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Styles of Goods. THAN ANYBODY ,
502 , 504 , 506 , and 508 South 13th Street.
Hosiery and Underwear
J.AB > EBS' :
Pioe All Wool Mjfino Hose ir ?
EElncU and t' Iori. Worth fi ° o
Children's : t nil
BEcel and TVnith2."o
All Mlzen. Worth lOc
White Merino Underwear ,
Extra ( Rood Quality ulth
SHU Worth 7lic
\1RI1M \ , Ic
4ood Quality. Worth $1.
Scarlet Underwear , IJl
Fine Duality. W'tllft.OO
For ntroriuliMl IM-uss < oo U.
I'or IMuin E > rcH < < < See K
For Wool IMahl B rrss
Per Yard.
For All Wool J > ross
JTor I'iiic HugMsli Cashmere
JFor All Wool ttress INtilds.
For Umiblc-Wfdlli All Woo ]
TJ-k .tls.
E'o--jUoiiI > tc-Wi UIi All Wool
For Doable-lVidlh All Wool
Camel's ISair.
For Double-Width All Wool
Mixed Tweeds.
For E > oal le-Widlli All Wool
Per Yard.
For All Wool ISccl Twilled
Hlctliculud Flannel.
JL.Branleis&Sons)502s2,35Ki5D8 (
, . ) ,
Slugger MoOorraick Badly Worsted by
McDonald , tlio Montana Champion.
Tlio Kccoril of the Union I'nclllc
I'luyors Omalin. niiil the
. Bicycle Unco
Other Notes.
An Inlorofitinc AfTnlr.
The glove contest between McCormick
and McDonald attraileU a largo crowd to
Cunningham Hall last evening. It was a
very orderly throng , composed of repre
sentatives of almost every class in
At 9 o'clock , "Baby" Barnes , as master
of ceremonies , stopped into the 21-foot
ring , and announced the first event of the
ovoninir , a four-round sot to between
Matt Richardson , the champion middle
weight of Alinnosota. so called , and
Steve Carroll , of Dos Moincs , la. It was
an amusing affair. Carroll played with
lUchardson just as ho pleased , hitting
him all over the face , HOOK
and stomach. Richardson was ganio ,
however , and took all that was given him
with tlio utmost good nature. Carroll
was nn easy winner.
"J don't allow no nigger to do mo up , "
was the remark of a big , over-grown boy ,
Charley Short , who faced Jesse Sinitn ,
the colored pugilist , in tlio next contest.
The bout was of short duration. The
"coon's1' blood was up. and ho sailed
into his opponent in the most lively
manner , knocking him down four times
in less than that many minutes. One
round was sulliolont to convince Short
that ho was no pugilist. The crowd fairly
shrieked with laughturo at the white
man's discomfiture. Smith Is a nifty
quick little lighter , and prevented Short
from getting in a sinclo blow.
The main event of the evening , the
glove contest between James McCor-
mlok , who claims the championship of
Nebraska , and Duncan McDonald , of
Butte , Mont. , was announced at exactly
five minutes of 10 o'clock. Shortly after
that time , McDonald appeared in the
ring , Ho is a line looking man , of splen
did physique. Ho Is six foot in hoig'it ,
weighs 101 pounds and is twenty-four
years of ago , Ho appeared in a ring
costume of white trunks and black hose.
McCormick is five feet eleven in height ,
weighs 108 pounds , and is 28 years
of ago. Ho was attired In tlio
snmo costume which covered his form
when ho met Marx.
William McCunn was chosen to act as
referee. John P. Clew acted as time
keeper for McDonald and Jack Nugent
for MeCormlck. "Baby" Barnes and
Sherman Tlmrston were selected as
Judges , to score points ,
McCormlok's seconds were Prof. Patsj
Fallen and Harry Gordon. Mlko Ritchie
acted as second for McCormick.
A few minutes after o'clock both
men were ordered together. "By , "
said McCormick to his second , Ritchie ,
as ho ovod McDonald curiously , " 111show
that dude something about light
ing , I'll break his jaw worse than 1 diil
Marx's. " But ho was badly fooled ,
McDonald , who is a litho , active , clean
built man , quick as a oat , and familial
with alt the scientific points , demon
Btrated from the start that hg was vastlj
McUonulok's superior in everything bul
miihclo , In fact ho handled his oppo <
nent exactly as ho pleased , playing wit )
him in very much the same manner thai
n cat does with a mouse.
The first round opened with cUrcfu
biiarrtngon the partof botlunon. Finally
McDonald got h\s \ right homo on MuCor
' licok effectual astc
ulck's in such style as
knock that worthy fiat on his back. Mc
Cormick stumbled to his feet and re
turned the assault with a counter or two
which did no harm. McDonald hit his
opponent several smart blows in tlio
stomach with the evident intention of
winding him. The round closed with
McCormick puffiing like a grampus.
Both men rushed together and some
lively short-arm work was done , honors
being about equally divided. In this
round McDonald confined his work prin
cipally to round arm blows , which ho
worked in cleanly , taking care to avoid
McCormick's return blows by quick
dodging. It was evident that ho had the
latter completely at Ins mercy.
McDonald came to the center smil
ing and fresh as a daisy.
* 'Ilow do you like the dude style of
sparring ? " ho facetiously asked McCor-
mick. The latter gritted his teeth and
said nothing. Some lively cross-counter
work followed , both men getting in some
good blows.
After two or throe preliminary rushes
McDonald throw his right square at Mc
Cormick's ' neck. Tlio blow wont beauti
fully homo , and knocked the heavy man
down against tlio ropes. McDonald
waited a moment for his antagonist
to recover himself , and then tapped him
lightly in a playful sort of a way. Me-
Connie ! ; replied feebly.
were but a repetition of the preceding.
McDonald toyed with his antagonist ex
actly as ho pleased , rustling in and tap
ping McCormick and getting
away before the latter could re
turn the compliment. On two occasions
ho made a iiunn into the air , wiiiriod
clean around anil hit McCormick a sound
back-arm blow in the nock , before that
worthy could recover from his astonish
ment. The eighth and last round closed
with lively sparring , in which both
men did good work.Vhen the bout was
closed McDonald was still smiling and
easy , though a trillo winded. .McCor-
mick was not injured to speak of , though
ho was bleeding a trillo at the mouth and
nose. The four ounce gloves which
were used precluded any such thing as
a jaw-breaking blow.
At the close of the contest the roforco
awarded the honors to McDonald , who
had scored 1UG points against McCor
mick's 40.
Taken all in all , the evening's sport
was a pleasing entertainment ,
and gave ample satisfac
tion. The managers of the
afl'air tloservo credit for having adhered
strictly to their promises in making the
contest a strictly scientific out' , for points
only. Just before ho left the ring Me-
Cormiok was given a handsome box of
llowors from one of his lady admirers.
Jqhn P. Clew , the Colorado champion ,
who was present , challenged the winner
to an eight round contest. McDonald
will meet him next week to arrange the
date and terms of the contest.
nioyclcrs ,
Schock. the brother and trainnr of the
famous long-distance bicycle rider , is in
the city and has arranged a fifty mile
race to take place between John S.
Prince and Schock at an early date in
this city. Prince oilers to give Schock
one mile in fifty , and will tuko 70 par
cent of the gate receipts if ho wins.
Schock is now in activb training in
Minneapolis for the great six-days race ,
which is coon to take place in that city.
Ho will bo pitted against Prince , who
Won the last six-days race in that city.
Omaha anil the League ;
QTho prpspect ot Omaha entering the
Western league for'the uoxt season-has
created 'a .considerable interest among
ball players throughout the west , an'd if
tho'company Is promptly .organized they
will be able to almost select their own
players from the tucu who wcro in tlio
-iiJiPi = StV > f * * fcSirfi > \f' m
Tor yard wide , very line
Regular Price Uic a yard.
For Turkey Bed Damasks ,
Warranted fast colors , gnnrautccil to
stand washing : with soup and hot wa
J , L. Brandeis & Sons ,
002,5oi. , 506 , noa s.'iath st ,
Western league the last season. Joe
Walsh , of Kcokuk , and Charley Briggs ,
of headville , both of whom were mem
bers of the Union Pacifies in their
palmiest days , have expressed a desire to
join tlio now club. Ilellner and Hoover ,
the great battery of the Lincoln team ,
can also be secured. The committee ap
pointed at the last meeting to canvass for
subscrintions to the stock company have
met with such encouragement that they
feel sure the } will bo able to file their in
corporation articles some time this week.
The Union I'ncillcs' Kccorrt.
Frank Bamllo has prepared , from the
otlicial score , tlio following table show-
tlio standing of the members of the Union
Pacifies for the past season :
mil.DING UKCOIll )
A number of local players who were
engaged by the Union Pacitics for two
games mtulo the following averages :
Hatting. Fielding.
Kly . ; . -110 Iii5
Millctt . 250 l.MO
McUreary . 375 ( KM )
Jones. . . . . 22-J bS8
McClosky . l'5 701
Droxler. . . 000 1,000
Hurt . Ill 1,030
Toner . 000 818
Wlthnell . 428 1,003 ,
Homo Hun Strock 1.
Tin-no Haso lilts McKelvy 0 , Salisbury 1 ,
Handle 2 , Hopkwoll2 , Dwyer 2 , Anderson 1.
Two Uaso lilts Jlockwell 8 , McKolvy 1.
Hramltl , Uiman 3 , Salisbury 1. Handle S ,
Strock 1 , Anderson 1 , Uwyor- .
Michael Davltt.
For the last sixteen years Mr. Dayitt
has given the use of ills time and his pen
to the advocacy of the cause of his coun
trymen. A writer of depth ana power ;
a speaker at once polished and convinc
ing , ho might have lined his pockets with
gold and acquired for himself the luxury
of his titled persecutors ; but no , ho
thought not of self ; his only care was the
elevation of his fellow-man and tlio
protecting of him from the brutal rapac
ity of onobled villainy. To-day ho is a
poor man , No inducement could lead
him to accept anv gift , however small ,
from his impoverished but grateful coun
trymen. His admirers in Omaha will
see to it that ho is honored on Tuesday
night , as becomes his exalted worth.
Edward Wilson was arrested last night
charged with larceny. He was caught
n the act of nipping a. five dollar bill
from the pocket of & gentleman in
Hough's restaurant.
That h < ii'c been consigned to us liy one of the larijcft ntnmtfaclitrcnt in the
Ut } . , to bcsold in the next ten tlaij.-fdt the following prices.
Moncij refunded ifltlanhcts are not Mitlnfaclory.
Heavy grey blankets , 75o pair ,
Large grey blankets , $1.25 pair
Fine grey bed blankets , $ 1.75 pr.
Extra large bed b ankets , $2 pr.
fine wool grey blankets$3 pr.
Michigan fleece wool blankets$4 ,
fill wool scarlet blankets , $4.50
J , L. Brandeis & ; Sons
502 , 501 , , 500.and < iO S. 13th st.
A Lost Hoy.
Charlie Colson was tlio name of a dis-
coiiFolatc young lad who wandered list
lessly around the Union Pacific depot last
evening as if in search of someone. Tnc
unusual length of his stay attracted the
attention of Depot Ollicer Green , who
questioned the lad and ascertained that
lie was in search of his uncle , William
Fisher. The boy arrived on the Denver
train from Shell Creek , oxpectingloiupot
liis uncle , who resides in Omaha , to meet
him at the depot. For some unknown
reason the uncle failed to appear , and
the boy was in djstress , being unable to
tell where Mr. Fisher resides , lieing en
tirely out of money , young Colson was
taken to police headquarters until his
unulecould bo found ,
Tlio Comity Hospital.
The county commissioners were busied
yesterday afternooi in examining tlio
plans for the proposed county hospital.
Plans and bids were received from E. E.
Meyers & Son , of Detroit ; John C. Cochran -
ran , of Chicago ; Blake Miller & Co. , of
Dos Moines ; Sidney Smith , Mendelssohn
& Fihher and Francis Tnnha. of Omaha.
The various jilans were examined and
the matter laid over until Monday for
further consideration. The advice of ex
port physicians will bo sought by the
commissioners bcforo they decide upon
any of the plans.
TjicciiHotl to AVcd.
Judge McCulloch has issued marriage li
censes to the following parties :
Xninn , Iti'sliloncc. Aco.
( .Ii'nsJnrgonson Oiunlm " 0
1 Aiiiui K.lenseu Omahi 0
i Chadou Combo Omaha 2S
( Maria Mueller Onmtm 17
I John 1) . Davis Omalm 43
I ( Juiiilo Larvlg Uuialm i3 !
i Andrew Uenmm Douglas'Co. S5
1 Kva Wood Douglas Co. 17
I James W. Hohm Bade Uock , I. T. 20
I Marion Norris Uuinlia 0
A Colil Wave.
Clothing merchants who have boon de
voting their onorgics to the business of
Fixing up their show windows with over
coat displays will rdjoico , with the coal
merchants , at the following bit of
weather intelligence that was received
last night :
WASIIINOTON. Oct. av-Six p. in. Hoist
cola wavahUnnl ; tlio tcnipuraturo will piob-
ablv fall trom twenty to twenty-livo decrees
In the next thirty-two hours. HA/.KX.
s a Itallroai ) .
John and Kato Chrlstencr have liled
suits in Judge McCulloch's court for
damages in the sum of if 1,500 against tlio
Omaha & Southwestern railroad for per
sonal injuries , llhoy allege that on Sep
tember 0.1880 they were assaulted anil
forcibly driven from their house which
was on the right of way of the said rail-
Way. Mrs. Chrlstener alleges that she
was so badly beaten by the agents of the
company that she has lost the use of one
The Widow AVins.
The case of Mrs , Dunk , of Florence , vs.
Dr. Solomon , was decided in favor of tlio
plaintiff by Judge McUulloch yesterday.
The plaintiff brought action to recover
f 1,000 which she alleged she had loaned
to the oily-tonjrued ' 'dortor" from time
to time. Judgments were given the
plaintiff in the bum of $781) ) .
The rafllo for the horse will come off at
Thompson & I-lttlo's Palace saloon ,
Monday evening , October 25th , at 0
A Georgia hermit has his house in the
branches of a spreading oak tree. It is
small but quite snug.
500 single white blankets 39c.
All wool filled blank't ' $ l.98pr
Brigb'n wool white blank's$2.75pr
Fleece wool white bank's$3.50pr !
Cal'nla all wool blankets , $550pr
49o,75cl.25l.50$2l$250 , | ,
J. L , Brandeis & Sons ,
B02 , 501500 anil 508 S. lath St.
Jjcarii to 'Jtcnd
Mr. F. P. Trench , an experienced
teacher , proposes to form a class in sight
reading and singing in tins city , and will
give exhibition lessons on Tuesday and
Thursday evenings of next week , at 8
o'clock , at First Congregational Taber
nacle , Capitol ave. near 18th ht. , to which
the public arc cordially invited free of
charge , Circulars with full particulars
at all music stores.
_ Dexter L. Thomas has laid out an addi
tion to the city of Omaha named Mas-
cottc , and wo notice that the streets are
properly named Rocco , Loreu/.o , Bet-
tina , Pippo and Frederick , and sncing
that the same is on tlio Bolt Railway and
at a point where the Omaha Northern H.
H. promises fairly to make a junction
with the Belt Line , and lots at only $100
to $200 , we think the location well named
and that the purchaser will have a Mas-
cotte , as the indications point the lots to
bo worth from $50C to 800 soon. Those
lots are to bo sold on contract , 20 per
cent cash , balance $5 per month. Apply
to Dexter L. Thomas , lloom 8 Crcigliton
Try Israel Frank's new butcher shop ,
171 ! ! Soutli Sixteenth street , for fresh
To tlio
Mrs. C. A. Uingor has a full line of
fall and winter millinery at lowest prices.
MHS. C. A. HiN'GKic ,
110 North Fifteenth street.
Israel Frank , an experienced butcher ,
and Into deputy moat inspector of Now
York City , has opened up a now butcher
shop at 171 ! ) South Sixteenth street.
Give him a trial.
Final Closiiitr Snlc ,
commencing Monday , Oct. 25. Every
thing must be sold regardless of cost.
One lot of wraps at four dollars , actual
cost six. One lot of Jersey Ulsiors for
seven dollars worth liftccn. One lot of
light weight cloth ulsters for live dollars
worth from ten to fifteen , Fringe Orna
ments , Fur Trimming in fact every
thing. Suits in all now and fashionable
materials at actual coat. Silk suits in
black and colored. Cloaks , Wraps ,
Plush Cloaks. Also a lot of children's
underwear. Ladies chemise in cambric
and muslin , The goods are nearly all
now , having been bought for fall trade
before I decided to quit business.
CHAS MoDoNAi.i ) ,
M08 Fanmm St.
Another invoice of now and very styl
ish millinery goods at Madam llick-
nmnn'0 , M14 Douglas s > t.
All kinks of Job Printing , Omaha
Lithographing & Stationery Co ,
At tlio Ilnjitibt Cliurcli.
Rev. H. II. Branch , pastor of the Bap
tist churoii at licloit , Kan , is in the city ,
and will preaoh to-morrow morning and
evening at tiio First Baptist church , cor
ner of Fifteenth and Davenport streets.
Mr. Branch is a young man of marked
eloquence and power , whoso abilities as
a pastor and preacher have placed him
in the front rank of tlio western clergy.
Ho will doubtless bo greeted by a largo
congregation both morning and evening.
ItuHilInu Permits.
Supirint ondent Whitlock Issued build
ing permits yesterday as follows ;
John \V. 1'aul , one-story frame cottage ,
Twenty-flint street new Chirk S 000
Lewis H. hlojd , one-story frame cot
tage , Twenty-eighth avenue , near
Lukit , . . . . , , . . , . . , . . , . Wr )
Drs. Oraudy Ac Ulffont , three-story brick
buUdlue , Twentieth streel near liar-
noy street . . . , 6.003
Three permits aggregating. , * § 7UO
Ladies. Misses and Children , wJiich Ute
warm , and unseasonable weather tof/ct her with
rarioits other causes. lias rendered it exceed
ingly difficult to sen , but IV JS JfA VJS THESE
, and what is more ,
MTTQT1 o 4- '
And'inricwoj Hits fact we hare reduced our
entire stock ONE-IfALlT. Alance orer the
following will easily coni'ince yon that ve are
in cat-nest :
Our $25 Seal Plush Cloaks at $17,50 , * * ff !
Our $35 Seal Plush Cloaks at $25.
Our $14 All Wool Cloth Newmarkets at $7,50 ,
Our $10 Heavy Cloth Newmarkets at $5 ,
Our $7 Plain Cloth Newmarkets at $3,50 ,
Our $12 Handsome Short Wraps , $7,50 ,
Our $22,50 Silk Plush and Fur Trimmed Wraps ,
$15,00 ,
Children's ' Newmarkets , all sizes , $2,50.
f\ \
502504 - , MW and XOS S. 13t7i. St.
Kdlmlni . Akin
is the name of the now ( inn which suc
ceeds the well known and popular linn of
Kdholin & Krickson. It is seldom that a
new house falls heir to lliu trait o and
prestige that has been secured by this
one. Mr. Ediiolin , who has for years
been among us , is known as a man of ex
cellent business tact and of thorough in
tegrity All who know him fool sure
that his best efforts will bo enlisted in the
welwnreof the new firm. Air. Akin , the
new member , is u thorough going busi
ness young man , who lias held a position
ot trust and responsibility under his pres
ent partner. His gentlemanly ways and
thorough knowledge of the business
makes him a member who will add
friends and popularity to an already pop
ular house. Thib is one of the most com
plete unit thoroughly equipped jewelry
mul music houses in the west. They
enjoy n nieo wholosnlo trade
in this state and Western Iowa ,
Their rooms at cor. of Ifith and Dodge
streets are well worthy of : i visit. They
have there displayed a most bountiful
stock of silver ware of the most beautiful
design and finish. Their slock of watehes
includes gold and silver watclics of all
the best makes , handsomely engraved
and , uhovo all , reliable timokeopcrH.
Diamonds glitter in their handhomo
cases , set in beautiful and unique de
signs. Every variety of vessel or orna
ment can bo found there , licautiful
figures in French liron/.o adorn the windows
dews , wlioso tasteful arrangement and
glittering array are constantly attracting
the bus/ throng of passers by. If you
wish a handsome wedding present do not
fail to sue their display.
A long exnorlenca in the trade give
thorn the ability to buy just the goods
wanted by our citizens. 'Ihoir prices nro
such that all can trade with. They wel
come every one , whatever his station
may bo , to their Imndsonio stores. The
representative of the BKB was pleased to
hue the splendid trade which they are
enjoying , It was almost impossible ) to
secure an audience with the proprietor ,
who , with his courteous attendants , were
literally overrun with customers. Their
piano , organ and musical department is
complete. In short , it is what they claim
for it a jewelry and music house com
plete in nvi'ry particular , an honor to its
owners and the pride of the city.
Night school at the Omaha Commercial
college , 1111 Karnain street. .Scores of
young men are spending their evenings
there tilling their minds with useful
knowledge. Go thou and do likewise ,
A Bargain.
$400 / stock groceries , fresh and now ,
established trade , located on Sixteenth
Ktroot ; onc'half oush , balance Omaha
real estate.V. . G. AuiitmiiT , 218 S , Ifith.
H. H. Hall & Co , is the name of a new
linn In the real estate business at 115 S.
151 1 1 St. , composed of It. H. Kail and \V.
A. Spencer. The business experience
and good standing of thetu men ensure u
good patronage.
Colonel Vl .
On Tuesday nvenlng Colonel Will
Yisschor will appear at ISoyd't. opera
house and give his humorous monologue ,
entitled " .Sixty Minutes In the War. "
Mr. Vissohor's lecture abounds in fun ,
and is interspersed with many beautiful
mill pathetic things. It has been doliv-
oredin many citii-s anil always met with
the highest iirnit > c. Visscheris a humorist
of rani talent , but us fctory-tellor ho
particularly excels , and his dialect and
character assumptions are said to ho al
most phenomenal , in addition to being
a natural wit Air , Vissolier has linil the
banolit of a. long experience witii the
pi-ens and the training of the renowned
editor , poi-t , and wit , tlio hito ( J'wrgo 1) .
Prentice of the Louisville Journal.
Please examine o&sr
1517 Douglas St.
Spcclul Untfugoincnt of tlio Celebrated
Consisting ot tlio following
Aitlsts ,
Signcra Linda Bratnbilla , Prima Don
na Soprano.
Miss Kva May WyeotV Contralto
Mr. lllrfolilcii-li Toner
Mr. Yttrup Violinist
Mr. 1' ' . Sliuoiibim Pianist
Am ) tlio
Under the Direction of
Admission MconlH.
J. T. Linclsey & Co ,
Rubber Boots and Slices , ,
Knlilicr Oiled Clntliln ? iiud Kelt llnoia. 'MO i.
llth enrol.
'Jlio AlturntloiiH AIM Oomplnlod ,
and our Magnificent Now Cloak room
is now open with tlio largest stock of
cloaks and wraps ever sliown In Ne
braska , comprising all the latest styles
shown in the cast. Tlio prices are still
less than lust season. N. It. KAI.CONKK.
Wainrcl I
Two messenger girls for our dress
making department. Apply to Madaino
Tiornoy , at Falconer's.
AVantci ! I
Two messenger girls for our dressmaking
making department. Apply to Miidamo
Tiurnoy , at Falconer's.
Stamping free tail
1st , to a ! ! parties pur
New designs jul re-
. 15rt Douglas St.