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' ' ' THE OMAHA DAILY BEE : .SATURDAY. . MAftnTT 1ft ti&t * . fl
Delivered by carrier In nny port of the city at
twmty cents per week.
H. W. TILTON , . . . Manager.
BeeiKiw Orncr. . No. tx
6- . . ' = . .
N. Y.Plumbing Co.
Now spring goods nt Rclter's , tailor.
George W. Thompson & Co. . real estate.
Sco W. C. Stacy & Co. , Mo. 0 Alain , for
bargains in real estate.
J. W. & K. L. Squires' abstracts are
giving good satisfaction.
The move for lighting tlic streets with
electricity should be kept going. Pearl
etrcet has sot a noble example. Let
others follow.
Mrs. Mitchell , the lady in charge of the
trimming department of H. Friedman's
millinery establishment , leaves to-day
for the east after spring and summer
styles. Upon her return Mr. Friedman
will have his annual spring opening.
Two unruly roving bovincs have for
a season or two past annoyed the resi
dents In the vicinity of the Congrega
tional church. This season opens with
them on the grounds as usual , destroying
foliagu and parking. They .should be
pounded this year , just for a change.
K. Peterson and George Hopcr were
fined the other day for being drunk , but
were allowed to go out uud get the
money. They fallo'l to return as they
promised , and after hanging about
lf > Omaha for a few days sneaked back to
| i. this side , expecting that the matter had
boon forgotten or forgiven. They were
surprised on being picked up and placed
in the cooler.
Ofliccr Hose was yesterday busy driv
ing around in a hacK picking up those
too drunk to walk. Ho found one fel
low lying at the transfer waiting for the
new bridge to be done so ho could walk
over to Omaha. Tlio fellow was fleop-
ing so soundly that it was thought to bo
cruel to wake him up enough to have
him tell his name. He will disclose it to
the judge this morning.
The high price of gas in Council Binds
is ono of the evils which should be reme
died some way. It does not appear clear
why the price of gas hero should be so
much greater than in other cities , unless
it is that the citizens will pay it , and the
company naturally will take it. If the
company would reduce its price to some
where near what other cities got gas for.
it would bo an act of partial atonement
for the prices charged in the past.
The discussion is opening up in regard
to the legality of the recent school elec
tion. It WHS rather n peculiar election in
regard to Iho registry at least , or rather
the lack of registry. Under the new law
n registry is necessary for all elections ,
but the superintendent of public instruc
tion gave it as his opinion that the law
did not have any reference to school elec
tions. It was under his advice that the
election was held hero us in the old way ,
only more so , there being several differ
ent registry books used as reference sim
ply. It seems that if any ono cared
enough about the result to make a fightlh
the courts the chances are good for hav
ing the election prononncou as of no ac
There was some uneasiness yesterday
about the now aldermen , or at least two
of them , Luoins Wells , and George Met-
calf. Mr. Wells is in Moline , and Mr.
Mctcalf in Col fax. It was time for them
to Qualify , and unless they should appear
to-day It was feared that they would bo
disqualified from serving. ID that event
n now election would have to bo held.
Telegrams wore sent to them , and they
will probably appear and swear in. The
only chance of avoiding a new election
is in the fact that the clerk notified them
by mail of their election , and if this was
not a legal notice , bo can notify them
ugain , and thus give them an extension
of time. They will have to swear in be
fore Monday as it now appears. The new
council is to meet Monday niglU.
Now goods will arrive to-day at Hark
ness Brothers.
Shoot ducks with the best ammunition
Buy it at 41 Main-street , Cole & Cole.
The City' Wallet.
The city olllcials are putting the finish
ing touches upon their annual reports
The showing on the financial side is an
excellent one. It indicates that there arc
$15,000 less city warrants outstanding
than a year ago. The city council has
kept its expenses $5,000 under the limit ,
instead of overrunning as so many pre
vious councils have. 'Iho fire department
has cost less than $9,000 , whereas in pre
vious years it has run two or thro ethou-
Band dollars more than the amount.
Streets and alloys have cost about $7,000 ,
about ono half of what was expended the
previous year. The economy of the
council has had an excellent effect upon
the city warrants , which have now
reached ninety cents on the dollar , and
rapidly going up towards par. The city
is to be congratulated on the iinancia *
showing for tlio year.
Electric door bells , burglar alarms and
every form of domestic electrical apuli
nnccs at the Now York Plumbing Co.
L. U. Crafts & Co. , are loaning mono/ r
on all classes of chattel securities at ono-
half their former rates. See them before
securing your loans.
Money to loan on real estate. Counci
Bluffs Real Estate Loan and Trust Co ,
Room 0 , Everett block.
Personal Paragraph * .
Dr. Soybort has relumed from his re
cent trip.
H. E. Pyko , of. Reading , 1'a. , is th
guest of F. P. Ycuawino.
J. C. Whilmore. of Omaha , was in the
city visiting friends yesterday. 3I
H. A Cole , of Cole & Colo. In ft las I ,
evening for Mt. Pleasant on a short trip
Miss Lisle Harris , who has boon visit
ing Mrs , J. G. Tipton , returned yesterday
toiler homo in Avoca.
Mr. II. A. Daniels , of DCS Moincs , rep
resenting the Ponsylvania Insurance com
pany ot Pittsburg , was in the city yes
W. H. Van Drunt , of Avoca , was in the
city yesterday. Mr. Van Brunt is inter
ested to a considerable extent in real
estate hero.
Henry Paine , state agent , nnd 1. . M.
Hosteller , spcoial agent of the Conti
nental Insurance company , were in tlio
city yesterday.
Mrs.'Mitchell , who has charge of the
trimming department of H. Friedman's ,
loaves to-day for thu east to look up thu
newest styles of millinery.
Sco J. G. Tipton for a snap in llailroad
addition. Lots , acre property and all
grade residences.
Dr. Hanchott , olllco No. 13 Pearl street ;
residence , 130 Fourth street ; telephone
No. 10.
_ _
Contractors and builders will find it to
their interest to get prices on lime ,
cement , plaster , hair , etc. , from Council
Bluffs Fuel Company , 03'J Broadway.
Telephone ISO.
. . .
See the new Misses' Corset at Harkuoss
Brothers. _
J. G. Tipton , real cstate.No. 637 Broad
way ,
Supersedes Bonds Filed and the Olerk De
clines to Issue the Writs.
The Old City Council Holds Another
Session Dr. Plnncy's Klootlcd
HOI-BCS The City's Finances
Hopeful nntl Healthy. |
The City Parliament.
A special meeting of the city council
was held yesterday afternoon , at which
all were present.
A number of bills were allowed. Judge
Aylcsworth's written acceptance of the
proposition to certify and compile the
city ordinances was received. |
Property owners on Avenue F. peti
tioned for establishing grade on that
street. Kcferrrd.
A settlement was made with C. R.
Mitchell , and .fJOO of bonds granted him.
An ordinance was adopted making it
the duty of dt.v ollicials to make a full
report in case of accidents on the streets ,
in which the city was liable to be a party
in any possible suit. Heretofore suits
have been startedand , by the time ot trial
the city could not find witnesses or
evidence. The purpose of this ordinance
is to .secure in such eases the needed
record of details and witnesses.
The money for the extension of Fifth
avenue was placed in the hands of the
sheriff. It is tlioiighl that its ensures the
opening of this thoroughfare , which is
an important change.
The council then adjourned.
New carpets at No.101 Broadway.
Star sale stables lor mules and heavy
draft horses.
Two Dozen liars Ordered Closed Hut
Superseding Homts Filed.
Judge Thornoll nas ordered the issu
ance of injunction wits against twenty-
four of tlio Council 111 nil's saloons , includ
ing the bars of the leading hotels. This
action is by no means a surprise as it was
conceded that Judge Thornoll was in
clined that way. Yesterday Attorney
Jacob Sims , who represents the prohibi
tion alliance , applied to Clerk Shea , pre
senting tlio order to have the writs Issued.
Mr. Shea declined to issue the writs , as
ho said that suporsedcas bonds hud been
tiled , the dcfednauts purposing to appeal
to the supreme court. Ho gave Mr. Sims
a written statement to that effect. It
seems that tlio saloon men anticipated
that the judge would grant the injunc
tions and had prepared bonds , M > as to
take an appeal. Iho policy evidently is
to keep the places open untfl tlio matter
could be decided upon by the supreme
court , which will take considerable time.
During the delay the saloons can rim as
Whether this delay can be had remains
to bo seen. There seems to be a question
whether the clerk of the courts can de
cline to issue the writs after the judge
has ordered them issued. If not , the
clerk may find that he has overstepped
tlio bounds in standing as a barrier be
tween the court and the saloons.
There is also a question as to whether
the filing of supcrsodas bonds will enable
the saloons to run while the appeal is
being taken. It is not unlikely that an
attempt will bo made to have the keepers
fined for contempt of court. If it shall be
decided that they arc liable to punish
ment for contempt it will make the busi
ness altogether too risky. The saloon
men seem confident that they can go on
with their business while the cases are
slowly dragging their way to the supreme
premo court , if so , the ordering of the
writs of injunction will have little prac
tical effect upon the city for some months
at least. Judge Theme 11 is expected hereon
on Saturday of next week and he will
probably taKe some action at that time.
He may order tlio clerk peremptorily to
issue the writs , or ho may have cases
broughtbcforo him for contempt.
Call and see the stock of horses and
mules at Star Stables before purchasing
Substantial abstracts of titles and real
estate loans. J. W. & E. L. Squire. No.
101 Pearl street , Council Bluffs.
The Department Commander.
Pottawattamio county presents as a
candidate for Iho position of department
commander of Iowa G. A. R. tlio name of
E. A. Consigncy , of Avoca. His name is
receiving many words of hearty commen
dation. The Cedar Rapids Republican in
a recent editorial thus endorses him :
We take pleasure in adding to the list of
candidates already mentioned In the Repub
lican for the honorable position of depart
ment commander of Iowa ( > . A. U. the name
of E. A. Consign oj' , of Avocn , commander ot
U. S. Grant Post , No. 123 , of that city , and
brother of our well known citizen , Mr. George
J. Consigner. The following letter tells bet
ter than any words of ours cm tell the stand
ing of Mr. Consleuey as a soldier , for they
come from his old army colonel , who meas
ures him by the seveie tests of camp and
battle :
Editor Republican :
1 take great pleasure In cnlllncr tlio atten
tion ot Grand Army men to E. A. Conslpney ,
commander of the u. S. Grant post of the
U. A. R. at Avnca. la. , whose name appears
prominently as a candidate for department
commander. Comrade Consigncy served in
trm First Vermont cavalry , and was "In at
the death" when Lee's army surrendered at
Appomnttox court house. Ho was a eallant
officer and an obedient soldier , and did as
faithful service as any one In the regiment.
The Grand Army boys cannot confer the
honor on any cue more deserving , or one
who would serve them more acceptably. In
honoring him we honor ourselves. Vouis
truly , W. G. CUMMIMIH ,
Late Colonel First Veimont Cavalry.
Cedar Kaolds , la. , March 11.1887.
Mr. Consigner , of whom Colonel Cum-
minus writes these strong words , Is a promi
nent businessman of Avoca , Is about forty-
nine years old , represented his , the Ninth ,
congressional district in the last national re
publican convention , and is prominent and
popular In all gatherings of war veterans.
Ho was ono of three brothers who enlisted
at the outbreak of the rebellion. He enlisted
as a private In the First Vermont cavalry ,
though ho was offered a captain's commission
by his cousin , Colonel Uarnoy. He raoldlv
rnso from the ranks , having been promoted
llvn times in rapid succession. As adjutant
ot his regiment he led thn last charge made
by the cavalry of the Army of the Potomac at
Appomattox and was. as Colonel Cumnnngs
i says , "In at the death" of the southern con-
1 luiu-racy. He was a brave soldier and bears
thu scars ot battle on his person , and Is an
honest , upright , Christian man , who will
LTUCO the position of department commander.
Several posts have already endorsed his can
Star sale stables of Council Bluffs.
The largest stock of horses and mules
west of Chicago , which will bo sold at
wholesale or retail and satisfaction guar-
I For acre property , residences and busi
ness property call on W. C. Staey A : Co. ,
No. 0 Main street.
Clontlcil HorscN.
Dr. C. Pinnoy , who has a line stock
farm about throe miles from the city , is
a great lover of horseflesh and fine stock.
He has lately been making some pur
chases in this line , and now has about
twenty blooded hones , some of which
are very finely bred. Some line brood
mares are also owned by aim , and his
stable is now ono of the best in this part
Of the country.
Among themis a fine brown uaro ,
standard and registered as Francis W. .
She is sixteen hands high. She Is by
Souvenir (440) ( ) lie by Enchanter (408) ( ) the
sire of Valiant who has a record of
2:88 : } and of Ensign , 3'J8J. :
Her dam is Ksthallnc Strader by Stradcr
(070) ( ) sire of Will Calendar , who was
formerly known as Jock Porcjroy , and
whoso record is 8:21 : } . She is in foal by
Garnet Wllkcs ,
Lucy Nutwood is another. She is by
Nutwood Chief , and ho is by Nutwood ,
who sold last fall for $20,000. Her dam
is i Daisy 11. , a tine driving mare , who has
never been trained for the track.
Untie is a promising mare by Hooso ,
ho by Administrator. Her dam is Dixie
Copperbottom. She is four years old this
spring. A year ago she trotted a mile in
three minutes , and is spcrdy indeed.
Tony Glass is also by Hooso , and her
dam is H splendid roadster.
Nettie S. , a three year old , is by Laclede
(18j ( ! ) ) . son of Happy Medium. Her dam
is i Daisy H. , she by Gilford Morgan.
Lulu Sco Is a promising filly , standard
bred j and registered , sired by Souvenir ,
he by Enchanter , he by Administrator
nd he by U.ysdyk's Ilamblotonlan. The
dam is Iowa Maid , she by Robert Homier ,
Royal Pascha , a young stallion , and
one of the handsomest over seen hero.
He is standard , nnJ registered in Wal
lace , Vol. 0. He is by Souvenir , and is a
full brother to Lulu Sec. Ho will bo
throe years old in July.
Dr. I'inney bus lately bought a line stal
lion , Young Mlddleton , who was im
ported from England in 1883 , by J. II.
Truman , of Illinois. His stock has
brought high pricrs. The agent for the
king of Italy purchased a four-year-old
gelding of him for $1,800. Young Mid-
dlcton is by the thoroughbred race horse
Acrobat , dam the notcii trotter Congress
by Vclov , and grand dam Lady Congress ,
supposed to be fastest trotter England
has ever produced , she by Flying Dutch
man and he by Ray Mlddleton.
The doctor lias others whose blood is
equally well drawn , He is laying the
foundation for as line a stable of horses
as can bn found anywhere , and takes
great pride as well as pleasure In them.
Mnch-ly Married.
Justice Darnett yesterday went over to
Omaha to testify in the case against Hugh
Thompson for bigamy. Thompson was
married in Justice Barnctt's oQiec on a
Sunday a couple of months ago to Anna
Mach and claimed to be from Creston ,
while his wife No. 2 was from Omaha.
For fear that the marrjago would become
public ho asked the judge to clear the"
room , there being a BEI : representative ,
a lawyer and a retail grocer who ex
pected to witness the ceremony. After
they retired the ceremony was performed
in the presence of two witnesses who had
come from Omaha to witness the proceed
ings. It was a bitter cold Sunday and as
the wedding party missed tlio a o'clock
train the groom hired a hack and drove
over the ice. Tlio driver being a stranger
in this city lost his way and did not find
the justice's ollice until nearly 5 o'clock.
After the ceremony was performed
Thompson purchased : i llask of sherry
wino to warm up the party , wlfo had be
come chilled by their Jong , tedious drive ,
and then returned to Omaha Yesterday
Thompson claimed he had not married
the Macli woman , when being tried before
Justice Anderson , but when he was con
fronted with the man who married him
he wilted and waived an examination ,
being placed under $500 bonds. Mrs.
Thompson No. 1 was also in attendance
at the trial.
A ChnrininK Actross.
There was a small audience "at the
opera house last evening to greet Miss
Lillian Lewis. Those who were in at
tendance were so greatly pleased , however -
over , that there will doubtless be full
houses this afternoon and evening. She
appuared last night as Cora in "The
Creole. " It is no light task to as
sume a role which Clara Mor
ris has made so famous , but Miss
Lewis carried the dillictilt part with
a wonderful showing of ability. In the
intensely emotional passages site was
really above criticism , thrilling the audi
ence and calling forth well merited ap
plause. Her support was excellent. Mr.
Walter Owen as George , aud Clifford
Dempsey as Victor Ma/.ilier , were espe-
.cially . worthy of mention. The other
members of the companv averaged well.
This afternoon "Frou Frou" is to bo
presented , and to-uight "Leah , the For
saken. "
Those who miss seeing Miss Lewis will
miss much. She certainly merits the
many words of praise -given her by the
coldest dramatic critics.
On complaint of Ins brother yesterday
a man named North was arrested for
a'jusing his wife.
Those Coinpltiininfr of Sore Throat ,
Hoarseness , or taklni : Cold , " should use
Jtroivn'a Jtrutivltliil Troches. Sold only in
The Cant of Jubllors.
London World : The public celebra
tion of the jubilee will involve a con
siderable outlay , for which a parlia
mentary vote will be necessary. The
cornoation of the queen cost about
.i'40,000 , against i'M.OOO for William IV. ,
and 210,000 for George IV. , anil in
many respects tlio coronation forms a
precedent for the jubilee. I hear that
there is to bo a special meeting of the
privy council next month , either at
Windsor castle or Buckingham palace ,
when the proposed arrangements and
estimates will be submitted. To this
council will bo summoned tlio prince of
Wales , the duke of Cambridge , the cabi
net , the great olHeers of tlio household ,
the archbishops of Canterbury and York ,
the bishop of London. Mr. Gladstone ,
Lord Hartington , Lord Granville , and
Lord Sidney. The details will subse
quently be settled by a committee se
lected from the aboro parsonages , witli
ono or two additions of permanent of
ficials , by whom all the work will doubt
less be done. Tno rough estimate for
the Thanksgiving service in Westminster
Abbey is 12,000. A magnificent display
of fireworks fiom Hyde Park in tlio even
ing is a good notion , but tlio idea of
"throwing open" the theaters to tlio pub-
lie on the night of Juno 20 is preposterous
and must be abandoned.
Owing to the DUOOliL lUbTICITY ot the cloth ( which
our patents corer icluslTely ) will IU perfectly first
lime worn. lUqolm no breaking In. OXat BaTCBIXD
by teller Kfterttelnff worn ten day * If not found the moil
nd Comfortable Conet i r worn. Bold by 11
Or t-cI M dealer. .
CHOTTT RO . . Chicago. 111.
EngineefSuf , eyofMap , Publisher f
No. 11 North Main St.
City Dd county B > pie ( citltl > nd couotlei In
Mtru Iowa , Nebraska and KaoaU.
Special sdrertlierncntB , such M Loit , Found
7o Loan , For Bulo , To Rent , ftant" . Boat-din * ,
etc. , will bolnsorteit in tbli column it the loir
rateofTENCKNTSPEK LING fertile tint loser-
Ion and FlveCentf I'orLln roreach ubie < iuont
Insertion. I/SRTO Mdverllsoments nt our office
No. 12 Vc rl etrect , hoar Uroailirnr , Council
WANTED A wood worker at Hnttenhaucr'R
carrlairo ftictorjr. No. 27 to 31'i ' , Fourth
street. To n llrst-clni man good wnffes nnd
stfiicly employment nil ) bo given. No others
need apply.
\\7ANTED Hr youiitf tnanSOypnrs old.sltnv
T twn ns snlcsmnn In dry Koodj , clothluiror
boots nnd shoes ! : i years experience. Will
work on trial. Speaks French and Knellah.
Myrtle lllncH , 1103 Avo. n , Council llhilTg.
FOIt HAM-Music ; nnd sowing machine Imp- !
ness together with sniull stock of uollduy
Koods and witll pnpur. Good town nnd country ,
Hood location , chenp rent , profitable buslncpa.
Invrlvn fl.'JOO to tl&X ) . Would tnko piirt In
Council Hinds real ottuto. Address A. L. Man
ning , Dunlnp , low a.
Curtains , Upholstry ,
Window Shades ,
Poles , Door Mats , Rugs ,
Sash Draperies , Etc , ,
)0 ) (
Mail Ofdres Carefully Filled ,
)0 ) (
Our Mr. Stockert Superintends
All Work.
Attorneys at Law ,
actice in the State and Federal Courts
Rooms 7 and S Shuart-Beno { ; Block.
1r < n COUNCIL
CO.MMENCf.Nr FltlDAY , MAKCII 2STH , 1857 ,
I will soil nt my residence on ICe ? Creek , 10
mllcacn'U ' or Council Illulfo , my
Well Improved , nil under cultlrntlon ; l.V ) acres
IntumuKrnss ; tins n line new residence , con
taining H rooms nnd nil modern Improvements ,
housu costing f 7,0 Hi. Also new barn , ! 10x50 ; two
Hnllidny wind mill * , n Rcnln house uml xcalcs ,
cuttlo yards mid water tunks ; n good yonim
heiirliijr orchard of apples nnd ginull trnlt ; SO
head < f ( rood fnrm horfcs cnttlo , lions nnd nil
farm Implements requlH'd to run n tlrst-dnss
farm. Terms will bo made known on nppllcii >
tlon.or on day of sale. All pnrtlos thinking of
investing iiro cordially Invited to cull nnd innko
n personal examination of tbe fnrm nnd Im
provements. K. WAUL ) .
Attorney at Law.
1304 Ikoadwiiy , Up Stairs ,
Council Hhifl'3.
1514 Douglas St. , Omaha.
Ladies buying a $5 hat or bonnet , one fare
will be paid ; $10 , lonnd trip.
It. D. AMY & CO. ,
Hardware , Stoves ,
) AND (
No. 620 Main St. , Council Bluffs.
D. H. McDANELD & CO. ,
[ Established 1S& ]
No. 20 Mnln Street , ; : : Council niulT ) .
Justice of the Peace.
No 504 UroaJwtvy , Council IJlufls.
Collections a specialty. Refers to the Dec
Star Sate Stab/es and Mule Yards
Broadway , Council Uluffs , Opp. Dummy Dejio
c < a
_ e
Horses anil inulos kept constantly ou
band , for sale nt retail or in car loads.
Orders promptly Ullod by contract on
short notice. Stock sold on commission.
SiiLUTKit' & BOLEV , Proprietors.
Telephone No.1 114.
Formerly of Keif Sale Stables , corner
1st , avo. and 4th street.
it. JfipE , ill. n.
Cancers w other Tumors
Removed without the knlle or Drawing o
' Over 30 years Practical experience.
No 11 Pearl St. , Council Bluffs.
CSyConsultation free.
Theonly Hotel in Council Bluffs Hairing a Eire
Escape ,
Anil All Modern Iinpi-oranents.
315 , 217 nnd 310 Main St.
MAX JIO//JV , Prop.
Deilgns , e t Iraates and reports on brldires ,
viaducts , foundation ! and gimonilengineering.
Blue prints of any 6lzo alid quantity.
Office No 13 N. Slttln St. , First National Dank
Monday , March 7th.
iVIll open upwards of 60 cases of Now
mil Hcusoimble sprinp pootls. lovelies
ies will bo niltlctl to cuch ot their sev-
> rnl departments.
These are the newest and freshest
ii'ddiictloiis of forciprti niul domestic
markets , nmkiiijr u collection at once
legant nnd unique and one never sur
passed'by ourselves and never equal
ed by any house in the northwest.
Dress GoodsDept
A splendid display of the latcstFrcnch
and English advanced novelties , to
gether with a complete line of staple
'abrics , making this department in ev
ery point full and complete.
Wash GoodsDept
French sattecna in elegant design ,
never before shown.
French and Scotch ginghams in new
patterns and colorings.
Unlisted in combination and plain.
Percales and domestic sattccns in up
wards of 20 fresh and original patterns
Our assortment of the above is larger
and more extensive than others shown
by competing houses.
We invite an Inspection. No trouble
to show goods.
Everything in this line can be found
in our establishment. We call atten
tion of buyers to the fact that there
has been a sharp rise in these goods.
Our goods were bought before the rise
and we give our customers the benefit
You can save fully 20 pop cent by mak
ing your purchases of us.
We emphasize the statement that in
embroideries , white goods , underwear ,
luces , ribbons , and notions our assort
ment is equalled by any similar stock ,
Our variety is immense , our prices low
er than the lowest.
Our Special Feature.
Spring wraps , jackets , aud ladies
and childrcns suits , new and stylish
garments of Paris and Berlin modes ,
together with the newest shapes and
most approved makes of the leading
New York manufacturer ? . We can
convince you that in this line , that in
quality , style and cheapness wo are
We Invite the attention of our pat
rons to these special features and the
stock in general , No effort will be
spared to make our departments com
plete in every particular and at prices
lower than any house in the west.
Nos.314 , 316 , 318 anil 320 Broail-
Council Jiluffa.
Mutt orders promptly and care
fully attended to , , '
Leading Real Estate Brokers
Have Property of Every De
scription ,
506 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa
Choice Property at a Bargain ,
Fifty Acres Choice Land Adapted for Gar
dening and Fruit Growing.
About twenty acres of the tract is set to apple orchard which is in bearing , and
to nil varieties of choice small fruit and vineyard , divided as follows :
I'roper contains upwards of five acres. The vines are thrifty and in bearing.
Between three and four acres are well set to choice varieties of black
berries , raspberries and strawberries.
Contains more than 1,600 trees in bearing.
In addition to the above enumeration are a largo numbers of choice plums ,
cherry and other fruits , also shade and ornamental trees
surrounding the buildings.
Ordinary barns and other out-buildings. The soil is of excellent quality for
gardening purposes , being a deep black loam and is a uarm.south slope ,
and is altogether the most attractive and desirable of anything
within business distance of Omaha or Council lilutls.
With the new bridge completed across the Missouri , the property is not over
thirty minutes drive from the Omaha posloflice.
Any party desiring a choice bargain should apply at once as , if not sold within
the next two weeks , it will be withdrawn from the market.
For Prices and Terms Apply to
G. iJ.
Real Estate Brokers ,
No. 13 North Main Street.
Lower Floor First National Bank Block ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Real Estate'
Vacant Lota , Lands , Clt/ ) Residences and Farms , acre property In
western part of city. All selling cheap to make room for sprlny atocls.
4 /
Real Estate and Insurance Agent.
Room 0 , over Officer < C I'usey'a bank , Council JHuffs.
Horses g Mules
For all purposes , bought and sold , at retail
and in lots. Large quantities to select
( torn. Several pair * of fine drivers , tin
gle or do-ible.
MASOU WISE , Council Bluffs
Justice ot the Peace ,
416 Broadway , Council Blufft ,
Refers to any bank or business house in the
city , Collections a specialty ,
Justice of the Peace.
Office over American Express.
Council 1I ! nils , Iowa.
Prices Very Low ,
W. S. HOMER & Co. ,