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Charles Hurst Fatally Shot by Louis Center ,
a Playmate.
A Heavy Datnaao Stilt Ktichl'fl Ashes
Taylor's Troubles The Police
Alarm Another Street Hail-
way Other Local.
A SlmotltiB Affair.
A shooting nfl'silr tlint will result in the
death of u young liul nnmod Clinrlcs
Hurst occurred on tlio rnllroul : crossing
near Sulpliur Springs about noon yester
day. Hurst , who is : i young lad about
fourteen yeais of ngc , startcd out on n
hunting trip with Louis Coutcr , a boy of
about the snuio age. They were Across-
ing a culvert on the railroad track just
north of Sulphur Springs when Coiitor ,
who carried a heavily loaded shot gun ,
fell through through the guard. In thn
fall he dropped the gun which was dis
charged the contents taking effect in the
nbdomon of young Hurst , who was fol
lowing closn behind his companion. The
phot took effect in the right side of
young Hurst's abdomen , making an in
cision about three inches in length. The
Hmallcr intestines were exposed and cut
in six places. Upon bcinc shot Hurst
rolled off of the embankment at
thn side of the track ami was
with dillieulty rescued by his companion
who called for help. The injured boy
was removed to his home on Ulrto ctrcet
near Sherman avcnun and Dr. Cornish
mimmoncd to attend him. Ho found his
wound to be of a very serious nature and
called Dr. Shaw to assist him. The two
physicians did all in their power to save
the boys life. He continued to sink nip-
idly , however , r.nd at a late hour last
iiiglit all hope of his recovery was given
up and it wns thought that tie would not
live until this morning. While the tin
fortunate affair is looked upon as an acci
dent rumors are afloat that may ehmico
the aspect of the case and will at least
cause an ofllcial investigation of the mat
ter. It appears that on Thursday the
two boys had quarreled and parted with
throats of a future meeting to settle their
dillieulty. They did not meet again until
yesterday when Coutor appeared at
Hurst's homo with a shot gun and in- '
duccd Hurst to go hunting with him.
This fact has been taken by the ever
ready gossip as a suspicious circumstance
and commented upon until an ofllcial in
vestigation of thn case will probably re
sult. The wounded lad mad a statement
to Dr. Cornish yesterday to the effect that
ho regarded the affair as purely acci
South Omaha.
Cull at our office nnd wo will take you
down to South Omaha and show you tlio
ninny now improvements now Koing on
there. Wo can satisfy you that you can
make 100 to ! iOO per cent on your money
in six months.
C. K. Mayno Real Estate & Trust Co. ,
Northwest Cor. 15th and Harnoy.
lailu Wllllamft' StraiiKO Petition Two
Divorce Cases.
In tlio district court yesterday after
noon Lulu Williams filed n petition for a
divorce from her husband , Robert Wil
liams. The woman's petition sots forth n
strange state of affairs. She alleges that
the license by which she wad married to
Williams in Missouri , on October 10 ,
1883 , wns obtained by fraud. She avers
that at that time she wns only cloven
years of ugo , a more child , and that Wil
liams , although awareof her ago , per
jured himself and swore that she wns
twelve yorrs of age , and thus secured the
license. The child wife goes on to state
thnt over since the day of her marriage
to Williams she has been the victim of
his brutal and abusive nature. Of Into
ho has refused to lend any aid to her
support nnd she prays for a decree of di
Henrietta Grybsky commenced a suit
in the district court yesterday for a di
vorce from her husband , Joseph Gryb
sky. They were married in Omaha on
November 10 , 1885. The plaintiff alleges
that her husband has abused her almost
constantly since the day of their marrlngo
nnd has repeatedly called her the vilest
names , nnd finally cupped the climax of
abuse by refusing to let her remain in
her homo. She alleges that she la in deli
cate health and not able to earn her own
living. She asks n divorce , the custody of
her child nnd alimony.
Tlie Year 1887.
During the year 1887 the people of this
city will see tlie greatest growth it has
over had. This is ocknowloged by all
good judges. Property in and about the
city will advance fa price so rapidly that
hundreds of fortunes will be made in a
few months. The now packing houses ,
factories , etc. , locating in South Omaha
will make that a business part of tLe city
und at > n consequence property m that
locality will bn much sought after. Now ,
this week , is the time to buy this prop
erty , Wo are solo agents for South
Omaha proper nnd an investment made
there now will return the purchaser his
money and 100 to 200 per cent adilded to
it. Anybody with a small amount of
money can buy n lot m South Omaha.
The C. E. Mayne Real Estate & Trust
Co. , N. W. cor 10th and Harney.
V i
Taylor' ii Trouble.
Charles K. Taylor , the deputy county
clerk , arrested on Thursday on a charge
of forging J. H. McCroary's nnmo to u
county warrant , wnivcd prolimluiu-y ex
amination before Justice llolsley voster-
day nnd gave bonds in the sum of $500 for
his appearance before the district court
grand jury.
Mr. Corbott , ' tlio gentleman who nil-
vnnced the money with which tlio warrants -
rants wore purchased , has been abused
and slandered in connection with the
nflhir. The simple facts are that Taylor
came to Corbott and prouoscd to him to
buy up the warrant9 which had been un
called for. These warrants belonged
principally to country people , and Taylor
represented that ho could buy them up at
a discount and got them ensued in Janu
ary. Mr. Corbott agreed to furnish the
money , provided County Trensuror Bollu
woulu certify that the scheme was n
proper one. That otlicial declared that
the proceeding was a proper one , and
actually cashed the warrant * as they were
presented , when there wns suQlcienl
monov in the treasury. Taylor rouro <
scntcd that ho hud procured the assign
ments properly , and Mr. Coibett , suu-
posing that ho had done so , of course
furnished the money. If it is true , n <
claimed , that some of the assignment !
were forged Mr. Corbott can in' no was
bo hold responsible for that. Ho had nb
Bolutoly nothing to do with procuring
those assignments. Mr. Corbctt has boon
in business hero for years , nnd thinks toe
much of his reputation and honor to gc
into any scheme that might ruin both.
Poor Mlko Farrcll.
Mike Fnrrell , one of the oldest euinecn
on the Union Pacific road , was arrestci
yesterday on the charge of being insane
and Is now confined in the county jni
awaiting nn examination , For year
Farrell was a faithful anil compcton
passenger engineer on the westcn
division of the Union Pacific.About i
' year ago he was overcome by tlio hoa
while at his post of duty and has bcoi
with mental derangement eve
slnco. Ills delusion takes n strange
form. Everything thnt moves on wheels
is to him nn encinc. Ho will board a
street car or r coal wagon nnd urge the
driver to "give her more sand , " nnd in
quire anxiously and with his old time
carefulness nbout the "orders" of every
moving vehicle he sees. Ho hns a wife
nnd ; ohild in straitened circumstances.
He will probably be sent to the asylum.
For Snlo.
We hiwo four full corner lots , 60x133
feet each , on Farnam street cast of lUth
street at20,000 , ? oO,000 , $75,000 and
22 fcut on 1'nrnnm by 132 on llth. f 11,000
A choice corner , 132 feet front on
10th st south of Cass street. . . . 05.000
A choice corner on 10th st I50\i ( ) | for 25,000
70x132 s o cor 23d and Cuming. . . 20,000
C0\b8 n w cor 23d nnd Cuming. . . 15,000.
11 feet on Hartley between llth
and 15th 35,000
CO feet on Howard between 15th
nnd 10th 35,00
22 feet on Cuming between 17th
nnd 18th J,500.
75 feet on 10th street near Nich
olas 15,000.
132 feet on Leavcmvorth 18,000.
185 feet on Leaven worth -10,000.
Two acres on Lea vis n worth 12,000.
Good dwelling property in all parts of
the city.
Three full loU on U. P. tracks to lease
for 20 years.
The C. 15. Mayne Real Estate and
Trust Co. , N.V. . corner 15th and
Kil. Kuclil'H llcnmlno.
Mr. Itnumcr , who went cast with the
body of Edward Kuehl , the fortuneteller ,
returned yesterday from Uull'alo , N. Y. .
where ho had the body cremated. Ilo
says the operation took from nbout 10
o'clock in the morning until 2 in the
afternoon. The remains the ashes are
now nt Drcxcl < .V Maul's , in n neat clay-
red urn , hermetically sealed.
Mr. Uaunicr says that Kuehl never de
sired that ills asncs should bo placed in
Wittig's saloon , and the idea originated
from n serio-facetious remark of n by
stander at the coroner's inquest , when
the announcement was made that the
body was to bo cremated ; the funny man
said the ashes ought to bo spread on
Wittig's grnvo. Mr. Uaumer never for n
moment entertained an idea involving
such a sacrilege. Ho is in correspond
ence with the heirs with .a view to buy
ing n lot in the cemetery nnd burying the
dobular vessel and contents.
Up Go the Prices.
On nnd after Monday next all good lots
in "UKAUTIKUL CurxoN HILL" will be
sold at the following prices :
South fronts , $750.
Nortli fronts , $700.
East fronts , $050.
Complaint having boon made that our
former notice did not give sulHciont time
for investors to close deals , wo thus extend -
tend the time till Monday next. By buy
ing this week you will get the full benefit
of the advance.
The above prices are from 20 to 80 nor
cent below the prices of corresponding
property. There is not a lot in the whole
tract bought from Mr. Crei hton , but
that will bo worth $1,000 before the 1st of
Juno. Street railroad is NOW IIEINO
BUILT through Clifton Hill.
Agents will receive full commission at
present prices until Saturday night , nnd
full commissions at advanced prices com
mencing Monday morning next.
1324 Furnam.
Another Street Railroad.
Article of incorporation of the Omaha
Southwestern street railway. The com
pany is formed for the purpose of build-
ng and operating a street railway , com
mencing on Park street nt its eastern
errainus and running west through sec-
ions 23 , 29 and 30 to the center of sec-
ion 30 in township 10 , range 13 , and also
rrom the intersection of Farnam and
Thirty-sixth streets along Thirty-sixth
street south to Park street. The incorporators -
porators are Henry Ambler , Samuel J.
Howcll , Cyrus Murton , Chas. U. Woolloy ,
G. S. Ambler nnd C. F. Harrison. The
capital stock of ihe company is placed nt
| 15,000. The company has a right of
way , granted about throe mouths ago by
the county commissioners.
A Free Ride.
You hnvo no idea of the immense boom
which will bo on in South Omaha within
n few weeks , unless you-havo been down
there lately. Now is the time to buy.
Come to our ofllco any day and lot us
take you down to see the town , and if
you have any money to buy with you
will put it in there.
C. E. Mayno Real Estate & Trust Co. ,
N. W. cor. 15th and Harney.
Itio Police Alarm Service.
'John F. Stack representing the Police
Telephone and Signal company , of Chicago
cage , Is in the city. He has just returned
from Cheyenne , where ho has been put
ting in u police alarm service , and will
remain here to superintend the construc
tion of the system that has boon ordered
by the Omaha council. Chief Galligan ,
of the lire department , will commence
the work of stringing the wires next
week. _
A Free Ride.
You have no idea of the immense boom
which will bo on in South Omaha within
a few weeks , unless you have been down
there lately. Now fs the time to buy.
Come to our olliee any day and lot us
take you down to see tlio town , and if
you have any money to buy with you will
put it in there.
C. E. Mayno Real Estate & Trust Co. , N.
W. Cor. 16th and Hnrnoy.
They Called Her Names.
Mrs. Louise Tritz commenced a suit in
the district court yesterday , against John
and Christina Ilullwig for $10,000 dam
ages , for slander and Injury to tno char
acter. The plaintiff alleges that on March
14 thn defendants , in the presence of
several persons , addressed her in the
Gorman tongue , calling her vile names
and reflecting upon the character of the
place she keeps. Therefore tlio damage.
The Year 1H87.
During the year 1887 the people of this
city will see the greatest growth it has
over had. This is acknowledged by all
good judges. Property in and about the
city will advance in price so rapidly
that hundreds of fortunes will bo made
in n few months. The new packing
houses , factories , etc. , locating in South
Omaha will make that a business part of
the city , and as a consequence property
in that locality will bo much sought
after. Now , this week is the time to
buy this property. We are solo agents
for South Omaha proper and an invest
ment mndo there will return the pur
chaser his money and 100 to 200 per cent
added to it. Anybody with a small
amount of money can buy a lot in South
The C. E. Mayno Real Estate & Trust Co. ,
N. W. cor. 15th and Harney.
A Die Mortgage.
Ono of the heaviest mortgages over
placed on record in Douglas county was
thnt filed by the Omaha & Republican
Valley Railway company yesterday.
It was for the sum of $2,257,000 and m
favor of ttio American Loan and Trust
company of New York City ,
* * . > m
- ! * *
Mdyno'a Audition.
We have a tow lots loft in Mnyno'fi ad
dition that wo can sell cheap. Lots are
$500 , with only 10 per cent cash and the
balance on ve.rv easy terms. Call nt our
olliee and let us show tbis property.
C. E. Mayne , Real Estate & Trust Co. ,
Northwest corner lOtU and liarnoy. ,
Another largo nudlcnco turned out Inst
night to sco Lottn In "Little Nell. " The
performance was in every respect leagues
beyond'that of the evening before and
Lotta wns given n perfect ovation. She
and several members of the company
were called before the curtain. In no
part could Lotta's versatility have boon
bettor displayed than in the dual roles of
Little Nell nnd the Marchioness. The
latter , particularly , fitted her like n glove
and she seemed a veritable sprlto of the
gutter. Her impersonation throughout
was an artistic triumph that was fully
appreciated by the enthusiastic audience.
The company did bettor work in many
respects tlinn on tlio previous night , al
though Dickens1 creations hnvo too
strong nn individuality to bo within the
grasp of the average actor , yet though
tlio characters , with one or two excep
tions , failed to stand out with marked
distinctness , the parts wore acceptably
taken. P. Aug. Anderson had the heavy
part of Qullp and made it exceedingly
ponderous. Ho was the .sensual , brutnl
abortion that Dickons' has depicted nnd
diii not modify the original in the least
but made the part so realistic that his ex
its wore n relief. Fred Lennox took the
part of the imaginative Dick Swiveller
with n good deal of nbandon , and Bert
Cooke was good as Kit.
"Musette" will
At the nmtinco to-day
bo played and to-night "Tho Little De
tective , "
Mayno Place.
We have a few lots left in Mayno
Place south of Loavcnworth street. These
lots arc being sold nt less ligurcs nnd on
easier terms than lots In Haiiscom Place ,
while they are the same distance from
the city.
Northwest cor. 15th and Harnoy.
An Overdose of Opium.
The coroner's inquest held yesterday
over the remains of James Gaskell , who
died nt the police stntion on Wednesday
night , developed the fact that the de
ceased came to his death from the cflccts
of an overdose of opium , probably unin
tentionally administered. The funeral
will bn held from lre.\el & Maul's st3
o'clock this afternoon.
Desirable Corner.
On Lcavenworth 185 foot front , $ -10,000.
Northwest cor. 15th ami Hurnoy.
Licensed to Wetl.
Judge McCulloch granted licenses yes
terday to the following parties :
Name , llesldonce. Ace.
Nils Anderson. . . .Unialm 21
Marie Hanson Omaha -1
Joseph Tiichctck..Oinnhn31
Mary Sterba. Uiuaha 19
In Ttiornburf ? .
Wo have some bargains in lots in
U. E. Mayne Real Estate & Trust Co. ,
Northwest Cor. loth and Harney.
Air. Kttcr's Disappearance.
Tim mysterious disappearance of Mr.
Etter , of Plattsnioulli , who visited this
city early in the present month , lias
called forth the following letter trom his
son-in-law :
OMAHA , Maich 17. To the Editor of the
IEK ! : I wish to make correction In icg.tnl to
Mr Daniel Etter ot I'lattsinouth my totlier-
Inlaw cnino to Oninha the morning of Mar f !
Having Ills valico checked at n icsturant at the
depot being to heavy to carry expectl to leave
for the west In a ( lav or two also leaving His
lunch Basket at Mr. McMannls House on
slxt st Ho being an Old acquanco of His Mr
Ett r left my House Sunday morning the
sixth told my Wife that He wasKoinjr tote
to JMcMannlss for Dinner & if Ho did 'not
eve He would io away He left their Homo
that eve & said Ho was trolng away resttooku
basket wunt&KOt His Valico at theanetandls
and told the landlord Ho was uolnn Ho 82 0
went o\or to the U. P. Depot to take the to
tialn west which Is No Doubt hut whore Hr
lias none J. W. UOIIDINIEII.
Houses nml Lots.
For sale in Orchard hill at a bargainalso ;
jargams in houses und lots in all parts
of the city.
The 0. E. Mayno Heal Estate & Trust Co.
N. W. cor. 16th and Harney St.
An Eventful Trip.
Mr. Fearon , of tlio firm of Fearon &
lole , ! ms returned from a month's trip to
California. Ho reports the hunting south
of San Diego as the best in the world ,
tie crossed over the Mexican line and
bagged hundreds of birds of all kinds.
Wlille out in a row-boat near the coast
lie shot a sea lion and he also tells of a
little rocky island where the birds nests
wore so thick that it was almost impos
sible to walk without stopping into them.
South Omaha.
Call at our ollico and wo will take you
down to South Omaha and show you the
many new improvements now going on
there. Wo can satisfy you that you can
make 100 to 200 per cent on your money
in six months.
C. E. Mayno Real Estate & Trust Co. ,
Northwest Cor. 15th and Harnoy.
By a special order of General Superin
tendent Smith of the Union 1'acilic the
ntunfl of Missouri Pacific Crossing Station
( No. 8i ) , on first district , Nebraska divi
sion , 17.1 miles west of Omaha , has been
changed to Portal. No post ollico at this
point , the nearest being at Papilliou , 3. t
miles east.
Absolutely Pure. ,
ThUpowder nevervarles. A marvel ol
purity.strength and wholesomeness. More
economic than the ordinary klnda and
cannot be sold in competition wiih the mul
titude of low test , short weight alum 01
phosphate powders. Sold only in cans.
Royal Baking Powder Co. . 108 Wall street ,
New York.
III.rnhh tuaVp'KWw&Cf ' ellSSt
iM * * y eor * luo not ID MO jncrtito top tutii
. ? nxl ? the diMMt or HTSTwiLfcraY r FAI
Iwwraot at rtmMla cart
Or Black Leprosy , le ft < ll rn c which Is considered
Incurnblc , but It haa jlcldul to the ctiratho proper-
tics of HWIFT'B HrEcinc now known all our Ilia
orld us S. S. 8. Sirs. Uallcy. of West SomcrTlllc ,
JIn g , near llopton. was Attacked several years nci
* > Ith this lildcons black eruption , nnd as trcited by
tlio best medical Ulcnt , who could only soy that tha
disease was a epccics of
niJ ) consequently Incurable. H Is Impossible to tie.
scrllie her buffering ) . Her body from thccronn of
licr heart to the Bolisof her feet was a ma s of decay ,
masses of flesh rotting oil mid lcn\ Inc pront entitles.
Ikr fingers festered and three or four nails dropped
od at one time. Her limbs contracted by the fearful
nlccrntlo : ! , nr.d forrc\crul jears hc did not lea\o
licr bed. Her weight wns reduced from 125 to CO Ibs.
1'crhnpa pome faint Idea of her condition can bo
clcamd from tlio fact that three pounds of Cosmo-
line or ointment were used per week In dressing her
cores. Finally thn phjsicluni acknowledged their
defeat by this niack wolf , and commcndcu tbc suf
ferer to her all-wlso Creator.
Her husband licnrlncw omlcrf til reports of the n a
of buiFT'ft brEcmc(8. ( H. H. ) , prevailed on her to
try It as a last resort , bho began Its use under pro
test , but Boon found that her system was being re-
llc\cdof the poison , an the cores ns umcdaredaud
healthy color , as though the blood was becoming
pure nnd ncthe. Mrs. llnlley continued thcB.S.S ,
until last February ; o\ury sore was healed ; ehe dis
carded chair and crutches , and was for the first lime
in twche jcars a well woman , Her husband , Mr ,
U. In bntlneeaat 17V Ulnckntone Street ,
Uotton , and will Jake pleasure. In giving the eU tails
of this wonderful cure. Bend tons for Treatise on
Ulood and Skin Diseases , mailed free.
TUB bniFT bPECiric Co. . Drawer 3. Atlanta. Gl
VouUtoen jrouc * , they ha\e > Rtnicllly gained
n fiior , anil with miles constnntly incronslni
mve become tlio most popular coi set through
out tlio United Mute ? .
Tlio K. a nnd It H irrndos niomndo In SiioriT
MEDIUM AMI KKTIII LONG \VAis-r , sultnhlc for
nil lljrurcs. Tlio o quality , nmilo of English
Coutll , ii warranted towear twlco us long as
Highest awards from nil tlio World's irront
I'ulrs. The lii ttmoclnl rccuhcd Is tor 1'niST
IHIHEE OP Mr.nir , fiorn tlio Into Exposition
leld at NowOi loans.
While scoios of patents hnve been found
worthless , tlio principles of the Olovc-Flttlnjr
nuo proved Invatunulo.
Hctiiilerg tire authorized to refund money , if ,
on examination , thrso Corsets do not prove as
repiesentod. 1 OH BALK EVEUYWHKHU
One Agent fMerooint onlT > wnntnl In rverr town for
Your "Tanslll's Punch" 80 cljrar
Kood gntUfnctlon ; the boys nro "uatcblnir on. "
Ar.voiin.V FoiiUKU , Drnralsts , Eldorn , In.
"TansiU's 1'iincn" is tlio uest cljrar wo bavo
overs old for tha money ,
C. E. KiTTEn &Co , , Nooslin , Mo.
On band. 125
Standard Borti
to choose from.
ear ° arrival
Hhrnb * and Beedi. All tha novettlc * . Our lllui-
tratod Catalogue IB Invuluuble to all who have , or
wish lohuveaitarden. Mulled free to applicant * .
UO package , of our superior Flower Heed. , or
US package ! of our tented Vegetable Heed. ( or
l.VO , postpaid to any addrcn.
its causes , and a new and
homo hy one who was float twenty eight
years. Treated by most of tlio noted special-
Uts without benefit : cured himself In three
months , and since then hundreds of others.
Full particulars sent on application. T. H.
PAGE. No. 11 WouBlBt St. , ow York City.
St , Cor. Cspltol Avcnut.
Chronic & Siuglcal Diseases.
PR. McMRNAMY , Prop' * iotor.
Suteeu jrearsV Hotmul and 1'rlvato 1'ractlc *
Wo have the farllltlct , apparatu * and remedlM
for tU Euccchsful treatment of every form of dl -
i Ate requiring either medical or surgical treatment ,
it correspond wltltut. Long experience In trent-
Inireiisei by lotttren.ibks ua to treat many CMM
icientlUculfyllhnut teeing them.
WnlTK TOR CinoULAU on Dcforciltlei and
Mractf , Club fort , Cumturei of tlio Hjiine
DIIEIIIS or WIXBN , Pllx , Tumnri , Caacrri ,
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ll lurzlcal operatloni.
llatterle. , Inhalers , Timers , Trumet ,
nil kind * of Medical and Surglcil Applliutcn , man
ufactured and for tnlo
Tht only rtllikle Jedlcal IniUut * miklnf
Private , Spidal $ Nervous Diseases
from < > hatorercanse produced , ucceMfullytrentcd. ,
Wo cm remove Bjphllitlo poitou from the nyittrn
without mercury ,
New rtitoratlre treatment for Inn of vital power.
Cull and consult ui or i < nd Btmo and poit-offlct
midrrii plainly written encloie stamp , and w <
will lend yon , la plain wrapper , our '
uroM PBIVATI , Briout , AMU Ninroui Dunn * ,
STRIOTUni , AMD Alt. Dllllllt or TUB OlMITO'
UKINAKT Oieixs , or nnd hlitory of jour cat * for
I'ersona unable to vUtt ns may be treated at llitlr
liomef , br rorrrrpondence Mrdlclnei and Initru-
uenU eut by mall or tipreu SUUU1IKLY 1'AC'U
ED 1'HOM ODUBUVAl marki to IndlcHlu
contents or loudtr. One personal interview pro
farred If convenient. Fifty rooms for the a-co
modatlnn of patient ! . Board and attendance tl
icatonabl * pilcts. Addreti tl ) Letters to
Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute ,
Cor. 13IHSI and Cultal . . . OMH q 'B
TOMIB. ATlotlmot
Tuuinfuniu | > rud < i > M'i iutaa
hwutura Dvuy. It.rvoiU
ItebUlty , U l Manhood , rUwtiavliiglrl d IB TiU
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r * . which h will wiul fit If to hU teltaw f-
Our Spring and Summer Suits arc daily arriving and within a fowdays wo will bo nblo
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price , simply ask an inspection of the various lines we carry , and believe we can interest
you in make , quality and prices.
In Spring Overcoats we carry an elegant line of all shades. One bargain in particular
we offer , is a fine imported Melton , silk lined all through , at $14.75. This overcoat cannot
be duplicated for less than § 20.00 in any establishment in Omaha.
AVe call particular attention to ourEoys'and Children's Suitsof , which we have just re
ceived about one thousand. Among them we have 150 Norfolk suits , in sizes from 1 to
13 years , strictly all wool cheviot , with double seat and double stitched , usually called
"rough and tumble" suits. Wo sell them at $2.95 and they are the best wearing suit ever
introduced. AVe invite inspection of these suits whether you wish to purchase or not ,
All goods marked in plain figures and at strictly one price at * 4
Nebraska Clothing Company ,
Cor. Douglas and 14th sts. , Omaha.
At Millard Station ,
SATURDAY , MARCH 19th , 1887.
George McCombs ,
and Wm. Grimm
Will sell at Public Auction 70 to 80 head of mules and some American
Brood Mares with foal from "Kentucky Jacks. " Also one new ,
Wagon and Double Harness.
M9 months time , with approved security , 8 per cent in
terest. 5r > er cent off for
Ihe only Machine that will sew backwards
and fonvards equally well , and the Li/h'est
Ittinniny Sewing Machine In existence.
The Union Sewing * Machine
We < 1ctlre cnrryetlc ami
In Aeb/Yis/.vi , Colorado , ll'ijoiiilno , Dakota and
Western Iowa.
Jf you are looliii for a cheap Machine , don't
answer thin advertisement , but if you want to
handle thv best Scwlny Machine that money can
buy , addrcnJ'or particulars.
209 N , I6tii St. , Omaha , Neb ,
Mention Omaha Use.
Certificate of Publication.
LINcoi M , February 1st , 1BS7. )
It Is hereby certitled tbut the Connecticut Mu-
tunl Life Insurance Co. , of Hartford , In the
ptuteof Connecticut has compiled with the In
surance law of thhsUtP.and Is authorized to
transact tlio buslnes of life Insuianco In this
stnto for tlie current yeixr. . . . . . , „
Witness my band and tbo seal of tlio Auditor
of Public Accounts the day nd > enr nboyo
wrlttmi. H. A. HANCOCK , Auditor F.A.
H. D. OOLBON , Agent.
181 fmw AYL. BWK
One Million Distributed Every Year
iior.uuus Kvr.uv a
Only fl.OO required to secure one Koyal Italian 100 francs gold bond. These bondt
participate in 225 drawings , four drawing fvery year ard retain their original
until the year 1014. Pri/es of 2,000,000 l.OOO.OOi ) , 500,000 , 250,000 , &c. franc * will bo
drawn , besides the certainty of receiving back 100 franc * In gold , ) on may win 4 time *
Tills Uns nfp , nnd the host. Investment e r offered , ai thit lnrc od moiii-y mutt be palJ back
. .n end mSn.'res. . 8 "nd fm-ilrol.HMi It nlll | i r yoiMoiK < > r leiiU " < " " " " Illo uy
rosntorod letter , or postal nolt-s , nnd In return we will forward the documoiils.
BCKM.V II \KI.V fi 0 , , JIOS Ilroailwav , Now York Uly.
N. U.-Tho o boaJs ire not lottorr tickets , and the < ile h loyally pirmltto J In tlio U. S. hy la , *
' -