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The President Greatly Dissatisfied With His
EichmondrTrip ,
How Mrs , Clovclnml H Spending tlio
Aiituinn JIcinlHTH of Ilio Cabinet
nnd Their KninllicH Ocltlmj
Bottled Tor thu Winter.
The Ulrfjiiond Trip Ilmlcvvod.
WASHIVOTOV , O t. 23. | Special Tolesram
to the Iln.j : It Is not nt all probable that
President Cleveland will attend nny more
demonstntlons In the south w Idle ho Is in
his present ollice. Ills experience nt Itlch-
monil on Thursday and the fuss that Is be
ing made over Mrs. ( 'lev eland's failure to go
with him 1ms made him , your correspondent
vvns Informed at the vvhtto house to-tiny ,
heartllj sick of the southern procedure. A
momhcrof thu ciblnet who went wltnlho
prestdi'iit , believed lobe 1'ostmaster General
Vllni. Is quoted In this evening's Ciltlc ns
saying that there were very unpleasant
clashing of Interests there , growing out of
the efforts of thico factions to reap nil the
glory from the presidential visit. Uesides
the fair committee thoio weio representatives
of the state government ntul the- major and
council of Ulchmond , nnd they could not
ngrcc on n plan of hauuonlous action. Each
committee thought It was "tho representa
tive bed } " and began pulling nnd hauling at
the president's coat mils as soon as an audi
ence was secured. Kvery triflewas
Liken advantage of by the various commit
tees , but thev had rcfialned fiom
ovet nets of hostility till the atteruoon of the
nli In t , and after It had been decided that
the ladles should nccomp any the pirty. Some
of the latter had gone so far ns to make
purchases which they thought would be nee-
cssarj and It was regarded by the ladies as n
good chatico fora frolic with their Ilexes , but
n clash came Wednesday afternoon between
two of the committees , and the picsident
quietly determined to nip In the bud the con
spiracy to make n show out of his pretty wife
nnd especially ns In all ariangemcnts theio
seemed to bo doing nothing definite concern
ing the ladles of fie pirty. It w as not know n
whether there were pieparatious made to ac
commodate them at the governor's mansion ,
at a hotel or on the fair grounds , but every
enciuj vvns being bent to secure attractions
for tlui fair and Hichmoiid. Word was sent
around to the cabinet ministers' houses late
Wcdnesdaj evening that the picsldentwou d
like to see them nnd when they
returned to their wives they simply
announced that the ladies would not accom-
JMIIV the test on that trip. One of the ladies
in speal Ing of the matter , said that she iav\
In her husband's manner that the determina
tion was mini , and nlthoiish very much dis
appointed , slm diil not ask for any cause lor
the change in the pie iamme. "It vv is u
peed thing v on did not go , " remarked hei
liusbaiid , "lor It wasonoof thewoist nr-
rnnuvtl affviisI ever saw. Not content
with keeping our pat ty at thu fall grounds
until it was monotonous , n reception com
mittee secured us and verv considerate ! } took
us out to n Cemetery. The nttiactioii , wo
weiu told at Hichmond , wa principally be
cause It wis the last resting place of a Hum-
tiur of confedoiatu dead. Then wo were
lia'ilcd over thu city a good deal like circus
jieiformersor neuro mlustiels are exhibited ,
nnil linally , to ciown our misery , the train
was ( lelajcd over nn hour In order thnt the
crowd might shako hands with the president.
It will be a long time before I go off on n
southern tilp , nud 1 think the president nnd
inj .self nro of one mind on this subject. "
MIIS cMvirAM : > * 8 siovijii\rs. :
Mr . Cleveland Isemplojins the pleasant
summer days in ovcrscclntr the completion
ot the improvements nnd repairs upon their
countrj house. The Interesting sta < c otdec-
oiatlon has been reached and the all absorb
ing question of hangings , carpets and drap
eries Is under consideration. Mrs. Cleve
land sees no one but cabinet ladles except by
previous engagement , nnd very lew engage
ments are made.
Secretary Manning and household are
ngaln comfortably settled at their home. Tim
bicrotnry is advanclui ; in health and streimth
lu hiiro and steady paces. Secretary and Mrs.
Kndicott will visit liostou carlv In Xovem-
bcr. Secretary Whitney had Secretary and
Mrs. Kndicott to dlno with them at ( irass
Lands this week. Mrs. Whitney has left
her home in Tenox nnd Is now in New York
city. It Is expected that she will nnivo in
tlio capital eirly next week. Secn'tarj-
Lnmnr has vv Ith nun his sister-in-law , Mrs.
Lnuiar. of Monticelto. 1'l.x , Mrs. Liuinr is an
attractive and agreeable lady and Is a pleas
ant acquisition to thu secretary's Interesting
household. Shu will bo in the city tor n
short time. The attorney general and his
family , with Mrs. Hubbard , have reinstated
themselves for thu winter In their Ithodo
Island avenue home.
Major General John M. Scholield , U. S. A. ,
arrived this morning from New York , ac
companied bv his ahle-dcc-amp. First Lieu
tenant John I'ltchor , First cavalry.
Lieutenant Colonel Sanford C. Kellogg ,
aide de-camp to General bheildan. received
this morning from John J. Uppham , Fifth
cavalry , n pumplu of the new caiiijiaign coat ,
which has just been adopted by thu French
army. The Mimplu Is for civilian use and Is
n water-proofed diagonal casslmere. which
lins been tested In an exposure of twentv-
four hours of heavy rnln. His very light
and Is very liandsomu In Us general appear
Army leaves granted : Captain John K ,
Corson , assistant surgeon , Jetlerson Bar
racks , Missouri , om > mouth ; Lieutenant
Ormond M. i Ksak , Fourth artillery , six
month ! ! , sick leave.
Thu chief of the bureau of statistics reports
thu value of the exports nnd Imports of the
nation , for the twnlvo months ending Sep
tember 80 , as follows : Exports lbt , SO''J-
U : IbhS. S71HOOT.- . Impurti 1
S03tbrX4'U ; ib 1"
The president has unpointed L. N , Bnford ,
of Mississippi , to bo deputy fourth auditor of
the treasiirj- .
I'eoplo III the United States generally look
upon thucliniutoof the Northwestern states
nnd territories , where the thermometer some
times records 40" below zero , as about as cola
us It would bopossiblo to live In. Utit Lieu
tenant SchwiUe. of the navy , who has just
returned from Sltx'ria , where he went to dis
tribute the pri-.sents ordered by congress for
thu native * who succored tlio Jeannette
survivors , brings back v ; Ith him a record of
temperature that makes -UT below zero seem
liky a summer day by comparison , The
thermometer icports for November and December -
comber , lbs. % show an average temperature ,
north of Yakutsk , of ortf below vero. lu
January 10 of the present jear the splilt In
the thermometer ( mercury is of no use In
that climate ) full to Mi" below zero , and J et as
far as heard from no one was frozen to death ,
Lieutenant Scheuuo Is at present busy pre
paring hi * vouchers for presentation to anil
nnpioval by Secretaries1 lUvard and Lnmnr ,
It will be auiuslug to sco tha able tirst comp
troller examlnliu tliem , as the lieutenant
has Incorporated a many Kusslan
words that aie frightful to look upon. Hi
traveled from St. Petersburg to Alalclm on
the Indlghirka river , in northeastern Siberia ,
upwards of 18.000 miles. About b.COO inlles
weruuude on s > ledire.s drawn by reindeer ,
dogs or horses. Siberia , according to thh
eoutloman , is not noted for the cuisine
oilVred to visitors. His diet was mainly
bread , hsh and dried reindeer Thu
was his tecou.d trip , but bo | s not auxloua U
KO Again.
NO iiLoool si'
The recently Issued oniurs concernln ;
deputy marbli.ils at elections w as the cause o :
a serious misunderstanding between Attor
iioy General Garland and Comptroller Dur
liain , which threatened for a time to result it
thuieiUuitlnn of the latter. Immediate ! ;
after Ihe order was Issued Durham sent won.
that lesaubO congn'&s had falletl to make i
BiH-clilc appropriation for the pay of the *
oiUcors , lie could not approve requisitions fo
their pay , Uarlaud bent a vote back calllu. ;
the attention of the comptroller to the fact
that the statute * provided for tbo employ
ment of deputy marshals and that the failure
of con cress to makn specific nporopriitions
did not of npresMty repeal the law. Durham
promised to "consider the matter. " Garland
got mad and went over to see the president.
He complained of the petty nnnoynuces
bronchi UDOII him by Dtirlnm's finicky
actions. The president sent for Durham and
read the riot act to him. ' 1 ho result was an
upolo y from the comptroller and a promise
to allow the doputv marshal's accounts. Ills
said that the president told Garland that If
Durhim could not be brought to a roillflng
sense of his own InMgnthrance ho would nsk
for his lesienation.
vt VNMINO AT w OIIK ON iif nnponr.
"You mav put It down as a cortninty tint
Secretary Manning will not remain lone in
the cabinet , " said n democratic politician
from New York to jour coirespondent
"On whit do > ou luso the prediction ? '
"On personal knowledge and on the sur
rounding circumstances Manning is unable
to do the work ot the trensurjIn fact he is
not trying to do It. To all intents and pur
poses Mr. r.ilichllil Is secietaiy of the treas
ury. Mnuulng does absolutely nothing of
tlio routine work , but Is devoting his time to
the nropiratlon of his report. "
"U hen do jou expect him to resl.-n ? "
"Ilo will leave as soon ns his report Is In
the hands of the president piobaoly about
the daj tlntcongress moots.
HOOK PI. 1)1)1,1 ) US IN IIIK l EP\iTVir"NT' : ' .
The time worn rule which prohibits
canvassers for books , etc , to eo Into
depirtments ami pl > theii trade. Ins been
set nsldo by Socretniy Limat , nnd tliej'
nro not onlv permitted to canvass In the In-
ti-ilor department , but distribute circulars
for the "Llfo of Hobert K. Lee. "
i-osTU. ru\Nois.
Tlio following Nebraska postmasters
were appointed to-day : M. L. Tor-
uey , Hawkcjc , DKon county , vice Isabella
Sivue , ro-ilgned : Ljiunn W Cornish , Lodl ,
Custercounty , vice Albert D. Sheldon , re
Also the followine In Iowa : Samuel Tip-
ton , Centcrdalc , Cedar counTy.vico Hciijimln
I'eisson , deceased : C , L Smith , Judd. Wel-
stcrcouuty , vice Cliis 1) . Wilson , resigned ;
II. S. llubtind , lllnton , I'lymonth county ,
v ice J. J. Dav Is , leslgned ; Jnb I'arker , Slain ,
Tnjlor county , vice Gee W. Uussell. re
signed ; J. A. Loach , ISpniildlng , Union
county , vice A. Hartiuan. resigned ; W. C. F.
Dlassiiold. Spragueville , Jackson county.vlco
Herman C Gro-h , resigned ; Miss Mattlo IX
Markov. West Branch. Cedar couutj , vice
D. i : . Mackej , leslgned.
An Illlnnlo CninnituiltjCxcltod Over
n Series ofKlrcs and Thofts.
AI.IUOV , III. , Oct 23. During the last four
months there has occurred within a radius of
of three miles in n tocalltv seven miles north
of town a series of accidents which are un
doubtedly the work of a lunatic era tiend.
July 31 , John Ulen , a prominent farmer of
the county , was found dead at the foot of a
ladder placed azainst the limb of an apple
tree. Ills neck hitl boon broken nnd his face
bruised by what vvns then supposed to be a
fall from the ladder. Next August 2J a
a largo two-story residence of George
Elme-s , who lives but n quarter of a
mile from Klons , was burned in the night
under very suspicious circumstances. Again
September 1 stacks of hay and abirn contain
ing ; considerable grain and belonclng to
James Crow , who lives near Elmers , was
burned. This lire was also caused verv mys-
teilouslv. The work of tills destructive
demon was traiisfened hick to the Widow
Kiens' nlace. The hou&o was ransacked In
the absence of the family and souio money
stolen. Shortly afterwards while the family
w as seated nt supper they smelled hre , and
upon Investigation discovered a blaze In a
loom in the aecond-story. which after some
trouble was put out. The next morning
eome pirties passing the honso discovered
tin ) veranda to bo on lire , and they
nlichted from their cairiage to extinguish It ,
but almost before they had completed this a
straw stack near the house broke out in
llames , anil it requlieil the utmost efforts to
s iv e the adjoining buildings.
It now appears plain that these fires and
thefts have all been the work of ono partv ,
and n young mnn in the neighborhood Is
strongly suspected. Whoever the guilty
party may be. if discovered ho Is In danger of
meeting punishment before the law can lay
its clutches on him. The neighborhood Is In
an Intense state of excitement and everv
in in his appointed himself n vigilance com -
mittee to discover the author of the destiuc-
tlon to the property of the locality.
A FnNtilnnnuIo Treatment.
NEW YOISK , Oct. 23. [ Special Telegram
to the BEI : . ! A Washington special to the
World says : The expert from the New York
school of massaso , who has helped Secre
tary Manning so much , had an Interview
with the president yesterday. Mr. Cleveland
intends to taken courseaf treatment to sen
If he cannot reduce his flesh. He has gained
so much In the last six mont'is ' that ho has had
to hav.o the buttons on his coat moved tluee
inches. General Sheridan placed hlmselt in
thohandsof this massage professor vester-
day to have his waist reduced to normal size.
The massage and Swedish movements
promise to be very fashionable with Wash
ington notables afflicted with large waist
Destructive Fire.
FAHVIINOTON , Me. , Oct. 23. The lire which
was supposed to have been extinguished Fri
day started again , and In a few minutes sev
eral buildings were burning. The fire stopped
on its noithward movement at the Cragln
house after burning it , and then
leaned across the street to the Jail ,
which quickly burned. The iirlsoners were
released. Thu tire leaned to the north side of
main street , destroy inc houses and other
buildups in Its path. While the Urn to the
north of Hotel Marble was laglug It had
spread to the south , destroying In quick suc
cession innnj business blocks and the post-
The old county building and Kxchnngn
hotel were next burned , as also the H.iptisl
church. Most herloc efforts were made to
save the church , by fifty young ladles of the
normal school , who formed a bucket brigade.
About 2iO ; : the tire had about spent Itself nut
not th , but continued burning on thu south ,
Thirty-three dwellings , nineteen stores ,
three churches and two newspaper olilcos arc
buinod , The loss is estimated at SJUO.OJO ;
insurance , small.
A Souimtioiial Suicide.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 23. The sixth auditor's
office was the scene of n sensationalsulchU
to-day. Ilolx.rt W , Alston , a clerk lu thai
branch of the gov eminent servlce.aftor coolly
announcing to the chief of the division thai
ho "was going to put an end to this thing , '
walked to his desk , took a S3 calibre revolvci
from hU pocket and in the presence of hii
fellow clerks sent a ball crashing through hi :
brain. The pistol was placed so near hi ;
head that the. hair was singed and the skill
shattered. The unfortunate man lived bin
forty-five minutes after the fatal shot had
been tired. Nervous depression Is said t <
have led to the act. He was a sou of Colone
Hob Alston , of Atlanta.
A Kiendlsli Crime.
KvxsAsCiTV , Oct. 23-Ono of the mos
barbarous crimes ever perpetrated In this clt ;
was committed last night by a colored mat
named Cy Latterly. Ho engaged In a quarrc
with lib wife , knocked her down and bea
her to Insensibility. The ( lend then saturate )
her clothlni : with kerosene , sot lire to It am
loft her , makliu his escapn by the back dee
of the house. It was several minutes befon
thu neighbors discovered the woman's awfu
condition , w hen the flames : w ere extinguished
Her body was burned lo a crisp , and she dlei
to-day. The murderer U still at large. . -
Ivncbln ; in case of his capture U frccl.
Liquor Doalnra Pail.
UUICAOO , Oct. 23 , The liquor house o
the Cavnroc companv went Into the hands c
the slicrlif to-day , under levies tor § 10,515 01
stock and fixtures. A heavy business tia
been done at tiine.s by the firm during th
past tin yo.irs , but of late trade has fallen oil
and tne c\pcOs 3 have largely increased.
Experience of the America on Her Trip
From Queenstown to New York.
Two Trnzy Mon Ailil to the Horror-
One of the Lunatic * Succeeds In
lircnklng lyoosc anil Jumping
An nvantfnl Voyncc.
Nnvv YOIIK. Oct. H [ Special Telegram
to the HIKI : The last voyage of the steamer
America seems to have been an eventful
ono. The following Is the story as given by
the log : The America left Queenstown
Thursday morning n week ao with fair
weather , but within two hours after loivlng
the harbor a storm came up whloh the oftlcors
of the ship describe as the most violent that
the vessel over passed through. Captain
Hraco went to the bndgo at the llrst sign of
bul weather and remained there for forty-
two hours , exposed not only to the wind and
rnln but to the waves which , during Thurs
day night , was clear over the bridge , tilltne
the life boits with water and clearing every
tiling from the decks that a foico of ten fet't
of water could move. In the midst of the
storm the stoker , who had narrowly escaped
being hurled into thu lire by the pitching of
the vessel , deserted Ids post and rushed up
on deck with the avowed intention of jumpIng -
Ing overboard rather than risk again the
danger ot his work. Ho was forced bacK to
the furnace room , but his fright soon devel
oped Into Insinlty , and he was found crouch
ing between the two furnaces in abject ter
ror , nwaltlug ntiothur opportunity to commit
suicide. Ho vvns placed in irons. At the
same timeamnlc was created in the steerage -
ago bynn alarm of "lire , " and several hun
dred men and vv onion lushed to the hatches
endeavoring to cet to the boats. Dense vol
umes of what seemed to be smoke thiough-
out the ship caused alarm nnd the
olllceis in charge had a desperate lisrht for
some time to control tlio frightened steerage
pa MMieers. Investigation snowed that the
"sinoki ) ' " was merely steim caused by some
water having washed over the hot steam
pipes , but airaln flighthad developed Into a
case of Insanity , and ono ot tlio steerage
pa semersnn Encllshinnn who had deserted
his family and his position on an Kn-jlish
imllcn force , now attacked the stewards with
araxorand threatened to kill nny ono who
tried to prevent his jumping overboard. He
was placed under watcli after being dis
armed , and became quieter after thu stoim
had subsided. The cook was severely In
jured during the storm by being thrown
across the kitchen withn knifu in lit : hand ,
cutting nis head. About noon on Saturday
Captain Grace left the bridge , the ship being
entirely out of danger , but his forty-two
hours'exposure without sleep ami the nerv
ous strain caused bjtht ) clnpter ot incidents
icfeirod to was too much forliim. Five min
utes after coming ol ! duty the leactlou de
veloped into a congestive chill , nnd at 11-33
. he died. His daughter was with him.
& n Saturday morning the insane Englishman
succeeded iu4 > reaking away from his guards
In the steeraire , and amid great excitement
among the men , women and children who
witnessed the strmrsrle , he leaped oveiboard
and wns drowned. " On Monday a baby died
in tno steerage nnd It was buried at sea the
next morning. The deatli of Captain Grace
caused deep grlet among the cabin p.isson-
gets , nnd nt n genomt meeting in the saloon
appropriate resolutions were adopted by
They Hare a nistit to Conduct Their
Street Service.
TORONTO , Ont. , Oct. 23. A decision w as
was given in an Interesting case hereto-
day by Chief Justice Wilson In the court of
appeals which will silence all disputes as to
the legality of the Salvation army to beat
drums etc. , on the streets , and relieve that
body of much persecution in the courts.
Georso Martin , a balvation armvsoldler. was
sent to jail for ton days by a judce in Lake-
held. Out. , for distuibing the inhabitants by-
beating a drum or tambourine on the
streets on Suudav , contrary to a mu
nicipal bv-law. Tim chief : justice. In
iiuashing the conviction by the Lakoheld
jtidiio , quoted IZdmund Burke , showing that
wb lemming n tire-bell at night disturbed
the people , it was to save them trom possible
destruction by being burned to deatli. It
was not shown In the evidence against
Martin that ho was not beating the ditim foi
the spiritual good of the Inhabitants. He
thought the law was too fnr strained m the
Massachusetts reports where the statute"
prohibited tiavellng on Sundays , except foi
religious worship or necessity , but undei
which it had been held that a poison attend
ing a clairvoyant exhibition where there was
no dancing , iml for which no charge was
inadn for admission , was attending n iclig
lous service. Tlio conviction of Martin wac
Snocl For IHsnrny By Ills First AVIfc ,
You.s-nSTOW.v , O. . Oct. 23. In IbTJ Fred
crick Hardosty married Julia Lockwood. of
Canfield , this county. Their married life
wis unhappy , and In three years they sepa
rated , though no divorce was ever granted.
Juno Oth last llardesty drove to Xlles , nine
miles from this city , with Miss Maiy Oben-
dorfer , and they w ere married. At that time
Hardest's vrifo was living In Nlles , Hard
esty and his now wife went to Chattanooga
and the connlno Mrs. Hardestv getting wini
of the affair be un proceedings against lilu :
for bigamy. Miss Obendorfer returned hoiui
a month aero , him declared she had no :
known of Hardest's previous marriage , am
Immediately alter her return sued for divorce
from him. llardesty himself turned up lien
Instniuht drunk and gave himself unto the
police. He had a heirlng this morning ant
was bound otcr for trial.
Fatal Hillronil "Wreck.
ALTOON.V , IM. . Oct. S3. This afternoon
as thn regular passenger train from Coalpor
to Cresson of the Short Line railroad , vva :
on Its way down the grade , half way be
tween the two places , the engine jumped tin
track and went over a steep embankment
turning twice over In Its descent kllllti !
Flreumn Grant llatheld nnd seriously injur
Ing Engineer II. II. lllbbs. The passenge :
cars remained on the track. As far ns car
be learned spikes had been placed in a fro :
at that point by some miscreant. It h
thou7ht to have been the workot Hungarian :
who had boon formerly employed iu the con
siitiction of the roxd.
1:15 : a. m It Is reported that thrco or fem
employes of the railroad have been badly In
jured , but no oue was killed.
iml of the Louisville Strike.
LOUISVII.I.K , Oct. 23. As the result of i
conference there has been ni
amicable- agreement and the striker
CO back to work Immediately am
freight has begun moving. Switchmen won
given nn advance of 25cents a day. Brake
turn's pay will be remunerated by the trl ]
and the length of it.
A Monster Parade of Knights.
Pini.ADEUMirA , Oct , 23. The parade o
the KuIghU of Labor to-nlcht In honor of th
delegates from this city to the Richmond cor
ventton , who returned this eyeuinir , vva
without exception the greatest dcmonstra
tlon of the kind ever seen In Philadelphia
It is estimated that K0,000 men were In line ,
A Lost Schooner.
BOSTON , Oct. 23. The schooner JoTm V
Monson , which sailed from this port Augus
11 on a cod tishlng voyage , Is now given u
for lest She carried a crew of ten met
Charles Doty was her master and nearly a
the crew belong In the provinces. The ve :
Eel was of tifty-uve tons re Utcr.
IJ OLD at AX nxtmuaui ) .
Mntte nitil Colfnt CJountle1' Declare
Hir Sonntor Vnt Wyck.
SnifU.Eii , Neb. , Oct. a\ [ Special Tele
gram to the HEK.I The Joint convention of
Matte and Colfa\ counties for the purpo o ot
ilacing in nomination cindldatoj for float
eprcsentitlve and senator from the district
composed of those counties met at the court
louse Irt Schtiyier nt 3 p. m. J , I. Itoblnsoti ,
ot I'htto countv , wis nomlnato I for float
-eprcsontitive nnd Patrick M. Higglns , of
'olfax , for senator. Senator Me Muter , of
Platte county , In placing Mr. Hobiiison's
mine before the convention , said in behalf
of the people of 1'lHto county :
I will place in nomination for the office of
loit representative a man ofclmnctor nnd
conviction on nil the Issues Involving the In-
ere ts of the farmers nnd producers a man
who has boon n stiunch and unfaltering utp-
icuter of Sennfor Van Wyck when timid
souls nud time servers stood upon the feiico
loubting In their abject spirit while their
Lord was being crucified or wilting to see
whether the tide set for or aL'.iln t the
senator befoio daring to take n
stand. While other men awaited in br nth-
ess silence , nntl others echoed the words of
Icorporate power In denunclition of the
people's champion , our candidate vvns a
factoi In directing Ihe lido of public senti
ment In his own county nml through the
columns ot his piper throughout the state I
lave the honor to pl.ic In nomination for
tloit representative , Mr. J , L Itobitison.
editor of the Humphrey Independent
I" Chorrj Coiintv.
V vi.i VTtvn , Nob. , Oct. 23. [ Special Tele
gram to the Hhh.l IIou.G. W. E. lor ey and
C. W. Motfamar , candidate for the state
senate , addressed a Iar4e audience in the
couit house yosteiday on the Issues of the
day. The speeches were exceptionally good
and won praise fiom both parties. Major
Xorrls addressed a large open-air ineetluir.
There Is much enthusiasm. Dorsey Is very
popular In tills section. Xuinbers of demo
crats in the countv will express In fnvorof
Van Wyck. believing It Is hopeless for ono of
their partv. An ngk-iesslve lisht Is being
made by the democrats for Judge Wood as
representative from this district , Cherry
county bavin/ been ignotjid by bolh counties
inthopist. Wood isoxouuty judge , for
merly editor of the Ulade.and very popular.
Stronjj Van \Vvclc Resolution.
Snirv , Neb , Oct. 23 [ Special Telo-
gra u to the Hr. .J The republican county
: ouvention met at the court ho isa In Sc huy-
ler at 1 p. in to day for tlio purpose ot plac-
Imr In nomination a full county ticket. The
follow Ins reso lutlon was adopted :
Kesolved , That the nominee for representa
tive for Colfax county be Instructed to vote
for Hon. 0 H. Van Wyck as lone ns there Is
an v chance to elect him.
11 C. Kus = ell was nominated for reprt en-
tntlve ; J. W. Hrown was nominated for
county attorney : X. P. Dogman for sheriff ,
andO. U. lldsted for commissioner.
A Nebraska City Scandal.
NKiiuv K.vCiTV , Neb. , Oct. 23. [ Special
Telegiam to the 15i.K.J Sophia Struckmar
swore out a warrant this morninir against
Julius Kessler , a single young man , son of
Henry Kessler. a well known resident of thls _
city , charging him with being the father of
her child thnt was born October 2 , ISsT . It is
said tuo defendant will Iigjit the case to the
iid and cau refute the charges.
Another Church Jlovve ; Fizzle.
Louisvu.ra : , Nob. , OctsS. [ Special Tele
gram to the UKK. ] Chufch Howe arrived
here this ev cuing and was met at the depot
by eleven citi/ens , incfadlng the coloied
porter of the Hall house ' * ! Ills meeting was
a failure , being sllmly attended. The Ne-
maha fraud made no v otes lu this section.
A Hotel Chnnrcs Hands.
NEBRASKA CITV , Neb. , Oct 23. ( Special
Telegram to the BEE. | Thomas Wyiuoud ,
proprietor of the Grand Pacihc hotel , this nf-
tcinoon made a bill of sale of all the fixtures
and furniture In the house and the Mr fix
tures and stock to ( J. W. Eiser. of this city
subiect to chattel mortgages. Consideration ,
Work of the National W. C. T. U. Con
MiSTfCAi' , Oct. 23. The morning
meeting of the W. C. T. U. was held to
day in sections In the various churches. A
most notable paper presented was that of
Mrs. J. K. Uainey , on prison and jail work.
Mrs. Mary E. Hunt , of Massachusetts , in her
paper on scientific instruction , urged thnt
there Is n demand for supplementary leading
books in schools , and that they bo supplied
In the shape of temwraticn literature.
At the second section the ' 'Flowei Mis
sion ' was presented by Mrs , Hannah White
hall Smith , In the absence ot the assignee ,
Miss Jennie Casshl.iv , ol Kentucky. Mrs.
Nellie llngloy , of Illinois , wns also absent ,
butliernapei on "Chalk Talks" was read.
Mrs. E. G. Greene , of Vermont , spoke on
'Kindercarteii , " urging a more extended
considerationund Mrs. Salllo F. Chapln , of
South Carolina , reviewed "Southern Work. "
In the third section Mrs , Josephine C. Uato-
liam , of Ohio , read K' naper on "Sabbath
Ob-.eivance. " pleading for a more strict
abiding by the holy character of the
dav among both believers and unbelievers ,
and dwelling with emphasis on Sabbath
desecration and such public works as malls ,
railroads and newspapers. Miss iiiicy J.
Holmes , of New Hampshire , was absent , and
her piper on "Suppression of Impure hlter-
ntuiu" was read DV the secretary. At the
afternoon session Airs. Maiv Allen SVcst
read the report of the puhlicition committee.
They have received $5JJBiO ! during the past
year , an Increase of $ 2,000. The Union
Slunal has 20,573 regular subscribers and has
put forth forty new publications during the
y ear. George C. Hall submitted the business
report of the Union Signal , the excel
lent showing of which elicited applause.
Mrs. II. Uradley , ot England , spoke on "bo-
cial Purity. " "I bring you greeting of love
from thu English societies I represent and
fiom our champion thu best-loved and worst-
hated man In lirltaiu William Thomas
Stead. Social purity , as wo n e It means
the purifying of the ptople. I wish
we had a movement like your W.
C. T. U. In Enland. Many of our
purity workers are not us on the tem
perance question , and tl Sjbomewhat retards
work. "
At the evening meeting Mrs. Frances J.
Darncs , national suimrintcndent of the
young woman's work , made her report. Mrs ,
Susan Evans Peck spoke on the objects anil
terms of the W. C. T. U. Miss Mary Mc
Dowell , of Illinois , described the work In
that state.
The Plen Tor the Cblpngo Annrchlstt
Not the Hcnae qf'tho Order.
PiTTsnuiio , Pa. , Oct ; , 23. The action ol
the Knights ot Labor atj Klchmoiul , In inak
Ing a plea for mercy In bphalfo of the con
victed anarchists at Chicago , has caused con
sideruble comment among the conservative
labor leaders of this city. . There were othei
measures adopted and recommended af tin
Ulchmond convention which are quietly bin
nevertheless severely criticized by member
of the order In PHUburg. Thomas A. Ann
strong says : "The plea lu behalf of the an
nrchists Is very much out of place. It Is i
disgrace to the order and Is not In accord vvltl
the sentiments of a majority of the members
We have nothing In common with anarchists
no more than we have with murderers , am
the line should be clearly drawn. The nn
arotusts of the country will construe tin
net ion of the Klchmond convention to mcai
that the knights are Inclined to sympathize
with them. It demonstrated one thing , thi
Homo clue element which ruled the 8 onven
tlon and which passed the resolution jester
day is more or less In sympathy with the an
nrchistic element. This faction will not tx
allowed to prostitute the noble purposes o :
the order. Reports from the Richmond con-
yentlon showed that there was war in tin
ranks , and it will continue until semi
wrongs are righted. " Mr. Armstrone voicet
the sentiments of all the prominent labo ,
leaders here.
Contest of tha Tennessee Brothers For the
Qovernship of the State.
A Great Joint nl cnsilon nt Clinttn-
a AIT Makes n
Speech toVhlcli Hob
Makes Kojolmlcr.
firothor Aitalii't Hrothcr.
CIIATTAJ < OOO v , Tonu. , Oct. 23. Alt nntl
[ Job Taylor , tlio republicin nnd dcinocintlc
jrolhers nhonro running for governor of
till * state , nirhi'd in the city yesterday morn
ing nnd were mot anil escorted to tlic same
Itotol by their respective committees of ar
rangements. It is quite iintnrul as the two
stand together for Hit- spectator to "size them
up , " nnd frequent coiumont about tha
"peculiar race' ' In which these two men nro
engaged arc heard on uv ery side. The con
test Is ti trntornai one , but the brothers nru
foi that rcnson none the le s In earnest.
Each feels that ho is smicthliigiiiore than an
[ ndlvldiiil in the canvass ; that he Is tlio
representative of the thousands of voters
who people this state ; that ho Is the advocate
of principles which his constituents mini-
tnin ; that tlio triumnh of the principles of
which ho Is the exponent , and the success of
thopaity v\hlcU has put him forward as Its
champion , nit dupeiid upon htm. What else
but the weight of this responsibility and n
determination to succeed could hnvo kept Alt
Taylor In tlio canvass dav after day. Ills
physicians have advised him to rest his
throat has troubled him for two months yet
In spite of the admonition ot doctors nnd
ftiundsnnd throat troubles ho lias stood on
the pint f 01 m day after day for nearly four
moiuhs and advocated the cause of repub
Ilotli candidates were escorted , about 1
o'clock , to the court hoUH1. Alt's carriage
vv as drawn by four deon bay and nob's by
four \\hlte horses , A joint procession con
sisting ot M\eral bundled men lolloped
them , headed by bias bands. The lepubll-
cans woio led loses and the democrats white
roses or robots as Indicating their sjuipatliy
in this "A ar of the loses , " as the ii ce has
been termed bj Uob Taj lor , the democratic
candidate. This being the closing ot thu
cauipaien , greater Interest than nsuil vvns
taken in this mooting. Alf , the re
publican candidate , was the first to speak.
Ho lauded the honesty of purpose of
the brave confederates who for 516 ? a mouth
In confederate money took their lives in their
hands .nut bled fioiu shoeless feet for a lost
cause , still believing their pilnelples were
right. He arraigned tne leaders of tlio demo
cratic party foi their many blunders , but not
the masses , statin , : that the democratic party
reptesented dead Issues , while the ictmbli-
can uaity eamo Into power icpresuntlnt : free
thought , free speech , and protection to honest
labor. While the democratic patty of Ten
nessee fa voted tlit * convict leise nnd scr nt
systems , tha republican pirty was opposed
to tho-o iniquities , and if ho was elected gov
ernor lie would hnvo those evils abolished at
.anv cost. Hocontlnued :
Much has been said ot the nttltudo which
the republican party sustains to the question
of submitting a prohibitory amendment to
thepcoDta. In the bill of rights which was
reserved to'the people when the constitution
was framed , the power of amending the con
stitution Is expressly specinod , and they
should not be robbed ot that rlcht I gc
even further than tne convention did when
it announced itself in iavor of submitting
the question to the people for a vote , and
say that the people have tfie right to vote on
nny and nil questions which nffeet their
rlehts as citizens of n Rteat government. The
icpublican party favors the education of the
masses at the public expense. It has placed
itself so upon the recoul by Its advocacy
of the policy embodied in what is known
its the Ulalr educational bill. This was
xiasscd in the republican senate and > oi
would have supposed from the piofesslons of
friendship to the people whien the demo-
ci , its have made that it would have been
passed in the house , where they have a ma-
joiityof at least seventj-hvo , in live minutes ,
as it could have been. 'Ihere are in Ten
nessee lO'i.OOO voter- , who were so nnfoitu-
nato in tticir youth a- > not to enjoy tin
sweets of mental cultivation , and cannot
lead or write their own names. There arc
in the state 700,000 childieu within the
school nee , 400,000 of whom cannot read 01
write their own names. Place them inline.
their hands toncliinc each other , nnd they
would form a line 400 miles long , a line IOC
miles gicalcr in length than could be termed
of those who can read and write their own
Hob Tn > lor was then Introduced. His
speech was an arritrnment of the republlcm
partv , together with the hackneyed jokes
w Itn which ho has rojaled his audiences dur
ing this canvass as he did with the luldle in
his race for congress tour > ears ago. Jit
hung mound the neck of the republican
party the following millstones , which were
to drag the party down to the bottom
of the sea. The contraction ofan immense
debt ; thu destruction of the navy :
the jostorinK ot monopolies ; the Credit .Mo
bller case ; the star-route trauds ; the Indian
rings ; a henvy war taxation twenty years
after the war ; voting aw ay five times as initcli
for educational puiposes as would be ob
tained by the provisions of the Ulalr bill. In
his rejoinder Alt said tint I'ayson of Illinois
was duo the credit tor 01 Initiating tne scheme
by vv hlch the public hinds wen ) ictlaimed.
In answer to Hub's Uncle itoiiius story ol
the inbblt In the bottom of the well , who per
suaded the opossum to lump In the other
bucket and como down becatiso there vvaa
good tisnlng there , and theieby drew the rab
bit to the top Alf said the ruse was charao
terhtic of the democratic paity , which coulc
not bpeak without Ij ing. Alt said if the re
publican pirty brought bavonets heto It with
drew them also. lie said the icjuiblii.u
pirty would have punished the Star i outer :
if theio had not been eleven demociats 01
thu jury
Hob's only lejolnder was a joke about tin
man cauzht In a hollow tieo who , upon n *
tlcctlon that he voted the republican ticket li
IhSI , dropped out the little hole where ho hat
pushed his linger thiough.
The candidates were the recipients of man ;
tlowers. Hob was given a Moral crown ,
The Episcopal Convention.
CIHCAOO , Oct 23. The house of deputle :
of the Protestant Episcopal chinch resumei
its deliberations this morning. Key. lr
Clark presented the report of the committee 01
memorials of deceased members , the readlni
of which was accompanied by religious exei
clses. After receiving the message from tin
house of bishops , the house went into com
mlttee of the whole to consider question
affecting liturgical revision ,
The special topic was the alteiatlons am
additions proposed for adoption by this con
ventlon , and attei submission to the diocese :
fort , 10 next three years for Unal adoption a
the next convention. These changes dlffcrei
trom the alterations and additions hitherti
considered , In that , unlike the latter class
they require thrco > cars tor their imal ratlti
cation. The form adopted at the last con
ventlon and submitted to the dioceses in tin
book of notification was concurred In , tin
house of bishops having already decided li
Its favor. For the "order" how the psalter I bo Head , " and for the "Ordc
how tlie Itest of the Holy Scripture Is At
pointed to be Head , " the general order "Con
corning the Service of the Church , " Inelud
Ing an enlarged table of proper ptalms , 1
substituted. Hy the action of Itio deputle
ranch new matter , not only in form but I
hiibstance , is afforded and the net result Is
marked enrichment of a portion ot th
prayer book containing what Is permlssiv
and mandatory in the service of the chnrcl
Further revisions of the book will be acte
upon Monday. , , ,
The wile's session was concluded thl
evening In the election of two bishops for th
missionary jurisdictions ol Nevada an
Utah and Wjoming and Idaho. Key. It. > 1
Kliby , rector of Trinity church , Pottsdnu
N. Y. . was elected to the former place , ai :
Kev. Kthelbart Talbot. rector of bt. Jauif :
Macon , Mo. , of the last named jurisdiction
The ceiemonlcs were impressive.
Minister Cox
WASHINGTON. Oct. S3. The formal
nation of S. S. Cox , ministur to Turkey , h ;
been received at the department of state.
en AM i'IONS or TIM : WOULD.
Tlio Kt , I > ouU HrownsVlii Tour Out
) T tlic Merles of m ( .nine * .
ST l.ons , Oct. W. The sixth , nnd whit
troved lo bo the decisive game between the
Jhlc.iK'os and bt. Louis Uiowns , vsas by fnr
he closest nnd most evcitlng of the Dories.
Although the sky was overcast with threat
ening cloud" , which promised nin at any
iiomeiil , the crowd earlv began to arrive on
he erounds nnd continued to pour through
the patei until long nfter the vamn
vvns welt under way. 'tho nttendanco
was slightly larger than jostcrday ,
he total receipts being S'i.MO. This
made the total amount won by the St. Louis
club by the result of the game SIVKOCO , ot
which sum St\V l.u."i vvas taken In at Chicago.
At preclsel:30 : the game began , with
Chicago nt the bat. Heforo the end of the
irst Inning it becivmo evident that It was to
boa battle of pitchers , Clnksnii and Car-
ruthers , the crack pitchers of the jespectlvo
club * , being In splendid condition St. Louis
lid not iviiio a run till the olshth
tilling , when It tied the scorn with .1. This
created the gicnte t excitement In the crowd
ind tl o next Inning was awaited with
jreathli".s Interest. Vclthci side H-ored. In
the truth lulling the Htowns scniwl one ,
winning the game and the world scliimploti-
ship. The rvcltcinont which followed
thl result Is Indescribable. The following
is the score bj Innings ;
st , Louis . . . . ooooooonoi-4
Chicago 3
11 IM ! hits .St. Louis , Chicago 0. Krrors
fat. Louis 3 , Chicago'i Umpne 1'leicc.
Closn of Ivontiicky ltnce .
LnKiNmov , Ky. . Oct. ai. The fall meet
ing of the Kentnckv association closed to-
lay with beautiful weather and a largo nt-
All aces , mile and an eighth : Gold Har
won , Little Minnie second , Itcd Stone third ,
rime 1 : "t\ .
Twocarolds , mile ; Terra Cotta won ,
Uanburg second , Warj third. Time 1:44. :
All ages , mile nnd n quarter : nlcobeloff
won , Wdodciaft second. Hobby bwlui third ,
lime JtO'.iJi
Two-vear-olds , five furloncs : Oonnj brook
won. Lady Max second. Hen Cloche third ,
nine ! : ( &
Untold naiiiaxo l > y Plcrco Finnic1) ) In
Snntliorii A'cvv .lorNpy.
Tnr.xrov , I > . , T. , Oct. a- For the last
.he weeks there has not been a drop
of rain in New .Icf-ey , and great appro-
leuslon has been felt throughout the state of
a recurrence of the dreaded forest lues tint
have caused such havoc and destruction In
[ list j ears' The fear of the llames has at last
n renll/cd. On Mondiy night a spark
from an engine on the Hew Jeisey Southern
railroad started a contlagiation that has
Inco been sweeping through nmu > thousand
acres of land In Atlantic and Hurllngton
counties , and doing Incalculable damage to
the trrow Ing trees nnd cranberry boas.
When tlio nlarm was given the lire tmd at
tained considerable headwav and was sweepIng -
Ing with rcilstli" force In the direction of
Taunton mm Medford , The lire near Herlln
was stopped beloie It had done much dam
age , but atterwards broku out afresh and
made its appearance on the borders of Ulrch's
cranberry bos. It then swerved nrounu as
the wind changed and moved In a northerly
direction toward the extensive bo s of
Josepn Hlndimin. A lire brigade was sent to
the icene , and another contingent kept back
to guard the buildings nnd storehouses
from a tire In the rear. The long drought hail
dried up the sipnngs-and water-courses , nnd
tho' ground ivas as dry ns tinder. The only
way to head off the flames vvns by back-thing
or cutting down the undcibrush and digging
a trench , which In several instances was
successful and sived manv valuable cian-
bcrry bogs fioin dcstiuction. The weiry
file lighters had to be relieved nmeral times
during Tuesilav nUht. At n little illitanco
from the scene nbioid sheet of llamo could
beci'ii above the tn'o tops , advancing with
staitling rapidity , and accompanied by n roar
like that of a cataract. The wind canlcd a
shower of sparks which set tiio to the woods
in advance , causing the hio brigade
to be constantly on the lookout
lest they should be suriounded by the llames
botoru tlie.v knew It. Once they cnmo neat
being hemmed In. and escaped almost by a
miracle. Many fo.\e3 , rabbits and other
pime were seen fleeing from the tlames , and
many were destroved. Ycslcidiy mnintnirn
party went out from Medford to relie"o the
men who had been at woric nearly all night.
and a Ftrons effort was made to get the lirr
under control , but It was not successful.
Already many valmblo cedar swamp- * have
been entliely destrojed nnd cranherrv bogs
ruined. As jet It Is Impossible to estimate
the loss.
A noLD uotnnuY.
Umlcr Covorofa I'li-o TIHovcs Ilol ) an
CifAuiorTK , Mich. , Oct. 23. A bold and
daring robberj was committed atVeimnnt-
vllle , this county. About 0 o'clock an alarm
of lire was sounded to which evei > body was
rushing , when as Charles Hull was passing
the express office ho heard n nolso whicli
caused him to stop and mnko an iuvestlgi-
tlon. He found William Bates , express
agent , with a block of wood tied In hit
mouth and his hands handcuffed togethei
nuiund the log of n safe , out of which SSX (
had been stolen. Mi. Hates vva
hoou leleased from his uncomfoita'
hlo position , and was taken to f
blacKsmith-shop and had the handcuffs tiled
off. Mr Hates s-ald n stianwr came in the
ollice a few davs ago and Inquired the rate lc
fiomo point In California whicli ho could not
give nt the lime , and the man said ho would
r all a'nin. This ho did last night and when
the audit turned to look up the into ho slid
up behind nnd struck him ncmss the temple ,
knocking him down and initially stunning
him. \ \ l-en ho regained Ins Censes ho found
himself In the condition stated. The lire
proved to bo the barn of Hie haul Tnuiwiiilt-
which was ontiielj ( le.stioji'cl with most ol
IS content1- , Involving n loss of Sl.MO 'ihe
supposition is that thieves fust fcct the II ro t <
attract people nnd then stole the money
'iliii cltUcns aio aroused nnd olllccib ait
doliu all that Is possible to capture the
thievus. A& jet thciuis no clew.
The Sh.iUn nt Hummorvlllc.
OIIAIU.KSIO.V , Oct. * ! . Despatches ro
celved at 3 a. m. report the damage ot Sum
mcrvlllo by the shock jestcrdny afternoon li
greater than first stated. Seventy-live chlm
nej shave to come dow n. A number of gcj sen
ave been discovered vv Here oily water spout1
up continuously. The water has the odoi
of kerosene oil. It Is accompanied
by Uno sand of dltlercnt colors. Th <
people of the town nro thoroughly
worked up and gieat uneasiness Is felt bj
all. The shock's duration Is estimated n
from twenty to thirty seconds and the fora
socrent that persons found It oxc oalngl ]
difficult to get nut of their houses or open
the doors and some cases are reported wher (
persons wore thrown down by the shaking
There was a slight shock in Buuimerville nui
Charleston at 11 : M last nl. lit. No damage
The development of the gejsers , at bum-
mervillo by jestcrdaj's shocks is conobor
atoil , but the oil found in the water Is explained
plained by the fact that the lefusi * of tin
Crcosotlng oil factory has been cmptlci
Into a drain In which thu gcvhci1
appeared. The water does not spoil
very hlu'h from most ot ( ho gejM-rs , but It I
reported that the wati-i Is tlnown ujifull ]
three feet from one of them near Aside ;
river. The water Is an cold as ice , uul UUH
ascrjstal. No new disturbances > ecurre (
here to-elay. _ _ _
Mayor IlaprUan for COIIRICSH. , Oct. iKl The democratb of tin
Third congrfbslonal distiict nominate
Mayor Carter 11. Hatrlson this afternoon
Harrison declined to bay whether ha wouli
accept or not.
An Incurable litwinoHjluni. .
Di-iii'Qt'K , In. , Oct. 5 [ uHUITeie'rai
tothelUE.J ThuSlsteiBot MWI-J
llsh an Incurable Insanu usjlum here.
London Monetary Circles Surprised By tha
Latest Gigantic Deal ,
Ho IM I'ormnlly Ilccelvod IIy Kntiicror
\VIIHnin ( loriunii Scnnitnl in lllilx
Mlo Alcx.itulof's Succo her
to Ho IJloctcil.
, riiuuu'lal Hottsnllon.
'Wliy ' Jit HI ( innlniiJoiitifW.l /
LONDON , Oct. .3 [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to tlic IJi i ] naringllrothers
ls = ui > of S-0,0tO ! < X worth of shares In Aithur
Guinness , "tho binwei's ' slock , Is the great
excitement of the da > . It lniuguraUs a new
fu.iture In London tiimncloittig. 'I he debcn *
lure stock is alreidj at 17 IHT cent premium ,
the prt'fened nt 8 per cent premium , nnd the
ordlnarv stock nt fO per frnt promtuiii. It
Is the most successful innvo inaild on the
stock e\chaugL for n Imii * time , and Is put
ting millions into the pocket ot Sir Ldwnnl
( illinium. *
1 have the best possible authority hero and
in 1'arlsto contrad.ct the Idlecossiu stalled
by curbstotlo biokers n few da.vs 1150 thnt
llaron Alphonso de lotn ! chlld Imd lost con Sf
siderable sums In dMstioiis spcculallons
Ihe report is without n wurdot truth.
I nipcror William Herelvon the New
I'ronoli Ainliass.ulor. iv , Oct. 23. [ Special Cablegram to
the Unr ] . Emperor William received M.
Hcrbette , the now Fiench ambassador , In a
formil audience at 2 o'clock to-day. Count
Heibert Hlsmnrck vvns present M. Hcr
bette , being unable to speak Gci man , i cad an
address In French , e.xpiesblng n deslio to
take his stnud on the ground of the common
Interests of both nntlons. Emperor William
replied that he hoped M. Herbettu's experi
ence In affairs would assist him to accom
plish his mission and thnt the nmbassndor
might fully rely upon Ids support In serving
the Inlercsts of Franco nnd Germnny.rThe
audience wns ot a ftiendly chnnxct r und
lasted about twenty -live tnlnntcs r' ' > , X
The clamoi against Tanner , UnUed'Stntcs
consul at Chcmnft7 , continues dally lnUm , ,
newspapers. Mr. Tanner Is prgparlng nh
answer to the resolutions adopted , by the
chamber of commerce of tlintltfivn. Ho will
explain that he dill not pa < s' air Isolated judg
ment of his own In his report to the uov em
inent at Washington respecting the practices
of the immifncturcjs at Chemnitz , but embodied
ied iu it the views of largo American buyers
who have been dcallrjK'for many y ears with
Chemnitz houses.
AblvM ) TO Stlfif'KXD IStl'rflSONMnST.
The proirresslst ) jiembers of the relchstajr
and a number of fiatloual liberals aie oro-
parlngnn appeal to tne governuftnt to sus
pend execution dining the session of the
iclchstag of the decree of Imprisonment
against Hebel and five other socialistic mem
bers. They fear if they nsk the government
for an absolute pardon It will be refused.
A German Nobility Scnmlnl.
Di'iiMN , Oct 23. A scandal has been
caused in the highest circles by the nrrest of
Haron Von Schlelnltz , nephew of the deceased -
ceased minister of tint name , and member
of the cmpcroi's household. Ho Is charged
with acting as agent ot n bind of men leagued
together foi the ptnpose ot extorting money
fiom weilthy and liiih-born persons , and
with selling forged titles and decorations.
Schleiuit/ was captain In the Prussian guards.
lie rambled and ran thiough afoituue. On
thediscoveiy of his dime the police favored
his escape to France , out of legnid lei his
uncle , who was then alive. Sliico tholatteis
deatli , SchleluItK has been tiaced to Knulnnd ,
where he Is charged with toigeu of n bill ot
exchaii cc foi 2,400 marks. Ilu has just been
extradited. An accomplice named Long.
who wns concerned in the forcerv , committed
suicide upon heating ot SchlelnlU' arrest
Tlic IliilKiirlan Throne.
SoriA , Oct. 23. Alexander has requcstal
the sobrnnjc to ignore him as a candidate
for the Bulgarian throne. The Bulgarian
government Is endeavoring to persuade the
Itoimicllan deputies to refrain from attend
ing the sobiaujo when the successor to
Alexander Is chosen. A mnjoilty of them
promised to lemaln away.
Coinlnc Meeting nl' the Sohranjc.
LONIIOX , Oct 2.5. The liuUjiIan govern
ment has announced to the powers that tl o
sobranje will meet on Octo'ici ' 31 , nnd after
vcrifUm : the election letnrus. will imme
diately elect n luler.
A Khock In Greece.
ATIIKNS , Oct. 23. A shock of earthquake
was felt heio today.
limned In
ATIANTA , ( in , Oct , 23. A scimtlon has
been prei'lpilnt'd In this state over the se
lection of Atlanta as the slto of the techno
logical school. The sennit ) appropilated
505,000 to the foundation fund , and the gov
ernor appointed n commission of the to
select n site. Atlanta , Macon , Athens and
Penlield were the contestants , ollerlng largo
annuities. When the commission met , after
twenty ballots the location vvns awarded to
Atlanta , by thu deciding vote of Commis-
bloner llenid. The Macon 'lelegraph grew
very bitter over the selection , and published
the statement that just lieloio the decidln < ;
vote was cast Ahslstan United Slates DIMilct
Attoiimy Palmer called Mi Hoard out and
took him ti > thu goveinor. The Infcrenco
vvns that the governor e\ciclscd nndiio influ
ence ovei Mi. Heard. News comes to-night
that the students in Athens last night burned
Mi. Heard lu clhiry.
Profanity in a Cniirt-Houin ,
Piiu.Aii.ii'iiiA , Oct. 23. While testifying
In Judge Gordon's court yesterday after
noon In the case of Mcl'adden against
Strieker , which wns a dispute about an over
flow of water , August Huberts , a witness for
the defense , made u-e of the following
language : "If dot brick hadn't been thro
tier - alloy vend haf caved In. " A
general laugh ensued , which Jiulgu Gordon
promptly checked , and , bringing the profane
witness betoro him , lined him S-5 ! for con
tempt of court ,
GIIH CnuM-H n I'Tru.
CIHCAOO , Oct. 23. The Chicago Glass
Manufacturing works , at Fortieth street and
Wentwoith nvenuo , burned thh afternoon.
Loss , 560,003 ; Insurance , g : , COO. The rom-
1 anj employed uas to run the machinery
and u tank of cas exploding caused thu
Ignition ot the main building.
and lovv.i Weather ,
Fet Nebraska : Fair weather , northerly
wind * , colder ,
For Iowa : Fair weather , preceded ty local
rains in eastern i.ortiui , winds till 10
'the north , colder ,
A Florida
.lACKsnxvu.i.r , Fla. , Oct. 23. A Timcs-
L'nlon pecial from Apulnchlcola says ; John
and Lot Ueneii were lynched to-Uy ( at
liiouiibtowit. Franklin county , In HUB state ,
for thu murdtrof John ( iritlln on October 3.
All IIiiml ! LoHt.
ST JOHNS , .S. F. , Oct. 23. A telegram
fiom riltCove , Notre Uamo bay , this evenIng -
Ing revolts thu loss nf a lushing vessel and
ud I lid < t n riiursday lai > t.
Us * - we- ' " '