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Situated on high and Beautiful Ground , affording a fine view and sufficiently near the
The advantages of ARMOUR PLACE can be readily seen. It is located just west of the Stoclf Yards , on the B. & \
Railroad , near Hie depot , and is on the direct line of the series of
rhat will within a short time surround the city on all sides , You can double your money in six months by investing 1
Set Maps , Prices , Terms and Further Particulars of
R. ATT wner le nt
322 South Fifteenth Street
6 Per Cent Loans. Abstracts of TitI ?
The Oommittee Allow tlio Railroad Tax
Question to Go Unchanged.
.V Constinc Carnival General Hris-
liln'B Aflllotlon Father and Hon
Tlio Swedes AwnUcnttic
1 Other Local Notes.
The Ghartcr Committee.
Messrs. Burton. Uailey , Chase , Dailcy ,
Kvans , Clarke , Martin , -Meyer , Murphy ,
Lee , Lowry , Rosewater and Poppleton
were present at the meeting of the char
ier committee at the board of trade
rooms yesterday afternoon. In addition
to the members of the committee thcro
wore present City Attorney Council , Hon.
George W. Linningcr , Hon. C. J. Sinytho ,
Hon. David Knox , or Representative
Windspcur , Louis llcimrod and Council
man Manvillo. The town meeting proho-
Hied a few days ago by Mr. Poppleton in
ease of a postponement of the question of
taxing railroads for city purposes failed
to materialize.
Chairman 13arton called up section So
of the old charter relative to Urn council's
power to Jovy taxes , which had been
made a special order for yesterday's
meeting , In presenting Ins amendment
to thn section providing that all railway
property shall bo taxed for muniripal
purposes the same as other property
City Attorney Council oilcrcd the
following opinion of , Iudgo Wakcly ,
which was rendered yesterday morning
in the case of the Union 1'ncltic vs the
City of Omaha , showing that under the
prefeonf olmrtnr Iho nity has no power to
nssoss railway property except for 6tuto
nnd county purposes :
. Ily a fair ami reasonable construction of
( he statutes , the property nt the railroad
company Included In the assessment by the
Mute olllecrs under sections 89 and 40 , icvu-
iiuolaw , can bit assessed lor cltv purposes
only as personal pioperty and upon the val
uation ) > t < r milo o ( the load as an entirety.
Kut. under thu picsent law , this does not
npply to machine and repair shops and other
piopoity spvcllically enumerated In the pro
vision of M'ctlon oil.
The authority confumtlon the mayor and
council by section U-tor the clty charter , to
levy nnd collect "taxes on nil tno real estate
and personal property within the corporate
limits of the city taxable nccoidlm : to the
laws of the Mate , " docs not authorize the
taxation of railroad piopettv In any manner
or by any other rule of valuation for city
] inri > os s than for county and state purposes.
So much of It as is "taxable accordIng -
Ing to thn tans of the state , " as
vciRonal pioperty at .so much pur mlli > ,
must 1m taxed for oily jnu poses. No other
method of asM'ssment or valuation Is pro-
* vldcU for or contemplated.
Whether or notu dill'einnt itile of taxa
tion ought to Do icqulmi for city or local
puriwjses Is for the Irgitlatme not.tho couits
todcti'iiuinr ,
The petition shows plalntifl's property
IU-IOUKS to thu clns.4 taxable only in a special
manner iiioridcd by statute , and thu do-
nuuiti mu-.t ) > H tivciruled.
Mr. ( 'onnel ) said that the plan pro.
posed by tlm umondmi-nt could not be
reasonably objected to. All that the
amendment Implied was that the railway -
way company's property should be taxed
( ho same as tlio property of private citi
zens.Mr. . l.ce asked what personal tax the
railroad companies pay in Omaha.
Mr , Council replied that they did not
pay anything worth mentioning.
" \Viiyja \ it that youull insist upon com-
; ywcU wiUiuutrutbaf" roared
Mr. Poppleton. "The Union Pacific paj-s
at least § 20,000 a year on personal prop
erty. "
Mr. Connell "I neror denied that. "
Mr. Poppleton "You did , and now you
come hero and try to back out of it be
cause Judge Wakcly rebuked yon. "
Mr. Connell "You know you state
what is not into , Mr. Poppleton , when
you say that Judge Wakoloy rebuked mo.
loti come in hero and turn rod in the
face in the heat of your defense of the
corporation that you represent. The
authority 1 present is in black and white
and in it you can see whether Judge
Wakoloy rebuked mo or not. There is no
occasion for your tearing a passion to
tatters in this way. "
Blows between'the two legal luminaries
was prevented by Councilman Leo , who
wantctl the lawyers and editors .shut oil'
from debate in order that the common
herd might have a chance.
Chairman Barton decided that thcro
were no newspaper men or lawyers on
hand. All of the gentlemen were mem
bers of the committee and had equal
Mr. K. Rosewatcr stated that the rail
roads practically pay no takes on their
realty. The system is taxed as a whole ,
but there is no definite way of ascertain
ing just what part of the corporation's
property is in the city's limits. It is
known what mileage the county con
tains , but there is no way of tolling
what is in the corporation limits of the
city. The Omaha A ; Republican Valley
railway company has only n little more
than a mile of road in Douglas county
on which it pays taxes , yet that company
operates a line of road to Omaha , and
owns a largo amount of veal estate in
Omaha that ucars no part of the city's
tax bunion. This is only a sample of the
whole system of railroad taxation. It is
unjust that the railroad lots should be
put in the lump and assessed
for the equal benefit of all
the counties through which the road
runs and thus escape the taxation of the
city whoso improvements , made at public
expense , make the property valuable.
After a great deal of discussion , in
which I'olouol Chase offered seven rea
sons why the amendment should not be
adopted a vote was taken. The section
was adopted , as. in the old charter , Mr.
Connell's amendment being lost by the
following vote : Ayes Barton , Lowry ,
Dailoy , Chase , Poppleton , Murphy and
Kvans. Nays Uailoy , Luo , Rosewater
and Clark.
Old section 41 , authorizing the council
to award grading contracts to the lowrest
bidder was then called up. Mr. Wind-
spear's substitute was ollercd providing
that all street grading , curbing and gut
tering and macadami/.lng shall bo none
by day labor under the direction of the
board of public works and the city coun
cil , and that all paving and sewering
shall bo done by day labor or by contract
as the city council and the hoard of pub
lic works may direct.
Mr , Dailoy thought that the property
owners should bo allowed to determine
how the work should bo done and Mr ,
Bailey moved that two-thirds of the prop
erty owners on uuy street should have
the right to decide in what manner pub
lic improvements should bo made.
After considerable discussion the fol
lowing section was adopted :
"All grading , paving , macnrtaml/lns or
KUtttnlm ; of any streets , avenues or alloys in
Ilia city lor winch , or any part thereof , a spe
cial tax shall bu levied , blmll bo done by con
tract with the lowest responsible bidder.
Provided , that when owners ronresentiuc
three-titths ot the propei ty upon the HUB of
tliu proposed Impiovmncnt so petition the
work bhall bo done by day labor , "
The committee then adjourned to meet
tit3 o'clock on Monday to complete their
General Brack returned last night from
his two wicks' visit ui Texuii
ciiimha. ISttsincsa Men Fnll to De
nounce the Cullom Bill.
Yesterday morning the sixteen members
of the board of trade and freight bureau ,
met in the board of trade rooms tc dis
cuss the Cullom bill , now pending in the
senate , providing for a regulation of in
terstate railway trallic. Owing to some
mistakes in sending out notices , the at
tendance was not a ? large as it should
have been. Mr. W. F. Grillitts. the
freight commissioner presided , while T.
H. Taylor was cho en to act as secreta ry.
Speeches were made by Robert
Erisson and lien Gallagher , denounc
ing the bill as inimical to the
interests of Omaha and other western
cities , because in establishing a system
of pro rata charges , the rate for a long
hauJ , say from Jtaw York to Omaha ,
would become exorbitant. Their objec
tions were cleared away by Mr. E. Rosewater -
water in a short sueeeh in which lie explained -
plained that the bill did not provide for
pro rata charges as many supposed , but
simply prohibits a greater charge for a
short naul than for a long one , "under
similar conditions , " giving the commis
sion power to waive the operation of
the law as the occasion requires.
Mr. Rosewater said that lie thought all the
agitation against tlio bill and the calling
of the board of trade meetings to publiol.y
denounce it was the work oftho railroad
companies who were readily opposed to
the measure.
After some further discussion the meet
ing adjourned , fine die , without taking
any action in the matter.
Fvrmit"rt.Ni > SON .
They Como Together and
Tears Over t ho Me'et IIIK.
An interesting episode took place in-
Postmaster Contain' # olllco yesterday
morning , A son and father by a little stra
tagem were brought together and both
fahed ( cars over the meoting. The father
had been written to by his boy , who was in
Kansas City , to the iillcct that if the for-
mcr sent him money lie would go home
for the Christmas dinner. The father
f-oiit tlio money , nnd nil the other
children wcru collected from abroad for
a grand family dinner. Shortly before
Christmas the son telegraphed again
that ho was in Council lUull's and had
spent the money sent. The announce-
mcnt almost broke the father's and
mother's heart. The former resolved to
come out and find his wandering
boy. Hn learned that the young man hud
ordered his letters to this side ; that ho
hud received borne letters hero , and then
ordered them to be forwarded to the
BlufTs , This order lie countermanded
and authorized them to remain licro.
The father followed him from the Bhifl's ,
hero , ai riving yesterday. Ho saw Mr.
Coutaut , a decoy letter was addressed
to the young man and as a consequence ,
this morning , both son and father were
brought together , Both failed tears , one
° f J ° yi tlio oilier of repentance. They
journeyed home yesterday atternoon , but
Postmaster Coulant will not give their
names ,
Oiiiahn People arc lavlleil to 1'lattb-
George Kay yesterday received a tele
gram from J. L. Miner , of Plattsmouth ,
stating that a coasting carnival would
be held in that city to-night , and
inviting the coasters and tobhoggancrsof
Omaha to attend It is probable that a
number of people from this city will go
down with sleds , trayerses and tobog
gan ? , At the Jwt caralYal
city the Omaha people were
enthusiastically received ! and hand
somely treated by the Plattsmouth pee
ple. This fact will p'robablo induce the
Omaha coasters to attend to carnival to
night in larger numbers than last year.
Among tlio travencs which arc
already booked to make thn snow Ily on
the Plattsmouth hill are the "Lurline , "
owned by W. S. Helpurny , and the
"Maud S , " owned by George Kay ,
Other parties desiring to attend am re-
qucstsd to leave their name at Collins ,
Gordon & Kay's store before 10
o'clock this morning. Jf a parly of
twcnty-livo can be guaranteed a special
rate of if 1 for the round trip can be se
cured. The trains on the B. & M. leaves
to-monow night at Op.m. and 0UO : p.m.
Tin : Wjiin : for 18ST has been changed
in many ways. The cylinder shuttle ,
and improved bobbin can not bo sur
passed. We are ready to ship after
January 1st. , with former terms.
Omaha Neb ,
General Hrlsbin'H Allllntlon.
The people of Nebraska will sympa
thize with General Brisbln in the af
fliction which has fallen upon his family.
"Three weeks ago , " says the Nebraska
Crescent , "General Brisbin's lilllo
daughter , Katie , was taken down sick ,
and we learn her sickness has developed
into scarlet fever. On learning from the
post surgeon , Dr. Rood , the nature of the
disease. General Brisbin promptly quar
antined hiB.houso and turned over the
command of the post to Captain Parker
that lie might avoid the spread of the dis
ease and devote himself to his hick child.
The family is completely secluded and
see no one but the doctor. The follow
ing is the on I /lacing / ( the house of the commander in quarantine. We sin
cerely hope the trouble will soon be over
and no new cases of the disease develop.
I-'OIIT Koui.VMt.v , Neb. , Dec. 10. IbSO ,
Order No. 33ii. fUsttapt. ] I , the post
surgeon , having repoited a case of scailet
fever In tliuliuu o of the commanding ollicer ,
the house and its Inmates are hcicby placed
In quarantine dm Ing the dangerous pcilod.
Until the dlseasn In the luuiily passes , the
comnmndliiK ollioor leinuorarlly turns over
tliu command of the post to Captain Chailes
i'.irkcr , Ninth cavalry. ISy onler of
Lii'.v n.VANi-Coi.oNii. : : BKISIII.V ,
[ Signed , | Commander.
J5. \VmoiiT , 2d Lieutenant Wh Cuvaliy ,
ActluK Post Adjutant.
Wo learn with sorrow that two more of
the general's childrenBlanche and John ,
arc. down with the fever , and also u col
ored servant girl , "
The members of the Irish National
league are-requested to moot nt Cunning
ham's hull'Sunday afternoon , January'- ' .
at U o'clock , Business of importance will
bu presented to the meeting , and mem
bers arc urged to be present.
JOHN A , McSuAKE , President.
The Mttlo Mniils Made Males.
One of the cutest souvenirs issued this
year is that by Baureis , Puls andSchmit/ ,
the comedians of Iho German company
at the Boyd. It consists of a cabinet pho
tograph in Hoyn's best style , introducing
each of the gentlemen in costume pecu
liar to the never-to-be-forgotten "Three
Little Maids from School" from the "Mi
kado. " Kach of these gentlemen strikes
an attitude peculiar to one of the little
maids , and with smirks and smile * a
captivating us. those of the well known
daisies , it will bo appreciated and is in
tended for each of the season ticket holders -
ers at the German theater ,
Mcrclumts Hotel , Omaha , Nat Brown ,
Prop. f'J per day. Cor. 16th and Faruaui.
All Street curs from depot pass
Improving the Trnclc.
The bicycle track in the exposition
building is being enlarged at both ends.
The raised platforms are being extended
further back than Jhey were formerly ,
thus allowing the riders a chance to ride
faster around the corners. At the same
time this will not make the track any
longer than it is at present , as the polo
will be changed to correspond _ wnh the
enlarged width of the platforms. Prince
says that he thinks this change will make
a ( lillerence of about ten seconds in a
mile , inasmuch as it will enable the
riders to pass Iho corners with a greater
freedom and without danger of falling
oil' .
Kcal Em ate
Filed December ! ! 0 , 1SSO , reported for
the BII : : .
Chailcs Mlliaiii to Kinmah ( Jill , undividPd
H Interest in lots b , 0 ami 10 , In Meliiitees'
add. w rt $4,000.
\V E Drury and others to llairv O Moody ,
lot : t , block 7Plain view , wd-S7.r,0-
W K Drnry and otliers to J < 'ied 1J Kctclinm ,
lot'- , block f. Plain view , w d-57,10.
W K Drury and others to .lames tJrn wn ,
lot 4 , block7 , Plalnvlow. w d S750.
J H Harris to the public , plat ot llairla &
Patterson's annex , subdivision of east % of
bejf of so,1. * , see 0,14. li ! dedication.
James Millar to Charles J llouerts , lots ,
in Pelliam Place , w d-SK)0. ( )
harnion P Pmyn nnd wife to hdwln M
Pnilc , lotm , Fairmont 1'liu-e. wd-S'J.WO- ,
( icorgoYAmfis and wile to ( JcorKe lirady.
13 , block , McCormick's : i < ld , w d IW.
Marv K Coy to Gillian \V \ llalde , lot a ,
block to , .South Omaha , w d $7,10.
Henry I.St John and others tr > Albeit I )
lluu'hps , lot 18 , block 1 , KNclmnuo 1'lacc , w d
.lames V Xolan to Albrit ; D llu hos , lot ,
blocik 0 , KlrkwnoU , w(1 8750.
William J Wagoner nnd otliurs in .f IS
Kvans mill others , lot 15 , block 1 , J'owlcr
1'lBCC. W (1-5WO. (
( iooi-Ro lj .Swartixml wife to Mary I !
Kvans. lot 8 , block 0 , Omiilm Vlow , w il
* 1 , 09 ,
CharlM McUorinlck to John Iloclistrasser ,
lot ! 1 , MOCK 8 , McCornilck's M add , w d-iOOO.
A J lliuiscom anil wife to Henry O ln-
vrles nnd olliiTP , lot H , block JO , Ilunscoin
1'lic'O w d S5jO
Jlonry T J'i'titt to C J Caswell , lot 15 , block
W. llniiscoin I'lare.vil81KOO. .
H ( ) , ( onesandvlfo to William S Cannon ,
feet ol lot ! ) , block0. Klkhorn , wd
ti IIII Claik ( trustro ) to Helen 15 Truman ,
lots 11 and I'-1 , block S , W > t Side add , w d
" William h rcCaguo to Kate .M Hhoados ,
lot 1U. block 14 , Hanscoin I'l.ick , w d Sit.OlO.
M'I I'.itiick ami wife to ( SeonioV \ KIIIY ,
lot y , block W of 1'atrlck'n proposed M udd
to Omaha , wd SiOO.
N H OHM to J W Tasoii , lot in In subdivi
sion of cast feet of block V , Shinn'sild
add , wd 31,4M. , , ,
Anna Jl ( J MeCormlck and others to Majj-
glo Sulllvau , lot 11 , block a , Deer 1'ark , w d
P 0 Hiinobnngh and wife to P U Beldon.
lots 12 and 14 , block C , Saunders & iliiue-
bauth's aau. w d-Sl.m
CJiailes McCormiek to Win 0 Hills , lot 4.
block 4 , McCorumck's 21 add , w d'JO ' ,
Charles McCormlck to Jaws P Kills , lot 3 ,
block4. McCormick's aladd. w d-SVX ) .
David Kendall and wito to John Itiley ,
lots 11 and 13 , block 8 , Kcndiill's add , w d
city of Omaha to Chatles McCornuck ,
SOxlObJtent. . comment-In ) ; at tlio north east
corner of block 12 , McCoimlck'b M add , < j c
g1 ! 000. i
Daniel Kendall and wife to John Hlley.
lot 1 , block r , Kendall's udd , w d-S'JOO.
Joseph JJarkcr and others to U K Troxel.
lots V and 10 , block 15 , Meyers , Itlchaids Jc
Tilden'H add. w d-S&OO ,
William Fitqh to the public , plat of Kin-
wood Park dedication.
Anna Fees to Kmina M Tate , lot 2t > , IIhue-
baueh's place , w d-S2,000.
Jameb H lirowu to John A Uyan , lot 4 ,
Work 7 , Plaluvlew , W d itOO
' Ueury li tt Jouu nd others to John A
Bryans , lot 1C , block 1 , Kxchango Tlace , w
d SG75.
11 C Moody to.John A Uyan , lot 3 , block 7
rialnview , w d 5600.
Fred IJ Ketcham to John A Ryan , lot 2
block7 , I'lainview , wd SbOO.
Trouble In a Sotiooi District.
There is big excitement in West Omaha
precinct over the high handed action o
Trustees Hob Taylor & Co. , in changing
the locution of the schools , etc. A pub
lie meeting , to protest againbt the out
ntgo , will be called.
An Imperial Tricycle.
The emperor of Morocco is said to linvo
taken a great funcy to tricycle riding , lie
bus lately had a machine consjtrncteu 01
a new plan n sort of double- ' bicycle o.
gigantic proportions fitted with a 'couch ,
with a couple of wheels in front , each
propelled by a black slave. Reclining at
full length under a scarlet canopy
adorned with gold tassels , his imperial
majesty takes daily "exorcise" in the
grounds adjoining the palace. Jicsidc
him on a bracket stands u sort of pe
demeter in the shape of a small time-
niece , at which the emperor glances from
time to time in order to ascertain the rate
of speed attained by the machine.
The attention of the Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is
directed to a case reported to a represen
tative of the I5iryebtonlay. ; iLissaidthat
niaht before last a workman in the em
ploy of the Midland Klectric Light com
pany loft his horse , attached to a light
delivery wagon , Manding in an alloy
until morning without a blanket or
shelter of any sort. The poor beast was
discovered in the morning all but frozen
to death. It is said that this is not the
first time the same thing hus occurred
this winter.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of
Miritv , btrength and wlio'.csomeness. More
economical llinn the 01 dinar/ Undo and
cannot be sold in competition with the mul
titude of low test , fchort weight alum or
nhosphMe poxvden > . Sold only in cans.
Royal HnVfng I'owdei Co.,403 Wall street ,
New York ,
: f\TAiiuu.
Mom U a i ltre ! tote. Krea intaplo
NO and loot tor 4 cmt111
Chronic & Surgical Dlseat
DR. MoMENAMY , Proprietor. *
Siicteenyrara- Hospital aud I'rtrato IT cUc. ,
We Imo thn f/icilltfcj / , enpariitua a
for the succcifful treatment of ovcrjr i
in o requiring cither medical or urclcai.- ;
ftnd Invlto all to conn and IiiveallKHtu fo'thnmii. .
or correspond with in. Long eiporlej " . ' V
Ing cao liy Jotter cnablti us to trc }
icrtntineatlv without icolne them. . ' °
WHITE iron CIRCULAR on Dr > orn.ii | , .
" '
llrftce ) , Club Poet , Curvaturea o , | UB
Discuss or Wowrn. rllca , Tiimc. cartf3
L'Mnrrh , Broncbltla , Inlialntlon , I < lectic | | : ; rilj
yil , Kpllepaj , Kldoej , Eye , Ear , blilr *
all furjjlcnl operatlooa.
Manurlrv. Iubi > ler , nrneri , Tru * > , r
nil kluds of Mc-dlcal anil Surgical Appllanci ,
ufactnrcd Htidfor aale. r > ,
The only rellablo Medical Inibtut * makF
Private , Special $ Nervous Disea
-A Bl'JcOf A.I TV
from v.lintovcrcaiiioprndiicrd.iiicccufullr Iri-ca
Wu ciu rcinore Hyylllltlc ) iulionrow the kjifi
New restorative treatmrnt for loin of Altai po
Call nad consult ui or etnd name nnd pt
mldriti plalnlf written enclom ttanii | ,
will rend TOII , la plain wrapntr , our
Ill-ON J'lUViTB , Sl'IUUI , .AND NlllTOUB r
.SEMINII.VrAKNr < 8 , Si-iitMiToniiiiaii , i
or , Hvr/uin , aoNOHi-.niKA , QI.JCZT , V
tiTIllCTimn , AX1) AM , IHBCAtlt or TV ,
UniNAnr OKUA a , or tend lilctorofjrcl
uu opinion. I
IVr oii nnnllcto ) tlalt n m y le tret I
liorarf , lf nirrcii | > ondcncc , ili-dlclnea * . .
meiitx rent liy mall or ciiuriB bKCUHirTTf V H
Kl ) KltOM OUaRUVATIO.V. no rnaik * tolndlcal
contenli or cemlcr. Ono pi-nonal IntcrvlfM
feiretl If convenient. lf\tty \ IODUII for the a
inoilatlun of patlcnti. Boant nnd altriiUault i
rcaiounblo pilcca , Adilrctg all Lcttera lo I
Omaba Medical and Surreal InsllaiH
i .ar 13th SI. and Canltol Avo. . OMAIU. | "
E. T. ALLEN , M. D.
Eye , Ear , Nose & Thro
Room 9 Williams Building , cor , IC
Dodge tts , , Omaha.
lours 8 to 13 a.m. 3 to 4 and 7 to 8
Dciilnrsln Koiieral nn-i
tuuil history mill inn *
mum mipplloi. At lilt'
L'inl uyea , Knusei. clo. j
Cilaloin ttnrk of nil f
kinds will U'fclvt ,
prompt ulH'iilJou.
IC14. Cajiltol Ave.
n taloeui : nna frU6aon application. B
flit be. U ir rrUr IJulliltn nd Iicoltti.