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nypocritjcal Bootllers Bent Into McShano's '
X , Batiks to Steal His Money.
Ilnywnril nntl u tlnr >
With n Hlrool Uullvvny Hull
lltirclnrn Ajinln lit l.nruo
Ijlnooln NrwH.
fruoMTiir. lit
There lins been a more cheerful np-
Dcnniticc nmong the gang ut Into who
tire trying to bootllo and bulldoze Lin
coln voters Intotdandiiig up and swallow
ing Church Howe for congress in ihufaco
of tliu bitter recollections tlitilconiulioniu
-V. , to them of what Howe has cot Lincoln
In coltl cash In tlm punt. Tliu iirecions
gang o ( pilil : workinon that llowu tins In
Lincoln , with Attorney Courtnny tittlit'ir
hi'ail , haw been Hitting up nlghl.s of Into ,
anil they give it out thut they huvn
H'.cmtncd the lido of desertion thut wn.s
rapidly decimating Hit' llowu crowd , and
( hut Howe will got : i intijoiily in Lancas
ter nftur nil , Church Howe , coming on
the M. &M. train between Omaha mid
Lincoln on tlio morning of Monday , Octo
ber 25 , told u reputable nntl protninenl
man In the present campaign in the
state , that Ida strikers woru going into
thn McSlmiio ranks , anil pjoKhslng to be
McShane men , were getting money lo
.t- + . mi'ctlhulr expenses , anil then were coin ; ;
oil' mid working for him. This
kind of iv game in so emi
nently characteristic of Howe and his
methods that ii will not be < | iiestir > ned. If
it is questioned It will bo proved. Kvi-
dcnlly information of tins character ,
poured Into the cracked nnd scared cars
of his Lincoln Is roustabouts , one c.xpln
nil lion of the extra hilarity on tlio part of
n few of the sappers hereand causes them
to cry aloud anil repent for the "briiny"
innn of Nomalia In Lancaster1 county
the present week the whole work IH being
ti 1 done on the shipping in plan and tliu
s scare thai Howe will ruin Lincoln if not
elected find that no man must vote for an
Omaha man because ho lives in Omaha
Is being worked for all and more lhan it
is wortn.
Court met yehtcrdny pursuant to ail
jonrnmeiit. ftopubliean Valley Kailioad
oonipan.y vs Brewstcr. Dismissed.
The following causes were argued anil
submitted : 1'ierco vs llellman , on mo
tion ; fili'Mtirtry vs Edgorly Jensen vs
Mnnilt , Kx | ) arto Havens ; Shriver vs Ale
Cloud ; 1'crry vs Granger , on motion ;
Aim-shall vslioe ; Million vs Itluck.
Court adionrhed to this morning nt 8.00
The greater part of the last two days
has been occupied by the jury , with
.Judge llayward presiding , in tlio trial of
tlio case of llichard Sweeney against the
Lincoln Street Railway conmany. The
case is brought on thupartof the plaintifl
to recover $10,000 from the railroad corn-
puny for damages. The attorneys in the
ca o have bee'n giving it close attention
and the question of negligence on the
part of railway corporations of all kinds
has been gone over in detail. The facts
in the case , as recited in the petition of
the plaint ! ! ) ' , are thai on the 8th of No
vember , \WK \ > , Sweeney was ruling on the
pint form of a slreut car on Iho Lincoln
street railway line and that in driving
over a switch too much speed , was ngcii
by the driver so much , in fact , that
Sweohoy was thrown oil' the car , ono
wheel running over his lied io that for
several months he was confined to his
bed tinder the care of n doctor , After
ward he was obliged logo on crutches tip
to March , ISfcO , und up to Juno of that
year was able to do onlv partial work nt
a barber chair. The defense recites that
Sweeney Millerod from his own careless
ness in ridlti" on the nlulform instead of
in the car andwas , guilty of contributory
negligence ,
Monday night the store of Kandall &
Co. , dealers in clothing , was burglarized
and when the early morning brought the
lirst nmu lo the store he saw the depre
dations that had been committed. The
burglars oU'octcd an entrance through a
back window , removing u pnno of glass ,
and went to woik removing und invoic
ing slock. As nuar as Air Kandall could
determine at noon , they must have taken
at least $500 worth , consisting of seal-
fikin caps , suits , jewelry , gents' furnish
ings and n few overcoats. No trace of
the thieves or their plunder has been dis
covered. .
A iisiitviNi ; : ) UIVOHQR.
Judge Pound yesterday granted u
divorce to John W. Thackara , separat
ing him from his wife. Laura j'hapkara ,
who obtained her husband In matrimony
by fraud nnd deceit. The petition filed
in courl by the husband recited that all
the time In which the courtship was in
JirogrCsu his wife roprobeUlod by word
mid act thut she W\B ! chaste nnd virtuous ,
thai he so believed her nnd they were
married on thooth of i'ovom-
bur , and the first intimation
the man had that ull was
not right came to him on the -Hli day
of tlio .March following , when his wife
presented him with a bastard child , own
ing up to it.s paronlago. Since Unit time
a separation has existed In tlio Tlnickarii
family and the wife departed for some
other point and the case for divorce was
brought In court. The verification of the
pillion by nflldavits was made und the
bill for divorce was granted as prayed ,
for. The case Is ono of n few out of 'tho
grist In Lancaster district court that was
considered n deserving ono.
ill.VOlt MATTIiKS.
The young man who pluyml an impor
tant part in the suicide of Doru Johnson
is named Andrew Loronson. When he
was called to the house after Iho poor girl
hail taken the fatal dose she remarked to
him that II wus his fault , Ha seemed
very penitent that his neglect had caused
the girl to take her life , but us usual in
mioh eases , penitence came too Into.
The societies of the A. O U. W , in Lin-
coin held an anniversary reception ut
K. of I' , hall U'luimliiy o veiling In com
memoration of the eighteenth itnniver-
sun * of the founding ot the order.
The wliistlo of the Chicago & North-
wchlurn und out of Lincoln is
the late.-it music for the capital cily , and
the first trains over the roud on the first
day were well patronized.
The members of Lincoln post , A , of
the 'J1.1' . A. , are urged to bti present at a
meeting of the post Saturday evening at
the Windsor hotel parlors , as the post
will have important business demanding
W. 11. Lan I us , of Grand Island , nnd 0.
O. Mates , of Meutrlco , two of the prom *
incut olllolals in the state organi/.ntlon of
the K. of P. , as well as rnstlora in their
individual callings wore In Lincoln yes
In the district court the ease of Hook-
waller vs Lansing la set for trial on the
Jlrd of November. This la n case that
promts tp bo of no small amount of
interest , ns it is n , conflict between owner
nml tiguut in the transfer ot valuable real
estate ,
The council at its last mootiuc trims-
nctml little business of interest. A ? 250pnr
contace on snlo of sewer bonds wa.t al
lowed F. W. Louis , some petitions were
received nml some Improvements in the
] > olice quartern were ordered ,
The young lady , Horn Johnson , whose
attempt nt suicide was reported In yes
terday's BEE , breathed her lust Monday
evening after thirty hours of suf-
fi rn u ,
Ohl. > ono lonesome cose was up in
police coin t yesterday , although a g\ni- : \
bleiMvho was hanled over the coals do *
itnVitcd enough with the olllcers to pay
up a fine and costs.
Finch , the piohibltion wind engine ,
Ill-Id forth down at Bennett Monday
night , preaching for Hlgelow for cormrois
uid the straight prohibition candidate ,
Howe having not yet succeeded in get-
ling the prohibition candidate oil the
Among the NebraBknns at Lincoln yes
terday were noted the following C.
Thompson , Ashland ; J. W Talln.agc ,
Fairmount , J. H. Mickey , ( ) * ceola ; II.
5. NorviU , H. C C'arnes/Seward ; John
H , Hawley , Fremont ; John L Webster ,
O H. Ballon , John 11 Saltier , Omaha ; J.
W Hoggs , Hlalr ; N. H Bell , Fiumont.
lie Put Them in tlio Nov.
Detroit Free Press"Looking for
Jake , I suppose1 said Sergeant Bomlall
UH Mr. Dundnr entered the station yes
terday with a very long face.
"Vlmll , 1 like to see Shake. I doan'
know vims I shall do mil dot boy.1
"What is it tliis time ? "
Mr. 1 hinder laid live alleged half del pieces on the desk in a row and re
plied :
"Alnvbn you see do.-o ? "
" 1 do. "
"Maybe It vhaa geol mnneyf"
"Kvery one of 'em is bogus ! "
" Dot Mi BO. Some fellers pass 'cm on
mo for boor sometimes vhen I vhas in a
hurry. L puts'cm all in a box hchiudt
dor bar.11
" \\eli ? "
"Vholl , last Sunday Shako taker a
notion to go mil Sunday school. Del
vhas all right. It vhtw dor vhay to make
geol boys. Dis morning tier superin
tendent comes down lo me mid dia bogus
money anil nays :
" 'Mr. I hinder , you Imf some boy
mimed Shake ? '
" ' Y M. '
" ' llu vhas mil our Sunday school yos-
terdav. lie vhas \\erry nice boy. '
' "So ho vlisis. '
" ' \Vc \ lake up a lidlc collodion to buy
.sonic new books unciotir son Shake
puts all dis money in tier box. What
shall .von do abondt ilV
"Vliell , borgeant , you .see how it vhas.
Dot vo.s some mote tricks by Shako , unit
1 haf to Hhell oudt two dollar tnul a half
good money to make up. "
"Ami where is Juke' '
"Ho shlips oudt when dot min comes
in , nnd 1 doan1 lind him any more.
Maybu you see him pretty boon ? If so ,
yust tell him del vlias sooch a goot shoko
dot I laugh all oafur , mid dot he can come
homo. I vlull bo laughing ha ! ha ! ha !
vlu-n he comes in , I shall keep latighin" ;
till lie goes down cellar mil me to bco if
dot gas meter was leeking , und den
"Iseo. "
"If you hear .somebody yell omit dot he
was kiltund won't nofer do .so any more
you go right along and mind jour busi
ness. It vims Shake and me , unit I vhas
taking tlot bogus money out of his hide ! "
A. Ruiuitlt'nl Present.
The Virgin Salt Co. , of New Havnn ,
Conn. , to introduce Virgin Salt into every
family , are making this grand offer : A
Cra/.y Patchwork block , enameled in
twelve beautiful colors and containing
the latest Fancy Stitches ; on a largo
Lithographed Card having n beautiful
gold mounted Ideal Portrait in the oen-
ter , given away with every 10-cent.pack-
a c of Virgin Salt Virgin salt has no
c'lual ' for household purposes. It it , the
cleanest , purest and whitest Salt ever
been or used. Remember that a largo
paekasro co-ste only 10 cents , with the
above present. ASK your grocer for it.
Ono of Herrmann's Tricks.
\ \ abhington Post : Ono story ho re
peats is worth repeating. Ho was sum
mering at u foreign watering place ,
and was constantly besieged by the
Countess Somebody to perform some of
his tricks. lie pleaded that he was on
his vacation and that he desired to rest.
Finally she cornered him in a pavilion
overlooking the sea , and in the presence
of a lai'go company entreated him to
show them what he could do. "You
have a beautiful necklace , " ho said at
last ; "plcaso let mo have it. " The coun
ters complied and Herrmann immed
iately throw tlio costly chain of gems into
the ocean. "How dare you do that ? "
demanded the countess , angrily.
Without replying , Herrmann reached
forward and brought fourth a large
bouquet from the inside of the gentle
man s coat. Handing it to thn countess
bo bade tier open it. "She did so , " says
Herrman , laughingly telling the story ,
"and right in tlio bouquet she found her
necklace. Now that was real nico.wasn'l'
it ? "
Cure of Ijlver Complaint.
IOWA FALLS , Harciiu Co. , laJuno 8 , ' 85.
I have been using Allcook'a Porous
Piasters for four years , and I think I
could not got along without thorn. For
along time I was afflicted with a pain
under my right shoulder blade ; I also
had considerable difficulty in breathing.
I applied an Allcoek's Porous Plaster on
my back , and one on my chest. I kept
changing thorn every four days , and at
the end of throe weeks was entirely
cured. E. S. STKYCKS.
What Cleveland Overheard.
Now York World : A Jew days ago ,
while enjoying the beautiful view' roM
the upi/or porch of "lied Top , " Colonel
Wilson remarked to the president that
he thought ho was very sensible in build
ing tlio porch BO wide , for it gave to the
building the appearance of larger pro
portions than it would otherwise have.
"That is tlio way an engineer olllcor
looks at it , " said Mr. Cleveland. "Tho
ladies take a different view of its util
ity. "
"Ah ! and what do they say ? " asked
Colonel Wilson.
"I thought 1 overheard them say the
other day that it would bo a splendid
plaoo to push around n baby carriage , "
and Mr. Clovcland looked at Colonel
Wilson as though ho thought they were
Mrs. J. M , Sters , the glovo-tittor nt
Bennibon Bros , , was the pleased recipient
last Saturday evening of a solid silver
glove stretcher , made especially for her
Preptrad with itrlctrenrd to Parity , Strength , uni
Je [ ltbfulotii. Dr. Prlco'a liiUns Powdercuatalot
LoAmtnonUUtneAluraorI'ho phatO3.Dr.Prlc r
Kxtracti , VwitlU , Lemon , etc flaTOldcUslOtt&ly.
Church Howe's Rascally Career aa United
States Marshal of Wyoming ,
Ho Dolts Republican Tickets and Supports
Democratic Nominees.
Juries Packed for Mouoy by Howe and Mur
derers Acquitted.
llofschioti Arro.stcil nml Jnllrtl a ( ill
'Jlirlr Stock Coiill c.ntc < l to Pny
i" AlllilavltK Uy Men
\Vlio Knew lllin.
CilKVENNi : , W. T. , Oct. 23 , 1890.
[ Spccliil Corrosionilonco | ot tlio HIM : . ]
OUCH in n whllo It Is possible tliufii tnitti
In public lifn , b.y rutibon of supurlor Intel-
licence or groati'i * success , niay bo an ob
ject pf slnmlcr at tlio li.imls of bis one-
inios tind politieal opponents , and may
roall.y bo not so bad as pamtoii ; butwliim
onrofnl sciirch Into the rccoril ami an
tecedents of an Individual without mallet ;
or projiidiou tor or against tlio person re
veals nothing but corruption both in
public and private lift1 , it is time to stop
atrl carefully conshlor and determine
upon ilio developments untie. When u
dualur wishes to test tlio quality of an
pgg be holds It against tins sunlight , and
a man asking the unpaiil support of his
fellow mun for public position should bo
able lo bear tln % same close scrutiny in
order to determine whether ho is good or
bad , and lit to carry out the trust , watch
is to bcropoxcd in him.
Your correspondent has incidentally
looked tip the standing of Church llowo
( luring liis .sojourn in W.yoming as United
States marshal and frankly it appears to
bo even
WOKM : IHAN ins NP.IIKASICA. itncoun ,
although greatly similar in political
mot hods. In 1808 Wyoming WHS
created into a territory , and
among the officials appointed by
President Johnson was Church Howe ,
who resided in Massachusetts. Almost
immediately upon his arrival at Ciu-y-
iMine , which was then sis it is now , the
capital of tlio territory , llowo commenced
a career which for violence of ail decency
and regard for honest purpose appears
to have no equal in the history of the ter
Within a few months after his arrival
ho mixed with the rougher clement of
territory ami was known as one of Hie
boy.s. At the time Cheyenne boingmnv
was naturally rough , and variety shows
and oilier dives to catoli the nionny of
ignorant ami foolish men were numer
ous in tlio city. Howe WIIB a constant ,
frequenter of these , and many old-timers
remember him as a patron ot MolJaniols'
famous hurdy-gurdy concern , as he made
himselt more than ordinarily conspic
uous by having the female attaches of
the place gathered around him and
seated on his lap.
Shortly after llowo arrived in Wyoming
ho appears to have perfected a political
deal with the then management of the
Union 1'acilic railroad , for when the
11mo came to hold a convention to nom
inal a doiegato in congress ho
called a meeting at 'Lnraniio
City , and with Charles W. Meade ,
and a man named Hammond , Mipurln-
tondcntb of Jho Union Pacific , assured
prominent republicans that if they would
nominate llowo for congress , they would
insure the support of their road tor him.
The offer was not accepted , and another
gentleman was put up , to whom Howe
gave only a negative support. Again , in
1870 , llowo was a candidate for tlio ollicc ,
but was again defeated by a gonUoman
named W. K. Jones , one of the territorial
and worked for Jones' defeat. In 1873
Howe , after again failing to get the re
publican nomination , went to the demo
crats Mid endeavored to induce them to
vote for him. Upon his failure to gain
the support of either parly ho organ-
i/.cd iu 1872 what was known
as the "people's movement , " which
had for Its chief object tlio overthrow of
the republican party in the territory and
to servo Howe's own personal ambition.
He owned a paper at South Pass and its
utterances , all inspired by llowo him
self , were very bitter against the party
and President Grant ; particularly against
the latter wore many vile and libelous
article which , had they appeared in the
cast at that time oven , much less the
prn&ont , would have undoubtedly insured
Howe's either being assassinated or
driven irora the community , decorated
with a coat of tar and feathers. Asso
ciated with llowo in the "people's move
ment" were II. J. Rogers , a broken-down
banker at Choyenno. and J. W. Cook , a
nondescript , each of whom were to bo
rewarded by Howe with political prefer
ment in the event of his success. Howe
I drtiniuicd the matter up while traveling
about the territory ut the expense of the
goVermontand , iinnUy , in Juno , 1872 ,
issued an
In his paper at South Pass , and ho after-
lerwards read the fiunio document at the
"convention" held by the "people's
movement at" LaramioICity a few days
later on. The indictment consisted of a
lot of false charges against Grunt and Ills
administration ; upon the party generally
which ho said had become so corrupt ( ? )
that bo ( llowo ) could no longer stay in
it. Tlio convention did not prove u suc
cess and Howe , greatly enraged , wont
over to the democratic party and tried
to obtain its nomination for dcle&rato to
congress , The democrats refused to take
him up , and corrupt and otlicions
to the lust ho interfered in its
deliberations , and through the agenoj of
money and the influence of the Union
Pacific bought the vote of a member of
the convention for W. H. Steele , who
thereby obtained thn nomination bv one
majority. The allidavit of M. P. Hanni-
fm , u well known business
man of Cheyenne at this
time , who was a member of the conven
tion In question , gives Unlit upon the
matter and shows that he was also ap
preached by one of Howe's missionaries ,
a man named Mr. Laughlm , with a
bribe which was refused by Hannifin and
taken up the next day by btlllman , whoso
votn broke tlio tie which bad existed for
throe days prior to that time between
Luke Mnrrin and W. It. Htcelo and gave
the nomination to the latter. During the
canvass which ensued Howe used
every moans to secure
Stcelo's election over a republican
and it was through his efforts that the
republican nominee , Uou. W. W. Cor-
lutt , now a leading resident of the tern-
tofy nmi an ox-delegate to congress , was
defeated for the ollice at tlint time. In
every way ho worked /or the defeat of
the republican ticket , Ho efforts and
organisation of the "people's movement"
attracted the attention of the Wyoming
Tribune , the leading republican paper
of the territory , which upon July n. 1873 ,
devoted the following artiola to Church
Havre and his associates :
I From the VVyomlnc Tribune of July 8 ,
This paper has kept silent In reject U
Which attended the Special Sale of Misfit and Uncalled-for G-arments , at the Only
Has been even greater ihan was expected , but a number of tailor-made gar
ments are still on sale , consisting of the best styles of make arid the finest
goods extant. It will pay you well to see those handsome suits , as by refer
ence to the price list it will be seen that they are being sold for less than ready
made clothing ,
. $23 00 Merc'nl Tailor Mode at .fl'J.OO
0 Merchant Pallor Made at $ 11.00 $ T ) Merchant I'allorMadoatiflO.OO
30.110 " ' " M.IX1
. " 1 " .
8 4.00 ; io 11.60
83.00 " ' " .
1(1.00 (
" ' " . ' to " " 14.75
10 " 5.00 JO IK ) 18.'r >
45.00 " ' " -JO.OO 15 1 " 30.00
13 it 0.00 . " ' " , .
itu 50.00 3l.oO 50 " 1 " 38.00
. " ' " ' . ' .
( W.OO
u . 'S.OO
15 7.50 ' 1 " .
( ! . -iOO " ' " SHI.OIl 00 20.50
Ml " " " 8.50 75.00 ' , ' " . ' 15.00 0 " " ii HO.OO
the people's inovoinrnt lest something It
niii'lii say should ailit to lliodillluultv of a
tlieiiumh oi-fnni7ntlun and conso-
lidnt KIM ot the reiiililican ] of
the teiiitury for woilc In the odinlns cam-
palRti. While Chitrrli Howe , II. J. Itoseis
and \i. \ W. Cook each hope to ! > e citiilit : ; up
bvtho hluh tide of this auoitlvit Peoples
Movement and bin no to the hnllsot conuioss
( 'luircli Howe buini ; the msli'iillicant leader
of this piileet ( to destroy tlio nwlitillcnn or-
Kiinl7.itlon in this tenltory. If Air. ( Jreeli'y
is elected these Kentlenien may Imue for their
rewaul and It would scorn to H calm i\n tui-
prejndleed mind Hint the two Inst nientlnned
distinguished eiti/ens luul staked their politi
cal tiituio on tlio iirnsnrct of ehmbiiiK to dis
tinction In the llio.'ley pitity on the Inoad
slio\ililoia \ of the liitc.liutsoon to boaiipointed
aaain inurslml of thn tcrutory. what me
elulincd to bo the titmliles in the leimbllcau
party are not tliliiKs of to-day or
yesteiday. They begun as long
ace ixs 1K > 7 when the
ox-marshal two months In the territory failed
to have his ( listIn ulshed nunlllicatiuns ne-
knowleilfied in his mmiimUion over \V. W ,
Corlett. The war be an then n > ; aiiiHt the
mea who , In the convention , favored Mr.
Corlett UN against himself , he has rontlnned
until the present day. Sometimes It was
under one pietoxt , sometimes under another ,
but always with the one object la view of a
( .eat In I'onaiess la these ) u.irs which ha\o
past we are not able to bee that the e.vmai-
shal has nmdo inticli nroKress townids the
peal ol Ida ambition. The ennl which this
expert politician has depuiuleil upon to win
Ids piuno has been the Influence ol the Union
I'auiliu railroad , but wo think by ( his time he
has dlscoven.'d that men arc men If thoyaio
ouijilo > eU bv a peat coi poration. We nave
no evidence bill tlio woiil of the cx-miuslml
that be can control the rnlhoad company.
The means ho uses to this end aio not pow-
erlnl. ( living away other peoples' do.-s to
rallioad ollici.ds In Oni.ilm maybe deciding
inthieiiCH on the political ( tcstiny of this ter-
iltory. but wo have confidence that no new
organization , to the destruction of the lepnb-
licjui patty , can be built upon such a touiiil.v
tmn. To levlew the ) ) olltlcal reeord
of the px-inqiMml in this territory is to give
the hUtoiy of all tlio trouble in the republi
can paitv nntl the orisla ot the Oieeloy move
ment. Ills strength In this tanitoiy does not
number fifty votes , ando \ \ \ power he boa.sts
of with the lallro.ul company N a confession
of Ids weakness before the people. Wo all
know that when < ludio ; Jones \\asnoinitmteil
the cx-maishal annuuncrd himself as an In
dependent candidate , but afterwards con
cluded bo could do more harm by feigning
ncqulcscenco in the decision of the conven
tion. In that campaign he sold the influence
of the South Pass News , a paper which ho
owned , to John Wauless , the democraticcan-
tlldnto , forSiaO , and this very paper , to-day ,
Is published at Lartuuie City , as the
Independent , a nomlcsciipt bush
whacking journal , devoted to nothing
bat the abnso of the republican party from
President Grant down ana to the support of
the ex-marshal. We have devoted this much
of our sjiaco to the ex-marshal , because ho is
held up us the lender of this now party In
the territory which was born ot his disap
pointment and deteat and the plutfoim of
which is published to the people In the silly
twuddlo of the bill of Indictment which was
read nt Ijnramio tlio other evening. With
snclia leader and such a platform what may
not those distinguished citi/.ens expect to ac
complish with Howe In congress , Cook as
chief justice and itogers as governor. Then ,
Indeed , will our territory have reached Its
political mlllenium. "
Having boon such a disturbing factor
in the party since I in advent into tlio ter
ritory , and for other and ollicial reasons
ho was removed by tlio president in the
early part of 187s , ami u gentleman
named Mil toy , a valiant and useful ofll-
cor in the union army , was appointed
from Indiana to fill Howe's ulaco. The
artful dodger learned of Milroy's ap
pointment and took good care to'bo on
band when the ( 'eneral arrived Meeting
him upon the arrival of the first train
Howe falsely told the general that lie
himself had been forced to resign the
oflico because ho eould not make any
thing out of it , and as a friend would ad.
vise him nottotakoit. The general , a. sim
ple minded old gentleman , thoroughly
unaware of Howe's real character ,
allowed himself to bo fooled nnd left on
the next train back to his homo. The
truth was the olliee was the most lucra
tive ono ; honestly conducted , and much
nioro so under Howe's rule if tlio stories
of tlio bcStuQd most responsible residents
of the territory Bpoijk the truth , and they ,
undoubtedly do , aa will lipPl'ar ' further
on. At the time of Howo'a cicutftlon
from the republican partv Dr. GeorgoW ,
Corey , the leading physician of the territory -
tory , nnd at present an honorable and
prominent citizen of Cheyenne , was
chairman of the territorial republican
committee and also chairman of this
liitraimo county contra ) committee. I
saw this gentleman , wfco < being an ardent
and true republican from principle , wus
grieved and astonished to learn that
Howe had secured thoilentihlioan nom-
illation to congress jn Nebraska , and
upon being requested assented to mak
ing an allidavit of facts which had come
under his notice during Church HOWO'H
hojourn in Wyoming. ' Dr. Corcy'u afli-
davit is as follows :
Wvomlng Territory , Lardmle County ss. :
George W. Corey , belli * nrst dulv swoin ,
( luiosw ) ( unit says that even since IHtlO ho has
been , and now is , a lebidnnt and pi ctlcin
physician Jn the city of , gtieyenne , in the
county and territory abonrtiamed ; that ever
since IBC'J ho has been umlshtlll Is personally
uaqimintcd with Cluuth JIowc , now n reil-
( font of hcmuhacounty , In ho state of Ne-
bruska : that tlio g.ild howrowain resident of
the fcnld city of Cheyenne from IBCStill 1873 ,
and din Ing the said period of time he wan
United States iimrsliafin and forthe said ter
ritory : that ho receive. ! his appointment to
suld ofllce under a republican administration ,
partially upon the ground , that he was a re
publican ; that at the time ot his coming to
said territory mm entering upon Ids dutias
as such United States marshal , ho professed
to be a staunch republican ; aj boon us he
cunie here ho went into politic * and soameu
perfectly willing to ally Viimself to any party
or to jirotess and champion any political
creed , provided he shoulu tlmreby be able to
promote Ids ambition lor official honor and
jwwer. He had scarcely lauded here before
ho began to scheme for the highest ollicial
position * Jn the territory.
Atone time vrjdle hero ho joined forces
with Silas Heed , Uien surveyor Koucral of
Uie territory , and aSslitoil In organizing
what was Known as the "p ODl 's move
ment" whose avowed purpose was to 0r > iiM3
anrt overthrow the republican party of the
Immediately after coming here lie sought
to t > o elected a delt'gntol to concurs at the
hnndsof the icpublican paitv. falling to
get thd nnniliiiitloii , ho sulfeoqiu'nlly on-
dcavou'd to get a noniiiinllini tor thobamn
( illlco fiom the domocintle pmty , iittuniled
cine ot their conventions nnd made a liiiht
fin It , but wnsimnln deft'iit-d by one \ \ ' . It.
Steele. Thut dining the period of ibii'J to
IbTi ! ( .aid tilllantn chtiiriiian of the territo
rial icimhllcuu central cdiinnittee and nNo
chairman ot tliu Lnrnmlo comity central
reininlttoe. Tliat us such olllcer Mild ulllant
\Mislainillarwlththo politics or snltl teril-
About IM2 Howe was romoml fiom his
enieeus United Suites inarsh.ilon account ot
It rcgulai Mies , anil ( Jeiicral Mllro > , of In
diana , who had aerveil his ceiintiv In the
foilcial army during the late win. was nil-
pointed In Ini stend. Upon the arilval uf
( ient'i-.d Jlilrov In the teiritoiy to nssumo the
duties of that ofllce. he was met by Howe ,
uho , by falsalv lepiespnling thnt the oflico
was not a lucrative pusithin , and that there
was little or no money In it , HO discouraged
the general that lie declined to quality or
take the otlioc , and relumed to Indiana im
mediately , his former home.
The purpose of llowo In niaklnsr these mls-
icprcsentntlnns wus to frighten ( ioneral Mil-
iny away and retain the ollice himselt. In
this he wus Fiiccosslul , and was lein.stutod to
the ofllce which ho held lor about a year
i thereafter.
While serving heto u ? United States mar
shal , Howe anil his deputies weie suspected ,
anil accused of sto.dlm ; , and being inter
ested 111 the Mealing ot horses.
It was a matter ot gout'iul talk nml neneial
notoriety tlrit llowo as United States mai-
shd : was In the luxblt of pick-In * Jmles and
received p.iy for it. ( ! KO. W. Cour.v.
Subscribed anil s\\or'i to at Chojcniie , bo-
loie me , this S d day of October , A. I ) .
IbbO. K. J. I'Altsll.u.l. . = 3
Notiuy I'ublic.
ntnr.i.xo A Mt'ii : > iuiu. : :
In 1803 a railroad contractor mimed
John Kelly foully murdered a young
man named Charles Maxwell , nt Ihe
town of Dennett , in Wyoming. He es
caped at the timi' , but was afterwards
captured at Hod Oak , Iowa , by N. K.
Moswell , sheriff ot Albany county , Wy
oming , and brought back to the te/ritory
lor trial. Ho was tried at llawlins , the
case having boon taken out of the terri
torial ollicera' hands and given , through
the Influence of money , to the Unitetl
Stales officials to try. Howe as marshal
.summoned the jury which tried the case ,
ami according to Herman Ulallke , u
prominent citizen of Wyoming and at
present living in Cheyenne , received
$8,000 for his services in securing
a jury that would acquit Kelly. Kelly
was itcqiiitlcd , although Ihe crime was
unprovoked and cold blooded. It was
charged at the time that it was largely
through Howe's inllnenco that Kelly secured -
cured his acquittal. Mr. Boswell , as
staled , at the time was sheriff of Albany
county und had gone to expense in pot
ting Kelly bnck to Wyoming to answer
for his crime. Ho felt that a great In
justice had Leon done the people of the
territory by this travesty on justice. Ho
was familiar witli Howe's character in
former transactions and know porlectly
well that ho would scruple ot nothing to
gain his ends. At a convention which
Howe had endeavored to get the nomi
nation at ho had been approached by
Howe , wlio endeavored to bribe him. As
Mr. Boswell is an honest man it made
him very angry to bo thus approached
and he spurned the oiler. Mr. Moswell
was seen und ho expressed perfect wil
lingness to swear to what he said con
cerning Howe und his allidavit is hero
given :
Territory of Wyoming , county ot Laramle.
N. K. Uoswell , being duly hvroin , deposes
and says that bo now Is nnd ever since IMS
has been a leshlont of Wyoming territory ;
that he was acquainted with ono Church
llowo during the years from 1608 to 1873 ;
that In the year 1H7J said afliant attended a
lopiihllcm ten I tot liil convention ; that dur-
Inc suid convention the afliant met said
Chinch liowe when the following convoca
tion , In substance ensued : llowo said ,
"Uoswoll joti are n d d fool to work for
Jonesas ho has no money ; hero , rake tills , "
at the Mime time Imndlim out a roll or money
which ho olTeied to afliant , but which was
refused. Afliant further states that llowo
was u candidate at said convention lor dele
gate to congress and that the money was
offered us n bilbo ; atliaiit further states that
thn mild Howe used many other corrupt
menns to secure snid nomination ; that ono
( icorgn Kills , a delegate to Bald convention
from U In tali county declared to afliant that
at Hurt ji'Sie said Howe offered him ( Kills )
$3 000 , for tUe vote * ot the two delegates
fiom said Ulntah conni > ' .
Alllant further elates that 111 ISCS ono John
Kelley shot and killed ono Charles plaxwi'll
at tliu town of Ucnton in said tetrllory ; that
subsequently In the year 1670 wild niliunt
pursued and captured , wlillo acting as u
deputy under said Church Ilnwe , who at the
time was United Stales imushnt of said ter
ritory , the bald John Kelly at Kcd Oak , la. ,
and brou lit him back to Liiiumlo City lor
trial tor the killing of said Maxwell ; thai
buld trial occurred at Uawlins in said terri
tory , and thut although bald Kelly was
guilty of a foul minder , ho wits acquitted and
set tree : that there were rumors af tlio time
that undue and Illegal means were used for
the acquittal of bald Kelly and tlmtsald
Howe was concerned therein. Said Alllant
fuitlier Btates that ( luring bald period he was
bhorln of Albany county , Wyoming ,
N , K. Hoswi'.l.u
Subscribed nnd sworn to before mo ut
Cheyoimo. Wyoming , thin 83ml ciny ot
October , A. I ) . , ibbfl. A. J. I'AIISIIAI.L.
Notary 1'ubllc.
Upon the authority of a former chief
jiistloo of the territory , a mun whoso
record through u long residence in thin
city has made his character well known
to be far above reproach , tells me that
Howe wus certainly not u good man.
Some time after his appointment a man ,
whoso muna ho forgot , shipped eighteen
head of horses to Cheyenne from Nevada
and hold them for salo. Church Howe ar-
rcbted the mun Und. taking him beforoitn
ignorant justice of tlio peace at Cheyenne ,
named William Rollins , had the horse
man bound over for trial upon no real
ground whatever. Through tliu conni
vance of these corrupt men the
Nevada man lost till his horses
which wore sold and the proceeds appro
priated by the ofh'ciuls. There was no
proof hut what the mun honestly owned
the horses nnd it wus afterwards proved
that they jypro his. This arrest and pros-
ecutipn wus mntit > ) y Howe and it was al-
ways supposed that he got most of the
money resulting from the .sale of the
Among Howe's deputies was a notor
ious three card monte man named Jack
McDonald , a friend and pal of the well
known Canada Hill A favorite scheme
of this fellow's , was to go about ( 'hoy-
onno and take up horses and arrest their
owners on frivolous charges. He always
picked out ignorant ner.sons and then
terrorize him into either paying money
or uiving up ; the horses. A favorite
method of action was lo pick out a horse
belonging to some herder who had come
to town to see the sights. McDonald
would go up to the horse , and mixing up
a liltlo dirt and water , mark U. S. upon
tlio horse's shoulder. He would then go
into the saloon where thn half-drunken
owner was drinking and him why ho
had stolen a government , horse. Upon
the owner's protest McDonald would lead
him out and show him the mark put on
by himself. The poor drunken herder
half .scared to death would bo arrested
and taken to Fort D. A. Hussell , near
Chovonne , and loeked up. In n day or
two lie would be permitted to go minus
his horse , which was
' . ' "COSTS11
CONKIM'ATr.l ) 111 PAY
created bv Huwo and his deputy Mc
Donald. These are-btit a few instances
of Howe's utter depravity. In 187iibout ( :
a year after his first removal ho was
summarily bounced from the ollice. The
department of jubilee at Washington
dispatched a man out to the
territoiy to look over Howe's
all airs and tlioy woio found in
bad shape , llowe'was absent from the
territory at the time , without leaye , and ,
although the government , thoroughly
frightened by a long article published
in the Cincinnati Gazette at tlio time
charging Howe with
of government funds , he eould not bo
found. The next heard of him was in
Nebraska , where he has since resided.
The statement made by Mr. Hannifin is
as follows ;
Wyomlnir Teriltory , l-aramlu county , ss :
.Martin 1' . llaiinilin , uoiim duly sworn ,
deposes and says that ho Is chief of tlio lite
( lepnitmenl of the city of Ch > enne , in the
enmity and territory above nnmeil ; that ever
over since 1807 ho has boon and ntill is a resi
dent and citizen of the said city of Cheyenne ;
that ho was personally acquainted with
Church llowo , now a resident of Nemuha
county , In the state of Nebraska , between
IBO'J and 1673 , when the said Howe was
United States maislial in nud for the sahl
territory , and that during the said period of
time nlnant was familiar with the political
career of the said llowo In said territory.
Affiant further s.iys that immediately nflcr
his coming heio. tlio said Howe wnnt actively
Into politics , urging hliself upon the re
publican party with great persistence for the
highest o111ccs In the territory , but falling of
pro'iioliou in that paity us rapidly as ho
wished ho boiran to curry favor with the
democrats , that In 1R72 ho ( Jiowo ) was ores-
out at a domocrn 1 convention held Jn
Laramie city lo nominate a dolcgate lo repre
sent the territoiy in and that allmnt
wns ono of the delegates of the s.ilrt conven
tion , and wnn porsunnlly present during Its
deliberationAlllant further says that said
Howe wnsm attendance upon the sahl con *
volition throughout its OUUIH session which
continued for thiee days , and that U wai the
general unilerHtnnillng and talk among tlio
delegates that said Howe wanted the con
vention to honor him with the nomination.
The light for the nomination Dually nar-
rnwrd down between Luke JIuirlu and W.
II. Steele , each of whom for a lingo number
ot ballots iccelved nn equal number of votes
thus making the matter n tie. Alllant fuithor
says that S500 nnd a pass over the Union
Pacific railroad was offnrca to him by Jiirtua
McLaughlin If he would vote for Steele , bat
affiant declined tlio offer and continued to
support Mun in to the last. The next day the
same offer was made to ono Judge Stillman
of Swrotwfttor county , a delegate In the said
coiiTentlnn , If lie would vote forSteeio. Still-
man accepted the bribe , cast Ids vote acconl-
inglyanil Steele was nominated. Howe wan
known to have been woiklmr In the Interest
of Steele , after It was ascertained that ho
himself had no show , and It was rumored ,
generally understood , and believed thut Ho wo
hnnilleiland manipulated the boodle which
corrupted Kllllman ,
Alllant further says that In 1873 Howe
joined forces with two other individuals and
assisted In on.'uni lng what was known as
"the People's Movement" whoso avowed pur
pose was to oppose and overthrow the re
publican party of the territory. A ( limit
further says whllo heio the imputation of
llowo both as a private cltl/en nnd a public
olllcer was ot an unsavory character ami It
was a matter of much talk and geneinl no-
torleiy , that In Ids ofllce ns United States
Mnrstihl. ho was In the habit ol packing
Jmlw , and receiving pay therefor.
SubsetIbod and swoin lobciV n this Blst. ,
Soptombur. 18WI. J , W. Fi6lKR | , ' , P.
I have seen dozens of tlio bestrcsljonta
of Cheyenne who were hero when Church
Unwn lived hero and llioy all remember
him us a sharp.uiiscnipulous man against
whose honesty many stories were cur
rent at the time.
H , C. Eckonborger and wife , general
agent Chicago & Northwestern railway ,
of Portland , Oregon , is in the cilv.
Prof , Chas , Ludwig Von Seegor
Medicine l tti * Kojtl Unlvrnltr ;
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Duffy's Pure Mall Whiskey
Duffy's Formula.
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011 AS. A. WlttDNEIl.
nitTix , Willltmn Oonntr , Ohio.
UentUravn 1 nat truubl d with cramttn of
thfi tlnniiih fora lonr Hmn. until I found out
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I find your DulTj'j l'ur Mill \Vhi.k.r th liatt
ri-mndj 1 afer uB d. IMtAse send fwur Uufli'fl
Furmum to Ink * with It.
WINSTON , Kortli Onrolln * .
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lut tlitttloctot * ral'pil ' ( Jnrvnla DlarrhniK , and
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Tickets only IV Shares in Proportion ,
'Wodo herotiy cortltr ttntt > re supervise tlm
nrrniKroinniits for nil thu Moinlily iiim Qiturtorljr
Jrn > rmKS of The Louisiana Btiite Lottorr
Cornpnny und In piirenn iunnn o nnd oontrol
tliellrnvrlnprs thoinsclvoa , and ( Imt tlioRnmonra
conducted with linnosty , fnlrnom nnd ID i oed
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ofour Bftrnivturoi uttnolioJ in its advnrttsmcat
W , the nilnr lfiiod ( Hanks and Hankers , will
pny ftll Prizes ( Irnirn In The f/illJlnna Htalo f'Ot-
toilno wlilrli may bu prusoiiUid nt our oounlurj
Pros. Louisiana National Bank
J. W. 1C I'.TII ,
Pres. State National Baal
Pres. New Orleans National Bant
InroriiorRtod la 1813 forS'i yearn liy tlio loirli
Inttiru lor Bdiiciitlotml nnd Cimrltublo imnidioj
with ucapltiil of SI.OOO.WW to wliloli u ruSorve
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Uy uiiovorwIichiihiK populur vote Its I'raiKjIil.iu
wits miidii n pin t of tlm in iwunt Hhiio Constitution
utlniitod JpcHinDur2d A , I ) . 137U.
Tlio only lottery over voted on and ondorsad
by tliu pcuplu of uny nuuo.
1 1 never vcnlus or postponns.
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Hl Oittiid DniwliiK , Clans H. In tlio Academy uf
Music. Now Orlimna , Tnosduy , Noroinliurtiiii ,
IBSJ , imni Monthly Uniwmx.
CAPITflL 810,000.
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Appllratlnn for rnt i to clnlm uliould Im inndo
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