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mo.nbers was < -o small that there should ho
iChinillr divu slon o\cr a few stamps ,
Jilch the stnto could well afford to pay for.
r. Agco returned to ilio charco concerning
.T1 ' " , nje.'lng ) that It would he better to
inako a direct appropriation of money for In-
c.dc.unl expenseof members.
Mr. Miller of lluticr made an emphatic pro
test n alnst stamps , mJli'iuitlilio jtlrt not oil-
it I to nevvspai > crs. lie tiu'ii lit It was evi
dent tliat no memher needs * ' mo stamps
than had been provided.
Mr. Whltmorc sild hownssorrr to Sfo a
disposition In tlio house to wrangle over suo.'i
n matter , lie K now there was unusual Interest
among thu voters nf Nebraska in the pro
ceedings of this legislature. had no doubt
constituent1) ) would Justify the pend
ing of nevvspRpcts , knew that papers which
Iiad been sent at pilvato expense heretofore
liad been highly appreciated , Imt It was per
fectly evident that 8 cent stamps were a crab
nnd lie did not believe It could bu J list 1 Hod.
If members were faithful to tht'lr trusts , they
could use twenty copies of papers with prolll
to the people.
Mr. Newcomer withdrew the stamp amend
ment and the original resolution was adopted.
Mr. Watson Introduced a resolution that the
Speaker bo empowered to appoint two addi
tional door keepers and two additional pages.
Mr. Caldwell favored the resolution.
Mr. Whltmoio objected and emphasized the
tmsltlon that he had taken yesterday , add-
In c that If the officers were needed he
favored them , but If not , ho thought It was
roMilnirtho people.
Mr. Millei objected ( o the. resolution , claim
ing It established a dangerous precedent. Olio
of the door keepers of the List session wns
paid S3 a dav to keep the door to the cloak
room and spent the time lobbying among the/
Messrs. White and Newcomer opposed the
Upon motion of Mr. Slater the resolution
Vas tabled.
Knees * * until ItfOp. in.
Arrnii.vooN sr.ssio.v.
vVhcn thii house reeomeni'd In afternoon
Cession the galleries were ixlreiuly filled with
Bpectator. ' , w ho had gathered to be present nt
the Inaugural ceremonies whleli were to bo
the event of the day , and thin far of the ses
The speaker announced the appointment
nf Messrs. Dempstei , Newcomer , Smjth ,
AVatson and llairlson as a committee on
rules to net with himsell.
A recess was taken to nwalt Iheairlval of
the senate for thn Joint luauzuial session.
Durintr the recess the audlotieo ot ladles
nnd gentlemen In the galleries and lobby
rapidly mow in number until eveiy available
Beat and standing plneu was occupied , and
the crowd o\erllowed Into the body of the
Loiisn and occupied clialrs which were
numerously located in aisles.
The | IDII U wns rgaln called to order at 2:30 :
o'clock , nud the ' 'honorable ' , the senate of
Btato of Nebraska , " was announced.
.Illt.M1 roNVKVUO.V.
The joint coineiitlon was called to order
Jjy Lieutenant Govei nor Shedd.
.Senator Mnjnis moved that a committee of
five bo appointed to wait upon IdseKcolleiiey ,
the governor , and notify him that the two
liouses of the leglslatme had assembled In
Joint Mission and were awaillni ; his pleasure.
I/an led.
The following gentlemen were unpointed :
fccimtots Majors nnd Schmlnke , and Itepic-
Beutntlves Uajmond , U'hlto and Alkcn.
Mi. Kenney \Velster gallantly olloicd a
resolution that ladles bo admitted to thelloor
ol the house , and that the .serieant-at-aims ; be
instructed to find seats for them as lar as
jmsslble. The lesolution was unanimously
Tlio governor and state ofliceis were then
announced and escorted to seats upon the
Lieutenant Governor Shcdd then said :
"Gentlemen or the joint convention : Ills
excellency , the covoinor , will now deliver
Ins biennial message. "
Governor Davvcs then read his last mes
During the progress of the reading of the
povcinor's message the greatest attention
\vns given by the largo audience , nearly one
thousand people , nnd ; tt Its close the ap
plause was euneral. Tim leading of the mes-
Bagu occupied nn hour nnd n quaitor.
Senator Mclklejohn moved that a com-
lultteo of olio from the senate and ono fioin
the house bo appointed to wait upon the
governor-elect nnd oscoit him to tlio bar ot
tee house. Carried. The lloutonant-gov-
ernor appointed Senator Melklejohn nnd
Ilepicscntntlvo Uussell as such committee.
{ senator Llnlngcr offered a lesolution that
n committee of two members on part of the
Eennto nnd three on part of tlio house be np-
polnted to wait upon Chief Justice Maxwell
nnd request him to appear In the hall of the to administer the oatli U > the governor-
clcct nnd state olllcers-olect The resolution
xvas adopted and as such committee Sena
tors Llnlngcr , Congoss nnd Keprosentatives
J'eters , Cole nud Joary were appointed.
Govoinor-elect Thajerand stnto ofllcors-
elect wutn announced and greeted with pro
nounced npplauso.
Chief Justli'o Maxwell was escorted to the
bar of the house Immediately after the pov-
trnor-elcct and ollicers , nnil without delay
administered to tlio incoming executive the
oath of olllco. Fora moment nn almost sol-
LMIIII nnd quite Impressive hush lell over the
large assemblage , and then , when Governor
Thayer was introduced , the entlio legislature
mid audioneo buist Into spontaneous and re
peated applnuso. Govmuor Thayer then
lead his Inaugural address.
The pronounced sentiment as to what pun
ishment should be meted to men who conduct
bribery negotiations nt elections or in public
places , was accorded hearty applause , and at
Us conclusion the appreciation ot the whole
address was again enthusiastically demon
The other state olllcers-olect were then
sworn In r > y Clilet Justice Maxwell.
Upon motion of Senator Maiors the con
vention was declared adjourned sine die.
nicoNvr.xii : : > AND AIUOIMI.VII : > .
The house leeoinoncd nnd Immediately ad
journed until o'clock p. in. on Nonday , the
10th lust.
Thiee ot the members of the popular hianch
of the legislature disdain the luxury of hhiit
Ono statesman availed himself of the privi
lege ot Hondliii : twenty dallies to his con
stituents by subscribing lei foity copies of
Ills home , n wecUly , paper.
Ono of the misses who act as pages In tlio
house amused a mombei who motioned to her
to-day while she was en route with a message
Irom another member by exclaiming : "Wait
till I can get to you , won't you 1"
Insti'.ul of Mr. Gaffum of ( ! agelt was Mr.
Puller of ( iage. who carried tlio war Into
Afi lea on the seat question In the house yes
terday. While Mr. Fuller was so excitedly
complaining concerning the Involuntary loca
tion of Ills heat he was occupying the pent
belonging to Mr. ( Jalford. and thereby that
Kcntleman obtained credit for attempting to
lead a revolt.
Jtepiesentativo Miller of JJntler. talks 200
words a minute ordlnailly , and when ho
warms up nnd lets oil the brakes makes
Ingersoll's ; ; oo-word gait look tiled.
Affairs In .Maine.
AuntJSTA , Jan , C. Governor llodowell
was Inaugurated to-day. Ills address recommended -
mended the rigid enforcement of the Jaw to
prevent Introduction of pleuro pneumonia
uiul suggests the establishment of a national
guaid In tlo place of the ht.ilo militia , the
prevention of ehildien under llfteen yenis
Irnm working In lactorles and the icatilctlon
of labor In all eoriioiatlonslo ten limits a day ,
Thogoveinm also recommenda as , \ rem
edy for HID iihory troubles the levying of
mich Increased duties on what Jish t'aiuuU thn ( 'lifted Mates as would pattially
if not whollv exclude Canadian llsheimun
from our mat kits.
Thn llllnolH
Simxui'iiu : , Jan , -Hoth houses of the
legislature convened at 1 < ) o'clock tills morn
ing and jirocceded to the transaction of reg
ular business ItOiolutlons wore adopted
) tiov idlng for a joint mcctlnc for the put-
IKISKS ot holdlnsf , the fointh Wednesday In
Janunry.servlces In honor of General Lo an ,
At 11 o'clock the houses met In joint session
vhen tlio leturns for .stato otlleers
nt the last election were canvassed and
the oath of utlieo administered to State
Tieasuier Tanner and Superintendent ot
I'ubllo Instinctliin Dr. Kdwards. The selec
tion of peimanent seats bv drawing was
made. A lesolution providing for thu joint
meeting of the two nouses on January la
Mr the purpose of tilling the vacancy In the
Vnltcd States renato was adopted by the
IHIUSII and a similar one by thn tenate. The
liouseb then adjourned until 'J ; " < 0 this af tei-
J1001) ) . _ _
Aloitlll Mentloiicil far Scnntnr ,
CIIIOAQO , Jan. 0. ( Special Telograin to
thu HrK.J In regard to the outlook as to J/o-
Kan's successor In the senate a stall corre
spondent of the Chicago Journal telegraphs
fiomSprluglloM : "U , U. Fai well's plan of
campiiKii Mfmi > tobo sytitomatie , thorough
nnd business like aud notliliig but a lack of
votes hi the caucus can pi event Mr. Kanvell
49iu belnc uotuiuatfil lor senator , There
are otncc caudlilalcs In Chicago who , like
Mr. Farwoll , stand high In the community ,
and who , Ilko him , haxo worm friends In the
delegation. Yesterday afternoon there was
a dec ! led boom for Joseph Mcdlll , editor of
the Clilcaeo Tribune , ami It has not disap
peared to-day. It la not likely to disappear
and may irrow to largo dimensions , provided
Mr. Medlll does not ruthlcs ly shatter It. If
he does not Senator Mcdlll Iscry tar from
an Impossibility.
l-'o'ntH ' from Hie Mcfmngo of the Gov
ernor oT 111111014.
KLi ) . 111. , Jan. 0. Governor
Dijlesby , In his annual mossasjo to the Icels-
ature , devotes n largo portion of It to the
labor troubles of the past two years , and
speaks of the necessity which compelled him
: o fiend bodies of state troops to I.emoiit ,
ast St. Louis and the packing house district
near Chicago , llo urges upon the legislature
to so amend the statute bearing upon the
employment of slate troops to quell Insurrec
tion as to clearly dcllno the powers of the
executive , and whether their employment
shall depend upon the Information or request
from the sheriff or independently ot any
such appeal. The go\crnor commends
the troops for tliolr high state of
discipline and cfllclency , and urges
[ hat the legislature will provide
liberally for their education and equipment ,
The remainder of the message is largely de
voted to the proposed change In the methods
for collecting stito re\pnue , and he urges
that assessments should bo made on the basis
of the full value of property assessed. Ho
directs attention to the vacancy In the olllco
nf United States senator occasioned bv the
death of General Logan , lie sajs : ' 'The
death of that dmtlngn ! hcd rituon , patriot.
soldier and statesman , honored and behned
by his comrades and countiv , casts n gloom
over the entlie country. Ills eminent suc
cess Justly entitles him to olliclal recognition
anil to an honored place In the memory and
alleetlons of a gratelul and admliing pee
ple. "
The governor notifies the legislature of the
necessity of providing how to utlll/e tlio labor
of convicts In view of the constitutional
amendment prohibiting the letting by con
tract of the labor of convicts , llo speaks at
some length of tlio existence of pleuio-pneu-
nionla In this state , and asks for an appro
priation of S' > 00HX ( ) to stamp out tlio dKoase.
lie asks also tor nn appropilatlon of tfklO.COO
on bubal ! of the soldiers' home at Qiiiucy.
They Still Slowly Discuss Uniform
IlulcH of Procedure.
Dr.sMoiNns , la. , Jan. 0. [ Special Tele
gram to the Jii.J : : The district judges of
the state continued to-day their work of
adopting uniform rules of procedure , but con
sumed the day without definite result. Judge
Mirace , for tlio committee on pmbato inle ,
reported a series ot rules w hich probabli w 111
bo adopted by the coinentlon with little
change. They provide that clei ks hhall enter
upon court calendars only such cases as le-
qulro the action of the court ; that
they shall on the first day of
each term repoil to the presiding
judge all estates that have neglected to re-
tuin the report required by law ; that all such
reports snail be self-explanatory and com
plete. showln : a full debit and credit ac
count ; that reports of the sale of real estaio
.shall bo explicit and the parties making the
report shall state whcthei the sales were ad
vantageous , and should be appiovcd or not ;
that all applications for eiders In probate
shall bo made in wilting and self-explana
tory ; tlnUapplloation tornllowancj to widows
under the statutes must state the number of
childten under sixteen , thu value ol the de
ceased husband's estate , the values ot prop
erty owned by widow ; that when n referee
In probate .shall bo appointed he shall exam
ine and audit accounts of administrators , e.v-
ccutoiH nnd guardian , and hhall have power
to .summon witnesses and take evidence the
same as a judge of probate ; that no
administrator , executor or guardian shall
bo relieved of duty till notice
of his application for relief shall have been
given to all persons interested In the case.
There seems to bo a disposition to adopttheso
rules without much dillcrenco of opinion.
The main committee on the rules leported
through Judge 1'helpsa series of rules which
called out much opposition. They will proba
bly be much changed before adoption. This
evening tlio visiting judges receive a banquet
given by tlie local bar association.
"Witnesses Against Lcnvitt.
Sioux Crry , la. , Jan. 0 [ Special Tolecram
to the JJii.J : : I'aul Leader , ono of the Had
dock conspirators , unbosomed himself to a
newspaper repoiter , and In n published In-
toivlew recounts many facts alieady well
known to the public , and In addition lie Im
plies that when placed on the witness stand
at the trial will swear that II. L. Leavitt did
tlio shooting Instead of John Aiensdorf. It
Is tuithor stated that the defense have now
four witnesses who will testify to the same
fact. All of these witnesses belong to the
band of conspirators , nnd nro now undei
bond. Leader's statements plainly indicate
the nature of the detense to be made.
Him OH * His Stock. UAI-IJH , la. , Jan 0. | Special Tele-
giam to tlie Ii'i.J ! : Hatcheldar , of St. Louis ,
ran on" two ear loads of .1. II. Palmei's stock
last night. Palmer Is a butter nud oag man.
He owed ISateheldar S'JO.OOO , but had given a
mortage to ills wile topnneut payment. It
is illegal.
at Ccdnr Itnpldf.
Cr.DAu KAIMDS , la. , Jan. ( ) . [ Special Tele-
flam to the Jin.J ! A bold burglar entered
cluht different houses this morning bofoio
daybreak. He secured a watch woith SX ! )
and some small change. An olllcer traced
him , but ho escaped.
Nursery Jiiirned ,
DirnuQUE , la. , Jan. C. [ Special Tcleginm
to the Uii.J : : riio nt 1 o'clock this morning
destroyed the Springbow nursery. Loss ,
S2fXu ) ; insurance , S'-J.OJO.
Konosaw GoliiR West.
KnM'.s.uv , Neb. , Jan. 0. i Special to the
Ui.i.J : A largo number of our Jamiois and
business men organuod thu Central .Nebras
ka nud "Western colony nt this place last
evening. Its ollicors nro C ! . W. Caiter , presi
dent ; I. 15. Pierce , vice picsldent ; II , G.
Aimltago , secretary ; A. T , Mecham , tieas-
urer. The colony expects to leave hero In the
spring with fiom Foventv live to ono him-
died lamllles. Mr. S. .1 , Shirley , of Sidney ,
Neo. , will undoubtedly bo enijaeed by tlio
colony to locate them. lie met with the
colony last evening. Consideiablo enthus
iasm piev.Uls , aud If all could bieak loose
Irom their mooiings that want to "go west
and tiy It o\er again , " tills part of Adams
county would witness a regular oxodtts In the
spiing , _
Holilied Tor the Third Time.
Hi. MK , Xeb , , 0. [ Special Telegram to the
HKK.J Thu postolllce at this place was
broken Into last night , the sifo blown open
in af-Klllful manner and the contents rilled.
About 5JOJ In stamp" , some money and
tweho registered packages tor local delivery
were taken. The contents of tlio packages
me not known. This Is the second time In a
year that this ofllco has been robbed , each
lime done In tlio same manner. No blame
can bo attached to the jioitmlMrcsj , as the
olllco Is carefully locked bv her. and oveiy
precaution taken that can bo. The burglais
also tiluw open the .sale of Wiseman v. Me-
( Juaulo's lumber ollice. Just ninth ot the
poatolllce , and secured SfJ there. > > o clue.
Hccretnry HOKKOII Hurprlipd ,
LINCOLN , Xeb. , Jan. 0. [ Special Telo-
Krani to the JJin.J : A number ot Secietary
Uosseii't , friends In tUC state house took that
gentleman by surpiUo In ( he hour ot his de.
paituro trom ollieo , and lust evanlni : pre-
stinted him with an elegant siher water set-
Captain Cole made tlie pu entation niieeeh ,
nnd it was an elegnnt ono that took Mr.
Hoggen completely bylhiirpilse , and every
one connected with thu episode was su
premely Imppy.
Gonn Under 21 Cloud.
Coi.MMiirp , Neb. , Jan. 0. [ Special Tele
gram to the UEI : . ] lleiiuan Xateastailt , for
se\eial years n wagon maker nnd blacksmith
at this place , has made a jump for a more
congenial clime , leaving many creditors anx
ious as to Ids whereabouts mid tub wife cry-
lug vvheiu Js Uur man gone.
The Delegate From Montana Eeafla tae
Hiot Act to the President.
Gossip About tlio Inillann Senatorial
ConiO't Serious Obstacle to tlio
I'nssago of Dftwcs * Sioux
P.cporvntiou IiiiZ *
TlicIJIot Act Ilonil to tlio
AVASiitxoTo.v , Jan. ( ! . [ Special Tele
gram to the Hr.K.1 Delegate OlfTord has been
ieadlng the riot net to President Cleveland.
llo went to tno while house to urge the name
of a Dakota man for a judicial office In that
territory nnd the president dlsplajcd some
impatience at Gilford's Importunities , nt
which the latter said : "You must remember ,
Mr. President , that we have good men , men
pure in morals and highly qualified as to legal
ability , to fill these olllces aud all ofUccs In
this territory and a , majority of our people
want them in these ofl'ice,0. "
"Hut 1 cannot appoint your citizens to
these positions , " said the president , "because
every man in jour territory who amounts to
anything Is arrayed on ono side or the other
of your tcmtorlal fight or Is in some
coirupt tiansactlon. They are mixed
up in your quarrels and they are unlit
to hold ofllce. It seems that it takes
but n few months for the people going Into
Dakota to cct Into the meshes of your rlng-
sters and to be placed beyond the pale ot un
biased citizens. "
This filed up Chord ! ! and ho replied :
"Well , pou propose to disregard the voice of
the people there In choosing their olllcers , do
you' . ' Now , theie was Day , who wanted lo
bo governor. Day was endorsed not only by
his party at the polls In Ills candidacy arains
me , but by the people. They said they
wanted him In Iho ollice , nnd yet you did not
listen to them. If wo had a statehood wo
should select ny populai ballot men lor olllces
whom you will not consider now and you ,
e\cn you , must acknowledge that fortho'pur
pose wo have statehood now ; all wo lack is
the form of admission. ' '
Kx-ltepicsontativo Uainey Cnulfield , ol
Deadwood , now heie , Is disappointed nnd
disgusted at the appointment made of a suc
cessor to justice Church. Ho thinks It is an
nn insult to the intelligence and InUvilty of
the terrltoiy and the '
says picsldent's objec
tion to appointing Dakotalans to this position
will not stand ; that the very men the presi
dent is taking fiom New Yoik to fill the
ollices , according to his own statement , will
become entangled In questions before tlio
people of Dakota within a low months alter
they enter the territory , and that thercfoie
there can bo no possible advantage in going
elsevvheie for men to fill the olllces , if only
to got those who are outside of agitating the
questions before the people. Caulfield thinks
the truth in that the president goes to New
York for appointees because ho wants to re
ward personal friends and despairs of secur
ing anything In the ollice line tor legitimate
residents ot tlio tenitoiy.
A snitioi'b OUST : ,
iV serious obstacle has coiuo in the way of
the passing in the hou-o ot the Davvcs bill
opening to settlement tlie Sioux Indian rei-
eivation in Dakota. Cl.aiiman Wellborn , of
the committee on Indian nllairs , told Dele
gate Uitlord to-day that ho could not consent
to the passage ot the bill with the piovision
lor n treaty with the Indians for the right of
way to a rallioad throuch the leservation in
It , and that it must ho stricken out. He also
objected to the provision in tlio bill crantlng
Indemnity to settlers who were ejected Irom
Crow Creek icservation by order ot Picsi-
dent Arthur. Ho was willing to secure these
settlers priority but not indemnity them for
losses. Uitloid thinks these differences
haards the passage of tlio bill very much , as
to iiiiikii n conflict , but that it will pass
nevertheless , as these are the only obstuic-
tions. Wellborn is willing also to grnnt tlio
rlclit of way to the inilroad on the terms
proposed by the bill , but not nllowtown ! sites
etc. , ns provided.
TIM : INDIAJTA co.\Tisr. :
A great deal was said at the capital to-day
about the senatorial contest pending at In
dianapolis. The republicans are extiemely
anxious for the ie-electlon of General Hani-
son , and are unanimous in declaring that If
he Is retuiued for another term It will give
him such lenewed precedence as to place
him in tlio very foremost ranus ot the leader
ship of his paitv.
'lliis evening's Stir has a lengthy article.
on tlio subject ot tlie canvass , compiled by
reporleis alter contact with principal Indf-
anians and others here , In tlie courseol which
it says : ' 'Among Indlanlans in Washington
tlie opinion that the present legislature may
fail to elect n leader seems to be growing.
'Tho action of the labor members in
caucusing together , it is conceded , compli
cates the situation very much. It the labor
men hold out , neither pally will have enough
to elect. Tlio Indiana contest Is a subject ot
considerable inteiest , nt the capital. It has
been suggested that the democrats , in the
event that they cannot elect a senator , might
combine to piovent an election with the
view of piocuiiiig tlio senator by thu tip-
pointinont of the goveinor , who Is a demo
crat. but should that policy bo adopted the
icsiilt would probably bu that tlio seat would
lemain vacant until this legislature or Its
successor should elect. A piecedont In the
case of the appointment by governor when
the legislature has neglected its duty , was es
tablished by the senate In the ca = o of bena-
torS. S. Phelp'f , ot Vermont. Ho was ap
pointed to the Thirty-second congress to fill
a vacency caused by the death ot William
Upham. Seuator Phclps took his seat Jan-
uarv 19 , lb8 , and in October of
that year the Yeiinont legislature
met. It adjourned In December without electIng -
Ing a senator. Mr. Phelps sat through that
cungicss and thiough a special session ol thu
Renato that was convened on tlioIth of
March ensuing. In tlio next December hi *
presented himsell ns a senator ot Yeimont
lor the Tlnrtv-tliinl conuiess and the ques
tion ol his title under the appointment ol the
govcinor , ( lie legislature having failed to
elect , was lelcned to the jmllciaiy commit
tee. Two reports were submitted uy the com
mittee , the itulorlty declaring that Mr.
Phelps vv.n entitled to his seat , the nunoiity
tliat ho ww not. The majontv report was iu-
icctcd and the. senate declared tliat Mr ,
Philips was not entitled to his seat. The sen-
nto then consisted ol thlity-elglit democrats ,
t Aenh-two whlgs and two fieo soileis. "
Much feeling has been moused by the dom-
cratsol tlio District of Columbia against the
policy of President Cleveland in importing
nio J Horn New York anil other states to fill
ollieo hero aud In the tciiitoilcs in direct re
pudiation of the platloim ot tlio party upon
w hich he was elected. 'Ibis outouist ot in
dignation arose Irom Ihu appointment of J.
C. Matthews , the coloied man liom Albany ,
X. Y. , to succeed Fred Douglas as recorder
of deeds , anil culminated last niuht in the
adoption ot a series of resolutions by the
Columbia democratic cjb ) , an oican-
Iiatton composed of the wealthiest
nnd most influential resident democrats
ot Washington , mun who have lor manv
years laised huge minis ot money to conduct
providential campaigns lei their party , and
who poured out their means unstinting- !
support of Cleveland , Thu lesoliiltons de
nounce the president's appointments heio
nnd In the territoiles , and theyluuo been
engrossed and a copy toiw.uded lo him. The
wi.ithol the millionaire democi. Us heio has
been uncorked , and Is beinr pomed upon
ClovelandV head to-night in drenching quan
tities , nnd lie will feel Its ellect in a way
which will put the second term beu to sleep.
jiouTiiN wonuixo AdAivsr THI : MI Asrin : .
Kx-tiovernorbterllng P. Motion , ot No-
Ina-lca , while In Washington , seems to bu
taking a hand in the light against the passage
of Iho Intei-statocommeieo bill , llo gave out
foi publication to-night tlio following letter
received bj him from Fiodeiiek T. Uiown , a
prominent Now York stuck biokur , and it
gives an IntellUent idea ot the argument b -
ing used against the bill :
"I have your favor of the 3d lust , asking If
I consldci tim inter-state , commeice bill , as it
comes from tliu conference committee , favor
able to the farmer ; ) and planters ot the coun
try , west and south. I answer decidedly not ,
but consider It wholly untavorabie to those
states that atu not already covered by all-
roads. As you know rallioad building In the
southern states was for years retarded by thu
unsettled condition of trade and labor ,
coupled with what northern capitalists call
the politic risks. They hesitated nt putting
money south of Mason nnd Dixon's Hue ,
fearing adverse legislation in the dlfferflnt
states. These reasons can led the surplus
money of the eastern and middle states into
the construction of railroads In the west and
northwest. With the overthrow ot the carpet
bag legislatures nnd the restoration of stnto
governments to their ilghtful holders , the
land-owners' attention was directed to the
south as the most promising field for railroad
building , but up tniss ) little had been pro
tected beyond tlvo necessary connections
hulldlne between the old roads. Since that
tlmo a great impetus lias been plvcti to rail-
lood construction from Ylrglnla to Texas , nn
Impetus that has quickened every Industrial
interest throughout these states tlio building
up of cities like Hlrrulnghaiu , In Alabama ,
tlio opening of coal nnd Iron mines In Vli-
gin.a , North Camilla nnd Tennessee , and
the covering of the northern part of Texas
Vlth cattle ranches. These Plates
nccrt and demand railroad facilities
far in advantC of these already attained and
In the next ten years W'Hl tecofvo them if not
Interfered with by nnfrienn. . } ' legislation In
their own slates or nt Wnslilnh'Jon. _ I ho
noithern Mississippi states nro simiiCny
placed. They need more lallroads , but with
this bill passed nt Washington not ono foot
of rails will be laid In these states unless ab
solutely necossaiy. For the rallioads al-
icadv existing no more favorable legislation
can bo asked than the passage of the confer
ence bill ns It came Hum the committee. It Is
n guarantee against Interference from nnw
loads. You will undeistand tliat what
Is known ns 'paralleling a railroad' Is only
done by capitalists who hope by dlIdlng the
trallic of established ( old ) loads to soil out at
a laigo profit to the old loads' stockholders ,
or by cutting rates seriously for a yeai or
two obtain recognition liom the pools. The
bill will in etrect stop all this. 1 can readily
understand the vote ot the senators or repre
sentatives of the northern heather Missis
sippi states lor thu hill , but the vote ol a
.soutliein or trans-Mississippi congressman
lor Itought to consign him to private life and
the wildciness of his own farm. "
DUU'cnt Inquiry has been made to-day to
learn something of James K. Spencer , ot
Whitehall , N. Y. , who was yesteiday np-
pointed associate justice ol the supreme coiut
of Dakota to succeed Church. I1 in tlier than
tliat ho Is n lawver. has ne\ei sought oillco
before and was appointed upon the recom
mendation ol Smith M. Weed and ox-Assls-
tnnt Treasurer Smith nothing can bo Icained
at the whlto house. The president sajs ho
does not personally know Spencer.
First Lieutenant Theodore K. Tiue , Fouith
inland ) , has been ordered fiom Foil Coeur
d'Aleno to 'duly as post quartermaster | nt
Uolse bairacks , Idaho.
Army leaves granted : Major Henry 0.
Coiben , assistant adjutant geneial , Chicago ,
until Januniy' ' ( ) ; larst Lieutenant Edwaid
S. Farrow , Twonty-lir infantiy , ono month
extension , witti permission to apply for two
months' further extension ; First Lieutenant
James 15. Gee , Thiiteenth infantiy , Fort
Wingate , Now Nexico , until Jmniaiy II ;
LloutonantChailes W. Faber , Highlit cavalry ,
Fort Claik , Texas ono month extension.
Aimy luiloughs aiithoil/ed : Seigcant
Hi'go Przykolla , company G , Tenth Infantry ,
Foil Ciawloid , on the rneompagio liver ,
Coloindo , font months fiom May 1 ; .Sergeant
Max lieichcnbach , company G , Sixteenth in-
tnlitiy , San Antonio , 'Texas , six months , to
go abroad ; Private Chailes Hart , company
K , Twenty-fourth infantry , Kent Kuno , In
dian territory , four mouths ; Cotpoial John
.Morgan , company A , Twelfth infantiy. Mad-
l < -on banacks , New Yoik.oiionionth ; Piivato
W. II. Klngman , cotuuaiiv G , Thirteenth In-
faittiy , Foil Wlngate , .Now Mexico , two
During tlio present year eight army ofllcors
will goon the retired list by tlio operation ol
tliu law on leaching slxtv-fonr years of ago ,
as follows : lirigadier Geneial Oilando It.
AVileox , AptII10 ; Colonel Glover 1'ciln , as
sistant surgeon geueial , November 17 ; Col
onel Chailcs K. lilunt. coins ot engineers.
Febiuary 1 ; Colonel John Hamilton , fouith
aitilleiy , Aiuiust 10 ( Lieiitcnent Colonel
Ileniy L. Chlman , seventh Int.intry , Febru
ary 1 ; Major Charles J. bprague. paymaster ,
April lii ; Fiis-t Lieutenant Frederick C.
Nichols , lirstaitilleiy. Aiieust II ; aud Fiist
Lieutciiout William H. Me.Mlnn , eighth in-
lantiy , October'J'J.
In thu navy live officers will bo retired on
leaching sixty-two of age , as follows :
Hear Admiral Samuel K Franklin , A.ugust
24 ; Itear Adtnlial John Leo Davis , Septem
ber 3 ; Commander William L. Gibson , May
yi\ \ Medical Director Jacob S. Dungan , Jan
uary 'JO ; and Medical Director Samuel H.
Cones , September IT.
rovTAr. ( JiiAXfinc.
Gcorno A. Wall was to-dav appointed
postmaster at Patterson , Madison county ,
la. , vice L. Deboid , removed.
S. S. Cioxton , of Omaha , is at Welekers.
Uice A ; Jiassett , of Chicago , have been
awarded tliu contract lor tliu brick anil stone
woik lor the Des Mollies public building.
For the bilck work they get 527,603. and for
the stone work tj'J.'UT. '
K\losion | of Natural Gns.
Yorxrisiowx. O. , Jan. 0. A natiual gas
explosion at o'clock this morning destrojed
Andrews block and four other buildings.
Thomas liiaiinigan , ngcd nineteen , was cre
mated , and several others are repotted tniss-
Inf. Tlio 11 iptist chuieh anil
Diake's livery stable are In the
ittins. The loss will bo over 3100,000.
The Andrews' block vvasot btickanil Mouu
and was recently built at a cost ol SfiO.OOJ.
At ! ! o'clock this moinlng a watchman
named Semplo opened a window to secure
ventilation , when an explosion occurred , and
Semplo Into tlio streets with his clothes
In flames. In the buildings were
films , the hall ot tlie Knights of Pjthias and
ot the city council. 'The Fiist ISapUst
chinch and a house in tlio rear ol
thu block were binned nnd several residences ,
stores and hotel had their fronts .scotched
nnd windows broken. The loss will piobably
reach over SIOO.OOO ; tliu insuianca will pioba
bly roach S.W.Ooo. Semplo was bidly out ned
and was removed lo the hospital. Another
watchman Is missing and is.supposed to bo in
tlioiuins. It is supposed tholeaklng of n gas
main caused the lire.
Contested Election Canes.
WAMUNCiTON , Jan. 0. The house com-
mltteo on elections finally nctcd upon the
contested election cases ot KIdd vs Stcele , ot
Indiana , and Page vs Pilce , of Jlhodo
Island. 'Tho majority of tlio commit
tee decided that neither of tlio paities are en
titled to a seat In the Ithodu Island c.T-e. Tlio
minority repoit will bu made to Iho house
recommending that the sitting member ,
I'i Ice. b awarded the seat. In the Indiana
case the cominltteo'sicpoit will huiinanlmous
In favor ot lite light ot Steele , republican , to
retain his seat.
Thn house committee on civil servlco re
form Instructed thuclmlrmnn to report favor-
ablv to the house thu senate bill to repeal the
tenure of olllco act.
A IturnliiK Mine.
SIIASIOKIN , Pa. , Jan. 0. The chamber In
Iho Peeilcss slope poitlon'ot the Homy Clay
collleiy , was discovered burning llils morn
ing. The lire Is Increasing rapidly and do-
lies all elloits to get It iindei I'ontiol. Fre
quent explosions me incurring and tour men
have been severely binned. The Homy Clay
H the most extensive iiilnu owned by tlio
Heading company nud emplojs J.MX ) mun.
Thu loss cannot bo estimated.
This nUcinoon tlio sitivrintendent suc
ceeded in cutting oil nil ventilation , and tlio
lire was extinguished without bciious
damage. Four men whose names cannot bo
learned were badly binned.
Tlio "Work 01 DynninitcrH.
SAX I'KAxnsro ' , Jan , 0. A terrible c.x-
ploalon occurred late last night near the coi
ner of Kiehth and llnnison streets , caused
by nd.vtiamltacaitriiK'i'buing placed in the
cable slot of the railroid. The masontyaml
pulleys on which the cabin winked were
badly shattered by the. great force of the ex
plosion , which was h4t In the vicinity. Two
men were seen to plate. | i lighted package in
the tunnel ,
Nominal InnH.
WASHINGTON , Jan. fi. The president sent
thu lollow Ing nominations to iho senate to
day : Thomas C. Manning of Louisiana , to
be envoy extraordinary and minister pleni
potentiary to Mexico : Huu'h A. Dunsmoio
otAikansns minister resident and consul
general to Corea ; Thomas (2. Hasliavv oi Mis
souri , attotnuy lot theeastein disiiict of Mis
Tlio Cold \Vnvo.
CIIICAOO , Jan. 0. The signal scrvlca bu
reau reports tlio approach of a cold wave.
Tliu temperature will drop twenty degrees
within the next twentjfour hours. Thu
tempeiaturo was six nboso heru this mom-
NclirnsUn und lovvn Weather.
For Nebiaska and Jowa : Light snow , fol
lowed by fair wcutliej. warmer ,
The Pacific Railroad Funding Bill Consid
ered in tlio Senate.
Discussion of the Ititer-Stato Com
merce Measure IJesumed Some
Time Spent tit the House on the
Onnul Hulijeot.
WASHINGTON' , Jan. C. Among the me-
moilals presented In the senate to-day nnd
referred were the following :
Jty Mr. LMimmds Of the committee of the
national convention of the Protestant Kpls-
copal cluircli , praying congress to provide lor
obtaining statistics of marriage and divorce.
Hy Mr. Spooner Of the state grange of
Wisconsin , In fnvor of passing tlio Inter
state commerce bill.
JJy Mr. Blair A largo number from various
organisations in all parts of the country ask
ing legislation to piovent violation of the
Sabbath In running railroad trains.
Among the bills Introduced nnd icfcrrcd
were the following :
IJy Mr. Vaneo lo protect the morals of
minors In the District of Columbia.
Mr. Kdmunds , from the committee on for
eign iclatlons , leporled a bill to Incorporate
the Mm Itlmo Canal company of Nicaragua.
Mr. Mauderson brought before the senate
the case of the claim against Mexico for the
killing of Cantaln Criwford , In command of
the United States troops In pursuit of Gcr-
onlmo , by Mexican troops In Mexico , Janu-
aiy , 18H3 , staling that n stronger and more
urgent bill for Indemnity should bo niadoln
introducing the hill for the icliof of Captain
Crawford's heirs. Jtcforrcd.
Mr. Allison offered a resolution calling on
the secietaiy of war for the icpoit of the
boaid of engineers on the bridging of tlio
Mississippi liver near St. Louis. The reso
lution gave rise to a discussion between
Messrs. Allison and West , In which tlio latter
declaied that the report called for , being ad
verse to the bridge , had been obtained under
ex paito piocecilings and unfairly. The reso
lution was adopted.
The senate then took up tlio lesolutloii of-
feied jesterday by Mr. Mel'heison , calling
on the secretary ot the tieasury for si state
ment of the Indebtedness of the Pacific rail-
load com panics to the government nnd as to
the ellect of the funding bill thereon.
Mr. Hoar withdraw Ills amendment , calling
for nn additional statement as to the dis
puted questions between the BOX eminent
nnd tlio companies , stating that his object
would bo equally effected under the oii lnal
Mr. Kdmunds said the inpoit ot the com
missioner ot inilroads , Johnston , answeied
every question In the resolution completely ,
fully and in detail. If the senator from New
Jei&ey wanted It ho ( Kdmunds ) had no ob
jection. The lesolution was agiecd to.
Tlio senate , on motion of Mitchell ol Ponn-
sxlvnnia , took up the bill to gl\e a pension of
§ -,000 a > ear to Mary S. Logan , widow of
General Logan , as majoi general ot volun-
teeis.Miteliell statini : that tlie bill pioposed to
do piecisely what was donii for the widows of
Generals Hancock and Thomas. Tiiere was
a gi eat distinction between the ease flof Guti-
einl Lojian and tlio cases of Geneials Han
cock and Thomas , who had spent their lives
In the army , in so far as a pension was con
cerned. llo thought that tlio case of General
Logan should stand on the game
piinciple as other citizens. If he con-
tiacted In the army n disease
liom which ho died thcio would be ample
giound lor a pension lor ids widow. Air.
Mitchell stated that he had heard General
.Logan say he had been wounded live times ,
and that lie was undoubtedly entitled to n
pension , hut had never claimed ono. He
passed tins hill on thu inopo-sillon that a pen
sion is granted to the widow ot a eitl/.enwho
died Irom tlie effects ot a disease ( iheu-
matism ) , contiacted in the service duiinglho
war. He nifcrind to the analogous case ol a
pension given to the widow of Francis P.
Mr. Culloin stated that Logan had eon-
tiactcd ihciimatism on thobittlo field of Foil
Donelsou , wheie he laid In the snow all
niuht. Thciewas no doubt that ho died ot
rheumatism contiacted in the service of his
Mr. Sewell said lie. had frequently Iicaid
Logan desciibt ) his siillcrings liom iheu-
matisui in the different fields of the war. It
was so plainly potent lo every member ol the
pension committee that Lonan'.s death was
duo to that cause that they did not take thu
tumble to go faitlier into the subject.
Mr. Vest otFeied an amendment fixing the
pension ot tlie w Idow of Fiancis P. lilalr at
' , ' ,000a year , asseiting that it thn widow and
family ol any man were to be paid out of the
treasury in propoillon to ills public FPI vices it
was the w idow and family of Francis I' . Mlair.
At the request of Mr. H.iwley and other
senatois ho withdiew his amendment , and
then the bill was passed without division.
Mr. Vest tlieieupon Intiodueed a bill in
creasing tlio pension ot Mis. lllair Irom 5"/0
a month to JO.OOO a yeai , nud at his request
the lull was immediately considered and
On motion of Mr. Kdmunds the bill to
cairy into elfect the tie.ity w itli China lei thu
suppte slon of the opium tialllcastaken up
anil pasted.
The bill granting to tlie Kansas , Texas .fc
Southwestern i.illioad company the light ol
waacioss the Fort llajes militaiy leauiva-
tlon taken up and passed.
Then thohenate. at 1:1" : ) p. in. , resumed con-
sideiation of the Intel-state commeico bill ,
nnd Mi. Phut continued tils argument.
Ho said that tlut senators weio not heie to
make a laid on rallioad pioporty , They
\\eio heio to do justice by the railio.uls aud
by the people. An iinieinuneiatlvo rate \ \ as
hist , as unie.i'-onablo nnd injmions as too
Iiluh a rate , and the lalhoad companies
would ha\o to see to It , If the public welfaio
was to be piomoted , that leinunerativu i.ites
for height anil passengeis weio iccelved.
What were the railroads to do it piohibitcil
Irom making pooling ananiiementsV j\- ;
perience taught that the old inte wats would
begin again and the end ol it would be , as It
always Had -consolidation , The mono
polies of this country had been built on tlio
gia\e.s of weak competitois. The bill Invited
n grand monopoly ol tallroad capital In this
countiv which would bo bullion the gia\esot
tlie railroads trial in o not able to stand in the
competition. Tliat railioad monopoly would
be the master ol tlio people.
Mr. MOIK.HI opposed the. hill.
Mr. Culloin Mid that ho was veiy anxious
to have thu hill disposed ol as soon as pos
sible , consistent with n lair discussion , and
ho theiclori' give notice tliat on Tuesday or
Wednesday next ho would ask tlio senate to
remain hi session until the subject was dis
posed ol.
Alter executive session the senate ad
journed. _
WAsniNf.iox. Jan. fi. Duilns the mom-
Ing lunr the house resumed , In committee
of the vJiolP. consldeiatlon ol tlio hill lot
the permanent linpiotoiuoiit ol the Krlo and
OiW ego canals and to secure the fiecdom ol
the same to the commeice ol the United
air. Itandall suggested Hint an early vote
should be taken on the measiiio. itvas not
likely lo pas , and it would bo well to allow
bomo other proposition to obtain tlio lloor.
Mr. Wea\er ol Iowa seconded this sug
gestion , rcmaiking that the bill would fail
unless the Hennepln canal appropriation was
attached to it ,
Mr. Weber of New i'ork concluded his
argument In suppoit of the measiue , iiiging
that in a commeieial point of viuwcanals n eiu
ofu national character , and deelarini ! that
the fate ol these great waterwajs to eastern
seaports was In the Irinds of congiess ,
Mi. Anderson of Kansas heaitlly favored
the objects designated to be accomplished by
tlio bill , 'iho people of Kansas have n
gieater interest In the attainment ot these
objects than the people of New York. The
Erie canal stood as n balance on the capacity
of thegieat trunk lines of railroads , and it
w ould bo w 01 thC 100,000,000 to those roads if
tlic > could wipe out tliat canal. It was to
the interests of the producers of the counliy
that it stand Instead of being wiped out.
Mr Murphy ot Iowa- said that us he w.w In
favor of the construction of the llcnncpln
canal so was ho In favor ot Hie enlargement
of the Krlo canal , or of nny other measure
which would give the western producer cheap
walor transportation to eastern markets. It
was this question ot cheap transportation
which led to the drafting of the Inter-state
commerce bill now under consideration.
whose purpose wns to pho the producer ot
tnowe t aud the consumer of the cnst a
little relief from the burdens Imposed upon
them by railroad rapacity.
The inornlne hour ImMnpr expired , the com
mittee roe and the bill icsiimed Its place
upon the calendar. The house then went
Into commltlco of the whole , Springer of
Illinois In the chair , on the pension appro
priation bill , which appropriates S7CC-li00 ,
being only W,000 below the estimate , the re
duction being In the Item for rent
ot olllces for pension agencies. With
out amendment or dl on < > lnn the
bill was read , reported to thn house nnd
passed. The house then yeas r.1 , na > s 77-
went Into committee of the whole , Sptlngor
nf Illinois In tlio chair , on the na\al icor-
ganlzatlon bill.
Mr. Saycis of Tcx-as advocated the meas
ure.Mr. . Houlollo of Maine opposed the bill.
IIP existing organl/atlon ol tlio navy wns
ndequato to all demands ol tlio present and
all piobablo requirements of ihefuturo. De
scending lo a discussion of Us details ho so-
M'lely criticised thn feature which , ho de-
claiod , would break down the autonomy of a
gieat engineering bureau nt the very hour
when Iho counliy wns looking to It to place
the Ameilcan navy In advance of tlio llist
achievements of the world.
Mr. MoAdooof Xew Jersey favored the
Pending further debate the committee rose.
Mr. Hendeison of Iowa Introduced a bill
authoilzlni ; the coiiMrnctlon of a hiltlgo
across the Mississippi rUei at Dubuquc , la.
The house then mijouincd ,
Til 10 NO V 10 1 , 1ST WINS.
AVillliim Illnck CUcn Onniagrs in II In
Lllicl Suit.
ITopj/rfoM J < W 1 > ! / JIIMM Gordon Hfnnrtl. ' ]
LONDON , Jnn. 0. [ New Yoik Herald
Cable-Special to the Hii.J : : This nftet-
noon Mr. William Hlack , the novelist , was
brought into court in a libel cause celelue.
John Dick , tlio celebrated cheap publisher ,
was defendant. Sir Chailcs Itusspll , who
stated the case for Mr iilack , staled tliat In
the defendant's maiazluo , Uow J5ells , last
November , it wns said In the course of nn al
leged blogtaphy of Mr. Ulaek , that with the
shrewdness characteristic of ills nation , ho
took caie , when In search of n wife , to go
wnero money was. "Ho twlco married an
heiress , " the biographer continued , "and has
iniulo a largo foituno Irom his works , but ho
Is reported to \eryclose , and his poor re
lations In Scotland ho afTouls to Ignoie.
Lately nn appeal was made to him to assist
an aunt who had done much lor him when
he was young. She had a small Income of
her own , nnd only needed two shillings and
sixpence a week to keep her out of the poor
house , but Mr. 15hck would not pay it.
K\eiyono has his or her weakness ,
and close heartcdncss , even to meanness Is
Mr. Mack's. " The plaintiff Is aman of shoit
Ftature , and woioa suit to match his name.
Jieamlng through his spectacles , but with a
delei mined air , he gave his evidence , saying
tliat his fust wife was poitlonless , that his
second wife would get uJ,030 : , on the death of
her father , and lastly that ho never had an
aunt , that relative naving been nianufac-
tuied for the occasion. Mr.
Dlack's quaint manner of giving
his testimony , as well as the denials ,
raised heai ty laughter. Mr. Dick's counsel
made a speech to leduco tlio damages , but
Sir Chat Ics Uussell said ho did not ask lor
moie than a nominal recompense , as the ac
tion was brought to clear his cllent'.s reputa
tion liom tlio eflects oi social and club gossip.
The juiy found a verdict for iMOJ $ , uo
whereupon Sir Charles IJussell and Mr.
Hlauk sinlllngl } dioveoll to the Gaiiick club
to dine.
Ti2hiGK\r a NO r KS .
Another street cai tin-up is threatened on
tlio Itiooklyn city lines.
Cnullnnl Jncobinl Is again falling and a
fatal termination is expected.
Foiiitcen pouches ol letters nnd a tiuck
load ot papers weio binned in the Tlllln (0. ( )
The Itoliancemachino woiks nt Milwaukee
were damaged by Imi last night to the extent
of S25U,000.
The Missouri legislature organised yester
day by electing the. nominees ot the demo-
ciatic caucus for its olUceis.
Kreamer's commercial building , the finest
In Lock Haven , Pa. , was destroyed by hie
yesteiday morning. Loss , & ? .1,0i > 0.
The inaugiiiation ol the govciuor and
lieutenant uo\ernor ol Massachusetts was
conducted at the state house at iJoston jes-
Wlttioek , Haight and Weaver , the express
rohbeis , weio taken to the penitential v nl
Jelleison City , .Mo. , jesteiday to seivo their
There wns no visihlo change yesterday In
the sunatoiial situation in Illinois. Cou-
giessman Henderson an hed on the ground
to siipoi Intend his boom In peison.
A I tapir ] City attorney named Joseph M.
Wallace has been debaned Irom juacticlng
bofoio the. interior department or any ol its
bin cans and local land olllces.
James H. Nowiln , ai tested for the miirdei
ol Codmaii near Summei vllle , .Mass. , has
made n confession , and gnen to the police
full details of tlie honible crime.
The republican caucus of the Michigan
legislatnie , on tint tenth billet last evening
nominited Fiancis 1 $ . Stockbridge , of Kalu-
nia/oo , lor United States senator ,
The demociats captured the organl/aflon
of tlio iiiier ] house of the Indiana legislatuie
je leiday , but tlie lepublieaus elected Hon.
W. G. Sayre speaker ot the house.
Ileniv ( ieorgii will doxoto nine columns of
his new p.ipoi , the Standaul , which appeals
on Satuiday , In defending the action of Kuv.
Di. .McGlynn in the election last fall.
The republican congu'ssional convention
at Kan dalic , WIs. , last night nominated
HugliJ. Pne.e. sou ol tlie late Coiigiessman
J'lioe , and -Nels P. Haiighen for bhoit nnd
long terms lespectholy.
RPiolessor Joseph Tosso , the famous violinist
linist , died at bis home in Covinuton. Ky , ,
jeMorday , aged clghty-lUo yeais. "Tlio
AiKniisaw Tia\eloi" Is the melody which
scoicd Ills gientest success.
Tfiri'ii of the ciew of the ship Harvey Mills
landed at San Peilio , Cala. , yestoulay and
lepoit that the vessel loiindeied two dajsout
ot Seatthi on Deeemlier II. Allot the eiew
weie lost except thieo men.
A post mortem oxamatlon of the remains
ol tlio taiuily ol Joseph .Mam ) , the lirook-
lyn diugcii-l. who were biiiqiosed to ha\o
heen pjisoned , developed the laet tliat the
deaths weio caused by sn.all-pox.
A ( 'amphellvllie , Kentucky , man has ac
complished tlio rental kanlu of eating
sixty quails In tlility ilajs , and Is still going
tor tlio buds at the i.itu of two a dav on a
f-.OU but that ho cannot eat eighty oi them In
tuily dajs.
Piosidciit Clevelai'd jesterday iccelxed a
call liom aeonvH t whom ho hail icewitly
iiuUoned. 'Hie joiing man oxpiessud bis
thanks lor the pu-sldcnt'b action in ins case
anilas in tutu ghen homo good ud\iso ity
the latter.
Tistlmoiiy In Iho lunacy pioccedings of
PioL Lmiii'iiH against Ins wile was begun at
W.islni'l'in ) ( ' > i'steidiy : bclotii n jur\and
coiintt'i charges ol iiulailhtuliiois went i < io-
sented bv tint lady's counsel. A Jhcly tual
Is unticipated.
Seoator McMillan of Minnesota yesterday
annuiincud tliat ho withdiofiom thn con
test lor ru-uleelion , ami last UVUIIIIIB Urn
icpiiblicaii c.iuciH of the sUlu
nominated o\-ioveinnr ( Ciinliinan K. Davis.
Tins Insite-i tliu election ot Davis ,
The fjonnecticut legislature imt In joint
convention jestt-iday to elect state ofllceif )
owing to Iho iHllurii ot tlie popular \oto to
ci\uany candidate a majority. J hn result
of the balloting was the. election ol the re
publican candidates as lullows : Governor ,
P. C. Louiisbury , of Uulirclield ; lieutenant
governor James L. Ji' > 1'ir'1' ' , "f , 1Hl"'rl { ! ;
buuieUl ) " 1 ht'ilej. . II. llubbald. of Wall-
oiu'tord ; tieasiiiei , Alexander \\arner \ , ot
Pomtiett , and tomptioller , Ihomas Claik ,
ot .Voith htoninu'ton.
Prn Mil no , 0.--1 ho Kdgar Tliomp-
bon Steel works , of Cainejio Jiios it Co. , al
Uraddocks , Pa. , will losiimu opelaticnis to-
monow. Thrniew hcalo has not jet been
given out , but ovcr > thiuu' has been settle < l
amteablj. The exact advance in wat'es is
not I.uown , but fiom irl.alilu souice > it 'i '
learned It will bo an advance ot ao percent ,
A'mr oOUAL
Ohicngo's Thrice Exclusive Circles Agi-
tntod to Their Uttermost Bounds ,
And With Jlor Departs n Ulldctl
Voulli or tlio ( jnriton City No
Truer of tlio
A Millionaire' * nnuglilcr Klojies.
CniCAc.o , Jntl. 0. ( Special Teleciam loj
the HKK. | Amjstery deep nnd singular is I
agitating to the uttermost bounds the thrleo
exclusive social chcles in this ci'J.v "f which
Mrs. II. C ) . Stonp , Mis. George M. lnlhnan ,
Mrs. Marshal Field and Mrs. Wlrt Defter nro
the best known lopiescnlatlves Since Mon
day afternoon Mlsg Altlica 1. Slonn , ( ha
beautiful slxloen-jearold daughter of the
many times millionaire Mrs. 11. O. Stone , has
not been seen by her mother 01 friends , and
the disappearance Is now known to have
been ntlended b ) circumstances of an extra
ordinary character. Miss Stone had heen at
tending a fashionable seminary nt Ogont/ ,
Pa. , until within the past fortnight. She
came to Chicago ostensibly to spend tlio holi
days at home , and was lo lm\o icttirned east
1iie rtay. A billllant reception Monday
afleinoon , given byMis. lliyan of No. SiV.1
Michigan boulevard , wns attended by Mt .
Stone and her now missing daughter.
After the reception , while the wealthy
widow Hnirered to uxelmiigo a pleasant
woid with tlio hostess , fair Miss Althea
glided out of the brood doorway nnd , passing
blithely between the depatling gioups of
ilcldy attired guests , made her way In the
diiectionof her mother's handsome equipage.
Strange to f-ay slip did not enter that \elilclo
but oniuliiectly behind It , and in real col vn
moment was wlililed down thoboiiloxaid and
out of sight. In the coiuevanco which tlio
youlhlulMIss Altliea enteied was a jouiig
man of .slim build , diessed In the latest ex-
tieuio of tnshlon. His Identity was paillally
concealed by huge mulllings about the lower
portion ot ills lace , though persons who Haw
him claim that It was an Individual nnniod
William Cunningham , who etijojs a promi
nence among the golden jouth of the west
scaicely lo niaiked and of miieli the same
typo as that ot the once famed IJerry Wall In
Xew You ; . Cunningham possesses nn In-
toiest In the ptoilts of an Insurance business ,
but though noted lor tlie app.irentlv limitless
extent nud unique character of his wnul-
lobe , as well as his lavish expendltuto in
othei dlieetions , ho Is not kno\vn to possess
n heavy bank account. When Mrs. .Stone
leached the curbstone nnd Icained dial her
daughtei had depaited In another cairlage ,
coiisteination oveieaiuo her. Hack Into
Mis. Uj Min's spacious but htlll crowded
diaulnc loom sin ) was can led , wheio all
lircsent elusteied about hei , while courleis
were dlsp itched in eveiy diiectlo'i. As tlmo
iins ed and no tldlnirs ot the missing ono
were received , Mis. Mono became districted.
Konlaimlng was her condition tliat .Mrs.
Pullman and Mrs. Field spiuit the
entlio night at her side In the loom wheio
the icccptiou had taken placo.
Meanwhile a consultation of the family
advisiMs had been held , and late in the evenIng -
Ing Mis. Stoiiu's trusted confidant , Judge
Knickerbocker of Ilia piobato coin I , accom
panied by thice. detectives and Mis. Stone's
two attorneys hunted ! ) pioceeiled to Iho ics-
hlencoofthe Cunningham family on Chicago
cage avenue , near Pine street , suspecting
tliat young Cunningham and .Miss Althea
might be theie. Tlie partj was met in the
pailois by tlie aged lather lot Cunningham ,
who in iepl > to nil Inquhy said that Ills son's
whereabouts weie unknown to him. Upon
being Infoiiiied ot Judge Kuiekeibacker's
susplulons , anil liiar > iiK tliut ilru-ctlviM liail
lieen luought into ills house , Mi. Cunning
ham wns in winth. lit ; onleied
the entiio jiarty out of dooi.s
and savagely tlneatened to tlurnv them out
bodily. Thu judge and his companions 10-
tiieil , but lemained In tlie vicinitv and with
eight policemen \\niched the house until
morning. Their labor was fruitless.
It has only been ascei tallied delinUely flint
young Cunningham has disappeared as com
pletely as Miss Stone. What lias- been done
by them or ellliei ot them can only bo sur
mised , although a lel.iiivu of Ihujoiiug lady
lias taken the lespousihillty of causing the
following uoticn to be published :
MA n inoi : Stone-Cuii n Inglmin Monday ,
Janunrj 3 , iss7 , Althea 1. Stone to .
C nnniiiL'ham , hoth of tills city.
No other lefeience to Iho sulijcct has yet
cicpt into print , all tlio influence of the most
poweilul coteiies In thocity being exeite.l
to prevent a disclosure.
Late to-nlglit it is tepoited tliat the eouplo
have relm ntd to Chicago and are at Cnnlng-
ham's lionse , that .Miss Slono claims lohavo
bemi mauled and that the mothei leluscs to
1'ropnrntionH Itein Mnilo ( o Itoyuott
Clilcii i Slmo J'MrniH.
CHK A no , Jan. 0. [ Special Telcgiam to Hie
Hii5. : | Four assemblies ol Knights ol J.abor
ha\o begun mcasmes with a vlowtol > oj-
cotting tlio firms of C. 11. Kargo it Co. nnd
Seb , hchwabit Co. it Is alleged tliat the
firms have violated the agieement entered
Into last spiing. The executive board , bo
foio whom the chaiges weio made , decided
agalnsttho men , The decision Is icpoited
lo have been verj unsatisfactory to tlio local
assemblies who aie directly inteiested in Ilio
inaniitactiiri ) of hoots and shoes , and It wns
decided , it is alleged , to older a bocolt. The
notice of the hovcott was a great suijirlsoto
the firms conceincd. SelSchvvabA : Co. sa >
they had consulted wltli the slate oxecutlvo
board when that body was in session heio
and had been eompletelv vindicated by the
investigation. C. II. I'm go .t Co.'s case was
also consldcied by the statu board , which slill
has tlieli c.i'-e undei ndvisemollt , Faigo said
this moinlng that hit had In no way violated
tlie n iccment made last spnng. At that
time he had a eontiact with the authoiitles oV
the penitentialy at .J.ielisoii , Mirh lorthe em-
ploymeiit of IM ) men and had to pay lor them
whethei ho used them or not. At that
tlmo only about 110 ol thu men were at worl. ,
but when Im ngieed to use no moio men ho
eeitaiilly refeired to 1WI called foi bv the
eontiiict , and liu had at vailous tlnn-s siiici <
used tlio lull l')0 men , He oxpiessiul rigiel
at tlio bojcotl and said that ho was MHO to
havn his goods bovcolled liy any body ol
men , Imt did not see nlmt ho could do about ,
ttic mailer. Mr. SnIol Sel.Schwab , A. Co , very Indignant ovui Iho action ot the
assemblies and thieatens to IIIVOKO thn aid (
thn law it he can hud out who to invoke it
A I'rcillolloii AlMint Union I'nrlllc.
Cni < Ado , Jan. fi.-ISpfi.lal 'lulcgian to
tluilJiK. ] A Nevv Vilk special sajs : Hits
ol &louu to * WU V.CMI made in Wall street
list night tliat the I'lilon Pacific wonhlb in
tlio hand * ol auci'lvcr inside of six month--
Hhonld the Inter-Mate eomiiieico bill pa-.s.
The almost certainly ol its passaH' .
tugethei with doubts of the p.ivfiK-
of the debt oxtelis on bill inaKu tli
stock weak , though the Juin
bhort liiteiust ahoadj In the block prevented
a treat many hales which would utbcimsii
hauiiieeii intidK. Coiihcrvatlvo .110
generally vvat hing tliu market without duiii
niueh Hailing. ' 1 hey believe tliut on tinp is
hngi' ot Ilio inter stiiio eommiici ! lull ( iDiild
will nmkii it another occasion to vent I IH
spleen hi lumping on thti as he tin !
directly alter the decision in the U.ui.itJj
case. W. K. LIIWKOII was scattcriiig pud 0-
tions amona tlio Chi < ago fctoi-K hoiisi s In-day
that Wabashpiefeiled would sell undei a <
insidf ) ol a week , it Mild lioin Ul down to M
to-day. _
Ci\H ; iOvploslon.
OilifAOO. Jan. 0 A gas explosion oc-
mired at M. H. Wnlkci caiiinKnlactoiycoinor
otU.ibash avenue and Hamsun studs ,
The gas had fbcaped in a small n'cept.ulo
undei the sidewalk vvhicli , vvhtn the hremen
went lodxtiiiuiiibh ( lie bla/o ooven ol tlii-tn
weio < . l > i uaH. The injured firemen
\vcrcthfji to a iirui ? htoio and niter
C'H.M'li ' r.iblo lubm weroieatoiedtoeonscioiib'
pi"i It w.i On a Jniii : timu feaied that on
of ttieni would nut I