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Virginians Pouting Because Mrs. Cleveland
Did Not Visit Richmond.
Congressional Committees of floth
I'nrtlcs IlcstlrrlnK Themselves In-
dlnn Depredation ClnlniH Acted
Upon Capital News.
The First Families Pouting.
WASIII.NOTO.V , Oct. 22. [ Special Telegram
to the Huic.1 Mrs. Clevelamt's lalluro logo
to Richmond with thu president vestoiday Is
leading to very complicated political embar-
lasBtni'iii.s to thu administration. A couilo |
of New Voile men who havu been In Richmond
mend ( or tlneo weeks attending the Knights
of Labor convention arrived licit ) at 1 o'clock
this morning on their way home. Thevsay
that every on except the more discreet dem
ocratic politicians speak bitterly of Mis.
Cleveland's fniltno to attend the fair and re
ception nt ( lovernor Leo's mansion nnd refer
to It as "an Instdt to MSH ! U'lnnio Da via and
the best families of Richmond. " Piusldent
Clcvchind'Id personally responsible for
the disappointment to Itiulimond people , and
politics Is as-dirned s the foundation of It ,
both hero and In Virginia. It Is the note topic
of comment hero at this tlino and people
wonder how the president will explain mut
ters. So far , no explanation lias been at
tempted at the wliltu house , except that "ills.
Cleveland concluded not to go. "
That remarkable Indifference ) which has
charactcil/cd the \voik at the headquarters
of both the eongiessionat campaign com
mittees Isdisappcailngand actlvitv making
Its place lleielofoo few people h.ivo been
Keen iiLotit these places , and there was no
importance attached to tlm daily routine. It
began to look : ts thott-'h both parties ware
trying to evade le.sponslbillty of electing tire
next house of rcpresUitatKes. Now there Is
life. This change is due , In thu opinion of
the Evening Star , to repoits and appeals
from the democrats ol Ohio and Indiana ,
"Whcie. " It states , "tho demoeiats will lose
several dlstiictp.1'
"It Is not Impiobablo , " it was stated by a
politician at I'm ' headquarters of the demo
cratic concessional committee , "that .six
districts will bo gained by the re
publicans In Ohio nnd tour In In
diana , whllo It was conceded that
futnould ho tinned In the f miner and tluee
in tnel.itler Htnte. "
At lepiibllcau lieadiiarters ( | there is a feel
ing of hope that the dumociatlc innjoilty will
be oveicomo in a iiunjlicr of demnctatlc dis
tricts wlieio the distribution of federal pat-
innagc has produced dissatisfaction. Gen
eral Cabell. ol Danville" , with a democratic
majority of several thousand behind Him. Is
being forced to n very vigorous canvass. Ills
jniiln cffoit Is to quell the discontent growing
out ol his appointments to olllcu. In tlie
Ninth Vliglnia distiict Bowcu , lepubllean ,
seems to bo considerably In the lead.
Republican gains me limned for neaily
every state north of the Ohio ilver nnd haft
of the southern stilus.
Thoseeietary oi thu Interior today disal
lowed the claim ot William Bishop , of Lin
coln county , Nebraska. for SIS.750 tor dciire-
dations committed by Sioux Indians in IbiH.
The commissioner found that Bishop sus-
talned ) i loss of propcrtj amounting to & 1..VOO ,
but as thu account was not tiled in the time
reqnireil by law no allowance is
iniido. Action was taken on the- claim ol .Jo-
hanna Wlieleg , of Lincoln county , Nebiaska ,
? ' .ibw , : for Sioux , Cheyenne anil Aiapahoe
Indian depiedatlous. The finding Is a loss
of S4lHiI. but the claim not being presented
wlthl n the 1 nutation by law Is not allowed.
John Jones , ol Council UlnlTs , was allowed
iC.Oot u claim ot & 1,1G1 lor Sioux depmla-
tions In l ifl. and Seth Wood , of Chuy-
enne , Dale. . SJ.rr.O ! ol a chtim of S'J.OOO tor
Sioux depicdatlons In IW7.
HIM rnisii'ixr's : : iticirTiox. ;
At thu president's public lecepllon this
afternoon , Mr. Smith , ex-minister to Ll-
beila , lonno.Iy of Ohio , was accompanied by
a blight , intellLeiit looking young colored
man lioiu Llbeila , who has b-ien heio but a
tlunt time , the Hist time ho ever left his
home. The piesideut appealed much Inlei-
csted and spoke a few pleasant words with
the coloied visitor. An unusually la-gu
number of people were too late to see the
inesldent and were much disappointed. One
lady was very Indignant because it was only
twenty minutes of two and the leccptlon ,
announced for lull past one , was over.
There was thu usual attendance of nearly
Sue at thu icception. Sceietiiry Lamar was
among the visitors , accompanied by seveial
ladies liom Geoiuia. Alter an Introduction.
one of the ladles' laughingly lemaiked to the
secietary : "lint < < m didn't Intioducuus you
Bald von would. " "Well , I always got tins-
tc'iod with the ladles , " replied the secretai v.
An Atlanta lady , Upon shaking hands , 10-
niaiked : "Soiry not to meet Mrs. Cleveland ,
lor , next to Mr. Davis , was anxious
to see the wife of the piesldunt , " The presi
dent did not make anv reply. A great deal
Is being Mild to-night about the snub the
pieshh-i t delivered to Rlelnnonil people by
refusing to permit Mrs. Cleveland to accom
pany him to thu lair yestei day. It is well
undcistuod nnw that political tcasons gov-
ci ned the pitisldent , Dispatches Horn Richmond
mend slate that the best people leel thu cut
keenly and will bu uuspulng in their icsont-
incut. N'lrginla will not be tulld for the ad-
mlnistiatlon In ISSS.
Till : I'KNSIOX llt'Ur.AU.
The picscnt adminlsliatlun ot thu pension
oflice Is deteimlned theru shall bo no
clianco to make political capital out ot the
rccotds of- the business of the ollleo under
the piesont eonuiesilonal campaign. Durlim
the boss'on of congress just closed Conunis-
Blon'T Dlnek attempted to besmlreh Cominls-
Bloner Diulloy by tiylng to show that the
Intterolllclal made special ceiUIn c.uses In
order that ihelr allowance mli'lit be made
iisnful to leiuiblicaii candidates for con *
gius9 , who asked that the claim ?
Bpcciiied mlnht btthnirled. This attempt did
not piovu as fiulttul as desiied , but General
Black lias licquuntly stated that while he 10-
mains at thu head ol the ollleo theie shall be
no cihe.s : taken up out of their icgular oidct
to obllce democratic eon 'iessmen. To-day a omjiloyed bv Congiessmati Stahlnecker ,
ot the onkeiij , X. V. . distiict , called on As-
Mstunt Commissioner Mel.e.m
the el.ilm ot a ceitaln soldier lie' inaik
" pfcal. ! " lie Mated that it was Mr. Staid
ncclit'i's duslin that such a couiso might hi
pursued , as the soldier claimant was neon
Ktltuunt of Stuhlnocker's and thu prompt al
Inwanco of thu claim might bo iiselnl to tin
congiosman , who Is meeting with cnnsulura
bio opposition In his canvass for ic-elecllon
Mr , McLean called ttie attention of his vis
Itor to thu tumble brought upon Colonel Dnd
ley by similar action , and wild II could no the
done , lie promised , however , to "ex
pedite" the claim , nnd casually ob
forved that ho did not wnni
nny paper relating to thu "expedition" sem
In , Ilo added that a number of eases IKK
been pushed by this method for democrat It
con.'ies ! > men , but In no liManco had \n\n\i \ \ \ :
lelatlni. to biieli cases been meM'ivcd , us 1
was intended hy Ccnenil lilnck that no con-
giu-Sblonul commltteo bhould llnd papein oi
lilothnt might prove that politics h.ul any
thlnt : to do with pension claims now fi
couie of adjustment.
The siMiotary ot tlm ticasury will , I
t.s under > teed ii'cummend , In his torth
coming repoit , that conaitivs IMS' '
an act a'lthurl/lng the national banks ti
is uo circulation no to the lull par value o
4 percent bomls lieul by thorn and to rutln
the Ss as a b.isU ol circulation. This is i
modlticatlon of the schemu nttempttd b' '
Comptiollci Cannon , whleh failed in con
It will doubtless MTVO to boom tin
of 4 per cents ,
Kihvln lluslcn has U'en appointed post
master nt n new noslotllcu nnmcd Kldndj.0
Chasocount > , .SelMfttka ,
AP.MY MArrnn" .
i Colonel Uobcit K. A.Crottun.Thlitcbnth in
fautry , iccently nromoted tioiu the Flfteentl
Infantiy , nud Lieutenant Colonel John C
Hates , recently ptomoted tiom the T\ven
tieili , have IXMMI ordeied to join their i\c\ \
commands. .
Army leave's Imvo been granted LUutoiuin
Colonnl William K. Meriill , of eoips nf en
tlnccN , Cicclunati , two months ; Captali
DyrusW. Uray , Twenty -fifth infantry , i\n
UtraJo , Dak. , ouu uii < ulb.
A Gigantic Scheme Which "Wits Con
cocted to Overthrow the North ,
Louisvn.i.n , Oct. 23. The Times pub
lishes an Interesting column concerning the
northwestern conspliacy attcm pt of the con
federate government during the war to rc-
uasc southern prisoners In the north , enlist
into active service the sons of liberty and
antl-Uncolnltcs , copperheads , etc. , through
out Ohio , Indiana and Illinois In a gigantic
attornpS to create a diversion , which would
relieve the pressure upon the atmyattho
front. The active operations were in charge
ot.Judge. Thomas 11. Hlnes , with John Cas-
tleman asehlef adviser. This episode In the
secret history of war times has been forced
Into public notice by current rutides
from all ( matters on war topics , and the dc-
lalls are mainly taken from papers In the
liands of ex-Chief Justice nines , of Ken-
lucky. The success of tlio conspiracy waste
to have been largely dependent upon a very
largo class In the north who were dissatisfied
witii the admlnlsttatlon , The story Involves
a scheme to capture the only gunboats on the
lakes , attack Chicago , release theconlcdeiato
prisoners at Camp Cha o , attack St Louis
and the general uprising of northwestern
People Manage to Cot tlio StulT In
Spite of Prohibition.
ATLANTA , Ga. , Oct 2) . Fulton County
jail Is full of Illicit distiller * . KUhty men
ate in thu jall-jard and others have been dis
tributed out to the jails In Cobb ami other
adjoining counties. There are 3JO cases of
revenue violations on the docket of the
United States distiict court. This shows a
wonderful revival In the manufacture of
Illicit whisky In almost every county In the
slate. It Is due to the fact that prohibition ,
having closed the baitooms and cut olT the
foreign supply , has created an excellent
homo matket for Georgia-made whisky.
People who aio well-to-do , or who have
drinking habits , send abroad lor their lliiuor ,
but the poor whllo man and Hie negro buy
from the wagon which may bu so olten seen
around the coiner. As an exnmplu of how
tills work Is carried on It may bo
slated that a wagon laden with
apples will start out fiom Uaonn county and
willbohoaid fiom as far south as Wilkus ,
having crossed mountains and stieams
through lUbcrsham , Franklin and Oglu-
thorpu counties Ot course , the pi ice of ap
ples would not nay for thu tiip through one
of these counties. It Is out ot thu Illicit
whisky hidden under the apples that the
thrifty tanner mak s his money. Thu gov
ernment distilleries also enjoy the boom ,
'they are free trom the esphmago ot thu rev
enue olllccrs and can pick out a betler cla s
of customers than can tlio illicit distillers.
The men to whom they sell could not atfoid
to stand up In their communities as in-
formcis , and hence the government distiller
has absolute Immunity.
Tim question winch is now occasionally
asked , and which may jet assume huge pto-
pottions , Is , Mould it not be better to take
iway all goveinment protection tiom tliu
liquor Inteicst bv a complete abolition of the
luvenuo laws , which would destioy tlio
liiinur maikct by glutting it. The answer lo
tins question may open up an via of tree
whisky as opposed to no whisky.
The W. C. T. U.
MINNEAPOLIS , Oct. 22. Thu national con
vention of thu Women's Chilstiun Temper
ance union opened here this moinlug In the
C.tsino theater , Miss Fiances K. Willaul
piesidlng. The toll call showed neaily every
delegate present. Including a number Irom
Canada. Mis. .Mary T. Willard. mother of
the piusldent , aged eighty-twoycaitf , occupies
a plaet ) on the platform. The piusldent an
nounced a committee on eiedenttals and then
dcllveiiid the annual addiess.
In licraiinual addiess Miss Willard dvei a
series of tvveiitv-totir recommendations ,
ji'uong which aio the li 1'owlnir : A sjstem of
township oiganUalinn ; an addiess to the
Knights of Labor , asking them to include
total abstinence In tnulr basis ot member
ship ; to send nut citculais urgln ; woik In
behalf ot the White Cioss movement ; urging
con iess to pass tlio Blair educational hill ;
tor the abolition of prison chain gangs ; tor
tliu placing ol women under women's caru In
all penal and philanthropic Institutions ; peti
tion tocongiess for a prohib.t'iry amendment
to the constitution : also giantini : thu ballot
to women , in glng tlio adding of a clause to thu
W. C. T. U. pled o. pledging the signer
against thu use , of opium , and for the ap
pointment ol national Icctiners.
Mis. Marg.itet Blight Lucas , of Knulanil ;
Mis.ouiiians , of Canada ; ami Mr. Pearson ,
ot Knglami , assured the convention ot the
heaity .sympathy of their countrywomen In
Its work. A committee on resolution was ap
pointed , Mrs. , C. Unco , of Alabama ,
cliaiiman , with onu member for each state
and territory.
The IjiiHt of the Apaohcn.
N , Oct. 22. Assistant Adjutant
General McKcery , of San Francisco , has
transmuted to the war department the fol
lowing telegram just lecelved fiom Ciencral
Miles : "Mangus , who was captured by Cap
tain Cooper , ot the Tenth cavalry , states that
a party was c.iptured by Mexicans and never
heaid fiom atterwnrds. This would seem to
contirm the other reports , and adds to the ro-
poitthat Mangus hlmselt had been killed.
C.iptaln Vi'llo. comiiii nillng Fort Apache ,
states that hu believes "wo havu all that mo
Sett of tlm Mangus paily. " It Is learned at
the the Indians above
leteired to fo.nied a part ot ( leion'mo's '
band , but hup.n.itcd trom that waulor's com
mand last Api 11 , when he ottered to suiicn-
dertoUenuial Ciouk. Nothltu delliilti ) was
known of Magnus' movements alter thosop-
aiatlon , but It was repotted ho had escaped
Into Mexico and been kill o I by thu Indians.
Ciire-H Onuses n Suicide.
M.VKcnianit. : : N. II. , Oct. 23. Hon. Jo-
Eeph 11. Clark , onu of the most prominent
citi/ens of this city and state , committed sui-
cldo In his barn to-day by hanging. Ho was
weighed down by business caies , which , to
gether with his b.ttei disappointment at his
failure to receive the nomination for con
gress In the that district , undoubtedly led to
Ids taking his life. . He had been mayor of
this city and a member ot the legislature. Ho
M-ivcd as captain in the ICiuventli New Hamp-
shlio lugiment dining thu warand was inti
mately associated with many business cuti-r-
pilbcsheie. failures.
Nr.wYoiiK , Oct.c."J.- Huslness failures oc-
cinlii ; , ' thioughout the country dining the
last teveii days number , for the United
Stales isanil for Canada 10 , or a total of a
1U3 lalliues , nscompaied witii 179 last week
and UK ) thu week piuvlous to last. The
fallmcs In thu eastern and middles slates
aio light , while In the western , southern and
I'acincbtate.i , the number icpoiied this week
is above the average.
Collojjo Krntcriilty Convention.
Niw : VUIIK , Oct. 'Ji. The biennial conven-
llou of ( ho 1'hl Ui'li.i Tliita college fraternity
closed Its .session In this city to-day. It has
decided upon Uloomlim'ton , 111. , as thu place
of hnldtnt : the next coiuentlon. Thu gen-
eial council will 'IK ' thu day.
A Kooiuulrnllr \-l'rli:8t. .
NKW YojtK , Ocl. W , William J. Sherman ,
ex-Catholic priest , \vlio was urrcsted ycster-
dixy on complaint of Julia Mu.vauey , of
UrooUjn , tor reduction and bastardy , was
to-day airuigncd In the police couit. lie
jileaded not guilty nnd wasifiiianded for ex-
amlmilloii next ' -
Tlio Vlra Ilcanrd ,
ii , Oct. 22.- The worts of the
Paper company at WlmUor weio
burned last nlsht. LOSS , S' K'.OJO ' , which
falls enthcly upon Ameiluan companion.
A 1'cdogoguo Nominated.
NmvAiiK , N. J. , Oct. 50. The gieonback-
eis nf the stale met In this city to-day and
nominated Krastus I'ottci , a schoolmaster of
I'oilUnue , for governor.
The Bismarck Confession Creates a Sensa
tion in Sioni Oity ,
Temperance People nt An CUB Confls-
emu Intoxlcnntfl null Itnlly to
Support Iiaw Two Wtnneii
JVIurilcred Iowa News.
< ? * * _ _
The Hn\ilook Trncctlj- ,
Siorx Cirv , In. , OcU 22. fSpcoial Tcle-
Kram to thu HKK.J Tito pulilic.itlon of Uls-
marek's conlcs.sion was thornnglilr unex
pected , as the general understanding of the
Sioux City officials had witii the statu officials
at les Molnesvheie It was made last Satur
day , was it was no t to bo made public
for some time yet. Mayor Cluland even goes
so tar , hpeaklng of the matter to your cone-
spomlcnt , to Mat' ) that Attorney Ceneial
Baker promised upon Ids honor not to allow
It to go out of his o til co , and Is confident it will
militate against thu best Interests of the pros
ecution. Thu fact Is certain , however , that
Sioux City was thrown Into a state ot excite
ment over the confession , and It has been the
one lliing talked of to-day. It OVPII corrobo
rates Luavltt's .statement more than the
majority of citizens had anticipated ,
and the prow Ing belief that the
guilty parties will not bo able to cir
cumvent the evidence as It now stands.Is
veiy Bismarck was visited this
morning , hut he appeared morbid and un
communicative. He Is In great tear of bodily
liaim and e\eiy nolsu scales him. Hols
caretully guaided and ptotected. however ,
and theio is little or no danger ot Ids afetv.
When the question was put to him whether
Atensdorf Hied the shot or not , no loplled in
the nlllrmatlvu positively , Tlm apparent dlf-
fciences between Ulsmarck's statement and
that ol Otto ( irieber , the bov who was pies-
cut , nro not essential. The statements ot
Dismarck , Le.ivitt , LIcbciton and Utluber , as
to what they saw ot tliu killing , differ onlv
in that two say the muideierappioachud Mr.
Haddock from behind , the others liom in
front. Tlio theory now is that Treiber , who
was stationed athrston the opoosltc side of
the street , came across and followed Mr.
Haddock and was ne.irly up to him when
Arensdort uistied out ot thu crowd In front.
Colin ol Swanbeen bus been retained as Hls-
marck's attoiney. The pr"llminaiy hearing
has been set lor to-day , but the examination
will undoubtedly bo waived , The olllceis
aie haul after 1'latli Trleber and others vet
at huge. The wlieicahouts ot I'etcis Is still
Involved In tinceitalnty. Hut little conccm
Is telt by the officers on this account , knovv-
inirhow essential It will now bo for the
defense to produce him at the trial to cast
oil the tciiihlu Misnicion which lias been
pievnleut as to his" mysterious disappear
Active Work for Prohibition.
Dr.sMoiNiis , In. , Oct. 22. fSpcclalTele-
gr.un to the Uii.l : : Angus , a mining town
In Hoono county , has for some months pos
sessed a icputation lor lawlessness neaily
equal to Sioux City , and tliu icason has been
the same. Tlio saloons have been Kept open
In deiianeo of law , and ovoiy attempt to
close them has been met with persecution
and violence. Tlio Methodist church was
out ned s-omu months ao because some of its
membeis wcie active in enforcing the law.
One piohibitionist has had his house burned ,
another his cow killed.and a tliiid. a drayman ,
had his horse poisoned beeausulm haddiawn
to town a uiohibition lawyer. The puoplo o (
Angus Imvo at last waked up to the fact that
the saloons aio ruling the town , and they
have determined to recoverthuir rightful au-
tlioiily , so they hayu n"nin begun prosecu
tions ioi the violation of the piohihitoiy Jaw ,
and acting under a justice's wauant , thev
havu just smashed 2bS bottles of buur and
poured out ten callous of whisky. They havu
raised monuv and bought another horse for
the old diayman and they piopose to have the
law enloicud if it costs a hundred horses.
Two Women Murdered.
IOWA CITY. la. , Oct. 22.-Special [ Tele
gram to the OKI : . ] Last night one Soukub ,
a Bohemian of unsound mind and about
sixty years old , Ret on tire the house of Frank
Werba , of Jefferson township. Two I5o-
hemlan women nelghbois went to render
assistance , and Soukub , who was In the
house , cut their heads open with an axe.
The nundered women worn his friends , and
no cause can bo assigned lor the minder ex
cept his iinsonndness of mind. Ho was
caught and bound , and Is now In jail at this
No Mora a Grecnhackcr.
ATLANTIC , la. , Oct. 2fSuechil ; Telegram
to the HiiK.J Dr. J. U. Ilatton , of lied Oak ,
who lias been iiinnlng for congiuss in the
Ninth district as the candidate ot thogieen-
b.ickeis and Knights ot Labor , has withdrawn
fiom the greenback ticket but still stands for
tliu Knlehts of Labor. If lie remains in the
held he will draw many democratic votes
from K eat ley , ot Council Hlntls , who Is the
regular demoeiatlc candidate.
Ho Mnkos an UiiHiicccssl'iiI Attempt
to Itnn a I'UHXCIIKUP Train.
Cmr-Ano , Oct. 3.-The Dally News' In
dianapolis special says : A cia/.y neirro
boaided thu cauy morning expicss fiom
Chicago on tlm I'anbandlo load at Logati-
spoit , and took a scat In the .smoker. When
the conductor demanded his fare he sprang
to Ids feet with a whoop , and vvltli a knltu
and heavy cane cleaied the car not only of
passengers , but of thu train employes , and
kept possession of it until itairived In this
city. At Noblesvlllo the sheriff of Hamil
ton county tiled to.anest the maniac , hut
the latter made a dash at him witii
his knife and refused to bu cowed
by a cocked revolver. I'Vutniiately thu em
ployes had taken thu piecantlon to lock the
doors of the smoker , and thu crazy man was
held prisoner until the arrival of the tiaiu
heie , when , bvalittlustratogy , several police
men wore enabled to approach trom the tear
ana disarm him. This was not done , how
ever , until alter a tremendous struggle. The
lunatic's name Is Moses O'Connor. He had
been to Wabash seeking some money , the
location of which came to him In a vision.
He wasciazed by rellg.ous excitement , and
all the tune ho struggled with thu officers ho
prayed for htiength to enable him to retain
possession of his knife.
Wagon Makei-H Strike.
ItACiNK , WIs. , Oct. 22. Tno entire force of
oiiiilo | > es of the U aclnu Wagon and Carriage
company , over three bundled peisons , have
struck becaiiso of the removal of John Heck ,
assistant foreman of the shipping gang , and
the substitution of August Tinell in his
place. Both Heck aud Trucll were Knights
of Labor. Tiuell has been expelled fjom the
order tor taking Heck's place. Thu company
says It was never In a butter condition to
stand usliiku , and that It will Ikht the men
to the end.
Htolii Money Collected on n
UATTI.RCHF.KK , Mich. , Oct , 2-i-Kugeno
51. Conveiso , n prominent young lawyer ,
has gone to Canada , taking with him 81,000
which he had collected on a mortgage for
eastern parties. A letter of confession was
received from him. Ho had also been
* \ oral times guilty of smaller bleaches of
tiust picvlously , but fi lends helped him out ,
Killed at a Piro.
OJIIOAOO , Oct. 22. The contents of Jacob's
lumber j an ) , and the warehouse of the Amcrl-
.can Vmnlsh company were damaged 875,000
by ( Ire this evening , Henry Stock , Stephen
Cicorge , and a man , name unknown , em
ployes of the varnish company , were badjy
Injured. Sled ; .lias.a 0'ianco. for his life , but
the other-tv. o are d > lug- .
Another Mulno Town Devastated By
An 1-Jvtonnlvc Plre.
FAUMINOTO.V. Me , . Oct. 22.--A great fire
has raged here since S o'clock this ovenlnz.
At this hour (1:50 ( : a. hi. ) the lire Is sweeping
down Main street and -will ptobably consume
everything on the west side ot the street.
Masonic hall , Odd Fellows' hall , the Chron
icle ofllee , Knowlton & McLeary's Job printIng -
Ing house , the postonlee , tlte Hotel Mar-
bio , Exchange hotel and some rilteen
stores are now In ruins. The burned
district thus Is from the Hotel Marble
down to Pleasant sueet , Kverythlng Is
swept clear. Including thu jail , thctico along
Ilroadvvavto Main street , thencu up Main
street to b'arlwr Ilro'i store o n the west side
of the street , also down the entire length ot
Main street to Dcliot sheet on thu west side.
The Daptlst church Is also In ruins.
The -Methodist and Congregational churchus
aio burning. It Is utterly Impossible to
estimate the loss. A steam lire engine has
just arrived from-Lcvviston , making the run
liom Levvlston in one hour and fifteen min
utes. A company fiom Phillips Is also vvoik-
nitf , but Its labois are almost nulllcss on ac
count of the irate which tnevalls. The Pto-
pin's Fruit company Is also binned out , Tnu
nro caught In K. ( fleer's stable on Pleasant
street at : ! W o'clock. No accidents ate ro-
poited , but evcijbody is exhausted.
White Men Force Negroes to Ucvcal
Sccrois by Violence.
Jr.FKr.uso.v , Tex. , Oct. 2i The colored
peculation of the adjoining county , Cas are
In a state of gtcat excitement over a Knklux
raid made on them at Doiulasvllle the other
night. The trouble arose from the recent or-
ganl/ation of a secret society among tne col
ored men , the alms and objects of which aiu
a profound mystery to the white population.
It seems that months ago a negro
from Little liock appeared among thu .set
tlers , initiating about tvventy-llvo bundled
negroes 1 n Cass and Marlon counties In the
mxsturles of tills now order. The rcpait dually
gained curiency that the mysterious society
wasorgani/ed for tlip assassination ot ob
noxious white planters , and driving them out
of the country oy burning their property and
woirylng them until they were willing to
sell out at a heavv sucillice. Another lepmt ,
which was traced to a ceitaln coloied wo
man , ch.uged that the new sec lety was a ni
hilistic omanizatlon. and that on a certain
day the negroes weie going to rise en masse
and kill the while planters and seize their
cr.ips. This report tintlier alleged that the
names of ceitain doomed white planters had
been voted upon and were placed on what
was termed the death roll. This death loll
was said to bo kept In an iron box In the
house of one of the officers of the new so
ciety who ll\rd out In the outskirts of
Douglasvllle. These rumors of the comini ;
assassination glow so troqucnt and wido-
spiead that hundreds , of white families were
alaimed. The women became nervous on
thu subject. Sunday night about twenty
masked liorscmea'cntered Dougl.isville dui-
lug a church meeting In the evenintr , and at
the point of their shotguns matched four of
tliu leading ofhceiaof the new secret societv
to the house where the lion box was kept.
Theyfoiccd the negiocsto open the box ,
ami tlinn catefully examined Iho con
tents , looking for the alleged death-
icll. No such document was tonnd , but
many papers weroin the box bearing lists of
names ot colored mun at homo In other
counties. Although the fournegio leaders
weio kicked , cull'cd and beaten witii gun-
b.inels , they persistently refused to tell the
objects of'tlio riWslcrkms ; society. Tlielr
papers were all leturncil to the lion box , and
thu masked i alders left the village battled in
their laid. Tlio wllito citizens at Douglas
vllle. Qneen'Oity ; Atlanta and Linden have
since held mewtmgsYuid denounced the out-
lage , which has-sepvcil .soiiiewhat to allay
the excitement among the ncsioes , who vow
veiiL'c.uico if.nny further attempt to pry into
their private affairs is made. Cass county
has a population ot 20,000 , nearly two-third ?
of them are black. Any trouble between
blacks and whitesun that section would re
sult suiiously. '
The Episcopal Convention.
CHICAGO , Oct. 22. At the session of the
Protestant Episcopal church the committee
on the general theoloiilcal seminary re
ported that the contributions for the past
thtee years exccedcil three hundred thousand
dollars , bv tar the lar o t amount ever ic-
ceived within a like period. The coni'iiitteo
on marrhieo and divorce recommended
changes in the canon on this subject , which
will be discussed to-morrow. The Amir'can
church building fund commission 10ported
that it had aided 101 churches to build dur
ing the year. The joint houses then met as
a boaid of missions , and It was decided to
establish two missions ami bishops for
the same , Nevada and Utah to boons , and
W\ online and Idaho the other.
The board , adopting tliu Ideas of Bishop
McLaren and others , declined to Intelfcic in
the management of thu woman's anxiliaiy.
The bninlnir question In legislation for mis-
siona'y work appropriations for domestic
missions was then taken up. The boaid of
managers had reduced the nppropiiatlons for
tliu current quarter 0 uer cent on
domestic work and 9 per cent on the
toiclgn. Lack of money was the. reason
assigned. Finally a lesolutlon of sym-
ratify with the board of managers
In their financial perplexity was passed ,
and then , by a vote , or 6" > to S3 , It was agreed
that the appropriations tor the remainder of
tills year should not bo reduced. The boaid
of manasrers were ordered to icstoro tlieap-
piopriatlons to thu old basis. The boaid
elected H. Fulton Cutting , ot Now York ,
tieasurer. On the board of managers Kev.
Win. Lawrence , of Massachusetts , and
Jumps M. Blown , of New York , weio
clinson In place of JJuv. Dr. Schouck , de
ceased , and Cutting was nmdn tieasuier
The boaid then adjourned sine die.
SimiRglliiKtiwltl Milk.
CIIICAOO , Oct , 22. A half-do/.on ofilpen
and deputies siood around yesterday in
front ot the Plucnlx distillery nnd played
quoits , whlln as many women and boys ,
equipped with tin buckets , wore busily en
gaged In thu remunerative- employment of
smuggling milk through a hole that had been
made In the fence on thu south sldo of the
yaid. In answer to Inquiries concerning the
rleht of any one to carry milk fiom the
quarantined she Is , one of the guards ,
who was ciud In police uniform ,
s.tld that the u paitles who owned cout
were allowed to take jioine onouirh milk foi
their own use. From , appearances It would
seem that these families are large consumers ,
Somu ot the milkmen , when questioned , said
that they weio not- selling any milk , but
frankly said tluit-under thu circumstances ,
they feltthat they would bo justllioJ In dodg
ing the deputies , and'placing their milk on
the market. They Insisted that tlm milk ,
when diawn fiom the rows , was thrown intu
the sewer , but It vvasjfotlced that every droo
of It was caretully turned Into cans and sel
away posslblya ; alleged for futtiio destina
tion. .
End of the Su'lt'chinen's Strtko.
MINNEAPOLIS , Mltfn. . Oct. 22.-Whllo the
switchmen's stiiue I ? not cntliely ended , the
railroads have ceased to bo seriously troubled.
Switching is being dorm in nearly all the
yards and tr.illlc fs.'azaln movln ? without
seiIons friction. Mauyof the old men have
already been taken back bv tlm roads , and 11
is understood that more will bo reinstated al
once. No serious intimidation has been attempted -
tempted In the past twenty-four hours. .A
visit to theotliciisof the different millers to
day develop the fact that tlielr woik has been
almost entirely resumed ,
Prince Napoleon in Buffalo.
UUKFAI.O , Oct 22. I'rlnco Victor Nape
Icon , accompanied by Mr. John Maekay , ar
rived in UnlTalo this moining from the west
The party went to Niagara Falls where they
icmalu till noon aud then start for Now Yoik
Gcronlmo SnirtH For Florida ,
NEW OwKANf , Oct. 23. The Times-Dem
ocrat Sail Antonio special says ; ( Jeionliin
and hU band under a heavy guard left thli
evening for the Floilila totts wlieiu they ante
to be confined.
The Dead and Wounded of the Fairfield
Wreck Taken to Lincoln.
Ocstrttctlvo Holler ISvploslon nt Ne
braska CityA Iilneoln Grocery
Closed lly the ShcrlfT-
Htrnck lly a Train.
Victims of the Wreck.
UXCOI.N , Neb. , Ocl. ' 2. ( Special Telegram
to the ltii.J : To-nleht a special train , con
sisting of a locomotive- and car , that went
out to the scene ot the construction train
wreck on the H. > tM. near T.ilrlleld , returned
to the city , bringing tivodead men and eleven
wounded , brought to this city under the
direction of Dr. Hart , the company's pin si-
clan at this point. One man who cannot
llvo was left behind. The live de.ul bronchi
to-nlcht , with two otloisdcad who havobcon
hioucht fiom that place heretoloie , makes a
total death loss of seven to date. Tlio
wounded men will bo caied for In this city
by the com pany.
Destructive Holler Kxpfoslon.
MunitASKA CITY , Xt-b. . Oct. 22. ( Special
Telesram to the UKH.J The boiler used In
the extensive bottling establishment of Klos
< V Uaner exploded this ofternoon , but lor-
Innately no one was hurt , though several
bands were at work In the building at the
tliue. The roof of the building was blown
to atoms , while the laro smoke-stack was
carried several tcct in the air and lodged on
an adjoining roof. The damngo done will
cause a loss of about one thousand dollars. Anew
now building will be elected nt once , and
during Its erection a building will be leased.
Thought It Wnnn't Ijondod.
LONG PIXE , Neb. , Oct. 22. Special Telegram -
gram to the HKH. | Yesterday at Alexander
Schlegel's ranch , some twenty-five miles
south of this place , the youngest son of Mr.
Schlecul was accidentally shot bv a neigh
bor's son while handling an old gun which
was not supposed to be loaded , but was dis
charged , taking effect anil killing the boy In-
Mantly. Mr. Schb-gel Is well known In
Omaha , and his many filends will bo soiry to
hear ol the sad accident ,
A Ijincoln Grooer Falls.
LINCOLN , Neb. , Oct. 22. ( Special Tele
gram to the UHB. ] To-day Sheriff Melick
closed out the grocery store of George H.
Paisons , located on Twelfth and C streets ,
on a S500 a taehment. Oilier papers of a like
nature weio filed against the concern In
quick succession , and it Is thought tliev ag-
iiiegato between one and two thousand del
lars. It wasrnmoied on the sheets this even
ing that P.trsons had disappeared leaving the
stole and stock in thu hands of the sheriff.
"Worklnsr For Law nncl Order.
SrniXoriKi.i ) , Neb. , Oct 22. ( Special to
the UiiE.J The Law and Order league of
this place Is determined to enforce the law
with regaict to gambli ng and the selling of
liquor , having caused the arrest of a number
of young men found pl.iying in the cellar of
thu temnerance saloon , and of John Ulank-
well , of the house , and George Mag-
ner , of thu temperance saloon , on the chaigo
of soiling liqujr without a license.
Struck By n Tr.iln.- ; j
LINCOLN , Neb'r , Oct. ' 2i [ Special Tele
gram to' Iho Uiu. : ] The incoming Grand
Island train this afternoon on the 15. A : M. ,
when near the town of Mulcom , in this
county , In roundlnc a curve struck a sleep-
ins ; or intoxicated man on thu track. He
was tin own from the track by the locomotive
and b.idly Injuied. The tram stopped and
brought him to the city , where ho is reculv-
ingevery care and attention.
Scared to Death.
Bnowxsvn.i.R , > fcb. . Oct. 22. [ Special
Telegram to the Iin.J Miss Annie Stude-
vlllo died nere this morning trom the effects
of a nervous s'lock ' received a fnvv days nao ,
by one ot the pupils of the same school
tlnowing a wooden snake around bur neck.
She was a blight and promising girl ot six
Acted In ScIf-lRfcnse.
Cur.YKN.VK , Wyo. , Oct. 22. ( Special Tele
gram to the Hin.l : Tliu latest Intelligence is
to the effect tlsat J. S. Kerr , who shot his
- moinlii' ' ctud In self-de-
b -other yeste nlay ' , ( - -
tense , his brother filing thu Hist shot It Is
undoubtedly a case ot crlm con.
I'ny of Colored ImborcrH.
CUATTANOOOA , Tenn. , Oct. 22. James G.
Blalne , in his speech at Pittshurj ; , teferredto
Chattanooga as a point In the south where
colored laborers are paid 00 and 70 cunts a day.
Thu D.Uly Tlims , commentlngou tills speech ,
says' :
Careful Investigation hero reveals the fact
the lowest wages paid to colored laboiers in
any Industry Is HO cents per day. and this late
covers only n tew at the South Tiedegar lion
works. The gie.iter number of colored men
at these woiks iccelvuaires iiinnlng from
51 to S'i ' pur day , with a largo number
at the intcrmullato lates of 31.25 and
551.60 per day. In every case where
skilled colored men are employed as heat-
eis , p'lddlers. hclro rs , etc. , they get exactly
the siiiio wages as white men doing the
same woik. Coloied laboiers nt the Cbatta-
nooga furnaces get 81.25 , 81.50 and S2 per
day , aecoidlng to the skill , responsibility ,
etc renulied to fill the various places in
which they woik. These ant the repiesenla-
tlvosouthern Indtistilcs. What we say of
Chattanooga In this regaid applies lo liii-
mingham , 'Knoxvlllo and other places. Col
oied boys in the South Tredegar na 11 works ,
working as feedeis , make liom 75 cunts to
Sl.'JI per day , according to tlm skill and in-
desliy dlsplaved In their labor. Somu col-
oiod men inaku as hlch as § 4 per day as pud-
dlers and foumlrymen In tills section. Wo
may say generally that the scale runs fiom
51 to § 1,5 ( ) tor the gioat mass of colored men
working In southern manufactories.
Fatal Hotel Fire.
SHKIIMAN , Tex. , Oct. 22. About 8 o'clock
yustoiday morning the Iiinkle.bouse , one of
the best-known hotels In the southwest , was
destroyed by lire , Thu Iho was thu work of
Incendiaries , as It was discovered simultane
ously In thu second and third stories. Theio
weruover tluco hundred ( 'iiestn In the build
ing , all of whom escaped with their lives , but
suveial wi'ie badly burned and lost their el-
fects. George Sheppcrd , ot Chicago , had his
right arm broken In three places , his left arm
brokinanit received serious Internal Injuries ,
caused by jumping from the third story ot the
hotel. Ueorne W. Marshall had an ankle
broken and lecelved Internal injuries. Cap
tain J. H , Htltton was badly bruised about
the head. Nelllu Douglass was badly burned
on the face and received Internal Injuries.
Thu loss on the furniluru and bulldiiii ; Is
870,000 , with a total insurance of SIW.OOO. Mr.
Sheppaid died to-night fiom the result ol hU
Inlcinal Injuries.
A .Just Verdict.
MH/WAUICKE , Oct , 23 , At Stevens Point ,
WIs. , to-day , it look the jury but a few min
utes to acquit Lawyer Hazeltlno of the iinii-
derof A. E. Mor e , a well known banker.
The case has been on trial for moro than a
week and has attracted great Interest
throughout the state on account of the social
prominence of thu parties Involved , Sev
eral months ago Mon-u was shot
by Httzeltino while tiding In tils
bugcy. Thu latter iravo himself up and at
the trial , just concluded , his lawyers pleaded
that ho became temporarily Insane by the
sudden discovery that his Intimate mend ,
Moisa , had led lifs wlto astray. Tljo details
of the trial litoueht out social rottenness con
nected with other leading society people of
Stevens Point. Dan Yoorhces and Judge
Cote defended Ilazcitou.
The Fifth Clmtnplonihlp Gnmo Won
lly the llrowns.
ST. Lorto. Oct , M.The fifth game of the
wuild's championship series to-day between
the Clile.iftos aud St , l.onls Uiowns was a
very tame alTalr , the latter winning easily by
n score of ten to three. The new umpiring
plan was revived and the few close decisions
satisfied everyone. Quest umpired for Chi-
cnc" , McQuado lor SI. Louis , and Kelly ofllcl-
atcd between the pitcher's box and second
b.i o ns referee. The playing on both
sides was very loose , the batting
heavv , and cnors numerous. The
Cblei\L'os seemed for oneo to have
lost conliilonco In themselves aud played a
widened cnniu both at the bat ami in the
Held. Williamson pitched for the Ohlcagos
In tlio lirst Inning and was knocked com-
pletelv out ot tlte box , and Uyan occupied
that position foi the remainder of the dime.
Hudson pitched tor the Htowns and did
most eicclleiit woik , oulv thieu hits being
made i ff his delivery The game was called
In the M \ en th inning on account of daik-
ness. Of the games plau'd so far tlm Chi-
eairos lm\o won two ana the Hrown three ,
The loliowlng is ihescoiu bv Innings :
st. Louis. . . . ; . a i'4 o u : i o-io
Chicago . 0 1 i o 0 1 0 : t
H.ISO hits St. Louis 11 , Chlcapo a. Ktrors
St. Louis y , C hlcago ! ! .
Great Kentucky Ilnclng.
LixtNiTo.v , Ky. , Oct , 22. Tlm races were
the llnest and the attendance larger than at
any fall meeting In thehlstoiy of the Ken
tucky association.
All aues , tluee quarters mile : Skobeloll
won. Petticoat second , llrllllant thhd. Time
1:1014. :
All age ? , mile and quarter : Sir Joseph
won , Montana Ue unt second , Kaloolah third.
Timo-2U74' : ? .
Aliases , mile ami quaitor : La Sylnhldo
won , Sis Hymn second. Gold lian third.
Time 2OrK : , the liisteston recoid.
All ages , nttlo : Climax won , Walioo second
end , Playtellow thiid. Timu 1:43.
A Alothcr'o Appeal to the Court Ito.
colvcs Favornblo Contmloratlon.
HAI.TIMOUE. Mil. , Oct. 22. Tlueo years
ago Miss Lena Hlaok , a handsome brunette ,
was secietly married to Kicderick Black. It
was as romantic a mairlageas the most senti
mental girl could wish. Yesterday Judge
Duffy beaut the petition of the wife and
mother for a writ of Iribeas corpus to com
pel the revocation of her child. A nurse at
tended the young , stylishly dressed mother
witii a ten-months-old b.iby. The child In
litigation is n boy two ycat sold. The hus
band declined In court that the young
est child's name had been concealed from
him. The wife said her husband lett her for
months at a time without reason. Her hus
band gave her the boy oi > ce , and she prom
ised to live with him again. In order to get
the child. Not lonij ago she went armed
with a revolver to whore her husband was
stopping and threatened his llfu If ho did
not give up the child. The boy played mei-
rily aioiiml thocouit room. Jnstlc Dully 10-
turned the child to the mother , and when he
rendered his decision the mother ciied aloud
with jov and rushed over to where the little
boy had" fallen asleep in his father's arms.
The father tondeily kissed the child and
handed him to the mother , and both parents
wept as they left tlio room and wont in differ
ent dlieetiuns.
Kccoiicllliic Kusbiu nnd Ilnlgnrla.
SOFIA , Oct. 22. Uadban Effendi't note to
the Utilitarian , ministry , notifying It of the
underb3andin'gAb.etweeu Toikia-and Russia ,
was.wrltBu to-M. StambuIolF In the form of
personal advice anil was notan official declara
tion. Godban Klt'endi'smissionasspecialen-
\ oy fiom thu porto Is declared tohu to endeavor
to icconcilo llttssla and Bulgaria. The Bul-
gaiian minister ol war has gone to Tirnova ,
the loimer capital of Hulgaila , to make ar
rangements tor atroidlng complete military
piotection to tlio sobianjc dining Us foith-
comlng session. The court-martial has lived
the beginning of November for the trial of
olllcers under attest for complicity in the
deposition ot Punce Alexander.
ISmporor Wlllluin Improving.
Br.ui.ix , Oct. 22. The health of , Empcior
William is improving. Crown Pilnco Kicd
erick , becoming alaimed at the rumors ap
pearing In the French and Italian papers ,
telegiaphed to Berlin for a special medical
statement concerning his father's condition ,
and It is reporteu that he received reassurint !
replies to thu effect that there was no cause
for alarm nor any reason why the ciown
prlnco should hasten his icturn to the cap
Itnlgnrhi and ISj
LONDON , Oct 22. It is now asserted that
Itnssla has agreed not to occupy Bulgaria ,
and that Austila and Gcimanylmvo agreed
to declare the nowly-eleclcd sobranjn illegal ,
to compel the regency to resign and to foict
Bnliraiia to submit to Itnssla.
Ids believed that M. Waddlmrton , French
ambassador to England , demands that Great
Biitaln lix a definite date for her evacuation
of Efypt.
Sale oT thn Ionian Lino.
LONDON , Oct. 22. At a meeting of the
crcdllois of the Inman Steamship company
to-day , it was resolved to sell the concern to
the International Steam Navigation com
pany for the bum of 205,000. The company's
steamers aie valued at illil WO. The iinso-
cuied cicdltors will receive a little over 1C
shillings on the pound.
"Wreck ofa. Dispatch float.
LONDON , Oct. 22. The British dispatch
boat Imogene has been wi coked at ( lallipollt
during a fog. Bho was at Iho time proceed
ing fiom Constantinople to fSallonica , from
wheio bhovvaa to convoy Sir Wm. White , the
newly appointed lirltlsli minister to Tin key ,
to Constantinople. The ctew were saved.
The Murder Ktory Koltorntcd.
LONDON , Oct. 22 , The stoiy that the c/aj
lately killed Baron Ueutcrii , one of hi :
aides , with a sabie whllo under thu Impas
sion that the baron was about to mal.o an
attempt on his ( the e/at's ) lite , is reiter.itrt !
in advices from St. Petersbuis.
Switchmen M dicing nt Lnuiwvllli : .
Loui.svii.i.i : , Oct. 22. Tne day switchmen
in the Louisvlu | ) & Nashville yards , tliiity
four In number , quit woik this moining.
The transportation of ficlght has bcqn
greatly delujed , but the railroad official.1
claim they will have an aniplu foico at worli
In a few days. No dlstuibancu of any kind ,
To-night sixty-six biakemen of thu Louis
vlllo tb Nashville shoit line to Cincinnati
comprising twenty-two ficlght cruvvs , iolnri
the s\v Hob men in their ntrike tor nlghei
waires. They oll'eied no violence , but IK
freight Is moving on the shoit line. Tin
strikers held a teciet meeting tonight IIIH
tliuie wns talk of inaugurating H strike on tin
vvlioln LoiilHvlllo & . Nitslivillu system , but ni
dutin lie action Is known to have buen taken
To Kill the Cattle.
CIIICAOO , Oct. 22. Llvo Stock Conunls
sloncr McChesnoy rcturjicd to-day irou
Springfield , where hu attendetl a mcetlnc o
the live stocc board. In r.ccordanco with tin
plan decided on at the meeting , Medicine ]
ordered the work begun to-day of kllluu
the Mck animals In the dlstlllciles
Drs. Casewell , liaknr and Castli
visited the Shufeldt distillery and set apai
thu sick trom thu healthy animals. They dli
not hint over live head that Itoy felt vvnr
ranted in slang hU'ring. At thu Pha-nix dls
iillery tvvo mote ot Nelson Munis' atceri
died to-day ,
III ; ; Opium Until.
SAX FIIANCISCO , Oct. 22.-Cti5totn ortlocn
to-day made n seizure of 820,000 wrrlU o
opium on the steamer City ot ' " ' ; , ie
cently fiom Hong Kong. The III Ht di'i :
was fouiul In a package of lucicliuudi. e cui
signed to Chinese uruis . .
Charleston nnd Other Oltios Aroused Bj
Soyeral Livelj Quakes ,
Hut n Number of Pcopln llndly Fright *
cncd The Shock Kxtcmls to
IiOiilsIllo Its Ktfcut
\Vunlniiftoii. .
Annthrr QiinUo In Charleston.
CHAW.KKTON , Oct. W. There was n sharp
shock of nn earthquake hero ntSLli : this morn
ing. The duration was about twelve seconds.
Houses v ere .shaken and windows rattled ,
but no damage done. The shake was sharp
also at Bummervllle , and was followed by
several baby shakes , as they are e.illed them.
Telc ; iaplile advices state- that the shock \\ng
felt at Kav.innah , Amnista. Columbia ,
Oiangehutg nnd other points In this state.
Wldle the leeuironco of shocks Is trying to
women and chlldicn , It causes no In'tcruip-
tlon either In business or tlm work of repairIng
Ing damages , which Is piojjiesslng vigor
Tlicro were two sharp shocks hero at 2M5
this afternoon , with equal seveilty at Sum-
meivllle , C olumbus and Augusta.
SAVANNAH , Ha. , Oct.J. . - Savannahas
visited by two decided caithquaUo shocks to
day , the llivtat : r > 5 a m. local time. This
was notahlo for the duiatlon ot the tu-mors ,
\\lilch continued lltlcc'ii or twenty pccouds.
A coed deal of appiehenslon but no general
alarm was caused by It , Mauv people , hotel
guests especially , got up and did not ire back
tobed. At 20 : o'clock this afteinoon an
other vibration , accompanied by a tumbling
nolitO w at full. It was equally as severe us
the lifst , but of much less duration. Manv
claim that these shocks weic almost as sevetb
as any that have been e.\peileneod here , ex
cepting the jieat shock ot August ; ii. They
weio lelt evciy where In tills section of the
state , but no damage Is reported.
ItAMiioii , Out. Si Two distinct shockft
were felt hero at about A u. m. and ! ! p. m.
Coi.ttMiiiA , S. C. , OcU 22. There was n
heavy earthquake Miock heie at 0:25 : a. m. ,
lasting thirty seconds. It was preceded by n
loud Mid continuous rumbllnir , which lasted
until the quake nas.sed olf. Nearly mciyono
wasavvakencd by the shock , which swti.Ved
buildings and rattled things lively. It was
the heaviest shock felt since the second one
of August 31.
Another sevcio shock of earthquake , ac
companied by loud detonations , cccunril
here at 2:4 : : ! p , m. , shaking buildings for about
six seconds.
Avot'hrA , Ca. ! , Oct. 2'1 Two severe shocks
of caithqnaku weru felt heio to-day , one at
4:45n. : m. and onu at 2 : 17 p. m.
Loi'tsviM.i : , Oct. S-i A slight shock of
caithquako was feltheioat 2:10 : this after
noon. It lasto i live seconds , and tl o vlbiat-
ing motion neatly noith ami south.
ATLANTA , < 5a. , Ocf. 'i ! . A distinct caith-
( inake shock was telt here at1 o'clock this
mm nine.
MNTimrnn , Va. , Oct. 22. Throe largo
cracks in the earth were discovered on the
top of " Flat-top " mountain In Taiowell
county , caused by the earthquake. One rent
crosses the mountain load , and huge trees
and locks were thrown into It.
WASIIIXOION , Oct. 22. A sllcht cartii-
qnako slioclc was foil lieroat2W : ) o'clock this
afleinoon. The tremor lasted but an Insttnt
but was sufficiently strong enough to "pi"
typo on composing stones in the lourtli stoiy
ot thu olllce. The shock was so dis
tinct nn thu fouith floor ol the state , war and
navy buildings homo ol this clerks be- u
camu alarmed aim ran Into the coriidor.
\VliiUIjioiitommtKoli\Viilkn Found In
Jilt * iMitslCiin U.xpoIurtloiiH.
CHICAOO , Opt , 22 , Lieutenant Frederick
SchwatlM , of Aictic exploration notoriety ,
has beer stopping at the Lnland. lie has
just letmncd from Alaska. Ho said ho was
quite amused at the eontiovuisy of two New
York jiovvspapeisovur his discovery ot the
Jonca river , Alaska. ' 'One paper says thuro
Is no such river , " wont on the lieutenant ,
"and If there is onu It Is an old one with a
new name. Thu Jones river , however , is a
new discovery and 1 followed It forthlity
miles. It Is not down on any record or map ,
but It will bu on every ollicial man of this
country and be recognized the woild over. "
Lieutenant Sihwatka stalled out at the
head ol a piivate expedition sent out last
spiinc lor Alaska. 1'lie mission was ol HU
exploiing character purely , to make an as
cent of Mount St. Klias , which is I'.l.&UU teet
hiqh. Ilo had u paity ot about twelve men
with hi m , iiKjludini ; Indians and all. Mr.
Schvvatka said that thu expedition was en-
til ely successful In Its object , or icasonably
so ; that they climbed the mountain to tlm
height of 17.2IX ) feet , and were piuvented
liom going highui on account ol the clouds.
The snow line Is nt thn base of the moun
tain , and snveial miles ot glacier had to bo
traversed bnl'oiit thu pally reached the base
prior to tliu ascent. They weio lour days
in making the ascent. Mr. Schwatka bald
that this expedition will not bu luiiowod.
Compaiativelv llttlo Is known of Alaska ex
cept the coast lino. The lieutejiaiit said that
Its tcsource.s were irreat , but that Bouut Inter
ests , llku that of mining , as in other sections ,
were uncertain. Other inteiests or products
aie , ho said , tlioiouglily assured , but need
development. The lishcileu ho mentioned.
among other things , as very pioinls nnr , but
needed a population along the I'nulliu coast
to develop tliu ontoipilse. The lur seal Inter
ests aie leading at present.
Central TrnHlo AFtioclntlon.
CHICAGO , OcU 22. Meetings of the St.
Louis and I'eoila commUtoo-i of thu Cunttal
Traffic association weio held to-thly at the
commissioner's ollice. Tlio St. LoiilB lines
agreed to snnmit all differences and pool
questions that have bucn the subjects of dis
pute to nibitratlnn , and in imimiancu of this
policy selected 11. S. Uepovv , general man
ager ol the Mobile & Ohio , anil
11. C. Wicker , tinlllo manager of the
Chicago & Noithwostuin , as arbitrators , these
two to choo-o a thiid , whose decision Hliall
be final and binding on all thu lines. 'Iho
puicoutagesvhun auanged , Blnill govern
irom i'Vbuniy 1 , IBM ) . toUciombor Si , ibH7 ,
biibji'ct ' to tb lily days' notice of appeal thcic-
atter , The 1'eoiia commltteo agreed upon
K. 1' . Itipluy. of the liiirllnuton , and 11. 0.
Wickur , of the Noi til wo item , as iirbllialoi.s ,
the peicentages to be awiuded to bu hiibjt'CC
to the Hiinio conditions us lixed In tliu St.
Louis pool. _ _
ISuriul In CoiiHcoratud Ground.
Ni'.vv VOIIK , Oct. V ! , \ Halltax special
says the Catholic chaplain of Iho Yoik and
Lancaster regiment tetiisud to read Ibo
chuicli service ovei the body of a soldier who
died while drunk or to allow his builal lit
coiibcnated ground , declaring that when the'
bible said nodnuiKaid .should enter heaven
it was a larce lo humanity and un Insult to
Ciod and iclltfian to gl\u Midi a chilstlan
builal. lly the older ot ( Laid Alux-
niidiu Itussoll , coiniu.iiider ot tlm Jlrilish
aimy In Not In A met lea , the soldier , who had
distiiignlslii-d lilnibelf In the Soudan , was
bin led In thu military cemuUry with mllltaiy
honuib , Hut pioteslant cli.iilaln | reading Ibo
church of Kngland oorvlco under nrolesf. It
Is undeistood that Aichbisliop o'lirlrn will
complain to the Dnko ot Cambridge , com-
mander-ln-chlef of tbeltiillsb army , that the
K.icii'd dntluK ot his ollico liavo bton giossly
Intel teieu with by ( iencial Itussuil ,
ftlaliic and HlkhiH Intorcatcd In One ,
rrnsiiUJto , Pa. , Oct. 23.-OHH of the ob
jects of Mr. Jllalnu'B visit to I'itlbburi ; , ac-
coidlng to ijcod authority , was to organ I M it
natural gas company. II o and Steiihen I ) .
KlUins discussed the matter and agreed to
organize a company with a number of Pitts-
bnig capitalists , ( las ID to be piped Irom
Washington county , tlds state , ana Irani Vhglnla , wheio Mr. Ulalno has largo
ilituiests in lajid.i and wells. Ills two sons
will bo t'lvon piomlnent jHisltions in tbo
company. Uctails will bo felllcd when Mr.
iJ'aino ' loturns tiom West Virginia. U 1.4
the intention to tiegin busiiu-s r.fvt sju
1 i.e c. ii fj'.v ' II bo iavje. Mr , Jf'nnu '
Mr. Uil.'ins ivill lie the ttuiViisu i-t-