Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 23, 1887, Part I, Page 6, Image 6

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GellTcrcd by tnrrlCT in nnypnrtof the city nt
twtnly cents per week.
11. W. TII.TO.V. . . . Manager.
f ; , No. 43.
N. Y. Plumbing Co.
Heavy suits cheap lo order at Ucitors.
,1. L. Forman was fycstorday ollercd
88,000 for his store properly.
An overcoat sneak succeeded in getting
away with a coat from the Ogden.
F. J. Day reports real cslato sales since
Monday last amounting lo over $100,000.
QLco Frcpman was arrested yesterday
for being drunk and Indulging in malic *
ions mischief.
Leave to marry was yesterday Riven A.
C. Mattcson , of Chicago , and Lotlio Bar
rett , of this city.
Five lots In Bayliss & Palmer's addition
were yesterday purchased by August Lie-
bold at $ ! JO ( ) each.
II. J. Chambers yesterday purchased
twenty-eight lots in Central sub-division
lor which ho paid $3,500.
ONo less than live or six new firms have
started up in the real cslalc business
during lliu past day or two.
Kraslns A. Bonsonyesterday contracted
or about f 10,000 worth of property prin
cipally in thu extreme weslcrn purl of the
city.A .
A real cslato dealer said last night thai
in his opinion al least $100,000 worth ot
properly had been contracted for during
lliu day.
L. Hey Mavnc , of Omaha , yesterday
contracted for u block of Council Blulls
property , and the dual will probably bo
closed to-morrow.
II. J. Palmer sold two lots yesterday on
Third avenue near Sixteenlh stroel for
$ ! ! UO ach , reali/.ing a handsome profit on
his investment.
The young people of St. Paul's church
are preparing an operetta , "Tho Cadel's
Picnic , " to be given at some date yel to
bo lixcd nnon.
A New York party yesterday purchased
twcnty-llirco lots In Bryant i\s Clark's
addition which may be qnilo an advantage -
tago lo Ihis city.
In the district court yeslerday Iho time
was devoted to hearing motions , the
case of Kijuman vs The llawkeyo Insur
ance company going over until Monday.
Cook & Morgan yesterday sold two lots
on Broadway and Sixteenlh slrcol for
$1,000 , andin ! the past two days have dis
posed of 100 lots ranging from $10 lo
$1,200 each.
EJKrastus A. Benson yesterday bought
nineteen and a half acres in Ricu'.s sub
division al $ .J25 an acre , paying for Hie
flame $ -1,1175.
To-morrow evening Mrs. John N.
Baldwin will entertain a large party of
young people in honor of her hibtur , Miss
Lou Hplcomb. Tlio evening will be
passed in dancing.
The Ladies Choral society will meet in
Mueller's tniisio hall Tuesday afternoon.
January 25 , at half past 4 o'clock. All
members are requested to be prompt.
Mrs. F.V \ , IJushnell , secretary.
The Ladies Choral society of Council
lilull's held a business meeling last Tues
day , at which lliuy elected an executive
committee of three , who will form a reg
ular oririinizatlon and place Ihe club on a
business basis.
The ice skating rink has had a most
successful week. It has become a very
popular resort for the best classes of
ladies and gentlemen , and the winter
sport there allbrded is so managed as to
bo heartily enjoyed by all.
The deed was recorded yeslerday by
which William Sicduntopf sells toLyaian
IL Tower , of Omaha , Ihcsoiilhwoslquar
ter , section 23 , township 75 north , range
44 west , being 100 acres , for a considera
tion of $5,000.
D. W. Archer yesterday purchased of
F. J. Day 103 foot on Kighln slreol , near
Fifth avenue , for $2,800. The property
is cheap at this price , and Mr. Archer is
to bo congratulated. It is understood tliat
ho intends pulling up on the silo a pri-
vale residence.
Henry llendrickson fell mlo an uncov
ered well yesterday in the cellar of No.
14 Pearl street , and in trying to get out
discovered tlio well to bo inhabilcd by
nils. The poor follow was almost fright
ened to death when he found so many
rats about him.
A man residing near Crescent City was
jn the city yeslerday looking for some
traces of his wife , whom , ho claimed , was
trying lo give him Iho "shako. " Ho said
lie had no objections to her leaving the
country , but wished to speak a few words
with her before she got away. Whether
ho succeeded or not is not known.
A syndicate , consisting of C. T. Olliccr ,
George Motcalf , Win. llanthorno , F. J.
Day and George T , Phelps have brought
a tract containing over twonly-lwo
acres , just cast of the driving park. They ,
paid $200 an acre , and can oven now
eoll easily at an advance of 50 per cent ,
but naturally boliuvo it is worth more.
The arrangumen Is for the Caledonian
club banquet on Burns' birthday , noxl
Tuesday evening , are such as lo ensure
ft happy lime for all who participate.
The Koyal Arcamun hall has been to-
cured , and a feast of good tilings is being
propaicd , both for iho body , the heart
ulid the head. The banquet will bn served
with toasls , none of Ihem to bo dry , and
nftcr thu spread is cleared away thu op
portunity will bo given for llio merry
As an instance of llio craze which is
petting HO many in a whirl over real cs-
tale now-a-days , II is narraled that re
cently ono man who was talking to a
real estate duulorabonl u certain picco of
property asked the refusal of il at a cer
tain price for just ono hour , long enough
for him to taku a look at the property.
The agonl would not give it lo him , but
Bald that if ho , the agent , sold the lot to
anybody else within llio hour , 1m would
give lliu man $50 , Inside of an hour Iho
ngcnt had sold to another man , and
came into thu ollice of the lirsl inquirer
aud handed him a check for $50. When
a man can make $50 by simply asking
iv question at a real estate otlfco , it is
no wonder that iho world gets into a
The press of the stale is presenting
numerous names of possible ami avail
able candidates for the position of United
Btatosfunalor. In several of these lists
nppear thu names of .Iiuliru Heed and
Hon. J. Y. Siono , both of this city. This
Is a merited compliment to these two
gentlemen , and is also a compliment to
Council Blull's , which Hatters itself on
being able to produce even more than
two men who would make first-class ton-
ntors. No other city in the state has
been honored by bitch complimentary
mention of two of its ultirens. Il is un
derstood that neither of these gentlemen
lias any yearnings or ambitions for the
race , and the mention of their names is
without any socking or oven consent on
their part. There is little or no probabil
ity thai either of thi'in will bo chosen ,
ntul they are not seekinjj any consider-
ntfon of their names. The recognition of
' their ability and of their tltni'ss lor such
n posi'ion , as conceded by so many of the
papers in Iowa , is , as said before , u high
compliment , doubtless appreciated by
tliom , ami surely so' by the city whun
clnlnis them both as her own.
Dr. Uanchctt.ollico No. 13 Pearl stroot-
resilience , 120 Fourth sitruet ; telephone
No. 10.
The New Oars Ready to Start Up on
Speedier Time.
The Police Still Hissing Over O'Mnl-
ley's Hclcasc Vnunliai Given a
ijtulciiioiit Aunlnqi the County
Kent Kstatc Still Lively.
Among the Clnirclic * ) .
Those who tlcsira to allcnd church to
day will find the needed information in
the following notices of services to beheld
held :
llov. Stephen Phclps , D. D. , president
of Coo college , preaches this morning in
tins Presbyterian church ,
The Salvation Army will hold n meet
ing in the new opera house this evening.
It will b ( ! ti farewell to the olliccrs who
now leave for now lloltts of battle.
Saint Paul's Church Services to-day as
follows : Holy communion , 10 a. in.
Morning prayer and sermon on "Tho
Miracle of Absent Healing , " 11 a. in.
Sunday school l':15 : p.m. hvening lee *
turo to men , 7'10 ! o'clock , on "Robbing
CJod " The public heartily welcomed to
those services.
Services at Union chapel , Harmony
street , to-day at U o'clock , conducted by
Kev. < } . ( . Iticc , of the Congregational
church. Sabbatli school atI o'clock.
Prayer meetings will bo suspended for a
few weeks , tin1 members joining in the
union and revival services to bo hold at
the M. K. church.
Subject for Sunday morning at the
Uaptisl church , "Christ's Lamentation
Over Jerusalem. " Union meeting in the
evening at the Presbyterian church.
Services in the Congregational church
this mornlnir. Subject of the pastor's
sermon , "The Disciple's Failure. " A
cordial invitation is extended. In the
evening there will bo a union meeting in
tlin Presbyterian church.
llov. K. M. Forest , the evangelist , will
hold services at the Hroadway M. K.
church to-day at 10:20 : a. in. , ! ! p. m. and
7:30 : p. in. Everybody welcome.
Centorville soft-lump coal , $3.75 pel-
ton , delivered , Win. Welch , 015 Main
street , telephone U3.
George Hudio , real estate and nego
tiator of loans , No. 1507 Farnam street.
Omaha. Bargains in Council Mill's and
Omaha property.
All my coal is weighed by Amy , the
only authorized city wcighmastor , and
guaranteed to hold out U.UOO pounds to
the ton. ( Jooctboft coal at $ ! ) . ( > ( ) a ton.
O'Malloy's Kcloaac.
Around poliee headquarters yesterday
the theme of talk was the habeas corpus
case by which O'Malloy scoured his re
lease. The otlicers claim that there could
be no doubt but that O'Malloy
was guilty of the larceny of the
$300 in Garden City , Kan. , for ho
had admitted as much to them. They Had
a telegram from the Kansas olliccrs toll
ing tliom to hold O'iMalloy as they would
bo after him as soon us they could get the
requisition papers. In view of this fact ,
they were sorely disappointed at having
O'Malley released , and allowed to skip
the city. AVliat socms to excite them
more even that the release of O'Malloy is
that Colonel Daily , the county attorney ,
Bliould act as O'Malley's attorney and se
cure his release , instead of help
ing the ollicurs to hold him. It is
understood that Colonel Daily does
not consider this a part of his duty as
county attorney , and that the ollenso
being committed in Kansas outside of his
district , lie is ac perfect liberty to act as
the prisoner's attorney. If tins view is
correct , the oflicors lind themselves with
out any legal adviser in such cases. They
are talKing of petitioning the county
board to elect an attorney , so that in case
they arrest a man here for a crime com
mitted in another county , or another
staio , they may have some legal adviser
to help them hold the man until a full
hearing can bo had in court. The olliccrs
are naturally expected to arrest crim
inals , even for crimes committed else
where , and as they are not attorneys
themselves they cannot very well look
after the case in court , if the man seeks
to get released by habeas corpus
proceedings before the represent-- ;
lives of the county or state inter
ested arrive hero. They can hardly
allbrd to pay for such legal
advice and services out of their own
pockets. Under the now law tlio county
attorney takes the place of the district at
torney , and they have supposed that they
could look to the county attorney , but it
seems that Colonel Daily does not con
sider it his business to attend to these
caf-es , and ho may bo the attorney for the
The boys in blue were yesterday study
ing up the now law in regard to county
attorneys , and they came across that sec
tion which says : ' 'The county attorney
shall appear for the state and county in
all cases and proceedings in the courts of
his county , to which the state or the
county is a party. " Inquiry of the clerk
of .Judge Aylesworth's court led
to the information that the case
was entitled "State of Iowa
vs. O'Malloy. " It appeared that the
state was a party interested , that llio
court was one of the courts of this
county , and that Ihn slate was seeking lo
hold O'Malloy as a fugitive from justice.
This puzzles the oilicur.s , but then they
are not attorneys , and probably do not
see all the technical defects in their course
of reasoning.
Another portion of the law which
rallior puzzled the boys was that in which
it says : "No county atlornoy sliajl bo
concerned as an attorney or counsel for
any other tlmn the state or county in any
civil or criminal action pending or aris
ing in his county , upon the same facts
upon which any criminal action , or civil
action , wherein the state or county was
a party , has boon by such attorney com
menced or prosecuted. "
Colonel Daily has gained a great rep
utation as being an able criminal attor
ney , and especially in dcfi'iiso of crim
inals. It is doubtless a little dillicult for
an attorney who has been so long en
gaged on the defense to suddenly turn
about and enter into prosecutions with
urinal enthusiasm. There is also a great
dill'oroni'o between prosecutlnir and do-
funding , anil its \ not always that an at
torney can show equal ability in both
branches of the practice , the methods
being necessarily so dillorenl. Thus far
there has been but little time or oppor
tunity for the now county attorney to
show what manner of prosecutor ho will
be , but what few cases have arisen have
not boon settled very satisfactorily to the
olllrors of the state , 1'om Brooks , ar-
rusted for threatening violence to
tlio woman with whom ho is so infatuated ,
was practically dc.lended by Colonel
Daily , and allowed to go as free as ba-
fore , the c'jiinty attorney making an
( inmost pica in his behalf' , In the i-asu of
Woodburn , arrested for shooting Burns ,
the case was dismissed on the payment
of costs. In the third case , that of
O'Malloy , the defendant has the benefit of
tie | county attorney for his personal ad
vocate. The ollieers who make those
arrests arc naturally discouraged at the
results. Ollicers are ( 'en.erally over
anxious .to have all the prisoners eon-
viotxid , but on the oilier hand , they havu
the right to expect that the comity will
si-o to it that men are fairly prosecuted if
arrested , and the full facts brought out
in court. If under the new arrangement
there nro many cases , and important
ones , in which the stnto furnishes no
prosecutor , they think there should bo
Eomo change in the law.
Stoves I Stoves I Stoves I Jfor the no.xt
thirty days 1 will sell heating stoyes at
cost lor cash only. P. C. DnV o
Improved Slroct Cnr Service.
To-morrow will witness a vast change
in the running of the Council Bluffs street
railway , which cannot help but increase
the receipts of the company , as well ns
the accommodation of the public , not
withstanding the extra expense that the
company has of necessity been compelled
to meet.
There is still one great disadvantage in
the very beginning of the change , and
that is the now regulations are such that
after 8lfi : o'clocK in the evening there
will not bo a single street car out of the
car barn. Should the now time schedule ,
as it has boon arranged , bo such that it
meets the requirements of the public and
n liberal patronage of iho street cars fol
low , us il will be very apt to , after the
public become educated up lo jumping
on the cars to ride , if only for a distance
of only eight or ten blocks , then no doubt
the management , which rests entirely
with Mr. William II. Burns who is the
general agent of the Union Pacilic of this
city , will .see that the cars are run later
even if on longer "headway" as is used
in street car parlance.
The company have taken up the old
rails and replaced thorn with now thirty-
llvo-nound iron rails , havu built an ex
tension of one mile ; put in seven new
side tracks ; erected a now barn ; have dis
carded the old apologies for street cars
and now have eight now cars with all the
modern improvements made by the old
established and well known car manu
facturers , the John Stephenson company
of Now York City. The stock is now ,
the horses having boon recently pur
chased and it is the intention 01 the man
agement to keep tjie stock in a line con
dition and not to allow it to run down.
Five of the cars , numbers one to live
inclusive , are to run on the Broadway
line between what is known as the Old
Babbitt property , the tip-town terminus
and the transfer , while three , numbers
six to eight inclusive , are to run on the
Pearl street line from the Babbitt prop
erty to the Itock Island depot.
They are to run on liftecn minutes
headway from 0:10 : o'clock in the morn
ing until 8:50 : o'clock in the cyoning , ex
cept on Sundays , when they will run on
the same time table , only the first car out
is at 8:10 : o'clock in the morning.
Uy the now schedule it takes thirty-
five minutes from Babbit's to
the transfer and two minutes
longer on the up trip , from Pearl street
to the transfer twenty minutes is al
lowed. Only two minutes are allowed
at either terminus and a two-minutes'
stand will bo made at the dummy depot
for passengers , and to change horses ;
from Babbitt's to the Kock Island depot
on the Pearl street line twenty-four min
utes are to be taken. The tip-town Broad
way cars arc duo at Pearl street one mill-
ute after the Pearl streetcars go down ,
but passengers coming up on the Broad
way cars wishing to bo transferred to the
Pearl street cars can , by informing the
driver , make the connection , as he dur
ing the day will signal the Pearl street
cars witli a red Hag and at night by an
extra red light. The Broadwav line can
bo distinguished , the hour or'so that it
runs after dark , by red lights , while the
Pearl street cars have green lights.
The lirst car out in the morning will
leave the barn at 0:10 : o'clock for Bab
bitt's and one at the same time for the
transfer. The first car for down town
on the Broadway line from Babbitt's
leaves at 7o'clock for the transfer as does
one on the Pearl street line for the Kock
Island depot. The first car down Pearl
street to the Kock Island depot leaves the
bain at 0:40 : o'clock and Pearl street and
Broadway at 0:40 : o'clock and leaves the
Kock Island depot at 7:00 : o'clock on the
lirst trip up town.
Order oi' Kastcru Star.
The following have been installed as
the ollicers of Harmony Chapter , No. 25 ,
O. E. S. , for the ensuing year :
W. M. Mrs. C. Brinfon.
W. P. Mr. M. Duquette.
A. M. Mrs. E. Huntington.
Secretary Miss Emma Potter.
Treasurer Mr.s. II. Miller.
Con. Mrs. G. 11. Jackson.
A. Con. Airs. John Keller.
Chaplain Mr. Fonda.
Adah Mrs. K. Cooper.
lluth Airs. M. Duquette.
Esther Airs. Ed Molt.
Martha Mrs. Charles Judd.
Elccta Mrs W. Ilayworth.
Warder-Mrs. F.C.Clark.
Sentinel Mr. S. S. Nash.
Ii. n. Ornftn & Co.
Call at real estate and loan agency of
L. IJ. Crafts & Co. , No. 52 : ! Broadway ,
Koom 1 , and list your property for sale.
If you wish to buy , call and select , as I
have bargains. Buyers are constantly
making inquiries.
Personal Paragraph5 ! .
Airs. T. A. Clark has gone to Denver on
a visit.
T. C. Reid , of Coon Kapids , is a guest
at the Paciuc.
G. S. Goodwin , of Keokuk , is quartered
at the Pacilic.
S. O. Downs , of Springfield , O. , is at
the Paoilic house.
( r. S. Goodwin , of Kookuk , was at the
Pacilio yesterday.
Henry Paine , of Decorah , Iowa , was at
the Ogden yesterday.
J. S. Baguoll , of College Sprii'irs , was
in the city yesterday.
W. II. Wakoliold , of Omaha , is spend
ing Sunday at the Ogdon.
S. 11. Olmsled , editor of Iho News at
Missouri Valley , was in Iho city yester
George K , White , of Oskaloosa , well
known in insurance circles , is at the
T. G , Prouty , of Omaha , is spending a
few days at his homo in this city toying
with a pot felon.
OColonol Cochran , having the fever , lias
put up a mau of the city , and is now em
barking in the real estate business.
Air. and Airs. Will Pomfrot. returned
over the Wabash yesterday from a visit
to friends in Now York , Boston and Al
C. W. Gibson , formerly cutter for the
Council Bhill's carpet company , intends
going to Sioux City , ho has ac
cepted a similar position in the sloru of
T. S. Martin & Co.
Charles Lawson is now occupying tlin
position iu the Fnsl National bank made
vacant by the resignation of Bert Jnnis ,
who lias caught tuu "boom fever" and
gouo into the real estate business.
Colonel Tarn , who is us-enthusiastic a
democrat and as thorough an insurance
man as western Iowa atlords , is in the
city , consulting with others who are to
join linn in thu organization of a now
company ,
C. K. Ogilvio , John Gillis , Neil Gillis.
Mrs. M. Oxloby , Miss Josie O.vloby and
Miss Grace Mallou , all of North Bond ,
Neb. , are spending a few days in the
city , anil guests ot the Pacitio houso.
ToToTiel is given by a gentle
man in California the refusal of the Cov
house property until thu middle of the
week. If thu deal is made it is proposed
to erect a largo business building with all
the modern improvements ,
Georgia , which produced Lulu Hurst ,
the electric girl , now claim * to have discovered -
covered at Millcdgovillo a young man
who can do all the feats recently per
formed in Boston and Kuropo by Mind
Header Bishop. .
Farming Lands in Iowa , Minnesota , Kansas , and ranging from * 5 00 to
$10.00 per aero. School and state lands In Minnesota on 80 years' time 5 per
cent interest. Land Buyers fare free. Information , etc. , given bv
No. 555 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa , agent forFreidrikson * & Co. , Chicago.
Incidents In the lilfo of tlio Now York
Clmrnctcr Lately Dead.
Xow York Times : At the Winter Har
den theatre , wlioro Mr. Stuart ran Booth
as Hamlet for 100 nights , something nn-
prccidonted in New York at that time ,
ho lived the life of a bnelielor and enter
tained his friends royally , though his
llnances were in but a poor condition to
do it. Theatrical managers who wore
intimate with him at that time a crt
confidently that ho lost a urcat deal of
money on Mr. Booth during the last half
of' the cngagomont , but ho never
once Ilinchcu in his determination to
complete the engagement of 100 nights.
He had started out with that intention ,
anit.he carried itt hrongh. His passion for
issuing complimentary scats could bo
gratitied to the utmost and ho exercised
his privilege freely. It was during this
engagement that a creditor called on him
with an itemized account and pressed
him for payment. Mr. Stuart carefully
examined the articles one by one and ob
jected to several as incorrect. Finally ,
handing back the paper to his visitor ho
remarked , with a well assumed look of
contrition : "After all , sir , yon may be
correct and 1 am wrong to insist , i have
always held il to bo ungentlumanly , sir.
to obicct to a bill which 1 never intended
to pay. " After that the U.ll . was not
pressed until Mr. Stuart was amply pre
pared to meet it. He lived in rooms over
the Winter Garden at this time and
cooked his own breakfasts , as a matter
of choice. Ho could broil a steak or a
bird to his own taste- and it was an edu
cated taste butter than any chefs in the
clubs or the hotels , and many a friend
can testify to the delights of a breakfast
with Will Stuart in his old Winter Gar
den ' 'barracks. "
Mr. Stiwrt's hospitality was unbounded ,
and his friends , wlien they visited him ,
were truly welcome to all that ho pos
sessed , llis country residence near New
London was generally lillcd with guests ,
and ho was truly a royil hoit. Uu ono
occasion he had invited the elder Wai-
lack to visit him there , and business
which lie could not neglect called him
away. When Mr. Wallaek reached the
house he found no host , but instead a
bounteous feast spread to welcome him.
On the table lay a note which road : "My
Dear John I won't be back for three or
four days. Help yourself. The house is
yours. Stuart. " This was thoroughly
illustrative of the character of the man.
He had no possessions which his Iricuds
could not claim.
Frnlncy TaUea Conrn > jp.
When W.H. Vaughaii was justice of the
pence , the county board cut down his
bills , deeming the charges exhorbitant.
Vaughati commenced suit , and the mat
ter has been hanging along in Justice
Aylosworth's court for some time. Yes
terday the judge rendered a decision in
Vanchan's favor for over iriiOO. It is not
known whether the county * will carry up
the case , or submit and pay the bill.
All members of the Ladies' Mu ioal so
ciety and tho'io who have had invitations
to become members are requested to be
present at the Neally Stevens recital
Wednesday afternoon and secure- their
membership tickets which will admit
them to all the concerts of the club , at
SJ:3'J : , in Lyoa & Healy's , No. 1307 Farnam
A boarder at Neumayer's hotel named
Harry Stevens , stole Insltrunk out ot the
hotel some time Friday night and skipped
owing a twenty dollar board bill. Some
two months ago Stevens was arrested by
OHicer O'Brien at the instance of the
llattsmouth authorities but after the set
tlement of his allairs , Stevens returned to
this city , only to leave it between two
General Beaver and Colonel Patton , of
Curwonsville , took supper in Tyrone ,
Pa. , one day last week. The general
hurriedly devoured his meal , as he
wauled to catch Iho train going east ,
while the colonel , haying inoro time ,
leisurely suited himself to his appetite.
The governor-elect , when lie arrived at
Lcwiston Junction , was handed a mes
sage that read as follows : "Dear General
Hold on to my hat until wo moot again ,
and I will hold on to yours. JohnPall'm. "
: .
A Frenchman by the name of Leroy ,
living in the woods at JCustis , Ale. , re
cently inherited $15.000 by the death ot
his grandfather in Franco. Leroy had
inarried an Indian woman , and on hear
ing of the fortune awaiting him in
France , left his wife , made the journey
there and back again , a sister of his com
ing with him. lie brought his wife a
present of a gold watch and chain and
went back 10 his home in the woods to
live as usual ,
Key. Mr. Spurgcon , writing from Men-
tone , says ho is yet too lame to travel to
England , huthofos to bo homo to occupy
his pulpit in iho latter part of January.
Ho has the gout.
Fpcc.'ni ' nOvortlsonuints , suuh us Lost , ro.inil
Qolxiiuj , Tor Snlo , To Hunt , \ > ant ? , lioni-iUiur ,
etc. , will tiulneorted in this column lit the low
ratoorTnNCUNTSl > iil : LINK furthollm linor-
jonanil r'ivoCoiitsl'erLlMoforench snbse | uutu
ln urtlori. I.t'fivo uilvorlitomunts nt our olllni
No. U I'eul btrt'ct , nuar Urouarvar , Ccmnull
"ITlOH SAIiK Cliolco , smooth , unimproved ino
-L' Horos close to Ilrnliuiivl. in Itutlur county ,
Nebruhka. Will lvo liinre dUcouni Irani pn-s-
ont vtiluo for cash. Aildrass Ilimtuitf , Itiiiiron
fe JOJIPS , David City , Nob. , or W. J. , Jlco olllcc ,
Council mull's , In. '
"T710U SAI.15 At n burtfiiln. - < 13' norm with line
-L Improvements , xlmilus cu-t of ' 'ounull
IlluIlM , 1'iloolow lind nil the tliiio nccilcil. In-
( jnl root T. W. Van ticlovcr , Council lllullH.
TJ1OH SAM ? IllacUsmltlt ami WIIKOII shop.
-L Only ono in town , llxacllniit.buslnoss. . Com !
ro'isona lor sellingAiMrus U , U Mlllor , Torts-
mouth. In.
FOIl HUNT A no\r two-slory frame dwelling
liouso , uontiiinlnw fit rooms null on both
lloori.vloscts with all lm.1 . rooms , lar.'o collar
and Kooil cUtorn. ( all on .M , 1' . llohrer or
( Well llros. iCo. .
Tf1H HUNT The. ono-siory f'ramo binmoss
C bull.ilmr , with 1-room dwelling Httuoli-
.nont , iormorlyuctiiiiili'l * > * a candy factory
andknon-nas No. 110 Eolith Main street , ox-
tonillnir thrnnirh to 1'enrl St. Apply to M. i * .
Hohror or Odoil llros , 4t l-'o- _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
\\rANTKI ) A cottage oi llvo or siv room * .
'i locale 1 convenient tj buslniw binall
family , no children. Address "Crlopy , " lloo
WANTED-A boy with pony to carry Jleo
i i route.
FOH H.U.U-OIU papers for dale at the lloo
" \\rANTnu I'artii-s inion linjr to bo married
> > uro wanted to call .u tn < t I'ryor'd lleo Job
olDco to bcloct their wuUuinj cards.
Established ISit
Veritable Boom ,
\ < > . i2S HftDAmVAV ,
'Will show j-ou many choice pieces of
property at astonishingly low prices.
vnr"-'a 1 < l" ° "r
Ooods Wosl or
Mrs.C. L. Gillette's
Human Hair Emporium
No , 209 Main Slreet.Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Practice in the Stain and Federal courts
Rooms 7 and 8 Shugart-Bono Blonk.
COXJ1TCI31 , BljXJini S
R. RICE , M. D. .
Or otlior Tumors l without
rumn\f ! <
ti,0 i5iru , ordr.iwink' of ulooJ.
Over thirty yours practicaloxporlonuo.
No. 11 I'ciirl&t. . Council llluUa.
l33r Consultiition froo.
Aust'acts of Tltb , Lian and Rttl Es
tata Broiorj , No. 238 Mala St.
jHtt'chaseri fltc' nest t'elltt *
lilc abstiwt hooka in this county , -
known < in tlio "McMahoit Abstract
Jtoolm , " ' '
wcarcnoiit prcnui'ciUofdi'-
iiixJi , ( ibstrncta and ' ' / so
licit the jHitronat/cof all t ' < lcslr-
iny correct abstracts of title to lands
and lots in JL'otlawattttmlc county.
Tuesday Evening , January 25. .
Stale Masler Workman of Hie Knights of
Cordial Invitation Extended to All.
W , S. HOMER & CO ,
Mi Main St. , Council Blnft's.
The clicnpcst place In the city to buy
Horses and Mules
For all purposes , bought and cold , at retail
and in lots. Large quantities to select
( rotn. Several pairi of flue drivers , sin
gle or donble.
Council Bluffs.
Ledgers , Journal * , C'miiity ninl
ECiinU VorUuf'Ali ItfmN H.Sjicc-
Prompt Attention to Mall Orders
Koom 1 Kvci'ft Block , Council Binds.
Standard Papd'a L'scd All stylus of Uind
iny in Magazines and
L1. II. NiUinnal llu.ik , M. - K. Smith & Co. ,
Cltizons' Hunk. Upore , Well * \ Co. ,
Mr < ! t National Hunk , C. II. ln ur.inoo ( > . ,
OuicBr&i'Uo yUunliuMC.U duvm.'d llaut
Your Presents
That Were Given Away By Henry
Eiseman & Go's ' Peoples' '
At the Drawing1 Which Took Place iu
Tlioir Store on the Evening of Jan
uary 16th , 1887 Tlio Same Being
Done by n Committee of Prominent
The distribution of pri/.es was by a
committee ot citizens , and thu tickets
awarded pri/.cs are as follows :
No. ' , lit prize Suite of Parlor
No. B , 771 , 2nd pri/.o Mahogony Hod
Room Suite.
No. 11,071 , 3rd prixe Domestic Sowing
No , 10,1:15I : Hi pri/e Twenty yards
( lUincttgros grain Black Silk.
No. ( l.ilOJ , Titli prioSeal I'lush Cloak.
No. iiO,37li , , Dili prize 1'air White
Xo. 7,0152 , 7th pri/.o Decorated Set of
No SS.OIW , 8th pri/.e-Seal Skin Muff.
No. 10,1)01 ) , nth pri/.o A Paisley Shawl.
No. lO.Siil , loth print-- Beaver Shawl.
No. 1I.17J , lllh pri/.e Suit Gents'
No. 'J7.riG7 , 12th prize Gem's Fur
Heaver Overcoat.
No. 11,81 ! ) , lilth prize Hoy's Overcoat.
No. 22,011 , 1-lth pri/e Hoy's Suit
No. fi.lOl.lfith prixe Infant's Cloak.
No. 22,818 , lOlh prize Brass Parlor
No. O.IWO , 17th pri/.e 50 yards " 1-riiit
of the Loom" muslin.
No. 27.)2 : ) ! ) , 18th prixe Half dozen
"Gold" White Shirts.
No 28,050 , lllth prize -Silk Mulller.
No. 1 l.liit ) , 2ih ( ) prize Linen Table Set.
TuUlo Cloth and Napkins.
No. 7,701 , 21 si prize A Twenty Dollar
Gnld Piece.
No. ' , ' 8,288. 22ml prize Toilet Sot.
No. 20,8:15 : , 2lrd ) prize Doll.
No. 8,041 , Btth pri/.o Handkerchief
Box.No. . 20,07-1 , 25th prize Hand Bag.
No. { i)22 , ) , 215th prilc Doll.
No. 2t-J ! ) , : < 5 , 27th nri/.u Stand Cover.
No. ; )0,070 ) , 28th prize Hottlo Perfum
er v.
v.No. . 0,87.1 , 2th ! ) prize Toboggan Cap.
No. Sl.-ir.S , ! ) th pri/.e Table Scarf.
No. iVuit ) , yist prize Splasher.
No. 11.010 , 32nd prixc Lunch Basket.
No. 27,518. : Jinl : prize Hammered brass
Umbrella Stand.
No. 20.7(57 ( , ! Uth prize Half doz. Towels
No. 8,0.7. ) , Sflih priy.i' Silk Umbrella.
No. 2S,8'5 ! , Si'ith ' prizeDoll. .
No. 27,740 , U7th prize Sot Chillis'
No. 29,103 , 33th prixc Brass Broom
No. 5,105 , 301 h prize Silk Suspenders.
No. 27 , ! ) . ) ! , 40th pri/.e Silk Handker
No. 22,125 , 41st prize Doll.
No. 1 1,0011. 42nd prize Half doz.ladics'
No. 8,110 , 43rd pri/.e 15 yards Calico.
No. 8,228 , , 44th prize Hoy's Hat.
No. 0,331 , , 45th pri/o Boy's Sealskin
Can.No. . 8,033lOth prize Painted Orna
ment ,
No. 8,000 , 47th prize Toilet Set.
No. 27,41 ! ) , 48th pri/.e Doll.
No. 27,70 ! ) , 4lh ! ) prize Doll.
No. 7,022 , 50th prize Table Cover.
No. 0,077 , , Olst prize Boillo Perfum
er v.
v.No. . 8,031 , 52nd prize Lace Handker
No. 22,010 , 53nl pri/.c Child's
( No ! 22,0 10 , 51th pri/.o Doll.
No. 27,101 , 55th prize Doll.
No. 5,128,50th pri/.e Tidy.
No. 12,81 , ! I , 571 h pri/.e Table Scarf.
No. 5,818 , 58th prize Doll.
No. 20,827 , 50th prize Mouth Organ.
No. 7.200 , 00th prize Imitation Steam
No. 23,070 , Olst prize Book.
No. 22,045 , 03ml pri/.c Book.
No , 20,05 : ! , Ollrd prixe Pocket Knife.
No. 12lji ! : , film prize Doll.
No. 23.1CO , ( I5tli prize Doll.
No. 20,101 , OOlh nri/.e A Dr. Warner's
No. 12,218 , 07th prize Shoulder Shawl.
No. 8,730 , 03th prize. Infant's Lace
No. 28,263 , 00th pi ize Infant's Dress.
No. 20,125 , 70th pri/.e Doll.
No. 20,0 IS , 71sl pn/u Hand Bag.
No. 21,01) ) , ' , 72ml prUe Ladies' Com-
, ! 2 , 73rd prize Silk Mullicr.
No. 10,00. , 7HI > pri/.o Doll.
No. 27,0110 , 75th pn/.ii Book.
No. : iO,1870th pn/.o Book.
No , 23.4 18 , 77th pri/.e Lunch Basket.
No , 22,010 , 78th prize Pair Children's
No. 7,002 , 7lh ! ) pri/.o I'air Boy's Boots
No. 1,2I3 ! ! , 80th pri/.o Lace Collar.
No. 5,350 , 81st prize Doll.
No. 20,1110 , 82iiif prize .Jersey Jacket
No. 7,51' , ) , 83rd prize Suspnndcrs.
No. 5,158 , Hlth pri/.o Mini's tilovcs.
No. 0,727 , 85lh pri.eBoy's Skates.
No. 10,51)8 ) , 8 ! h pri/.e Girl's Skates.
No. 28,001 , 87th pri/.e Girl's Skates.
No , 23,20 J , 88rh prize Doll.
No 8.01 1.8th ! ) prize Do'l.
No. 27,01)3 ) , OOlh pri/.o Doll.
No. 0,055 , 'Jlst prize Doll.
No. 11,210 , , 1)3 ) ml prize Necklace.
No. SflloM , 03rd prize-Gold CulF But
tons No. 12,821) ) , Olth pri/.o Locket
No. 27.MW , 05th prize Breast Pin.
No. 7,271. 00th pri/e Sleeve Buttons.
No. 8,21)3. ) 07tl > pri/.e Silver Thimblo.
No. ! M,77i ) ! , 08'h prize Breast Pin.
No. 13fcl)0 ) , aiith pri/o Pair Kid Gloves-
No. 0,015 , lOOUi nrize Lace Hand
Tlioxe. the Ixiltltuu the lucky tlcl-
ct wilt ] > lcasf > call , prcm-nt tlmsaino
anil ivctci'o tlicirprcdcnts as noon an
s. : ui , ; i/n , ftiti ana ; ixo H
way , Council JiluJJ'n.
* w * v *
KCOXTS333 O - %
AaillCl'I.TL'llAt , MH'/.K.'UBAJW. '
i ; WELLS & Co
Agricultural Implements , Bugles ,
Cnrrlnirei , Kto , Kto. Council IllutTs , lows.
Mnnufnclitrorsof nail DcnloMln U
Hand and Power Corn Shellors ,
.Ami ngcnnrn linn of first class nprlculturn
Implements ,
Nos. UOt , 15J1 , Wimul.lMT South MMa Slroot ,
Council UitilTs Ion n.
Mnnufr * nnil.lobbnrs ot
Agricultural Implements , Wagons , Bngg(63 (
Cimlmres. am ! nil Vlmla of Kurra Mnolilnorr.
1100 to JUS South Mnln Street , Council Ulufft ,
Carpets , Curtains , Window Shades
Oil Cloths. Curtnln Fixture * . UpholMcrjr ( lee
Uto. No. 405 Ilroml\Ty Council llluCfi ,
Wlwlofnio .lotibon In the
Finest Brands of Cigars , Tobacco & Pipes
Nos. JSMnln anj 27 1'oixrl SU. Council
l-OJ/.Ui > 'MOX
Fruit andProdace Commission Merchants ,
I2M : mill ai I'cnl St. , council
Wholesale Druggists , Oils , Paints , Glass ,
s * Siinclrlfi , Kto. No. 22 Mnln St. , nnd
l ! 1'imrl St" ( - < ml"c" "lull * .
t It ! ITS' .
O.V. . BUTTS ,
Wholesale California Fraits a Specialty
Oonoral ConnnNslon. No. CD lliamlway ,
Ciunicll llluir * .
Wholesale Fruits , Confectionery ,
Not ! . IC.imcl 18 1'u.ul St. . Cotinr
iXKss. ; ; rc.
Itnnn'nctnrorsof and Wlinli mlo Doilorslu
Leather , Harness , Saddlery , Etc.
No. Ko Mnln St. . Council 111u > rj , lowo.
Jobbers In Hats , Caps aai Glnos.
Nos. 313 ninl 314 nromlwny. Council UlulM.
Iron , Steel , Nails , Heavy liardwara ,
Anil Wooil Slock , Council IlluITH , low.-u
J ) . H. .MCNO.VKM ) .V CO. ,
( ICnt.'ibM.iliu.l . I SlU. )
No. 830 Mnln Plrni't , ! : : Council lllulTt.
-AND nnAi.iats IN
Wliolesnlo Donlers In
Humiliating & Lubrlcitl-i - ] Oils G
5.TlicodoroA'ont ( , Cuunoll lllulTs. Iowa.
Hard Wood , Southern Lumbsr , Piling ,
4-nUllrlilffO Muturliil SpooIiillli'M , U'liolosnlii Lum
ber of oil Klnilt ) . Olllro Mo. 130 Alulu SL ,
Council llluira. Jo\vu :
Foreign and Domestic Wines and Liquors ,
Imported and Domestic Wins ? & Liquors
for St. ( lottlmrci'rt Hurb lllltcra. No.ll
MuinSt. Council llliitln.
Wholesale Liqiur Dealers.
Ko. 110 lii-oiul way , Council Illuirj.
1514 Douglas St. , Omaha.
Ladies buy ing a $5 hat or bonnet , one faro
will be paid ; ? io , lounil ( rip ,
Justice of the Peace
OHicc over American Kxprets.
The only hotel in Council Dlullb having
And all mo 'ern improvements.
215 , ai7 and ' 'IU Main el.
Star Sale Stables and Mule Kards ,
Opposllu Uuiumy Dopot.
& g
Horses and mules kept constantly on
hand , for EHU ! at retail or in car loads.
Odors promptly tilled by contract on
bliort milieu. .SUM k tolil on commission.
SiiLrrutA : BUI.I.V , Proprietors.
Iclcnhoii ( < No. HI
Formerly of Kml Sale Ktablca , corner
Ut , ave und 4lli bt'-"Ut.