This is deomi'd
poor policy for the city , as the money
paid transients goes out of the city , or at
least a largo portion of it , while if placed
in the hands of permanent residents the
money would remain here , and bo spent
here. Such is the basis of this petition.
The Knights of Labor want the
city council to put a clause in every con
tract for municipal work binding the
contractor to employ Council Blufi's labor
so far as possible. The request is made
especially in regard to unskilled labor ,
and as to skilled labor that .should bo om-
plovcd hero when it can bo found. The
move is similar to that made by the
Knights of Labor in other cities looking
for home protection. The request goes
so far as to have the council get such a
promise from conliactors before consid
ering their bids on work , and afterwards
incorporating the condition in the con
tract when awarded. The move is olio
which is backed by the workingmen of
the city and the request seems reasonable
within the limits placed , of simply giving
the preference to Council 15 hi Us labor.
Star sale stables of Council Bluffs
The largest stock of horses and mules
west of Chicago , which will be sold at
wholesale or retail and sati facMon guar
Tim Union Depot.
"What do you think of the new union
depot ? " was asked yesterday of one of
the general agents of ono of the leading
lines here.
"I think it will be built. I don't know
about it's being any $000,000 aflair , but I
believe one will bo built. You can put
up a pretty good depot now for 40,000 or
so. Our folks will run into it , and bo
glad to , if it is built. "
"Is the expectation of a union depot the
reason your company docs not build a
better local depotV"
"That's just it. The other companies
arc in the same condition. There's not a
good local depot hero , except the Mil
waukee , but what's the use of putting up
new depots when the union depot will
answer the purposes soon. If it hadn't
been for the proposed union depot our
folks would have built before this. Yes ,
wo stand ready to go into it , if it is not
located in some far away place. Wo
won't run to Broadway , neither will the
other roads. Any good central point will
catch us all. Yes , I behove the union
depot will bo built all right. "
Call and see the stock of horses and
mules at Star Stables before purchasing
The Now Council.
The new city council met lat evening
for the first time , the mayor and the old
members , Keller , Hammer and Danforth ,
and the new members , Wells , Lacy and
Mctcalf , being present.
The new council proceeded to business
with a vim , the new members taking
hold like veterans. A caucus had been
held in the afternoon , so that the election
of oillcers was merely a formal carrying
out of what had been informally
agreed to.
Alderman Wells was chosen as the
president pro tern of the city council.
F. A. Burke was elected city clerk by
John L. Tcmpleton was elected chief
of the fire department by acclamation
and unanimously.
A. E. Avcry was in like manner chosen
as street supervisor.
The mayor announced the following
standing committees :
Finance , Claims and Printing Dan-
forth , Wells and Hammer.
Judiciary Wells , Keller and Mot-
Internal Improvements , Streets Alleys
and Sidewalks Lacy , Metcalf and Dun-
Fire Department , Gas Lights and City
Property Keller , Lacy and Hammer.
Police , Health and Public Grounds
Motcalf , Danfortli and Keller.
Waterworks Hammer , Keller and
Petition of barbers for ordinance
closing shops on Sunday. Referred.
Petition of John T. Stewart for.permit
to park inside of Ins walk instead of out
side on Bluff street. Referred.
Petition of property owners for park
ing and curbing Mynster street. Re
Petition of property owners for storm
and house sewer on Glen avenue , and
for paying from Broadway to High
The annual report of the chief of the
tire department was presented , a sum
mary of which has already boon given in
the BKK. The number of alarms , includ
ing false and still , was only thirty-live ,
and the total loss , exclusive of the driv
ing park tire , was only if 5,000.
Ho recommended the purchase of 1,000
feet more of hose , and gave full inven
tory of all property on hand. Referred.
Dr. Saybert and Dr. Cook made appli
cation for the position of city physician.
City Engineer Tostovin was not ready
to report on the Broadway grade until
further consultation.
The council decided to visit lower
Broadway and the levee as a committee
of the whole Wednesday afternoon.
The council then adjourned until Wed
nesday night.
'Squire Burke , who has for so many
years served as clerk for the council , de
clares that this new council transacted
more business last night in less time than
any council in his memory.
Money to loan on real estate. Counci
Bluffs Real Estate Loan and Trust Co.
Room 0 , Everett block.
L. B. Crafts & Co. , are loaning money
on all classes of chattel securities at one-
half their former rates. See them before
securing your loans.
Giddy Girl * .
Two girls , about seventeen years of
age , who gave tlieir names as Addle
Piukham and Nora McGuire , were last
evening arrested by the police and taken
to the county jail. It seems that the
McGuire girl belongs in Omaha , and it is
claimed that the young men , Roper and
Peterson , who are now in jail In this city ,
induced her , under promise of a good
position , to run away and come over to
this city , and her friends in Omaha re
quested her arrest. It isfurthcr reported
that the two girla as welt as the two young
men acted in rather an indiscreet manner
in an Omaha hotel , ami the McGuire
girl's friends intend to prosecute the
boys. The Pinkham girl Is held more as
a witness in the case , as it Is thought that
her parents who reside In this city would
not pro couto the boys.
I hereby give notice to all concerned
not to trust my wife on my account nfler
this date , as 1 will pay no bills of her
contracting. FKAXK HOI.WKU. ,
Council Bluffs , MnrchSlst 1837.
Ijltcrnry and Social.
No efforts are spared in preparing for the
literary and social meetings at the Y. M .
C. A. All who attend may expect a lit
erary feast. A meeting will bo held this
evening at 8 o'clock and both ladies and
gentlemen are invited to bo present. Ad
mission free ; reserved scats the same.
1. Music , tlntc anil violin .
.Messrs. Hailnlctt and Tulluy.
2. Answerlni : questions asked last week.
3. belcct i em ! IIIL' .
W. A. ( ! oelirin > r.
4. Instrumental music .
5. Debate upon an old but ponulnr subject ,
led by Messrs. Foxley nnd Jackson.
0. M Isccl mucous .
The school-going youth of Omaha have
good cause for congratulation in the se
lection of that city as his temporary
homo by the noted vocal and elocution
ary teacher , Arthur C. McKnight , of
Washington , 1) . C. , famous in years gone
by as the "boy orator. " Prof. McKnight ,
although a great sufferer , physically ,
since the bullet of Jesse Jtimcs pierced
his body , which hopelessly ended his
wonderful career upon the rostrum , is a
living proof of the theory that genius
cannot be conquered by human ills. He
is a great teacher and liis work with the
young people of Council Bluffs , as shown
at the grand public exorcises given by
the pupils at tlio close of the tlirce
months' lessons , conclusively demon
strated his rare talent and skill. In a
scries of free drills , which he usually
gives in connection with his work , a rare
chance is offered for healthful recreation ,
important though sadly neglected culture
and for physical development.
Star sale stables for mules and heavy
draft horses.
1 Work on tlio fjcvoo.
About lifty teams are busy on the new
levee. The dirt is being piled up fast ,
and along the low places in the line there
is already a fill of about live feet. No
trouble is expected with high water at
this point , but should the river have a
freak it is not probablethat it could over
run the leyen even in its present condi
tion. The \york is being done to avoid
any possibility of trouble from water on
the bottoms , and not because it is deemed
probable that any such trouble may
come. The no\y levee will not cost but
little , and with it there is no occasion for
the nervous ones to talk about what
might bo. _ _
The School Hoard.
The board of education with its now
members , Hainc , Lawson and DcKuvcn ,
mot last night and organized by the re
election of J. B. Atkins as president. The
usual routine business was transacted.
The monthly report of Superintendent
McNaughton presented some interesting
facts , snowing that the enrollment of the
public schools was steaOily increasing ,
but what was more encouraging that the
attendance was increasing in still greater
proportions. The total enrollment two
years ago was 2,1) ) ! ) ; ) , one year ago 2,010
nnd this year up till now 3,838. For Feb
ruary , 1885 , the enrollment was 2,140 ;
February , 1880 , 2,250 , and this last month
2,481. The salary of Mr. Tyson as janitor
was increased
An AverageCompany. .
The Stuart dramatic company opened
at the opera house last evening. The
company presented "Ro-sedalo" in a
fairly pleasing manner. Edwin Stuart
took the role of Elliot Gray , the hero , and
carried his part well. Lilah Stuart , as
Rosa Leigh , made a pleasing appearance.
They are neither of them wonderful , but
show fair ability , and the support for the
most part is good. The company as a
whole is much above those usually ap
pearing at such low prices , and the pub
lic is assured a week of fair entertain
ments at popular prices. To-night they
play "The Bachelor/ '
Saved His Holl.
Last night Policeman Unthank noticed
Allen Jackson staggering along the
street in a drunken condition and a
young man who altorward gave his name
as Charles Uhl , following him. The of-
iicor arrested both for safe Keeping and
Jackson was found to have about $10 in
his possession which the ollicor thereby
no doubt saved for him. Ho will proba
bly lose $7.60 of it this morning when
brought before the police judge.
Another lot of spring jackets with
hoods just received at Harkness Broth
ers. _ _
Fcrbonal Paragraph ? .
Charles Liscman , of Sioux City , left for
homo last evening.
Lucius Wells returned yesterday in
time to qualify as alderman at large.
C. J. Blanctiard returned yesterday
from Salt Lake , having had n delightful
trip of ten days.
Charles Price , special officer of the
Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul , has re
turned from a Dakota trip.
John E. Ahles has returned from his
European trip , enthusiastic as ever , wide
awake , better in health , and fully up
J. B. Fcrrec and A. G. Hatch , two
Council Blulfs printers , have bought the
Neola News , and will make it newsier
than .
_ _
Henry Payne , special agent of the Con
tinental Fire Insurance company of Now
York , was in the city on Saturday , and
yesterday ho sent a draft to J. 1. Lutz ,
the agent of the company in this city , to
close the sale of torty-sixlots in different
additions in this city which were pur
chased by him on Saturday.
OwluglothoUUMmL Ua&TUITTof Ihe cloth ( llch ,
our [ uitenu cover icliulvelr ) will nt iwrfwtlr llr.t
tlranworn. Reqnlt-uno viMktnftlu NMH uniR ri >
17 kleraft ! rh * > lnjwnrn t nda > ilf not foundhimoil
dCaiufortMlileConxit OTerworn. bold by all
ttnt-cliu doulrri
CUOTTY BKOI. , Chleu o , Ilk
It. ItlCE , M. D.
Cancers end other Tumors
Removed without the knite or Drawing o
Over SO vears Practical experience. '
No 11 I'earl St. , Council Uluffe.
tyConsultation free.
i J
And Packages of New Spring Goods Have
Been Opened Up During toe
Past Week
The marvelous bargains purchased by otir experienced buyers who
have been In all the eastern markets for the post two months.
The purchasing power of a dollar at the Great People's Store will
this week bo found to equal two dollars elsewhere.
Cast your eagle glances down these columns and read every word of
it and profit thereby. It is our earnest desire to induce the 30,000 inhabi
tants of this city to purchase their goods of us , and draw as many more
from the surrounding country. This is the only way we can keep up our
immense establishment. In order to do the same wo have marked our
goods lower than the same fabrics can bo duplicated by any house in the
retail trade. No house in the west can boast of as largo and complete
assortment of goods as we are showing. The time has passed when pur
chasers fail to find anything and everything they wish in our establish
Our I'lrtt Cirnutl Offering for To.ilny.
To-day wo will start the ball a rolling by offering 175 dozen Kid
Gloves in 4 , S and 0 button lengths , also Musquctaircs m all shades , in
cluding black , ranging in size from 31 to 7i fet 25c per pair. Only two
pairs will be sold to a purchaser , and the sale of these goods will only
continue between the the hours of 0 o'clock in the morning and 0 o'clocfc
in the evening. After that hour these goods will be sold at tlieir regular
prices so do not misunderstand us. Call only during the above hours
for these goods at 25c per pair.
Our Second Grand Offering for To-tiny.
In our domestic department wo offer 160 pieces best Standard Ging
hams at 5 cents per yard , former price lOc. 100 pieces Standard Prints at
2c per yard , regular price oe. 0 bales yard-wide Best Sheeting at Oc per
yard , regular price 8c. 8 oases now fresh Lawns at 3c per yard , regular
value 8c and lOc. 5 eases yard wide Bleached Muslin at 5c per yard , reg
ular price 8c. 3 cases Best Shirting Percales at Oc per yard , regular
price 8c to lOc. Remember these special prices rule for the day adver
tised , that is to-day , Monday , nnd wo ask our patrons to avail them
selves of this opportunity and call when we advertise special sales , as wo
mean just what wo say end sell just w hat we advertise.
Special Bargains will bo laid out during nil of this week in each and
every ono of our thirteen departments , and customers cannot fail to find
what they want at the lowest prices.
The following is a guide to the departments where special offerings
will be made :
Linen and Housekeeping Departments.
Silk and Dress Goods Departments.
Embroideries and Laces Departments.
Muslin Underwear Department.
Hosiery Department.
Notion Department.
Boot and Shoo Department.
Men's , Boys' and Children's Clothing Department.
Cloak and Suit Department.
Dress Trimmings in jet braids and other most fashionable trimmings.
Stock complete. Ladies will find everything they wish in way of fash-
iouable trimmings at the very lowest prices.
A large qxtra force of competent salesmen and salesladies have been
engaged to properly attend to customers. So there will bo no unneces
sary delay on ; account of the great rush we expect during this week's
great sacrifice sale.
Call early and don't delay to attend to this , the greatest sale over in
augurated in this city , at
Eiseman's People's ' Store ,
Nos. 314 , 316 , 318 and 320 Broadway ,
B5f All mall orders carefully filled nnd samples cheer
fully forwarded.
Bpecia' advertisements , euch its Lost , Found
Yo Loan , For Sftlo , To Rent , Vinnts , Boardinir ,
etc.will bo Inserted In this column at the loir
ratoof TEN CENTS PEH LINE forthenrsclnser-
Ion and Klvo Cents TerLlnoforeacb subsequent
insertion. Leave advertisements nt our olllcu
No. 12 Veorl street , near Uroadwar. Council
Dluffg. _
(17 ANTED -16 teamsters mvl 30 teams for
' railroad worU.O miles from Council Bluffs.
J. 0. Oouldcn. _
"Clou BALKMuelo nnd sowing- machine bus- !
Jness , together with small stock of holiday
goods and wall paper. Good town nnd country ,
( rood location , cheap rent , profitable business.
Invrlco SI ,300 to $1,5)0. Would tnlto part In
Council Hhi ITs rent estate. Address A. L. Man
ning , Uunlup , Iowa.
.Curtains , Upholstry ,
Window Shades ,
Poles Door Mats
, , Rugs ,
Sash Draperies , Etc , ,
Mail Mm Srefully Filled ,
Our Mr. StockQrt ' Superintends
All'Work. ,
Attorney at Law.
001 Broadway , Up Stairs ,
I'rlcen Very Low ,
W. s. HOMER & Co. ,
JN'O. ! ia MAW ST. ,
It. D. AMY & . CO. ,
Hardware , Stoves ,
) AND (
No. 620 Main St. , Council Bluffs.
D. H. McUANELD * CO. ,
[ Eitabllshed 1&J3. ]
No. (30 ( Main Street , j ! : Council niiit
W. L.
Justice of the Peace.
No 504 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
Collections a specialty. Refers to the Bee
Star Sale Stab/es and Mule Yards
llroaawuy , Council IllulTs , Opp. Dummy Depo
C. g
3 I
_ _
Horses and mules kept constantly on
hand , for sale at retail or in car loads.
Orders promptly tilled by contract on
short notice. Stock sold on commission.
SH LITTER & BOLUV , Proprietors.
Telephone No. 114.
Formerly of Kcil Sale Stables , corner
1st. avo. nnd 4th street.
Announces that ills stock of
FinelmporteeT SpringMillinery
In Choice Shapes of Hats & Bonnets ,
Together with n
Lai-fieLlnc of Hovcltlcs In FanrfMa
tcrluls lit now Jttadu for Your
Careful Inspection.
1514 Douglas St. , Omaha ,
The only Hole/in Council Bluffs Having a Eire
Escape ,
And All jl/odcrn Improvements.
215 , 317 and 210 Main St.
MAX MOHN , Prop.
S. ItlCE ,
Te lrnB | , n tlmntes mid reports on bridges ,
viaducts , Inundations and general aiiglneeriiiir.
Illuu prints of nnv fclzo alul quantity. , . , .
Ulllro No 13 N. Main M. , First National liank
Horses § Mules
For all purpose * , bought and sold , at retail
and in lots. Large quantities to select
fipin. Several pairs of fine drivers , sin-
jlc ; or ilo'tble.
MASON WISE , Council Blulfs
Leading Real Estate Brokers
Have Property of Every De
scription ,
506 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa
Choice Property at a Bargain.
Fifty Acres Choice Land Adapted for
Gardening and Fruit Growing.
About twenty acres of the tract is set to
apple orchard which is in bearing , and
to all varieties of choice small fruit and
vineyard , divided as follows :
Proper contains upwards of live acres.
The vines are thrifty and in bearing.
Hetween three and four acres are well
set to choice varieties of blackberries ,
raspberries and strawberries.
Contains more than 1,600 trees in bear
ing. In addition to the above enumer
ation are a largo numbers of choice
plumscherry and other fruits , also shade
and ornamental trees surrounding the
Ordinary barns and other out-buildings.
The soil is of excellent quality for pard
oning purposes , being a deep black loam
and is a warrn.south slopc.and is altogeth
er the most attractive and desirable of
anything within business distance of
Omaha or Council Hliitls. With the now
bridge completed across the Missourithe
property is not over thirty minutes drive
from the Omaha postolllce. Any party de
siring a choice bargain should apply at
once us , if not sold within the next two
weeks , it will be withdrawn from the
For Prices and Terms Apply to
A. If. IlICE. E. W. HAl'MOND
Real Estate Brokers ,
No. 13 North Main Street.
Lower Floor First National Bank Block ,
council Bluffs , Iowa.
Real Estate
CltResidences and Farms , acre property I *
Vacant Lota , Lands , Clt/ )
western part of city. All selling cheap to make roonffor sprintsfocc. .
Real Estate and Insurance Agent ,
Itoom K , over Officer J5 1'usey'a bank , Council Jtluffa.
Council Blufffljowa.
Justice of the Peace ,
41/5 / Broadway , Council Blulls.
Refers to any bank or business house in the
city , Collections a specialty .
Attonevs at Law ,
i t State anil Federal Courts
Uooii.n , . , ( U a bluigari-neno lilock.
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