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Amounts Owing to Undo Sam and Ow <
by Him Since Birth.
Jtotimls nnd Tnjlor Anxious to Gel I
Onmliii 1 ml Inn Movement In Sciln-
Sonnelnlous Snreo
Postal Pointers.
Gnvcrnrnnntnl "Mlack Mst. "
W vsmviroN. Aturiut 31. [ Special Tel
Bratn lo llio Ilt.i : . | The "black lint" of cie
lte > rs and debtors of the Rovetnment , Wide
has just been published In response to a tcs
lutloti ot thu house , adopted last January ,
nn Interesting \oliinip. It was compllcel I
11. A Klsh. assistant treasurer of tlio t'nlti
States ami consumed tlie best pait of s
nuuitlis in Us prepaintlons. The book shov
that there Is owing to the gov eminent Si1
MW.llH.lO , divided among the follow ! !
bureaus ; Treasury tllsbiirsciiiiiiits , 31US7'
W55.53 ; customs service , S Oltt.lWT. 10 ; intern
revenue' , : ; diplomatic scrvlc
8l,10li > 11.7U ; sales of public lands , SI.81
! H3.0I ; Interior dcDartment , grXMOII.5l ; j
dlclni v , S lsnTi7..V ! ) ; cnptiu ed and abandon !
propiii ly , Sfla7.083.77. Much of tills Indebte
ness icsult.s from cmbe/.zloments , dofnlc
lions and disputed account ) * . ' 1 heso dub
run liom n few dollars tip to millions.
Tin : i.Aitnr.Hr AJWUNT.S citAi : < iin :
tit ) txi : ill list any one man is tlm sum of 31.20.
or..rx ) chained up against Samuel Swartoti
who was collector of customs at Now Yoi
under Van Bttrrn In 18W. Swai tout was
dofiuiltornnd tills Is thu largest Item tbat .11
pears In Mr. Fisher's work. Thu smallest
n debt of 1 cent duo from the government I
( it'orgo J. Abbott , who was vice consul i
Sliellleld , Knclanel , In 1871. This 1 cent h :
been eatrled alomz upon the books nil the1
jears. Another cicdlt of 4 cents dates bac
to 1HIO. The first 12,000 cases mentioned I
tlm book ate amounts that have been coveic
back Into the treasury under the net of Mn
j , 18GO , the cieelltois having failed to call It
their warrants within thu tlnuo jcais pi
fecrlbed by law. Those sums vaiy froi
SUI.OOO to a few cents , and amount to 85C
UJO.Ml. Then theiols n list called the
In whlelt thu Indebtedness of thogovernmen
amounting to S.W.osO.tU , Is duo to persoi
known to bo dead , but whoso boh s have in
claimed the money. Among thu debtors <
the government many do not ow
It uu > thing , but bad book kee :
Ing In the department , over wine
the treasury lias no control , b
nig responsible for It. The largest dofa
cations ate charged to collectors ot custon
anil collectors ot internal revenue. Thu s <
cession states of tlm gov eminent are In (1 (
fault lor the war tax charged up again1
them , the heaviest helrg charged n/nlnst All
bama , Snil.O , and Georgia S477.40I. Tli
total amount owing the govetnmunt fun
this houreo Is 8i,4.'J,402. ! ; Tnu goveimnci
Btiircreil heavily from
and through its sub ci1ptlous to encourae
private onterpiises. Thus the govcrnmct :
lost by tlm Hank of Columbia , of ( ieorgi
town , I ) , 0. , 5H10.U5 , the largest amount ovt
found in this way. The goveinmcnt sul
hci Ibcel S tW.OOO for 2,25U shaies of thu Chew
it Delavvato Canal company's stock at a tu
par vnliio ot S'-'OO per shaio ; also SSW/JOO fc
10.000 shaies of thu Chesapeake & Ohio Can :
company's stock. Tnu secretary of the treai
urynlso. bvatithoritj ot congress , subscribe
for boo Mmre-.s of tlie Dismal Swamp Cant
comuany stock.Till
In enterprises ot the kind mentioned wa
SlKB.sW ) . The list just published does iu
show half the Indebtedness of the govert
inont and owing to it. Two ot tho' depart
incuts did not icspond at nil to the call fo
Information , ami the sixth mulitor of tli
treasury , having clmiiro of postolllco iu
counts , .stated that he had dealing with ffi.OO
dlsbtusing otlleeis each year , and that I
would take twenty-live cleiks four jcais t
complete the information asked for.
Till' JJP.VV 1'l' I'KINTKH.
The commission of Mr. Honcdlut , the nc\
public pi Inter , an i\ed heio to-tiay , and i
now at the white house , liuving been slsnei
by thu president in the Adirondack * . It i
expected that Mr. Benedict will bo In thocit
by thu 1Mb of September , and Mr. Hounds i
especially deslious of izottiim away lo tak
lioldof hlsputcha.oat Omaliiiby that tmu
The latter has gl\en tip his housoon the coi
ner of Connecticut avonuu and K stteet , am
has gone to the Kbbit honsu to board , Dtepat
atory to his departure. Mr. .Benedict's bemIs
Is SIOO.COO , nnd ho Is liowtiiigaired In prepai
lug it and settling up his private business
There are 2.800 persons employed In the gov
crnmcnt printing olllce.
Cailet Taylor , chlet clerk of th
government printing oliice , has lesigncd.ani
Air. Hounds , public printer , has appolntei
Glllwrt Uonedlct , of Now York. The latto
Is n brother of Mr. Benedict , whom the picsl
dent lias selected to succeed Mr. Itoundt
and ho Is expected to assume tlm duties o
his now place at 12 o'clock to-morrow. Th
new public printer will leliovoMr. Hound
on the liftoonth of September , ana in tli
meantime his In other , who has been
at Kllonvilie , N. 1' . , will make hlmscl
familiar with the ollice. Mr. Hounds 1m
continued in olllcu for a lomtor period thai
ho Intended , but ho has done so at the u
quest of tlm pieslelont , who did not wish ti
make a chaimo In that otllco , The larg
business Interests ot Mr. Hounds and tli
newspaper enterprise ) which ho lias
nevi : INTO AT'OMAKA ,
has com ] > olled him to hasten lliu piosldont'
nctlon , and his icqurst , tiiat tlm cliangi
should not bo dehiyed later tlian Septembe
in , has been comnlled with. Mr. Tavlor wll
accomp.iny Mr. Hounds to Omaha. The ad
vent of the new oiliclals causes homo iluttc
among tlm employes of the printing ollle
nnd tlm burning mtcstion of tlm hour i
Captuln John Doret. of the Fourth cavalry
who was in cliaigu of tlm Apaclm Indian
who leeenlly Islted hero dining a tour
leturned to Koit U'.i\cn\\ortli lust Tlnn.-dir
fiom Albmiueiiiue , X. M. , where ho wen'
tinder teleuiaphlc orders from the war tie
partment to meet ( iencral Miles. Last Sat
uiday Imagaln left Fort Le.iveiiMortb , will
six ot the Apaehea , to take lour to llnlbiool
nnd t\yo to Wlleox , Arit lloforo ho lint
reached 'J opeka , less than a hnndied nille ;
away , n disnateh from Drum , aetini
becretary ot war , was received thorn , tnrniii )
Captain Dorst and his Apacliei back the hce
end tlmo to Koit Lea\cn\\oith , wliero tlm'
arrhed Saturday night. No one out theri
can understand these movement , and nil In
formation Is lefiisod at the war department
wh I Iu the Indians am lepoited us being ver' '
, ,
Illglioniclalsat the Htato department de
clliiii to make any statement about the Sedg
wick Incident. Ollicial dispatches have bout
received , however , Horn tlm City of Muxleo
the natnro of which renders Itlmposslblo ti
keep tlm matter seeret. Tlm seandal Is o
iiiiieh moment nnd Its details uro boini
> yhlspeied uhiiut in the dopattnmnt cot
rldors. Much of the story Is too fiall ti
bear printing ,
, , I'lisTori'icp. roixrs.
Joel 0. H.wnuy has been rommlsslonei
noting postmaster at Ames , Kun ,
Tlm suhediilu tlmo on the Star ronto fron
wntioo to N\\ton ( , .Neb. , has been changed
ninuuHV. I .
- mgovvlllgo Into effect Septemlo
7 nuxt ,
The Aebiaska and Iowa patents Issued tc
day weio ; DoWitt 0. Jewel t , Sanelspiing
In. , hay lewder ; Krncst A. Killell , asslgno
of iivo-oigliths to B. U. Button , S. A. Kvflogi
and W. H. Haitman , Waterloo , la. , powde
case ; Joseph K. Itlckoy , Clarlnda , la. , stii
Keens'operating table ; Henry O. Thoma
Fremont , N'eb. , bedclothes holder ; 'J oh n K
Voorhees , Pella , la. , eheckiovv cornplanter
Edward Williams , Dubtumo , la. , windmill.
Sedswlolc Senels a Denial.
WASHINGTON , August 31. Secrotarv eState
State Bayard received this afternoon a tele
gram from A. 0. Seelgvvick. stating that th
storleacirculated about him ate ridiculous !
false , and that pi oof to that elioct would b'
nroduced whenever ho was calleel upon b1
Ihusccietury of Btato therefor.
Ufllolnl Coiidrtnntloii ofn
NEW YOIIK , Aucii ; t31. [ Special Telcgn
to the HiiK.l The World's special from t
City of Mexico Is.iv : Consul ( ! eneral 1'on
In an olllclal capacity , sent the followli
toleuiam yestordaj : "T. ] ' . Hnynid , MCC
tarynf state , Washington : Our special em
has dlsgraceil lihnolf. . Demand hisimme
ale recall. We feel humiliated nnd bow
down ultli shamr. Turther particulars ,
desired , will be fninlihed. Hulllfo It to say
wns found dead drunk in n hnu'p of prosti
tion , nnd now Is the laimhini ; stouk of t
Mexicans. ( .Signed ) J'DIM n , Consul. '
A meeting of the American colony asset
bled at the pallor ot JI 1 < > 1 Itinbtdo to
dor.--o the afoie > ald lele ram nnd nd <
tpsolutlonii. The tolezMin was Indori
and n committee appointed to \ \
on Sodirwlrk. They went up stalls , but cnv
not llnd him. "I ho eommllteo appointed
n-lopt lesolutlons inported immi'dlateb
stiong tei ins , stilting that SedcwicU had tl
graced the Inited Stales and demanding I
Immediate recall The debate was snirlt
and In n * pitit of fair play tlm resolutlo
were laid over to glvo hedgwlck nnotl
chanec. It Is ascertained presc
n gentleman wlioliadneeomtianied Sedgvvi
on thu eventful Friday and the meeting
once lesolved Itself Into a coiut. Consul Poi
interrogated this gentlemen and ho nt h
admitted that he accompanied Kodgvvlek ti
disreputable house , but that Scdgwlek < 1
not dlsgiiieu himself. They did not walk
the "diocts , but all went in a elo o hack. TI
gentleman is an Ameiiean. Tim meeting t
Journed. 1'owards tlm close ot the meetl
sluing olfoits wete made to get a verdict
favor of Seduwlok anil great excitement p
vnlled , attempts being made to smother ai
deny the It uu status of .ilfnlrs. Hut the fac
as well known , remain as ubove.
CITY or Mn\ico , August ni. Scdgvvlc
speclM Anti'i lean envoy , had another cons
tatlon with Minister Jackson , jcsteidny , 1
the puiposo of procui ing data for his repi
to Seeieiaiy llaynul on the Cutting caso. .
the American legation nothing is said :
gardlng the rumor. ? In circulation concern1 !
Sedgwiek. Jackson has taken no part
the matter. _
Dustlnjj ( hoVlilto House.
WASHING ro.v , August 551. [ Special Te
cr.xm to tlio Uui : . ] Tlm reign of tlie nalntt
and decointors of the white house Is iiidi :
drawing to a close. The painters have
re.uly llnislied tlm Ilisteoat of white paint i
tlm exterior walls and ate now engaged i
the second. ' 1 Im buildlni ; In homo places
almostus dlitynovv as befoie thcpaintli
began. Tim gnats and other Insects tooV
hand in the decotations nnd befoio the III
coat ol paint dried thcv sacriticed tin
bodies on theclean vvhito walls. Thousan
of them lighted on the wet p.ilnt and tliu
they stick. In oidct to give tlm second cr
n ehanco to dry without tlm aid of insects t
lamps on tlmcaiiiagc way will not bo light
for about a week. The cleaning of tlm e.i
room huished to-day. The walls ha
been kalsomined amUlmcliandulteisrleani'
It isn noteworthy fnct , developed while t
woikmen weto cleaning those chandlle :
that tlmv are composed of 5.000 pieces
glass. The count was mailo by order of t
commissioners of public buildings ai
Minister Jackson's Successor.
WASHINGTON ; August HI. ( Special Tel
cram to the UIK. : ] The nnme ot Alex ha
ton , of Ceoigla , Is prominently mention
tor minister to Mexico to succeed Mr. Jac
bon. Mr. Lawton was nominated minis !
to Russia early in Mr. Cleveland's admin
tratlon , but It was then discovered that li
political disabilities had not been lemovi
and his nomination had to bo withdraw
Congress subsequently passed an act ie. t (
Ing Mr. Lawton tocituenshlp , and ho is note
to ho honored as the successor to his lorm
law partnnr , Mr. Jackson. Minister Jac
son's resignation is said to have been caif-i
solely by tlm dissatisfaction of his vvito wi
hei new home.
TlioNortlnvcstom Ilonrts l-'latirini c
tlio Coinliifr Coiullitatloii.
CHICAOO , August SI. There was an a
: lay session to dav of the gcneial mauagei
committee ot the lines In tlm Northwcstei
frolulit association , called byj. K Tuckc
jf the St. I'aul road , to picparu for the pot
ing oC all business , both passenger at :
freight. Tlio following lines were repi
jcnted : St. Paul , Northwestern , Uuilln
: on , Hock Island , Chicago , Huilington
S'ortliern , Central Iowa , Illinois Ce
: ral , Minneapolis & Northwestei
ind Minneapolis it St. Louis. The who
lay was spent in preliminary discussion
. ' .xcepting that thu subject ot territorial llmi
, vas agiceably dl.sosed ] of. It was decide
ilint the territory .should bo piactlcally tl
lame as that of tlm old Nmth western Trail
issociation , including tlm business In boi
llrections between Chlcauo. 1'eorla , t :
Louis , Burlington , Mississippi river point
St. Paul , Minnesota Transfer , Mlnneapoli
Milwaukee , and Lake Michigan ports 1
Wisconsin. An adjournment was had unl
LO o'clock to-monow morning.
Still Another KoHton Failure ,
BOSTON , August ill. Nichols & Farn
ivorth , dealers In shoo mnnufnctuiers' good
iavo suspended. This linn carried on bu
less in this city for many years , nnd hi
anked with tlio leading houses In the trad
I'ho cause of tlm failure Is nttilbutcd to on
ildo opeiations of Farnswoith , for who
ho linn Is endorsed , It Is said , to n lingo o
.cut The tirm dissolved yesterday by tl
withdrawal ot Farnsworth , who filed a vc
intary petition in insolvency on his IniMvh
ml account. Liabilities heavy , but no ual
nates given.
Strides Forwnrtl.
AiNswoiiiH , Neb. , August SI. [ Special the t
ho Hin.l : A meeting of busines- , men vvi
leld Imro nnd tlm preliminary steps cwei
auon lor the organisation oC a boaid (
nule. John C. Sullivan was chosen pros
lent , nnd V. J. Smith was chosen secrelar
Ihooiganizatlon will bu iiertected at one'
A ono hnndied barrel ( louring mill will I
srected nt once. The cltUuns hero have eoi
tlbuted S'X)0 ( ) , which is to bo donated to
osponsihlo and practical miller who bulk
mdopoiatcB the mill.
A VilliiKo Disaster.
SOUTH HOVAI.IOWN , Yt. . August 31. .
S'eaily thoentlro business portion of th
Illagoandn number of dwellings burne
ast night. Atter a liorco licht the llamt
vero cot under eonttol about a tills mornlni
oss estimated at S75.000.
Tlm loss Is now toitiul to bo much great *
nan atllihthiipposed. The loss amounts t
5100,000 , if i,0t , more ,
The 1'olioo Detail.
The police for September will bo di
nllud iirf follows :
Day Force Tlioums Cormiok , cajtaii
Fohn RIoDoimld , deputy marshal ; l avv
once Jiisperson , Sixteontli , Dotlgo 1
Sleholasj John Hrmly , Ninth , Tenth an
Jlovontu north of DouglasJorr
J'tJ raily , Tenth , Howard to dunot ; Joli
S'ornmn , South Thirloonths H. T , IIivzi
'iirnuin btruot ; Patrick Hinelmy , Th ! ;
oonth , Harnoy to brlil o ; Dun Kennedy
L'wolftb , Uotiglas to Oapitol nvciuio ; At
Irovv Crawford , Douglas street , Thti
eontli to Sixteonthj James O'Hovlt '
L'umingi Richard Hurdish , at largo ; P ;
Moatyn , scr-xcant ; Peter Matza.sorgoani
fosoiih Howies , streets and alloys ; Pi
[ Jorrigan , btrcets and alloys ; Mlchtu
\ \ halen , court oiHcor : .lolin Tnriibiil
Mty biisinessj Polo Turkolson , pain
Night Force Charles Dlooni , Sixth an
3ovonlh , south of the tracks ; MikuDumj
-.oy , i unth street , Hovvanl todopotVi ;
; iam White , Donulas ; Thonms Pierono
ariuun street , UVulfth to 1-iftue.nth ; Pi
Nlnrpliy , Tliirteonth , Howard to bridg <
M Carroll , lower Fnrnant and Harnoi
l > an Mellrido , Sixteenth , ( 'n&s to Niel
) lns : I'liomas Ormsby , Ninth anil Tout !
lorth of Douglas ; Alike Hiloy , Bonl
j hirteenthj Pat Ciisaek , Citming streo
I. J. Donovan , Sixt'entli. Doilgo to Cas :
lames Urady. Twelfth. Douglas ttf Cap
ol avomio , ( Jeorgo Trumble , iatrc
iriver ; AI Sigvvart , jailor.
Sotno of the Tiaits and Fcculiaritios
State Department Officers.
A Nnturnl Oisatilllty That Ciuiund tl
Arroht of the Soconit
yccrctnry 1'ostnl
uu tlio Decline.
A Hespectctt Olllclnt.
WASIIIN-OTOX , Atunst 12' ) . iSpeclal Co
rcspondenco of tlm Hii : : , | The man wl
above all others Is tlm most respected In tl
state department Is cvtiovoinoi Poitcr i
Tennessee , tlist assistant H'etetnry of .staU
While the other high oiliclals , Including 11
secielary , Pilvate beeietaty Hi.vnn nil
Chief Clurk Urown , are nnsleie and djfllnu
to approach , ( Jovei nor Potter Is genial , all
bio nnd , what Is moiu important than al
get-at-able. IIo Is always leady to answi
any rt-asonablo question not In tlm nature i
a diplomatic sceiet , nnd never Indulges I
ptevarieatlon or falsification lor the putpoi
of throw ing the Inquirer olT the eccnt. ( ! o
crnor Poiter will give a dliect answer 1
every iiuestlon put to him. If the qiiestlo
Is ono such as he cannot answer beeausu i
Its encioaehment on the line of dlplomac ;
Im will tell tlio questioner so frankly. l'i
this teason dovetnor Poiter Is more high !
esteemed by people having business wit
tlm state department than any other olllcii
The second assistant secretarv , Mr. Adei
Is an uxnerleuced diplomat. Ho has bee
connected witli tlm state department for
number of years , and upon him devolves tl ;
duty of wilting neatly all of tl :
letters which are from time I
tlmo addressed to foreign goveri
ments. Mr. Adco la the gentlema deal of amusement
few years ngo by attempting to arouse . ) itdi <
Wyllu from his bed at midnight. Mr. Adi
was Imrn deaf ind dumb. Ho Is now able t
hearonly such winds as are shouted in h !
ear. His aitienlation Is entiielj mechanic !
and Is of a most peculiar chaiacter. Whe
becietaty Kolger died it was deemed In
nottaut tonjinolnt ( . now beerotaiy of tli
lieasttry vvitliont delay. Jtiduo Oreshai
wasehosen and Adee volunteeicd to sucin
a jtidijo competent to administer the oatl
Ho did not hear the oilier gentli
men piesent say that they wottl
send a messenger for Judge Wyllobftpn
ceeded at once to that gentleman's house f <
tnejmiposeof atoiislng him , althonisb It vvn
then midniglit. IIo rang the bell. Judi ;
\\j lie's mghtcapned head was thrust fioi
the window and 1m Inquired what was wan
I'd. Adee could not hear him , but ho tiled t
explain his business. The Judge couldn't in
dersland him and for n few minutes thet
was considerable commotion between th
dooistep nnd tlm chamber window. Nultlii
could understand the other , and the judtft
who is somewhat Irascible , concluded tlir
.some crank hud designs upon him. Seein
an olliccr In the vicinity he shouted to him t
takeahat crank to jail. Thu ollicer pr <
eeeded to do so. Adeo tiled to explain , bti
tlm policeman , like Judge \Vylle , was unabl
to understand him , and it was only vv hen th
other members of the party met the nair thn
thu allnir was put In its pinner light an
Adee was icleased irotn the clutches of th
The report of the postmaster general fo
the last liscal year , which Is now being pn
pared at tlm department , shows some mtei
estlng figures in iclatlon to the postal set
vice. One cntious feature shown by thl
report is the point at which tlm ordinnr
American draws the line of economy. Fioii
the time tlm postal cards were lust intioducei
into tins country until tlm rate of letter poj
tnge was ledneed to two cents per oune
there was a steady and constant Incieaso li
tlm sales of postal cards. This change ii
tlm law wont into effect on the 1st of Octo
ber , lb3 , and for the preceding twelv
months the departmenthaddis-Dosod of some
thing like ; 5soooo,0X ( ) posjal caids. Thus , I :
ton veais , tlm annual consumption ot postn
cauls had incieaseU from a lew millions ute
to n third of a billion. Tlm ordinary Increas
in the value of postage stamps sold is in tli
neighboihood ot 1't to l.r > percent perannum
and the sales of postal caids should , in th
ordinary natme of tilings , increase In abou
the same ratio , but since ISS : ! there has beei
no increase to spoalc of. Dining the las
year there has been a decided tailing oil
Tills is duo to tlm fact tha
people have , since the icductloi
of letter postage , pone back to sealed corres
pondonce. as the margin between ono am
two cents is not Milliclcnt to Induce them ti
use the postal card to so great an extent a ;
formerly. Oiliclals of tlm dcpaitmont be
licvo that the high water mark in tlm use o
postal cards has been readied , and that tha
once favorite method of communication I
destined to become less anil less pomilat eacl
year , and tluit the postal caid will finally le
main in use principally as an ndvertislni
medium thiough the malls. Notwitht > tandlni
tlm inroads into thu revenues of thu depart
nient , which has been made through congres
slonal action each yoir , the leeelpts lor thi
( meal year ending 18S5 will show a net In
crease over the leeelpts for tlm year 1684 o
about one million and a half dollars. The re
dnctlon of postage on newspapers from twi
cents to ono cent per pound caused a fallini
off in the revenues laht year of about 31,100 ,
000. This shows that npwauls of a millloi
pounds of newspapers were depO9ite <
in the mails by publishers nloni
besides tlm tons which were sent out li
wrappers by private individuals , to whicl
postage stamps were nfll.xcd. The depart
mentis just recovei ing from the effects o
tliu reduction of letter postage , and If then
shall be no fin thcr cutting down in rates 1
will not bo live years betoio this Importnn
branch of tlm government is again bolt-sus
Itiilldlnc I'orinftM.
Inspector Whitlock ib&nud buildin ;
permits yesterday : is follows :
P. Soienson Hoieln. ono storv frame
cottage , Twenty-ninth street , between
l/.ard and Nicholas S SOI
I ) . V. Sholcs , double two story frame
stoto and Hats. Park and Woolwmth
avenues 3,10 (
J. Klner , two story liame cottage , Con
vent anil Howaid 1 id
Julia \Vessels , frame bain , 710 north
Twenty-second htieeU 'M
M. Parr , ono stoiy fr.una cottage ,
Twmity-fouith and Mason V. . 01
S. (5 , Walker , ono story brick cottage ,
INM south Twenty-seventh street. . . , M
( ! . L. Hughes , two story bilck dwelling ,
Seventeenth nnd Vinton 2,201
Seven penults aKgicsatlng S'J.IO :
Crlino in Kerry.
Tit.u.r.n , Ireland , Aupnst 81. A farmci
named Flashlio vvns found dead , with a bid
let thinngh his heait , In a Held near his honx
near Noith Kerry. It Is supposed lie has
been muidered because of u' < railan tioubles
Bon ton's Ilalr Orowor
All who are HAM ) , all who are becomlnc
BALD , all who do not want to Im hald , all
who are troubled with UANDHUKK. 01
I IClllNC of tlm scalp ; should iwo IJiintonis
IlalrOiower. KIOHTV PKII CKNT of thosi
using U have grown hair. It never falls u
bton tlm hair from tailing. Through sicklies *
and fever * the hair sometimes tails elf In : i
bhort tlnm , and although tlm peison may
have remained bald tor years. If you two Hen.
ton's Hair Grower according to directions
yon are sure of a giowth of hair. In hun <
dreds of cases wo have produced a good
growth of Hair on these who have been bahl
and glazed for years wo have .nlly bubstaii'
tinted the following facts :
\VogrovvlIalrin80 oases out of 100 , nc
matter how long bald.
Unllko other pioparatlons , It contains nc
Btigar of lead , or vegetable or mineral
Ills a specific for falling hair , dandruff ,
and itching of tlm scalp.
The Hair Grower is a hair food , and Its
omposition is almost exactly llko the oil
vvhloli supplies the hair with Its vitality.
When the skin Is very tough and Hard , and
LhefolHce Is apparently ultortually closed ,
Lhe single strength will sometimes tall tu
reach tno papilla ; in such cases the double or
triple strength should lie used In connection
with the single , using them alternately.
Price. slnu'Io strength , 81,00 ; double
strength , 82.00 ; triple strength , S3.00. If
your druggists have not got It we will send it
prepared on receipt of prlco.
Cleveland , O.
Sold by C. F. Goodman and Kuha & Co.
J5lh and Uouiflaj , 18tU nail Cuminira
The City Fntlier * ' t W'ork After
Twei WooICu Vncfltlon.
The lirst half h6lir' < > f the council meo
ing Insl night vv ijdfl olcd to handsha
ing , the council oniituber being lllicdwl
friomls of the nldfrtiUMi who were nil
ions lo creel thorn "after their rctu
from their wosterri trfp. All were wrcsc
except Aldermaii 'Ku\spcr.
The mayor's cojiiiii'nnlcnlion , appro
ing certain ordiimmiw adopted nt the hi
meeting of the council , was read ai
placed onlllo. . The Contract of J.
Uiloy for the construction of the nor
Omaha sewer , was approved.
Marshal Cumiuijjs.reported ) , in rep
to tlie council's question conccrninc tl
llutliiigof the two gill * , Belle Uiluian m
Anna l'homi ) eH , that the informatii
that they had been found iu the Cosm
pohtan Tiotel hud not been Riven to tl
press by the police. A motion to pla
the * report on lilo was opposed by Alek
Hiau Schrot'dor , who vvatiteel tlie marsh ,
instructed to inform the council who
the girls were found. On motion of /
elermati Leo the report was placed e
Leave of absmico for ten elays vv
gruntedI.E. House , chairman of tl
boarel of public works.
Samuel Stover WHS appointed inspocti
of Iho North Omaha sower.
The inspector's pay-roll for the mom
of August was allowed.
Estimates for a largo amount of pu
IIo work were rcporteel by the boarel i
public works ami allowed.
The estimate of Murphy , Crolghton
Co. for the paving of Sixteenth strec
amounting to $ ' , ' 0,110.1)5 , ) , was approve
nnd allowed.
The proposal of He-gati & Co. for tl
construction of the basemunt of the cil
hull was received , mid the board of pul
lie works instructed to aw.xrel the coi
tract to tlio lirm.
.Captain Monyhan petitioned the com
cil lo appeiint tlio block walchmuti mi
ployed by him as special policemen. U
forrcd lo the committee on police .
A paving district , including Tvvcnt ;
fifth street , was orelcreel created.
Michael Hatloti prc.seiiteel a con
nmnicntioii alleging tliat on the Sfith i
August , his wife went to tlio engir
houses of thu water works compan ;
where she was assaulted by one ' 1 time
tin employe ef the company , and severe !
injured. Tlio petitioner nskcel Juelj ;
Stoiiberg to issue a warrant leir Turner
arrest , but he refused to comply with tl :
request. The communication was r
ferrcel to the eirjmiuittuo on police.
Petitions asking for the opening an
extension of Twentieth , Twenty-firs
Twenty-second. Caltlwcll , Hamilton an
Sevvard strccU wore referred lo the con
millee on grades and grading.
The residents of Boggs & ; Hills' sci
end addition petitioned to have the watc
works extended oil Twenty-ninth tivi
nuo. Fire and water works.
A petition asking for the grading c
Webster street from Eighteenth t
Twenty-third , to a width of 70 feet wi ;
referred to the committee on grades an
A communication 'was presented froi
re.sielents , asking1 ftUU tltes nuisance exi.s
ing in the shuntiojf'on Hurt street , nun
Fourteenth strcelbo , i/Jjulud / , ivns reforro
to the city marslml , wjth instructions t
abate tlie nuisance ] , \
nisouT.ioNs. ;
By Chuncy Thnt the street commii
sinner bo instrudfcd 'to cut all of th
weuels iu the strcqts iu the city. Publi
property and hupjtoviihiciits.
By Bailey Thai i'C Ls. the sense of thi
council tliat six of thui present membui
of tho)0ice ] ) ! force shotild bumouutceian
patrol South Thirtuetith struct , Furuai
west of Twentieth , .Cuming west c
Twenty secemd. t , Mjarj 's avenue an
other priiicijjal " smjtJs { jh tlie suburb ;
Police. , „ . . , < < t
The boards of'npubttc works was n
structcd to ascertain why. Ryan & Ce
liavo not commenced work of grnd < n
[ eleventh street ami to relct the contra :
if the work is not commenced at once.
A plat of Mayno'H Place was returned
us it was not made in compliance wit
iho ordinances of the city.
Tlio lire committee reported aelvorsel ,
' .o the bill of John II. IJutler , : imouuliu <
10 iflCl ) , for horse hire , extra time , am
for tools lost. The report was adopted.
Making appropriations for the paj
Hunt of liabilities incurred during thi
Month of August. Adopted.
Ordering the grauimr of an alloy i :
jlock 147. Passed.
Creating pavinir districts No. 83 ant
30 , embracing South Sixteenth strcul
Declaring Iheiie-cessity of changing th
'rode of Luaveiiworth street botvvcei
thirteenth and Fourteenth streets
Dolining the duties of t to clerk of th
polices court. Police.
A number of ordinances levying laxe
, o coyer the cost ot curbing , paving nm
grading in different parts of the cit'
ivero adopted. The council' then ael
journcd until Friday evening.
A Chief Attraction.
Gco. Fox , chief of the Omaha Indian
: md ono of the council of the tribe , calld
nt the Bin : oliico last evening in compan ,
with , Louis Hamilton , a member of th
( nine tribe , who is connected with th
secret service in this city. Mr. Fov is 01
Ills way to visit the various tribes in th
Indian territory but was persuaded b ;
Julius Meyer to remain over a week ii
this oily , so as to attend the fair. Mr
Meyer very generously agreed to pay hi
jnard and expenses and to present hii :
iVith a medal. Mr. Fox will no elottb
irove to bo one of the chief attractions a
ho fair.
The Cliolern nocorel.
HOVIE , August 31. The cholera record to
lay Is : Alolfetla , fi new cases,0 de > atis ! ; San
li.irco , In Lamis , liOnew casets-1 deaths ; lc !
ondo , 'M new cases , 11 deaths ; Hole na , i
lew eases , 2 deaths ; lUveniu , u nuw cases
! deaths.
IteiiutH'iil Women
ire made pallid and unattractive b ;
inutional irregularities which Ir
'icrcu's "Favorite ) Prescription" will in
idlibly euro. Thonsamts ottubtimoiiials
$ Y druggists , j-t
Relticato Your KOIIH.
Endow them wlthjj | ! legacy that can
lot boHiiuandorcel.itm ) hend tliem to tin
UNivr.iiniTV w jfforju : DAME ,
in institution nowiiii its forty-third year
mil unsurpassed for its ad vantages to im
> art to your soiiSjiiHi } yanls u thorougl
md linislieil udiiiviliun , uitlier in a thor
nigh commorcialbusiic.sscourso ( } ) , whicl
s a elibtinguibhiug foaj.troof ( Motret Dame
mivor&ity , or in n fulK'onrso , which com
irises el.issic , law , ' SOM.UIUO , mathumatics
mil music , ' , ' „
Special aelvantgi ; ) ) .nro offurcd to stti
loiils ot the J , < twlirj irlincnt.
THK MNl ! ' , l fVA"TAIKNT |
i separate ) iustitunopiiSt. Kelward's ' hall
or bojs under twelve'years of ago , whc
ire tauirht by
inelor whoso maternal care they pass
icarly the entire day in receiving instrtic
ion In all the elementary branches o
in English education together with t
undameiital knowltMlgoof Latin , French ,
lorman , vocal inusio , Violin , piano and
[ rawing , preparatory to enter cither the
nnior or senior classes of tlio univer.sity
Board , washing , nieiiuling , tuition .inel
intranet ) feu for session of live mouths in
ilinim dupartmeiif , : fl0. ! !
The eijrnty-lifth session will open on
1'ueselav , September 7,1BB6.
Before concluding where to place jour
on or ward sum ! for a catalogue , which
fill bo sent free , givlngyouftill Informa-
ion of the Univerbity of Notre Dame. Ad.
Iross , IlKV.T , E.VAUH. . O. S. C. ,
President University ,
Notre Dame , Ind ,
An Iowa Parmor Eobbocl by a Bogus Unit <
States Marshal.
SIcKnii : Hurt llorsrlioois Hnj
py Tito rnrme IJonds niood at
Grntul Island Tito Council
nnd Other
A tloKtis tr. H. Mnrnlinl.
An honest looking elderly gentlomai
giving his niiiuo as Robert 'J'nylo
walked into the polieo station at
o'clock this morning and gave tlm pa
tleulars of the manner in whieh ho Ini
been made the victim of the neatest coi
lidence game of the season. For thirl
Years ho lias been llvinc iu Kiuggol
county , Iowa , but recently decided to r
niovo to Naneo county , Nubrnska. Wit
his wife , daughter nnd son-in-law 1
liassed tltroiigh Omnlia on Sunday oyei
ing in a prairie scliooner. Ho reached
point five miles cast of Fremont ycste
ilny and vvns slopping at the residence i
George Godfrey when a young folio'
arrived in n carriage and serve
papers upon him charging him with Inn
ing passed counterfeit money at tli
transler in paying his faro noross th
river. The young man gave his nanio si
1 houm Knlluy and said ho was a doput
United Slates Marshal. Ho was going t
bring the entire party to Oimifui , ui
finally deeidcd that ho would b
satisfied to bring only Mr. an
Mrs Taylor if tlio entire part
would turn ever all of their money t
him so ho could tell whether they ha
tiny counterfeit coin or not. In hi
: tnicty to prove his honesty Mr. T-aylti
consented to this nnd delivered $117.G
into the bauds of the alleged ollieial wh
promised to pay him for his Urn
if ho was found to In innocent of th
charge. "Mr. Kelley" then left his toai
111 Mr. Godfrey's barn and hired youn
Godfrey to tiring him and Mr. ami Mr ;
Taylor to Omaha. They loft the Godfre
place at 5 o'clock j'osterdny evening an
made tlm drive of twenty-seven miles t
Omaha , arriving here jttl
before midnight. "Kollcy" lei
the party at Stevenson's barn on Tent
street and went to socttro a boardiii ]
place for thorn. Of course ho tailed ti
return and it finally dawned upon th
old gentleman that ho hud bcun conl
deuced ami he hastned to report th
all'air to the police. The team whic
"Kolloy" left tit Godfrey's was hire
by him at Homan's barnyusturday mon :
ing. Mr. and Mrs. Taylor are lints lei
without a cent of money. There is n
tangible clue to iho identity of "Kelluy.1
Reuben Johnson IiululgcH In a Kid
With Fatal KonultR.
Last night n very sorrowful occurronc
attracteil tie ! attention of a BEI ; rcporlo
on Ctiming between Eighteenth am
Ninctconth streets. A crowd stood 01
tlm sidewalk and through this an en
trance was effected. In the middle o
the circle formed by tlio ctuious throng
and upon the rough and hnrdcmei
.sidewalk , lay a young man win
had not yet attained lo hi
majority. His eyes wuro plnml , and ai
ashen hue had overspread his features
Blood was slowly oo/.ing from out hi
left car. It suemeil that a doctor ha <
been fcont lor but had not yet arrived
The reporter felt the pulse. It boa
feebly and the next instant ceased. A
tlio next moment Dr. Moore arrived , fuller
lor the heart beats , but they had stillei
forever. The young man was dead. Hi
had c.spircd upon the walk , will
not a relative near by. Vulga
curiosity soon turned into obscqui
pus respect. The bystanders spoki
in lowest tones , made way foi tin
doctor , and sympathetically watched bin
as lie washed the blood from ofl" the douc
young man. Just then a medium accc
tnaii broke into the crowd. Ho thvov
himself upon the body of the lad , em
braced and mourned aloud in pitifu
tones. He was the father of the boy
Ories of sorrow came from a mountei
boy in the street. It was with him tin
ailunt young man had met his death.
Yesterday evening John Hockbud nnd
Iloiibcn Johnson took out their horse1
for a ride. They went along Cumin ; .
street toward Nineteenth. Hoekbnd wiu
; x little in the lead. Suddenly he missci
Ins companion. He turned and lookei
behind. Johnson had been uiiiuatcd , up
narontly by a passing wagon , nnd was
( vinz unconscious upon the ground
Ilockbud immediately galloped with the
amply saddle to the residence of the
young lad's parents , 'ilio father returnee ,
an the horse of his son's , but thu son , a ;
above mentioned , was dead.
The wagon which ran into Johnson , 01
rather the wagon into which the Inttei
liad run , remained fifty feet from the
Hccne. An elderly woman , coarsely clad
with an uncouth toilet , sat in front. Ho
ililo her sat : i child of ten
years. The woman's lace wns
buried in her hands. One of the
wafts of her wagon was broken , and by.
Uanders wore tracing it with strap's ,
This woman was Mrs. Papo. Shu lives
in State , opposite the residence of L . H ,
Williams. She and her husband are in
the dairy business. She was on her way
lo town when tlm mishap occurred. She
saw Johnson and Hockbud approach.
The former was on the north side of thu
street , tlio la'tor ' on Urn south. The wo.
man was goimr east. Her horse was-
slow. She could not got out of the way
jf tlm approaching riders , and ono of
.lieni , Johtinon , camu so close that ho
struck luirshafl. broke it and was thrown
ipon his hide. The shaft was immediately
repaired and the poor woman returned
tome. Other spectators corroborate this
itory nnd assert that Johnson was riding
it a recKless rate when he struck the
.votmin's . horse. Tlio unfortunate .vcim
nan lived but a few minutes , Surgt-
: al aid could not have assisted him , bn
: aiise his injuries lay nt tno base of his
The young man was berne to his
'athnr'H hoimi on the corner of Twenty-
ilMh an Burt streets , where an inquest
vas buhl resulting in ti verdict of acci-
lental death.
\Irs. \ MoICalir Horlomly Hurt by a
Cnieloshly Driven Tuuiii ,
Mrs. Me King , wife of the pastor of the
rt. E. Church , met with u boriotis and
minf til accident ut the corner of Six-
couth and Davenport streets at 7:30 : last
jvoning. SIio was crossing the street
vhensne was struck nnd knocked down
ly a lolivory rig tliat was being driven
it a reckless rate of speed by a young
toy named Gilinsky , who works for a
; rocory lirm on Eighteenth street bo-
vvecn MitHon and Lcavunworth. The
vvagon passed over her body and Mio was
licked ui ) iu an unconscious condition ,
ttul carried into Frank Barrett's drug
toro vvlioro Dr. Simon attended her.
lor huad and face were badly cut and
iruised.Vhun \ she recovered cf.nsciotiH-
less she was removed to her homo. It
j feared that she lias received internal
njuries that mav result seriously , nl-
hough at lust reports blio was resting
asily. Gilinsky was arrested on tlm
liargo of fust driving.
Travis' Trinl.
District Attorney Estollo has taken tlio
'ravis assault nasu in hand and Tiled an
nformution charging him with an as-
attlt upon Alexander with intent to kill ,
'ho cou has been set for n hearing ou
optcniber 3.
Hoitsi-siioiits : HAPPY ,
Xonrly All of ilio Prominent Sin
Owners IlccoBiiIzo Tliclr Clnlnis.
The membeis of Horsoshoers' ns eml )
No. 10 certainly deserve eredil for t
quiet manner in which they have co
dueled their stnko , and they nvo to !
congratulated on the success of their d
mantis for higher vvnires. All of the
seem to be level headed ioitug meii in
understand the proper way of sliowii
tlio reason and iutlc < of their claims.
very enthusiastic meeting was held In
night nnd impmlant business transactu
Mr John Dugati oeeuplod the ehaif , at
among the llt-st things done was the n
nouiicomnit that Dennis ( 'uniiinehat
\ \ . A , Watson , James Shaw , Geori
IJennett i\ ; Son , A. Murphy , John Moot
1'odersoti iV : Son and A. Mcllvoy , wl
condtii't ihu leading and best shops in tl
city , had tigieed to their 01
ployes1 I or im , and the lalt
will resume work in the slir > |
named lo day. Among those who so Ii
will not aceedo to the demands of tl
hor.soslioors is G. J. Karbnch. but tl
men think ho will fall into line when I
limls that his shop is the only one in tl
city not employing union men. Yesle
day a scab came lo Shaw's shop logo
work , whereupon n union man employe
there look oft" his apron intending to
out.nud Mr. Sltaw immcdinlolv tlisiieiuse
with the services of thu "scab , " prefo
iug to retain his old nnd tried her *
shour. This shows that the ) best of fee
ingenist.s betv\ouii the empbyors an
employed in me > st e > f the shops , mid tin
thu stnko ! s but temporary. Assombl
| ) . 11) ) very pollluly uoliiy all " .scabs ,
whether resielunts or non-residents , I
steer clear of the strcest car shop. Tl :
horseshoe will bold : i meeting to-uigl
at 8 o'clock at Erdomiti'.s , and every nigl
until the strikes is settled.
A IjIsihtVoto Polled Hut All In Pnvc
oPTIiclr Issiinnuu.
The sjiccial ulcction to decide upon tl
issuance of $50,000 for pavmg purpose :
took place yesterday. It was piobab'
the most tiucvcntftil balloting ever hel
in tlio city. The usual attention incidei
to elections , on tlio part of inlcrosti :
caudidatus nnd nspirauts was vvantinj
and those who did go to the polls , i
HUH- cases out of ten , went because the
happened to bo passing in the neighbo
hood. In every ward the vote was lie'h
so light , in fact , that it was suvcrnl time
remarked in the hearing of a Br.u n
porter that if onu or twoeiisgnmtlcd elen
agogncs line ! se ) ttiKcn the uotiem , tile :
might , in ono of Ilio wards , certainl'
have brought in enough ballots to hav
destroyed the allirmntivo voto.
The bonds , however , were carried wit
a majority in every district .luel wnrei , n
follows :
Firsl ward , first district , 173 for an
! i against ; second district. ! U for and
iigatibt ; tliirel dihtrict , 18 for and 3 agains
Total , ai7 against < j votes- .
Second ward , lirst di.stnct , 41 for , am
15 against ; ceeotiel district , 100 for and 1
acninst. Total , 1 11 against K ! .
Tliirel ward , ! )1 for anil 1 agnnist.
Fourth ward , first elisltict10 for ami
ngatnst ; second district , ISO for and
ugalnst. Total , 7i ( against 3.
Fifth ward , lirst district , 33 for an
10 against ; second district 30 for and
: igahibt. Total OS ) against 19 votes.
Sixth ward , first district , 27 for an
) ' against ; second district 31 for and
Grand total 001 against 50 votes.
The Spectacular Success.
Another magnificent audience greetc
; ho production of the "Devil's Auction
by Gilmorc's company at Boyel's lai
night. The presentation was greatly in
Droved over that of the lirot night , tli
rough features of tlm opening perfoi
: nnuco having boon entirely overcome
1'ho auelionco was wildly enthusiast !
> ver the splendid ppe-eiulty features c
.lie performance , the three Lorcllas , th
jrothcns Snow and thu elaticiiig of M'lle
Stcccioni and M'llo. Itivcri beiuc c :
lecially appreciated. The great tran ;
ornuuion scene was adniii-iuly present
jd. Tlm Mikado and tlio Alhambra ba
uts wore also novel ami pleasing features
The company will uppear again thi
jvcning and will close their cngagcmcn
: o-morrow night.
TIII : NKXT ATriiArnoN' .
Sol Smith lius.scll , vyhoso name am
.vhobu . fame ) as a comedian of tlio bright quality is known through the Icngtl
mel breadth of the land , will appear a
Jovd's opera house on Friday and Satur
lay evenings anei Saturday matinee ii
lis sparkling notv comedy called "Pa. "
dr. Itussull is two well known as ai
irtist of merit to require. me > ro than tin
implo announcement of his coming tc
nsuro him a cordial greeting. The sale
if reserve seats opens to-morrow morn/
ng at tlu box-olhco.
An Invitation ,
Progressive , liberal , non-Christiar
eoplo interested in charitable enterprise
vho will duvoto themselves or aid it
rovidiiig a liomo for orphaned or othoi
inforlimato children , are invited lc
orrespond with the undersigned.
Who , with a soul full of love for this
.ind of work , will nnito with me , lady 01
; ontlomau or both ?
1'ersons of home culture preferred.
Who has CO to 100 acres of land to sell
ui easy teims for the homo , not more
ban ten or fifteen miles fro 11 * Omaha ?
For further particulars , address
J. It , Tiiovii'.sf.v , euro of HKU olici ( ) ,
An Old Timer Hcturnn.
Billy Anderson is and old time .sneak
hiof. About two years age ) ho was
based out of Omaha for various dopro-
atious. Where he has been in the mean-
line is not known but its certain that he
asn't reformed. Ill came into tlio city
esterdav morning ami was found yes-
unlay evening trv ing to dispoio of a set
f harness belonging to Gco. Hoimrotl ,
liu Thirteenth htrcut grocer. Ho vvns
Police PiukingH.
John Eastoll' wont into a colored res-
iiiranton Dodge streut ycslorelay aftor-
eon ami commcnceiel amusing niius-oif
V cutting the upholstery of thu furnituro.
lo was by Otllcor Urady.
John ( lallaghor was arrested by Ollicor
'uirnnci lust nitrht for Ktealing a hat of
oid balls from Kills' .saloon on Tlnr-
jimth strcot. John said Im was just
inking a sturltir for a saloon of his own.
V'lll lie Hold at Itlncoln ,
10th to 17th , 1HHO.
AKED GROUNDS ; horse and cattle
.alls ; sheep and svviun linns , speeil barns ;
l > ecel ( rack , AKJST COMMODIOUS AND
LOWING TAN IvS ami troughs of PURE
' distributeel in all parts of thu
roundii , nuw and secure bulldmgH for
ArraiiKoments aru made to transport
) vva , or Illinois State Fairs , de-Miing'J'O
OLN , in limn for thn opening day , Sept.
OLN , provided they do not change
hvucrsldp , and return the same route
my camo.
Don't fail toaltend THIS THE GREAT
For particulars address the secretary
; Lincoln. HOUT. W , FI-HNAS ,
Secretarv ,
Old Vctorans Put in a Peasant D.iJ' at
Damp Grant ,
Tlio Nmntior of Solellors Present nmj
the Hlntcs Tliuy Ite-ulstor l.'roiu
A tint her Hotmor Vov
Van \Vve-k.
Tlio Rival Itcntiloti.
ISLAM * , Neb. , August ill. | StC | >
clnl Telegram In tlm ilii.J C.tmp ( irant U
ablitj-e with Inlotest and enthusiasm and
ple.ism.seekers , am thionglng tluoiigh the
vaiious iivenuos In pitisult of shifting scenes
of c.imp life. Last night pnivoil tuilto severe
on the visitnis who came with sroitlv cover
ing , exnccting lo sniotlict In tents , and camp
iites of the old vatlety vveio much .sought.
This moi nltiit oDcnoil buAulifully and was
lull of ntomlsc.
Tholoronoon piogrnnitno comprised gnatd
niemnlitig by United st.ttes icgular tieiops at
0 o clock ; tall of htates and assembly
of comrades at the vat ions state
houdiiitiutersat 10 ; aitillery drill ut ltSO ) : by
Iho dllletenl luttuiles ; evolutions by regaLit *
at'J , and skltmlsh dtlll with tiring by regu- at , ' ! . The latlet was wilnessed by larco
and Interested crowds. The attack of Kort
Snmlur was postponed until to-motrow on
account ot Incomplete arrangements , the tu-
vtlllon not being In icadltiess. The repre
sentation at the senate vvns also postponed
until to-mouovv night. At A o'clock a diosi
parade by old soldluis was given on the mala
avenue. Aldo-elo-CampS. H. Jones formed
the column , which was comuo-ed of 1.1KX ) vet
e-rails In cemtiMnh's reinesentlng titleen
states , Commnneler Tliayer put the boys
through the manual ot arms , and as they
vverovvithotil arms tlie sccno cieatcd some
Tlm state lioniliptnifcns are places of the
gieatest inleiest to veteinns here. It Is there
they seek old eonuailcs , too often to line ! they
aie chasing a phantom ol hope. The follow
ing Is the number teglsteied tm to this even
ing : New York , 10T ; Now England states ,
Wisconsin \ , 75 ; Pennsylvania , hS ; .Minne
seta , aj ; Ohio , litt ; Wust Virginia , 78 ; Michi
gan , .V > ; Indiana. 115 ; Iowa , 100 ; Illinois , ' .MO.
lite m.ijoiity have not.veil re-glste-rod.
ln'piesent.itlvus ol thu Women's Keller
coins aie mosent I mm ICe.iraoy , St. Paul ,
JoiK , Hastings , Central City , Harvard ,
heaton , Atnoia , Albion , Iloldrego , Kent ,
Ruonpoit , Weeplnu Water. Tecnmseh anel
( iianil Island. During the day thu ladies or
the coins testified their apptcciattou of the
MM vices of Past Commander . Louise M.
Jlciri . ol fc > t. Paul , by presenting her a
be.iutilnl .silver jvntor set , the presentation
being made by Ur.s. Webster in a neat
Tlio attendance has been visibly increased
to-elav by laigoanlvals on .special trains. The
tiain fiom the east on the Union Pacific ,
in two.sections of tniiteeti ears , was loadeel.
A spi-cml also camu In trom Avoca , la. , with
Hying banneis. Representatives ot lull/
ono hundied and thiity posts are on the
grounds ami assigned to utiaitets. ( Jetieial
AlBLook came In to-day Irom l.eaV-enworth.
and Test Commander P.iul Vandevoort U
< > n the giounds. Bands are piesent from
Xorth Loup , .Munay , Mlndiiii. Peiu , btiDC-
rlor , Tahimgc , llanly , Edgar , Kiankiln , fair-
mont. Chirks , Chapman , Broken How ,
Spring Creek , Kearney anel Oakland :
also diaiid Island and the Twenty ,
nnst inlautry band from Fort Sidney.
1 her are In every style of uniform and their
orient colors and brilliant trappings give a
variegated hue to tlio ciemd. This evening
electric lights glow ed e > ver the c.imp and the
air is tilled with a medley of setumlH. To
morrow piemilses tobo a day full of Interest
anel commanders of camp and citlrens.
( ' rand Island people aio straining them-
celves to make thuieunioit pleasant for all.
Anotlior Coiiiuy for Van Wyok.
AI.VIA , JSeb. , August 111. [ Special Tclo-
giamtotho BKE. ] Hem , C. H. Van Wyck
spoke in the opera house in Alma thisniter-
noon , lie was giccted with a largo audience
who listened to his aelelressvllh intense in-
tcinst. While the vital issues which atlcct
the .social and financial interest of Nebraska
were being discoursed on ho was greeted
with tiemundous applause. The weather was
inclement. It began to rain early Ibis mornIng -
Ing and continued throughout the day , yet
people came from all parts of the county to
icar and see tlio bust friend they have In Iho
United States senate. There is a strong
reeling In this county for his return to the
United States .senate , and the representative
n the Nobiaska legislature from this county
vill bo nolltlcallv killed If ho refuses to sup-
> ortC. If. Van Wvck lor United States 6cn-
itor. ' 1 lie M'liator discussed tlm question of
aborand corporations with such clearness
mil talrncss as to merit thu applause and
tippoit of all who hoard him. Those who
ipposo him nto low and Inclined to crawl
nto their holus and not appear again upon
hu political atena. Ho has made an fmpius-
ion that will not easily be obliterated , and
. strong ele'slrq nievalls among the farmers
o expiess their choice for United Status
enator at the general election this fall.
Consul Kocorw' Kcmains.
FIIRMONT , Neb. , August III. [ Special Tcl-
gratn to the BKK. ] The remains ot Hon , K.
i , Rogers arrived hcio to-day Irom Vcra
! ru.Mexico , Irom whence they wuicbhipped
n the 30th by the govctnment , under dlrcc-
lon of Consul llotf. Deieiased went to Vera
! iti7. live jeurs ago as United States consul ,
nel died eleven d.iys allur arrival , ot con-
umption , with winch lie had been nOllclod n
one ; time , riiofntieral scivlws weio con-
tided by the Masonic order at 4 o'clock this
ttcinoon. Jloinoiliil HCI vices will bo held
uxt Hiinilnj al tlio Comfiuxatloinil church ,
( inducted by Kov. ,1. H. Maxliuld , nsslbled by
! uv.s. Blown anil Swing ,
Two. Small Kir OH.
KAI.I.S CITV , Nob. , August ill. [ Special to
loHiJK.J The lite ilop.utment was called
ut twice jestutday evening , although the
oys did not get to do any wotlc In either in-
tancu. At An. in. the tramu round lioii'o
ear the H. & M. depot , was discovered to l i
n Diet. About lull iho .south hide ol the roof
ws binned oil , when the men about the depot
lerci'ded In jinltlliL' out tl'O Ilio vvlth buck
Is of ivater. At Si0 : ! a llro wasdlse-oveieel li
10 li.isemenl iiiulcr the Centtopolls liotnl.
ut by the time' tlm liiu eoinp.tny appealed
n the scene the llames had been oxtln-
iilshed by ready h.inds. The damage did
ut amount to imicu.
Aciolelciitul Killing.
Cr.Awi'oni ) , Neb. , A u { list 81. [ Special
Diagram to the HICK. ] At o'clock this
lorning William Miller , Klunal seivieo oper-
01 at Ft. Robinson , was Instantly klllcel by
10 ilihclmrci ) of a shot gun in lih own hands. out shooting with a gun of C'oni-
Issaiy .Setgi'ant Schehler near the post.
'hlld attempting to climb a fence the uim
ruck a boaid and both battels wore ells-
laigi'd , teating his liand fiom his wilst and
iu chaige enteilin ; Ills month and pcnetrat-
ghlsbialn. Miller was a 5011111- man of
md hiniily nnd excullunt habits. Ills
u ( ints llvu in iSlmmokin , Pa.
at Colninliiis.
Coi.uMiii'H , Nel ) . , Auirust -Special [
ileguim to thu HKI.J : Early this morning
love's ollueted an entrance lolho nisldunccs
Paul lloppen and L. Selni'di r by cut ting
window hcuvii , tidciiK Mi. ilopnen'sgolii
ntch. vvoith&5. and si'enilng fiom Mr.
hrewbei a w.iteh and several othei aitlcles ,
gcthei vvoith 150. They attempted the
mn gamu at thien otlmr places lint witio
ighiDiied away. Thu pollen am well on the
iek this time.
J''li'Ht ' KroNl ' 1'lllH SriisiHi.
Fosrr.ii , Xiili. , August -Special [ Tc-lo-
am to tlm llinj : Quito a heavy frest toll
m last night. G.tidcn tiuek was ilunmgud
me. .No appaiciu damage ! ilono lo corn.
SAM ; -v jjonJ mout itDirkut In u UTO
town , lioo'l ICIMIIK fur AUlliiir , AcMreM
Uix J.i , Kt.
tl lisoss ivnnllinr to | iurcli ( n ( foo.l nowi-
I'tinor uinl jo I ) ulllco la it moi.bnuk
i n , li"\iJ \ ! ujarobi Joel : Dox W , St.