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R'auhi'ncton Pa ) s tell Wh ) Olcvolancl
Puicha cd "P "ttv Prospect , "
New York KnilrnTorhiK to Itotnln tt ,
WHli the ClmnccH in Kiitor of
Omntia Coininlnsloimr Glo-
vci1 to He
Clevclnnil'fl Conirllmtloii.
WAIIIINOTOK , Dec. 2. [ Special Telegram
lo the BKI.J : With a unanimity that arouses
suspicion of preparation at the white hoitsn
nil of the local pipeis to-day publish very
lengthy statements show ing Picsldcnt Cleve
land's connection with the purchase of his
country plnce. 'I he bent of It Is to show that
he was not n pirty to cuchrclng the real
estate agent out of his commissions nnd it is
In the foim of an Interview , etc. , with Green ,
the recent owner of "Oak View. " It Is the
lirst elaborate and authenticated defense of
( he president on this subject and shows that
lhat Is aroused. The tenor of the
articles and something of their uniform
character can bo seen by the head lines of
two of them Ono Is headed thus : "All
About Oak View. Thu True Story of the
Piesldent's Purchase. O. C. Green's State
ment. A Sine and Legitimate Transaction
From Beginning to Knd. " Thu other has these
lines : "The Purchase of Oak Vlovv. A Plain
Stralghlfoiward History of the Whole Trans
action. Tlio President's Search For a Quiet ,
Klovated and Inexpensive Country Place ,
Oak View Meets the Hennlroments. , " As a
thorough icfulatlon of the slander.s connect
Ing the picsldunt aijil the District commis
sioner with the syndicate Interest , a state
ment was prepared In Newspaper How-
showing tlio interest thu newspaper
correspondents have in doillng with this
subject , and giving the lie to thoasscitlon
that they aio blackmails. It shows that up
wards of twenty-live of the correspondcnls
my taxes on real estate in the Distrlcl of
Columbia , nearly all piylng over 8100 n year
and several twice that amount ; that com
bined they pay more taxes Into the District
treasurv than the picstdcnt , District eommls-
Hioner and policeolliecrs.someof tliem paying
tw Ice as much as the president.
NiW : VOIIIC S1IIII1KI ) fl' .
New York Is becoming alarmed over the
prospects of removing the depot of Indian
mipplles fiom that city to Omaha or some
other western point. A delegation from the
New Yoik board of trade and transportalion
has laid before Seciclaiy Lamar an elaboiate
communication on the subject , showlnctho
aitvmilages in ictalninji It whcio it now is.
It is chimed that New York Is the heulquai-
teis tor Indian supplies ; that most of them
wro either manufuctured there or come theio
befoiu they teach consumers , and tliat , llieie-
loie , It Is the best maikct for the u'overn-
meiit and one. . that must bu patronized in any
event. The Omahi delegation , expected
hero eaily next week , Is aiitlclpitcd with
Rcniilnc interest at the Indian olliie. The
Impression at the Interloi department seems
lo bo that Omaha has a good chance ol being
-ticcessfiil It the depot Is removed.
m.ovnn ro ni.i.NVisiieiA'iin. :
The sojiotary of iho Inlciior has addressed
n communication of recommendation to thu
commissioner of the geneial land olllco rec
ommending an Investigation of the alleced
( ( induct of C. H. Glover , of Lorn ; Pine ,
Brown county , Nebraska , inaflixlng his sig
nature and seal as United States commis
sioner to timber culture atlidavits In which
ulle ed enltles In iho Valentino district were
made when tlie entrymen were not before
him at the time of atlcst.itlons ,
thu entry men being m Illinois. Theseeietaiy
recommends that Iho dcpaitment ot justice
sake action to investigate.
vvvsniMiTov rt'i.i , OK SCANDAL.
There has been enough scandal in Wash
ington during thu lasl two or thrcu davs in
-onnocllon with the ical estate deals and Pie
police nn estimations to ( ill all the newspapeis
in the country. A very large portion of this ,
rxeept being extremely interesting , Is unlit
lor publication unlit because It Is so hlzhly
FC'iisational as lo bu almost Improbable in
linth. There Is but ono theme of conversa
tion , among politicians , statesmen and resi
dents here , and that Is this real esiato busi
ness , Ihu police Investigation and the inteiest
Iho pieshlenl Is now taking In It all. Al
though tno statement made that Ihe president
would institute a private Investigation on
Ihe ease to ascertain lust wno was Inteiested
| u these ical estate deals lias been denied
here at Ihe white house , it Is true , neverthe
less , that Mr. Cleveland Is looking Into the
matter. The chaiges made that tholhieu
rommlssloneis ot thcDistilcthavu an Inteiest
In tlioieal estate speculation and that they
have Inteiested an inlluentlal gentleman at
Ihu white house In whom the piusldcnt takes
ilie liveliest Interest , has been told to thu
president by u board of gentlemen In
iho plainest manner possible so that
there could bo no mlsundi-istanding as lethe
the condition of the nlTalis. It would bit
Todltlng the piesldcnt with tlio most Intense
Klupldltv losay lhat he was not looking Into
tlio until ol there-polls. Wlutevei ol doubt
Ihi-io may be have been a week ago ns to an
Investigation of the police and teal estate
matters , it liasentlrelydlsappi-iued , and there
Is hut one point atprcscnl ; It is that congress
will begin an Investigation , probably at both
ends ol the capital hclorc thu holiday s.
The removal ot Majoi Walker and Lieu
tenant Arnold complicates this scandal and
makes tlio Im estimation pos-
i-ess many posslbllllles. Both of thesu men
Me now anavi-d against the Distilct comiiiis-
hioners , and both will bu prost'ciiling wit
nesses , whereas on the iccent trial nelthei
v implicated any official abovnthem. There ,
niuptcdlctlonstliit Major Walker will tiy
mid show a dhict connection between the
lommlssloiiers nnd the teal estate syndicate ,
and to show that ho did not oiiginato thu
uuiTi.i'ntlon iimdeto A mold that congicssmon
should bo spotted toi thu puipoao ot intlu-
encing thrm in futinu legislation. A con
gressional Investigation wlUnndoubledly In
volve many Important facts which a pollen
investigation and a common limit dial could
not biluu out becanso the foimrr Is iieira-
lively mini ) poleut than tholattei's dlie-et
H one is to jiuliro by what ho hcais from
repii-si-ntatlvesand senators , there will boa
Kramlillng In both ends of ( he c.ipltol next
tvcek foi tint preredents o < ° introducing reso
lutions creating luveMii-'atlon Into the police
/mil / estate transactions In Iho District
'Ihe chief m.iglstiato is leported to h ive said t
lo a nuiubt'i ot Ills cougtcsslnnal friends that
hu hoped no Ltonu would be loll unturned for
llm deen pioliliu'ot this ipie.stion ; that Im did I
not deslii ) anv Miioku of a scandalous chaiac- ;
terto bohoverlngabotit thu white house , the [
olllces of thu Dlstricl commissioners and I
Hipeilnlcndent ot police , or any othet fed
eral guaidlan ,
or i.MKiinsrTO POST MARTI us
InU'siinnual ' lepoit Postmaster Coneial '
Vllas calls attention ton mallei which has
caused u good deal ot eommuni ainonir con-
uiessim-n , and which will nndnubti-dlv in-
ic-lve lealsl.itlvo action very soon. It Is the
matter of classilication of postollice-s and thu
allowanicsnt thosuoi the third class. .Mr.
Vilas thinks ilial the hVstem which has neeii
In practice toi fomu time , b\ which thiid
t lass postollli es ar giadi-it is v cry poonl \ o ,
1 * . that thosu of this rank should u-celvu moio
* tnanelal assistance at tliu hands of thu gov -
ornmi'iit. olliceis of thi )
third class , getting 9".V a year or more ,
thnuld be given buildings 10 bo occupied
toiely foi postolllco purposes , and that them
( should Im additional M-I vices. Hi )
it-commends that such ullii'is.should he leased
bv thu government and given allowaucos toi
fuel , light and eleiIcal loicu lo an amount
not lu excess of box lent and commission.
For several veaib congress has been prac
ticing a kind ot by-play m bnilesepio In the
mailer ot i rev Idmg buildings lor third class
postollli-es. It has Iwcn making an
nppropiiatlon tor the leasing of bmliliued for
the e olllces , which has been equal to about
5 pel tent of the actual cost of buUillnch
ica-ed. The object In providing that bullel.
Inns tor tliinl class postothces fan bo leased
and making iinappioprhitlon so Inadequate
to the leqmred amount , has been and Is now
for the purpose ot oncouraglnc rivalries. In
the small cities between localities and busi
nesses , that the cilUenu , for thu purpose ot
securing a location of the ofllce , will con
tribute an amount sufllclont lo pay the rent.
'Ihe operation of this despicable practice
has been the leasing of hulldincs at nominal
figures and leeching the citizens for the
An ofllcer at the postonVc departmentwho
has much to do w Itn leasing postotllcn build
ings , say s that the government docs not pvv
more than K per ce-ntot the tent for build
ings occupied by all postolliccs of any other
than the first class , which are In the very
largest cities. Tlio consequence Is that
mciconary motives control the location of
the ! poslolllcoi ot the second and third .
whereas convenience to the patrons nnd fair
business reasons generally should be the con
trolling spirit. Knowing then as well as It
does , It Is believed that congress will take
the matter In hand and alfonl a remedy.
iiCM-.nirT ov TIM ; UAOK
A spliltud Investigation Is to bo made by
tin * senate commlltee on printing Into the
discharges made by Public Printer Benedict
before action Is taken on that official's noinl-
nitlon. 'Ibis work wilt be compli
cated. H will lequira Inquiry as to
motive tor removal in the ells-
phcemcnt of overWJJ employes. Herctofoio
the public printer has been in the habit of
carrying from tlie second or third month Im
mediately preceding the meeting of congress
several humliedexlta printers to pay whom
ho had no money. On sevcial occasions the
printers have worked without any assurance
of pay foi several weeks , but thov were of
course confident thai congress would do fair by and appropriate money to pay them. It
Is tuio that tlio money act aside bj congress to
liquidate tint expenses of Ihu government
printing olllco wan so neatly expended that
the public printer could not insiiio the wagcir
of employes fiom the 1st of October to the
end oi the year , but theio was all the woik
which he could do , and which must be done ,
spiead out in the olllce , and the question
arises now why did the government printer
make this wholesale removal when work waste
to bu done , in the face of the practice ot his
predecessor , unless It was to get rid ot par
tisan emulov cs , that partisans of another
class might be employ cdV It looks as tliougb
Mi. Benedict's nomination will not bo con
tinued , as them Is a good deal of upathy on
the subject.
To-day the postm istei general , on thu re
quest of tlio postmaster at Des Molnes , la , ,
allowed thai olllco three additional lettet-
carriers to commence December 13.
Postmasters In Nebraska have been ap
pointed to newly established olllces , as fol
lows : Hobert P. McKnlght , itervvln , Ciisler
county ; George Piters , Cairo , Hall county.
Orders have been Issued affecting thu st.u
mall service in Nebraska , as follows : Crciuh-
ton to Yankion from December 0. omit Tal-
bott and Sweden ; decreasing distance two
miles Paddock to Atkinson fioniDecembcrG ;
for the discontinuance ot Blackbird , decreas
ing the illstancc three nnd a half miles ;
Atkinson to Grand Hapids , pcimitrontractoi
to perform side service between Bclknap and
Cleveland , provided full service bv svvoin
cairierln locked pouches bo lendeied and no
complaint bu made ; Bioken Bow to Wester-
vlllu ttom Deccmbei 13 , omit Bioken Bow ,
embrace and begin at Ansley decieasine
dlst nice eight and a half miles ; Triumph to
Broken Bow , modify older November 11 to
lakoulfeclNoveiubei " 0 , In lien ol Novem
ber 10.
Tlio following postmastcis wcte commis
sioned to-dav : Joshua M. Snyilut , Ycrdur-
otlu ; Hobert S. Handei son , Whltliei ; Frank
lin 1C. Hill , Willow SpiiiiL'S.
The poslolllco at Mcnotc , lleuna Vista
county , Iowa , was discontinued yesterday.
Iowa postmasteis commissioned : Alex
Chailes , at Cedai Hapidslco W. W. Smith ,
suspended ; James P. Caileton , Iowa Falls ,
vice J. B. Knapp , suspended ; Frank P.
Motle , at Ode-boll , vice F. H. Bennett , sus
pended ; G. C. Scrimgeon , at Hello Plaino ,
vice W. A. Hunter , resinned ; Joseph H.
Jamco , : it Sac City , vice 11. 11. Limereaux ,
The orders of First Lieutenant Philip
Powell , Ninth Cavalrv , to lejom Ills u-gl-
ment , have been suspended until Febtu-
arv 1.
Assistant Surgeon I , . S. Tc-ssou has been
giantcd lour months' leave.
Assistant Suigeon Kobe-it It. Ball has been
ordered to the Department of the Missouri.
The leave of Suigeon D , ( ! . Caldwell has
been extended twenty days.
Major Alman T. Hockvvell , quartermastei ,
has been oidered to duty ns assistant to Ihu
ehleE qu&itermaster ol the Dc-piitmeiit of
'Iho leaves of Lieutenant John J. Shiivv.
Sixth Infantiy. and First Lieutenant John
H. Philbreck , Eleventh Infantiy , have been
extended two mouths.
Commissary Seitreants George P. Arling
ton and H. H. James have been retired ,
iniirr rAi-ir.VL M ws.
A deleratlon of Boston. Now York air !
Chicago business men are urging the presi
dent to recommend In his message to con
gress the passage of a bankiupl bill.
Some agitation in political circles vvaJ
caused this evening bj the announcement
that General Ben JiuUer had been retained
by Iheobo in hiseontestol SpeakerCaillsle o
election 16 thn Fittleth congress. H is said
that Butler will work with
feeling In the case , lie lemembers with a
degiceot vividness the treatment ho lecelved
by Kentucky democrats in his ic-cent presi
dential canvass.
The secietary ot war has granted a request
it-eontly undo by General Ha/en to allow
Lieutenant A. W. Gieeley to lemaln on duty
In the signal SGI vice as assistant to thu chief
signal otllecr. Geneial Ha/en's health Is not
good at piesent and ho dcslied to be iclicved
of some of Ihe duties of his position.
Members of congicss are airiviiu by oveiy
train and most of them will bu here by Mon
day next al Iho opening of thu session.
i in : NKvn TI 01:01 : omr M , HI m le F.
( ( Importance is attached by the local
iiuvvspipms this morning In announc
ing that Lieutenant James S. Powell ,
ot the signal olllce , has been detailed to pie
ceed to Omaha to organl/e thu meteorological
servlceof thu Union Pacllic lallioid , which
Is toco oper.ito vvltli the ITnltod States signal
service buieaii. It Is believed thai Ibis Is lo
lie the inauguration ot a valuable epoch In
meteorological utilitv.
General Miles' Itotront.
"Vr.w YOIIK , Dec. 2. [ Special I'elesiam to
the Bii : : J Thu Heiald's
sajs : Theio Is considerable gossip about the
war depirtmcnt concerning the sudden re-
tuin ot General Miles to the west on Monday
lasl When thegeneral came lo Washing
ton a week ago It was his Intention to
remiin four months. Ills learned tliat the
distinguished army ofllcer on dutv heiu jul-
valelv Intoimed Miles that It would hi ) well
Im him to Icavo for the west atonce. Upon
making fuither Inquliy Miles was told thai
ills enemies at thu ilepaitment.who weio jeal
ous ol | he fame he had w tested from General
Crook , would nulco tioublu for him U hu
Tlio President' * Mt-NSn/ / ; * * ,
WASiu.NinoN. Dec. 2 , The cabinet meet-
Im : to day was of shorl dilution. I ho juesl-
dent's me-ssage - was the only subject cmislil *
eicd , although theio was nn Informal discus-
hlon as th thu probable ol eongiess at
HID coming session. The message is jiractl-
callv completed , mill thu clerical tonu at Hie
white house Is now engaged pii-parlng
copies toi thu houses of congress.
Hlir Con I Hnilh ,
OITVVV A , Out. , Dec.'J , .V iiiembci of the
geoloa'leal survey stall who Is engaged In in
vestigating the coil deposits in thu Saskatch-
uinvions : states that Die coal Mipplv In i
the noithwi-st is ubsolntel ) Inexhaustible.
'Iho.vholo dUtrlct lying bi-twcpii the Itoekv
.Mountain IIOUSH and lott Hill Is ono vast
srrluot coal bed8 , both haul and soft , ot the
best quality ,
The C.i i oil n o Dispute.
dlionntlc | ] conlruveis ) . protracteil largely
through Iho hostile MinU ot the lieininn mill
tarv authorltlcs.iluall ) succeeded In inducing
BiMiiack toabindon his proposal to establish
u naval station at thu Caiollne Islrimls.
l.ieiilenant Oroc'lj'H Position ,
WAsuiNmo.v , Dec. 2. The secretary of
war approved the request made by the chief
signal ofliccer that Lieutenant Gieeloy ho ic-
Mined on duly in the signal ullli-o as assist
ant to H.izen , who Is In ill health ,
Ciuni.i S.TON , Dec 2 , There were slight
shocks of uiithquako at Sunimervlllo last
night and this morning. There was a severe
shako at Columbia ut elyht this uiorumg.
Frightful Experience of a Passenger Steam
ship On the Atlantic ,
llic Deck Crushed In nnil Many of the
Cro'nnil I'oinpiiitcrH Killed
nnil 1 n.l n roil Hi ) vv It
A rntcful Voyntjc.
.H-nsr.Y Cm , Dee , 2. A frightful disas
ter involving the ( loath of six men and the In-
Illctlon of crlous Injuries to thirteen others ,
was reported this afternoon , nj > on the arrival
of the steamship Western Lind. On Satur
day afternoon , November 27 , a hugu cross
sea was suddenly encountered nnd It fell
with terrific force upon the forward deck of
tlio steamship. Ihe Western Land was then
seven dajs out fiom Antwcip. The deck
was crushed In and burled the unfortunate
passengers beneath a mass of wood nnd Iron
debris. The next Instant the water swept
along < the gangways of the main deck , carry
ing ] several persons with It. Ihu crasli was
tcrrltic i , butbcforo the appilllm : natuio of tlie
accident was realized by the. passengers , the
ollicers ot the snip had all Iho men available
engaged in the work of rescue. The injured
were carried to the Intermediate cabin , which
was transformed into n hosplttn. Fem sea
men weio found to have been killed out
right. They were :
ItAsvir.ns SoxiiAonv , aged fifty-seven , of
Antwerp ; his skull was crushed to a jelly.
GUSTAV Di'DAin. aced iottv-tlircc , of
Antvveip , crushed to death beneath a heavy
iron beam ; leaves a wlfo nnd three chlldicn ,
KVIII.K Dr. COCK , twenty-six-years old , of
Antwerj ) , unmanled ; he was round pinned
to the main deck bv the jagged end of an
Iron stanchion , which had pleiced his abdo
men ,
HTNIIV JAinir.s , aged twenty-seven , nn-
mauled ; legs broken , and bis tluoat xvas
The two others killed wcio steoiage pas-
seinrers ,
M vFIIAMJR , seventeen years old , of
GAIIIIII t , LtVADKini : , aced seventeen , of
Flanks' abdomen was cut open and his
Mutll Iracluied , He died at 1:30 : o'clock
Sunday morning. Llvaderio sustained In
ternal Injuries which caused ills death live
hours after Franks expired.
The Injuied seamen aie :
Second Boatswain Neil Hanson , lelt leg
and arm broken.
Nils Olson , both logs biokon.
Javlnnns Du Jough , leg bioken and nip
Henrv Vcrstracton , both legs broken and
chest binised ,
Fiancis Frank , Charles Bcdo and Feidl-
nand Hcitman escaped with slight biuises.
The passengers in lured were as follows :
Joseph Llvadeiie , both aims bioken. Ho Is
a brother of the young passenget who died
liom his injuries.
Max Kagle , leg broken.
.M't.tiTS Wti.r , , soveiu contusions on back
and abdomen.
Fn VNCIS LASSAM , tlueo ribs bioken and
lungs puncluicd.
WH.I.IAM ilAiicoMii. of New York , leg
broken and aim dislocated.
LUOUNK SoiiMint , severe scalp wounds.
( SiisiAVK Bimrss , seveio eontusious on
back and thighs and Tace badlv cut.
JOSEPH CnmsiMAN , arm broken.
MAIITI : < NII > MI , nnklo sprained and back
The were buried at sea. Many affectIng -
Ing scenes weie witnessed at the improvised
hospital when the pasbcngcis inquired -about ,
theii injuied Iricuds. Kveiything possible
was done for the relief ot the injured. Tne
cabin passengers showed their sympathy
with tlie unforlunates by many kind acts ,
nnd raised a purse ot 2,000 fiancs to bo dis
tributed among the families of the dead and
Injured. When the Wi-sletn Land reached
port the tnjuicd passuncers weio transluiied
to hospitals.
An Inspection of the vessel affoided some
Idea of the terrible blow'slio bad iccoived.
'Ihe crushed deck was known as the loiw.ird
whalebick. It was constructed ol tour-inch
Pine planks , resting upon massive lion
beams. Tiicse , in turn , weie upheld by
tliice-iuch lion rod stanchions. The vast vol
ume ol watei stiuck the whaloback about
ilfteen fept fiom the slorn and ciuslicd in a
section twenty-nine leet In length and ex
tending the lull width ot the steamship.
Second Ollicer niioll made the following
statement : 'U'o left Antweip on Salurd.vv ,
November 20 , with slxlv-nlnocibin and 571
sieeiaee- passengers and a fill lea mo. At JbO :
o'clock Saturday atlurnoon , November U7 , wo
were In latitude 47 degress , 51 minutes , longi
tude--I ! ) decrees , lit ) minutes. 1 was on the
main bridge when 1 noticed an enormous
wave on the staibo.aid lee. The next in-
slant anothei toweling wave joined It fiom
Iho jieut side. They seemed to leap Into thu
ail as they minded. They must have been
neaily lorty feet high , as 1 saw their
united mass above tlio lower vaul of
the torcumst. Then came a etash ot
water upon tlio deck. It sounded louder than
ado/en cannons hied at oncu. 'Iho water
swept Iroui one end to the other ol the main
deck and carried everything bctoio it. "
Tlio disaster was not met with In astoun.
Merely a good strong biee7o was blowing
fiom thu southwest , with a chopping sea.
Thu vessel was speeding at sixteen knots an
hour. The day w as clear. Most ol the cabin
p.issengcis wuru be-low. A gioup of salient ,
wcio on the -.par deck under what Is tech
nically known as thc"turtlu back. " Moving
aioiind among them wern seveial steerage-
passongera who weie idly watching the
hallois vve-avlng 'Sennet , " a material lor
matting used tor sails. The hrst ollictrs was
below. It was thn staiboaid watch and thu
captain and second olllcei were on tlie deck ,
thelattei bein. ; on thu bridge.
A Kolioonorjjost.
W \ i r.m ow x , N. Y. , Dec. 2. An unknown
hchnonci wcntashoro at 1:30 tills morning
otl Stony cieck , about tlneu and a half miles
from Woodville. Shu lays on the locks with
wavus bieaklng ovei he-i and Is lajildly going
to pieces. Three men and one woman are on
board , 'Jlielife saving cicw at Big bandy
station nas gone to attempt n lescue.
Osvvnno , N , Y. , Dec. ' { . Word lias been re
ceived hem tliat an unknown .schooner ,
thought to bo the Ariadne , has go no ashore
In Mexico bay , about t\\enty-live miles utist
ot heie , and that her eiew are In thu rigging.
The vesKolrepoited ashoie In Mexico bay
proves to bo thn Ariadne , Captain Mi-Kay ,
w ith a crew of live men , bound fiom Toronto
to this port with a careo of Iniloy , When oil
this harbor last night she lost her main mis t
anil drifted down thu lake till 4 a m. to-day ,
when blui went nslioie. Thu captain was
soon washed inviboml and drowned and
during thu day two of the crew were Ho/en
to death. Thn remaining three took to iho
rlgglnir and were nenily perished vvlinn taken
on. ' 1 heir recovery Is considcicd doubtluj ,
DonliliICallronil Calnslroilie. |
SIIEV VMiovu , Pa. , .Ice. ! ! . Thomas Heildj ,
aged sixty-live , was Instantly killed and 1
Hugh McGlnnls , aged twenty-thiec , fatallv 1n
tnjuicd at a late liom last evening on the
Ashland branch ot the Lehlgli Vallev rail-
load. Iteddywaa walking nlong the track
and attempted to cro s a short bridge ahead
ot an approaching train. When thcenglnecr
saw Hciiilj ho sign died dow n brakes sharply
and McGliincss' . who was a passenger , ujipro-
bonding n collision , leaped troin thn tialn
and j urn peel head foremost into a plln ot
stones. The entlne struck Iteddy and threw
him n distance of toity teet. Hu was liteless
whin picked up.
Fatality of a I'm lor Match.
PnTfiWKO , Pa. , Dee. i. . The Commeiclal-
Gazetto's Bollalro (0. ( ) special says : There
was a terrible explosion of powder in the
stoie of Kobert Hall , six miles west of here ,
this afternoon , fatally Injuring three and
seriously bruising r 1 burning llvo others.
The explosion was caused by some one step-
plug ou a parlor watch that was lying on the
fluor , when the spirk Icntted the powdnr in
n keg and blow the whole end out of the
store. Five men and two boys who were in
the store were prostrated. Those fatally
hurt were Hobcrl Hall , Jacob Weiss and
George Williams.
Tlio Klre Keconl.
A\ , Mass. , Dec. 2. A lar c two-story
brick building and contents owned by
Dacder & Co. , glue manufacturers , burned
this mm nlng. The lire ) Is supposed to be of
incendiary origin , because nt threats made
aKalnst the company. Loss , 5110,000.
Lovnojf , Dee. 2. Thlrtv men were In
stantly killed by an explosion In thcLcmoic
eollleiy In Duiliam to-day.
'Ihu anclcnl church of St. Mary Macda-
lenn 1 In Kntitlitrlilcr street vvas partially
burned ' to-day. ' 1 he same tire completely rte-
stniyed lour wuchouw ! In the samestu-el.
T.ital loss amounts to 100.0)0. )
HAS i SAiii.N'AW , Mich. , Dec. 0. Tlie house
of Jesse btoi'ktord , in Taj mouth township.
was binned last night. One child perished
In the flames , and another was binned so
bully that death ensuijd this morning.
Slockford and his wlfo weio nlso badly
BnorKtov , Mass. , Deo. 2. About 10 o'clock
to-night n tire was discovered in tlio shoo store
ofO S. Sweel/er. in theoixra house block ,
nnd U spread rapidly. The tlio departments
Iroin Stoughton. I' 1st Sloucrhton and Boston
weio summoned Ihe bulldln ? Isot brick ,
about lOOxM ) feet and four htories In height.
'Ihe loss on building and contents is cli
mated at S1G,000.
A Colclirntr-tl Hnllronil Cane Decltlrtl
by IOVVII'H Suprciiic Court.
DnsMutMis , la. , Dee , 1. [ Special Tele-
Biam to the BKI.J The supiemo court Hind
to day an opinion In thu celebrated Gtlddcn
buggy case , which lias been pending tor
some three years. Tliocat-o Is the one In
which Major Anderson , now congies'snian-
elect from the Klghth district , then railtoad
commissioner , held that the Iowa commission
could regulate freight charges between n
point lu lllinis and a point In Iowa. A man
In Gllddcn , la. , shipped a buggy by the
Northwestern rallioid from Mouison , HI.
Ho complained of the tariff as gieatei than
the law allowed the load to chat go In Iowa.
Anderson held that the commissioner had
power over the matter nnd could u-giilatu
the elnrgo belw ecu the Ivvo places , tiionch
in different states. Commissioner Collln
agieed with him and the two , a majority of
the board , oidered Iho load lo reduce ils
cluitics. It refused , and suit was brought In
the lowei court , and a final decision has just
been reached by the supreme court. It de
cides azalnst the commissioners nnd holds
that they have no power or contiol over the
case cited which belongs to inter-state com-
niotce and is subject only to congressional
rugulition. The decision is legarded as very
Impoit.uit , as it was In this pirtictil.ii ea e
that Anderson t-ndeavoitd to makn political
capital as an anti-monopolist , and his ad
vocacy of this iheory was one of the means
ho took to win the granger vote in his can
didacy for congiess.
The Trlnl or filiollonbcrccr.
NI.HHASK v Ctrv , Neb. , Dee. 2. ( Special
Telegiam to the Unr. ] After two days and
a halt a jury was to-day noon obtained to
try Leo Shellcnbeiirei , charged with Ihe min
der ot his little girl Maggie. The following
are the gentlemen selc-ctcd , all belnc far
mers , except A. H. Hill , who Is In the giain
business at Palmyra , Neb : H T. McJ'hei-
sonT. B. Williams , A. P. Hartman , John
Lonam , F. S. Mabel , B. F. Morgan. Charles C. C. Muety , A. H. Hill , W. C. F.iles ,
Adolphus Smilh and Fied Hapn. Sovcial
paitlcs , at piesent unknown , got out u liauil
bill last night , and liad it distributed
tlnoiighout the citv , i on which was
piinted "Look out tel J. C. and F. T ;
imiku short work ot them' By order of the
committee. " As llm above are the initials ot
Mr. Watson and Hansom lespectlvoly , who
aiebliellenbcigei's l.iwyi-rs. Ills presumed
that it was Intended to intimidate them foi
m-iklngtheli cltorts In their client's behalf
too sliong. 11 Is needless to say tliat WaNon
and Hansom aie not made ot such stufl that
would make them foi sake a client just be
cause ot an excited public opinion which is
adverse to their li list They intend toeil -
ousij guard theli client as far as the law per
mits ; and their profession goes , nnd If they
should boallcctedin any way by the circula
tion ot this dodgei } t would bu to nuku them
woik hauler lei him.
Pine Stoclc H
.Msov CITV , la. , Dec. ' ' . JSpepial Tele
gram to the Br.i : j The state association of
fine stock bleeders , in session heio to-day ,
ailopted very strong resolutions on Ihe sub
ject of wiping out cattle dlscises. ' 1 hey rail
upon the national government to condemn
and slaughter all cattle in the United Stales
Infected with the toot and mouth disease 01
pleuio-pneuiuonia and pay lor the same out
of the public trcisury. They also demand
that the eongiesslonil delegation tiy to pie-
vent the importation Horn any countiy to
( ids of animals so Infected , and they urge
thu gov ei noi and state vctetlnaiian ot Iowa
toexciciKo unusual vigilance to piovent the
iiittoilHclion ot tlie contagion to Iowa ratlin
liom the Infected niaikets , especially Chicago.
icriju-stlng that no cattle bo allowed to
eoiiio Into the stito troin Chicago until thoi-
oughly disinfected. Fills evening Ihe clll-
/onsof .Mason City tcndcied the association
n banquet , at which covers woie laid lot oOO
people. Toasts were responded to by lead
ing stock breeders of the stale , Including
rnlted States Marshal Campbell. Judge
Nourso of Des Molnes , Hallroad Commls-
Hlonei Collln , Hon. J. B. Gilmicll , Hcmy
Wallace , editor of the Homestead , and
otheis ,
Thn Santa TC'H Movement.
Foui MAIIISON , la. , Dei2. . | Special Tel-
eiam totho BKI.I Oneof the attorneysot
tno Alchlson , Topeka v Santa Fo lallvvay
was bete to-day and pel tecteU airangements
with the local company holding the chattel
forabiidgo across the Mississippi to tiausfer
Ilie same to the Santa Fe , woik to commence
within slxtv days lor the oonstinotion of n
lallvvay and wairou bildguacioss tlio river at
this point. It is gencially thoiuht heio Dial
the Santa I"e people am anangliiKto build an
ah line lo Chicago liom Kansas Cltv by way
ot Foil Madison and Ihe cltl/cns ate veiy
Xalu-nskn City Witti-ruorkn.
NKIIKASKA Cm , Nep. , Dec. 2 [ Special
Telegiam to the HKK.-'K. } A. Hudigei ar-
lived in tuu city this morning from Chicago ,
and work on the waterworks will bo com
menced to mnriow. Three eai loads oi plpo
aie expected to arrive this evening.
A Oonlliienlinl Thief.
Cine AGO , Dec. 2. The Inter-Ocean , In a
late edition , says that Allner T. Ames , the
millionaire coal merchant , is the victim of
Thcodoio S , Mi/o , Ills conhdentlal book-
keepei nnd cashier and becretaiy oi the Chicago
cage and Mlnonk Coal iCoku company , who
perpetrated a lobbeiy that Is estimated at Ml/e , who is
pne of the best known men In local business
circles , nml u member of the Union Yeleran
club [ Apollo club , has been In the employ
of Ami's slnco IbTJ. Within a couple ot
yeais fiom thu ilmu ho enteii-d Ames' em
ploy , bo began iisy.stoniatleeourseof robbery ,
covering up his dishonesty by false entries
and by other schemes. At lust Ids stealings
weio comparatively small"but of Into years
it is rumored his speculations frequently
reaeliedl,000in n filn lo month. About a
vvi'ek ago Ames discovered something wiong
with iho money accounts and It is. Mid he
taxed Ml/o with Mi/o confessed
his euilUmlaid ha had been lobbing his
employci foi yeais. Ho Invced lot
nieicy and piomist-d restitution so
faras It lay within bis nowci. Slnrethcn all
his propeity which could bo found , including
a line house , has been tinned over to Ames.
Ml/e could not bo found last night , but is be
Heveeltobobtopplng with his fuihei. Ho
sides the extiavaLvnt munnci in wldih 1m
and bib wlfo lived , it isnsseited that Ml/oat
various times supported thiee othei women
on whom he lavished money.
Thu lather and mother of Mio admitted
tlie tiuth f some ol the chaises , but said the
amount taken had b ° eu gieatiy exaggeiatpd.
They said hi ) had overdrawn his account and
when Ames tuturneU inmi Kuroin' , he con
fessed aim turueu over his re-sldcnco to ( its
The President Proclaims the Document to
the People at Large.
of Olwci Tor Which tlin Hotly
of the OITciulcr Be Dc-
innmlt-il liy the Hluti Con
tracting Pat-tics.
lap nuil Yankee KxtrMilltlon.
WASHINGTON , Dee. 1. The following is
the proclamation of the president promnlcat-
inc the cxtiadltlon tieaty with Japan , which
was ratified altei being amended by the sen-
atolasl June :
A PnoriAMATiov Whereas. A Iteatv be
tween the United btates of America and Iho
emperor of Japan for tlie extradition of
cilmlimls was concluded and signed at the
city of 1'oklo on the 2Uth day of Api II , lb * ,
liich tieaty was umended by the senate ot
ic United States , and being In thu hncltsh
angu.ace. Is vvonl foi word ns follows : and
Whuieas , By the tetms of said treaty , it ne-
omes opctatlve sixty dajs altei exchange of
atitlcatlons tlieioof : ami
Whereas , Thn icspcctlve latltlcatlous ot
lie same wcio exchanged in the city of
I'okloon tlio 27th day ot September , IS G.
Now , therefore , be It known tliat 1 , Gtovei
'luveland , president of tlio United States ot
\merlca , have caused the said treaty to be
nade public to the cud tliat the same and
very article and clatisu thereof as amended
nay be obscived and tulllllcd with good talth
> y the United State-sand thn citl/ens theieof.
n witness whercol 1 have hcicunto set
my hand and caused the seal ol
the United States to bo ultlxcd.
Done at the City ot Washington ,
ISRAI , ] this third itay of November , in the
yearof our Loidonu thousauil eight
hundred and eighty-six , and or the
liulepcndenreof tlie United States
the one hundred and eleventh ,
Jy the ' resident : Gnovrn CI.KVLI.AND.
T. F. BAYAHD , heciut.ary of State ,
sv SOP-IS or am : im\ri.
The following is n synojisis ot the tieaty :
I he high contracting parties enuage to do-
Iver nji to each other , under the circum
stances and conditions of Iho present tieaty
ill persons who , being accused or convicted
ot ono of the following crimes 01 offenses
committed w Ithln the jui Isdlctlon of the one
party , shall bo found within the jurisdiction
of the other : 1. Minder and assault with In
cut to commit tnuidci. 2. Counterfeiting-01
titeiing monej , oi titleilng or brincing into
-Irculatlon counterfeit 01 altered money ;
countPifnitinir cei tiricates or coupons of pub
ic indebtedness , bank note's , or other Instiu-
.uents of public eredll of cillici ot the par
ties and tlio iitleianco oi circulation of the
same. U. Foigeiy 01 altei lug and utlcriiig
what Is forged 01 altered. 4. Lmnczrlement
01 eilmlnal nialvcisnlion of public funds
committed within the jurisdiction ot either
mrty by public olhceis or depositoilos. 5.
Itobbery. 0. Bnrgkuy. 7. Act of cnteiing
or of breaking nnd entoting an olllce of tlie
government 01 the public authoiitics 01 of-
ices of banks , trust companies , insurance or
other companies with the Intent 10 commit n
felony tlieie-in. K Perjury or subornation ol
iicrrtiy. ! ' . H.ipe. 10. Arson. 11. Piracv
) y the law of nations. 1'i. .Murder , assault
with intent to kill , and manslaiightei on Ihu
lieh seas on boaiu ship bearing the flag of
the demandinc country. 13 Malicious de-
stitiction 01 attempt to destroy railvv ay trains ,
vessels , biidges , dwellincs , public cdlhces
and other buildings , when the act injuies
'luman life.
II any person demanded bo held for irlal
n the country ot which the demand Is made ,
.1 shall be optional with the laller to grant
the extradition or to proceed with the trial ,
provided that unless the trial be lei i-iimes
for -which tlio fmrlttvo is demanded , Iho
de-lav shall notpiwvcnt ultlmatu extradition.
If it be made to appear that extradition is
sought with a view totiialoi piiiilshineiu foi
political olfenso , the suiiendei snail not take
! ) lace , noi shall anv poison sunendeicd be
'tied ' or punlshrd for a political oltense com-
milled pilot to his extradition , or lor any
offense otliei than that In respect of which
the extradition Is granted. Neither ot the
contracting parties shall bn bound to deliver
up Its own citi/cns or subjects iindci the stip
ulations of this convention , bill Ihey shall
iiave power to dellvci them if deemed
I'rciiililc 'llirentcncil on Eastern Heads
Over Now Hulc" .
Nt w YOIIK , Do2. . [ hpc'cial Telegiam
to the BIL. : | Thu employes of the Philadel
phia .t He.iding and Ji-isov Ceniral , with the
dilli-rent divisions of the system , are in-
e.xeitcdovei notices , which
liavo been sent to them individually. Theic
is widespread dissatisfaction among thu men
in consequence , as the notices aio regaidcd
as arbltiaiy and eipricssive. 'Iho clrculais that all quarterly passes are to bete
tinned nt once , as none ol them are itood
alter November. ; * ) , JbsG ; bC'cond , that no em-
ploje will be allowed to ildo fiee after No
veinbei M ; thud , thai no employe will
hereaftei be allowed to .live at a distance
fiom his place of woik except by cpcelal pei-
mlssion Horn thu hcid ol his department
or the division supeilntundent ; fourth ,
when such special peimisslon Is given , a
special rate season ticket , coveilngthnncces- dally travel of each emplovc , may be ob-
lalncd iindet the tegular ones issue I by the
geiieial passenger and ticket agent ; tilth , the
special late will bo one-halt thai of tegular
tea'-on tickets , good only b'tween plares of
residence nuil vvoik ; sixth , in case an em
ploy o leaves his place ot woik , his ticket
must bo routined to the olllcti and will bo le-
deuiued. The older nnpllus to i-vc-iy nnn In
the employ ot tlio ro ids In the system , in
cluding cleiks , englneeis , conductois , trainmen -
men and all kinds ol mcchanlch , even to la
borers. Tliu oidersaiu considered a great
iiaidshlpbv the men , nnny of whom are
poorly paid and llvo In subuilnn villages
along the roads. They cannot utlord tony \
ientsin cities. Those whoobtalu special latcs
havi-aboul JrlO lo felft per month added to
theli expenses. U Is claimed tlie orders are
unusual and thnt no otliei i ail road In Ihu
country enfoiccs himllariulcs. ' 1 liolndlgn i-
tlon among the men Is very htrongand tiou-
bio Is teaied. The englneeis , It is feared , have
deleniiineil to call ujxin their orde-r ot loco
motives engineers to uld them. The othei
employes of the roads aii ) Knights of Labor
anil aie said to have called meetings ot their
local assemblies in Jursuy Cllv u > ditciiss Iho
situation. The leqiiheimmtiorall emplovi-B
to ilvo near their woik Isdeemed an invasion
ot theli rights and arbitrary and unjust. Thu
omjiloyes iicneinlly lefused to talk about the
eiiciilius with outsiduis. They discussed the
mattir among themselves and have agieed to
abide by Ihuactlon ot their oig.mi/atlons.
Another llnlliutul lu Omulm.
IMH\NAI-OI is , Dee 2. ( Special I'elegram
to the UKI : J Airangements havobeon made
this week lor the speedy ic-Ieaso ot the In
dianapolis , Ueoatur & Spiinglleld lailioad
liom the hands of the iccelver through foio-
closuio sale , As soon as Tiusteo Ashurst
diaws up a di'ciee It will bo approved by the
com land thedato of sale lixud. AVhen the
load is again jdaeed in the hands of Its
owneislt will soon become a link in an Im-
iioiUnt line liom Indianapolis to Omaha , airangements for which imi
neatly completed. Tno lli.o as proposed will
bonboutas follows ; From Indianapolis to
Di'C.itm , 1W nillus ; Dfcatur lo O.ulncv. 151
miles ; ( Jiilncy to Trenton , l l miles ; Uren-
ton to Maryvlllo , by the \ \ abash , to bo
built and connuct with thu Wabaih
liom tit. Louis to Omaha , twenty-six
mileMaiyvillo ; by thn W.ibash to
Oninlm , l-M miles : total 5.0 miles. The
otiincy , Missouri t Pacillo division fiom
oitincv to 'Ficnton , lately released by the
Wab lib , has been purchased bv the Indian
apolis , Decatm A , Sjirlngtleld lor fcS.oeXi.OW ,
hall e > f which has been paid. Mi-Sbis. Ham-
inond Cravvfoul say twenty-six miles of
rovt to bo built will bo comjileted piobably
by the time the Indtanajiolls , Decatnr M
bprint'lleld is.released fiom litigation.
Tlio Vatican'a Knvoy.
Itoiir , Dec. a. MonslfiiiotStranleio 1ms
been appointed special envoy of the Vatican
in London ,
Doc Wilson's Giont Hovclntlon Kc-
llevcil to Ho Untrue.
I'uovinrvcfJJ. L , Deo. 0. "Doc" Levl
Wilson \ was seen at the ofllcoof his coun el
thlsmoinlng. t Ho appealed pale and hag
gard tI , Wilson said his alleged mother lived
In I Kast I'hompson.Conn. , and his two sisters
In I Birmingham and Ansonla. Wilson stated
that the story as published Is tine , ami lhat
Moon's statement Is fiil o in nearly every
particular. "Mocn , " Wilson said , "knows
that 1 am his son. He is an admitted per
jurer. " 'llnxihlrs and alt the evidence col
lectcd to dav contradict the sensational storv
tcleginphed from Providence last night that
"Doc" Wilson Is a son ot Philip L. Mocn.
Wilson , by his own stilcmcntand that of
his lilomK cannot be moio than thirty-one
oi thlitv-two yeam old. Moon was lirst rlcd in 184is foity > cars ngo , and h s mat
wife died before Wilson wasbotn. jhosu
dates alone coiittadlct the stoiv. I rlcinls
and lifelong trsli'.unts \\orcester say the
story Is Impossllde. Miss Simpson , an need
nuisp , who had known Moen slnco his
twentv-tlr t > ear. and his lirit wife slneo her
twelfth jeai , and liad mused both ot Moen s
wives , contradicted the story as Impossible.
George S. Hohbs. ot Mrlde , at one time
counsel for Lev I Wilson , asked tonlirlitvlmt
dependence- could be placed on vMlsons
stoiy conceinlngthe letters and papers In
his safe. He sild : "I emphatically deny the
vholo tldnp. Fiom beginning to end It is
also and on a pai w Itii other palpable lies
old bv Lev I WlNon. Thn only documents
have liad nt now hold with his name upon
.lem consist of deeas of propoity and In
vhlch transactions 1 acted as attor-
icy. Wilson is an Imeteia'e llm. " *
lobbs hciouavothealleged secret ol \\ll8iiii s
.iicccssful . blackmailing scheme. Nothing
hat Moon had said or done of a criminal na-
nrowasknown to Wilson. 1 lobbs was led
o believe that Wilson chimed to have seen
loen's son In the commission of a flagrant
llense , the details ot which cannot bo pub-
Ished. Hut the son , when he learned of
Wilson's assertion , had dun I ad that bo was
.tulltv , and Moen'n own declaration , made
mder oath , would indicate that he Had as-
lertalned that Wilson had lied. , , , , . , ,
UOBTOV , Dec. 2. Commissioner Hallett , of
he United St itcs court , has infused to Issue
warrant against Philip Mocn for pcijury
n complaint of Lev I Wilson.
WoncT.sTKit , Mass , Dec. 2. The records
.1 the laws of Oxfoid , Mass. , show that Li-yl
iVIlson was born there on December 1 ,
lev en months after Mrs. Moen died.
Wtmt tlie Clinlnnaii of the National
Committee Has to Say
PmsniMMi , PH. . Dec. 2. In his letter to
.he Uoston lleiald fpilntod lu jestcidav'b
Bi.KJ ex-Secretary Chandloi Bald : "After
ho presidential election the chaliman of
he national committee was Indis
reel enough. In n published Interview , to
mputo to President Arthur and the mombeis
t his cabinet a want of fidelity and /eal in
he canvass. This chaico was baseless , and
was so declared by mo at the lime. All pos-
le and appropriate assistance was ren-
Jeicd. It could not have
kvo should biipeicedo the chairman or do Ills
tvork , although it would have been better If
some one had done so. " A icpoitcr of the
illsburg Commerclal-Oa etle called upon U ,
F. Jones , ciialrmau ot the commit-
ee , and asUed him what ho had to say in re-
, ily to this paragraph. Jones said : "llm
statements made by mo In the Interview
which Chandlet reterred to 1 thenconsld
cted necessary and piopcr lo njake ,
and now. as then , know them to bo
Uuo. Tno purport of the o statements
was that If Arthur and the members ot his
cabinet , with a few exceptions , had beun as
loyal to lilalnc , as Hl.ilne would have been to
Aitliur had the lattet been nominated , litaino
would have been president , So tar as
Chandlers jefcreiico to me , peisonally , is
concei ned. 1 do not feel called upon to de
fend myself. L have no Hsto for , nor do [
see anv present occasion lor. a discunsion as
to political methods with ono whoso plans
and pioposals during Hie brief intercourse I
had with him in the camp ilgn of Ibisl weio
not such as to commend liiiu to those having
the success ot the lepublican pirty at he.ut.
Ills criticisms at that time ol the men then
most prominent In the inity do not stem to
me quite consistent with his present expies-
sionsot regie ! in ic-gaid to the bid feeling
between public men , 1 would not like lo
leel called upon to make public the ( acts
upon which my opinion of Chandler is
based. "
Union J'acillc hobby
Nrw YOIIK , Dec. 2 ( Special Telegram to
the UKE.J Tlie Woild's Washington spccla"
sajs : Tlio Union P.icilic railroad lobby ! '
confident this jeai that it will be able to
cairy its funding bill throusli congiess. If
will enlarge upon the influence ot the Intci
lor deputment , which has already been secured
cured In luvoi of this inoasute. The lobb >
has tried to get lavoiablo action In the presi
dent's message , but have thus far failed
Secretailes Maiinini ; and Whitney aio op
posed to the letiinding scheme. His no
probable that anything will hi- said about i
in the messateTheio Is no probabllitv o
the funding bill beini. pissed tills wintci.
is.pringei and tlolman will lilllDiistoi da > in
and day out latlicr than have this mcv.suro
toicoil tlnougli without discussion , and any
tliliiL' like lair discussion will cortalnly Ml
it. Handall Is also opposed to the mcasuic.
Siminl Service
a \Vv5in\n \ io.Dec. . 2. OcneialV. . ! !
Ha/en , chief signal olllcer , has submitted lo
ihosecrctaiv of vvai , with a lequesl forap and lecommendation , a hill prov Itllnt.
for the reoigani/ation of the signal service
and Its incorporation as a tegular Inn can o
the war depaitmont , having charge of
weathei predlclions , tuiny j.l.riialliiiK and
'iiiilntt-nancu , and the icpalr of army tele-
grapli lines. The bill piovlde-i tnat the bu-
10.111 shall consist ot one cliiet signal ofllcer ,
with the lank of hi igadlei geneial , and men
enlisted lot 1'oui ji'.us and classlliedas Iwen-
ty-livohrst class hcrgeants , at fel.iiOO ; lifty
scroiid class Bcigcants , at SUOO : lifly-livc
third class servants , at P1.3JO : thlrtv cor
porals , al Sl.'JOO : 1W privates , attl,100 , and
liO pilvates , at IOUU.
Jntornal Itcvcnuo
WASIIINOIOV. Dec. JJ. The total lecolpts
from Internal icvenno during thu lir t font
months of the present lisca ! jear weroS-h- ,
SI.OoO , an increase ot $1,1 ( ,000 ab eompaied
with the iccelpts dining tliu corresponding
period last je-ir. There was n decrease ot
$2,711.000 In the collections from fcphlts , an
Incie.iseof S.XW.OOO from tobacco , an Increase
ot ? b75OUOfiom fcimcnted wines , nnd an In
crease ot P77.COJ on miscellaneous items.
Commlhslonei Miller said yesteidav that the
lecclpts for the niesent hscal joar will be
about 51,000,000 [ n excess ot HIM lecelpts for
last jeai , notwithstanding the lai/o di > -
cicaso shown lor collection ! ) In the Hist
( juaiter , _
A ralhnr'H Horrible
PiiH.\i > iirnu : , Doc. 2. Alice Hughes ,
aged twelve and one-half years , livliu in
Franklin township , ( iloustei , N , J. , became
the mother on Monday of a iumalo Infant
weighing eight pounds , the father ol which
Is the u'irl's own father , IJenrv Hughes , a
laboring man. Investigation reveals the fact
that the father had committed the same crime
upon in older daughter three jeam ago.
lioth children are still living. .No action bab
been taken bv the antlioriliesi Tluce oldet
d.uighleis of Hughes' were compelled Illicit
or fein } ears ago to leave home on account
ol impioppi conduct on the putt ot then
patent. _
The l ass iiK < T root.
CiiirAoe > , Dee. 2. Uepresentalhes of tlio
lines fro-n Chicago to Hie northwest met line
to-day to be In the work ot forming a pis-
sengerpool on competitive business. Ad
journment Man taken until tomoiiovv.
Theie being thieo new lines to St. Paul , con-
hideiablodembtMXlfitsasto wlitther thu niaii-
asers ; will be able to conclliaU ! all interests
fcuiticlenlly to set tlio uoul in w < ui-jiiB'
order ,
San Francisco's Big Day in Spacttlation
Knocked in tlio Ilcntl ,
After Dlnnotcr Cnst n Gloom
Oxer HillKnnt Prospects to He-
nllzo liniiicuBO PiolltB A
Sudden Collapse1.
Pine Street Pnriilyrpcl.
SAN FttAv cis < ; o. Dec. 'i [ Special Tele
gram to tliu HKK. ] Tlio excitement which
irovalled today In mining slmies lias not
> eon oanalled since 1S7A Old stock specif
atoiswho thought tlio glory of the golden
state had ilcp.uicit with tlio new constitution
> raccd up and looked on with amarcmont at
lie ctowds that besieged Hie brokers' olllces.
J'lio fact that Consolidated \ Irglnla hid
reached ncailv to scorned only to whet tliclr
appetite to get more and inoro Tlio prtulont
ones told them the tldo was about to
tiun. They only laughed In tholi faces ami
said : "No ; It's Rood lor a hnndird. ' '
When the mm nine uoird opuncd Ophlrwas
senttoIilK , the highest price reached slnco
the blgblerra Nev.ula deal , when It sold for
an even 100. Gould it Curiy , not to be out
done , went to it : f , and then Consolidated
Virginia , which closed last night at 4f" ,
opened nt fti At this moment m cry thing
[ loomed. Portnncscio to bo hud for
the asking of thoin. The session ,
however , had hardly closed when
thu news arrived troin Virginia
that the Frankels had gone no for a million.
Tills was a staggerer nmj n,0 , wcaj | ouoswont
oir. Hardly had they reroveicd fiom the
blow when thounnonncement was made that
11. 0. Hooker , oneot the staunches ! bioUcnt
of Pine street , mid son-in-law of ex-Senator
Stewart , of Nevada , had pulled down his
blinds with liabilities running up In the
hundreds of thousands. Had this
latter announcement been quickly fol
lowed by another of an equally giavc
character , the result would have been n
irciieial M.unpede all along tnc line , bringing
iiiln to man y. Fortunately none took pl.ico
and those who were play Ing for tlioir all were
given a minutes' breathing time betoro the
worst overtook them.
Owing to these failures , the San Fiauclsco
boaul lusolvednot to hold any session at
11 : : iO , but to have the next ono at 'J p. in.
Tills was to allow biokers to omhanl their
books and give them a chance to sco
.vheio they stood. When the second session
opened , Consolidated Virginia dropped to42.
riho news was quickly communicated to the
street , and for n second time during the
day : x sei ious panic seemed Imminent. The
agony was rendered still moie acute when
tuu announcement went forth that Gtccne-
Irunn A. Straus-j had suspended for nearly n
million , They were correspondents ofi
Frankel , of Viiginla , wlioso lalluru had been
announced In the iiioining.Vhen , on tenet
ot all this , It was publidy stated that two
othei niomlucnt speculators K. F. Morrow.
and Main ice Schmidt had eono under , It
was geneially belle\ed that the beginning of.
the end liad come , and things weio by no
means Imptovcd when it was teamed that
Coiibolidatcd Virginia , after lallj Ing u point ,
had closed at10 , the lowest toiii-lied during ;
the day. The statements that Morrow anil
Schmidt aio embarrassed are positively
denied , and as far as can bo learned the
liabilities of each have been piomptly met ,
rirst C.-iuco ofllic I'.inlc.
AriitoiM.Nev , Dee. 2. L. B. Fiankcl &
Co. , the oldest mining stock him in this
state , failed this moining. Liabilities , SU50-
000. The cicdltors include many ol the most
prominent shaioholdcrs In the Comstock
mine ,
'llm following are the heaviest losers : S.
L. Jones , Mipciintendcnt of Clown l'omt&
Belchi-i , S-01,000 ; Keating , supcrin-
tendent of .Savage t Halo and Noicros < ?
mines. MO.OOO ; K. 1) ) . Bovlo of Alia mine.
t'-JO.OOU. The list includes a number
oleiksol mines and a number ot Indies. L.
11. Fi.uikcl , tliCM'jiior paitnci , tetlicd lioni
business sev ei.d yoaisogo. Jlu Isiopoiled to
bo a niilllon.ilie , .ind as ho still holds an in
terest In the nun llm cieilitors hope to ic-
cover a poition of Iheh los-es. ' 1 lin thrco
youncct biothors. noti\o members , lied eaily
tills moaning. They aie said to hi > o secured
a large loituno by ictilningcvoiy tent de
posited with them since the rise In mining
shaies bccan. Theli business wasenoimoiH ,
tlio receipts being about ? COOJO a day. (
excitement prevail" over llm suspension and
It the tlnce mcmbi'is of the linn had not getaway
away unpleasant consequences might have
_ _ _
The Bookkeeper Gave II Awny.
Ni.vv Yoiih , Doc. 2. Judge Donahue , oC
the supicmo couit , granted attachments
against the property of Anton Hives of M )
Llspenaid sheet , who was ancstcd last
night on the complaint of his loimcr book
keeper. milord Kemp. Kemp chaiges that
Hives ordeicd him , as bnokkecpci , to change
the account ol thu business hoa $ to show
assets to tlio amount ot S' ' 00,000. when In
reality lhe | i- was enl ) SS.OOO worth. ICemp
alleges that this was done with Intent to
obtain S.Wi ooo Insui.inco bj fccttins the place
on the. Kemp v\as to iecel\o SJI.OJO foi the
jnb , anil he cUlms that the Insurance nil-
justei was | ) ald S-,009to ) gi\o a favoinblo
] ; inlarriHHiii ; < MitH.
liic inioMra , Dec. 3. Thu riimoi of tlio
f.iiluieot Cirdo/o A : Co , ictall diygooils
meichaiitrt. was in chrnUtlon last nlglil. Iii-
vestig.itlon pio\cs that II , I' . LJOIIH. Junior
member of the Hi in , Is in .Now Vork neiro-
tUitinu lor n r < 0-pcr tent i ompiomlso with thn
( icdilors. Xoileedot assignment has he on
tiled here , and Cirdo/a si\.s none will be ,
'ihu assets aic SW.OOO ; liabilities % ( J3,030.
Hpnin anil Culm.
[ Cdj/i ] talit JW , luiJmiifK aoiiinn Henntlt.1 i
MADIIID , Die. 2. [ New York lleiald
Cable .Special to the liu1. ] In ii'plj to
several senators the mlnlstet of thu colonies
announced that 1m would soon ask the queen
recent to sign a decree legul.itlng and
eneoiirat'lng fieo Immlgiatlon to the West
Indies. He also would carefully examine
the petition lioni the I'hUippIno Isl.iniU
asking foi mc.ismes to chock the Chlncsa
Immlgiatlon to .Manila , but the gONeinment
must treat with luudenceso dellc.ito an In
tel national question , The mlnlstfi dedared
no could not lecluto the Impoit duties Sp.ilu
Inllltts on her own West Indian gnc.irs ,
bpcauso tlie tieasuiy could not afford to lese
the lovunno ot b.000,000 pis.itas , noi rould tlio
blithely neglect the Interests ol thoponln-
sulai suuai growers. Ihu lemcdy for
Cuba would bo found In the Improved trade
by the tiealj whlth the government hojicd to
make soon with America ,
Ooi inn n ) 'N .Sm/il / Do IIIOIIR tuition.
Iti ni is.JJcc. " . The states that
the proposed ( it limn naval dumonstiutlonat :
Xtn/ibti li.i- , the assent of Knglaiid. Tluoo
L'linbotts.ind the Iroiulail liism.urk will par-
ticipatii. ' 1 ho suit in ol /.in/ili. ir will bo
waincd that the ( Itiiioiibtiaiiun pioccdes ae-
tivo hu cunlinuus lib antl-t'i- ( !
' 1 IMS SHiciiio I'cll 'I'
Hi cjiAiii.ii , Die. 2Tint now plot form * V
nla ed IK' jo Novciuhei " ' > b > Hnsslan
nil iiL'ii" * from llulg.iiia , hoided b > X.inkoll ,
, iud having lei its uvovud object Ihu ovvi-
thidvv ol the Jiuluanan reginey and thu
fomenting ot , i luvoliition , hiii pioved aboi-
tlvo. llii > biaicfusud to Jiirnbh any money
foi thu purpose.
in rj'iiiiutn | ,
Die. ' , ' . Advices from Hanoi , the v\ \ oi ioiiqiiln , bt.ito that pirates nt
ll.tnUI iiioxvicied tv\u luUviirtters and \i
sordid s , \