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DtliTtud tjcnrrlcr In nnypnrtof the city ftt
twenty ctuU per vvock.
H. W. TILTOX , MannBcr.
IJcpmrPS Orncr. , No. 4J.
N. Y. Plumbintt Co.
Heavy suits cheap to order at Rollers.
"Micky" Hawk is in jail for being
The new street cars arc to bo put on
There is to bo no council meeting this
F. W. Witchcr is booked as n drunk at
the police station.
E. M. Forrest , the ravivnlist , will bo nt
the Methodist church on Uroaclway this
Among the now live real estate firms is
that of if. T. iirynnt Ac Co. , No. ( ! 'J8 1 Jrotid-
way , whose advcrtlsoment appears in an
other column.
The Ladies' Choral society will meet in
Mueller's music hall Tuesday afternoon ,
January 23 , at half past 1 o'clock. All
members are requested to bo prompt.
Mrs. F.V. . liuslmi'll , secretary.
It is stated by the Register that the
brewers of DCS Moines are goinir to sell
openly over their bars with the Intention
of making a test case of the law as they
understand the decision of JudccHrcwcr.
Justice Scluir/ has rendered another
decision in favor of the registrars of the
late special election against the county ,
the last being in favor of A. T. Whittle-
fioy and John Fox for services rendered.
This makes throe cases out of the eight
registrars who served and received no
R. N. Whittlesoy , of the ( Hobo , left last
night for DOS Monies to give evidence in
the case of the state against Muy Foster ,
who it is alleged , shot another girl in
Juno last , anil who is trying to have the
blame put on the shoulders of a man
named llaxlur , who formerly resided in
this city for a short time.
Field & Cole have purchased the Ogilcn
livery stables from Keller & Ilarlo , and
nrc in possession of the same , the trail-
Baction having occurred Saturday. J. T.
1'iold will run the Ugden stables , while
W. T. Cole will remain at the rink stables.
Matt Ilarlo will give his attention to his
fast horses , while it is Mated that Vie
Keller will locate an oflicc and enter the
real estate business.
Miss Dot I'utnam , the comedienne , will
appear at Dohanv's February It and 10 ,
giving three performances. Her first ap
pearance will bo in Jules Verne's great
comedy' from the French , "Tho Child of
the Regiment. " Miss Putnam will sing ft
number of her moat successful ballads ,
which have gained for her quite a reputa
tion and will use the same wardrobe and
stage siltings as used in New York City.
Miss Putnam will bo the event of the sca-
Bon to the theatre-going public.
Personal I'nrncraptis.
It , Theme , \Vabash , Iml. , is nt the
Frank Simonds , of Clarksvillc , Mo. , is
at the Ogdcn.
James A. Jackson and wife left yester
day for St. Louis.
Mrs. M. K. Mcadcr has returned to her
home in Gosncn , Iml.
A. A. Parsons and his son Irvin arc
talking of going into the real estate
J. F. Sophy , of Sioux City , and Matt
13. Kelley , of LcMars , were at the Ogden
J. W. Camp , of the new druggist firm
of Camp & Kills , who are to open in the
opqra house shortly , loft last evening for
Chicago to purchase the stock for the
new store.
Ccntcrville soft-lump conl , ? 3.75 per
ton , delivered , Win. Welch , CIO Main
street , telephone l'J. )
George Rudio , real estate and nego
tiator of loans , No. 1007 Farnam street ,
Omaha. Itargains in Council lilufls and
Omaha property.
W. O. T. V.
There will bo a special meeting of the
board of managers of the Woman's '
Christian association this afternoon at
o'clock at No. 5-10 Sixth avenue. By
order of the president ,
All my coal is weighed by Amy , the
only anlhori/.ed city wciphniastcr , and
guaranteed to hold out 13,000 pounds to
the ton. Good soft coal at iflt.liO a ton.
See that your hooks are made by Mooro1
house & Co. , room 1 , Everett block.
li. B. Crafts & Co.
Call at real estate and loan ngenoy of
L. B. Crafts & Co. , No. G23 Broadway ,
lloom 1 , and list your property for ealo.
If you wish to buy , call and select , as I
have bargains , Buyera are constantly
making inquiries.
Electric door bolls , burglar alarms and
every form of domestic electrical appli
RUCOS at the Now York Plumbing Co.
Ills Furniture Attached.
It is claimed that S. S. Hoover , who
has been widely known hero as n dealer
in cattle , is in some iinaneial trouble.
Bomo weeks ago he and his family loft
here , and Saturday his household fund
turo was to be shipped away , when to
the of many they were attached
by the Council 151 tills National bank on a
claim of $70. It Is said that Hoover , on
the 23d of December last , came into the
bank , after hours , and wanted his check
on OHlror & Pusey cashed for $70 , saying
that Olllecr & 1'usoy were closed and ho
could not get in thcro. Tim next day
when the check was presented to Ollicer
& Puse.y , payment was refused , ant
Hoover was nowhere to bo found. It is
{ ( aid that the same day ho borrowed s5 (
of Conrad Lanzcndorfor , promising to re
turn it the next day. When the irYot
tittachinent was issued , Mr. Lanzendorfer
hurried up and got out another to sccuro
liis claim. The matter will probably be
further cleared up to-day , Air. llo'ovei
is reported to bo In the city , and will
probably straighten his twisted allairs up
Hard and soft coal , best quality al
szes , Missouri and Iowa wood. C. B
Fuel company , C3'J ' Broadway. Tele
phone lltj. (
L. B. Crafts & Co. are loaning money
ou all classes of chattel securities at ono
half their former rates. See them before
securing your loans.
Substantial abstracts of titles and real
estate loans. J. W. & E. L. Squire. No ,
101 Pearl street , Council Blutla.
The members of the 1. O. U. T. are requested >
quested to be prudent at their next rogu
Jar meeting next Monday evening , Jan ,
84th. By order of the L.D.
Jan. 31 , 1897. _
Stoves I Stoves ! Stoves I tor thfl ne.\t
thirty days 1 will sell heating stoves at
cost for cash only. P , C. DeVoL
lr , Hanchott.olllco No. . 13 Pearl street ;
residence , 120 Fourth struct ; telephone
NO. 10.
Ned Forrest , the Reformed Gambler Opena
Up His Eccentricities.
A Cattle Dealer In Financial Trouble
President I'hclps , of Coo CollcKC ,
Talked of l''or n Pustornto Hero
Urlcf lilts of News.
A Scconit Sinn
There was a largo audience nt the
Broadway Methodist church yesterday
morning at the opening of the revival
services to bo conducted by K. M. For
rest. The fame of the wonderful work
done through him elsewhere had already
reached here , and especially concerning
the work done at Hamburg lately. Tlioro
has been much curiosity to see and hear
him , and doubtless there was a largo portion
tion of the audience who looked into his
face yesterday morning for the first time
who felt much of this curiosity. The first
appearance of the man and his initiatory
movements do not impress one favorably.
Ho appears quite young , drcsios stylish ,
is very nervous , quick in his every mo
tion , self-confident , Nourishes his hand
kerchief , twists his moustache , takes a
sip of water frequently , seems bent on
displaying Imns.olfith . the best possi
ble dramatic oll'ect , and eager for
a chance to bo hoard. Such is
the impression at lirst appear
ance of the man in the pul
pit. Nor is the impression moro
tavorablo as ho begins llio services by
reading the scriptures. He shortens the
"i" sound in "my1' and speaks of "mi
Lord ami mi God" with an accent which
conllrms the feeling that ho apes llio
actor. As he proceeds in his talk , how
ever , ho is so enthusiastic , his heart is so
evidently in the work , ho seems to so
utterly forget self , that the hearer finds ,
despite his lirst prejudices , a .strange
liking for the man , and sympathy is
awakened in his work. Ho is eccentric ,
but these eccentricities seem to be a part
of his natural make-up , and not bor
rowed or forced , llenco they are endur
able , and they certainly serve to hold
the attention ot the hearers closely. Fre
quently as ho proceeded with his ramb
ling talk , for it was no well outlined
sermon , there would be an audible smile
in the congregation , and in the next
minute the pattiotic would be so tenderly
touched by the speaker as to draw the
tears from the eyes of strongmen.
Just before his sermon , or exhortation ,
the collection was taken up. As ho picked ,
up the basket , and held it aloft , no re
marked : "This , thank God , is no
stranger in the Methodist church I bo-
'iovo in a practical religion , one that
makes a man go deep into his pocket.
Don't put in pennies nor buttons. A fol
low who would put a button into the
plato , ono of these sniart sort of follows ,
ouglit-to bo just buttoned right out of the
door , and there are fellows who put in
pennies when they ouglit to put in halves ,
that arc just as mean as if they put in a
button. There's going to bo a big re
ligious boom hero , and it takes money to
keep the place warm , to pay the janitor ,
and the other expenses. " Then no pro
ceeded to tell in his eharacteiistic way a
story about a southern church , where the
colored folks made these rules , that
every member had to give something ,
they had to give according to their
means , and had to give cheerfully. The
basket was placed right by the altar
where the preacher could see as they
marched around while the imisio was
going and each dropped in his money.
One fellow came along and dropped in n
nickle. "Stop dat music , " cried out the
preacher. "Broader , you hov 'beycd ' the
fust rule , but not the oddcrs. " The col
ored brother caught on , and realizing
that ho had not given according to his
means , pulled out a silver dollar and
threw it into the basket impatiently , say
ing , "There's a dollar , take it. " The
preacher again stopped the music and
the march and called the oll'ender's ' at
tention to the third rule of cheerful
giving. The brother then went deep
down and pulled out a $5 gold piece , and
with a smile tendered it gratefully to the
Lord. Then the preacher was satisfied
with the compliance with the three rules
and said , "All right , lot her go.1 and tUe
music and the march went on.
"I hope , " remarked Forrest , "that
none of you will ureak any of the three
rules. Now let her co. " The collection
was thus started , and apparently resulted
Then the speaker said ho wanted to
know how many members of the church
there were present. Ho was going to
"whack'1 the church members , and ho
wanted to know how many tlioro were to
be whacked. He had them rise , and after
they had taken their seats again , he
proceeded. "There are too many seal-
ukin , ice-cream sort of Christians. 1 think
it's a good thing to first have a confi
dential talk with the church members.
Talk of criticism criticise if you want
to. I'll give you lots of chances. I'm
the worst filoppor to talk you ever hoard.
1 don't care , though , whether you like
mo or not. All I want is for you to like
my Master. Look over my head ; look
way beyond me ; don't see mo , but look
over mo. way there and see
my Master hanging on the
cross , bleeding. dying , what
for ? Who for ? For you. 1 don't care
whether you llko mo or not , but oh ! I
want you to love him , I can see that
some of you Christians are looking nt mo
with criticism and saying , 'i don't like
that fellow ; we'll just do him up. ' 1 toll
.YOU , you'll find mo a dandy to do up. If
you don't like my ways , if J whack it too
hard to you , don't go away and kick
yourselves , but cot down on your knees
and pray , nray for mo. I came hero for
business. Less than two years ago I was
running a faro bank , and for fifteen
years had been a gambler. God called
mo from the table ; He put his hand on
my shoulder. God is raising men from
all sorts of stations to preach plain truths
to the people. The preachers are too
smooth. You'ro going to get plain truths ,
and if you don't like it you'vogot to chow
it. Pin clad to NCO so many of the boys
hero. No man has got a bigger heart
than I for the boys. 1'vo been one of
them. "
After giving out his text , or topic , the
story of the Good Samaritan , ho pro
ceeded with his talk. "You Christians
repeated the Lord's prayer in church this
morning. Some of you Hod while 3011
were saying it. You don't loyo to fortrivo
your fellows. You talk scandal about
your neighbors. " Ho then proceeded
with a graphic description of the road to
Jericho , Jus own experiences in being
robbed in the mountains of the west , and
drew numerous pictures and teachings
in his peculiar way , urging all to bo help
ful in saving and healing wounded hu
manity everywhere. Some portions of
the discouso bordered on the eloquent ,
and ho stirred the congregation
greatly. Ho scored those church mem
bers who indulged in dancing
and progressive euchre. Ho said ho
didn't believe in the balls , where all a
fellow had to pay was two dollars for the
privilege of putting his arm about the
waist of almost any woman in the room ,
Jt wasn't the regular thins. Ho didn't
like it. "If you insist on dancing , if you
will kcop on playing ouohro , you had
bettor got out of the Methodist church ,
for I'll harrass the life out of you. "
In closing ho ollbred a fervent prayer ,
but characterized by the same peculiari
ties. . He prayed for the gamblers of the
city , that "they may bo shown by Goi
that they are playing a losing game
Tli ! t tUey may bo given the best liam
hey ever hold , the hand of God Al-
nighty , which will | lcad them into better
"Unto Him That Lovcrt Us. "
Rov. Stephen Phelps , D. 13. , president
of Coo college , occupied the pulpit at the
'resbytcrian church yesterday morning.
A * there has been some talk of calling
lira to tnc pastorate of this church , tlioro
was much interest felt In hearing him.
Us sermon was strong , eloquent in pas-
ages , and but a fceblo Idea of it can bo
gained by the summary which limited
space necessitates :
Text : Revolutions , 1st chapter , part of
he lifth and sixth verses "Unto Him
hat lovrd us , and washed us from our
ins in ills blood ,
"And hath made us kings and priests
unto God and His Father ; to Him bo
; lory and dominion for over and ever.
\rnen. "
These are remarkable words when the
circumstances of their writing are eon-
lidi-rcd. They arc the outburst of a full
icart. not spoken as outbursts usually
ire , but written , not by the impulsive
'etci , but by the gentle John. Not by n
ouiig man but ono who was ninety years
> f age. the last of thu disciples ,
s'ot written to friends who would
ympathi7.o with him , but to strang
ers. They were the outburst
) f a heart that loved Jesus. John had
) ccn familiar with Jesus for years , but
his was slxtv years before. He had
oved him and had been familiar with
inn in his humiliation , now lie had just
con him in his glory. John , in obed-
once to the command , had begun a letter
o the seven churches in Asia ; ho had
vrlttcn the introduction , but his heart
vas full and ho could go no further , and
mrst into praise and adoration of Htm
vlio so loved us. He used no name , onlv
he pronoun "Him. " 'J Ins makes it more
emphatic than any other form could ,
[ 'hero could bo but ono who loved us
inti washed us in his own blood. H is
not long since 1 received a letter from a
mother asking mo to pray for her
laughter , who was thnn lying at the
) oint of drath. Two Weeks after that
ho body of that mother was carried from
ho church and the daughter's was on the
oad to recovery. The .laughter had
) pen saved at the cost of the mother's
ifo. Out of her great love for her
laughter she had sacrificed her life. But
Mich love as this all other loves are
juried in the lore of Jesus , oven as the
H'ightnoss of the stars is buried by the
splendor of the noon-day sun.
I have hoard people say they
eve Jesus better than they
oved the Father or the Holy
Ghost , and they feared they wore doing
wrong. John loved Jesus better than
ho father ; and ho did God no dishonor ;
ic that honorcth the sou houoreth the
"Unto us that loved us1' Jesus always
oved us. When the mother for the lirst
hue pressed her child to her breast , with
hat wonderful maternal joy , Jesus loved
t far better than she , and all through
ife , in all conditions and in all circum
stances , that Iovo of Jesus follows the in-
Hvidual. A man does not Iovo his
amily collectively as a family " , but he
aves each one , as his wife , his "John , his
Mary. So with Jesus , he loves us as in-
lividuals. He loved and has washed us
n his own blood. Some would detract
rom this Iovo , by saying that Christ felt
ho necessity laid upon Him of saving the
vorld. If you wore walking by a stream
uul should see a little child fall in , a
sense of duty would impel you to at-
erupt to save it , even at the risk ot your
own. But Jesus was laid under no such
obligation. For years I was in the habit
of daily passing a prison. I saw men
enter tnoso iron-barred gates , knowing
hey wore never more to come out. I Haw
thorn enter with manacles on their hands
and fcot. I saw them locked in the cells.
saw them marching to their tasks
under the eye of their keeper and the
rifles of their guards. I pitied them , from
my heart I pitied them , but I felt under
no obligation to rescue them. And by
that city of 100,000 inhabitants they were
) itiod , but none felt any obligation to
escuo thorn. To have made the attempt
jvcn would have been considered wrong ,
lor they were justly there condemned
: or crimes. So with us. We were justly
condemned , and Jesus rested under no
obligation to deliver us. But ho loved us.
Neither liavo 1 any patience witli those
who say Ho did it for His own glory.
There was no need of that. "All works
do praise Him , " and our condemnation
would have praised Him. Ho did not
wash us for glory , but for love of us.
"Washed us from our sins in His own
blood. " It is told of a certain stream that
its waters are possessed of properties that
when a stone is dipped into them it be
comes covered with white. It looks Jiko
a pearl , but it is not a pearl. If a fork or
spoon bo dipped in a certain electric bath
it will become covered with a deposit of
silver. If a nickel bo dipped in another
electric bath it becomes covered with a
plating of gold. Some ministers make
use of these facts as illustrations of huw
the blood ot Jesus washes us from
our sins. But I have no patience
with such teaching. The plated fork is
not silver. The washed nickel is not a
live-dollar gold piece. The blood of
Christ makes us white , but it docs not
whitewash us. It makes us whiter than
snow. The place on the snow is
the surface. Scrape oil'the top and the
deeper you go the whiter you find it.
Ho lias not only loved us anil washed
us. but has made us kings and priests
unto ( iod.
Under the old dispensation but ono
priest could approach the mercy scat ,
and he but oucoa year , but wo as priests
unto God have constant access to the
mercy scat.
In patriarchal times the head of the
houbo was also the priest of the house
hold. You who are fathers or mothers ,
do not esteem too lightly your privilege
of being the priest ot the household. Lay
your hands in faith on the head of your
child , and consecrate him to God , and
see if the Father will not accept him for
his own.
"To him bo glory and dominion forever
over and over. Amen1 All his works
do praise him , all created things sing
his praises. Did you ever listen to the
rill as it trickles into the brook , and the
brook as it flows into the river , and
the river as it rolls on toward
the sea. and the surging of the
mighty tide as it heaves to and fro.
They are singing glory and dominion
unto Him forever. Listen to the breezes
as they sigh , or the winds as they howl in
a mighty alo. They are singing glory
and dominion unto Him. The little birds
in their nests at break of day sing praises
unto Him. John heard moro. You sco
the comet , the meteor , the stars , but John
heard them rushing through space with
the noise of seven thunders , singing ,
"Glory and dominion. " but thnro crea
tion stops. The angels join the mighty
chorus , and when creation stops carry on
the strain , "unto Him who loved us , "
but there they stop. It is only the redeemed -
doomed of man who can complete the
crawl song , "Who washed us from our
sinsin His own blood , "
Do yon praise Him with fullness of
heart , with your money , with your in
fluence , or do you join in this wondrous
song with only a faint tqucakof praise ,
A Plnlu niiblncss Letter.
I ) , W. Morris , wholesale and retail
druggists ; lW ! Commercial street , Kmpo-
ria , Kan. , Jan. 10 , 1887. CUAMUKKI.AIN
& Co. , DCS Moines , la. : Gentlemen In
sending to you thu enclosed order for a
gross of your Cough Remedy , allow mete
to say that without any exception it is
the best selling goods now in the market.
I have sold a great anmunt of it during
the past year to the citizens of this place ,
and nave the first complaint to hour. It
is thu best article to use for croup I ever
sold , be i nt : pleasant to take , which , is an
important feature when children Imyo to
take mcdiciuo.
Fanning Lands in Iowa , Minnesota , Kansas , and ranciiiff from * SOO to
J.10.00 per ncro. School and state hinds in Minnesota on 30 years' time 5
cent interest , Land JJuycrs fare frco. Information , etc. , given by per
No. C35 Rrdndway , Council Bluflg , Iowa , ncont forFreidriksou& * Co. , Chicago.
Talks AVith the Dirt Men.
"What do you know ? " was the ques
tion put by a HKI : man yesterday to a real
estate broker. " 1 don't know anything
other than that the people have not only
woke up but are going crazy , " ho replied.
'I'm glad of it , though. 1'vo a couple of
argo deals , but It won't do to put you on ,
is they might be exploded. They arc al-
nest completed , and If 1 succeed outside
capital will bo invested. There is more
nnd more outside money being put into
Jouncil liluti's propertv nach day , and at
the samp time Council Hlufl's residents are
Mirchasing quite lively. 1 sold two lots
list Monday for $ 1GO each and Saturday
they were sold for $325 each ; quite a nice
ulvance , eh ? 1 see the Omaha real es-
ale men are now advertising Council
Hlull's property for sale ; this will have its
nllect also. Many people across the
Missouri are purchasing here. There's
noney in all kinds ot Council IJlulVd dirt
low , no matter where it's locat l. "
Another real estate man said : "I've a
couple of locals on now b it can't give
you any pointers The Hii : : gave away
several deals latnly before they were
completed ; the papers wcro not made
out ; but they went through all right it's
lot a good idea to be too hasty in tlieso
duals as they might fall through if given
ntblieity bisloro the papers are made
> ut. I sold some property to Chicago
parties Saturday , but the deal will not bo
: losud for several days yet. It takes
time to work these things UPS there's ' no
rinh , and if yon do catch on don't give it
iway until the papers are filed. The
jooplo hero have never had so much con-
idenco in the future of this city as they
iiivj had in the past few weeks. "
"I was in hopes that the papers , and
the BIK : especially , would keep quiet
about the activity in real estate , " said
the dealer. "The BKI : goes almost every
ilace and the people get on to this aetiv-
ty and know there must be something
jchind it ; we've been so quiet for so
uany years they'll think something biir
s to happen , louscoif the papers will
only lot llio thing go along without no-
.ice , wo can buy up this proportv that has
jccn in the hands of these mossbaeks for
so many years , and get it into the hands
of persons wlio will T > o willing to sell it
igain at a fair advance , and not keep
lolding on and raising the price every
, imo they are asked what they will take
for it. This will make business , and then
the nipssbacks would have disposed of a
quantity of their properly before they
really knew there was a demand for it.
A good deal of this property is already
Hit of their hands , but you don't want to
give away this boom ; keep it quiet
i while. "
"Do you know , " said a man who claims
.o bo informed , as he backed up to the
steve in the corridor of the 1'acilic house
yesterday , "that a portion of thu real cs-
ate Pales made Friday and Satur
day will bo a great advantage to
.his city ? 1 am authoritatively informed
that at least two of them were for the
mrposc of building factories. No } I am
not at liberty to state anything dchnitcly
> 'et , but I oxpcqt thu papers will be made
jut by Tuesday or Wednesday , and then
L will tell you the whole story. "
"Arc you selling any of your property
n the west part of the city ? " said a Br.u
man yesterday morning to ono of the incorporators -
corporators of the new bridge company
: is he was leaning against a railing on
Main street. "No. I am buying , not
selling , " ho replied. "No property of
mine is in the market yet ; it's not time.
We haven't had any reason for soiling ;
wo want to buy. When the now bridge
arrangements arc in such a shape that
people know it is an assured fact , and
jon't have to take our word for it ; when
they see work begun on it , then will bo
time enough for us to put it in the mar
ket , and not until then will any of my
property go in , "
J. W. Pcregoy , William Moore and O.
D. Haigh have purchased fifty lots in the
railroad addition.
O. E. Rowley , of Chicago , has pur
chased twelve lots in ( he western part of
the city from Cook fc Morgan.
E. Pratt has purchased two lots and D.
C. UJcason six lots north of the transfer.
Not Belf-ItisiiiK Flour.
"Talk about the raise in Hour , " said a
well known traveling man the other day ,
"wo will probably have a raise of 25
cents inside of the next two weeks.
A largo portion of our flour is sent to
Europe now and it hardly seems possible ,
but nevertheless it is a fact , wo can send
flour from Topeka , Kan. , to Glasgow ,
Scotland , cheaper than we can from
Topeka to Dubnque , lit. It only costs us
CU cunts and a fraction to Glasgow
while wo are compel led to pay 08
cents to get it to Dubuquo. It'll be
a grand thing if the president puts his
signature to the inter-state commerce
bill. "
Grand musical matinee at Ice rink
Fpecln' ftdvortlnnnonte , puch us test , Found
To Loan , For Bulo , To Ilcnt , ftiuiti. Hoarding ,
etc. , will Ijolnsortod In tlila column at the low
rfttoof TEN CUNTS PEK UNE fortliofh-ru inaer-
Ion nnd IvoCoiilaVorMnoforoacb sul > s < xiuoni
insertion. Lciivo advertisements nt our oflli < i )
No. IS Veal street , near Ilroftdway , Council
TfilOH SAW ! Choice , smooth , unimproved 100
.1 ? acres close tft lirnlnanl. m Ilullur county ,
Nelirubka. Will Rive lar o discount from pros-
rut value for culi , Address lliiutmp , Uunvon
\-Jonofl , David C'itr , Nob. , or W. J. , Jlco cilice ,
Council Hlulfs , In' , ;
FOHSAM ! At o'ljarffatn , M3 noroswltu flno
Improvements , nix miles eiifct of Council
Hindu. 1'rlcolow and nil the tltno nucdod. In
quire of T. W. Van Sclovor , Council lllulfs.
TTIOH SAI.K lllnoksmitli and wiiRon shop.
J ? Only ono In town. Kxccllnnt business. Coed
reasons lor selling. Address C. L. Miller , Ports
mouth , la. '
T71OH HUNT A now two-story frame dwelling
JC house , containing-en rooms , nail on both
lloors.closuts wltli all bed rooms , lartro collar
nnd good cistern. ' Call on M. F , Itourcr or
Udell llroa. & Co.
HUNT Tli lone-story frame numnoss
POH ? , with , 4-room dwolllntc attach
ment , formerly occuplud aa n condj factory
and kmwn 11 i No. 110 South Main street , ox.
tenalnif through to 1'earl et. Apply to M. J ? .
HohrororOdeil Ilroa. & Co ,
A cotttitro of flvo or six rooms ,
WANTED convonlont to business : email
family , no children. Address "Crispy , Uee
WANTKD-A boy with pony to carry Ueo
HALU Old paper * for eala ut the Boo
"XlfANTJIIJ I'artles Intending to bo married
are wanted to call at the 1'ryor'n lice Job
office to select their wedding curds.
Established 1MI
Veritable Boom ,
R. T. BRYANT & CO. ,
Will show you many choice pieces of
property at astonishingly low prices.
The I'lncst 1m
rnrtcd I.lno of
CiooilsVust of
Mrs. G. L. Gillette's
Human Hair Emporium
No , 209 MainStreet.Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Practice in the State and Federal courts
Rooms 7 and 8 Shugart-Bcno Blo < : k.
R. BIOS , M. D. .
rnnrorm Or otliurTinnora removed without
IsUllLVls , ho kf0 , | ordriiwini ; of blood.
Over tinny ycais practiciiloTpurlonco.
No. 11 I'enrlHt. , Council Ulutls.
S3r Conaultiiliou fice. ,
ibstacts of Titl9 , Loan and Rial Es
latJ Brokers , No. 238 Mala St.
piin-hitscd the" most rrlia'
Me abstract boole.t In this connty-
litunvn , s ttic "McMahon Abstract
Itooks , " we a re now prepared to fnr-
jn'i/t abstracts and reaped fully so
licit the patronayeof all those acsir-
ing correct abstracts of title to lands
and lots in 1'ottawatlainie county.
Tuesday Evening , January 25 ,
State Master Workman of llio Knights of
Cordial Invitation Extended to All.
W , S. HOMER & CO ,
XX Main St. , Council Itlu/fs.
Tlio cheapest plnco In the city to buy
Horses and Mules
For all purposes , bought and cold , at retail
and in lots. Large quantities to select
from. Several pairs of fine drivers , sin
gle or double.
Council Bluffs.
Ic < Iffera , Journal * , County and
ItanU Work of All lUmUaSpuo
Prompt Mtentionjo Mall Orders
Room 1 Evcrct Hlock , Council Hinds.
Stundunl Papers Used. All styles of bind
ing m Mugav-Ines aud
C. D. National Ilaat HBFEHENCKS , W. E. Smith : 4 Co. ,
CJllzons1 llanlc. KeeroV 1U * Co. ,
1ret National Hank. C. U , Insurance Co. ,
Officer fcl'uwy.UiuimH.C.a Savlnji Uant
Your Presents
That Were Given Away By Henry
Eiseman & Go's ' Peoples' '
At the Drawing Which Took Place in
Their Store on the Evening of Jan
uary IBth , 1887 The Same Being
Done by n Committee of Prominent
The distribution of prizes was by a
committee ot citizens , and thu tickets
awarded prizes are as follows :
No. 28.7U1 , 1st pri/.u Suite of Parlor
No. 5,771 , 2nd prize Mahogouy 13cd
Room Suite.
No. ! l)71 ( ) , 3rd prize Domestic Sewing
No. U,1.TJ ) , 4th prize Twenty yards
Gulncttgros grain Ulack Silk.
No. ( ! . : iW ( , fiili prize Seal Plush Cloak.
No.20.a7y , , Oth pri/.u Pair White
No. 7OC'i , 7th prize Decorated Sot of
No. 22,032 , 8th prize-Seal Skin MulT.
No. 10.HOJ , 8th prize A Paisley Shawl.
No. lO.Bitl , 10th prize-A Hoavur Shawl.
No. 1-1,47. , , 11th prize-Suit Gents'
Clothing ,
No. 27.M7 , 12th prize Gent's Fur
Denver Overcoat.
No. II , * ! ! ) , lilth prize Roy's Overcoat.
No. 22,011 , 14th prize Roy's Suit
No. 5,101 , Kith prize-Infant's Cloak.
No. 22,818 , ICtli prize Urasa Parlor
No. 0,320 , 17th prize 50 yards "iruit
of the Loom" muslin.
No. 27i)2 : ! ) , 18th prize Half dozen
"Gold" White Shirts.
No. 28,050 , intli pn/o Silk Mufller.
No. 14,150 , 20th iinzu Linen Table Set.
Table Cloth and Napkins
No. 7,701 , 21st prize A Twenty Dollar
Gold Piece.
No. 28,298 , 23nd prize Toilet Set.
No. 20,8:15 : , 23rd prize Doll.
No. 8,044 , 21th prize Handkerchief
Box.No. . 20,071 , 25th priw. Hand 13ag.
No. 5,1122 , 20th prile Doll.
No. 2t2 ! , ! ! ( ) , 27th nrue Stand Cover.
No. JM.070 , 28tli prize Rottlo Perfum
er v.
v.No. . 0,873 , 20th prize Toboggan Cap.
No. 21,158 , , ! ! 0th prize Table Scarf.
No. 5,530 , 31st prize Splasher.
No. 0.010 , 32nd "prize Lunch Raskct.
No. 27,518,33rd prize Hammered brass
Umbrella Stand.
No. 20.707 , 34th prize Half doz.Towcls
No. 8,051 > , 35th prize. Silk Umbrella.
No. 28,835 , 30th prize Doll.
No. 27,740 , 37th prize Sot Childs'
No. 20,103 , 38th prize Brass Broom
No. 5.105 , 30th prixe Silk Suspenders.
No. 27,031 , 40th prize Silk Handker
No. 22,125 , 41st prize Doll.
No. 14,000 , 42nd prize Half doz.ladics'
No. 8,110 , 43rd prize 15 yards Calico.
No. 8,228 , 44th prize Roy's Hat.
No. 0,831 , 45th prize Boy's Sealskin
'No. 8,035,40th prize Painted Orna
ment ,
No. 8,000 , 47th prize Toilet Set.
No. 27.443 , 48th prize Doll.
No. 27,760 , 40th prize Doll.
No. 7.022 , COth prize Table Cover.
No. 0,077 , , Olst prize Bottle Perfuui-
orv.No. . 8,031 , 52nd prize Lace Il.mdkcr-
No. 22,010 , 03rd prize Child's Lace
"NO " 22,010 , 5tth prize Doll.
No. 27,401 , 55th prize Doll.
No. 5,123,50th prize Tidy.
No. 12,834 , 57th prize Table Scarf.
No. 5,818 , 58th prize Doll.
No. 20,827 , 50th prize-Mouth Organ.
No. 7.200 , 00th prize Imitation Stcaui
No. 23,070 , Gist prize Book.
No. 22,045 , 02nd prizes Rook.
No. 20,053 , 03rd prize Pocket Knife.
No. 12.133 , Ottn prize Doll.
No. 23,100 , 05th prize-Doll.
No. 20,101 , , COth prize A Dr. Warner's
No. 12,218 , 07th prize Shoulder Shawl.
No. 8,730 , 03tli pri-su Infant's Lace
' '
'N'O. 28,283 , 00th prize's Dress.
No. 20,125 , 70th prize. Doll.
No. 20,018 , 71st prr/e Hand Rag.
No. 21,03'i , 72nd prize Ladk'Br Com-
! '
PNo0l2'8,312 , 73rd prize Silk Muffler.
No. 10.00J , 74th prize Doll.
No. 27,000 , , 75th pri/.e Hook.
No 30,182 , 70th pn/.c Rook.
No. 23,448 , 77th prize Lunch Basket.
No. 22,010 , 78th prize Pair Children's
No. 7.002 , 70th prize I'air Roy's Boots
No. 13,243 , 80th prize Lace Collar.
No. 0,300 , 8lHt prize Doll.
No. 20,100 , B2nd prize Jersey Jacket
No. 7,510 , 83rd prize Suspenders.
No. 0,158 , , 81th prize Man's Gloves.
No. 0,727 , 85th prize-Boy's Skates.
No , 10,598 , , 80th prize Girl's Skates.
No. 28,011 , 87th prize Girl's Skates ,
No. 23,202 , 8dth prize-Doll.
No 8,011,8'Jth ' prize Doll-
No. 27,003 , 00th prize-Doll.
No. 0,055 , Olst prize Doll.
No , 14,210 , , 02nd prl/.o Nee-Waco.
No , 25,022 , 03rd prize Gold Ctilf Rut-
No. 12,820 , Olth prize Locket
No. 'J7.802,05th prUo Breast Pin.
No. 7,274 , OOtli prize Sluovo Buttons.
No , 8,203,07tU prize Silver Thimble.
No. 30,770 , 08th prize Urciast Pin.
No. 13hOO , 0th prize Pair Kid dlovcs-
No. (1,010 ( , lOOlli nri/.e Lace Hand-
Those llw l < nltllnj lite lncl\i \ tick
ets wilt please call , present tltcaainc
ami rcclcve tlicir presents an soon <
JS03. 311 , 310 , 31S and VXO ISrotid-
way , Council IHntfs.
Ti 'iu i , mn , KMEXTS.
Agricultural Implements ,
Carriages , ito : , Kto. Council IllHlts , lown ,
MnmifncUircrsor ami Dealers In U
Hand and Tower Corn Shellers ,
And ugcnorix line of flrM class MKrloiiltur *
No * . U01,1531 , I MX * nn.1 . JM7 ? outh Main Street ,
Council Hmrs , low n.
Mnnur'rs n 1 Jobbers ot
Agricultural Implements , Wagons , Boggles ,
QirrlAffp , and ixll kln-lj of F rm Mnolilnerr.
1100 to Ui South Mntn Street , Council muff *
Carpets , Curtains , Window Shades
Oil Clnlhp , Cutlatn Flitnrcs , t'i > 1iol < tory ( lee
Klo. Nix IOS llroAilttftjr Couucll
lO < YR.
CM Aits , roHAivn , fir.
Wholesale .lobbois In tho-
Finest Brands of Cigars , Tobacco < S Pipes
Kos. CSMiiln RiiJ 27 Vo rl S'.a. Council UlulTj ,
Fruit and Produce Commission Merchant ? .
: :3,24 : nnil 2(11'uiil ( St. , Council llluiK
Wholesale Druggists , Oils , Paints , Glass ,
Druggists * Sundrlpr Ktp. No. 22 Mnln St , nnd. .
Ko. Zl 1'unrl SI. . Council lllnirs. V
fill" ITU.
O. W. 1JUTTS ,
Wholesale California Fruits a Specialty
General Coramlxilon. N'o. 5U lr ) mvrnr. !
Wholesale Fruits , Confectionery ,
Noe. 10 nnil 18 IVarl St. , Council HlufTs.
ifnnu'Actiirorsof nnil Whnlesalo Donlonta
Leather , Harness , Saddlery , Etc.
N'o. Ka Mnln St. , Council DlulTa , Iowa.
//.ITS , CAPS , ETC.
Jobbers In Ms , Caps and .Gloves.
No * . :1I2 : nml 3(1 ( Ilromlwiiy , Council HlulTi.
Iron , Steel , Nails , Heavy Hardware ,
And U'ooil Slock , Council HluCTf , Iowa.
I ) . II. McDONEU ) & CO. ,
ti : lMbll ! iud ISiA )
No KO Slain Slroct , J : i Council Blum ,
Wholefmlo Honiara In
lluminating & Lubrlcatia Oils GasMlia
3LTO. ,
S.Thoodoro , Atfonl , Council Illuffa. Iowa.
Hard Wood , Southern Lumber , Piling ,
Ami lrlclo ) | MaturliU Spoclnltlca.Wliolosulo Lum
ber 01 nJJ Kinds. UIHco No. 130 Mttlu St. ,
Council Illuiri ) . Iowa.
Foreign and Domestic Wines and Liquors , ,
Imported and Domestic Wines & Liquors
for St. fiottlmitVa Hurl ) Illttprt. No.U
IhvluSu Council UluHa.
L. K1RSC11T & CO. ,
Wholesale Liquor Dealers ,
No. 116 Uromlwny , Council lihiff * .
1514 Douglas St. , Omaha.
Ladies buying a $5 hat or bonnet , one fare
will be paid ; $10 , round ( rip.
Justice of the Peace
Oflice over American Exprcis.
The only hotel in Council BlufTb having
FJ re Esoeipe
And all inoJcrn improvciiieiits ,
210 , 817 anil 210 Main st.
MAX MOHN , Prop.
Star Sale Stables and Mule Yards. .
Oioetl ) | Dummy Dotiot ,
"llorsca uri'l mules koju conBttiutly on
hnnil , for sulo at retail or in oar Ioadsr4
Odors promptly lilloil by contract on
short noticu block sold on coinnlbsion ; <
Hiu.uTF.n - Jioi.Kr , L'ropnotors.
Tclcplionu No. 114.
Formerly of Kell Sale Stables , comet
Ut. uvc and 4tu btreet.